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This is the Real Joe Biden Scandal # 949 (Ep 949)

2019-04-02 | 🔗

In this episode I address the exploding scandal surrounding Joe Biden and foreign collusion with Ukraine. Joe Biden must answer key questions I lay out in the show today. I also address another Hollywood actor’s attempt to enter the political fray. Finally, I address the worsening collapse of New York due to its liberal policies.  News Picks:The Ukraine story I’ve been warning you about finally blows up.


This Jeff Carlson piece addresses the many connections of Victor Pinchuk.


The FISA court must be reformed. Now is the time.


Captain America actor turns far-left.


Radical leftist congresswoman is now under investigation.


Pro-Life film doubles box office expectations despite social media censorship. 


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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i wasn't it thereby veto shellfish joe how are you today doing great doing great nice vindication day again and now what did i tell you got two months ago was rewrote spied a double one in just a couple weeks ago what we're gonna do soon do ukraine collusion story the connections in your mama's hotter biden by knitted is blown up all over the place i am going to lay it out for you today what the democrats that's are really hiding with mahler and all this other stuff and going after trump they re collusion scandal between ukrainians key ukrainians and the democrats had tipp bigoted the job solomon last night for break story at it and i don't mean this to sound in any way pretentious but we
don't about and we were just all that's i warned you a couple weeks you are so good job for john so i told you solomon knows everything bank p those our story finally last night came out you may have missed it because the media's avoiding the story entirely but trust me its devastating let's get to examine enlargement we have to cover today shelf brought you bodies at harry's use the best razors out there listen i have big work schedule because i work in the morning recording this show that i work in the afternoon i get a break in i work again and night i can't afford to shave three four times a day i only want to shave once that's why i love harry's gives us a close shave out there and it is unquestionably the closest shape for the money lot of these companies over charge you know they put on a flexi balls and all this fancy step not areas this in in the ten million of dried harry's clay the trial offer today by going to areas that complex mancino harry's founders retired for all these gimmicks on their razors right you don't talk about joe space
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either in shave jello travel blade cover and losers and my show can redeem their trial senate harry's that calm bond gino make sure you gotta harry's that calm slash bungee to redeem your offer and let them know i sent you to help support we really appreciate you thing they knowingly let's go ok so john solomon puts out a piece yesterday with blows the lid off the big scandal i've been telling you about four seemingly e odds here we go headline the hell does john solomon joe biden twenty twenty ukrainian nightmare a close probe is revive ladies and gentlemen i've been trying to get across very long time that the democrats obsession with a smaller probe and if tension donald trump infected just collusion hoaxes is being done for reason it's not just that they hate dollar tromp so let's get
get the led out in a headline right away headline its democrat rather than a collusion scandal not republicans this is the real scandal from the john solomon peace ukrainian officials tell me there was one crucial piece of information that bind must have known but didn't mention was audience that only about a speech by it and gave to an audience where he talked firing a ukrainian prosecutor who is the equivalent of their attorney general the prosecutor he got five it took about biden was leading a wide ranging corruption probe into the natural gas firm charisma all things where do we hear that before that employ bindings younger son hunter as a board member it goes on u s banking records show hunter binds american base firm rosemont seneca partners llc receive regular transfers into one of its accounts usually more than a hundred and sixty six thousand a month from charisma from this
bring of twenty four team do the fall of twenty fifteen during a period when vice president biden was the main u s official dealing with ukraine and its tense relations with russia pollack keep this up one second please do you want what's the visuals of the show you go to youtube dotcom slashed by genome watches policies have to put the screenshots up on the screen for us spring of twenty fourteen let me read this sentence again because i'm gonna but our washington post headline in the second and now are you going to see why i've been talking about tourism seemingly forever hunter biden joe biden kid his american base firm is getting payments of one hundred and sixty six thousand dollars a month that began in the spring of twenty fourteen miss polly
but you know please if you wouldn't mind throw up this washington post headline what else happened in the spring of me fourteen april twenty first twenty fourteen biden arrives in ukraine to show you our support as crisis with russia continues how bout that year gnats fresh your ass back folks joe biden kid hunter was appointed to a natural gas ukrainian natural gas company whereas company was getting six figure sums per month as joe biden appointed by obama's appointment to ukraine they say
