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Vindication # 962 (Ep 962)

2019-04-19 | 🔗
In this episode I address the vindication of Donald Trump and the ridiculous Mueller report, which goes out of its way to harm Donald Trump. News Picks: The Mueller report has been released.    Devin Nunes slams the Mueller report for ignoring the real scandal.    The Trump team warns the Obama era DOJ that Justice will be served.    The Trump legal team responds saying this is a total victory for the President.    Are US intelligence agencies dominated by liberals?   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i want my thereby gino show how are you all right you should join sorry we give it produced joe the death off today i know than usual and audio please let me answer from producer underwood great dead it's better in the famous producer your light given executive that the full day off his work and pretty hard but producer preacher joe deserves it there's going to be a long weekend and happy eastern everyone's good friday they must sound day in the christian year so i hope you will have a very happy to the sunday wants he'll be back on monday of course and i got a stack tuesday for you today i want to give a quick shadow do i ran into a a wonder or family yesterday in new york i was walking down the street in new york city i'm in town for the five obi be guess toasting handling tonight as well on fox and this couple stop me and looked
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to it today shone out through jimmy's amateur piece out it's quite good i suggest you read it yourself don't take any one word for what's in a bubble top line headliners its trump is clearly one hundred said exonerated of any collusion charges is no doubt about that anymore that's out but on the mullah does something strange we should probably heard about the obstruction charge where he doesn't exonerate tromp any says that in the report but that's not it was never mahler job mothers job as a prosecutor to prove a crime not approve that there was evidence of of a crime but also evidence of a non crime and in leaving open question it was absurd what mahler did and i want to get to that later because it's important you understand what the game you play but first let me play an excellent clip from just these somber panel on cnn whereas public mary catherine hamley i know is very nice really drops hammer on cnn and watch the silence is the cnn paralyzed somberly accept the fact that collusion is dead as a door
here right now is they found no evidence are insufficient evidence of conspiracy re elected but nobody must day because carrying these goalposts we're heavy you wanna do it next eighteen months because the idea coalescing that yo collusion which everyone we all know used for two years as a short hand for a conspiracy and a large criminal sense i do that we did not use that for that that conclusion does not matter and therefore its like somehow improper to point out that there was no collusion as we meant it for the last two years i think it operation and gas lighting there was no collusion it is good news scrutiny foreign asked what a great line i hope it's like day i hope like that because you gotta carry the goalposts so had dared to bury gathered ham for drop in that tactic
nuke on that cnn panel that was a shockingly small cnn panel there was only four people they usually that twenty seven people on cnn powers but you would expect the democrats to now now that mahler has concluded there he could not establish any link between the russians and the term campaign with respect to collusion you would think it would go away and the people in the collusion truths and the hopes years out there who propagated this myth last two years would be embarrassed humiliated would apologise walk away and shame and turn in their journalistic licences and all their street credit with it but now they are continuing to double down their doubling down because you have absolute lunatics like adam chef democratic congressmen from california shifty shift who comes out with this ridiculous statement yesterday because he cannot give up the fact that he has been the lead gaslight around this ridiculous absurd collusion hoax
the report outlines multiple attempts by the present to mislead the country to interfere with the investigation to make false statements to the american people and to urge others to lie to the american people to urge those of his staff to take actions to further obstruct the investigation which may have been refused but they were not refused to any good will or good motive on the presents part far to the contrary that these actions had a material impact on the investigation that in fact the special council was deprived of information or
it's the timely access to that information as result of things that the president did and said it made our job certainly in our committee during our investigation that much more difficult as it did the special councils investigation those acts of obstruction of justice whether they are criminal or not our deeply alarming in the president of the united states and its clear that special council mahler one the congress to consider the repercussions and the consequences it is clear the special council believe that no one was above the law and that includes
the president of the united states the attorney general actions would make the present above the law would make the present such that he cannot commit the crime of obstruction of justice that was not the special council's view if the special council as he made clear at found evidence exonerate the president he would have said so he did not he left that issue to the congress of the united states and we will need to consider it ok adam shift is now firmly establishes a new baghdad bob of politics okay member baghdad bob for those who you are too young to remember the iraq war when we invaded iraq and an annihilated decimated the iraqi army there was a p spokesmen any big be a further for saddam hussein he earned the moniker baghdad bob because he would get up in front of the cameras and he would say we're fine repelling the invaders this
