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When Will This Farce End? (Ep 1171)

2020-01-31 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the dramatic late night developments in the sham impeachment trial. I also address the latest troubling comments by lying Jim Comey. Finally, I discuss this little reported fact about Joe Biden that may explain the Ukraine scandal. News Picks:GOP Senator Susan Collins folds under pressure on the question of witnesses. 


Hilarious! The Democrats claimed yesterday that foreign interference in our elections is okay as long as the Democrats pay for it. 


Adam Schiff shamefully ducks a question about his efforts to coordinate the impeachment smear. 


The fired Ukrainian prosecutor says Joe Biden abused his power in complaint. Democrats ignore. 


Joe Biden’s daughter seems to be doing really well too. Check out where some of her money comes from.


Revealed! Here’s Rand Paul’s question which was blocked by Chief Justice Roberts. 


Our national debt is a growing, and unavoidable, menace.


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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i beg impeachment update ladies and gentlemen it looks like the democrats effort to prolong this trial they knew witnesses jus egg crime air quotes it never happened is gonna for face plant right on the floor we'll see you never know with mittens and others up there i saw a funny the need for major well out today someone asked on twitter who is your least favoured democratic congress actual cow responded mitt romney george you very frankly that welcomes it thereby also produces show how are you today five certain well it's fur is usually a trade mark enshrouded unbridled the showing good horse which varies up i've got a future which go in with the appeal dr killer video
jerry nad at shift sire we wanted itself body yeah i don't i don't u verdi's is money i want to put that on there and i'm going to end the show today with a thing about joe biden i think he's gonna open to your open your eyes to a possible motive to really want on in twenty four with his son and the reason is very simple follow the money as active to seven nine or again on that one great pick up a regulation about europe that express vps we all know what we pay and protect your privacy insecurity online right but recently it has taken my tv watching into the next level you can use a european unlock movies it shows only available in other countries we can we use expressway paean to watch uk netflix shows we really like are only available over there but it was really simply fire up the express vp an app changes occasion to the uk refresh netflix merit is while beautiful so expressive
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for three months of express wp and for free support the shell watch what you want protect yourself at express v p and calm slash bond gino bioenergy and express bp and our conflict bunch it'll all right let's go big day by the paula thinks i'm grumpy today i am not i've had a bout wicked allergy she swears i'm infected with like some deadly virus i am not i have allergies i know what she's telling me i'm sick which would beg as i said he actually make no sense because could be sick too she saying shit she's not sick its allergies i'm telling you it's allergies has been argument for a couple days people are email and i love is why put a room dan you're sick there you're not say some lady sent me the greatest allergy keeps ever she said put this stuff in for years do this or that very nice thank you ve points is on the increase in our region update ladies and gentlemen we bid so focused on everything going on in tying the connection between the swap players and their motor
for doing what they're doing the shows recently have exploded that i have a brain get too much of the impeachment hoax outside of the big questions what the democrats are really hiding in create via the impeachment house but like it was a development pga media has a story on it so here's the story the demo i want to call new witnesses now let me give you a little background on this so you understand what's going on this would be unprecedented despite what the democrats have told you having a trial without witnesses all these liars ladies and gentlemen there have been eighteen witnesses in the impeachment portion of the trial of the impeachment portion of the proceedings so far in the house there have not been no witnessed that's just the lie democrats why all the time because that's what democrats do they are liars they lie about why their shameless effortless liars and its fourthly because lying is what they do so it creates no effort they probably pass a polygraph because they think there lies with the truth because they lie so much there have been eight
witnesses now adam shift has told you there are seventeen witnesses because he's hiding the testimony of the eighteenth witness inspector general of the intense since community who elect thirdly his testimony member he's the eighteenth witnessed in the house impeachment proceedings that were held secretly testimony is about how adam she have coordinated with the whistle blower to fabricate these impeachment charges to add and shift keeps telling everybody there's only seventeen where this is their eighteen he's just hiding the portion where he gets where he gets nail than this thing for a coordinated efforts and i'll get to that in a few minutes to there have been witnesses now for those of you saying on the democrats i'm giving you all the ammo you need the devil that's going to say the trial without witnesses false there have been eighteen witnesses second they're going to say well in the clinton proceeding there were witnesses in the clear impeachment trial that is there
witnesses in the senate trial that is accurate here's the problem they were not new witnesses ladies and gentlemen i need you to understand this i cannot have you go into the weak at being misled by fall lying democrat talking points the clinton standard was not to introduce witnesses into these senate impeachment trial that had ever been spoken do before no one has boca into john bolton before no one has spoken to make mick make mulvaney the president's acting chief staff at the time nobody is for these are new witnesses folks are needed everybody i know you're really like you i'm sorry to have to lay this out like i am and are you knows where i have josie audience referee stood but you have to understand where speaking to the lowest common denominator here and the law common denominator here are liberals listening who are brain down that's different then
