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We Gotta Fix This (Ep 1431)

2021-01-08 | 🔗

In this episode, I discuss the extremely dangerous path we are headed down in the coming weeks, and what we can do to turn it around. 

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed, its not immune to the banks, with your host Dan Bungee elsewhere, approaching a very, very dangerous time. I can't say this and it is How absolutely critical that we fall back on basic principles? We don't have basic foundational principles, and God, given rights respected by everyone Country we don't have a country, we have a suggestion of a country and suggests in some countries have failed Human history- and that's not good enough right now- I'm gonna go through. It leave things right now, a litany of things on the show today just scare you things that are happening. Tech tyranny Lists being created of people targeting of people.
And liberals in their media allies. Never letting a crisis go to waste rather than us in the conservative side. Being interested in solving the crisis today show, but you express Vps, ladies and gentlemen, express Vienne go get a VP now protect your online activity from prying eyeballs go to express vps dot com slashed by GINO Go today. Well, The damned mancino show producer Joe you're Friday. Please worsening sixty gameshow voice, inter we ve been doing forever. Let's have a clearly known. Will subdued that's? Ok, that's ok! I, ladies and gentlemen, let's get right to the ratio us about you by our friends at lifelong sensitive, personal ethical data could be exposed, as a recent analysis suggests, an increase in cyber security tax on farmers, medical workers easier by that the increase promote work from home? It's has coincided with the targeting smartphones in tablets of people working in the pharmacy was busy with fishing and malware attacks, supported under
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ladies and gentlemen, I again I can't warn you enough. We are approaching a very dangerous time. The Roma manual thesis of how the Democrats should I put this- is of how the Democrats should operate. We should never let a crisis go to waste is now being hoisted on our backs full time, and it is extremely dangerous. What am I talking about to address two things specifically today and I want to address and potential solutions make sure I want to leave you a bad note on Friday, but first back the left and their media allies from this point forward to double down on totalitarianism and cancel culture, they're the same thing: there no different cancel Culture is a nice cute way of saying we embrace totalitarianism in soviet style tactics. Might it's it's putting lipstick I'm sorry- that's all it is. I'm telling you otherwise is lying to you? Because they want a weapon eyes or de weapon eyes words, so I want to address that first, then, I want to get in
you how the normalization of political violence over the course of the last four years the Trump Administration has led to a very dangerous spot, a spot. We are in a joint, and I never have never will ever first. What am I talking about would cancel culture. and the national suicide we're about to walk into as we embrace totalitarian tactics to crush the free speech of others. Ladies and gentlemen, I have warned you for years now years that cancel culture and they dangers of totalitarian cancel culture are that they cause since we need new targets, why, let's think about this rationally for a moment again. Liberal step aside media people, I'm asking for people with, Digital accuse, you think, straighten use reason, I should now to think about this You can't so people is targets, whoever they may be. I want to cancel. Can
but a politician, Joey Beggar doughnuts, because he posts twitter. He supports Trump, get em off twitter, get em off Youtube, get em off Snapchat, get him off. Tik Tok, whatever maybe they're, effectively cancel cancelled me, you don't say anything, I'm saying job. It's unusual weird. I mean you cancel the debt there, not a threat to you any more. You have effectively cancel that nice job Porsche sarcastic, while the problem with that is an order for you to maintain your cancel culture, power and don't think for a second. There is in power and cancel culture. There is on the people and Totalitarian, do out human history, who use their power to cancel people and do our best. Torture, maim and kill. People politically imprison them, which has happened. Regimes address. They loved that power. If they didn't, they wouldn't keep doing it reasonable reason. Rational like what they were doing. They would stop, but they do
joining this crazy naw man, we're doing good so far up. Ok, thank you I'm just as European Ombudsman. I've just check. If you didn't like cancelling people and didn't thoroughly embrace the power you had, you would stop doing it, but they keep doing it and by cancelling people You put people on the cancelled shelf, you have to find new people because you enjoy the experience of cancelling people and what happens. Revolutions always eat their own when they don't have basic foundational principles. I get to that in a minute to and my second segment here and don't forget this never forget unprincipled revolutions unprincipled revolutions throughout human history have always eat narrow and totalitarian cancel culture.
