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What Winning this Fight Looks Like (Ep 1216)

2020-03-30 | 🔗

In this episode, I discuss what the media, and Pelosi, are trying to hide from you about the Wuhan virus. I also address what winning in this fight looks like on the other side. I address the latest troubling communications to emerge in the Spygate case which should put to bed liberal myths about the case. 

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ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean as always i shall we like to keep you a month or so out of the new cycle ladies gentlemen i got a warning for you today and would have produced the evidence the attacks are committed president trump they prepare and right now right now produce the avenue any resolution sponsored by express vps protect your online data today now go to express vp and outcomes ass bond gino welcomed the damp gino show please joe how are you today eight daddy i'm pretty good ready to go with him i this weekend i began that i've got by gate updates of new communications out of services making another making our shows from the past look pretty pressure at this gun that gonna holding up day too there is an election around the corner there are other stories governor our thanks again for tuna appreciate the viewers
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bon gino it almost stakes dot com shop today are let's go joe the polarity strikes again usually people who get the prefix are worthy of accolades i use that in a condescending manner because policy is just a master of misinformation just an awful parson contributing to the downfall of this country day by promoting garbage misinformation disinformation and not looking to help us get through this crisis at all so showing you how the left is already preparing for basically round three of attacks on president tromp there are ready prepping or even their not looking at solving this crisis you don't take my word for it i'm at a play video pelosi yourself telling you what's coming that you don't have to take my word for it just take our word for remit the narrative when this first started the narrative by the hapless infantine
outrageously midnight nancy policy here's what pelosi tweeted a couple months ago about tat tromp claiming he was the narrative so he was over reacting to the war on violence joy ass he was overreacting these our hearts its ladies and gentlemen not by here the policy applied on january thirty first of twenty twenty the trump administrations exe fancy of its on american travel ban is a threat to our sick already values of the rule of law boring more the three hundred fifty million people from predominantly african countries from travelling to the eu s this rule is screw emanation disguise this policy the coming weeks to house they get a load issue they were going to vote on this in the coming we as the house will bring no ban act joe no
bad you know no bad that they have to put these fancy thousand to the floor to pray bit religious discrimination scattered throw identity politics in our image racial system and limit the press its ability repose such bats there's the policy for you folks january thirty first that a month ago two months ago satellite meant that mother moreover there is the policy tell you president trump overreacting to all this stuff madeleine she has to throw in the whole racism car because that's what she does here's the policy on cnn claiming the president under reacted while saying he overreacted forgetting now will not forgetting music she knows liberals are really sometimes really stupid many of them that i met some of them are really dumb and she knows britain del valle red com you know they'll go there they'll make pretend
story never happened like the michael myers movies when they keep rewriting the backstory she's pretending that none of her tweets every existing here's policy on would see and i now claiming president trump ignored the intelligence where are you that you lot of these travel ban she claimed a racist and that they were once you are really on top vapor why do you pay particular attention because she shows the two pronged attack coming number one claim he ignored the entail any under reacted red running their story that he overrun in the past second they're gonna go for the equipment lie listen apollo seem to get back on the bug this nonsense because this is what's coming next check this out first of all may i just say have that it is that even since the president's signing of the bill the number of deaths report has doubled from one thousand two thousand in our country this is such a very very sad time for us so we should be taking every precaution i want the president his
denial at the beginning was deadly his delaying of getting this equipment the words it continues is delaying and equipment to words needed is deadly and now i think the best thing would be to do with prevent more loss of life rather than open things up so that we just don't know we have to testing testing testing that's what we said from the start before we evaluate what the thea nature that is in some of these other regions as well i don't know what the purpose of that is i dont know what this i anticipate saying to him i don't know with the scientists said to him when did this president know about this and what did he
no but you do you know when did he know what that's for an after action review but as the presidency those people are dying and we have to we just have to take every precaution what did the president no and when did he know this is amazing this is truly astonishing how nancy policy its rewriting history now on cnn rewriting history this same awful lie political hack who tweeted on january thirty first i'm losing track it dates i'm meant to be ass reflex marster i'm seriously losing track dates it i'm not even get it i've been on for so long my going i'm ready to go red rum style into shining losing my mind we've been in the house long policy is rewriting history this is the same person when trump responding to it
