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Troubling Video: They Picked on the Wrong Guy (Ep 1052)

2019-08-26 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the exciting news this weekend regarding Trump’s trade strategy. I also address a troubling new ANTIFA video where they confront the wrong guy. I discuss the latest John Solomon piece about new information in the Clinton email case. News Picks:Biden blunders again!


Troubling video of Anti-First Amendment group ANTIFA picking on the wrong guy.


President Trump has a GOP primary challenger.


Bernie Sanders is a fraud - example number 10,749.


Trump is isolating China on trade.


Journalist attempts to buy guns at Walmart and collapses the liberal narrative. 


Trump immigration official destroys CNN host in a televised debate. 


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ready to hear the truth about america on a show that not immune to the banks with your host dan bon back back we get again you know my they shows i wake up in the morning a court you copy of information don't you worry i've got this still doubt the like six or seven stories folks wall over it trump so sees right now at the g7 in france in aachen and outer part is doing a really good job over there i welcome it how'd you know shell producer job how are you on this fine monday brother i'm doing good i'm ready for that cornea cochlea slow aren't you clean i already have s eighty word l and also help me here i take a course was very
advantage was really good when i was younger i was embarrassed by vocabulary wasn't deeper when i was like i was in my in my my late teens or early twenties i took the scrimmage ever loved that i was always looking who like this like the tony robins our whenever i listen let me get to this because we get a stack here there's nobody nobody that wax our eggs wax our exit but a sponsor my from two years i love of check this out this is a clean your ears folks wax our axis is how you doing but the little nozzle in your ear gentle stream of the cleansing fluid cleans out your ear breaks up that hardier wax put all copper this year you would be stunned that what comes out we loved this stuff for use at my house wax are acts don't cleaner with those cotton swabs than the you're not supposed to stick those in your ear says it on the boxes for the outside of the with warrant wax that's not the sexiest product programme but i use it i used to get the iraqis out i had a big property erect build up in my prior line of work and now have it aware these earpieces all that when he hears
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not even the most famous joe whilst in america most we have no idea what this guy is thankfully this is what does as it knowing here makes your world worse joe was they form a republican congressmen from illinois user really awful person i know personally he's a terrible human being i'm not kidding i'm really one of the most awful people i've ever met sounds the worst is now attempting here yes the new challenge donald trump for the looking nomination with oppressors kind of a presidency which is kind of a historic a story is a story by our friend fox slippers at legal insurrection one term rap and radio austria walsh announces primary challenged donald trump ballast bash on this guy all day he's really just a jerk emily is constantly attack me on twitter for no reason which is that of a lot of people tell me on twitter who are probably wise decent people still know me in disguise just not a good guy i've never found to be a man
we kind of character at all you can look up his history i'm not going to go into it it's but you know on the show that can a waste your time but a couple of takeaway number one i know wash they actually endorse me when i ran for office now you say well gosh sounds kind of weird it did because after the endorsement i kid you not a number of people oh up on the hill who knew was caution me to stay from this guy it's your story i didn't know i am of course i too we endorse risa congressmen i united know the guy from adam i do we was based studies is alive did conservatism but after people who knew impersonally warned me get away from this guy don't even take the endorsement that's it you're still very man couple of other take away from this year's where this when i met joe by the way back during that run this this is largely at this point eleven seated the trump campaign also gotta organise remember folks the election for the presidencies really the equivalent of fifty separate gubernatorial elections and other
it's not a national election should of course it is you run for present no it's it's not it's an election mass but it's not a national election it's really a series of fifty separate state elections obviously we have the electoral college but you have separate systems in each state and he and this is where go with us you have separate wireless signal on the ballot in each state ladies and gentlemen those requirements can be substantial i was in maryland you know you you can anybody think it was marilyn it was easy it was like to hundred seventy dollars just something and you just go down a board of elections you get your name and about very simple that's why in maryland in these primaries there's like fifteen twenty people on the ballot often at me when i ran for the u s satellite there were twelve people run others aids or a little more complicated florida where i ran it was a pretty subsidy so some money to get on the ballot so joe what i'm getting at is not assume this he's gonna have to raise hundreds at that
dollars if not millions just to get started ladies gentlemen i doubt that's gonna happen a couple other take waste from this why your walls is not you know worry about this very same silicone breast anything off level brush trumpet i'm not comparing misguided tron disguised again is right now is irrelevancy but it also healthy to keep a little bit of anxiety about still keeps you new toes keeps you frosty but a couple of things tat kind of just prove my point at that least right now this guy's dinner the trump team respond said literally whatever which is in that peace there like ok whatever wealth have a good parts about him run he's going to suck up a lot of democratic maritime law but clowning himself on the media this weekend notice those see did which he described kind of embarrassed himself we're all member that i was these media chosen cnn and msnbc folks where did their limited in time its efforts and our show in forty two forty five minutes of our time