Is entirely on principle. It is not done because any rules or followed it is done because people enjoy the power of torturing people into Plaid forming a non existence in the public space, no no no advantage based on sound. The principle is, the principle is, is why people should be kicked off. Twitter if they say things, I disagree with really how come the chinese from its, not in DE platform from Twitter. How can they De platform, despite going out talking about the imprisonment of weaker, is due to their religion. How calmly a tall and the Iranians death you, America, crowd, has not been de platform from twitter despite threatening, but national genocide. How come there? What what you're principle there? you're, genocides, ok by supporting Tropez. That's your that's your principle! I'm just checking! No! You don't have any principles: you're fraud unprincipled. Revolutions always need eat their own because they always need do targets and, as you cancel people, those peoples
to turn on themselves as they need new targets. You see the Portland mayor, TED Wheeler Radical. This radical left, I dont, you resemble you're principles, right, uniform seminal, but the tough times when am, I feel, ok. I promise. You see the Portland mayor, the video, the port, the mayor being attacked in a restaurant, he's leftist. Why? Because unprincipled revolutions? eat their own. Is people embrace the power of attacking a cancelling others and run out of target. You eventually have to turn inward for new targets, and then you get it. you might be a target, so you preemptively attack someone else to make sure you're not a target to. Ladies and gentlemen, this may be some deep stuff, but it is damn well true, and if you are any bit of a student of history, you know exactly what I'm telling you and you the accuracy of it? Here's aren't I and ask the story number one Fox news that come miss Obama very powerful figure all day and she doesn't
political power. All you are grossly Stake in, if you think political power is divorced from cultural power, this is a woman who is First Lady, the United States, who has a massive influence on our culture. Don't dare sell that short. She has real power cultural power, Fox NEWS, Michelle Obama calls on the Tec Giants to permanently ban trump. Now, is I, for Silicon Valley companies to stop enabling the monstrous behaviour. That's Michelle Obama. This is a. my first lady, the United States, with massive influence over our culture, encouraging tech platform platforms to be and the President of the United States When I tell you about, we opened up warning danger, danger zone few lost in space Vance. I know a thing: I'm I'm off
That thing may be like about. I don't say anything any more another serious. He can't even say the japanese jeopardy sound. we are in a real danger zone. You have a former First lady, the United States We are calling for and the weapon icing of our cultural power To silence someone whose ideas she doesn't agree with you. I got a lot of these today, the left, never lets a crisis go to waste than they seem more now, and instead of trying to make this country better and solve the crisis,
wherein right now and it's a bad one lost the capital. I hope police officer I mentioned at the moment as well. They wanna leverages. My any good totalitarian would now don't mean good. Morally, I mean good net their skill that what they do story, number two guys talk about a slippery slope. This could this could run down? This is a ball ward, up. We agree stout a slippery slope washed and examined The way they should all be up in my show notes that my newsletter is the show notes, punch. You know that come slash newsletter, viewing to access the newsletter systems. You can subscribe free, but you know that consolation newsletter, Willy nilly the stuff every morning Energy retaliate, wash them examiner top Democrat just hearsay and FBI
capital rioters on no fly list. you want to talk about a slippery slope. We talk. about the rioters year. We talking about anyone who showed up in Washington DC what the overwhelming number of people who showed up there and actually did protest peacefully, which american institution peaceful protest? Is it not words only for the last. We have Are they on a analysts now to you This is dangerous. You don't think this. Come for you later, I think, the mayor of a small town or a bureaucrat Natasha Sayer FBI. What what line with their political cause or not if they deem to be a threat to their political interests. Couldn't put you wanna list later.
We sure we want to go down. This path may say these stories get worse. I am, ladies and gentlemen, they do Tartu believe, but they do worse than his amateur covered. This. Today, president drop. The present United States is now effectively locked out of communicating with the majority of us constituency addresses on Twitter because Twitter locked his account for twelve hours after his tweets, insist election was stolen. Karla Europe these little social media producer. studies. Amateur headline, not sure about that accuracy of that headline is locked. Out of that may be twitters reason about knocking the author of the peace, but in the pc also told the protesters after the incident at the capital that broke bad really bad. He also told the protests,
here's to go home? A twitter thought that it would be an interesting public policy to lock him out, while allowing the ayatollahs and the iranian regime to basically chant death to America and use their platform to call for genocide. That's a principle guiding principle for Twitter or that's just the political attack on their platform to cancel people. They don't like Well, ladies and gentlemen, because I can't stand twitter because I believe it's a company on by far left radical lunatics at Opel, it's a legitimate business. I believe Twitter is a political activists form first and a business second, that is my opinion about twitters business model. They care more Radical totalitarian politics than they do about their actual business model. How how they have shareholders and are publicly trading company. Twitter is absolute Bizarre to me how there hasn't been a shareholder revolve around their ridiculous business. Practices is
company run by juveniles, with the majority of kindergartners. So, because they wouldn't allow President Trump statement, the present United States on their platform. I put it up on my twitter account where I was happily locked out of twitter myself. Do you see this Go up on the rap advisable, interesting you, after it on Youtube. For my audio, they actually to be read it on our raw rumble account because some of the language and the headline wouldn't be appropriate for terrestrial radio or digital pod. Guess we're families analysing the rap actors is thereby GINO. Room won't returned to twitter after suspension after check out the video rumbled outcome, com punch, you know, don't watch it on Youtube. Youtube's part of the Tec Tyranny Brigade. Forgive me for that slip. There
had which, sadly, have become haven't daytime much of a monopoly they have. I will not be returning to twitter ever. They thought it was a good practice. The lock me out, It's the other works out for you have like myself out the account is not inactivity remain active. I just will never posting it. My last post on Twitter was this morning. Debate to go to Twitter, you can go check. It out will be pinned to the top of my account that will be the last post I ever make on twitter. Twitter profits of high profile accounts like mine, with nearly three million followers. They profit off the information I put up their their people share and then exchange you all profit, or from my posting counts, not closed, but there will be no additional posts and two other twitter shareholders out there. If you think this is an effective business model to have one of your most,
highly traffic that counts leave, because you locked that account out because dared to put up a video of the President of the United States, making an official statement from the White House complex if you think in effect the business model for the future. You do you folks, you can find, parlor a platform I have invested in myself. I will be there. My handle is active on genome just put at D B, O n GINO at parlor, dot, com, p, r, L Yard, Thou com, and you can follow me over there, where I will be making posts and where we actually rifts respect free speech, that of people. We politically disagree with you because we're not hypocritical ridiculous frauds like twitter, so Twitter, you can take that and jam. It ran up your wise you because I am absolutely down with you. You will not see me again. Let's make all show about me. Even oh, it's my shell, because sometimes I can you know. I've is its situation I know about.
