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This is President Trump's Finest Hour (Ep 1149)

2020-01-03 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the annihilation of this international terrorist due to strong decision-making by President Trump. I also address stunning admissions by this key FBI official regarding his role in the Clinton investigation. Finally, I address some of the worst fake news stories of 2019. News Picks:This international terrorist is no more because President Trump acted.


Andrew McCabe is getting a pass for lying to the FBI while General Flynn is being prosecuted? What the heck? 


Was John McCain involved in the dissemination of the dossier?


This article by Lee Smith is a troubling indictment of the media’s role in the Spygate scandal.


There’s no comparison between the Iraqi Embassy attack and the Benghazi attack. 


We just had the best decade in human history, here’s the evidence.


A comprehensive list of fake news stories pushed by the liberal media. 


The gun grabbing Virginia Governor wants a task force to enforce his anti-gun policies.


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ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i love any damage you know shall obviously a big day yesterday for the united states folks is important i want to make i'm gonna get this out early and but in the shop we killed and international terrorists last night who was animal he was an enemy and a savage an enemy of the united states in every respect we did not ask for this i want that i've got a lot more i've got some news about sadly john cain as well and maybe his role in the dissemination of the dossier and staff again i don't try not ever speak ill of the dead now thought my attention but information coming but that also i just a disturbing story about form be director andrew mikhail who now we know more about his role in this whole clinton email investigation spidey varied
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can bell on the terrestrial airwaves excited beer again seven ninety k bc welcome to the welcome to the party as bruce second i welcome to the party pals first story obviously a an enormous catechise cataclysmic shift in u s foreign policy last night as president trouble the decision with our brave members are very united states military to take out animals average job sula money who ran the goods and i ran waste and when i say what i said before and i say it again because it matters we didn't ask for this this is not a country that relishes war and we're not a country we have warmongering where a country a peace loving people who with if we lived in some form of utopia and everybody around the world felt the same way unfortunately they don't
there are a number of people animal savages and a number sadly of countries led by animal savages who would like nothing more to see us dad including the death to america iranian crowd of which should remain ecosystem sula money head of the goods force was a lead figure for the years two zero twenty years this guy was washed in regional and u s blood in i've been on by raising a rack syria yemen this guy was a monster he was in bob personally personally in making decisions that led to the deaths of hundreds if not thousands of u s soldiers and potentially tens of thousands of people if not more in the regions i just addressed press
tromp last night made the bold decision to take him out at the airport have an article of the washington in samara today nice of defensive action pentagon declares that u s kill cassim solo money on trumps orders by rob by russ reed be if it is shown punch you know that calm today check it out good piece ladies and gentlemen the potest wasn't kitty code of course an acronym for prisoners its president tromp was messing around like you i'm sorry about that sometimes old secret service talk comes out but folks if you played this man for a fool you grotesquely miscalculated bad move sula thought he'd get out of that baghdad airport no problem at all you know why because he done it with impunity forever evelyn around the region initiating proxy wars killing you s soldiers giving all
sam you are soldiers killed giving orders for assassinations are new s or you understand the savage sky was he miscalculated because president tromp was as i've said often about his fur foreign policy approach for people who mistake him for being an idiot a big mistake by the way a mistake soon romani made that he won't be making again by the way he is strategically patient he didn't rush into i ran after they took out our drone he didn't rush into i ran start world war three and ladies and gentlemen let me be clear on this if you listen to show understand my approach to international conflict i believe strongly in fox connor's rules of war and i would actually interpret that is ox carter's rules of conflict as well the great fox conner you know to war alone
you don't go to war for long i needed go to war unless you abbe absolutely have to fox connors rules of conduct ladies and gentlemen i ask you why other choice did we have through money was an animal savage clearly was directly involved in the attack on our embassy in iraq he was in iraq when we talk about he was interact and that attack would have where the casualties if it wasn't for a vibrant response president trump an energetic and forceful response to say the least a hundred marines on the ground to get to arrests involve quick reaction teams over there you would have had another benghazi on your hands but we didn't because barack obama's not charge president tromp was
