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Who is Really Behind This Chaos? (Ep 1285)

2020-06-26 | 🔗

In this episode, I discuss the catastrophe ahead if we lose the 2020 election. I also discuss the four things the media is hiding about “Black Lives Matter.” 

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host Dan bungee. No, I don't want to get a very accurate on a Friday. You know Friday shows I like the leaving kind of a good mood for the weekend, but I'm gonna start to show today with a warning red flags everywhere. What is actually ahead if we lose in twenty twenty, unbelievable article in the Wall Street Journal today. Shortbreads we about very serious things that Democrats are going to do if we lose that would have been called concerned see there is a few years ago, but a very real now today show brought you by friends express Bbn. Your data It's yours, your online activity, it's yours! Don't let anybody creep on it. Get a Vps today go to express Vps. Calm, slash, bungee, no go to welcome to the damage.
Produces Joe. How are you today, fine Sir Luella generalised worthwhile right ever do in forever. We decided on Fridays, as are we so is getting a week off yeah. We love that. So yes, I got that I've got more corona virus, a panic inducing hysteria, that's on helping solve the problem at all. I've got the most ridiculous politician in America, Andrew Cuomo and the worst report weakens pounce story in the history of Republicans. Pants loaded showed it I finish your broad by our friends at all for listen, if even the sooner my show for a while, you ve heard me too. But my helix mattresses. Now you have a couple of months. My daughter, we love it. Comfortable matches ever so I've excite News helix has gone beyond the bedroom and started making sofas. They just launched. Company, called all form and are making premium customizable, sofas and chairs ship right to your door. What makes it off still for a really cool for starters,
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I hope that I opened the box. She loves it and of getting a sofa without trying to store, says little risky it only to where you get a hundred days to decide. If you want to keep this more than three must be not love, it they'll pick it up for free, you get a full refund. They have a forever warranty, literally forever, to find your private over check out all form that consular stand a El F, o r m all form that consolation. Roughly twenty percent off all orders, twenty percent off around this- is all form that consular stand. Joe let's go are, ladies and gentlemen, this is a serious part of showing the beginning here. This is a very big deal. I read call this morning and that's why I'm open about Friday, because on Friday like to leave you some good NEWS, but this is serious stuff. We cannot cannot dismiss the possibility that the twenty twenty election may not go away. If you do it, you're doing it at your own peril. Listen. You know. I am a supporter of the president, the support of what he said. Judges on the economy, on the stand, these two
if forlorn order. You know that that's not up for debate. That's just a fact. We don't he's agree on everything, but I respect what he's done. Having said that, for me to tell you right now: don't you worry? This is in the bag. Deposits are all wrong forget. It is insane. I told you, the story a few months ago the time I was in the gym and a good and mine who I adore good man, came up to me and he's like this was a while ago, but he's like. I don't believe these pause they're all garbage we're gonna win. Please don't think that way, because that's sounds Joe kind of exactly what Hillary Clinton supporters, seven, twenty sixteen and woke up the next day after election day. While I why what just happened, scratching their heads in disbelieve, don't let that be! You be anxious. Be afraid a little bit because it will motivate you to action to do something go out. Get ten. Your friends, I called the ten ten ten rule make
post, Samantha, you're social media Accounts- may ten phone calls to your friends about voting and get ten peoples to them, ten people to the Poles on election day. Is your edict go forward? Please that's the mandate across the country you want to win. We gonna do they can. I know you know that. Having said that, let me give you a make you a little bit anxious and a healthy kind of way. Let me if you kind of a horror story about what's coming, if we lose this thing, this is A job whilst region story today, worth your time, spider, a wall, but if you can get it check it out, so called the Philip Mr is going going basically gone Chris Coon's a key by now. I signals that,
democratic will break the sixty vote rule for legislation if they went in this twenty twenty election. Ladies and gentlemen, if we lose the presidency and we lose the United States Senate member, we don't have the house's maybe could lose by a wider margin, but the Democrats run the house right now. It speaker policy. If we lose the presidency in the Senate this kind We will never ever look the same. Let me go to screen shot. One from the wall. Street journal desiccation think we're making this up this. Serious. Is it Chris Coon who since himself he's a Democrat, but he fashions himself Joe and Institute In less than a moderate, this is a appalled, airports, modern there, never really matters, but you get the point This is what he said. He told political quote again suppose we Democrats moderate, I won't stand idly by for four years and watch the the ministrations initiatives blocked at every turn. Coon's added I! gonna try really hard to find a path forward. It
