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This is the Next Information Bombshell To Drop # 973 (Ep 973)

2019-05-06 | 🔗

In this episode I address the next shoe to drop in the biggest political scandal of our time. I also address the petty liberal response to the robust Trump economy. Finally, I discuss the disastrous Bernie Sanders healthcare plan. News Picks:“This was entrapment!” Here’s coverage of my news appearance where I address the Spygate scandal.

Our latest “Debunk This” entry debunks liberal myths about “Climate Change.”

Part One:

Part Two:

ICE to begin rapid DNA tests at the border.

The latest liberal conspiracy theory states that businesses conspired to crash the economy under President Obama

President Trump is not letting the Chinese off easy on trade.

New York liberals are attacking the Second Amendment, again.

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bungee, no damaging. I shall briefly jar you'd, just another manic, Monday media. Of my days this got back from New York a little trip up to see some family this week as nice, get back to the city, one of the most remarkable things about New York or unremarked but things having grown up there. My wife and I both is right. Paula. How Never changes ever New York dares vows a couple buildings here or there, but the place never ever looks any different. Ever I'm forty, or forty plus years. You know I've been sentient, being absent, the childhood amnesia a major and I'm telling you. I took this trip back with my father and my father this weekend on the grants,
your parkway right with a northern in the grand central. You me right before the grand central by four kids into the Jackie Robinson Parkway, and they grow central over de LA and New York looks absolutely different there. My father used to take me home use that have us on the weekends. When I was a kid nothing ages in New York, it's incredible! Meanwhile, down here in Florida, you can't go ten minutes without them build new road or a new, complex Absyrtus. It's amazing nothing changes in New York. Liberals, you gotta, get your act together up their looks the exact same as it did. When I was a kid or I do have some great stuff for you this weekend. Whatever happened this week, Endeavour Nunez within other explosive appearance, Maria Barter Romo Show where he drops a couple tactical nukes on the battlefield of ideas you we're gonna get to that, and I got a couple other things too, including the Democrats trying to pull Gipsy, do flip a row with their Bernie care.
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you'll, be a woman can't get enough all right, let's get to it. A nice okay so they vanunu was Maria Aromas, fantastic show which promote constantly. This broadcast, because it's wonderful this weekend, and knew ass. Let's just get right to. Let's play sound bite number one where newness drops the bar the whole issue is waiting? The oh yes, yes produces. Why need produce? I am going because Devon Nunez knows the whole case, but is limited, be, doesn't want or veal classified information, Nunez Ass to talk some I'm in code, so Joe found this sophisticated device on Ebay? It's the devil. Nunez! translator and it sounds like the initiating Nunez translator DEN.
Thank you very much, Mr Patten. S transits very expensive to via your vanity by millions of dollars for that device or I play caught one. This is Devon. Nunez addressing the big bombshell waiting out there for everybody, you are covered by a particular have a problem with this is with one of this. The stories is because they pick a new story, and then they cherry pick from it, so they use it partly to describe where myths worked, but then they thought ill to say in same story that they have given support to by using it in them, alert us here and they don't use that medicine was described as a western intelligence asset, now more anybody who's out there. All they have to do who has get on the worldwide web and, if you type in Joseph Masood linked campus, which is where he worked. You will see you if you don't about, have to build a red k, your I'm pictures of him with me.
Foreign dignitaries, foreign leaders you'll, see that the link camp has had the FBI was on the campus doing training nearly all the time nearly every year so how is it that we spend thirty plus million dollars on this as taxpayers gap, and it can even tell us who Joseph myths it is so so that we're getting to the bottom of their, so we believe he has ties to the state department. The state department actually Our state department had him in the United States capital two thousand. Seventeen Joseph This is an remember. Why is it so important because mauler, the Mola dossier Teen they essentially this guy out to be they rush. an asset under the control of Putin, said that he says he has ties to these two. These Russians notes I'm familiar so you know this is this. Is the original nation of this investigation
It seems like myths, it has an awful lot of ties to to: U S british Italian Intelligent Airbus's cash. Do I love this guy? I mean it Joe seriously, what with the country do right now without Devon, Nunez, Jim Jordan and Mark meadows, who have been all over this from day one I dont know if Devon Nunez would have let this go. We would all still believe Trump colluded with the Russians and Hilary didn't when the stories, in fact, the exact opposite, think that this is a critical piece from this interview, so newness as a cup. things out there, I loved, by the way these calling the Mulder report, the Mahler dossier, because that's what it is its aim. Other J It narrative Laden document not meant to advance the guy over the rule of law job but to advance what an eighty trump our active well, trot may not have colluded, but there were a lot dealings with the Russians, not illegal by the way leaves out suspicious
Missis. Mrs Clinton's legendary. At this point dealings The Russians in terms of the steel does, he have any brings up an important. Why miss you know we as but again just a brief headline. Monsieur is the guy starts. This whole thing. He is a maltese professor who meets with a trump T. Member George Papadopoulos, and the Democrats story goes like this. That myths should, who is not russian is not russian than he was, connected to Russians. He had this information about Hilary Females, Dnc emails that he passed. Two Papadopoulos is the Democrats story. Not the real story which is goes without saying, but that he got mistook was connected to Russians was attempting to pass information upon but apple is about the campaign in the Hilary campaign and others, and that's how the soul things started and that's why they investigated Papadopoulos now Joe again for the umpteenth time. What is?
