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This Isn’t a Protest Anymore, This is an Insurrection (Ep 1263)

2020-06-01 | 🔗

This isn’t a protest anymore, this is an insurrection. In this episode I address the protests which have been hijacked and have now evolved into an insurrection. 

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Ready to hear the truth about America on a show that not immune to the banks with your host Dan, bon jour, Ladys germinal. Ordinarily, we start to show on a Monday afternoon Began to long news, we again makes it to be here and why I am happy to talk to you. Exciting would be a the wrong word for this moment. So I welcome the damage. Your show? How are you today they are not normally, I would say, happy Monday, but I gotta tell you, then the devil was afoot. He is afoot. It's hard to be happy on these Monday Zadig going down there. I got near so I'm gonna get right into it. We have a lot to talk about many of you ve seen through my appearances on Fox NEWS. Is we again a lot to talk about, and this is gonna, be, I believe, an important show. So I pure state today shows branch of by friends over it. Omaha stakes, fathers days come up so give that they give to you
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Sausages and other favorites perfect for grilling premium premium, poultry in port, tasty and easy to make side. This is no work, one step, family meals, it's really delicious. My family loves it. We eat it often much much more too. Right now, the fathers they packages are ready to order and ready to ship, and many include free shipping in a free pound of stay, cut, Bacon, Namaste delivers guarantee quality and safety with every order, so send daddy. The food he loved, the sheer visit, Omaha stakes, dot, com, tied, Bonn, GINO, be Owen gee. I know in the search bar shop for fathers day today, no we're not stop and that no matter what I don't care, what happens? We're not stop, and that both? That's? U bed that. I need to know that there's some sense of normal see in this world and we're gonna try to try to keep our heads straight. Firefox, let me start by saying what's happening right now is no longer a protest. This isn't a protest anymore. What happened Mr Floyd?
sadly been sidelined? That protest is now at protests, part has now been sidelined this is now an insurrection that protein has been hijacked by both Antigua. Regular street criminals, shriek women- I was just how banned on chaos who have I'd line these protesters in their God, given right to assemble in protest and petition the government, their constitutional rights, have been tramped onto trampled, aren't you. They are not our enemies, the criminals and the anti for folks are we Had a moment a genuine moment of national unity, where my police officer friends, even some of my liberal friends, I still have from New York in Maryland when I lived in a blue state, my conservative friends, Well agreed. What happened to Mr Floyd with an injustice that needed to be rectified rectified? Do a systemic, orderly, judicial, just disoriented process, that's gone now
has been wide clean. What you're witnessing now make no mistake, over selling this. For a fact, I'm not interested folks. I've got a pit, my stomach I've had all day genuinely anxious, and really five for the future is country. What you're witnessing right now is an insurrection. I'm not kidding, though There's been training for this for a long time. This not random? This is not an accident. I've been in communication with law enforcement, friends of mine across the spectrum all weekend. I do mean to scare any of you, I'm hopefully going to leave you with a bit of an optimistic note. In the end, the show today, but it would be irresponsible, symbol for me to not warn you what's going on right now will beat it well beaten back, I'm sure of it Here's the communications, I've been getting from people and law enforcement who know what's going on many,
These attacks, specifically one at the White House there being organised. By known anti for members. Of course, that's not a surprise to many of you but it is a surprise to people in the media who keep insisting anti for some ragtag bunch of lunatics who just happened to fall into spot DC at the same time together and throw a few bottles that is not what's happening. Right now, These are known, documented, anti for organizers, who have trained in civil disruption and civil attack tactics, to create six, you may civil disturbance, attack tactics. They are moving around the White House and a strategic fashion. This is not a joke there being or nice by previously identified Antigua rioters and people who experience in civil disruption, is not a joke. This isn't anarchy crowd, focused on Ass in destruction do not fall and fall prey to the full.
