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This is a Dogfight Now (Ep 1077)

2019-09-30 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the exploding impeachment garbage brewing on Capitol Hill, in conjunction with the liberal media. I expose the troubling secrets their hiding in what’s obviously a pre-planned attack on the President. 

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while big mobile subsidized left this causes at erode our values our rights and our country page we had mobile is donating to the causes you believe in patriot mobile was created to give conservatives like you a voice both literally and in preserving our great nation when thousands of americans using patriot mobile and get reliable nation wide coverage keep your number bringing phone or get a new one feel about unlimited talk in tax and high speed data plans at fight for your freedom which today at patriot both dot com slash dan again that's patriot mobile dot com slash dan waiting ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn gene technology i told you i told you last week this was
a pre planned hit donald trump this whole impeachment ukraine gave whistle blower gay fiasco i warned you now i know have you busy you busy lives understandably so don't you worry i have put together today the federative what our show on what exactly happened why this was a pre planned hit what their covering what they're going to do some infirmity should we gotta banks sean davis had tipp add climate audit stephen macintyre on twitter who else be this guy baby might be more matt baby i'm sorry terrific work we can map colombo our debug this dates of amazing research we are going to show you some i know i say loss of a lot but explosive stop ways german stay tune we have a stack show for you today by the way my wife once we to a big thank you to everyone who showed up in a book sightings they were incredible we had such an over folk crowded
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they're telling you why is based on a blueprint i like the blueprint i write about my book exonerated where i talk about the blueprint for the collusion i'll try there is evidence now stacking up show that selection compare this do stories birthday is it maybe that'll make my story number one that the liberal media and the democrat hacks are telling you which is false is at this whistle blower in the intelligence community we now hear allegations cia officer detail the white house from someone who heard from someone that president trot this devious promised to the ukrainian government about trying to get the dirt on joe biden in exchange for military that was the story ok that's that they were so troubling john he saw troubling worrisome that is how
the beef gregory tropic leads to be impeach yet said adam shift job just heard about this last we all you just heard about it and it came up and and everybody it wrong the scene i watch that's dopey shied forgive me but i put it off for ten minutes was dumb ashore this circus on showtime where these imbecile politicians run around like during an action movie in themselves are so serious that such an embarrassing i see this in a secret service all the time listen you're stay like everyone else nobody cares nobody think stop yourself important but it is and in the show they got dc there so dramatic picture forty gimme a brok or any day of the week we actually works and real america there are not dramatic at all they get if they work for eleven calm down calm down everybody so one line in this goofy show the circus and with this reporting goes
the town you arrived back in d c is different town and you man like me you know what whatever have take it easy it the temperature the temperature down nice soldier so dramatic deterrent inaction move your eternal the maiden impossible we know she's theories and many men i met everybody cobb jar with this was a pre land here now before we to that what are they covering up i know i covered this a little bit last week but it's important i addressed that on fox this morning s and its go a nuclear and fox news that comma have the lake in the website on my normal fox france had on monday morning ladies and gentlemen they are covering up a few things number one day why some why was this a pre planting
why did the democrats in their liberal media access member none this happened last week why did they have this plan because there is devastating information coming out the inspector general report about the obama administration and binding and their involvement with foreign governments we're going to talk about three right now and i am so for your viewing pleasure put these days articles in the show notes that so you can keep them up on your phone just got a new i formed by the way nicest we can get the eleven had two mile from broke i'm gonna give you these three articles and i'm going to show you because the democrats are telling you to such a scandal collusion with the foreign governments when you pull up these articles i bet you ll get them to change your mind quickly let's go article number one can vogel political again this will be in the show notes today vulgar david stern january eleven twenty seventeen o oh let's read this title you crazy efforts to sabotage trump backfire kevin
souls are scrambling to make amends with the president elect after quietly working to boost clinton odo so fast stay quiet to let your read the book at their job without the fact but how would it be if they have altered old man how do i don't wait i dont you one day their version of the scandal tromp was with the ukrainians to get political there that's not what that title says folks that's with the title of that article says the title by left wing both call i left wing rag is about ukrainians intervene yet our election to attack donald trump and how could it not thereby you know it's up on you know that up that's political now