ukraine that as officials following information into the united states about trump this thing reeks of a quid pro quo all i've got more joe you sure you want to run for president not orbit cost by i know you're watching i know someone understand not our numbers yesterday somebody close to use watch it we had phenomena numbers on yesterday show are you or you want to run for president joe biden now with dear you're the general creeping stuff there you're comments about identity politics member there your we need the hearth clean guy clean obama's what you mean takes a shower i remember that member is talk when you're ok go into a duncan doughnuts without a slight india it actually joe biden mr identity politics jeez take it up your ass
good job back in chains joe biden joe have you ever explained away your sons appointment natural gas board charisma holdings where he's getting six you're sums while you i've an unquestionable conflict of interests being the point man for the obama administration on the ukraine russia crisis you don't think that's on all his six figure sum star piloted the minute you leave you create in the spring it twenty fourteen but let's focus on x files like a sobs fables about tromp in russia collusion it doesn't exist let's do that what a bunch of knuckle heads now this is study because the prosecutor he gets fired this guy victor show joe biden he brags about it but ladies and gentlemen listen
i don't know i don't know what to say about by because i want to be careful i've got definitely some unique input on this for various reasons by bright binds cut like a happy idiot but he's really not bright i mean i mean i don't mean like not bright i mean like not bright for what he's running for he wasn't smart enough to cover his tracks but as i believe it thought hilary would win and as a favor i'm staying out of the race against hilary when she ran against trop i believe biden was so convinced jewellery would win that they would bear all this stuff and biden could maybe run in eight years or whatever it was didn't happen yeah and now all fight stuff is coming out in the mainstream media is avoiding it like the play what are you i was going with us in the solomon which is in the shone out please read them go to budget come on humbly asking you described in my show knows i will email you these articles every morning paul i set up on the youtube screen just click subscribe on my website
within the peace solomon talks about a speech biden gave in front of a foreign policy cross group where is actually bragging about withholding as the point man for the obama administration a billion dollars in aid to ukraine unless they fire this prosecutor this is where this is the hope folks that was looking into abiden kids appointment with brazil by only now the initial set up there hundred binds appointment to burmese right after binds in ukraine bring ukrainian natural gas company we ve been cover enough forever i think we mention that joke six months ago that's it that's a running joe everything six months it but it was a long time ago i'm sure audience archives judy judy ask a figure that out for us he's really great but women doug represents for a very long time this was the hawk i did
on a broadcast until all of it came out i don't need to be first folks we just need to be right and i have always insisted deal with awake at another solomon i'm convinced knows the whole story so let's walk through what we have so far biden into bring of twenty forty confirmed visits the ukraine confirm washington post can very dubious there and that's that happen confirm his son spring of twenty fourteen after the visit starts receiving through his firm this month seneca six figured payments from a ukrainian natural gas from confirm biden confirm gives a speech on tape later on after he leaves office about he's got a prosecutor the affair effectively there attorney general in ukraine how we got him fired confirm his own words
it's now alleged than the solomon peace and this is what made on this bone right here that that same prosecutors looking into corruption and is looking it biden hunter biden and payments by this natural gas company bereavement ladies and gentlemen this is an explosive story and unlike the russian collusion hoax the tin bits and pieces this story are not anonymously sourced these this stuff actually happen now let's go on because it gets better parizade this is where it gets just to show you then work of corruption ladies and gentlemen all these people know each other more these people contribute to each other's well being with pats on the back
scratch user their head they all know each other tourism a holdings the company job itunes kid is appointed to that joe biden gets into the general fired for looking into the appointment in ukraine equivalent of their attorney general nah holdings right after the election partners up with where the council this is fascinating january i teeth of twenty seventeen the largest private gas producer crane forges a relationship with the new u s administration the atlantic council the united states and tourism a group the largest producer of it and the natural gas new creative signed a cooperation agreement atlantic council val of transatlantic programmes of tourism is support this is fascinating ladies and gentlemen because who funds the atlantic council this south let me just be clearer this sounds a whole lot to me like somebody
to make amends with who administration joe the trap administration that they didn't think it's gonna be the new administration we hired hunter biden thinking what hilary clay then we're going to be president now let's partner up with the atlantic council left we started developer relationships with this new admitted who else funds the who funds the atlantic council this is fascinating it was one of the larger funders to the atlantic council the guiding you're pincher we had again unlike rachel meadow and our conspiracy theories will actually put up evidence and show you their own press releases here's a release from victor pincher zone shop the victor pincher foundation paula highlighted first up on the screen the vintage victor pinchbeck foundation supports he lay at the council ukraine in europe initiative all while not great so natural gas
