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Twitter Goes On The Attack (Ep 1307)

2020-07-28 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the stunning connections emerging between the multiple plots to take down President Trump. I also address the latest propaganda efforts by the terror-group ANTIFA. I discuss an astonishing UFO story that has managed to escape wider scrutiny. 

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host Dan bungee. Now, as I said in my Jesus, I do every morning for parlor here believe it or not, twitter is added again Lily tech overlords twitter, I'm telling you folks, I'm not making this up, can I'm one of the ownership. Let me put that out there, but the overlords I really don't care, I'm not kidding. They don't care about urban issues at all. They did. What did they do there now, Why throttle wings temporarily, limiting temporarily suspending Don trumped juniors account what Britain, got more on that and the shoulder? Yes, yes, yes, I believe it or not. I got more that got some new data on Corona Anti Spy, gay connection between spying
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Shipping is sixty day risk free trial, there's nothing to lose that simply safe s. I M p. L, I safe simply saved our slash and burn GINO simply saved our com, Slash Dan binding. Go check it out tonight, jealous so weird blink and an urge the point. My left eye irritation very strange or I don't. Let me just get through the story. First before I get to some of the other stuff, because its import right before we in the air this happened. There was a press conference up on hill, about Hydroxyl Chloric, win the anti malaria Lupus drug, auto immune disorder, drug than some cases being used to Corona virus and upset only the tec- tyrants, don't like that again, we're living in you know the cell, The union. Now when it comes to tack platform they will tell you what you can it can hear because they think you're too stupid here, for you shall listen. It happens all the time. Folks are more nodding. Mandated. We are working on back up,
now, but I'm not kidding whenever we mention any of these topics at all wise up happening. Is our always throttled on Youtube. You don't believe me, look for yourself go to Youtube Channel do you want to subscribe or not, and I want to stand on one there's. No ulterior motive here: go to Youtube Channels, Youtube DEC, I'm slash, punch and look at our views whenever we mention anything about corona virus and we cite actual studies and we just damn if it doesn't comport with the left. This thinking, on the corona virus. The show is tragic. Look at the numbers. We would you week of a hundred eighty two hundred thousand views and we dared mention. So my summer other information outside the mainstreaming boom cut. If these twin these tech over I can't stand it. They are committed, To telling you only what they want you to you, because I think you're too stupid to evaluate the information yourself. Well, what happened. What Don Junior Don trumped Junior tweeted out a video of some medical professionals On capital Hale talking
I do actually Clark when. Look? What happened! This is ain't, your Serbians at breaking twitter and joy, Dorsey suspended down trumped junior, proposing a viral video of medical doctors talking about a jockey they really limited, some of his account for you wasn't totally suspended, but they demanded deleted the three. This is really happening. Big Tec is the biggest threat the free expression in America today. There continue to engage in open election interference. Full stop. Ladies gentlemen, he's right again Jim parlor. Before I turn out the hammer it too much on the show, my only chance talk about it when its relevant to the discourse of the day. Battery over the head with stuff, the gay by the both do this, but for I'm only involved with it, because I believe in it. Believe me it's not about money thing. I have a final. They get it, but I really genuinely give a damn about What's going on right now, that's why I do stuff.
That's why they get in like Drudge start upon GINO report you have to do stuff. Talk is great really fantastic, but sometimes you gotta put skin in the game and go out there like all of you do and you have to do stuff, that's what changes things! That's. Why We started parlour I got tired of this now You want to bring this up, and I don't say this because they get up very few emails. That say out of say it of a hundred emails I'll get about the Tec, tyrant, fight against the Won't, let us speak there Dan. The fight is here on Twitter and on Youtube. I dont disagree with you, I'm on Twitter and Youtube you watching this many view on Youtube. Now, I'm not really. My account on that just to be crystal clear I'm not asking you to do that either. Please, under and I get this other day and on that retreat. I am not asking you retreat. I dont disagree with you. I posted twitter. All the time
videos on youtube- I'm not leaving simply suggesting you that it's only a matter of time before your impacted by policies to I've. Eddie been heard by it. You need a social media home. That's not gonna. Do this. You need a home. That's not gonna throttle you for daring to bring up alternative idea that makes people a little uncomfortable. That's the only reason I'm involved in parliament. I bring an apology me a great analogies morning for the people who be mail me, and I appreciate your opinions. I don't mean this is not an ace. Dad, I'm not leaving I'm not asking you to leave, I'm simply telling You really should establish a home base over at parlour. I don't have any it's not just by the way, a bitch you two are the ones but other video platforms to because One day you will be fight, is coming, you want social media to and what are you going to do in twitter? Tells you you're suspended
said to me this morning. It's like can, if it's like, suggesting you gotta restaurant, the poisons you every day, I'm gonna keep going back until I prove appoint clean this restaurant up the good work there's a way to in a way not to where someone treated to me this morning, ironically, on twitter, when I posted by this, they said this is like this: it's a quitting it setting up an alternative home because you're you're playing cards with someone with a marked deck they'll ban you they will they ve already, were not allowed to run it on twitter. No one's ever explain to us. Why This show, I will take a big, national hit on this show today, because I will undoubtedly be throttled. And when the numbers go down we lose weight which is fine. I mentioned that this isn't some like joke. I do it It's not about a bit about the fire. You said about the Deniro that, though the money the scratch
