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This Raw Video Will Bring you to Tears (Ep 1290)

2020-07-02 | 🔗

In this episode I address the most raw, emotional, television moment that I’ve seen in a long time. It happened on the Sean Hannity show and we should all watch it. I address the silent majority building as evidenced by exploding gun sales. 

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed its not immune to the banks. With your host Dan bungee. No German, you see it last night. Nationality show I was on the show right after the gas, if the, if you saw it, you know I'm talking about you, don't you missed at last night, you know as well. As I said yesterday with some of the most important television I covered, the Tucker Karlsson showed last with some of the most raw emotional? tv I've seen in my entire life. I'm gonna go into that in the show today, gotta a good new shoe job numbers today, spectacular I've gotta, Their story. I want to talk to you about you about a woke social justice warrior from Harvard say I'm a stab you on a thing. What happened here? These are all important stories. Ratio about you by express Vps surf the web With peace of mind getting VP entered today, don't wait, go to express. We began com, slash bond wealth,
the damn by GINO, shall pay. Joe. How are you today on this Thursday? It's like this over there. You wondering why Joe is giving his traditional Friday and thrown out of Thursday. We will be off tomorrow. We recorded in the interview with the great Jenna Alice, who is a legal adviser, a lawyer for the Trump campaign. He gives us some inside baseball on what they think about the polling reelection strategy to bring long interview goes on forever. I think you're going to like it check that. We will launch that tomorrow there will be a show tomorrow it just that we recorded it full disclosure that shake add up Let's get right to it: yeah just been working hard at all by the way. Yes to all my team, there. This is our first drew Paula, Joe
first day off today, in my tomorrow, she'd be Friday and on Monday, in a long time, so guys deserve it great giant of origin icebreaker. No right, yes, been five years. You know it five years is more Joanna. Thank you too. I, let's get to a lot of bad the covered its true nature. Bride. You buy a friends it nets. We, the last few months, have taught us. What's really important life has taught us what we need to eliminate what we need to change. Listen, it's the same for business! It's been a really rough few months for business is no time to waste. Money is no time to have a bunch of systems that don't work clean up. Your bed this now? Get everything together get the changes you need done, make get get him down today, yet here ball of multiple software systems. Why would you have you can streamline and with just one all you need is net sweet by Oracle. It's the world's number one. Cloud business system, finance, hr, inventory, E commerce, everything you in one spot. Save time save me save headaches? That's important right now at a critical time,
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why the left's doing what they're doing so, please don't miss it. First, let's get to this. This is this is maybe a little somber moment, so I just want you to get ready, was a tough one for me, and I will try to get through this but last night little behind the scenes. I risk I'm schedule pretty much every night on the solidarity shown Fox and dumb is in the B block last night. The be block is the second portion of the show just a little behind the scenes on how tv works. That usually starts around nine thirty in there, you know, there's a c daddy I'll, be seeing any block. And shot at a guess, dawn in the aid block. The gas was Mr Andersson, Father, Horace, Lorenzo Anderson and remember that name Horace Lorenzo Anderson was killed in, the Seattle Chop area, which is now thank the Lord and I'm not using his name in vain, been dismantled. Stories, seemingly escaped.
The mainstream media, which wants to avoid the murder of an innocent inside of the Seattle Chop, which was their new breeding ground for heroes. They loved the chop, NATO, to talk about what really happened in there. So Sean and his producers last night had the father, Mr Andersson, of forests on last night. The interview was in a block of the show, was probably my guess, having guess toasted scheduled for five, maybe maybe and minutes the interview one on folks for probably caused a thirty five minutes. I sat there in seat with this year, peace in my ear, why bring it on my return right in front of you about twelve seconds before you did some get. It lie. That's always a little bit of a delay when it gets over the tv channel and folks I didn't to stop it with some of the most raw emotional. Tv, I'm not kidding I've ever seen in my life and keep a mine,
waiting to come on. Next, I was on the segment at the end of the show it for a few minutes repeat hastened her, but it I'll be the first time in my career at Fox and elsewhere. Where I honestly what minded one bit if I was cancelled, I mean here in sitting here in this very my listening had my hand, and it was just tough to listen to this man, whose son was murdered inside the chop, and nobody, nobody reached out to him. No one could even see his kid. Says he got no calls from the mayor political leave. Nobody. I couldn't play. Obviously, in the interests of time the whole video There were so many emotional moments in it. I had to pick one.
