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This Impeachment Farce is a National Disgrace (Ep 1109)

2019-11-13 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the beginning of the impeachment farce and the reasons it’s about to explode in the faces of the Democrats. I also address why the impeachment farce is hiding an explosive Spygate development. 

News Picks:Five reasons a Senate trial of the President could blow up in their faces. 


Was this a money-making venture for the fake whistleblower?


Is there another tax cut in the offing?


Contrary to the liberal narrative, “hate crimes” are down.


Is Google collecting your healthcare data?


Here’s a table of tax revenue by year, it’s clear that the Reagan tax cuts led to more tax revenue.


Is deflation bad for the economy? 


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ready to hear the truth about america on his shoulders not immune to the banks with your host dan bones you know what it's kind of a big newsday folks don't worry i've got her all for you we ve got a peach man i've got developments in this by gay case i've got economics that i've got a huge allows but i've got a whole boat load of material today don't go anywhere throughout the show i promise you this stuff we found on spike it's gonna make a whole lot of sense in relation mygale are those principally judgment that are not or not at all it's the same thing and it'll make a world of sense after which i welcome their thereby gino separatist ajar you today its everything you need to know and will want to our yes always do that famous tagline
you're not going to re elevator camp you can't just when they all the radio brings a kind of brings back ass theirs in the old days i love that we have a big announcement show and i as well i'm going to make today by another hopefully bigger announcement tomorrow there's gotta be a week a big out is the when is this since announcement number two and three part series of announcements we will be adding adding where he will not impact the regular show line up there in the week our five shows we do every day added in an interview segment shell yes we'll launching on fridays is that where you can listen to our show on friday and then friday afternoon you can listen to our end our upcoming light up is let's just say salad and you can listen to it we get a monday morning before our show launches you you're gonna love it hopefully will be an saying our line up very soon yet now if you want to get ahead star oh yeah head start on the announcement of the line up go to budget
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in the emotive emotional portion of the show which i try to stay away from my because i like to do facts and data and not get into emotional stuff but having said that the impeachment fiasco far somehow the house started today adam shit opened up just minutes ago in the morning i was glad johnny radcliffe tried to shut down a little bit but ship is a document sleaze lying fry and the lead rushing collusion hope sir a fairy tale telling a sobs fable building anti trump lunatic who has not told the truth at any point in his life adam shifts discredited known conspiracy theorists who should never be taken seriously and the fact that he's the face of this impeachment fiasco is is as prima facie evidence that this thing is a farce and was never meant to be taken seriously by serious people having said that he's in german and i mean every word is the new rules are in effect number the new rule show
i'm at the old rules and robert rule of order you know we have to show the democrats joe were above at all we stand on the moral high ground there were better than them let them eric your assassinate us do we're just gonna sit back and take it we're going to show the american public in the media that we're better people and hopefully the hack me three media will come around to recognise one day job to recognise one day that we are better people that i remember that i remembered i want to try something here i tried it i say that is colossal ball i just use the mute but there for the first time you did it well that was pretty good well if it didn't work we'll find policy cover really sure that work we'll see we worked up rules are in effect now you want to scrap here
i get a new marshalling ring with glass molasses to your gloves kick bargain style jean claude van damage and you want to practice open with your glass covered up you know amidst there we're going to get the glass do it's time to fight want to remind you about a little something here members cabin our hearings with the democrats did when half an hour now supreme court's yeah yeah yeah yeah remember what they did at the opening of a hearing to confirm cabinet because the democrats have no morals or ethics and the rules that apply to them remember we're going into the boxing ring obeying the rules no rapid punches hit above the bell three rounds don't dont swing if good about the democrats who care about any this and we're like not all but if we pay the rules the rifle be really nice to us don't be an idiot
here's what happened during the cabinet hearings when they lunatic democrats tried this the whole thing before it even started remember this disaster on the nomination of mr lemon red cavanaugh mr chairman to serve as a social justice is determined i'd like really wrong organised my study before we proceed mr chairman i'd like to be recognised to ask a question before we proceed the committee received just last night less than fifteen hours ago this war german word thousand pages of documents that we have not had an opportunity to review or reed or analyze you're you're out of order out of three we cannot possibly move forward mr chairman i did a very warm welcome not they are given the opportunity to have a meaningful wiring conway harmony two daughters miss
