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This Key Source is Talking. What is He Saying? (Ep 1145)

2019-12-27 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the explosive revelation that former spy chief Mike Rogers of the NSA is cooperating in the Spygate probe. Rogers could topple the whole house of cards. I also address the impeachment fiasco and more troubling news out of Virginia. News Picks:IG Report reveals that John MCCain funneled Steele’s information to the FBI


What is Mike Rogers telling John Durham about the Spygate scandal?


This 2018 article describes some of the surveillance abuse by the FBI alleged in an FISA court document. 


The Democrats are waging war on suburban life.


The federal govt spends a ridiculous amount of our money.


Washington Post columnist skewers Roswell Rachel Maddow over her support of the dossier.


Liberal activist, and noted Russian collusion hoaxer, Chuck Todd says Republicans are the ones spreading misinformation


Late night TV is in the tank for the Democrats.


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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee know why have a statute for you today on a friday after the wonderful christmas holiday ladies and gentlemen mike rogers former and as a director i'm an who may be a white knight in this by gate scandals talking but what exactly is mike rogers saying to the investigators splendid open question for me for the past two years i got that more evidence impeachment farce is blowing up in their face leftist me he is actually turning on roswell rachel and maybe chuck todd the russian collusion hoax yours too it's gonna be a loaded lineup that i welcomed the damaging our show producer joe how are you today finds its first saw it is allowed in line up tell you though this is that you
day last friday we ve ever seen yes because of the two days off it feels like tuesday it's a very too they friday because tuesday and thursdays are always our most licit do really so you may we today yeah right as the tuesday is friday ever happens you brought you by our good hence a year like sleep listen we have a heel actually matters let me tell you what last night in the middle of the night my eldest daughter came running in a panic tat by all this now my youngest you gotta kill this bug most back in a walk into a bathroom and see a monster palmetto me be a mutated spider that's like six meet all what was it folks it was a skewed or walk which is not even scary it's not even like a real bog it's like a fake bug they don't they like
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four dollars of all matches for our listeners gotta helix hd alike sleep that conflict there he'll except our constellation from the george you're out your mattress order he'll sleep the coms they go to day you will not regrettably loved this mattress in our house job being ding so before we get to the but a card on answered spy gay questions it's going to focus on my rogers and what might rogers maybe saying and what might rogers role and the exposing the spy gaitskill will be this is a big controversy about that i want to get too stories first first i want to see whole thing up by talking about how even left is the media have two are no friends arouse believe me i'm giving them any credit these european who could have seen through this russian collusion hopes a long time ago what happening now folks are you understand how i set the table is leftist media acts are starting to realise that there are good jury is going to humiliate them in other words job being
on the wrong side of the russian collusion hoax and telling people the dossier is real in collusion with real it's now starting to come out europe more and opening the way to say if you want to change the ilo useless example and forgive me for the regular listeners jos for we heard this a thousand times but having turn a new york city it reminds me the david dickens rain as mayor daily it was one of the worst mayors in the cities history but because he was the first mayor there was this loyalty amongst liberal media types where they felt the need to constantly defend him the city was falling apart nothing to do with him being black or white the sittings just in terrible condition he was a liberal liberalism its everyone does it matter what you skin color is its terrible bottom line after rudy juliana get into office in the city turned around and people started to notice streets a cleaner crime rate was lower the economy was booming to me
i started to say themselves guys we're gonna look like idiots here in new york if we don't start to recognise that take was terrible giuliani turned around because you can why do the people for so long after a while you have to somehow save face i promise you you are seeing that turn now now this is not please this is in no way men to save these lunatics they're all hacks they lied you forever they know they lied you and they thought they could cover the lie almost in perpetuity but now you're starting to figure out ok let's see if i come out and turn on this person first maybe history will save me you get it in other words to collude officers are saying if we turn on the biggest collusion hoaxes first maybe history or say ok well that guy was a collusion osier but at
he turned on the bigger collusion openness and therefore he's ok you dig you can you get a ride yoga so what's it what's the evidences legal insurrection one of my favorite websites run by the excellent william jacobson has pisa maybe in the shone out always must read go to bonchon dot com slash newsletter subscribe will send the show notes to the show right through you ok so by william jacobson again we ask i use aunt rachel mad are treated like other crazy conspiracy theories do just that peace is this if you read it it's worth your time william jake a screenshot from it in a moment but jacobs covers how other left this media types are now starting to turn on rachel matter who joe on me with this petroleum pole of collusion hoax years right now rachel mad i was at the top pump the dossier every night it was grey pieces of we're verifies can be verified the jet trumpets work