Media narrative, now that President tromp, if you miss that this weekend has thankfully declared antifraud terrorist group, they are now designated as exactly what they are. Is a known fascist at First amendment work is terrorist group they have been a terrorist group since their inception. This is not an anti fascist group. That is their front. This is an eighty first amendment, eighty free speech, anarchy group. They are the fascists from my Friends, they have been organizing simultaneous attacks from multiple different directions. Thankfully, the p responding in the secret service and in police departments around the country. In some cases not all have been allowed to do their thing and have repair some of them. I say not all, because many police departments, due to awful awful leadership succumb to political pressure, has been allowing the looters the thieves
terrorists in Antigua to take control of their cities and it's a damn, shame. Play. German. Let me walk through first, what's happening with the widest I'm going to play some videos, I'm going to keep the volume low cuz, I'm going to talk over some of them and it's important. We had tear gas to play. White House. Ladies and gentlemen, you see this right here. This is video. Taken last night, not far from the White out, you're gonna have to disperse these Eventually, if this continues, ladies and gentlemen, this is the kind of ass. We are witnessing in America right now. Now again not. One of these people is an anarchist. Not every one of these people is a terrorist that everyone is a criminal. Some of them have an obvious interest in a protest of what we also has an injustice with Mr Floyd again, that's over now. I'm sad to tell you that it horrifies meeting. That way. You're movement has been hijacked and its now on you and I'm ready. To this end a minute. This is really three distinct groups right now I've got a lot to talk about these
which have now turned its rights, are now three distinct groups. They don't have a common interest matter fact, many of whom have conflicting interests. We have to take advantage of that President trumpets thanks we activated military police units around the White House. Ladies and gentlemen, on the perimeter at least, we just don't have enough he's there there's the white ass. You can watch a video listening on audio the White House, a massive crowd in front of it. There are military police units and others forming hard line in front of the White House where they will not let people pass their throwing fire works at him. Ladies and gentlemen, this happening in our country right now snipe is a disaster. The night before was a disaster than I performers and even bigger disaster he's gotta, stop we're gonna get control of this. Now you can see the videos you'd like you at my video, show at Youtube COM such bond. We appreciate, if you check him out, you need this What's going on right now now
in addition to this unrest. Ladies and gentlemen, this is hit me there might This is me, and my guide pretty hard I was an agent. I spent a lot of time in Saint John Church across from the White House many view bent to the wider. No the church and talk about the yellow building. It's a small charges on a large church. It's been there for freons. Almost every modern present his attended services there. On Sunday you know many times I stood posts that church were present, Bush and President Obama was, is what happened to the church last night. You can hear calving whore the Box news reporting from outside it down with ease and animal law set the place on fire. This is awful. The damage, thankfully, is not catastrophic. I saw something similar. It was barrier and I see it. What are you doing is definitely a fire. This is it
Cherish office which is the same church. Barack Obama and George Bush want to ask the same church. President Trump went too so that the same Urge Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan once you, what are you doing right? you doing in this city in Washington DC. Now, though, that there is anything we can do to put that, I didn't see it in a single issue. I said Postman that church many times so beautiful place history. There incredible. I remember sittin in that church with President Bush went, I'm thinking gosh, how many? I'm in a national leaders have walked through these doors and sat in that very see. Now all I'm thinking about the damage done and all the historical artifacts in there could have been destroyed. If this again worse folks, I got kids man. This is a joke. This is
Who is an insurrection thinking about it is anything more at this point is a catastrophic miscalculation. I'm gonna give you some steps to fix this in a minute. I hope the President's listening. Can you say on an optimistic note for a moment cause I don't want to show to be entirely macabre folks we can get through. This is a test. I spoke to a friend of mine, the radio business not at liberty this, but you ve, probably figure out who is great guy and, I said,
you know this is a test and he said to me: yeah. The Romans were tested to they failed. The Persians were tested, they failed, the Greeks were tested, they failed, the ottomans were tested, they fell. We can't fail. The nation candidly folks, if you make an approach pure probability equation, we shouldn't even exist it was no reason we should have one that Revolutionary war, the we're insurmountable insurmountable facing the worlds just most powerful army and we won. The war of eighteen, twelve, so Stories we tell you, we only came out of the other side of that because of the fortuitous look of a rainstorm in DC.
We should shouldn't one that either probability with dictated to that damage we would have been lost to a civil war or the strife Six these another that happened. We came through it all stronger. I believe With all my heart, with every ounce of my soul and be at this country's been touched, the hand of God that we're here. For a reason, it's not probability. It's not logistics. It's not the mastery of certain military tactics. Sometimes we blown, it is because it is because God wants us to be here and he's testing us right. Now we ve passed those tests in the past against insurmountable odds will pass this task to, but we're gonna have to step up now, Do not ready to leave it's time to step aside into the protesters. I understand I've spoken about the case.