Whenever you want to call it it's about the fight, I'm with you in it by wanted to forego the. Forget about it. I could make a whole lot of extra you'd better go amid used in the fight him here. For you, I'm just suggesting view we stab wish home base for you. If you want to join, go right ahead, if you dont, Cora, I'm not asking you to leave anything, I'm just telling you to be very careful. Does your eating in a restaurant, its poisoning you every day and one of these, they're gonna knock off and he to be around to eat anymore you're playing cards. With a guy with a marked deck you can't possibly win. And sooner or later, your while it's gonna be empty here, and I can have any money to bet me because you, when I hear they will be an you tomorrow, if they can thrive the present EU righted States is tweets and temporarily limit what his son tweets overrated Pull video about medical advice, you may or may not this you may or may not agree with
do you really believe, you're safe there? The fight is there but the bigger fight is setting a free market. Alternatives are right and I find that I appreciate it, and I really mean I respect your opinions on it and I agree with you: don't retreat! That's what's frustrating. It's maybe why I hope I didn't come off the wrong but that's why my frustration is here because I'm not you emailing me on something we totally agree about its, not adversarial, I'm not telling you to retreat. I'm just telling you be safe, be safe and set up somewhere where they're not gonna, come after you, I moved on, I'm speaking, corona virus. You know that the misinformation out there is just absolutely stunning. I mean we're being subjected now. Now do you understand why the flow of the fight against bad information is good and, formation and more information
and if you believe information conservatives are putting out, is bad information and put out more information yourself, I'm open. Ladies and gentlemen, you want to show me studies on poor, in our room dazzled year. Orban, if that are good, that I am open to it? I'm not! I have no financial stake in these companies. I don't I do not like a core Quinn finance. I just want to see the data. That's all I'm telling the data you're getting now about what's going on in many of these states by the media, is outright justly off base, I'm good These calls constantly about this, that this state of panic in Florida site to walking dead officer Rick, is around with the acts in a revolver. People are dying, Do you want to see the actual data, or do you want to through the media. Florida has a problem. Is largely isolated. The south Florida, where we ve pretty dramatic spite. It is now levelling off but again before.
Move on quickly. Here's the data from the team that dot com that tracks- The number of deaths per hundred thousand people, ITALY in the show, notes this exactly you wanna go to just directly there what about you, know that calm, Slash newsletter directly to the websites that feasted outcome death? it's from corona virus in the United States as well, twenty seventh by state, whose at the top New Jersey in New York with a staggering New Jersey, now number one one seventy eight deaths per hundred thousand people. That is a tragedy. New York is number two one hundred sixty eight Now, for those you been told by the media, that new work is a success story, along with New Jersey run by far left liberal. Tyrant governors who jail Jim owners like the Attila Jim Guy, who dared to open his business. You better this is a huge success story. Right can mean we again. These states are run by liberals, well where's Florida again
This would you ve, been told us a horror, shall walking dead style, George Romero, Z, these are out of the ground floor is dying, everybody's dying in Florida. So you you think they are close the new jerseys out one hundred and sixty one hundred. Seventy eight excuse me desperate under thousand people. I had to take to screen shots of the charge. That's how far down Florida is door that up this is hard to do watch again: Youtube COM, Bongino, bungee, no Florida, twenty, seven, twenty seven deaths per hundred thousand people, twenty seven deaths too many Obviously these are human beings. Are not statistics we're talking about. We don't live in stalinist Russia, where they talk about people like there. Appendages through the state, but the data. And, ladies and gentlemen, matters, member that Turkey, prom We talked about last week, data matters.
Why does data matter data matters because we make decisions based on sound data that impact peoples live if you're being told Lord it somehow hole that has to shut down again. People are dying everywhere decisions it will impact people's lives, their businesses, their kids, education, shut down the schools shut down everything we have to stop this. We need to be more like New York. New York is. Five times worse than we are almost It's time for New Jersey. There are six times worse off than we shouldn't a media, be saying whatever happened in New York in New Jersey. Don't do that, but that not what they're saying I get. It not coming here and on other shows of in show and otherwise you're, not the truth from anyone, You really believe Florida is the apocalypse and new you
can New Jersey which lead the country by far side, even close in deaths per hundred. Are some kind of model of success we should emulate elsewhere. I don't I don't know who told you that and I'm very sorry that you'd, you know you're not at the actual date and you're making decisions based on a false premise, but it's doing a lot of damage in the meanwhile let us use them or they weren't, even in my so I have to fly back to page one Does that wasn't? Even in my original plans for the show today, I had a whole different set, ready to rock and roll, and men and I saw the stuff, and I want to get it out because it's very fresh area was a bit frustrating Fox S night, some you so my appearances. If you watch me unhappy at night, I was very frustrated last night, I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to come off so I came in. I was talking to my wife and I like it. I like matches. I gave you look man I'm here.
Really frustrated. I called the their media people more, I said, no, not more eyes are being nice there actually imbeciles and our story, Have these media people with feed you misinformation about flawed and block information about treatments for four hours. Corona viruses. They don't like it. When I'm gonna put that do not allow the year that that they're making it mistake. They think Living in a pre digital era in a digital era, now we're not living in the water Cronkite era where, if it wasn't discuss on CBS, NBC or ABC and peace. You're Jennings or David Brinkley did mention Joe. It didn't happen, you remember, you're a little older than I am, if Cronkite Jennings frankly RO car and others didn't talk about twenty thirty years ago, forty years ago, nationally, nobody talked about, and it didn't happen, wasn't on the pay front page of the New York Times.
