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What is the Government Hiding? (Ep 1053)

2019-08-27 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the deeply disturbing developments in the case of this alleged government informant in the Spygate case. I address the growing international surveillance state and how it will directly impact you. I also discuss the perilous road ahead for former FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe. Finally, I address the ideological battle with the anti-Trump crowd and the ugly road ahead. News Picks:Liberal media hacks are furious that conservatives have turned the tables on them


CNN’s Brian Stelter is lying to you, again.


Is Silicon Valley building a Chinese-style “social credit” system here? 


Judge rules against drugmaker in this major case involving this popular pain medication.


Justice isn’t blind anymore.


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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i born here i warned you folks we can't get caught up in this all let's wait patty cake with a laugh because that's not the political fight wherein right right i warrant i got some unbelievable video for you today showing you we are in a political body i don't feel right now we're the left just wants to crush you have warned you repeatedly will open up the show with that today welcome amboise gino show producer joe how're you doing sign on this tuesday daniel you do a brother i really do days when we get where we expand dramatically and get a twenty thirty person productions i'm gonna put together a a composite
of your openings in articles are invited sterical people have been clamouring for one of these days is gonna have a yes to warn them over and over that every the reason we by trump can derivatives is because tribe fight back and right now the left wants to crush you show what will start to show with that got a lot of that i've got really troubling information on that whole patrick burn that overstock see yo said the government is using him despite and remember hands in the air i got two year development on that and submit cave stuff also this social care system with its government surveillance danish a static control or i shall brought you by applying listen no worse time eddie say worse time because we're looking potential hurricane dounia florida but better time for them in my patriot supply you talk about preparedness right takes up one major disaster remind us how fragile life is their systems are they can break down life can change it alone and so does many times that listen we just found out about this potential
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doesn't debtors may last up to twenty five years in storage shift three this really right to your door not ignore the writing on the wall give yourself peace of mind save a hundred hours today buildings an emergency supplies of food supplies a plan today's data prepare go to prepare within that calm as prepare within that can prepare the entire com or let's go i'll out ok so you have the new york slimy upset that we now conservatives have woken up libertarians good republicans and even moderate democrats you voted for trump and are figuring out there but like the new york times liberal activist washed imposed dna msnbc aren't interested in the facts are interested in data the aren't even interested in an opinion what they're interested in this cruise cries crushing conservatism trump and end the evolution of trumped arrangement sister a syndrome has woken up a lot of people right into the vitriol we ve seen from them now are you don't let me
so little bit reverse i want to go to this jennifer reuben video for assistance jennifer reuben economically the washington post later says the conservative so she works last she's not a conservative not even a republic oh she made nominally label her suffer republican she's a liberal is what she is but the new york times of course trying to look by partisan open a new ideas high sheriff reuben this is jennifer reuben basically and the less strategy against us concerns and i want you to take this very seriously play this cup i also echo something that my friend ancient said it's true pass for louis but that all his enablers have to lose they have too we have to collectively in essence burn down the republican party we have till level because if there are survivors if there are people who whether this storm they will do it
and they will take this is confirmation that hey it just pay is to ride the waves look at me i've made it through and sew up and down the ticket federal state local offices the country has repeated this is not a normal administration and when these people say oh you can't queer sizes it will deter public service it will deter people who are liars who are in a blurs who are really bad people and they should be deterred they don't get to escape accountability that's all of our job to hold them accountable for the rest of their lives you towards we cannot go by the way about that saying that which you probably we see and i don't like to run collapse you seen on other shows and actually throughout the day because i don't like to read litigated case you can see on a cable news channel but this was important and it's important because nearly every person on the panel including the job grew up in the upper left hand corner who i was a panel with the political nearly every one of them
as a believer in the sky and in the in the collusion hoax merely every one of them she's comically jennifer reuben talking accountability while every purse on that merely every person is i don't know a few in but each diane jennifer reuben i think its aim is jason johnson in the upper left hand corner i was on a panel with there are proper proponents of the cool i conspiracy theory hope that has been a black eye on the media and yet they are talking about trumps supporters in the republican party having to be burned to the ground because they count ability ass to happen when they ve ignored any accountability of never apologized for their role in the propagation of the biggest hopes in u s history biggest u s history that's number one number two the board you repeatedly these people do not want to win a political argument folks please stop mistaking