was this one or two segment guy that's one or to say we see it doesn't have a democratic so one take away the deposit format another is you know these successful challenge at does damage to a candidate in the primary side with you look it teddy kennedy challenging was a challenging carter you look at reagan ford you look at tat you can in george w bush those running on those flanks you have to be able to our flights one to the side of the party that's going to vote in a primary so these general what i'm getting at is think about it right who is it that voting public and primers is its soft republicans you're really aren't that interest in politics no of course not it's really conservative and a libertarian votes and strong republicans who believe enough to go out there a picnic andrey soft
you know superficially related to politics people generally don't show up in primers that's why they turn out so dramatically lower for party folks based i based on that and the general the party folk sometimes if you measure both ways feed they get a first besides what i'm getting at here ladies and gentlemen is it you're not going to outflank him to the right but you're not going to be able to do joe walsh is going to be able to do he's not what's he going to say i would now many more conservative judges in trump good luck with that i would cut taxes even more you don't look at me you can indeed the bush cannon ran on basically the immigration issue trade and really took our right leaning path that outflank the relatively moderate candidate that's not pathway not available to wash now so again i gotta go but the story want to put it out there but rather than ranting against wall shoe i'm telling you is not a good guy i'm going put out there pros and cons the pros are gets rid of
my credit airtime can outflank us largely in relevancy the kind of it is you really i want a guy out there trying to suck up public and daughters and giving any space through this stuff but it is america and is perfectly entitled to me you know this jar longest guy deeply just proves one thing the smoker you drink the player you get simple i know the audience or get that roguish i dont the original source i get it i guess not even the most famous joe world that was a joke boxes or you get jaws of the because he was a geiger these little bit about favours joe was which is actually pretty five as a job while she lives in my neighborhood he's just a bigger following your walls congress i gotta stack but i will give you a great spot to see if they listen teeter teeter love teeter i use peter twice they what is peter it is the world's finest inversion table i need teeter to get through the day i have really bad arthritis i have back
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i think is undeniable you may not like him that's fine again supported the present i think he's been strongly conservative but one of the things you can't deny about him even if you are in a political or ideological opponents him is he just is like supplementary kind of laudatory fashion and not as a whole headway at all i mean it in a very complimentary kind of laudatory fashion and that of the golden calf way by folks it again in my prior i work at a united want to keep talking about how to do that but it's important spend a lot of time at you ends the united patients gatherings general assembly gatherings things like that seven aisy on these conferences where i went to wanted trinidad i can't even remember all of em so association of somebody really i've they all blended after while i'm too i don't want to kind of sound you're right about i just dont remember them all they really blinded and after twelve years of travel around the world with the three different administrations these things work is you go up
the g7 a gathering of these powerful seven countries and everybody does watch all as i said it foxes way it's the crumpets in the tea in the backslapping in the cell fees and they put out of even where method to war he said it's like where euro everybody's equal yes we already know that we have great we should all five right what does that mean i get what are we doing to make that happen what what is it well what are we actually doing you gave them i'm saying folks i'm telling you behind the scenes of these things are even worse it is a big act slapping session where everybody sits there prepares for their job after politics what are you doin afterwards i wanna be a consultant though your mama ok you're starting to company it's it's a big jog trot do that he go was there any wants business to get on business business so what a mess around three of two stories
we cannot sit around this week and we have first wash your journal canopies trump seeks to ease tensions with china for our presence in the u s but she uses where china were much more meaningful and at any time again to china these economies but taking advantage of us forever to intellectual property theft and things but the point is quickly cause i've got a lot to get you trop went over there are not too around with china he went over get some business done you guys the chatter wide and he held the child he's too account he put out a statement the meeting went crazy about there's having second thoughts about terrorists in any said while the second thoughts about raising my or all of a sudden mysteriously joe the chinese want to come back to the table but this is an important take away what he's doing with china is working folks he's back them into a corner by china thing allies allies of us
