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Troubling New Revelations About this Miscarriage of Justice (Ep 925)

2019-02-27 | 🔗
In this episode I address the troubling new revelations regarding the extent the DOJ went to in order to hide the Clinton corruption. I also address the real reason that the Democrats are putting Michael Cohen behind closed doors. Finally, I address a series of liberal lies about “Medicare for all.”  News Picks: The Green New Deal would cost an astonishing 94 trillion dollars.   Bill Maher’s smug red state mockery couldn’t be more wrong.   Democrats are asking Michael Cohen all the wrong questions.   Democrats voted for infanticide yesterday. Absolutely disgusting.   The fix was in for Hillary Clinton.   When is the investigation going to start into John Brennan?   The Green New Deal would cost every American household $65,000.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved..
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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed, its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bungee, no, thereby GINO Chaperonage. How are you today? I know rivers like that is like me, the tory in the audio and tv busy. Has everybody enter even shot their yesterday right on so at this hour before we start, I always say british ajar unity, because you're you're my guide and when we ve ever, but we have had on sample cast again today. Yes, we did, we ever Zulu over their Blair. We have seen I can Linda. We actually want STAR Trek, so I can't even name and other Chrome Mccoy in Ethan and others I don't even have another Jason Jason, you just gotta be Jason. So here have rejects the starship enterprise we got all
more people at isolation, attitude, Heerd, Vietnam, helping us out so thanks to them sorry, snug as your great and Ladys Linda. I really appreciate it. I am I being one of the guys there Y know you never mind. We got great feedback on your and you know it Nick appearance on the show this showed did bonkers numbers. So we appreciate, but thanks a lot I was just making. I have a joke about our overseas and my wife, kill me, of course, my wife who I loved dearly, but she texted me about my fish, who may be dying a slow death at home. So I came to you have to feed this. Yeah you do, it is not a battery operate gotta, throw that sucker five pellets that so it all a fox, listened we love and that these fine, I'm kidding my wife fed the fish, because I know I'll get it, but the fish is fine, but yes it
It bother me a little bit the question: do you have to feed this that it is not a nine vault fish that suckered needs an actual pellets every data yet got so he's doing. Got though, ladies and gentlemen, he's doing good. Let me just point that out there Yesterday was a pretty Craig today in Vietnam and keep it might have losing track attackers we're twelve hours ahead of you. So when I Yesterday I made I don't even know if I mean yesterday, eastern time or yes even lead as and slept. I part there no talent worthy studio and lived as I and I said, you're mad at me, and I know you think. As I know you, I popped in autumn, and our eyes are like sunk in, like she hasn't slept in my four days, and I said and you look like Phil advice. Ass, you say: would you move you walk into the room in the room, five minutes and you looking to go man, you look like air and under like really morning. I probably not the best way to help, but she look. I shouted you. You won't yours, you answer me MIKE ugly
We buy jogging lying just like not not good. Thank you. Do I get it like the art, the subtle order. Diplomacy is not my thing. I say yes to this. Bobby here, because it is the exact opposite of. Second, I've had text the Joe it ok the crazy, I always do so. Yeah right after we pay for the shot, that's important job! There's nobody unapplied built like you now got. Thank you. I read your messing with why. Why would you buy now Josie? You say: why would you buy a generic mattress bill for everyone else? You know of any loves you so people go, though stop vessel, which we now Joe shows the best helix sleep built this. it quit their tax at the complete. That's it is. I am a heel exley matches. I told you the story. It's Amelia through my daughter, my wife read your book at night and a mattress is so comfortable. That's something she totally racks out and doesn't even bother common image. I ever a king,
so sometimes I get that thing than myself. They sleep on a spaceship by yourself. Here we see as a sleep because two minutes, the complete they use the answers to match your body type in sleep, references to the perfect matters where they risk I'd sleeper hot slippery like a pleasure, firm bed with you, which is no more guessing or confusion. toto, he'll, sleep, tat, calm, Sledge then take their two minutes. Because no match you to a mattress. That would be the best sleep of your life Linda needs. While I was right now that safe attacks do us a favour, we love, you guys express a mattress, Linda deeds of sleep for a couple of weeks gets put the matches down the middle. Given you individual support feel preferences reach side. They have a ten year aren to you: get the trade off for a hundred nights risk free right now he was going you two hundred hours off you mattress order for the present, as they say, how do you, like those tomatoes get The two hundred hours off it he'll sleep that consular stand. That's helix sleep that complex the end for two hundred miles off your mattress order, but their presidents they sale going on
