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What’s With the Explosion in Fake News? (Ep 1059)

2019-09-04 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the decision by this major company to attack your Second Amendment Rights. I also discuss the possibility of some major information drops coming in the next few weeks. Finally, I discuss the tidal wave of fake news in the last few days. 

News Picks:Terrifying video of Hurricane Dorian’s devastation by the numbers.


What the heck is Walmart thinking?


Here’s what may be coming out in the Spygate case.


What you’re buying could be the perfect surveillance network.


The media is ignoring the mayhem in Chicago because it doesn’t for their narrative. 


The Left simply cannot stop lying about the Tea Party.


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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee no thank you very much for the i believe avoid credible responses yesterday show was most listen to audio podcast is ever thank you very but you are the best audience in business either those debunking liberalized shows do very well yesterday was just a cornucopia of liberal stupidity the bug so today we're going to flip the script a little bit and talk about a series of media fake news stories have emerged in the past few days we're going to nail that's in the wall i've got a terry on walmart making one of the dumbest business decisions in the history of when kind real clear investigations peace i promise you i get to last week but out of pushing through this week about what's a head major stingers from a source about what could become out after the column
add your point i welcome to the damage you know she produced a joy our you did i am already for this cornea cobia of information and you say yes yes as we data i keep saying the compilation of producer joe com carries when he opens up the shell we're ok thank you everyone do commented we are ok no problems that's a lot of minor damage and my back art i got an of new pool my backyard in my place and stuart oh come on you're gave us the pull yourself if you yeah my backyard is under water over over there in the new neighbourhood but listen that we're fine and pails in comparison two again what happened in the bahamas my wife has been looking at pictures they're harper lazily days so gab were sent some stuff over there i folks today show brought your body
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use jenny cell immediate effects immediate also free or in their legendary college and builder also free go to you saw that calm jan you sell that come entered damn thirty at check out that's day and thirty my first name zero dan thirty dan three zero check out that's three free guess what the order limited time only go to any that calm jenny so that aren't you you see that comment or dan thirty a check out all right let's go nice so what are the dumbest virtue signalling business decisions i've seen in modern american history walmart which i generally enjoy going to i'm gonna have to take a hard pass on this for a while i re evaluate my relationship there walmart decided that day a single handedly sob the violence problem in this country you bobby popping up certain ammunition sales and their only gonna sell sporting rifles now that was it
oh yeah decision by brilliant i mean one of the dumbest decisions i've ever heard in human history member wendy exporting sporting try that starts to hear of folks this was really dumb abort obviously here's to a audience at many who of whom are trumps supporters conservatives republicans libertarians always they don't want to be you signal by corporations that that will do nothing to of the gun violence problem and discuss this will do nothing ladies and gentlemen this was i've no impact at all what i mean by the term virtue signally for those you haven't heard that this is a company signal its virtue to the public by making decisions they know one advance we'll have zero the impact on the problem may claim there trying to solve you get what i'm saying there only knowing that look at us we're on a higher moral play john there we are the new social justice worries of oak go broke
every time a police was unbelievably soup and now i got email from our body vic i've already last name of course this is an email he sent to walmart which i encourage speak out as well in i'll be cool about it you always are we're not liberals we're not the anti first amendment group eighty four but this is in mail from vicki forwarded to be the he set over walmart quote i'll be cancelling my wife our credit card see shopping at your stores and walmart dot com due to your decision to stifle my second amendment right i'm alone i will i will not support a company is against their freedom to save them from next year starts trying to silence my free speech the harder and six thousand dollars a year i spent many forgets through another goods will be spent else good luck law abiding citizen in i leave this data banks victory female ladies and gentlemen i do not i received probably george you under those that's a lot for a topic you're really
i mean josie talk radio big radio station you get like four five emails on a topic to big deal generally the demagogy no rule on this is if i don't get twenty plus emails it's not as hot topic the person emailing thinks they are that rules always always kind of work about a hundred five times that amount people are furious ladies and gentlemen this will do nothing zero to solve the problem but why it does do me any good to rant on wallabout without suggesting to you why walmart is virtually signals ladies and gentlemen criminals do not buy their guns at walmart pale and in walmart ridiculously suggesting hey we prefer if you didn't carry your firearms in our store how about this how about you prefer you i just don't carry me inside your store i'm not going there while i can do what you want
