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We’re Under Attack, Again # 1013 (Ep 1013)

2019-07-01 | 🔗

In this episode I address the disturbing, violent attack by ANTIFA on a reporter this weekend in Portland. I also discuss the Washington Post’s pathetic effort to spin, and get ahead of, another damaging story. Finally, I address the behind the scenes of the North Korea trip and more liberal flip flops.

 News Picks:The new White House Press Secretary brawls with the North Koreans

Devin Nunes warns there’s “something odd” about Bob Mueller’s upcoming testimony

Here’s a flashback to every liberal who denied a crisis at the border

Senator Ted Cruz is calling for action against the lawless Portland Mayor.

Deranged liberal writer thinks a reporter deserved to be violently attacked for reporting on ANTIFA.

This 2016 study throughly debunks the myth that emergency room costs are going down as the government provides “free healthcare.”

President Trump is proposing a bold new move on taxes which would boost the economy.

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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i wanna thereby veto shrubberies jar you today be monday do it air dunno monday monday's there always joy aren't there the lists of the ilo my they show that because there is never a lack of quantity of the whole weekend to catch up thank you again everybody who watched hannity on friday on fox where i guess toes did you all are the best love you too i mean the best audience around him and i will be in again tomorrow night tuesday july second set your dvr for sean nine p m your time on fox please check it i really appreciate you all watching it you what your support for my work is really warming good i'm also one equate note for joe to add to tell him this morning we will be taking our food
it's vacation day ever in the show's history to give everybody a break we will not be doing a show on july fourth this week in initiatives independence day it is our first day army ever body you know we have families too and i appreciate your loyalty i hope you all understand thank you for it ten yugoslavia shell but we shows every other day all original shows don't you worry just not for independence day this week so i really appreciate that all amazing content view that washington post already running interference something's gonna drop soon i promise you i'll get to that of the spy gaping whenever the washed imposed gets involved you know somethin secondly blog i'll get to this after the break here happened this week in portland oregon is an absolute disgrace the mayor the police chiefs should resign are we
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no what's going on in america with the democratic party i'm i'm assuming based some conversations i've had my neighborhood with friends people who are democrats that they're getting upset and frustrated at this too but the democratic parties hijacked by a bunch of liberal lunatic violent aggressive maniacs maniacs sick disturbed troubling people just this past week alone joseph just this past week alone we ve seen the new york times an operator actually run in their paper suggesting that border patrol agents patria to raise their right hand to support and defend country by the way many of whom are minorities and minorities themselves that those border patrol agents their home address this should be given out this was an operate in the new york slime smokes climbs ran this to intervene they damage to not doing their jobs so now we should box u s government agents trying to defend our borders from drug runners drug traffickers and basically people
yet the country illegally in violation of our laws we should put their home address is out there so they were intimidated this ran in the in the outrageous disgusting promote juno violence now new york times right we ve also see last week we had the socrates i maybe get a match your name anymore playing for the soccer team at the world cup who thinks it's a good idea to crap on the national at them ass she says i shall not go into the black and white as well this is this is the modern left we saw last week during the debate who wants health care for illegal immigrants and wearing i do how to debate with us and goes beyond this unhappy you know who was the carefully private insurance in favour of government run insurance i do the democrats this is the democratic party now at crescendo this week and i'm sitting in the local bone fish having dinner my if my mother law my family my kids ravening at times of people came up it's a nice things to say about it trying to relax and of course we can because i go
twitter and i see this horrible video this is jim ryan from the oregonian and who is at the scene filming this you put this honest twitter account this is a journal a real journalist by the way as you know he's reporting on an eighty four rally in portland and he goes to this the tv rally to report because he's imp reported on done honest journalism joe on a team in the past this violent aggressive group of terrorist thugs savages they knew he was coming antigua so what are they proceed to do these antigua and a savage pigs decide is appropriate to beat living not out of this guy andy no they see it was equipment they hit him with quick i cement they punch him they throw railways object looks like a rock at the back of his he winds up in the hospital with a brain bleed anyone's up with his ear lobe torn and of course he stacy
the eu i think he's out now but ladies and gentlemen these people are savages they are total animals now we know a tea for the anti first amendment eighty civil liberties violent tug thug tyrannical savage pig men and pig women total disgraces yes and i'm not making any policies about it today because these people are chops it's it's not just at their chumps coward its cowards and pigs that body there's no that's not it what bothers me also folks and i'll get to this in a second i have some tweets coming up in some other stuff to show you is the response to this ladies and gentlemen let me right put myself on the wreck joe i know i'm speak a few so don't even have to copy at this and palos well let's get this on the record you claim my ideological affiliation conservatism
