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What’s Bill Barr Really Doing? (Ep 1182)

2020-02-17 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the real story behind the decision by the DOJ to drop the case against this key Spygate player. I also address liberal heads exploding over President Trump’s visit to Daytona. Finally, I address the media’s desperate efforts to cover up the Democrats’ Ukraine mess. News Picks:Another stunning nugget is buried in the IG report. 


Why wasn’t Andrew McCabe charged


Spygate prosecutor John Durham has taken an interest in Obama’s emails.


Joe Biden finally admits that the Obama administration put immigrant children in cages.


Andrew Weissmann continues to make a mockery of the legal profession every time he opens his mouth.


Career criminal thanks the Dems for bail reform after his 139th arrest. 


Even the Swedes don’t like Bernie Sanders.


My appearance this morning on Fox and Friends.


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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee resident drop shows up a data the race this week at america muscle cars patriotism lag fast cars gasoline fossil fuels liberal headstart exploiting everywhere democratic act showed you'd be here today to nature but you buy recipe vienna sponsored by expressly viennese recipe beyond our complex punch protect your data prying eyes express bbn that conflict bungee nor folks don't go anywhere i got daytona i got the and the debacle on friday i thought about coming back and doing another show on friday night but explain to you what happened behind the scenes with the real justice parliament decision going did they d goings on let's say about they may cape who was not the decision to have dropped
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i know a writer you are taking the same day the justice department drops the katy manner fanny had just finished recording and i was like torrent i got that when he would prefer i really want to drop goes to the date yesterday we can't you see the right now i didn't know mister osborne so present structure for those either did method data and makes just an incredible insurance as you can see from this video here air force one comes fly it in you see that commentators have that vigorous jeff gordon news commenting on it they were just like this this was one of those scenes i got a top gun where the air force one pilot who is colonel tell me i was there with the secret service out an whose fly into play now we may still be harry is why with their profits while this is our fox the fox not the fight since then we have regular fox their channel that had this look at this check this out folks why did you side checks out youtube accomplished by jean if you want to see the visuals but it's a visual there there's one comedy lowered slow this is like
you're me but that can be bought the town permission not granted hell let's plus the anyway why over this i mean this is just to really incredible video course the iconic air force one flying over it what's real america folks rio maple who might advantage cars america look at that did you this was a box their regular networks flash in the united states i just incredible i need two hundred thousand fans watch this great symbol of the united states to fly over the stadium and liberal heads as i said where exploding everywhere ladies and gentlemen because they just can't take the fact that president drop is president i did states and that we should celebre this great country once in a while not everything always has to be a political event you know i said is this morning i was talking to one of the producers i do foxen friends on monday morning by carrying out a joke and before you know you sit before the seven years pop in magically appear anywhere you're on now i'm sitting in this chair typically about fifteen minutes before the segment starts at stephanie now we're talking night
i said there you know it was a great moment i'm not kidding if it was obama or clinton or any one else accurate sometimes it's just a nice moment for americans to save a great american sporting event you know for all the bad is that are going on right now the economy's pretty good we're still the greatest country in earth we still have a proud military we're still the place everybody wants to be and the fact that the president i'd stays buzzes the tower and ask therefore one is pretty incredible you know just enjoy it and get back politics to vote tomorrow on one with its today monday morning but we also other great moment to president tromp in the grade level tat the beast i'm giving up everybody's colleagues so whatever called the bees president trot take it a lap with this secrets drivers in the press that's your liberal just that at all evil moment it's a folks there's so much here i don't want to a lot of your time with old secret service stories by further there's the lot to pick a part in this however the president goes you noticed this
couple cars behind them the president took a laugh at daytona i'm i back kidded get if you wanna watch youtube fresh birgitta he took a lapse at the data in the presidential now observe ready of you know i was a secret service agent in that section twice the transportation temperatures transportation section that handle that there is an agent i want back as the whip work help supervisor section under a gs fourteen and that is the assignment of a lifetime ladies and gentlemen we are the only ones you drive the present united states agent sets it we are the only ones you drive had to be picked for that assignment to take gay a car like grab allow from around the track it for right out the aim of all of these cars at america's race at dayton really cool folks tat it's one of those things you just tell your kids about river and i love my job in the secret service and rarely though wish i'd gone back
today is one of those days right thought to myself you know what that would have been really cool present trump ever invite me in the limo for a trip life ass i will gladly take you up on the offer and noticed but you cars behind them because you may say well why we had to suburban behind them while folks you never leave the secret service ever we don't leave the present no matter what weather is taken a pace car lap or whatever that's the follow up vehicle that has the secret service agents in it we're not leaving no matter what no matter what we don't care where it is that's a long track daytona self that's why they were a couple cars by now that just thought i'd start off the show on a good no that was a great i got up i snapped due attention my elbows don't work very well by dumb they play