linchpin of that entire argument to make this collusion. Narrative stick that may soon we can, to write ago, but knew this beautiful It points out a very critical component of the Mahler dossier. Does it is it's a fairytale? It's a dossier story, to hurt the Trump team is not a real report. He points out that mothers. viciously addresses. The fact that Miss should want to this conference this economic conference. where Russians have been known to attend and russian and tell people now why Would mala right that in a report show to make it look like Miss, so it is connected to Russians right keep in mind is nothing illegal about Miss showed attending this conference? Nor is there any. think even unusual about Russian Intel going to these conferences, Russian Intel does. What health services around the world and our friends must be Crystal clear, but they try to get intel? None of this is like breaking news, so he says it
sure thing that the Mulder report talks about that but leaves out the fact I love it that he calls it the world wide web by Paul. My wife is the best internet database website develop I've ever met. Does anybody know the world wide web. Is that a no no this and I love nude I suggest best with, but I love the new discuss or you to do is go to the worldwide web. I is the internet and Google just listen he's right. I love Nudism, just getting the best of Why are we noticed my wife is which does for them? She was messes with me when I say the world wide web. All you have to who is Google Joseph withstood, and all of these pictures come up of lives? Should friendly intelligence assets supposedly friendly, unite it kingdom high up intelligence officials, Boris Johnson from the United Kingdom, in other words, he's covered. with high level united,
them intelligence services way way way way way. Time out, show tee all Red Flag review. I thought you just told us this I do your report. Are you insinuated Mahler through the Mahler dossier? You insinuated that myths should is connected to russian intelligence. In other words, is an enemy the United States was trying to impact our election. Did you warn the United Kingdom? Did you warn them? been cavorting around with a russian intelligence asset. What about the part Nunez? brilliantly brings up at the end You already know if you are listening to the shop that miss certain terms, Seventeen is welcome back into the United States at a conference. Co sponsored by the? U S, State Department, what time time under the hood for review again red flag on the field? Is my brother Jimmy would say this laundry onto field laundry on the field for review.
So we knew me, sir, it was a russian asset dreaded air quotes and this state department into. seventeen a year after his meeting with Papa, doubtless invites him back, gives them a pass into the country House ass did we warn them. Ladies and gentlemen, what sounds more logical to you? Let me store little wrinkle in this. Miss such own lawyer has said that he is a western intelligence asset, you think, is war, he's lying. I would have thrown himself under the bus like that. Just go up don't say anything what's more likely to you. Miss third is greatest russian spy in human history. You managed to dupe the state Department. The FBI, UK, intelligence and attacks Intelligence or that the third is not in fact the russian asset and knows the people
the FBI knows. You S. Intelligence knows italian, intelligent officials and knows the people from UK intelligence he's photos without doing more sense to you, not a russian. I said Dan God fag go where the four hundred zero active to Alex tobaccos very sick. I love jeopardy. Grub had tipped out what is what not a russian asset for one thousand illegal I got your these people stupid. This is the most and cure yes, media. I have ever seen in my life notices right just totally Please watch our interview Friday with George pop up less or listen. If you're not here, listening, you can watch us, our interview Friday, which your pop up less or listen. If you and audio listener you can watch our show on Youtube Video vote as a matter either way you can hear the same content but the beginning of this We do an impromptu call with George Poppet Police, who I become Bob were friendly with after being the target of a major entrapment operation and he dropped so by
on Friday, show break. News Eric. It is up on the screen, episode, nine. Seventy two, even the New York Times admit spying occurred as a title Papadopoulos says information is emerging in the italian media that people in the link campus, where Papadopoulos worked when he met with Miss said that people at the link camp is pushed Miss, should it is setting up Papadopoulos people. camps where they russian know, they were not? Please listen. A Friday shouts gonna blow your my few analyser, that's it and always, and about the first fifteen minutes or so so last question: I ask him about this. Gosh. Finally, everybody starting to come around to the myths store. I I'll leave the myths. Story on on this, because I got two more tomorrow but snippets of the video from the border Romo shown Fox. I still time nicely the next video folks they are We too possible narratives right now, in other words, to possible versions
the answer to what happened here either the Trump team- was colluding with the Russians and monsieur de was connect two Russians and others All of these people, myths, certain others were connected to Friendly's and you are looking at the big entrapment operation for political purposes and spying scandal. In? U s history, please You understand that these two narratives cannot coexist at the same time either. I who tells Papadopoulos about russian Dirt. On Hilary and others myths, sir. I'm talking about Neither that guy is russian connected or he's access to the? U S and Friendly's, meaning Papadopoulos was set up on that. No, let's play sound bite. two Devon newness, ANA Maria barroom. Ok, you believe that FBI had all
of these sources out to entrap people from the trunk campaign so that they could play? that there was a conspiracy that Donald Trump was Voting with the Russians, but in fact they put all of these sources all across the world. To get members of the trunk campaign like they reached out to Papadopoulos all remember what I said on your show last year, I think I am He said I say I think I said the first on your show. As I recall, I'm not worried about whether or not they were spying on the trunk campaign. That is fact What I want to know is how many spies, with an s were involved in this. You know looking around for a piece of paper here, Nunez says something critical: can you see that that's an ass? Yes spy?