thank you thank you whose house by bodies but it's true it s different we're talking there is never been and impeachment trial in the senate where this issue has never been spoken before our randomly introduced to the trial without having been interviewed either the house or in the case of the clinton impeachment dia the independence prosecutor can stars team was look at that has never been that's never happened before you understand that distinction the democrats or try confuse you here by saying all with the clinton standard we add new witnesses we introduced a modicum gave demonian senatorial fair accurate but she was not a new witness they were we're talking dirt joe and descended try to clear up some communication that she'd or we give in and testimony on the house i that's not what they are looking for he ok in these they had an open and shut case against the people
when a peach them their words not mine we have made the case of children here and now they want to do what they want joe the never ending ongoing sent a trial where they can constantly produce new julie sweat nick like cavanaugh charges we saw bread cabinet the principal they want to go on in perpetuity hoping somebody comes forward at some point and lies about the president and so they can men vote once they get this new julie sweat may type information remember the cat and i think all of these new witnesses they can out keys louise paul lady and others that we had sweat making all these other people levelling these shared the lady aoi attack me in the back of a car falls that's what they want you what they're doing they don't want witnesses they want an ongoing senate fiasco so every tuesday night at three four o clock tuesday afternoon excuse me so they can
the evening new cycle their launch another fake charge no no heard president shrub told a guy who told the guy who told the woman who hearted dude overhear a dude who said that the president made a quid pro quo no acts in this case you ve changed at all the aid was delivered on time before this september thirty had lied to the ukrainians ukrainians are not victims just ask them they have not no one in ukraine is claiming they were pressure and the democrats corruption in ukraine is real nodded changes no witness will ever change that that's why they want this vote you see in the pj media piece you can always count on susan collins who abandoned you are create unnecessary drama they may soon ass she did the right thing in the cabin i think you know what it was after my days and days if i mean come on she knows this is a sham susan collins's said well our vote for what
this is why ladies and gentlemen let's do some simple math the centre currently has fifty three republicans and forty seven democrats are people who caucus with democrats in order get witnesses they need fifty one a majority is very simple so i've collins folds and romney falls in the romish just i have no faith in raw meat or an american ski i mean they're three democrats are not really even republicans if they fall the vote would fifty three minus three columns romney immortality it'd be fifty fifty now some of you may say while the vice president then vote right now the vice president does not vote not impeachment trot so then what happens well again the readers digest version is a fifty fifty vote send it in impeachment trial the time is now broken by the vice president it goes it goes down
meaning even if they lose collins mc caskey and rami who vote for witnesses data again it's all a sham i get that but even if they ve for new witnesses unprecedented in any appeal on trial in american history new witnesses never spoken to before after an impeachment he's already been a peach if they evolve from it goes down now again because we do facts which you will not get from the media john words is the preside or the chief justice of the united states in the impeachment trial there is a precedent for a chief justice is the united states in an impeachment trial to cast the deciding vote chief justice case in the andrew johnson impeachment actually two times broke a tie having said that there is no constitutional precedent for that there may be
that had happened but because wasn't challenge doesn't mean it was right they constitute it is crystal clear joe the senate as these saw power to try i impeachment yes it mentions nothing at any point anywhere in the constitution about the chief justice of the united states casting deciding vote in such a critical question nothing i'm not in the predictions game anymore and i trust john roberts as far as i could throw em but i have a really hard time believe in john roberts is going to cast a critical vote knowing the constitution has no spare if they carve out for him to do that none now the big question is what will robert still again i don't know i don't know i i'm guessing
only fifty point zero zero one percent probability because i don't trust robbers that right virtual stay out of it and say listen it's a tie it fails either fifty one people or i'm out could be wrong well no of course by tomorrow second i want you to be prepared and i've got a bunch of video to show you a video and audio that's just hilarious i'm going to break the ice a little bit but this is important to iwatch prepare you for the next denmark i'm always go to prepare a new for these democratic narratives oh i always colleagues it is so easy is it's always i told you about the turkey narrative it's coming that's over thanksgiving turkey i'm talking about country turkey that's going to be the next narrative the president trump colluded with it turks into a quid pro quo they jar already see some of the already picked up on its already seeping into the twitter sphere and social me they're already that's gonna be be there next impeachment mark today or at least there next charge
but their narrative on impeachment if and it looks like it looks like it's gonna go down because remember even if mittens market give the right out and collins the rhino if they all vote for witnesses and its fifty fifty two strong likelihood is robert so stay out emotional fail and wrap this thing up till late tonight within acquittal we shall be great by the way how great i can be present trump walk into the state of the union he should walk in like this yes yes yeah he should walk it paul what you think of him he should walk in with you a big sign that says hashtag acquitted at exonerated again that like this you should work a triple age what he walks you're or libretto abroad when the broad comes out before they gave when he puts the chalk on assessing that's what should do this in i know people listen to this show at the white house they have strongly consider this put a little