firstly because it's about me. There is actually more This is the warning segment. We are approaching an extremely dangerous time. It is now critical we back on basic foundational principles with which the left in the media is entirely been. Let's go to the next story. John Solomons, just the news website, I will see you in court, Senator Josh Holly says if there is publisher, cancels publication of his upcoming book, Simon and choose to quote, cannot support. Senator Holly, if there's roll them up, became a dangerous threat to our democracy and freedom, the companies the statements that were now book burning like we're now back to book, burning folks. Let me get the argument out of the way for, because liberal oh yeah, Jehovah boy worthy, whereby the book burning states Gary
because you're really scary companies. Now it's like What did I say to you that I do I do? I said I hope I am wrong. I said this a couple days ago, but telling you you, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We're now book burning. Now I warned you to be very very care, about who you do business with. This is why we have to do a parallel conservative economy. I've taken my the lead role when it with parlour and rumble intact platforms it don't they dont, subject to people discrimination on their idea: ideological beliefs, but ladys German. I cant do everything you have to do with two legal firms: H, facts, businesses, everything we need: an entire parallel economy. where we will not cancel people, customers and clients based on their political beliefs, Simon and shoes. Took a stand
I want to be clear and the suicide. Actually I don't want to lose track where I'm gonna be. This is a very important show that this is not a first amendment issue. climate issues. There is a private company. They may be unbelievably Stube. I will never believe we ridiculous stupid decision. I will never ever ever. Even sit or Simon and Schuster in the future for any book ever ever a mighty. I may not have been right additional book, Simon issues domain. I care, but I write really well read books that are made a lot of money, but they won't make any money from Simon in Houston, because they're out so my author friends out there to be very careful. you do business with joy Charlie's book. The irony is literally about cancel culture, integrity. I'm sure that irony a slip past the geniuses I'm in its user, who think they're catering through the blue check. twitter brigade and are built,
a business in the future you're, not liberal books suck. nobody reads them outside of a few select authors, people read conservative boss in servitude, go to work in a money and buy them, and you ve just eliminated about twenty five percent EU market. Good luck with that, and good luck on Twitter, as I asked the risk, if a rest of you, if you and if you can- and I make no demands on anyone- and I understand, follow me on Twitter to parlor, I've got more. We get to my second sponsor, but I got a few more stories and I'm sorry I don't mean to depress you, but if we do understand the fight ahead, we're not going to understand what the fight is going and the worst part about that. Not understanding the tactics of political strategic about how to be these people at their own game. You have to stand where we are to know where we're going so also brought you by friends that Tommy John hey guys. Here's a quick win to start twenty twenty one off right spring for
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break after that, for you don't hear it, but just send over some of the video for pressing and Joe, and I usually talk as a show going so far. Whatever takes a vitamin and Joe sets up that interesting, I throw in areas like you know, then, disagree- opening through the show, but I am a little afraid because the punishment stage hasn't even starting at all that- and I said Joe that's a great liner, but to bring that up but you're right yo. punishment stage, and that's why I'm saying like. I'm warning you about this stuff method, the press you but you know that this is just the beginning. There's more stuff coming and you damn well better, be prepared, but great launch our thanks for their input. Yet we take a little brain, makes it less than five minutes way for us to recent or the show you know me. I could go all over the place. Let's get back to it, so more warning signs ahead. we just cover Josh Holly's book being cancelled because he dared to say
well, there's some issues with the selection of senior related internet stuff. You gotta come back to my screen, so folks get worried. Prepared here's an article that legal insurrection here, it'll be up in the show notes today about more efforts by the total. Marion left to engage in a vicious cycle of cancel culture, suicide and I mean national suicide, because eventually the country will collapse and itself as a fine and try to find new targets Facebook, Youtube Shop, a file, moved DE platform, Trump and questions about the twenty twenty election says you presently platform trump directly, but their double down in their promise to penalized channels opposed false claims, which is awfully subjective.
