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What Side are the Democrats on? (Ep 1151)

2020-01-06 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the disgusting, shameful response by the Democrats to the termination of terrorist Soleimani. I also address a new angle on the brewing John Brennan - Jim Comey feud and the reasons behind it. Finally, I address the massive exodus from liberal states and the hilarious comedy monologue from Ricky Gervais addressed to Hollywood elites. News Picks:These two Spygate conspirators have given conflicting testimony regarding their support of the hoax dossier. 


What team are the hypocritical Democrats on?


Comedian absolutely shreds Hollywood elitists at the Golden Globe awards.


Even Obama’s former DHS Secretary backs up President Trump’s decision-making.


Cowardly Hollywood lunatic Michael Moore begs the Ayatollah for mercy. 


People can’t get out of California fast enough.


Lindsey Graham suggests the Senate should rapidly scrap this sham impeachment. 


Inside the plot by the Iranians to attack us. 


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ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee know why yes say another busy news weekend i always love being back here on monday welcome to the damp mancino shell producer joseph farmer cost our unity fine sir daniel i'm doing really really really really well gladly back on a monday and it was a pretty restful weak and other than outside the nearby with it while i thank you for your work on the rudy giuliani interviewed showed the great work in producing that its up on our youtube channel youtube dot com slash mancino you're not gonna wanna message it s gone viral they rudy giuliani interview joe heard in right is it not a good one example really good yeah you're not gonna need some bob shells on ukraine spy gain and we even get into what he did new york to clean the streets up which is really gets check that youtube that compromise reminded you know also available on audio per audio question is what are they gonna have to get it
including the democrats being driven through sheer insanity in the trump ear this was paul as idea did this week it wouldn't be a good idea to do it i've been on the show point again crazy trump is driven the democrats to the point of near insanity where their defending at the end frances for that i have that some other news on spy gate rickeys your base which i'm sure you ve heard i now just slack report the golden gloves i get to highlight a lot to get you are i can issue if you are but at bravo company manufacturing ladies german bro company manufacturing by the finest providers of what i believe to be the best rifles out there now i have to he's probably company manufacturing rifles they are absolutely amazing they are on point every single time they there's no i have not fired a better rifle i love them i wouldn't endorse this company otherwise you know how strongly i believe in individual liberty and personal responsibility and the founders of bravo company knew these were the cornerstones of great of a great
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a single body an animal is actually an insult and she's right most animals are actually pretty loving this bridge so sula body it's it's a disgrace to animals to call him and animal so we'll stick would savage it is absolutely correct on that one what money is now dead thanks to the decisions made by donald trump and heroic relic actions of our military which of course are on the front lines of this now of course leave it to the democrats to try i defend this defend the death then iranians commander with the blood of a minimum a minimum folks a minimum six hundred americans on his hand which we know about the record but is map columbo has up our sight one in five deaths in iraq are thought to be attributed to sula mighty and its people and there and there and their terrorist engineering there is theirs this is an utter passionately good thing that this guy is leaving a rack and a body back there's no question about that among same people but it never catch our insane anymore so people
but i rack who have been subjected to iranians tyranny in their efforts to influence iraqi governance and in iraqi people violation that's probably yearning to be free like most people around the world are some them celebrated and mike pompiers secretary of state after the death of sula money tweet it out this video of irene in running through the shriek and celebrate in new york times wasn't happen that joe the new york times cannot have the story because remember don't forget the media and the new york times illiberal activists funds are telling you a story not their story so what is a story the new york times wants to tell you that there are not celebrating the iraqis this isn't a good thing so here's the headline is an actual headline from the new york times a veto treated by pompey was authentic however is this web chin was mislead come on the fight me come on now come on this is real this is reduced
actually happen this is the new york s job member they gotta get out ahead of the story the facts facts or what pomp tweeted was author yes yes it was a video of iraqis celebrating the fact that this i terrorist who was trying to in trade the iraqi government and influence iraqi policy in the direction away from freedom iraqi celebrated this cab instead nobody's course in to see this night but the new york times can have that story after why why myself why has a hammer airs edward to gather up arab whip it out of foxes weak em again lose at rarely happens happened on fox in france because oh the story of iraqi celebrating in the street at the death of iranians terrorist my positively benefit their country and reflect possibly and donald trump cannot possibly be told the new york times has to