Lloyd, but I'm very sorry that protest. You been hijacked other ways to do this. Knocking on doors, for your preferred. Political candidates are not here to tell you not to do that. Go organized groups, your neighbors and talk to the police department sit down. I have a very close relationship with it. These are my community. I talked to him all the time. They'll, listen to you But understand your movements been hijacked now sought. A protest anymore. I wish it were. This is an insurrection. I don't want to clear up something. First too, conspiracy, theory floating around the internet about me and my shell, which has many Mattel Polar Joe about this, have been so busy I'm in next. I want to get to these three groups,
what's going on right now, these three groups involved in these incidents and how we can fix this and take advantage by first identifying these three groups. If you watch me on fox this morning with Steve Duty on Fox and friend, you got kind of a preview of this first saw in regard to this conspiracy. There police officer, children involved in the incident with Mr Floyd in his death he was not on my shawl. Ladies and gentlemen, someone created a fake, I am db page and put that he was a guest on the ambition GINO showed this is a hoax. My library of shows is out there for all of you to see. This is a hoax. People have been tweeting about it, it is a hoax. My guess is This trolls set it up to embed, The show embarrass others that I dont know this man from Adam you can listen. Every interview show I dont know Dan shouted over know what to say his name. Not been on the show. I I thought that was obvious, but some people are
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besides that authority, that right is not dependent medical views are not speaking in any kind of a condescending Joe. I know you all know this, but a lot of these People are legitimate protesters, TAT are out there exercise, constitutional right in authority. That's group, one group number two. Sadly, you are people of infiltrated issue, a regular street criminals, no morals or ethics and not aspire to be found anywhere. They will take advance. You're the first sense of chaos to leverage that opportunity when rich themselves and benefit themselves. They don't care anything else and, if you're here, to make excuses for them. Like some of the liberal media people who watch my show Dan, their downtrodden They are poor. I get that societal poverty has been a big problem that we ve been trying to solve for a very long time through free markets, an opportunity. But let me tell you something by wife: grew up dirt porn. Streets of Colombian am I talking about South Carolina. I grew up above a bar at sea
the fourth place and Myrdal Avenue. Believe me, there was not the Beverly Hilton Sophia suggests to me that poverty is an excuse to burn down a building, potentially kill someone attack, someone in the street or steal their livelihood and destroy their business, get the blank of my show now. You're not welcome here. You are not welcome here. I don't want your view. Who's, your download your listens or anything else. I never once in my life had the inclination. Despite the poorest times, I've lived my life and my wifi. There, too, someone in the face for no reason: a burn, their store down, Otis The other livelihoods, that's the second group your soul, free spine, free street criminals, who king advantage of this situation. These groups interests are not aligned, your third group
and the most dangerous are these anti for thug terrorists. They are terrorists They have now been designated a terrorist group- that's important let anyone tell you this is meaningless. It's not, although this state departmental typically, Engage in designating a group of foreign group terrorist president trumps allocation of this gas- of this scientific group of thugs, as terrorists will ensure that we get the FBI on its toes the start. The gate in them is a coordinated terrorist operation. They are. This is not meaningless. I dont care, whatever This tells you that was toothless. It isn't let's get through the solutions here, because these three groups, ladies and gentlemen, the up the protesters, the criminals and anti for Their interests are not a lie. To show you a video and a second of how their interests are and align the protesters,
gentlemen Ladys. Germany have legitimate grievances, these people in their again, whether Believe or agree with those grievances and how they express them or not. If they are peaceful protesters, they believe legitimate and watch The video a Mr Floyd that was disturbing they. The right to show up at the speak, their mine. Their interests are not the interests of the criminals and protestors which have hijacked dead moment. And made this conversation about. Mr Floyd, secondary to now would have become full blown riots in an insurrection. The protests wanting to solve this problem or try to fix it. They are the friends of the criminals or the eighty four folks legitimate protesters. You don't believe me we play this video of in a tea for animal, trying to break up a sidewalk in Washington DC to get rocks to throw the cops
seeing the video he's got a hammer he's breaking up the sidewalk and what happens its tackled by a bunch of people who are peacefully protestors, who tackle this job. What loser dip wad piece of human garbage Drag him out of there with his fate black mass gone and its dopey glasses and hand over the cops you promptly arrest him. It's happening it's happening everywhere. It needs to happen more. There are both black. And white business owners and liberal cities who are starting to figure out quickly that their legitimate gripes against the police, whatever think happens and their communities Some legitimate again, some that there's been some miss formation about what the cops do out. There is well some of are turning and turning Thirdly, on these people, I have seen a number of videos and that this problem Gonna, put a smile on your face and make you feel any better, because there's not enough of these, but they are there. I'd play him all day, I could, but I'm limited on time. There are