the chairman or island where you are here as mr chairman lobby revenues wordy lord furs and documents that we haven't and everyone else jointly no you last night and we believe this hearings i know those long exciting day for all of you here and your rightly proud of germany and if we cannot be recognised i moved to adjourn the american people remain i moved to a girl directly you wanna play ball folks it's time to play ball shut this down yet shut it down shut it down shouted down shot down are we can't do that may offend the media the media shouted down shut this down shut this whole
we asked go down i don't care what you gotta do introduce emotions i don't care what kind of crap rules you have up there it's assess pool nobody gives a damn about anyway full of looted the losers outside of a few decent people and i mean very few shut it down new rules shut it down shut it down in the house shut it down in the senate this is a farce countries go have class what we don't have country left anymore we have a bunch of lunatics in washington dc china rip apart every shred of the constitution and burn it in a small roasting camp fire as they sit around with the rest j w liberal justice warriors snowflake friends trying to ravage our free speech in every big our constitutional right we have left shut it down always set and shut this garbage down this is you know what it is shouted down get
okey wretch and throw it right into the machinery of this garbage you wanna play hard ball it's time to play hard ball oh they may sensor us said ethics investigate and are you serious hook we're losing their country shot this crap down shut it down i want to get it to some more substantive stuff you swear in it kellerman george can't now bill tale about the way the charges in ukraine who has no direct knowledge whatsoever of the infamous quid pro quo the other trying to appease the president over not known a legitimate it all far stand not even secondhand you heard about it forth an after being told by gordon someone that there was an absolutely no quit roquat according to the present that's the guy that's there witness now and george can't who many p
i believe by the way george can't who was working for us in ukraine many but the rapporteur may have been involved and they do not prosecute list of people connected to soros and others those you there to key witnesses shut it down i want to get you a great peace and folks trust me go anywhere when i try this through this spy gates of next your heads get a spin you know reagan otto mean ronald reagan i mean exorcist reagan's thou william peter blood my head doesn't go that would be pretty cool right well telescoping had happened while his left foot because the wide ranging her come around the others are excellent excellent piece in the federalist can recommend again if you subscribe to my newsletter bungee no doubt
i'm slash newsletter i will email you these articles everyday we got thousands of new subscribers yesterday a heartfelt thank you david marcus five reasons a set of trial would be a nightmare for the democrats remember and you yourselves permitted this impeachment farce now the house as the sole power to impeach according to constitution impeachment does not remove the president from others there is then a trial in the united states senate worthy determine removal or non removal presided over by the chief justice of the supreme court having said that marcus list five reasons this senate trial will be an apocalyptic disaster for the democrats these lunatics let's go to reason number one ladies and gentlemen who controls the senate that's right the demographic go as mark
try to the six weeks thus far of land fair ukraine the house democrats have been incomplete troll they control the house the democrats they witnesses whether testimony to private or public set the rules of questioning end the schedules all these areas there hand has been firmly on the wheel it's hard to overestimate what an incredible advantage this is being go david marcus the fact it sleaze ball documented liar conspiracy theorist fraud a sobs fable spinning adam ship has been in charge of the leaks of the nonsense and of the spending of witness test the many who have never nail down what this quid pro quo is and there's no one with any direct knowledge of a quid pro quo at all the fact that these spun this it's way hapless feckless conspiracy theory media narrative is remarkable it was their skill in lying there s yes really is rising dig it they are
elliot marketeers of be ass at all changes when you get to the senate at being run by schiff meddler policy and the other liars senate's run by the kind of mothers mcconnell live at a lotta beats alive but one thing joe you and i both know when it came to cabin on the reason i opened up with then everything as a meaning in this shell when it came to cavanaugh the democrats try every piece of shit out again in the book they tried to shut it now you and mcconnell and the republican stage strong they got cabin or through despite all their
laws and gas there are many with this republic by spending ourselves into an abyss they did not fall they did not follow one time joe and they got cavenaugh through mcconnell so far and i get this and many other points in a minute show no evidence of folding on this either once we control the process this is gonna get delicious on the other side take away number two why the senate trial will be an apocalyptic disaster for the lying can speak see theory democrats our utter bide nets among the event about the advantages the democrats have had the house inquiry is that of approval this list you know that the chief won't allow any republican witnesses you know their rights so although they allowed republicans to request witnesses the authority to approve them is entirely the democrats in the house not set aside