Cnbc as a piece about this is well you dare a question the election. The potential for election fraud will continue to do that with Youtube, and I don't give a damn if Youtube cancels me or not, because I'll be cancelling Youtube in Facebook, eventually is well. I've got a strategy, You were twitters already gone, see I've done over there, but I'm not kidding. We exiting them at some point in the future, too, just gotta for some things. But here CNBC Youtube says it will move more quickly to suspend channels posting videos claiming widespread voter, fraught Youtube, suspend I don't I don't. here I told you will only make rumble more powerful its Although be one can obi theory, you think you can watch eggs. Are you alone? They make me more powerful veda. You have thing, you can do to me. Nothing building an entire parallel economy, the profits from your stupidity. I have said:
over and over. You may laugh at this, but it's true. parlour and rumbles best friends in marketing their brand Been Twitter and Youtube respectfully ha our competitors know they're. Not there are best friends, parlor jumps did what what do we have the app store right now? Let's see, let's check this out and not a geographical here, ok gray, the answer Now, let's see where we are parlour was a hundred and an app downloads and we're here. Here's my thought, where number eleven, where the eleventh most downloaded app right now in the entire country, because twitter is deep, laugh warming, conservative users that you make You're so wretched, parlor, one day, one day what is cut Reverb Euro goes publicly. Whenever one of these days, you make it everybody wretched, Borderless Europe, S, friends, Youtube.
It is said, sir, your video really will just take the video put it somewhere else. People are stupid, there will find it we'll put it on rumble. There are best marketing friends because they're so stupid. That's I cannot believe these companies alpha, who owns Youtube, Google or whenever maybe and twitter account trade- and I am sure all those who are like so people are because free content we profit from and where picking them off in droves, These are possibly the smart people competitor parlor rumble their traffic is up ten folding, twenty four that a hundredfold as we keep people off post over their own, these are supposed to be the smart people. Three tell you to bear my shadow. I don't,
Here are with, I will make a press story out of it and use it to advertise my channel, I'm rumble what we have more subscribers than we have on Youtube. We now Honourable again, I do this during the show so that they can make in this, and we now have. Double nine hundred in one thousand compared to our seven hundred the subscribers on screw to how you already be you're, hurting me it all more people find us. competitor, but I have an ownership snake, it ah ha we're really damage again. Are you good luck on a serious note back the Jos point, other things about that? The punishment stage is not yet begun. Wages is not a joke. I know we again. We use a lot of sarcasm and sometimes humour on the show to take the edge off, but I have been consistent from the start in condemning political violence from the start,
Why? Because, ladies and gentlemen, you go down that path and I gotta listen I'll, be honestly. I got emails from people yesterday, a couple of not just one just being candid witty Dan time for violence is now why are you insane? Are you crazy? Why do you think that. Where do you think that's gonna? Give you thought this out so out of All of the avenues to pursue changes, you'd, like in your government locally at state level, at the federal level, all the avenues, voting activism fund, raising joining political groups, getting government petition sign fighting for that ain't, you believe in running for office yourself, putting out a book
pod, castor, a blog. There are endless opportunities for you to collect and leverage. To garner and hopefully effect, some political change in the future. You claiming we ve exhausted every one of those and now we need to jump to violence and. structuring. I'm I'm sorry, never be a part of that ever I never then, and I never will have spoken out consistently about this for four years. Political violence, ladies and gentlemen, is never a path. way to long term change. It isn't look at the results of this. We lost this police
officer up on capital hell rest peacefully brother, with the Lord Brion said. Nick capital police officer dies find the chaos in the decency washed in his amateur, sadly, will be in the show notes to people died out there. There was a woman who died too, who shot by capital, help police officers. These people had families is a joke. Listen. I don't want this to come off his chest
in people my audience cause you're, not you ve good people and it was really the females. I got a very limited about that, but to a limited number of people may hear this. That actually believe that no no. This is the time to double down on bigger God. Given rights and constitutional principles, this will only lead to additional radicalization. What happens this schism where we cancel people and what the left is doing to us, but our response can never be to normalize political violence like the left is done. We to fall back on things that have worked throughout the two hundred plus years of this great country. Despite all its failures we have had tremendous success is more than any other collective group of human beings in human history. No one is managed to build what we build in the end,
it states right here right now, you live in the wealthiest country in the history of humankind. The most benevolent heroic patriotic place at every one in the world wants to go despite all of our shortcomings, you are still here alive right now in the greatest place, honour the most innovative, prosperous and free place on our help We can keep that that's why I'm warning you about what's ahead, because you have enemy of liberty all around you, but this isn't the time to use air tactics. This is the time to resort to attack, picks out of work for two hundred years. Bedrock principles, free speech, free assembly, freedom of religion, the right to defend yourself by the way, and that should never be taken away. The right to defend yourself.
