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This is an Abomination of Justice (Ep 1239)

2020-04-29 | 🔗

In this episode I address the explosive revelations in the scandalous attack on General Mike Flynn. I also address the resurfacing of a disgusting media attack. Finally, I address an inexcusable attack on the Second Amendment by the Supreme Court. 

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Waiting to hear the truth about Amerika on a show that not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bone Jean policy. Again I mean you want to talk about a person who, just as some allergy to that Ruth she never cheap lies about lying about the lies. She lied about and in law is about the lies she was lying about when she lied about those lies and in life. Bout lying about that she never tell The truth, stunning dad. I I've got the video to prove it. I've got really exploit civil rights case is just blowing. Never mind when trader people will be eating or whose words big time now, but liberals eat their words, often just bonds by express. We protect your online activity today. Get a VP now go to express. Vps, thou consolation
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Lucy who again cannot control herself. She just has a capacity for scientists, the lying fraudulent behaviour she's a serial fraudster regeneration, browser she's, not the first one. And her family by the way to be cereal liar policy. Must this sum about policy and Earl Allergy through the truth. She keeps perpetuating. Miss do exist. Debate an already bad situation we already know and have thoroughly debunk the nonsense that President tromp at a press conference told people to inject disinfectants. He did not, it was the best worded statement ever he was asking a question clearly, but he was telling you to inject lysol or inject disinfectants. If you're doing now, you're really stupid. I'm sorry do not do do we really need to make this public service announcement now here we what policy again already thoroughly discredited just want an opera.
So this show you what you're dealing with a serial liar on the left, who is in a powerful position who she cannot control, so here's policy and msnbc with you in one of the worst people in the business right now. While, as a total cell on every respect, Again, actuating the lie that President Trump told someone to inject lice. Oliver totally made up fabricated Pelosi. Talking point check this out so, rather than spending time talking about the president's sandwich, inject lysol in our lungs and he makes a big fuss about I haven't I swing than my freezer. That's his latest today is most current to We saw in her freezer guess is better As I have Swim, my Fraser, I guess it's better than having lysol somebody's lungs as he is. Suggested his wife. What pause IDA
I is rooted ways apposite positive, take away from you know what it is Joe, what one thing about policy listen the trump too. I mean you know to give kind of a fair analysis of the situation here. Is where's this emotions, I see the queen's guy, I'm queens guy, notably understand that maybe what he's asked whether the queen's thing again, although this result, but for now Low see, though where's our emotions on her sleeves zoom when she's attacked and it hurts you'll see our she. She loses control quickly. Some shrewd political, tacticians, she's, a jog she's, an embarrassment to our entire congress? That ice cream add is decimating her. Yeah, we see tat the moment you sitting there showing offered twenty four thousand dollar freezer and all our ice cream. Our people are starving and never be able to feed their kids and food lines for sixty and seventy car cars, LA cars long and in places that one it's crusher, fact that she was on the wrong side of this issue from the start, trying to limit the oppressed,
Its the institute travel bans in late January by supporting literally titled. No bad, not figurative, we litter. Title no bannock wish you the limit. The president's ability and stew travel bans one of em by the way they China travel ban which saved lives. She He was on it she's gonna say I wasn't talking about that specific bill. You are talking about the president's ability, is to travel bans. It's in your tweet, we ve already she's. U Milly aided that history will know. She was on the wrong side of this, showing off or ice cream limiting the president's ability and stood travel bans. While it may be travel bans, China and elsewhere. That may have saved hundreds of thousands of life. She knows it and she can hide it anymore, she's wearing it on her sleeve. You can see it laugh lodgings. Our real border fraud cannot sell out total fraud,
No complete for Nicole, whilst a disgrace in every respect, never a Republican pretended to be Kimmel cash check from anyone. Anyone MSNBC political, consulting a total fraud she's this, a minor appears by the way later in the gym. Call me, video in auditing and like approval, when Jim call me talks about basically framing MIKE Flint. That's the sell out the disgrace, Nicole Wallace's, an awful human being as bad as policy in every respect I let's move on, I want to show you have, but a fake policy is added again with the lights on access. Ladies and gentlemen, this might, when cases absolutely exploding I mean exploding. This is going to get very ugly. Arrived yesterday, the operation to frame might Flynn it's a little more extensive than I went into, but the parade others have been one of the stories that gets lost in this is, I believe, the Obama Illustration New MIKE flame was overseas.
Long and short of it. As I discussed yesterday, just a quick primmer here. What happened might flame was the incoming National Security Advisor for President Elect trumpet the time He takes a break from the long campaign he goes and vacation in the Dominican in December. When you know these, these president trumps still present Elect As these overseas, the Obama administration kicks out these russian diplomats. Knowing full well, the Russians, Deuce kiss. Yeah. Can you bastard going to call the incoming national secure adviser MIKE Flynn to get a gauge what's going on and how they're going to react, the United States governments listening in on this call, the call is led the transcript of the court, makes it to the FBI. The FBI goes an interview split at the White House about to call when he gets one detail wrong, because he doesn't remember the whole call lot of people. Wouldn't they charge. What line through the FBI he was framed from the start. Now that's what I discussed yesterday too. Follow up with today show.