and you go out and pretend in our name that you're doing us some kind of justice or your engaged in some higher cause and you take its appropriate to unprovoked its physical violently attack another human being report or otherwise get up out of our movement tomorrow you go you don't belong here you're not welcome here you are anyone who in the name of so called conservatives america's it's not conservatism we believe in big our god given right for every human being that means the right not to be violently attacked you do not we get our i condemn come lately to use the words of president trump ironically cause left forget it completely anyone no you do what our audience to who gauges is in unprovoked islets against any human being who engages right racism any kind of soup
i'm a sea of any kind based on the collar of anyone skin you do not belong to any movement i belong in our anyone in my audience beat it see you wouldn't want to be you engage in violence go to jail and rot like the stain on human kind you are period period you get that now a case you have any difficulty understanding that we do not condone the violent aggressive beatings of other human beings this moment that's the liberals thing that's your thing are you doubt that now folks before i put these tweets up of maniac liberals defending this attack and you gave you
see the video you could see it on twitter you see it on youtube youtube uncomplex punch you too but i just got they spray and which silly string they hit em with quick try cement they throw a rocket his head they punch him in the face they steal equipment this rapporteur these eighty four thugs if this happen joe with a bunch maggie had wearing people who attacked physically and beat the hell out of here the interim report of god forbid this would be can damned universally by every saying rational said de in who claims conservatism and as i said on fox and francis morning take you for your feedback on the appearance by the way which was extensive where i kind of got upset as well about this i'm telling
i don't speak for fox news ok i worked here but i dont speak for them if you were to go on fox news i can guarantee you this tomorrow scanners that speaking me speak for their management if you wanna go on fox condone any violence against anyone you would be fired tomorrow justifiably so i'm not talking about self defense somewhat punches you in the face of i'm talk about on provoked aggressive violent beatings like what happened to this guy this week it now without we further delay let me show you some tweets and i could do this all day these are just two of the gold medal platinum metal award winning idiots of twitter this week it here first is some i'm an issue while the claims to be some rapporteur for somewhere disguise a human disgrace he's a slob look at this mania what he tweets i'd argue with that your mongering he's done against muslims that keep buying to talk about this report this
fear my he's making this up plus the work is done to discuss it hate crimes helps create an atmosphere of violence very vulnerable people will have to live with lived through just for being who they are this is bad but he's guilty of worse in other words this guy who got a beating a vicious aggressive beady oh he deserved it according to i'm in a smile a disgrace still humankind i minish smile a disgrace to anybody who knows him and everybody around them again i could do this all day the obvious picking me deeply the gold medal award winners of eddie man it's a bad when broke another one this is from this is from a woman charlotte climber who actually work freely be according to our twitter and communications department andy intentionally provokes people on the left to drive is content being it
today on video taken by an actual journalists because no is definitely not is the greatest thing that could have happened to his career you know it i know it he knows it we all know it this is someone who worked for hillary clinton a disgrace to humanity all of the planet he stayed on humankind this is joe this is good for him now you have in your ear of nearly ripped off and suffering a brain bleed while doing journalism it's a good of course i will recollect designs one eyed floyd yeah yeah he's gray yet well say he's i'm sure he loved it i'm sure he loved every second silly drink sprayed in his face quick dry so and thrown out his face yeah i'm sure he loved there secondly folks having is expensive equipment stolen these
the animals we have to deal with on the left absolute savages i want to get it to why this is happening now but before we get to that i want to point out the mayor of oregon portland oregon she's me portland into the eu have to be precise in this ted wheeler you're an embarrassment you are an embarrassment to law enforcement political people i mean anyway in the history of this universe or any alternate universe you may believe exists out there the mayor of poor should resign yesterday tat wheeler is a disgrace he is clearly created environment poor than listen i'm not gonna get it to like boycott you do what you want to do but to travel to portland as a conservative you're crazy clearly the mayor of portland doesn't
a rat's caboose at all about the safety people who don't align with this ideological cause i'll say this i work is a cop in new york city a liberal city this liberal when i was there it still liberal now under the plaza but i can be i'm oh covering the m i pity if you were to go down the streets of new york which i do a lot to be up there i feel it in four sean again and i were to be attacked i'm absolutely positive the nypd would get involved and would stop that and would arrest that person furnace off no doubt about it until i doubt my my what is going on in portland i'm not knocking the rank and file cops here's what i've heard they been taught they been given specific instructions but gosh what is the police what do you do what is your job what exists is your job that you