now. He'll sleep tat, calm, slash then. Yes, okay, right so story number one Michael Cohen, theirs You know the Democrats are just what what cider are these these lunatics on? So you have the President United States he's on the ground here in Vietnam and annoy having this summit with the North Koreans of rave. Obviously I think it's goats taught a logic, to say a very soon his grave matter, the threat of nuclear weapons and a potential attack on the United States if they ve developed the technology to do so and what Democrats decide to do they decide this the opportune time to hold a hearing with our president. Arms former lawyer, Michael calling for one purpose in one purpose. Only to humiliate unembarrassed president trumpet make em look silly on foreign soil now foxes pretty disgusting. I ain't Randal Day about this, but again I want to waste your time, but there was an expression that politics ends at the water s edge, meaning
the president was overseas. We were all united in purpose mom. That ended, of course, with the you know that the Dixie checks going overseas and in ways that love by the way, Natalie NICE, the love, the Dixie Chicks, their first album was awesome. I probably lost my man, car debit. That's fine, because I thought Natalie mains was, was the cats me out and that they were great and she go overseas- and I wasn't a huge George, W Bush man, but she trashes I'm in a foreign country, and it seemed like all the roof turn off that just opened Pandora's box. Where was all over at today now that you're holding congressional hearings to humiliate President Trump while he's meeting with a a nuclear power of that's, To annihilate us where they have the capability or not, of course, is questionable, but there's no good gravity. The situation is not in question. Is just disgusting speaks to the question: what side of the Democrats really on Ebay, if you're a farmer Democrat now, I'm sorry but I'm embarrassed by parties this really gross, I'm it's disgusting. What they're doing, but rather the sign
there's something I want out of. This is a key take away. A lot of people are missing here Oh in testimony is we too segments slashing mp3, but for our purpose, it's gonna, be two separate boxes of testimony. The first box of somebody's gotta, be behind closed doors at its very, very kind of sneaky. What they're doing I like to uncover the stuff to stuff they're? Putting behind closed doors. Recalling If we were told wise, this was was gonna. Take down to the collusion This is it. We got em. We got his lawyer. The collusion stuffy colluding with the Russians now show. Why is behind closed doors, while the when testimony the second box, a testimony second tranche of things he's gonna site have nothing to do with collusion other gonna be about his personal business deals. That's all gonna be open for the public. This to openly humiliate the present, where I'm sure Collins Gonna go on about
this guy's posing a drum about pay off said you know what he thinks are suspicious business dealings you're whenever I don't trust college. As far as I could check this guy in a far better it make any sense job not me above unity, audience ombudsman, I'm with you pig scandal. Here is the Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the election. Why is that stuff? The stuff that's behind closed doors, while the humiliating personal details are the stuff they're going to broadcast out to the public, probably all oversee and anonymous, and be safe with me. Sir, is very simple because the behind closed doors stuff, as Byron Yorks as an actual wash them examiner peace. It's in my show notes up on Gmail com, The email is a launch, a bright to you, the stuff Cohen, has to say, could pretend will he be exculpatory for Donald Trump on the Russia stuff? Oh so just to be crystal clear on this, yes- and I will explain why, because I'm not gonna leave, you hang in your folks member that old joke.
How do you keep an eighty in suspense. I don't think, that's the joke. we ve been added this call in the home. Our press follow me here. The whole purpose for this entire special council investigation how it came to arresting Cohen Visa fee. The special council in southern district in New York was, this whole assertion that trumpet colluded with Russia's? That Oh, I D, a that he colluded with Russia. Still the election was based on a dossier of which, we'll call. It is a central figure and player in that dossier. He, mention twenty four times. two dozen times in the dossier, so I hope your pic now put on putting Dounia their reason. Eliza comings and these other guys are put net stuff behind closed doors is because, if Cocoa in court, under oath again in a closed door. testimony Higher led the box, the dossier cramps,
over the dossier at says. This thing is complete. Garbage then do you? you stand that you are completely exonerated trump and maybe entire committee look silly now, there's. Key Canada's your regular, listen to show. You probably know I'm gone. What this already, although come, to mention twenty four times in the dossier? He is a key figure in this one mention where he allegedly goes over to Prague. ordinates with a russian connected official. You remember this p coordinates and gives cash payments to this russian official. To get this this, this tranche of Hilary emails had it been hacked now. If that happened, that would be a very serious but potential crime. If what's the problem, folks. Poland's never been approved, he's never been depressed he has denied this repeatedly