i'm not going back to walmart drop me off after church about problems like you didn't tell me just i'm telling you now that i'm not going in that place this was really stupid and this was just an attempt to cater to the social justice you're left that will have zero goose egg pact on this problem because criminals don't by their guns at walmart however you do have law abiding second amendment a crash and republicans to be villa democrats or firearm owners who walmart is their only access to some of these products because they don't live in new york city and then as a politician big cities all these liberal social justice whereas walmart kissing the caboosa live in they may not have an effort fell locally a federal firearms since deal or to get a firearm to protect themselves this is the new welcome this what they can
at the ballot box is americans are giving up their right to protect themselves does it these lunatics out their manufacture doubling down because of these won't it takes americans want to protect themselves the liberals are reading this all wrong so what please do what they can't wait at the ballot box they press you virtue signalling he owes and boards like walmart to make these decisions i'm done i'm i shall write into a lot of you in the warm art by me you know some of you this show i've seen you in how do i know you this show because i've seen you in walmart you told me elicited shell dumb i unbelievably stupid now having said that you ve heard about of course the tragic deaths obviously newsworthy and should be covered store you haven't heard a lot about jobs because it doesn't fit in air remember this shows about the media today a lot of it i'm going to i'm going to put out to you for five stories here
all media garbage media is dead brazil media anymore it's all nonsense hysterical tabloid type garbage side even journalism you haven't heard much about the chicago story covered by bright party this isn't a w are hawkins story he does a lot of their their fire or suffer put then so be it the show notes today it is eight up you are hawkins twenty five shot seven killed during first here labour day week in it you gotta let me read that headline again september first twenty dna w our hawkins bright part that company in the zone of twenty five shot seven killed during first half of labour day week in chicago and one more time in case the liberals miss this twenty five shot seven killed in the first half of labour day weaken in chicago now lorry life with the mayor of chicago has conveniently tried to deflector
gods are bought out estate lot well actually the charge she put suppose there's ass she was responding to some criticism by republican centre ted crews from texas she's well opera you bought in chicago one you don't know that cause llanos gods are bought it legally and secondly don't you find it odd that even you won the percentage of guns bud this was one point eight percent most have a more in fact botany illinois the surrounding areas don't you find it odd that if these guns are being bought republic in areas or looking leaning areas which is certainly not illinois folks tat the crime maybe because those people have a second amendment right to carry in their homes why would that be maybe because those people have a second amendment right to carry in their homes and criminal choose to prey on an hour populous just throw it dear lorry lightfoot maybe you want to consider that in your detailed intellectual analysis you did you get what i just said the mayor of chicago
who is now in the hot seat because conservative media outlets or talking about the chicago mayhem chaos in blood nobody else deliberately a glance is over it pretends it's not happening why joe it doesn't fit their narrative coarse and watch their narrative the media's narrative his gun control works if he would implement gun control all this chaos would stop that's interesting because chicago has to some of the strictest gun control country and its end its end its may have every single week don't talk about that media are hacks they're not interested in the town so lorry life with the mayor chicago now in an effort to further deflector failed leadership already dead it's done she's total ass under a lorry life for saying well thought out other bind these guns in republic in many states even if that were true which it's not the majority of guns you come from republican meaning states have you ask yourself why these for by guns and republican meaning states in illegal pro
we strongly anti purchases and then sell them later on but they don't come at the same amount of crime there joe putting on your hat iranian somebody got em you getting what i'm saying showing i'm going go to texas we're even if that was true it's not but let me this role with arrests are all these guns are coming from texas whatever may not true but whatever so you go to texas to buy it you plan on selling illegally letter so you're criminal whether you bought legally or not you're a criminal cause you plan on committing an illegal act and selling it to probably maybe the professor later on but you don't stay in texas to commit the crime now why not it's local you drive all the way to chicago to commit the crime why could you do that because you're pretty much guaranteed in chicago new york washington dc allay and elsewhere to be preying on people who cannot defend themselves has she thought this through proper my guess is you have it and the media which is just feckless for damages
you had this bloomberg reported yesterday to add only want to guess it's it's it's so unbelievable would have basically report at a sarcastic posed by a trump administration official accused the guy anti and the guy got fire here we couldn't the bloomberg report is get shall lack by both sides that it again if it doesn't fit the narrative the media will not report on gun control is being implemented control air quotes gun control has guns have never been control indeed new york and chicago and in some of those cities we have blood baths going on i had this conversation with another guy this morning who doesn't seem to get what i'm trying to tell em here's the second fake news story ones are fake news as happened in chicago is real but its facon at the media is not acting as actual journalists and covering the mayhem and chicago this is in actual fact news story from poetic