Gray, lady, nobody knew about it now, ladies and gentlemen, that Europe is over its listen to me. It's over. We live in a digital, everybody's got this the camera on their phone, everyone We want the rapporteur. Now video school viral or twitter is going to ban it, they'll find it elsewhere. It's on websites search engines. They can't pull down as fast people can reloaded and put it up, you can. I'd, be soviets, it's not working. This video about the doctors and now and then the Capitol Hill briefing. Yesterday they did what viral it didn't. How are they pulled down? People kept putting it back up, you'd its days are over. That's why I'm so mad last night because it supports it applies with the rights through their rights. Are peaceful protest really were watching burn the courthouse down and beat the attic cops. Do you missing that or you think, because
you know, George, who stands on CNN, didn't say it that it doesn't exist now would have I gotta make it. For my second sponsors I wanted there was a stunning interview with Valerie, devaluing Jared job she's back Valerie Jared Morocco, as a right hand, woman she's back why she went on with Maria Barter Roma. This morning I have no idea of Maria Barter Romo and foxes. Ten. I'm smarter than Valerie Jarrett and Maria part of Roma. Eight or lunch She went on and on Videos are stunning, and I warned you this was going to happen, but I'll get to that. I get to the connection between the impeachment thing is fighting the name you're going to. I promise is going to sound Thank you also for your efforts at liquid, ivy, hey, believe it or not. The adoration occurs daily in three out of four people, no good special down here in Florida where to bribe we're liquid ivy, you get the fastest, most efficient way to stay. Drain and each serving helped you get as much migration as two or three
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knowing Yoda did, I not say a few years ago that the Democrats we're going to drag out this whole spy, gaping drill Britain, drizzle bomb shells here in their work, because I don't want any kind of like big front, page splash story and am when it all comes out in dribs and drabs rules than the glasses, follow this scandal they're going to say, This is all knows why you bring in this job. Did I not say that you did you remember, because, where They try this before Joe Number beg Easy now we get out we all know the story about bagasse I mean now what, if you Get up now even on night media cable news out there, like a big guy, see it if that's old New as if these for people who were heroically killed defending rational, missing complex in Benghazi, as if they ve been resurrected from their dead Lazarus style, and there been no consequences, that's why they did whipping gas
an email dripped out here and email may tripped out there and the course of two years when we understood the full scope of the scandal by the time you brought it up, they were like that's that's a toll news when talking about anymore, I warned you they were going to do this with the spy gate scandal here, Mallory Jarrett this morning with the move on approach check this out. Do you believe? F, Jim combing knew that see? I was fake and garbage and he kept going. We upping warrants to spy on the trunk campaign that he should go to jail. Maria love! I have every confidence that our intelligence, community investigators comported themselves responsibly.
Where is the one that encourage Senator Mccain to turn over the dossier in the first place to the FBI, and so I can tell you all of the reasons why we went forward with his investigations. Maybe this was one piece of a bigger puzzle. I do know that it's nearly four years ago. I don't understand why our folks, This non what's happening right now in today, That's investigation I liked as well, but a guy. I jus Joe the Clinton impeachment the same thing they listen to me, ladies and gentlemen, the Democrats do this. All the time all the time. The Clinton impeachment when they found out about the oval office with you know, you know the whole deal try to keep it somewhat family friendly when Clayton Dead is low, her removal what happened when the peace which are what we started, what was the name of the website again that started to get where they said. We know move on dot, org you, your move,
dot org! You know that's how that started right move. That org. That's how that started. You don't remember that there's a website It is time to move on. We don't need to be Talking about bill cleared her and the oval office, we we talk. We need to move on. You understand this is a deliberate tactical approach. They do every time you have them dead. Right they do the same thing daily slowly but surely little lego pieces and then, when you see that the Lego spells out blank, you you're like up. I guess that's affair. But you didn't see it because little piece, were added to create the f and all that other stuff, and you didn't see it two years later and you realize you were being insulted date, I understand that they know they can hide this stuff forever, just like the Clinton impeachment, and
body bags in Benghazi. They couldn't hide it because Monica had evidence. If you know what I mean a gambler, to keep? This shows somewhat family friendly. She had evidence. In Benghazi? We had actual body bags and emails. The Democrats, you Stuff is gonna get out, so they dripping email here in an email there. They stand the timeline and, by the time public is forgotten. Most of the details of the scandal like to try to do it. Spidey hacks like Valerie, Jarrett, tyrants, go. Maria by Roma issues four years ago, so what he spied on a presidential candidate, weapon eyes, the CIA and the FBI attack this. Liberties of numerous Americans and spied on the present United States in an attempt to remove them from office in a soft cool. It was for you. Seagal Maria. Why you
focusing on little things like that move on dot, Org habits that webs Look at you, that's how it works in order it. This is, thing. I warned you about this. You are audience, it's kindest, Judy who's, the greatest ever. If you could find Shall we love you too, that if you can find the actual clip, I will play it on this I don't know what it was from a very sorry but she's good at that. She, like, as by library like no one else. If you can find a clip, I never play so myself from the old days our play that clip where I told you they were going to do this. They do it every time. Now. Here's clip too from this, where pact, Valerie, Jarrett, big police data. Here's another lie fell number. One is don't worry. This is no big deal for years. Number two is not all this one's own:
