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Who Else Were They Spying On? The Clues are Everywhere. (Ep 1137)

2019-12-17 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the new information in the IG report that may expose a more widespread spying scandal than anticipated. I discuss FBI texts that make more sense in light of the new information. I also address the suspicious Schumer press conference yesterday and a CNN appearance where Schumer gets flustered by a hard question. News Picks:

There’s another FBI agent in hot water over the Spygate scandal.

The media flip-flop on impeachment is hilarious.

Impeachment is becoming more unpopular by the day.

This 2017 piece by Natasha Bertrand is indicative of the disturbing relationship between the Spygate conspirators and the media.

Sleazy Adam Schiff starts the “Trump colluded in 2020” narrative.

The IG report proves that Adam Schiff has been lying about Spygate the entire time. 

Black voter support for President Trump is growing and at the highest levels for a GOP president in decades

Swing voters reveal they are sticking with Trump in 2020.

Liberals hate voter ID but this photo dismantles their narrative.


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Ready to hear the truth about America on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host Dan bungee. Now, why do I ve got some nuclear technical bombs to set off on the shell for you today again hat the greatest source anywhere in the history of humankind to seven nine or we have covered a few gems. We're gonna ask you a few quest at the end of this that I think we're gonna blow your mind about who, in fact we were, Spying on how I said, So was the spy gave scandal on the tribe campaign about our reintroduce a text exchange. We It is a long time ago now the edgy report square with somebody actually knew answers and maybe some new questions for you're not going to want to miss the show, welcome to the damned by Jean or show producer Joe. How are you today finds a babe? The question is sly. How you feel in a day
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there's some old text I want to redressing the edgy report comment is given a brand new information. I want to put this text that, because this is mine, blown and the question we're going to ask me talk about this text. To be Crystal clear is how stance. It was spying operation on the Trump campaign. We know it was on the term campaign is, as I discuss during yesterday's show. Jim call me in rational testimony has already said they were. They were investigating the Trump Campagna All you have to do is read his own quotes. He can lie to you all he wants, but he said on the road in front of Congress that they were looking at the Trump campaign. I want to put up this series of texts again addressing how extensive this net worth to be clear, this is not a stroke page tax Peter Stroke is the investigator LISA Pages FBI. Girlfriend lawyer north involving the investigation from this is and Andrew Mackay LISA, page text, taxes, of course, a written under the surface for awhile Jimmy Cave as the deputy director, the FBI, basically the up,
rational, head involved. spying operation on the Trump Campi he's been texting, LISA Page too, and this November made November exchange is my boy, though, that up on the screen here, I want to get this. This is just one should follow this very closely cell LISA Page a text. Andy mackay- and she says in some of this- is ridiculous when I say reductive. Obviously that means reductive, not that rejected the word in the text that they actually get an email, but that what shocking page I tried sending an email to reductive, but bounced back member she's texting endemic came Are you still getting redirected e emails? inquired shook with deputy attorney general rod roses TAT at the time the day inquired about our plan. Read that Pfizer target if we mobilise, is given the physical access. He has let me
so, if you got the email I forwarded from Tash, probably talking about the Sheena Gwan. Forgive me from Saint or name round, but she's a higher up in the FBI involved in this to interest. really enough in another text exchange down page text in my cave and says by the way Jim Clap foretold P, took him Peter Stroke that he clapper was meeting with bread and been calling for dinner tonight. Just why I say for it means for your situational awareness, so keep that up. A second point that I would also point out, one predict The thing about this, so this is one of the lead lawyers on the case where the FBI Lisa page texting, the deputy director of the FBI intimately involved obviously in the operation, to to investigate the term campaign and spy on them she says that roses: tides enquiring about our plan about a Pfizer target, air who's, the Pfizer target Joe, and if he mobilise, is given the physical access, he has now a couple,
points here again had to seven Niners, always good. With this stuff we have been, the king s around me in an him for a long time. I'll be honest with you, folks, I had assumed that this Pfizer target their time. About with physical access, was Flynn General might Flint Who else would they be talking about who s, physical access and physical access to what? If immobilize I assume that we spend it could be possible. when formations come to light. I wanna put out there that makes me believe it could be someone ass, the amount we don't know. I cried, source, my audience, but questions in this case there is fascinating, is the answer sometimes the mobile eyes is, could be a reference to Flynn being appointed national security adviser and being granted physical
access to the house to the White House right, but there's something fascinating. Someone say pointed out to me that we kind of discovered this morning while going through this, go back to this text and I want you to look at a text from the day before where the access Question comes up again, but in context of who, folks this is gonna bake your bangles man text from the day before this is now that text was November. Eighteen, this is a text from November seventeen the day before liberals, I know you have a tough time would math and stuff, but the seventy this before the eighty. So here's a I know of a text exchange between LISA, page, same FBI, lawyer, shoes, email ok, Bore texted came the day before she's text
your boyfriend, the lead investigator on this case FBI agent, Peter Stroke, whose investigating trump? This is a fascinating change. She'd they're talking about the President elect at the time. This is no member November is not worn, and obviously, until January, twenty. Seventy Actually, this is Noah. This is how this is November. Twenty sixty, so is the present alike. They say and the reason he was clearances for the kids talking about Trump is Oh Jared cushioning could receive the presidential daily brief with him legally. I think he can pretty much designate. He says, designate whoever he wants to receive it without a clearance. Call today, saying not that's gonna happen.