interference remember the new york times you know the new york times vendors of the communist soviet union for dead you know the new york times for decades who defended the anti american crab as david horowitz calls these people there the anti anti car meet us david horowitz is always said that in other words like we were the communists and freedom fighters so the new york times and others are at the anti communist terror against us they're just against people who are for freedom like these iraqis so here is this here's this from the actual here's a quote from the peace this is real again from the new york times again i ask this morning on fox if present i'll ask again about the times and the liberals what's what are you guys are banned listen to this quote witnesses in iraq so that only a handful of men carrying iraqi flags had run not dance show they gotta be clear they run but they weren't dancing so popolo said they were dancing in the street it wasn't a dance they could not verified the dance it wasn't it official jig run
the moraine gay it wasn't the putsch anger i'm not a real dance there must be a dirty dancing good i hear neil depression anger or whatever it was it wasn't a dance it was around the new york times ass to be specific jody go out alone the road while the voice of a man speaking near the camera was heard praising the killing of suliman overran in a targeted u s air strike on friday at bagdad airport the unity of our times wants to be crystal clear joe it was a rhyme wasn't a day that's important in its and you may laugh it like this is this is it the member that you're the one the post of accuracy dies in the darkness echo your i q dies with the washington post in the new york times reading this this is a serious article iraqis are celebrating the death of this iranians who's trying to take away their freedom in their country and the new our times rights seriously that none of you know the videos i think this was clearly a run that a dance they
oh great literature i want to give a shit out of my life deserves our idea has a great deal what we do and drive and politics you gotta do is segment on the democrats constantly being on the other side of america in just about every prominent fire how do you think this rabbits over the liberal that's out there but i'm talking about to normal people right how do you think this the nature of average americans that a guy who is on question billy at a minimum has the blood on his hands of over six huh drew americans that we took him out and big resonates a middle american when the new york times its biggest concern joe is it was a run not a damn it was not a dance it was the roma this clearly iran that your story why do you hate this country so much what what what what nowhere if we get if cc rosen
the be seated what side are you on man now it gets worse the mainstream media again if they did they can't let this member thus story isn't passionately good one we finally got this guy who is regionally killed thousands if not more been responsible for at least two six hundred american like one of the world's leading sponsors of terror and unabashedly good the media can have that but i want to share this one because this is a total phased plan again by the second aramis guy a media who body its quest for you knew listeners you may not know this who is this thou misguided media i know you're all in your car listen to my show shocked i do i know that following all we of course jaw bryanston therefore cnn who is always the domicile black me on twitter richest larry title b which is great so stealth there's the thomas choctaws their budgets
always a close race remember their running methods it is natural that help is toxic here's the chuck tat is always trying to pass delta for being the dumbest guy media so here's chuck tied in nbc desperately trying to rephrase the story from an unabashedly good one we find we got rid of the sky to something that reflects poorly and trouble so the new democratic in point which todd tries to parent here with get along with job well you ve already seen eclipse so you get the chief but with a bomb is former de age s secretary j johnson obama this is j johnson this was bob as former digest secretary who is a guest on hapless silver meddling in the dopey olympics chuck cod on a show and shock trot tat tries to get j johnson to say hey there's some problems with this right trumpet really have the authority do that because they cannot have this story reflect positive job but what our trump bob what's changed yards at what stage
completely shot about a check how does it know what to do check this out for your how much very sectarian council the defence department separate explained for viewers why does my computer keeps saying terrorists there is a legal reason he keeps saying that were isn't it not necessarily help if you believe everything that our government is saying about general saw money he was a lawful military objective and the president under constitutional authority as commander in chief had ample mastic legal authority to take him out without an additional congressional authorization the weather terrorists are general military force that was engaged in armed attacks against our people he was a lawful military object now
to be clear that audio that's not joel nepal that was actually nbc he must have hit is mighty apology johnson that's not a site i want you to breathe email me about jets are chose for thanks to that he must hit his microphone us the path but what working age you know gentlemen we have some real audio protest was that you made us about everything which we love we love we're not beyond criticism here sometimes we mess up there but that is not us what's going on there the democratic and need a talking point by democrats i mean shock todd brian stealth and others they are functionally democrats and activists right then i'm serious media people they are talking point here joe cannot possibly be that this is a good thing trump did for the sake of the country and for the betterment of the world they can have their so there argument here the chuck todd striving new but you may have missed it he specifically asked john said about the word yes terrorists because they're talking point it's gonna be follow me that