This is beyond hilarity. You want a laugh, but it's a tragedy is gonna. This is Valerie Geraghty this day still insist: Mothers report found some wrong doing. There were no criminal charges and let me Why you're listening? Let me just prefaces first by what they do is another democratic, Marie harshly. It's on fox all the time she sits. There was a lot of EV, Instead, there were some Trump nefarious activity with Russia. She doesn't understand what evidence is I've used, for example, for its like me, accusing job of robbing a bank. I you a thorough investigation like mother did on trot. We find out who did not rob the bag the Sid, Marilyn and always in China. Today the bank was rob, and yet I no point to the evidence in the report. Shows account holder at the bank, three days earlier jellies taking video with the front door Joe The map shows he drives by the bank every day, all by the way Coincidences
not enough themselves, just lives. It anymore he's taken a photo of the bag because Joe, he knew it was the sun at its new uniform on him. I think a picture and the bank was in a background. It is Can you do it a crime he didn't commit? This is what you understand. This is what you're doing with the Mulder Report and the same trump costs would be cross passed with a russian at one point: Trump Junior, that with a rush, and yet we have we know, and we have the translators account of the media. Who said nothing nefarious happened. Did you read that you weren't you? what you're doing here, putting together separate, distinct data points there Evidence it's not to prove I'm that didn't happen happen list Valerie Jared. Do this right now talking about the Mulder report, which has the exact opposite of what she thinks. It says: checks checks then present Obama direct any of this. That's how it works. That's not our investigations work that we led back to the intelligence community to bring forward information an end
the dossier. I imagine will be one piece of a much bigger puzzle and You are saying is important to make sure that there isn't influence and actually them all report. People complain that there wasn't any wrong doing. A thirteen is explicit insane quite the opposite and so on, I think we should read well I've actually conclusions statements. It actually has suggested earlier just to be clear, Robert Martian, No collusion, Michael horror, which the eye J of the F B. I said that the dossier was quote unquote an essential piece of This investigating of the trunk campaign. Essential piece was the word Michael Har, which you so you say it was part of a larger mosaic. We have no evidence of that. We only have evidence of the dossier, but I really appreciate you coming on this morning valley and answering the tough questions that our audience certainly wants. Answerest sea border Robles, terrific mislead Raillery Jared made
going up against. They far superior intellect and has an actual grasped by the facts. Valerie Jar, no, there's a larger mosaic of information we used when, after Trump to go after what, what really John, whereas it have you seen it I'd like to know. Meter too, thank me to be in jail. Of like minds here Paul. Would you like to see it we're getting it from politics. One of these we'll get it might for Paul? I went up in cheap, I swear she decides she's back and forth on a whole might think so Paul. I drew your watch you sure if you can just we have to have you seen the additional evidence they had on tromp outside of the dossier. Let me answer for you now, Ghana, bear huge rural because I know that's what he's got to say So what are now a four you understand, Democrats get to say what have they want. Nobody shall summit and they go on to show what they really brilliant house like real was really there's. A larger mosaic was nobody's. Actually seen that
she brings up the hilarious. Well, the Mulder report, exactly say. There was no wrong doing no that's exam clearly what it said: Molly was charged with investigating criminal wrongdoing, Joe not moral, high crimes of Miss debate right now, but was mother, the smaller the high priest, this of that of high priest of new some new religion, where they estimate investigate moral crimes, Donald Trump big in his head, like Putin any should now that's not what any of this was about. It was a criminal investigation for criminal wrong, doing which Molly conclusively. Despite a corrupt hack group, Invest hated Donald Trump and we're politically motivated to take him down still couldn't find anything wrong course Valerie Jarrett known Liar Police data
has to go on a national show on Fox business and say otherwise, because he's a liar and that's what lawyers do they live now. Here's the second block. This is the bee block of this specific sector Why are they taking now the move on approach, while one because I do it all the time, because Democrats do evil awful things and when they use the media to say. Look at these republicans trotting out these old. They think it's time to move up. That's number one, but they want to move on now in their desperate to move on because as the information trickles out, which it shouldn't and that's why, by the way Christopher Rate, happy eyes, a total disaster, Christopher Rate, the F B. I knows the trickle theory and instead of just letting us see the information and just pulling the bandit. He is part and parcel of this, move on tactical approach. You guys you all understand. I write to them, through. The FBI is not on the side of of honesty, transparency. True too,
to say, if you believe that a very sorry, why move on, because their terrified of what's really going to come out and every day we ve done a good job exposing that's. Yesterday we brought up the connections again between spying scandal, the impeach scandal what's going on now, they're all the same thing folks understand this top level. The Democrats hated Trump. They weapon ice, government the spy on it. When these spying operation did not keep him from winning the election, they moved on to it, we think Bob Mahler. Now you may say to investigate what they knew collusion with a health problem. Wasn't investigating anything. New collusion was a hoax from the start. The whole of moving from step, one spidey, despite scandal, to Mahler ways to get trump to me, Sir Toy with the Mahler team, so that market
charge him with obstruction of justice that we step to none of that work either. Mahler was for to conclude investigation. He knew was a phoney from the start to understand. And when that didn't work, they moved on to impeachment use another hoax, that there was some quid pro quo in a phone call. Ladies and gentlemen: it's the same players, let's prove a right. Now, let's go to read: stay peace number one, a terrific one by one of my favorite. I would call a new writer. I just haven't seen much of him before, but I'm really quickly fall. I love with its content. Rights under the, the plume shipwreck, crew, parent former FBI or Justice Department official by their rights. It read state this article two: again, gotta go. You know that calm, Slash newsletter subscribed to my show knows, will remedy these articles everyday read. This is a good one FBI.