in one of the greatest media i had such a short but it always this worth your time i've seen a long time mark short who's a friend who i love goes hapless msnbc with the absolutely joe outside less katy toward how are you outside o brien spelter nobody gets wrecked r u k he bore and the show then katy too i'm not kidding i dont know i'm sure she's a wonderful person i don't care she's a horror show she gets act on her show on a mere daily basis because she is so incredibly ignorant of what's she just as an additive she's a red the stories before she goes on the ep so here's our short on the show with katy tour and
this can vulgar political peace i just showed you about what they really hiding the ukrainian collusion with the obama administration turbines that comes up a watch katy tour get just completely on that this is just bad checked he talked about investigating ukrainian meddling in twenty sixteen election which has been documented that they meddled in a twenty sixteen alleged in a dnc operative mad russian crumbling and admire eater area here that's raise actually it's actually and political as reported by kin vogel embargo on arms for the new york times a lot i wanted she eats it is good angle so dear
listen up trying not to overdo the thug life glasses but i got to tell you if there was ever a time mark please you know i know i know people around you watch the show and i am a seeing what's wrong please get yourself a pair of these for your next appearance on katie show if there was ever a time for you to just sit back just real slow mo that that was it that that's russian provocation is i'm telling you i could do a highly real of just katy tour peace where she gets rector roadshow but i don't think that's russian propaganda why actually it's political here's the already produced since the peace right that they are hard copy job more than by the way i'm katy you need mandate for that and see me get this before the puppy ago this is these are the waterproof next cares very good they're not a sponsor but the very these are next year they see allow wooed duty a bad day for thou art there you go we ve got one come pick it up down upon the city
article deliver the next to your head yes here ok beauregard here is another example of far collusion by the obama administration by day restoration that again their hiding check out this was it see and what we have foreseen in the daily court doesn't matter putting the one up now maybe go daily collar chuck ross is that a phenomenal job on this christopher steel identified who russian dossier sources notes reveal way way way way you'd just told us the president who by the way has the constitutional thought to engage in foreign negotiations at foreign diplomacy am i mean i know the left has actually read that but yeah so we know that not only did obama obama biden not only collude with the ukrainians and the clinton team but we know they also use russian sources that's old news we don't need to spend a lot of time and that just figured i'd i'd put that
on the show no city for you to remind you left his friends about the real collusion scandal their hiding finally the last one which i have spoken about we haven't shown on the screen and wipe here is the end miss jim shouto article from cnn jim shooter pamela brown and eric bradner joe april fourteen twenty seventeen britain intelligence pass tromp associates communications with russians anthea s counterparts way sadly nor laundry ones we all feel a lot you told us far collusion and influence and election was a big deal what about the british that cnn so i if you cnn and political right through it chuck rosters article in there in the daily collar to show you that mostly left wing outside of the daily collar riad outlets have all right reported on this stuff now that you wondered switched member light of the show here we're talking about this was a pre planned kid so he said
ok dad i'm waiting for the i'm getting to that i have to set this up what's the evidence you have that they did i've just randomly appear less we what are they covering first ever instead been dwelling there in the past that's gonna come out biagi report about extensive spying on a political candidate now president donald trump dot in conjunction with foreign governments wait i thought that's what they said trumped it no ok moving on i talked about this a little last week but enlightened there's a piece of evidence again that adam shift do this in advance now to be clear before i put his tweet up and wait till i get to the video the folks don't go anywhere to wait till i get to the video afterwards is going to bake your bagel of pelosi left story is that they just heard this joe
is so urgent a week or two ago yeah they jaw asserted urgent yeah this wasn't player so wherein what what's thirty states of thirty of the right around mid september joe the democrats and immediate just got wind of this devastating urgent complaint ok well let's check out this adam shift tweet that sound suspiciously like what's in the complaint of course by natasha bertrand this well noted conspiracy theories i know i talk about such matters that video will make sense without this added jeff trap with all the vital military aid to ukraine while his personal lawyer seeks help from the ukrainian government to investigate his political opponents it doesn't take us evil genius to see the magnitude of this conflict or how destructive it is to our national skirt wow this twenty eight twenty nine thirty shocker now is this how is adam shift reporting on this job for you didn't hear about this are another two weeks are we in a ventures movie is man
