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Watch Confused Joe Biden Debate Himself (Ep 1336)

2020-09-02 | 🔗

In this episode, I show footage of a confused Joe Biden debating himself. Biden is so confused he takes opposing positions on the same issue! I also cover this explosive story about Nancy Pelosi’s hypocrisy. 

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bungee know. What have we played footage of Joe Biden debating himself and we called it like, thereby be debates I got Can I get a short segment for you, but this is how confused Biden, as he can actually debate himself effectively. Look at the bait themselves, effectively he's Convincing that you Oh no, whose lying all Joe do Joe, what who's telling the truth: New Joe all Joe Jovi Joe Biden V, Joe Biden, V Biden, Jovi Biden, who knows I got that I've got some other. Whose Nancy policy gets busted and then let us start off the show today with the Democrats. Listen, let me just warn you. I put this out the other day.
Get ready for post election day, chaos, I'm I'm just warning you now I've got their plan. The Democrats plan post election, they Croatia budget by Express Vps my Listeners and viewers get a VP and why they don't want people looking at their online activity. That's why Keep your online activity safe from prying eyes, go to express Vps, dotcom, slash, bungee, know today, pick up a VP, unwelcome demagogy or show procedural. How are you today? Fine sir brother, I'm hang in. There seems like a fast weak for so much stuff happening? You know it as I now supply abide gets a special surprises coming up to Joel Paula, worked hard on the by Dg Viii Biden debate this morning, so this should be fine. All cigarettes are information about the corona. Let's get right, you today show their National Party by job creators network. Folks is the most important election american history, no doubt hands down Falstaff period, a way of life. On the ballot as we watch for love, those burn down our cities and attack. Our police are free enterprise system, our constitution and our Three more on that today to the twenty one,
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scary. All our I saw my bag doughnuts to do that but were in real trouble, the Democrats are preparing the media. The academic leads the cultural icons and believe me. I use that term. Loosely Hollywood, type singers, academia elsewhere there preparing them for posts, legendary chaos, I'm telling you get ready, ladies and gentlemen, there not even hiding their intentions. This very serious stop. This is not a joke. Let me warn you now marked the date. Today's date September second Wednesday,. The election is right around the corner, just a few is it to November? Remember this Joe Biden will not concede on election night. If oh Biden loses convincingly based on exit, Pauling Analysis. The counting of absentees the voter talents-
that they make these prognostications these media outlets, when they call States Joe Biden, will not can see if he those They are preparing right now and softening you up with body blows for the postal Jim chaos, they, the left, are about to cause now, of course, the media calls for Biden, it'll, be a total still expecting Peaceful transition in that respect, but if, I'd lose as you could do that peaceful transition thing out the window. So this morning on actually read this article. Read it ray. It memorize every word of it. So a group funded by who this group I will get to that is Damn group warns of apparent Trump election day, landslide axis, screen shot from this. So a group funded by what
I'll drop that screen shot. If you know my free access, peace is already warning hey of Trump once in a landslide, it may not be a winner. It's called hawk We're just funded by Michael Buber: guess that's right! Slurp, straw, nanny state take away your firearms guy that guy so they're saying now, imagine America with his polarization of misinformation. If the vote tally swings wildly towards Joe Biden and Trump Lou, these days later them as the male balance, are counting on transit. Just for a minute. This group funded by Buber is warning that this is a very real, if not for ordained outcome, ladies and gentlemen, they doing here by he blows. Soften new up, dry, your arms right to the head body body, they are softening you up right now. What suggesting here this democrat group? This is talking
it's for the media, folks is hey. Listen trot could win this race resounding in the Electoral College, in the landslide, but Joe Biden not going to concede he's not, but it can see because we want post election chaos and we want to steal the selection. If that scenario happens course, Trump could lose that's scenario happens, we're Donald Trump winds and it seems overwhelming on election. I that's just a facade because we see I have time to cheat, you get it Joe you gotta, do we stand have time to Jean home and if the, if the media, People call the race knowing Trump one in a landslide, that'll, take polluted capital, a momentum away from the cheating effort, because they are being guess work. In other words, if every media outlets says we predict Donald Trump, winner of the twenty twenty presidential election.
Done this electoral college tally and the popular vote within each state battle cut off immediately Joe Biden efforts to cheat at the knees so follow me here here scared the scammer risky hawk fashion, group by Michael Borg is already putting out. Do this well funded effort, the media to in points. It hey, listen even out could wait in a landslide erase could obviously Bahrwan election. I hey who what could happen in the coming days, and we should all They get a nod. We should refrain from calling the race, even though we know we should call the race. You ever seen anything like this in your life. No, we have been calling presidential races in the media about on the air farmers on with us your tv last time. Twenty sixteen election, the same way for Are you base it on exit Pauling when Paul's glue?