able with are right in front of the chamber when the president's get ready to give the state of the union once he's acquitted exonerate table i want him europe is at a shocker just like lebaron combined power is not a great idea since she of course but it would be fun they wouldn't acquitted exonerated again now and if forget where i was what's that democrat narrative gonna be they always gotta yes story to tell you i'm already see it kamel hours in these other ponies centre of democratic california we don't get witnesses joe this is the illegitimate trial girl had tipp the box sexton who between us that this morning job don't you find it funny every time the democrats lose something every single time it's illegitimate member of the cabinet
cabin i gotta appointed to the supreme court its legitimate we don't know we don't know capitalist history about reallocation member they lost lecture to twenty six it totally illegitimate the russians did it and everything is illegitimate when the democrats whose everyday cassettes dear narrative so you can count on due out twenty sixteen hearing do out the election how it's totally legitimate he's not a legitimate president and why are they saying that thing one throw gavel think this one through folks why are they saying that because and i ve not please i don't wish ill on any one i mean that from the bottom of my heart if another supreme court seat was to open up whether due to retirement or something else you can be guarantee they're going to go back to this and say no peace not allowed to appoint anyone nominated shoot me anyone because the legitimate it wasn't it
i'm a trial he too should have been removed from office intimacy legitimate cause there were no witnesses narrative to number one he's illegitimate number two because he's illegitimate no supreme court for you know soup for you a hundred percent ok i've got some way video this is our comic relief for the day i would have liked i have some of it for you before those you listening on naughty or you can almost hear it in a backward so what you pay closer attention here lord really this is great so tonight the end of the night genre its again presiding over chief justice the united states he asked the last question any basically says this anybody have any final words for the end of the night now you don't the most dangerous place in america right now is between chuck tumor adam share for jerry adler and a camera very dangerous even knows guys could potentially hurts you like blackberry
level jujitsu if you get petunia triangle choke your caboose right out of jail develop skills just that few out of away from oh like collapse they get you got to get that camera they desperate desperate for a camera because that's all they care about because their big forty frauds someone your watch and listen to this this is the last question and john robert says hey does anybody have on on the house manager side the democrats basically do any of you have any last words so list closely after robert is done you gonna hera jerry j k its adam ship desperate we tried to stop jerry adler who amazingly trying to be a sum nice amazingly pounces out of the sea with cat like reflexes getting down to doubt
that all we dockyard kicked off the air joe i'm holding was don't worry i'll see you like i die here it was so too i know what you're thinking why could read your by watch dad the cat like reflex add at sea to beat shift if and shift tries to stop this is hysterical check this out could you please respond to the answer just given by the president's council improve any other comments the senate would benefit from hearing before we had and for the evening researchers this members of the senate just heard from the house from the president's council is the usual nonsense there only three as we draw to a close tonight like this motion
likewise i know i don't you see the cat like reflexes jerry badly lie power up like listen ok at all but a moment ok shaven i can move as quick as jerry to use our paths like a cat if i had those skills and you did so i'd never lose a grappling magic and i only wish when a guy exposed this arm i can are born as quick as jerry never got up and pass that i might have works did you hear it for the euro did you hear about very famous did you here you can see it onto youtube you do that complex podgy if you want to see it it's even funnier but you can hear and about j j j shack microphone chair i am stun that adam give did not shooter double i'd take down grabbed the back and matters these come down put a mad engage in a full mouth and do like a we have ceased thou take down to get him away from i'm stun i'm stun cherry jerry is michael
i want to be the last week what about of losers so pathetic on a very serious note you ever go to bed at night after watching this i know pollen i have some as we have to turn this stuff off we just do because it so infuriating do we're going to sleep at night save yourself in a nation of three hundred and thirty million wonderful spectacle their people the most successful nation unquestionably in the history of humankind we have created things and made things and create an economic engine never seen in the history of sentient human beings us this country we ve come good fascism socialism tyranny we liberated entire countries and i gave them countries back in the
greatest country in the history of mankind the most powerful productive work we feed the whole world be conquered we conquered famines poverty capitalism weave uses an engine to feed the globe that were led by this hapless class buffoons i'm not kidding have you ever ask yourself there i go to sleep disappointed every night and there are not enough this country will this country will succeed despite the jerry neighbours madame shifts of the world but it really is sad that people these congressional districts elect parcel the one of the bottom one per centres in intellect capability and integrity to lead them some believe why don't how these people continue to deceive people all right impeachment update continues so that was