S, spies, not spy, plural. I love nudist because he cuts right through the fog of this whole case, which gets very complicated and makes very simple digestible vice for you to take away. He says point number one in this sound bite. There is no longer an argument about it: the Trump team, with spied on, none the question now is how many spies with it s. Poor rural, were involved We already know Stefan help or a central intelligence agency connected. U S, Intel asset was trying to interact with the trumpet Paul information out of them. We now know, thanks to the New York Times of all places, which is desperately trying to save its reputation and get out funny story that Azra Turk was working as return. of course, get wasn't a real name, as I spoke to Papadopoulos about this on Friday to that, as return,
was a another intelligence connected asset to Friendly's, trying to pull information about the Russians out of out of pocket apple. Now spies, who put the information in India pop adopt policies head about the Russians having dirt. you already know Joseph myths. Third, who meet your pop up, was before all of this hat was with service by Miss he working with Friendly's. notice the spy arguments over it happen for you the area where are liberal police state liberal clinging to the hope that you're gonna summit I'll, be saved by history. You on the wrong side. You are showing yourself to be a mini tyrant, police state, reporter your dark rice, the price is wrong. You bob you
who are on the wrong side of history. You are an eighty civil liberties advocate who is desperate to defend the police. They to advance your own political needs to the disgust of liberty, loving It reads like me and everyone else, listening to my show out there I watched the talking coworker mine this weekend on on Fox, try to do the same thing, desperately death. currently trying to defend their well? It wasn't spying per se was broken, it and there were read what what what reason, what we, while we thought Russians were involved with: U S, citizens is that a crime, ah now, but we should spy on people anyway. Ok, my thought myself, Verona So your new line of attack is someone me. with Russians, legal or illegal geologists to be clear. Right year we that in turn, spy on them, but it's interesting When you bring up things like what what should we spy on
Clinton's when Bill Clinton took a five four thousand dollars cash payments connected to a russian bank. That was deeply, involved and the financing of uranium one. Do you know? I don't know we shouldn't spy on them. For that? None of that I shall deal is ok. Ok, so shrub brush shoulders with a guy who drank russian vodka six years ago. We should definitely spy on Trump, but Bill Clinton, literally being paid a half. A million dollars by a russian connected financial institutions involved in the financing of the sale of our nuclear fuel, no spying, their Hillary Clinton, paying a foreign spy in Christopher Steel to go, solicit information from Russians, their words They already admitted this. Definitely don't I on the collected but Jeff sessions at a few Our entire foreign policy briefing far richer
policy briefing who happens to brush shoulders with the russian ambassador deference. We need to refuse and we should spy on sessions to obtain. You I was watching in utter discussed at this panel. I could not believe it and, thank God, serious? Thank God, listen, you guys. My lover hate call Rove it's up to you. I all, I know is the secret service. guys. I worked with love them use very nice to them, and you know this needs a Bush guy, I'm not Sky, but he's always been very respectful. Romania call Rove just basically stuff Three on the panel and brought it up the simple like I don't get it Hilary got information from Russians, wise and sheep, eight spied out, because we note spy, american citizens for non crimes. They were committing crimes where what George Papadopoulos redress for why he was an arrest project anything to do with colluding with the Russian. This is in a trap.
