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This Fight is Coming to Your Front Door (Ep 1273)

2020-06-12 | 🔗

In this episode I address the growing pressure for Americans to subjugate themselves to destructive liberal narratives. Please, this is the time for strength. 

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Ready to hear the truth about Amerika on a show. That's not immune to the banks with your host Dan bones. You know really is a tough time. I don't mean to be dramatic here, we're not the film and some movie, but we a rough morning here in the house, the bomb GINO Household you can't get away from this stuff? So. Can it be an interesting show today you are all going to have the pic aside, soon ever a single one of you. You cannot avoid the fights ahead. I'm very sorry to have to tell you that your can have to pick aside. I get to it. I don't want to get our normal routine because we do have a showed banana have allowed a material tat. He shall budget by friends at expressed bbn. You have
to privacy online protected today, get a Vps at Express Vps, Thou com, Slash bond GINO, producer, Joe. We ve been doing your Friday routine outside of really dastardly events in awful times, and we're going to do it again today. Welcome to the damned bonds show plea, start us off with your traditional Friday. Bang show to say that was an unusually loud one, which is okay. I needed that because I've been in an unusually bad mood this morning because of everything going on so we are going to do what we are doing. I let me get right to it, not waste any more time. Thank you, Joe. Very good warming. My that's all a little bit that today show by two by friends at a MAC. Listen, ladies and gentlemen, we live in trying times. I just said that. Being conservative puts us under fire every day.
You cannot avoid these fights, but we're not alone. There are millions of us and one group stands out and I'm proud to have him here and I'm not messing with you. A man The association of mature american citizens, a MAC. They conservative alternative to the other. Fifty plus groups out there they're not on your team. A MAC is, Joining a MAC sends a statement now not only gives you access to money, saving benefits like special group rates on car, so Form plans, financial products and more, but a Membership also get you a great by Muffy magazine, filled with content analysis not available anywhere else, a MAC you. What the mainstream media want, the truth About a future as much as mean enjoying a MAC today, don't wait Dont, send your money, those other groups there not on your team, help them Fight for individual liberty, free speech, freedom of religion, free markets, a solvent nation, the values we all hold dear, over two million people of joint aim at a can encourage you in strong terms to stand with them by joining a MAC today, at a MAC, AMA see dot? U s
I am a sea dot. U S! The benefits are great causes even greater aim at the U S Amy. Better better for you better for America, better for all of us and better for our values aim ACT that U S go today. Folks are Joe now body. Let's go. No, he we don't call. I did hear you bell. I don't know what happened. Oh no come on. I do myself airy. Banking during their daughter of marble, better links that both unless we have technical babies and oil does something Listen, let me get to this because this is serious Folks, listen, as I said the beginning, the show and I'll tell you now you're no elements to this segment, not gonna, be Fancy graphics is not going to be any video is going to be me talking to you. Is it my house, my some happened in the interests of my daughter, daughter, our privacy, I'm gonna, going to Daytona nothing horrible, but it's over happen and it really hit
for my wife and I this morning, In our own house again, this has been in capable you are going to have to pick aside soon. I am deeply sorry to tell you that I mean that because we all that there is always one side, team America there isn't team America is aside. But that's our side s. At the other side, there interested in this anymore. I'll give you an idea what happened, but someone. We know posted something on Facebook and some are Things happen involving people in my neighbour and others. There are people under massive pressure right now, regular, average Chicken patriotic citizens, like you and I moved out nothing wrong. They vote, They loved their country, but their life isn't all about politics, your life. Bout work your life's about God, their life's about their job. There lies about their kids.