mass terrorists eighty first amendment that's what eighty four stands for data snowball don't believe it's an eighty first them over your letting masked terrorist with weapons quick dry i cement bombs and let them throw rocks at their heads of people ass the other could what are you doing what zactly is your job what a disgrace you're not the police chief parisian up we sing anything should all resign in absolute shame and shape a disgrace and i could tell you conservatives its clear you are not welcome in portland oregon ted wheeler does you should be safe out their apparently what are his order for the police department exactly you're gonna wait for us they are being or a knifing by these by these liberal
the first amendment groups before you intervene what exe is your policy folks the reason i bring this up and of hot about this too is joe and i have covered this before portland mission is not the first time bright this has happened repeatedly eddie first amendment eighty four people sitting in the middle of the street directing traffic ordering innocent people of and go to work tat you turn here i wanna go straight i said i'm talking about it if our copies doing this ted wheeler these to be exposed he needs be humiliated at exposed on a name she'll scale to distant said devise end big city mayor or any public representative again from foregoing their responsibility to protect the citizens of their city too over their ideological allies the eighty first amendment crowd
let me say one more time on this too and cases eddie fusion about what i'm saying under no circumcised it's what you can listen you fear however you want your audience is you you you think i'm not here too doctrine it you i'm not a preacher i'm a commentator having been exposed to violence my entire life literal violence whether it's from working the streets of each new york brooklyn is a cop secrets stage and to other things happen that you know i have described in the show by media i just remember as kid this moment i've talked about it before i'm sitting there in the car with but you know i grew up in new york city and it wasn't the hardest streets of new york but they weren't exactly the kind just either i don't you know i hate hyperbole it so necessary but i pee
member every single moment of my life every second of and i can recount that like it was yesterday watching this guy beat that crap out of my father over the hood of the banana yellow nissan maxima as he came to pick us up for the weekend i remember every second of it i remember to look on his face i remember that panic i remember that here in his face i remember the fear because people rushed out of the bar my family used to own to get this guy off my father and the guy was so big that they couldn't restrain him you know folks does it make sense i haven't been surround by rounded by vice it's my whole i've seen it up close and personal you know when my life basically on am may maxim people beaten the crap out of you all the time why i i i
abhor it why i hate it so much why i see this unprovoked islands as they just dissolving the republic as we know it i'm not telling you not to defend yourself don't mistake the too but this wait did you know that the left is seen towards towards violence impacts the problem with it is they we do this in packs these cowards these eighty first amendment eighty four people are chubbs they are frauds they are what is they are colossal cowards weeds barnes made of feathers if they understood what real violence was like an experienced the penalty of it of what actual human violence and acted on you like if they actually experienced the penalty of it they would be let's say less eager to do it themselves joe i use their no penalty for what they do because they attack
i can packs and the cops in portland a friend them while letting them relentlessly attack others there's no penalty to them it's like take it out a night stick and beating up on my tie punching big it's never gonna hit back there no penalty because they tat impact because their cowards you never ever ever see them challenging someone to a fight on themselves because they don't want to experience that violence in return these people are chubbs folks they are soft and this is i will i will leave you with this very exact want to explain this going on to you are going down a path you do not want to go down i cannot put this warning out there in strong enough terms there no end but off a cliff when you start to
violence to your political problems there is no end that is a powder keg once that fuses late you will not be able to constrain the explosion i cannot you're my liberal friends in strong enough terms here and encourage him i really have any more liberal friends to be candid but just for a second entertain what i'm saying who lighting a fuse you will not be able to put out and you are going to art a series of fight you do not want do you don't want to see where this is going to go there there is no end its once you start to use violence as a political tool i have one you repeatedly on this we are constrained as conservatives by our belief in bigger god given rights to every human being on this planet it prevents us
by our own moral and ethical code thankfully from ever attacking you we don't do that we never will but you relentlessly violently an aggressively condoning violent attacks on innocent people i dont think you their stared how bad this could get as i've also said before there is no emergency brake on behaviour the left our emergency brake is it regions to god given rights to every human being you don't it pack your democratic neighbour would a dry cement bomb because he's human being it's the credo i care put on this the golden rule the damp on show which have told you a thousand times the essence of this problem we