numerous videos out there about black and white. Business owners confronting these people front of their businesses. And telling them. This is not the path here. This is not we're supposed to be doing fortunately, some of whom have got this not be madmen, brutally and ruthlessly attack for doing so. The protein there's interests are not those of the criminals and Antigua, and I'm begging, if you are one of those protestors who is genuine concern about what happened to Mr George Floyd. Then turn these people and don't let them allow them, don't allow them for a second to hijack what you're doing discrediting this entire movement and what you're doing now we ve J. I just showed you the video these protesters. Turning on a deeper
Ladies gentlemen, criminals are doing this to criminals. Their interests are not those of anti for either, because these Antigua folks are causing it's right burning down these neighborhoods. Some of these criminals actually live in two, not absolving the responsibility Do you have to understand that if you are a local jerk, why who thinks he's just gonna. Loot walk out of their succumb to these anti for people to understand these are domestic terrorist that are full trading, your neighbour, the burning down. Where are you, wake up. You may say: well what can the F b? I do. Well again solutions protesters. You need to turn on these people, quick these criminals and eighty four types. Second, the FBI needs today Kapital legally tee for right now,. They need to be shut down. This is
terrorist organization. There is no longer any question committed to an insurrection and the cool with the United States that the media is defending them. The liberal media should tell you everything you need to know this these storm trooper tactics of far left this. These are their front line shock troops Antigua Quote David Rob on Twitter, who is right onto them? There is a reason radical far This are defending them. This is there irritation or, and eighty four to write a lot. Destroy communities hoping to aggravate people into organizing political power against the system. Now the left, the far left will fight for anti fraud to the end. To quote David and he's right. An astute analysed This situation, the left, is not going to give up
fight easily. They will defend the Antigua if they need to the end. The FBI needs to legally decapitate anti for today. Here's what we charge them with Coronel law, eighteen, United It's called twenty one or one riots, whoever travels in each state. Or in commercial uses, any facility vintage interstate of foreign commerce, including not limited to the male telegraph, telephone, radio or television, with intent to incite a riot to organise, promote courage a riot or to commit. Any violence in further variety. Get these sons just now on eighteen, USC, twenty one or one them in jail and purple walk every single one of these antifreeze, cowards get them in handcuffs, and block them in front of the national television. These anti for kids are a bunch of
boiled stooges. You sit in their basement all day, eating small with mommy. It's not a joke. They have found. The color give cause and they hide behind, and black hoodies and glasses timidity suppose these one hundred and twenty pound coward losers live off nutriment in their basement, while small, Adobe. You will crush them, when they see their friends per blocked on national television, going a federal prison and talking about the white collar once for it right. You will shut it's down. They need to be complicated legally today, using every legal, in our law enforcement infrastructure has. This is a terrorist group. No mercy They should be treated as such. Ladies and gentlemen, having said that, do not.
Be misled. Liberal media narratives. They are not on the side of America right now. I am sorry to report that the EU, their gas lighting, has reached danger levels. I love our free press. They have the freedom to be stupid and unfortunately they have taken advantage of that opportunity again. The media censuses tinder box, here a tinder box. They can leverage to attack political present natal care of your business burns in the process. They are crying again to tell you a story not thus story. They are not. What are the facts and you have to learn to see through it stat you will be misled first The media has now power, did a nonsense entirely. Brocaded ridiculous. Absurd outrageous talking point, including p.
Like joy, red mothers I'll get to this at the end of the show. That the majority of the people causing damage in these black communities because they get the media has to protect Antigua. These are the left's front line. Troops they need them to instigate. Whence aggression and anger in these communities to motivate political action. Against this framework, this great country, the media, cannot have anti for responsible for the burning down a black communities. So what are they doing there? inventing a totally false gas lighting narrative that shit, kingly and some eighty. It's actually fell for this that these rights, primarily the work of white supremacist, I'm not kidding. There is no evidence to support this, its entire. Fabricated if they wish Supremacist shows up at this and causes chaos he or she should go to jail for that.