This is about a minute and a half. I want you to listen to this. I want you to send this to your friends. Your family put the politics aside for a moment. I know that's hard, but we all need to hear this because it's something I experienced probably once or twice a month when I was a police officer on a police tape line at a murder scene, and once you see it, you can ever and see it. When you see that deep dark place, people are forced to go to When their children are taken from them and murdered, you can never and see that it changes you for However, you are never the same person. Mr Andersson, talk about the tragic death of his son, the kids that bears and whatever would have another day. You know this on his job This is incredible. Seeds, man, I'm fifty years, all men, it is a clear mandate should have been stopped is a long time ago. That is guarded yet excuse me, but it
again tat boy, you know where he knows, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry, Mr Arafat, I can only say this as a dad hire. You break Sean Hannity, pretty tough guy. That will break me. Will you not even ask for this and they didn't come to me and, to my mind, to come. Tell me something still no nothing and somebody comes miles and knock on my door. Tell me something: I don't know that I'm not going to get there and it is just that- isn't
there's a nineteen year old, not as always learns awareness as Massa you're, not about love it about. You know, I saw that last night. I seen it again today and I I I really I don't I don't know it's like a talk show is supposed to talk and I don't even know what to say. Maybe now to make more sense to some of the folks who listen who have legitimate questions and they say well, then you know. Maybe we should let the voters of these places that have chosen these types of disastrous policy decisions suffer. The ramifications have never supported that.
That's why? Because not everyone who lives in where I grew up New York, city and elsewhere in California and elsewhere? Not everyone supported that and, as a result of disastrous decisions made by failed political leaders, who couldn't pull themselves out of politics for a moment, see the forest where the trees this man son, is dead. I won't talk to this guy. Mr Andersson went to the hospital, can even see his son. Nobody talk to the sky. No one called them. No one had the selfish backed and dignity to pay. This job a call and pay some respect The son was murdered in sight A lawless area inside one of America's biggest cities, folks, we can't give up
These are our citizens too. They deserve a shot. We can't fix all the voters, bad decisions they want to tax. Our people to death. Regulate them, We're not gonna be able to fix everyone, but I'm very sorry, view disagree, but when it comes to public safety and protecting the lives of Americans, since there is no silver metal there's only the gold and the golden unless we are going to do everything in our power, regardless of how awful voting choices are in that area. The politicians who led it to protect and ensure that you, live freely in your own country. If we can't do that. Then, ladies and gentlemen, we descended into nothing world and working with their war chaos. Why do I feel outweigh because Mr Andersson, folks I'm not kidding? I was just one moment there were probably
less than five or six moments like that, and it was the most rod television, I'm not kidding. I think I've seen him my forty five years. I didn't want to end. I didn't even want to go. I really, I didn't even know how to follow it up What are you even say? The reason I feel this way there, Safety matters, no matter what I don't care, how awful these these politicians mayors are is because I sat on those police tape lights I wasn't a police officer very long when I was sent to my first then, on arrival De Lacey, the homicide, I told the stern APOLLO leave the details, how Khazars tough, too
since your butt was the shooting and when you're a new guy, you have to stand there and they wrote the area off and police tape, because it's a crime scene and Mr Anderson said something he said. If that's my son, that's my son, is he down, and I walked in the rumour scientists night, the Paul after that I said you know every policed line. I ever stood on with a murdered young man or woman in the background when their parents showed up. You know every parent says that exact same thing, that exact exact same thing. Those are the first words any police officer listening right now we ve done it knows exactly what I'm talking about every
single parent of a murdered child that shows up at that police tape line when you're standing. There says the exact same thing. They say: that's my son, that's my daughter what they say! That's my baby right there and then they collapse. You can't look at that and be the same person the next day. You can't. It's not possible. I guess I make all the bad decisions you want about taxes or the bed. This, you want about healthcare. We can't fix everything, I said, move away, if you think you think is no future for you there, but when it comes to public safety, not sorry, there's no excuse not accept. Well, just let the chop and the chairs and whatever exist. You know eventually, they'll get it now. Virtually people will die.
I am not willing to accept any more, Mr Andersson, and you should neither neither should the President, the FBI or any one else he's your kids. Do him say that he's your kids? These are kids, he's your kids kids Horace Lorenzo Anderson was nineteen. We all screwed up and nineteen. What do we know in nineteen would deserve to die. Child was murdered. I'm tellin you, if you were a police officer listening you
and on that police state and every single parent. That shows up says that exact same thing. That's my baby! Everyone not acceptable folks! I never thought we'd be in this place in the country. We have a serious argument or dispute about public safety totally and completely unacceptable he's your american citizens do. They deserve to be able to walk the streets now worrying having their kids murdered. Now, in case, you think feeling that way put you in the minority out there and that there are a groundswell of Americans. I don't agree with me that public safety and taking care of their families matter amidst this chaos were sadly living through. Ladies and gentlemen, you wrong. I want to move on the same it by now put up his story.