They say again gave respond. They respond in a situation whereby I know we backed off of clearances, but there was another legal peace looking at his authority to just grant access and it's pretty broad and it's pretty broad. He doesn't. And yes,. I know they're complicated to understand the writing in LISA, page Peter Stroke, tax language here back and forth, throw that up again, so the Youtube watchers cannot- and I will do so. He's a page of Peter Stroke or texting each other about They are concerned that Jared Kirshner is gonna clearance, along with the other kids they concern bleeds out to a subsequent tax saying. Well, even if he doesn't give em a clearance any backs up, he can say grant him access. Ladies and gentlemen, this access text is the day before we know. Amber eighteen text where page is concerned with my came about a fire. the target
they should be granting and the physical access all I've got more Where are we going with this? Just throw it out there there where they stand? on closer to the president's son in law. he has been the vodka trump. Folks, I had always assume that was Flynn we are not concluded. Was we I dont know. But in light of what we now know on the Idee report, warehouse Oh, it's you stating the only Pfizer was on page related to cross hurricane. That's important. Is that Pfizer target text mean it? We're targeting someone didn't get a Pfizer orders. I mean there's a Pfizer out there on someone else that we don't know about. Horwitz doesn't know about either, and was that As a target, the Prey
son in law. All boy boy is right here, You pick it up and put down the urgent and job giant. We in fact. So now it's not just year. I saw earlier age in you, you Gideon Paul depend on accurate ate few seconds ago inside it just to be clear. You told them the whole time. You are only spying on Carter, page after he left the trumps campaign. That's the FBI. Crystal story, which is garbage because when you get a Pfizer Carter page if the car, which already shows they accessed email, Carter page and the Trump campaign, folks, when you get a fight that a spy on someone, you don't only get there emails and and communications from that point forward, you can natural active access. What they did in the past is this: why it's hard to understand for liberals, you can see all. You want that the word spying on it because he left. But the idea
Poor clearly states the access emails he had set while he was there so you're. Just why? you're just making it up, meaning you were spying on him, while he was there that you did it after the fact, is entirely completely one hundred percent irrelevant, but story is, it was only page on the fire. Was it? Who is this Pfizer target physical access, whose mobilized was cooked, travelling at the time. Listen all our undercover sluice out there on twitter who been doing great work in this case, techno fog, undercover Huber! You know you are out there, rosy memo is others you're all over this thing, Those are the real journalists youve uncovered. This thing believe me: if you're fired when those accounts on Twitter, Sean Davis is the Federalist Molly. Hemingway came Strauss, this is all old news to you, but
whereas we still want to know who Charley was member source they sent over the White House hey. Should we send Charlie charlie? We he's to to see a member that Charlie Text, whose Charlie we keep asking another open question too, who Charley was who the hell is. This Pfizer target with physical access that rose in style is calling the FBI about. God forbid. They were spying on cushion or two. I got more got more. Remember like the other and am character in the Marvel Spiderman series you know a symbiotic between an alien, a hue, any alien and a human I gave is really a spying scandal, but it's a media scandal to we ve been insisting this for two years because you first the spy gauge scandal and make it appear that
prompt was colluding with the Russians to give the courts in the public enough of a push to want. It gets To the bottom of the collusion hoax, it didn't happen, FBI and others in the entire community used dope fools in the media to write story. So the public would get the impression that this hoax was real, that the emperor close on when we know he didn't it's not just this. I scale its immediate skin tidyings and I'm just gonna put this article, but a minute there's an attached, your Bertrand peace than I think gives away this whole thing. I'm talking about now. Remember the question with a spying on cushioned or. one of the kids to avoid repetition. Surprise you by bodies that prick, nutrition, you know a brick ass interested. Ladies and gentlemen, the holidays you're coming up you want better you want to feel better. We know what he's getting your membership regret, this new year's resolutions, I'm telling you hand down. There are no finer nutritional supplements on the market, then sold at brick acids.