You will see as well. The set up was more tell them that is such that they waited for him to leave. To record is calling you say why their way from the because She wasn't. Gonna have access to as secure coms and our meetings, while he was in the United States in a domestic, be easier to up to record call and use it against them. It wasn't just that they were p well in the OJ who, in the bay getting. Member keep my job. They didn't know Flynn wasn't going to remember the whole conflict. Follow me. I don't wanna give these people so call me and I'll play the videos The former disgrace director, the FBI call me, decides, descended Pull of agents over the White us in violation of decades of protocol, there's a procedure for doing that: descent. Fbi, age to the White House right to interview people. This is after the call December the call, recorded happens in December, when he's the incoming Flynn is
now the city seated national, secure visor in the White House, need to invent a crime. Now, I suppose in the back of their head. They always have this thing that hey Joe, we interview him any even missteps one bit on the carbon say he lied about it, but they don't know, he's gonna lie because they haven't. They haven't interviewed him yet night when may have some demographic memory, get every single detail. Then I've got nothing so they need a backup plan to the back up plan. Is are we to be the Logan ACT? Don't I'll get This figure was yet by unconstitutional nonsense would never stand up to scrutiny, never successfully prosecuting the history, United States. It says you basically can conduct a business to the United States outside of the official United States diplomatic channels. It It's it's not what you would never withstand score accord scrutiny! That's why no one's been successfully prosecute ever forgotten. A basic gentlemen evoke inactive ideas.
Men would be in jail for North Korea. John Kerry would be in jail because of This deals with Syria, I'll act would never wished so they're making this thing up as they go along. So I suspect, not their target number one is be go, send agents over catch him by surprise, hopefully catch him in what a lie, which is really just him, not remembering Emily and if you can't will charge him with the Logan I hear is key me again on tape with the hapless Nicole Wireless through thinks this is great, but we basically admitting they set up in France MIKE Flynn in violation of official protocol? Four interviewing White House staff from the FBI check this out. I sent them something we I probably wouldn't have done, or maybe gotten away with in a more organised investigation. Morgan
administration in the George W Bush administration, for example, or the Obama administration, the protocol two men, that all of us have perhaps increased appreciation for last two years and embargoes ministrations, there was process, and so the F b I wanted to send agents into the White House itself to interview a senior official. You would work through Why does council and be discussions and approvals and who would be there? And I thought it's early enough lashes- send a couple guys over and so we place to call the Flynn said: hey we're Senator couple guys over hope. You'll talk to them. He said she
nobody else. Was there the interview them in a conference room at the White House situation, Romani line to them and that's what he's now play guilty to? What did you think they re coming ever? Therefore, I don't think you know it tell him to sell gotTa Cup Senate over a couple agents that I want to ask you some questions. I have this conversation. My deputy director did but Hope hope you get a few minutes. You sit down and talk to them and he said sure what an on policing of being dunce. Oh, I mean. Oh, if you're going can, if you have the character of a jellyfish, knew no spine and you're going to frame o decorated. U S military official like might Flint, then you want a panel with Nicole Wallace in front of an audience of class Seal areas who take. This is great that the most powerful federal law,
for official in the country. James call me the direct the FBI is admitting on tape. To setting up an shy interviewing the incoming national security in violation programme. He admitted to a don't take my word for it and when the tape and listening and their clapping, bunch of dances, and suppose it media represented a core whilst takes. This is just terrific rethink and noticed what he said when he line, except he didn't because the original trio to form the FBI agents, Joe Anka Peter Stroke, that interviewed Michael in the original summary their interview said: Seti didn't lie so now you got a real problem. You admit you broke protocol, you admit you sent ages over there in violation of protocol here no lawyer now you're claiming he lie, but the FBI forms you're saying you didn't lie. We got a big problem. Now. Here's where the case gets here, What have you understand that background? But we need a little bit of that understand where we are now so might Flint
ITALY hired the law firm of Covington and associates a disastrous higher fur might Flint General Flint. This law firm clearly clearly. As Sidney Powell, his lawyer is alleging now did not serve him well,. We now have a Sidney Palaces lawyer, Lieutenant General outlines lawyer in this case, who she is a bulldog in this area: is file. They motion requesting, saying: hey, listen, figure prior law, firm, Covington didn't really do a good job defending us and they may have some documents about some things that we may need to see. So she Father request The judge saying I think there has been some stuff back in Joe everybody, the lives and our media. People like this is so alternative man. Was it because, This firing in the wind case by Covington on law firm, covering control,
Now re executed the email collection, it searches, in other words, trying to find that we should have given you before about your own case. Doing so. We use different search, turns basically Emmanuel views to target documents in the client file. This effort- that an additional set of approximately so thousand eight hundred documents that emails that we're not produce during the quiet file transfer July, twenty nineteen, oh so general wins law, firm, Covington, Covington apparently as six thousand eight hundred new documents and Emil's, they never to his own new lawyer, despite the fact that they were his original lawyers. Smee scratching my an interesting how that happens, but we who works at coming, we just show that photo covered get recovery
the basic age hold dear you're Eric aid, holder, junior partner, Covington,. The advisers. Clients are complex investigators and enjoyed the law firm after leaving the Obama administration. I'm sure it's just a coincidence. What John sound in our interview show John Solomon had this great line, great vestiges reported. He said when he got the c and started reporting on the inner workings of the swamp years ago. Then a prominent congressmen are Senator told them. There are no coincidence, Isn T say so. Eric Hall there's a partner can we now fair enough- you may say to yourself why higher coming in in the first place, totally fair question, No disagree. We end we shouldn't let there was probably a written, probably was clearly at this point- a really awful decision so just to set up again, because this gets even more interesting
so now. We know Sidney Palace found out that their prior law firm, clearly heads information needed want might flint to see, even though they were might flints. Lawyers we know they had a plan in a back up plan. Their plan was clearly to set them up with a Logan ACT violation. How do we know that? Because the deputy attorney General Sally Yeats at the time to the now incoming boards gives me trump. Whitehouse spoke to people too, and told them how we got a problem like Flynn. He may have been negotiating with the Russians when you in coming and after Logan ACT violation, knowing it's a joke and no one's ever been successfully charged with that ever and their back up plan when they figured the Logan ACT, wasn't gonna fly job was clearly while charging with lying in an interview. He didn't lion. Now we have this FBI summary the interviewer. They Satan lie, and it was suspiciously edited.