believe liberals are people with bad ideas vapor liberals believe conservatives are bad people with ideas this is a dangerous path i not encourage you its strong enough terms too heavily reconsider the adoption of violence as a tactic you will destroy and decimate whatever is left this constitutional republic and leave a wasteland behind you i don't know what else to say i really don't i've i've up this conversations happened on this show thirty forty fifty times and you just can ten you to do it there are ground rules we will abide by violence is an exception all against your political opponents patently you
you're on those rules out the window frustrating folks i'm serious man i mean every bit it about of a man in a controlled environment in a very mixed martial arts class were a guy's choking the life attitude a triangle choking you're about to lose consciousness you think that's funny you ever wonder why guys like me i'm six one two hundred thirty pounds we don t you know what my gosh why isn't he behind as we should be no no we should be doing anything but that's not what we do that is not what we defer if you're so that's not what we do here
tough guys i've been legitimate tough guys and women by the way i know tat some of work over pretty good i don't talk about it they don't go start sri fights let go out the bars and puff their chests and every guy bumps into am persuaded me to we don't need to we're conservatives where the cops where the military guys where they did the steel workers where the electricians where the people out of work their way through college of the school a hard knocks finest with the dirt underneath their fingertips we don't need press these liberal eighty four snowflakes i'm gonna up with marshmallows than their parents sing at bedtime stories from every night we don't need to oppress them
and i'm warning them that damn try to oppress us with their fate tough guy act is going to lead off a cliff all of off a cliff and fast i get a lot more to get to today by the way speaking of tough people did you see our new press secretary this weekend a bit of a lighter note stephanie gresham who took or for sarah sanders but i get this is a second extra video her again today but if a lighter note here but god bless her this we had the north three when i get to that the second quickie summit them trumpet not for an hour with him hunger and i was very impressed by our so i'll get to that the second today show brought you by gender listen you wish that double chamber just disappear news flash ladys general people look at your jo leinen simply tells your age here is the famous robin from they texas i put genuine joe likely my neck two or three days ago so best my neck is look for twenty years people tom
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being gonna jen you sell their comrades g and you see how that common energy and twenty five at check out that jen you sell that calm you're gonna love this stuff my family does go check it out genocide that calm down twenty five a check every disco okay so oh a couple notes on what happened in north korea is was a huge breaking news weekend president tromp tweeted out was friday an invitation to kim jong on to meet him at the dmz dmz the demilitarize on my been there i ve been to south korea have dealt with them and again to a little behind the scenes at a second but this is cut twenty video stephanie grissom white ass press secretary there's a press shot where the press the white house press poor furs you don't depressed pool is its ten twenty members of the press that are delicate the pool that day and they go out makes create pool shots for the rest of the price they travel on air force one they travel everywhere to president they get there
so they wanted the white ass this shot of the meeting in this room and apparently the north korean secret service decided good idea to stop depress while stephanie grissom does it have any of it she runs ahead of their whom she's jobs over this north korea hits he could serve as a guide with like a hip check like i have seen this wash in old watch it all new york rangers hockey back in the day she knocked this guy over i loaded and she's like you come with me now i love this story we're a couple right we'll get it to the seriousness of the meetings and behind the scenes stuff but again by prior line of work when you were there there's a number of good eyes under and women on the white house shift and shift in the secret service to people call the body man around the president each day one of em is always delegated over the press as the press agent there's a reason for the press has a lot of equipment explode
gives weapons could be hidden in their equipment they have a lot of cases stuff so what we do we sweep that equipment in the morning and in order to this either to keep the press but the call clean it does me they take a shower clean meaning free of explosives and weapons there's an agent that travels with them the rest of the day just so you know after constantly re sweep the equipment with the dogs and the e o d personnel look for explosives copy the new guy is typically the press agent that system working easier the farthest from the president's so what you kind of learned your skills your usually the press guy depressed can be tough to deal with it of job at these crumbs happen all the time but they really happened with foreign security because they usually take use russ if we give this foreign security a wink at say i these these press guys we're ok we're gonna go that you don't say what probable happened here my guests and what kind of like getting from some folks here is the north koreans art their secret service is so
