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What Really Happened Yesterday (Ep 1104)

2019-11-06 | 🔗

In this episode, I clear the media hysteria and I address the real takeaways from last night’s elections. I also address astonishing new information in the government’s witch hunt against Mike Flynn. Finally, I address the media spiking the Epstein story and the Democrats’ lies about the Gordon Sondland testimony. News Picks:Don’t believe the hype about yesterday’s elections. It was, all things considered, a decent night for the GOP.


Election results were mixed last night.


The Democrats are lying about this Trump administration’s testimony in “whistleblower-gate.”


The media protected Epstein while trying to destroy Brett Kavanaugh. 


The numbers on how many Democrats are showing up at Trump rallies are stunning. 


John Solomon’s latest article is big trouble for Joe Biden.


A stinging indictment of the FBI’s handling of the Mike Flynn case.


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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jeanne you i have an update you on the o jiffy epstein thing even hear about ass an angle of it that was probably met yesterday by the media reported you are not going to want to go anywhere you ve been holding onto it for a little bit now and it is now time to talk about some things rat well committed but you know shell producer joseph arm across our unity fine sir dan good to be with you here on this wonderful wednesday see what happens ato and i are actually being corny because we were discussing on for the show how old school radio sound that exactly like with your dead right at a vow use ebay that operate the new radio of course is what we do here did you radio pashas folks
the way your headed it after the fox nation patriot awards over in ten percent pete area see you there i'm getting ready to hand out right after the show i also hope to say hello to you see you there watch it on fox nation where it's gonna be streaming and will be airing on fox got some time later up folks let's get to a today show but you my buddies wax our folks as you know i had a serious problem i said this on the shield porch why pick them up as a sponsor with your wax bill my entire life i've had ear pieces in my ears i do now those squig leaving prior line of work in the secret service and now being in tv where they put these eye of bees in areas where the euro x polypus uncomfortable might use edged and i was having a hard time here things well go into this doctor kind of get to be kind of a mess luckily wax our exit we'd like to sponsor show they ve been a sponsor from was two years now and because your support walk
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africa dan check out important sport to show you get free shipping too or visit your local walgreens don't wait you no idea what you might be missing because of inner you wax visit go geo wax or dad come offer there are i just arrived before we get to the epstein hysteria yesterday i just want to cover the elections last night because the media hysteria and the gas lighting about what happened last night ladies and gentlemen extraordinary according to the media and we are in a pie celebs now washroom napalm immortal territory it's over further republicans it wasn't all around the horrible my everywhere all over the country donald trump is the word the sky is falling you heard it all before now last night we had elections in kentucky we had ballot elections in some initiatives in texas colorado there were some local elections and i believe in iowa
josie pennsylvania delaware and others thereof cycle elections was it good night last night republicans the answer is probably on net no but again we do real news here i don't you fake news like the media don't gaslight people for effect was it catastrophic apocalyptic night like the lunatic blue check mark liberal media brigade was saying that it's over for trot he channel for this is that there are no no no no no no it's a big fat no so i'm gonna do what journalists should do but want because our liberal hacks in disguise and i'm gonna give you that good news and bad news the facts and i'm gonna let you make an opinion for yourself
shocker shocker stoner smart people can make their own called how better good it was less knife for their public and so let's do a quick election up they from last night this sector will be title don't believe the hype like the public enemy song for was at the age of the nineties owner remember member flavour flavors chuck dear lady yeah they think you're bout me all right a fox news peace me in the show notes today's definitely worth you time is a very good one is described journey but her up on you know that calm we will email you these articles every day we get some special surprises coming up ahead about that to our newsletter and yeah you're going to want to hear this geo peace bevin refuses to concede kentucky gubernatorial race goes down to the wire by gregory fox news so folks the kentucky governors ray so the along with the mississippi governors rate which is being held last night it did not go well first sitting republican governor in kentucky map everett
closer i know matt armies a nice guy ladies and gentlemen he may lose this race they haven't finalized the account yet but he is down at this point as we're recording the show matt bevin he wasn't incumbent republic in any state president trump one by thirty points on face of course if you're a liberal media hack you are going to paint an end met joe making matters even worse for the republicans again president tromp hell the rally forbidden the night before the election and it looks like in a state president trouble and by a landslide the republican governor loss of course leave it to the gas lighter the media to this a nation wide referendum this is few huge said joe kentucky kid