national anthem and standing in my liver room my daughter walked in it though it was weird you wonder why was standing at the national anthem display of great event good job present a trump very well that i let's get this meat potatoes about what happened on friday so the department of justice led by of course attorney general bill bar as many of you know drop case against andrew mackay for lying i want to give you the what happened what's really going on and some alternative theory so there are a lot of you following this case dont total lose because i know a lot of you are upset and you should be andrew cables the deputy director than acting director the fbi why all the spy gate nonsense was going on he was also intimately bob than the sham investigation the hillary clinton abusive government our now government email and the sharing of classified information over non government emails he was set your player in this whole thing which want to be clear before i start this i am not asking you not to be upset
a lot of you sent me a one guy pizarro postal my facebook mad at me than eighty became wasn't charge as if i was the eternal listen and if that makes you feel better to take out you're right i did i did john like getting i've read is not like what is a set of people i spent two years of my life one covering this nonsense i wrote to books about if that makes you feel better posts way i'm serious kind of some are you know it otis moment dead dead dead of releases the pain go right ahead i'm just telling you i don't think this is over yet let's about what happened first so i hunted through the internet to find the best article to explain behind the scenes machinations about what i think one eye and i think andy mccord a good friend of mine at national review set at best he's gotta pee capital being the shone out you can always find em up and you know that conformity email them to every morning you can subscribe to your email is buying gino dot com site
news letter it's all free of course will sunday these great articles so the title is happily why was andrew mackay why wasn't it your mackay charged noma screwed up their folks a couple of things happened here let me tell you what happened first with answer mackay for those you missing the background story on october of twenty sixteen there was a leaked to the wall street journal reported by the name of devlin bearing the leaked to the a three journal was about the existence of a case into the clinton's aid you may say well everybody knew the f b i was investing in a clean it hadn't been confirmed ladies and gentlemen in the f b i was doing its best to keep it under wraps the motor for which i believe there are multiple i believe the primary motives is call me was a hillary clinton supporter as we now know and did not want it damage our election chances a month a month before the election by indicating their
open criminal investigation copy follow me because this gets a little confusing but you'll we stand what happened and why you know that the what the spiral effect in that ball rolling down the hill after them so they are guy doesn't confirmed the existence of the current investigation until this october leak nobody those who led did well except one person andrew mackay why because i'm a k believed it and you may i believe the existence of the clinton case to the wall street journal through is attorney in the fbi that time who was in his office lisa page yes a friend of peter stroke who was the crossfire hurricane agent investigating president trump via he was the fbi agent vesting he was the leader of the agent crossfire hurricane there having an affair those too so page is a primary witness in this case now fairly
you may be saying yourself then this doesn't make any sense if call me and the fbi at the higher the higher level are trying to protect hillary clinton right rum its media oh my gosh you fbi's investigating hillary clinton this'll be terrible a month before the election why would mackay bleak it the crux of the matter comes starts a command well you're my caves wife had been running for office jill mackay our states and a position of virginia and had taken lots of money from groups who are and people associated with hillary clinton now i care the time in october twenty sixteen is underway ten screwed me for being one of the guys involving the clinton email investigation and they're saying why did this guy refuse himself his wife was obviously an official area the clinton orbit money it's only fair for an fbi official of that level of importance to refuse himself why didn't we
it was widely refuse widened refuse that keeps coming up so the to the media was thought to be way from a cave to make himself look better joe is the audience referee here you drag me here he's my caves the king to devlen barrett through lisa page it known this investigation still ongoing we're got my wife running profit that didn't effect anything right right right relegated to even though they hate trump cave its fought late did to protect it personal reputation that may make it look like he wasn't being influenced by this department of justice pressure to shut this case that now that is another story out there that supposedly the d o j was pressuring fbi to bury this case now imma keep switching you to make it look like look at me i'm above this even though my wife ran it was his beneficiary clinton orbit support i kept it open this spy
the department of justice is pressure to shut it down ok everybody got the background backgrounds important on the yemen thanks to explain you ok you got it so i get over twenty sixteen the leak happens about the existence of the case in may of twenty seventy the fbi agents actually the vision the equivalent of their internal affairs interviews came under oath they ve got an idea that mikhail was the leaker this story on ro the interview became a cable eyes this is not open for dispute the mode first line lying you can dispute all you want the fact it is under oath they have records of the interview mackay people may have twenty seventeen months after the october we tell the fbi internal affairs section i didn't like it that obviously false bouquet bleat that's