i'll put this in the show notes i hate to give them clicks but it's worth you getting to understand how the media does what it does even though they do unfortunately could now political power by people on the inside who no political is traditionally called pull co you can fill in the rest because it's a left leaning activists reg political hires people who will tell a story not tell you the story you get the difference political telling you a story not verse story is our friend of mine was used that abuse this morning here's this political story about trump here we go again tromp who keep my doesn't take a federal salary and is probably lost billions of dollars in good will on its name for running president republic in the media natasha burst try net who is one of the worst canoes report is i've ever seen a quaint forty i dont know quit forty but man is an a name natasha bartram total fake news she is
in future for them she pretended to be journals here's our political peace again a fit total figures trouble resources are in each year to defend secret service vats grumble i know these secret service that's gonna be delicate here yeah so here's the stormy gimme that bottom line up front natasha bertram who is if not a journalist okay let us be clear on this she's have an opinion rider and a bad one at that had pulled in a co she had a narrative going into this joe she had the story right not thus story she had a narrative narrative she had going into this story she was gonna write no matter what it didn't matter what the story was matters whether a narrative was right or wrong is heard narrative with that trump is in my pants when they travel sometimes they these trump resort because trumpet
i'm how getting richer and benefiting office which is how wariness up when you understand the gap is that i are you sure the shadow of the do you understand damage that trop has done to his business by running for president folks they sought a knock on trump if anything it's it's what a tory pat on the back of this guy was willing to a massive reputational hit on his business to go run for present do the odyssey detracts from making any money off running for president say that at the lower end is worth fifty million is worth a lot more than but just say that fifty do you really think that five gee that's a dollar yourselves i got a bad we made it now grab malawi a look at we're loaded we did about oh audio hair familiar year folks the guy's probably about two hundred mill he hasn't even take us
valerie donates it right to reputational harm he has gone through by running as a republic because the media hate for public we all know that the media just hate your pop that's the biggest narrative of all but that's actually true mediating role they have destroyed disguise reputation any business goodwill the term goodwill you don't need to be a business school major good well companies have good well that's good well built into their brand cannot companies coca cola whatever that through years of people liking their product the name carries a cachet with its worth more than their capital assets in and of itself kind of liking when people talk about xerox copies ray yes you're right it's really a photocopy now to see your actual people xerox gets its brand name out there just because they were the first mover there's a lot of things like that look into a brain trumps brandname is annihilated the trump brand and he was doing the apprentice every folks i grew up and everybody wanted a you haven't transfer
oh my god it was it there was cachet built and that that was it necessarily records whatever the capital value of the condo you had or the apartment you hadn't from tat he gave them say harbour may be worth a million but it's probably worked a million five people could say i lived in toronto that's got so natasha bert who's not of reporters she's not a serious person she has the merit of in advance the narrative is false trump is profiting from the present day dr losing millions so she goes out and she finds gullible people who don't know that and i'm sorry fellows but you you just did no i guess or you would just wanted to be in the paper bad enough i'm not sure so you i know you get a call from natasha bertrand it why don't take those calls ever i never talk to political the new york times are in these people ever because they're not
these journalists i'll talk to serious journalist wall street journal and elsewhere but not fake news people instead of knowing that they talk to this rapporteur these secret service vat to daniel and the data is someone who is not and the secret service rats are now puzzle is probably that their quotes are being used to reinforce the narrative ladies and gentlemen here's the narrative the narrative is again tromp trump is profit when when they administration says hey we only use the trump resorts actors we're making money they're not trump is losing money but it just easier for us do it uncoordinated natasha berkshire ngos these two secret service guys who give quotes end quote centre
see that's not true it's not easier to secure this place so you get it follow me here because i want you to understand how the fake news fake journalists work bertrand once the knock down this theory that it is easier to secure trop resorts when the president travels because she wants you to believe tropic making money and profiteering of his presence absolutely false so she so these two guys you'd aren't savvy trout narratives work they give request those quotes or used to reinforce our narrative now you can read but the court sum of murder you know well well you know if we go back to a place a lot doesn't necessarily mean it's more secure you're fine that's a fair assessment i get that we go back to their is cast sometimes a sense of complacency i could tell you when we did airport france is for the president the low guy on the toad and paul does the airport advance so if the president lancet j kay the junior guy in the secret service protective detail does the airport events why