he's going go it blue ok sure it is so from the fox news peace you'll find out that kentucky was actually pretty much a route for the republican party with the exception of bevin at the top of the ballot folks bevin the republican just being candid where very low approval ratings he just wasn't well liked it kentucky showing you how it was more a referendum on bevin than it was in kentucky or on trump quote from the fox news peace in asia wrong indicator that bevin is unpopular among kentucky and cameron who was the the candidate for attorney general he's the first black of representative and elected state wide level you talk you disguise superstar trump adam on the stage the rally may have seen the attorney general candidate cameron republican risk which by the way
dont republic is reviewed races it's amazing how they keep voting in black carefully obeys that god we are that we are the worst racists ever john we are such incompetent racist it's crazy so cavern the first black official elections to kentucky to stay who's a republican by the way listening he received seven hundred and seventy four thousand eight hundred and sixty four votes in a fifteen percentage point win one five the black a public good state whatever it what does it matter to us these black but about the liberals who keep claiming we're while bevin whose at the top of their ticket folks they govern only garnered around seven hundred thousand votes for his good the tutorial bit now pay attention is focused i've never seen anything like it it is highly unusual for death on ballot races to attract them poor voter interest then goop gubernatorial contests at that time this is true yes it is
jazz jonah phenomena gets more than the second remind me you're gonna be forget everything yet meanwhile from the peace the republican attorney and former elections board member michael adams was also easily elected as kentucky next secretary state ok another republican winning kentucky and report can my carmen was elected as kentucky auditor and other republican winning authority additionally republican i in quarles was re elected is kentucky commissioner of agriculture a geo be incumbent alison ball what a second term as kentucky treasure those results and bends unique vulnerabilities led republic is to dismiss the claims that the gubernatorial race had any me international national implications ok to take away from this this is i have good news for us even bevan may may have lost is not over yet folks say i think that a gubernatorial race where the dynamics we know are an estate level are ways of poor reflection of national politics right
liberals essay not on dan that's not true kentucky stephanie gambler really is marilyn is maryland the truth is what about massachusetts it uses that are at stake what about a cargo is at a red state where am i go with it those three states are low by republicans or were led by republicans as little as two and three years ago maryland has republican governor folks very hogan is at a red state are you what are you an idiot it's your fault it's one of the blue states the union massachusetts a deep blue state has a republican governor folks out again i don't know these state why this are in no way indicative of a national trend there lie call races based on local issues within the state kentucky turkey just didn't i bevin based on his approval i don't know what to say i like and he's a nice guy
i actually had a model as a guest on a radio chauvinist the guests were joe used to work so take away number one disregard ladies and gentlemen these state why gubernatorial races as a reflection on national politics and that same disregard of meaning dump dead of absolutely get out vote but it's not referendum on truck that's just not true the republicans clean here are some of the margins they won by attorney general fifteen treasurer twenty one could talking the ag commissioner was it sixteen we have fifty whenever they blow out everywhere else could talkies turning to a blue stay quiet you that dumb they didn't like bevin wax merrily is not a red state could talkies not a blue state secondly i want to make sure you understand this do is down ballot phenomena literally down ballot that's what it means when you get a ballot you vote
based on the office its governor and end its whatever may be below it in stay knees other ones but they're down in the ballot why does that matter because folks around people show up whether they vote for president for governor vote at the top of it take it you'll hear that term alot they make the vote in the day they put their voted for and they leave that's why you get what you call drop off you go further down the ballot you'll see the guy get seven hundred thousand votes the secretary of state six ninety chapter six fifty then you get down like state rap you know five hundred like city commissioner to fifty dog catcher and thousand because people one is for two reasons some people just one of us governor don't know the other candidates but secondly some people just crunch for tat they go out and vote leave they don't want to sit there for we made its fill out a ballot with fifty different questions i mean even filled
an absentee in florida or mail ballot takes forever me and paul are going to sit there for like an hour is like twenty different things on it called drop off stand the fact that the attorney general this candidate hence it be black again then only matters to the left not us because they are the real identity politics players we don't do that the attorney general down ballot got more votes than a governor terms ethically bore his kind of where this is not a referendum on trumped please stop denounces here more so that's the good news the good news is kentucky overall was pretty much a decent success lesser here's some organ from a local new jersey newspaper new jersey which again really the blue stayed out of anybody disputes adding more so i think you're bar of new york city now the democrats our major setbacks in new jersey is republic kids one of budget battleground legislative districts they acquire prushun verna