i have a little comic relief for you're just the kind of get away from that syria stuff with the roberts vote counts banalities get back they got some this is a comic relief but it serious because this is how larry s in its ineptitude so i can jeffreys another total intellectual lightweight one of the house managers gets up yesterday and he's out of a mac play the question or play his answer he's asked the question if you guys are so concerned about foreign interference in elections the democrats like you say you are president once forward interfere president twelve for the ukrainians were you as concerned about the foreign intelligence official christopher steel who produce they face dossier used to spy on president from more just asking care about foreign interference right a foreigner
christopher diversity from the united kingdom allegedly spoke to russians foreigners to use it to create a fake i to spy on president ben candidate donald trump are you concerned list ladies and gentlemen this is a real answer he gives i watch this live yesterday you follow my twitter account you'll see a simultaneous bathsheba genome a simultaneous tweet amenity said i had to put the tv or pause the tweet i cannot believe is answer this is real not a joke it twenty this is i believe the analogy is not applicable to the present situation because first to the extent that opposition research was obtained it was opposition research that was purchased did you hear it according to the democrats now just so we're all clear far
interference in elections is a okay so not a joke as long as democrats pay for folks that is not doctor those are his words i came jefferies managing this case for the house his those are my words those are his words for an interference in elections is a ok as long as the democrats pay for i'm not kidding ladys gemma how do you wake up in the morning as it what cried anymore how do you do it how do you up in the morning with a straight face i guess i'm not telling telling you are insisting that the republicans are the answers to of your problems i can't say this enough they are not i'm hoping to get to this day story when a catastrophic debt situation republicans are doing nothing about zero they're laughing off the cliff too i'm not suggesting they have the answer to all your problems i am suggesting you know with certainty that the car
as of most eu problems are democrats how do you reconcile this year teaching the president for alleged pressuring the ukrainians to give him information abide when no ukrainian i'll say that actually happen not all you just hiding if we deal with tat your excuse their hiding it so map and nobody knows about even the ukrainian but you're guessing it happened because you think the ukrainian set it happened and are hiding it that's your its use yet we know without salute certainty that we have financial records we have born testimony that the democrats paid a our intelligence officer to go information from russian juice to spy on trump and not a that bothers you would all how do you look yourself in the face you total phony the answer is you can
you hang your head in shame because shame and shameful is what you are sure that cumana you have no principles you're just making this whole thing up in jeffreys say ok saw good everything's good don't you worry about it everything's going as long as the democratic pay foreigners to interfere in the election moving on here's adam shift this is classic so a couple of said he was ron johnson republican senator from wisconsin i'm reasonably sure i watch this life too from the i watch this from the bathroom tv sitting there shaving get ready when i got shaved
and watch adam shift melt down and this is great shift is asked by the republicans you ve got this guy sean miss go who used to work on the national security council where the jude whistleblower works is a fake whistleblowing blow the whistle right so there it's a blow worked on the national security council with this guy miss go then the security council is under the executive branch of the presidency supposed to be working for the president to provide what nationalistic pretty information conveniently this guy sean miss go who knows the whip fake whistleblowers leaves in august to go work for you adam shift the same month fake whistleblower makes his complaint that led to the impeachment hands if coordinate all this i don't know fair question right
i leaves goes to work for you whistleblower complaining are all over it screamin about peach men all of a sudden a guy leaves a republican white ass to go work for you is friends with the fake whistleblower crazy adam ship was asked about this watch him give these standard democrat a colossal b s arm again why bs answer they give all the time period dangerous situation for those about this guy's a total fraud he docks however nunez and put his phone records out their adam ship we call on the president a traitor to that country and a russian stood the uniformity let's go to the present because a adam ship is a lying please ball he doesn't give it damn about the safety of the whistle blower or he wouldn't have worked with the whistle blowers bodies to fabricate this fake blower complain become a whistle blower on a fake charge a hero eddie
so here's adam ships answer when he's confronted on this this is great pulled at some smearing other professional people work for the intelligence committee now this question refers to allegations of newspaper article which are circulating smears on mice f and asked me to respond to those smears and i dignify though smears my staff by giving them any credence whatsoever nor will i share any information that i believe could or could not lead identification of the whistle blower do you understand a human sleaze all the sky is adam ship was the one calling for the whistle blower to come out publicly and state is he's adam share and there we realized we have for some of you may have this time line when it was exe almost in the press as we see in this washed and examined report by carry picket when it was exposed in the press that add
sheriff had coordinated the whistle blower adams step to lodge a fee complain and people on the national security council had left to go to work for it chief who know the whistle blower all of a sudden adam shift now doesn't want anybody know the whistleblowers here's the report by carry pick it up and jonas unable gino that conflict newsletter if you want the show no it's email to atoms has to wage a work put the whistle blower at the white house from sighed the peace why is this not a fair question folks do people were lodged a complaint about a quid pro quo it never happened why is fact that abigail grace who worked with a whistle blower the national security council was hard and february while on miss go another national security council aid until twenty seventeen joints committee staff in august the same month the whistleblower submitted his complaint why is it