doesn't require removing, what's left of the structural guard rails, but if there's a bite, ministration. It will be inheriting a mess at home and abroad. It requires urgent and effective action. Let me translate that for your folks, When Biden gets elected, if they win back the Senate, they are going to dump the filibuster rule which will require sixty votes to pass any legislation. They get a dump all that. They're going to scrap that and going to require just a majority in the Senate which they will have. Combine that with their majority in the house, are represented, and what does that mean? Ladies gentlemen, that means you. The runway to catastrophic liberal agenda to take that plane off. We ve seen since, if the are- and you know we'll be there to stop them now. Bang
Filibuster for legislation is the only weapon you have when you are in the minority. The Democrats of use that effectively against President Trump and public, as they just use it against him. Scott Republican Centre for South Carolina Police Reform Bill, the Democrats filibustered it the filibuster. Ladies and gentlemen, we'll be gone. Why do what? Why is this? And let me be clear about this in case you think again. This is some bizarre conspiracy, theory. The wash your journals, not dumb. Why do you think they're quote being inciting Chris Coon's Because, ladies and gentlemen, he again fashions himself, the voice of reason and the Democrats, but on the Democrats, side of the House of the Senate choose me: he's he's the so called moderate if he's saying filibuster see you later Bab haven't I Stay here is my friend says: have a good Christmas goodbye. Now it's over. He's the voice of moderation. You think the left wing,
articles, the Bernie Sanders. The Liz warns that others are gonna, get this way they're the ones pushing for they did, however, to the Philippines before Coon's even said anything, you may say but then that sounds really bad, meaning Joe Biden and the radical left will pass whatever they want. That's exactly what I mean there will be zero obstacles to stopping them there, they're telling you now. You may say that sounds awful cannot get worse, of course, and always gets worse. With the Democrats, let's go to screen shot two from the Wall Street Journal Peace Mission. Telling you. I got a little agenda this morning when I read this was like my Gus: get the pet go out and it wasn't due to the off the also yield. The stomach took aim, which is great here. It s screenshot number two from the Wall Street Journal, Congress could also pass statehood for why The DC importer Rico tilting this it further laughed a simple
that a majority could also change the composition of the federal judiciary, including the Supreme Court, the mere threat this may be already be causing chief justice, John Roberts to move left, you may say. That sounds really bad sounds really bad. You would never we have a republican majority in the Senate again, so keep in mind factor one in the catastrophe nightmare apocalypse now scenario. I just described view where Biden winds and they take over the senator did they get about sickness election out or for the principal conservative like that company the zero Carly fee arena member, the fake report, can carry on supporting Biden Principle concerns bags? Coralie she's been zero from day one by the way, the most obnoxious human being I've ever met, ran into a wants it see. Pact could have been. Or of a so I was
with our a long time ago, but these are the principal concerns. This is what you are fighting for and on a base, no obstacles whatsoever towards a far left. Radical agenda. We'd know filibuster, to stop it and a permanent majority in the Senate and on the Supreme Court. Nice job Carly. Thanks for a fight for principle,. Concerned. What we do in our principal, like you now you want stand by this? Is you write so Washington, DC in Puerto Rico, are left their very far left If they were to become states, I know the liberals have a tough time, unlike civics and stuff would be to more senators for these new states right? There is some we zero chance either two centres from the two new states would be Republicans zero, chance so you'll have for new crash centres permanently Democrats and because no republic,
However, when there are not in our lifetime. The chances of Adam new one hundred and four Senate gab up a member Senate over you ever go a republican majority back are now slim and not so now, Have no filibuster to stop it, you have a permanent majority. You have a radical left. This president, by now he's a moderate, yeah. Ok, listen was put that on hold pleas for awhile. Let's get sanity back Combine mad with the Democrats, open threats now many of them on the record, say that they will packed the Supreme Court packet. Meaning. We have nine members now why do we just expand at the twenty seven members and by the way, I'm just making their number up to be to be feared. They could packet to fifteen twenty. I dont know the number. Let's say they be
we want more realistic. Let's say they say: let's packet to fifteen fifteen members, they would get to add six more. Keep my ladies and gentlemen, this no filibuster to stop this now, none, nor is a fellow buster Joseph, to stop nominees either. So you pick the youngest most radical forty year old left this you can find why young, because you wanted Reed court majority for another forty years. They'll, probably to the radio? Ninety right, you pick the young, the most radical left. This you can find pack, I'm on the Supreme Court, you now have for Republicans. I don't count John Robertson's report I know I get it, but that is not a republican. Stop that you have four plus one for Europe Inzana, a total fake rhino, so you have a Republicans and the Supreme Court.