but he partners up what in the land of council funded by a guy named victor pinch of why is that interesting because who wear victor pincher a mega donor to owe it just happens to be the clinton foundation active jeff karlsson over at them its work it did a piece a little while ago on this and put a nice little victor pincher compilation together here this peace were march eleven twenty eighteen jeff karlsson victor pinch the clinton's and endless connections here a couple pieces from that couple tidbits from that peace by jeff karlsson that should fascinate number one although exact numbers are not clear reports or reports file by the couldn't foundation indicate that as much as twenty five million of pink charitable donations went to the clinton it a shared
why wait mad nice it goes on this is what's fascinating but clinton's throughout the next slide from that because we ve been people ran from their relationship from pin shook listen to this list are the clinton would try to distance themselves from pincher from a wash them examiner article emails made possible tuesday show ukrainian businessmen in major clinton foundation donor was invite did they hillary clinton home during the final year or diplomatic tenure gee i wonder what they were talking about despite our spokesman insistence that twenty fourteen that the donor cross pass with every amidst scrutiny of clinton's ties pinned shook and twenty fourteen the democratic nominee spokesmen nixon nick morale said pincher can never met with during that time he told them new york times from january twenty two thousand nine february first twenty thirteen the ukrainian
this man was never honours schedule despite email showing he was at her house and donated twenty five million to the collective found o show me the tantric shop that's why it out let's reverse engineer this so now can m biden gives a speech indicating he pressured ukraine to fire a prosecutor who sell its peace indicators walking into his sons appointment to ukrainian company made it happened right after biden visits ukraine in april twenty fourteen confirm binds pressuring them category this guy he admits to wit the city it in a speech i'm telling you this guy's not bright he's not break the company's appointed to
do the election in what i believe is pincher can some donors trying to greece the skin with the new administration in the truck administration they didn't see come in forms a relationship with the atlantic council in atlanta council funded by who is the clinton donor and a friend of the acquaintance well they now deny it why are they running from it here's where it gets really interesting the atlantic also which hunter binds company be sitting on the board of that's being investigated are biden once fired a court solomons peace this atlantic council has some interesting members one of those interested members
is a woman by the name of evelyn farkas evelyn farkas the atlantic council february nineteenth twenty sixteen former deputy deputy assistant secretary of defence evelyn farkas joins z the council as a non resident senior fellow wait who was evelyn far guess what region which is responsible for all russia ukraine and eurasia under the bob administration why is evelyn farkas interesting how she fit into this story of biden putting pressure on a ukrainian prosecutor to resign who according to these reports and looking into his kid whose working for a company that now as a partnership with the same atlantic council evelyn farkas as a part of why he's ever lived
because even matter here because evelyn farkas gave up all the cookies on msnbc a long time ago about back to the lead folks was there a quid pro quo amongst the obama administration officials doing favours for ukraine who were passing information ukrainians at his back to the united states against donald trump and used to spy on him here a clump of evelyn farkas and i want you to notice at the end she talks about leaks the sovereign msnbc she talks about leaks but most importantly sheet about how she didn't want the trump administration to know how they were getting their information she was the deputy assistant secretary defence in charge of ukraine play this cut
i was urging my former colleagues and and frankly speaking the people on the hill now it was more actually gained aimed at telling the whole people get as much information as you can get as much intelligence as you can before president obama leaves the administration because i had a fear that somehow that information would disappear with this evening we knew what we knew about their the staff the trump staffed dealing with russians that they found out how we knew what we knew about their the staff the trump staffs deal what the russians that they would try compromise those sources and methods meaning we would no longer have access to that intelligence so became very worried because not enough was coming out into the open and i knew that there was more we have very good intelligence on russia so then i had talked to some of my former colleagues and i knew that they were trying to also help get information to the hill
going on today mark you of the weak large her former colleagues she's out the atlanta council talking to former colleagues in the state department i received the french department responsible for ukraine she's talking a former colleague if she's telling us that's how she's getting me information and their to the media do you realize what you that by the way is an eye contact for all the wrong reasons media appears that we ve played on this show no less than probably five ten times because fork is gives up everything the ukrainians were giving us information on trump and that we're leaving it to the media and giving up today as you talked about people on the trump step what was the information or laid out in my books by gay all of it there's like two or three chapters on this