the question of a cable distorting ok it gets worse in july just months they have to that undergrowth again and i believe recorded by the way the inspector general's office investigating this case but michael horowitz crew interviews mc came about billy he again denies the leak ladies and gentlemen he's the league everybody knows that he denies it again you may say this is open and shut folks why is he not being prosecuted for false statements i get the sum of the theories in a minute but i want you to still have this background you finally in august he's interviewed a third time he called the bags kind of sort of may of lead tat information by really legal because i had any doesn't even i know its body because you're die don't you think you do the way parliament not just was prosecuted for this might wind was prosecuted for this
did you like i guess why i tell you not to be mad about this tell you what a joy as one hour we give you the fact so in august calls back mackay bus is well i kind of mayors sore deleted but because i'm andy mackay deputy director the fbi and i'm so important wendy their view happened it was kind of in passing i have a lot of things going on i was too busy to recollect the whole story so i didn't really lie intentionally above any any totally totally blows the whole thing was not interview no hallway in passing he was put under oath by fbi you'd send inspector general director general investigators who made a crystal what they were there to talk about that that's nonsense he's trying ray frame it like all it wasn't a lie intentionally to get his
you know he's men's ray i clear his motives it was an intentional lie just missed spoke funny how when you are aligned with democrats like anti mikhail is they love you know you are to miss speak but god forbid your associated with bobby you may speak once you're gettin a silver bracelets on a year ago in it you get hang us now so we now know we lied we know we admits line because he gives this august interviewed amidst lying he just says while i wasn't you know i lied i just got confused i was too busy to much going on showing you the depravity this guy eddie mackay troubled every human being this guy really is he isn't number two official in the f b i he knows he led the story in october twenty sixteen the next day after the story comes out the wall street journal october of twenty sixteen he's the leaker this not
all the new york field office of the fbi nightfall and the washington field office of the fbi i'd start dreaming out the supervisors there the special agent in charge and the bosses for what you will equally guys do guys get them better get them control your probation you understand those roads how sick this guy is he's the deputy director the fbi is leaking stories to make himself look better no legitimate law enforcement function for this leak whatsoever others to make himself look better he then does it and calls and yells at the two supervisors from the new york field office in the worst in field to make it seem like i know what he was doing to make z mikey was really mad so it attracts takes the attention away for me and puts it on everybody else the story is staggering this is a true old guy but these are the less
new icons these are their new saints these people are to be out liars frauds cheats i mean people with really rob the moral character he calls search yelling at them for leaky did that actually happen we know about that ok this story gets worse now so now this is being investigated his lying under oath and lying to agents which is a crime a crime again like when i'll get to that later or george papadopoulos were prosecuted for roger stone is well lying on the road so why no charges let's go to the innocent review peace again eighty mccarthy any mccarthy as a few interesting theories on this one of em i agree with let me but let me just read this farce and explain the couple a reasons what might have happened behind the scenes buying this ridiculous decision quite normal
the outcome the deal j just stood to take some heads of mikhail had been charged focused on caves leak would have drawn attention to the pressure the j officials had put on the fbi over the clinton foundation investigation which report of these likely to be because without charges also renewed interest in the question of whether the fbi improperly allowed me came to play a role including related instigations when his wife is a political candidate got major funding from clinton tied sources let's go to this one first great analysis by india and i agree this is where i believe the swamp internal vessels in the oj are just like there are embedded in the system and they want they are desperate to not expose what happened here sunlight the best disinfect in the market he dies in the darkness is the washed imposed hilarious so he says because they are the darkness themselves and this is all so the swamp poland the shades
two things will happen if mikhail is prosecuted number one the d j the store out there was pudding heavy pressure on the bureau as anti says there to dump the clinton case why we speculators motives over and over again i think the motive is obvious that the oj had been populated as i said our fox friends this morning with left this of course they don't want to prosecute equipment based on these are democrats and mrs clinton was running for president they don't want to damage their political you know the golden calf basically right before the presidential election it the most i believe is very simple by prosecuting became an putting that cato go to trial mackay is not going to take up legal not a chance opening that up ladies and gentlemen mackay is gonna go there and testify they're afraid he may testify radie may tests above by about it
criminal justice under loretta luncheon the obama administration putting pressure on them to shut the clinton foundation case down may support may caves account fan i and others he may be we know he doesn't like trop but he going to jail for anybody you dig there's motivation over one may similar doesn't sound fair who told you i was fair known you want fair watch that bolivia was a final analysis or some you want fair go house you are what what does it say you might know you want justice you want its growed go to court that would what we find out ass i had invited there was a good for the club i can't find out i'm felix cordial homo did did you telling you this is rare i'm telling hu i do assure you deserve the truth that the oj is terrifying their terrified that their pressure they