i'm hussein army we are doing great and they were getting smoked at every turn on it was nonsense okay was total crap you just make it up adam schiff is now the baghdad bob of politicians this guy's a joke embarrassment i just wanted to start off the showed the said they set the tonia so we have the lead here the real narrative is now we know collusion is dead the subsequent democrat liberal media ridiculous lunatic narrative is gonna be while didn't exonerate them ass if it's a new standard of justice on the obstruction charge so let's get to which really in the report so you have the analysis you can go in debate your liberal friends couple it take away number one this is from the actual report it's not what the man the report says at times that should matter to you it's what the mulder report doesn't say that is highly suspicious now for those view have been followed me from the start on this right the mahler probe why
as was gathered was chartered initially by rod rosen stein giving bawler his special council authorities to investigate russian interference in the twenty sixteen election any crimes it would have resulted thereof russian interference now what suspicious about this when it comes to pop adopt was in the puppet populous meaning they leave a whole bunch of things out of this now they go into detail about papa plus they talk about all these meetings with joseph myths said this maltese professor they four disclose in there in the report that mr the maltese professor whose alleged to have told papadopoulos about the russian email the russian dirt they never i join there that miss service connections to western intelligence he led this peace enforcing he goes to the long extended narrative mahler which i'm explained this whole thing what the smaller report is nothing but a spy novel he wrote as a road map to impeachment for so he lays out all these russian connections between myths should an end
alleging and others it mr got this information somehow hinting at the fact that you may have got it from the rushes never mentions that misleads connected to western intention but here's the kicker at the end of one papadopoulos sections we goes to you he aegis he's is what is ripping out of his chest to say how papadopoulos met with this guy with russian connections noticed the last line here i pulled out for you no doubt dmitri evidence had nothing in the email accounts or other communication facilities reviewed by the office of special council shows that power adopting the shared this information with the campaign so again it's not what's in the report its what's not he talks about george papa say trump foreign policy adviser meeting with this guy joseph mrs whom they go crazy trying to average mrs connection he travelled to moscow he knows russians they don't mention in their that myths suit is also deeply tied to uk and
elegance and other intelligent said that he's around the world they leave all of that out and then at the end in an alleged conspiracy where papadopoulos was told about this russian dirt and was supposed to have the campaign about it with a coordinated with the russians what does he do at the end after telling this whole thing ass the story he writes by the way he did share any that with the campaign folks its it's this is nothing but a spy novel nor i got a lot to get you let's take away number one so take it number one wasn't in there he misses the west intelligence angle to missus he misses entirely it's the end to tell you that all these connections to russia none of this was passed on to the campaign at all immunity papadopoulos black hole secondly this is a little bit more fascinating this is about the trump tower meeting folks this is ridiculous mahler rights this trump tower meeting through just page upon page the on the issue miss drew nigh trump tower meeting between down trumped junior a russian lawyer natalia vessel nets gaia and a russian intelligent person by cash we got rushing collusion we ve gotta be
billy doubt them this whole big back story to how this pop assist emails don junior and wants to set up this meeting with these two russians and he goes all these connections and all these connections to the russian government how vessel that sky was connected to the russian government how reno i can mention out at the other russian go shows up how they're all connected to the russians but notice in here you gotta read the footnotes in the report to folks know fascinate these footnote you have to read through the whole thing on the screen but support just leave it for second case authorities want to check the sound for those on audio don't worry i'll sum up exactly what's here audio audience you guys come first always in the footnotes it's not what's in there it's what's not in their people go to all the explanation and the footnotes about how vessel net skier work for present so this russian warrant shows it to meet with dungeon how are you today we give a resume she new people should government how she worked the pressures on his contract ass she had all these years and they never met
anywhere near that she was working for a few gps as well the company hired by mrs clinton wherein there is at mention no in the report as it mention that reno mentioned the russian intel guy that shows up has already stated publicly he knew people on the clinton campaign it's not mention that his lawyer was the spouse of a former bill clinton a bureaucrat a a high level bureaucrat his administration none of that mentioned anywhere in their none of it it's all left out they give you a bit so this is the curious part folks and i'm asking you a serious question so if you read the report especially about the papadopoulos so papadopoulos they leave out mrs western intelligence connection they also you know conveniently throw in just the ended papadopoulos ever shared areas with the campaign but secondly and tromp tower meeting he goes to this long winded explanation has set up this russian narrative about deeply connected these people were who showed up to the tower
putin and the russian government but never mentions at all that the working with the company connected to hillary clinton i mean the way i bring this up and i want to remind the beginning of the show when i was dimensions as i thought the purpose of them promise you investigate russian interference in the election that's what we were told correct but when you actual evidence of russian interference in other words paid political contracts to accompany confusion jeep as its also working with the russian lawyer that shows up to the dawn junior suspiciously but suspiciously auspicious auspiciously set a meeting nobody she's out at all you know find that a little bit interesting now one other thing there's another footnote buried there you don't let me had tipp pulse bury here prosperous doesn't good work this is a tweet from pulse burial a covered this i found this last night after seeing his chip you go to twitter if you follow sean davis undercover huber jeff karlsson paul at paul spare