no no no no we get the witness list let's get hundred biden up there about these massive payment allegations that were made in the media that payments are made to him the influences dad you live as vice president and always alex of massive democratic corruption that we already know this quid pro quo hoax whistle blower hopes are meant to cover up i can only imagine that line of questioning for hunter ah ha turbine what skills exactly do you have a natural gas what skills do you have a new crane what because skills you have to advise a major natural gas company a new create about processing and selling natural gas or you have none hot what exactly do you think they were paying you for we know you said in an interview with one of the major net
so little while ago which you did that you suspect you are giving a lot of opportunities given a lot of opportunities in your life because of your last name is just one of those opportunities and why would they want your last name those questions would be great in the middle of a pro financial campaign where's dad's a front runner wooden all this could get guide i've got a reasonable very about why this will be a complete show for the democrats once it goes to the said senators or on the campaign trail oh yes you three major democratic candidates for president right now on the campaign rail running for president jeweller them appalling in the top three warranted sanders says he i a cautious on february third february third only a few months away peace goes onto us
generous and say santa gives the democrats articles of impeachment bite christmas we pay look at it the month of january at least take it up with the senate trial wow what nappy special i sent a trial that last week maybe forty six to eight weeks right while the i will caucasus going on and comments earth elizabeth warranted bernie sanders three at the top peered candidates in a democratically ro pull that i were new hampshire and otherwise to sit there for a trial about a quid pro quo that never happen these he's my friend tom ripley would get the rest nice move these d the guy's jar you guys ladys are brilliant
well you're three or your top dear candidates off the stump and stick up on capitol hill to listen to a bunch of garbage well done to thumbs up let's go to reason number for the kind of alluded this poor suddenly to be this dead horse geo pay unity as the illusion let's go to reason number for the kind of alluded this poor suddenly to beat this dead horse geo pay unity as they allude to the federalist peace and i spoke about or less than the one time the geo being conservatives in general have been most united and powerful restoring the bread cabinet confirmation hearings i was a process control by centre publicans not the house and the picture that emerge was of a qualified
and being hounded on the basis of politics not evidence while that could repeat itself again if mcconnell repeats what he did in the cabinet areas and stay strong on this and there is no evidence none that he's ready to buckle we ve talked whether before again no need to be done to death let's go to reason five because they have do i do have a lot to get you to me they'll lose reason number five they're gonna get smoked the odds of winning or not good quote notwithstanding television spectacle we'll all be treated you this week the democrats have already made the case to the american people into the republicans their dream of a few two weeks ago that cracks would emerge joe in the geo p and centres would start turning on trumped is now dissipating roy thirdly i'll add as the dawn ices over an actual vote on impeachment you'll lose what are you gonna do a peach him again part dear the
empires strikes back of impeach writs you gotta have like shift dress is the emperor emperor palpitating back maybe a return to the agenda maybe three part in peace aren't you gonna please please refer naked gun dirty dreary and authoritative was at that that the final insult with happens and hoover direct debits canopy impeachment naked thirty three the final insulted what do you do it please you a third and fourth time you try to set the record four dopey a peach reads as if the american people have lost all faith in our government yet you can't win an election yeltsin preacher by get let's go around two maybe maybe five why school lunches
visually preacher bear preacher everywhere we gotta january but we got in february we had a summer abuser we got the fall festival and peace but you ve got the winter gala impeachment we ve got this spring job we ve got the autumn glory impeachment and western merits special impeachment whether we can watch the legislator will have this spring peace is fostered by analogy covering clarity about throwing a spring appears room with the pollen you can happen gary blossom impeach easy the cherry plus what the cherry plus you can have the july fourth independence day for a job is that your life you can have the christmas the thanksgiving completion sponsored by the turkish companies turkey tat you can you can have a police force for every you can have a call up is day appeasement you can have acquired impeachment a hot i can teach you can have like a festival impeachment from cipher up you can have the festival impeachment pool the area
grievances let's just do it all over again do you realize the trap the rabbit hold these its are following now where are we got there they gave the cricket guy sound machine worse quality sound effects ever but that you get the boy you lose you don't have the votes in the senate you dont have anywhere close to the votes in the senate and one more point before we move on god forbid and i do mean god forbid because this would be i mean catastrophic for the democrats a democrat on the set aside doesn't vote for impeach oh