You get an early count of the numbers and you can predict with general accuracy who wanted state if you don't they hold out. They don't want any of that happening because they're not gonna concede. I'm telling you they're not going to concede market. Remember Hillary Clinton job was it just a week ago we play that video a week to reach your Hillary Clinton Joe, I'm sure I can see no matter what folks just preparing you now, I'm not! This is now an alarmist show. I love this country. We can get through anything. I hope yet. Goosebumps talking about not even kidding I don't know: what's gonna happen, I'm worried about it. You should be too We are dealing with the range lunatics who won I can see the presidential election. What do you do
understand, there's a constitutional process for disputed elections in the House of Representatives. I know exactly what happened. But you are assuming that the process is gonna, be respected, like what the same process that we're not supposed to spy on american citizens or impeach up. That information crimes, those processes, I work out either that day. I am really really concern where this is going. So not only we have this group hawkfish Monday by Bloomberg, just a coincidence, of course. Of course, any gathered imports of meat it? Don't you dare call this race, even if Trump winds overwhelmingly, because we still have time to cheat afterwards dog you there. Here's an interesting but are met I felt a had to David Boy, who I say he So this is the transition integrity project. This is one hundred thought leaders code, for we can't stand Donald Trump who got together and they have this report preventing this.
Rapid presidential election in transition, the gas sliding here is just speck pack dealer the gas lighted and the gipsy do flipper risky. It's just absolutely spectacular. This is not going well today with Miss Paul back back to me ever know. Now I carry that that's too small secretary now, that's just the car so an alibi just we spent a long morning, their transition integrity project is already to pocket. Putting out talking points to check it out this minute. Look at this If there is a crisis with it, Joe Joe Joe pay attention for the audience here, armoured cars we'll do, sir. This is the talking
to the media. Here's what's gonna happen, media people. Not only should you not declare trumped the winner even in a landslide, but if you see street chaos, I want you to get your talk. In point in your narratives. Ready now to cover, for the people burning down buildings, the eventual points here we go from a transition integrity project code for never trappers. If there is crisis. Events will unfold quickly, cash and sleep. Private leaders will be asked to make consequential decisions quickly, you think that's all had Tipp to the military folks thinking through options now we'll help doing who are better decisions, in other words, military folks and others. You better get ready for some street cast. Think this through now. Don't declare the winner immediately Post is not a joke. This is some paper, the transition integrity project we got planters need, Take seriously the notion that this this, what dismay
I'll, be a street fight. Not illegal battle. Tat is not dare bonds. You know, Improv, that is from me, transition integrity projects, own document player, we need to take seriously the notion. This may be a street fight, not legal battle: Technic, Attic solutions, court, neural courts in a reliance on elites observing norms are not the answer here. Do you really want I'm really here. Yemen typical comic Greece are set up here eggs exactly. This is gonna, be a Sri fight. You hear you know what you're doing here right there, sir Setting up the media and the public to get ready to cover for me,
stem installations that could potentially turned to violence in the streets. If they don't get the outcome they want, and there are already preparing the media to don't you dare give the public the outcome. That is, give them the outcome. We want by not calling the race for Trump, no matter what happens, even in the event of a landslide, because we still have time to cheat and when the riots break out get you're talking points already now and by the way you media for military folks, leaders, and otherwise would you dare make sleep deprived decisions? Calling an election a trump may win for Trump. What do we do, then? You get ready. I told you, this fight was coming to your door, was not kidding. Get ready for rest like you, ve never seen before, be well prepared. Again, I'm very sorry, I'm not here to scare you, but I think before
twenty things. We thought we'd never see in our lifetime. We ve seen in a lifetime all in the same year. Before I move on. I wanted to see you in an optimistic no, and I do believe that this country has been through a lot. We been to a civil war revolution, two World Wars and we have come through it. On the other side,. I generation, I'm in my forties. We have escaped lot of the horrors of our older generations: lifetime trench warfare, world wars, Not all of us. We ve had a lot of people. My age you been to Afghanistan and Iraq and elsewhere. But we live in the most prosperous time in american history, not say and asking and I'm just saying after the selection get ready for a quote street fight. My that their words now mine. I move on Why are the Democrats were their terrified because they have an absolutely hapless candidate whose terrible
get this say. I want to show you Joe Biden, who is so confused. You can actually debate himself. I did a segment like this once aroused villain of rationality and the radio programme years ago. The Obama verses- A debate showing here Democrats lie all the time. You know I hate him for Donald Trump, I'm obviously a supporter he set out of principles when he ran we're? Gonna, be the war, we're gonna cut your taxes, we're going. Regulations were going to appoint you're good quality. Socialists, federal judges, that's exactly what he did! a liar. All you want, but what he said he was gonna. Do he actually did you don't know what, by Gotta Ducas debates himself. Let me get there and a second first, my second sponsor they Patriot mobile. Ladies and gentlemen, stop supporting these big mobile companies that really can't stand Sadly, America's students are being caught up in the politics of Verona virus and education hangs in the balance to suffer the next generation of freedom, loving Americans, Patriot Mobile, is running a school days. Promotion great idea until September