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So, who else where they spied arm, which combines the questioner I mean those tat seem to be. There really are LISA Pages talking about the access for the kids the next day, all of a sudden she's text in Basra. Maybe we should mobilise a target, give it acts that he's got access now they spy and on kosher, Holy Moses. Would that be huge? Now. A year later tat the day of those tax. So the text I'm talking about November, seventeen between page and strong, where their way well bad get access the son, a law. This is big trouble. Man, you know look at this will give the do they look for clearance precautionary? This is trouble. Later today noted spy, gay insider Natasha. Strand, a and media hackers, but on the wrong side of every single angle, on the story, Bertrand get some very suspicious leaks in this case from day one she's one of the worst reporters in this case because all
she's got most of them have been patently false. whereas they ve been using Bertrand? I believe now writes a political to foster fake store, he's a Bertrand Russell. Do any kind of journalism never check these stories and just puts them up. Don't you think of these special Joe that she wrote this article on November seventh exactly a year later from those texts, surprisingly about cushion ah well. This is it cited by the way this will be up and they showed its worth your time only for reading how easily these people get play. Bertram heads business insider November, seventeen twenty seventeen a year later today, the day The emails from sir a million and a legit ass. He ate source who is in touch with George pop up was: let me put up a little screen shot from this peace to show you a minute, get to what she's getting to admit it, but remember everything:
you're told in this screen shot from the peace is the effort of it, each state inside to use a media tool like Natasha Bertrand to get believe something. That's not true. You must always Reed Bertrand stories. Do that lends she, being used as a gas lighting propaganda piece by piece staters, who are trying to tell you something that is patently false. Are they trying to tell you here million is also believe to be a key source and a collection of unverified memos known as the steel dossier, namely after its author farmers former British until after Christopher steal. The map. was outlined, trumpet his campaign. Members ties. The russian officials and alleged Moscow in the trunk campaign work hand in hand that points to influence the. U S election. What are you trying to tell you here? Why did I read that,
The title of the story and the gist of the story, which would be up in the show notes in its definitely worth your time, is that its key source for the dossier. Joe surgeon, Sergei million according to Bertram, has also been see seeing Jared Kirshner on emails a year later? What are they trying to tell you, ladies and gentlemen, someone in this deep states by gate operation was using Bertrand because they wanted you to connect million to Papadopoulos and cushion at the same time,. Why would they want you to do that because Bertrand who doesn't do journalism, she just as gas lighting probably still believes that million now. We know, according course the ivy report there's Alex
issues had my should say to be fair to surrogate Sergei than eyes a lot of this. An odyssey steel in the back and forth on Sergei even sure whose tell him the truth anymore, not the information. Is false. but he is alleged to have been source d and e in the dossier heat and eyes. Some of that information. I point out. Another book exonerated doesn't see The jail but Our trans believes it merely adds a source and a credible one. Because someone wanted her to believe that if Millyard is a source for the dossier, someone wanted you to believe the dossier is true, so Why did you believe that a deep state, Russia conspiracies this and their Jared Kirshner, was in fact a part of it. Now there's only two explanations as to why some deep state or would use Natasha Bertrand as a tool to get I believe the commissioner was part of
collusion scandal didn't exist at all. We too explanations the first explanation. which may be a little more unlikely. But I want you to entertain specially you twitter sluice out. There was ever a five on cushion to unlikely but possible. Now, of course, the deep state or who, by November twenty seventy knows this whole thing is a hoax. wants the media to believe that Kushner was a really bad guided to do what you, if option one is, fact. True there I want you to believe are shocks, work. The questioner, Why so yeah we screwed up again spying on an innocent American inside the president's family Kirshner. But man God low wages down, because retort million worries wages.
A million was a legitimate source and he was c c kosher on these emails with pop up. Listen, they'll Papadopoulos and others. So we just start kosher. We're part of it. That's explanation: why our exports, asian too, which is more likely. Is it What sort a Pfizer on someone in the Trump family somewhere or kosher possible. And was turned down. Figured this is all going to come out and is trying to pay for the same reason justify why look Milly Armistice was talking to Yeah I'm took part with sea, seeing our coasts Excuse me on these emails, so close your eyes, we are part of it folks is becoming clear by the day that the door on bar report is going to uncover a lot of things, horror which do not have access to work.