q ukrainian officials were working with the dna sees alexander kaluza she worked at the democratic national committee ukrainians are giving our information on metaphor who is able lobbyists in the country metaphor gets hired by the trump team and all of a sudden key ukrainian official start following information in court sorry the creating and media personality turned politician who now he always under investigation by ukraine for impact for trying to affect our election who we or who works for fusion gps the producer of that majority admitted was one of our source you understand what i is admitted here basically a foreign or make colluded with us to pass information on about the trump team we leave it to the media in conjunction for what hunter binds appointment
on the parisian aboard folks do you understand are devastating this is we're collusion scandals real it's just not the players you think between key ukrainians and the democrats obama administration farkas admit it is he admits they were basically getting information from ukraine we notice now now yours admitted in which she worked for fusion they put heather dossier one of our resources was certainly the shank of ukraine alexander trooper we now know its foot noted in my book is working with ukraine since you are feeding our information she leaves the dnc later to work on the matter for project it is then baneful ties to ukraine
that are used as a launching pad to leap frog trop russia collusion follow me once man affords hired by the trumpet man afford as already been used in a russian collusion fairytale in two thousand eight i can guess i can't say this enough they hit john mccain when he was running against both hilary and obama for president john mccain with the same charges because of its size to man afford and mad affords business partner they tried this before it didn't go anywhere is bush was president there was no pfizer spying on john mccain obama's present
they try it again this time may abuse the pfizer courts and they use a predicate as the dossier this is the reason we should spiral whose a key figure in the dossier manner for whose investigating man afford ukraine and who are they giving it to alexander chill luca and state department officials and clearly people like that guess you seem read in who are linking it to the media there using the media reports to buttress the dossier about bad effort but the man gosh you had already been written in two thousand and seven with the famous glenn jameson married you call me wall street journal peace current simpsons there under a fusion gps he'd already read this movie script about matter for which they tried and two thousand eight and tried with more success against tromp and twenty sixteen the movie scripted already been written conclusions real ukraine
the un's or shuttling information into the united states as hunter binds getting a blush appointment six figure dollars if the risk but he are you crazy and natural gas company right after biden leaves and binds dumb enough to admit what investigation was opened up in ukraine that he held a what billion dollar u s taxpayer payment to ukraine over their heads until they fired the prosecutor do you believe this stupid leave the level of corruption we're talking about here i can't it's it's so city stunning standing ladies and gentlemen this was clearly a quid pro quo here's usaid there's information going back into the united states you see i want these players are connected
pin shocks are clinton don't he knows the clint zat our house funds the atlantic council atlantic council hires farkas as far this on board farkas goes on tv says airs keeping track of my former colleagues as you know we don't want to administration no out we were getting information prosecutor what can i do now your admits they're getting information from ukraine undergrowth prosecutor starts looking at the hunter appointment in a ukrainian gas natural gas company biden pressures and they get fired by these two point man for ukraine and by the way the atlantic council for me it later council to the chief technology officer of crowd try dmitri our pair but was the company i run likely that was brought into the decency to investigate the hack many were the ones at the time there was the russians based on what they thought was a footprint of an app there
tat for ukrainian artillery positions that turned out later on to be bogus folks corruption here is so so bad so bad this is what they really hide you now see that the straps the convenient mahler probe into collusion it didn't exist which we entirely debunk yesterday mahler engaged in a six hundred plus day which are to keep the attention off of this that i bought eve only stopped because bill bar and matthew whittaker took over the judge of the justice department jes jeff session two requests himself that's the only reason mothers probe even shut down they would have kept this going forever to keep what i just told you out of the news you need to read that solomon peace is the most important thing you read today send the shown us i i want to just recap the stricken move i got bunch
the stories you get through that are super important but that i promise you you haven't been wasting your time here we ve been on this forever got more by the way on it that i'm holding back that includes which i'll get to let me just tease it because i don't know when exactly i'm gonna get to it i'm waiting on some stuff but invite the u dot s ambassador over there as well marie jovanovic and a guy in the state department by the name of george kent i'll get to that soon to this is ugly folks really ugly alright today show but you by bodies policy genius can you believe it already april cash time is have a funny way of getting in the way european mortgage kids or anyone depending on your income you're gonna have to spend some of that precious time getting life insurance policy geniuses the way i got so it's easy to use