gone to shut the investigation clinton's downs all gonna come to light cosmic cable open up on secondly the fbi is afraid you know the deal i just told you where the deal jays afraid the fbi is afraid that there can renewed permissions mackay by allowing him to be a cent a figure in the clinton case for a long time until he refused while aged if was running for political office and the beneficiary beneficiary of clinton sphere money and influence the fbi's the people here to start say wait what your husband joe my cape was a senior level manager thea managing the investigation of the collision while you were the beneficiary the democratic clinton machine the
be i'd want that out there either ladies and gentlemen everybody's praetorian guard surrounding their people and protecting their folks i know its not cosy i know its not cute but it is may not telling you about it does you no good you know good either again if you want to send me the emails and i can tell you what a yell at me for that on that mess you it's ok it's ok i'm here for you i'm not joking him up he had sarcastic if it makes you feel better i need because i want you to feel right away you and i want you to be depressed either we are bidding here may say how we are winning we are we they slow process ladies and gentlemen these people have spent twenty years embedding themselves and the bureaucracy don't lose faith yet there are things happening not as fast as we like
the systems clearly corrupt but there are some good things happening in a way you be depressed all day we eleven the greatest country in europe and there are some good things happening but let me explain you another angle about what's happening here on i'd say kind of a good sign it's not just that the deal jays panicking about this like coming out on them and the fbi mackay starts talking in a trial they tried can someone from the clinton orbit d j you may no they didn't dan everybody get off scot free no they didn't folks they did ok not everybody got off scot free greg craig was obama's former whitehouse lawyer you remember that case the i remember rain craig you do because you have you got your forced to listen to me the majority of you in the audience you all time remember gregg craig played a critic
the role and some of my older shows use obama's former white house lawyer gregg craig worked at a company with paul manifold and was working on some of those ukraine issues metaphors prosecutor yes or no most former white loi lawyer that up not boyish obama because of god craigs work on some of those similar issues manafort was prosecuted prosecutor gregg craig was prosecuted as well gregg craig one is case and trial resoundingly was thrown out almost immediately it was a tough case folks but did the oj made you may what does that have anything to do with became any mccarthy brings a second please do i swear though i thought about this is weakened its why bring it up his piece it when he said to them i guess he's actually right i think they're bears a little way lash over that they were humiliated and gregg craig case this obama people their job poland deasey is terrible ladies and gentlemen the jury pool
indeed see me i don't mean terrible at their terrible people i mean it's clearly the two per cent of people supported hillary clinton and sadly these cases have been tainted by political info it's a people who lean laughed are going to be more apt to give a dismissal i'm sorry fighting in the the non political yours as we saw with the wash roger stone case in area is exceedingly difficult i think the justice department recognise after taken a big al big al on the guy craig case was affiliated with the obama administration that mc caves equality road to the left and the this case was a loser folks i'm not asking you to like getting this like it usually like it now it is as you i hate that line but i do wish to send the secret years put your right there times when it just is what it is we don't have to be happy about any of this i'm to give you some be happy vaccination where's the good part show its common lower
one more thing here then eighty eighty mccarthy brings up in the peace before we move into the good stuff what i think is coming and what i think i think him a and lisa paid you sent out for some ridiculous tweet like toasting cheer sandy nice job you may want to hold that three lisa by the way i'm i'm saving all these pictures for something but within started up the open the segment saying that you joe who was the who's the main witness in the case against anti became we the page the lawyer who worked for him whom came told to lead the story to the wall street journal he's a page isn't gonna testify against mackay she's being a wine glass shot saying cheers andy nice work this week it folks it's like having to utter case where nobody wants to testify were i witnessed decided say anything eventually i'm not suggesting where's the like the murder i'm simply
just as you have no case nobody for everything dreaded airports at folks please i'm not sick a thing you have to like you i'm just telling you i don't think bob is crazy and i don't think he abandoned you i think he is trading a loser case we're gonna lose for something a lot bigger and you know who agrees only by the way i get to this is the second after a sponsor agrees with me andrew weissmann who's that member malagigi canada gamala prob maybe one of them first lawyers that america andy weissmann he agrees with me i'll get to that a minute now comes the good news and
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teeter fits by say that inversion david kick let us free inversion programme app i go into teeter dotcom slash dan that's tee each year that consolation check this thing out it is money i love this night so good hundred fifty miles off teetered accomplished it ok here comes again so we laid out what i d mackay did we lay out some of the behind the scenes reasons that i don't believe you be impressed the case is a loser you have no witnesses the deal jays covered up their pressure on the f b i didn't want to cape town what about that the draft the current case the fbi's cover up letting mackay be involved in the current case and all they want him talking about that either so aids basically a loser all around and the swamp is covered for itself and they did i get here of any cooperating witnesses bought pale bar is not as dumb the left wing media wants you to play there i'm kind of settled people pylon onboard ladys jim i'm still convinced bars of friendly until i here otherwise i'm here from people in the know that