against violence, but folks, the other side hasn't been principled here. Here's what I mean and I said this before, and I reiterate this again because its critical you understand this, on principle. Revolutions always always always eat their own. You know why. Because there's no emergency brake there's nothing to stop them from eating their own. think about the contrast. That's always spoken about in history books between a relatively unprincipled revolution in France, Rep French Revolution were eventually you know. The insiders themselves were subjected deity, as I always say, famous last words in the french Revolution is the gay team is about to come down on your head. Famous last words were
I thought I was on your side I'd. There are no, sides at an unprincipled revolution, because principle revolution create site. I'm on this. Freedom of liberty and you are not. The american revolution was a principled one fought for family. national beliefs, that gods chill and had big, our God. Given rights from him, not from government and government was only there to ensure that you understand That was a unique idea that had never been tried any time in human history before to the extent we tried it in the now for killing United States of America that declared independence, this team that had never been tried before the idea throughout human history. That was almost six that is tautological. Was that Rights were smaller rights given to you by government, not by God. Government gave you those rights. the new idea we tried was it know those
were granted to you by God by your creator, the government was only there to ensure the protection of your God, given rise. Ladies and gentlemen, that was a schism that was breaking. Why, in human history, no different than the advent of photosynthesis and the creation of human intelligence, I'm not kidding it was that I make of a shift in the thinking, humankind we're in the past government felt like its rights were granted by and government could unilaterally take rights away. This is the time in human history. A group of men and women in this collective place. We call United States had no that's not the way it works. Those rights can be taken because government doesn't give them God does now. Is that To fall back on those rights and if What else has God given rights to prosper, to live to assemble the petition the government to protect,
their religion to defend themselves. If someone else has those God given right me, I can take them away, whether as a government official or as a private citizen. because government ensures that person's God given rights. If I attack that person government in the form of a police force or in a military It's from overseas will defend that person's God, given rise on behalf of government. If governments to attack those God given rise. I can sue them in a gun and created entity designed to protect those rights. A court system save it always does a great job, but it's there and we're trying. We have that emergency brake. We can't take rights from others, the left. Doesn't this All of the wrong doing that has happened. and, ladies and gentlemen, there can be no no lack of.
Rural clarity on this. What happened at the capitol was disgraceful period. There can be no lack of clarity. I can never happen again. That's not true. chastise, it's the state, something it's truthful. Overwhelming majority of people there. There are videos at our people, Boeing people reduce, showed up to peacefully state their case, and God ass you for what you're doing here thing more american than a peaceful protest. But we cannot turn The left that for years, normalized political violence as a tool to take away the God, given rights of others, I refused to do it and I We on the side of it ever. We are not them. We have Forbidden them. there is an emergency brake on our behavior.
We don't engage in political violence because it takes away the big, our God, given rights of others, and if you believe you have big our God given right, you believe your fellow citizen has them too and you're a hypocrite to try to take them away. disagree. All you want, there's nothing better than peace. for protest that an american industry, civil disobedience, but not tat. This is what the left does, but Don't believe in big, our God. Given rights. I want to show you some video here because as important, we see this again, where suppose if we embrace their tactics. When we normalize political violence,. ladies and gentlemen, it believes it Lee others to believe this is productive. If we normalize it an excuse, it it'll do what happened. it led to an outcome that happened on the left, where people,
up and burn cities down the media and set devices behaviour sometimes called for politicians. At others on the left. To believe this behaviour would lead to productive outcomes which led to why? downward spiral of more riots, more death and more chaos. We can never ever go. There sir normalizing political violence, one Stu malicious incentives that leads other ble others to believe this is productive. It's not second normalizing political violence, spurs revenge. And you have an endless cycle of violence. Where you attack me, it hurts. and the only cure for my heart is to attack you back. Then
You lived through that it instead devices your kids to attack my kids, which incentivize my kids to attack your grandkids, which incentivize is my grandkids to attack your grandkids, which then incentivize is back my great grandkids to go after your great grandkids. You think this is paid Generations engaged and counter productive destruction, whilst painlessly, hoping it leads to a prosperous outcome. Those two things will never happen. we can never ever normalized political violence ever forget this video, if you think I'm making up Let the media has normalized political violence and basically winked at night the people on the left that this is ok and lead the productive outcomes which is only lead to more destruction check. This out, I argue, to utilise all punches, are not equal law
early in the eyes of the law. Yes, but in the eyes of good and evil. Here's the argument of their strictly principled, anti fascists and they say in the trumpet ministration and what they see happening in this country. They see they see the NEO fascism that we see and they ve taken a principle stand to, stand against white supremacist and white nationalist wherever they may show off too says a right, the name and safer Anti fascism, which is worth there were their fighting, listen, there's no organisation is perfect or some violence. I think that a lot of people recognise that and pushed self defence with a legitimate responds to white supremacist NEO Nazi violence? The problem is to equate the islands in reaction against bigotry with the bigotry itself is to miss