But letting you know that you are not alone, Tucker, Carson, brought up this the other night, I brought it up on my show, often. You are not alone out there, we have moved from what I believe and on silent minority during the Obama years to a May I be silent majority people are afraid to cancel culture. And they think they're alone out there like gosh, Maybe I'm the only one who feels like the country's headed in the wrong direction, that the liberals and and all the doom with the statues in these rather left this this right now, you're not alone, you are not alone, don't let twitter Facebook or Snapchat or Tik Tok videos. Oh you into thinking that America's disappearing into assess, pool of far left radical socialism. It's out there. We have to fight hard
They are the minority. Still there powerful. Doing a lot of damage its hard to ignore them, but do not get depressed, and You are alone, you are not we'll get a story in the wash than free beacon. I pulled up today. You think, you're alone, you, the other one out there feeling like things, you're descending into madness. You're, not washed and free beacon story, be up in the show notes that Stephen gift catastrophe record. Setting gun sales could leave, stores dry floor, retailers said ever thing was literally sold out. Think you're alone. Look at this from the piece millions. Millions of people are not going to take any of this line down. Folks they're not going to let Families fall in the third world. Chaos says an analysis, a background check numbers by industry and small arms analytics released on what
They indicates that more than two point three million firearms were sold in the United States during June. That increase of more than one hundred and forty five percent over June of last year. It's up for One point: seven million estimated you been sold in may one point, eight million in April and just sigh the all time, monthly record of two point: five million in March. There have been in made of eight point three million firearms sold in the United States since March a record adding pace likely to make twenty twenty. The greatest four gun sales in american history. If the trends continue so much that got and ammunition retailers having trouble keeping up with the demand as Americans flood stores, people will defend themselves and their families. You are not alone, you have never been alone in this fight.
I got some good news. I can allow more to get to me get to my second sponsor here. I always appreciate your patience. I want to get the job numbers and I want to get too very, very, very, very important, video from a Harvard. Odin and clearly a social justice where why this video matters and pollination as to why a man It comes from my one of my all time, favorite books, a book me. An answer will cut both left, so don't go anywhere, really you're gonna. I hope you appreciate the second coming to arbitration. Also brought you we're friends, an express vps, you hear me open. The shell would express VP and just about every day, it's a software that I and thousands of my listeners use every day to protect their data on line. In the time since I started using Express BP and hacking methods have gotten even more sophisticated, I'm sure many view working from home these days, don't mess around many. You don't have an idea department to protect you from these threats. You gotta take action.
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P and we trust that keep our data safe and people out of our systems. Here, that's express Vps, dotcom, slashed bungee no go today, who I was an emotional show so for joy, and we share your patients will remain. Our last night was rough. I mean I say: here on this camera, watching that interview and I'm telling you within lights in my eyes, which always bother me at night, and I couldn't get it, I really it is for the first time. I think I was or on television, on Fox that I said, I really hope this just goes. The whole show and I never get on tv, because it was that powerful. So I'm sure you felt the same way this in a mystery and use the as it dad yourself. So you know it send our best by the way, too, Joe. I know you may get some little Joe tied the everybody Ionian ironic that he taught me to make sure that I tell you how I was well. He made a point to say eyes, a good kid oaks, hello of America's our finest you gotta problem that you know it are
Let me get to some good news for once I dare folks job numbers around four June. They are spectacular. We see this article up and bright Bart below out be up in the show notes. John Carney. Do you Economy added four point: eight million melian. That a million million but a million jobs in June unemployment fell to eleven point. One percent- oh not a lot more to do. Daddy you number predictions were three million we are. Still at a very bad spot. I am not in any way. It would be a disservice to you downplaying the cottage fake economic impact of these disastrous lockdown, which no science behind, but all they were a bad call, but, as Mr Tromp present trumps said today, and the pressure that happened this morning about the jobs we now have a better grasp of how the virus works. We don't know everything, but we know enough. It affects largely
their people in a more lethal way. People would call Our abilities younger folk you're, getting it they're, spreading it amongst themselves, but thank God and literally thank the Lord, the Vanity rate is very low amongst young people that is now the ability to tailor these economic reopening, which should go full steam, add we cannot afford to bankrupt people bank. Hospitals destroy and wreck our food supply to continue lockdown set of show no evidence that they actually work. I mean, if you one number I'm in a move onto my annexing Florida, we locked down the latest and opened up relatively fast floor had fifteen desperate hundred thousand people where I live. Despite having a dramatically older population than the rest of the United States, people that are- small about fifteen deaths per hundred thousand New York. Much younger population which locked en masse mass and still is an open up in many respects. New York
a hundred and sixty one deaths per hundred thousand p explain to me again have a lock downs work. They did you have no It is back that up at all, it is time to open up the economy with proper precautions period full stop the debate on that is officially over. If If, if you believe in the data and the science, if you don't keep argument for locked downs and bankrupting people does that's where you stand you're all alone right now that this is no data. The backdrop I let me get this straight to pager today is always Well, it's been stacked up. We shall not we're low tech. Here I like what we pay low tech from the beginning and the show. Fill the second most popular conservative pod? Guess that low tech is good. You know when I get asked a lot by people who want to start by getting what's the secret. I said content this king rather yet every single time. Nobody gives a damn about how your background mocks. No one, They could hear it and they could see it and Joe and drew do the best job in the business and make it a good to look at good to hear you are a ok as long as your comment that is good and Paula.