is genuinely concerned about the spy gate affair the clinton affair the did the corrupting of the government intelligence interest i am sure that this is a real concern and like i said i the keys dropping this loser case for something bigger and andrew weissmann agrees check out this piece of pga media it's a good one i get up at the show notes but you know that consolation newsletter subscribe to newsletter freewill sending these great articles every day this is why rick moran at pga media top mother prosecutor took about weissmann says the oj starting a new investigation it they call me my cabin stroke way why i thought this was all over the left wing media and all the people involved in a lot of hysterics this weakens it it's over just as is the case yet the pastoral get off whatever is nothing's going to happen ever listen i don't know i told you a long time ago in short a lot of these people are ever going to be prosecuted got mad at me for that
becomes drew in your mad at me because you think i didn't i warned you but that was before bill bar believe is looking at the something bigger what is it that is looking into let's go to this little la snapshot from the pga media peace corps an interesting twist is arising from the decision of hiv bar to name and outside council jeffrey jeffrey and to investigate the mike when kit way one there's a special council we'll get it through the mike one case right at the same time they dropped them a cave case because on the former top prosecutor aspect council robert mothers theme talking about energy what is no friend of ours folks says supply by bar it it's a ruse so that they do
j can open up a new investigation the former fbi bristles jim call me and they may cape and peter stroke now i agree with weissmann on a couple of points on agreed a ruse it's an open and transparent measure by bar to finally figure out why mike flynn was prosecuted for false statements making false statements that the fbi said workforce while i mackay is getting a pass folks do you made this may sound joe but he's referee had news with this is what i mean folks bill bar is interested in actual justice that liberal justice which is police state tyranny he understands the case against mike flynn for false statements is a loser oh sir in order to make them boy did this is a loser and finally
find out why they d o j and fbi and everyone else push to prosecute this decorated lieutenant general he can then go simultaneously a prosecutor in timor came on a same loser case while trying to make the case that these are loser cases please tell me you dig take but but then i would have ever thought to look at it like that straight up we had to write this is why this is all happening at the same time its very its then it's not i've been dimensional chess it's very simple bar is trying to make the case that they depart and of justice under obama was swamp dominated by political not legal decisions he knows the case for false statements even know me admittedly is a loser in court the folks i was a federalist nobody prosecutes these cases he is
to try to make an example out of that political process by using the flint case who will pay computer on the same false statements statement shares this ingenuously as an example what should happen so what does he do the deal j dumps the case these various reasons against mackay while in the same timeframe appointing a special council to look into my plane and ladies and gentlemen this is gonna get ugly why is what happened to mike flynn of such interest to bill bar and everyone else i don't either nunez translator for this one job because sometimes devon nunez gray congress or from california has been uncovering all this nonsense deep state swamp red garbage for a long time it s a pretty straightforward on this one this is a interview with surat show me forgive me from saying your name round from the washstand examiner at in this in a few words about emitted plus club deafening
as lays out pretty clearly why might flynn was process you too by swampy politicized the oj for a nonsense crime does what crime at all new clearly lays out two reasons why flynn became at all one being his exposing of the malicious i ran deal and second they flints outspoken nature about the politicization situation the politics in the justice department intelligence community and another thing was
also for exposing how al qaeda wasn't crushed under the obama administration contrary to some other protestations otherwise here's to ever nunez michael and check this out that was why he was it was it was a wrong and his and his concern about the growth of of al qaeda in iraq the re growth of al qaeda in iraq that became isis it was those two issues i believe why he was fired and then follow yos fired and then that's when he started and then he began after member he then began helping nonmember he came in brief us after he had been fired he came in to brief us in two thousand fifteen he wasn't with donald trump he was willing to help out any comments including democrats because he was a democrat writer this all this is lost on people what's happened to him is is just too
a real shame and then as the trap campaigns are rolling president trunk trusted him they brought general flynn end a brief present trump who had been a business guy very good it at building things in hotels and golf courses and i would also say he was also good neo use a hollywood guy had the apprentice show those were his strength right so he needed somebody like general flynn who had been around who could explain hey here's what's here's what's happened so it made sense as one of the few see no kind of swap creatures to support trump as a candidate it made sense that he would become the national security adviser and then he was i believe he was targeted because he knew where all the bodies were buried and he knew that the that the obama administration had seated here in washington at the highest levels of of the intelligence age
she's a bunch of people that he knew or not we're not up to par you dig so let's get him bill bars had i can't read his mind but i'm gonna try the case against mackay is a loser false statements is are we charge we don't have enough which is why are we bringing these cases let that go on right right around the same time by the way let's get a special the council on the outside while everybody's distracted with them a cave staffed by the way let's get a special council look into this blending while we're on the topic of loser cases being brought the d j for false statements like we just set about mackay let's look into this loser case when a case where you said the fbi that he lied to the fbi even though the f b i said their own memos he didn't like let's give a second