oh yeah oh just one and zero republicans wow ladies and gentlemen how you have a by partisan effort tautological fact based by harder than ever if no every single democrat talking point you have heard thus far it gets better folks don't go anywhere pleas for the show i mean it arrives every single democrat talking point you have heard thus far it gets better folks don't go anywhere pleas for the show i mean it sometimes i'm not messing with you the ended the show at the only reason i got to this first rather than this other stuff is because teach me things going on right now can't this talking now and i want to make sure i get the stuff out to you so you prepare please don't go away with all right today show brought you by our bodies that harry's shave you like tat joe joe
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attic media collusion spying and the weapon zation of intelligence national security and law enforcement operators that makes antigay here weapon icing the swamp to remove trump that is this impeachment farce is an effort to cover that up by accusing tromp of what they are doing in turn with a boot licking acolytes media who were found so the focus point tested talk in groups are fed to buy shift and samoa showing you know how ridiculous this impeachment is i wanted to play a quick sound bite of i think possibly the dumbest man in congress and that's saying a lot because the collective iq up there's probably sub ninety swore wells probably sub sixty is one of the dumbest human beings i've ever seen he is a sound bite machine for stupid adjusts the guy who threatened to new pig i on twitter member we ve got the nukes man yes tell dumb swore well is it yeah i don't really care disguise trying to ease one
main players in the soft who with him the guy's a lunatic he was on cnn whenever listen to this pure idiocy is suggesting in this club that one of the prime hurry powers of the executive to a point this imbalance subject to confirmation that the united states senate and remove of them if they are not enacting the foreign policy regime the people voted for in the president he suggests we met somehow the actual power the president has is an abusive that's like suggesting the empire and a baseball game is abusing its power because he's calling balls and that's how stupid swallow it
through this caught radio this is just his expression of his own genius our born is a quid pro quo period in order for you to make your case in an article of impeachment it's an abuse of power to remove an ambassador for political reasons because you don't like what they're doing period it's a gross abuse of power if you ask and political ally like the ukrainians to investigate your opponent it's a gross extreme abuse of power if you leverage or white house meaning which may not seem like much to us as americans but to other countries s most important thinking it's an extraordinary abuse of power if you unlawful or if you remove an ambassador of the way the president did ask for investigations leverage a white house meaning and three hundred ninety one million dollars and taxpayer dollars that's it we're investigate mulligan say maybe that's all bad but it's not a peaceable well that's not america either if we allow that to happen so let me be clear on this because he swore were really is a nun that's like i have not seen in my life or so
swore well is suggesting that if the president united states is obama boys clint in where there's a matter trump that the president who is constitutionally obligated to be our lead representative for the united states in foreign policy negotiations can proposed treaty is ratified set you know i'm assuming swore well has read our basic legal die found the documents at some point he suggesting that president let's put obama their zeno when its trump liberals especially with the show go crazy they lose their sense of of common sense and even decency it most point let's say obama ambassador two are whatever to russia obama wants to engage in some diplomacy with russia say like the salt treaty which i was over there in prague when they signed the right and the ambassador says treaties crap go she ate that mr present matter of fact men alignment with the republicans and i think tomorrow we should engage in a new
a war with the russians oh so joe under swore but you can't fire him or her you can't do i know you have to let the impasse we're gonna do their own renegade foreign policy outside of the channels of executive power makes perfect sense to swallow because he's in eighty wished it it's an abuse power to fire and a better you understand that making this up as they go along our swore well has some objections joe to president trumps constitutes no power to remove it subordinate officers not enacting the people's agenda they voted for through the president dense oh well could run for president it all that's right i already did that and verdict is in he had exactly zero percent thank you
what will you do this is at least the double from getting together maybe not outside a triple is a double its a double that's a doll almost the triple it's two point five markets guys what we talk about the two point five percent the point five we talk about the tissue motley but we don't get it it's a two point five to point but half a finger at this is terrible the president's appears that this power by moving it a passenger this is possibly the top is big i've ever heard my life right enough on this guy we all got them even here that i want a motor through that i have one last sponsor i usually we usually read it later in the shell but this is gonna be important this is one of the most important segments i've done a long time and it's gonna tie allotted to get their job get your own body now ready paula put your vice