and allies of china into allies of us and at least economic opponents of china check out this story biology me by effigy review that'll be the show but still i trump webs com to vote soon on trade deal with canada mexico what does that have to do with china folks liberals won't get there a lot of you shake your heads and approve right now what was it big news out of the g7 this week and that nobody saw coming by nobody added report this show because i didn't know about it did a lot of other folks tromp agreed in it's about you a big trade deal with japan that's gonna be huge for our economy what does that story have to do with that look what he's doing instead of engaging in multilateral trade deals like two teepee you know all of these countries at one time he's picking off one by one don't be surprised if you're about a trade deal with the united kingdom soon as well and work go creating better deals which is doing what
it's making china as an expert to the united states of products increasingly we're time it's gonna make them irrelevant because he's trade deals what other countries are going to shut off that trade channel as a necessity because we can get these products from elsewhere you know if you only have one bagel store your neighborhood in jones in for a beggar they can pretty much charge you whenever they want it five or six new bagel stores open up you just go shop there that's what we're doing when shopping in china because chump is shutting off those traitorous i listen i get it fair enough oversimplifying it a bit i get that but i'm trying to make the larger point here that his long game strategy is working why do you think that chinese you're coming back to the table to talk again because they want to there's nothing more they want to do than the crush our economy in trump long game in the short games and he's letting it happen what more quickly on this one
just with china because we don't do a lot of foreign policy and this shows that we so much going on domestically two major miscalculations made by prior administrations on china that are catching up to us now number one we thought when china at the world trade organization that china was burkina gonna become a sensible more responsible global global actor when it comes to trade that turned out to be strasbourg miscalculation through democratic republic administrations the aid it was a joke when they entered the world trade organisation they were going to follow the rules through the rules out the window and basically hollowed out our manufacturing base and did what they could to you were manipulated currency steal our ip engage manipulative government procurement the chinese bring the w g o did nothing to attain them under you get that that was a blue miscalculation by both parties tab tell us that they thought they were brilliancy secondly the eye it was more markets in china would bring about
more economic freedom and a yearning for freedom that's not what's happened either as this those chinese economy as tried to liberalize around the edges a little bit we have the world largest surveillance state emerging look what's happening in hong kong trump sees them i get on my golden calf and the guy tariffs are not a good thing there only good as a short term weapon over time they will do damage but trump gets the law the new deal with canada and mexico deals with the uk that deal with japan and out we're going them right now with this strategy the new deal canada and mexico deals with the uk the deal with japan announced this weekend expanding our trade south america expanding our trade with south korea these are ways to isolate the chinese economy very important don't neglect what he's doing ok really was news we china trio's my stories well get this guy is becoming a personal favor to mine can coochie an
originally who is one of tribes ever issued hard chose out there has been doing a lot of media has just been going on these liberal networks like cnn msnbc hedge ass if it had to leave the house now you know our full disclosure i know cat when our personal friends but we were up you know every four they see it showed up in an event i know could be spoken of again i am out of reach one point that out there so there's no what are you would cnn stuff was on cnn meaning that disclosing like the true intent to what they're doing can he was on cnn and allison camaraderie who is become a total leftist on cnn tries to basically all been to a narrative that's just natural coochie nice having none of it but before we play the cut i want you to pay particular attention to two points you're sure you understand what's happening camera about to show king can coots fanelli on the screen pictures
of a facility with we chain link fencing she's gotta in our view this is a trump thing if she's trying to paint the narrative is well that this is a long term situation for these people who are being held yoke what i mean in a minute play this caught watch crucially stop aright nor tracks this is also the problem was inability to hold families detain families more than twenty days and now we can hold them until there their whole court situation is resolved only took about fifty day right up but nowadays well that is undeclared wines that that is not how it that is not how it worked when this was being conducted monitors in it the second problem now is one of the day we re wrangling on was that thirty percent of the children in the pilot programmes we are finding were being recycled there being trafficked this became a ticket to you too
bring children became a ticket to get into the united states because you had to be released within twenty day i get it i heard perhaps children ok on higher blood threshold but it also exposes children to the overcrowding in here is the sum of the bee role we ve been playing it for months we have been saying this for months law makers have been goin i might be wrong on one second the here it is as you can see i know you don't want real answers i know you do want true i want to narrative out but i'm not going back and take mr island i wanted to be utterly retailing when a year in town their border agents those areas border patrol are those border patrol facilities yes i can't later these are border patrol facilities with overcrowding and not enough room your people inside these cages and now children will be held there indefinitely so we don't use cages we use