we call in who win that you ve had on the Channel mainland Davis. Thirty day, always say learning, Laddie Davis, never let a good crisis. I would like you for correct me, thereby gas lighting we have had on the had. He showed that it now lobbyists is Lady Davis, a republican how the Lady Davis's Clinton EAST are on steroids. Laramie day Collins lawyer fault, he has repeatedly debunked is too he Atlanta Davis, has zero interest less than zero interest rate in promoting of Donald. it is being innocent of any use. He's already come out said these central component to the dossier. The whole basis for the prosecution of triumphant collusion is fake. Cohen has never been to Prague to set this thing up with emails or shown You see my point show the reason they have him behind closed doors on the rushes stuff is because its exculpatory, they want to put out the nonsense. Tabloid national inquiry stop to embarrass Trump while he's
they go sharing. We ve got him jungle and for a potential de nuclear radiation. Deal on this peninsula. There's a way to fix this, but we have to. A guy named Vinnie what is that where did you find them? Srebrenica is that when we go back to the conversation about, I gotta guy is dear John was always gotta he's got a guy Joe Joe always does have a guy got always like the guy. Was she doing that's good? I like that. I saw it enough on that, but folks by the way we are live streaming, so my twitter at deepened Gina we're gonna, do a snippets of the show. So is the first time you ve done this from isolation. Hannity I hear and annoy you if you're my twitter at the bunch either you can check it out, actually live, so we ve never done before. So we got Blair here I'll rocket it with their technology stuff. Out of turn on my eye for an eye for an eye, so they're going to take away from that story. Is that the Democrats? what site they on when there's an
but surely you exonerate our president on false charges and have come in come clean on the Prague thing. They hide behind closed doors and when I want embarrass him in front of international law is to talk about tabloid stuff, like I will put that stuff out in the open total complete frauds are making to this end, because I want to get rock in IRAN is really important, and I thank you. I didn't kill. We add a point here inexact now. Of course we were talking about this before you know the the IMF I can people voted for Donald Trump because of what they thought he could do because of his business skills at Nothing to do with anything else, care who he sleeps with didn't care, he did before he ever even thought about run for president. They don't care. You know, Linda. I have said this before Churchill, what What do we call this battlefield, morality right by the you know, this have it now long. You been in this business Linda fifteen years now Joe. You ve been to how long you been conservative radio low when he hears a little over thirty, you even right, yeah I age and also this is there's a lot of theirs
There's a lot of experience here. I am You have a reason you ve lived through, and you were on the both of you, Joe for a few more but for republican present shirt you're not not, can George W is a good man, but I was not a big George W Fat and others. I know we have you tried the Moreover, you kind of upstanding, let's vote on this, and I'm not knock and Troublous, and I'm a sinner too I'm not gonna die. Don't do this kind of moral judgment, but the point is we Try this stuff, like good ones, vote for like that the suave nice guy would have. Maybe- and you know what now let us be honest. We want a nutcracker we just Do when I don't want to apply the bottom line. As you know, the nice guy is probably doing whatever he's done behind closed doors to, and you know what I don't want to know about it, and I don't care you, don't I'm not a balance. You check book. If you don't know how to make negotiations with world leaders, it really does it matter to me what you doing with dinky. Do it's none of my business joke here, you ve, heard think he'd do yeah from us. Then I believe he s a long time ago,
I would show what I call a battlefield: morality, how we have tried this before we voted for the nice guy or the the power, Sky or the eloquent guy and we got was crap. We got continued funding a plan parenthood which, by the way trump this week, hit again trying to take funding way from plant parents. We ve tried this before we're in a battlefield, morality, situation right now and what maybe that is when you're in the trenches with a guy. Sit next to him, whereas if you were say in basic training and the guy was you know, texting is a friend wise man you may be. I do you know a tyrant, I'm telling you this. I collect that its stomach, but when you're in a battlefield the trenches- and you know this, opposing army headed your way. You not like pay proud. I treat you send out. Users. Are you like start shooting brain? We It's someone! We try to start fighting and he's one of the first guys Racine since possibly Reagan who was, I know, I just don't care what you say: Europe Steam ahead, Damnatory
poultry mad. Firstly mad. I agree with you, I don't care, I don't care about. You, the bar exemplars Mitt Romney. Nobody voted for, Mitt, Romney and what happens we poor terminology backdoors spry mean that guy I can. I can run But honestly it's like there's the clean cacti, let my wife and my for thirty years in a waiver for you and you won't get nobody cares. They just want to do business mittens. So I get a new coffee. You have the latest victim written about that you didn't get ass. I did itself God you know, but you never heard that mitten I have, but I don't know that whole moment right. There are data, nobody's policy genius yesterday, Glinda play where we talk about health insurance policy. Genius, getting life insurance could feel like assemblies assembling. The world's worst jigsaw puzzle is that through this, its confusing it takes when you finally done it, does even local, but it gave a mortgage rates.