he figured out the quantum zone are we going back and forth now are we all we do is the pin particle involved is adam ship a superhero transporting himself how on earth twenty eight does adam shift find out a complaint he told us he hasn't seen until september august the timber ha amber august artists i would ask you to be the audience unpleasant but i'm short on time this is such pure unadulterated idiocy ah firstly adam shift knew something in a very well you may ok maybe he was just guessing really listen to this amazing friday and slip by our good pal i mean good pal i mean worse path nancy policy on sixty minutes who i am shocked by the way didn't take this up and edit it out you know sixty minutes a propaganda arm of the democratic party how edit this out is that it is really a credible list
how she ends is nancy pelosi she said she starts talking about the phone with the alleged promise between trump and ukraine has made listen what she says at the end of this is just pure gold check this out early as we details of the president's phone call filtered out in the press as some at the camp called for impeachment mr trump found baker policy to reassure her about the call with so unscathed told you about the phone call he told me it's perfect there was none in the car but i knew what was in the car on the way there is in the public domain what's a hundred day this was because it s really easy ass did guy do food there is little doubt my mine poet you noticed by them
you may say all well maybe she just saw it afterward did you listen twelve years of my life interviewing bad guys did you notice the way she catches yourself right away while i already knew what was i mean it was in the public domain folks they you may say ok dear that's kind of thin grew you gotta eat adam shift could aghast pelosi slept but no knows maybe she just you know it's me nancy be nancy or whatever you know one of those are you gotta pass the bill before you find out what's in it moments right ok i've got more don't you worry i never ever unlike left this leave you on thin ground here ok although i do a thing brief response but don't go anywhere because we have yet to even touched the most
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twitter and if i can't tell you what a kind to block me i follow very specific accounts to see what the focus group democrats are feeding too media for them to put out cause you know they do propaganda the line last week was giuliani is too drawing trumps credibility man you know of course that goofy spineless jellyfish loser hack rhino republicans who have no got suggests that there are described worse the democrats release democrats tell you what they want you know that the republicans are like that that their did they just really off they ve horrible writers who is selling our trump already giuliani stay off the why why is he lying everything they saying about by you come true so say one hand the democrats us nothing to juliet is due in terrible damage the trump joe what are you what do you think they was what made you think they would say that maybe because they're doing let me sad to say this makes us tell me this makes us real cambodian somebody get out it may
they're doing a little what i would call go to fuel did she do flip room ever the dipsea to flip a room if you would like dating a girl and and and wasn't into you so you pretended you weren't into her and then she since you all of a sudden i shall call that the deep do flip a rope with the devil let's do it is not dating gypsy do they're doing a political tactical tipsy do thinking if you tell trump do the media how hard oh giuliani spanish giuliani will stay off the air knowing giuliani doing what you actually or damage to the democratic party have real damage how do i know that but is apparently why did didn't get the memo wars team that you leon is an asset to the democrats you ve been so terrible really check this out hollywood rapporteur jo by this campaign as tv networks to stop ok rooted way although more laundry when reviewing under the hood again for review we're review play at first the call on the field was juliet is great for the democrats
well for trot we review the plight the ladys gentlemen the call on the field has been overturned it is now she'll juilliard he's doing significant damage to the democrats and by story why else would biden want networks to stop pushed a booking this guy because he's following them and enter into the hack spine that this is why would they show folks i'm not kidding i'm i'm serve it i'm a republic can only cause i'd like to vote primaries i'm tired of the republic is they ve done nothing they spent this into an abyss they become almost there we total joe concern not all their allotted good people out there but unfortunately a large swat the report kids are really democrats but no democrats are really republicans and for the ones someone from bad people giuliani off your short your pie hole you guys some ladys are useless out their giuliani actually go on fighting the fight while you guys sit in the background
waiting to see where the political la tea leaves organise themselves so you can jump down trumps throated a moment's notice to be fake virtue signals go back into the ocean with your fellow jellyfish you belong there reduced i have already said while on for you i'm onto all of you i senior routine fab paul in amerika we doing people come up to me all the time and they say they re book senator hair wish you'd want see for congress not me not me i'm not kidding paula however we see very god i mean i'm not using his name in vain back you lord for helping me find my real path and keeping me away from their pity vipers snakes keep your regarding off the air get back on a year right now is killing about their again showing you did the democrats are afraid of something now back to this pre planned hit a block