i saw a mighty may have been a bad guy but he wasn't really a terrorist he was a state actor so joe this clearly wasn't assassination and assassinations prohibited s assassination prohibited were not allowed to do that engaged in targeted assassinations the united states try me somebody joe you follow my i'll catch bro you picking up going on laying down here chalk cod thinks he's got a but here we go but but this sucker for j johnson he sure j johnson given that he's obama administration officials going to agree with so we some up with a bud and says j the trump administration is using the word terrorists for recent right because they don't want you to believe they assassinated state actor against the rules of war and rules of conflict in the united states call right that's why and johnson psych ma now that's really not relevant in this case trumpet the authority to do it at chuck does like
fifthly the welfare women you know what to do because you just made that up of course tromp had the the authority to do to prevent an imminent attack on our our embassy to prevent any attack if he s intelligence and solemn bodies in the planning stages of a new attack on u s forces overseas are you seriously suggesting with a straight face the command the chief has no authority to do that folks i an interventionist please i understand we have enlarged libertarian following you know i have the utmost respect for you now that all the time on fed policy i think we have a yo yo definitely in the right a lot of our foreign policy approaches we should i'd be the world's police force but i ask a very simple question those of you on any side of the political spectrum singling out one a very serious question
what is more likely to lead us into a blog a regional conflict in a war we don't want serious question joe opposes the youtube allowing endless attacks by the iranians americans overseas i grant that i don't think we should be there either i'm with you but we are we have to accept world as it is not out there you don't want to i don't think we should be there either i'm with you but we are there there are our citizens their due in the business of the united states government whether you agree with it are not that's where we have elections for is the quicker path to arrive no conflict and war we don't want allowing the iranians to endlessly target americans all over the world and kill them which and surely will wear down the public and lead to a dramatic response mobile dropped on a major targets in and i ran mother of all bombs or get in trouble cutting this off now and say guys
you really want to escalate and i'm sending you right now a message that this is what's gonna happen i am personally get a target you i think the answer is obvious anymore equally path towards war if president trumpeted do nothing ladies and gentlemen this is a constitutional republic the vote of people political office in the officers that represent them in the united states government still matters it's only a matter of time for them before the american people we this is a brave country full but they're not going to allow endless attacked overseas nonstop by iranians who keep sending back our people in body bags it's not gonna happen soon later a message to be sent it had to nobody was going to stop the iranians from escalating this dear ready we are committed to death to america is not rational people you have to send a message of strength can i give you quit example on this one time let's you may have heard this example before and i forgive me i'm not trying to
if overly simplistic analogies diminish what's going on here i'm not i you stand the gravity of the situation where in a hundred percent but when i grew up there was a friend of mine the sky vinnie the short guy he really couldn't fight very well at all but the kid that guts i meant i mean it i'm attic messing around he was a he was a really short katy now i can answer muscle on anyone who best with him he would fight you and he would blues ninety nine percent of time but it didn't matter joe you ve heard this story before guy like you it didn't matter because really would fight you and you prepared to get no fight ends with both sides leaving unscathed even when you went and i'll tell you why nobody mess with this kid that's it i'm not making a story on anyone hung out me over you know exactly who i'm talking is always going to know why
he's always kind of fire and after a while people got tired of it they were like all right i can beat this guy up but i'm probably gonna get a black guy he's gonna hit me with some and even if i win the fight i'm still gonna like any real because i was supposed to win the fight and now i'm all scratted identify nobody mess with this ever he and nobody else and people who just came a dying out what our crew tried to mess with some people would warn of don't mess i'm telling you this kid will fight you at the door at the drop of a hat and nobody asked with him again i don't now oversimplify a very serious situation my suggestion is only at some point we have to send a message and you have to fight back so the iranians understand there's gonna be a consequence to their actions and those consequences you're gonna be personal it is short but i wouldn't put put it beyond this precedent to start targeting the mullahs themselves if you're gonna declared
american war the united states personally you could be next he's not kidding now might even done yet here is one of the boy our approach is this is this is one of the greatest pieces of sound we're gonna cut out a very slow if a moment for a reason i have there is ever am i drop moment on television this is it this secretary of state might palm pale on with chris why less on fox news and the chris whilst is going to ask him a question about well is this peter drive is this basically making president trump weak the world stage you to listen to mike pompiers answer this one in one of the greatest might abutments i've ever seen in media check this out bomber
illustration created enormous rest to the american people in iran this administrations working too does that risk finally some analyze suggests that the impeachment of president tromp has embolden and is like iran and north korea to think that they can confront had do you think that misguided as it may be that some of our enemies think that this president is more vulnerable because impeachment effort you should ask mr sylla money but not that kind of hard to ask mister solomon i think that was the point you sure you won't even ask em i take it back you can ask mr soulier money