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four zero percent doing it policy genius easy way to compare by life insurance policy, genius, dotcom art couple other things I want to get to it, so There's been some more breaking news on the Clinton disaster. Now I always read my audience: e mail, big, even the you know the bad stuff in some guy said mad. I can't believe you're covering this Clinton stuff. Again I respond damn well didn't I couldn't spawn back fully but its theirs. Breaking news on and its important, so the times its Jeff Karlsson, who is just sleigh in the air I don't know where you get. This stuff keeps getting testimony leaked from these efforts, I people on the record and theirs. Revelations about just how far they went to cover up on the Britain Scam, so I have this peace headline lead, First, there is always the fix was in, for
The name is a great deal more than its honours, its not. But now we have the dates on how this actually went down. So Karlsson gets his mates. Some testimony from LA attrition Anderson and LISA page to higher up FBI lawyers about How did the OJ shot this thing and throws a wrinkle in detail in this thing. That is just fascinating about how far they want to squash Annie, the gate of the Clinton but. They were so stupid kind of miss something that went before. the story, the ice we're doing handed he's radio show you from develop me bar there studio, so wait where but like like he's bar and mine, ass, the other way around. So I hang around afterward, you guys are bodies that I'd. I, though she was fought. It was that we had a good time. You stated part like food card and it was great mistake. I have also put some pictures on my instagram. You guys want check it out, but worse,
sittin here talking and whose eye talkative Chris dinner time or somebody in the eye. India has been who is here. We are talking about how I heard this I must by Father Bob's. Eureka is often who's who spoke at the act and assures us not c span one day and he set up a government is too big its government. Stupid he's right. When I are you this Rico about what the F b I miss, you could be used for it. So let me get right to so the FBI when they applied for search warrant too, access Hillary Clinton, computers and computer devices and the devices of our staff for the emails she read over a personal server. You yeah, they are to get search warrant to get those emails, not no big, surprise ere, they use. very specific charge, which was, Eighteen. U S, siege that were United States Code, that's the criminal code; Eighteen USC. Seven. Ninety three f so follow me here. Access, is gonna, be a little complicated. Is promise use worth you time when they
I first search warrant. They went to a judge who said we need to access these emails based on it essential violation of eighteen, USC. Seven. Ninety three, that charge is equally. The trafficking in sensitive information and F is the gross virgin statue, in other words, Joe, the sub section of the crime which indicated weather you did it intentionally or not right. If your back, Havre was quote grossly negligent your guilty. Now, that's laid out in front of a judge? This is the crime we think was committed. Therefore, we need a search warrant, bout lace. tell me you have to be a lawyer to figure out there, If you want to get a search warrant, you have to lay out in a search warrant, some very specific things when a federal agent. You have to lay out where the property is going to be. You have described it lets, say, research and a home. If so
the White House, with a white picket fence with three windows in the front and a door. It looks like this and has a roof. You have to lay out a very specific locale. You can't just do what you there's no open search warrant. I want to search more for joy, because for what I don't know, something that's not the way our system works they we're very specific about not only the place they wanted to search the computers and described them they also very specific, which you have to be about what crime you can say what a search, my wife- I don't know because Joe gotta bed Erika this week so want to search more for scissors at his house and wait for you all that. Well, that's not now, united at it, you lay out a crime. So they lay out even the sub section. They think Hillary Clinton steam trafficked in sensitive information They were grossly negligent now, what's fascinating about this whole thing is these idiots must have suffered at, but what they put? The search warrant,
because the deal J Jeff causes any epic times pieces in my show notes that I, on the contrary, gonna cost, gets his mates on his testimony, where this Congress, and start asking bill price them. Who is keep in mind? I suppose you ve heard his name off in your hip. He is higher up. You know, I think it's precept, priests, their priests, that I we say, price steps. I was crying maybe you're right. It's a very, very under discussed person he's here spend all day because he's running noise, strokes, bought and he's responding east directly to Anti Mackay so price, priests that they are safe you a priest that pre step is in one of the congressional committee under these asked by this congressmen about a short folks, Carson, gets his mits on and at the Hadn t in the on the capital in hearing from the OJ that sent over to the FBI
and this should hard specifically excludes excludes charge they can use to charge Hillary Clinton and one of the excluded charges, in other words, do not do. This is the gross negligence statue, Is it an acute? get a search warrant approved by the depart. just as approved by a court approved by judge every search want us to go in front of a judge has to be read and sworn to. We he believed there's probably cause this crime. Seventy three F gross negligence was committed yet, Theo Jake, it's wind of it readily just the adjacent a chart over. That's typically leaves our gross negligence, so this congressmen pose this chart up. This guy brightened back to pre, step restart s. About it. Let me read you would Carson gets meets on here. We
this chart that the dear J is not willing to charges. Meeting. Eighteen USC, seven. Eighty three f K. My questions go about those draft affidavit disown with a search warrant if dear J is not willing to charges statute. Why, with the FBI and an affidavit use the same statute as a predication? to obtain a search warrant. If the statute was now we're gonna, be prosecuted, that's a lot. lawyer tougher, but the house You charge it and whether you are going to charge him whether so free stuff, Obviously, precept caught off guard again. That I think precept is: is this I think that's why he's been left out of the criminal prosecutions, I'm reasonably confident that he the one might say, tat details and I think that's why he's been left out of a lot of things. So precept response so so I don't like this. This is simply that stuff do it as he says. So. So I don't know who pay together and useless language, so the car corresponds. While someone in the FBI, general councils harvested