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formation i'm i met a tie in some of this stuff he sent me this morning with some of the things i got from someone else and some of them i got from someone else to paint a picture for you of why what the fbi is hiding in their investigation of trump why their hiding it you tracking why what their hiding relates to the fiasco and far shoe sing on capital hale right now where the national six the council whistleblower fake whistle bar how that relates to everything that's going on how generated this impeachment farce to distract you from the inspectors and i will report on this spy gave fiasco which i'm hearing could be trouble at the least our own oversell anything's i haven't seen it yeah i'm gonna get into that tuna monday
obama show i don't know but i am hearing from credible people there's disturbing stuff at a minimum ok we'll leave it at that disturbing enough that the democrats how to generate this impeachment farce for you to say walks whirl let's start here we have been told that the investigation into donald trump steam the spying operation be counter intelligence message we have been told by the fbi that it began july thirty first of twenty sixty july interestingly enough on a weekend while kind of crazy we're so much weird stuff going on in this case had a strange to open it up by they ran and right after meeting with key players in the case bruce or and others that one of the imf
the gaiters and the fbi stroke runs on a week and open up a case against the presidential candidate wow you think you'd have the vet that through some other people maybe wait till business hours on monday before now with swords they had opened up on a week really and we are opening up on a week and because you want anyone else to know about it we ve been told the whole time show that their date again is july twenty sixteen years why why
been told that well let me just put the led out front rather bury it because ladies and gentlemen i have worked as i've told you from the start this was never investigations donald trump colluding with russia or his team ever this was a set up from the star marshall by john brandon jim clapper and others help the long by jim call me later who is a notable dunce in this case this was they set up with the trump team to generate a faint crime in other words present trump and rob the bank they sent a guy dress this president trump looks like present drop the rob a bank and fitted to the media will present trot project it was set up all that it's a faint cry all of the fake crime fake and the set up happen before july thirty first
that creates an interesting defence for the fbi and the cia and others joe whence one like michael horwitz inspector general or john durham the united states attorney looking into this whole spying scandal on president trump creates an interesting firewall defence right if you're trying to hide the fact that you set up the now present the united states and that you framed member of his members of his team in a fake foreign collusion skin walker deal with fire what's your defence if all of this set ups mechanics joe work four july thirty first you defences easy we don't have anything before that case than stone don't you like yeah about miss said met with pop up listen may downer met with profit do you say yeah yeah yeah we don't know anything about that it started in july thank you have a nice day no no let's not have a nice day let's make this a really bad day for them
so audience ombudsman joe and vice ombudsman policies it sets up aren't we need is a perfect quieted the feds thank you get now get out hey now from job it started in july we don't know anything about what happened in march and may ok so fast happened had two to seven nine for this little gem member alexander downer the australian ambassador diplomat i should say to be more precise given its overall role in this who is alleged to have started this case with his trip to the fbi in july that hey george papadopoulos tommy about about easy emails the russians every moment downers alleged to have done that told the fbi but that in july joam that's crazy so that's what started this whole thing
neighbours what was jim clap her doing in australia in march twenty sixty and i see who are they visit member downer the australian diplomat who tell the fbi about this meeting with trump t member papadopoulos right where he alleges papadopoulos in a drunken stupor as they that he's since recanted that story by the way parts of it told me about hilary females he's australia pretty prominent nor show by way what is the eu s spy boss jim clapper doing just months earlier in march of twenty sixteen in a secretive visit to australia where downer who starts this case office from gee i don't know that have anything to do with those u s
intelligent channels to our five eyes partners intelligence partners we already know according to cnn zone reporting were passing information about the trump team do the obama administration you know the five eyes partners australia new zealand canada others our friendly's yet we have routine elegant sharing challenge member cnn reported that these intelligent channel the uk and others use five eyes partners were basically eric u s intelligence restrictions on spying on u s citizens and even worse political candidates and doing spying for your bob administration basically outsourcing you know joe just like a spying kind of saint only drain on less than a worry we its sobs kind of like we have on the house well dodger we had a contractor yard if he's one of whom was tell their one of the worst time