Christopher steals primary sub source was to prepare him to work directly with crossfire hurricane, keep the headline additive itself, Solaris, so the F b I figure this dossier, garbage they go right to the source of the dossier. Who says I got the raised from another source and instead of just verify, its garbage? Ok, you want to work directly with us. So far. It is for another day. This is more about the connections between spy gate. The mother probing impeachment check this out so the guy the Department of Justice official, the lawyer David, laugh men right who is at this. View would steal source is big source was given him all the PPP Cape and others that, or I may be Crystal clear. The says he's gotta get from this guy he's. Steals making this up. I just want to be clear because I've been go back for with my body, Steve Agatha is a great twitter account. I don't want it met anyway, musketeers steal the dossier is made up spent Laana Lakota knows it a bunch of great twit
research CS made up its fake, its fake information, tribute to real people. We clear. Ok, I see you not in your head, because I don't want anyone to be construed as its it. This source, Theo said was a source. Is it's all made up? he said he got of reduced but still made it up. But they do interview at some point, this guy who's. Your says he got the information from did you think is the Department of Justice attorney shows up the sky by the name of David Lackman. Why is love me now? he's in the OJ theory and who does laugh been workforce. Keep her mind folks, laugh made has to know this is all garbage at this point. Why is he show up with the FBI for a proper proffered now? What's a proper, and I want to talk God Jargon,
a proper is what we use the calls in a queen for a day deal in the article. We call it a king for a day deal: it's not my surgeon s. Take it, which is. That is why what we call that a king for data, if I catch Joe ARM, of course, in a bank robbery scandal, He has co conspirators. I need information on. Sometimes you near federal agent you'll do a proper king for a daily. You bring joy with his lawyer and the deal is this: your king for a day, Joe, whatever you say to us in this proffer session this interview we will use it against you in a subsequent trial. Unless you lied to us, it happens all the time I've done tons of them when I was a secret services. If he lies or she lies in the meeting, then we can use it against them. They're good these! four Davy is why? Because the defendants lawyer becomes your best friend, because the lawyers typically none go and don't tell him the truth. Are they going to use it against you? You gave it I'm saying you, that's why we use it.
This guy. This sub sewers was brought in for a proper. Why was he brought in for a proper? This is really weird look who's there at the meeting. So it's gotta this peace by ship shipwreck, crew. Again, I'm really started. There is work there He says I'm also curious about laughable presence in the Proper WI him. He says the reliability of the source and the verification of his information was a key issue in the ongoing Carter page Pfizer that we're supervised. And approved by the Office of Intel, the National Security division. Why was the Office of Intel Chief attending the meeting. They contain me. Information keep this up as a year, in other words, folks. Where they really concern that this guy was gonna come out to hey this whole dossier is garbage Edit didn't tell feel any of us. He goes on. Our men, the lawyer, is a partisan democrat. Loyalist he's made clear since he left government
that question Mary Mccord should answer since she was the acting assistant attorney general for the national security to visit the time, and it would have been her decision. Assuming she made a tab, laugh men interact with their genco primary sub source, and is it true, Amanda Ten, the FBI interview. I that's a lot. So I guess it is. What is at me question number one Why was a Democrat Party loyalty loyalist? We now know Lafontaine. Which he there to scream what this source was going to say: and who sent them. Was he there to scream what this source was going to say make sure when he said, got back basically, people in the spy gay plot, hey guys we're in trouble, I was in this interview with the source for steel and he said it's all bs, given my wits in their proper spot. The generally stay in that proper, generally speaking,
Is he there more is kind of an eyes and ears Joe? If you know what I mean, that actually is a lawyer representing the Justice Department interests and who is his boss again, Mary Mccord, who we would assume had to know about this, he was going to talk to this big source, for steel, about people, tape, stuff and russian collusion right, Joe huge interview January twenty, seventy Mary Mccord out. Why did she sent him? Why didn't she go? whose very Mccord let's go to this peace, but epic times will be in the show notes from earlier in the year, but it's worth rewrite, again in time, watch dog who vetted whistleblower complaint tied the top lawyer and Democrat impeachment effort. Why now I'm really confused so Mccord D, O J supervisor sends David, Laugh meant a Democrat Party loyalist to sit and not an interview with the guy who supposedly was the source
people dossier. Whose Mary the now from this epoch times, peace- well. This is interesting prior to his, information is the UN's tell us, is committing inspector General Michael Atkinson, served as a senior counselor Mary Mccord. Well, was Michael Atkinson, who worked from accord to hear. Assistance attorney General Department of Justice Accord, New Questionnaire Atkinson submitted to the Senate Committee Mccord, who left there it may have twenty. Seventeen now serves Legal director at the Institute for constitutional advocacy and protection issues Professor Georgetown University And she's also listed as the top outside attorney for the House Democrats.
Legal fights tied to impeachment so just to be clear, so we could tie the sub. What did I tell you I told you that spy gate, the Mahler probing the impeachment probe were all one continuation of the same scandal, the scandal to get Europe out of office when one did more spy gave them they jump Weiler and mother and working went to impeachment is all the same players. So you tell me, the guy laugh men, shows up at a meeting which deals tape, source that guy work for Mary Mccord mayor, Mccord, who was the boss of the inspector general who approve the fake whistle a complaint against Trump, which started the impeachment scandal. Recorders, Atkinson, boss, The court is also the boss of the lawyer, the Democrat hack lawyer. She said to the proper session which deals primary sub sewers in January.