you will probably not get an answer if you do let me know because there's been some kind of very significant moment shift and how we view the whole life cycle think can ask all you want you are probably not going to get an answer back we ve got one there i saw that as it happened live and i was like i ve got more on this egg again this segment is about the democrats again being on the wrong side of america these days on just about everything what side are these guys and ladys on i've got more before we get there we shall also brought you abide by our bodies at he'll sleep you don't feel kind of for today feel good it's a monday morning i don't always feel good on monday morning as i'm on the weekend sleep cycle we had date night this weekend was great we love there
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quickly before we get the session when you know why they're doing a shrink the reason the democrats are doing this is they are stemmed in the past the democrats in the media to intimidating republicans past presidential straightens prominent republican centres and congressmen the democrats the story in the media for that you know their media activists hacks and bodies and they'll say somethin like you know that guy a resurgence of racist we're saying that when it wasn't that at all and of course the republican so back down and cowards democrats i'll take a victory lap ass we did it trump gives exactly zero and if what's off double barrel middle fingers to these media hacks everywhere just doesn't care of amelia has that you get this right so the media has to there are tat substantially each time and make them more and more disgusting and vicious it'd effort to get drunk to back down because he wont to the point will the family and events indefensible microsoft suleiman but that's not it
brought up some all gems from the democrats like nancy pelosi using article at rio clear politics member went pelosi trump call them as thirteen animals which they argue again you know what i again i don't like these eighty zero km sabbath trump call them animals implying they were or he would offer people nancy pelosi calling people animals is not a good day jumping to the defence of s thirty nice job nan so now when i was a gem then of course we had nuclear talks were kim jong on where it appeared that the left leaning writers that slight and elsewhere were actually jumping to the defence of kim jong own slate democrat presidential was criticised trump over meeting when north korea is give different member pilot sense that the waters that you can throw all that out the window politics now goes even into international affairs were to try to get kim jong moon and the north korea to de nuclear eyes the democrats
where are the wrong side of everything that matters are my final one in this here is just being a disgrace that humankind make levelled disgrace even if you believe in alternate universes like that string theory m theories that this guy's at this grace and all of those universes that could exist than the one we know exists here michael more yeah liberal goofball michael more sends iranians leader a direct messages a bright born article by ben kubi up at the show no today punch you know that come me and millions of americans remove tribe like michael more left this lunatic is actually sliding into the dmz on twitter of the a rainy and mullahs to coordinated effort to get rid of donald trump this is real that articles is not a joke i mean it is a joke the jokes on them that these people are serious yet they call more sliding into the dams like he's trying to pick up women on twitter or something tat the eye
paul and a coordinated operation and do what can read it trump this actually happened folks hollywood michael more millionaire fraud clown if you i get these articles by the way that we pull for the shell everyday delivered through your inbox go to bonn gene that calm slash newsletter we will send them mighty i encourage you to do it we don't does spam your e box or go to bonn gino poor dot com where we usually include these articles on our alternative to the now left leaning dredge reports abbe remember folks i ll leave you with this question what side of these guys on you remember i am not kidding i'll ride down one unwrapped the super just one more question to the conservatives libertarians republicans insane democrats there are many in the audience i want to ask you this do you remember a time after the killing of osama bin laden where'd you ever thought that was a bad thing despite the fact that the obama administration was in charge when it happened i'm serious grandma kidding i'm just going to ask you
partly i don't i don't remember of manufacture paul remember where we were in severn apart sitting on the couch do you remember me say look at already gone listen it's a good night for american eu member that she does she's not in your head and approved because it happened i do not look at my wife god man that's really socks we got ballade because obama did it you're crazy you have to be nuts i before i get the despite its stuff this is gonna be a loaded show it may have to go over today so the golden globes were last night i listen i don't watch this stuff ever but then that i do media commentary sometimes i'm questioned about it so what i do is the way to not to give them the ratings is i go twitter the next day and i see little snippets of why whatever the oscars of the golden globs or other big events i would never pay attention to are run by liberals and the golden clubs typically there's weeks
it was a disgrace last night a bunch of dopey stupid speeches with no basis in reality but ladies and gentlemen i know many of you watching you news may have seen this already this is worth it i gonna play the whole thing it's seven minutes long wait too long ricky your vase comedian did america huge public service last night he gets up it is opening monologue at the golden clubs absolutely burns the house down shreds these hollywood snob a leaders in a way i've never seen done before i want to play a couple cuts they're both rather brief but they're worth your time and its point you on the other end of these cuts why there's one i don't want to show that not just play cuts for entertainment effect if it doesnt have something i can expound on and give you the mental material for i'm not gonna do it i'm unexplained you why this really matters i get it's a comedy act