Joe and I M pollen drew. This is all this is what we do. This is our job and we don't run from it and even though sometimes it gets to be a whole mentally stressful. I love what I do, but this is not the soccer moms in the work and moms and adds at their their about supporting their families. Going to church on Sunday, maybe have in a night at eat, with the kids on Friday night, the local peace, a joint they don't wanna, be bombarded with political ideological indoctrination. All the time I regret and for me, with the greatest of regret, you want. Be able to escape that anymore. It has been deeply polarized by media propagandists in gas, lighters and liberals who distant they're, not on that whatever side America's on there. On the other side, theirs, escape in this any more. There are its teenagers people in my own home under massive pressure, Come to false media narrative two outwardly show support for people who have come out with messages like
pigs in a blanket fry em like bacon. What do we want dead cops. When do we want him now, one of those cops was me. I've lost friends. You know it's amazing. It. Everyone has a right now. The self way crowd to not be offended right, but I family everyone, my daughter, my neighbors. If they Second, you a narrative and openly pledge allegiance. Raise their hand and swearing oath, the allegiance of a group that call dead cops now we don't do that where all of a sudden where the races us-
my wife, is from Colombia. She happens to be a minority she's, a first generation immigrants. My daughter is the spanish and italian you'd, where the problem. You want dead cops, you got him, you got dead cops if we don't like lemming, small off a cliff and blindly support these groups where the problem this amount. I'm telling you right now this fights come into your house too, and I wish it didn't. Every generation has had his battles. This one's come in and knocking on your door. I wish it were, and folks. You don't need this right now. You should but to go to work. Ernest solid living for your kids. Maybe if you key pass him down a couple thousand dollars, and maybe the deed to your house. If you're lucky be able to feed your, Kids go out to eat once in awhile catch a movie,
take a vacation every couple years. As for the american dream, was s at the american dream any more for the other side of this equation. Their dream is non. Stop boycotts, political pressure, calling people, racist, pressuring them harassing them in their own communities. This big life for ten years now, I'm used to it. My kids aren't. This fights company your door. Paula said something to me this morning: Me when I die of pollen knows politics, because she's here in the show me every day she sits right, there's just to listen to it. Lighted, sometimes sometimes she doesn't, Sometimes she disagrees with me on issues happens. Actually often I get matter which does she its mad at me back because I get mad at her about politics. You agree with you: security bring now
But she said something to me this morning: In about this pressure on my neighbors everyone in my community, every we live in a relatively bipartisan place by fifty percent republican, fifty percent a bit the pressure, the pressure. I have to say, pledge allegiance to groups. You know I've done wrong, or else you're, the racist you, Pledge allegiance to black lives matter, merriment! No, I won't ever, but what pressure you, kids will make you an outcast in the community, support you not support their baby, the hauling out of the present ice, these being ripped out of the White House by force and no no, I don't support any than sending. You must be a fascist. Paula said to me Is really the world you want to live in now.
If you dont use your instagram accounted posted above up. And Instagram posted in blind support of a group that has openly called for dead cops. You were somehow the racist. You know, the precinct I worked in the seven five precinct. Any New York was probably close, the half minority police officers- you realize that you want them dead too. You like to go to a police funeral ever consider that. You know what ladys german black lives do matter. Every single life matters, hispanic lives matter, white lives matter where you are not going to pressure me The segregating the world into your boxes, which is the vote. The essence of racism Pretending that any group of people Based on sex the melanin component, their skin, where they were born, Priority over any other group of people, that is the very essence of z-
phobia racism and the sergeant do you want stand what you're saying. Ever been or police funeral was screaming? What do we want Ed cops when we want him now. Ever see what happens with the little kids. When they give him the flag. If we see that ever see, videos of that guy Megan. Maybe forty K year ready they give us doing it for you. Whenever the dough where do you think they make four five hundred thousand. They'll, probably retire, if they lucky less than a couple hundred thousand dollars and a former one gay. If we're lucky, you receive a kid, usually because most cops, there's an age requirement for cops. The most of their kids are quite yeah. You know why, when you see those police funerals, most of the kids are between five and ten
because most of the younger police officers haven't been promoted yet nor the ones out on the street in the front lines ever think any this through. You ever wonder why those police funerals when they give that folded flag. Did the sons and daughters of police officers killed in the line of duty put near bites on the line for you, you ever wonder whether I was young. It's because if the young police officers, that are out on the street they're the ones put in themselves between a gun fire and you there. Ones do in the drug raids that Why their kids are you ever see there. You know what it's like to work in a job. As I said in front Congress. The other day were. You get a texture, an email from a buddy. Yours and oh, starts like this. Every time. A Dan remember shall answer.