this is why a lot of conservatives have rallied to the back of donald trump you don't want to wait an argument on taxes they don't but a win an argument on school choice they don't a win an argument on health care because they have no facts to back them up but they want to crush you to quotas the four reuben they want to show you from polite society in other words they want you to be humiliated emotionally publicly social media they want you fired from your job they want your friends too bandit you they weren't you do you believe in liberty in freedom and again donald trump was a flawed candidate like every everyone has their flaws but is back conservative ideas we believe and they want because of your support for him and him due to be shunned bag corrupted and ike illogically traumatize because who believe in a set of ideas differently than eighty yet tell me again why we're supposed
point patty cake with these people it's into me again in a coherent set of sentences or a paragraph why we're supposed to be why can't stand the vicky conservatives out there who you know there are well listen if we're just if we go i'm where we try to make our can listen i told you we should make our case but not for them we should debate these people but should not be debating jennifer reuben to be changing jennifer rubens might debater engage our on twitter or you can you're talking then the convinced the third party listening and these people are beyond repair we're collusion hoax years they are liars their frauds and they what they would have the three collapse in a minute just to make sure they come out on the other hand on the other side with power and influence now when i was gonna bring up first but i want to think is probably better that i set the table this way for suggested
take away on that these people don't want to win they want to crush you there's a difference that's why we are in the trenches right now and we're not worry that the guy next to us whether be tromp or our political allies we're not worried gave an interview want howard stern fifteen years ago were worried about they save lives reapproached life legislation is you can save our economy from destruction from socialist democrat is he going to save us being bankrupted and be the leading voice in fighting back in the culture wars on the left that's what we're we're about right now and it's what did that you said that the visually republicans and democrats you now let's just make you sit there make peace with them and roasted marshmallows its income via that's what they don't get we said that the new york times objects to their now concern
there's waking up to this fight member the fight is we're about to be crushed they want to crush us wanna if they want to make sure you're not accepted and polite society they objec check out this because the national review to conservatives implementing liberal your liberal tactical battle plants new york times report upset zoonotic by jack road national review being shown instead i check him out a punch you know that calm seas to my email less will email you these articles every day new york tangible tromp allies targeting journalists are deploying media matters own playbook what's the back story here again it s a spots too that video you just saw jennifer reuben and the hysterical tedious level six trumped arrangement syndrome level six infected left that want to crush you a corrupt you humiliate you conservative finally woken up and a band of conservative figured out that if day deploy the less strategies against them they can
finally create a battlefield situation where we can fight back now what is the article about you may have missed the story but it's an important one for years the joker's it media matters who have just complete clowns i mean it's a total clown show of losers working for dollars an hour in it you know sitting there between bouts of you twenty our internet porn watching day events we get around to targeting concerns what media matters does by the way by a homophobic eighty semi angelo korea so if you look up is article in the daily call of some of this stuff is written about jewish people is just amazing discards i mean i mean amazing in the sense that this guy gets gets awaits its studying and astonishing that he's gotten away with this guy runs a left leaning organisation they media matters that targets conservatives he's an eighth dramatic hobo this guy you gotta see his writings or transit phobia
raids daily call you can see the peace having said what media matters is done for years is they go back and target conservatives of any striped they just don't like and they find a tweet this is happening to friends of mine by the way they find a tweet from seven years ago joe that's a bad joke or whatever and they demand person be fired humiliated boycott in every area well what's good further goose shows it's good for the gander as well sir so conservatives figured out tat well if we can throw back for years in social media accounts and emails like they found the writings of media matters semite angelo khorasan that if they went back in time we could use that same strategy against the left and against all she'd reporters i say because they were times is pretending that the peace but the higher reporters they're not there there there you know that the left wing wing activists disguise report the times is now upset that a group of conservatives is
going back in time and probably the tweets of new times a legit journals and finding out that a lot of them have written eighty semantic or really offensive stuff as well at in new york times doesn't like any and i don't remember them joe i know close and all i know is in front of in front of it are you you had it by the way i got your audience ombudsman had to i just have to i think he prepared to bring in it from the kitchen now then our countries offended i don't regret recall them speaking out about media matters doing this so a ten year tweet about i call a writer that she poligized for that's fair game but a new york times alleged journalist who tweets out eighty symmetric stuff openly not we should ignore all of that because where the new york times the lead propagators are the biggest conspiracy theory of our time
folks new freakin rules man i'm sorry the new rules are we win you lose this is a political ideological battle right now sort of joke the left you list to their own words i dont have to paraphrase them i can just play their own words listen to agenda reuben and our liberal allies all matting their head to like dopey babo had dolls collusion holsters police state tyrants who support despite not at present to cabin nodding on a panel like the dopey brady bunch member that in the brain not like dobbs they want to crush you they want the republican party called burn these are not my words there there's listen to them take them seriously to quote daddy green the former culture the arizona cardinals there are who we thought they were when talking about the bears and getting smoked on the field we