At an Mccord conveniently leaves, after that becomes one of the attorney advisers to Adam Schiff Door The impeachment trap later gentlemen, as I have repeatedly over and over said to you again and again, they all know each other there all connected. This was all one big giant, Charlie Foxtrot, which I lay out in my next book, which you're gonna love. I am the meagre My final sponsor and I got some did I got some eighty four stuff, a video. I really wanted to get you yesterday and interesting change and propaganda. It's a wall of that's now Joe a wall of that's where they have teeth: it's the wall of vets, as if, like cause you claim to be a veteran, some of whom are some of em aren't at the anti for Wall events, if you can,
to be a veteran. You can now join a racist, fascist, terror group. It don't worry, it's a wall of that talk about that propaganda thing in a minute. Now we're not falling for that. For second, our final sponsored I ever my patriot supply this and every day we aren't witnessing the spread of the corona virus, seeing the spread of fear. The markets are very volatile: The man for basic necessities, as we ve seen, we don't you be told that has gone through the roof. We ve had meet disappearing places. Isn't scary stuff be prepared, be prepared? You don't have to be anxious about Avis, just be prepared. According to my page, in spite of some older customers with health conditions that don't want to go out, actually been living off their emergency food supply. Others are understood. Warranty some don't want to face the mob for a loaf of bread. Go to prepare with dandy com. Today, don't wait, ensure your food supply reserve, your two or four weak emergency food kit. Today, doorway these veils include breakfasts, lunches and dinners. They last that the twenty five years and stored show you are prepared,
My patriot supplies been a trusted partner. For years I ve been working round the clock. Keep clock, keep up with your orders, the current wages eight to twelve weeks, because demand has been through the roof. At eighty times norm I got mine, I gotta the road or come in, and so we have no idea along this crisis. Will ass its important, be self align. It's not too late. Go to prepare within that I'm in ensuring food supply tonight, don't wait, prepare within that come prepare within that. Come ok so I wanted to get through this yesterday, but it's been such a loaded show so much going on. We got bars testimony today, which, of course, what will cover will give you full full scope on what happened there tomorrow to those you worry about that. But avi riots in Portland derives. You know their peaceful private. You can take that elsewhere. Police are its. Please stop the nonsense it if it is to know how to peaceful protesters, racist fascist terror group, at least to attack innocent men, women and children. There an anti first amendment activists group: that's all they are. So if you want a propagandizing,
You can take that stuff elsewhere managed it. So he uses a quick video of those we watch on Youtube. There's you listen! This is Antigua. You know the peaceful. They call himself anti fascist there. Actually I like to call them Protein for I know which be profile, but I like protein for better. I call them profile or protein for appropriate their pro fascism, S, video here's, the lovely little tyrants, antique diva shine, blinding high powered lasers into the I balls of federal agents- blinding them, and you have to wonder where the money is coming from we'd protein. For right where they getting the money from the girl. I power lasers right into the eyeballs, blinding federalist, but don't worry job there. Eighty percent, their fighting fascism, their fighting fashion Objective video on Youtube that council they do this every night high powered lasers, eyeballs blinding a federal agents who will not recover some of their sight from this.
Laser shown into their eyeballs where's. The money come from but for the saws they're using cut down the fences in their peaceful protests, the media defends and why because, as I've told you repeatedly, the media, liberals, liberals media sampling, the activists they need shock troops, they ve always had shock troops. Big government, tyrants, otherwise known as the liberals and protein for We said shock troops on the front lines to do their dirty work chaos in fear, chaos and fear do two things: chaos when it's a Republican, ministration creates the perception. At the countries out of control under Donald Trump, so they love the cats and that's why the media lab Romania supports it, give it their people could be hurt. Folks, please stop they don't care about that. You actually think they care about people getting I'm sorry. If you been me,
led to believe liberal media folks, actually care about federalists getting hurt. I very sorry that is a fallacy. They don't care. They also need these shock troops on the front line for fear. They need the scare people, the frightened you into submission, I'm not kidding their hoping. You won't speak out. They are helping with their tech, tyrant, buddy, suppressing speech that end alternative thought on anything will be wiped from the Airways than anyone who dares speak out. Otherwise, in circumvention of the Tec, tyres will be so sky. Because they had teeth protein for will show up at your house again. I know its profile. I prefer protista. I like protein. Pro fascist grew, that's it that's what they are there, the biggest pro fascist group at the United States right now.
Now, Jerry Adler- you may have seen this and now I'm a day later on this, I am sorry but the great flak s we love like it's like a stocks and social media is terrific a flag is caught. He does he's a man of the street interviews he caught up With the hapless jerry, neither an- Adler. Had this to say and began, we dealt with. This shows been largely about strategy. The left. Move on strategy. Note the move on strategy here handled a different way with Jerry. Neither hacked Democrat from New York now there's asked about the violence we ve all seen the laser videos. I've shown the saws the beatings on police officers as that and here's nobblers response again taken the move on a project,
Israel, as well as other countries need, is about transparency that that's having Portland. We know that that is being spread only in Washington, these anti of important. Yes, there's these videos everywhere, Elijah's fires in riots there's through throwing fireworks it better officers, the age ass. If there was a lie, that's crazy. I learn things. It's big news. Indeed, terrorism is important in view of the whole city is on fire and try to bring on the borders have kept the gray flak gesture. We love others show a fairly Ccs, he always gets best man on the street interviews. So idealism folks. George, you know that it's all a myth remain, and we all that videos that doctor Job move on remove on is that what you see here, you see a joe you get there.