And the next line, is always yes in last, believe shot last night. He was attacked by a purple ass night or he's dead. He was run over by a car killed, I drunk driver shot stab slight to get those texts like three or four times a year. From friends, yours who were federal agents and cops. To the black lives matter. Crowded proclaim you want dead cops now you know that's like what you do for a living, I'm curious! What do you do you, architects, pie what do you do you work and sanitation would either I'm curious. Can you imagine in Europe? a work. You work for an airline whatever it may be, that you get a text a few times a year that, a guy or that woman. You worked with a few issues, either dead, they got attacked by a passenger in their death agony. You get those
I know you know right yeah. I didn't I didn't. I didn't think so. Listen we're all gonna lose. The skin and this ok you're all gonna take a punch I there's a fight going on behind the scenes. Right now, my show And many of you ve made me you norms exactly what I'm talking about. We're gonna lose some skin in this everybody's got where's your organist skin? You need your organist scrape up your elbows, your I'm gonna. Take a god punch here. But you're living at inflection point in american history. A legitimate inflection point where things about the change and if we don't speak the truth right now, and show strength. Still a horde of public pressure against us to say things you absolutely no, IRAN and its own
There will be no arc of history in our favour. It will be over. You will lose friends. Listen to me please you will lose friends. You may lose family members, will face public pressure, whether on social media, as the word comes for you. I am talking about. Is the horde of public opinion. Pressuring you to say things, you know a wrong on a number of different issues. You will be shamed by your neighbors. For doing nothing wrong you. Gotta take a stand. I have a very unique last name. Thanks the? U it's come with tremendous benefits in my life. You ve graced me with Lord himself, my getting too great
walk around and see pack and elsewhere and have people tire. You know your show really moved me and change the way thought about things that it's an I can even described here you think about a new ways to walk upstairs to the Hotel rooms, you rat speaking engagements or conventions and sailor Paula, you know what that's like, for somebody tell you that, but there's it down I too have a unique last name. So anybody identified with me, who knows me is probably related. There are many bongos out there and are going to have to take it too. Again from the mass of people engaged in on, livable pressure campaigns to make them safer. They absolutely no is wrong. This time for strength,
Just remember, ladies and gentlemen, we are on the right side of this. This Joe and many of you out there and police officers to where the first ones to reach out when Mister It was Kelvin say that was wrong. Regardless of what happened before that should not have happened. Then we spoke out. I broke out. I told you on the shop when the handcuffs IRAN and that fights That fight is over we're professional police officer. What happened that Davis a disgrace. Ladies and gentlemen, if you wanna make a court case on it, you go right ahead. I'm not interested in what happened before. You can arrest Charles Manson or the worst child molesters plan of those handcuffs IRAN that fight stops. It is over we're not bound. We are professionals And police officers who email me knew that we spoke Against this. I ran for office. I went out there put my name put my, but on the line on a ballot advocating
school choice? I was the one out there in Baltimore City and left linked in market shaking hands every day with people who were never going to vote. For me. Who yes happen to be black blackened hispanic, because it matter to me. Were the ones advocating for good, strong economic growth so fathers and mothers can feed their kids and not have to worry every day. If some checks gonna show up, they don't need that. I've been the one on this and show the entire time you ve been the one talk Bout, bigger God, given rights for everyone, black white hispanic Asian doesn't matter, we talking about that. Not them! Please, with great respect, stand Up now, this fight is coming to your door to it's time for strength. Right now draw the line Do not be pressured avoid we're going to do it,
visit were involved in the still. Maybe I can explain more later, just not now that of respect Fathers involve it's, not that I'm hiding anything from my audience and ever do that. It's just that if there is respect for others who I don't want their names used right now. Examine give me permission is a lot going on. With my show my family, my neighborhood, everything don't be pressure. I take a quicker breather here, For this. The deceptions is everywhere to its almost hard to believe lies in the media propagandizing in the gas lighting in the efforts to just destroy decimate this country. All right, we'll get out of it later. Let me take a break with you, a quick sponsor here and we'll get back in. I want to talk about how to deception. It's just everywhere, Really disturbing thanks for your patience with that, I'm I don't mean to sound, namely depressing, but it's a warning and I want you: oughta be prepared that fight is definitely company. Your door
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To be sucked up is that the Republicans are the racists, despite the fact that we been the rope once fighting for bigger God, given rights and opportunity for everyone, but that's not the narrative, the media wants, and they will do anything anything To lie to you Get you to believe what's not happening. Actually, as if your eyes are the ones line you. What do I mean? Let me play a video by absolutely grotesque. Liar documented liar fraud, spy gate, hoster collusion, holster end quarantine, breaking Chris Cuomo member. Joe emerging from the basement from Quarantine CNN? Meanwhile, he brought it to a guy in a minute with the week before he been if he had a scuffle with a biker outside of his baby supposed to be in quarantine cuz, he had the coronavirus so you know a liar, his brother's, a liar Andrew Cuomo. That's what they do so Chrome decided to a segment last night again trying to instigate racial division in this country. Instead of actually he'll. It.
Some of the members of Congress. I testified in front of the Democrats. I want to do that today at zero, interesting healing racial divide, this country, because they CNN and others in these networks active, profit by? telling you how bad it is hoping. Get your eyeballs on the screen and they can sell at that's what they do So I see in this segment last night workers Cuomo wants to talk about the book. A condition of Black America economically. But if you ll notice, if you're paying attention to what he says in the I'm. Sorry, because this honour Youtube Youtube accomplishment you, if you're watching it'll, be clear. If you're listening audience of, you may still pick up what is I want you to listen this and how we deceptively talks about the condition of Black America economically by using a very specific cut off date. Check this out more neither side. I people more money than blacks do period and if they have the same level of education, there are in the same jobs, in fact
Fundamental divide is as wide now as it was the year doktor king was shot. Did you see it? now some of you on the audio. You may say, while he's trying to make the point that, America's suffering, far worse than White America, and it's all getting worse, but did you notice if you watch the Youtube you got to cheat a little bit. Noticed when those graphs he's using stop twenty sixteen You think I'm kidding You can rely on that played again if you'd like IRAN, that you all out there you, I'd gas, listeners, Youtube, watchers and watch our shall watch and on, but you know that com As always an option for you, too, by the way on our website, we put them out there, you can see it. The graph start at each one is just the job You did this seriously. You mess you to catch a lot better, lotta beheaded.