are who they are who we thought they were they are who we thought they were they are we thought they were they are police state type so will do anything to humiliate embarrass bankrupt you added some joe you they love this stuff stuff for attending this isn't real just listen to them all right i got a lot of stories to get through oh i'm enough to move on but i care caution you and sure enough terms the left is not kidding folks these are police state anti free speech anti for supporting spying police state tyrants they are who we thought they were dead he could we need that that's a great weight the grid and want a lighter no one of the greatest soundbites
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republican campaigns and kind of hinted at some operation with hillary clinton if you listen unless we show i think he he can't he said that wrong i think looking for russian blackmail and hillary clinton the f b i which are not met the blackmail hillary clinton but having said that orson mine that reached out again all i can tell you is the source that reaches out to me please this guy is credible and i do as well i don't think burned story he say it exactly correctly and other thing is a reflection of him lying i just think he's a very hyper i on the air so just to sum up by patrick was a ceo of a company called overstock he alleged didn't we recovered last week at the f b i reached out to him to rekindle lay relationship with a rush in by the name of maria bettina who was a key figure in home shouldn't collusion scan
a lot of what is a key figure maybe a secondary figures that the the gist of it was this that the collusion hoax which was a hoax was that the the the russians were laundering money into the trump campaign through the energy that that allegation has been widely discrediting the bug envy i guess you this russian maria booting to follow me here i want to lose you that she was making contact within our officials and kind of like greasing this skid row all this trying to develop contacts for the russians right so that parents i gave you happy i asked me to contact patina to kind of like me the red formation maybe about this collusion thing now having said that you know you know the backstory feed out that's it in a nutshell there's been an up on this i want to have to bomb rose he memos on on twitter i've got a great accounts on twitter i go to this is a screenshot from that twitter canican rosy oh yes i e memos this is fascinating folks because remembered out of policy
format is disappointing as i want you to if you watch it on youtube com select band gino you can read a head if not away out splendidly patina has now been prosecutes it successfully by the u s government for not genuine about our contacts with the russians right you saying he was used by the fbi contact patina but get a load of getting from so it s a in particular we a memo from putin is liam describing booting is legal team in writing there are so in particular we suggested to the government of strong suspicion that counter intelligence or other fbi investigators use confidential informants and their investigation of maria and that it for me provided by the witnesses to the government right be relevant to guilt or sensing ok let me get bacchus now let me justice i do what's going on today maria boots the russian who supposed be some secondary figure in this collusion scheme by her contacts within our officials and others mood maria
tina lawyers during the trial asked for brady material in other words material that could mean bettina was innocent you're entitled to that as a defendant you know that rightful ok if you or charged by the government with a crime and the government is information indicating didn't commit a crime by law they have to turn that overview a break em if they don't it's a serious serious malfunction they'll be in a world the trouble now the made a brady request routine as lawyers to the government saying we think our client was set up by a government informant i there any government in for in the case now you like the last week show bernier like yeah bird burnt them he was instructed the fbi or requested by the ep because precise to contact booty the very definition joe right of an informant for the ep now that crazy right you're not crazy look at the response
you may have read ahead but check out the response by the government this is to boot this lawyers that their city thing that she was set up or or did they were dangles put out there in writing the government denies the existence of any such brady material orally during deep these sessions with maria i directly told them government this is our lawyer that i believe patrick burn see overstock who any support relationship with marie over a period of years prior to arrest was a government form it listen to this folks my speculation was flatly denied my associate alfred curry made similar assertions that a separate debrief that he covered and was also rebuffed ladies and gentlemen somebody is like a member dunghills whose true make tat they had the harp deck at detecting you somebody's knows is growing somebody
telling the truth somebody is not telling the truth here either patrick burn is making up this whole story which i'm telling you based on strong sourcing on my and he's not he's not listen i could be wrong i doubt is not based on the people put people notice the poor i've been talking to wrapper bernie saying i was a government of form it requested the contact patina routine as well where their government informants in that case what about bert not out there were no government forms the government said one of these people is lying ladies and gentlemen may i suggest to you that it is not burn that again they are lying again like they were lying about helper like they are lying about downer like they were lying about their leaks to the of their fbi's leaks through the media like they were lying
about the july thirty first started crossfire hurricane when we know the investigation trump started possibly israelis twenty fifteen they are true to cover their tracks because the tina and our story turned out to be a dud and the an hour story was a cop at least the and our aid a story about them laundering money which was false prophets are in donors from russia into the trump campaign that weighs a key component of the debunk dossier used to spy on trump they are it being clean all their tracks someone is lie again man the fbi's been pretty bad this exculpatory stuff here emanate ah my excellent point the pub what why me why do we have the