Whose gave me I, which is right, she's, give me what about me hear she's right. She is the grand arm of the Dan GINO Operations, moving exists is important. Many of you saw this story, some of you didn't. This is a tick tock I'm a woman, a student at Harvard was clearly a pretty radical leftist. She did money Tik Tok videos on an app I refused to download. I'm sorry I been apparently is sometimes the chinese communist government. I am not downloading that till they clean that operational. But is very popular amongst a consistent video app. You can do little videos you jump around so so Harvard student, you did this video, I don't know how long a few weeks ago that really matter, but the video one viral for all the wrong reasons. This is a video where she describes what she's gonna do too Paul who challenge the term black lives matter. And she uses the term here in the beginning, just recently became aware of a core capacity
I was fascinated term. Yes, I'm sure Joe apologists heard this one to area so listeners, video, here's a brief one here. The woman is subsequently. According to reports been fired by her employer delight Touche, which listen. This is on video, I mean there's a liability issue. There are but check this. Outnumbered explains you what's really going on. I believe in this woman's head and people who think like our check this out next person, who has the sheer nerve, the Sheer entitled, capacity. Does they all lives matter? I'm a stab EU stab you and wall yours. Ongoing and bleeding out, I'm a show you my paper, cut and say my cup matters too. I'm gonna stab you now. I again we get both sides because we do actual reporting here, unlike journalists, Woman now, claiming obviously have is being ridiculous. It wasn't an actual threat. Now, my
I take it in her head down and what she was thinking or not. Maybe she thought it was brave and she was gonna. Look like such a frontline Tipp of the spear. Idle tested warrior by issuing. It is a threat. There's no doubt about it. If the It was real or not. You can all debate amongst yourselves so tat. It was, Brad I'm gonna stab. You is a threat a pet you, I'm gonna, cleaner ears and wash your hair for using going to stab. You obviously this serious liability issue with an employer if later on, something to happen while the debates that there you know so this videos d but not for the reasons the woman in it thinks it is number one, this term caucasity, if you ever heard this Joe Workaday known I know what it means I looked about me. I had a look it up. The yeah me too. I had a look up. I had no idea what this meant. I, I guess weren't you and I what politics you know you don't know either. I now Paul, I had no idea capacity.
Apparently, one of these woke social, social justice worry turned its it's it's about basic DAS city of whiteness. How? If you have to be white, when you say things without reckon eyes in your white privilege. I am. I got you audacity about white person, daring, the challenge, the social narrative, it attacks the clock, chastity of that you know she's from Harvard Joe she's. See smarter than you and I know who the hell do you want. I know right, you were Opie, radio guy. I was just the silly stupid cop. What do I know we don't know any is no real world experience at all. We No, not that EU this ball all a bunch of more but she went to Harvard. So you know she's clearly, Martin, that she is our better and she understands caught. She understands that meat, so she's, definitely smarter. Reason we don't know what the word car Cassidy means Joe. This is the never ending cycle of stupid. You descend to which Social just look at who are now criticising my show as their. Let there saying this right now to trust me. We have a lot of lives that listens. What they're saying
Joe, is of course by Jean warm cost in Poland, or no worker Cassidy means it's because of their white privilege. Obviously racist, avoiding the term capacity, they're afraid of their costs, cast it is this. Is this? Is it that's? Why and you're like? you start to spin yourself into stupid, circus like why What are you talking about? I don't get any about what you just said. Of course you cause you. We still, but that's what they believe. Now, as I played it, there's a lot here there is. It may sound like don't be silly video by an uninformed in a Harvard student, but. It reminded me of above me in the great age ok host, show in serious excellent. We both love, it's probably outside, works of Thomas all. It's probably my favorite book. The book is called the. Vault against the masses by Fred Siegel. It's on my book. I have no financial interests? I've never met Fred Siegel in my life. I've ever don't know. Never communicated with him.