Nobody can seem to find the initial January three hundred two when he interviewed when they can only find at its and one of them that appeared later in August. Edited But that original one say did regional ones, say: hey we interviewed MIKE when at the White House and eat him lie that kind of be trouble now this case shockingly gets even worse. The great Margo Cleveland again excited excited extensively in my upcoming book for her chapter and Stephen, Alma, which is fantastic. You, maybe so Stephen so much at each at you're. Gonna love is known. Let's go to Margo Cleaver, go about another little problem with the Erika. Their partner, Covington LAW, firm, that represented, might Flint robber Molly case against Michael waiters about implode, Margo Cleveland April, twenty, seven, twenty and twenty. This will be an assurance. Please read this one: it is a duty bound
No, that cars less newsletter? That is my shone out. You can subscribe to our newsletter. Those the show notes are attached to the newsletter. Risk will be there. Please. Please read this: it's good. Here's another little abnormality, Joe in addition to the mere seven thousand missing documents coming did just magically found crazy Margo. We won rights. This check this out from the peace. There's this little, why that's heavily rejected in the court documents and says we have a lawyers unofficial understanding that they are unlikely to charge junior in light of the cooperation agreement, is rejected or hold onto that hold onto that. Some human rights, while alone that reference may not have raised concerns of misconduct. Second excerpt suggest prosecutor sought to hide evidence from other defendants by keeping
Flynn Juniors deal secret quote the government. Sidney about, took pains to not do not to give a promise the defendant Flynn regarding my junior so as to limit Much of the benefit would have to disclose, as part of its giggly disclosures, to any defended against whom when senior May one day testify friends attorney. But let me translate all that's a lot, but it's really not! Please do so abnormality, one all the same these missing emails or show up cash. We don't know where they were. We use the wrong search terms hallway. Now we find out that his own attorneys, the Eric holder, partnered Covington, firm, that own attorneys were hiding aside deal they made with the government the side deal being this that they wouldn't process
General Flynn? Son might Flynn Junior if Flynn did X Y? Having been a former federal agent here for twelve years of my life, this made perfect sense to me from the start. The gig LEO case means you have to discuss with these things to other defendants. Why, Joe? If I'm getting someone there testify against you in a bank robbery rice and to get them to testify, I make them. Deal and say I will reduce your sentence or I won't prosecute your family members. If you testify against Joe, I have to disclose that two Jos lawyers, why? Because its material because the jury needs to know its not being done out of the kindness of my heart that I, of having an incentive to produce disinformation. Why? Because
I may be lying, take it out of jail to member they Chris thing about juicy smaller, because we knew you are. If you see episode. You know what I'm talking about. Have to disclose their judge. Johnny's testify gets armor in a bank robbery, but we have a deal with Johnny that we're not going to prosecute Johnny Sister on a bank robbery. If Johnny testifies, not what happened here, no take I don't little side bill. The government began. Save our government prosecuting MIKE flayed. The same tyrants prosecuting cut aside deal with the Eric holder, partnered Covington, and said she
going to say anything about this deal yet because we may need Flynn to testify against others, all all others who dad be others so you're trying to make flame by promising em you prosecutors, son, testifying its others with those other trump team people. Was it the term? you think you we'll working on for a really long time. What was it exactly? But let's keep this little deal secret No, we don't have to disclose to those other defendants and the court that we cut a deal with Flynn, so it makes when's testimony against others. Look And more legit, listen ouch, I spent twelve years locker people up in a federal system and another that two to three lie. Our people in the New York City Police Department, I'm Are you in my experience in cases, and I have a lot of it. This is a
huge deal, LEO Violations, Brady violations. These are enormously serious. They are I'm not kidding. Accord court system has been broken. Let us have this, One thing: giggly all violations and the failure to disclose this type of stuff is a career. It's an career end their ladies and gentlemen, an invite nation of some oath can result in prosecutions. This is not a joke. These people, this law firm, is in a world of trouble. You cut aside deal with the government, you didn't tell the court about so would look like flints testimony gets other defend. This was done out of the purity of his heart and not because he cut a deal always gonna cut a deal,
bad. You have no idea how bad! I hope that translation, what audience referee only ass theirs. That makes a man now, oh yeah, that will that's what easier I think that without desire you didn't I thank you. You could read Margo Cleveland peace. That is really really bad? we see why those reductions or so heavy? They don't want you to know that I gotta let the cover- and let me get to my seconds Through the day I gotta video next, I hate play videos of me you know I don't do it often, but when I do it, it matters and I'm only play a video, because I don't wanna regurgitate when I because I had at last night and I have an important message for Congress, so get this resource about. You buy a friends at my Patriot supply ladys german preparedness