what russia mad sean sean calls are shown additives is greatly roswell rachel roswell rage was pumpkin this thing every night so even media types you only mildly promoted the collusion hoax although they knew was false are now giving getting a pass the turn on her figuring they can save themselves so this peace judgment a few but at this creature from their peace comes from the guardian a raw spar can and the other one is eric went below the washington post so here is a quote from this this late peace mission i was not only certain that russians had rigged the election of false ideas we talk about the quote continuing operation the idea that the kremlin was controlling the trump presidency itself is laughable stuff it more sober times this brand of analysis would barely cut it on a far right podcast in the tropics it was ratings gold matt i was much smarter than this but the siren song of ratings is too difficult for a tv personality to ignore especially
television network is transformed from an also ran document and nbc into a contender and matter us ratings were great there now collapsing because people realize you been lied you later gentlemen eric wimpole of the washington post who began is not internet truth in journalism and investigative report he's a hoax or to do ace scathing or take down of rachel matter is not the washed in times just a good ally the washington post a hat fake causing the darkness they say democracy dies in member democracy guys in the darkness there quietly eternal lights up wimple in the washed imposed i'm telling you did a brutal savage take down of rachel matter again this deserves no applause he was like at each other formation at the dossier was vacant the collusion hoax was a hoax available to anyone two years ago but they didn't have the guts to do with them through the sky deserves no applause i'm simply suggest
thank you that there is a total pole of hawsers and the people at the top who are promoting a hoax the most are gonna start to be cannibalize by the people at the bottom of the totem polar who think they can now salvage their wasp gutted horrible reputation by destroying the people who promoted at the top most at risk as well rage is number one they shall eat their own yes it was coming thank you producer joe technological genes are made by the way you have your little fan club brewing last year i get a lot of you have to send you an email is actually kind of five get a lot of producer joe we must earn a lorry lying to start the producer joe shalt finally folks we know i'm serious we have another youtube channel for digital cliffs it is ours i got an email about it this morning it's youtube dot com slash and burn gino show clubs that is channel to are backup channel but we just put clips of the show police subscribed
to add is that is our channel i get a question about that this morning we will put a producer joe show on their people have lost their rights so that we can recall recap would produce you're just gonna fuck you you know what i'm saying right there's only started cannibalize their own and people who only lightly promoted the biggest hoax of our time are going to start eating alive the big hoaxes assuming they can say later on when history calls them out no no look what i did i called out roswell rage now notice whenever i include the dumbest people a media and of course you all know the scale we do i stay alter the damas de gaulle metal winner of dopey people in the media chapter there's always number two we'll get to him in a second the silver metal of dopey malcolm its number three some of you may well then why don't you include rachel matter because folks rachel matter i'm telling you it's not dumb that's why i put that snippet up the leftist in legal guardian legal insurrection who they who they quote the problem
but roswell rage if she's not dead she's actually very bright yeah i thought i maybe i'll go with you on that yeah she is you there's still go this did you see stealth there's just dumb tat is even is is is almost dumb yeah almost ethical how can one in to me is really dumb i believe me i spoke to him in a van political disguise what does the dumbest guys i've ever met rate rather rachel swore she in other words ladies and gentlemen she did this on purpose likes elder has an excuse you always that george you stanza waterbury george going to help himself and survey the kangaroo stands chuck pods use dopey they're just dumb they're just stupid people roswell ray is smart she did this on purpose now hopefully me how stupid jerked out is is peace it actually is be up at the show notes and up report
dot com our new aggregator we are taken over for the drugs report since they want left by gino report that come access society i try not to quote to accept a left leaning tool but there's a good piece nbc charter look at those auditor's busiest you're tired claims republicans habit it said this bread disapprobation ladies gentlemen is hilarious enable proves my by war now out hypothesis that chuck todd is second dumbest guy a media only by it it is close only a high cost stanza shock todd who may slightly below rachel matter has been one of only russian collusion holsters for two years dares to the native your worries us republican surprised this information plays this is real this is not the babylon rio the onion this actually happen todd
moving to you ladies and gentlemen that this dude has no are built mirror mirror on the wall whose job is sought them or not you jerk this guy as no zero below led hawks or for two years he's talking to help out an apology ology religio pre who nail this story from day one not not occur where the one spreading this information ladies and gentlemen i may have to may because stealth there's really dumb he really i may have to adjust my scale make it like a tie for number one between chuck todd stealthy folks there's a bigger point here and you're gonna see it happening i told you i told you this case is not a it may sell praised it's not it's just a brief