what are their choice that we have these attacks escalating dramatically in the region we seek war in this country is a serious thing it's out of jokes isn't rambo movie i get that and everybody evolve gets that to these are real people and realized involved but joe they were real people and real lives involved as well when they were trying to storm the front gates of our embassy they would have rip those people out of air and kill them you bet what do you think that was a joke that wasn't a rambo movie either that actually happen you want to sell some kind of a message that this is an appropriate or you want to make em where a dunce cap me what did you think the iranians we're going to listen to more chatter and talk there were more attacks ahead and there may be more head but we get some video by around on the minute i say that some of you know what i'm talking about some of you this morning on fox and friends i i debate
you're all though often but i have to tell you have rarely been is furious with a rather rivers i was this morning on fighting for someone to play the clip in a minute its disturbing and troubling his commentary i think was outlined dish and outrageous and vague the chance to debate and believe me i mean to say my sight but remember we didn't ask for this you did having said that in the history of tweets that have what's a aged poorly like an fine wine and cheese left out in the florida son for months at a time will check out this it by khomeini there leader of i ran treaty set out in response to donald trump just a few days ago after a while the attack was going i quote khamenei talking about trump that guy is treated that we see a ran responsible for the events in baghdad we will respond to i ran he says for
this is talking you can't do anything that didn't work out too well did now second if you are logical which you're not you'd see that your crimes that iraq afghan afghanistan have made nations hate you yes in the history and annals of tweets that of aged rather poorly v khomeini telling trompe cant do anything line is probably go down in history as one of the dumbest tweets ever across on a social media platform in the history of the twitter verse i guess you could do something and i guess he did we didn't ask for this we don't want this but if you continue to poke to bear as i said last night on fox and friends you better have the body bags in the to chill your dead because its president
it's not messing around and i want to say something different but due to fcc rules have to be very careful which do if there was ever a time for a new york city queens export to be dropped in there that was it we don't want this we didn't ask for them i ran you have every opportunity to walk away caught your us is now please nobody wants this nobody this is very serious it's not a jokes not a movie nobody wants this but i'm telling you this will not end well this will not end well for you will not end well for your political leaders this will not end well for whatever you think your end goal is you will never ever reach that enzo it will not happen
showing you again how the media but you know i don't put means up on the show because there for all kinds of copyright reasons of things and i hate means especially about syria things like war most of the time but one of em i saw this morning it was meant to it's none of this is really in any way humorous but it made a point there was meme up this morning evidence donald trump magic hat on its head my next magic trick will be getting the democrats to defend i ran ensure it off we ve seen that sadly emerge along with their bodies of course that there the cracks in the media i mean i just said the same thing twice now remember the wash imposed i'll get to their tweet a second when we killed bag daddy and other animal savage who colony the dog was then he wasn't chased them down the tell you remember that if you do that have made it so we kill this this terrorist job
alimony a known international terrorists bathed in regional blood again for twenty years and the washington po sends out this tree with this apps we base but so typical the wash post headline quote washed impose breaking airs i get baghdad airport kills iran's revered military leader cassim solemn adi iraqi state television reports what kind of crap is that the ets washing post crapshoot yeah revered miller harry leader you mean the terrorist savage who's been ordering the debts of innocent people first and sanctity ninety eight yet you may probably earlier that's when he took over the goods were that's right yet sorry did na now that's student
sorry about remember this all jammed by the washed imposed do this headline we kill baghdad each member this i will break or on my daddy austere ledges scholar at home of islamic state dies it forty eight cash these gentlemen i will ask you again what i've asked you before what side is the american media on i'm not kidding sata joe hyperbolic statement for effect it is an actual inquiry into your brains i'm asking you a real question i expect i'm expecting you'd upon this as you either sitting in your car watching at home are watching us and youtube or what every you may be doing what the hell what site or they are bag daddy was an austere religious scholar he was a terrorist solar money was a trained international killer savage terrorist revered military leader who