Are you kidding played again Pollack you that up again, if you know my place, video watch folks now, if you why, if you listen, listen if on the audio but of watching- and I want you to look at the charity- puts up and look at the date, the grass does play that again. I people more money than blacks do period and if they have the same level of education there are in the same jobs. In fact,. Fundamental divide is as wide now as it was the year doktor king was shot, you see it Polish got it on pause, go to Youtube folks, Youtube accomplished by to look at where it ends Already sixteen job I remember election night well, you and I were you- know working hard together on election I'd election. I was twenty sixteen right and who got a big one. That was an heroic tromp. I missed it. He almost rather trop dagger forgot how bad yet. Thank you the jury's rule that is Donald Trump Jos Correct, I miss that I've been hibernating
past few years interesting that they cut that off. So to be clear. Chris Cuomo in its efforts to inflame racial division in the country, because that's what they do is zero interest in solving the problems in the black community. America. His point is that black community, you ve, never worse, never he doesn't tell you by the way, it's actually better. If your listening on audio, because he has mentioned twenty sixteen, so Europe. You being confused because you were just this is even better because I had to tell you what he's talking about ended in twenty. Sixteen were Donald up again present. Now fascinating about this you think Cuomo was a dishonest lying hack. We already know this has already been establishes an honest human being. You would think he would have checked CNN Zone website member his. Point he's trying to make here, which is why, in this gas lighting and its russian soviet propaganda is Donald Trump forget it. Black community black men and women out there you ve never had it worth it.
Me all of Joe I'm not kidding, probably seven ten seconds because I'm a slow type or on my Iphone to put in z at in Blue on employment under Trump. I'm not a good type or on my Iphone Pollack entails I'm of I'm a fat finger like you, ve, never seen this came up right away. Kristen duessa is CNN gonna pointed rate for the record low. Notice, the date of the article, twenty nine and right before the blood virus. It I it's fascinated by Chris Cuomo. Cuts off is data in twenty sixteen before trumps elected and all we had to go. We go to sea and its own website and put Black on employment at Trump, and he would have found out that black on employment was at a record record record low under Trump, record low under a Yeah you get the difference, I'm sorry about
record low in September. During the now three years at the shuffle administration, three and a half, record low ever under Trump. Chris, left that out Chris and figured out the great Google machine Cynthia producers does in fact checkers any of that. Listen, I, work fox, I'm telling you right now. This in every news outlets makes mistakes. We may one of the Bush that to everybody, does you correctly? happens all the time, but I'm telling Fox and elsewhere gonna put some like that out. Their someone's gonna call yon it a hundred percent daddy work. You have, I have to say anything anything, we tells me to say anything. Out of aiding written my contract. You must defend Fox located, sets out what it's like over there. I'm telling you the truth there
I'm going to let you go on the air and say something that is ridiculous and misleading, because gonna get humiliated because the left wing media supports this lying hack, Cuomo. With his videos. Do in a trice ep extensions. Remember that you will see that one video may do my try somewhat up there little slob. Because quote can go on the air and deceive you about the condition of Black America, which is improved. Remit Probably under Donald Trump nobody's gonna check risk Roma, but us left wing media. It fits right into their narrative their division, narrative. Whack America has pit them against White America. No artificial divisions. The overwhelming majority of White America, as you define them, are good. Upstanding people who don't look at Black America is Black America. They look on it as Americans You see skin color.
The overwhelming majority of Americans don't see what you see. They see people. Her always our outcasts. He's gotta have people who don't see it the same way. To stay on. Your everlasting saw that I hope you fix. You find God one day if you really believe someone's characters determined by the melanin component, their skin. A shame for you. I really am. This, isn't some virtue signalling segment detail overcome. I've got my own sense folks, I've got I've got my own trials and how to deal with every day. My life. But that is not America, that is not what we do. There's nobody eyes, rather than a largely largely county is that whiteness battle lot of cuban residence eleven March camouflage.