elegance that room on the one virus was coming here instituted a travel ban from that place and others this is the same policy you called it racist who is now claiming and our two prong attack their getting ready listen to me market please thirty five ten twenty nine eastern time march bark this date mark this time they are preparing right now fur another investigation into trump and our attack is gonna be twofold nancy pelosi is smart enough to keep it under her you know keep the pandora's box kind of close so she says number one is gonna be denial and number two is gonna be delayed because they love focused who have tested talking pointed out in your member the euro the talk point of the russia was what collusion illusion the talking point for the ukraine hoax was what quid pro quo the talking point now when they start these investigations is gonna be
the denial of the the evidence the delay in the equipment deny out de again showing you it's coming here now i'm sorry i got this may be a temporary change it may be long term i have move the charter is a big moment while a joke why does remain moment yeah i died i know i know this is one of those epic see changes on the show you should all marked the show what is show number twelve sixteen now the miss parson and mediate there's a big change we the rankings there's been a big change brian stealthily the number one forever for here's three years i'm not even harder top that a single number sky and media we are now graduating waiting shock todd
to number one and bumping stealthy that i don't know how long this is gonna last by jacques tab there remember that members media narrative they're gonna go this is there not ladies and gentlemen the policy don't simple me and i'm telling you to play policies on where they are now into all ready the attack on rather than trying to solve this crisis there already setting up and morons like the now dumbest sky and media chuck time getting ready to parity denial delay talking point chalk goes even a step further joe asking sleepy joe on an interview listen to this if tromp has blood on his hands why this is an actual interview from an actual more on check this out do you think there is a blot on the president's hands considering the slow response for that too out criticism i think that's a little too hard even sleepy jaw has to correct the
dumbness man and media chuck that brian we had about you i know you'll be upset you are now the silver metal winner in the dopey media personal epics shock tied you are run away with the gold man made by others real question sound smart how do you do that dollars guy and media john there's always a foil effect while you put i've been on a black background awaits the diamond look shining when you put a really dumb guy like jack tad next to you biden joe biden looks like you know what stephen hawking i can't believe it at your highness gotta start talking about him theory in quantum mechanics soon next the charter cheese i told you to narrative was coming again why is this important now because the democrats are not interested at all in getting through this you wonder damn that you are paying
politicians and in the house not all of them but a lot of them led by the the policy who is a disease was an awful awful human being an awful lot for policies an awful human being they are preparing now they are allocating their time in one of great generational crises we ve had to deal with financial economic and health life what are they then their time i now joe the political attacks coming the minute we can mitigate this crisis that's what they're doing listener now showing you how this is nonsense let's take their two pronged attack that they're gonna use for it the geishas if not our if not if they're not already preparing now which i think they are immediately once you start to get a hold of this crisis because that's all they care about these are sick people these people need
really sick deranged awful garbage people who need help so their first and scope of the first one that president tromp is denying the equipment lifesaving equipment people you heard her say we have to look into the denied of equipment was denial of equipment here cnn zone video of an interview view andrew cuomo were ants cuomo who is stated president shrub said wait you been that i just want you to make sure you understand but the context of this interview before i play there was a back and forth last week about angel cuomo what president trump said hey we ship you thousands of ventilators that are sitting in storage you're telling that's where denying you equipment we ship you the ventilators you need to keep people live and you're not using them cuomo says there some misinformation that's not true
in this same interview i'm about to play about the alleged denial of equipment that sitting in a warehouse in new york i've glitch pray to god and i mean that data needed they may and they may mean more no doubt i'm simply suggest thank you the democrats are busy investigating right now when they should be solving and they're doing it by lying to you watch cuomo in the same interview accused trump of promoting misinformation and then confer the story that the ventilators are in a warehouse this cnn their ventilators found storage facility or some that the presidency is claiming that there were ventilators found nothing to be done it is very clear that that is that is incorrect and grossly uninformed b point is we have ventilators into stockpile and weed
send them to the hospital of course we did that's all point the house i don't need them yet hospitals are at their eight that the hospitals have enough ventilators today but the numbers are going up we're planning or an apex packs a high point in about twenty one days that's when we need the thirty thousand ventilators not today right now with putting them in a stockpile so the point is whether in the start why you must not need them there's just ignorant kosher only them today we need them when you hit the climb the apex which is thirty thousand were not there you ah ah showed you heard the same cut idea you prepped follow you have that i miss something there swell
cuomo and the democrats again busy investigating not busy solving this problem at the busy investigate get ready there get ready he delayed the equipment and denied it denied dean agents in the way the equipment trumps as wait i sent you a thousand ventilators that you're not using cuomo that's me information and its ignorant rent ignorant and to see it i'm gonna do is cutting of well other units whereas una yeah there a warehouse and stockpile why did i miss there to the liberals who listen to my shell who sent me your nasty emails specially that one crazy guy do you know you are this guy loves the nasty even had a spam from all but actually some vis emails or so but one that must be dealt with some of them are actually kind of larry i what am i missing here trump we