stir blockbuster peace as has been highlighted by fox in france and elsewhere sean davis the federalist just speck hackler work listen this unbelievable storing up at the shone out today please please read the show not i have all the foreign collusion articles the left there too headlines davis intel community secretly guarded the requirement of first hand whistle blower knowledge way way way way over we're doing like ah this is this this luxury all over tat i met this is this is it legal procedure this is a thirty five european annapolis making up the penalties are thirty five yards wait wife so we know that the alleged
whistleblower really a deep state spy working with the deep state to attack donald trump in a swift were in a shop coup what's going on right now job reported to us last week that it in tat guy was so disturbed by trumps phone call you he had the report but we heard interesting i go but he didn't even here the fall called your while that's interest the air strikes we were disturbed by the phone with you crazy leaving you all our how did he find out what was said on the phone call if you didn't hear donald trump called with the ukrainian about the devastating promise in the political dirt on binding but where did you get a forum where are we claims you gotta from white house officials of course an item an unnamed isn't cuba that happens well there's an interesting little issue with these icy whistle blower complaints that here you can't make the complaint if you're not the one who actually makes the complaint and heard about near you think now let's walk to why that would
be while anybody could then say anything here shut it attributed to anonymous people and ruin someone's career i thought you had something more profound this not just sit hearsay and so just battling with quite all right the audience gets very offended but i think that both go buy and sell i love your folks know you're still decided you said that the police i'll get a better we are good friends i probably take it back if what yes it's here saying is that the recent hearsay is not admissible in court it is because of the person who hearted that's not it with serious enough to make it i gave him or to make a criminal complaint or whistleblower complaint why would someone hearted from someone who hearted people or syria there it is it invokes is this i do understand i'm not talking my audience i promise you i'm talking to the liberals who are listening while a conservative has sought in their shop if the artificial person
it was so disturbed by why didn't they make you complain why not obviously tell someone else who may have told someone else who told somewhat us what does that mean i see that the joe the whistleblowers this is the funniest me revert to whistle blower complaint was from oreo speedway yet heard i heard it from a friend to the dead sea idea jody sake as georgia better signal that that's a bit me going rather that so the orioles speedway you guys but most of all i get that old horse i'm not joking comes to putting that's a great one radish i love means we mean better than i do so did i order there weren't didn't think it was a big deal obviously so setting this up again how this was a pre you heard but there was a mysterious chain
you can't make a whistle blower complaint through that was i see i e g guidelines unless you heard but there was a mysterious changed recently but a in that regard davis from yes think how this happened so could we need to target excellent report and i quote from the federalist peace by showing davis between may twenty eighteen i say shown davison because i really don't ever want to be accused of not attributing fine work through the right author between if twenty eighteen twelve august twenty i think the intelligence community secretly eliminated a requirement that whistleblowers provide direct first hand knowledge of alleged wrongdoing my guys is it the time here special goes on this raises questions about the intelligence communities behaviour regarding the august submission of a whistle blower complaint against president drop the new complaint document no
don't give requires potential whistleblowers who wish to have their concerns expedited the congress to have direct first hand knowledge the alleged roguery their reporting what do i think it was forgive me because i want a short what about it i know stephen macintyre is our climate order on twitter picked it up to wonderful one her full works here are some so yeah it was a planned it shifts knew about it policy all i already know is a dry me kindly maybe knew now we have evidence that the requirement that the person makes the complaint actually heard the call no no no mist you re change to now oh you can hear it has just said by hearsay from someone who heard it from a friend do you know it's gotta be like triple quadruple hearsay i heard it in the
bellies across the street from the white house while ordering like a carved out double me turkey which i used to get pickles we're tickles muster here they heard it in there and now we it impedes chop over now davis another here's the actual change again in case you liberals thick making this up how convenient the timing from davis is peace three on the top here i'm going to read the whole thing but there's a requirement it says first and information required in order to be deemed credible it must be in possession quote of reliable first hand information the p says well here's the revised disclosure of urgent concern for joe following the just twenty nineteen revision says i about the information i have disclosing here and box check i have direct and personal knowledge ok great oh there's a new box joe here's the box ripen