important the whistle blower was an annex c official who worked with former vice president joe biden and who s expertise in ukraine as the washstand examiner has reported not that's relevant now trade out he was on what i believe martha maccallum last night and as a former prosecutor made a great point so you're suggesting in our system of justice you're right to confront your accuser has all of a sudden gone out the window gouty it was an excellent one joe even victims of the most heinous crimes because just as some this painful and it's not easy it's not even victims of some of the most heinous crimes assaults attempted murders if your accuse the vat attempted murder or solve
even in our system ii even even if you guilty or not guilty you have the right to confront your accuser right because you're because as has been stated many times we do not want the innocent to go to prison we would rather have a couple a guilty people go free then hundreds of innocent people in prison you have that right its painful it's not easy it's not z for a victim of a crime knowing that person did it have to walk into court and confront them but in a fair system of justice it is the it's not the easy answer it is only the least worst option because it's the only way to keep innocent people if we use our present so you're suggesting to me sleazy adam ship you i heard people on the national security council work with this whistleblowers you lied about contacting the whistle blower it's clean
this day now that you had some coordination with the whistle blower to file a complaint and that they can play had no merit at all we're not allowed to look into that and all were not allowed to low no the whistleblowers why again because you said so abuse senor power again guys a total disgrace auto disgrace to the congress listen there bad democrats awful democrats and then there's seriously a pocket pick level disgraces to humankind nad law and ensure are easily in category i dont even put it jeffreys in that category because this as a lightweight like i don't even think he knew what he said yesterday foreign interference is great zones we pay for you don't even look like you know he said anything wrong this guy's just a sleazy two bit liar adam ship
folksy coordinated this whole thing is so obvious with the rebels open seized me no know i'm not sake let us fight and going on here today skipper me like that dracula garlic around her neck that's not happy there in the back room there was a major screw up there i'm sorry you like added some stuff that's why major major league i move and i see this one goes so jim call me just will not give up folks he gives this interview this guy speaker it's like i had the impeachment update this is like the sleaze ball update shaven jim come call me who pays himself as this bastion of truth and integrity
katy folksy shows all the evidence of a almost a sociopath level liar it doesn't matter what facts now jim commies that up like i expect that from adam shit he's a politician i expect nothing from annual typically get nothing so you're not disappointed but you call me the director of the f b i he was what privacy is a deputy attorney general emily definitely at a high rank position in the justice department this a guy you expect of the utmost integrity honesty and impartiality who is a chronic unrepented i mean suddenly we almost to the point of insanity i come i don't even have enough wasted described the insanity evil commies doing the i e g report is out we know the deal dossier was the
for well being majority or the pfizer report we know it's been completely discredited the bomb we know steel sources said it was garbage and call me you cannot give up here oh insists on going out there and defended his legacy which is clearly to any sane personnel a stain on the fbi and the united states instead waking away and horror at superbly i the single most scandalous investigation in the history of the fbi instead of doing that call me insists on still defending himself someone a break this up in the two parts hears about a thirty second clip of call me insisting again their christopher
the us information was not the source of the opening of the investigation despite mounds of evidence indicating this is an absolute lie which will get you in a second i'll show you actual testimony refuting this nonsense check outcome the so called steel dossier came to us it headquarters in the middle of september so on two months after we began the investigation information from a reliable source that wouldn't know what to make of and so treated it carefully set out to try invalidated on our own budget it sounds that i believe was disproven somebody was unbounded summit was consistent right in its most impact and allegations with other intelligence we had but that simple answers it had nothing to do with the opening of the investigation i don't even know where to start i i know i know i know you think i'd because its frustrating because you're like sk i can't be this stupid
these clearly a smart if not conniving kind of snaky guy but he's a dumb he can't be this stupid to think that i've i think they should be keeps lying eventually people believe so first we gotta for me she's just from a reliable source steel is not reliable still not reliable people or the fbi the united states government from the united kingdom it steals information was not reliable that's a fact that on the record fact secondly we read the information carefully jim the woods i'll which is the spreadsheet which shows steals allegations and what you did to vet them is it we ve already seen it it shows you didn't vietnam and the ones you did read you found out we're not true
what part of this are you missing we have the paper work we have to die mutation allegation one not true allegation too sure allegation three can verify we see no woods vile i've only been talking the woods file now for two years we ve seen it the f b i did nothing to verify it wasn't verify and what they could vary why diversify joe for right my gosh now on the bigger charge here which i opened up with that guy the old ass he had nothing to do with us opening the case folks this is garbage it is not true can we go up a quick timeline here please the crust far hurricane case against donald trump spying operation against the campaign team with