are you talking about george washington are you kidding me folks the coverage got worse shockingly i debate her although often sometimes we agree many times we disagree those you hear me on fox at night i usually do those debates vanity show trying to work on it now will see what happens but this was her though on fox and friends this morning a dead guy brian kill me too i don't always agree with far upon i interviewed bride kill me myself brien's a close friend that i told them disagreements on a lot of foreign policy by day god i ain't kill me and easily erhard were there shot some of this nonsense down this club so let along its little of we tried at the play anymore that are made up it is where this is although shockingly who an issue would president tribe taking out one of the world's number one terrors amazing listen to this
six months ago aimlessly this guy was our friend six months ago he was my friend why would we may not have loved him but he was our ally in the fight against isis but when you remember everybody do we remember isis it's like isis never existed isis where's the caliphate they were coming measures aim guide solemn on a people the iranians uses for iran they each have not made it clear that local industries can get sends out you say that they are suffering under sanctions that with another sanctions they still choose to take that money is spent they are suffering under sanctions are willing to sanctions they still choose to when they rose up gas prices and food prices and they have been protesting in their streets when their gas prices
when they rose up gas prices and food prices and they have been protesting in their streets when their gas prices went up because they know the government's wasting money we are returning to their gas prices to wring its agents because here was that of a deal that waiting worried we and rachel idea we have seen through our sending congress does he couldn't healing
it still shoemakers vote on that or been cartons vote on that we're supposed to you like this arrogance is exactly what's wrong with the rio against now hearing when arrogant you think they are greatly with you you're not a front line fighter then has to go back into iraq again you i'm asking you just got killed the irony is back and i love you having one thousand four hundred they want only binding i was there when they were getting killed when they get a given examined me is that what we want to get a sponsor requirement americans we ride away they support the whole insurgency that's ok it's all this is a product decision on even though there was is crazy to be fair confront him directly matter fact paula great idea we try to get him on the pod care for an interview but that is one of the most frightening pieces of audio video i have ever heard are you kidding me sula money in the iranians where our friends because in their efforts to keep
aside and power in syria they did some things with may of aligned at some point some focused point time with a different u s trust you think the iranians we're friends we're doing that for us are you nuts the iranians number one goal has been and always will be and has been consistent since the all other shaw is deaf to america don't do anything because they are our friends i mean that was one of the most bizarre statements i have ever heard on television and thank god brian kill me called them out and our friends under and this folks everything the iranians do in stanley mcchrystal has a really excellent piece out it's a little the united states we have elections were not a despotic peace about sula but a good one none the he describes how difference in the united we have elections we're not a despotic tyranny foreign powers see job changes it change
sometimes every four years sometimes every eight of school with different president's that's the way content you sure republics in democracies work he says it's out there it works and i ran they have been shockingly consistent since the fall the shaw american system called job has been done sure do you not know this did you miss this everything may do they don't do to align with our values they do to destroy the united states and israel while you're at it and we want who gets in their way because you know someone i mean it's like saying you know i oughta a guy robs it and because before he robbed the bag he filled up is cars getaway car at a local gas station i support that because we both support the gas station that our goals more align he robbed the bank the fact that at some point they fought again
people who are also our enemies doesn't mean are our friends that's it rio polity that stupid politic oh my gosh moving on and spend a little more time on that then i planned but of course a cataclysm action in the treatment of these people now by a president who finally has the colonies to stand up i want to get the john mccain in the minutes and again in the news coming out as the ideal report comes out but there s something i've discussed in my tube spider exonerate are often it's always trouble me which has been the republican party role in the takedown donald trump right today show us by our bodies at jane you sir i'll join you so we love genuinely this ass go to genocide that commenter dan thirty a check out with special deal what is jan you sell while jenny sell us this it's a fantastic i just for