i heard about a from others over freight wagons that's right that's what we call the oreo speed wagon for doubt they just changed if they just changed it folks know where it's all a big kooky dig shift knows it advance pelosi slips sixty minutes they just change the whistle blower guidelines steps our speed wagon condition its all one big completing nothing to see here folks here what's happening
closure of northern ireland and other stuff but don't you worry it's like the verdict is then this is colossal bull i got more be fresh in the toilet on the tobacco what is that that you open a new mike other issues i guess a toy if it is it was the greatest sound effect that sounded like that by now tidy bold man i don't know what i do i got up to everyone it's been out a bit of a serious out of me to be a bicycle because you and i have a lot of fun but yeah go ahead and i didn't axis morning
i said somebody i mean i'm votes that the republic's dying i mean it's worth its dying its literally dying slow that indeed i was literally literally the moss over use what i mean that i am not speaking figuratively we now have an unquestioned deep state coup by insiders who pre planned another blueprint like it just like the collusion hawks using the zack say model to take out a present elected by you with that we are dying in our legal systems been thrown in limbo we have judges acting like politicians national injunction against a trumpet administration we have crash whose sole purpose is to overturn election will pass anything u s embassy a earnings they need remotely about the economy nothing we have warning signs ahead we are spending
ourselves into the abyss you know i gotta have i got a smaller but robbins the largest beam it just exposing these people are i may case i'm so i leave you with a bit of an hour before i go on optimistic note we need to re elect this man because i think with five more years and potentially a pensar trump jr term after that i think we can make a real then turn this thing around i don't want to be too macabre by i believe we are country blessed by god the ladies and show my gosh we are in bad shape and i'm telling you if i don't answer i'm sarcasm sarcasm to this thing we are all going to we're going to be miserable and that's not what i want i got more so you may say why you laid out some pretty solid evidence to auto i'm not even that no no i'm not that last sponsor a day
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i b b who i had never heard of before but i'm starting to really find interesting on twitter twitters the greatest place for information if you're not on i know it's run by liberals but ladys jem were taken twitter over whether they know it or not they can't ban all of us this is where the information gets out you just have to know where to look and i was recommended to the sky by someone else again more evidence that this was a pre planned tactical hit on trump we have shift we are policy you now have shown davis's evidence about the changes to the whistle blower ghana another update made recently here's a tweet from this guy he's had at vote pbs matt baby is twitter able that vote be ye be eight he tweets you're not gonna believe this this is like unfathomable he says incredibly it gets worse suggested prefaces keep at it he's talking about not just or the whistle blower guidelines change there was another change he says on december twenty third for is the guy that's when you treated this on the twenty seven just
four days before it we did joe and before their complaints release the whistle blower can play the congress research service made another extensive update their publication on the intelligence merely whistleblower protections that provides all the links for you to compare way way tracer there's another quickie empty so right before first hand knowledge requirement is dumped right before the theo complaint is made back that suggestion that changes made there are more they can be this stupid creating newspapers up no they just care because they know media actual say rock writer thirdly the rug was this can places or a more nuanced but fascinating nonetheless put up a photo what all these bullet points here the revised when i came out i want to put them back and forth there are these just four days before what is it seven days ago now the intention
community changes i'm not going to read through the something but i'll tell you what you need to what you need to pay attention to it they changed guidelines joe for what and urgent concern reporting mechanism while ok and added all of these additional bullets on specifically how this information could be shared with congress because it was like before and one other thing they added where these let's you'll see up on the screen now where its gives them a bunch of us here in other words here's what they do let me explain in simple terms to see that a perception in very simple terms the urgent concern means that if someone in the i see report intelligence community right covers information so detrimental to the country and it meets x y and z conditions that that would be classified