that use the dealing with foreign counterparts freedom tyranny at an open question that the north korea's we're just like where you could give me the double a little figure oppressed people you're not coming in here not realising that our own press secretary he's gonna be like your damn writer committed a good for her with the hip check i heard the press agent involved afterwards a basically told them to beat feed out there the prescott there shall now i'll take away from this as i just said number one scrubbs or common that this happens it's unusual with foreign it it's not uncommon for the press to be get in the with themselves like getting for this and for the creation of science but its uncommon for them to deal with the foreign security like at the usually don't stop us so good for ever get involved but the irony here folks think of this for a bigger picture president trop is constantly attacked for calling out the media for what they are a lot of lumber fake news but joe this is the most
accessible president we have seen an american history to the press ever see person dispute that every time the guy goes out to the south long for a lift to get on the hilo he stops he does pressures this is easily easily the most accessible president to the pressure of an american history what i'm trying to get at is the media's attacks on tramper entirely disingenuous he's attacking the press always calling out to press for the news people they are they literally reporting fake news they promoted the russians here is just holsters he's not suggest they know that everything should be done to stop them anything seriously when you get outside is nonsense also his press secretary as you see a matter in a video is is the one fighting for the prestige access she's the one who got bruise thou hip checking the north koreans to get the press access so whatever your ro friends and gazed in the war in the press i we say how by doing fifty
there's a week and taking one hundred questions with ridiculous by his press secretary hip check in the north koreans to get them into the meaning its nonsense it's all garbage that i can i mean this happened to me before i just remember specifically you no deal with some of these foreign security could we have to be firm with them and i think the north korea's then get the message i think it is one specific answer when i was in a european country am i going to say where and i remember them typically saying only these cars are going to be allowed inside the equivalent their white house now we even more more cars because one car did something very special let's say and it had to be close to other cars right they will like it not come in i said listen daddy o combat but you get the point he spoke broke in english i can only tell you what's gonna happen here ok there's a free train com and download tracks
the train or common saying a jolly johnny by luxury get this a traitor aid discovered that free trade is the present united states motorcade ok these come in you can jump in front of that specific if you want to stop it but there's a likelihood probably gonna get run down like a dog say that those exact terms but i made particularly clear that that free trade must cover you ve got the message the north korean guy apparently didn't until gresham gave him a have tax or good job now what happened president trump met with jungle and at the dmz this is a historic moment he is the first sitting president to walk in north korea i have been to the dmz dimension i zone and the peace village a pen room job there i give president trump credit because
others typically works at the dmz if you notice in a video president trop walking over the line is literally a concrete line in the ground separating north and south korea at pam john there there's a who building off to his right the way this typically works because you know that the rock marines the republic of korea marines who on the south korean side no one i trust the north koreans so if you want to the dmz you can step into north korea if you get there but the they typically do its job is theirs that blue ass off to the right you can see it and there's a door on the north korean sign a door in the south korean site so the way a typically work if you are visiting south korea your privilege enough to get to the dmz i was there as part of a secret service mission what you doing you walk in the door in the south korean side and when it's like the south koreans turn per se due north koreans leave the rock marines
over and you like walk over to the other side within the house and it prevents the north koreans from you know i beg you and acts in you to death like they did nineteen seventy six with these two army people were trim at a tree issue army personnel nobody trusts in the north koreans trump who of course has a titanium spine and does get that does engages in this personal diplomacy he didn't do that here outside you see the blue house next to him little piece out there and he stepped over why that north korea south because that's what trouble does he is unconventional politician who does things outside of the box a box it has this deeply personal diplomacy i dont stand people criticising him about north korea and efforts to develop some kind personal relationship listened with kim we know kim's a tyrant a thug a savage and animal man beast everybody knows that trust me
highlighting my personal relationship with trump unnecessarily here to sound like some tough guy but i've spoken to present in trouble he is entirely aware of what came is capable of entirely he's not naive about this but he also understands that this is a potential new your power that could do significant damage to our interests he's not seeking war with them if we can develop a personal relationship to seek some pathway to some kind of relative stable situation what we're not on the precipice of a nuclear war on the korean peninsula good what is the left complaining about but they didn't have a problem when obama showed up in cuba to put his you know that did debated slap their hands with a view to the cuban tyrants they love did what's problem what's your solution he's an unconventional politician they walked right across the