forget it we're all celebrating adjust chest pounding which we should be that your base just full laid hollywood elite snobs but this this is important culturally for a number of reasons which are getting for an honest play cut one first this is your vase he makes a joke about the epstein into and listen to what he says about these hollywood guys check this out you could binge watch the entire person of arthur life instead of watching the show that that's a show about a man who wants to kill himself because these wise dies of cancer and its still more fun than this ok spoiler i'm season two is on the way to go in the end it was they didn't kill himself slug jeffrey axing i never your friend by dont care you ought to write your own why are you implying dinner right dude georgie
the idea that some people may say yes it did at the end the member they epstein play and all that is left is horrible stuff happened to these each young way this is this is serious that he says you you you when you're on your own plane did you folks do this guy absolutely fillet by suggesting that everything was with a lot of these people and yet where support to be taking our moral political cultural spirit or guidance from these lunatics he remembered the this thing is one of the greatest what is this about a minute to have joe minute and a half of coming monologue i've seen in my life licked listener to ricky gervais filet these idiots for being the know nothings they are by the way the black spot of here that's again not be ngo that was nbc deleting out where you are
i'll tell you in advance what is so you can kind of mentally put it you can hear bleep at the end is essentially a black spot he says the f word off that's it like if we get off this stage have listened to this put those in your you can fill in the blanket the end this is him for laying these hollywood snobs for being the jobs that they are checked this apple road into the dixie game with a morning show a superb drama here as the drama about the importance of dignity and doing i think maybe a company that run sweat shops in china so will you say you woke with the companies you work for i mean unbelievable apple amazon disney if isis snyder streaming service you can we write in one year so as you do it in a war tonight
please don't use is a platform to make a political speech right you're in no position to lecture the public about anything you know nothing about the real world most of you spend less time in school than gretta thumper so if you will come up exceptionally an award thank you agent and your god who owes please with the greatest of respect and humility i'm begging you i bet they make i've if i can get them they have a desk in front of me while i would literally be on bended knee right now not propose you i'm already married but begging you please go to my youtube you to be accomplished by gino watch that clip and watch the faces
these hollywood snobs in the back and or access like what why is this stuff matter again you gonna hear this over cable news cities cuts why am i playing it on my show you know i don't like to do that because you can see i gave you ok we don't have come here come here for analysis folks comedy has always been we call it a security blanket by which society in culture resets itself the funniest tumor is always humor based in reality they men and it's only funny because people find things that are happening inside daddy to be worthy of their attention if not have been i mean may a joke about our adam shift turns into a butterfly is that funny it's nothing it's you bet it's i don't know what a prism in reality and it's something people pay attention do when you just made it up comedies
funny because it reflects on something that we all find interesting somewhat do and some of us find puzzling the politically correct culture that has enveloped their entire society you know there's said thousand genders identity politics has everything won't culture you can't say this everything's natural appropriation show this article is being kind a generous under attack was yet a hair style that's now culturally appropriated i don't even know where it ends you can't this word or that word even other appropriate purple robe of functionally perfectly good words in the english language because the left says it means something it doesn't mean but he has always been the security blanket that people can use to move the window back from me insanity wherein back the somewhat normal how does it do it by poking funded
and making people realize it hey maybe this is really stupid but you're not doing it no way that's seems aggressive confrontational you're doing it saying i don't know this is just comedy don't worry we need this why don't you and your bride ports gifts to the world before he left us all too soon was the suggestions and rightly so politics is all downstream culture let me just make david simple if we don't change the culture and politics are irrelevant if our culture degrades in debate itself the people you elector entirely irrelevant it'll be a product of a debase culture although you may not agree with the language we use how they frame it you may not think a lot of this stuff is particularly funny p like dave chapelle and ricky jervis have done society a big favor folks
taking us out of this ridiculous pc culture used to attack and degrading destroy people for no good reason and trying to he said that window back to normal see again it using the comedic security blanket to do it surveys did the world a big favor lesson i folks don't for us i don't minimize attitude simple comedy sketch millions of people are gonna watch today these holly its knobs get destroyed neck clip i just paid or going to say you know what a lot of not all of them let him because a trice why are we taking lectures from these idiots nice job ready i don't know ready ricky does know me bobby doesn't like me even if he knows me puppet his life then matter you did the world a big favor you say so dave chapelle with a comedy special member the juicy spot just