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they have an absolutely hapless candidate. That's why the Democrats are preparing you for post election chaos, because they are genuinely afraid. Donald Trump is going to win in a landslide. He may he may not. I'm out of the predictions business Who knows what's going to happen? I'm just tell you that Insiders are softening up the media for street chaos later and tell him to get ready to prepare your mostly peaceful. Now it is now as they try to burn down the streets if Donald Trump wins and don't you dare call the rate they're doing it. Their candidate is absolutely hapless. So I thought to myself What have we been assured segment, Joe Biden actually debating job? I imagine First Second, this is like Joe Biden. One and Joe Biden did you do that? The wonderful Paula of course, Biden Viva. This has yet to see she's pollen dance on me now, if you're watching Youtube. You'll, get the trick. She's puttin up I used my shawl, I don't an editor. I do all the content, you not
improv. She just improv, but that was great because I trick there yesterday asking her for the footage, abide and calling out to tee, for she was. I am, I gather, isn't it the job. Thank you. I was actually Joe Biden. We Biden. Thank you policy that great graphic. So what have we debate moderator right, never to Joe Biden on the stage Joe Biden, Joe Biden, Cologne and said our former vice President Biden play very one here: what's the first thing you'll do? Where'd you get it the office, God forbid. As the present, I will raise taxes for anybody making over four hundred thousand dollars. Let me tell you I wouldn't do it it's about time. They start paying a fair share of the economic responsibility we have. The very wealthy should fail. Fairish, ok, so you're only going to raise taxes, Joe on people make four hundred thousand dollars a year, so Joe Biden clone, can you debate job. Here and say what about me. What, if I'm doing? Ok- and you know- I do
wanna be left alone, maybe not making four hundred thousand dollars a year. But what do you think about general Joe Biden. What do you think what he just said? Let's get his answer on that Really good shape right really changed or were you did? Well? That's good. You ma! Am two senior do well already- and I've got but guess. Why did you like me? I could have you. Your taxes are currently raise knocker than usual, code for calling out Joe Biden original Joe Biden, Clone Biden, original Biden, but wait just to be sure is closed Joe Biden debating Joe Biden, its closure by an app, We sure whose taxes are getting high because remember we got a class substantial middle class tax cut with a trump tax cuts you, check that out a new road and just look it up on the internet web. It's all out there for you, so clone Joe Biden is here. Joe Joe Biden Wrong. He said not of our taxes are getting raise. We did make over four hundred thousand dollars, but the Trump tax cuts to cut our taxes, a foreign. Do that
Cologne, Joe Biden, can you just contrast? What original Joe Biden just said about the tax gets taken The fact of the matter is there is plenty plenty. Money to go around first thing I would do his present was eliminated presidents tax cut. This is some debate who is here? Aren't you combine original Biden clone an original, Dolly the sheep they cloned sheep. This is cloned Joe Biden attacking job. I can you do it. If you were clothed, these are like some kind of cognitive mental disorders. Like an e s, p connection between clone you and actual you not a folks, a force that the same job I took on this where's. I know it. Jovial does not include the address, be a major new stuff. It safely. We have not had a cooperative yoke. It just doesn't following up so course Joe Biden actually debating himself like a razor taxes, you make over one thousand dollars a year. I want to get rid of us jumped access we're thing. I'm going to do
think about it. It was raise your taxes if I get elected, which oh Biden, wins the debate. The answer is how the hell do, I know debating himself, but the beetle. Or see her, but that's gotta. Another issue, Joe Biden, seems confused debates himself. All the time So here's original not clone Joe Biden. When we asked a question on you know fracturing He says Mckenna I gotta do anything to stop racking turbine. What are you gonna do about Frank, not banning frack Pollack. Can you want to get a we sure mister button on for police? I am not buried, frack, sorry, pine owed. No I'm driving you crazy, a rigid Job, I'm not colonial by war. More time on for acting. So all the american public understands. Not bad frack. Okay, now is the debate moderator I'm not can.
Used in any way, I'm a smart guy debate. I got. I just got a regional Joe Biden on the record, he's not panic Frankie. He said it three times the extra sit at once repeated three times where you get the boy. Now corn job by going to have to say about fracturing in response, two original Joe Biden Answer about Frankie. No more, no new fraction of fine. When will there be any place for fossil fuels, including coal and tracking, in a binding administration. No, we were we'll work it out. We would make sure it's eliminated, guarantee fossil fuel. No ability for the oil industry to continue to drill period ends number one
Three consecutive american President's have enjoyed stance of explosive economic growth due to a boom in oil and natural gas production. As president, would you be willing to sacrifice some of that growth even know? potentially that it could displace thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of blue collar workers in the interest of transitioning too, that greener economy means yes, yes, yes more no new Frankie. We even had other debate moderators interjected, who were confused made segment. King cloned Joe Biden about original Joe Biden statement that he's not gonna ban Frankie. He seems pretty conclusive. Now, what if we asked him to people in the eye welcome in the high quality jobs Look people in the eye. And go out original job. I Mercedes knock at a ban. Franking look people me. I tell them how you feel about Frankie check this out. I want to look at my ass
I guarantee I guarantee we're going to end fossil fuel and I am not required Many are always a meet the parents. I remember a lunatic bob fucker Fucker S right here. You look committee so who who's telling the truth only Joe Digital, Joe Joe. Joe Jovi, Joe Biden, we Biden, Jovi Biden, Biden, veto, who knows who knows he's telling the truth? Because there is no clone Joe Biden, as a clown Joe Biden, but there's no clone Joe Biden S one more quick one where Joe debates again himself because he can't make a decision because he doesn't want to or is confused and got what decision made just a few weeks or months ago. How do you feel about the second amendment is original Joe Biden original
How do you feel about the second man? I'm not oppose the second amendment. Second amendments: does it is an absolute like any other option is not opposed to. The second amendment seems to be hedging spats. There thought opposed to the second member son, absolute. Well, nothing It is absolute, but there's already been a Supreme court case on the second amendment, showing that rifles specifically our fifteenth and others are in common use and they fall under the second amendment So I assume you're not oppose that either because it's already Supreme Court case. Remember. That course you know.