david i just i just remember when i went to the dmz them saying don't work across their life much better i think about it but they were really tat they don't do it don't play games you know the north koreans still different set of rules than we do but drop dead and i noticed the photographer who is a friend of mine the white photographer if you if you watch footage you'll see or and about she runs across do like good for you share where she had sergey guises aegis it gets to the euro as my daughter does so the cause you jump right to north korea good for you are a big story this weekend broke is well folks the washing houses up to their old tricks again i want to get to this and i also want to get to the bottom the end of the show i want to get to the
of course this will cost the just get humiliating s more video additional go anywhere but the washed imposed whenever the post gets out ahead again dreaded airports of a store you can be reasonably confident that the italian its community involved in the spy gate debacle is leaking to the washington post to get out ahead of a potentially damaging story what happened this week and why does it matter to you washington post this weekend i saw this creep up and i thought okay bill bar is definitely closed in on joseph miss said the washington post put this piece out this way canada by an alleged set of journalists here the enigma the entire mahler probe focus on origins of russia investigation puts spotlight maltese professor maltese professor listen to assure you like the washington post is writing about joseph miss finally job washington post finally trying to get the joseph myths now
you know who miss it is for those view dumb he is the maltese professor who made george papadopoulos in april twenty sixteen is alleged to have told them russians have dared on hilary folks them a report and illiberal conspiracy theories out there trying to make a connection between myths should in the russian government in other words their theory very simply the russian government russian insiders put myths sit up to this told them add russian dirt on hilary and campaign worker for the trump team papadopoulos eagerly took the information now for that story be true it has a bedrock which the whole house has to be built on that bedrock we should to be arrested agent it's kind of hard for papadopoulos working for the trump deemed to be true information from a russian agent allegedly because this dispute what happens if the guy's not a russian agent so now it's very suspicious that
why she can possibly have a few screenshots from this peace rights this peace this weekend it is bill bar the attorney general starting to home in on what i believe is to be an entrapment scandal by friendly's trying to entrap papadopoulos another here's the first part from the west postponed wants you to pay special attention to this forward ties part this is fascinating from the washed imposed peace an examination of mrs activities also shows that he began forging ties forging ties years earlier and that he was working spend this network in that country around the same time we met papadopoulos twenty sixteen including by trying to broker new academic deals with a powerful russian state university forging ties i thought the liberal fbi conspiracy theory media i thought there and tired premise
i need you as the ombudsman here yes was that may serve as a russian age and trying to pass information is twenty why was he forging ties here too i am i right you're not getting this human rights labour areas are working with the russian why is he still forging he's a rush what time is the answer he's not a russian interests is trying to provide cover intel insiders involved in the spy gate trying to get out in advance hey you know maybe we were due to this man said guy the washington post steps its own story and they don't even know how with this russian agent with simultaneously forging ties with russian those ties should have already been for thank you you think about it by the way i wanted interested i got an email
from a friend s marinos we as this is through the shell but a guy you and i both know in the conservative ten space was an interesting theory on this to get around the second part to this from the washington post peace where again they debunk their own theory mullahs report silent or whether misleads interactions with papa topless were part of the russian government's efforts to interfere in the presidential campaign bootstrap but a few jewels familiar with the u s intel reports told the posts that myths should been identified by intelligence agencies as a potential russian agent before he met papadopoulos and assessment drawn from reporting collection over the years oh my god she's the we realized what they just did had tiptoed buddy i'm not going out you because angry admission username but again you know you are ladies and gentlemen there's only two potential answers to what the washington post she's let me give you the less damaging one first the less
damaging one is that this guy miss said was not in at russian agent all was either a big talker or an ally of western intelligence agencies agencies trying to set papadopoulos up that the mulder report basically concludes by quote remaining silent on the issue in other words job it may serve as a russian aged how is that mahler with tens of milk dollars of assets all these fbi agents and all these high profile lawyers and who also had access to the fbi investigation before the papadopoulos he's come up absent we clean on this year information that may are actually in other words the liberal story that bitch there is a russian age is total crap that believe it or not story number one look at that is the less damaging narrative to them the bureau lunatic conspiracy theory crowd you got what's the more damaging one ladies and gentlemen pregnant