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So I can look at me. I was I had a U S light because I can say John L, Brigadier yeah. I dont want to say the same thing over again. I want to say it, as I said at last night, just a little background before I play this club so Sean and appears my regular Tuesday night appearance with Geraldo, I'm on Tuesdays and Thursdays unhandy. So I encourage you to always: please dvr it. If you can And Sean brought up that Steny Hoyer a lead Democrat in the House of Representatives, one of Nancy Pelosi's lieutenants. It said you know well they're not coming back to work in the Congress, Joe because it may be dangerous. You wear your watch. I couldn't get it out of my head of the segment. The segment was actually about something else. I to polish chagrin. She doesn't like these segments, but too bad. This is the real me. This was me less than unhappy about Congress sitting out, while all of us have to go back to
work and get our jobs done to get our lives together. Check this out sometime mentioned what they do is starting to begin about steady higher, gets the work Putting me you got the lady public's down a corner. I go to Spain, plus that around twelve hours a day, seven days a week for why ten vocs it our dangerous work or you can meet you spend four trillion dollars go to work. Are you people for re use four trillion dollars by drafting a competent, and you know what a woman? The millionaires noted, your ass, don't work. You know I was a kid where I live in public when you make a left in its not for their policies, the supermarket Florida
the south know it. There's a woman in the public's here that I saw spa, don't know how old she was two thousand and eighteen she's there a lot she put in her butt on the line to get to work to keep America FED. It's Paula said this morning and she's Trump's working, the cops are working, the nurses are working where work, the Supreme Court's working they sanitation, guys outside just picked up the garbage here. On Monday morning, administrators working where I live. You went out working so just to be clear. You have faced man You just allocated the Congress allocated to themselves that you miss it in the pork iulus spill. Tens of millions of dollars for enhanced safety can isms around the house represented and work from home measures and you're, not
do it and what you pocket it s, work catcher asked to work tat. You asked get it to work, get your ass to work! So disgrace, put your mask on put your gloves on due to social distancing in your office and get your ass to work. You disgraceful human beings, my secret Service? Friends, your work every day working long hours. The presidency's work every day get your ass to work, get to work. Really trying to pull back my anger to keep the show family friendly, get your ass to work now. This is a representative democracy, you're supposed to be leading from the front you're not both be sitting in the back of a line waiting for everybody else. They get their job done. You cowardly frauds, get to work
your ice cream. Frazier policy. In your your whatever Jenny. Stay screen, but whatever you're gourmet, assortment sort of specialty ice cream, the new twenty four thousand dollar freezer, get your butt and get to work. Freakin disgrace you gotta be kidding me. We're not going back to work estate, the world, these dangerous, tell you are soldiers aboard these confined ships it there on that are getting infected with this thing. You think they don't show up we're not shown, It's dangerous, pathetic, pathetic. You men and women their disgust me, not all Yes, Jim Jordan. This morning, good man on same it's time to get back to work, but for the one get your mass God put your gloves on a go to work, lazy, bombs. Arms lazy bombs but they're putting their lives at risk.
Everyone else who lives in America right now, that's gotta go to work, you just nearly bankrupted us. Maybe it's time the clean the mess up you created bums go to work pathetic, I want a country of three hundred and thirty million people seriously. We elected these, four hundred plus idiots is beyond me seriously losing their race for Congress, both of who is the best thing that ever happened to me. I'm afraid I'd be contaminated by the the stupid virus that these people all seem to be infected. I wanna work it's dangerous woman in public tenders. In our partner yourself in people's faces every day for twelve hours shift, but no no Nancy Pelosi. You don't need to go to work, sit which arise creep in here in your twenty four thousand dollar freezer moving
let's get you as I said yesterday. I want to make sure I covered this story is Joe. He says everything you need to know what an hour I want to cover it yesterday. But, yes, it was kind of a loaded show. John Roberts chief justice of the United States is just a total failure. I total failure. He is. I what you ve, John Roberts, what do you mean? Damn? Wasn't he appointed by Bush? A total failure he is to go down as the worst GEO P nominated Supreme Court. Justice in modern. U S history, they would now. You may say what happened. I get and say he abandoned us again this week and when I say abandon thus I mean republic. Gotta mean Republicans I want to judge you judges, according to the constitution, that, according to what Republicans or Democratic Roberts, doesn't they constitute he pretends to, but he does remit. John Robert E invents rights when its politically expeditious for him he's a politician. Roberts.