because we ve been there a million times that it really kind of works itself out you may civil that sounds more secure not less not so much times there is this what we ve done this a thousand times junior secret service guy don't even worry about it and you get a job like this inside the box thinking occur so you may they will then you're kind of reinforcing their point no there are other very it wasn't going to this these trump resorts the other random surface confusing but one of the guys quota was well if we go back to a trumpet a lot of doesn't necessarily means more secure ok fair enough but what they failed put in the story when natasha bertrand fake news journalist doesn't nokia zero experiences security at all is ladies and gentlemen i'll go back to the same place a million times over if their insanely cooperative and they want to fit mould their stare agenda there are security plan let me just ask you a simple question i s paula before the shell would you rather of georgia was president go to work
some resort where the staff is very common getting to the plans hey we need to do this to the age of access them we need to do this through the windows we do this they have set up the ballistic last do you want to go there joe or do you want to go to a hotel is not are you not do and that here you're not doing that just quit i mean i'm serious you want to cooperate with a lot and i want to go to number one the cooperative here now i give you it's not hard to figure out but of course that's left out of the story because natasha bertrand fake news alleged journalist doesn't want this story she wants a story ok we got the dog shows no dogs man dog shall i locked the doggies but everyone needs the chill out there my it over here for the hurricane all right tell you get my point a story in advance tromp is profiteering
swine they're using trump that while we go there because their cooperative is not true because these two secret service guy said so guys come on smart enough i'm serious by enough i don't mean lie to anybody but i mean understand that these people i'm not coming in there to tell people that story i know you are going to be taken out of context or what you said gonna be useless trump bashing not as a sincere analysis of the security situation and let me be clear one thing before i move on from this honestly folks i get it i'm it's hard for me always to be an objective observer i get it i'm a conservative i dont high my biased like fake news the president to i don't but i do try to you're independent analysis if honest to god if i thought go into a trump resort with less safe than vp or the president going to another so anyway just doing it to make money on my life i would tell you i've no
just in the president getting hurt or the secret service humiliated and failing it's a dumb analysis from a fake news reporter job demi desperate to generate a fake news am i got another one coming up next media tansu stupidity showing you how they one narrative and transplanted into a new narrative to create a third kind of me like eczema narrative from the tuna stock when he was arrested or i today show brought you bob favorite new sponsor tommy john i love tommy to other kidding i was wearing tommy job way before they sponsor i have like the original tommy just ever going to keep it an antique like frame i'm on my way what's as my original tommy to due to its underwear that's how much i like this i wonder where brands out that it claims to be bigger comfort but if that were true then where seventy five percent of men and women these satisfied with their underwear my hunch they haven't tried tommy john rex
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she gets married she gets nervous out there i could i see i cry and because i love because i know i can read my wife's mind many years of marriage where'd you go with this house it's true twizel tired this morning if you miss a youtube you have no idea what you're mad i want you to know not thinking margie i know that praying that big let me tell you that was not fake news that was legitimate journalism right moving on to real fake news real figures quoted here is real rose peter media pisa being the shouts yes it's a yesterday showed out i think up i haven't it raises well media attention stupidity so again in the keep in mind here can we hold that up on the screen it is important
the media is telling you a story map thus story first was about seat the secret service story news there ignoring the chicago story which is real news but a fake narrative because they don't want i didn't want to tell the real story this one's hysterical the media desperate to pay on tromp wants you to believe the obama administration with scandal free so we saw this baby you stories this week about their tansu controversy matters gaullist pga media fourteen real obama scandals that have nothing to do with his wearing a fake wearing he had seen okey dokey so here's the genesis of this story in an effort again to tell a story that tromp is a uniquely corrupt president what they want to do is create a file a fact you know what a fool effect is right when you put a diamond on a black background need always look china you put a dime
on a white background you're mine your brain doesn't process the contrast as well even though at the same diamond it doesn't look is bright so the media in order to pay trop as a uniquely awful human being wants to create this foil and the soil is low cow pure as the driven snow barack obama was that's their through that i would say this guy had there were knows so the story last week was the biggest scheme and though the obama administration was the tan suit controversy now if you're it now write their pain in your hand like i m right now go yeah i'm accounts if matching your head going what top was there and soon controversy sideways everybody else in america now i get there telling a story not this story little background barack obama showed up to pressure in the brady press room one time to answer questions when he was present any of tat suit on if you have
part of this story because no one else no sentient beings the plant is heard of it either a couple of i don't know who they were as someone wrote about how it is look it does look you're like a tansu especially where the president i like can't suits amendment did not pay i mean they're perfect for some florida cages do does the court will be the president it was not a scandal nobody cared prima facie evidence to nobody cares i'm telling you about it now new york where are you going with the cause you ve never heard of it the media there narrative this week a couple of people printed this you know how they they have a this group narrative tat goes around the media ecosystem depict about how pure driven snow obama was the biggest scandal was when he wore their tansu ladies and gentlemen this when i met before we get a more if one scandal to the next the