All I can say to you is this book: is a life changes if you're interested in the deep dark path the Democratic Party is taken to get to where they are today. The premise of the book is Paul Ass, an interesting question she's. If we get a site, the book The book about him. I guess you could point the book is about. Simply this the democratic party. Fifthly, the liberal wing of it hates middle class They always have. This whole myth that democratic, create worrying for the little guy Johnny Chuck beating the little guy? We don't the rich, the arrest accuracy is not only wrong, it's totally backwards right. That's why the book is that of the revolt against the masses. The masses are the middle class and the poor, the Red you're a very small sliver of society right just by simple bath, the richest them Less than one percent of our small number of people, the masses are everyone else, the left hates them can't stand them
never guide as never tolerated the middle class. So without going through the whole book, I took a snapshot a photo of two My favorite passages from the book these to pass geez. I want you to listen. They playing a lot in this video. The first passage explain means why pseudo educated, snob leaders that time. Like the woman in this video about the capacity of your whiteness and how much stab you, if you save all lives matter and show you my paper caught whenever she mad that ran the first portion of the book. See how explains the first caught here, how education Is use now as a proxy your value to society, but education, side of any applicant all value added at all. In other words, people like Joe.
You know radio producer guys work. This whole life very count. The guy musician for fragile, does more than I even talk about he's worthless shall be worth because he chose out a Harvard get me up, secret service agent, but a moron. I want the Penn state Maybe we're in eighty you ain't gonna, Yale, our moral, Paula, First Jenny. Should I m to the country, comma native land? the Spanish. What does she know Harvard kid Dave. We use education. Save perhaps see for your your vows you two society. Despite what you ve done, let's go to the peace. This is beautifully beautifully. Describe the parlour kind enough to put over the book in there to in you, want to buy it again, revolt the revolt against the masses by Fred Siegel. Please listen to this, this is where he's talking about out this sum. Sorry, this is apportioned about the aristocracy. This is critical, yea,
switch out to the one you can see that it is good that happened go to the other in a short one, its duty, education, education, a proxy listen. This is this is key, The Americans learned from Shaw, had to be narrow, minded in a witty superior way. So my George Bernard Shaw. Sure pioneered the path whereby an author could simultaneously insult the middle class and yet embraced by it on the grounds that you're receptive, The criticism signal someone was cut above both men. Mine, the or that was usually the moral strength, but sometimes the self defeating vulnerability of western culture, its capacity for self criticism. Genius. He's talking about how you use education proxy. You see the video at City Hall, we don't have it for ten years to live but short on time, but there's a video city hall, the new chop at New York, city city or there's a guy in a green to to
screaming up and down to the cab. You don't even have a college education. You see, as some of you saw, no. This is it that Europe, education in an elite. Radical leftist institution like Harvard now swear that problem, this nonsense, Europe. Education has, showing you the key to In both, at the same time, a hero to the middle class while insulting them because you're from Harvard you realize you're and evil person, and you are the problem, because you're of your caucasity. So, if you are a wide social justice, worry spitting in the face of police officers, Youtube Because you realize you're the problem and again your support, your fake, supported the middle class, is signal by you insulting them. You may be saying: I don't get it It's because you want to Harvard and knew no more than the middle class. You claim to champion that
your job to take these dumb radio producers and cops like me, and grants I Paula and drag them to your woke, educated side and your Billy, to do that with generated. By your signal passport from Harvard or Yale. Oh! Yes, you you get it and that signal how much smarter and brilliant. You are then, these jalopy trackers and carpet. There's an smelly, cops and radio producers and Paul I've computer engineers. You all losers. That the signal that your losers as you're, not as woke as I am because I want to Harvard and Harvard taught me, I'm the problem right right, I'm and I know I'm the problem and you don't and I drag you over by getting in your face like green due to guy and telling police officers, you didn't even go to college you don't know no Nuffin police
Sir knows a whole lot more than green to Togae education is that proxy for them. Not life education, not real world skills. Actual sheepskin diploma All you need to show the middle class what losers they are and how you are in light and then a hero to them, because you can criticise them because you know you're the problem and they don't genius. So there's, the first part they hate a meritocracy. The second part, this is even better to a little longer, but it works the history of the Democrats. Only one paragraph a bear with me. Plays a history. The radical left movement that claims get there really for the little guy there, not, as I just told you, they only want to criticise the middle class you're. Just But you don't realize you deplorable idiots you're the problem. I do listen to me I'm from Harvard How about your mining experience? What are you know? Truck
What are you guys know? Feed, country and all minors. During the coming to make it your Ebay. What the hell do you know I studied basket, weaving arbored, I'm the guy. I wear. Three to and twenty two cops. I no cops keeper streets, stay for safe and stop what approach a moron second part is about. The whole genesis of the liberal Democrat Party in the United States was a yearning for an aristocracy looking down on the air, education as a proxy. You may say The Democrats want an aristocracy hour a day. The ones who say they hate aristocrats and the one percent its a scam. They love this Their are, again the education proxy to annoying them as the the path
yards of genius and morality, and we should all listen to them. You with your dad. I don't get it swear. The Democrats always told me they really for the middle class. They the middle class. They can't stand you, they are yearning. For all european style aristocrats and the ability to. And to that upper class. They don't want anything to do with merit. They wanted to beat at a signal to be educationally, listen. There's some really read through. This is great. This I've. I took this a long time ago. This creature Siegel Revolt against the masses, the contributors, the civilization in the United States, many of them Harvard men were driven I resentment the so called lost generation. Explain Malcolm Kelly was extremely class. Conscious Don't we heard was the opposite. These Harvard men, love Oh no, no! No! No goes on.