set you equipment therefore they denied equipment stories alai the equipment a warehouse which you are saying is ignorant when it's actually a warehouse so that's it other lie by you this is what the democrats are busy doing let's go to other portion remembered the delayed equipment that's delayed by sending it to new york where it sitting in a warehouse ok again you have to be an idiot to believe that but you do you the second problem their attack they ignore the intelligence on this ladies and gentlemen the trump administration despite the fact that i already showed you nancy policies tweet calling trump a racist for these travel beth but again you do you ignore that kind of stuff because facts and data your thing if your liberal i'm sure
go to see an end to own story which they hilariously trying to frame is an attack on donald trump but is really an indictment of the bush it'll bobby many but even worse for the your administrate this is their own story cnn federal officials repeatedly warned that u s hospitals lacked enough ventilators oh my gosh read that headline joe like federal officials clearly there are talking about donald trump clearly proving their their narrative right joe donald deny the warnings and the intelligence at any rate the opening pair we for the story and you know these things like dates joe always getting away or comes in at it at least ten government from two thousand and three to twenty fifty in at least ten government reports today twenty fifteen ok but shortly tromp was president then but again you do you federal officials
directed the united states would experience a critical lack of ventilators and other life saving medical supplies if we face the viral outbreak like the one currently sweeping the country this is again how is this an indictment of the trump administration now you say fairly enough well the trip administration gotten in twenty sixteen and they weren't doing anything about this but yeah you know you are kind of busy with the collusion hoax in the impeachment hoax and that other stuff i think two thousand and three to twenty fifteen president obama joe biden member joe biden macgyver for present ran a glance she made chuckle smart as judges accurately stated what did they do yet we though each one and one carbon watching the series with poland the weakens our pandemic on their flaxen is it they may talk about each one edwin how deadly this is that version of the flu the influenza virus i potential universal vaccines in the future what did the obama
administration do about ventilators after being worn in ten government reports made not all tendering barriers to be fair some of the bush years what did they do get yours nothing they did nothing any assistance transvaal about despite the fact that trump ventilators in new york the quabos not even using but this is my rack leslie joe tribes fall and they'll be an investigation you may say to yourself because i get a lot of these emails mostly from the left is but a couple of republicans i'm guessing by cuz i read not all any ike we can't we get tonnes apologize to read most of them but i try to read as many as i can add some of them from republicans i guess by the gist of semi your prior emails raining that's all you said you know why everybody spending so much time in the media we got a problem this up on me
because ladies and gentlemen the media is supposed to be our primary source of information about how to solve the problem here's what we're getting from the white house do this here's your testing centres here's proper handwashing here's what we're finding out about how long the virus lives on services here we are finding out possible re infection here's or finding out about back ladies and gentlemen fifty two percent of their time is being wasted on preparing for an investigation of donald trump while this this is still going on you wondering why i met at the media we give you quick analogy why the media irksome me so much in this you know there's nothing more damaging in politics or in life than narrative re story that develops that contradicts completely a pre existing narrative what do i mean by that people
wonder allow why you know a lot of stories that came out about trump words so damaging during his political campaign when they would have buried any other political candidate the answer is because trump and talked about this stuff openly for years people knew what they were getting into damaging narratives politically and otherwise are ones that destroy a pre existing notion of who or what the situation is about that make sense so what does this have to do why so angry at the media because ladies and gentlemen a lot of people out there who don't do politics every day like i do it's my job a lot of you were under the mistaken belief that our me people not all of them but a lot of them are here to give you information with so disappoints me is for a long time before i ran for office i believe that too i thought when i was watching the nbc nightly news or reading the washington post once awhile new york times i was getting an actual information you're not
propaganda and it's why i'm so live it reminds me of your member rocky for you apollo goes into fighting drug oh and edge it's an exhibition and everybody it's an exhibition at an apollo its killed them a ring because draw go doesn't think it's an expert ex exhibition draw goes i go on all our and duke normative eight or duke is supposed to pay an we all thought this was an exhibition the media doesnt we all thought this was acts we all thought we're getting information what are you getting you're getting a nonstop litany abs from a media many not all could genuinely help in this crisis is entirely forfeited that role and exchange
four bs narratives propaganda dissemination and other garbage designed to foster investigation into donald trump when this is over despite the fact that were in the middle of it right now and you wonder why i am so man at the media there a disgrace they ve disgrace themselves completely totally completely disgrace themselves are there is some other news governance i wanna get that i'll get back to some of this born virus stuff in a minute there's a paul there came out again showing you how the media narratives of completely fallen apart because people now it's not an exhibition anymore they notified back there the media is given and bs uses story by the daily call of being the show no it's definitely worth your time tromp polio joe biden nepal weren't looking good for awhile so much anymore headline scott