opened on july thirty first of twenty sixteen june otherwise how immune to facts you have to be what i am about to show you here today leave this had nothing to do steel with opening up the case on july thirty first i'm going to show you some testimony here from bruce or sworn testimony and why you to pay special attention to his answers in the dates and you tell me with a straight face that steals information had nothing to do with the fbi open up with a straight face some other liberals again because you what you'll be you can't make distribute it make it a weary because you know you're lying you're trying to hold it in here's the test only a bruce or again pay special attention here to the dates so jim jordan asked started talking about steel he asked spruce or who is a senior official at the justice department whose wife works for fusion g yes that hired christopher steel and says ok did steal ta
about that at all that he talk about what he was given to the fbi did you talk that is meeting with the fbi in your july thirty if meeting way way way way way so bruce or number for official at the fbi whose nellie she's getting information from ukrainians about trump working with fusion gps that i heard christopher steel to generate negative information on tromp yet same guy that's his wife is meeting with his wife and son july on july the day before they open up the case ladies jones point sworn caspian jim call we made out of sin is sure so here's oars answer the only thing i course theo mentioning is that he provided two of his reports notice the dossier at a special agent data join says so the same information he gave you did he tell you
given that directly to the fbi as well i don't know he told the fbi so just to be clear special agent data why does this matter again let's go to timeline for liberal that's who skulls or coated with there wolverine like at a i know your immune to facts but just try for a moment to digest this is called the timeline so first the or meets with this special agent aforementioned special agent gator when when was that joe oda john july fifth of twenty sixteen case open july thirty first christoffersen yells meeting with a special agent he knows from the fbi on july fit july fifth would be job quick fact check is july fifty or or after july thirty first it's better that answer that we liberals are listening so think about before rise before you sir thank you
shall we need that because liberals are a little slime and steals meeting with the fbi three weeks or so before they open up the case is meeting with them in london steed work associate souci your is met into a senior official in the justice department bruce or whom switch steel again july thirty if there are still meets with the fbi in july fifth thirty or thirty first for liberal it's not the scale fair thirtieth thirty first alarm trying to make it a scale i fear july thirty of july thirty first got it meeting fbi july fifth meeting with arbiter of justice broussard his wife work of refugees gps and higher costs for steel shall i authority if next day july thirty first on a week and by the way where no one's around the fbi opens up there
he gets donald trump don't worry folks it's all a coincidence you're all the stupid ones and the media has got this story now and call me is of the utmost integrity and when tells you christopher steel can you do with it even though he met with the department of justice the day before they opened up the case they rushed to the fbi and the weak and open up the case the next day and its steel map the fbi in london on july fifth before they open up the case given their information you worry jim call me is a bastion of integrity it had nothing to do with it joe shameful that you're thinking well com he's always tells the truth of course you believe if i'm sorry if you believe this guy ok this solar belong is about a minute here only me again part you with this interview where
i'm serious incredibly is still insisting despite conclusions by the gee report concludes evidence on legions of fbi interviews all had in the five war was the steel dossier the steel dossier and the sea information given a bruce or in the f b i they opened up the case with obviously as i just showed you they steal dossier with all they had the eyes report is nailed them to the wall on this call is still insisting watches words here that it was just a part of it defies the warrant aspire interim or just a feature i understand there is no evidence anything he says here is true outside deranged mine of this i mean habitual unrepentant liar here's part two
call me lying again and will they we come back but my understanding is that in terms of getting the face a warrant for carter is that the steel dossier was part of the case put forward forgetting that warrant so that what you think people are potentially com it in their narrative that the steel dossier was used to drive the investigation i think maybe and also this been so much focus on the steel dossier i don't blame you your listen for being confused about it it's not their fault it's the way in which its been focused on a presented in congress and in the media was a feature of an application made to a federal judge at the end of october said shortly before the election that we then tell anybody about to conduct on surveillance of a person who is not with the trunk campaign that with this volume carter page and it was
i gather a key element of that application and i think that we saw that is what confuses people to think it was a carpet as one element and that was one investigative element focused on corridor paves elite but i understand why people are often confused of various this is absolutely hilarious in like a stephen king and you my own kind away you know like you you you don't know what i can either you know that you know there's a creepy clans you're not sure responsible amber run right therefore do i run you ve ever always err on the side of running always creepy cloud obvious say you're here is this way when we get where can you george you here where confuse jar with shiva i'm sorry you're all confuse this is one of those you ever seen before the map it gets a personal point