joe i thought it was a nation wide referendum on how bad trump is empty betty site i thought that's what this why we think alike there apparently it wasn't around them in new jersey or turkey or in mississippi i'll about you just make it out up again folks this was a referendum in new jersey on tromp pro or i'm not going to flip the script and do with the media did you say clearly in new jersey its trump territory that's not what i'm saying i'm telling you the truth that these local elections are local issues divorced mostly from national politics i e president trump people under jurors you're getting tired of democrats hike in their property tax suppose i again either you of this people get paid for political upon the tree millions of dollars per year to go on these national networks cable networks and tell you things
amateur our first grade level analysis furthermore trump really in new jersey it is a referendum in kentucky outcome republicans by double digits in nearly every other race final virginia which was deafening bad news yes why you putting in the good news territory folks because bridge he has been go and blue forever i'm actually surprised that wasn't worth virginia finally they why they lost control the state house and the state senate to the democrats foxes france has been going on for ever northern virginia in the virginia suburbs this is nothing new here for some bizarre reason have voting in at the second amendment eighty life a pro abortion pro taxes a people that want virginia to be more like maryland the phenomenon is a lot to do with government workers moving into virginia and the liberalizing of surrounding areas but the law
since last night were largely due to redistricting and the fact that and i believe a quarter of the races there wasn't even a republican on the ballot go over think virginia so this thoroughly good news but i put in kind of the good news slash bad news category don't over there can we been losing virginia for a long time and that we should fight there i'm just telling you that this is not a brenda my job it's a referendum on the changing dynamics and demographics of the virginia population with no right the i don't know good news to speaking before they get to the bad stuff this had a ballot initiative on the battle to up to basically so that arena to here's the bad news pennsylvania the suburbs in pennsylvania also had some success in that arena to here's the bad news pennsylvania the suburbs in pennsylvania had some really rough local elections ladies gentlemen we gotta be
problem in the suburbs before this national action we should ignore them delaware similar their bent local election spur city council county council type sees pensive delaware and even in iowa that went democratically first time in a long time and lobbies areas are suburb we're having issues over their folks i'd i'd i'd we shouldn't gloss over that there's your election analysis folks was don't believe the hide this was not a route for republicans by any stretch a bad night was an often i wasn't a big tragedy rebuilding to relax i'm like we got rooted every we had some actual symbolism pretty decent successes last night as well all right i want to get to the story now put it in the end the yesterday shall because you know the damn bond rule twenty four hour airing us i try to take on this matter stories as i can when the facts are fully and
calcified yet twenty four hours to evaluate everything and see what's going on so i played the video for you yesterday a portion of it of james o keefe screw project varieties which does just incredible were project our task specializes in under cover footage exposing media malfeasance democrat malfeasance this i think maybe they're they're coup de graf i mean this is them believe most stunning video yet so some of you sought on fox and elsewhere it's a video of a investing ever an investigative journalist abc on a hot my talking about how her higher upset abc basically scrap the story on accused pedophile jeffrey epstein allegedly killed themselves in prison in some dispute about that michael bogdan on fox and elsewhere who is a forensic pathologist saying that some of the yard by a lot
hallmarks of his death don't comport necessarily with suicide it was an interesting clip you're free to check it out let yourself that's not the purpose of that today the suicide stop the purpose today they reporters alleging that she had hard evidence a bow tied case of epstein involved with prominent figures and others and our sheep beats the suicide and she mentions how she had some stuff basically on bill clinton islanders its and others here other portion is i want to play for you and i want to give you to take a ways one of em you may not be here and elsewhere check this out
back in the other side is we're gonna dig into this little more so do i think he was killed a hundred percent because you wanna he made his whole living blackmailing people a lot of men in those plans a lot of men who visited that island law a powerful man who came into the apartment i know immediately never made it seem as though he may that suicide is held two weeks earlier because lawyers claim that he was rocked by has so many around an act that was all leg to plant the seed and then slight i really believe like really believe it no words speeding the veracity of authenticity by the way of that that audio video recording folks abc investigative reporter who some believe epstein killed himself
we didn't manipulate that project in project variant that's no one's claiming its manipulator falsely editor deceptively edited or anything like that like that he's put out a statement that mentions nothing about it being fake or anything like that so the able rapporteur now mentioned yesterday our scattering rashid may she makes two statements here too i want i want i'm gonna again the suicide they let's up you can evaluate the evidence listen to boston and others and make the decision yourself whether you believe jeffrey i've seen killed himself or not that's up to you i'm not gonna dig into that here i want to dig it the second part of this because it's important she mentioned something in that weapon you're free to rewind and listen again is a stoner tat she believes having research and investigate an interview people in this case that there was blackmail involve her song