large papa dapple is tat where he's like i wasn't uses treason what you're suggesting i didn't do desert you had exculpatory information the fact that carter age they didn't verify eddie the info on carter paying serious allegedly tapes out their carter page to now we have this exculpatory information at patina may have had a source dangling information in front of folks if protein is good they are being a foreign spy fine charged with that that's not what they charged with by the way but i'm telling you this case is a scam the government is why frankly in its tracks in the sand good point deadens exculpatory information is freeware and you will not have it right now can make one final come i may ask i can get it s ways do like this like a pretty accurate jail if you're gonna complacent i paul and i watched the american greed and they knew happy i'm really disappointed by the way it's generally a decent chauvelin cnbc pollen i enjoy it what a mistake
we watch the one they did a new one a poor man afford unbelievably one sided government afford extensively in my new book exonerated mrs coming out in a couple weeks believable one sided amazing how they include is work for ukraine but entirely leave out that one of the people working with him on ukraine was obama's former whitehouse lawyer and the fact that a number of prominent emma crash working in ukraine doing the same thing man afforded all left out of this short it out and i'm all reports as it was a job it was a total of thirty four waste your time if you listen to this show less not even apollo who doesn't the tunnel better countries producing like i know all the surrounding like as a total waste the time moving on an important case yesterday came down i'm in this state oklahoma and i wonder just because a lot of emotions behind this on both sides i checked this article out of breath but there was a rolling against the johnson and johnson which makes
open your base drug oklahoma judge rules against drug maker we haven't been shown for my part orders five hundred and seventy two million dollar payment ladies but this was a trouble case it was a lawsuit by the state of oklahoma against johnson johnson which produces an open your type medication listen there's no disputing full stop we have we are at issue in this country none not there are significant numbers of people who have died those statistics are out there for you to see disputing any of that folks it's an end before you as this is an emotional topic on both sides that our avoid emotional topics as what we do here we are to address the hard stuff too this is they shoot its run in my family not with one but with many people so i just you email me or emails on the website say whatever you to say but i just before you i just want you to keep in context this is not so issue that i am discussing pull on discussing this personally this is
in my direct sphere of influence that has impacted me and my life personally my wife knows what i'm talking about so this is an important topic the judge against the operating industry street with fifty five hundred seventy two million dollar fine fine is not the seventeen billion the state with seeking but the loss was shady in a number of respects smokes it involve the use of of public nuisance rulings instead of direct impact really is the way it was conducted was awkward and i want to bring up a couple of points about this folks we are always going to have problems when it comes to pain medication always because the potential for abuse of them is high yes but folks the level of abuse although serious again it is a serious problem should not incentivize people to show these companies and drive them out of business ninety plus per se
of people who use these drugs and made them a chronic pain donations post surgery situations use them responsibly folks i had back surgery prescribed boxy code on once we i have no problem with it at all i think two days and that was the end of it i mean i was twenty years ago when i lived in maryland that probable covers nine thousand two hundred and ninety five if not more percent of people prescribed these drugs and i asked you before we start doing these companies and bankrupting them disincentives rising there to produce medications that can mitigate human pain what's the personal spots ability component here folks you want this here that these lawsuits by these states have significant consequences is gonna be prevent doc from prescribing these medications that people who need them it may this
said device companies from producing new and more effective even less addictive ones in the future and that suggesting every step these companies followed was the right one i can't i'm not suggesting there isn't a problem but folks there's a personal responsibility component here and because what percentage of the population abuses these drugs so die in the process which is tragic again i've been personally affected by this should not be the rest of society should be penalized for keep in mind has just pointed out wall street journal this morning these are herman regulated drugs joe approved by the fda yes that have to be prescribed doctors are not over the counter medications who are sold in pharmacies that have significant government regulatory loads to sell those drugs this is not unregulated feel i want earn a lot of time on it but it was
different rolling and i'm just tell you there pull out there who use these drugs responsibly taken three because they have product conditions they can manage they live with chronic pain the rest of the world shouldn't have to suffer because of personal responsibility laughs or people who choose to be abuse these drugs ladies and gentlemen i get it that addiction is a disease i live with it but europe is not full of simple solutions as you sue them out of existence is not a solution i think this was a bad call a really bad cold i got a lot more to get to us some just to follow up on a lighter note the end of this year i wanna play some view you have your wall should give yesterday again this this just clown trying to run against trump for the republican emanation who is he got some who's on the area say that joe what i will laugh about the uncertain like he was shocked by this so i want to play that but to go up