And you now have eleven radical left this or ten plus the leftist ten radicals plus John Roberts. Leftist. Please tell me what case you're gonna win their ever again. So now you have a Democrat President aim democratic, permanent majority in the Senate, a de facto permanent majority disregard these for your lifetime is permanent. You have the floor judicial judiciary, you may say it can get up you can get worse. We'll talk about Democrats, there are forest fire Deborah they killed. Destroy every single thing. They touch everything everything anything good. Gets destroyed and killed by the Democrats. Anything legislate freedom, liberty. Whenever they touched, they burn delight to human torch, from the fantastic for stave, felt flame powers.
Not only will they packed the Supreme Court, but they were pack the circuit courts and the district court as well expand the districts New liberal members can keep a ladies and gentlemen very few cases, Maketh Supreme Court. Most Kay get caught up in the Dc Circuit Court of Appeals, the let them level below the Supreme Court, the pact that too. Joe nothing I'll have to go to the Supreme Court, because it'll all voodoo all lose at the District Circuit court level, because they'll just pack the judiciary with the August, most radical people. They can find Sudan. The sounds really bad. I wrote the note I that's their foundation. That's foundation for establishing a majority for it, but it's not yet their agenda right. We have established the foundation for the home, they're gonna build
nation is a permanent majority in the Senate Pact Courts and hopefully, and one more thing, we're thing to add to their agenda to build the foundation for the House, one more. They all so will probably go with a popular vote. Compact nationwide. All they need is enough states to get to you. One hundred seventy electoral votes to agree. They are going to vote for the winner of the National popular Vote and Ladys I'm on the electoral college, goes the way of the brontosaurus still flying you'll, have a national popular vote, get that'll, be the end of that there be no electoral ecology. That's what I'm telling you is ever guard rail you ve had for liberty will be completely wiped out. The filibuster, the Electoral College, the court system all gone, Yes, thanks to Coralie Free Arena, Joe she's fighting for prints
oh conservatism, soccer, what a moron never liked her total phony total complete fraud. Now, let's talk about the building, what they actually plan on building after they set the foundation for a permanent majority. I got through this quick most of you can if there was a motley crew of disastrous legislative proposals. This is, isn't you probably heard from before number one you can forget about your free market healthcare system. Whenever insurance plan you have now If it's, not a government one, you can kiss that by then they won't do that, to rat. Are you serious there already openly talking about dumping, the filibuster packing the Supreme Court. You think they won't institute. National government run healthcare, ok, yeah! You stick without one Carly fear: Maybe they don't. You worry it's a conspiracy theory that the car leafy arena theory. You will see a return to Pre Ronald Reagan, marginal tax rates, but what
They sounded really high. What was the top right? What if I told before Ronald Reagan came into office in the eighties that the top marginal tax rate for those They are successful, you know, earn money and actually hire people stuff. You know the successful folks or with the Democrats, recalled the demons among us what saying people call the wealthy and successful who actually built this country built. The job growth in this country who built businesses in this country began to the left. The demons. By telling you they're all appointed upstanding moral character. Is that these awful people who are capitalists do I've just telling you you have economic Freedom, liberty of prosperity or you have a government, run economy, depravity and poverty. Those year, two choices take em we're leaving. We will return to the seventy percent accurate. You may be saviours of the top tax rate with seventy. Said before Reagan, yes, it was look it up the internets, a powerful weapon. Few liberals out there.