Been scandal. What are you guys? Gonna take the loss on this and it made you spied police state fashion when pass. This constitutional republic has no hope for the future for our kids and the preservation of, but he had freedom. If both sides can agree, we shouldn't weapon eyes our intelligence community to spy on our political enemies. We can agree on a cautious, is disturbing. I hear the final piece of shit. On the nod, video from the Shall Maria Bart Aroma with Devon newness. This is fascinating How again? Let me just set it up for you quickly, because the show provides contacts are also sound by second make a lot of sense. This myth should dirt line is key. Remember the line dirt russian dirt, not again, if you're listening no, that that line comes from one place in one place, only the idea that the rest,
had dirt on Hilary, be Crystal clear: comes from only one place that is, the Joseph Myths Meeting would Papadopoulos in April of twenty. Sixteen, that's the only places is found now papa. Apple is was arrested for lying to the FBI and prosecuted for not telling about that right. So they don't. from Papadopoulos apples. The dirt line keep the dirty job of police summit. This makes it they don't get the dirt line from Papadopoulos up Papadopoulos, metaphysic prosecuted because of it right. They don't get the dirt line from Alexander Downer who meets with Papadopoulos after them is said, meaning either both down around Papadopoulos you said repeatedly no door. A meeting he didn't say anything about russian dirt. Where did the F b? I get the russian dirt line from listen uh. This sound
kick your butt, a check this out. So in the letter we also point out, there's there's a lot of talk about about how Papadopoulos who was just on earlier. He caught the FBI and the mole team problems, because she did you tell them about his the relationship with myths it and how myths it had offered emails this is in? Two thousand seventeen, this in the Miller dossiers. So this is all about in two thousand seventeen. How Oh Papa, doubtless harms their investigation right. What what what Why is it then that the FBI or supposedly the FBI or other assets, no to act continually asked Papadopoulos about. else about Clinton emails in two thousand sixteen nobody knew an example. None of that and doubtless so FBI? Now, if that's spurred, wasn't an asset of the FBI,
report Robo shark, Mrs Schreyer, you see? No that's knows I'll. Do it the sharp do amendment eighty wave nudist but bar sees exactly what new Nessus laid down there? ladies and gentlemen. How does the FBI? How about russian dirt on Hilary bigger from popping up with no, they didn't Papadopoulos was prosecuted for not talking about that. they got it from down or though they didn't get it from downer. Doubters already already publicly stated Papadopoulos never told them that so how the FBI, if only to people show of ice Oh you about russian Dirt on Hilda. He knew and I are being prosecuted. I only tell you- and you tell no one else and the fbi- gets that information about the series I'm not trying to master the keeper. My you and I join my house we're at our table. You tell me down. The Russians have dirt on Hilary and twenty. Sixteen I give tee. I shows up at my house weeks later.
how did you tell Joe Armor Costa? How come you to report to us to Joe had dirt on under russian turnout on? How would FBI have that conversation drove over you and I talked about it day. My know about it ahead of time, They may have put show up to with he. No, the else new body. Nobody else I noticed now Nunez who never slips up. Nunez does not say anything that is not thought out in advance. that they're worth spies, Turk Helper, maybe miss it. There's only one way, the F b I could have found out about it. They ve already eliminated Papadopoulos. It was a two person conversation in either the tell agents, agencies the FBI, the CIA or Friendly's heading
other asset there listening in on the conversation, maybe or myths, should was feeding it to them. There is no other explanation. None! This is gonna get good. Now there is a possibility that there was a fire warrant on Papadopoulos. I should add that but I dont like speculating that's an idea, I'm workin on now am I my second book. If there were five, a warrant on Papadopoulos to use the Joe me analogy. Joe tells me about hey. They have dirt on Hilary and show goes home and calls this body on the phone, but he FBI's listening they got it from job, so there is, possibility. There was a Pfizer on pop capitalism, Papadopoulos may have talked about it right. Why? But Joe together, Pfizer on top of that
police, they would have had a had a warrant had IDA and a fine war would have to lay out probable cause. They're Papadopoulos was a foreign agent working on behalf of a foreign power. In violation of U S law, he wasn't if there was a fire and worn on Papa DE, where is that this is gonna get good. Let me tell you: we have just scratch the surface of this beauty. This Azra Turk story last week was big it to any entrepreneurial media type. After looking actually do their job, I mean outside of Fox NEWS. We ve been covering this forever During a heritage, everyone I'm talking about other media people, the fake news, CNN this lines, in other words, I know you're trying to get out in front of the narrative now, but this is the time to get out there and south your tarnished horrendous reputations, who was Joseph Miss, said, that's the real
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forty thousand dollars. That's lending club dot com, Slash Dan Lending club, dot com, Slash Dan all loans made by where Beg member F, the icy equal housing lender check it out lending club dot com, slash there, ok, moving on so I with a bit of hilarity laboratory. I have the jobs numbers almost comical and I don't mean calling that their good jobs numbers been great. We had economic job numbers launched last week to see have some context: the numbers, Robert Schuman, thousand jobs created under the new Trump economy far outweighing expectations of a hundred eighty thousand, but I cover that last week I I cover now, because I watched the weekend shows. So you know many cases if you can't you're out that weakens travelling, but I catch bottom. I taped them when I watch him on Sunday do and show prompt and I've watched the debt.