Church I go too has a few members who happened to be black, not many. I have never once ever once those families walk in there, be anything other than welcome and I Don't recall anyone ever say enemy. Oh, look! It's a black family. It's a family, A church with us straightforward, CNN, Cuomo, then, and what they Every day they lied to you. They lied to you to make you believe you somehow, if you happen to be a black American, that you live in a far different America that president Trumpets coming for you, it's getting worse, No, it was getting better, but getting better on the republican president that doesn't fit their narrative, so they lie and they will never be checked on it. Except here. The line doesn't stop folks
the lying doesn't stop ever. This is gonna be one of those shows where we shred liberal nets, because it's important. I told you there's a fight ahead and that fights come into your door, and I mean it, and I regret. Will he tell you that? Because you don't need this right now, some but just want to be left alone, take their peaceful our economy with him meal. You can't you will not be left alone anymore. Do social media and public pressure will be pressure in the way Fight back is with the truth. Even speaking. The truth is painful because of the pressure in the tidal wave come any the other way. Things you know, aren't you. Here is another example: washed and examiner great artist, by Corey, the actual. So I suggest you follow on Twitter. He doesn't really terrific work on these civil rights issue of our time school choice There are two Americans for Black America.
And you know who's creating those to America's liberals who dont want black children to get the educational and a white children get in this country. So he has a piece in the washing Samara. Please look it up in the shadows and read it. Please bunch the council s newsletters. Our show notes. Please read this or you can check it out of these amateur it's up to you. I'm either way. Just important me read no we haven't defined in education for years by Corey Angeles and Matthew, Nilsen has done great work on education spending in education, funding. Now, why does this matter now? You may say Dan, I don't get you started the show this fights common, our door than you talked. Obviously about Race relations and CNN doing everything they can to inflame race relations. How does this fit in with that and would have him Mister Floyd, and the racial divisions be propagated by division artists in this country these days, because one of the arguments out there in the twitter social media system being used to bully you and pressure you to support
That say what do we want dead costs? When do we want him now. Sure campaigns, they are being fought. Student advocated for by people who use talking points that are false, Tromp was devastating for black american economy. What do you mean? you mean the same trouble the lowest level of black unemployment in american history, was under his image. We mean that one doesn't comport with your reality. Does it doesn't matter just lie to people While the new talking point about education. Is this deal the police force, the schools they been under funded Joe. What under funded, we have spend money on schools, funding of show because understand. What's going on and Joe, referee, had here please. She, where I'm I I want you to see through unclear the fuck, the law they exist solely on propaganda and lies nothing. They tell you is true, but they pray your people who are now going to go on Facebook. I
port this or that group. Because I was told Donald Trump is targeting Black America, not true, I suppose defending the police even o quietly. I know it's done because we need the money in schools where over funding police and we're not funding our schools. It's all my fault Cory's peace. Here, screenshot one! So under funding. Schools really quote which the United States currently spends over fifteen thousand dollars per student each year. And inflation adjusted Kate through twelve education spending per student has in he's by two hundred and eighty percent, since nineteen sixty when education ironically, was better. I added that last point. Quoting California, where the previously mentioned football coach resides. It was a football
Kulture tweeted out with you we're not funding enough and education inflation adjusted spending a k through twelve education in California has increased by one hundred and twenty nine percent. Since one thousand nine hundred and seventy. Furthermore, data from the Census Bureau shows it nearly a third of all state budget expenditures go towards education. Fights company your door there going. They're talking points. They're gonna have their white papers, these left this and they are going pressure you, but there In a pressure you with lies trumpet the shore, the black american economy, nobody opposite is true. It's never been better than under Trump de funding, education and inner city communities and funding police officers to arrest people in a prison pipeline. That's lately false educate Spending in this country has exploded triple digit. Triple digit expansions and expand in education expenditures. Now.
Don't worry, I've got all your basis covered. You may be say while fair enough, then we spent more education, but when Spending enough, because the results are not there and obviously Obviously, according to left this narrative more, spending on education. It was better results. Now. I think, I too. We can actually do the data analysis on that and show that. Can we, if your policies, which is testable, You know science lips. You know that works sign. Data numbers arithmetic. You know I have It becomes a phantom eve course. You don't did the same people out there in the conservative and they sound. Saint Democrats too. There are many listen. My show that who do me forget. That would be I get it facts and reason. Aren't your thing.