We will return to that rate may be higher. We maybe turned to the rates. Pre J, F, K, J, F K it. Yes, the Democrat actually cut the top marginal factory from ninety percent to seventy percent. How does that sound? You just quick question personnel. You have! No, you have government run healthcare. You have to call it My bureaucratic crack, your chest, open. Good luck with that. You know if I like going to the DMZ, but yes, let's run to the government for that heart surgery, they'll be perfect for this one. How would it make you that you started a successful business. Your work, your whole life busted you, but I'm not think where the bad guys again. Capitalism is bad, guys, we don't even like lionize every single person, but the rules or the rules you make it to the top. Finally, Joe you five to twenty years, a hard work you built accompany you. I grew up above a barn. Sixty fourth place Myrtle Avenue. My wife was an immigrant to this country,
fleeing Pablo Escobar's Colombia would neither one of us. I promise you was born with a silver spoon, but thanks to you and your support, we ve gotten, thereby weaver. We done good, we ve done while sorry about the poor English, but I don't like self praise its thanks. I'm just trying to make a point How would it make you feel ninety percent or seventy percent- of what you weren't is now confiscated by the government? Yes, it's a marginal tax rate, but the way those marginal tax rates work, the wealthier you get. The greater portion of your income goes to the gun. Be fair how to feel make you would it make you feel sixty seventy percent sixty five, even fifty percent, you work here, but often half the time, you're paying off a governor bureaucratic, washing your money down a toolbar, sound good to you then vote with Carly, fearing it she's a prince hold conservative. You, like government, run healthcare support Carly, fearing a basement capital, its tax will go up. You'll see a transaction tax. How does that sound transactions that? What is that
crap, like Elizabeth Warranted, because, as we have heard, is one giant Joe you, Germany Kind of stock plant or anything like that. If you're gonna start now does not now. Ok, that's great did know that publish it s you that before I ask that question, but it's good because we're on the air, life, but we will leave that in their so you know the audience said that this is an authentic show and Joe and I, according to but as an ordinary stock showed the means, the purpose equity argue self. But what do you think did you notice transactions? Love is the greatest show over another. The fact that we don't edit. That's the vow base, it even better Do you have you ever heard of a transaction tax, though, are the cause of it? I don't I don't quite get it. That's why here's? What exactly it would be a tax on every side. We'll start transaction the country now the way the Democrats pitch this Josie say. Listen, it's just like a point, one percent on the value of the stock transactions, so you buy IBM you'll pay a transaction tax to the government. Democrats, that's how they pay
of course, so they say things like second affect you- you'll lose patties under dollar every tax. What's the big deal, what's the big deal the British Airways. There are millions of stocks that are bought and sold every single day. Do you understand? and the money that would be drained out of the equity markets, every single second of every day, with a transaction tax, meaning what, if, is drained out of the stock market, equities markets, bond markets and given The government drain, like a bathtub water, drew down level goes that if it goes down what what else goes down all of us that market, now carried out those rich people, it is you have a pension, for one k, you have a pair in invested in the stock market. I'll bet upwards of fear percent of you do maybe more. Let's do the battle,
Algae against the government's sucks, a its own share out of every single of the millions of stock transactions. Are they circles Coriolanus Effect right down to drink, but they teach you to don't worry it's pennies on the dollar. Its pennies on trillions of dollars a day week a month. Trades, acted out of the system and given to government bureaucrats, you can kiss your pension by day and they won't do that. Google transactions tax, just Google, it you think I'm making it up put at any rate. I go away to people who possess angle. You write become like when you say Siroc, something search the internet, for they may define the police. Now to be fair, I think even the democratic may realise. That's a step too far. Having said that, I am only doing that, an effort to be fair.