Crime is for. There is no evidence of this. This is a brocaded media narrative to stoke racial hatred. It is not true, unlike the media They gave up on journalism a long time ago. Well You some evidence from some media outlets that have decided to tell the truth, thankfully, that that narrative is in fact false and made up to stir racial hatred and a black community to make it up, here that somehow trumped supporters. These white supremacist are invading your committees and burning that that is not what's happening. Here's USA today, which decided to tell the truth: then I'm sure they got shall act for it article B in the show notes. Please read it, please pass it's your liberal, friends. Don't let this narrative stand, but you know that
slash newsletter. That's my show notes subscribed today. Please read this USA today headline These are anarchists Minnesota I shall say outside agitators are hijacking. Peaceful protests Remember the media narrative meeting I have these are far right. Tromp supporter white supremacist burning down black communities. Ladies gentlemen, Usa, today a left leaning out of it, probably getting destroyed for telling you the truth from the peace in case you well for this nonsense that these are trump supporters burning, neighborhoods down. The mayor later acknowledged Severe Minneapolis, that the majority of arrest so far have been of Minnesota residents leg at this, security can sell. They spoke due for the peace and intelligence reports from his colleagues include most of the hard core. Protesters in Minneapolis. Listen to this are far left.
Shore, anarchists, and that far right We have not yet made any kind of a significant appearance. Said the looting is typically done by local, usually people with no criminal record who get caught. Up in the moment. Ladies and gentlemen, if there was ever a time for true, this is that these are not tromp supporting white supremacist. Both of those ideas are ridiculous. Ridiculous. This is the media. Some not all can thank you to. You say today for tell them the truth. Some in the media, which are highlighted in hell, bent. On making sure this chaos continues by the second and added stops. If there's in America left right now, the media is on the wrong side of it.
Again there's another narrative out there, and this now so that first narrative that this is white supremacist to be cleared all forget my three groups protesters anti for criminals The media has to cover for the criminality and ain t FA, because here too, Are the Democrats shock troops there the broader, the radical wing of their party. They instigate once in chaos, they play the leverage they all. We'll have to cover for the criminality because they don't want to go residents? Are these liberal cities have run by liberal? They don't want them to see what these liberal mayors have done to let them down and let these criminals take over, so they have to cover for so narrative number one is it's the white supremacist false narrative number two these are all out of town. Residencies aren't local criminals. The mayor
fail. You we ve just been infiltrated by some of us are many of them are, but that is not the majority of people again I'll go to the low. Lose for this year's fox, and I don't take my word for it. Take them Go media Fox, nine Kay, em S, p, jail records, show most arrested. Minneapolis riots have Minnesota addresses by Theo Keith published today ago, actually a couple days ago. We need the truth right now, more than anything a campaign slogan folks, we can agree on an honest set.
Ideas about what's happening, we're not going to be able to fix this. Is people looting and arresting we're, not primarily at a towners. They were the residents of your own city. I'm sorry to tell you that, but it's true, the police record speak for themselves. Those were not whites, premises sitting there with anarchy signs on their chest, with black hoodies on and son glass is burning down your neighborhoods. Those were far left radical anarchists that democratic provided air cover for four years. I'm very sorry to tell you that, but it's true. Then you have to ask yourself a simple question right now: it's not hard to figure out if a group of conservatives numbering in the cut in the numbering in the in the hundred showed up in your county or town wearing black hoodies, glasses and
Our key mass, covering their faces, carrying back acts of weapons, incendiary devices and manuals on how to create civil disruption, lead essential organizer with experience and civil unrest. You know damn well, those people would be target, is a terrorist group and would be wiped out, Moral by law enforcement, but that's not what happened- those people I just described there left this therein. LISA? You may want to ask why the media's cover for them why they burn your neighborhood, so the ground again affairs in America, They are on the wrong side of it. I don't want to get some more stuff. I want to talk about the legality of this. What the president can do
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I bought GINO that how did you hear about us? Ok, ladies and gentlemen, these rights will not exhaust themselves. Again, if you ve been watching my appearances, I cable news- or if you just see me here and the first time, I appreciate both whom I thank you for watching our Youtube show as well. It means a lot, but I can express to you and strong enough terms, my over a decade law, Foresman, I'm not the be all and all on this, but I did this most of my life before I wound up doing broadcasting these I will not exhaust themselves this. Let them The strategy is a disaster there Roll down hill it gained steam unless we stop it now, the question is how and what do we do? While there are multiple things we can do number one. I told you, the FBI, needs to get involved right now and crush anti for legally. They need to be per blocked. They need to be handcuffed.