job i've ever seen in my life this is the worst intelligent subcontractors for intelligence well said joe sorry you had a softly out without book maybe we'll tell that story and other subbing out some intel were so clap is over in australia where conveniently downers from right around march twenty sixteen right around this time the plot to set up papadopoulos i believe being engineered by intel officials led by brennan another now it gets better it's gotta this we are postponed because this is what we ve been tall and what's been fed to the media for law time about when this case started wine so meeting in london sparked the mahler pro from the peace remember this is what the media's burma knock and the post near posts actually a pretty decent paper but this is what we ve been tall
alexander down or from australia in form superiors about this meeting we're papadopoulos we're papadopoulos alleged to have our they got information on hilary the russians your strolling guide downloading all my gosh i gotta tell the fbi he but they didn't show the donor meeting is may tenth we're papadopoulos but he says they kept mama about a job although it was explosive information all the way up till july twenty sixth days after wiki weeds dump its first load of team clinton emails which mahler said have been hacked by the russians sir let's just get this shrink doubter the australian diplomat prominent wine bottle meets with a trump t member papadopoulos it may tenth of twenty sixteen after jim clap or goes over to a shrill wear downers from in march when alligator just starting to service about five eyes part
australia uk and others feeding information to the obama minister the spy on tromp calabria over it goes over their me just a couple later down or australian meets from followed up with gets this example to quote information there papa dapple is knows about some russian plot to get hilary gmail and others democratic was all but he holds it he holds it till july twenty six compromise weird crazy a wiki links thing happens a bow down as a yard now every deadly on a roman is now i had a weird how he had it in little july now if you understand that downer i believe is part of the set up of the trump team the framing of george papadopoulos of course it makes sense to wait until after the wikileaks dump
to act like the wikileaks top of emails is connected the pomp of apple is saying the russians hetty mozart every work that's what he was talking about the wikileaks wikileaks russian spoke they get it you dig then it makes all the sense of the world of your soccer alone sucker everybody not worry about so right around july twenty sixth around the time of the infamous wiki weeks dump on july twenty second all of a sudden we see this flurry of activity so wiki leagues dumps some of these democratic party emails we read them they're pretty devastate right of course the guys you ve already involved in the activities to set up donald trump and i'll get to how the starter keeping my disconnect for a second the wiki leagues dump from the set up of donald trump
we're going to set up donald trump do alleging was colluding with russia as a document extensively in my book exonerated by the way out now they'd already tried john mccain the plot to set up from the wikileaks that that happened later they knew what was coming wikileaks had been advertising they were only that the wikileaks up into the already ongoing attempt to try to tie trump to the russians and esteem you get it don't conflated to act like one who had a happy if the wikileaks stump happened or didn't happen it didn't matter i was stolen refuses trump yet aim of colluding with the russian the wikileaks stop though was a nice cherry on time for them follow me right after the wikileaks dump in july twenty second a lot of really interesting things happen like this burma presidential directive forty one i'll look at that our twenty sixth say day joe chris
it's that its alleged a downer cast this explosive it from fisheries but a hiding since may tells the fbi about papadopoulos and the alleged russian emails and all this other stuff crazy same day the white house your papa white house launches this presidential directive forty one where they can now coordinated cyber incidents listen to the last line the trans national transnational munich other nations like australian stuff not some of course not there its national nature of the internet communications infrastructure joe requires the united states to coordinate with international partners as appropriate managing cyber incidents you mean like the wicked stop that they ve been advertising was gonna come four days later you mean like that cyber incident not are nothing to do with it
don't you worry nothing to do with finally who manage that presidential directive forty one what did you think it was this guy for one day yes theory is it that he j ferranti fbi agent at the time by the way this is heavy worse for fbi consulting or did this according to his own the resume they have their pride or joining if consulting mr ferrari they serve this director foresight recent response for the national security council at the white house all he did you mean where the appeasement viruses coming from crazy crazy he coordinated wes response from the seat unfolding domestic international cyber security crises in issues he led the developing and implementation no way way of president your policy the wreck forty one whole week what kuwaiti dig