Because my emotional sight of me Joe says, if they do, that, dump the filibuster take the Senate. Take the presidency impact You may see. Municipalities and even stage move towards defending the police, its likely in every state, because there are some saying. Democrats left will be like this is crazy, like we're gonna get people killed. Having said that, Not writing. It offers a possibility but again what the analysis to be somewhat fair, not hyperbolic! Forget about charter schools. Kids in a charter school now, you'll see them totally wiped out your kids entities school or his heir of the recipient. Some school choice program. You will see some federal legislation either banning it or putting obstacles in front of school choice for you're gonna be. I got an error that until that date they love the teachers, unions, Democrats, teachers unions acre charter schools. I can't stand it didn't want the competition. Finally, last one you like your firearms UK,
I'm good bye to I can almost guarantee you. You see a national firearm registry meeting your will be analysed. Why will you may be on a list because well then institute a step to Joe saw weapons ban which is really a rifle ban, because I don't even know what an assault weapon as they can even describe it. You'll get in. Your door when there's a yeah you're on this list, you purchased data, but Daniel its BC, Emma whatever may be said The lesson are fifteen awhile ago yeah you'd have to turn at over sir, I am yeah yeah you're on this list. Theory up: that's really hyperbolic. Does it just we're gonna get your homes didn't get internet search, throw it in their though it a gun, confiscation Democrats. What's gonna, stop a fellow bastard. No, there be no filibuster. The senators there be no said the present a veto, Joe Biden Veto that are you insane
the courts and clearly starboard they well. John Roberts doesn't even want to fight for the second amendment now and there's a supposed the conservative majority Supreme Court? Good luck with that, I so lets them a cab horse in the show today. Now, let's get this Fifthly lighter stuff and find radio at a lot more had occurred in the media. Panic folks, calm down, everybody in the media that talking to my listeners, combat as it is an insult the people to the media, people please calm down and stop freaking the public out. I got that, let's get them second sponsor. They show us a bunch of our friends that lifelong gotta, lifelike dot com flash by GINO today, lifelike with it, then it's going on in the world. You may not have heard that there were over four hundred Sixty million records exposed in data breaches this pass. May these breaches were only the one publicly reported some victims, don't even report a brief for fear of losing customers,
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latest story is, you know, we're all gonna die again for the corona farce. Folks, we all get. It's very serious. We now understand a lot more about this disease is potentially fatal to older folks people. Commodities that effect at a friend here is tell me me about two police officer, friends who got it and one of them said he had. This is crazy Joe. He said that the guy had some health problems. I leave the rest of it out, but this is the craziest quoth, the guy said from the guy who had the corona vires use younger guy to he said to him. I almost had a remember debris that night Like who s a figure that you briefly just breathe, you don't think about breeding. He said it was so restricted his airway ever really hit me heart. Then he was seems Brian. Your mom is my friend he subprime is, I had to remember to breathe and I feel very serious. This is not a joke. Having said that, we do facts. We're not gonna drive people into panic, driven hysteria, that's gonna shit,
down our food supply, shut down or economy bank rub them cause suicides and strain our hospital system, so they all go bankrupt. That's not helping public health that pure idiocy. These lockdown have now worked, I just showed you the data yesterday. These states that didn't work have seventy percent fewer fatalities. Then states that deadlock that it does it didn't. Burst out back in its. If you believe in data, but liberals, it's a waste of time. They give them data Cosette, just they sterical, So the latest things that everyone in Texas going to deny TAT says everyone's gonna die. It's Texas is blowing up. Forget it Texas, we did corona virus. We can't stop a Texas totally out of control. This is a serious problem in Texas by Johnson as a story. It is a website. Just the news. Sack you by Daniel Payment is this website. The news that camera have it up in the shone out for them. You heard or read out, Drudge or elsewhere. The panic merchants that Texas is hoping down overnight headline Texas? but I ll see YO says the cold
in patient count, has been quote misinterpreted and the level arm is on more did. I sought me folks. That saying that I don't have any experience, but the Texas hospital system. I I'm not the governor of Texas. I've never lived in Texas. I've been there, it's a beautiful stay. That's a guy on the ground who runs major hospitals, saying, listen, the path in the media. Texas is totally melting down. Oh my gosh everyone's dying overnight, but this is the panic merchants in the media. They profit off this because you got click on their storage on my cache work, and that is what drugs does with the drugs report? Does a freak you have you read the draft report every morning you will seriously think the world which will reach the apocalypse. That's gotta screenshots from this peace to see which really happening in Texas. Here's the ceo of the Methodist mark boom. He says the number of hospitalizations quote are being misinterpreted. He says in quite frankly,.