Processed into federal prisons and tried immediately through the legal, orderly justice process, not through chaos. Secondly, we need to activate our national guard everywhere. Don't wait, I don't care you're in Cheyenne or, if you're, in downtown. New York City, most of them, have been you need it. National Guard units activated immediately and on standby. Don't wait another second. Third, We need to use video. Major police departments need to start putting out video every day these looters they need to be identified and they need to know we're coming for them. You know they will be legally hunted down and process legally handcuffed arrested, do an orderly process every one of them if you are on video walking in a store with a shopping, cart and looting and walking out. No that the police department is
to process you soon to arrest you and prosecute you, and you will have to defend yourself. You have stolen from someone, you have contributed to the chaos and you have commit crime start getting those pictures out there today These people need to be named and shamed and legally and orderly process do our Lee We'll system systematically we Need to get control again, this permissive atmosphere letting people walk down the street. Would shopping, cart are stolen items, it don't belong to them has to stop. Now we age and that three step process. We will start to get a lid on this tomorrow. Finally, we have to stop this letter Vent nonsense, Av Mccarthy has terrific piece of national view. I disagree with some of his conclusions, but it's still a piece worth your time. It'll be in the show us. We need to get a lid on this stat tonight immediately a sap.
Reviewing the Mccarthy, the president has the constitutional power to restore order. He must act. He echoes what I'm telling you now and this screen shot from the peace that this will not exhaust itself quote Andy Mccarthy progress. Of dogma. Notwithstanding writing spearheaded by radicals and anarchists, does not exhaust itself if government just give them the time and space to get there. Guys out past. Pretty conveying the message that the laws will not be in force is provocative. It's not a sedative folks. Eating since the appetite for rooting for rioting and looting, which. Only be satiated once the Socio passive run out of things to burn and loot and is correct. This will not stop unless we stop it. The per blocks need to start immediately federal law.
Go stay law enforcement. Out of the Patty wagons in handcuffs and show the media what's being done, send them. Is to their friends. You were not protesters, you hijacked, what the protesters we're doing we are not going to let your communities burn anymore. This will not stop unless we stop it make no mistake. Dough miscalculate, here President, you get in front of the camera tonight the oval office, and I hope he does it and if you can lay out those three steps. Second part of eighty Mccarthy's peace. Again, I disagree with other conclusions, but it's worth your time read it in our shone out today,
they serve their states National Guard units which are reserved components of the? U S, armed forces have overtime come under increasing control, the commander in chief, they may now be deployed, Presidents, discretion even overseas, regardless of whether state governors subject or not. Clearly, if the Why made its domestic inordinate response to violent attacks? It's imperative state governments cooperate the name of state national security to the governors here. The mayor's I don't care about, you politics anymore. I Stan, many of you blew state governors and rhinos out their hate. This president, I'm not interested. I don't care, I have read in love ones in those blue states to thankfully in Florida, we ve had good leadership, a terrific sheriff and a great governor, great local police chief. Here too, this is not the time for political nonsense, get your national guards mobilizing ready today,.
If I may respectfully make a recommendation, keep your police officers on the front line use your national units and support role. Obvious if it gets out a hand that may go out the window, As long as you can keep your police officers, the face of your communities out there on the front line, why relates to a point I brought up earlier. I've seen a lot traffic on There are social media platforms, Facebook and elsewhere, and I understand the anxiety people were the military mobilise domestically. Ladies and gentlemen, that's an enormous, catastrophic strategic mistake. Military or train for war and combat military police. Otherwise,. Now I do the insurrection act. We can do that. We should not below
the police know what they are doing and they have to take the handcuffs have to come off them. Medical leaders have to stand up and let the police do that control, they know how to do before it turns into arrive control in a tree, a situation with the national our new support role. The? U S military on our streets is a trap. Please to heart. When I'm telling you some All of these liberal political leaders do not have your best interests in mind. This is become about politics for them: There's nothing. They would like to see more than are Terry, be in their front lines. You're kidding there, all the police departments represent, so they can pass off the responsibility for an incident onto President Trump and take it off. Then that is a strategic, catastrophic mistake of the highest order. Unless you have lost your city, the local police
farmers, the local faces and that community have to be the ones to stop it. I'm not kidding this is a trap, don't fall into it. Police departments in the guard know what to do they have to let them do it mounted units motorcycles, quads, snow, fencing, let them peaceful protesters do and exercise their God given Constitution Authority when it's not is anymore. That's over you haven't disperse of they will have to disperse you. I M very sorry. This happen. But we have to save our cities. Are you're not going to have a country left. Showing you again how these left this.