morpheus daily collar tribe surges this statistical tie with slumping joe biden and ladys presidential ball photo cell working any more people are largely writing these media idiots off because they realize so that an exhibition that this is the real deal they know exactly what the media is doing i don't get it to that i've got another i made a mistake on friday show it's not a mistake like a correction mistake about the facts but i dc before the show how i wasn't going to leave you in a bad mood and i forgot to tell you how we're going to fix this going forward there's a great article by ben weingarten the federalist i know a huge mistake i usually follow the path i don't want to leave you in the press mood i want you to a couple of things come in at this paradigm shifts going and how things are going to change i'm went to get to that and i want to get to how we can fix this going forward it's gonna be really import but let's get to our second sponsored today
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major paradigm shifts that the wuhan flu crisis is realized as revealed americans need to be the show that's worth your time it's a good read i'm not going to go through all of ben's suggestions things that have to change in the future go to go to a few of them and i got a minute i m into how we can make their a country more resilient going forward in case something like this god forbid were to happen again because in the show no spongy no doubt com slash newsletter letter you go there subscribed my newsletter we said that daily us in these because every that he mentions number one how how china has clearly become a global adversary in a menace ladies and gentlemen on my arm of free and fair trade or i always have been i've spoken about this at length it was a topic on my show for four years when
free trade issue came up it's i don't topic on my show now but ladies and gentlemen free trade at the expense now we're saying what happens by the way when a global menace like china unleashes a plague upon the world is not worth this it's not it's not worth this we have to be super cautious in the future about our supply chain i am not suggesting protectionism mercantile as none of that if you are that's fine i read your emails so is a sensitive topic i get a lot of feedback i respect your opinion you of course you appreciate your back and forth free trade deals that are fair are a good thing always been a good thing relying on china for what and be vital national security interests exclusively on china is clearly now a huge mistake china has become a menace they have clearly staked out where they are and what their priorities are we are going to
have a paradigm shift going forward now trade relationship with china that suggests we should cut it off i am simply suggesting we're gonna have to review our critical supplied aids and see where china could do damage to us in the future secondly global supply chains not just china folks you know there's a thing called competitive advantage and absolute advantage if you ve studied economic situation the first day of the first course absolute advantage you know can we do things better competitive advantage and i mean the best way to explain absolute advantages if if we could probably make most things better than other countries the competitive advantage would be well should we analogy i used to explain kind of the differences let's say the owner of a bank or star lobbies to live near one the owner of a bank or store
can probably role beggars quicker than most of his employees could zone the biggest or most of his life so why doesn't he do it if you can do it faster while the reason is because the owner of the beggar stores more valuable we are seeing the operations of the store to make sure it functions ok rather than sitting in the back rolling bangles why the star falls apart mocha even though he has a petted advantage in his rolling skelton folks we can make any better than any one else we can i'm not kidding that's not some you know superpower it captain america's statement it's a fact we can make everything from rubber dog toys to artificially halogens computers when they when we finally get them quite computers we can do it better than anyone anyone now the absent vantage would be something like french why well we can't make french wine because we're not french we can make wine probably make pretty good stuff a nap a valley but we can make french why they have an absolute event but anything else we can winner
the question is more looking at our supply chains and paradigm shifts going forward in the future book and bends peace is pretty good on this even know we would be better off letty china and other countries produce valuable antibiotics and medicines because there are other medicines higher value up the value chain medicines we can produce here we may have to look at re evaluating our relationship with them that make sense jo leinen china may make we could make aspirin better in china we can do anything better than china we can but the question is even we have a competitive advantage by letting them do it while we produce high and hepatitis hiv drugs and cancer medications would it make more sense the re evaluate the supply chain on basic antibiotics now we'll do basic medicines when we need them yeah that's pretty easy back that's why have you in the audience
thank you sir so number one china is a menace something needs to change second global supply chains important he makes a couple other points are the one if i want to get into because it ties in that the topic i said i was gonna i was gonna be like this to get our fiscal house in order as no question about it ladies and gentlemen listen this is in itself an unprecedented crisis i read to you than quote by last week this is not a precedent that decide even unprecedented in some people's lifetimes we ve had pandemics while you know the nineteen eighteen spanish flu we ve had other flew up they said have been serious i and i was alive when we went hiv was first discovered i remember the hysteria around hiv member here and on the radio i'm not kidding growin up there was this guy suggesting other eu member this job people i don't sit a public toilet see you can catch it that's not true like there was there was