Kennedy ignores rights, clearly delineated and the constitution, the events rights. What do you mean member Obamacare? Obama is literally on tape and Obama's people about Obamacare. Saying that the individual mandate, in other words, if you didn't get insurance, you would have to pay a penalty. Obama Literally on tape, saying that's, not a tax break, I'm not kidding, In an interview with a major news network right before the election, where was unpopular equality Obamacare Tax, he was asked. If you don't get Obama, care because it is from individual mandate and you have to pay a penalty. Isn't that attacks at eight attacks? It's not affect amateurs, people wrote it In order to save Obama, because Roberts is a what a phoney robber, Then the care Supreme Court case wars right about to be thrown out saved Obamacare by saying no, no, it's real
We kind of attacks. Obama said himself, it wasn't Robert says: Because he wanted to save Obamacare, which he did a disaster of a judge disaster. Then we had, of course, these citizenship case on the senses were he admits that this since question on the senses: they wanted in their secretary Ross wanted in there, he admits. Is perfectly legal, he just didn't like the process, so we throws that out to why, because John Roberts to politicians right, caters to the Washington Post in New York Times, editorial pay, she's afraid because he's gotten us down european art, its true he's A John robbers of the Washington Post. Democracy dies in the darkness, Washington Post. They are the darkness and the New York Times editorially. She has no gots at all. They warned him you better vote now,
favour on this citizenship case, you better, not throw out Obama CARE, and he didn't because he's afraid, because he spineless he's gutless these single worst appointee. We have seen in modern. U S, history, a disaster, but what happened out she's Joe this Roberts added again had the opportunity to read the constitution. Member that Joe Second amendment thing, member, that all right? The bare arm up. You re told me that, constitute I mean that I know Robert sitting on details. The deeds Joe the deeds are too I shall not be ready. Read that right come on waste my time ago, things that do crazy, I'm having a soiree with the worst imposed editorial right, lovey, his crown
so. Why are you sure if it is on this? Was your journal article up, which explains allowed the chief justice dogs on gun right the court majority cowards, descended democratic threats by the Wall Street Journal territory, but listen that Chief justice Roberts again. It then embarrassment to the court When the Wall Street Journal editorial page, which believe me is right, not centre left, sometimes on some issues when they are telling you what a phoney you are. It's bad I mean you know like the Wall Street Journal. I got on some issues, other things I, but I respect what they do. When they are coming. After what did he do, while New York State enacted this draconian unquestionably, in national gun law, basically saying you could not transfer your gun, or from your house to like yours, second home or arrange.
Even unload IRAN locked in a car which was never going to pass constitutional scrutiny, people York state suit. It made it up the Supreme Court New York knowing they were gonna get crust on this case that there is no. Answered court newer, There is no doubt we change the law. You can catch now to arrange, but has to be like a direct path in it because they want to. They knew they were going to make the figure defense we stay. We know you can't suicide old lie anymore, because it's no longer a law. We rebuild we re reworded, rewarded. Excuse me. Well, Alito, Clarence, Thomas and others who actually you know, respect the constitution like John robbers. Decay stalemate Supreme COBRA like not an hour. You don't get the like ex post facto. In the law there are already damage, is done. We're gonna! Look! that law. Robert said man we're not why? Because the
Tori. Your pages scared little Johnny again, because he so afraid of this thing called the constitution, and he has no obvious use the of a jellyfish. They rode dear justice, words, the editorial page and democratic, better, not because they knew by the way. This was going to be a big win for the second amendment better, not hear this case and, of course comply little Johnny with his snug years, Mallow Mars, had the comply from the street Journal peace. He was afraid he was afraid. Listen to this. So after the Supreme Court accepted the case. The city New York City revised its ban to let the plains. Their guns, locked and unloaded directly between their residence is another permitted destinations. The state legislate Past the symbol of the case was moot New York. Politicians declared nobody cared so us anymore. No more law! Well, macro. I'm adding hacking there, of course, Hack, Rhode, Island, Senator Sheldon, White, ass, a Democrat and for other Democrat also waited with an amateur speed threat,
the justices if they didn't follow their orders to drop the case. Here's dammit I have said, and we shall then why does this happen? court is not well. The hack Democrats wrote perhaps the court He'll itself, before the public demands it be restructured in order to reduce the influence of political and translate that we had fish. The Senator Sheldon White Ass an unconscious the two loser up there and Congress basic. Said to the court and frightened little Johnny, who has no guts to stand after male stand up to drop at any moment, because the washed impulsive love of chief Justice, John Robert said, is but little Johnny read into that. Oh my god, if we rule against them. On the second amendment, Sheldon White Ass is going to attack us and threaten a restructuring. Oh my gosh, I better follow hoarders now roberts embarrassment in embarrassment hacked by the way, the Dan Horowitz over at that
our M conservative, who has been writing about how dangerous this relying on the court's has been for years. Yemen will never win in the court's folks ever wherever, because, unfortunately, for every Thomas there's a justice Albert and by the way, Cavanaugh. Let us down on this too cabinet who tried to play both to be honest, although what happened to him was a disgrace: I've never trusted Cavanaugh and our worst fears cabin on the second amendment is starting to come true to weep. A neck on the line for this guy. Apparently, he can't read the constitution that we shall not be infringed. They they I a serious reading, comprehension, problem, Cutlass all right