torreon from someone who lived through and ran for office himself i taught you two years ago more than that that be collusion story wasn absolute hopes you all know it it's just me with tons of people who know it who we're doing the investigation by the scene strikes sarah corridor solomon jeff karlsson chalk the list goes on a smith goes i forgive me for that hannity levine we told you and i said to you two and a half years ago daddy story will not be kind to these people who are promoting this hopes i set it we can pull the cuts eventually even the most far left this ethical media which were living with today has
the reconcile with america that they weren't telling the truth you know why folks think about it sauntered because we're not stupid we're smarter than journalists portray themselves as the intellectual elite but they're not they're not their two steps back we're working americans are can figure it out and after a while we have to reconcile the truth and i'm telling you ladies and gentlemen this one on a little longer than i expected today but it's important that day is coming patch yourselves on the back aren't i wanted to brief get to this story about impeachment me to go back to the spygate stuff a little bit cuz there's some answered questions and some breaking news on that but i've got a lot more time i really got a ton of stuff to get through tonight showing you again how the impeachment fiasco has completely imploded on the democrats and how democrats who are usually and i've given credit on this other ideas are always down their ideology is is is is is destructive and dangerous but i have said in the past and i
i will say again if it if it's true because it serves as a fair warning to republicans to be wary their tactical tomorrow are usually better than this and nancy both the democrats have completely bologna tactically on the impeachment front its folks listen to me i don't care what your democrat friends are telling you i please disregarded it is those moments where you know you all in the street and you think people seeing you look around you pretend it didn't happen the democrats are now pretending this isn't happening what's actually happening and what's happening is this paul from rio clear politics had tip gates for putting this screen shot up on twitter can real clear politics not a lot of right leaning outlet bayou they asked the king do you favour trumps impeachment removal from office look at this paul ladies and gentlemen take from december eleven through this twenty third the period when the impeachment happen and you would think all the
this was presented and support for removal from office would go up if you're leftist leave this up again if you're making me argument that during the richmond process when your best case has been put forward with the democrats made if your argument we're fourteen days that this happened is that we did a good job and how come you have this pole the polish shows we want to see the visuals youtube dotcom slash bond the bottom line is its support for a sweden removal from office ladies german has gone down the red line yes for removal down trouble ironically the acquired in this is no we don't support is impeach removal from office no we don't support it went up come back to me here please no we don't support is yes we support as one more time for the visuals buber liberals who need the visuals i know you have the atom antium skulls re support for impeachment right
impeachment and removed from office is supposed to all this way what this way yet ass before you get it this is not new where it all cried the boy this is not working out for you i don't know who told you this was a good idea this is not good i'm not doing it excrement symbol you were supposed to go it went down you screwed up i don't listen to me joe i know you live in maryland do you have more democrats around that you that i do not hear martin county florida this is a this is a half and half county i don't care what they're telling you they are lying to save face they fleet they face plant that industry and are now looking around go that anybody see me hope not no you don't but we ve all got it sure me i didn't once when i was working on it brings queens college campuses middle with snow storm we had this building
was a highly hall and lives windows in polish look it now she wants to hear you shall never told you this story true story and we all these windows so they can see outside and a little hill with eyes and ears like students of the classroom and i followed slide down the wholesale and i wind up right in front of the window and am i like i'm hoping you it's not i was like looking at the window and i'm like staring into whether like as this one way glass realizing it's not like they could all see me and my wife walk what do you do you take it move on their own and i like what it does is to really happen so they break down on my please tell me this candide class and i can't see a look at it i like nano we see you you look like a loser around here is yesterday tat really it was a log sly do wasn't like a father it was i
war ice move hid brick wall get up stairs window people see you and you dated and suddenly we aren't you find a year we ve all made a great planet because this story by bad i've made bore this it's my life that's what makes me who i am i got more to get to we're gonna get folks please check out the budget report we appreciate we to make your homepage bungee report that calm your new conservative alternative to the drugs report you can find out all the stops we put up in the show notes and punch you know that com are available but you know that comes a separate site upon gino report that calm go check it out we really appreciate it and our show could channel on youtube aright you are bodies at toro folks areas even at another moment of self deprecate a big self deprecating show here on our on a friday i always been interested in crypto currencies but i was not sure but the best coins were what the best trading strategies were
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mike roger story which could be enormous there is a great article i saw again your seat up a budget report that company by herman kane army it is his own website and he has this article about government spending folks you know i am a supporter of the president because i think he's been on our side on the second amendment the bill of rights play parenthood on tax on economic growth regulatory reforming the cutting of government red tape is simple religious freedom but not every you ve been perfect in the trump administration and one of the things it's totally out of control this government spending there's this article at herman kane that come by day and calibrate the title of it is in the decade now ending the federal government has spent this is an astonishing number i want you to digest this headline so in the past ten years per household the fair our government has spent to hunt grit and ninety three thousand dollars two hundred