the facilities built in the ninety nine these in the last so if you want to characterize it that way just on everyone watching should know you're pushing a narrative where you're going at a different word israelis red car you thrown out of the game regard you're out of a girl the vertical you oh god thereby was just acts i being lie at the level response that let me explain to you what went on there and why could should i tell you so good at this now one ladies and gentlemen he asks her now i'd i'd having on tv and guided by the way thank you to everyone who tuned in for me unhappy friday you all are awesome really appreciate the ratings later in the day but having now guess toasted a bit on both sides of the camera i know this works can could you know we ask sir again trumps immigration official
are those border patrol officers in the picture in the b role your showing that video of the cages airports rights and clear you can see she's like are she repeats the quest for she has no the answers are they poured patrol officers and someone in her ear is clearly saying joe you knows a radio they like here yes border patrols certainly knows what he's not totally humiliating why why is that important folks tom why it's important area because the border for facilities those people are being held in our only temporary there only the because listen camaraderie beginning at the segment noticed what she said follow that her large because we're pretty she's telling you a fairytale she says well these kids but if they could be held there for years now facilities you are trance but if you are being held long term from border facility border patrol facilities to ice facilities that are completely different there are the chain link france's that obama built
none of that a lot of debate they showed around fox lot of my video games chow halls some of the facilities are nation in some of the points that the prisons we have remember so many people broke the law to come here they're making it up so that's why could chanel emails one of the longest weight are those border patrol officers in the bureau you fight generation casts yes they are and he's like nice because what you are showing temporary detention facilities you're not showing the long term facilities but your alleging we're holding these people and of course these puzzle because she doesn't know any of the facts and and unsurprisingly so and secondly he points out again i'm sure you're showing cages right yes those cages were built by the eu i'm administration not by the trump administration were using the facilities they put up in advance again expert expert level work by a really really good represented for the trump administration canker generally nice job again out a monopoly
that up i think its media research centre a news busters i have the article pat tipp to them in the show so today you can check out that whole segment goes on a little longer it's really good it's definitely worth your time i want to use what i got coming i gotta go to spot he got is good exactly what happened you don't like rain more quickly than we have requested promise you won't fridays we get to the john solomon pay someone trying to share some trees over the weekend a little better start but this john solomon pieces import and i've got some private stealthy video more just how to read three bad apprised of video where he completely fails to carry out my goodness and i've got in a tea for video to it appears that they have finally tango with the wrong guy in paris or whenever furthermore in particular is a joke but not yet dont mrs veil today show us whether there was a good man but your buddies it he'll sleep here sleep the
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report said there was no i hope that the idee report said no political bias in the you know in the clinton probe and in that should the trumps by miss ladies and gentlemen that is not true i want to show you in a second put epoch how this relates to the disarmament peace this was from the july g report in assessing decision to prioritize the russia probe over following up on the media related investigative led that's the clinton case we were partition they concerned about the text messages sent by stroke in page that potentially indicated are created the appearance that investigated decisions they made were impacted by by us or improper considerations the i g wrote you that's not important to set up this peace and what sounded say gee inspector general that investigated the clinton male case did not say there is no political bias he said the opposite that
decision to shelve the clinton case and move on to spying on trump he could not deter there wasn't political bias involve that's a quote ladies whether you we get with you can read or not on the left that's your problem that my but that's a quote from the actual peace i'm sorry if that quote bothers but what you are telling us there is no political bias georgi central is actually inaccurate white is that matter because courtiers solomon please read the peace in the shone out there was a key these of extremely sensitive this is important action can we sensitive information in that clinton probe classes at the highest levels that they wanted to get says to look at and that the fbi based we ignored in a revaluation of whether mrs clinton hillary clinton should have been charge let it get to what that is there in a second now folks is important too you know let me get annex i just i did this in reverse
the peace at first i was gonna do in a different order but i just wanted to set that up so forgive me there what is their key piece of i survived information and why does it matter this is something i think you're only get a here on this show and if only heard on this show and i wish it were impropriety i wish more people would pick up and run but this story i ve been some trees and my my and i want to be firm speculating a bit here i don't have the hard find me but i know what i'm saying as some basis in the facts of surrounding the case that keep of information may in fact be the president united states at the time barack obama's communications with hillary clinton now we know here's what we know this is not speculation we know hillary clinton was emailing the president united states at the time barack obama from a personal email account without the government's security firewall set up