making of the ten scoots can't shoot scandal was a scandal in and of itself because it wasn't scared it was one of those you know these stories show republican pow stories totally made up the republicans pounced on obama's tat suits nobody cares or gives it about obama's tansu nobody cared you listening check out the pigeon if you could see a picture of it it's the first time you ve ever seen nobody cared this was not a scandal so in the media is ever to create a new scandal that tromp is you three dangerous and obama wasn't they go back to a third and all which wasn't a scandal the media attention food scandal to show this is how great obama was the biggest scandal of his presidency was the tansu debacle ladies and gentlemen journalism is dead nobody cared but this story now
what a who wrote about the ten suit scandal my scandal they made a scandal to a geo p pounces scandal what i'm not telling you is i mean that do we really we need to go to the list fast and furious the irs scandal the vizier scandal the ap scandal the james rose and scandal when they targeted their phones what else we got what am i missing here been gods which actually had body bags why gate the biggest scandal in american history there's more here and now i know i miss it now pga media has listed out the pen peddler going to go through them all because we take the whole show but as a so the obama scandals that were actual scandals some of em resulting dead bodies that i sure you had nothing to do with tat suits i mean legitimately people were kill due to end
the two by obama administration officials like in benghazi but yes the media has to go back to the ten scoots suit sketchy saint scoots from the money show yes dude scandal was the biggest steal the obama mission no not true they're making this up that is fake news again because that's what the media does ladies and gentlemen journalism is dead all right here's another one so we had story but i promise you yesterday i get us we had this story but blow out the media was all over twitter feed arizona people are tired getting transgender illegals in this kind what's that in his country what's the narrative their job member what they're telling a story not tat story it has had a creates real the phoenix new times
transgender woman stepped onto light rail platform she ended up an ice gussy hey there telling a story tat story so the narrative they want to put out there is because a transgender woman who is in the country illegally stepped onto a train platform she was arrested because she was transgender because of course according to the new times and he says we're all is the phobic phobia foam you know you know your team we don't have to go through the area fortunately folks further up the legit journalist in that case that's not what actually happened the transgender woman who was in the country illegally was on the platform without a ticket which is against the law or again the rules at a minimum this question by eighty authorities at the scene for being there when she was questioned
add two outstanding warrants for crimes or an assault owing to the reporting and men was taken into the ice custody tied over there story then thus story they wanted to tell you that people approach i the authorities approaches woman because she was transgender companies we totally made up more unbelief billy bad taste fake news from the media are there not serious that's why having a hard time taking seriously a lot of their reporting about the twenty twenty election about it's up joe guess daniel yes it's become a big joke at this point a lot of people feel that year yeah i know i mean i i you know i get out there and i guess i don't get out as much as i want to but my kind of like really go to bars much often anymore my wife and we can only do our own thing but my boss
is the gym i go there three four times we go out of you listen to my show know me from there and i kind of get a decent flavor what people thinking i live in a fifty slash fifty republican democrat county and if one common theme i hear more often than anything it's how much these people cannot stand the media and amen man brother and immediate just doesn't get it they are complete their credibility is done you guys and ladys did it you just vapid rated away your credibility it's over ok but i want a wrap up that media sakes i got two more important stories i get it i want to get to this spy gaping what's coming because i believe this guy sources are good and what's coming is going to be really really ugly for them again i know what i want to get into the hawks last week we can about legally legally sad if situation commission already said my piece on that some people will face legal action some skate but the x ozma of information at a minimum is going to cause a whole reworking of our intelligence guinea where she would be devastate wanna get fat and one
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when you five thousand a few mattress orders here like sleep dotcom slice dared go check him out support our sponsors they're here talking to you they loved to be here they keep the show free we really appreciate helix sleep that comes i stand hundred twenty five hours or for mattresses retrying to recover super this cafe pretty bailey debates about the head after this house though so here are my not so predictions for twenty two we are so i urge the decent work agenda you know i am out of the print i i blew my house call on the twin eighty midterms did pretty well the senate call really well on the twenty sixteen election so two out of three a bad is meatloaf once said very great piece in the wall street journal about here's what what happened at twenty twenty by william gaston i've i bought this i wanted it gus historical little bit because i call on the anti predictions in other words that the gist of the pieces s