around hiv too i remember it i was a kid when it when it happened but i remember that me to this is not unprecedented it's not even close to unprecedented having said that the economic damage from it is unprecedented there has never been an economic decline of that meeting jobs in a week in modern u s history is not even close we nineteen eighty two we lost was seven hundred thousand jobs we lost three billion in a week that is unprecedented i bring this up because it's gonna require unprecedented action economically financially and with our politicians on the other and that if they are not willing to accept it ladies and gentlemen that under stan they are that tacitly if not finally citing off on the downfall of america if you think for a second we can speak
two trillion dollars on top of the twenty two one in three twenty four trillion we already l and on top of it hundred trillion in unfunded liability the people who will claim social security and medicare in the future if you believe ladies and gentlemen i'm really sorry i've got a bridge over there in palm sitting next to my neighbour i saw you on the super cheap its insanity i get what happened i this bill didn't pass the way it was it was a disaster with a lot of the garbage larger than that i'll show you this kennedy center story in a minute that probably going to piss you off a little bit but i get it it was no fault of these businesses he's restaurants i told you the horror stories in my neighbor that has nothing needed wrong the first time in american history that were paying companies to shut down i get it i get the pan
but at some point the bandit asked to come off and the question at that point is if the wound is still open and gushing and it's a financial one what we do so i want to give you some suggestions i'm not exe acting any these politicians to listen because you have people like policy and the garbage people up on capital who really seem relishing making the united states look like idiots in the middle of this quoting non numbers per capita eric about investigations in the middle of a crisis promoting debunking chrissy theories equipment was denied it's in a warehouse you knucklehead drop denied the intelligent many intelligence that was air from two thousand three to twenty fifteen that nobody did a damn thing about while you were impeaching the president and talking about the collusion oaks you mean that intelligence that one i'm not expecting these garbage people to listen
suggestion number one i live in the state of florida whose financial health is reasonably good we have a cat fund the catastrophe find a catastrophic fund down here in the event the hurricanes which we get all the i doubt if only the down here five years verde lived through three of luckily i ve been in my area in my area particularly mild elsewhere they ve been devastating including the panhandle and the west coast i live on the east coast having said that even though they were mild they were still damaging to the local economy we have a cat fund there are billions of dollars and a catastrophe fun to plan for a rainy day not ask yourself a simple question like she that's a smart i hear what is the federal government do that it is because we have a reverse cat fun we ve been sing away your money down the toilet ball for the last thirty years republicans and democrats alike make no mistake we now
reverse cat when we needed the money in this crisis instead of going to a bank account we had of a cat fund that emergency fund a slush fund the government could happen when the event of emergency we have nothing but worth no we're going to start to keep printing from the federal reserve because we have no money manufacturing the reverse cat fun we have negative twenty two trillion trillion dollars that's what we all now i think the same politicians show that shamelessly urge american save your money get prepared for see keep some extra food around now future we know to keep some extra paper products around keep a couple months pay in a bank account right of politicians have been telling us to do that for years we stir i have come out how come you didn't ask me to do that different i get to spend your money for free and i my money so what i do i watched it down a ball like i always do if there is not so
is talk after this is over about fiscal fortitude growing a pair and not only balancing our budget but putting today some kind of emergency fun for things like this in the future then you're all garbage people you're all garbage and you're not serious people you're all garbage people if you're not serious second listen i'm sorry we're in a cat the level of debt i love our seniors i just lost my grandmother call my mother in law my mom my father that i can't believe their senior citizens i feels like to feel like yesterday they were you know what's really in their twenties and thirties we got to take care of people fifty five and older ladies and gentlemen if you're fifty five and younger start preparing for a world without social security medicare there's no money i'm sorry there's no money i'm sorry this hearts but i am gonna be on the wrong side of the facts to placate people i always getting about this that's fine at this point email away people
almost three years ok do your thing i dont know what to tell you take care of our seniors we pray then we may promises they became model their lives many of them retired they paid into this system this system failed them that's hours instability day they were the greatest generation they lived through things the great depression in the wars we haven't lived through we have to take care of them we have to it's not negotiable make sure there made right take care of their health care take care of their social security if your fifty having younger start making plans right now because we got a scrap it we got if there's no money there's no money do to stand there's no money there is no money but i'm fifty five gripe paden showed it i it's gone you pay to a lot of things that are gone paid you went on ensure unemployment insurance fund that may be gone to you paid to a lot of things you paid for each hs vouchers for people to get so