you can get out you can kind of get to this whole thing i suggest you read the whole thing too but there are some real good nuggets initial pulse very has a tweet up pieces he buried in a foot in the mulder report and decrease crushes the last remaining hopes of collusion centred on the trump tower made in mrs fastened here's the footnote now do so you have accidents but after retirement the trumped with down junior right how this is supposedly for the left evidence of a massive rushing collusion scheme at the beginning of the report malo goes at length he talks about the ira are you the internet research agency and this russian until unicorn e g argue that we're trying to impact the election in the united states through you no interference social media and other things like that but what's fascinating is the footnote says the investigation did not identify evidence connecting the events of june night in the gdr use hacking dump operation ok so basically the hope for
the portion of the story where he sets it up as big operation by the russian gr you this russian and tell people turned so a distant from can campaign in the united states again and a footnote invested establish no connection between that in the short term it while it leaves out the fact that the participants in the trunk our meeting were connected in fact to hillary clinton folks it's such a scam it support is such a scam i'm going to tell you what he did in this report is going to make off all the sense in the world would later on if somebody i was up late last night getting all this information out there for you so i want to make sure you know what you don't we get to all of it okay on christopher steele christopher steel o the author of the dossier this is fascinating because now we know gosh so much so much sorry sorry and i wanna get losses but we know now what was in the scope memo the august second scope memo there the revised ardor of responsibilities rosen stein gives bob mahler mothers hired in may in august
can they get a revised set of responsibility i told you it was a big scheme and all what was in there now we know why i'm gonna get to that in the second but was interesting about this christopher steal the author of the dossier the british spy hired by the company higher by hilary to go gather up there don't download trump christopher steel is met and almost nowhere in the dossier there's one passing mentioned and that's it folks this is fascinating because its steals allegations in the dossier that are the only evidence we have thus far of any and if a criminal conspiracy between donald trump and the russian government understand what i'm saying here bob mahler chartered with going out investigating russian interference in the u s election bob mothers
only credible criminal charges against the donald against donald trump campaign are in the dossier the whole dossier story about and afford another's that's the only place criminal charges exist they are not anywhere else especially the ones about quarter page right back repaid story is only in the dossier you sure i'm going with us if it's only in dossier then why is that dossier barely mentioned at all and christopher steel only mentioned in passing maybe because it trying to minimize the impact of the dossier trying to pretend case was about something else other than the dossier although it was about the dossier the whole time focus his skin real good this report is ridiculous it's an utter absurdity he mentions it just passing it's completely totally ridiculous aright
let me get through this first and then i want to get back to some more stuff including on michael cohen where mueller again belabors is whole big a story tells a story he is a tease pump in his face telling the story but all this russia snuff in any says at the end well pop up i didn't tell anyone on the campaign about the russian stuff y got the campaign colluded in the trump tower meeting our she's worked for the russian she work for the rest give us work are for hilary too he leaves out then he says the trunk tower meeting at the end and this little footnote oh yeah by the way the russian and effort by g are you to impact the election had nothing to do with the trump darby little footnote at the bottom right on christopher steel just a little side note in passing about steel no extensive analysis steals actual charges even though those are the only charges that existed in this entire campaign ridiculous
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know i sent empty sent you to help support the show harry's dotcom slash bungee to redeem your trial said today don't miss out ok and in the mother report so the tome we're trying to set sometimes i i i don't want you to lose the lead i don't want to lose the headline in the volume of information sometimes it does get lost the headline is this mahler selectively leaves out information that makes the trump team look good or he buried at the end of his report but then makes a point we exaggerate almost hyperbolic lee the russian connections of the players involved as long as it makes the trump team look bad the report is a road map to impeachment this is a gift rap president to lunatic democrats who want to impeach the trump team for a crime that never happen again it's up in a bank
rob and trump didn't do it there was no bank rob there was never a collusion scandal at all no one has ever played guilty to the collusion conspiracy because it didn't happen you see this again with the michael cohen information that michael common information is equally is bad enough he goes through and i don't trust michael cohen trumps warmer lawyer as far as i could throw em i wanna be crystal clear on out but he goes through this law on length the explanation about collating collins efforts on the trump tower project in moscow and then at the end here we go again she have to go through the whole thing his first with regards to cohen's false statements the congress what he's talking about here just to be clear is michael cohen made some false statements the congress about when the trump tower project negotiations in moscow ended he says there is evidence describe below that the president new cohen provided force testimony of congress about the trump tower project in moscow the evidence available it does not establish did the president the wreck did or aided cowards falstaff the boy so why