juicy by my wife and i never watch comedy specials we watch that one that we were dying it was so far you haven't seen it on netflix it's worth your time she felt lespecial justice for juicy was the funniest part of the whole thing so i want to get this spidey thing because again the story just keeps evolving and i've been working on for a while with a variety of different sources and i'm question for you that i think is really gonna open your eyes because it's been an open sore and despite its case law that i find a sponsor patriot mobile listen you listen to me at this very moment you're probably paying too much for your cell phone service matter back i know you won't go to patriot mobile mobile the major cell phone companies like the rise in eighteen ninety they don't millions the left wing causes like abortion open borders and more a sort of liability yourself on carriage you know that all carriers use one of the same for hours you know that so what's the difference
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that calm slash dan use promo code dan or call eight seven seven three sixty seven thousand seven hundred and fifty two for that's eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and sixty seven seven thousand five hundred and twenty four tell him the dan bongino show sent you over thanks patriot mobile being part of the show we appreciate what you're doing all right you know again regular listenin to the show maybe beyond this school but i if you're a new listener thereby gino bongino one of the open source in this whole spying operation on the trump team has been the schism developing between former cia director under obama john brennan and former fbi hector under obama and subsequently the opening months and a trumpet jim combing these orbiting heads and there is a lot of friction between them i am the case a long time ago that the reason because of that of the reason behind forgive me precision matters the reason behind the schism between these two in the brewing fight between them man i've heard about this fight
you hear about it now is because i believe to this day on the evidence of accumulate accumulated despite a case that john brandon started this started the spy the operation and the trump team and others and that he this led the fbi as the genesis of where he was getting information from now again i always have to copy this buyer beware i am suggesting jim commies fbi and the managers that ran the spider debacle were for free when the fbi i finds out just a few months into this that the dossier in all the other information alleging collusion conspiracy with the trump campaign is a hoax jim colonies i still runs with it anyway which makes them as bad if not worse than bread simply suggesting to you that one of the big open source in this case is did john brandon mislead the fbi when he pushed
through harry read to open up this case could remember ladies and gentlemen this is important this distinction here must be clear forgive me for those in the federal law enforcement tell apparatus we already know this but some people down the cia is not a law enforcement operation they have zero law enforcement powers in the united states or anywhere around the world they not this isn't a jason bourne move either not cops they intelligence gathering that's what the central intelligence agency does i only say that you see i cannot instigated domestic spying operation using pfizer warrants they can the only people with the power in that operation are intel operation to swear out warrants is be gs eighteen eleven federal agents notably the fbi and our counter terror division and their own television brennan do not get a warrant it does matter these a cia director he needs the
fbi doing copy this is important area because what am i theories that i think is being proven right day by day is again the theory brennan misled the fbi as to the prom hence the genesis the bit the where he was getting information from to make them believe that trump was colluding with the russians and where is the only place the only place that allegation exists the dossier christopher steal it doesn't is there anywhere else ladies and gentlemen only exist would steal and simpson infusion gps who made it up so of bread he's trying to tell call me through politicians so what i mean by that a minute you need to open up ok because trumps colluding with the russians and the only place that allegation exists with fusion gps deal and simpson then was brennan talking to them because there not what he told the media remember
what bread and is said multiple times the media folks but bread and is said multiple times and sworn testimony up on capital he'll brennan has said repeatedly he did i see the dossier until december of twenty sixteen that's impossible that's our possible folks remember the dossiers used to swear out warrants in october of twenty sixty so the fbi has some steals information clearly brennus has no i didn't see it till december after the words were sworn out so i couldn't possibly used it to instigate be i'd open up a case let me put it this article by the daily collar which is terrific being shown once again today and you know that calm bonn gino for that comment again at the shown us by chuck ross who had tipp damage done amazing work in this case daily collar represented john rackliff true american patriot by my good man
as call me and bread and gave quote conflicting testimony about the steel dossier folks these two one of them is on questionably lying let me put up the quote from the daily cholera remember what we're talking about brennan insist you didn't see the dossier that call me you add that and call me ran with it here's a quote john ratcliff it was on this week and i believe maria barn aromas actual and show on fox quote brennan says call me was the one pushing the steele dossier to be included in the intelligence community assessment call me says it was bred and that was portugal they both testified there before congress end two investigators to that fact said radcliffe a republican allows intel committee quote they both can't be telling the truth here or in