you need housing you didn't get tat either it's gone it is there's no money i am very very mean it very sorry to be the bear a bad news but the truth matters i can already see the liberals melting down using this is an issue i not using anything it has used us and all of the money this crisis nothing brought about by anyone other than the chinese you couldn't tell us the truth so we could have prevented this thing folks if we were to tell people fifth five and younger and remodel this system and get rid of these obligations the united states is credit rating we go through the roof in a good way to morrow it would make up tomorrow for all of the lost money detained of trillions of wealth dollars in wealth and productivity are gonna be wiped out potentially for you
would make up for it tomorrow if we tell people fifty five in younger i'm sorry but due to this crisis we ve take care of our seniors i'm sorry it's not there anymore just be honest my gosh just be honest with people i'm sorry that goes for the president to ladys german is no money in any one who tells you otherwise either can't do math or his line here's another seat and when this is done flat tax across the board the tax system is overly complicated we're gonna desperately need economic growth to get out of this we can do it we can fix it tomorrow fifteen percent flat tax capital gains corporate tax across the board we haven't had equal rights since the reagan administration the power
is when the rates are different from capital gains to corporate taxes the income tax is what people do joe they move their money around from income to capital gains to corporation to do what to hide it from the government remember and tax evasion is a crime cats this is a national pastime they are not the same thing tax avoidance second to baseball and being a national passive why is there tax avoidance because there's different tax rates the different kinds of income if there were different tax rates for different kinds income people would avoid paying taxes because it be no different kind of income to make it fifteen percent cap gains fifteen percent corporate fifteen percent flooding company the economy would explode would explode course the garbage people in these scene i want to tell you that is another suggestion
which present trump thankfully is taken into account raina stock up right now and our oil reserves we have a strategic oil reserves in this country load that thing to the brim and in full more places the store oil by it up three dollars a barrel pay up everywhere everywhere in anywhere we can fortify this nation with a cat fun fortify this nations fuel supply for the future twenty dollars a barrel everywhere story everywhere ass people are put barrels in their backyard can see twenty dollars a barrel oil again in your lifetime when this is over right trumps do that now present finally ladies and gentlemen i should get to more quick once one build up our military right now you may say danny suggesting we we shut down government
bending yes we are but ladies and gentlemen some govern spending in this time would be appropriate the reason military spending worked particularly well not as a stimulus right now number one we need a military we need them well equipped and me problems through the years no question about that but second there are very few crowd out effects to military spending when the governments bends money on things that the general population can spend money on themselves and to borrow money to do it interest rates go up in there spending on those things gets crowded out therefore it's not a stimulus the government buys milk by both the government because a competitor for milk that's typically the case what a lot of military spending governments spying raptors that attracts the plains and if thirty five joint strike fighters they are not completely what microsoft for the say blot for fire military now while we have the chance lastly get rid of these
but regulations this is ridiculous how you are seeing your being exposed and live time the futility of these stupid regulations that liberals big government republicans have imposed upon a sprayer they stick a shortlist step why is this yea doing efficacy the food and drug administrate how we have to make sure the drug worst no the fda doesn't have to do that at the end it sure the druggist safe give better this ethical requirement we have doctors for that if the drug doesnt work there's more use it not hard we need the right to try expanded right there for drug is safe and approved by the fda and someone wants to try it then try if it druggist yet approve and should near death once they give it a shot and a doctors willing to give it a shot then let him try to certificates a need for hospital what the hell's that about these state regulations that don't allow people to build hospitals get rid of it if a hospital someone wants a build
people another hospital hospitals build away herr braiding licences either licence to braid hair and cut air i've never once under my bar you have a license you you know i gotta my barber because he cuts good air from care about his license hundreds of millions of dollars we wasted on stupid licensing fees to license people for jobs that ridiculous herr braiding licences nights or in a moment but i i promised you friday rob road then you know what they should do its time them too back in the old contract with america republicans you were smart as this crisis starts to ebb and it will we will get through this
on the other side of this you should review the contract with america and put these bullet points down have some guts for once come on stopping garbage people have some guy not all but the allotted good people of their but have some guts and put down on paper what you know is the path towards progress in rescuing ourselves from the abyss were digging ourselves into we can't folks we can come out of this and really really for by this country's economy for the future but i told you so the story there was really gonna take you off on a monday one so the kennedy centre got twenty five million dollars you know that's really necessity right now in a crisis i gotta lotta lot emails by the way from people who are complaining about some of them but the stuff there is unrelated to the war on virus crisis in the bill one guy who i mean on icy merely said his wife works for the fire service anything well you know the fight