even talking about it it has nothing to do with the present they had no evidence the president told calling to lie about it at all is that why is any of that interesting that cohen fibbed fudged the numbers the president report about the it was about russian collusion in the election not a trump tower project in moscow we have common fudged the numbers and the president in town the do it this is what he does he's telling a story to make it seem that there are these exaggerated russian connections amongst these players you know i don't have it up a screenshot from this because i had so much to get through today and i got more here but he also does it with the wikileaks angle he goes through this extended explanation about how wikileaks now so you understand the lunatic democratic theory on what happened if you don't understand that what about the day by wikileaks in the poor won't make any sense the democratic theory on this which is now the bank discredited it's always been debunked its nonsense was that the russians hacked at the end
de inhalers emails they pass the information to wiki reached knowingly that wiki leagues then pass the information is a conduit onto the trump team in that impact the election why because the trump team had and see inhalers emails that story is not true please tell me you understand that that is if it it is a functionally nonsensical story there's no evidence of it the mulder report the bunks it but what happens dollar again goes to his extended story about wiki leagues how they were working with the g are you people have we'll work in which you are you russian people to get this information after you may be thinking right now you're following me but there you just said that wiki weeks you know worked with the right is the democrat story yet the information at the arden mall or proven right no he doesn't you have to get to how wiki leaks out until you find out at the end that wiki leaks didn't know they were dealing with the russians about apologizing for we
delete releasing our classified information at all it was a really bad move hey that's not what i'm saying what i'm suggesting to you is what he leads to acknowledge the mulder report did not know they were dealing with the russian gr you ladies and gentlemen how can i have a conspiracy with someone to rob a bank that i never me don't oh i was never involved with it all they didn't know it was the rush that's not an apology for the mob just trying to tell you that the way mahler rights it up he writes it up you see what i'm gonna do this to reinforce the democratic the russians knowingly shared information wiki leaks who shared with the trump campaign that is not what happened the wiki leads people thought they would get any information from ghosts the d c all these are they didn't know what these people were just because a bunch of crimes happened there
bunch of incidents happened doesn't mean they're connected you know i heard mad gates congressmen from florida gave a great analogy less i too hope you take to heart the allergy was ass he was on zero tucker i'm not sure right before maybe this hannity out of i'm sorry i don't know but it was a really good analogy he said just because the rich boats in the water in the same direction charter and the same path does it mean that people know each other or even matter to go and a state or to people go in the same direction to the bahamas all they must have coordinated a vacation promising and now they ve never met there just two separate votes had met the wretched wiki leech was doing their own thing the g are you will do their own thing and the trumpet you do their own thing please tell me you understand this but that's not the impression you get when you read the moat read them port don't take my word for it when you read it you read the wikileaks chap there you will leave it thinking oh my gosh wikileaks did work with
russia's that is unless you miss the point at the inn where he says they didn't know they were russian in other words the guy who you tell he's going to the bahamas because he knows the guy next i'm gonna bahamas had no idea that the guy next to him was actually going to the bahamas two ladies gentlemen that's important why is it important because their alleging a can speed a conspiracy require some knowledge of the intent of others i hope this isn't a couple but this is one of the more important shows i've ever done please hang in there with me because it's important because they will let this go was you saw by the atom shift a sound bite there the video spirits cedar rob a bank with five or six of my friends we're were planning it we go out we get the weapons we get plans for the bank you know it in the time we shall fail it there has to be it some point some knowledge of the others role in this thing there has to be to knowingly conspire with the russians to hack
doesn't get him out there i have to know their russian that doesn't mean wikileaks didn't cause i would someone else but it's not a russian color who's your story so you have to ask yourself why when you read the mulder report do they belabour the point over and over and over they beat it death they beat this drum and tele they tears apart about this russia thing despite the fact they have to throw it at the end every time there's no evidence that they actually knew they were russian because mahler is desperate to establish the story of russian could hu as having some meat on the bone despite the fact that there was never ever meet on the bone was complete total nonsense aright elsewhere buried in the report there are tons of gets in this thing i tried to pull out the best ones is just so many good points i'm sorry half the limited but these are that these are the low lights of the mulder report i'm all explain the hope passivity get the added miss that are on the sessions front
this explains how this piece about sessions and kiss react in these meetings and the snippet at the mulder report about it is just incredible and it goes to show you the devious listen the democrats listen to this are we haven't upon the screen youtube dotcom slash bungee if you wanna check it out again side don't you worry i will read this for you here's a footnote from the peace here so set member the democrats pushed really hard to get sessions were when he was appointed agee from the russia prob ly why do they do that they did because sessions was an obvious political ally of donald trump he was endorsed them early in the campaign now that happens you don't point your political opponents to be your attorney general that does it mean there be biased it just means that's how politics work you want your tea men there you're the executive you get to appoint these people the democrats pushed to get sessions out why because they