he's yeah. No, no, I trust you there, but I don't know why they again put it together. I don't want to use a language the OJ now willing to charges. You, dull, semitic, two questions here: I'm an assembly to go a little round Robin ok, we'll get it's gotta, be a samples and unscientific survey of general public opinion about what we think really happened here. Do you think Linda option that the deal J sense this chart over to the FBI specifically scrutiny the only chargeable crime they put the search because aid feel like they had the evidence or be because you take the deeply connected Democrats inside the Department of Justice wanted to give Hillary Clinton purchased or something out to destroy it out. I mean less than I have a lot of thoughts on this, and one of them is the fact that you know ROD Rosen's time former you know, deputy e g is married to you know LISA
are soon going to get a lot of Emil's. I haven't much about on the sugar, we're gonna episode there you go so LISA Barsoom me and is very undisguised person. Could she is the wife of of Addio J, you no official, but either. She also has an attorney. She represented Bill Clinton as the United States attorney, and she has dealings with both Hilary Am Bill Clinton she also as dealings in representing robber Mahler. So the fact that our debt The agency is married to somebody who represented the Clinton's as well as represented Mueller whether it be in an official capacity for the United States, or maybe she had some personal off the record consulting. I don't know, but there's something there. Amateur render a guess that you go would be Blount diet sounds our all that I got be. Ladies first, of course, of producer Joe out of respect for,
for it. For you and your position, your exalted position within the show a rabbit exhort ever an average possess river article. Is it option a that they really didn't find anything it, there was no chargeable crime on Hilary or option B. You think they were given a political past because they collected collecting worthy exalted. What's Jim, I'm gonna go with option b for three hundred. What is paid? for three hundred and eight appropriate jeopardy worded language armoured cars think they dig. We have two out of three, but for this sense of unanimity and consensus, Mr Blair, all so did want of bugs you no doubt come back you, yes, at the Paula Blair acts. of power. On guys I know our parliament aims are married to her, so I dont need to get Poland. If maybe I should call but half what other that's do this on footwear before we get
I say they homage while you re alliance you're going to say, but I want her to call me right now. I'm just gonna at this is we're gonna this. So we we have three bees now that this was probably a politically motivated decision right through your Blair, Everybody gets it, because we're gonna get a fourth before this always gotta. it has been the Fisher and now she said I I did the fish she sent me Sore Harry FISH mineral. She just sent me a cripple text. I don't know what this means the first. I know we all know that that would mean actually really did die, so the Congo Can ask some additional questions to just a follow up and close the loop on this, so they bring back says I can stipulate we've seen drafts of search warrants submitted to the Eastern District of Virginia to obtain material in the Clinton case, so priests that says well, okay, how do you say space no search warrant? The predication was eighteen: U S, IE, seven! Ninety three f! In other words, ladies and gentlemen, the fix was in from the star. They never had any intention whatsoever of charging Hilary and the news. So you don't think I'm just some.
And though he are bringing up some dopey topic at a nowhere. You have to have. The info Point is yes, of course, we need. That's, not the story that the fix was in its daily but it's not the story. each matter. Folks, you gonna Are you with your little forget the fix? Rather, what are you talking about? She wasn't really because they got a search warrant on a charge. They specifically excluded from actually charging. That's they take away each word said seven. Ninety pre have gross negligence. Today Jason Overcharging- do not charge them with seven. Ninety three of this that satellite justice to you, of course it does. how'd. You know I tweet out. We daylight collisions for imbeciles, don't be an imbecile distort top utopian. stay they ve sent out specifically a shark. It's a do not check with the charge Ratsey charging them with ridiculous. So a little on the ground here, stuff in North Korea Have- and we are not
Do you know about north have a little note here and not a North Korea not been in prison by the north korean? They would let me deal podcast anyway, so did you hear hear died in a blue geyser here so that traffic here is, it is crazy. A whole army reminds me when I was in Indonesia and and seemingly everybody has a mopeds. Why would they mopeds and I thought they were like scooter. Yes, scooter scooters mov same thing like Vesper, look in pay and every hour jussac. Eighty percent of the vehicles are beyond and the weird think about it. It is almost no traffic control at all nobody hits anyone okay. So yesterday, where was writing said something
meaning goes the seemingly chaotic, but yet perfectly coordinated remains of them, but I was like do that's the best way to say where is in its organised? Chaos is not like when you foresee, and it looks like, and what did you say, the traffic signals were just a suggestion, meares and replace, isn't it. I haven't even Cedar rapids ignore yard so, Who are you? Can I have it says: don't walk now, you'll die, go, nobody does so. Oh yes, they do. It's really gave him a frog. I haven't actually buy it. When I was in Indonesia. Remember the same thing: it's like because there's no traffic control. Everybody super aware of what the other person is doing and it's almost like. They have this. Collective, like Borg like high minded traffic, where the guy in the scooter knows what the other energy insane, I'm gonna try to get one of the people of Fox one of the executive has time lapse, video of an intersection, its guy Johnny. I can get it from him. Your to put on my describe. It is killer. You're gonna be like how
The time left is over like an hour, you can make how to nobody gets killed. There provocateur there are found It's a mopeds, we're going to get some questions about some collar on the ground. What it's like, I gotta, go, compliment thanks Joe and in the team and everyone else about this. quality. The show So what am I travelling with our? How I put a picture of Mr Blair's travelled with essentially Looking like a military, complex box of you, if you have, if you like a green berets unit taking over a small town? That's that whereas so much stuff in his room from the show sounds good, because this is like a ten billion dollars studio. I saw the behind the scenes story to that which you may you may have heard where we run Sean show. The other day is that we have six cases of gear. Here: allowable allowable weight is thirty, two kilos kilograms. Whatever the heck, it is an literally. We had to unpack