yet you want to move on to the anti mikhail saga which just keeps getting worse and worse and worse you want let's get to that last month in it a sponsor cause i'm gonna motor duties this mackay is in a world of trouble deformity debt former deputy director the fbi is in a world of trouble i there is a grand jury getting ready now i hope to indict if they pass on an indictment the justice system is that i too finally brought you by a body that zip recruiter this hiring is really difficult pollen paul i run bungee no doubt come back you know it we have we will work with us but looking for people is tough it is hard you get these these mounds of razumihin people email you stuff summer qualified summer not you read through what if there was a bet well ladies and gentlemen there is hiring is challenging but one place you can go home is simple fast and smart place where doing business can connect to qualified candidates are not waste a lot of time that places zip recruiter zipper quarter deck
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i'll go has me furious amd mackay is a former deputy director the fbi was an integral figure in these spying scandal in the trunk team signed one of the few is awards mackay was the one who claims to have opened up obstruction investigation into trump after his body his palace chum disgraced a former fbi direct your jim call me was fired the student this yesterday i am sorry but we lock on here eighty may cave vision should come down within days if he's gonna be indicted or not now what's the indictment about why is cave in trouble why is mackay by the way one of the sleazy is figures as well in this entire thing i would debate sleazy is jim combing number one i've let's put up this is this is a hat if i could just came from conservative tree house they have their ways do good they outlined stuff pretty nicely
no not the time or the conservative tree has has a timeline up of what exactly mackay did wise in trouble and i want to make sure i give you a little bit of background on this first because it's important eighty mackay it was the deputy director the fbi during the investigation of the clinton email case it's a ledge and you can see if you're reading this how are highlighted in the second here you can see he was in i d report points out to his lack of candor self interviewed on may night did twenty seventeen this is this is from the idea report port requested under oath by fbi agents from their inspection division basically their internal affairs and mackay black and when he told ages he had not authorize the disclosure of the wall street journal and did not know who did this conduct vial fbi often code two point six lack of in their under out now come back to me to be clear what's going on there is leak to the wall street journal about sensitive information in the clinton probe the fbi
internal affairs become suspicious that that leak was from andrew my when he is in viewed undergrowth on may nine he denies being the source of that leak follow me if you don't know the details of this the mccain story becomes confusing and left this who love my cape who was just hired by cnn under he as it contributor this guy's no liar left this are now trying back he's got heated really do anything wrong not at all folks this guy is it really horrible person now keep in mind one thing here is well you are just me you're an fbi deputy director doesn't mean who ever have to talk if you think criminal charges you have the right against self incrimination news everybody yet not because i want to be clear this now admitted trade of we the f b i may have rules that you have to talk to their inspection division that's an administrative role that's fine you can quit the b i cannot make yourself incriminate yourself no matter what you have a car
situational fifth amendment right against self incrimination finish rate of rules are different lee rules administrative rules andy may cave shows that the administrative path and speak to the inspection division about the week he went under oath and he essentially i believe put himself their criminal liability by lying now people say eighty mccarthy may this great point initial review peace folks don't the fbi i'm sorry you sorry you don't have to talk to them i don't wanna be a jerk with this but eighty mccarthy made an excellent point you don't have to talk to the fbi you down if you don't want to do it i'll just tell you if you do don't be stupid and light as a because they can charge you and in many cases will anti became chose to spoke to the fbi joseph sweetly appear wherefore and he did not tell them the truth i was at the source of the leak he was
source of elite we know that now what's the problem put their back up again what makes it worse mackay changes his own story leave inspection division on november twenty ninth interview when he says i really did authorize disclosure but basically said it was just at the end of a meeting when i said to these inspection guys it was there the end of a meeting and i was based we confuse this is the friends you can read it on youtube accomplish punch you know the whole thing and conservative tree has some good rejected today as well so let me get this straight he goes under oath chooses to take the administrative path doesn't invoke is right against herself self on incriminate himself lies to the fbi may night then goes back in november tries to retract his it is now well i was the source of leaked what i originally told you wasn't true but i just said it in passing the end of an interview you may
we are aware that sounds innocent enough member the left distributed defend these guess wrong the cape town yards repeat first down there it's not what happened what this sleaze ball is unreal in that period between at that original may interview in the november if you know what this can't get a lot of this crap showing you know what this guy does in order covers tracks that he was the leaked to the wall street journal about the clinton email case he calls up gets a conference call his watch included in new york field office supervisors and this sleaze ball large parading them for the leak a man it's his wig its mackay nosey lifted how does my cape no deleted because these were cave carried mackay nosey later and you start do can you bad you like pollard i screw up the