personal privilege years say you ever knows where like people i want to apologize they say some stupid they like and you're a moron how bell beer yo and any i then they come back listen i'm sorry you were offended by that you just go the more i like a very good way to say that their sorry your offended they're not sorry sorry because they take europe aura that's what this is call me no no york infused you're waiting joe patchy here we need that let me on confuse you we're not confused nobody who listens to my show is confused about what happened the eye the report is out the mulder report is out your f the eye jim call me and you personally side they warrant to spy on the trump team a whole on are steel dossier and steals information that turned out to be false nobody this confused about you
i'm sorry york if that i mean this is classic jim call me the hubris the puffer the mere sociopath big lion who wear confused if not pick it views from day one use fight the president using false information from a foreign to tell sufficient said he was dealing with russia that's the case it's normal complicated than that you side if you like the big political spying scandal in u s history nobody's confused but you but there's a cup more tidbits in there you may have missed firstly says well as late german forgive me and for your regular this is i am sorry to have to do this again we ve got a new audience out there on terrestrial radio k bc in los angeles and elsewhere who may not have heard this if i
here one more time call me slipped the sound of the cottage joey slipped in an immediate subsist and all the time i've heard commentators on fox cnn msnbc us liberal still lie about this they say well if we looking to damage trump with this fake the information we spied on a would if we did before the election you notice at the end of that will call me says he says we kept secret before the election jeremiah why is he doing that because jim call me does not want to go down in history as the fbi director who control into the loss of his favorite not son favorite daughter hillary clinton somewhat
wants you to think is well you know what we may have investigated trumpet nobody knew about it so it couldn't possibly been an effort to damage his election chances ok let's look at this new yorker peace i want you to per spake pay close it should the date ah look at this crate z time again but chris tea time all week november first twenty sixteen jos not a trick question i was up before or after the election steps before this before you are confusing dies messing with your way seems fairly obvious is that however we should go with this i was looking to something else it's in the ets before november the new yorker the new york what a liberal magazine love this
somehow how november first of twenty sixteen right before the election to do maximum damage by the way the elections coming up a week later release is this little gem final toby surprises reveal the fbi's probing trumps alleged russia ties we're ok serious like a cat like i've been laughing and crying the whole show i'm like i'm sorry my head is all i'm not and i'm not coming to pick controversy on the show she still insisting i am i can't take it call me if a i'm trying to find a way where modem i don't care what would we miss a year what are we going this up no we didn't to the media that there was an investigation trump can you please put that up again just to be sure i'm not crazy this
the media before the election about the fbi i to them about probing shrubs russia ties which are only in the fake steel dossier you folks you can read it right there october surprise or real fbi's probably terms a ledge russia that who do you think like that later the fda what would you think we got who do you take leave tat to you where's trade commission the bureau we're indian affairs sums up the sea service who but basically died fbi in the headline talking about trumped ties to russia didn't exist outside of the steel dossier he lying to you again please do not
sap this line any more from the media that wealth damage tromp about russia they would lead to the press they do my god is anybody do facts anymore i'm parliament skip ass the squire caught kabul web wash your journal stuff class but by just quickly he also tries to gloss over the carter page stuff like i carter pages just one features nobody you mean a feature where carter page whose working with the cia to gather information in a its riad a u s focused mission on russian and tell people you mean carter page where your fbi lawyer kevin clients its alleged in a very serious act to have altered fbi email to indicate the carter page was working with russians against the united states like the exact opposite of what it is doing here i just
a silver that gm that's no big deal either the sky is an unrepentant liar ladies and gentlemen a liar a total wire i was going to come to this thing in the wall street journal but it's really simple just in case somebody or say will i just give up it's just a and it's thin piece by james freeman we're just lays out quickly like what what do you think worse a bigger scandal for the country right the fbi an appeal waiting an email indicating that a u s intelligence ass at working on behalf of the u s government the nail russians is in fact the russians by law about em carter page is that bad i'd say that's kind of bad the verdict is in that really sucks or president trump asking the ukrainians to look into known corruption in their country that may have back that guy or been set you'll do a guy who was the former vice president what do you think's work he did the anxious fairly obvious i quit
the worst example stories important being shown us today on the debt later again i don't know what republicans you d mean you can always count on democrats suspend this into bankruptcy but why some rhino weapon at all but badly a lot of them player with this mass is a total disaster story from the wash them samara being the shows you projections deficits provoke what no response from congress basically latest german here's the cliff hears walking off it they are now projecting two trillion dollar deficits per year in the coming future not one trillion two trillion we already all everything our economy is worth and nobody's doing anything about it ladies and gentlemen and point out once civic thing in this we discussed in the show often