there are other Pfizer's out there. The energy report seems to indicate now find, even if you accept that At its face and I'm willing to wear their other, I set targets out there, in other words, where they try to organise a warrant, the spy on people inside the twenty mummy. There are some something attitude again. Then, when I could have that was my first thought on that, God forbid, it was done junior talking about the kids, physical access, o o police, suspicious folks, I got a lot more gets her serious narrative bus thing to do here. Sumer and ship were already setting up their twenty twenty narrative I kind of hit on a little bit yesterday. This is important summit. some video shift shock. I may see me: humor humor shift shift humor. All the same. There are laws Does it really matter assume on CNN, actually getting called out by CNN. That's it
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you're always six months ahead of the next BS liberal minute, a narrative on this shell, because we're just gonna picking amount as such. Is me: it's not a self praise thing. It's a lotta listeners who are very savvy. You say I got this look at what they do and so first I try to get this yes rages in only two really hammer it, but the worst examiners, a great piece up in the shown us about his ball now documented, discredited, full and Liar Adam shift. How we already setting up to twenty two collusion and already happened Joe. Yet what do you want to go? It's gotta be collusion with foreign governments. They Lenoir seems amateur being the show notes. If you want to switch guardsmen email. sponge. You know that complex newsletter, our Cindy's articles everyday there also up at Bonn GINO report backup Democrats to undermine tromp victory and twenty twenty folks. Let me get my Bering Sea because I don't want to rent endlessly. Could I get very upset with this For me, I'm asking a serious question now to our lives.
this. I know we have them, because I read your nasty emails. How Stupid are you I mean I know. That's probably not. A fair question is no real waited but I've. I'm when I like how job are you? You have been fool by Adam Monsieur for the Democrats. I listen. I don't care you vote for this and do your thing. What do you think my varies? Do it? Do you think I don't care whatever I'm not trying to convince liberals anymore, twenty percent of the people? elation believe socialism doesn't kill big Employment is the answer it Adam ship is an honest, got your beyond help. I've just ask you will see how gum are you to be fooled by Skype constantly nothing he's told you is true collusion was a hoax. His ship member was a hoax every summer Your point in his member was a hoax. you think he set about Devon. Newness was a hoax, his contacts with them, whistle, blower or lack thereof, he said, was a hoax. The way
I've. Always scandal was ox everything heat Oh you is a hoax. Please now setting up a hoax, you again and liberals in the media Lovett their lapping, this stuff up, like a boot, licking sick offence. They are from the worst that examined a peace here Adam she have quotes about twenty twenty again he's talking about. What? Why should we wait on impeachment? He says quote the argument: why don't you just wait amounts to this? Why What you just let him cheat again in one more election shift, told reporters this guy is such a human sleaze assembly, but goes on. Why not let him Foreign to help one more time added the Caliph war. Democrats, who actually led the tell panels investigation H, always last foreign, a blind and about the last election folks. This guy is a fried he's. total disgrace to the Congress. It I'm not kidding like I know it's not very.
Jim, but you have the mark these people, it's the all. You have to laugh tat. We see only way to penetrate there, Brady M skulls, thereby they're moving up from adamant. To vibrate in word, bounces off, like facts bouncing off their skills humiliating them and where a figure that is the only way to break. Are we really is? This is almost funny how w are. I'll write? You set you up for another hoax in twenty twenty and they believe it look don't impeach him? Well, you know of collusion again. I mean, like you, did the last time in the last those. That's liberal narrative. What this is the liberal narrative alert section, liberal narrative, alert section, Ding Ding, so that's number trumps already preparing to collude in twenty twice, despite the fact that we have already been debunked bank about our collusion ocean. Twenty sixty here's, the second one
by this clip Rotumah I getting wrecked on CNN boys always funny. When I see and besides we're some the reason to start doing now, once in a while. I never understand why that happens, because they're not a serious news network. I mean a host Brian stealth that says enough, but humor yesterday, during this press conference he gave, which was a joke in an embarrassment. Do says: listen if Mitch Mcconnell Dozen, can see tomorrow, It demands about, descended impeachment trial. Then listen folks. This is gonna, be a cover up and it's not going to be a fair, trust? So what do you say. He saying that he's gonna dictate how the rules are going to go he's telling the media giving them their marching orders. You know Joe media people here tears the narrative than ours. What, if you'd, concede to my room,
for the Senate trial because remember, humor doesn't run the Senate. The Republicans have the majority Mcconnell does, if you don't see my rules. This was all a cover up and it's not going to be fair, our prime we're gonna have to do something in a twenty twenty election again. What are we to rules? What does he want, while this is where it gets hilarious? humor, is in the minority in the Senate. He was witnesses. What We just died all Europe, are you thinking only just other? If I'm wrong, you too, I know what you're thinking resist whenever they didn't. We just through that on the outside the impeachment phase. That's where you so to get the witnesses. Lord, you wait. You forget witnesses and you're going to repeat them anyway. So just some because in peace veneering going on right now there are met
witnesses and Democrats are appreciated anyway, Gillette's at least the double by at least double, but few insisting turbulent baby. I got all that I want to triple. I'm not just kind of the two point five, but I appreciate you round than apply give you motley discretion. So it's up to you to Georgia, What do I wouldn't want to point five, a half a motley and I was gonna like gums bar stupid No, I really does this pizza. I watch those religiously for those you know what I'm talking about. You know. It's really funny he eats. I would repeat its aggressive so as to be clear Adams you have three small wire. Just put us what a month and a half of hearings we're. Everybody in their mother? He controls the democratic control. The house, not the Republicans, Republicans control this. He brings up everybody in their mother, including a dude who are dude on the phone.