personally welcome is not this state that cover account it was a clinton email account if it server private security on it not to government our standards we know she was emailing the present why is that a problem number one what would she emailing the president is significant issues failing the president i'd states joe the chances are that the conversations classified by default having said that why this creates political problems remember this wire you wouldn't reverse i'm going to do in a different order this is why i started off segment by showing you the inspector general has now eliminated political bias for the fbi santa let's not look at the raillery case let's look at trump instead the left wants you to believe that happen i think he's really getting at folks the political problem for the left at the b i may have ignored at the upper levels by shelving the clinton email case i dont believe we ve done exclusively to protect hilary why what do you mean
it was hilary gmail i was but i don't believe hillary was a big favor of anyone i think it was being dumb as an effort to protect the justice department and president obama because remember if hilary was emailing barack obama barack obama was on the record in an interview you can c on youtube say he found out about hillary clinton personally made aware from the media mastery yellow card the other they are super yellow cards up a yellow card folks that's not path to yellow card we gotta get me that's not possible that's not possible if obama was getting emails from hilary this personal email now mase what you mean you've only heard that on this show i've heard that elsewhere not let's go to step two obama's
i'm plausible deniability right outside you could say i don't know someone just put her email my blackberry all i saw was hillary clinton really because ladies and gentlemen the president's blackberry that outcome patient system is pretty much dictated the security aspect by walk of the white house communications aids which has significant military input folks what did you get a private emails are present united states in a blackberry but it is blackberry i assure you that email how to be white listed meaning put on a list acceptable e mail so the president's not sent a bunch of fishing emails or trojan virus is somebody had white list hilary female meaning ladies and gentlemen this that obama's story that he found out about hilary gmail through the media whilst one in the white house how to tell walk at a white lists to email so she can email obama on private seti mail is a bs or of the highest order the verdict on guilty
charge or no chance what he saying is true again that's that part is all fact speculation this is because i don't know just solomon saying it was a piece of classified information the fbi ignore i can mean anything my guess is that that is one of the major portions of this that the bureau should have taken into account that they didn't when they shelve there did case and moved on to the trump case again that's something that white thing argument you're not here and anywhere else but the shell there's no way obama didn't know he water someone at the upper levels of the white house there to tell the walker people a white lists that email don't forget that you want to hear about that again ok we got to get to this anti for video you know they just pick the wrong guy they really did they just pick the wrong guy here
so it is a little bit cursing in the show was kind enough to bleep it out but let me give you some background so anti for tries to block traffic ok by the way stories up an american greatness which will yet in the show no today if you want to read the whole article by deborah heine angry father could anti for agitators blocking the street blooming till after they make his children cry folks this has been before i play the videos little come beliefs in here to worry its family friendly the bleep leaves out the cussing but offer those you now should a video you should accomplish bungee not describe the age you can hear it in a video your hearing a comfort issuing a crowd of anti for people in his father's get his kids in the car and the father is the montana yet the out of the street so you gonna here what's going on but i ve and over and over
wages german is a virtue signalling and all i he i can't stem of people do that i'm just telling you that i'm an inherently nonviolent guy i mean that i just i just don't see it as a productive way outside of self defence to solve political debates sometimes it's been necessary the civil war revolution i get that but it should be our last resort are enough for that i cannot i wanna get like promote trying to be preachy i've just suggesting through that not a good way to solve these things having said that folks teachers going pick the wrong guy eventually now luckily it didn't end in any subsidies are pushing and shoving but do you know substantial violence but nobody wants this to this end of anti for keeps pushing and pushing in pushing you're gonna run into the wrong guy and eventually something's gonna happen that nobody wants to happen a more i'm just putting out there now this is an eighty first amendment group committed to speak suppression so
i got this video using anti for confronting this guy who is just clearly not having any of it ass long ass he did now joe was still
and see it jody but i sent him the video if you watching the video one of those guys has a fixed blade knife on it which is not only i mean i meant nothing wrong with it but if you can listen your antifa and 81st amendment group about these guys carry knives and weapons that you don't know what they're going to do their maniacs there so committed to anti first amendment eighty free speech ripe are we on the narrative now and antigua wheeled but folks i can't size this enough you know when you spend your if around genuinely tough people yeah i mean that i mean genuinely tough pms talkin about talkers i'm talking about doers there too however it would be ass can be high but one that red line is crossed there's not a lot own back yard these guys and ladys out there that you know i've actually ladys dukes can i tell you right now i can send you into my jujitsu school down a jupiter with poor women into anti for guys i will kick your caboose in