rather than call me me there in charge here the narrative but one of these two was lying if brennan's call me was pushing the dossier and call me says brennan was pushing the dossier one of them is not telling the truth books now for as much as it pains me to say this call me may be the one is more accurate list call me as a total fraud the worst swamp creatures in the history of washington dc its clear as day you'd investigating the president because he personally didn't like there's no other good reason from me to do it and knowing that everything in the darcy was fault but again we're talking about who started this thing what
the easy the electronic communication that starts the whole spying operation formerly intra i believe it was branded pushing the dossier to jim commies fbi in august of two sixteen despite the fact that brennan says oh i didn't even see it all december that is not possible why tourists folks again i told you that trees the allegations of russian collusion only exist in the dossier they don't eggs anywhere else brennan's telling fbi you need to investigate trump because he's colluding with the russians he couldn't have got it where other than fusion gps s in the dusk showed does that make sense new taking part one area it all exist there there's no other person alleging that one corpus but secondly they exactly in august of twenty sixteen before december for the liberals in august of twenty sixteen brennan
breathed the gang of aid and harry read up on capital hale harry read and write a letter to the fbi telling them they must open up a case on donald trump and in the letter he says because of this this in this and formation that's in this decision is is the dossier is there it is theirs no way breton you tell how read that but he said he and see if the supper it's not possible so the only question here ladies and gentlemen is is brennan dealing directly with fusion gps steel and simpson to get the dossier information or how else how else could breton have received the information from the dossier hang tight for a moment on that one standard ease forsake parameters
you may say well how do we know that the fbi wasn't quiet we colluding with the cia to start the case and how do we know that the fbi's not just lying in other words job maybe the f b i was can we bread in the whole time bread and had the dossier formation and the fbi call me this is all like fake in their offices are making everything up any f b i had let me show you testimony of fbi lawyer lisa page folks this testimonies critical i can't put this up enough on the shell because i dont believe she's lying here i believe she's telling the truth this is hard being questioned under oath about john brown potentially having access to this deal does and giving it the hairy red listened to her response i don't think this is this is it may i think she's telling the truth she's questioning mark meadows lee the page fbi lawyer and she's wondering why meadows keeps asking her about bread and harry reed she doesn't get it wrong quote lisa page to mark meadows
i don't understand what you're saying this ever whatever whenever occurs between brennan reed i don't get it i don't understand what the relationship to the dossiers that's what i'm not following that's page meadows bonds back so the dust apparently was mentioned the shocking about by brennan who said and seen it in fact we have doc is that would suggest that in that briefing that dossier was mentioned a hairy red and then obviously we're going to have to have that conversation this that's prize you miss page lisa page it totally surprises me ladies and gentlemen i dont believe she's lying here brennan pull the wool over their eyes he's saying in suggesting through harry red others right newsletter these get this information from other independent russian sources he got it from steals people we only question is how pages testimony goes on i can't i don't believe
he's lying here this does not reflect well on johnny be here's testimony part two from lisa page miss page you respond lisa page response quote yes sir because with all due honesty if director brennan so we got them from from our source right the f b i got this information from our source story about steel if the cia at another source that information i am neither aware of it nor the cia provided to us and if they did because first time we and its cuts off their men says were we do there are multiple sources paid says i know that i do know that the information ultimately found its way to a lot of different places certainly in october of twenty sixteen but if the cia as early as august this page talking this is britain's briefing red clearly on the dossier she says
but if the cia is early august in fact had those same reports i am not aware of it i am not aware of it nor do i believe they provided that the us that would be unusual why would brennan trying too high tat he was getting this information from political operatives effusions gps because joe he wants to give it to the fbi make it appear its legitimate intelligence from the cia which we know it wasn't because devon newness has already told us in the interview i did my youtube station where this youtube channel he's already told us no official intelligence was used to open this up it was all political apple research now for the coup de graf where am i going with this miss even to discuss this before folks here a number of people who reach out to me i verify everything everything double and triple had been on the phone or weaken doing homework on stuff
but a couple people reach down i've been hesitant to put it out but i want to post it is a question to you maybe too the gate and an end light a fire and from other sources who would care to reach out as well info at bonn gino thou com was brennan dealing directly with simpson and steal infusion so again as european ombudsman make sure are clear on this we now know that brennan's clearly lie he has the austria information at at at the lake august twenty sixteen despite the fact that he's told the public you didn't see until december we know that because he gave it to harry that's information harry repressed on that only exists in the dossier they got for bread how did you get it or you may say did simpson