back to a lighter note, our media madness segment, which we have to cover every day to correct the bevy of media information out there that's wrong. You know the budgie, no rules a classic, give any anti trump story. Twenty four to seventy two hours, it will likely be rebuke, debunked discredit, so as other forward met yesterday, who runs by GINO Report report com, which is our conservative, alter to the hysteria marches at Drudge, a failed disaster. Now I mean let's an egg Traffic, no doubt, but that the website to dredge reports a total mass, it's a disgrace, its twenty four hours there, but it's not a format and also about the political peace that you know, post millions, a banker, China retraction, sorry trumped, doesn't familiar baggage added by the way we didn't call back in China to say it isn't an amazing. If there were some, what did you say? Hey, listen, I'm gonna make a bet with you and the bed is. This. Is be severe consequences. If you get this wrong,
media story about tromp, if it's from a lid media right or wrong- and you had like their consequences- are death. If you get it, if you bet The stories wrong you will save your life, Might Attica, there are always wrong the media ever get a stirrup, here is some knucklehead from Yahoo. Yesterday you may have seen this if you haven't this is this? Is it Jim so he's The oval office in President Trump takes questions and this Yahoo alleged journalist try second front trump about the testing numbers from South Korea compared to the United States per capita. Sixty just a check this out South Korea has gone five times more tests than the: U S per capita. Why is there not only to its true nature when you said this morning? The white House at the- U S passes will be looking at the gentlemen. I just want to make it clear that South Korea's testing was eleven per per a hundred thousand and where it seventy
Are you no apology? That's why you nobody? Guy! the numbers are seemingly, nobody knows where you aren't really make. The bridge is just beginning. Will we get when you facts wrong. Sculptures declares. Why were you just Yahoo W H full now by the way, a listener to be again. We, despite our son chasm and our general disdain for media madness and hypocrisy to its credit, the man's name, the a journalist is Hunter Walker. He did apologize openly. You're. So, ok, I get it But again I you know Bob we're get we're fair on the show, and that is the right. Then do I'm just saying I am suggesting you again. My Spirits of the media not kidding. I know you may take. This- is a.
Unnecessary. You know hyperbolic insult, it's not it's just my experience with them! his extensive when you are new aged and the secret service presents detail, they stick you with the press, you the Prescott, because you what do the least amount of damage to give the least amount analogy with the press, you not around a present, of course right. You're gonna get a no figure you lay of the land. First, you spend a lot of time around the press. A lot Awad, I'm not kidding as a candidate for all This issue is dealt with them and as an agent who sat with them for eight hours at a time days on end as a new age. It I'm not kid they are some of the dumbest people collective. We have ever met, I'm not joking. Whether there are some very more ones. Some I've been very impressed by. They are very rare. You give me a group of sanitation workers, plumbers, engineers, electricians truck drivers. I mean
that's not it! I'm not trying to be like virtue signally, I'm not kidding every day of the week over a journalist. Some of this I heard them say was so dumb you would mean I believe these people write articles in newspapers and people take them serious I'll. Leave that I want to get this red stay peace again and again, more fake news journalists Ellen, knock achievement on the wrong side of a number of studies trying to push another fake narrative. Again I get there Let me get to my last sponsored today Paul s favorite echelon folks. This a lot of people are working from home. Now echelon is the way to go, don't pay a time visit actual unfit that calm slash then, today this is Paul S. Favorite bs video policies Across the country we're staying home for greater for the greater good while we're all learning how to become home bodies with echelon, it doesn't matter if you have to sit still choose echelon lineup of connected fitness, bikes, fitness mirrors and growing machines. I just go
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by easy to put together to and with one final thing, you could try us out risk free for thirty days, zero down and as little as forty six dollars a month. So now you don't have to pay a time for Palatine. Don't waste your money going to actual on fit counselor stand me spot off. You ye see h e l oh and fit dotcom, slash damn that echelon fit that consular stand. E C El Owen, fit the calm. Slash then go today. This is terrific by the road. Machine is our new personal favorite in the house to Paul Deluxe, two bike: the rowing machines giving me some good trap and LAT development echelon, fit dot com then go today, really good bike. The waste your money on there, ok, you're getting back to a medium, and it's me now. This is an important one, because it continues to reserve a someone. I say an important and what do I mean I mean an important narrative media narrative, my when I've told you from the start my go to
he's been. The liberal media is not telling you the story. The fact with their suppose, you telling you a story, a fable, a myth, a fairytale: it's made up its fabricated design. President Trump, but when I say a narrative that narrative resurface in different forms, this one keeps creeping up again and red state has a terrific piece on again available in the show note spongy that com newsletter again subscribe to newsletter will send these articles every single day. This keeps coming back this Washington, Post, fake news story, no matter how many times we debunked it. It's totally discredit. Headline washing imposed by street washed imposed runs absolutely rents. They washed imposed, runs debunk conspiracy story for the sole purpose of trying to damage present trump the same when we talk about, we see the narrative again the resurface overarching headline? That's gonna have some paragraphs for the media
story. They want to tell you. Is this trump drop the ball on the corona? Our trump lied. People died, none of that's actually it was Pelosi ship and then that we're impeaching President Trump stocking up her ice cream freezer. And limiting the president's ability to ban travel, while the president was actually banning travel from China saving lives, they did This is actually true, but they will not let it go. The storytellers at the Washington Post the hacks over their keep running. This story, because they have a plan later, and I get that the plan and a medical. Let's go to screenshot one from this week. What are they doing now? and how are they trying to rehash the trump lied about? Corona people died totally Meda. They won't let it called washed imposed its go to screen cap one you so red state. The post is trying to differentiate this particular version. They talk about the story. Trump lied, people died, of a multi bleed debunked lie by saying this. This is from the worst of both the frequency with which the corona virus was mentioned in the presidential daily brief.