urgent concern and that complaint has to be transmitted to congress within seven days that make sense for this category of concern this the specific complaints they must go to congress now what's the problem i'll bet you the democrats in conjunction with their deep state bodies and had to be foreseen said to themselves well there's a problem with this urgent concern guideline as include the porter s present united states folks the urgent concern guidelines concern former or current intelligence officials at the president so what are they do they revise it to one i just showed you view put their back up on the screen and they add all these sub bullets all these sub bullets and we ve conveniently two of em they leave footnotes out
the matter requires the icy i e g to submit a report to the d o j on possible criminal conduct by a senior intelligence official and it's the what these two aren't footnote it at all because in the future no to the other ones it says senior intelligence officials that leaves out the president folks what's happening here no this one is a little more complicated very simply they are laying out a revised new blueprint for congress to pitch to there pliant media allies they know well read the footnotes to say look this was an urgent concern we have these guidelines folks those bullet points were not in the addition just one week ago do you believe this crap the addition that was put out just a week ago mentions concern twice
one we have now message urgent concern ten times sorry i had another finger at their bullets me i was joe biden i was like this beside my thumb you think i was joe biden from it ten times in other words congressional researcher take congress let's are clarify let's lay out a few a bullet you can feed your media friends about why this would be an urgent concern of why we need from the present rate of footnotes it says doesn't apply to the present well leave about my job baby good work ladies and gentlemen this was a pre planned hit you are living through a soft coup right now with acute scuff tyranny
if wealth and all around us now showing you this was based on the blueprint as i discuss an exonerated the book sorry that you put it by again i'd joy put a lot of work into it by way thank you are still number five on amazon which is like killer you guys related arousing they are going through this in order now to keep the whistle blower joe from any exposing a potential political motives going right back to the model used before with the fine help who is therefore helper savant helper of course was the spy infiltrated the trump campaign on behalf of us all staters in the u s government to feed information to spy on the ciampi now joe when helper was added by chuck ross at the daily collar what did they say there's security you put this guy endangered how dare ask any questions
every body quiet now i didn't think they would try this one out again sorry if i wanted to put out orbit whatsoever cbs news peace there trotted or any media sycophants prep the he ceases just there we go cried sixty minutes disappear cbs knows the abridgment inquiry we cannot ignore what the president did buy skype pelon you'll see a little bit right down a headline is peace which is just i mean they are so take the bull any media sycophants put up the he ceases just here we go tonight sixty its has obtained the letter that indicates the government whistleblower who set off the impeachment glory of president job is under federal protection because he or she fears for their safety who gets said rob i have no idea no idea you're a great question
no are you chose the audience apartment none of us can figure in what we can figure it out i don't do me a favor after the show you how to do a lot of hard work with the audio far put it down the audio offer my god do some other where where would they ve got no idea i had no idea where they fear for their no idea body noah folks is the same template for the collusion hoax we can't go to the media pre planned the advance change the guidelines manipulated its procedure yet once you're out and make sure you claim national security and in turn around a blamed trump role of it now one last thing here i went a little bit out of order ads support what did i tell you last week why and listen i'm not piling on i just think whoever gay present trumped this advice it was awful i said do not release the transcript
do not if you have nothing to hide there is no real to release it not the other way around we dont work for the media media if you have nothing to hide released the transcript no no that's not the way any of this works the president gets they conducted work the famous lied about diplomacy to things our best done behind closed doors one date night second diplomacy but they don't say day night they say something else but i'm trying to keep a family friendly you get the drill oh yeah the president is under no obligation at all to disclose his foreign diplomacy to media people who are clueless them crap propaganda hacks what did i say less we joe i said once this closest transcript right now
say this i said there are gonna want all the transcripts now as if you ladies and gentlemen reuters today being the shone out what are they and they now now they want the trumpet we phone calls and u s democratic sites adam shift sleaze ball demands by it added sleaze ball in their folks you read that that's not me the title but thats it's a necessary evil to give citizens again you're right it's absolutely given its it's an honor effect brad of shifting deserves what did they say now the peace they want not just the russian phone calls but they want transcripts of all of his phone calls or find these folks i good heavens i won't i mean listen you don't hear the white house you have to listen to me obviously i'm just a guy or you're trying to fight the good fight but i will matches me i warned you this was going to happen