ah here because this is unbelievable is it possible that the entire community officials week this information to the washington post just we need a double agent gave their own pots and now what are you again from someone every gives me monsieur not able to say what is i'm telling you all now and it was a brilliant brilliant analysis where court be in other words is miss should a double agent was myths should recruited by the russians the potential agent for that right you follow me you must have you know what a double ate some of you don't networks which in that process of being recruited by the russians was move should then intercepted by
western intelligence friendly's who then too i'm ok to do your thing russia but then report back on us on what the russians are doing in other words the russians thinking amidst citizen agent but miss said really flips and is working for friendly's eddies reporting on the russians to remind me of that that's these the round movie where she's dead she's not a doubt she's a triple agent she's pretending to be for the russians while pretending to be working for the brits while she's really working for the cia if we ve citizen double agent do you understand how damaging this is that intel insiders just burned everything this guy was doing in the washington post in order to preserve the narrative tat he was connected to the russians to make this conspiracy theory look legit you do do you understand how our intelligence community will have completely disintegrated after the year if this happened you burn
a double agent potentially putting his life at risk are solely because you wanted to and your reputation say look here contacts directions how do we know that well because we fought them he was a double agent we flip that we flip them for real maybe the usual suspects so you flip up at ten yesterday's you put his life in danger any outcome in the paper to defend our own reputation holy cow god tat this morning and i said to me i was the idea i kind of thought but i'm not sure which one of those is true at this point but this i'm sure of miss should is not a russian agent whether he was a double agent and unwitting or ages accessory to in a trap ski by western intel friendly's i'm telling you miss it was not a russian agent and this washington post peace
nothing more than an effort to get out in front of this story before the damaging effects of this take hold about just what miss it was up to remember democracy dies in the darkness ironically that's the washington post tagline they don't tell you is here's the sub heading to their tagline where turning the lights worse and i got some video again on the opening of gmo costs that continues this guy's just totally beclouded yoda its party we saw more books on pre sail for my second book exonerated come out by the way folks exonerated we more precise than across the soul that is first week on sale and he celebrating its dopey book like like a like you just conquered alexander the great you know conquering half the world be disguised such a joke i got this videos is great trumpet of displacement less sponsor the day here
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i said i thought you know that we haven't heard bottom awhile let what we made appeared again you just keeps coming back for more this guy listen i have nothing at all of substance to add to that other than nothing usually at play could safer i just wanted you to hear it that is if the only jim across the chapter six hundred seven five thousand four hundred and twenty two to day he never ever gets enough of getting the super nice work we love that's ok moving us where serious and when we get five you ok the democrats the debates were disaster last week we know that the flip flopping continue
were actually beyond flip lopping now with the democrats were into flip flop flip flops where they flip flop and any flipped back in and a flop against racine outward joe biden abiden of course was for the hide amendment most of his career which keeps federal funds from subsidizing abortions that he was against it he was for it again now is against it again we saw that now we see comma harris employing the joe biden more aa180 it's not a three hundred and sixty it's a five hundred and forty the five hundred and forty strategy a flip flop flip flops to kamala harris last week during the debate was asked on the stage what they feel about cancelling private insurance for government right health care she raised her hand other words dumping your insurance plan now instead of the they need she's asked the next day this is msnbc she's on this panel center hours so you you raise your hand yes age you gonna cancel people's private insurance in favour of government run single payer rash and healthcare basically right here's how
amazingly keep my ladies gentlemen she's already foot flopped on this opened our campaign suggesting you cancel your private church she flop she flip did the debate this week here's how flopping again do you believe that private insurance should be eliminated in this country now don't now i began to handle the question was would you give up your private insurance for that option and i said yes i do very differently than others had probably because that's what i'm asking for the reason that i want to have a long way in future debates no more had raised it's uh it's unfathomable how little integrity these people have with this and they take these positions they think we're all stupid she knows exactly what was being asked in that question in yorkshire
only her and bernie sanders that night raise their hands by the way are you telling me every other candidate onstage misinterpreted the question we exactly what the was it lester hold to ask the question would say are you in favour of slim private insurance for government run healthcare parent burn frazier it the next day she flops again folks my point and this is a warning the democrats are lying to you you're lying to you about what they plan on doing i candidate you may say but what are they planning to i don't know i don't know can draw what do you get them do you support middle class tax i absolutely the next thirty you support middle class tactics now for the middle class but why you just you just said that the eu support to hide a mammoth u s taxpayer money supporting abortion i dont supporting the next day do you support i'd amendment i suppose i told you just sit here in europe a common