an ally in rod rose stein and they knew it and they knew sessions would uncover the whole spying scandal they its sessions out so one of the things they did was they push this narrative that sessions had had these meetings with kiss we act the russian ambassador these substantive mean and had lied about it don't forget sessions is up on capital has asked by swimmer centre al frankly franklin frank and excuse me he's asked about contacts during his role in the campaign and he says no i didn't have any these substantive contacts basically i just that we were right he had them in the course of being u s center but every centre s contacts with russian officials so just to be clear we it led to believe by the democrats we were led to believe eve that these contacts we'd senator sessions who was a campaigner surrogate for the trump team that these were some
in its contacts with the russian officials and these corrupted sessions and sessions had no position being the attorney general investigating the russians well isn't this interesting here's what the mahler it says about these contacts again entirely blowing the democrats story out of the water to do no evidence any of that was true the mulder report is crystal clear that the sessions contacts between yeah it during the week of the republic and national convention and its foreign policy speech in dc those are the two contacts the dc contact them since contact that the democrats alleged corrupted sessions that he was he had ago were quote brief points like this one nonce hubs did substantive of the other words they were nothing there exactly what session said they were he shook the guys
in the past i get a foreign policy speech along with a bunch of other foreign policy advisers to get where it is not a huge fan of sessions i think his refusal destroyed this whole investigation i don't i don't think woody it was right that you put the present are really awful spot and the princess sessions decided himself to accuse based on these ridiculous i don't know why if he knew they were non subset of contacts and what was he worried about but to be fair and i mean this folks people i know who know jeff sessions he's a good man he's a godly man is a god fearing man he made a mistake but where does sessions go now to get his reputation back off charges and somehow behind the scenes meeting with the substantive meetings with russian officials turn out to be complete garbage and you know what one of these hats in the media is apologizing to sessions for nor is one of these democratic corey booker's now frank into the world who destroyed this man's reputation accusing him
basically being a trader to his country over contacts that were quote non substantive and brief what a joke there's something else and that peace there i wanted to highlight their as well i mean really the mulder report is just a series of debunking a lot of left this mess big nay you may say damn i thought you said the miller paupers awful mothers intentions were banned but you you play in a case where he debunk source of nano that's not what i'm doing or had to do this mahler couldn't fabricated for made believe me they did this painfully putting in this information that the session story was be ass the ukraine story the ukrainian platform story with a change of platforms bs all this stuff they had a put there because they had no evidence otherwise but when they go even though they had no evidence they still write these long stories about these russian connections that's my point politics do me a fair tax basis making sense
what i'm basically trying to tell you and i need you to the chaise when you read the report your figure this out yourself he goes through this law on explanation about these russian connections mahler over and over how dangerous and all these go thumbs up thank you about valleys russia connections he tells this tom clancy start the russians were here the russians were there the russians met with sessions the rushes retro empower them she's the rushes the russians wikileaks and in the end in little snippets footnotes instead of just saying in the beginning a none of this stuff was true he waited passage finally making things did not have a russian and by the way sessions meetings with the russians were not substitute and by the way the don union meeting that had nothing to do with the russian intelligence people hacking the dnc okay thanks bob that why did you even other writing this stuff because he's laying out a road map for the democrats for impeachment that's why he was never in
the gaining collusion he was keeping an investigation open he knew we was false which he documents do out this report in an effort to lay out steps to obstruct the investigation even though he knew from the beginning it was all garbage please tell me makes sense mahler knows immediately upon being hired in may of twenty seventeen now does this white house meeting by the way without remember he's he's at the white what rosen's thine mahler just the day before before he's appointed with mulligan and rosenstein is at the white house without trouble allegedly meeting about the fbi director position which is not even eligible for i told you weeks ago i thought that meeting was about its role stein who i still believe as a snake roses taken malta the white house to get to basically get a feel for the dark donald trump obtain hey you gotta check this they're going to investigate and the next day it's clean data how do you not see that process that is not a good i can't understand these people the grocer stands a good guy while he exonerate european
choice there was no evidence i'll get to the sky memo thing and other stuff too i'm gonna be a stack shelf but don't forget the lead mahler tells you go on hundreds of pages of this russian connection and in one sentence at the end of nearly everyone is like and these connections are entirely bs so why right it because he was its ammunition to give to adam shift in the democrats to use for impeachment because he's gonna lay this stuff out even though he knew the investigation was bunk from the big and then say the investigation he knew was bugs was obstructed that's why that's the whole point of this thing also at sessions are snippet from the mulder report this another piece in it the story we were told about how russia for over the trump campaign led the trump campaign to change our platform on ukraine images on this up quickly the aren't platform on ukraine