a look see at this case while europe distracted with the mccain stuff in my interview with abc let's look into why you prosecuted a guy in a loser case who just conveniently object two obama's i ran deal by being targeted by obama's intel operation a guy who was outspoken that al qaeda was not their dreams but all code is member the obama administration era reelect european cato wasn't dead and flint sounding the alarm and third was helping not only republicans but democrats expose the swamp and the politics that had infested deodorant intelligence community and elsewhere now you know why bill bar is looking into why flynn was prosecuted on a loser case and he's have appointing an outside
council to oversee what's going on here because he knows what that outside council is going to find which is massive fbi malfeasance a conspiracy a legitimate one between mackay call me an upper echelons levels and members of the fbi make sure mike flynn was permanently damaged arrested kicked out or given the astor prince treatment that's why he was targeted now how did they do it this is where this gets interesting when we had to muslim my sources to seven i'd another because this is where this gets fascinating ladies and gentlemen you have to remember that
we're getting a mite flynn because of what i just told you i m willing to expose the swamp and the abuse of this charge to do it was done in sight a sloppy stupid way you're you're astonished that career law enforcement professionals thought this wouldn't be uncovered let me go to this first because this will make sense but let me go back this energy report footnote from the energy report this will make sense on august ten as you can see from the energy report august tenth of twenty sixteen the f b i this is a footnote in the ideas report about the crossfire hurricane case member the ep i says they didn't get the dossier to september but by august and the fbi assembled investigative team and was adopting an initial analysis of links between the trump campaign members in russia how is that show the place this allegation existence in the dossier which they say don't have to september the footnote goes on based
this analysis on august kent the fbi open intervene cases under crossfire keynes umbrella on three persons papadopoulos carter page a metaphor sixty six days later they opened up a case on a fourth individual mike flint really how did michael flynn become a target ladies and gentlemen let me be crystal clear the trump russia's stuff in their footnote on the energy report the f b i says it's investigator august ten and the mike flynn russia connections are all fairytales their fake there a subsidy was there hoaxes and they exist only in one place in the minds of hillary clinton paid fusion gps christopher steel dossier operatives those charges are false so if they only exist in the dossier which the fbi
it didn't get the september but their opening up ok on august ted based on the charges in the yea and nowhere else somebody's lying folks and it is obviously the fbi officials who are telling you they get the dossier until september a wire you telling you that because they still to this day want you to believe they opened this case because the australians tipped off the united states about boozy london bar meeting were papadopoulos who could have disclosed that there since had dirt on hearing that story these garbage i'll wait in the trash sheep forget it it's like it never happened this case open because hillary clinton paid for it to be open with a dossier you don't believe me let me show you a dossier a memo from the dust written by christopher steel allegedly to show you the day
although they didn't get this still september last september nineteen according to the fbi gotcha so here is one of the company intelligence reports written by the otherwise known as memos in the dossier you'll notice some you're just a year the names in this let me read you one bullet point from this deal dossier kremlin when engaging with several high profile u s players including stein talk module stein carter page and forward director michael flynn you noticed some different about might flynn and his name those the listeners you'll notice you wanna see youtube accomplished by gino you don't need this it understand what's going on i am gentlemen so this is a dossier from the on alleging that might flynn engaging with the kremlin with others but it's interesting because my friend's name is put in parentheses and it's the only name and the entire report that's not in all caps almost as if it added later like somebody needed something almost
i got august ted they wanted to open up a case against might win because he was about to expose the swamp so they open case on three others to distract people i open among these three first and will open up on flynn ten dollar six days later on august sixteen so what i'll make it look like this is all about when what's the data let us when they got this dossier that remember the ep i saying they got in september well if we go back to it you look at page to that dossier wondering sixteen who is it that's it that's professional church lady style is did you read my book exonerated folks there's a chapter in my book it's called it red velvet amazon please pick it up there's a chapter called the plug in place scheme mr what's that
i owe you one explanation about what i think happened you folks the fbi the obama administration obviously want flynn gone they want flynn out mikhail doesn't like em we now that they want flynn dirtied up and out they have nothing on flynn cyril he did nothing wrong they have nothing on flynn survive nothing on joe and i want to hear ass the gauge out for a crime that didn't commit the dirty him up i just make it up but i can't make it up myself so what do i do i just go to the opposition party use pay and this researcher christopher steer say hey you got something on flynn i have this august tenth memo about carter page and jill stein hake india throw flynn in there you notice he's the only name not nor gaps and its rights like it was added later guard carter
it's steiner corrupted by the kremlin back in it and my poor do the only name capitalize almost like it was maybe later to give the yeah information on august tat they needed to open up on flame when he was the target the whole time because he was looking at them and everyone else for their swampy sloppiness now you see why folks ladies and gentlemen not everything's what you think it is as they discussed on friday they show why their dropping the loser case against mikhail to focus on the non loser case to focus on a special council or a cow and independent council looking in to what happened in the one case you understand why the when cases so important and why andrew weissmann known on paper and an end mahler lieutenant now you see why weissmann panicking waited