With another dude about a conversation about another dude that really have remember that guy I overheard Simon, talking to up about a conversation, you haven't someone a member that will get serve. Yes. What all of a sudden Schubert now Joe gives oppressors is no no there's really more stuff out there and more witnesses. We just don't have a man. I got Following my shoe all over the place, but I now now Joe you better because swings state. assures me swing district, Caesar Congressional represented Spam, burger, Abigail Span, Bergen, Virginia Ben MC atoms and new tongue fake moderates, who are really radical, left this bed Nick Ben games as you tie it Utah your representative? The Democrats vote him out spam bargain voting out Carter, Lamb, Pennsylvania vote about their all on board for this impeachment. How shoe mergers?
we don't have toward witnesses, come on. Just dopey lives listening because you are dopey, I'm not kidding you're stupidities, mind boggling to me: how do you. I can solve those two things. Our you're Swing District Congress You representatives, claiming to be moderate Democrats voting. a to present tomorrow there on the record Connor, Lamb, Mc Adams, as if Schuman just acknowledged that they don't have So why does it. make your get even worse, Jeff could have waited to get witnesses. Humor wants fault in it. John Bolton. Does the presidency executive privilege the cases where in its way through the courts. Who said no GEO chef that's not how we don't want away. That's runway, wait, let me go
straight, I'm I'm losing my mind here. So there voter impeachment MAR the Democrat Party do Schuman already now you don't have the witnesses to do it. They don't have the information they can get the information, if they'd way, because its work and its way to court, but they don't want away because they want to give it the humor. My vote we're pulling your hair out saying or the democratic stupid. The answer is yes, they are get even worse, always gets worse, gets here. Humours on the record, because he was a congressmen during the Clinton impeachment for saying it. Shouldn't, be any witnesses in the Senate port the trial that that should happen in the house he's on the record. Having said that, Humor is also on the record, as I discussed yesterday. the Democrats, I should say Vietnam Dasso, who was the Senate leader during the winter? They are on the record as their staff coordinating with the White House during this
And a trial a bill Clinton, I want you to watch it. Without further Ado CNN, for some reason asking a real question: hey Chuck, You said the Clinton impeachment that there shouldn't be witnesses and sent a trial that that should happen and ask why you change your mind now, despite the fact that Adam Shift passed off to you, this fight, I am sure we could awaited on the witnesses you're asking for now. It chose not to watch this this com. we liars zero, shoe. or try to regos way to study the got. An actual question from CNN check this out. Historically speaking, you also voted against admitting new evidence into the Senate trial in ninety ninety nine,
that's because they jammed one other word. I don't know what's different, saying nineteen, I'm not! I don't want any evidence. Now we live in an age when this, as you said, no new witnesses and ninety nine. The Republicans could not negotiate a fair bunch of witnesses with the Democrats and just there was a fifty five forty five vote. That was because it wasn't a bipartisan negotiation. It should be now be you again you, you voted no four new evidence than now you're asking for new evidence in new. What I'm asking is there be a fair negotiation focused on the facts between the colonel and I said that I would be. I would expect Democrats and Republicans to support. I expect some of my republican colleagues, when they see this letter will say that's fair, but there is it want to be part of the overall budget, is a difference in your mind between ninety nine now well witnesses that, if things now, what is it prince in the whole basis of the of the situation, but we should have the facts come out. There is a whole report done these
the fact situation the leading up situation, Can star totally different than now this is a grave. Is this now the classic, but what we see in taking asking actual costs sure you watch it. Youtube, you can why you can hear and the audio but Youtube Doc, pledge Podgy, no subscribe, watches facial expressions he's you only stunned Sierra is asking him a real question. I can't figure out why basic wake up might CNN. This is our propaganda network. What are you doing Host of CNN with John is a chump. I don't know his name. Sorry, I'm actually interview with that guy, quite a bit when I did see- and I used to appear on CNN before they turned into a total collusion hoax number how's. That work Damn you want new witnesses now, when the clinic What happened? You said absolutely no new witness is on the other side. It should be handled in the house. You your mind on that, and I
double down and ass. These other question: Why are you not lecturing now Adam Schiff on why he should have waited for these witnesses and said he rushed it to you and why are you not calling out your democratic colleagues in the house, especially those swing, my colleagues who are voting to appeal based on what you now openly acknowledge? Is the lack of evidence, of course there are no real answers to these questions other than because I'm humor and I'm a fraud and Adam ship is a loser and a wire, and I don't have anything else. Bingo. There is no answer to this question. They don't have any evidence humor these new witnesses for one reason and one reason only he wants to make the President look back, and on television he wants to make the present look foolish. He wants to call out mulvaney. This has nothing to do with evidence of a quid pro quo. Ukraine, gay they put up there. witnesses at all turned out to be a joke in a hoax and a fourth. This is purely