It was mentioned, show Trump draft. The ball has not been pre He reported all mine. Got? U S! Officials, you probably made up fake sources, said it reflected a level of attention, opera about periods when analysts have been tracking active terror threat, overseas, conflict or other rapidly helping security issues. In other words, we gather setting it up again, despite the fact that two weeks ago I covered this story Office of the o d, the offices of direct or national intelligence put out, conclusive statement, saying this is not true. Your story, the president, with these overwhelming warning warnings from the italian media by corroded. He ignored is natural they already What this out at a rare rebuttal depend this out at again saying job, not only it mentioned it was mentioned a lot on par with active terror threat, I'd. People died here, we go,
we're out of again better range to from red state. Again, no evidence no samples of the warnings are produced. Count to the warnings given just a boy all the surgeon that this, with some serious being reported and Trump refused TAT, that's the narrative. Might denial of the factual basis for the report by the Oda, and I offer the director national intelligence was relegated to this. In paragraph nine. So all the way down in the washing impose paragraph nine we get this the director, so intelligence is responsible for the presidential daily brief by the way where their alleging all this information appeared in response to questions about them Peter Dimensions of the corona virus idea, Official said the detail of this is not true the official the why to explain or elaborated while rich girl, who is now
the acting ahead of the dna is the director national Judges Rick Grenelle? Has ready, tweeted abattoirs? You bought this a fake story, it's not their beef. Mentioning claiming President Tromp was brief. Thought is not there you're making this up, but they keep going back to the well again and again and again, why because they're softening the public up with body blows for a narrative. Trump lie, people died, and why would you need a narrative, you need a narrative for a political attack coming very soon and, as always, who is the ringleader of dopey circus like fake political attacks and fake news attacks against the President, Adam Schiff, oh looking tears. The third excerpt from this excellent red stay: peace,
The only reason while the post keeps recycle waste recycling. This dog of a story is this: this is the core. Where's the boys now we see what's going on here are the worst but they're just mouthpieces for the Democrats, the war Things conveyed in a pity b which again allowed for the third time the dna. Said: don't exist, probably will be Focus of any future investigation of the Tropic administrations handling of the pandemic, Madame shift in early April, call for the formation of an independent commission analogous to the nine eleven commission? There you go again Adam shift, who, still to this day in Sis II, has evidence of russian collusion in ITALY. In really he, this needs the medication, no one evidence of this, but it only existed. She have said the same
keeps insisting a quid pro quo that never happen. We have the actual transcript happen. He's he's out of it. He's, gotta get known or the president was worn. People died, that's not in brief. Now we said it was so did Ella knock regime from the worshipper. Ok that it must be true, just save always been on the ball, the wash temporarily stories in the past and they keep fallen for this by the way The same Washington Post, the less Washington Post this mouthpiece for the Democrats, who should be really forced. Do it if we see filing for an income donation to the Democratic Party, Nancy Pelosi, Madame ship, let me just put up some headlines from the washed imposed when their claiming Trump did know what was going on. I didn't have a good grasp of the corona Vires. This the same washed impose put up these headlines burst imposed. The mark
see guys in the darkness, past epidemics prove fighting corona virus. We travel bans is a mistake here s another one, Grip, America: the flow is much bigger, much bigger threaten the corona virus. For now this is the Washington post. Elena consumer. Maybe you should write an article about your own newspaper. And their failure to grasp the depth, the withan, the height of the corona virus threat, while tromp was instituting the travel bans you were attacking. Ladies and gentlemen, these people are total complete frauds, and I'm telling you experience, they live in an intellectual vacuum. Some of this that I wish I could remember a specific, so many of them they get lost of they said when I The young agent, where I looked at them with like, are you for real? Are you like, from this place
Might I wasn't even that political background is decades ago? Areas like these are some of the dumbest people. I have ever seen some Good NEWS, Gay Fox NEWS, Dark arm chair, this out up in the shadows? We need some good news, because when I can do Drudge report twenty four hours, there gonna die sucking up trudge seriously, take the edge off the goofy, looking ahead with your nonsense don't be website with a coating from that nineteen forties. We think a dust system or something new using smart, where, from the Commodore, sixty four trudge Redrawn valley, they baby we're all gonna like tomorrow morning can be like a mass extermination. If you re Drudge, here's some Good NEWS, trudge redraw daily. They baby we're all gonna like tomorrow. Boys could be like a mass extermination. If you re, judge here's some good news which will find that our web.