now some one in the white house is probably an establishment swamp we gotta release that do folks the republic is die the present united states cannot even the foreign deport you dont let by the way let me just put this out there you are why is foreign diplomacy you're a citizen of the freest country on earth vote against them i'm not vote form do your thing i have you don't like it for we have an election coming up but this is outrageous i warned you this was gonna happen they are covering for the ig report by one more myth on this i got at the bank and i do have one positive storied report i want to leave you in a horrible mood for monday
the other myth being propagated by the liberal hacks in the media and their democratic focus group tested sycophantic allies that after tat phone call was lit member this is pre planned this whole thing joe they were waiting for the ukraine phone call why discuss this last week these deep state while brad that pre planned this hit change the guidelines they were weight for the ukrainian election knowing the present would call knowing they have their own baggage what ukraine hoping he pensions binds name and a pre planned hidden the template no whistleblower guidelines in the urgent concern stuff was all ready to go junction with adam adams shift sleaze ball honorific but another democrat attack lively hearing is after the phone call bestow devastating joe member they just found out about this too easy i'm sure it was so devastating that they had to take the phone call and the transcript of it and put it in a different
classified white house system they were so afraid it was gonna be discovered and joe importantly this is unique to try he d or easy all we want is that this is unprecedented but we see this other piece of the federalist which kind of sets up a little different by david marcus again in the show notes that i susan rice obama put call trance so on top secret server two you weren't nothin i see here folks again the democrats it has always are telling you the truth this is unprecedented putting it on this top secret service didn't obama do that you do you want subscribe goofy liberal socialism policies we just now you be a lie to you just you being lie to you like the president's call not asleep we could a word a lotta differently theirs i think treasonous there's nothing criminal frankly i the president should be pat on the back for doing that
the media didn't do and investigating this far and collusion in our last election probably should have left not even let them on the one hand the wet but they you investigate the collusion and all of these allegations swirling really good for you vote against them if you want but what's going on right now is full and you know it this is a soft coup going on right now i want to leave you a kind of a good story has been alive been a heavy weekend but that is a well rounded assessment of exactly what's going on i hope i hope you enjoy it now eagerly back so there's a story and wash your journal on it on a good not another thing that democratic hiding but they're running away from any i want to talk about is the fact that maize booming there's a great up advice even more in the wall street journal they trumps middle class economic progress a new study indicates
median incomes arising far fast and they did not just under obama joe but other boys to check this out the democrats we ve been told your trap is our war against the middle class wrong that some of the data china you guys don't do data liberals but you may want to try just once in awhile quote from the more peace latest data from the census bureau tells a different story real media and household income the amount earned by those in the very middle hit sixty five thousand eighty four dollars and twenty nineteen dollars for the trip months ending in july that's the highest level ever again four thousand one hundred and forty four dollars or nearly seven percent since mr trump took office six point eight to be precise by comparison during seven and a half years under obama starting from the rest dashing through january twenty seventy
the median household income rose by only one thousand dollars so let me get this straight transparent office where three years now median middle class incomes are up four thousand one hundred and forty four hours obama spent eight years in office and incomes only rose a thousand and he was the middle class warrior how you see why the democrats want to talk about anything but was actually going on so disgrace folks again thank you for everything i really appreciate this past we can thank you to everyone who showed up at the book signings and we will have for this october fourth book signing in the villages we'll be stocked up we just did not folks i didn't expect and are now try to save it outside goofy it's not like oh brad i knew we had a nice audience it was really loyal and you guys and ladys
some but i didn't expect this turn out at these books signings they been unbelievable we will be stocked up my last one again in the villages and an premier collect the goals that calm slash exonerated if you like to pick up a sign copy again their network plates i signed the box that you will get that we have some left overs i really appreciate it thanks for everything folks prescribed my youtube channel is well youtube dot com bon gino it's free were really trying to get the three hundred thousand subscribers are almost there really appreciate thank you so much and i'll see you tonight you just heard in bonn genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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