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in this is easy saves money and not of a labour the point but it's fast policy genius darkened policy genius stockholm go check him out in our policy james ok against just summing up what this this has been a distraction the analysis every distraction the whole time and joe biden needs to answer a bunch of questions in this as well this segment when travelled over the spring it twenty fourteen to ukraine is documented by the wash imposed when travelled over there was there any discussion what's about you firing a prosecutor we're we were aware that prosecutor may have been looking into or over any time after twenty forty are you aware that prosecutor after that had been looking into issues with your sons point me to a ukrainian natural gas company did europe
sure to fire him later i have anything to do with that investigation they give you a little wicked and a here were there any files that went missing files it may have had information about your sons appointment to burmese quid pro quo as potential corruption what did the u s ambassador now marie ivanovitch what is the eu s embarrassed i ve been telling people in ukraine about president trop she'd been telling me go to ignore president drop that he's gonna be gone soon he's gonna be impeached there are members of course you know about this folks this is gonna get really really bad for the democrats there is the collusion scandal out there is just
not the one you heard about all right moving on i got a lot of news yesterday and today has been busy and by the way i want to thank you all out there on a very serious note who sent me emails facebook messages beats the aims you name it after we discuss dead just briefly at the end the yesterday show my friend within addiction problem and how you will all always have a home here chemicals the sea is a nightmare and i just wanted you to know yesterday that i'm here for you people care about you and you know god can baby you and i appreciate that your messages to me impala on email where we respond the two as many as we could telling you know we read them all and they are really touching thank you for sure your story and i mean exactly what i said you will always have a home here it's been in my family and i
of you god loves you man hang in there you can beat this you're better than this you are i know it so thank you for your messages they were really heartfelt impala let me see sitting right outside one minced she's like you please you need sell that through the audience because she was getting kind of choked up last night written some people story so thank you for sharing the details of your struggle it means a lot us ok moving on sites or love it means a lot to me so i was interesting story in the wall street journal today about our liberal new york just keeps going down the wrong path and i you know i've read this story and it's a topic i bring up often it is sensitive to me about the difference between red states and blue stays primarily because the show is in evidence of joe see and joe right now up on a camera joe is up in maryland the hi tech state that really is run by liberals as a republican governor but liberals run the entire state show you degree riding it then they have near soup
majorities everywhere the counties are all run by liberals i lived in a was a beautiful place to live i lived in new york is well pretty much must my don't live now i live in florida some always fascinating most suited me fascinated stories about the disparities between how people think about the ideological policies have littoral states versus reds dates back down your florida and how facts just always get in the way of stupid liberal arguments and they just can't accepted so ears peace in the wall street journal today it's it's really interesting it's it's called if you want to check it out by the mandatory board when tax the rich isn't enough now the gist of the story andrew cuomo far left governor and brother to chris cuomo cnn son to mario cuomo former governor over there how they ve not only gone but now they ve gone far left any talks about all these new taxing proposals can estralla pricing in new york there's now a you know i've its i was thinking about at one point
i said to my wife a few years back maybe we should by a place up in new york you know and my wife is doing you were now what are you crazy they imply place up in new york they did you know you going to get taxed in the death of you now what happened they institute a millionaire home tax or something is like a special sir tax for selling your house so new york never given up on liberal policy now despite the fact that these liberal policies are kicking people in the tea for number snippet from this peace uses fastenings i've lived about mr de napoli he's talking about the guy's analyzing the budget increase puts the increase in the budget nearly four sent double the inflation rate talk about the new york city new york state budget increase spending medicated health care will rise three point six percent to a total of ninety six billion here's rickets fastenings these rather florida add one point seven five million more residents in new york last year but its total budget was eighty eight