There are things called hypotheses. You can test. More education spending will lead to better results where we can test results using academic testing, and we can obviously document VIII accounting. How much we spend it. Can correlate those two variables liberals more spending better result. Ok, Let's check that out from Where is peace The data actually say quote: There is a particularly pernicious myth in the education debate. This is a particularly pernicious myth. Excuse me debate. In the debate, because increase education spending generally isn't associated with better results. Sandford University, economist error. Can you check reviewed nearly four hundred studies on the topic for hundred studies on the topic, four hundred, And concluded that there is not a strong or consistent relationship between student performance school resources,
this is only the show for you if you're interested in data science, facts in the real world want to succumb to bullying campaigns and pressure, believe is a fight about the start in this. Our motto map through me Impala, but there fight about to start. This has I'm leaving the details that out of respect for my family, that is gonna, get really nasty today, and it is, based on nothing but lies. There's universal agreement, ladies and gentlemen, real justice matters for everyone. Black men, black women, hispanic men, hispanic women, immigrants to this country native born citizens. Muslims, Jews, Christians, all of us we live under one flag and one set of rules and this republic. The country has a scarred history. What race? We should never run from that We should not hide our history. We shouldn't hide our scars that matters
I can't say this to you enough. There are Americans alive today who suffered the indignity of having to sit at a counter in a restaurant that said colored on it. Had a drink from separate water funds. That was a disgrace. But hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people, thought that. Hundreds of thousands were killed or injured in a war, and the scars of slavery. It says a lot that the most disgusting thing label you can tar someone with in this country today. That's it it's rear killer. It's a social network killer, You're done and finished it says a lot that most power, we destructive label, you can tar. Someone with is to be racist. Think about that. That's why the left uses it.
If you are one you deserved it and the the that come with it, you're, not your life's, about to be destroyed, something you did nothing wrong. He'll before no one. You don't Oh anyone any you have the Lord in. And laid his German. You don't know anyone and apology if you did nothing wrong. You owe them a legitimate fight for their big, our God, given rights, we owe them that we We need to stand for something. To happening in this country right now in these pressure campaigns are a disgrace. We're not going anywhere you do whatever you want to show. We are not going anywhere. We are going to speak the truth, no matter what. There is nothing you're gonna do to intimidate us on this topic.
I'm warning you right now. You pick the wrong fight. I get you a little bit later, there's been a heavy show my blood pressure over my point. Raise public, good. Ninety, five right now, our eye, I they say they. I won't last sponsor an. I got some video on german Joe Joe, have it's Friday and you know- and I will then decide show today and a couple of them one of them semi amusing, one of em, tragically ridiculous, but still worth covering. We had an update on Chaz Joe. Jean Charles, I can. I grew up now Joe Notch ass. You grab Chaz the new country, tuckered Carson declared last night. You know Chaz the capital autonomous own Seattle. We covered here there's a new country in the United States. As someone said to me, that's what I'd do it. This is a larger, so Chaz, you know where eighty four took over a portion of Seattle in the end portions of black lives matter they Took it over declared a new country, some
but if you go and negotiate with them are violating the Logan, I that's a great boy, that's a great, but can you be arrested on the look We would like five general went mad at you. I know you ve been subjected to the world's worst framing campaign ever general. Please do not go to Chaz. They Jim call me or come out of the woodwork China Lock. You have for the Logan ACT again stay. I don't mean to make a joke, it is, but I gotta laughed a little bit stay out of Chaz. I got that. I also got abide. Video guy cannot get out of his own way. I'm really sorry do Joe and I are usually disturbed by what I have heard. It said the wife really is this: guy is not their data You also my friends at Omaha Steaks states. There is no better fathers they give you wanna make dad smile little bit haven't. Take a picture is eating one of his delicious tender, Perfectly aged Alma high stakes: we love ominous ass. The only reason I dislike this red is because I love Omaha stakes and it makes my mouth water and
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We live on our mediator, I loved which killed make is, if I may take an odour personally privilege, unrelated Oman, Many of you know, I said I had health issues in my I had a really bad stomach, also know whose stress ironed out, but I'm almost Damn I think, a wild, a heel, and I don't we, but you would think like our drinking milk and stuff is good. If you haven't also coach the summit, no, no, that's not what happens. Eddie I drink whole male candidates that skimmed milk garbage Eleanor skimmed, whatever that's a whitewash. Like powdered water, I the real Mccoy me it turns out one of the worst about a doctor's, our medical. If I just tell you use one of the worst things: fertile and fire, forget it subsidy or at home, when I and I had SAM Really fatty, SAM enough from above and local restaurants and gosh, I was- I was like that I get God. Poisoning or something no one else was sick and that's how I found that I had also I was so I was like huddled over my affront, like someone was stabbing me in the stomach- that's
I found out so note if you ever get and also do not eat fatty foods, kill me because Couple weeks. I've had a slimmer cuts of me. I, like rabbi, I like rabbi, I don't like sirloin I'd I'd like I like sirloin, I'm just bigger fan. A rabbi I can't eat a rabbi driving me in sad. I like burgers workers. I don't when each way burgers tofu burgers me. To remain burgers. Now find that back to the show This shows many observers there has it not Gary back to back. Thank you for your patience, video you always have. Joe and I feel really bad for binding and I am going to vote for the guy, I obviously want to see him loose pair. I think, is power positions are terrible, but I believe you folks, I any personal animus. I don't have left this thing. People want,
Bessie Trump get run over by a Boston stuff. Your debts, your deal. Ok, you deal with your own issues such as am I think I want to see the man heard. I don't see any less. Obviously it said the watch this guy's, not all there this by yesterday, but he's running for president and its fair enough to save all these are all there how you gonna be the commander in chief of the military I dont know: you're gonna have to ensure that our voting foreign, that's your problem. Now, my nobody, my problem, if God forbid, is elected Here is a short ten second video Joe Biden, given a speech yesterday, I've Watching the Youtube you ll notice like is faced, ask is hanging off his ear. Weirdly like he doesn't know it's there officer, not only hanging on if you like an airing any he's reading from notes. Yes reading from notes. And he loses himself reading. Do the notes Are you just watch for yourself? Listen for yourself! You check this out
In all other rapidly rising With we're on our folks, that is just I don't know. I said all right. That's what I'd know what to say: either the guy is not their folks. He sat there. Now? Some of you don't like trumped, as you think, he's too there like he's too involved, but whatever your thing, I don't tell you to vote for. I you know once more as what the present. These then a great job every day makes the missteps you don't like a style that your thing ads I didn't tell you to vote, for I don't that I really don't understand how you can vote is not there. May say everybody loses themselves in a speech. I can recall everytime I bought, but it does happen some.