So now has its closure. By now, we feel about original Joe Biden statement had there not opposed to the second amendment, which would of course mean a our fifties. Others which are in common usage check this out the idea that we now have a limitation of assault, tight weapons magazines. Again all mobile boards and in his absolute mine, is no violation. Second, amendment is tested, bowed today. Special interest manufactures Coloni Joe original Joe Jovi, Joe Biden V Biden, Jovi, Bind Biden, veto who knows here's your answer, Joe Biden Zalm really debating himself. Of course, Joe Biden didn't forget where he stood there: take. No, it's warm job. I must say anything because he's weak and being weak is dangerous. One thing present from business week he gets.
Idea in his head. Believe me it's in his head. I can tell you that from first hand experience job. Whatever's and Joe Biden has put there by Ever radical left this leaves the room last set that he's the seating himself at he'll, say anything to get elected when he gets in office. The most radical people here points which are gonna, be the aim see types. The Bernie Sanders types are going to put in his head these radical ideas to hide your taxes. To take away your job in the energy industry to take away your firearms and you're not going to have a darn thing to say about it, you gonna to be stuck with him for four years. I get it done this all day by the way, but in the interests of tat, I just want to use those three issues. The showed this guy doesn't have a scintilla of principle or dignity. He will say whatever he needs to say and on the fraction one? He will look You right in the eye and like the army, You lied to that little girl in a video
ITALY, he just said the exact opposite thing: are you call him a liar. Now I can my shell copy. Whatever I want. My let me get this story about. Nancy policies is a good one plus who will have on peril Power in a bind administration. How, then she could be the speaker of the house or at a minimum of the minority later Joe Biden doesn't have any principles policies. Left as she's gonna Pushbutton left out everything but she's a big phony, just like Joe Biden. They should call this, but the big forties debating capital oil swap Brad photos? You are those guys up in New York, the union guys have they have the big blow up put in front of sites that we need these e, policies, cheese, a fraud, You know very well right immediacy, video and he's a Fox news story. That went viral last night this morning, policy frauds there
They shuddered San Francisco hairs lot for a blow out. Calls it a slap in the face. Ladies gentlemen, I gotta be ass. I had no idea what a blow out was. Apparently some hair thingy what are you Herr drier blow? you're! Here I have no idea. I don't I don't have it. You don't have a blow out issue. Low dryers out what it is. I need policy expertise on this so policy whose crystal clear that you Skeleton from he man like you, are an evil. Human big, if you don't wear amass, shows open a hair salon. No mask that's closed. The corona for a lockdown. Nobody believes actually works I'll. Get to that the second too, the correlations, the opposite shore, to get a road air cod in what are they First Marie Antoinette moments. I've ever seen in my lifetime number two being member
twin subsidies, Bridger eight or with the ice cream? Who look at me? I'm a lock down and I'm running short on my seven thousand dollar ajar eyes. Grew this woman is so out of touch, and it just remind because I've been through this locally, how we this mass mandate locally by these frauds. We have and pretend to be Republicans in my county and I into one of a minute, a breakfast place up from the table with no mask on no mask big phone, You got to wear a mask in the county. You get up from the table. That is Matthew and then he gets out. He comes over to me, say: hello is no mask on dude. Are we missing something fraudster fraud stir tired of these people and you should be to shattering businesses you, maybe you? Might you probably asking a question now if the hair salon Miss closed, how to follow you get in there and why
The owner then release the footage owner rents, the whatever the chair, the stylus, the stylus who works in the place of rights to chair, led policy in the owners furious the owners gonna be crushed, it's gotta be finished? The business can be done much over the hammer. Our action. But as long as policy Antoinette gets in there may at sea twenty, as always the blow out. Everything else is: ok, just The local guy here by the weapons Republic, it you are aware a mess, for me, fix by way of a Cuomo another fraud at the genocide. From Fox with this for he's just fraud, New York, you'd better, where a mask stop the spread, flattened occur area, Sandro Cuomo, but we do couple crunches or some dead lives there, Algeria Lula
barely around the waist, a shared isn't hide Noora, six percent and twenty four You gotta go in there and you may want to clean it up by their heirs. Chrome, walking, walk, start no mask, of course, but you have to wear a mess. Conveniently the department. This is asking Andrew Cuomo for data nursing home debts, which is believed to be through the roof in New York. Get a load of this. I'm ok back and said you know we, did give you that data yet, but we may have it available November, fifth November. Fifth, Joe Wednesday election again here two days before that age we right, we're Quabo no is on the up and up Cuomo. Totally on the up and up His brother Everett CNN died the top of the total Paul for morals and ethics. Deirdre, we'll get you nursing home data about how our policies led to the deaths of potentially up the twin thousand people in New York, but will do,