Markets in the media. Are hell bent hell bent on adding fuel This fire, not all, but sadly many only disrupt and make this problem worse? Here's news, eighteen guy, Donald Trump taking shelter in the White House Bunker during protests has twitter in disbelief, news. Eighteen darker, ladies and gentlemen, having Twelve years of my life and professional role with the United States secret Service, the president does it make the call to go to the bunker the secret service does. The president didn't waltz into the bunker, because the present knighted states was scared. The present United States vacuum ate it into the bunker, because the secret service has to keep the one man who occupies the one branch of our government occupied by one person. The Congress is five hundred thirty five people importers nine, the Did you see the United States is occupied by one man,
Must stay alive and safe? No matter what you seek Service is not interested in any your political nonsense or your media messaging, the meat is doing this to politically damage president trumpeted time, a national crisis to make him look weak. Not tell you the truth, the president Decide to go to the bunker. By the way, I'm not even sure the stories. True, I am simply see you, even if it is it's not his call this secret service and thank God they make that call when they. What do you wanna do way for the place to burn down. Another. False media narrative, snow story. This I saw it on twitter trending all over. So story, number one was he's hiding in the bunkers, not hiding from anything as false.
The second stories the lights went out at the White House. They are out, the lights are out some of them at the White House at night course, media people again eager to throw in M eighty firecracker into a thing, a kerosene blow your cities up with them. Some of these media morons president's scared. They shut the law Sound I've never seen. This look is hiding in the darkness.
Presence not hiding in the darkness, and that may be crystal clear in case you're under any again strategic miscalculation that you're going to storm the White Ass, the secret service owns the darkness they own it. That's why the lights are out. If you dont know what I mean, don't try to figure it out the hard way police officers, new military soldiers out there. You know exactly what I'm talking about was lights are out for a reason, though, make it worse and try to find out. Why big mistake consider that my public,
there is an asthma leave it or not. It gets worse course. There's never been a time in american history where the media's proved how feckless useless and dangerous they are than right. Now An american side, the side that the left is the memory, the media again not all, and so on these again many not all have chosen. This is not the Belarus be the Andean I wish it were. This is an actual article in the washed in times, celebrities have chosen this opportunity. It yes organised to bail out the people burning, your neighborhoods down, attacking your citizens and destroying everything you worked for not a joke. Valerie Richardson washed in time, again. This will be in the show notes today for you to read yourself celebrities black did for donating to protest or bail fund is riding in violence escalate.
You can read the names of somebody celebrities in that peace in the washed in times, ladies and gentlemen, I dont support boycotts. I never did, but I am begging you right now to please do the right thing commit those names to memory and never ever ever again, donated another dollar of your entertainment dollars in your family budget to these absolute lunatics or bailing out the people that are burning down our cities and destroying our country. I am begging you with everything every single fibre of my soul. Every red blood cell I've got please remember those names and don't ever contribute another dollar their success again in our time of need people of abandoned, thus don't in Kobay allowed antifraud losers. Rioters looters were literally burning your city to the ground. They don't care
got gated mentions an armed guards and make no mistake: some Armed guards. Do you anti for folks would shoot you dad? If you jump? France, you think they are allies. These are out of touch it need a snobs here now. In common with you. I want to repeat this one last time too This anti for designation as a terrorist group by present trouble be fought vigorously by the hard left folks, I'm cool right now, you can mark this show today. Those are therefore line troops for civil disturbance. They are you For a reason to create chaos, which it leverage into political advantage. Politics is the exercise of power. That is their power. They will fight this designation. And the arrest of these people, and this is now the fight president trunks presidencies but
We invented whether he likes it or not. This is now the fight going forward shut this down tonight. Told you I was going to produce evidence of what the media was up to and how their gas lighting you throwing fireworks into a bucket of gasoline right now. Here's a tweet by the ever use with your media center. The media will mislead you. They will gaslight you, they will fuel the fire. Don't forget this. This is an actual tweet by her. Quote these people are anarchists. President trumps says without providing any evidence. Ladies and gentlemen, I just showed you the article of intelligence and security experts in you say today of all places, Showing you that these people are far left this anarchists in jail.