to stay in the fact that when you go to cancer treatment, the radiation is tough treatment, but it is meant to remove the cancer. There is a group of Anti Fascists called the black block which do tend to get violent. Their idea is look non. Violence has worked and are going to try to stop this, but they wouldn't have there. They wouldn't have been anywhere near there. Had it not been for the fact that white supremacist NEO Nazis were out scaring but living day loud out of most of the people in that town, sluggishness, goodness what wherever it comes from politically and when we should be the first to call it out. I disagree. Of course you disagree. Sets Jason Johnson Varied, not bright. Guy, who I debated once on a political event in a political event who knew nothing about the topic you presented: debaters, Clayton, thing you see where this goes. When you justifies put political violence, when you think it's a favoured political group
you see where this goes and how dangerous diskettes, how turns into an endless cycle of destruction, and sooner or later nothing left to destroy with the intended outcome of what creating prosperity, the future through destruction how eggs- leader those two values in those two goals. Align. Please explain! That's me I'd love to hear it gets worse. Folks, here are people followings again on social media platforms like Twitter that allow this stuff apparent because they don't have principles here said we count someone. I use that debate on Fox NEWS and other platforms use a prominent liberal seem to have any principles. The left remember we always have our God, given big our God, given rights, those that emergency brake, that prevents us from ever attacking our fellow citizens. They dont have this. But here Sally Cone here, zero twitter account. I dont like violent. yes, but I understand them and those
adding their fingers against violent protests need to read up on their american history. May thirtieth twenty twenty during the protests in the streets from eliminating for which were burning American Citys them noticed the excuse. The violence there her words now mine- I just read them but interesting, now that we ve had this incident at the capital, which should never ever ever be repeated Have their moral clarity on it's interesting now Sally Con, all of a sudden isn't into violent protests anymore. Here's another tree, the additional problem. Outside. Here's number two interesting, Sally concept of change of thought because again Suppose aren't there, these are just political tweets, ease our principal ones, storing the capital right now, neither patriots nor revolutionaries, they are traders and cowards Right up in their democracy by force because they fear peaceful change and not getting their way interesting
the change of tone, depends on what her ideas you call alignment with the cause, meaning its ideologically driven, not principle driven, shows you the problem with the slippery slope of not having principles. Doesn't it. Here's a reporter I get these are their own tweets user, their words, not mine. These are from verified accounts by the way, these aren't scam, accounts or anything else he's a report by the name of Melissa Chan. Her own social media count on Twitter seems to be creating the terms of how we talk about protest? She says I M an american cars, a foreign correspondent here, just there. due to my domestic media appears that we don't call them protesters when it goes down like this. When we report on other countries- and today, honestly is kind test of your judgement about that. Talking about what happened at the capitol. Don't you dare call them protester she interesting Melissa, Champ exist and other tweet have Tipp shown Davis Federalist, who found this useless suggests
twitter account if you're going to call a few bad apples. The cops there let's go Them a few bad apples among the protesters when the violent be a lamb anti for protest, broken interesting. How again, when you don't have any real principles: language. You use the attacks you make on your opponents are based purely what you're ideological goals are not you're principle ones, because you're not bedrock in anything. I've got another video coming up when we get to my third sponsor here, I'm just a month, He was also present. Trap is announced. He will not attend Joe Biden. Inauguration, might pence we'll be there. So some news today, interesting just came out. I just saw side, let's get to my third sponsor today, a Grove grove folks, listen since my arm issues with my health, which have been well documented on my show savvy. Are we ve gone to a largely Morgana council them? I've tried to avoid contact with a lot of chemicals. That's my my choice for
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and be allowed to continue the violence by insisting it was productive and not condemning, but here's another videos starts out we're Nancy Pelosi when they were destroying statues all over the United States, because they thought the destruction of our history somehow would serve as a reminder, not to repeat it, is at the logic arrogant escapes me, but this is the left so logics, not really there thing but here's a video begins with Nancy Pelosi, discussed their discuss. They think what, if slept there disgusting and discussing the disgusting attacks on our statues throughout the country. When she says that people can do it, Do check this out. I don't care much about statutes, should have been done by the commission or the council, not more than a little denied for what they do. You see behind use, one is multiplying
locations better, be burning and canosa. Wisconsin do not get a twisted and think that all of this is some something that has not never happened before, and then this is so terrible and where we in these savages and all that this is how this country will start. People get mad and people get sick, people are risking co bid to it, boy aim to this country that were fed up most of The major movements in american history have started the grassroots level and, at some point, have turned into direct conflict with american govern So remember your history before you judge your present thuggish. Sluggishness wet wherever it comes from politically and when we should be the first to call it out. I disagree. You go Jason Johnson disagrees again had to gravy and for those two terrific montages and super cuts it Tom Elliot, does a good job. Graybeards credit at him