folks i told you a long time ago in the show i'm sure joe remembers it because we got a tremendous amount of feedback and the show one nuclear i'll say it again you know before i say it again i wanna be careful here i want to be this is not my information so please don't print click bait headlines secret service agent says it's not my information don't i get i hate they do that this is not a sensational is show where we promote nonsense for the four effect this is information i received from somebody else who has not yet given me permission it would be unethical as a pervert iraq facts on this show to violate that person's trust we clear on that nickel is not mine the purse
gave me this information is not yet ready to go out having said that the information which i am free to talk about but at the identity of the person was again not yet comfortable with going forward with it is that we're some activities with building then on one of these epstein planes which bothers probably not shocking sadly to many of you with people who were suspiciously young looking women that eta minimum were highly unethical and add a man mom and surely illegal the deed chaos again i'm i'm not playing that's not my information to share i can't give you detail i don't have i can we give you what i've been told and have been given permission to share i want to be crystal clear on that so now
when you heard in that clip yesterday in the subsequent clip today from the investigative reporter at a b c that there is potential male involved and that she has information potential about clinton i wanted i went to take away number two number one again take wayne about i'm telling you there is some at minimum suspicious involvement of bill clinton on these flights with epstein answers this is young looking women and bill clinton cavities on those flights our cinder told me this by the way as i mean egypt credibility is it would be an she will whistleblower unlike the fake whistle which i'll get you a little bit too here's a second time when something you may not be hearing ladies and gentlemen there are credible allegations floating around here that there were relatively
sophisticated video networks at jeffrey emphases island in his apartment and potentially and other places swell these plants rather allegations but those allegations those may not have been epstein means cameras o o i'm trying to coordinate my facial expressions which shows grants and grove you think i'm a second or two behind just like it i'm just going leave that one there folks baby videos out there that are not necessarily abstinence create a problem for some of the people in those bids know
now you see why this case is such a disaster for them in a b c and everyone else will boy you're a law a high profile people folk says that rapporteur said who visited those places on video to by the way i find got a convenient than we had to molly hemingway from the federalist from an excellent point of fox news last night that yo abc that spike the story on epstein according to this before it or not be she's on tape dog and abandonment that these other at worst joe they had no problem at all running with unverified ridiculous lies about bread cabin on the coming did kids member that coming together get it through the with that indian gentlemen remember that problem ruddy would that be a story but they ve story here were investigate report claims to have information from a victim a victim about high of clientele client if you know what i mean and abc spikes it
you wonder why the media's credibility is exactly zero credibility of hot garbage because that's what they are hot garbage to waste your time you know we warble at source when you're ready because it's good at the doll story is even more interesting than i'm let not because i don't want to out his identity by given too many details but i promise when he's ready you'll hear it here by my fault of honour wherein the sheriff enabling it to be a sponsor the patriot awards then i give them a shadow that's a great charity i folks let me get to our second sponsor the day can't lose your car you would show your health you know what a loose at either how is it that some that all we ve or your house why because it matters we can't lose it you your car can't lose your car you would show your health you know what a loose at either how is it some that all we were so you don't have an emergency food supply food insurance now this is an insurance like an insurance policy this is actual food
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and i ll come that's prepare within that calm seas seventy two hours on these food kids today prepare within that calm ensuring food supply it's a smart thing to do yeah folks there's a lot more to come and that epstein case and i need you to state you into my show because i'm telling you our sources this europe absolutely unimpeachable now because as joe likes to say this is everything you need to know what an hour a lot happened yesterday as well i'd like to spend more time on that but a lot of stuff happened yesterday so yesterday more transcripts from me this grit soviet style star chamber fake impeachment proceedings sleaze ball out she is really more of a more released yesterday instead you see my time and what you're doing is their release him in a very specific order to do maximum damage short sharp and what they're doing releasing them and their life highlighting certain bullets further for the hacks media the same media that scrap the epstein story are highlighting certain portions of it to make it seem again like trump made some