there was a line inserted in their about providing lethal weapons to ukraine now an enemy a russia russia invaded portions of eastern ukraine right that was utter down according to democrats in the democratic story is always watered down because tromp was trying to help the russians we all want to write a platform going to provide the ukrainians with lethal weapons we can't do that because trumps loves the russians well now it turns out as you can see here the investigation risk is not established at one campaign officials efforts to dilute apportion the republican party platform on providing this is the ukraine were undertaken at the be asked of care that a trump or russia how priceless is this how practices of the it goes on to explain how j d gordon a trump campaign official and diane dead men this woman from my plea from texas how the thing was tat
early between them there was some confusion about what trump stance on ukraine was but had nothing to do with trumpet all metaphorical one point it says it jordan says he was onto the trumpet there's no real phone records of him even contacting trump again he goes to this whole story about how we change the orgy platform to be nice to russia insinuating some our trump and in the end is little oh by the way there's no evidence that actually happen so what are we invest they had i don't get it but why even bother i don't you stay when it's even in the report because they need a road map they had to keep this investigation but they had a notice was nonsense from the start such crap is such garbage so i am i get frustrated talking about this region it yesterday the wiki thing was infuriating wikileaks and the russians did in other russian other another rush
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here the donald trump and it's time we re address that i'll redressing quickly like to repeat shows but now that the report is out it makes a world of sense what's going on here all of the people involved in this collusion hopes the democrats the fbi numb andrew mikhail jim commie john brennan the obama administration others understood from the start this case was hawks i'm it was a hoax because it was only based in a docile dossier was fake i'm a dossier that was re litigated old information from a two thousand seven glenn simpson wall street journal article it was basically a movie script where they just wrote in donald trump name they needed this dossier to cover their tracks for their old spying on might flynn and others
they needed the dossier basically to reverse engineer a crime that never happened why would you want to reverse engineer a crime it never happy why would you want to make pretend fabricated bank robbery that didn't happen because you want to investigate people for bank robber while there's no bank robbery exact but why would you want to investigate them because you're gonna ruin their lives you gonna ruin their presidency you gonna create an endless set of press leaks making their person look bad that's why i call upon you to the investigator for bankruptcy is was our bank rob now but it doesn't matter she'd been investigated that's the point they had a reverse engineer a crime to reverse engineer a crime they had to produce evidence of a crime the problem is it was no crime and it was no evidence so all they had with his dossier bob mueller noses he knows this when he is appointed in may of twenty seventeen how does he know this he knows this because he's chief investigator hit the person
he picks as his is lieutenant in this andrew weissmann has already been briefed on the dossier and twenty sixteen and the political origins of it he knows this is a hillary clinton documents weissmann has been brief by bruce or he knows the documents crap and keep in mind the dossiers the only evidence they have of a crime that never happen so instead of making this case go away immediately what mahler should have done what does he do you should give this speech mediately the american people we ve all been hoechst you ve all been lied to there is in fact no crime this dossier is a garbage document i've been charged with investigating russian collusion the election it didn't happen thank you folks have a nice day that would have been the patriarch thing to do and the right thing to do that's not what mother does mahler keep
the case open for six hundred and seventy five days but how can you keep a case open for six hundred and seventy five days investigating a crime that didn't happen when he knows immediately that crime didn't happen the answer create a new crime and a new crime is obstruction put up a piece about the scope memo if you don't mind of the parlour we highlight carter page that this is fascinating so i had told you beginning i was going to just the scope memo devon nunez who's been just a terrific terrific a stalwart supporter of getting to the bottom of the republican cars from california was on fox last night and brought up in interesting footnote on page here it is member i told you at the scope memo so barbaric bob mothers hired in now may and may have twenty seventeen and he's given on what he needs to do investigate russian collusion the election august second just months later he's given arrival
i scope memo new responsibilities and look at this on page however the mulder report he gives up within the scope member this is beautiful quote then confirmed that the special council had had not has been i've been authorized since his appointment to investigate allegations that three trump campaign officials carter page paul metaphor george papadopoulos quote committed a crime or crimes by colluding with russian government officials with respect to the russian government's efforts to interfere in a twenty sixteen presidential election should listen to that right now you're probably thinking ok where you go with this red that thing carefully page eleven right at the bottom mahler gets a
advised scope memo on what he supposed to do a few months later keep in mind now mahler knows the whole time this dossier is a hoax he's not stupid his lieutenant knows its hopes he's already been briefed on the hulks ripe it says in the smaller report that he'd been given destruction from the beginning to go and investigate collusion with carter page papadopoulos manifold ladies and gentlemen where are those allegations of russian collusion they are only in the dossier a smaller writing a report think think this through mothers putting that in his report that he had been given from the start the charge to investigate car your page remember that's only in the dossier the page that these criminal allegations he's doing it to cover his own but he understands here that he was investigating a hoax the whole time he doesn't like trumpeting wants to keep the invest