After the election convenient. I've got another story on this in the lock down. It's going viral on the wall. Street journal is one I want to talk about it. Let me get to my third sponsored it's important. I appreciate my sponsors beanie. I appreciate you supporting them. I get this Wall Street Journal and I ve got a lot more than the NBA just some more just to get well oh broke. These people are so stupid they can for that. They should also we're friends that we, the people holsters, listen if covered, wasn't warning enough. The last few weeks have reminded us all while there, why, is the second amendment, while at last who knows about by the Succeeds in defending the police or may not be anyone there to help in an emergency. So are you two people Billy training carry with a proper and good secure, secure, solid score from we. People, here's one of mine right, there's a constitutional right, they're, starting sturdy, nine dollars. We, the people hostage, ask them design to fit your fire perfectly? I see that as precision molded that's out of one size fits all. Crap holsters can fall out why you're walking around can have that
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if it's not a perfect, fits in the back for a total refund, we the people, holsters that calm, say, stick slash stand. We the people holsters that come slashed in ten dollars off additional with the Africa Dan check him out. So again. Folks, on this disastrous corona virus, storing it has been a disaster, and we should not play this down this. No politics involved in my show with this, and all the politics are always introduce. By our ideological opponents, who want to sadly politicize a virus. Now that we ve seen some data from one of the largest mass experiments in human history, what is that? It's an experiment to NASH experiment in the real world, but the experiment was Jean. What would happen and if we shut down the entire world economy right at the same time and that we'll experiment, as I meant before the shell. When are we two earlier in the shows you ve been saying about twenty twenty things. We never thought what happened a natural experiment, we never thought would happen ever. Nobody ever thought
We would be looking at the results of a shot down of basically the entire world economy, but we are now we have the data, you know data. I am sure will be banned or something for talking about things I data, but there's a stir The out there now that the Wall Street Journal covered this morning in an article that's blowing up on the internet, about what actually happen due to the large towns headline, Donna, Luskin the failed experiment of covert locked out new date. Suggests that social distancing in reopening haven't deterred. And spread interesting. You know, given that we conducted one of the largest and most destructive natural experiments and modern human history, the bankrupting of me if not hundreds of millions of people, the destruction of businesses and destruction of wealth and prosperity. You would
we should at least be able to say well. It did some good, By stemming the tide of Corona virus inspection, in fact Excuse me, I'm is correlated with a lower rate of infections. You'd think we be able to say that right, no, no No, no, no, no The correlation to variables right shutdowns, lock, infections,. Now basic data analysis in one or one like zero, zero one like a kindergartner, your conclusion, your hypothesis, is that their luck, the lockdown, will be effective. Stemming the new infections from the corona virus that, after the lockdown and pleaded, you should be able to see in those places where the locked down we're strictest a decrease in the number and french of infections. Joe, is any this complicated. I dont really smart guy, I'm just
checking to be sure you and I are tracking miracle. That is a testable hypothesis correct What we now have the data, let's check out this search out from the Wall Street Journal right here, measuring from start of the year to each state's point of maximum lockdown, which range from April fifty really a it turns out there Downs correlated with a greater spread of the virus, labour. States with longer stricter lockdown is also had larger, covert operate. We were the first places with the harshest lockdown They see. New York, Michigan New Jersey in Massachusetts had the heaviest case loads. For them to have just giving you the data, I'm just giving you the data, what you do with. The data, if you believe in science and data. In fact, it's up to you, but as ever he stated on this show and I'm consistent
relations does not mean causation its clear now that these very because, although weekly correlated our correlate now, if your hypothesis was shut, it down and will stop new infections or slow the. So, the time while the where the shut down was the most severe should have the lead. And lowest caseload babies. Domain. The correlation is in the other direction now to be fairly weak correlation. But the correlation is between trick locked downs and greater case law. That means more not this direction, but does it mean lockdown caused because again we do data science and facts on this. Show it Mean lockdown cause greater case loads, I can tell you what it definitely dozen me. It doesn't mean lockdown stem the tide of new unfair