i give it a minute or less i'm not kidding i bet my right arm on their tolerance this kind of behaviour is high once that red line is crossed there's no turning back and i dont think you understand how horrible real violence is here the toughest people are a military folks cops you know mme fur there's people i've been around my entire life the blunt they don't want to do is fight put if pushed against the wall they were and the reason i don't want to fight ladies and germs cuz they do it all the time and they understand the horrors of it you know it for those you don't do this often when you ve got a three hundred pound guy inside control on you and he's got his shoulder shift up against your chin and you can't move and he's compressing you're diaphragm so you can't breed and you
you're doing like light strive in real striking a may and he's given you a couple like love taps in the face as you can breathing there's not coming out of your nose the that of a draw that you move it's a really horrible awful feeling and that's what are the reasons people who practise violence for a living fighters soldiers avoided at all costs enough on that i'm just drama that out there to these anti or semi guys you are gonna pick on the wrong guy and this is going to end poorly for everyone that guy we have another please check out the video by the way you today conflict when you're one point it was take the mask off if let's think that's got which is great good for him our identity finally final spies we're gonna get a great spots if you want to be on the show i presume you support nor sponsors but dont do i get the stealthy coming up in a second science guess so many stories i wanna get to finally
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ok here's brian stouter just back there was now from cnn i got a lot of feedback and show feedback matters a lot to me it does ninety percent of people i love the rant against i just i have personal animosity towards brian started because of what he does the other people and friends of mine in business with no sense of reflection but about tempers you thought of what on a little long my rather fair enough my red to get started on friday i that's why we leave our email open this show it is for you i love doing it but it's for you and i are the point here is i really appreciate your feedback pro and caught nothing wrong with that so thank you very much having said that going you again why this guy is really a cancer in the media business here as a show called reliable sources that's not a joke that the actual title of which he was the coffee boyd cnn now the show there where he is supposed to be or he pay himself as the voice of reason critique other media people i want
you don't wash snippets of a segment on his shirt i know to contain your laughter this is a segment show where you as a psychiatrist and alleged mental health professional on who makes what are the most insane report outside was busy girl she's like is this real it's real i didn't doctorate we just editing for time but it's it's a continuous thought this is a psychiatrist on his show called reliable sources making one of the most reed dickie less absurd claims on television i've ever seen and i want you to notice smelters spots or lack thereof check this calling trunk crazy hides the fact that work crazy for having elected him and even crazy for allowing his crazy policies to persist trump is as destructive a person in this century hitler stalin and now we're in the last century he may be response for many more million deaths than they were he needs to beacon
but he needs to be contained by attacking his policies not his person tat what was tries did you see by the way when i said pay attention to start response like what i didn't hear anything that you're not supposed to he didn't say anything he said now fuel joanna video you he gives like this dopey look but he doesn't he doesn't even bother to correct a guy geiss ladys listen you gotta go on cnn which you know i get it they have ten fifteen viewers at an airport you know that in the tuscaloosa airport we love tuscaloosa bay pop you don't even have cnn on out there you gotta correct that you let a guy go one here it's a trap is going to be responsible for millions of deaths like stalin and now and he does nothing vodka that i want to beat this thing to death i'm simply suggesting to you the guy is out portraying himself as a sincere critic of other media
sources as like the voice of reason he's not the voice of reason he is as i said in a village of idiots keys the king he is the sharm it how do you let them go i'm tellin you see and i shall do nothing about it i move paul you happy ok she thought i spend time on staff there she dead you reside and advice a few emails i say i told you too much diamonds are moving on to tajikistan news that we get a lot bernie says this is i set out to treat this morning this is and he said this is a fraud example number ten thousand one hundred and sixty seven folks this guy about make a larger argument here because i listen to a podcast one of my favorites this weekend and one of the points made by this guy tyler cow and was just stellar in feuding this whole bernie sanders socialism governments gotta be a panacea and a cure all mentality i doubt and i
spend a lot of time on bernie because it's a personal bernie i spent a lot of our bernie because the way the after shifted to the radical left over the past two elections cycles ladies gentlemen largely attributable whether you like it or not to bernie sanders and arabs pull out there who are saying who numbers our reason take this guy seriously here's a story from the wash times about bernie since again show you how he's disguise a fraud on every a millionaire capitalist fraught bernie this shows how socialism mark story of being shown us by having cochrane hysteria salaries inadvertently reveal the limits of his own philosophy folks bernie and there's do you understand a major platform he's been running on for the presidency is wage boards have he gets into office tat are going to be government run wage boards that are going to tell your businesses what to pay their workers all kinds of things i mean the very essence of socialism government control the means of production rights another