If our gear bags, we have so much gear, know we have one. We have one regular system in system so that when one takes a crap again another one, the back it up, but we had so once year, I had to pay extra money just to get the gear on the plane which so you have here, because I was getting all these questions. We have for our twenty MIKE's? Yet compressors, thereby actually got compressors, began to mixing hordes three. Everyone is battery backup we'd have to battery back even brought our elects like sound protection. So the reason to show sounds good and I deeply appreciate your comments are much, but I did get a question: a guy email, music. How did you do the answer. I didn't. I only travel with an eye makin a microphone when I travel but data. Of mess around news that has the show, if you listen later today between inanity shall three p m Eastern. It's this
studio, we're doing the same. Show. That's why I just don't go anywhere sway for sure. Maybe we ought to take out of our hands: lay eggs have at its a middle of the night. You hang on that account. Both shows what does like as the your show here. So that's why it sounds so good, but some funny happened yesterday. I go over- add in them here, which is the night remember. We are exactly the opposite of eastern time, so Sean's nine Pm M Eastern Hannity show on foxes at night and morning. I do my shall we showed that radio show. I go back the town for a few hours no over to that J. W Marianne, whether in Hanoi, with due in the show, so in the yard, like the control room they have set up for Fox. I can see like there's a hustle and bustle, and its reminded me of when I was in the secret service. Everything in the secret services hurry up in way everything at an oversight, hurry, hurry up, ok, we're criteria. We can't just remind me the Asian like what's going on, so am I We cannot turn a bird s is on the illicit shop Chaunt stuck in traffic
Joe it's like I'm, not kidding it's like eight thirty, five pm short the trade like, I don't mean I d like to try like no bottle married anywhere looking around an airline What is he can even make it for the show so he's? doc in his car and if you whatcha show us that you saw this is legitimately as a joke, delicate You got a scooter date, some random guy industry, scooters jobs out of back at his outta gets. There would like. What are you bet? It's the spare you have to see the video is so you get this. Eggs from Sean at an and his assistant, and unlike is this like Photoshop, as is a joke, and what your guys kidding are easily do this at me. Right now, my soul, you'd! Listen! I listen Sean,
motorcycles. Nobody knows Sean better time. Sean has its just gregarious person. I think he come in all like really have set an angry at all fires praising every adding nope cave. It thought it was. The funniest thing you stay, put I'll be shower, get another shot. So he's a good guy trust one another and, I might say, inequities. Let me his studio these really. It was this that such a greatest, it's ok! I want and move on. Bernie Sanders did CNN Town Hall last night, the biggest fraud in politics right now. Bernie I mean it is not the sleazy. Yes, that's Adam shift whenever swore well, but he is the biggest free Ah, he says he's a socialist yarns. Three homes has a nice. Car is probably worth close to a million dollars. It makes him a total, complete fraud. So sir enters was on CNN. last night- and I want you to listen to the way this total fraud dances around a question asked of him, I very
specific question hour you going to be allowed under the Bernie Sanders Socialist Health care system to keep the insurance policy. You have now or not simpler, Obama even radical. Far left Obama was like, if you like your plan, you can keep your plan less than a way Bernie dazzle dance around his question play the senator. Let's talk a little bit about, I not a cure for all because about half of Americans. As you know, there are ensured by their employer glance. According to a recent Gallup poll, percent of these people with pride but health insurance their plans. They like their plans, they think they're plans are good, will these people be able to keep their health insurance plans, their private plants through their employers. If there is a medical care for all programme that you endorse, one day will what will change in their plans is the color of their cod, so having a blue crossbows she'll cod instead
having a United Health insurance card, they're gonna have a Medicare cod that Medicare cod. Will How then move to go to any doctor that they want to go into the doktor they're happy any hospital they want, but you know what else they're not gonna, be paying any private in earns premiums. If they are seniors, we are going to be spanned Medicare, benefits the covered dental care, which is not covered procedures. Hearing it's an eye glasses. There will be comprehensive health care. People can go in any doktor. Dentist or hospital? They re like their health insurance plan. They won't be able to keep their health insurance both nobody, this those of liking, your health insurance plan, which, by the way, employers angel every single year, people like their doctors. They, like the hospitals, live like the care they're. Getting our bill. In fact, right now
If you are a particular programme, you may not be able to go to the doctor that you want our our programme. While you fruit, if they wanted additional private health insurance beyond Medicare for all, would they be allowed to purchase kind kind of health insurance. Our bill covers all health care needs all people cosmetic surgery, for example. Yes, of course, like your private insurance wow, you know I almost reluctantly have to give Bernie credit. for that was one of the finest. Dances around I mean it, I'm not even sure I don't agree with it. By from a strict tactical perspective He must have rehearse that with a focus group, gosh a hundred two hundred times what a perfect way You never answer. The question was simple: Wolf bullets! ask them a straightforward question: can I keep my help
insurance plan. I have, or can people keep it or not so never edges. So he says to things that industry, take away from its takeaway number one? He says: well, it's about that's about the color of your car. I'm surprised you make it a race. Think you're, a racist Europe as the price you to go right to identity politics at your definitely a racist. If you don't support Medicare with the wrong color, because, right to it's, not about that, it's about the color of your insurance card it's gonna change from this color to a medical care not what I asked. I didn't ask you. If the color of the card is going to chase, I asked you if we can keep our health insurance, so he heat it any, genius tactical shift like this fraud, you get to be an expert at this? He doesn't