these are things were relatively short of that could influence the twenty twenty elections like i said they're kind of eighty predictions egos through these things yes for i want to talk about three the other one if you want to read the peace she can't it's against the wall street journal so he's taken number one is is an obvious one i think we should all factor to our twenty twenty decision making the first one from the peace is twenty twenty turn out is gonna be really really really high from the is turn out will be very high the twenty eighteen election listeners folks featured the high mid term turn out since nineteen fourteen the first time you s we're popularly elected if this oracle relationship between mid term and general elections whole twenty two it would bring the highest share the voting age population to the polls in half
century and perhaps since nineteen o eight why is that useful to you i don't talk about stuff on the show to waste your time ok break internal behind i know i'm showing up of course i know turnover it's not about you that's not why i'm talking about this it's about the air teach robbers notice that didn't say republican turn out will be high it will it said now will be high in other words folks i don't care what happens on election day unless a nuclear blast god forbid goes up within five hundred miles of you of your voting station go and vote no matter what because nothing is going to stop democrats from showing up i don't a scare you i've this this is not hyperbole this is data base based on costs and joan fig based on the mid term and historical correlations between mid term the popular vote
setting me i'm the i know you're not doing this summer i don't mean to be condescending please i'll take you throw away but if you sit here that's not true i'm not worried get worried like fast though patrick i teach trumped stands a good chance of re election and i'll you'll see why the a second based on some other take away but ghetto worried turn out we'll be off the charts you absolutely have to vote no excuse have someone drive you if you can get there you're not register registered now you have more than enough time you take get out vote by mail can't vote by male vote absentee you can have vote early you can't voter we vote on game they there's no excuse and follow my ten ten ten role email ten and may can social media posts and call ten p before the election every month and i want to do that i don't want to get involved then you don't want to win what do you think this
he's gonna be a whistle ball game this is going trench warfare politics i promise you there is going to be nothing nothing side of total annihilation of the united states from keeping democrats from voting goes numbers and data and trend lines are crystal clear lecture at all just a warning want to win bring ten people with you ok number two again of the anti predictions despite the rise of cultural issues the economy will matter this is important why i said it's the economy stay strong i think trump's chances of re election or sell it check this out in every light since nineteen eighty with the exception of nineteen idea to an increase in economic growth between a third fourth year president's term where we are now has been followed by victory for his party while a decrease was followed by a defeat
the slowdown in economic growth from two point nine percent twenty fifteen one point six and twenty sixteen rough in taylor clinton's rode to the white house a predicted slow down two point nine percent twenty eighteen to an estimated two point four percent twenty nineteen and one we need to one point nine twenty twenty one create a headwind for president trumps re election campaign this is not any i have a warning or lecture freeze nothing so that we can do by the economy motors because of the private sector but the government can get in the way this is more of a cautionary tale for i'm in d c the trump administrations committed to growing what are you doing now what are you doing to help besides getting in the way the answer is probably nothing because a lot of these rhinos probably don't want to see trumpery elected but the good news is keep the economy motoring ray action is a good chance again on the predictions business anymore finally another warning from the peace but an important one on the pop
vote another reason why there's no excuse on that voting i live in new york by vote doesn't matter no it dies get off the couch and vote no matter what president europe is likely to receive significantly less from the peace that fifty percent of the popular vote and a smaller share that is democratic opponents in the s three general elections a republican nominees average forty six point three percent almost exactly which on perceiving twenty sixteen compared with fifty point seven for the democrats in the past five years since a republican average has been forty seven point five versus democrats forty nine point nine since trump entered office job approval is seldom exceeded the share the vote he received in twenty sixteen again just a bit of a warning not any kind of a lecture your vote matters why are still elections determined by popular vote for the presidency no of course not the electoral college determines that the national president
the election is not a national election through national office it is a series of fifty state elections you all know that but usage i think if you have some idea of the resources that some people have said that to me now living york my vote is a matter of no dies does folks we cannot afford lose the popular vote we can't we have today please try to win the popular vote it has not worked out well for the law five elections the problem is the media to tie this end i move on age restated telling a story not does story will then take them sure if we lose the popular vote again that all and look what happened donald trump sit tight the public doesn't even want to we can give them opportunity you live in aren't you live in l a you live in chicago yes baltimore there are conservatives there i know i ran in some one of those states please get out vote no excuses zero totally onset cannot show up