and that is that one of the mid the minimum wage you're gonna be able to pay workers is fifteen dollars per hour because bernie sense a member and he's had no experience never had an actual job it is entirely the guy the total fraud from the washed in times peace this is what fasten it again show you this man is no principles at all wants you to pay fifteen dollars per hour but get a load of this bernie sanders the recent public flap risk fields they have being paid annual salary of thirty six thousand but being required to work ours that equate to much less than fifteen dollars per hour he supports a living wage does it suppose a major flaw is socialist model plus its in writing berossus to be found to be someone not paying you work is fifteen dollars an hour when just a month earlier you are at a walmart share other meetings shouting that walmart should pay every employee at least fifteen dollars per hour because less than that is quote starvation we i mean haven't you listen there are others
the yards replay for oil seed the guy is clearly not he's telling you you need to do something he is adequate we are not willing to do and so he doesn't pay his employer the equivalent of fifteen dollars an hour the guy is a fraud he is a total fraud he is a complete bake he rosier billionaires a brilliant if he's a millionaire he doesn't like million is a millionaire what asked why he doesn't pay when asked if you why he doesn't pay the trump tax rate you know why don't you just pay more member trump cut taxes martha make i'm a fox the estimate of excellent question trump cut taxes more thoroughly i asked him well if you don't like the trump tax cuts because he roused guess model like to twelve taxes he hates him if he doesn't like item accountable why don't you just voluntarily pay the higher way rate you don't have to pay the new lower rate you paid ireland of course he's like of course
gonna pay vat rate of course use right because it's stupid because why would you get the government extra money to ways but cats but he's running on he's running on higher trade suggesting we should all do it this guy is the biggest phony fake it and all politics now time is do bigger issue bernie let's take it out we have to the micro right he's a fraud on these micro issues brought on minimum wage he's a fraud on each boards he's a fraud on cap but he's a fraud on tax cuts he's afraid on health care he's a fraud on all of this let's pull it out to be these bigger macro thesis can't governing somehow as a solution to all our problems every citizen in the econ talk which is an excellent part guess i recommended here many times russell
albertsstuff it any has thinkers from various sides of the aisle and i talked a little longer it's not certainly the format of this shows long form an hour long comes out once a week and he talks about economic issues and some other stuff sometimes as well we had on tyler cowan whose really brilliant the brilliant i mean an inn of a superior intellect in listening to their back and forth this week in this fascinating cow and said something to me that i to tell you very rarely do ring my bell that i'm thinking about hours afterwards music all right down taken note do some homework on it you don't i could not get this out of my head it at ended tell me at the end of this if this if this is is as pressure as i think it is our maybe i'm just a janitor he's talking about this is this left leaning lurch of the of the burning sanders type laughed and i'm paraphrasing obviously a lot eddie since you know it fascinating about this is that these people running on this platform why you to believe that trust in bits
this is all way way down and trust in government is way way up but he said think about that a world evidence of that it's not existed he brought up a fascinating point you haha beautiful baby will grow up it shows that cheating because i didn't by night at this was brilliant what were you we told growing up about strangers oh don't talk why don't i do every stranger pulled up now knowing your parents good parents if if you said the apparent the kid hey if a strange pulls up in a car mom and dad what should i do what do you think your parents what and how would you sick runaway come home not a track yes enough my parents told me the same day i met effect i tell my wife that now when she goes out runs a bike a seriously mature ever stranger eversleigh yours creeps out there just keep running or goaded lot ringer rigour door right that's why i ve been told
he's been considered par for the course advice for decades i promise i wanna this connection to sing yet an opera shows up at a cost where the stranger like that liquor cowan genius while five there's no there's a distinction here ok it's not that you trust the driver you never met this guy what would in your life you don't even know their names half the time you don't trust the driver you don't know the driver you have no idea what is you trust the business model i thought this was awful governments good us up now now i'm gonna get you his that's worthy harlow account analogy stock and it got me thinking or weaken about other exert this brilliant brilliantly if someone up to you to morrow poland not an over on the street i'm not kidding and set on from the governor
get in the back of a car you would run would you i don't care if you're a liberal or not joe you know it you little joe paula my daughter if somebody pulled up tomorrow some randal and rolled away no doubt to set up from the government get in the car right now you would flickering split get the hell out of there yet but why why there from the government if showed you a badge so get it now it did for she waited with some kind of like an arbitrary act you run away you want explanation first you want to talk to a lawyer you don't do any of that when you get an over you may ok what's a little bit of today let me give you for example again this is not cowan but that was such a brilliant point so i would support the sum is up as you know we say the bernie there's types and others you know business is horrible we shouldn't trust business government as the answer but i realized we don't live that way it all we trust it open