an embarrassment now literally updating on the air. I was fox on the minor capital here right now Mcdonalds? spoke humours blow. Now listen. You know in the past they have not been a huge fan and Mitch Mcconnell, but I lost, I can't than I've done some pretty solid things with the justices appointed at the Supreme Court. Judges at Sir get a pallet level. He's done some good stuff. not a thing to curb spending which kind of takes me off, but that's all other story, but I'll just shut his bright down centres speaks after Mcconnell rejects Democrat witness less good for you Mitch cold in mid shrikes again. Do not we ass or give one inch of ground to these total lying losers on the left. They are Getting anything we run the Senate, you get nothing point being folks, it doesn't matter
What Mcconnell does The narrative, Joe, is already there, the narrative, twenty two These corrupted shrubs already colluding. We ve already seen it and Tumors narrative, this whole trial was a cover up the state of repair. Look it's random. It does matter: cocaine, It clearly gets that it doesn't matter theirs. nothing. You can say to get them and their boot licking, but kissing sycophantic. But this I poles in the media to tell the story. It will tell a story understood They will tell you is the one FED to them by the Democrats. the twenties already a hoax. Twenty two the camp Trump care when legitimately and a third of trials, a cover up. That's the old! story they have it does. matter. What Mcconnell does is irrelevant.
You're give humor every single witness. You know what they'll do. Joe no said. We want more transparency, more witnesses. We want does it matter? Ignore these idiots the job I Mitch crushed? These guys crush them Give them exactly what they deserve. You know what that is. Nothing there, filthy liars, if lied about this case, This president from day one you will give them nothing conduct this trial. Split, did it over in a day or a week and get this thing out of here. Don't write me garbage and don't ever looked back. Not even a trial of forest based on a hoax charge. I've got a couple more things, including at you know it. that's funny, because people are suggesting, I mean to make light of it. most tragic, but I've got a story.
These lunatics had Fox Vocs and I've Fox Box with a visa. Victor left wing lunatic. and how liberalism is a cancer, not just at the national level, but the group it is an immediate liberalism is liberal less because we liberals feel the effects of liberalism offer suddenly broke, don't like it. I've always told you the greatest asset. The conservatism is not just that it works for conservatives, but it works. For liberals. Do liberals part Let's get fatter there while its get fatter their business opportunities increase, it kids get better school choice options. They get better healthcare options they get to control their own healthcare, the greatest joke. Liberalism is on the liberal that when liberals are forced to embrace their own policies, they hate it. That's why there's a mass exodus from New York in California? Wait till. I show you this one coming up next about a real a tragic back where I say people lost their jobs because liberals are more. It's just that simple. Finally, last sponsor dates. Tuesday,
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C, o dotcom, slash, bungee, no code bond GINO, for though straight teeth you ve always wanted. Thank you, candid for supporting the shall we really appreciate it, and I know my listeners due to check them out candid seo that complex budgetary code, bunch of seventy five, Ok again, this is one of those stories where you just wanna like grab Rules and shake them in a. Why are you doing this to yourselves like work, you know Joe like we're trying to save you from yourself? Why don't you listen well regarding a story I brought up a long time ago. A story was eighty five, which is a bill? Eighty five was a bill. California, that was meant to target to target goober now. Why would they targeting Ober while they were targeting Ober, because unions, which primarily donate money Democrats, don't like the fact that you, for drivers and lived drivers are classified as full time employees? Why are they not classified as well time employees? Because
Is there not because it's in the game economy, people who drive goober sometimes have other job, sometimes dogged? Sometimes your parents or teachers or whatever they want to make a few extra bucks on the weekend. So what I'm saying. Unions don't like tat, because they need people to be classified as employees. Why, John? So they can A union dues NGO unions can then use to influence. Democratic politics to influence there packages and their remuneration bags. Listen- and I mean this when I say this I'm. Unfortunately I got a caveat. This conversation, I'm not aid. A union, I'm air, I force in monopoly. Unions can do great things for their poison? Many do you should not be forced to join one, and they should not be pushing people. I Cooper drivers to join a union. They don't want to join because there employees there not. So liberal hacks in California, decided to push through this bill. Eighty five tat would reach class by over and live drivers Joe,