Why born these Harvard man, I quote a vague belief in aristocracy and the possibility of producing real aristocrats through education. Kelly said they want to Europe to free themselves from organise stupidity, to work, their deserved place in the hierarchy of intellect they felt. Their status in America wait. There's we talk with is pretending talking about social justice. Where he's right now in this will make certain, or even though we wrote Four years ago, they felt that status in America's business? Culture was grossly inadequate. Given there obviously exceptional intelligence and extraordinary talents. Their simmering anger, what they saw as the mediocrity of democratic life led them. Supply pioneer. The now commonplace stance of blaming society for their personal failings, anime by a patrician spirit, they found levelling egalitarianism of the United States, an insult to their sense of self importance. Dude, maybe the great
paragraph in the history of a of written of written material laid down and book format, there's so much there in the interests of time. I'll give you the key. Takeaway democrats can't stand. You were the middle class They revile you, they hate what he calls the levelling egalitarianism of a meritocracy. What does that mean? May translated for you? What do you mean? have to work for a living to be in the aristocracy in the United States to get rich and on a private jet I'm smarter than you more on June and even go to Harvard what do you mean a guy like Joe can go and become the podcast Energy the second biggest show when America, with I haven't, got a Harvard and make a decent living for himself and his kid. That's you, Gallatin meritocracy, my arse it deserves to be in my presence, I'm at Yale student with it. So studies degree
Joe no musician photographer. What an area then bunch- no, how dairy lecture America with his podcast, more on cop secret service guy. Business owner be successful. Business, successful business agree was from the city universally New York. What an area. They hate a meritocracy, they hated that the middle class. By going, did you know the blue and educational facility will be a trade score, a college can it Kate themselves and work hard to build their own business with going to Harvard and getting a degree in nineteenth century women studies. They hate that the left hates a meritocracy, They yearn for the days of an old school european aristocracy. Will you get a gentleman see in school and you would be passed down and united and you would lead to greater unwashed deplorable into the promised land? That's what they want,
These are the new aristocrats. They think they are the same so, just this warrior car Cassidy Crowd offended to the point She says ominous stab you if you actually and the assertion that all lives matter, the rage interfere. Let's just go to my Youtube: please Youtube accomplish punch, you know, please watch the video You listen to show just fast forward in part. I don't know worried about the views or anything like that. Go to the part watched the rage in her face The rage at the statement all lives matter, the rage so angry. You ve, dare do you? U gross horrible middle class trackers and everything out there that you ve, dared to choose how much are in a Harvard education in your own capacity that all the matter. She angry she says I'm a stab- you horrified
at levelling egalitarianism, where everyone is an equal, shouted success. The Democrats and liberals don't believe that they believe the only shot success is going to Awoke Ivy League College and they will how'd you, you don't be deplorable into the promised land and if you disagree with them, they're going to stab you and their angry to cover one final portion of that Fred. Siegel quote from this terrific. The whole box, like that, their own failures in life thereof, where they dont get rich: they never build a successful business, they go to a job, the fires and because there sit near you know up thing means about social justice, where your nonsense, all day from their cubicle
A blame, those values than on what meritocracy and the system this system is unfair. I went to Harvard, I can't believe I did get promoted over Joe who got the job ahead of me because he worked harder. They blame the system and they simmer and rage and anger all day. They look at themselves, Hate themselves, they hate you, they hate everything about their lives, because I ve never found peace in things at me and Joe and Paul. I've found peace and family peace and faith. Peace and hard work, peace and hope that the hard work will lead to a better tomorrow. This peace in that.