As people lose their way, his hat So this guy all the time I don't even show the other cuts from that there's a lot of viral clubs from job that to prevent our presentation. He did he makes an allegation there that George Floyd's death was a more important moment in history, the Martin Luther King staff. Ladies, That's a really strange thing to say: Floyd's death was really have to watch and hopefully will be some changes. Air and hopefully will get justice for the man's family, but the death more The king was true formative moment in history when one of the world's greatest civil rights leaders, civil, I'm, not again a moment. Your bike knew what he was saying when he said that that was gone. That got went viral in this I'm point. He confuses the location of out of it. That happened to end slavery, he just doesn't seem to have it all there and you may already be able, if you're, watching a Youtube thing, but the man was black face mask
and it blends into a suit. But if you look, what you see is hanging from his ear. He doesn't know it's out. It's it's this guy's, not all their folks. I'm really sorry. One day before the next topic I forgot to mention, as we do have a native you show this week, we do which is good. I think, you're really go like drum. I taped it last night, Jos working on these guys work, Arden drew their put it Saturday morning. It reads, Stephen more May. Some of you may know Stephen more somebody mean that if you don't you shut, Stephen Moors want to President trumps frame economic advised that he has the presidency or any conflicts seem more, has been around for ever. I've been reading, Stephen Moors material for a long time. Is you after the book Trump economics? Please Listen to the show is ripe, I think our longest interview. Yet it's about forty five minutes. It is spot
where the economy's go in. What the president's thinking are we looking at inflation, it's a really grieving gets into the corona virus shut down. You died, they give me surprises position check it we take the less ain't, really great you'll, be under Youtube Channel and our apple channel. You know your you're to subscriber to guess which of course is always very check that out. All right again on a lighter note, because it's Friday and I want to bombard you with bad news- jack, Can we really started to show with there's a the show laughing? I am I am I cared. Chaz such as, of course, is the area of Seattle taken over by lives matter in a tea, for they just declared they're gonna start their own country them in them Jazz is an accurate him for the Capitol Hill Autonomy, which is what they call so, Or did a brilliant segment last night on his show.
Talking about Chaz and of serious questions I mean they're gonna be bilateral negotiations. President Rob could have to sit down with the new president of tragedy? a trade deal. I mean we thought about any. Are they use? A? U S! Currency now,. You know Chazy either all about you know, supposing they want freedom and law and order in their so terrified of a dangerous cops are hunting people over the community. Of course, a nonsensical talking point. So you think Chaz job, because obviously there more civilised and all of us, the rest of America. You know the great on wash deplorable sewer you now being hunted by police officers everyday, so Joe, you too soon right that Chaz, witty and The anti for black lives matter crowd there that they certainly have an advanced system of justice is illegal entry right.
Who cares chicken. I don't want you to listen to this segment here. This is about a minute long, a little background on this and show how to do some serious leaping on this, because you know Chaz, it costs a little, but it s. Okay, still Chaz they're, just emotional. This is in the middle of chess, where a group of what do they call. As he has already shown its citizens. Chaz Albanians the signal about school which has always this is a group of channels, Amiens confronting a channel rainy and who they think stole something from within chess. Remember they haven't advanced criminal justice system here, so listen to how they handle this. This is very, very civilised and, of course, there they better than we do it. When you no cops and stuff
This year they never got out. We know why parliament is not to worry so the chancel radiance, as you see, haven't advanced system of justice. Now I don't have you heard it, but towards the end, others, a guy Eddie, I'm
Ethically, a white sweater He throws the hood on on the white sweater if you can watch it on the Youtube yourself with a baseball bat You will see the wider hispanic, I'm not sure Parentage any saying I will be your men's with two essence: that's job very advanced, just very events. What your accused of accused of death, I don't even think kid. You know the Chaz Albanian either of the shells of eighty actually starts up the euro, but it isn't you don't have to be convicted. You go right to the death penalty, adjust their Chaz Albanians. Have a judge dread like system, where a guy in a white sweater with roses, hood on it, looks white or hispanic approaches you with a baseball bat on a mere accusation, takes out his video and threatens to beat you basically to death.