how does that have to do so guy fbi agent who by the way is like this which jim comin that is his that is homes the your hopes that is his body go out for i'm sure they drink the mercy than on alcohol like beer on friday member mercy i don't even think they drink real beer but take out for mercy on friday nights together all the taste of none of the downsides selfish crazy so per day homes chip colonies body taken up who sees is conveniently on the national security council the necessary all of these leaks against drop her coming from including the fake whistleblower league including colonel women there all coming from them so is giving is access to all trumps foreign calls and everything we
you know the democrats were colluding with the ukrainians as reported by political to destroy trot candidacy and help hillary clinton conveniently four days the point man for the fbi forming a new obama directive four days prior to the wikileaks release everybody knows is coming to coordinate with international partners maybe to yours to coordinate cyber incidents like the wikileaks e mail about now now way no way this is all related now cities amateur has a great peace by the way on ferranti pulps so here it is by day unshaven watched files euphoria lawsuit against fbi over jim's commies spies in the white house who does the peace allege is the spy in the
it asks for jim call me this is crazy dude this is crazy homes here's arms again what is mosey their report said long time fbi official anthony they worked as a cyber security adviser on the national security council and we're sharing information about trop at his age back to f b i had corner man is that not for one day this dude that it gets even better for homes variety who after leaving the government joined the firm f f tee i consulting what's hired by bus feed oh no way no way but i really mean it wants to put out the fire dossier yeah that possibly he was hired to five parts or steals eighty job dossier and now may be tied to invest the gateway to alleged surveillance abuses by the fbi and the oj why
dude what may do so just the kind of pi this together because i don't want to lose you remember the lead here the fbi is told us repeat italy no no no no no no this investigation started at the end of july we don't know anything about any of that stuff in may papadopoulos meeting with miss stood who bring in every one else claimed is a russian agent we all know is not a russian agent and was actually a plant by western operatives to try to set up rob was after papadopoulos meet dismiss meets with miss said actually tells about some russian operate and they get emails we know papadopoulos just
days later meets with down or from australia where jim clapper just got back from a few months earlier we know then papa that let's according to doubters original story says something russian operation take down the dad that you'll get the dnc emails or hilary we know that allegedly according to the fbi downer holds that information until july we now the fbi allegedly opens the investigation july but nothing happens joe earlier than journal who we know ben july twenty second as wikileaks is teasing an explosive release of dnc emails that allegedly papadopoulos had something to do with it ordinary down on all we know that the present president obama the time in conjunction with the fbi guy homes whose like this which him call me are the national security council implements its policy debate
we're all of a sudden naked start working on cyber security staff with these international partners maybe like the five i've five i guys that have already been getting information through the obama administration and spying on trumped up now let's look at wikileaks by the summer he lakes of course there we got wikileaks starting friday july twenty second twenty six day wikileaks released overdue publications that forty four thousand emails that attachments from top dnc officials which the democrats newest coming the entire time because some of their passwords joe we're password if they had good ones like password one two three four and they were brilliant that's really that's a pretty high tech biometrics secure
her high under what that gave us a jew factor was like your one factor one two three four and in the two factor was password you heading and you only send you the two factor authentification i sent you the google and send you the password is your password enter this now maybe it was a third factor and your third factor was five six seven eight maybe a nine ten to throw it right in there don't worry i'm gonna die this in because i know some of you i'm not send the new down a rabbit hole i'm going to this all but you gotta know the dates when i'm getting out here is everyone knew the wikileaks dump was coming everyone knew the democrats were framing george papadopoulos for a foreign collusion scandal with a fake russian miss stood who was really a western operative working to set up papadopoulos believe they may have been working with australians and others
pull the information myths suited told papadopoulos out of him i believe they knew about that information and the f b i was working that information day later after the downer meeting may eleven and i believe their hiding that by claiming they didn't open up the investigation until july thirty first until after wikileaks and after down or told us about it even though down or told him about an earlier do you have the text the stroke page tax policy that i tell you about those i didn't there's a series of stroke page tax on may eleven may eleven the day after by the way i have it on my thoughts i can look some of them here because i actually saved his because i know i'm gonna need these for future reference this is critical on may eleventh afterwards what has had the sun was annoying cycling guard