You see what happens when you normalized political violence. You get a bull horn and you scream to others and the message They here when you normalized political violence is not only is it ok, you'll be so braided in the media, you'll be covered for and it's a productive way to get what you want, which does what, if your reasonable rational person, which does what incentivize is more of it. I'm talking about a few using recently discussed the ramifications of this. because reasonable people who believe in a believe in big, our God, given rights, don't burned down other people's businesses or attack them? They dont folks, this notice. We shall we always do facts here. No matter are no matter what it's important matters. My credibility and my shows critically. We discussed an article by the washed in times yesterday
about a facial Idee company that apparently identified to anti for members. I wanted the rallies dad company, is now strongly refuting that a dimension that companies aim yesterday, I won't tell you, but you can read the article because out of their saying we had nothing to do with that. They been categorical and I was so as we up in the show. No today, you need to redouble size of what the story was. Facial recognition, company demands washed in times retract story linking antique and a capital seed, so they ve been categorical their denials of we had nothing to do with this, and also a fair to put that out, giving the full story by my breast breaking news report. It should please read that story in the washing examined. I think the washed, in times link, is set up working any more and less time we check, which probably says it. There's been some issues, but that story, but the facts, facts matter
am, I said, the other places in the mainstream media which don't do that kind of stuff. I want to leave you with this this weekend because has been a tough. We want to leave you with historian and just listen. I'm I'm not I'm out into the whole virtue signalling nonsense, asylum. I think that this has been tough. Ladies and gentlemen, this has been a really horrible weak. I mean for me personally for the country Alot went on. You know it with me and my and now I mean I sat there this week in March. What was happening in just I mean just total horror. I warned for years about the dangers of this and so
devising a normalizing political violence. How other people would pick up on this as some kind of appropriate tool to effect change, and I warn you that not only is that a moral and ethical, but it will result in a strategic failure, the likes of which you ve never seen before, and that's happening right now. But we are the United States and again you've been privileged enough to be blessed by God to live in the most prosperous freedom, loving country in the history of humankind at its most prosperous right now, but that freedom is not going to protect itself. We need to be vigilant about the things I warned you against, and you need to be very careful in your business decisions who you do business with going forward: need to be very careful in not being dissuaded by a couple of losses and moving back and saying you know what I'm just gonna retrench The worry about me enough. The now lay.
gentlemen. This is not the time to fall back and forget the fight for freedom. I know it's been a tough weak. It's been a tough year. We ve just been through two ridiculously hard elections. Would things did not. Work out, but I just want you to remember the left never gave up this. Side that doesn't have guiding principles we are decided does if those principles matter to you it's time to do in one respect to emulate right after the election of Donald Trump, they were out in the streets with their pink hats on doing their thing. It's time for us to dust off to get back up and knowledge. We took a tough one, tough one on the chin. I know it's not the time for Hoorah speeches, but I be room
If I told you I it's over, it's nothing's over nothing's ever over, I can say to you enough than an escort victor isn't victorious until the vanquished teams himself. So. When you in your head deem yourself beaten and vanquished and declare, then you are worthy, but you never beaten until you personally decide you're the one ones beat I might go in there. I have a final story I want to address. I covered it last night in the shown. How did he shown its an important one? I've been getting a lot of questions, given my background and law enforcement and by public safety with both the am I pity and secret service about the security failures at the capital, which were too hard to describe in the the scope of how bad the security system failed with capital.
It's not Monday morning. Quarter backing that's easy to do Monday morning. Quarterback he's typically done when you want to poke fun about that. That's that's if you, indeed, if you're getting that other segment you're wrong, even in the secret Airbus when we had values on protection missions. We used to have this thing on my knees, tips and tips usually Bay, here's what happened on this one! Don't do it again. It was everything from but the sandbags on the president's side of the bike rack this trip over him, and I would like one who did and it was embarrassing if you did it, but you know to do it again. We need to do that now. The security failures at the capitol. A red siren for everyone that every single terrorist group around the world saw but said last night on Sean, shall we will never ever be able to address the security failures without addressing political failures. First,
Capitol Hill police, ladies and gentlemen, are stupid. There's twenty hundreds of a may have a half a billion dollar budget that is a bigger by in the city of Detroit. They protect just a couple of square miles. The city of the tray protects an entire city and the capital help. Please have a bigger They have almost as many people as the Suffer County Police Department in New York, maybe more twenty three hundred. so you may save down with such a huge budget and in an hour police force up on capital ill. How did everything fail so badly? Well, ladies and gentlemen, I've seen it. I've seen it during my time with my pity and I've seen it in the secret service and the reason the security quote. Fail is because a planning influenced by political partners in the security equation, not the security people themselves,.