Sometimes is more peace in the hope, you'll be successful than actually being successful itself. They have no such hope because they ll never be what you are, which always Paul is never. It will be angry Tik Tok warriors for the rest of their lives, offended that the idea that you may believe all lives matter to the point where they threaten disturb you on a video he galloped terrorism. They hated equality, they hated, but you ve been told otherwise have any Democrats care about little guy. They hate the little guy. They always have read the book fire that baby up the number one on Amazon today will change your life. They said good. As I said I get there, I ve no financial relationship with them. I promise you whatsoever. It is just really really worth I let me get to my final sponsor and I got another important story and other video of a democratic
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Truck ripened GINO, my last name in their. How did you hear about us box? So they know we sent you an amazing selection, reliably low prices, all the parts your car will ever need rock auto that come rock motto that cop check him out tonight. Ok, so you were money. If you ve heard, if you'd been listened to his shoulder, Past few days, this latest Annie Trump Fake NEWS, media story that President tribe was briefed about this, russian bounty put on their heads of. U S. Remember this one put other heads of: U S. Soldiers paid the Taliban, people who you know our agents of the Taliban who wanted to kill us Ladys Gemma, whether the intelligence is true right now we don't know it has yet to be verified, have explained numerous times examples of how this works. I can't express to you and strong enough terms how critical it is right now, and I mean I think this should be evidenced by would have
with a spy gate debacle where pray. Obama was brief by John Brennan about a ppp last year. That was so obviously false that it altered the course of human history. Do you get that I've spent numerous times I when I was an agent in Indonesia with the secret service, we thought we had a potential terrorist attack on our hands The present was an hour from landing everybody was like what do we do? I was the leader I had to make the call I so we're not gonna break from ITALY, figure out what's going on? We can always turn him around or stop them from coming to the hotel we were, it turned. The incident was entirely innocent. The guy was not a terrorist. Why did we beat the brief depressed? We didn't know told the story three times. You don't briefly ultimate decision maker. The present United States and information- you don't have are not reasonably cough and it is true Could change world history like spying on the president, because you thought he was a russian agent, like Barack Obama did on then candidate trump.
So here surf Malta failed presidential candidate he's a congressmen. Using is military experienced by the way. To give an example that proves I point that he is, but you know he's a Democrat, so it so we have to get through he's on CNN, with Jake, copper and he's asked about this entails. Said. He gives an example saying here, If it were me when I was a platoon commander, exactly that's the point list of the colonel explain on the other side If I, as a opportune commander, received a report that my platoon might get ambush, that perhaps we would get- blown up by a mine, and I fear, to say. Well, you know we should take mine resistant vehicles. Perhaps I said it's not: hundred percent, so we're just gonna go out on foot and my platoon got blown up. I wouldn't be on, we are defending myself, I would be in prison because that is the basic level of command responsibility, except expected of the most junior
the and our military and so for Trump to deny that, as commander in chief, is the ultimate dereliction of duty. Do you understand how this guy just entirely refuted his point? In his point he said: I was a platoon commander and I thought there was a roadside bomb and set my troops into they got killed. I be in jail exactly He then follows that, up by saying that a basic level of command decision? Yes, that is, where basic level of command to suggest that the president's call he refutes is over. You is java by is getting through you I'm saying to me as it on the ground GS, thirteen secret service agent. I had him. Gay command decision to investigate suspicious activity in a hotel room. It was that the president's call you don't need to know about it and several I'm talking about his job- is right. If self, Malta
we support commander, did not do and its troops were killed and he ignored it. He would be in the brig he's right. If I as an agent in Indonesia sauces perspective. It in a hotel room did not investing It turned out to be a subject plaything No tell rheumatic, went off, I'd, be in true, but he refused to shown point he says that's my basic level of command, and Mandarin chief should know this. He is not. The commander in chief is not at the basic level of command you're. Talking about to address the problem. You just mention Dago. Are you suggesting President United States should be brief, every roadside explosive suspected roadside explosive do out war zones around the world, is that what you're saying this is a Congress who actually refutes his own point? It is old boy
of course there are bay sick levels of command structure GS there. Special agents with the secret service platoon, and there on the ground, There are hierarchy of generals, one star to star three STAR four star. You have the joint Chiefs chairman. The present United States all get in tell from the dossier the CIA Vienna say they have to decide everyday. Given the presidents limited time he doesn't work twenty four hours a day is an automaton way, One of those decisions are important enough and based on sound enough intelligence that actual require an executive call by the president. Whether you should drive by potential roadside bomb in Iraq is one of those decisions. Busy miss that whether the it- should come to that hotel or not. When we get to this,
if the man was a terrorist or a businessman, is not to present its call, it was mine and we made it do you get out of here He refused his own point. It was, not a decision that intelligence officials felt should be brought to the present. Because the intelligence they had they didn't feel was very I strongly enough. I really am like astonished were still talking about whose, because it's such a basic point that you would think the Democrats would be more cognisant of the fact that there are can themselves look silly in their own press appearances com. Level decision at my level at the basic level I made the crater achieve, should do the same, You here, you're saying good luck, seriously calling up the president for