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email you the show notes every day for the best articles in the business i just got a bunch the council s newsletter subscribed your newsletter you may these articles there always up at bonn gino report that calm as well as an alternative to the judge report the terribly articles uk spy christopher steel claims john mccain aid led the p dossier to busby now folks the fact that the democrats uses talking poverty you off while republicans had a role funding of the dossier which is false that is not true should not stop us from taking the truth and calling out people who may have been involved in the biggest political scandal in human history period story i don't care your party affiliation is the democrats funded the dossier the republicans work clearly involve some republicans in an effort gather information on trumped the dossier is exclusively a democrat endeavour but the dissemination appears mccain and his team at iran got it from this bright bar peace here an interesting take from all of the edgy report that just came
its included in the peace i encourage you to read it again the idea report crisper steel told the oecd that he trusted the staff member now the staff memories about here is dead bid kramer who is it seed of john mccain so steel told the idea trusted this staff member to handle his reports i e the dossier discreetly and that the staff member trade that trust steel explain that staff member had spent this career handling sensitive intelligence steed also said he understood from a former ambassador senator mccain requested that steel trust the staff member steel said he was absolutely flabbergasted when bub went buzzfeed publishes election reports the online mccain staff member accorded decline is known to be david kramer whose an associate of john mccain folks again may defence to this he wrote in his own back again it's using mccain's words it's not mine i'm being not intending to pile on here make
its own words were there the gist of it were i would do it again if i had to do this and kramer's defence and others is always been well we just wanted the dossier information investigated ladies and gentlemen ass you a simple question if they just wanted the imf formation investigate then why not just with the fbi and walk away is it not a fair question joe to ask if you just wanted why the hell did you give it to the press to absolutely absolutely listen again i know this disturbed some people but folks the truth is gonna come out one day and if this is in fact true and its christopher steals word why don't trust as far as i could throw but if the old story is accurate and there have been a number of different its indicating as much that he left the dossier with this mccain associate who promptly took photos of it the dossier
according to this story at least may have had a role in getting the buzz speed to publish that eliminates the whole story that all my cane and and and kramer worldly doing this because they wanted to charges investigated for some patriotic mission clearly they wanted the information out barracks and humiliate donald trump despite the fact that it was all think the truths gas to come folks i'm sorry i don't care who is involved in it what your party affiliation is the biggest scandal in american history and to prevent that from happening again everybody involved has gotta be exposed and daylight has to be at the end of this tunnel somewhere nobody should be protected here nobody i got some stunning stuff this morning i'm still trying to get it but if i get it i can appropriately and i put this out there
this is gonna blow some minds on despite its stuff i move on now their story about this answer me a former deputy director the fbi let me just put the led out their first that the same start at national level about this today can be in the shortest check this out empty investigators semi cave apologized for lying about clinton probably way way way way time out of a up about a bipeds by volunteers gave me to respond to hit the clubs i was it's more of a bargain hauled up wait about so let's break their air german gave is now about to put up a snippet from this and omitted from the national view peace it's important to rethink its grip andrew became this is a story admitted lying to the fbi and apologize for and yet it's getting a pass we see no law enforcement action against them yet and yet might win lieutenant general my who they have been
acknowledged did not lie to them they thought he wasn't being deceptive their quote not by now potentially looking you jail time anna prosecution and sensing for an outline for bit lying and i'm sorry no jail time for me we tend to turn off when i didn't lie fbi i didn't like flynn jailed for you but mackay by admit lying and i'm sorry no jail for me we general i didn't lie fbi i lie twin jailed for your body let me read you this development is because this is astonishing it's about the leak the collective email investigation let me before i get to let me just give you a quick background as their ways a leak about the existence of the hillary clinton email investigation that was it
tribute to andrew may came it was a leak that shouldn't god through the media about the status of the clinton email investigation what shockingly awful about this is now we know at least according to the report that the leak to them the about the clinton email investigation containing sensitive information came from a cave yet joe speed to the awful character of the broken soul and you may came mackay blame the leak on from the new york field office and others and had a conference kobe yell datum yeah i remember that member that i not only is this sleaze ball leave this story what did hits the paper he reprimands pete when feel bob zoellick conference for linking the story clearly this as these spineless jellyfish this loser is back national review so he gave totally based of course as always