three thousand of the seven hundred fifty ought to be precise per household but it's not them depart cast i've been out that's me letting that still for a moment in your head i've read a lot of articles on government spending yesterday this one short again would be about bungee no report com please read it's really short police work your time to ground how bad the government debt done sit in spending problem is i'm begging i meet up beyond begging i've already bet it's done nothing begging the moderate democrats republicans tea party is conservatives libertarian forget the liberal i lost the president the administration anybody in the administration please we are staring down the barrel of a gun
i am getting ready to unleash the largest financial crisis in human history the impending bankruptcy the united states their nets i could happen stop scaring people know folks it is an absolute mathematical certainty that when you spend money you don't have an you get to them point where you're not even growing at a rate enough to ever pay that money back it is a i've medical arithmetic logic caught logical certainty that you will go bankrupt from there cain peace maybe this makes sense how money the governments based last budget that the set it up what can set it just passed by the way the democrats love this stuff but that the report you're playing along on the hill and in the senate is beyond
disturbing from the hermit came peace quote if you want to simplify the government spending that is what call it too nine thousand three hundred seventy five dollars per year that's fine i don't know what percentage of your household income that represents for many people it would be more than a hundred percent keep denham member this is an upward trajectory from the peace get a load of this one there hundred twenty eight million households in the united states so if you just what you're twenty nineteen spending alone uncle sam spent thirty four thousand three huh britain seventy five dollars per household according to a site a to that means at least a hundred percent of the annual income of twenty
in point eight percent of american household you understand that put that into context for a moment twenty eight out of a hundred u s households they govern spends per year if you divide per household every single thing you make everything over a quarter of u s household the u s government takes because what it spends its taxes take from you and spends everything everything everything you understand how much money that is i asked question all the time and i would ask you now even for the lunatic liberals and listen is there anything in your life anything
you work harder to support that you get less back from as i thought address a serious question i a card my wife and i too support people and thinks we support our business well first we support our children we have while our mother in law my family we stewart we do our business enterprise we do some charity let us read you some neighbourhood stuff we are we entertainment we do some social livestock units movies submit adults this once in awhile maybe we need to do cannon read for that but we spend money on a lot of things we spend more yet we earn my folks i ben money to support my children they come first in my family i don't spend
anywhere else anywhere close to what i spend my children when i spend on taxes paula would kill me so i'm not going to give you the amount but because of our this we do our taxes early and we a call what our account and recently who gave us our tax bill for this year parliament seriously jump on this camera right now and do like rear naked death choke on me if i told you what the bill was all i want to tell you this i could probably support six or seven new business enterprise is easily wit my tax bill metaphors could it spent on other businesses but i am now giving it to the government it is a multiple of about ten or twenty of what i spend on my own kids i guarantee you regardless of your income that
you probably say the same thing that your tax bill what you pay the government taxes is probably a multiple of two ten of you spend on your own kids is there were in your life again i will ask you you work harder for that you get one from in return now you're damn right why are you from this ok i'll give you the easy once we need military but question about we have real lodge the threats terrorism that psychopaths north korea arrest encouraging let me we need our military we need a good one ok we're gonna find at that certainly as a cost you as much money as i think we think we can be more efficient whether my good court system at local level law enforcement at so convinced anymore after the debacle we need a federal law enforcement infrastructure after the disaster we do see but your tail
maybe me i should work fifty five percent of the time for that when we can do it more efficiently than even what we're spending now folks this is insane this is insane we are looking at a guaranteed national bankruptcy idle guy get the ema listen i get it my life is economics and finance i understand i dont claimed to be the guru in any event i get brilliant emails from people a very smart and finance and economic and i love them keep em coming take them all and i read than those of the most fascinating ones you all made great points and i love your re but a lot people of email me with a lot of good solid intellectual knowledge base material on phone we're not going to go bankrupt and he's a ladies and gentlemen that is insane we will either bankrupt because we will monetize our debt or we will go back group because we refuse to pay it there