Very advanced, very advanced lifeforms in Transylvania, very events. This is a highly sophisticated system of justice. Far beyond us, petty deplorable. Where shall we do crazy things? This is good We do crazy presumption of innocence. You know least accountability civilian complaint review boards, that kind of stuff go to church ass, get the baseball bat and just beat it out of your debts. That's their advanced system of justice in the teeth, black lives matter, run Chaz Albania. Now it's my job. Get ready. Chaz doesn't only have an advanced system of justice, the baseball bat, that's it. That's all That is that there are not only events there. They are advanced in agriculture too, because they are smarter than you. What is Jones in order when you, what a wine of the former cop
policy was a database. Are web developer. What the hell are we now three idiots in a row: Katy screwing Alight Bob Geldof morons right what the heck the Wino. Got my mba where every was but a paper mill somewhere. Somebody aside, thereby genome total Maura. So of their smarter than us, and Joe there not just again advanced law enforcement officials with a highly sophisticated system of justice. They are also farmers too. While the real farmers out there when they stand, this sophist didn't sophisticated mechanics of their soil and watering and pest control. You don't know anything you need to go to Chaz Albania Through the jazzy, it's there a photo as emerged from shadow of a growing keep this up. They'll go anyway. This is the greatest photo.
Or of jazz available, so the chancel vainly decided to give it the farming so dead is data, couple bags of topsoil through it on Top of the grass top of the grass I decided that not even dig holes and play the few. I don't know what is it a basal, a basic point it looks like base or maybe a meant in their about real persons is. Right. Thank you Joe Joe. I gotta tell you are our our professional relationship, maybe anything tonight, I may be going to Chaz because You don't know what you're doing with this audio. The chairs of aid is clearly know how to produce a they probably can't even bleep their own castle of any language better than you just did I mean what do you know? What do I know? Maybe I let him guest on my part. Guess the chairs of Asia are so sophisticated in law enforcement and agriculture. What do you need me for these are geniuses data the topsoil on top of the grass took a couple these plants and, like Dante,
the top so cruelly, mostly fast, listen to me I'm crying again for the wrong reasons not like I was with you. Folks grew up in the concrete jungle. Ass did Bala. Honestly. I don't know the first damn thing about agriculture: I don't I up above a bar of Myrtle Avenue and Wendy acquits. I queens the cut my grass in front of my house where this is not a joke asked by neighbours. That's how small Patrick grounds I might get it Caesar tell me about an hour neighbours use the laughing. Her was hilarious work, but even I, city dwelling as my and came from the secret service who was Roma. He was there he was for Missouri or has a call. The Bassorah He used call me big city. Although they behave big Jerry, you know you are them big city
please call me busy, even I know that you probably the dig a hole for replant! Why. I again. I know this is a serious subject. I dont meat, but it's Friday and I've had a long day and along weak. As you can well imagine, and not laughed a little bit. I think we will. Tucker said last night is right: up, homogenous monologues had been spot on. If we don't laugh a little but we're all gonna break down. I mean These guys are seriously morons. I fear kids are part of this. Please do everything you can to stop this. Nonsense, I folks, you know what I'm an arm and a rap that task, and I had a couple other things up, we'll get the sum of the Flint stuff next week, but damn you know it has been a heavy weight. So if you don't mind just a few minutes early we're gonna departure
I'm working hard, Paul Andrew to please check out our interview with Steve Moore? I think you'll really like it was and it's heavy on economically, I'm not going to lie to you, but I promise we make it super understandable. We make it all about your take on pay your while it, and what do you think's going to happen next and Stephen Moors? Absolutely brilliant, Please check it out long interview. We get to a lot of stuff. We appreciate it and replaced by the word on this show share the content. If you don't mind, really helps us get the message out there and subscribe to a Youtube account Youtube com, slash podgy. It's all. Free thanks folks has been a great weak thanks. Support thanks for spreading around my speech up on capital held too about the cops. You know, I've got your back. You know it down there with you. You're doing the right thing see all my baby. Good Day, Sir just ten bond GINO, she followed, then on twitter, twenty four seven at the Bonn GINO.
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