special deal with the ukrainians to attack is political points ladies and gentlemen i can say this enough democrats treated this out yesterday they d as though you will be as with you know what i'm saying they love to do this i brought serbia should bring it up again the ledge the other trying to impeach the present about with ukraine for information on binding did not happen ok they call it the quid pro quo la latin for this for that you gave us hunter biden information obligations will give you military it ladies and gentlemen the what the quid pro quo by the way is actually as its change like a hundred times do first it was military aid for hunter bite may then it was a meeting at the white house now nobody knows what it is the quid pro quo
happened because on the call they allege it happened according to fake whistleblower whistleblower we have the transcript we read it it's not dare listen to me we have the transcript so the democrats in and their secret meetings now are leaking transcript trying dazzle you with want korea bs to get you to believe something in this transcript with isn't what happened yesterday what folks score someone who was our ambassador to the european union who was one of the point people on this ukraine on i should say and upon this on on the continuing relationship with ukraine gordon sung son and gave testimony which he revised and at some point is vice testimony he said he presumed resumed the key word that
some of the military aid to ukraine is gonna be contingent on their fight against corruption and a public statement ok why the way where's the media bombshell usually what did they say about that that's what happened here with me he wants you to believe happened in conjunction with shipping sleaze ball team gordon founded amidst there was a quid pro quo ass lady gentlemen here we go again that's not what someone said here's the he's from town all please read it it's very good work better gordon samas testimony does not confirm quid pro quo soulier rose s good these town hall i will have it up at the shoulder today again in my newsletter that doesn't sound great someone did revises testimony say that he presume that again i'm here to give you the floor to cite a shining moment for the trial allow this is great sorting would have received
then provide testimony this the same guy by the way someone who texted bill taylor to say crystal clear from the present there was no quid pro quo so it seems that well what does he basing their presumption on military aid in conjunction for corruption announcement against policeman other work you know that we engaged in an investigation corruption for from the town all peace here is what the debt cracks in the media are eating out of the sun when transcript from his testimony just kind of important a little this so let all needle told lawmakers when he talked with but about ukraine trump told them quote i want nothing i want no quid pro quo i want the whisky the ukrainian president to do the right thing oh yeah i know me too
i know i don't i don't get it so let's get there just to be clear to me activists in conjunction with sleaze bullshit lead you to believe yesterday they get if you did twenty four hours and you reported this timidity drop like the media did breathlessly confirmed quid pro quo you again why'd you made to look like a fool suddenly made a presumption based on information he didn't have we he later stated the president corrected in a call and stated unequivocally quote i want nothing no quid pro quo you realize what kind of an imbecile you have to beat a report that there's a confirmed quid pro quo when his testimony says the exact opposite now i'm not trying to pile on some when he was clearly in over his head clear with this whole thing piling on the guy but facts matter you may be saying to yourself folks why
bastard or someone despite being told by trump and texting to other people repeatedly there was no quid pro quo why would someone be confused and presume otherwise well ladies gentlemen let's take a look at some testimony yesterday which i put up on the screen youtube dot com mancino please subscribe folks offering so resolved in asks him some basic questions this is who is supposed to be one of the point people on ukraine least lisa then is a republican congressmen from long island district wanted but new york new york district went alone she's together backwards here asking him questions about burisma i want to ask you some additional questions about charisma do you know i raised my do you know who's watch ascii is someone who xl then slot chaskey a browser now he'll ages ago
view no wiser chaskey was an oligarchy was without you know why so so chaskey was an oligarchy with ownership stake aborigines explaining to do you know i presume and we're under investigation for corruption ukraine silent i do to us one more sell them but you are aware that a hundred bind was hired for paid position on the board of directors silent again based on press accounts based on press accounts yes listen guys ladys among pilot on salmon so my goal here and i'm really i don't know the man she's a nice guy i've never met him in my life but now do you understand why he may i presume there was a quid pro quo despite the president tell him the opposite the guide we even know who parizade minds le chaskey what are they proprietors of charisma that hired business a pretty the hired binds kid to be on its board bobby investigated by the ukrainian silently even already it is hidden
if no hunter biden work there until the press told them all i'm trying to say folks is made not the best sky on subject matter expertise for ukraine and the president's in still fighting ukrainian corruption he didn't even what about it then when the guy vultures testimony who to be clear with the envoy not the ambassador ukraine wait kurd vulgar testimony was released vultures asked the question about the quid pro quo any clearly states they ask him why he didn't mention if he goes because it they exist i didn't know there was one folks i'm really genuinely sorry if you keep getting suckered by these false ridiculous media narratives but i'm if if its ever did the president committed high crimes misdemeanours treason or private will be reported here i do not protect golden calf