Action. I that is a reason I discuss. Yellowstone is drawing this year. It was great this is how we do it. It's all a myth, stop promoting conspiracy theories. That was so last night when that cop got blinded with so seven hours ago, however, various vision like never don't worry about it. This is the the crises, your sick, evil people. You understand, I write this inside known and very serious. Now I had a friend I am obviously not going to disclose who, because injure me permission to do so by a very influential one. Call me the other day, folks, literally not vigorously in tears at the statuses country right Not getting followers in the car with me, a very influential person, absolutely in tears at how bad of a situation we are looking at. These are not political,
any more thing appear as such. These are seriously moral and ethical fights for a future that, if we lose, I can't I can't I don't know, what's going to happen now that I don't want to ever leave you breast. I said to this individual, what I say to you now. Sometimes we need, they hit the bottom, the dregs of the barrel. For we realise how bad it is an rebound, but we always have. I lived through a New York. I've seen it where the city Look awhile, I'm not gonna lie to you. It may not turn around overnight, but it always does. I watched city descend into total madness crime everywhere. You were not safe in even the good neighbourhoods, and eventually people got tired with elected Rudy Giuliani and the city turned around. I am, can that's gonna happen here. Call me an optimist at whatever say, I'm at a time,
I don't care, I just don't believe what I dont believe it. I believe these countries really been blessed by God, that may be. Sometimes we just need a bad wake up call how long that wake up call! Gonna! Last I don't know how many you're gonna have to die. I dont know. But I believe the combination of the Tec tyranny, the show violence Criminality left this With no moral compass at all an agenda, hatred to the United States than that which is brew, can't possibly can't possibly go on. You can't tell me that half the country is going to support that agenda. You just can't infanticide other the others that open borders now now, that's out of its debts that when you shouldn't, we know, that's legitimately, not who we are ass, you the loser classes and that's not us again. Call me an optimist. Call me out of touch. I that's fine, I'm not going to go down the ship. I set a prayer last night,
courage you to as well for a man or woman, a faith or not done even matter. I said God. Let me fight this fight to the end, I'm not kidding, because I sometimes get frustrated too, but let me fight this fight to the end. Tat might take my last breath of oxygen generations before us about a lot tougher fights in us stay in it. So is an article up a bit pack on exactly this. I want you to be very careful about protista. You know they pro fascist terror group Experts have propaganda, they are and they their financed by people who understand propaganda. So this is an article, a big package about me, but I'm puttin up for that response. You know stands up. The so called wall of VAT said riots being that doesn't absolve you for supporting racist, fascist antifraud. I said that and they covered the peace and I'll say it again. Now what
doing now. Is there realising that they are engaged in a long term, propaganda, war, propaganda and effort to ensue? false ideas into the public to garner Pub support on your side, Joe. Are they losing their propaganda, worrying thief, and let me just pose a question to you in a different form that the efficient work well jail for the same crowded, not talk about the left, this lunatic liberals, but I mean same people. You know Democrats, mainstream Democrats maybe major public and may not. Like the president of my mind, I just seen people of different political ideas. Do you, a good strategy to get them to support your protein for cause is to have video their you dressed in ninja, garb blazing the eyeballs of federal agents while burning down and grew feeding the federal court. As an attacking said men, women and children on the street. You think that's enough they argue daily tonight. After each year we may Peggy Javascript jobs, which states are good. He's very bad, goes right there that we could very bad. Thank you, too
mobile, have clarity by armed costs, which we always the very bad Josie right, of course, as always is so what's happening here so protein for knows that beating me at a people and doing it on camera impacts is probably not a good idea so now. They brought out your the wall of Vets all of this. The while events was butchers by the wall of bombs anyway, That, ladies and gentlemen, let me a message to the wall of that's. I say That's because some of the people in their I'm sure not vets. Those you are vets. You get nothing. You will find no quarter from for supporting a racist, fascist terror group that lines, law enforcement officers with high powered lasers destroys public property. It doesn't own, threatens people at will. Dogs is innocent people and attacks, men, women and children whenever they feel like it impacts and fire that them in some cases would farms you get nothing yours,
we'll get you nothing zero! You understand that if you were a p when you like will say we're vets and everybody s work got the wrong crew because don't think for a second, where this stupid. That same logic applies to the all of moms mom by the way some of them by the way where the same women there the night before just change shirts, I'm the wall of moms now or the wall of dads. That gets you nothing. And by the way these same exact logic applies. Anyone with any power a ideology, in other words, show you don't get to claim I'm a vet, I'm a Mamma dad and I have decided to join our cater, but I'm a rat. The wall of
it's for Al Qaeda. No, no! It doesn't work that way. Protein esoteric group, that's what they are. You get nothing you will get nothing for me or anyone listening to the shop whenever propaganda, you think, you're doing will be immediately discredited by me every day. And we have an audience big enough to expose it. A wall of bombs. So I say to the wall of moms vats and ads. Why do you support a racist group of fascist terrorists like pro now they are not. Racist really is an interesting piece by the wash them examiner the fascinating about protista, Here's a our course dear just agents in Portland by Paul, but our protests. See two embarrassing defeat trump and they are catatonic with eight they're talking about protein from the bees. So here's a little quote from the lovely little tyrants and protein for these races. The dash it's hard tonight
some show talking about protista, so one of the agents, their added. This is a quote from one of the federalists. On the ground quote, I'm sorry, african American federal protective service inspectors. Twenty years, first monopolies being called Edward to their face for the first time in their careers by Scrawny pasty, white, Booker, eating communist blank kids, because we're on radio? That's a pretty great the script, protista, Snug e, wearing hostess cub. Getting in your basement, hot pockets, dwelling In your old slobs would no education, no job, no meaning to their lives, who walk up to black federal agents and dropped the end by modern. Why? Because T far it's a racist, fascist terror group.