answer the question, because the question answer would be grossly unpopular to probably upwards of seventy to eighty percent of the population. The answer is: no. You can't keep your assurance under socialist redline. Bernice Socialist Medicare system, so he goes right to our notice, the color of court. Then he this is that I mean This is like one level. Trolling people right here He says: no, it's not about that people like their doctors- and you know you gotta here, but a courtier doktor notice, what he did. She really did there. This is like as a family friendly shop. He makes it out he disconnects the health insurance. You have that you like, which enables you to see your doctor from your doktor himself, for herself. a genius move
notice how mentally it gets you away from wait. Wait, I'm gonna lose my plan, but he automatically refocuses on you, but don't worry it's yours. doctor? You gonna be able to see there's no aren that Bernie know that I can aren t you one thing that in credibly. Large number of doctors and hospitals will shut down under this Bernie Sanders system be cause a doctors, time like food, water and everything else is a scarce resource. It has to be allocated. It can only be allocated one of two ways: you'll get it up a Nobel. Prize and economics, if you can tell me a third way by the way I put this question five years due in the show. No one's ever email me a third way to allocate scarce resource the price it or you can rational. That's it. You can either price it or you can rational, meaning a dime there's time is going to be rash and under a non price government run system. It's the only way. Folks, there is no other way. So what
Ernie does, is it disconnects you from the insurance and the doktor, and he makes it about the doktor, but he leaves out the part where it's your insurance. Now that enables you to see the doctor. You, like but maybe how you actually found your doctor. You understand tier one bottom trolling. This is its genius. He never Answers the question at your in that makes you that allows you to see your doktor now it's gonna go away, but in I'm getting you all packed about. It would put a worry us to be able to see that he has no way of knowing that non. It's not possible. one more thing. I want to bring up about this clip because it's important Bernie key, talking about this. It's it's a myth. It's a myth! Weave the bulk Hell! You fired you probably tired of hearing it. Re now met Columbo, my resident the bunker on the website under the bunk this section as the bunk this sick. four ways from Sunday. There's a talking point.
Democrats they're out there. That needs to be on your tip of your tongue to immediately counteract and break down, or else your fall prey to a tip, and it's this all Then we can get rid of the administrative costs because Medicare more efficient notice what he says there Bernie says clip. He said there's a private insurance premium? What he said jesting there is that free market, private health insurance costs more because the administrative costs are more but there's a little trick here here, The trick they do when you see it you'll see why a lot of people get scammed by this they're not talk about the administrative costs of private insurance versus Medicare and government shirts overall when they say: oh, the government does a better job and the administrative costs or what they are talking about is the percentage cost spent on health care as a function the overall cost of the medical bill. So let me give an example that joint
you're tired. He heard the Seville summit, the audience main I've heard this, because if a common talking point now, if their health care us for private insurance overall for every one of the country's random is one hundred a hundred dollars, any administrative cost overhead right that the administrative staff and whatever were ten dollars. Then they per se judge of health care costs that go to administration and private health care, be ten percent ten out of a hundred They spent this same ten dollars and the government on administrative costs, but the out of money spent on the health care that population is a thousand dollars. all of a sudden, the health care costs or what one percent Show the government managed to save money because their only one per cent of healthcare costs you may see, then you just made their point, not them to govern is never more efficient. Ok up make me laugh, you ever been in the envy like ghosts, Gimme a break,
the last time. You said why discovery really do a great job market without a park, what a great job and a bureaucracy. So the answer is sometimes closer than ever. You ve never said that. The way this works folks, who does the government in Shore well Medicare, is a large swathes of the government spending on health care, medical, cover Pseudo- did they cover five year olds and six year old? No, no, of course not. You have a thousand dollars in medical bills, because there's an older, sick or population, Vm Medicare, your ensuring and the administrative bills are the same or even more or in twenty or thirty thousand ten dollars. Of course, it's gonna look like the government spent less money on administration as a percentage. That's not the case at all. There. Ensuring an altar sicker population when you actually, put the numerator denominated denominator, she's me in context and you control for the health status of the population, the governor
administrative culture off the charts, Claudia recourse to private insurance. First, you have to be a moron to believe the government bureaucracy somehow has figured out a way to be more efficient than a free market. Private insurance industry- I mean: are you insane who actually believes that this house be able to roll off the Tipp your tongue. When someone says few other governments. Administrative costs are far cheaper in the private sector. You got. What had you measure that well this percentage or you mathematics at most liberals, I'm sorry, but they really dopey. You may have to tell them what thanks. I don't usually now you say what you're saying is you're saying as a percentage of the overall health care spending correct the liberal tipping Well? No, but if they do not say yes, that's what I'm saying they say. What are you controlling for the health status? what do you mean? You don't know a controlling means, a lot of Amelia who claim to be really some of the controlling these? Are you? Are you? Are you extemporary? is variable. Such extremes are controlling for them. Are you could
for the health status of the population to make sure you're not spending more on those people, therefore, the percentage of administrative costs which lower just because it's an older and sick or puppyish? Ah, no, he didn't do. Of course, your liberal aid, therefore you're a de facto moron back when you control, for that. It's obvious the governor. I didn't do anything, but you see this is getting. This is why the idle to do this stuff at just give you a little idea where I heard this one of the best ways to debunk liberal a key point to watch. The Saturday shows gotta I put on a Saturday, shows and watched the liberal debate because they all community if they prepare on Saturday night you some like Borg, collective Hive, mine, but They'Ll- come out with their Parking points on the Saturday Shows- and I heard that about five years ago on a Saturday Show- and I immediately went to Google and I put in.