Concern that there is a level of alarm in the community. That's unwarranted right! Now again, this is not me. This is the sea over hospital chain in Texas. We been told this. Melting down. He goes on, he says we do have. Capacity to care for many more patients, we have lots of fluidity and the ability to manage boom said he that is hospital one year ago, was at night the five percent, I see you capacity a year ago, folks, when we don't even know about corona virus, so just to be clear. A year ago, The gentleman's hospital was at ninety five percent. I see you capacity, he says that's alert to than I've numbers the hospital? Seeing today he says quotas? completely normal for us to have. I see you capacities that run in the Eightys and Ninetys. That's how all hospitals operate. That can't be y'all, we need told Texas, is melting down, hospitals, erratic control
the serious problem. I just said that. When going to downplay anything or give you, if you are at high risk. This is a potentially fatal virus that could easily kill you. Having said that, we're not going to deal with it by driving people to insanity by me then believe things that aren't true the Texas Hospital system may may God forbid, may get overwhelmed. It's not now. Don't take my word for it take the word of a hospital executive who actually runs a hospital there at this a percentage capacity were a year ago. We know corona virus. In there. I see you bet stop with the pad excels. The panic merchandise stop! You're freaking everybody out, people know what to do. Put ass fun. If you choose your high risk.
Wash your hands stay away, People who are sick void indoor environments. If your high risk, you know what's going on here, I they want more shutdowns. They want they want more sure. This is a political play. There's no way Where is he shut worth? That's all they want. They want you at maximum red wine stress we made it the day. So your support, your own bankruptcy by the government do another shot that or another shutter. That's all they want. Is disgusting. Let me just give you information here you do. Where do you wish? You all grown adults, fully capable making research possible decisions for you and your family. Maybe the data yesterday and locked down, they don't work the data screams, they don't work. Gave me the data today on taxes, taxes, melting This is a serious problem. No doubt there not melting
down there to say my shoe capacity. They were last year, cash tell you read these webs. You watch these other channels. You would think that this is the first. I'm in human history. We ve ever deal with a deadly virus, its assent, part of human reality. Virus this can be deadly. They pop up alive. What are you bola age? I ve deadly, flew strains. Bird flu The employer wage want and what we re swine flu. It happens. It sucks it really sucks, but it is a sad reality of us living, this world Summit garden of Eden frustrate. It really is dealing with these people. Ok, more on this, because the media hysteria of courses advanced by democratic politicians who have an agenda their agendas, your bank,
see and continued shutdowns that don't do anything, no evidence they work, but there. Evidence to show that they work the bankrupt, the evidence is good good. They will bankrupt you tomorrow, so who's the biggest. Merchant out there, of course, the atrocious absolutely grotesque governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, the most fail I may add on a hierarchy of fail, governors disguise number one. He is the tip of the sphere of human failure. So Cuomo, who is courses lauded by the press? For his successful efforts to lead the country in deaths per hundred thousand, now kid he's right at the top. So Andrew Cuomo this awful human being goes. I see at any issue. I want to play a short clip from his appearance with the dreadful Alison camaraderie some background there I'll tell a story. The dreadful, Alison camera adheres Andrew Cuomo, now eddies asked
at these Republican Glove governors, notably Florida. Successful governor, Rhonda Santa's, who had some success, keeping the fatalities rate and a relatively well. That's only if you believe in data by the way which I presented to you, because we do data on the show, unlike into a coma, so he's asked about food The governor, the Santos use Donnay geometrically, better job than Cuomo and managing this crisis and, of course, Cuomo takes the opportunity. Make a shot. This is a basic Joe at the surface. Listen to this disaster of an interview check this out. I say to them all: look at the numbers. You play politics with this virus in your lost. You told the people of your statement told the people of this country. Why house don't worry about it open up, go about your business. This is all democratic hyperbole Nobody said that he's literally making that up, nobody said don't
I worry about it. Going go about your business, Joe! You didn't you watched So even chose to produce a joke keeps up with the news, because you don't we get back to furnish a joke. I remember specifically Donald Trump, like five o clock every day. Had these press conference. Right here. These press remember, remember those one or maybe one or two now high, of course, a couple of every day for, like a month, bookoo do you but at any point knows pressures trump getting up the same everywhere. We don't worry about this thing. It's a big joke! Everybody go back to. I don't ride. You remember that you, Madam and ever said that things and we thank you. Sometimes we need audience referee judges and make sure my crazy. Don't remember that ever is a matter of fact.