jos always like i get hit this coup admissible mess in our view the fbi ask said they ask him aided investigation about the leak this is what they ask quote i need to know from you did you authorize this article one aware of it did you authorize it the fbi agents seti asked mackay but the time quote mackay this is the during the subsequent interview later on he said and as nice could be he said yap yap i did my cable surprisingly agents the agents of assuring him said things had suddenly changed one hundred eighty degrees with this one of the agents present recounted the hygiene now he's admitting he lifted
where'd he go zadig it's better because that's not exactly the answer he gave to the fbi when initially interviewed about the same like you just said yap yet i did it back to the national review peace when the agent showed my cave the portion of his prior statement from the may interview which stated quote this mackay i do no the identity of the source of the information contained in the article i gave but with all ready to share any information relative to my interaction interaction with the oj the oj executive with any member the media mackay replied he didn't even remember seeing this before and other the agents telling him really you don't remember saying that here's what caves response the other system pay eighty i said we say this to you at least three or more times the asian tells mackay at an email record mentioned in the transcript shows the statement was emailed them a cave on may twelve twenty seventeen became
explanation while there was a lot going on not only does not lie in may and say he doesn't know about the leak delete the he did he is about it they confront him two to three times via email saying are you absolutely sure andy shaw you sure you sure that's exactly how they operate i argued for you don't know who authorizes this the email eliza dad doesn't say large by omission at this point if the lying initially and now finally come back in a later interview which this didn t i d report where it tells ok authorizing the yet no jail time from a cave now in the interests of not being pre emptive in getting out i have this story there's a small
from all the infinitesimal image what they like tat definitely small possibility that mackay maybe cooperating and therefore that's why he wasn't charge with lying to the fbi the same crime when was charged with despite not actually line through the fbi small i'm not sure any that's true i've just say because i began we do factors in a liberal show we actually focus on facts data sound analysis other than stupidity ideology and media accurate doesnt seem but try really small possibility he's cooperate small boys i'm just saying i moved out rape great article by least smith or through the book the plot the plot against the president is a really good book my lamp adjoin i'm almost done with it
we psmith as a piece of and the spectator at a bus to check out up on the shores please read this and shone out peace is entirely crimes still in progress the russia gate whistle blowers have blown their cover now it's a short piece worth your time we get lee rights in a lot of different places stuff is always good both the just to the peace process as i've said do you often in lisbon a big proponent of this is well these spy gate conspirators use the media to see the media and the general public with fake news stories that the collusion real not of that not a that's a mystery baby is planted fakes or is refusing gps and one of them storylines of leaves book the plot against the president is that newsrooms across amerika been cutting budgets for a long time that they get a big long winded explanation of users this important news
i've been cutting budgets for a long time just subscriptions have gone down the media business has been very for it's been basically dismantle than an implicit become granular now only one or two twittering get news that a minute for free i cannot get to go to the store to buy the wash the posters red twitter redefine gino report we get enough you'll get the information for free so what was one of the first things to go as these media enterprises lost its description bases and lost money foreign newsrooms folks their expensive to keep it this overseas constant travel on reporting from overseas is very very expensive therefore newsrooms great partake by smith he was in this environment he knows better than anyone foreign newsrooms when they disappear they still had a report on foreign events so what better way to get your stories about far advanced only go to places like fusion gps paid for
cooperatives former journalists allegedly gwen simpson and get the news for free but miss these media people sucked it up did no vetting on it put it out there they were part and parcel of the whole collusion hopes because they kept the collusion oaks going despite the fact that was no evidence whatsoever that it was real it was fake it was fake news so least psmith rights is peace here and in the peace of the anti brings up an interesting point how glenn simpsons new book is basically like hostage taking right now it's one of those we have your name six let me quote from the peace now explained team collusion strategies keep feeding exculpatory fan fiction into the new cycle so as to discredit the inspector general support dorms investigation as politicized attacks on upright public servants selling this narrative requires union cohesion ok here's the set up woodley fuegians