Bon GINO report that com, where you can be saying and read the news of the day fact Louis Frank MILES Pfizer The road of irish vaccine can be ready by this fall for emergency Ruth Neuron, excellent fight. You're there a publicly traded company, I'm sure they wouldn't be putting this out there. If they didn't at least some inkling, that this could happen well say they also indicate peace there. Not only could they haven't met a vaccine for emergencies and the fault will see we will save me. Facts here, nothing on the rag. We don't have it yet, but they also said Joe Court could be a broader roll out by the end of the year at huge news, folks huge. We need this right now. My problem with the locked down from the start was it was never an exit plan, these lockdown, which was supposed to flattened the curve and give our hospitals breathing room to accept new
Rona patients? That's not the plant anymore, you're people like Andrew Cuomo. Now talking about our knots and getting noble over. That's not what was supposed to happen. It you're supposed to be an effort to flattened curve now that the curve has been flattened, no one as an exit plan for this well open it when, when what their Ciro new infections, because that's not an exit plant nets fantasy, let let's hope we can get this vaccine. So, ok, let me just fit this story and last good one by John Sound Menus new website. Just the news that This really gotta been using stuff like again a story up in the shadows, another just tactical new trapped here, but again no one's gonna pay attention to this about spy gate and, of course, the Democrats in their liberal media acolytes someone to talk about any of that.
So we find out now Christopher Steel. How to give some depositions over the United Kingdom reveals. He believes Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice knew about his eighty drop. Research may say. Well, then I don't get it what's. The breaking news forget the Hillary Clinton that we knew did she know, but she paid for Susan Rice know about it to remember, and this entire, case this entire time we haven't been able to make it the recollection of the Obama White Ass Susan Rice was Barack Obama's national security adviser. She may have known about this. The whole time. It's not hard to understand. Folks, we don't need a new nest translator. Anything else. Obama, no, Did he know it, sir steel? implying that Susan Rice may have known about this entire spying scandal in the trunk. Do you not think Obama New to let's go to the screen shot from the peace,
so the lawyers asked whether Talbot opened the door and October I'll translate this for you. There talking to steal the lawyer asking the whose starboard Strobe Talbot, who is Bill Clinton. Sir, a former State Department official in the bill Clinton straighten steel, says I think strolled Talbot I got in touch with ass much earlier than that steel answered, I remember taking a phone call from em your lordship earlier in the summer in which he said that he was aware tat I had spoke that he spoke and fairly cryptic terms. Is aware that we had material relevance to the. U S election. He says he goes on both nest secure, adviser, the time Susan Rice Torreon Newland, who were The policy makers on Russia had been colleagues Mr Talbot Nigh. Add, although even stated explicitly one or either both of them had briefed him on the work we have been doing.
So Susan Rice Obama's right hand, woman on this score, suggesting knew about this. The whole time again. How a gas and remember that a story Now you may say what his tall but have to do. This gets even better when you again and the subject of an export follow the money. These people all know each other follow them up. For they all know each other and they all have something to hide. The spy. Gay conspirators all know each other and they all have something. To hide. Who was strong It still say I spoke to target and target was pushed me to meet with Vittoria, no one stroke, Talbot was Bill Clinton, a former big shot and Bill Clinton. State Department, Shrub Talbot, has. Brother in law. Follow me a guy by their neighbour Coty, Sheer
A known Clinton hatchet man who works with Sidney Blumenthal said vicious. I noted Clinton, Atchievements Strobe Talbot, the old Clinton State Department, guy who's, connecting steel with the state Department under the Obama administration, to give the information about Donald Trump is the brother Law to a Clinton hatchet Main Cody, Sheer who, by the way, if you remember correctly, Cody Sheer produced his own dossier,. That seem to off. We a lot like Christopher, steals dossier, Shrub Talbot, who clearly knows the Clinton's connects steel to Victoria no one who used to be strong Talbot when he was working in the Clinton administration, Victoria New and used to bees chief of staff, so a Clinton hatchet man known for digging up there.
Clinton's opponents. He loves clinic guy neighbour Coty Sheer here. Brother in law. Strobe Talbot was built it's big shot the State Department, Shrub Talbot, then annex Christopher Steel, whose working precluded they got fake information trump Victoria, a in the Obama State Department who used to be trope, Talbot Cheapest, that so Christopher Steel can relay the information, the same information that Clinton's hat man Cody Sheer, was doing the state Department. And those alleging that Susan Rice knew about this or may have known about this again. Another huge story that no one in the media touch read the story be up in the shone out tonight. I've got to a lot. I had one more story, I'll get to it tomorrow, hopefully about due to, but this is the third. The soviet tech, tyrants are just ridiculous. There completely entirely out of control, and its really started upset me right now, so I don't want it
he don't wanna give that a short cut. That story. He thinks he ever Julian Priestley described where Youtube Channel. So we can use Youtube to spread the right information and the facts, in contrast to their efforts, the silence, ass and conservatives Youtube dot com slashed by GINO you to back home slashed by Gina. We really appreciate also subscribe to my order. Your show an apple pie, thanks a lot see, are just heard bond GINO. She followed, then, on twitter, twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.
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