when the worst examiner peace quote current low interest rates make it relatively cheap to service the debt but rising rates would be a rude awakening ladies and gentlemen i have warned you repeatedly you may say our deficits don't matter yet they said the same thing in argentina till the interest rates went up the light maintain twenty percent how do you think that's going to affect your first hump on purchase when you find out that the majority or mortgage payment for the rest of your life is gonna be interest never actually paid out the house how do this in effect you when you walk into a card the ownership to get a car and find out you might be payments a thousand dollars on a twenty thousand dollar car it's all interest don't we hey that's matter deficits does matter you really what kind of an elite you have to be to think that this and i get a lot of feedback on this and am i talking about you people feedback very smart and let them the idiots and over the liberals but some say well will never go bankrupt we can print money ok yeah it's called counterfeiting by the way figure illegally upright money
so you let me get this straight money which is we can all agree correct as a representation of value right that's what we do right we you are you my work i value when at a certain amount of money just paper but it represents value i can then trade for things i value is this is hard ryan heart i work you pay me a hundred dollars a day or whatever it may be because you value my work it that much i then egg said hundred dollars purchase food a movie ticket things i value that matter me money the mechanism we used to transmit value back and forth so yours just give me that because the government has a monopoly power pretty big just print money with no value created behind it is that what you're saying at its heart have any penalty i rare you get these emails but once in a while people sent to me and i appreciate them but its nonsense just because we too
they can t don't go bankrupt because we can print money and the sea to pay off debts doesn't mean we're not they found go bankrupt because the money then becomes worthless because that money printed without value behind it makes the money printed with value behind it effectively worthless never forget milton friedman what he's a good bad money always replaces good money what does it mean i heard this example was maybe it'll make sense let's say representation of value is tobacco leaves that happen once instead a trading money people would trade tobacco least are very valuable again this is you know decades if not sense years ago but i've heard this example and make sense so i owe you sunday say you give me some whenever would for me to build the farm bill that sees me a barn
and and building that bar and i have to pay you for the wood so i pay you in tobacco these which are valuable miss smoke it all kinds of things right well what happened people started growing cheap tobacco that they didn't have the labour a lot on why because why would i grow really expensive and pay buy you a lot of time spent a lot of time on my tobacco if i can give you a cheap tobacco and get the same one if the backhoe is money he's gonna give your guy in exchange for some the cheapest to back yard you give me your best stuff bad money printing money no value always chases good money a fact now when i leave you with an open question had to do seven nine or for this week we're gonna cover this more next week but a dig into this
ladies and gentlemen i want it there's something out there for you to start vesta gaining the finances donald trump is family everything else i ve been doing to torture this man i want to ask you a question would it not be fair then if joe biden running for president to look into some of his finances as well for the gander i waited to check out this forbes peace this is interesting about joe biden financial situation in older peace forbes staff this one is from twenty nineteen here's how much twenty many presidential candidate joe biden is worth don't really care much he's worth that's not the interesting portion of it interesting portion comes down a little further in the peace listen to this again pay special attention to the dates
twenty fourteen let me say that again in twenty fourteen job you a white house event that centred on problems working families face he knows that he'd been listed as quote the poorest man in congress wearing where he referred to as a motley expensive suit he stated plainly quote don't hold that against me that i dont on a single stock obama no savings account but i got a great pension and i got a good salary so what twenty fourteen joe biden complain about being broken his record show you mustn't broke but he wasn't really do in that well either parent company the brok obama he may have had a cell s house because of his son both tragic death but joe biden was signals having significant financial problems and twenty forty even as a vice president johnson throw something mouth what year did you think his son hunter was hired by bereavement on this eighty per
thousand dollar a month contract to work tourism in ukraine while joe biden the vp was working in ukraine is appointment on natural gas issues i'm just gonna throw it all asking the question do you think two twenty fourteen just i do yes i do i think it could have been yes be stream again folks always take that show a network stranger tags it say now that happens twenty four danger i have a financial problems hunter comes to the rescue with islam position in ukraine module binds the point made in ukraine ladies and gentlemen if that story i just told you was about on trumped junior eric it would be on the front page give every single newspaper all over the globe but because it's a democrat and joe biden by the way that's from fort
i saw some right leaning magazine because its joe biden democrats are protected class you will hear nothing about the crazy coincidence that joe biden claims you go and broken twenty forty right is it got a lucrative gig over there no worries at all carpet sweep under why for existing ever tuna really appreciate a piece of carved our youtube channel youtube dot com slash bond gino we really appreciate it trying to get the four hundred thousand subscribers we are almost there thanks to you and your efforts are really appreciates all free of course is no money for the subscriptions it's all free gratis the arms race to save him i pity i forsakes let us home you just heard tan bond gino show you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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