service needs money do for this now grady mail i appreciate i would like to hear the inside perspective point taken that's out but the point i was making no sir i appreciate your email alot i'm simply suggest to you what does that have to do with the one virus if the fire service needs funding to prevent wildfires than that's a legitimate thing to be debated not in the war on virus bill that was my point i got tons emails about this night but dad kennedy centre employees to fine debate that later they will the same checks everyone else get why is that how did he said are getting twenty five million dollars to do this here's a story the worse than free bacon that's a real story building more
kennedy center tells which musicians it will stop paying them hours after twenty five million dollar bill out of sign i'm just going to leave that one there because that could get ugly in again being on terrestrial radio now we have certain limitations you just pay you just pay your money plus interest because we don't have the money will pay interest other twenty five million dollars to the kennedy centre during the war and virus crisis who then turned around i told its musicians the go pounds in ok and an unrelated story cancer is other news going on but a story that really take me off this weekend given my prior line of work less than i
nothin again the against their house at windsor the royals or whatever i don't believe in my turkey's whether there real or imagined dare do your thing love the united kingdom it's a great place i get the pageantry and the reality of it literally but look at this story worse than his amateur bread lemme this thing probably what nucleus we cannot be in the shown us so you know harry and megan the u and the dutch and duchess in when when i don't even know i gotta see don't even care the prince princess mary s these the prince s right come on i gotta know that princess williams brother trappers right u shouldn't pay prince harry and megan market security cause you're damn right he's right now to be fair i read this p brad links with daily mail put this story out their added i really upset me this week the story does it say they're asking for that prince harry and megan markel doesn't say it say that now that they are not
ceremonial heads of state anymore because the case you mr story prince harriet megan markel they have since renounced your titles and are gonna go into private life whatever it may be the story is enough to ask for security then say they did president trop responded with a tree and said no no way which i put it might be no way no way this is expensive you on a renowned you're print ship fine you do you herr went up for any security that i'm sorry this gets expensive this is twenty four today or talk about vehicles over time security rooms this is a lot of money you wanna go out the private sector and who voiced overs for disney or whatever megan wants to do great capitalist i love a good good for you not getting we're not paid for the security so that's it
this week entreated that out of all the tweets i put out this week and that one fascinated that one got the most traffic i dagda summer chinese warren virus coverage here because it isn't biggest story every time but i promise you when i do in future twenty four hour one virus coverage you know go out we're not do and that here there are other things going on but i forgot the spinelli forget that they speak gifts kept over the john silence story ok it's the importance biogas story told me this is fascinating so john solomon just the news that com please read this again my show nodes punch you know that compensation is letter just pause after story they got some new we males again from fbi vessel peter stroke and lisa page you know these the least the two broken folks right now we're involved and invest in trumpet crossfire and now we find out new community asian show what i've been telling you forever dat hilary widespread
did headline does sophie manages the news that calm new clinton scandal memos confirm fbi stalled for a month to search weeders laptop so they have these new communications between peter stroking lisa page in a story i ve been telling you about for a long time folks star believing that political hype and the b s narrative in the media that are only there to lie to you they again stopped thinking it's an exit is just an exhibition sought an exhibition the media's full blown propaganda and what is one of their big narratives about the spy gaping joe the horror which lord said there was no police go bias in the investigate donald trump that is not true at all the hardship never said that let me go to a couple screen caps from this sophie made peace a johnson inside to show you what i mean this is actually from judicial
i've just weak and confidence organisation its great where these new record show how hillary clinton was protected from investigation over the anthony wiener laptop were they found some agreements by the fbi for a four month story presidential campaign he says what do the fbi slow rolling the release of these documents now that we forget the wiener stuff for a minute that's a whole yeah it's a whole other story literally guess forget too weak this is the real story in their remit the liberal median there there are wise it's all propagate the media list you over there was no evidence of political bias tat is not ever what harwood said here from the peace point where this is weird so the hillary clinton email investigation was delayed while they double down donald trump quote from the peace concerns about sex peter strokes biased during this time are also addressed more also addressed june twenty eighteen michael what's inspector general report wait i taught me
been telling us is two thousand eighty that's not true quote from the report thoroughly eviscerated media is not so there was no political bias michael hearts is report we didn't have confidence that strokes decision to prioritize the rush investigation over following up on the media related investigative lee that's hillary clinton case on the wider laptop was free from bias read the report we did not have confidence it is free from by you ready there now these new communications we find that between stroke in page that testing delayed this one a anthony any wieners laptop what are these hilary emails and they double down on the trump investigation sidelined hillary's investigation of the inspector general but telling you all time that he can't determine that was free from vice always said amelia though you doubt me go to your phone i d like i did google