employees of over he what they didn't take into account or did because I really not that smart is it You re, classify contract and please you just work and by the job, ten. Ninety nine type employees as full time part time employees when they're, not that it was. just going to affect Ober at a lot of it cities that would then be forced by people as employees. Don't want it classify these people as employees because they're not they do specific. They do contract work, but they are not their individual contract. So what who did it primarily effect. Well, I just singly an awful lot of liberal writers and journalists. Joe are not classified as employees in California, because they're not They submit pieces to maybe box and elsewhere, and a
it pieces to other places will not place of ox. They submit the other left wing sites, I'm sure, mother, Jones and elsewhere. So, let's get to the point on this one This is a sad Rita. I don't mean to make light of seed. I dont know this woman. I never met her in my life but she's a writer. Apparently this is from at M ass. An de la her name is Andy Lovell, it's a woman. She says I quote, and it's free. just lost my ability to earn a living because a California Assembly Bill five, my freelance brokerage company. So we'll have to let California authors go almost a decade. Hard work on an instant. I can't stop crying right before Christmas, Hashtag, a bee fire. For it is not a joke. I mean the show we can be sarcastic again. You know pointing out liberal stupidity, almost becomes humorous, sometimes because they're so dumb, and you tell them this is going to happen. This is not funny Don't know this woman. I've never met her. I don't know from Adam Love. I have no idea who this is.
I am only highlighting that tweet amongst many, because without guard for political affiliation, because I dont met by emitters right before Christmas and woman just lost their job, precisely because liberals did that to her goober and left, and the GIG Academy in California. Worse, working just fine before big government, radical police state liberals who cannot get you're damn hands out of your pocket, your wallet, your business, your kids, education, your health care decisions and everything else. They want to control, had a step and before the holidays and crap all over this woman and ruin our entire life right before the holidays. She got fire because the company can classify hers and employ because she's, not here an individual contractor if they could
so fires in a ploy they get saddled with a bunch of payroll costs and expenses. They don't need because she's not an employee. So what did they do? rather than having to reclassify her Joe, they fired. Now It's not just happening there. Here's a tree! from these left wing. Imbeciles advice to actually supported this law. Look at this one This is a screen shot of an article. They wrote little while ago workers when they kind of goods is a wind them. Jo Leinen, Workers win in California is a victory for workers everywhere. Millions people are working without basic labour protection? Joe, how all these people decided to work for over without Labour Britannia, we're all being abused in so just to be clear. Left when idiots a box with a be supported,
is bill that got people fired before from because they know better than you tat. You should be an employee when you don't wanna, be well look Since your thing, CNBC Peace Box, Caught hundreds of freelance jobs out of changes in California, gig economy laws have to buy the way but we act on Twitter, who I see These too, are these you headlines on taking everything in my soul right now, the not drop in F bomb on my own shop and believe it out, because I'm really You understand these people are idiots right. You get that right. That fact that I am fond of her. No,
fight of it. They are colossal. Morons. Everyone with a phone shooting frontal lobe Joel California imbecile liberals. This was gonna happen. Every again I set off from Shooting frontal lobe doesn't include other liberals. Everyone was seen. Moderate Democrats, moderate Republicans, conservatives libertarians warn them. You going to get massive numbers of people, fire He's liberal buffoons, Did it anyway, right before the holidays,. And your continued of older men man. You continue to vote a man in California. It's as, if you are you most, don't know any better by the way that excludes the same people and there were many I've travel to California lot and I loved People out there have never been given a problem in California ever give
our problems in New York, where I grew up to the good, people. California does not include you to the morons you we continue to decimal. an wreck and destroy the lives of the people who live in that great state. To shame you see parity is mind, boggling facts, we support the bill, we gonna, let you go. Why didn't you yeah your fire stupid. How stupid are you? Here's another one, atropine GINO Report Mason. If you it's not me, it's my company- I don't run the they find GINO Report Matt and we have a twitter now for the budget report. The conservative alternative to the draft report that can mean Wade's at Bonn, GINO reports you want to follow us Matt found something interesting, the article on the hill left, leaning, mail, so