point seven billion folks the new year city budget is one hundred thirty five billion we have almost two million more residence and we spend between defending are you calculate the budget off budget on budget items we spend twenty two forty billion less dollars occurs on denmark claim in new york that are making fun there profligate government spending by taxing the rich but affluent new york you're now fleeing other states the states income tax revenue came in point three billion dollars below the forecast mr quabo boy in the shortfall on the twenty seventy federal tax reforms salt deduction but the rest of the country shouldn't have to subsidize new york spending and mr quabo woke cut taxes folks stories like this are fascinating because it it speaks to the beach
lead thirty thousand foot bird's eye view of liberalism liberalism and liberals talk a big game but their actions are completely different it's what you do it matters and what liberals are doing is fleeing new york in droves the taxable income base in new york is shrinking because people are successful rich urban liberals who talk about liberalism and obama biden bernie and love em to death when actually subjected to their liberal policies are fleeing the state the only thing popular about new york right now is escaping from it i can't say this enough it's snake publicity
economics here sir your younger folks out the snake pushkin was nineteen seventeen movie where curb russell places character who s to go rescue the president from new york which is a prison colony and they have to escape from new york the title it's a classic josiana bobby the hundred that great move still good even now escape from new york that is the only thing the debt the commonality with new york is people are trying to leave it so i want to make to take two here that are taking for you number one liberalism works why you're liberalism why are liberals fleeing liberalism and mass the tax base is shrinking these rich urban leads don't want liberalism because they're leaving it and are going to florida and taxes which are not liberal but secondly how is it
better state spends between twenty and forty billion dollars on fewer people than florida government services that are so often people leave them you said you you get my point so you're you're take away another what is it we love liberalism if you're alive as we love high taxes big government big government spending and far less policies well you're wrong on that because you're leaving but your second point is that high taxes are good government spending good because it leads to more efficient services that if these were provided by the free market well that's not true either people are leaving in droves from new york and are complaining about the government services all the time the subways are broken the pensions are broke the streets are full of particles
the envy of lines eight hours long folks i don't know making sweeping statements about single subject designs and my personal experience but i live in florida florida taxes its people at a fraction of what new york does and spends a fraction of what new york doesn't it bigger population i kid you now i was in and out of the dm here hear and martin county when i got my license in probably forty five minutes my hand gun permit a half an hour while the role down here are beautiful i don't i haven't seen parliament was the last time you saw a possible i'm not kidding seriously like never
five years because she's never say i've never seen a bottle down here i'm not getting the schools are pretty good working on some improvements but a pretty good and yet florida spends less so both of your library points the ethos the credo you live by are totally free of and you're a hypocrite we look liberalism is great then why are you leaving secondly government services are it was always you tax people more know you're leaving to avoid the taxes and your government services stink because people don't even the government services enough to stay behind and take advantage of them even though they already paid for them why scam for the amount of money you're paying in new york for a service government that you can't get away from quick enough as evidenced by the numbers p on the florida emerson we have our problems down here it's not utopia
i don't wanna be dramatic the florida is this you sort of text and other places as well but amount of money you're paying in new york for a service government that you can't get away from quick enough as evidenced by the numbers people can't leave their quick enough the boy you're getting clearly does make you happy enough to even stay behind and then you come to florida involve for that crap down here it's incredible there the dual matters do actions matter europe before i get to the captain america chris evans to revise wanting quickly joe brought this up less weaken or the week before or six months ago you brought up joe we were chat and and and and i know you you always you like this issue there is a difference between implicit explicit knowledge yes it's also a difference between the due in the talk right you bet and in europe
i do i know this may seem like an awkward sacred but it's it's important for me to get this out there this is the difference between liberals and conservatives right it's not just that they talk a big game they do it and in doing their knowledge and doing you know the example i always give as you know michael jordan in my opinion is the greatest basketball player of all time but michael jordan was gifted i mean actually give that he's a phenomenal businessmen to very charitable guy he lives not for me down here and i believe and jupiter jupiter around to get home then but something michael jordan the world don't make great coaches because never had a struggle in learning a like someone less talented would be it's not a knock on george please don't take this the wrong way jordan was a and a wearable hard work but there's no question that jordan had natural skills joe and hide out because without saying for joy would it be one amelia the vote jordan was john would have