horror which political bias you'll see fifteen twenty stories for media does michael horowitz too no political bias despite the fact that i just france too to quote so now we know number one now we know the decision to sidelines hilary hillary's investigation despite the fact that they had the winner laptop was not free from political bias they couldn't conclude that but there was another part hearts as testimony number two now we know continuation of the spy gay case despite the fact that the fbi had interviewed steel sources in january of twenty seventeen a determinate could be crap can eliminate political bias from that either so we have to evidences shoe piece of evidence explore gimme to piece of ever indicating potential political bias that haven't been ruled out and the media won't tell you any it is you don't believe me here again
michael horwitz talking about the fbi interviewing steel sources finding out their garbage and i'm going forward again energy grids is what can you determine for us that wasn't due to political bias and horror which says no check this out the cross her hurricane team obtained information from steals primary sub source in january twice seventeen the re significant questions the reliability of the still reporting this was particularly noteworthy because the five applications rely entirely on information from this from the steel crumbs from the primary sub sources reporting to support the allegation that age was coordinating with the russian government on twenty sixteen u s presidential lectures activities however that effort i did not share this information with department lawyers and it was therefore omitted from the last two renewal application you say it wasn't bokassa political vice i'm
decisions regarding those pfizer matters i do not know their state of merit at this point it doesn't matter if it doesn't if he knows or to a really doesn't the media will continue to lie to you and tell you despite these new coms indicating that they hilary what an investigation was delayed for a month while they focused on trump despite harlots writing in raised report i can eliminate political biases emotive and despite car which they are on tape indicating can eliminate political bias is a motive for continuing the investigating the trump your plus media i'm sure will continue to report going forward that there was no political bias but again you continue to believe it's an exhibition last story the day magic we got through the pga media is gonna great story about the media's new line b s for you in the corona virus christ again why am i so mad because ladies and gentlemen facts matter facts matter you're not getting facts and you're being misled
about not if this is serious or not of course its serious period full stop and of storing the just how serious is it and how serious of a crisis health wise it is has to be based on data and science something the media understand because they don't understand basic statistics now they really do they're just lie at the check out this pga media peace what the media isn't telling you about the united states wrote a virus case numbers by map margolis please read this because i want to show you again how the me in an effort to spit on the united states is using all the data analysis they know is faulty to make you believe that the end what states is the worst country in the world in handling this why they want you believe that because president trump is the present it was about they would be writing the exact opposite articles let me are you the little numbers trick they're playing first to show you doing it let me go to
screen cabs from cnn says require sophisticated people figure here is the garbage people at sea and and read the cairo trump correctly says you s is tested more than anyone we have per capita south korea's done five times more in italy is done four times more that's not what trumped said right trump said we have done more tests than any one which is absolutely accurate cnn in order to fake fact check trump puts in their well per capita in other words based on our population south korea in italy is done more that is true the problem is that's not what tribe said so jim sierra and to be clear we're gonna try to do principle here we see and it s not these are slim swine ball garbage people see it is now claiming that we're fact checking because the way this should be done is to measure these things
per capita per person ok fair enough so now we're gonna do a per capita thing well interestingly use another screen cap from seeing it u s leads the world in confer corona virus cases wait i thought we were doing things per capita because when you actually measure these things in per capita like cnn just told us was the way to do it we testing its everything's per capita here tromp come on you lie in full test per capita but then when it comes time to duncan trump and say hey we leave the cases do we really lead the world in cases per capita let's go to the pigeon media peace actually an upper six now here top six countries by confirmed cases per million people based on population members from the cia world fact book in descending order italy spain
germany france i ran usa garbage people folks garbage people instilling maximum red line panic and you all the time based on an infant tiles if greater understanding of basic statistics hoping you're done enough to believe it how do we don't go trompe said we ve done the most tat we have is that what he said yeah what he says so it must make him let's make sure a new standards per capita ok great well here's the problem cnn if we report per capita confirmed cases where not number one and infections ok drop per capita now let's just go back to run numbers this disgusting people these are not serious garbage people these are the chuck todd's brian smelters of world these are unserious garbage people maximum panic
maximum economic this location at all times pathetic i think you have repeated it i really appreciate a priest discards my youtube or try to get the forger that subscribers we're almost there there were three eighty eight or show youtube com slashed by gino i always appreciate your lower through the show thank you very much me and a pretty good week we're here to keep you informed folks that's it matter what happens we're staying on this air were keeping you informed said data matter slap see automobile you just heard tan bond gino she followed then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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