it's no option see there is no option say f f we don't get a lead on this right now oh it's falling on deaf ears i know but just like how can it be kind to you if you don't change course now because we will go russian collusion hoaxes i'm talking about publicans the moderate democrats and even the conservatives out there who claim they care about this here he is not going to be kind to you if you don't change course now because we will go bankrupt there is no question about that if you change course now we will go bankrupt and their will we have time when history turns on you too history will blame you for what you did you sign though spending bills it's your names on it you voted for
you have no way out thirty four thousand dollars on average per household and taxes you understand that the average american you're working your looking to make forty to fifty k here to give thirty four thousand on average that the government is hit you yeah are you really getting thirty four thousand and services in return skipped some despite its causes fastening you want i want to do this so let me just get to have our final sponsor the days are largely alternate workplace responses in the show because of the flow of no but i appreciate our sponsors being here and i always appreciate your attention they really good they keep the shelf review this is a great spy are we really love simply listen i want to remind my listeners simply
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i really love their system supervision you simply saved our complex cambodia ok up wet whereas this coming from this spy get stuff i don't just randomly do segments i mean it was a bit of a slow news and policy like i hate slow news days because you sent me so much had slowed news these that's what i get the chance the let my mine wander about about topics that wherever green well i saw this story this morning at the washington examiner about mike mike roger at him talking to john durham and i thought oh boy is this one worth addressing in the context of a larger story the largest i want to talk about is that we have the energy report and the doorn report coming out there are still unanswered questions here and roger this is a big part of one of so before we get to mike rogers and the examiner thing i want to discuss one other unanswered big i'm told
there's a lot of unanswered questions about spike i'm talking about the big stuff here this can this is the benefit of the show no if you go to them we discuss articles again that are older than are now relevant again today one of the big open source and spy gate i have not been able to get to the bottom of and i have some ideas and i've been pointed in a direction recently by some sources at a minute i get this let me just put up the epic times article describes member unanswered questions about spiky hopefully will get to the bottom of the next few months jeff carson i have great respect for has a piece i will have in the show notes today it's from october of twenty eighty but again it's worth your time again in content mike rogers an essay director former to say there s your now talking willie answer this question headline they director mike rogers disclose the pfizer days after the carter page warrant was issued folks this is a great great peace work
you re reading today and why there there's a big take away from this rogers who is the former head of the national security admitted administration at the usa the big spy apparatus we have rod days after conveniently days after the first warrant in october to spy on carter page format campaigns member which i believe was a proxy attempt to try in the truck spy in the trunk campaign rod seemingly out of the blue airs a warning about the abuses of the fight the fight pfizer again people spying in the government on others but there is one thing that jumps out in the pfizer report issued afterwards put up the screenshot number one from the carson pieces is fascinating to quote i welcome our march nine twenty sixteen department of justice oversight personnel learned listen to this that the ep
b i had been employing outside contractors who had access to raw action seven oh two pfizer data and retain that access after their work for the fbi was completed the formation was disclosed and a court ruling you can look it up yourself votes just google pfizer court ruling april twenty six twenty seventeen it was declared five by the follow other dna no intelligence obtuse me director of national intelligence the coats what's the take away their in light of yesterday's storing explode story which we addressed in light of which going on about the cia aim actually moving information from the nsa's cloud see i clap where they could up escaped the audit trail you miss yesterday show you miss the big it did crazy numbers mariners they during christmas week and i think that was why why yesterday can't related litigated but
the cia wiping clean there footprints on how they spied on people and how they did it taking information from the usa clap but now i am i bring this up today we know rogers is talking we know that a pair they were abuses the usa database to by fbi contractors so the unanswered question you asked will put up screenshot number to quote from the upper times peace this wasn't an isolated incident talking about access in the innocent database maybe improper access granted to outside contractors listen here's a quote seems to have been the result of deliberate decision making in other words ladies and gentlemen it was done on purpose was not a mistake the pfizer court noted quote the fbi our disregard of minimization rules and question why the fbi may be engaging in similar disclosures of raw jen seven oh to information that may now
have been reported folks the unanswered questions here is who the hell with those contractors so now we know if you listen to yesterday's shell what we highly suspect that breaded maybe in trouble because information may have been reload from the air relocated from the nsa database to the cia cloud where the audit trail could have been wiped clean or made more opaque no one would see the footprints of what they did when they spy are you using the meditated night a government database fancy way sailor but now we know when we have known for a long time according to the fire or its own internal analysis here that april twenty six report that the essays database to was being queer by contractors the f b i was paying that we're dead