my lester add this i why why really wanted to cover this last week and we were just so deluged with information on how to keep pushing back firstly when they call me debacle broke less we pass barry has a really wonderful piece of being shown us again today was from last week in real clear investigation stated august twenty eight twenty nineteen u s intel gatekeeper dragging feet on trump rush your files insiders say spare some decent sources he's broken some solid news on the whole spy gate the bark of the effort to spy on and take down the trump team now we had the call me i report come out last week which i now i get it i've heard your emails we ve had our back and forth precede does it have any negative feedback always that's why my emails out there we all agree on middle ground on the call me i d report that so although there were no legal consequences which thinks it wasn't we case by plane that last week that the reputational damage at a minimum i get on that
just think this is enough i'm just that's just take the middle ground here for a second the reputational damage to call me with over i may call me is in an eco maniac who wanted is i guess you to be this corruption fighter in d c and is like us he's gonna be as the worst fbi directorate three the agency not enough for a lot of i get it i understand i read your feedback but that was the first don't get complacent this why so we got to stay in this fight we still have an added decision about mackay and others here's what's coming out let's go by a piece peace in you can read the whole piece apathy showed us today first spare resources are telling him that what's coming the final report and other reports in the future relatively soon or evidence that president obama to quote evidence there
prisoner obama cia fbi ideal j illegally eve drops east eaves dropped on the trump campaign listen to this part cases separate from the fbi eyes this beauty adviser court approves surveillance of trump campaign adviser carter age ladies and gentlemen there are a lot of nuggets in their near sir no what he said good some of you this is the first public what's coming out is that the obama in spite of the trump thee mike whip t2 dario like we already knew that you wrote a book called spidey two years ago and it's not what he said i'm the same thing by the way that's why i'm title to if i was getting it from on the contrary i wouldn't talk about it on my shell folks what if i told you'd have for two years by book was called spy gay not trump gate and that russia gay why
the purpose of the whole operation was to spy on obama's political enemies trump was just one other portion of that it wasn't even about trump you trump became the nominee joe we ve said this a lot right this is about bout bomb team headlines spying on its political opposition repeatedly not just trump so instead resources are telling him hey man listen there's some stuff coming out about us i operation not necessarily eliminated through the fight of on the trump team what i think they're talking about is on masking in other words the use of effectively non warrant wiretaps to listen and on american citizens unmask in their identities efforts to use forces and media outlets too information into the mainstream public to change political narratives course media lap ended up eager lap it all up people like bright
in an clapper method it is spying seven out inquiries bread it spying up on capital hale during me i ran deal it is big they're just trump but again don't worry folks the biggest scandal the obama administration was he wore a tansu tony mormon tat suit tat suit gate that was the worst thing that happened that's hopefully coming out soon i don't have time if i did i would give it to you a second also we talk about on the show that spares resources seem to be indicating his true member what i talk about the golden file because they could think of any other clever name for it how something where up in the white house that obama read that should have been there i call it the golden file now his wits berries getting quoting from the peace and august twenty sixty briefing this may be coming out cia director john brown hand
but it is sealed envelope to obama containing information from what bread and claim was a critical and form a close to putin the informant is believed but actually been a russian source recycled from that the bug dossier compiled by christopher steal from the hillary clinton campaign folks we ve been talking this review and a half now look back to devon nunez is conference right around was it march of twenty seventeen he goes the white house complex and gets information from a whistle blower gives a press conference it talks about information that was now necessarily related to rush in trying to interfere in our campaign the already thing i can speculate from what he saw and what whistleblowers at the white house might have is that information made it to a bomb is death without being vetted first that was political folks think about how devastating that is let me just explain the first
some of your new listeners forgive me some of you all their listeners probably heard this before but it's worth repeating the reason the information nunez sought the congressmen republican carson california than a great job on this the recently how to see it at the or we obi wan the white house eighteen acre complex is because the way information is compartmentalized within the government folks alive if it is not kept on servers accessible from off site in other words who said information so sensitive it is only collected sigh computers with in the white house complex if you want to see it you have to oh there to the white house they're not let me give you an email linked they're not going to email it is not available to a portal the fact that new had to go there to see it says to me was on the white house complex because it was sensitive and was for somebody eyes only and those i may have been obama and if that information
political information from john brennan from the hilary campaign not added intel up do the ranks ladies and gentlemen think about dangerous that is take obama out of men it because i know liberals worship and like the golden calf for liberal listen i shall ask you to put trumps name it for a second imagined patent adviser john smith the advisor who's a brennan like hack and john smith the advisor one the start a war with crept lack a stand somewhere right after making up because i want people to get the wrong idea so john smith wants to start a war we're pakistan so we goes to his intel people and goes hey you guys got me in i want for pakistan of fort forming a military brigade operation to hit us over jones beach in new york the dumbest story ever