Every single battlefield decision made more zones around the world. Just said, I mean really that make sense only to get that year, I could get a nod from Poland Vertical Ironmongery able more things I want to get through I know I did know that again cuz. It's really gonna hear more about this vote of fraud boarding fraud and we need to learn the screen drift away like a base. This sucker I'm warning you, there are going to be big problems in this election. If we don't get stuff all I believe the exploiters added together right away. I was gonna, go story. Yes, there is little short on time. Folks. Make shrewdly worried. You should be to what It's happening in this election would mail and ballots while she journal editorial com male and voting on wrong again? Fraud chart he's in piles of ballots, were thrown out New Jersey folks. The Democrats want one
spread mail in voting further upcoming election. I'm telling you right now mark this show Thursday July. Second, it be a disaster like you have as it'll make the Bush Vigo election look like robber room. You will have ballots counted, potentially after inauguration day. You will ballots, thrown out mass that thought happening. There actually did happen I'll. Let's go to the Wall Street, opposite happened in New Jersey where they tried this experience to go to school. Shot: number one canadian membership. New Jersey, useful warning for the nation here, Forman quote: format are accused of committing fraud last month in the city of Patterson, entirely by male municipal elections. For one reason or another county election officials have thrown out about twenty percent of
lead submitted twenty zero. Two zero that zero point two that two percent twenty percent? Joe Biden, that's one in five ballots: twenty percent were thrown out it in all male an election ladies and gentlemen, can you imagine the chaos of any National presidential election, twenty bucks sense of balance had to be ballots, had to be tossed out what he lets. I hate hypotheticals, but, let's just for a minute, play this game, don't assume all of those ballots or Democrat ballots right. Can we hypothetical Joe, let's say in a swing, stay a swing state like are to where I live, the president one, but not by a huge margin. Let's say that didn't lose this state. Like the Democrats,
the gubernatorial race did here by a hundred thousand votes population of Florida is over twenty million people. A sliver let's say we find out in Florida. Millions voted at twenty percent of whom had to be thrown out. We find that of those twenty percent. Fifteen percent were trump votes. You think they're going to accept the results of that. Missy way blame it on Trump, I'm not I'm giving you a hypothetical flip, the script a swing state Iowa Ohio either. One. Say the Democrat loses loses by appoint same scenario if dean of those twenty percent of Balin ballots thrown out we're dammit You think they're gonna, except that result then, who cares if accepted that I care folks, because the Democrats have shown their willingness, some of them, especially the radical, left,
to engage in highly destructive action when they don't get what they want. Tell we opened up the show today not to be gasped off twenty percent other screenshot case. You think out my gas, twenty percent of votes, Catherine uh, that's pretty better! Can't get any worse. All you can they Bruce Willis six cents moment never success, I see dead people. At least three dead people tried to vote the Patterson press reports. That's I'm not making a real sentence software, it's just I don't have the sensors working properly thought the site. At least three dead people tried to. How do they do that? The practices press reported? So what's your journal fairly, quoting the Patterson Press
NBC News New York, found a spanish speaking residues list in the county records. Having voted She said we did not receive up, I mean about tonight invoked. She said this is option. This is fraud, other say they male their votes, yet their names are shown on the list. The balance with bare problems, meaning people took comments, I'm just the fact that opening it sends a moment, these three dead people. How exactly did they? Then that? Can you walk us through the process I mean was was it a Lazarus moment? I didn't miss something three dead, didn't try to vote. That is what I have to Patterson Press might want to revise that statement. Three dead people live, but you did not try to vote. Somebody tried to. On behalf of three dead people gave and by three dead people did not decide to vote. I mean, right. Job creation, which is sorely word inside this dude
Joe I take that back, we talked about the Ellen, celebrate the parasite, any gubernatorial lecture to Baltimore a few weeks ago on the shelf and we damage dead. People showed up at mass. You know what Mr Rick walking dead stout about. Baltimore Natlink so is not uncommon for dead people too tried about. Having said it's a big problem. Nonetheless, yes, our poorly worded dissented says it's a! U. Problem. Can you Imagine if, in a little counter Patterson three dead people showed up devote a nationwide, we GM prickly blow that up into tens of thousands of dead people showing up devout kind of a big deal folks now, and this is not the blocking dad- it's not George Remercie George Romero, knight of the working that I'm always honourable, were pop culture. So this is gonna happen. Dead people should not vote ever. I thought that was so logical. I guess not folks. This would be mass chaos, it would be mass chaos. Both sides will be sniping at each other and we would have a deadly
to get the president and elected inauguration day. It's all in the constitution that, if deadline was missed, it would be an absolute How can it be missed? Ladys, German, I'm not saying how could any more. I thought I want How can we carried out a statue? George wash now be created and where there are now, it would be chaos, big big problems for the, because we have a couple stories up a punch. You know that come about it too. All right, in the interests of time, owing to wrap up today, show our police tune into tomorrow. Show agenda Alice. It's a really good interview, its costs to an hour, one of the young. Legal advisers for the present stage you probably seen or an fox and go and out of it with their talks on CNN a large, very good, too long Reign review its long form. It's definitely worth your time check that out tomorrow we'll be off on Monday. Again, thanks to my crew first vacation a long time, we really appreciate a peace which guardroom I show you to bear com site, but you know we will see you all on Tuesday of next week.
You just heard in Bonn, GINO.
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