brightly abusing the database the search for things and people and queries who were those contractors that the f b i was working with i've got a lead on this i'm hesitant to put out but give me a hand because sure sure and i'm for a triple back up on and unlike roswell rachel rachel matt i would just say a random thoughts came into her head inexpressiveness facts i'm afraid that they're going to use this contractor label now there's the contractors did it as an out joe follow me here the output how can other words if those let's say those contractors had something to do far and intelligence services and the far intelligence services are being to be given an out for
diplomacy purposes and are going to be disguised this contractors you don't get that i get it when dorms report comes out i want to be sure that the american people know that you're a foreign countries were spying on this campaign at the behest the above and minister i want to know about it and when i'm afraid is that contractor labels gonna be slapped on it is all over the place to disguise who they really were touch so that the american people don't know the full truth any reason given is gonna be well you know the diplomatic reasons we don't want to embarrass these foreign countries now we need to embarrass the neighbors thus identity laundering more or less yoke i got year ok you you're doing you you're gonna laundering very well said up many steal that pretend joad incense like identity laundering got come i'm kidding of course is to clean
identity laundering for the same reason the information was water and steel they lost its deals information to pretend they can from russian sources so look real it was all bs folks the identity laundering and the use of the term contractor maybe it is to us clean the identity of word originated suffered people ethnic reasons we don't exposed the identities of foreign countries that may have been spying on our own election for the obama administration hugh huge unanswered questions what else but those contractors i'm sure were budget contractors do what meaning that they were contractors i'm just afraid though most gotta be used for other things tat right right but who were those contractors again i have some ideas on that god forbid one of the contract is by the way
fusion or crowd strike match if that came up he crept astray can you imagine that if that gave out there would be all right another way to had too bad involvement by the way actor i oh i love atoms really grand i was i was scarlet you too this morning when i shall prep i go to twitter see what people are talking about and he pulled up this jam the idea report some highlights in it here's a photo of the idea of former when unanswered questions the first answer question was what i just told you who the contractors when they foreign governments with fusion was proud strike big open question a second open question how much obama no i think this the edgy report amateur reads you now answers obama knew a whole lot folks so there's part of the energy report where they're talking about the i see a deal origins community assessment after the election member seventeen intelligence agencies the russian sacked the election for tromp whatever nunez obama's dossier they're talking about this
this is a quote from the energy report we talk about the internal deliberations about what to include quote deeds el section chief said that anti became former deputy director the fbi understood present obama's requests for the i see a require the participating agencies to share all information relevant to russia and that sixteen elections i miss theo election reporting com a fight at a minimum due to concerns over possible russian attempts to blackmail trump look at this germany i report be covered this before but it's worth cover again now i just close my fingers in a circle all legal lamp is media take that to say what you can't do that you can't you
make i swore sign anymore because of your fingers connect you're like a wide powers triple this is like a crazy of a world we live in a i swear i just need some don't like in my head oh my god my god here we go it's odd cabra lunatics eager of toy readable talk about us look at the sky other their podgy don't job this is serious stuff getting back to the point here i much obama no so ladies and gentlemen if andy mackay understood obama's instructions clued in that seventy intel agencies agree though since try to interfere the electricity behest of tromp which so bomb is question the russians interfered but to help trump that was beyond speculation may only did that to nail trumpet what was about this dossier mackay bundle that to me include the steel stuff but how did obama know about the steel stuff i thought you didn't know forces a job
the idea of portugal had too bad a ball but nice work a gem i think we covered that one before but get unanswered questions that think we recently know the answer it over the big ones who the hell with a contractors accessing the essay database at their request the fbi deliberately do be foreign governments and how much exactly the barack obama no because it appears the deputy director of the fbi peers are saying in this thing that are bombing knew a whole lot because that's what he understood it to me now here comes the big one i kind of open the segment with this is washington examiner report this is why i thought of this this morning some rogers ladies and gentlemen is talking former essay director have four hooks i maybe not the most important open question i'm in
hell you candidly father pfizer abuse is this is it recently just came out that this is yesterday's peace december twenty six twenty nine only by jerry done levy excellent rapporteur at the wash the december again be a bunch in a report that comment at the shown us that john dorm of horses investigating this were the united the attorney general billboard john door interviewing former an essay leader mike rogers who alone the court of other pfizer abuses this is a recent is just came out that this was yesterday speeds december twenty six twenty ninety folks what the heck is mike roger saying i have been i am is being can this moment of this business self deprecating showed any folks i was absolutely confident based on some sourcing that rogers migration former essay had was the hero in the story i'm not saying he's not but it's only fair for me unlike roswell rachel and chuck todd stouter in light