i'm interested in law and order in the constitutional republic not the republican party first i'm telling you you are being lied to there was no confirmation of a quid pro quo yesterday there was a can used ambassador who had no details of the case who told them in article equal terms on the road the president said no quid pro quo who made a presumption based on information you didn't even have it's a second grade level analysis unfortunately we have to engage in to combat the media stupidity you're being subjected to everyday within ten minutes thing breaking i saw an article on political confirm or a tweet on of what is europe firm quid pro quo four guys know quite proper oh my gosh i i gotta a more don't go anywhere solomon stuff more deuces air i've been avoiding the mike flint story for a couple days because again i'm just trying to
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jack up anymore convincing check out the youtube channel youtube dotcom slash bravo company usa check it out folks just spectacular product ok so there's been some additional major breaks in in the witch hunt scam case against might flint new power who is an excellent lawyer who has been all over this mike when case and has been forcing brady revelations and others and the government is getting them to admit to things and the things there meetings you ladies and gentlemen are staggering in the level of malfeasance that went into this which up for those you forget the details mike the national security advisor for president tribe for a brief period two weeks interview by the white house at an ambush interview former fbi director james commies already admitted to a smog arrogant condescending interview he did with i believe it was in a coal msnbc recently we just sense
agents over the white house kind of knowing we wouldn't have done away with this with anyone else but we tried it anyway on the trumpet because that's the kind of sleep belgium call me is in there in our view mike when was asked about conversations he had with the russian ambassador months prior door that conversation some details were left out flynn attributed to a loss in memory he took a plea late for other reasons that beyond the scope of this now but i'm pretty sure i have the reason why flynn didn't remember the full details of the conversation the fbi takes what's on that the notes they take on a form call they three o too this is gonna be important in a minute they know on the interview do seem to match up with the statements by the fbi prior the the ages who interviewed mike when peter stroke and european car at the white house in the ambush interview a p
based on the fbi statements that they didn't believe he was lying to them but why is that a problem because folks my point being charged with line to the fbi and say that rob that's problem they david there are david swayed by the fbi s a big problem where they uncovered no indications in future if you want to sound smart or whatever of deception that's kind of big deal when you're accusing flynn of deception now what's been an ongoing problem this sum this up and put the led out front here is that no of the interview seemed the keep changing any rigid old rio jews or the digital hand written oats things there are just not jive in wood what flint actually set i covered some of this last week but these powers got them on the record and there's this interesting piece but the washstand examiner written by a former fbi official james galiano being the show
roads today worth your time the michael when smoking gun fbi headquarters altered the interview summer now what this thing about this piece is this when galiano worked with the fbi any rights and the peace that list i never wanted to a tribute to malfeasance what i can contribute to stupidity in other words he starts its annex on peace totally worth your time please open in your email mail today if you get my if you get my newsletter he says job which is sensible that maybe fbi scale yellow talking that you know i don't know contribute a malicious mode of someone who may just be stupid mighty says in the beginning i thought this effort to target flynn in spite of all this in believe that it was necessarily malfeasance show i think the guy stroke trying to impress new fbi lawyer girlfriend lisa page saying
staff and maybe screwing things up ok ferret thereby why do the pieces after reading what happened what flynn i am now throwing that re out the window and telling you what happened if win wasn't tangible active malfeasance that it seriously what after might flint what does he based on from galiano peace to quote from him in the peace memory he worked at the fbi member there been allegations from giving the fbi manipulated the notes on flint to make it look like eli here's galiano quote it is unheard of for someone not actually on the interview materially alter a trio do as fbi agent no one in my chain of command ever directed me to alter consequential wording and it's a long time fbi supervisor i never ever directed and age to recollect something different from what they do turn during an interview goes on
turning a three oh do for errors and grammar punctuation syntax is appropriate this occurs before the document is ultimately uploaded to particular file could join with the original interview notes which are safe we see you're inside a one envelope and secured is part of the it's a trial he go finally here it is with this in mind this text message from peter stroke to pay it stated february ten nauseated me quote stroke to page i made at its and sent them to joe i all email view and updated three o too i'm not asking you to edited this weekend i just wanted to send it to you for keep in mind the lead here the fbi agents that interviewed him stroke in piazza and strokes love interest lisa page stroke in page inner you stroke antioch interview pay