a is just a rose be careful there really looking at the five wise weissmann worried about worried about that because is about flynn the whole time and they opened up on when christian clear because of the dossier and their life you would tell you they didn't get the dossier of september so it doesn't look like they opened up a case on mike when because of the dossier oh it gets better it gets better for my final sponsored they can issue also by through our bodies that i target ladys german you only pistol you want a rifle out there if you do you have to responsibilities have to be safe for that obviously but you have to be proficient is well god forbid you involve any life were destined airy have to protect yourself for your friend do you have to be able to engage proficiently i don't know about you i don't get out the range at all but she just really busy i know it's hard you know you going to get your firearms
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i m using a fake dossier paid for by hilary too to prosecute and targeted echo rated lieutenant general in the u s military they said they didn't get their dossier of september they are lying they are lie you saw date august ten the same day they open up these on these three people which i believe also with a ruse their opening up on these three people in and they open up a case six days later on when to make it look like wins not their primary target when in fact he was on august ten they had to shut him down before he shut them down now one of the key questions has been well how it feel getting all this information folks i brought up on friday and i'll bring up again this is one of the biggest game one of my conference call me about if you can't believe it cuz he used informants all the time but he was in the gang squad they investigated street gangs
the question now is if they are clearly using steel paid for by fusion an edge by hillary clinton steam to generate false information when i call in my book exonerated plugin play scheme in other words you need it our charge against someone joe carter page donald trump you just call up steal any plugs and place he gives you would cross george you want what are you you say you want to stay clear of winds colluding with the kremlin and russia's don't worry go to steal he'll say of course idea dossier multiple examples of my book of how this plugin play scheme work but even worse ladies and gentlemen i believe the plug in play scheme the quote machine they were using as a as we call it do you need a quote go to the whole quote janet
i'd anything in the dossier you want one of the troubling components of this as i believe it was a two way street folks my body might cover and i said call me unless he couldn't believe it how do you have an informant that's a two way street now confirming my suspicions a terrific article in real clear investigations by a great investigator eric health this will be in the show notes this is a mystery better the idea reports of that we ve been talking about for a long time how it is guy team in rome gave christopher steel highly regarded secrets whoa whoa theo baby theo tab out on the field i talk christoffersen had the highly guarded secrets and has given up to the fbi now we find
the fbi was giving steel highly guarded secrets back let me walk through this custody jane steel talks to the fbi that goes and checks is information auto corrects it adds some information to it gives it back to steal who gives it the hilary who then pushes the fbi to investigate donald trump does that some kind of like a problem because it is ladies and gentlemen when you using inform it's it's not supposed to be a two way street if some in for i think maybe lying is trying to tell me joe rob the bag i then history of the video the bank and find out the bank wasn't rob i dont think go back and informants dates for well maybe joe rob the bank last year instead will you form it let me go right a dossier at then if i go and pull the out from the day the informant says joe rob a bank the video and there's no evidence the bank was robbed that day i dont pass it on for which we can auto correct these information i go to
performance of your information no good you better shake the tree some more and it does happen maybe he comes back and figures out there they who knows maybe the informer try maybe joe dip rob a bank and he got the data so the informer cos st sources hey what are you about job already rather bank joy then he informed because a few days later hey joe rob a bank enjoy your it your note you know what happened you have the video ding ding ding he's right ok guys credibly just screwed up you auto correct use information and make it a two way street from the real clear peace look at this footnote this eric felt in peace this is again from the idea report the eye examined whether the fbi disclosed classified information is steel door their meeting in early october they did in that case agent to case agent you did when you discuss information would steal that the f b i received from the friendly foreign government and that he did not have proof
are authorization to make the disclosure then it goes on with their all kinds of horror which you i dont really trust to be honest with the idea given all kinds of reasons why this is possible this could happen i would amiss committed but ever doesn't matter the eye is using a source in the biggest counter intelligence investigation in modern history trying to say that might fleeing carter page and donald trump and michael coloured and others are colluding with the russians and their auto correcting is information this is starting this is starting astonishing i warned you about this last week its energy report films pieces grave their order correcting is information to make an reliable shores we'd be wise for information there lies to make it
formation seem real instead of making the source go back and shakers trees and show you what he knows the fbi are you telling him what he doesn't know i bet he comes back with the same information look how reliable i am i just found out the austrian maybe involve two way way we i told you that not all i got it from a source how would you know the fbi is a source of the fbi the azores now why am i bringing up this auto correct way street thing because don't who find it odd that steel submits a dossier dated august ten that talks about carter page and others the fbi open a case on august tenth against them and ended august tat thing has what appears we might winds name randomly thrown in there