ps knows they made up the collusion oaks they fully understand this everything as a whole it is about to fall apart to me take some sense of professional dignity they need to keep the hawks going and act like the idea report that exposed a hoax the one we just cited in the mccain story in them a cave story that that blew out that's all they need to discredit tat because anything their professional reputations vision gps is their feeding these foreign policy newsrooms the doorn report going to expose than the idea report expose them and even the mulder report exposed fusion gps as areas they made this up now no this is all going to come out but they need the media least with cause you cohesion they need the media to stay actively engaged here and keep repeating the myth and they
the media to attack dora men bar to make it out like they were on the good side here fusion gps and everything being exposed by them is our political message you get at least it goes on and how do they do that how can you the media propagating unknown hoax well quote to enforce glenn simpson and fresh who obviously the few and gps owners who wrote the book they populate there work with the names of some of the more expendable journalists who use their product ah ha ha is alien genius at a devious gotta thick white identities of the dozens of other fusion gps delivery mechanisms at many major media brands i can be see politico cnn the washed imposed in the times will continue to be bridged i did so long as they don't break rags ah oh guys these people are so devious list ray you
yes you are gone with big down by smith so in a book simpson peter fresh just wrote about how their there they are nonsense in legation it the drop in the dossier in a ppp tape and all that other garbage they literally book with some of the lesser known expendable journalists in kind like a semi hostage taking endeavour in other words say hey look we are these guys we gave them the information washing imposed new york times people who we gave information to as well because your newsrooms closed out and you want to us instead of doing actual journalism your names are coming out next if you dare do air break rags and don't engaged at least may cause you need cohesion and keep the collusion hoax going brilliant in a sick devious find simpson peter fresh kind away diabolical here is probably a better turner
like in a skeleton key mankind away hey my number them aren't you going to keep masters of the universal love that guy i without myself you have it so great i have read the article by least with tat tat is worth your type check it out more to get to just a quick worthier story up about gino that carbonate by our resident fact checker achieve mac polanco who d punks liberal mess left and right so twenty nine team was a big year joe not for anything you know in the media that would even be remotely consider positive are beneficial for society it was a batter year for fair yeah so mad put together a list the title is call of the peace but lest the media's portion least one hundred nine fake stories about tropical a budget that carbon showed us that check this out
go to address a few because you may have forgotten these gems as the calendar turns over twenty twenty and a new decade you may have forgotten these sparkly pieces of the media tried to pump into your cerebral cortex and twenty an idea about going to read the whole thing was scary ethical member this story october of twenty sixteen the new york times any other media outlets suggested replied trumpet not paid income taxes for eighteen years now it s added later extra term pages leaked msnbc ultimately showed that tropical we paid a higher tax rate the democrats bernie sanders that barack obama remember that duty february second of twenty seventeen teams eve reported that trump change the name of black history mud to africa eric and history month imply the change was racist in fact presence
palmer george bush clinton at all previously call black history mud african american history they left that potter member another february twenty seventeen job within you times is michael schmidt mark residing in mariposa reported about supposed contacts between tromp camp staff and senior russian intelligence officials even the hapless jim call me later testified the main the article was true even call me the biggest spying jellyfish and this whole debacle had a saint that one's kind of bs here's the last june for when you seventeen every cedars reported tweeted putin told tee we hope megan kelly that he had compromising information about trump actually joe said the opposite they missed the word in there that he did not have common
rising information on china does not is a big miss it's a big business you don't run i think you know i gotta remember our story job yet polish agora member a story about the the whistle blower where they d whistleblower story at the office of net assessments yet there was a whistle blower involved oh yeah i said he closed classified information to embarrass similar report that leaked i believe it was from there was an answer i ask any actual quote was he did this clause classmates every that's kind of a big deal here yet we are likewise a confession jaw yet the jew rob that we discussed earlier in the show joseph i did not rob thereby that day and leave it out going from georgia joe said i did rob brag but not he's kind of a big deal the judges like guilty