here i would do well to show here come on i'll call you tell that to break this they might open remember made and does the meeting between downer papadopoulos right there this story now the story is none of this we share a policy notably we share giotto july twenty six in writing because remember the effects that are forcing the affair she'll downers story joe and you are stories all we were so disturbed by the july twenty second wikileaks dump that everybody knew about that i've just four days later we went through the f b i said oh my god we have this information about papadopoulos bs shared it the next day look at these texts no sir i don't need you right this is shrove police a page dvd deputy director one
email directed him when if when you hear about redirected obviously will do these are the two f i have asked the day after the down or meaning that they state aid in here about until july twenty six after the wikileaks dump page sent you a short email can you check for tone he called u s s s that i believe the time at the secret service what i dont know well i'll cia tomorrow have much to discuss with you later but will probably be much later ten poor but why u s s the next parts rejected ok reductive before or after is fine ladies and gentlemen what the hell are they talking about the next day now to give you a fair and impartial analysis because i wanted to facts here we don't
liberal nonsense talking points its possible they are talking about him why meteor exam the investigation of the hillary clinton which would make sense if they were trying to reach out to the secret service but ladies and gentlemen that text which i can put more that up i can put all of it up goes way into the night that day folks who sent a cable diplomatic cable that's right the australian government the day before about a downer meeting with pop up i thought they'd didn't hear about until july twenty funny how all of this is emanating from the very same national security council where ferranti worked the fbi guy homes you know like this would call me lucy
funny how all of that emanating from the national security council when appears to be a deep state plot to set up the trumpeting using myths stood and downer to claim but they did know anything about it until july when in fact they knew about it the whole time to use the wikileaks dump everybody knew was coming as an excuse to retro actively say no no we don't do anything until wiki leaks and down or happen to cover all their staff while their set up and then implement a policy to make it seem official run by homes on the national security council to coordinate with partners to provide cover story as to why there working with five eyes partners to set up the trumped up now what do you have the nunez translator heavy remain yes i do tell me when you need a bit like implement nunez translator
initiating noon yes translator den superstar devon nunez who has been a rock star of the spider case and of shredded shipment is nonsense before the impeachment probe which has great there newness new always have the kind of pick through went nunez saying noon s nose joe that the key to this whole decrepid saga is uncovering the fact that the fbi's lying about when their investigation started in an effort to cover up the framing of the trump team that happened before july we sit down or and others i want you to listen with special attention to this clip from july of devon newness on shannon bream show on fox news and listen to what he says right at the end about these
all nature of when he believes this investigation which are weighed one quick thing before our allies in the summer right the tracking device summer thank god thank very very good critical seals listen to when he thinks this thing start pose already fbi claims that they didn't have any of this until the fall right before twenty sixteen before they got the fire a warrant you really have go back to the end of july twenty sixteen when the fbi opened up this investigation that's not true that's a lie that's yunus is pretty clear crystal clear surrogate cut off then it's the spring sprang summer spraying summer why does any that matter ladies jimmy the newness is wasting shanna brief time why do you think nunez so
focused on it seemingly joe and administrative oversight best right the opening they who cares and open july thirty fourth or june who cares because folks he set up of donald trump these heavy miss stood others western intelligence part is trying to frame donald trump for an email incident via wikileaks that was exposed the democrats they knew was coming the framing of donald trump started a whole lot early and the wikileaks dump was only another excuse to pin and another incident on the trump team that they had absolutely nothing to do with convenient how this is all emanating again from the national security council the cia the upper levels of the fbi the same people who have been eager to cover this whole mess up now you understand why the idea report what i think is going to weeks be exposed next week and why you haven't impeachment fiasco force meant to cover up all of their mouth visas and get the meat
where they need to be back to attacking donald trump why folks thanks again for tuna and please subscribed to my news letter for what i hope to be a big announcement shortly you hear about it first bungee no doubt com slash newsletter you can also get on top of our new news aggregator are conservatives real conservatives which were really proud of him putting a lot of money it's with bongino dot com newsletter sign up today you're not going to want to miss this and stay tuned for our first interview show gonna be a good one i see are you just heard tan bond genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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