new information to re evaluate where we were and if you think you are wrong you better damn well tell your audience there i'm not sure i was wrong but i'm not sure right either i am honestly now sure any more how much of good guy mike rogers is may say well why why did i don't get it you you ve been tellin us for a while that he was the white knight and distort where you going with this a new sources emerged a credible one very credible i mean access but leave it at that who is suggested to me that rogers is in a bad guy in the story but he's not the good guy you may think in other words he wasn't the paul revere everybody thinks he is then it make this is him talking that it may have been a face saving measure more than an effort to do the right thing you get that i'm gonna leave that
but i am going to tell you what has been bothering me about rogers and what rogers could possibly be talking about but to do that you have to go back a little bit and retail the story i've told many times and by the way features prominently in my books by gay i bought exonerate ok pick those up if you haven't yet gotta be depreciate let's go back time again we're talking about mike rogers good guy bad guy or medium guy let's go back to this npr peace from a low npr this will not be a budget report that comes we know promoted pierre but it's an older peace and its rehearse the dressing look at the data on this november twenty second thousand and sixteen and pr an essay had mike rogers meets with trump team but doesn't give obama heads up folks like it the day the date is the headline
the elections in the first sub assured me that the deferred their second tuesday november this is about little over what fourteen days later no we're twenty second twenty sixteen right after the election trumpets the president elect obama's still it off but he's won the election trump we are supporting that migrants who worked for the obama administration still the president obama right makes on schedule at least with the obama administration trip up the trump tower and doesn't obama heads up why would he do that work for you read spidey exonerated you might know the story you think you know the story what happens right after that trip so again we're talking just a couple weeks later after the election and the hours reporting that the trip that november 17th just ten days after the election right
therefore even devalued and if the obama team has up my garage why would he not do that seems cannot consider used to work for the obama administration let's look at this new york times pits twenty sixteen this is just a couple days after the meeting of ember nineteen o ebay is considering removing an essay leader mike rogers so the meaning happens on november seventy its own plan and with the obama administration he doesn't tell the obama administration rogers and tuna after the meeting the new york times through their deep state leakers reports at obama keep in mind this is the outgoing lame duck to term president he's leaving a little over two months i'm a little under two months excuse me he's leaving
he's all of a sudden once the fire mike rogers two days after the meeting why why would he do let us put up another story from the worst in times and we can this little corn you copy of information together wasn't it i'm by essay miller thursday november seventeen twenty sixteen thursday november seventeen twenty sixteen the exact date mike rogers goes up to tromp tower at us indirectly doesn't tell the obama administration in the obama administration wants a fire because of it the exactly because this really would tribe headline donald move transition meetings to private club in new jersey from trump power folks what hacked in mike rogers tell donald trump and our meeting president elect donald trump did he expose this whole scandal to him
some sourcing of mine indicates yes he did and it fits because why wait it's about ten days after the election trump wednesday suppressing the president elect again still works for obama doesn't tell obama texas secret trip up the trump tower add secret only people saw but doesn't tell obama about obama the fire and because of it and a meal delete after the trip trump its trump tower around that time little bit later after deserve this but trump puts that treat out about my lines were bombed the trump tower was but what was said in that meeting again we're talking about the greatest unanswered questions in the biggest scandal in american history with the house
contractors how much did obama no i think all of it and what it rogers tell shrunk there were their meaning that caused him to leave so quickly in ten days my experience do presidential transitions in my prior line of work as a secret service agent is it about that amount of time to get it maybe a little less to get a communication secure communications infrastructure in there at the president lech level where they waiting for secure coms worries rogers way for them the set something up three could speak securely with the president was he afraid who is listening with tromp afresh who is listening that's why they left to go to new jersey right after the meeting mighty told him to call workin
was not a commercial wants what did rogers tower we can surmise based on sincere sourcing at this point that rogers told them something about what happened in spite of the question is how much and the question of how much will determine if rogers is the white knight mohira with his story or just a guy who is attempting to see why a knowing that he was the part on the toad and paul of history if he didn't gave himself now he was gonna be put the spy apparatus and the biggest spying scandal in human history what did he tell donald trump ladys general will find out soon what we because the door