Crowds hilariously try to knock the Trump economy, which is just motoring on so many different cylinders right now that they're just desperate for talking points. So what's your journal had an interesting piece of this week kind of covering the job numbers is called growth and the working class by their editorial were now here's the keys, the sub headline of the peace and I'll keep that upper secondary. Second, the democrats- new talking point so you're ready. I am here to prepare you for the rhetorical combat you need, your liberal friends. The Democrats new talking point Joe Biden area in this campaign announcement in other speeches, while Thou Wert class or not feeling the trump economy or the tax cuts? Here's the sub headline wages, growing faster for the less skilled, then for supervisors. No, I didn't read that backwards wages. So the talking point on the left
A working man does not feel it get well. You obviously are completely allergic to facts and data. What you're saying the exact opposite here from the Wall Street Journal possesses fastened again a list. If you're not interested in numbers, this show is not for you. Okay, if you want don't be liberal opinion go elsewhere. If you want the numbers come here from the Wall Street Journal Piece quote. Meanwhile, in April and over hourly wage gain for production workers, in other words the working man and woman if it was easier, appoint three percent versus zero point, two percent for all workers, including supervisors. The twelve month gain this is in fact testing the twelve month game with three point: four percent for production. workers working class, men and women like you going back compared to three points, two percent for all workers production work. wages have increased by seven point: five percent in mining mining employees for point
leisure and hospitality? Again these are working class. Folks, four point: three per: retail and roused you're getting fat raises the bankers ladies and gentlemen, I don't What did I tell you? It's ok, I know how you ve just make stuff up here. You fail at it you're a democrat activists, they go yeah, we kind are really like you and I know we are. I would be ugly so you gotta get democrat activists at your bed of its. So folks talking point number one so you're prepared for this, because we have a busy you can knocking on doors. A lot of you gonna, be out there advocated for Donald Trump economy with the election while the working class. Our feeling it is just nonsense, its nonsense. I just showed you the date of their production Employees are get their hands dirty and are on the front lines. Are their earnings. There wages are growing faster than the supervisors. It's just not true with the working classes and feeling it now as
Few needed more information here, but be our Lord Ingram tonight thing we're mangled debating Chris on again, I'm sure this may come up the economy, but I'm sure crystal come back with another dopey tug were well does it matter that they're getting more money working class me their stone? I feel it. Here's a Paul. You would think again. If your point is that working class people are feeling Do you would think Joe that that would show up in a pole right? Ask people hey? Are you for knowing the gonna economy from the one your journal again, voter apathy, arising for trumps handling, give the economy. Whilst your journal, NBC News Paul, find size, the economy could help Trump win, support, The honest based voters, folks Dorothy of Americans, approve of jobs, handling of the economy I dont get. Your put. Your point is based in reality.
Wage increases are primarily hitting working class. Folks. I provided you the data, it's not my opinion and when you actually ask people, are you feeling the effects the economy, Joe, but no no one's feeling it their answers. Yes, we're feeling it I I don't know what else to do. You really want to be the Democrats running against public perception, the economy. I know you killing it. But it's not true. I don't I don't get. I do I don't understand, like people. Are there dumb like a feeling it, but it's not there. This is supposed to, Oh, a fragile economic placebo on that, as if they can't look at the World Bank accounts to what do I mean I get it, you think we're deplore Poland, smelly war, more people and whatever I've read all the taxes that I know. Liberals can't stand us, but you take this really that dumb now there's a concern, I see theory developing about the economy. This is this
tastes and MSNBC is becoming Chris haze. Is the Chris Matthews of right? you're, mad ass. He really you by the way one quick, correction, arthritis, your thank you to everyone who pointed out. I mistakenly, on Friday, show talking about Papadopoulos meeting an apology. I said Chris Wireless. I was talking about that. Chris works over Fox, where I win I meant Chris Matthews, my sincere apologies to Chris. Why thank you for pointing it out. That's a big corrected Chris Planet over Chris Madame he's a nice guy, because I said Chris, I said Chris Wireless from Mss and see so I think most figured items Tacoma Chris Matthew Batteries, talking about. Chris Cresswells, my apologies, but Chris Hayes from em ass. The unity is the Chris Math Rachel mad ass. He really is. He has this. This is this treat. This is so ridiculous. This is who conspiracy theory. Now that the collusion oaks fell apart exists, hysterical he's giving it is
less charitable interpretation of the economy that they did, wrong at all. He spoke about businesses quote. They didn't want full employment. They didn't want each growth and empowered workers and they certainly didn't want that happening under a democratic president, MIKE the lunatic Frage. How do you take these people seriously anymore? Chris haze of amnesty and sees new theory. Conspiracy theory is that businesses you'll get it this one during years of Obama Biden, he didn't want to make money and they definitely did The report is being more productive manner. Fact they wanted to lose money because it was a democrat president. Now how about that Dan? I was suspected that our alone Do you have that thing you placed before the show us that thing you play about? This is a really see. But whatever you had do you have that this would be the perfect You know what I'm talking about right now. This is the perfect about. I know