The wall of that's, you get nothing, you get nothing. You join this group? You were a racist to you support this. You support this calling dedicated federal, but active service officers who happen to be black. You drop, you support, drop and bombs on them object Our group noted with your group protista. With the wall of vets, though. You want the Wall Maura, that's who you really with, and the wall of races and fascists. You get nothing. I'm on a lighter note, I mention the story yesterday, pull the order is on this one. I was my mother. Remember that People say that any more, maybe we're younger. That was a failure. Where's your horses I mentioned-
ass. I saw this and I think this camp. I can't believe this story outside of Tucker's show on Fox. I have not heard this story anywhere. So apparently, there's some people used to work with government entities on a? U S all project who came out with some pretty starting information. That George magically about suggesting there's any conspiracy like David, the company Gillian Anderson Stallion, but. The media cycle is so heavy. They cover story like this got lost, I'm just on sure. Let's go right, this is from New York, mag again story. Up in the show, no check it out this It's not a joke is other Babylon B, by an atom k, Raymond. The Pentagon has reportedly found world vehicles, made on this earth per week.
Where were they made? I saw this yesterday where exactly where were they may look up with nothing? Mr! Is there another our salaries or in other words, why? Where were they bade? That's kind? a bold step, no bed brothers, I haven't heard of you. I brought this up that the only reason yesterday I didn't get to it is probably two minutes, for I went on the air a pop down my parlor feed there and I wait! I'm really this. I guess it's the onion from the piece about carrying this is this is real star, someone margin, astrophysicist Eric Davis, who spent years work, yes, a consultant for the Pentagon UFO Programme and is now a defence contractor. He gave a class five briefing to the defence department on what he called off world vehicles not made on this earth. In other words, spaceships.
Goodbye such a lighter ere. I slept. Why you know what's wrong with you? I'm not a good with Georgia. Whistler job plays harmonic and join the terrible where I still can't do that thing with by that's a vast exploit, like an EPA great guy, gave up what was the breeze. About exactly author, vehicles are made on this. Are they We should see that briefing, no, What kind of vehicles like We must staggers that what are we talking about here? We thereby like flying, Algeria, the wheel, based, object, hovered badly, while they those little like member those little hover boards at it. Repair and tried to get out of nearly smash their skulls on a number of our popular you Christmas. Physically, I made that mistake. You nearly rip my hamstring out. There's war from this article is passing now the reason this Bob
but from the articles interested member here, red democratic former, senator majority leader minority leader, Harry Red was a powerful man income. And he was a senator from the great great state in Nevada. You know where a lot of stuff is alleged them been found me? He had a comment on this let me just so. This is from this peace again. So the time Ports quote among a small group of former government officials and scientists with security clearances who, without presenting physical proof important, so you have any physical stuff there, but they say they are convinced that objects of determined origin, have come sit on earth with materials retrieved for study. What Is this because on former sent a majority leader Harry read it Quoted in the article two buddies It's our hedge, the typical politicians, thou accordingly Harry rediscover. A very powerful democrat folks said quote.
He believed that crashes of objects of unknown origin- may have occurred and that, recovered material should be study, while kind of of fast We had dried John Mayer report that maybe you think we should know about that. May like amazed, a big word right kind of like the bridge Fear of the unknown objects not built on earth is Joseph ok, where were they built area built where, You have any ideas: Jupiter was it on the moon base like where exactly do we have a base on Saturn we're unaware of? Are we sitting on the rings? You know pumping out the latest f, one hundred and fifty wrap. I mean I'd like to know exactly where exactly that happen. Subaltern universe. Is this, like add extra you're crazy? both space baboons, remember where exactly rebuiltthey stuff. Read this hour? It's not even a long article no supper my ship
today I get it's a left wing rag, but the articles and our partisan and in the case of Harry Reid, who is a disaster? It's interesting to note that he said this and couch. Didn't conditionals like mother may be recovered objects in space with you. Really you see that stuff like beers for politicians. They don't say things like that unless they have a reason to head your That's a good one phrase: Snuff Box, strange stuff: I've had some other stories. I wanted to get this tramping at school tourism and have to get to it tomorrow. It is an important story, though I get that I've got a Supreme court case to John Robards. Fails us again, no John Roberts, now, ok, done. Would Robert, please don't ever on the show, suggest me again remind me: we have a conservative supreme good that we don't. We have labour? There's no swing vote anymore. John Roberts is fully liberal. Now I'll try to get to that tomorrow
We'll get would at some point this weekend to keep pushing snuff walk into so so much and I will get the bar tomorrow as well. I votes axiom, June and am pleased subscribed to my ipod guest on you too. You tobacco, Flash mancino and follow me, I'm parlour and twitter again, I'm not telling you to retreat. I'm telling you to be, ethically smart and establish a home base where you will not be under attack, and you won't have to a card game someone with a marked deck, I'm at the Bonn GINO unless platforms check him out. Banks were you support thanks for understanding and my deep up jeez VI came off a little frustrated beginning. I just want to fight the fight when that's it talk is cheap. The do matters, I see otmar, you just heard it in Bonn. Gino.
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