you know i got a very political people heard it though ok check out at yale debunked that's nonsense ok i got an idea how about this how but i put it in sealed envelope and just walk right over the presence of mr president for pakistan planning an attack on jobs piecework fortify the get pull there are jobs involved up ages of breach for george breach group blackest that's gotta terry brigade covenant can you imagine the damage there's a reason we have intelligence hierarchy to vet information so you don't walk stuff into the white house complex it so the president does start a nuclear war on bad in tell what with the golden file was an informed from the russian source interviewed by the fbi later on in january of twenty seventeen worthy
b later on for later on figured out this guy was a complete sham is a source i told you what else is coming out this ones fascinating one this bread and call me email exchange from the peace an email change in december twenty sixteen between britain and f b i direct your comment which when it is said to have argued for using the dossier in early drafts of the intelligence assessment that spread the narrow dead by putin ordered the alleged clinton campaign hacking to steal the election for trump what's the problem here you have to discredit it acts call me the liar bread in the political hack email each other about the icy eighty i see i was in the last months the obama presidency after the election was over in december this intelligence community system because the russians tried to attack the election to benefit hilary ladies and gentlemen i can tell you now conclusively lots of significant portions that report were complete garbage why was that put out there
it was put out there because he a bomb administration needed to go back and cover his tracks now as to why they lost the election despite before the election saying the russians and others weren't a threat to the election they had to go back and cover their tracks because they knew now there's gonna be an investigation of the trap and the investigation be predicated on barack obama's prior statements before the election that the russians others we're not going to be able to attack the election i know audience somebody's been using i'm getting obama's had omitted obama before the election is lying every body because he thinks oh he's gonna win a landslide get his head nobody thinks trumps gonna win trump is saying before the election
i dont know format to accept the results will see what happens member when he said that the bay yes or something like that he raised his hand obama starts attacking trop nobody's mess and with the election burgos crazy nobody's mercer with the election that guy's let's forget it that's obama after trot points obama scenario and scratched his head what the hell do i do now oh my gosh and we just i just told everybody russia is no big deal so what does he do instead of coming to go at a my bad i screwed up what happens obama comes out after the election the orders intelligence community assess what we says the exact opposite of what obama said before the election and in brennan taking the bug document one
call me to include a lot of this poor analysis in that assessment to make sure the fbi's learn to a bomb is probably synergies desk i can only imagine like this i've kind of it a bit of a pickle here aid i i just gave oppressor robot talking about the election wasn't it eddie jeopardy don't forget don't view history through the lens of what you know now view it through the lens of what obama knew then in this all makes sense he needed the icy aid to cover his tracks he needed the icy aid amounts air the russians are a real threat despite the fact that i said they are in a threat they needed hilary to win he didn't say that before the election and that was the predicate for them to continue spying on these are pretty easy but the last few here the myths documents copies of
fbi cia state of records relating to mislead the maltese professor who statements regarding papadopoulos allegedly triggered the original collusion programme member when it when this comes out on miss said if miss said was not a russian agent talking to pop up with the entire narrative falls apart member the media's telling us are we not story member the media narrative in the past was it all this russian agent pop up was very emails he was working for the trump team and then look it was we're after that they were all colluding well miss said was working friendly's trying to set up the papadopoulos papadopoulos operation and trumpeting that's all and the less one important transcripts of fifty three closed or interviews fbi justice apartment officials why why are the transcripts important ladies and gentlemen there are two stories that simon if they cannot be true at the same time the transcripts of christopher simpson glenn simpson i we see krispies my point of my body shrubs
creature glenn simpsons interview glances and said he met bruce or after the election or the d o j official is saying that not true i met simpson before nor those things camp true why is critical for somebody light on the road and i believe simpson did i believe or to cover his tracks at the trial distance himself to the fake dossier which you know you can call the simpson dossier as i cover my neck fuck exonerated please pick it up are you see i cover that at like how simpsons gonna try to back i can walk away from his own comments and that of his wife's as well there in a lot of trouble i thought thanks again for tuna really appreciated please subscribe to our youtube shallows statue call you that conflict mancino core yes of her somebody freedom yes it has over their greek out of me stupidity herodias
i guess i've got it we got even so that you could also such gradually audio show oddy on apple pie guess google part guess i heart sound cloud and whatever your pod cast her avail by really appreciate the subscriptions travis up the charts of their all free but they help people find the shell thanks a lot i see all about you just heard tan bonn genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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