you played. I give my head of, like use. All its official, usually gotta, play that this the perfect time I'm looking for it. I went for here we go you suck? Jesus outlined labored itself rates of personal, and are you not stupid? I need seriously to Chris Haze Hooper. and to be a private. You believe businesses, businesses out there, because it was an old FI. Madam president, I want to make money and one of their employees to suffer. I mean. Can you be that dumb? How do you explain away again, then the economy that, but you know, boomed in many respects in the coming years? That's undeniable. There is low government spending. You by four caitive government, whether than Gingrich Congress kind of controlled the worst impulses, a bill Clinton wide Open, This is make money, then this is so dumb, but ignore printed
when I treated this yesterday- and I mean this- you know folks proud yourself. The union waste a lot of time here, and I don't mean this is kind of a backdoor back here that humble bread comparable for me. I don't you all our spending more time on this show. Another shows where you gettin facts, and I find it funny that, called news. People haze is kind of an opinion. You bet I. This is kind of a broad brush with them that news people who got of the stories wrong. The economic predictions are tromp was crash, the economy, the collusion oaks, how these people still have shows and are still on the air, while so called opinion. people like me, while I reasoned opinion, guys on a news we now did Joe me, Charlie Also, the daily caller Jeff Karlsson. Others, you show inanity Mark Levine Rush. We EL distorted I'll, take them seriously laws or opinion. Ok, fine, what adds yet we got it right. You
rob and we're supposed to take you Jerry Filters, lunatic This is then want to make money there above. Yet that makes a lot of sense spoken like a true it He had talking had an msnbc was no experience in business whatsoever. Lord Lydia I mean really, how absurd aren't I got I gotta get to this Bernie CARE thinks this is important as a piece in the journal. That is sure it's shreds, Bernie cared appeals and I want to talk about the deep sea. Do flip a row of vine official key went on something And even to see beyond the sea of all places, didn't let him get away with it. Get to that. less one of the day he died a trap so glad to welcome them back. This is dying to trap. This is their product. This is one of this is really cool, are what is that I live down here in Florida, which is the greatest place on earth. In my opinion, I love it by one of the three
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as a great piece about Bernie CARE, Bernie Sanders care, otherwise known as Medicare for all, which is we should be known properly as Medicare for none and health care. For not. This is entitled. The burdens are Bernie care by their editorial board and here's the trickiest here's they're trying to do. This is like the journalist and really could be. in our opinion com, a highly recommended Bernie does it want to put down. Formally and analysis of his probe. in writing fully like him bill format, so they're trying to get this c b, o the congressional buns Budget office, if they give them some projects genes to put out a report that won't be is damning essay. I fully complete bill voted on, which would have the specifics. Ok clear what I mean by that a high, the worst parts of Bernie CARE, Mohammedan Medicare for all, while a thing over some of the downsides. Well, they pushed it
C b out to get kind of our waken and not about it and even the c b or with the Bernie Cares own predict. Projections put out a report with five Some information and I want to highlight on how bad Medicare for none other this notice Medicare for all, will be here's the first piece from the journal. Ladies and gentlemen, even this sea he's been known to be deferential to the projections. Liberals give them, in other words nice to them puts into peace. That's I'm high income people, my preferred a purchase substance We have ensured that offers more generous benefits, benefits or greater access to providers, in other words, what saying- is burning Care would eliminate private insurance. You will have. or private shores, and lied about wealthier people trying to provide proper purchase substitute, meaning there. No way out
You will not be allowed. Private insurance will be banned unless it's for something not covered by Medicare for None Sanders Plan, which will be almost nothing except like plastic surgery, as Bernie himself said in an interview. Remember, he asked and sober the horse said so. Basically, insurance we for knows job no suitable folks, your private insurance would be banned. This is the ceos own would give him my getting it. You're gonna get on a silver platter from the left and saying hey that's a little something here and they can and even gloss over that your private insurance. I cannot harp on this, and this is going to become. a huge, enormous issue and twenty twenty. If you like your plan right now, it is gone, gone Including the Medicare plan you have now on Medicare, because now funds
ok do to you on Medicare gonna be spread over three hundred and thirty million Americans away, number to the sea you couldn't even high. There will be rationing member that Movie Daniel Day Louis. There will be blood and hold them about the oil field. Work there will be rationing. Peace goes goes on, and you care go to any doctor. You want, if government is paying providers, what they really cause Bernice care, but just to be clear. Bernie care cuts, provider costs by forty percent payments, the doctors, the point America for the cut reimbursement rates to Medicare levels, which government can said so low only because private commercial reimbursement rates are so much higher. Cutting reimbursement rates would quote from the city report. Probably reduce the amount of care supplied and could also reduce the quality of care. Scipio, says way way way, time out. Laundry on the field votes, I was told by Bernie Sanders that you just get your Medicare call. You
dramatically cod and you go to any hospital a doctor. You want that's what you told us and quality It's gonna, be so much greater because there's no administrative, but that's not what the Scipio said. Keep my this isn't a silver platter report. They gave him, that's not what they said That's not what data we told already hospital. You got any hospital, you that's what you told us to Serbia with. There, a whole estimates are saying. Quality of care will be reduced and your access to hospitals will be reduced and doctors as well. Keep in mind the dynamic here, the old reason. Medicare and Medicaid exist is because free market insurance pays, and let me just do a little diagram for liberals, because a hardier little hand diagram. This is the if the average wore the same, in other words of medical care and private insurance for reimbursing doctors are fifty dollars an hour.