When you're security is influenced by political decision making, rather than security decision making, you don't have security, you have political secured, which will fail every single time. We need better politicians. Ladies and gentlemen, not new police officers. The police officers know what they're doing Their failure with the failure of their management, because their management, both in Dc Metro police and their management, capital Hale, were influenced by politicians and some of the managers over there were too weak to stand up. I know that inside I've, been doing these topics.
and over the last few days and I like to do one now, if you think anything, I'm telling you is controversial dance, fifty percent of security is political, sadly, yeah, maybe more police know what they're doing it's the politicians it don't. You know believe me ask yourself a simple question: why is it that the chaos of the capital was stopped within hours and thank the Lord hasn't return stop within hours, yet the siege, the Portland courthouse? Federal court house, a federal building, two went on for months. Why did the siege of the White House when Donald Trump was inside go on four days, if not that entire week? Why why? Why did this happen?. Why was that allowed to happen and go on for over a week in the case of Portland Overman, yet the happenings up,
capital hell were stopped within hours and have yet to return. The answer is obvious: if you're playing this thought experiment with me, because it involves political decision making about favoured verses on favoured groups in it, thing to do with security, when Donald Trump decided to close off the area surrounding the White House, because there is a legitimate security threat. I know it from people on the inside. You may say all the media celebrated access about security. Renault was about politics, The media saw an opportunity politically damage, Donald Trump, so attacked him militarized, the area around the White House and Mark for China use the National Guard to ensure public safety interesting. Yet, when we had but safety situation at the capital and the National Guard. delayed due to Democrats. The media immediately turned to trying to blame Donald Trump for not. Sending in the National Guard, wait Joe, I thought, went down
I was going to send in a national guard to defend the white ass. It was a bad thing, but now You're going to send in- or there was even a minor delay about sending the same national guard to defend the cap, All of a sudden Donald Trump Mate, made the wrong. So what's the wrong decision to send them not monotonous? The answer is when you an unprincipled lunatic, like the people in the media,. you're trying to influence policing decisions based on politics by pressuring politicians. The answer is whatever hurt political opponent. Donald Trump is the right answer. So if Donald Trump deploys the National Guard, found himself in the widest he's a danger is tyrant, but if Donald Trump Wait, ten minutes did descend, the National Guard to defend the capital. Clearly, this man's lost control the country. It doesn't believe in law and order. You still don't believe me that security and public safety is fifty percent, if not more political. How come they? Public safety
sponsored the capital restored order in just two hours, and the EU situation, thankfully, has not been repeated. Yet. Situation was repeated for days and weeks at the portly cordial. What was the difference. Politicians in the media, who saw an opportunity to put pressure Week, managers in police departments to make political decisions, not security once what's the difference. imagine the carnage there could have been stopped if we didn't. Treat political violence differently based, the target of that political violence. And if the group committing it was a favorite or on favorite group by the media, imagine the carnage it could have been stopped over the summer. We would have taken a hard stand right away against civil unrest in the burning down a businesses, the attacking of innocent people. By be eleven anti for manage according imagined, corns, you could have stopped if we would have had
did the same way they handle the capital wherein a bipartisan fashion. Everybody called out said this stops right now. Imagine that, but they weren't interested that, because the carnage then benefit Then I'll leave you one more example: New York City and liberal cities across Amerika, where people are dying as homicides explode, natural those lives could have been saved if political leaders would have done things differently. I worked in the New York City Police Department, They didn't just randomly bus in millions of criminals to start to commit crime and killing people in New York, the same city. It was five years ago when the crime rate for a historic low. So what changed political power? Changed people started forcing political leaders with no principles and all who hated the police started. Putting pressure on weak police managers to make poor public safety
that have led to the loss of life. Imagine the carnage there'll be stopped when we swap out political leaders. We don't need changes in policing, we need changes in politics. Vote has been a tough weak tang in there, and then let's not easy to say, and I know many of you were upset. I understand, but I ask you what the alternative, if not for us, for our kids, we gotta fixes win over choice. I'm not gonna! Let my two daughters grew up in a country that we ve handed them down an absolute flaming mass, I'm not going to let it happen, and I know you're not either. Thank you for your loyalty to the show. am, I really appreciate it. Please subscribed here, show check out the video and rumbled outcome. Slash mancino we'd really appreciate it. Have you checked up on GINO report dot com, which is our alternative to the judge report which abandoned us a long time ago? We try to give you the best News of the day, and as always, please check out our article,
Upon GINO Thou COM, which is separate from Bonn, GINO report that come because we're not gonna be putting those articles out on twitter anymore. We're not we're just done sorry, but it's over Or I folks see you all on Monday, Sir, you just heard in Bonn, GINO.
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