dedicate his entire life to basketball trade in doing that job with learn little tricks of the trade that a guy like jordan may not because you didn't to develop these short cuts and this and these have become just came natural i get to sign a knock on george but doing matters and enjoy we're doing that and learning these things you learn thing they do matters liberals don't believe deeply there they exist completely in a world of ideas they give faintly things are real world experience it off badal buteux as talker poles who has no real world experience in anything bakers thereby why because you type a world of emotion and ideas all that's great to do matters let me another example of why conservatives we believe in doing get our fingers dirty under the finger nails to start
i want to hear from people like joe who ve done stuff i wanna hear from attics you ve tripped over themselves at some point and rescued themselves from the horrors of addiction what it did together i don't need a policy walk i need that guy i want to corporate ruth pay the taxes on a small business yard while we passed is every day in building a house what he thinks of the business environment and floor i don't need a think tank or from the atlantic council you know we started this video pod guess about a month ago we ve been working on a forever for like six months actually probably we have almost no help in it it was me joe paula and a guy named read that was it and every day we learn little tricks as you can tell paul i ve been doing this and figuring out new ways to get the graphics up but we ve been doing stuff
do matters you know what i mean we want to show you a little trick we learned by doing not talking like liberals you see this folks thence a microphone that's alive my you know what it's connected to i want to show you your frame of me and my wife you like wild dan operation is now the second biggest conservative parties in the country you attach a lab might to a picture of your wife and you you know i do that because it worse because when i connected to my collar we found out or in the show that the lab mike would fall inside the collar remember gruber you sounded like charlie brown teacher you know what else we just figured out that my wife was a perfectionists than i love her efforts at she's u gotta take off their white shirt i usually never wear white on the show why because if you look on this green right now it looks like there's something coming out of my left ear
it's a shadow for my wife and i said paul and now i'm back take it off because we corporate this into the show because we do stuff now i learned not to do this again liberals just talk we were we built this me joe paula we built and we learn little tricks to give you a good product liberals write books about podcast video case we do it we're conservatives we pick up the map and map the floors we don't write books about it were the ones who built the we didn't write books about the geometry of the house we don't need the atlantic council i was a cop on the street acts we saw what liberalism does the decimate communities i don't need a lecture about it be proud yourself being part of the dew side not the talks i speak another talk side chris evans
captain america captain bs now this can really i've no tolerance for this guy at all any more he does charity working as separately by plot and for that i mean that but this guy is clueless he's a hollywood act replace cap that american and he's theirs hurry up and legal insurrection which is interesting i put up in the show knows that captain in america guys that now is not being is done doing cap that america historical captain america star chris evans discusses starting a liberal political website the website is gonna be for a quote empathetic citizens say where we go joe epithet chris habits of all be telling but in framing the argument again in turn if you're on his side of politics and again i mean it i applaud is charity which very nice when he does for kids and stuff like that but on the politics i noticed what he's doing here it comes if you're not a liberal he's framing missing i'm of million jobs that it's not just the chris evans and i and other
conservatives listening to the show have disagreements about how to get to a more prosperous tomorrow if you disagree with him you're not an empathetic citizen these website this the way a brilliant move on his part troubling ridiculous absurd and offensive but it is a brilliant tactical move the democrats are notorious for this getting out of the way although the dew and into the world of ideas and at an happily chatter and moral framing i'm gonna start a website for empathetic citizens as if joe you and i because we're conservators don't care about the environmental care about children don't care about these are nonsense talking points there diversions their diversions and its framing the argument not in terms of ideas about how to get to a better tomorrow but in turn
of whose morally superior and whose not with all due respect to charity work i'm not interested at all at all in a lecture by a wealthy hollywood actor about how he is dance of empathy easy only sense of empathy the matters you know what apathy is allowing for and we spend the money they are on their own families empathy is alarming kids to go to school around choice apathy is not so acting citizens of a country to a health care bureaucratic who rations their health care to death that's empathy gimme this crap about empathetic citizens get in a world of the dew chris go work garbage some carpenters and some former erratic seven talk to them have now become conservatives and trumps supports maybe you'll see the other side what real empathy looks like tiredness lectures manders sick me the ale see crowd i'll get to that in a second