And they needed inch and they needed a hundred thousand hours stay in business and they're paying employs whatever doctors would start to go out of business. What happens is medical or the hundred thousand. Our doctors stamp is an easy math for liberals right, Medicare, spank fifty. If private insurance paid fifty two doctors, we go out of business, but how is now is medical, Medicaid Medicaid RE, specifically underpaid doctors by half. The reason doctor can stay in business is because insurance companies are free. Markets are basically over bill to compensate for the differences that makes sense here if I've written is banned. There's gonna be nobody to pick up. The slack people will die, which is going to cause doctors our political out of businesses, which will lead to rationing. If you can do basic math, which I understand the process can, I know we're asking a lot
ok, what it Bernie also tells you are treatment, options everywhere everywhere, doctor or hospital. You want not. According to the scipios report in the Wall, Street journal quote under any other pricing. Approaches discuss below a single payer system could decide to exclude certain drugs or place those drugs on a non prefer drug was because they are too expensive or because they do not have any additional benefit way way way. Treatment options limited. That's not what we were told. We were told hospital anywhere, but that's great it just carefully and rob you any drugs. So you come in Maginnis is burning when you go in here like doc, I got it rational good. This is really trouble you now I go back to work. I can ban that doctor that looks like you by the way what I love doctor. I've had a few
doctors like when I went in with joint injuries. They look at my actual. Can you take it easy you trying to scare me I'm serious public? What the hell is that brow How can he ease up a little bit too, but imagine at sub you, like publisher, taxing all whoa. What is at the top looks you got hey bro. That is really bad. Ah ok. Well, what are we gonna do? Well, they have this cream out there and get rid of little rash on your chest. Great yeah, about a care prescribing Bernie, says any doctor or hospital, but Can I give you the tree been because it's too expensive now, if it's your price, insurance company a fireman, find a new insurance company like I did one insurance company wouldn't paper back surgery any, but with the government. Where else you gonna go. The answer is no
unless you need a no shop like Bernie set with that interview, I dont treatment options. Work could be limited, I guess The Phoebe ozone report really yourself Rita peace and a generally think I'm measurement here's another one about responsiveness, in other words customer service. but a lot of people complain about you know a good customer service with their insurance. Companies are fine, I'm not here to protect insurance companies where they have you face. Think chancellor, I mean it. You can kiss the government so from the journal. Peace- and again unlike a system with competing private insurers, where you can cancel by the way the public plan might not be as quick to meet patients needs such as covering nutrient
The journal goes on. You mean government is less response of the private businesses to being sarcastic. Yes, you're not going to be able to escape the government. The government plan is murder care for all. Not for some. There is no private insurance, you're stuck the government Joe. Can you think of a government entity that is competed. The private market come on. I'm serious, I'm not gonna wanna, like pylon people worldwide, as a government poi myself, but the postal service. Is routinely out competed by you, PS and even that's it, with a monopoly, a first class mail and Fedex, I mean I'm trying think of an enemy in the government that can out compete I bet industry where this actual complication free markets, except for a couple things are going when such that everything parades.
Reversal you. It is a universal sought fact and even although, like a hundred out of a hundred scale right, there are some areas. We accept the suck, you like the administrators, because you're areas we agree there is really great. Jolly taxing system in our private taxing entities, we ought to be like mercenaries run industry, but the stock is pretty much universal, that, with the exception, by the way of our archives, firemen first responders in military. My way, I know you guys are awesome, I mean which is gazing because you have to deal with idiots in the government and you still produce the fire fighting force in the history of humankind and the best comments which I know I worked with him. No, I'm serious! It's like it's right. It's amazing that you managed to do what you do every day, so heroically bravely I'm serious, despite the fact that any
are in Congress and other people are the ones managing the operation get right. Last one Bernie keeps telling us about the efficiency. Steers will get cheaper. We will save money? Now? That's not what you see here report says birdie you're. Here there are two about a silver platter: less money, your pockets, not correct quote from the Sea report government spending on health care. Why the increase substantially? I don't what else to say. That's the c b report. They were given on a silver platter and hears what more snippet from the journal. Peace. Private estimate suggested would take. It leaves a doubling of individual and corporate taxes. You want to pay double. tax bill sign on for medical care, for none like Bernie says. So, if you want to pay double you, pay, double forever rid them? No
insurance, rationing, limited treatment up its options, crappy responsiveness and by twice the bill, good luck with that, and if you don't, people will die. We can throw up early when he loves that I'm real again, that's not by a folks, o report covered by the journal today. Really yourself go to the original text. Read it yours, you think I'm making this up? You know I usually don't talk about stories in order that he's Brad and ideas were genuinely want. The audiences opinion on this put something out there. You know I have a soft for a military cops are first responders event, fire many empty boys I am at me, because I was I was just an obvious reason. I mean the issue of self sacrifice the idea that you're going to work for nothing. I mean that none of these guys get rich. I wasn't