they'll be audition for the part tat we know we did it average values metaphor arbour cos you piece a guy we feel it is you're fired man you're fired party get out of my shop horrible you are a piece of garbage arbour costs get rid of this cloud the worst ever meanwhile pilot we're screwed up we darwin ever degenerate loser you have to be to do that we want you're sorry feel bad that's all man i screwed up that so bad how did i do i let them all down again for me while you did it do mackay deleted yelling at his field office supervisors for early key lead what does leave all this guy is now again we put this up before here this is also the guy just so you have background a sleaze bomber cables mackay is the guy who keep in mind the firing of jim call me is already told people
he's the one who wanted to investigate trump for obstructing the investigation here's an article in time magazine for a while ago headline acting fbi director they're talking about mackay by the way there has been no effort to impede the investigation into russian meddling am i wrote an may eleventh when he seventy again andrew became lying fleas ball let's put up an investigation of the church for obstructing our investigation into russia savings emma came under oath the senator marco rubio in in the first for weeks it may have twenty seventeen quote there has been no effort to impede our investigation today this i as a liar trump obstructed under oath did he have struck nobody obstructed also keep this in mind too eighty mackay is also the one who is alleged to have told congress that
five of war would not have existed without the dossier in other words this guy already knew that the bug discredit information they used to despise tromp was they had he's already sorry remember the original pfizer carter page ladies and gentlemen was denied the original so was denied web if you listen the show a year ago this the original pfizer was then i don't forget that what i brought this may be a little confusing but i brought this up a year ago after that pfizer's denied you need a couple of things to get a pfizer prove you need probable cause that someone is acting on behalf of a foreign power in the united states and that someone is doing so in violation of u s lot members not illegal to act on behalf of a foreign power right you may say gusty and that sounds illegal doesn't really
well what is the russian ambassador to united states doing why wouldn't we if act acting on behalf of russia right why don't we arrest them because that was job what he does follow me to get a pfizer war despite an american you have to act on behalf of a foreign power in violation of u s law that second part critical also are you track and if you don't get this the next makes as they try to get finally despite carter page its denied why they don't have probable cause that he broke the law what magically appears ladies and gentlemen in the dossier then in the next series of memos that andy cape verde acknowledge became a key portion of the fine words that were approved what appears this matter charge that carter page was going to accept a bribe from this rush gas company rosneft worth potentially millions of dollars equally appears after the denial
ladies and gentlemen occasion i following that bribe would have been a crime the crime that was missing from the original applications that were likely than because it was no crime there what's the problem with that crime the whole thing was made up there was no bribe offer made the carter paid my cape knows this mackay knows all of this this guy's a fried he's a toy for if he is not indicted a nail in the justice system did you track academic year yet again fabricated bribery charging in the din the dossier that was made up was made up because they had left the second hurdle a pc a crime that carter page was acting on behalf of the russian government committed a crime in doing so so they just invented one year he took a bribe did he ask take up i've not are we just invented for the five ok listen
without the great mysteries of our time is how brian stouter sierra has a show called reliable sources i cannot figure that out are another bigger pig break here just to show you how right in ceuta and with the other clouds spelter them included as i said last night or five one of the biggest jokes in human history without the great mysteries of our time is how brian spelter cnn has a show called reliable sources i cannot figure that out all right are bigger pig break here just to show you how bad this cases somebody hit this quick because i'm gonna get some other stuff the arch declarations we mentioned this last week this is huge again at the tree house guys over their conservatory i have nothing on this as well i may use the nera there their underlining highlights here but this is what's going on here the archie declarations are these declarations about commies mammals call me wrote a series of memos we ve been told by the liberal media up to this point that these elbows are
small in number and they just cover some brief conversations we trumpet that's not what this says this guy archie wrote a declaration saying hey we don't want these call me memos exposed to the public because they have information and look at what they may have in there this is from the court filing de memos also identify specific foreign governments and officials and reflect particular non public interactions between them and the united states government the public disclosure of which reasonably be expected to affect the united states relationship with those countries way way way way way i'm out tee o very go for that we rightly a luxury honest folks i thought i thought jim call me memos we're just a series of five days eight memos or what's in small a number that covered these these conversations he had with donald trump now hearing according to this guy but our chief who is to be clear what this is
don't want these memos expire he put of sport the series of declarations sing here's why these my motion be exposed and one of them these are citing is this ascent have information about foreign governments spying are you are you pick it up when laying down here yeah baby ladies and gentlemen with jim call me documenting the spy gates scandal the entire time how numerous saw these members are we talking while piles of memos we know the f b i went to his house to get them if on paper call me document that is efforts and the fbi efforts with the cia and others to circumvent the u s intelligence prohibition son spying on american citizens using foreign counterparts and others we we need to get a look at those mammals stat and it explains why the justice department some want them out there right now yeah anyway i forgive you