sending us somewhat zaki going to kidnap us that's right despite literally decades are being told that is the one thing you never do get a car with a stranger we do it because business figured out how to make it safe not the government not the g data in figure it out let me give you another example the about you know original you know they want to i believe the left bernie and others that government has the answers given your tax money give them your health care given control of registration policy control over your wages with wage boards that these are the white nights yet what's fascinating is they only believe government is this white knight when elections turn out beer way when peter choose a government model moving more towards freedom tax cuts echo
mc liberty healthcare liberty in other words the trump election all of a sudden the left's approaches conservatives are don't trust from it no matter what what weight shall government is that unstable that if you lose an election everybody should impeach the government of what i told you just said government inherently was met good that we should turn power over the government but will you follow me here near you suggest your government is the answer but it's only it's your every four years if we want an election other than that overthrow the government pointless it so bad for you it's going to cost you everything what we was yet nobody joe seriously maria have disappeared how would you tell me i won't be insulted i thought about this i was up in fact this we coasted brandy and it's a chick fly across the street in new york the liberal but had that's like eighty percent democrat you can get in there i'm not even
the line in the chick fillet across the street from fox each side of the street you care we'll get him adjoin the line around a quarter how you're sure you those primordial liner probably seventy to eighty percent liberal it is immoral liberal parts from a man fox news headquarters so you trust the government when you lose an election despite telling us governments so greatest can answer all our problems but only if we win and if we lose most dangerous they ever but yet you have a cup we run by conservatives are not even open on sunday because of their religious values they are about to put something in your buy food i need something that could literally kill you thereby to put something bodies conservative company and despite the fact that that run by conservatives unlike government you lie now up around the corner for the chicken sandwich tell me again how
business is this inherent evil and government is inherently good benevolent thing that should be trusted with our healthcare our money age boards are kids education do they your tone overdid despite sincere ideological differences way at all you live your life the exact opposite way use are you suggesting to us a government is so unstable that when people pick their government that you should in peach it run for people thrown out of office and arrested that's how awful government is but no matter what kind of conservative despite see or ideological differences if you're a liberal you will go up and allow them to feed you and put stuff in your body that's how much you trust them to not contaminate your chicken tell me that syria would love your feedback on that because i thought about this autumn
the way i am running out of time i had ten twenty other examples of this two neuber we'll get maneuver are you ain't getting the car i'm here from the government really you better tell me what you're here for you walk right in the back of an uber you eat from a chick fil a most popular fast food joint in america liberal view there all the time conservative how do you trust he's not gonna poyser he's gonna poise me why because it's a business i thought you just said we're not supposed to trust business and yet you wanna with each the government we have right now for all people at all have been locked up your frauds brody's a fraud you if your life the exact opposite way if you want to listen to the whole podcast that's a lot of free promotion decade as even like me russia i e mail the once about katy would get out of here i love is show so but but that's ok things that we're different styles i've russen academically very smart but a lot of free port she freak out if you want to see the whole thing check it out he can
awkward tyler count is an actual and if so at times but others and move you have a kind of a basic economic background they go into some really cool stuff on rules and others but definitely worth your time but i have to tell you just a tip tyler cow and that is one of the most that that is an unbelievable point as a pie revere like running return everything else even shouting that bit you don't trust is this really you get back maneuver with a stranger yeah yeah i kind of refuse that point that the policies you like that you're ok cool thank you my wife always she throws compliments like mantle covers if she hated she'll tell me like the stealthy thing on friday music man you gotta caught that off it's odd spelter pay word open book on the show that's why we leave our email address where we do things differently hey thanks again for tuna in we share your patience we have great sponsors they wanted to be here today and the show they want to talk to you appreciate you supporting responses it means a lot also please god you're video show youtube dot slash jeanne sorry about the video being a little visual
today on the anti for thing but it's worth you check it out ladies and gentlemen please check out the show notes upon you know that come thanks again i'll see ya take it easy you just heard tan von gino she you can also get dance broadcasts on itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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