do you miss the not that carry you miss the knot of course you specialised in fake news the not as irrelevant because your whole purpose is to make the president lopez president putin i do not have classified information on trump and be sinners ports as he has caused by her shockingly joe we may actually get through all these stories they this aside we ve been on a role there you don't go but this man you but given hidden earlier you should have eight to ten i over prepare for the show and rarely get all this stuff drive me crazy we may get you with their y y you shaking her head what thou yet paula crazy you say a problem i m gonna keep putting screens or if you want to watch is by the way on youtube youtube dot com slashed punch you know
paula throwing up all those screen effects in the background youtube dot com by gino please subscribe for trying to get the forger down subscribers almost every year that's paul in the background and puts up those lovely screen affect people of that ok another great article in the spectator i was gonna addressed this because it's friday its view day for us as well so for those who want to tune in later we will have our interview with black people ask about the interview rudy giuliani has this week that's today will be doing out of four o clock is there's gonna be a good one i want to talk about by gay rubies and make any as on ukraine and the corruption over there don't mess that will be keeping it at four o clock today be out saturday tomorrow hopefully sometime in the morning on our jude shall youtube accomplish mancino and onerato pod guest and apple parties don't miss that might be a night it's friday i want to address sign of some kind of good news as well say no comment to the weekend with a dour what is its debbie down
this kind of a moot so here's a story epidemic spectator i sort of my it's really great working time we'll put it by gino report that com is well it's by matt ridley and the title of the article is we ve just had the best decade in human history seriously little is made of this news because good news is it knows only fake news has become news now he addressed as a lot of things in this peace the pieces working time it's gonna shoot it's not overly long the decrease in international poverty the massive breakthroughs in medical science the advent technology productivity and artificial intelligence one of the things i want to bring up there's a portion of the peace i want to talk about because this is sadly one of those evergreen stupid topics have still comes up with due
this day errors and my say nude i mean liberals out there who want to claim awkward destroying the world with destroying the planet it me crazy and it all started with erlich and mouth is population bomb people they storyline lie liberals delight the propagators issue the world is grossly overpopulated we're all gonna starved to death because they are simply not enough resources for anyone we're all gonna hurt it a million times it's not overpopulated ok i read a statistic once that recent go person on earth could fit in the state of texas with the equivalent floorspace of a european apartment and a whole rest of the world would be left abandoned we are not we're populated so throw that stupidity out the window but on the second part of that that we're all gonna die cause there's not enough food matt thirdly addresses this in a spectator peace again up in the us this is a great point
wanted stick it in your mental bank quote efficiencies in agriculture mean the world is now approaching peak farmland this the growing number of people in their demand for more and better food the front committee of agriculture is rising so fast folks tat human these can be supplied by a shrinking charae gang amount of land it twenty twelve this guy i'm gonna pronounced this university universities colleagues is given rockville university argue that thanks to modern technology we use sixty five percent less land tempered there's a given quantity of food compared with fifty years ago by twenty fifty its estimated that an area the size of india india i've been released from the plough and the cow it goes on land sparing is the reason forests are expanding especially in rich countries it
sixteen this researcher isabella may if citizens are worked out that no reasonably wealthy country had a falling stock of forest in terms a tree density and acreage large animals are returning to it abundant in rich countries populations of wolves dear beaver legs seals see bald eagles are all increasing and now even tiger numbers are slowly climbing back folks this is thanks to human ingenuity free enterprise and capitalism don't ever forget money in the hands of a free people when it spent in earnest and earned spent by them of costs incurred let him out of the greatest line ever by milton friedman when they govern spends money and takes other people you spend your own body the cost of what you buy matters in the quality what you're buying matters too because it your product even buying anything for themselves cost us are the products their buying their buying anything for themselves or buying it for other people quality this matter because it's not their product either when you say
on the cost of what you buy matters in the quality what you're buying matters too because it your product when you government out of the way and you allow people to vary specifically use the fruits of their own labour to invest in the lives of themselves and their families and their businesses this is what you get sixty five percent less farmland despite a growing population smile a little bit we live in the most prosperous decade we seen in human history not everything is dour bad news all the time despite the liberal dooms there's we're die climate change global population i species are being eradicated in a record rate did really you have oh data back that up a bunch of dopey talking points which you have all now sorry leave you a little bit of bad news that's the good news