report he's cooperated let's see exactly what he said and of course here's where you get all the information first jewelry that's why we do the shown one let me give you another story here one story bright part and i only put this out because i know peter ask me why didn't cover it folks in covering this is old lose i wrote about it in exonerated my latest book extensively and in my book two years ago by gay you have amazon gift card pick up you can read about it we wrote the book two and a half years ago me dc map a lumber ripe article john mccain energy report reveals steel funneled claims through john mccain after fbi drafted by our incline december twenty six twenty nineteen i got i know i'll get these you want even put this headline up because i know i'll get email how could you not cover john mccain had a role but passing the dossier to the fbi after they fired steel because folks jerome bout it literally three years ago it's in the book
i'm just telling you now that this stuff you coming out biagi report your way ahead of the game we ve been talking about this on the show forever yemen god rest and saw i don't speak ill of the dead but again we need accountability and its clear john mccain and his associates david kramer were involved with the fund of steel information steel dossiers and steal claims into the fbi start the biggest spying scare them u s history that's the story period full stop now we know but you already knew bring it up put that story again in the shone out you can read it if you want to rehash of against stuff we words last thing i want you to get this but you started up yesterday to follow upon yesterday story i'm just decide note folks the democrats have lost it this daily our story though keep your eye on this folks this is gonna go nationwide luke rosy great story in the daily collar again up upon gino report that common elsewhere democrats our laws suburban single family how zoning colleague races there
the environment folks lissom amateur put up a quick snippet from this peace in a moment but if you live in the birds and you work your whole life to get your white picket fence your dog your two and a half kids get a nice has to get away from it all finally to live in a nice safe secure area with good schools and new worked you bought off like me and my wife did my wife grew up in pablo escobar's colombia i grew up on top of a bar at sea the fourth place of myrtle avenue that closed down because we you know my family went bankrupt in bologna sandwiches for dinner we have had in a lot harder we worked on when we make no apologies we escape the suburbs because we want to survive and life for our kids i make no apologies for and if you don't like it you can play you'd lips on my caboose because i dont care and what you out there who worked your ass off do to get a nice house for your kids grow a tough they can play a big
what one on your ass too because not apologizing for anything but the democrats want to rip that all apart not all i see you taken out daughter she don't cartel she's taken note because you know that no buber sleeper buber things ass we'll stay in this one because they deserve i see her she's like this it may do paul she's not the seven forty three does not produce drew who produces the video a joke in here because you see i do get away to do not caught the so tat the asked stay about gotta joe years alive drew answer later i'll be very bad cut out our belief that i'll take the diverging delicate leftist single family you zones will become off for that pun intended and the democrats of virginia trying to rip that apart because of course race look at this peace from
from look rosiak echo you read this this is amazing this there's a delegate what's his name here word abraham semira forgive me if i say in the name of this virginia delicate leftist sing a family housing zones will become too zone delegates amira told the daily collar area it would be intact and most would be the suburbs tat have not on their part in helping out of it that are just see by tax bill you not bag you have any idea what i hope about helping out more taxes then that they pay you for your for your delicacy i give semira left this goes on the real issues you're the issue folks by the way is the areas in between dense areas which are single families zone those are the areas at the state as having significant trouble in dealing with this issue in the suburbs there having significant double dealing with you he says
we're living in a bubble delegates amira said get all this when he said the suburbs were mostly white and wealthy here we go again get off that i came again folks the democrats you understand this will never stop they will ever get out of your way they will never get out of your wallet they will never get it your house they will bring it out of your health care they will never get out of your kids school they will never ever leave you alone they are a speed bump on i way of life every single time and this is the kind of crap your voting for you busted your your entire life to go by a nice house in the suburbs for you in your kids and now you're a racist white person whose living in a bubble
and you're the problem ass to be quote dealt with so they want to play it a bunch of low income housing in your neighborhood because who worked hard your entire life probably to get out of some low income housing you lived in yourself they want to put down and ass you keep it my delegate's amira one that there are real i forsake for another great week even the despite the christmas week the showed did great we are getting tons of new subscribers on our youtube channels now youtube calm slashed by gino is our primary channel please subscribe i humbly ask i would try to get the foreign two thousand describers almost there and an youtube calm standby juno show clips is our show clear channel even get a glimpse of the show broken down and easily digestible format joe drew worked really hard joe dazzling the audio clubs should be put on it sir andrew does at any work really hard to check out their work on instagram and shook with china really really appreciated thanks for everything folks really appreciated i'll see you all on monday
one day sir joseph in bonn genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast soon itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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