you should go in the whole time but he wants to cover his own but he wants to make sure everybody knows that his instructions from the starwood to investigate this see if he was told to do it you best that india this is fascinating in dead of wrapping it up though instead of going out for the public and say hey i've been charged with investigating the dossier you maybe if you're missing nepali give me a thumbs up or thumbs down to missing the connection here what i'm telling you is the writing and that page eleven about how hey i've mrs mahler i've been charged with investigating criminal collusion with carter page ladies then where is that charge it's only in one place one place only it's only in the dossier he's winking nodding at you that hey just so you know and cases comes down later that i was investigating a hoax document the whole time i was told to do this you get it here this is
this report is slick mahler hates tromp he wants to provide enough ammunition with these long winded ridiculous stories about russian connections that in one sentence of the any rights don't exist he wants to give that information is democratic as he knows how play political games with which they started already they'll all they're gonna talk by the democrats as these russian connections with the early doing despite the fact ok this the fact that none of them lead to any criminal behaviour at all not of him so he lays out this road map he talks about it endlessly it gave he needed time together all this information but if he would have lost out on that time if you would have come out and done the right thing immediately and said this was a hoax document i don't know if i explain that well i'm going to try this a different way mother doesn't like trump heaney to provide the democratic political ammunition in the media to destroy the trunk presidency the problem is the
only ammunition he's been charted to go with is the carter page stuff for the dossier he knows his false he asked to fabricate another crime so what is it he goes back in the revised scope memo and he works on an obstruction charge it's an obstruction charge that keep the investigation open as long as possible to gather all the material in this report to give to the democrats this is really really important stuff but he needed the time to do it so he used the obstruction thing but he doesn't want to leave himself open to criticism later so he make sure to put in a report that he's been given from the start and structures to investigate this dossier because he knows the dossier in the end is gonna be here so he wants everybody to know that although he was investigating obstruction all time the reason he started wasn't my fault i was told to investigate the dossier i bet you miss that on page eleven be candid media folks
a little bit do when nunez hid it last night i went back and read it again and i might yes now i get it this is work it's right there up there on the screen but that can if i just want if then confirmed that the special council mahler had been authorized since his appointment to investigate alec nations these are only in the dossier folks that three campaign officials page metaphor papadopoulos colluded with the russians basically that is only in the dossier this is the biggest bob bob covering operation i have ever seen in my life now he but if i get done the right thing and wrapped up immediately and said folks this but he doesn't because he wants to protect the oj protect his body com
protect the reputation of the fbi and protect these body rosen stein a bit too who appointed him so he keeps this investigation open by inventing a another crime obstruction of justice for a crime that never committed it must never committed it's really unbelievable what happened here it's really phenomenal one other thing in the report there was the are of course the buzzfeed story about the trump tower project buzz feed reported a while ago that in a but anyone who takes buys feed seriously i really feel bad for you by speed was the outlet that report on that the cia first it really did a disservice to the trump team report a bunch of fake information
murmured the buzzfeed scoop that trump told calling a lie about the trump tower project in moscow the store we reference before that stories completely bunk now buzzfeed whenever buzzfeed tells you busby tat they had sources on this it's completely wrong it's just made up in a couple of things on this before i get to get some some tying it all up for you ladies gentlemen important we remember here because the anti mackay was on it another network i was an immense dnc or something last night the former deputy director the fbi and the spin operation with the fbi's begun already are trying to move the goalposts year andy kay wants you to focus and call me will do this to on why they started the investigation they will lay out these standard saying hey if there's a suspicion of a national security threat we can open up an investigation fine ok i don't believe it was a legitimate suspicion andy cave knew from the start this whole dossier and all this stuff is garbage i get that but
wait stipulating the criteria for opening up an investigation by the fbi you when i was in the secret service is very small the lot of times smokes you'll get a tip can i give you a little behind the scenes when you are good service it somewhat but we want to know how federal k starts people will call your off sizeable uncomfortable chair every second torture devising policies tell me to lean back you're making even worse thank my spine nita chiropractor adjustments when you were in the secret service in you sit in office new gonna call say it's a do whatever at seven store on long i'll raise to work for one they say hey we just got a counterfeit bill it's a hundred dollar bill come out here you get a tip off if they have evidence there a videotape or their member who was you're probably open up a case you'll get a case number that's how works it's not complicated you'll get a case number indication umbrel start with these counterfeit with seven literally seven eleven that's right that you propose that was the number seven one one those would be those cases so that that i didn't even attend the tide us two things together
but that's how you get an open case that doesn't mean that you know joe i'm a cost committed the crime pass the counterfeit doesn't mean paula did it just means you have an open case it a crime is committed now i dont believe a crime has ever committed i sit by suggestion use at the f b i started a case because in some people at the top got home they didn't like donald trump so they would just apt to open it anyway but even stipulating that point what my cave wants to do is get you focused on why they open the investigation but not why they swarmed to a more now again amateur rely on polly here because it always off today an unusual bond gino shall without producer joe marlena thumbs we're thumbs down from politics texting works great bodily if it doesn't make sense you gotta stop me what mackay is doing is he's trying to day