The New York has decided to good idea to state of New York to allow New York illegal illegal aliens in the country illegally to get drivers licences. So the hell I just article, would a video or the lines are around the corner to go. The driver's license is some of you watch on Youtube can read that so mad upon punching report does some interesting. He said Isn't this are the same argued made by the liberals, will also tell you it's impossible for someone to obtain a vote. Photo idea vote so just to be great point, bad, brilliant New York? We liberals we need They give illegals, drivers, licences, same neo, liberal, listen, I can a sporadic voters are really not smart enough to go, get a photo idea in their own way. But how is it not? Rather, is that not racist? How is racist for liberals that take deposition, I'm serious who. nobody ever says that about white voters. So if we so Jude voter idea, you're suggesting blackened sporadic voters can't figure it out, but
voters, get how we go about racist, And when you were illegals, get driver's licence is the lines Of course they figured it out. No problem you're, not only suggesting that it Joe it's that you do not just raise their their racist gets american citizens because, with their suggesting is people here illegally are smart. To figure out, which clearly are there around a corner driver's license, but a man reckon Citizen, Hispanics and black voters there. smart enough to figure it out again, except answer. Me liberals, I know you Can't because you're really not smart, explain that Now, that's not racist you shouldn't insult, and now the I will thank you please, your feedback, not interested. I told you this a thousand times, I'm not trying to talk liberals into anything, we're never gonna I'm on our side there, not on your side. They hate this country. They hate everything about it. I'm done with them. We are not talking
and we're talking to moderate Democrats. May you may insult them to listen if you believe any this stuff, I'm sorry you're, not a moderate anyway you're, a radical America hating leftist, you just got people fired before crew threats, you're insinuating that blackened sporadic Americans can't figure out how to get a photo. I D. and you're trying to suggest to me that can It is your racist Get the theme here at the end, which will highlight with a piece of good news of great peace. our studies amateur up at the show notes today strongly encouraged check it out black voters. Support, for it by Paul but our advice in December, the highest levels. and could see or twenty twenty win so I think you, ladies and gentlemen, that black voters and hispanic voters are starting to figure out the real racist or on the left.
We don't engage in conservatism in the soft bigotry of low expectations. To quote George W Bush. We don't expect any. less of black into spanish Americans. Are we expected of asian or white Americans? These are no deal, It's the same gene code, folks its currently, racist and stereotypical to say otherwise. And I strongly believe black voters are starting to figure this out check out this peace from poverty. Art. Listen to this in heading. it's against Joe Biden. Trump receives twelve percent of the black vote against. Bernie Sanders. It was fourteen percent Center Elizabeth worn. It was seventy percent of the black boat. You may see well that doesn't sound like a lot out on this in the next line. Those levels are the best
or a GEO p, president or candidate. Since nineteen sixty eight lack voters a figure. Now, folks, you got played by a bunch of racist liberals who think so little of you. They think you can't even figure out how to get a driver ices, while and acknowledge and applied for illegal aliens, figured it out on day one that's how little they think you again, you always always be welcome here. Our movement does not discriminate on the melanin, counted the your skin, the God you worshipper, where you were born. We believe in the big, our God, given rights of everyone, everyone you are always welcome on the shell, always welcome in our moment. One final note vote in one eye, overly
I want to go over the hour, but I do get a lot of emails from from attics and stuff around the holidays. Drug attic set, as this has obviously been an issue in my family, amusing us than on the show many times I don't give too many particulars minor Jos dealt with it in the past you something very sensitive to both of us. I just want you to understand again. You're always welcome here, and I saw something smaller from an old friend of mine, growin up about a batteries haven't, but a family member and I'm gonna listen. All I can tell you is it's tough man? I know it well know that people care about you. They care about you during the holidays and they want a desperately see you recover. You are always welcome here. God loves you. I care about you. I read your emails. I know it's hard, it's not easy, but you are always welcome here. I got an email. Yes, I kind of touch me a little bit about that you just before we leave. I just want to let you know
you always have a home here. I know what you're struggling with it's a daily fight and around the holidays. Just know people give a damn about you. They do all right. Folks, I will see you all tomorrow, please subscribe you channel Youtube com, slash bungee, know if you know I'd check this out there, we really appreciate catch, or tomorrow merry Christmas. We should say that every day no address liberals, crazy, Ten bond genomes yeah. You can also get dance, podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.