you'll meet with bread and i don't think so i ask that you ve got all these pose a question time straw this out there if britain and is intel partners overseas we know the uk was passing information to the obama administration about trumpet has already been reported by cnn has any questions question so liberals you can move on and that's not a question but the infirm was this a question that they were passing information in circumvent have u s laws against american citizens julia bob administration is not in fact a question so we branded use in foreign partners to circumvent u s buying was an american citizens was bred and spying on simpson to ha ha ha
oh no it's good brought out there i'm just gonna put out there is brennan out just requested question for you she would go with his yeah yeah yeah yeah wall now bretons got plausible deniability right i didn't see the dossier the actual paperwork right right until december lion but what it brennan see beforehand we know we saw steals information simpsons information for fusion how eggs actually did he see that body our options to be fair first is they met with them which i doubt no one i'll be that kind of footprint second it was passed do clinton political operatives possible certainly third basically putting with the fbi already had it i doubt it
the page and call me your line about that forth is they use their surveillance powers to just get the information breton way always gets information just ass someone else in a foreign country to get it for you folks remember that take away to spy gate always don't get lost in the details of this our own intelligence agencies were spying on innocent american citizens in conjunction with a political campaign to influence an election don't ever forget that take away the only question the only question is how they did any sources of light the come forward though and confirmed some information i'm getting from multiple streams at this point we left the happier our final story of the day active europe legal insurrection who i don't even know they have a common theme we lovely you insurrection one of the great blogs out their websites william jacobson runs it out
they have to stories up i subscribe to their even less to address kind dr jones liberalism is so great wonderful you get liberalism in california illinois new york massachusetts amount of it so great wonderful why is everybody make in their best effort to get the hell away from liberalism again i'm just asking i'm just asking so i found these on the legal insurrection site this morning so here's your article again up at the showed out but you know that come flash newsletter you like me to email you these stories so our california may lose the congressional district in wake up twenty twenty cents us count by leslie easement whose at the gate that two hundred and three thousand people have evacuated california and left the great state of california from me what are you doing you twenty nine votes again i don't get even motley the unbelievable that liberals you're ruining my wife and i go out there a lot we love l a
i on again k bc seven i decay bc six pm pacific time we love it we of los angeles do we not it is peer there's a place there that has already what to think ivy boycott if they know i go into separate there's a place near the near the beverly it were is wilshire is i think it yes beverly was right region have well from an eight they have the best so you balls ever i'm not los angeles i just feel really bad that you all have been subjected to the war governance in the entire country and if the governance being provided you by the liberals there is so wonderful why are hundreds of thousands of people acting like snake plus skin in the dreadful sequel to escape from new york trying to escape i like it's just a question why why is it that way you ever read them whether it is like you opera young man my gosh now we go yet another story it's not just california
we're not single california believe me this operates all over the place i was in new york or i know a little i know my marriage ass daily who insurrection was more residents in the twenty tens than any other state joe what's the common thread between i california with her ambrose dan brats for common every time probably add two never bought me back about it wasn't a double bob no dog could view was that was a single market we apply double it was not a double might we applied a single time there's a difference do not mess up the motley spoke you know less there's out there that is motley there's a scale we ve we had what you're one or two former you think what you put my only one i think we ve got it
you to release a lotta twos and then just normal everyday liberal screw things up usually get one sets out a double mine i don't mess that thank it single motley applied wyatt i came from new york i get it who knew the writers of the escape from series would actually before owing to future escaped from new york which take place given the floor pop escaped from airline they didn't can that to be nonfiction what a mess i feel for you i really do not messing with you i go out there a lot i travel up to new york all the time it's my home i was grew up in new york my whole life i was queen's kid i just watching the places just collapse into total social decay is just a complete harsher and please at the adjusted and the show to listen to my interview with former mayor of new york rudy giuliani the first six or seven minutes paul i loved it at the feedback it i just go
we go off on kind of a tangent in the beginning but it's the most feedback i've got not any portion of any and if you have that we talk about what may or giuliani did to clean up the streets in europe and exactly how we did it because i was a police cadet when it happened and then a police officer and i remain things at me and him get back and forth that is please it's really terrific go check it out youtube dot com flash bongino please subscribed my youtube channel its free we're trying to get the four hundred subscribers we're almost there youtube accomplished by gina and subscribe to my show an apple podcast google pod guessing wherever you listen you're podcast they stand for tuna folks i really appreciate it i will say you all tomorrow just ten bond gino shit you can also get dance progress on itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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