is because the correlation is in the other direction. Theirs inverse correlation, strict lack downs or infractions. Your hypothesis, strict lockdown, less infections, is not right, which means it's wrong, but keep it up, show you you're out, keep up the locked and keep threatening lockdown thy Joe Biden member Joe Biden, the site. They tell me the scientists that are looking over that data, which scientists are you talking about exactly unbelievable ravenous come patient, the left, we believe in science, you do you sure about that. It's funny, I'm showing you actual science and data, you don't believe it I'm sure tat tyrants, shuts, shut down, demonetized us and ban us for giving you an actual study because none of them
interested in actual data, but you have to, yourself, whose really telling me the truth, but you who just cited data acknowledged that it doesn't mean lockdown, mean more infections, causally even those variables are correlated, doesn't mean that doesn't mean lockdown cause greater infections. It could be third variable acting there, but he definitely does it mean that call lower in practice because that's not it there's! No correlation at all between that it's in the other direction, so frustrating I move and I get bored go broke. Bro. You walk through out their corporate boardroom members, who are shamefully Weekly spineless, they listen to the blue, Checkmark Twitter Brigade and are really, Convinced we gotta push our but he and awoke direction support the market black lives matter protesters we gotta do that. So
forward isn't what America wants. Well, there's a testable hypothesis. There too would never if this is working out but say a brand. There goes all and right now the NBA they're all in all black lies mad, a marxist anarchists terror self professed by. Black lives matters only two year where Marxist were trained organise. Yet we know you, you said it. Who won all in the NBA all in so you would think if this was such a popular message and the American but really wanted to align themselves with a marxist terror group causing street chaos they did for me and my wife. When we left the White House last Thursday night, you would think people would Walking over to your NBA product, what are you selling in the NBA selling a product and entertainment service. If people it fine NBA
basketball in the very talented players, no doubt who play their stated in caning they wouldn't do what watch it so Why would they not find that entertaining and drastic numbers as people are dropping off in turning away from me, be because they decided to get well can go all in on black lives matter. Look at this article part up in the show, no check this out and be a play off ratings crash by twenty three percent, lowest watched in five years. Up in the show notes, wonder TAT, Todd, Houston. Again basic data analysis for the liberals watching the show. I know this stuff is complicated, but it Your claim is that there's this mass movement in America, America you're tired. I hate this country, it's a racist country, it's really awful. Therefore, we have to support marxist groups for change like b l, em, everybody's with us, then you'd think that
would be correlated with a jump in people watching a right that's gone all in on that exact message. Yeah you're audiences down twenty three percent, meaning people who found best Nepal entertaining point three percent of people who may have been watching, don't find it entertaining any more. Maybe you'd asked why g? What have we done differently lately? Let's deal for the national anthem, disrespecting our country. Let's go online on a marxist group. You you understand how, but this is a basic. It's like this the older, they cut off your nose to spite your face. They are boycotting themselves out of business and they are really too. Stupid to see it. It's studying it studying present. A drop of course wanted
about this a long time ago where he said there was this slippery slope, this dangerous chasm we're all falling it. If we don't stop this stuff now he is the all in the China shop we needed to put us stop sign in front of the radical American left and say enough. We hear your voices. America has a process for change. We are not going to be cancelled, culture pressures pressure in the change. We are not going to are down our history and we are not going to get engage and George Orwell type moments. Tromp was that guy who said no, and they hate him, for he warned us that if we allow this stuff to fester this cancer of leftism in our tree tat, what started as an attack on statues of civil war Terry leaders in the south was going to evolve into attacks on Jefferson and Washington, Ben Franklin and our found
fathers and everybody laughed, everybody laughed the trump the elites, the academics buffoonery. What a buffoon just about civil wars? That's not about Washington in the countries really: Let me show you a little snippet. You may have seen this last night on the news. This is the radical left, this near communist mayor of Wash. Didn T see Muriel Bouser, who put together a commission DC, faces a working group to report on what should do with assets and statutes around DC. This is real. This is page twenty two. I want you to pay special. Attention the number forty eight. This is asset group. Three. There you see faces executive summary landmark. Commemorative works, here's what they recommend.