myth that government administrative costs are lower on healthcare anywhere about a hundred articles have merited if so easy to the pockets nonsense. So now you have it because it's an older sicker population and therefore, of course the percentage is gonna look lower. Its knots of I want more point Emily, wrap it up for the day so I got a great email from a guy yesterday and it he's like you, missed something on they Alexandria case your Cortez a couple days ago. We hit this sir. This tweet she sent out where she was like celebrating the idea that she's wasting your most. I pay my entry level staffers. Fifty two thousand dollars a year on my congrats staff, because I want everybody to have a living wage. Ok number one! You are not paying anything we are. Ask me how she distributes other people's money and celebrates its aids. I say is coming at our pocket, while Europe painters ever fifty, two thousand that's really night now I know people. There are what is off as those who have given their own money to other people, but she's, giving away taxpayers money.
other point on that is well. Then kind of a slap in the face to experience staffers of work, their whole careers today, better salary for the value added skills they bring to our office, who now have to accept the same entry level salary as an internal got their first job. Maybe that, height of a little bit of a punch in got a few irrational sane person, but again we're talking about the Democrats, who I know that's a bridge too far. The guy says really about was beautiful, just awesome peace, you miss the biggest point of all. He says Why isn't she paying herself that I said yeah brother due to set me up. Sorry, I forgot your name, you aren't. Judas. I tweeted that out last night, I don't you saw I forgot to email me this I was like. I was not trying to give. I really jedi like every, but you don't know you work, as you said, the evil that is Julius Point because she was a real socialist benches, but a paid herself, the fifty two thousand do, and I added a little kid, but at the end of the tweet
a according to his abilities to each according to his knees right that followed the communist manifesto bayonets, the socialist Creedle bed. That's it so from me, according to does. She should only need fifty two thousand. She just set. That's a living wage right out. Why is she getting paid one hundred, seventy four thousand so like everyone to tweet or be cool about it. You know the tweet she's IDA, Yossi Twitter and car. Why she's not accepting the fifty two thousand dollars, she's determined to be a sufficient wage to live from me, according to our abilities, to each according to age gap, but still it let it come on. She should take it too he's a legitimate socialist. She should take the fifty two thousand out. That was a genius point out, these stellar. So let's do it said that you are also you get the. Where are we going?
this coming up. I bade send you something because I like you, so that we have one of the best provide. I read my aim. That thing was us. I read that now my wife they missed out on the show. a treaty that that was an ode to you. Buddy No, I can't everywhere at this decision was not really for what it's worth really job. We know early. Do these ensemble operations, but our keeping updated on the status and negotiations you. I won't. Let me one final thing for Europe: I know I haven't even spoken about the north korean negotiations. Yet listen it everybody needs to She'll tell on this. I dunno any easier way to say it: they're, pressuring trump, to leave this place with some kind of hard declaration I'm not a golden calf worshipper folks, but let's be candid here reg. Negotiations with? Gorbachev took a very long time, and not only did they take a long time. There were some major steps back and some major failures there before we
ultimately saw the break up of the Soviet Union with their due We want a tyrannical dictator here can come out of this with some accounting. Full accounting of the nuclear capabilities of the north korean regime and we don't even on any nuclear weapons. A hat I've seen it estimate from ten to thirty. We have no idea about their capability on RE entry, which is important. It's important because if the, if the weapon can't me get back to you through the atmosphere. Burns up, you'd have an atmosphere, tat? They shall have an actual demand. Our indignation at all it's on everything But it's important and accounting of their storage facilities, where they're keeping this stuff? If we can get that and we the danger level from nine to an eight. Then folks, that's marginal improvement and the people on left off. He doesn't come out here what a hard you you know. What can it? I'm tired you idiots? These are the same people, given the Iranians palette, fuller,
asked. While they were chanting death to America, you don't they poured pass. No thanks I'll keep it up as we are we here stuff on the ground and of course I give you some color cometary what it's like your Vienna. I thanksgiving punitive folks are really appreciated. We subscribe to the show on Itunes, it is free if you have a Iphone or I was gonna podcast up quick subsides. I've even enjoying good. I hurt radio, sound cloud click follow you can click the follow, but none us out clad as well, be really appreciated the subscriptions or what drives us up the charts. I folks thanks see you just heard in Bonn GINO. She you can also get Dan's progress on Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.