if you of flynn page is involved in an editing process of the notes that interview that don't comport what the f b i told fbi headquarters the fbi its interview him said there were no indications of deception later on that so the interview evolved to use the morocco balmy evolved area which doesn't mean evolve means where deceptively changed to make it appear that when deadlye even though the as the us fbi said he didn't now sidney powell who's been drop in tactical nukes on these idiots for a long time filed a request for brady material meaning we want to see the material that may proof when was innocent right my or not guilty precise legal terms matter b o j files this bombshell yesterday back with the court look at this thing this is incredible i haven't upon the screen the fbi
god's gives me the department of justice acknowledges the sydney powell and this letter that the denotes an writ notes job do that we hear the notes we don't wear peter strokes we're really bianca's and the peacock is no we told you ip address we're really strokes oh kind of a big one but why would that matter what's really happening here so the fbi building one of the most important consequential cases against the deck created u s patriot mike when have been telling us theatre turn that the notes which were deceptive we added that we're strokes were really strokes we're pianos why would they matter it is generally because bianca's notes were the more detailed notes so probably better
the fbi to say oh yes stroke the guy leading the charge is he's the one who wrote those but he didn't write those those were in his foes we have yet to this day seen the entire paper trail of the actual notes for the where's that one day envelope the written note i suppose deposited into what's the date on those they clearly that they believe flynn is showing no indications of deception may be telling the truth those original hand written notes by pianosa or stroke or bianca pretending to be stroker stroke pretending to be bianco god bed those notes say clearly that they believe flynn is showing no indications of deception it may be telling the truth
we'll just have to see what happens on that now we folks would have officials are right not beds in the sneeze amateur say listen i attributed this stupidity now it looks like open mouth he's the fbi's got a lot of in to do folks what we want is important here a lot of stuff going on john solomon again it's been all over this case i told you what you years ago i'm convinced john sound these to write for the hill now write to john solomon reports i believe the fox news contributor not too much sure solomon knows the whole story i'm convinced the sources are impeccable he's been dripping it out jim drabs and he's been doing the same thing with the hunter by ukraine story where the ukrainian company hired hundred by clearly now to gain access with the united states government to make a corruption investigation into that ukrainian cast somebody go away while vp biden was the appointment and ukrainian no conflict of interest that all therefore do not now remember
i want to talk about this john solomon reports pieces working time being the show notes again check this out john solomon reports november fifth twenty nineteen in the midst of twenty sixteen election state department sober asthma as joe widens issue memo show how's i've we been too have we not forget more media lies because that's what they do have we not been told now since the store we broke about the mass ukrainian scandal involving the biden family in the dnc have we not been told that job i nothing about it and let us not by these problems we ve been told that courageous would be both everybody ground yourself right here even you i'm right here you are to run the show this is there's nothin do what biden it's this kid does his own thing job as an involved this has been the official matches biden statement but the statement of the democrats defending by this well lead
this has nothing to do with job i'd really because what is extremely something was going out of solomon uncovered some emails and for your request that's what the state farm everyone else who check this from john solomons report quote a multiple ass of a q and a memo prepared for marie ivanovitch o she'll come up again in the second who was the yesterday ukraine so let's get this straight the democrats your bombing preparing a q and aid for jovanovic gypsies asked about this and are sent a confirmation that departments uk experts urge the incoming ambassador and stick to the simple answer quota have any comment on hundred bind the vice presidents on serving the border charisma major ukrainian gas company the draft you and i said the recommended answers for you out of it it's not a problem or it's not a problem folks i thought it was if it's not a problem just answer the question why can't you oughta be changed
gentlemen this may seem like not a big deal this is huge because it's in acknowledgment by the state the pot that of course by not another referendum that binds office they get an odd thing they say is not a proper i owed all or it's not a problem folks i thought it was if it's not a problem just answer the question why can't you out of a change for the question because i know this thing does a mail is sent and part abiden that know anything about these kids why are we referring to binds office now jovanovic really apparently can't stand donald trump and was the ambassador to you hu according to multiple sources who said to me was bad mouthing trump overseas repeatedly and may have been part according to solomons reporting of a do not prosecute list of people who may have