my weekly salary. When I started with him, I pity was three hundred dollars a week or something they don't get ready Men and women out there and they do this job, that's thankless, I mean really is, and the threat of death and doom and dismemberment and destruction is. You know it's over your like a sword of Damocles every single day and I just morning for going on here, I like to throw out ideas like the kind of bad ideas machine on the show in some nice people. Send me really terrific ideas all talk about when the show what happened this morning. What about Joe is in itself? I've been in and are you not send us an email, tweet us I'd, love to hear you feedback us? What about as an incentive for our Miller folks out there who joined a military again from almost no compensation whatsoever? What about a fifteen twenty year waiver from federal tax? Let us join our military, do three a great idea why I'd like? Why should they have to pay taxes, federal taxes, bomb Sears like they work for nothing they get be not
you know I board, swaths of them come home damaged, does sometimes in car. they don't come home at all. Why should they pay federal taxes? They give him fifteen twenty year waiver, meaning I don't know I just gotta you some of you. May I get it. I mean I'm, listen, I'm a fiscal conservative, but Listen without our military got nothing I mean it's. You know it's great to talk about the country and the republic and the constitution, but that matter, if people you know willing to do, violence on behalf of the country are willing to put their Botswana life for everyone else. I had that idea this morning. I thought that would be a pretty awesome bill. I would support you join military use your bought on the line you get a fit Twenty year waiver from your federal income tax bill good for you, I don't know have you may like it. Some of you may have sounds like a lot of feed balance that first blood. I thought they d, you know paid, they gonna pay them to get. These gave us in you. for years in a military. You do for a time
of years in a war zone, we're good your bills, pay brother or sister, your good who you know there are all kinds of stuff out. Therefore you know police- Opposition get hurt in the line of duty that kid waivers from tax bills and stuff I mean, I think that it be fair enough to consider for another hour, a final story today, so Washington state. This is just an outrageous. I saw this plot of Wall Street Journal stuff this morning that's really good pieces opinion peace again by the editorial racial spoils and Washington state. This is incredible and I worry at the start, because Joe lives in Maryland. I lived there and what happens in states that are going deep, blue now, like Washington, State Marilyn, which has been shoes me deeply, for a long time. Is these states become debaters for really bad ideas and those ideas. He is then start to move across the country. I bring this up about Washington state.
The national law. In some cases international showed you gonna. Let a overseas shadow to my Australia. Folks in Japan. Folks would be made me a lot Ideas will move around the country and sometimes around the world if they don't get significant pushed back in blue states. That's why I constantly told people running quality candidates in blue Democrats Data Republicans. It concerns still matters even they're gonna get smoke. I did. I got beaten Senate race, bad merrily, but it was important. Some of the valley, tears for me went on to volunteer for a later on a governor who of republican governor later on what I know the people first. It was the first time in politics. This was a horrible here's the idea in a nutshell. So the Democrats back in the that shows me that Washington stay voters rejected an amendment formation. a preferences years ago there was on the ballot, they said. No people should judge by their skills and the content of their character. You would think which would be the right possess. In the moral arc of history. We should not be judged
people on race period. I dont know why. This is controversial idea what it's not, but it is amongst liberal the liberals Wash in state, apparently we're not happy about this referendum, no racial preferences, you're gonna, get job in government or else where you going to do it on your own skills, so the damage crafts over there and the liberals just put through this. What initiative one thousand there this and basically what it did here. It is in eighteen. Eighty eight, fifty eight percent of voters supported about measure that basically prohibiting discrimination, Andres Democrats over turn that band without a single GEO people they replace them initiative, one thousand which reinstate race, gender, and other identity markers for use in college admissions and for government contract and hiring. You know I. I Want to leave you with this before before we go for the day, folks, Friedrich Kayak way.
this out beautifully in the road to serve them when government tries to enforce air quotes. Equality right by legislating de facto ray. discrimination. It requires the government to treat people unequally. Element. That is an important take away from my ex work government enforced equality by its very nature forces the government to treat people unequally Now you have this bill in Washington State where people Let it be judged by their racial and gender characteristics for knowledge, admissions and jobs, not based on their skills that that could be that the site In fact, a regardless of the wording of the bell tries to dance around that a deciding factor could be your race.
there's a group of art, agents who are suing on this, because they fear that asian people will then be under represented, it'll be discriminated against because they don't fit some kind of category necessary to enforce government equality, remember if there's two people applying for a job one is an asian man and one is a say: hispanic, woman and their equally clear a fine and the asian Man interviews better than hispanic woman, but the hispanic woman gets the job because they have to meet a quota due to this new law. The government, by trying to enforce equality actually treated the two entirely unequally.
I only bring this up because I guarantee you're going to start to see all the stuff reparations. All this others, which requires people to be treated unequally. Remember government, forced equality by default requires the government to treat people unequally. This is troubling what's happening washed instead, you're gonna human. How is a stack showed that? Yes, I think so I post what you did. I really appreciate it. Please subscribed! you are video, show Youtube dot com, Slash bond GINO. You can check out the video the show on audio police subscribe, only pod CAS app on Apple Google. Pod care wherever you go. I heart radio, sound, clad, really important for us to move up the charts and the subscriptions are all free, just follow us. We
really really appreciated thanks a lot. Your great loyalties mean so well me I'll see autumn. Our thanks again, you just heard TAN Bonn GINO show you can also get dance, podcast soon, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.