Using the DC mayors position on the National Capital Advisory Commission recommended. Federal government remove relocate or contextual eyes. The following assets. They want to remove or relocate the following assets. Look at number four. Yeah you're reading that right. The Jefferson Memorial, what what life oh yeah gets. Worse is more here. Christopher Columbus is number one, look it up. They want to remove or relocate to washing kin. Monument. Number when everybody thought that was hilarious, present. Tromp when alarmist, what a dope soon there come for Washington, candid Jefferson, Franklin and everyone else. There is in writing. For you to see yourself. How to remind you all well: doesn't it
he really. This Orwell quote from nineteen. Eighty four every record has been destroyed or falsified. Every book, rewritten every pictures been repainted. Every statute Sri building has been rename every dates been altered, Process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History is stopped, nothing exists except an endless present in which the party is always right. George Orwell, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four Got me call George Orwell, while twenty twenty right now he right at the trying to wipe away every single piece of our collective identity. Why our history, good and bad? Why you thought about what Ladies and gentlemen, I don't want anything to bind us together. What binds us together
the collective history, both good and bad of struggles. We lived through and overcome scourge of slavery and the failings in our founding document to a civil war. We fought hundreds of thousands of casualties to save this country from the scourge of slavery, the evils of it. Fascism, we ve overcome overseas, our collective, proud history, not without sin, not without state, but a proud history margin, the finest in the history of the planet. No country on earth has conquered other countries and given it back the land with we, we defeated people on their soil countries in but back the role in taking we pieces in many cases to bury our dead. That's us. The greatest country in the history of humankind. But when you Leave that you want to save it
want to remake and tear something down. You don't want people to believe that, because you don't want people to want to save it, So you tear that history to shreds and new erase it so there's nothing tying any of us together, as Orwell predicted, never ending cycle of the present, where the party, the apparatchiks, the bureaucrats, the leaders are always right, really shameful. Thanks to the inside baseball guy, who sent me that peace, you know who you are. I have got a couple more stories I want to do because their important, including development and MIKE Flint case, I warned you I warned you would judge sullivan- was doing. I warned you support, attic, nother, quick update on what happened with the woods. The woods fire what's Joe and I won't get over the woods far forever. I find a sponsor, they listen. Always it bowing spot for me to read because I'm hungry at this time of the day, all my high stakes, their offering you stay,
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about because he was never asked about sanctions, so the Department of Justice throughout the cat and the judge and the case will not let the Department of Justice throw the case out because it Obama judges aren't really judges a politician and a black robe is what he's this guy's. Not. He is a giant now, a judge in name only he's not a judge. He may be Why did a judge but based on the principles of our judges? Actually I judge solvent is not, in fact the judge. That's, why are we gonna air quotes, Judge Selivant because he's not a real judge. Solving never disappoints icon yesterday what happen, Judge Sullivan whose, like a litigant in this case now, will not let the Department of Justice dismiss the case against one. Why? Because he wants to, in case the dragon, though after the election hoping Joe Biden wins. Software can be re prosecuted because judge solvents out a judge you just doesn't like Flynn is purse political because he's an Obama judge well
It's a piece of national review, great update on this by the terrific Andy Mccarthy. I Warned you about all of this stuff with Sullivan's up to and Mccarthy goes into a little bit more detail about the devious plot. I think this guy putting together piece of me up in the show notes today, but election looming, Judge Sullivan will drag out the flint case. That's the title, a national viewpoint: let's go to We shall number one first, ladies Demoiselle politics judge Selivant. It's not. Principal man he's on acting as a judge, the guy's, a hack he's a politician totally from the Mccarthy peace. Nothing prevents This judge from acting on the case now, so the case was thrown back to him from the appeals court. He could dismiss this. That I keep in mind. Is no prosecutor. Department of Justice wants to throw this case. There's no crime here they ve already Sorry, Knows the parties would not object and they want a quick resolution. Court, doesn't mean a status report, Sullivan's now making three weeks he sang gave us. We need a status report he's just delaying Sullivan.
Who knows the status of the fallen case like the back of his head, Theo Jays move to dismiss Lincoln cars that motion even a solvent, should not have permitted and appointed third parties to intervene. The case he did so and they are France, Emissions Sullivan need to hold a hearing if we really thinks you need once when a rule on the motion. So what happened was drawn back, the Solomon from an appeals court there punted on it Sullivan, make the decision right now accepted. O J conclusion they're not going to prosecute and move on to get rid of He will not do it, he is delaying. He is the laying in the land lay say any more time. I need more time. I need a few more weeks. Why does any more time? What's he really doing Mccarthy Sum this up absolutely beautifully well done and check this out. Here's a real plan. Sullivan no split in the deal want the case. Dismissed plain for yes, reasons in the OJ to affirm the executive authority to prosecute and we're not
The judge also knows that if the former vice President Biden wins the election by The urgency is sure to change course, a course and withdraw the motion to this mess. Ass, to ensure the case against Flynn is dropped, it would be necessary for President Trump to pardon Flynn before Biden takes office. Oh wait, it goes on. I saw that that is not what Flynn! What's flame wants to be vindicated by having the prosecuting authority that the OJ drop, it Sullivan can prevent apart, but he fig. He can arrange things so the historic record is it Flynn fully admit it is guilt twice in court and those guilty. Please were extinguished only due to pull a politically motivated pardon, not with the judicial imprimatur. Let me translate that for you. Thank you.
I figure that solomons delaying this case. Knowing president Trump is not gonna, let Might Flynn go to jail for a crime. Everybody now acknowledges never that already didn't commit that never happen here. About sanctions to the FBI on Russia. He was ever asked about them at all. We have the transcript. No crime was committed. Is up Flynn didn't rob a bank? There was no bankrupt. Olive an absolutely noses. He knows he has the drop this case. He figures delays it long enough and a bite binding, just department comes in and announce a say during a transition that there are likely to arrive the decision to drop the case you follow me Joe knows no we're going prosecute Flynn, what's Trump get into trouble, we're not going to let this guy dangle in the way these gonna pardner full part. Sullivan, wants to make sure the historical record is. If Democrats can then go back and they are even just pardon because it was politically motivated. We never through
make a sound. We had a good case if we would have hit the button just as far as going to get what he got in there. We would have definitely had Flynn lying about the sanctions he was ever asked about. You know what I'm saying: all politics, just like the clients. Mr we talked about yesterday, they want to make sure clansmen. We did you doctor evidence. Yes, but I didn't mean it there. Giving the media narratives no flint really guilty trump, just pardoned it is really give. If we would want to court on an abiding deirdre, we would have had em. All narratives. All the time Sullivan is fully in math in the political demagoguery and the Non since this is not a legitimate judge. He's a fake he's, a total fraud He is delaying this thing, praying for now you may say, then you ve called for a flint pardon, and I do tonight.