that's the good news portions show on the bad news front of the show a story i've been covering rather intensely here watch that examiner has some actually guy and i brought this up because i folks your antenna need to go up on it this very serious i've been talking to you often know what's going on a virginia remember the liberal governor virginia the guy who either appeared in the black face or the coup collects clan at we don't know which one equally disturbing either way you ralph northern about is calling for an eighteen person gun ban taskforce this is the real story was examined by the great paul but dark friend of mine who i love be up in the show notes again today please check it out folks virginia is becoming ground zero for the battle for self protection freedom and the second amendment cassettes when it is this liberal governor will not new but this little governed in conjunction with the electorate
based changes in virginia which is going blue quickly sadly because a lot of portions of virginia are heavily conservative has decided to go full anti second amendment there is talk of gun bands gun this case should people think this is a joke now in spots too that a lot of liberty loving virginians and their local law enforcement have said double barrelled little figure we're not exactly gotta go and confiscate people's guards as a matter of fact joe we are going they clare was eighty plus of our counties in virginia second amendment sanctuaries meaning you'll actually have the right to defend yourself here which of course has really ticked off the liberals in virginia who would love nothing more than to confiscate the guns of patriotic freedom loving can citizens so in response so that they have actually been legislators at virginia calling about using that calling for that use of the national guard ladys german view lies what a catastrophe this would be goodness
oh goodness right i as i have said before it's not the way you think listen this lack of i am not suggesting there's gotta be shoot out of people's front door some of your misinterpreted that when i brought up last time ladies i am suggesting that the national guard their role is not to be rank and file law enforcement off to some of the national guard does you gonna go how stout wonder stand the mcnally cases a mistaken identity you can have in the danger you're putting people in what are you to start knocking down people's front doors so now in response to that the governors proposing this task force it's an eighty member four point five million dollar funded gun ban taskforce suppose we composed of law enforcement officers again ladies and gentlemen what's their job focuses i've told you before air crew
a very dangerous situation there is absolutely no need to put laud forest progress your national guardsmen on the front line of a fight doesn't exist you have law abiding it reacted firearm owners you have done nothing wrong simply on there weapons for whatever it may be for hunting for sport for self defense it's their choice i dont question up they have them to defend themselves so free country and you going to insert on a front line of a fictitious fight the start of what it what are you trying to start some kind of conflict here folks the second amendment matters it is always mattered and the fact that these guys and jenny these women over there these liberals and virginia dont get it i want say one last time i said the pisa and i'll say it again
no virginia well so does joe i lived up in that area in maryland and folks they are not asking virginians are not asking for their bigger god given rights to defend themselves i don't know what you're not getting in their capital there in virginia what part of this eu missing they are not asking this can center they govern thing seems to have escaped ralph north them we liberals in the virginia senate mouse they are not asking you are starting a fight you dont want to start that is entirely unnecessary these people have done nothing wrong they are not asking for their second amendment rights osier there's not yours folks this is gonna be virginias getting this
grow bigger by the day i met a stay on top of this lot of people been email me about it the virginia short i get it i'm reading your emails i promise you better stay on top of it i just can't talk about it every day only because so much else going on between spiky the impeachment fiasco now the killing of salami there's just the new cycle so fast so forgive me but i will be on they don't you worry i folks thanks elaborate unit i really appreciate it please don't miss my interview it's gonna be a good one with four may of new york rudy giuliani again we'll put it out on youtube channel tomorrow saturday youtube dot com bongino also available on our audio i guess show available an apple podcast google pod guess i heart elsewhere and thanks again to seven decay bc if we are listening now on the air it's really good to join find a radio for the first time this was shown number two will be honest six p m pacific time out we really appreciate that you support the shall have a great weekend folks don't forget the giuliani interview i see all my money
good day sir you just heard tan bonn genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast soon itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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