but your attention from these swearing of warrants and the introduction of a court process and spying into it to opening the case what do i mean ok you open a case illegal about that but ladies and gentlemen there is something very illegal about walking into a court system and swearing that information is in fact true the dossier in a pfizer core when it is not and hasn't been verified in your obligated to verify it beak you can see a lot of this in the coming days by clapper by brennan by co me by mackay by this cabal of idiots who ran this thing where they're going to try to keep europe why the opening his while we were suspicious knowing that there's very ammunition for us to fight back on that suspicions it's a grey area you're going to say i was suspicious we're going to fire back with the truth you are suspicious of what a dossier you baby pilloried information but they're going they ok fair enough but we were obligated to investigate it fine right whatever how
wrong you are points stipulated but you did herbal job you weapon eyes your position you abuse your power but there's very for me just like it's hard for me to question their suspicion you get it that's why endemic cape keep saying this while this is why we opened up occasion i think we did the right thing not only in the unique can we get away with that that is not what we're talking about here we are talking about when you open that case why you were your button to a pfizer court would you agents and raise your right hand swore that the information you used to open up the case was true when it wasn't it was fake it the bug you signed off on it you were obligated to sign off on verify information pursuant to the woods procedure and it wasn't verified it was false don't fall for the trap i have a note here about mackay to say that its important so that's another take away from this do not
let them switch the argument from swearing information out in the fisa court which is patently illegal you cannot swear to false information do not let them switch it to why we opened up a case secondly there's a point from the beginning at beginning of his case ending any mccarthy brilliant writer rights it knew your post national view has made a rapid with this because it's important when you federal agent working a conspiracy case member conspiracy rick the case some it requires knowledge of at least some of the players in the conspiracy not everyone has to know what everyone is doing but to allow you're knowingly colluding with the russians you have to know which ginger colluding with if i've come with a russian guy to rob a bank in the whole stories on collude with russian guy and i think he's polish i didn't knowingly with a rush i may have robbed the bank but include with a rush i didn't know he was russia
the men's re as good a matter the criminal mind what did i know what was my intent it's going to matter b receiver quite not everybody has to know everything about a conspiracy to keep them out of some low level players you may not know what the grand poobah of the app she's doing that doesn't mean you're not guilty but at some point it could be a member of a conspiracy you're going to have to have some knowledge of how the conspiracy works and some of the players i wanna keep this i want you to keep it the front you my my reading the report he lays out all these big connections to the russians and all the other stuff never lays out at any point mueller at the report mccarthy brings this up you brought us up at year ago no one is ever pleaded guilty and mueller never lays out in the report what the conspiracy actually was because there was not mulher de punk's the conspiracy
higher because he can't but goes at again beats the drum the entire time to explain a conspiracy that never happen he explains all these suspicious russian connections and explains that they were not there were innocent why but why are you writing this then i don't understand you report was led to investigate report on russian collusion not contacts with russian people on a legal he does not to explain hillary clinton russian contacts nothing
use of hurrah russian of russian source for crisper steel he explains none of that zero no one in this case has ever pledged to the conspiracy and no one has ever explained what the conspiracy is besides the lunatic media and the democrats what's the conspiracy for them i brushes hack the email gave him to wikileaks wikileaks game that attempting that didn't happen wiki leagues took the emails didn't know these people were russian wiki leaks did not in fact
secretly back child this information to the trump team in an effort to harm the hillary clinton campaign the guide the wikileaks emails funny in the mulder report wiki least they shouted the republicans do folks this whole thing is garbage there is no conspiracy no one has ever plead guilty to it because it doesn't exist it did not happen it is as simple as that it is a great way to end the show so kelleam conway's quainter bulldog she when she was the lay a smack down she will she was ass yesterday about president trump issuing a rebuttal to this report and this is how i want to end the shower so before i end by the way thank you for a great weak yesterday show did gray please listen to today show in spain
around i think those are the six or seven solid take away from the show today that that did you know that you really need so please share the show from the mulder report scribe this youtube accomplish bungee nor of course on itunes sound cloud and i are radio really appreciated but this is kelly and conway answering a question about this trump need to issue a robber to the mulder report i love this answer coming he doesn't need a point by point me about on very great history but it will be his greatest rebuttal of his in office can remain in office and we'll get re elected because of the democrats have nothing get out there twenty twenty and vote that you're a bottle my folks they see it for a great weaker really appreciate it we'll be back to normal studio on monday but that did want of mr shows obviously on thursday for i know vacations
happy easter praise a long day sir you just heard tan bond jean osier you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at du bon gino
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