ok to imagine a boy i put my notes your imagine a blueprint despite gay oh jim call me wrote all blueprint now you see by this guy archie put these declarations i don't know we don't want anybody see those all right i promise you i get to this joe walsh video this guy is just a complete i again i said yes raises an awful guy i'm sorry this is not a good guy s game people who know from his days up on capital hell he's not a good guy he now wants to play very donald trump i'm so he goes on television yesterday and he does this here it's here where he finds out apparently on the air or just moments before he added national radio show whilst you probably know nobody nobody listened to it it is actually offered his job here such a clown so he finds out today on the air that something happened who is radio show and he's going to show you how really gonna tell this guy's he stunned by this check this out eighty than i
percent of my audience supports the president i just found out that i lost my national radio show so so that's gone but i figured that might happen john you lost it why i dont know why i just got a notice before i came in the studio i'm running for president i oppose this president ma my listener support the president it's not easy thing to do to be in conservative talk radio and opposed this present new that john when i made the announcement tomorrow yesterday that it could be in jeopardy dude now there is no better producer to have already a right out of because yo sped josephine more about conservative talk radio the most we would just been around i dont say where because its annulled put his reza maybe been re seen it but evolution of it he's been places not just when we use in baltimore and enjoy
politics about this regime that you and i are kind of shadow before this party and its most serious surprise they got fired you ok let's get this he puts out a couple data points there right what does he say pharisees well eighty percent of my audience supports donald trump j why would a radio station get ready i have no idea what am i hand just to be clear we but you weren't radio this it's a private did writing radio tat they get paid by sponsors and it is this it's not me it's not a socialist enterprise no no well ok thanks you liked radio live here just now joe forgive you here s where decent radio having done conservative talk radio for almost three decades would you say good idea and conservative talk radio have hosts that are conserved so conservatives would listen this is not a good idea estralla well then that would be
very good idea that would be to go out on a limb you're gonna say named now so much please it's knucklehead this guy wants a run for president unaware that here he would get fired eighty to ninety percent his words now my support in europe and he's running against the many shocked he got fired but secondly he's obvious we completely unaware of how equal time work ladies and gentlemen there is an equal i'm rule when you run for office if you they radio shop when you are a candidate for public office you have to give equal time to europe on it if this guy's on the air three hours a day his salem what that hosted this show they give your walter's reported there are other people you're about running all well done the republic inside your mark sandford churchill once the primary trump due date after you tromp three hours a day at all supported pussy not a whit
but you wouldn't radio you don't know about equal times might like being bank being in banking it being confused that the dollar is the official currency the united states like equal part i'm not crazy right ear nose rising to day one of radio broadcasting it's not the fairness doctrine that's different the i understand is god it's dead it ended in the rush limbaugh reagan year equal time is different equal timing you are a candidate for public office and you are the radio and that radio station is hosting you and it's not but there are some carve out a new events so in other words you may say yes but why is it that hungry they all have an opponent pretty much every this a woman in a country and eyes and opponent how come when five has on whatever congressmen you know jim jordan whatever how come they don't have to offer equal time to jim jones opponent because when you
becomes oddities commenting about news events that's a carve out could never have anybody on the air when you're on the air talking about your campaign all you have to give you already got the radio station to forfeit the whole time do report ladies gentlemen this happened to me not a joke when i was running four congressional district six in maryland i didn't we can show a w i may i done for a long time nobody complain i mean it could have you on the air but a somewhat complaints have to have your opponent ran illegal you remember this are you sure enough i got a call from one of the men it's yours area may on their like hey man i got bad news but your opponent john delaney is claiming you call time same guy run for pressure you know what they had him on the issue or the hebrews idea for like three hours they gave him the whole should not make it was a thing it was like three hour they had to do it is joe walls are unaware of this decision again just goes to show you the disguise a complete knucklehead major must we president he doesn't even understand i was own industry
my whole body it's love trot promoted it gets trip i got far and he's like started and the count crawl out of the woodwork do you get my life leaguers i never every by nobody like i want three hours on salem radio off zombies he's my opponent schriner unbelievable what had but buckle has described our aid given our story you stuff worry you know what the things i've always been concerned about for a very long time and have been speaking out against the patriot act the foreign government surveillance for a very long time etc government surveillance it should worry you ladies and gentlemen see advent of these government run systems that are proliferating around the world in conjunction with private sector surveillance as well fascinated article i rarely use a headline articles drudge because most of you you you know