damage to the democratic party in the ukraine if they were prosecuting ukraine's use me you ve got it just trying to paid or such like some kind of a say and you know folks remember again we ve always been told you listen a bongino and and foxen lombardo they're all conspiracy theories where the liberals we're on the side of truth you ve she's a saint really if you ve got a reaches a saint than the stories i've report on the show by the way which have been made nearly a hundred percent of the time on spike in ukraine why were you vine average asking for us manner on the show all you didn't know that here there was little watch what is our conspiratorial about it it was a social media watch was fine my point is then i'm alleging anything illegal against divine i don't have all the details on my point is this why was marie ivanovitch asking for me little all
mind you know to be monitored if everything here since the conspiracy there are you don't believe me had tipped judicial watch my buddy confident here's a quick youtube videos segment from it where he describes boy requests how they found out about you vaudeville monitoring me and others of despite the fact that we're supposing conspiracy theories check this out so tom there's nothing with a story that we broke involving this day department and the so called enemies list involving journalists and trump allies can you give of yours and update what's going on what we were first the report there was what was believed it illegal monitoring of the activities of people closer tromp his lawyer is rachel jani specifically thou trumped junior a bunch of journalists including fox news house such as shown here luke gobs sarah carter and john solomon and journalists for that ellie wire dan bounty oh is online as well
we're being monitored at the request of ambassador you ravage who was pulled back from pressed by president trouble was interviewed by the shift investigation the coup investigation was i call it and you have on average supposedly was the one ordering this to take place and are reporting is it when they asked for help from the satan in washington dc somerset hole you now to be my charming american citizens like us even if it is only social media postings while she confirmed that there was an effort to monitor americans she said she really know who specifically is being monitored and civic was illegal but that's not what our reporting shows but it confirms the monitoring was taking place now hope she subscribed love this as for it she one of our treatment yourselves idiot you wanna email marie controllers separate prescribed your email is go to you
you ve got com slashed by guida we really appreciate to grab at subscribe apple pod cares cougar like you say my teacher at the end of the shell beg you know very well that i already did some guy gosh you know we gotta get on the t shirt game you know we donate off the bonn gino store on the website folks by the way just a charity the eggs quick plug everything you our proceeds go to charity scholarship fund me do so if you want to go to bongino dot com pick up show t shirts you can do it there mugs and everything else i haven't plugged in a while but that would be a great one show dearborn hope you subscribing only insiders through the show would ever get that that was good very funny i'm just saying get if it's all a big conspiracy theory what is marie ivanovitch worried about i don't wanna ended pre story but it's worth it has been in the for a for a couple days you want to go back on added in there this week i mean it's org peace why does this matter the bogus consensus argument on climate crowded p murphy it's this is either mrs institute which this great work i have this piece in the shower
notes you can look up these yesterday showing the day before as well as i put it in a couple times up only talking at this the end the show as it's a quick story but it's important because during this election continue to hear this bogus argument which i am sure many of you have heard multiple times nineties seven percent of climate scientists agree human beings are destroying the world and climate change is real folks that is a fake nonsense that this again off matt's listen to my fact checker be great to do just a quick to bunk this on this to as a follow up true ok folks ninety seven percent of scientists do not agree that climate change is being caused by human now may say ok well what do they waited that come from well from the mice this piece of mrs peace this is definitely worth your time when it comes down what the study actually found this economist david henderson noticed that a even less impressive than what other awe of researchers had reported here's henderson those
in these seven percent kid that we're tied the ninety five percent aside considered only abstracts that express the position on eighth or promote eva me global warming human cause climate change i find it interesting he writes a two thirds of the abstract didn't they position at all so taking into account friedman's criticism at mine cook in bedford summarizing their findings why did this statistic should say folks is quote of the approximate one third of climate scientists writing on global warming who stated a position on the role of humans these seven percent on humans contribute somewhat to global warming that doesn't care have the same ring now bears some folks only a third these climate scientists even took a position
and then they do not say conclusively human beings that ninety seven percent say human beings are a potential has not the potential costs man we you do this all day it's just you know you gonna hear that stupid statistic when you hear it just laugh big it's not ninety seven percent it's a third and of that third and seven percent agree humans have a role not be roll that's a little different what you just said liar boy how i folks isolated yet again to see what the patriot awards openly or over there we'll be back tomorrow give you an update on how why there should be a lot of fun please the charter youtube channel youtube com flashpoint gino we're all those there three hundred thousand teetering on the edge go check that out and aspire to a newsletter upon gino that companies
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