you want to cancel private george i want to cancel a couple hours but it gives origin how i heard it folks you cannot trust these p you have an election twenty twenty coming up at least you have right now the burden and you know you get from trump you made like a style i dont mind it doesn't bother me at all i like people who are eventually outside the box you may not like it but at least you know the truth he's out there he asked questions you know what you're gonna get there's no act there ok this is all and act with the left now doubling down on this wholly on castra this is a houlihan castro is promoting again this myth about emergency room usage before i get to this tweet someone tweet about his comments he was on it a week and show this weekend who we are
there is a democrat is running for president he had a good night one during the debates corners democrats onto corners wants to open the borders they love that he wants to decriminalize illegal immigration ripe who we are so again this week in promoting this myth that we are already paying for free health care for illegal immigrants in the country to the emergency room and if we were to just give them worry health insurance subsidized by you that urgency room bruce usage would go down emergency room is expensive and we would save money joe and i've talked about this this is a myth but here's the tree quoting castro this week in the shop from what a salami she said quote number one julie only in she's my number one undocumented immigrants already pay a lot of taxes second we already pay for that kevin documented immigrants it's called the emergency ok number one the fact that people in the country pay taxes are foreseen sales tax or whatever may be is relevant we paid access to so what
we want to travel into the country and picks up something it pays a sales tax is now a title to free healthcare subsidized by u s taxpayers this is this is it a yardstick so forget his first point about they pay taxes you know i travel overseas i painted action hanoi when i left the hotel does that mean i get to claim about de vietnamese funding to help insurance the debts is stupid point it imbecilic it's hardly worth addressing but his second point we're already paying for duty you see in other words emergency room uses it is expensive because and other people here are going to go to the emergency room therefore if we just gave them taxpayer healthcare like medicaid or government good health care like bernie sanders single payer system we're somehow going to save money ladys agenda but i've only debunked this nonsensical talking point probably twenty five or thirty five times on the shelf here it is and from anti r and d our folks not a right
wing think tank okay this article is in the show notes today at bungee no doubt comets from twenty sixteen please read it so i do my email less than the website i'll email you these articles and we are emergency room you stays high in oregon medicaid study by christian photo self forgive me from saying your name right up put a slip up from this peace here in a second but a little background on this but we're randomly selected in oregon that's why they're emergency room usage year makes for a decent study and a decent sample size they were randomly selected for the medicate expansion under obamacare in other words given taxpayer funded healthcare the theory the democrats keep lying to you about repeatedly is that our usage goes down when you give people taxpayer fun healthcare joe because they'll just go to the doktor rather than your instead ladies and gentlemen we try this in oregon that's nice
what happen from and pr it says quite will marry get expansion save the country money is people stop using expensive emerging worse for primary care not yet again the latest findings from a landmark study published online in the new england journal a medicine the study of medical patients in oregon who got medicaid two thousand eight found their e use state high too we years after they gained the health insurance coverage even as they also crease their visits to doctors offices folks please keep this article in new york ash of articles you can go to right away for your liberal friends they were bring this e r thing we're going to save money by given illegals covered are also go to the eu are you will not save money they ve studied this already the our usage stayed high and they went to the doktor to it is not going to save money
there is no evidence of that at all as a matter of fact it is going to cost us money houlihan castro is simply make this up ladies and gentlemen i first step jonas now we got a little emotional beginning but i don't know any other way to say it folks we don't see our anything in common with these people anymore in the left nothing something's gotta give just don't see how we are the united states i came only the states of america but we early united and i am perfectly willing to get by active arguing ideas but that's not up to us that's how we handle it that's up to the radical violent left this to put down their weapons their concrete milkshakes put down their sticks and their clubs and accommodating
people and argue like civilized people that's up to you we were there a long time ago said what they see it please tragic youtube channel youtube com slash bonn gino also subscribe to audio show an apple podcast thy heart and sound but it don't mr marsh's have some montages and also i wanted to get to today but i want a little bit the beginning about it's important there's another boy proposal being proposed by the bye donald trump taxes you may not have heard of it it may affect you and it's a good one i'll get to that tomorrow show as well the tuna folks tat you just ten bonn genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast soon itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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