read the seas and not in caps like it was put it at the last minute without a two way street was that an auto correct is there regional version that august tenth ass he doesn't mike whence they monitor bureaus like hey you know we could really use them information on mike fled in this one do all that let me go in the next room have you heard of ours there what you're gonna get the air drop printer printer fbi sixty seven although back in a minute guys this is crazy i got a new gas knew it information from my source new look mike woods involving two guys good jobs theo you're so good now
you think this is all some crazy conspiracy theory that steel source was the fbi and the state department some cases feeding them back and forth in a two way street you now know it's any idea reports at a conspiracy theory i'm to end the show with this where else did this happen the auto correct function for steel who say he has sources but is using your bob administrations fbi did steal also use this the obama administration state department as a source while claiming to have sources in russia you remember this doozy here's a note by kathleen catholic the scaffolding catholic kathleen cavil like is the state department official under the obama administration the state department run by john kerry hillary clinton she meets with christopher steel look at the day had tipp to seven nine on this
she meets with them on october eleventh of twenty sixteen these are her hand written notes from that interview christopher steel notice on the second page remember the day this is october eleven keep that in your out of twenty sixty on the second point each in our handwritten notes steel is telling us something about michael cohen trumps you're going to prague remember that allegation folks allegation exists only in the dossier its fake it's been the bug six different ways for sunday that trumps lawyer at the time michael cohen want to prague to basically pay off there since for this whole election conspiracy member that its fate yet its nonsense it's made up i never had right that's not what steel employment is not what's the old told the state department on october eleven to twenty sixty clear day stickers there was a her notes steel said something about michael cohen go into prague on that day
was there another auto correct here let's go back to another memo member the dossiers a compilation of steel memos just like the mike flynn august tent want that every i says they didn't get those september yeah sure let's look at this dossier david october nineteen twenty sixteen joe if i'm correct that's after october eleventh right yes it is not crazy you're new thank you i'd be lost without you in the audience revelry here so tough one here is this see i steal rub his source this alleged kremlin insider was unsure the identities of the pierre officials with whom cohen met secretly in august or the exact date location of the meat being really scratch in my head here so called went on october eleven tells the obama state department tomer eleven to twenty six
clearly that he knows michael cohen was in prague to meet with these people set up this whole illicit scheme but in eight days later he writes a dossier memo it says all my sources all of a sudden are unsure about where that meeting happen don't you find it odd that kathleen collect the state official interviewing with steel eight days before you wrote that memo acknowledges and our typewritten handwritten notes that she's doing data checks during the interview for it for example steel says at one point that things being coordinated the russian consulate miami she notes in an interview there is no russian consulate miami she also noted she's checking travel histories for these two russians during the interview tell me you dig the only possible use checking cohen's travel history when
he's telling her on october eleven though he went to prague she checking combings per we know collins ever been to prague was kathleen catholic passing that back to steal who then goes back and up updates is met sources told me they're not now sure where the meeting was you sure eight days ago eight days you told them the meeting was in practice now all of a sudden you meet with the state department that's conveniently checking travel histories tweet street tweets and now you're not so sure anymore and your sources are so sure who the hell your sources dude i think its fairly obvious at this point now you understand what's going on i can't make any more predictions i'm sorry i don't know what's gonna happen i told you for a long time i'm not the attorney
i'm not whispering bringin billboards you i don't know and i don't want you to not be have said be upset being upset cause you to vote cause you to call your congressmen and generate some outrage and hopefully get some justice one day i'm simply telling you there are people working behind the scenes who know what i now clearly more than i know and there is a reason this council was appointed to look into the wind case the flynn case baby ground zero for the obama administration beautifully intel want foresman infrastructure to target their political ideological enemies and the use of fbi state departed other government assets to trade the information with fake sources to get those sources to read out people that were their enemies the whole lot bigger than you think i just don't want you to get distracted by the shiny red object let's wait till dorm comes storms investigation into all this comes out then we can make judgements on bar and others
my folks thanks again for tuna please pick up my book exonerated adam you know at the sum away past the word did outdated and i promise you it's not a money thing i mean it the bottom of my heart i really just why you have read the book is to put a lot of work into it and this whole plugin play scheme into a street stuff is in there check it out exonerate available on amazon and check out or youtube youtube dotcom slash punch you know if you want the visuals on the show today we always appreciate thanks again folks say or do you just ten bungee knows you can also get dance podcast soon i tunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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