Because, ladies and gentlemen, a pardon is a legitimate constitutional process. What's happening to MIKE Flynn in the judicial branch of government. Right now is not. So Judge Solomon can cry and wine like a baby. All he wants. Oh, my gosh might flints gonna be pardoned. That's so tariffs Look it up. We would really what we cause he's. Not the judge these these, like the prosecutor himself, but the bottom line is body with a straight face following this: and a sane mine and connecting the neurons together understands it might. Flynn was the subject of one of the ugliest political prosecutions American history and the only legitimate political process that went on was the president's unquestioned constitutional authority to pardon people wrong by the Justice Department of the judicial system. Excuse me, I've still, if he should be pardoned today, I know a lot of you disagree. I get emails on this all the time, some of her fire Dan. Let the process works.
Folks, there is no process, I'm sorry genuinely sorry. You believe that I'm not kid, I'm trying to be condescending. I value your opinion. People reach out all the time and email. That's why Rita? This is not a process. A process implies order. Does it. Does it or does it not a process requires a legitimate process, water hears not been followed at all. You are judge acting as a litigant than in a case he's been ordered to drop the rules demanded drop. It Eddie still refuses to drop in, and you want to continue to play this game, because why I'm I dont get it. You want barks at a boxing match guys in there with a got twenty Who wins blade stepping you and you got one, of course, the process. The programme job you'd Japan, you're dying, you're bleeding out? There's? No,
process pardon is illegitimate process written into our constitution. This is not. I don't care. The left says anymore. Believe me, they don't care what we say they just make stuff up. There are already preparing for a court street fight after the election and you want to play Tivoli links with em. We may lose the media narrative, the media. Take the meteor cares. The media's gonna happen, whence guilty. Anyway, it doesn't matter. I know I'm not convincing many of you and that's ok, get. I respect your opinion But you holding out hope that the reference going to save you from the guy in the boxing ring shank you would have switchblade right now is I'm sorry. It's just. You now for me once you know how that goes. You really think this process going to save Michael. It really sorry, you feel it
My last story, while we're on the sole spiky pitch, is a pretty big bombshell by Sarah Carter yesterday breaking Carter Pages, Pfizer related Woods File Doc disappeared, wait right! was it malice or incompetence Erika II package, I know you know the woods here. Some of our audience may not is a great Pisa being the show notes again, but you know that complex newsletter, if you want to subscribe to the children, so I've only been talking about this very where three years out of three and a half three through new, so they're right the woods, we ve been hammering this home, we ve been hammering home the name of Joe Bianca, a supervisory special agent, with B for a long time to why these folks, when these on some one in the FBI, like they spied on corridor, page used to work for the Trump theme and that's why they spied on him because he used to work for the Trump theme. In order to do it, they have to put together a fine it's like a spreadsheet of all of the reasons why they want to spy on someone you Carter page, however, and in that spread she called
Woods file named after Michael Woods who organise the procedures they have to put in that woods file. If verified that information or not. You can't just put on the woods far. I think you'll rob a bank. Why? Because I think it you have to put in the woods Someone told me this year's when they told me here's how I verified. Isn't it weird that we just found there? yesterday. This breaking news is huge bombs, of course, ignored by the mainstream media for Sarah Carter, that the file that we have the data, showing what the F b I did to verify that they were spying on trumped up for the right reasons, disappeared Two years ago we just found this out. I've only been you bought the woods file forever because the way as far as the conclusive proof that the FBI spied on top and no reason because the reasons are in the woods file which disappear two years ago. How did you just say? No? Here's? Why we?
don't drop, why I don't know the file this two years ago And who was in charge of the words by Joe Geography is cooperating. How do they know it disappeared through years ago? Bianco is in charge of it. Is he talking he hasn't been fired yet right? I wasn't even fire. This talk in right now. He's probably has a lot to say is why we spite drug? Why? I don't know we lost the file you did. We had a quote, recreate the file for the multi. I wonder how When I'm sure the recreation process, one really swimmingly in that kind of a big story now, not if you watch in any other media outlets, work totally ignored completely carbon heard it at all. Read the story.
No, no, it's it's a good one. Reforestation ever tuna and I'll be enjoyed. The five year shares l spicy at times, but that's my thing. Thank you for another great weak prescribed in the show youtube dot com slashed by GINO Apple Podcast. Wherever you find your pod care subscriptions are free, they help us move up the charge quick. We really appreciate your you, a ship in Leicester, ship means a lot to us, see you just heard it in Bonn. Gino.
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