already read him and i don't like to relegate stuff you can read elsewhere as i said opening the show this one's worth it check this article about from fast company then get its making its way around the internet today it says oh silicon valley is building a chinese style social credit system what are they but really fast in or be up in the show notes please shaken oh yeah yeah there's a couple it take away from that should really really concern you child right now has a very disturbing the world's largest surveillance state the government has i read this if i'm quoting this number wrong forgive me but i looked it up and verified it twice it just sounds incredibly large me if i'm wrong email me china currently has a network of two hundred million again i looked it up twice cameras in its areas that monitor people monitors from and i was listening to arm a pod cases we can apply
thirdly they have not only facial recognition job get a load of this they have gate recognition get real yea itinerary eighty in other words you walk if you hide your face yes you have a virus perseverance on me or my arthritis i walk really funny parity they can pick me two hundred million cameras now the article goes into a little bit because ladies and gentlemen what they do with that is they they use it there are social score in other words it say your gate detection system detect you jaywalking china the social credit system and a humiliate people they put people on the internet like yours girolamo cause serious j walker europe and it is at some point there is a fear that these people who low social scores he doesn't put his car job correctly behind them on video that you're gonna be prevented from leaving the country opening a bank account ladies and gentlemen this is orwellian nightmare stuff this is really happening sort of joke is out of life i movie it's happening in china to point of view article is hey listen this office
kind of go around a bit now here maybe not from it run but sometimes equally pernicious and they lay out a couple of weeks they get a load of this because a couple he's i consider these are private companies in the united states that are doing this now insurance companies oh are apparently going through your instagram now to gauge what you're pretty should be here it's cool example our not so cool example but each i should say interests that not so cool for you and i so let's say joe you want life insurance you know you answer that the questionnaire do you know do you do this to you why do you climb mountains you know review skydiving originally baby and joe there's no i dont skydive what are they when they're going to your hits the grand right yo yo yo you nobody really our skies winds and about their jobs skydiving i thought he said he didn't skydive or as a pole
member of the skull delving think back and say you i'll leave that story for fifty years from now somewhat i worked with you thought the past tense skydive was the scotto story i believe that for another turkey little sensitive so if you go down in the past and its on europe to grab that may be used against you bite its companies in you again is it china monitoring your gate and preventing you from travelling to country getting applying because you have a low social credit score not really but the kind of stuff that i feel a little concerned about ebay cited in selling a big deal next they bring up goober and air b b how the uber drivers can rate you and so can air being be owners of of rooms ass if they went out and if you stink you go away and you are paid
review literally stay right or maybe if you just awful to the upper driver you go to the air b you know you abuse the guy's house god only knows what you're doing and i are taken rate you that you can be kicked off the platform to which is fair enough farragut open season due on insurance company this dull postal veneer instagram you know wanted out their public no supervision only this stuff is having don't know dr grocery bipolar eight of these the that way they have another thing called patron scan as i mistakenly seven i when i was you think because poland i daytime patrol scan polyglot such hurt nobody else propaganda patterns participation scan patients can is this software at bars where future you get him what a fake idee or if you get it but a real idea in your problem they can put you in a system shared with other bars where were you bar near a jerk there's a social just go you just don't know about they're going to be like the door nano tax we don't
but she would here have a nice day patron scare but again like patterns here already seen it we're youtube in twitter wherever you're a conservative they can put you are but folks this kind of i gonna turn panic anybody i'm just saying i you know we speak out against is social credit system in china as we should of course ass being liberty lovers we should speak out don't realize that we're inadvertently having this done to us by private is this is well in this country but what this you periodic ready as discussed in yesterday's show of a private business to government to end on a they have no with this folks don't have to do any of that you don't like it don't get in the car you know but be rated by air be a big go get a hotel room you know what are you know why they be a baby it show up in patron scan that don't fight in a bar you don't say you don't have to do to the government of china's moderate you what you nothing
your choice no matter what many of us government as a monopolistic use of force with private business doesn't have one more thing about it the article warn people that just me where'd you strongly enough time to read it being the shone out today our folks thanks again for tuna in pay subscribes to the youtube channel youtube com slashed by genome if you go over to china or some of the countries they licenses technology to and let's say you are business meeting and you did what details so that business meeting and who you were meeting with public you may be caught up in this system do and your business re suffer just a warning but fastened the article can encourage is strongly enough to read it being the show notes today our folks thanks again for tuna in patients so the youtube channel youtube dot slashed by gino we have one of our biggest overnight ever on the youtube channel the audio part it's always available all the service free apple
pod gas cougar podcast sound cloud our radio and elsewhere you can check it out you can always go to punch you know that comes will please subscribe to subscriptions help us move up the charts and it's always free they secured for tuna and hope you like shall i see you just heard in bonn gino she you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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