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so here is a yo see a talking about the republic in efforts to keep sdr from re election drafty are had already passed when our party was baldest talent new deal the great society of civil rights act and so on we had and carried it super majorities in the house in the senate we carried the presidency they had a man the constitution of the united states to make sure roosevelt did not get real acted and will you know there are so many extra ordinary things that were happening in that time we're uniting working people gee i don't even know where to start with this you know i i i i guess be disingenuous to say we're not doing it to poke fun but i'm not on it this ensures i'm really doing this to point out the fact that your listening to representative ok
your cortez she's becoming it lecturer leader of a movement that says things that make no intellectual sense and ideas that are the army is dead two years after they passed the amendment limiting the president the two terms he was dead he had already passed but what was it the ghost after your there was on about how did robot this is just dumb republicans out pass an amendment to stop after from being reelected again despite the fact that it was already dead folks this doesn't make any sense gosh you liberal friends you listen everybody slips and i'll be fair to her and give you heard the fence be saying well i was in response to multiple elections by sdr that he'd one and even though he was dead with i'm i'm i don't know i'm until i give her the benefit of the doubt but the constant
foot and mouth nonsense about it's gonna the billion dollars to green new deal but why should we worry about money you mean we spent money on you know nine eleven we should be spending money a porter riga white folks this is dangerous stuff mr case yo cortez as this power and enormous following then she zog yesterday what a tweet complaining about croissant prices in the guardia but i'm not kidding we can't payment wage but a question is seven dollars my guys to croissant is seven because of minimum wage why are you it's precisely that costs imposed pod employers in the guardia airport at a monopoly on business and other left this thing they love monopolies that did you do with seven dollar class all
le guardia at all it is unbelievable she'd never puts to do together and people five this is our people maduro and others gettin charge they talk again now and they do but they talk about these big emotionally touched ideas always evil republic is how to stop after he was dead all a woman's make fifteen dollars now or in the guardia but of course saw these seven dollars all europe but then you when you take the ideas that it is well documented that the cost of employment are passed on to consumers i want to do any the homework twenty nine years old i want to do to overhear she wants the leap what a radio revolution based on anything she feels like throwing around it i think she says makes any sense always pathetic
i hear the final story the day i met you strides in effect to you a little while ago with relationship with regards to go on twitter how whenever twitter tries to shut someone down the strata a cakes and this has recently happened with this movie on plan get there and say what tries in effect barbershop is there a long time ago at last is reported in that take pictures of our house well what happened of course after that every but he took pictures of her house and the irony in all these barbarous tries interest wouldn't have said anything that nobody would have taken pictures ass it all probably at heads it's called the stress innovate bringing attention to something asking someone not to do something or trying to limited and by doing that you create attention they wouldn't have gotten in the first place well twitter seems patently unfamiliar with this rise in effect as they continue to step on their own units here by its themselves over
what happened this movie unplanned which i bought tickets to yesterday policy so that on the credit i'm all to go out by tickets go see the movie if you can't supported anyway we have to do that folks we gotta conservative ali would go smoothly plan which is about the horrors of plant parenthood is kicking but if the box office doubled expectations we have a p up on gino dot com about it the irony of this is twitter their trial claim it was an accident but shut down the account four unplanned the movie despite it being open for awhile right before its release in a movie theory you know they are twitter always has an excuse folks its nonsense but again this thing back far away once it shit by conservatives like us was was brought we wrote peace a bunch you know that come about it and do not take credit for others twitchy and hides a conservative outlets row pieces about it the unplanned twitter account exploded now i believe us as many or if not more
followers implant paranoid itself so again gentlemen we when they lose please go out support them really important go see it's really critical yeah right now some months has now make part simpson falls out of the tree nelson months here i think i broke my arm nelson here but you can i say i love now by the serbs i ate cartoons but the citizens whose body was good step i folksteads ever tuna really appreciated police please subscribe to my youtube channel youtube dotcom slash bond gino check out the videos i think you really like impala puts a lot of work into more the visual side please scribes you are audio pod gas on itunes view have sent phone i enjoyed or others you can subscribe and i heard a radio sound cloud it is free at no cost to you we really appreciate the subscriptions i which really bone
the charts right yesterday we were number five on the top charts on itunes which is itunes which is pretty incredible that's all thanks to you can't thank you i folks i see again about you just ten bungee knows you can also get dance podcast soon itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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