Monsieur media centre is not here to help folks. She is a propaganda. Snow front, and the Soviet Union proved their outlets. She is here today inform you and to miss inform you at the same time she is I'm here to help she's Not here, to tell you the story, she is, to tell you a story and then story is false. These are anarchists, we know that another tree from a no, never trump complete lunatic. Again. Trying to this inform you, sherry Jacobus on Twitter. Writing about the great, Rick Molly Hemingway who is exposed unbelievable amounts of nonsense with this by giving sherry It covers on a public platform. This is not a secret. You can read this yourself case. You say
are your exposing sherry, Jacobus she's, exposing herself. This is on twitter. She wrote this Molly, Hemingway quote Molly Hemingway is a white supremacist and works for the secretly funded white supremacist rag, the federalists. You believe this Molly Hemingway should sue the living daylights out of this lunatic. Quotes. She also knows the whites protesters, breaking windows and starting fires are an opt to try to blame Antifa and give trumped the race riot he so blood thirsty for. Ladies and gentlemen, if there is ever been a time, re lawsuit deformations, slander, liable anything else of Cherry Jacobus dared to open your mouth about this. To this isn't right now: here's another tweet from me: Four hapless, this information specialists that MSNBC joy red
now. The attorney general Bill BAR is attempting to pin the anarchy and infiltration, which is already Document is coming from white nationalist groups on left, leaning. Eighty four groups. The goal is to force the media to repeat that. What is his proof? What is his proof. The arrests records you moron are you It's stupid. Eighteen, is their advertising there ain t fa did you miss. This jewelry doesn't care. She know. She's lying with Germany is not stupid. You'd be a convenient talking point probably insult to make people feel all she's. Just dumb Nada
Joy, red knows exactly what she's doing. She is a disinformation specialist, this chaos, this chaos she's trying to leverage it for a political game to attack the President, United, in a time of crisis. She know she's lie and she doesn't care. I want to end on somewhat of a positive note of possible. Again, I say what I said at the beginning: You see a lot of bad news, but don't too now don't do now is not the time the left has their shock troops out. There It's time for you to defend yourself, defend your neighborhoods Where's, your police and it's time for you
what's going on and get other. I know you all origin, but I've got a lot of emails this morning and I understand, I believe me, I say the set of no sense or self interest. I know it's stressful I've actually well the stomach officer and had choking over the last few weeks and actual stomach ulcer. I'm worried as you are, but I can't do now either we have beaten this stuff back before. There is no he's in this country should be here on a pure probability equation. I can't say that enough. We survived the revolution. We should have never won a war of one thousand, eight hundred and twelve. We should have never won civil unrest, a civil war. We have always come through it, better straw, that's not a joke. I'm not running for office! I'm not trying to give a raw speech. I'm just telling you a fact. We are blessed by God. We're being tested were being test like every great civilization and humankind, has ever been tested, but, unlike those
rate, civilizations, we have passed up till now. Don't you now people are waking up. The liberal vision of America Street CHAOS, racial division, property distraught. Criminality, Identity, politics, media dysentery, should care bays even This are seeing it. And some of the media are seeing it too. I want to leave you with a fascinating tweed by David Martin, Moscow, David task goes onto something here, folks, come out of the other side of this. The left is gonna. Have a lot of questions to answer. Here's one of quote David: more tasks on twitter. One surely unintended consequences this week's violence when the.
National Guard is patrolling the streets because huge armed police forces can't keep criminals from turning cities into war zones. America's gun control debate is finished, for at least the generation over done. So is the argument that street chaos and identity politics and sewing racial division is a path forward. That's over and done to. God bless you. God bless your family's stay safe, defend yourself, no matter what countries rely on you Stepped back not now we will be here tomorrow, no matter what a ceiling on gene osier follow, then on twitter, twenty four seven add du. Bon GINO.
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