If you want to ignore something homo against us making a success of fraud, you don't hold a press conference at five o clock during DR time every day for a month and speak about it for two hours, just a thought for your future politicians out there. You want to ignore something- probably not good, to hold the national press. If it's everything that we drew Cuomo, whose name is on this memo active daily collar by the way for the highlights on this Here on the screen or Youtube, shall you could see yourself Youtube com, slash bungee enough, you like to watch the video version issue here is about from the New York State Department of Health with Andrew Cuomo's name at the top instructive, Residents of nursing homes are nursing homes. Tat they shall not deny that quote no rest. It shall be denied admission into a nursing home, basically infected with the corona virus.
That decision by Andrew Cuomo, Department of Health and Andrew Cuomo himself cost thousands of lives of elderly Americans who are in those nursing homes. Who then had people infected with the corona virus placed right next to me, and this Joker imo is lecturing the Florida governor about how to handle the corona virus. They played politics with it and lost you stuck infected patients back and nursing homes with the most vulnerable population and they die. Now again, because on this show, unlike Andrew Cuomo, CNN and others, we do actual data. Would you some areas because we get attack by the Tec? Tyrants, all the time demographers over the internet? They can't refute thing we say on the shell. Please explain to me:
how anything we're saying is misinformation when we can back it up with this. This is from website statist. I believe it is dark com that covers statistics on the corona virus,. These are the debts from corona virus per hundred thousand people. Again, you can see a third number of deaths per hundred thousand people for the liberals watch whose, at the top. A new jersey, that's right, whose right under New Jersey, New York at work, a hundred and sixty one deaths per hundred thousand people? Andrew Quabo is number two in deaths per hundred thousand people eddies lecturing Florida. Now, if you king on the Youtube. You probably thinking what I'm thinking. Joe is well you probably thinking where's. I don't even see him on this chart New Jersey, New York, Connecticut Massachuset? What just to be clear, Joe Cuomo said round the scientists from Florida. We play politics.
And lost yet quabos right state is at the top of number of deaths from Corona, let's see Florida sown New Jersey, New York, Connecticut Massachusetts, Rhode, Island DC, Louisiana, Michigan, Illinois, Delaware, Maryland, for I start Jody. She, forty a missing it Paula. What about you Pennsylvania, in the autumn, Mississippi Cholera. Minnesota. Do we met jump, come on its way between polish newsman business? wait now! No, are you sure you don't say that Of course, our new Hampshire, Ohio, New Mexico Iowa wait. Wait it's still of Florida, age, Como told us round to save play politics with the corona virus and fail. Can you put to the other? another screen for this. Yes, actually extraction shouts on my phone, because that's how far down Florida is, keep companies, so we had our. We still got. We still going we're
a result of Virginia Alabama, Washington, Nevada, Missouri, carefully locked up there we go Florida, my homes, they finally makes an appearance on the chart. What does that one? Two three four fifth from the bottom at fifteen, That's per hundred thousand governor this. It is far too please, I'm not kidding. This is not a joke, as they are say humbly and with the greatest of respect, please don't take any advice from Andrew Cuomo drew Cuomo state who again what do I hate more than anything literally in this case it is literally. His state has ten times more deaths per hundred thousand people because of his nursing home policies other fairly sure governor descent. This please Begging, you do not take any advice from this loser in New York, your at fifteen one five four hundred thousand he's had a hundred and sixty one and the club prince of governors is actual ring the scientists and others and the liberal
www doesn't pay? Don't fight back, We don't like governor Are actually member to win desperate hundred thousand, and you sign that nursing home edict that got a bunch of people killed is probably not best time, just checking to be kind of lecturing Florida. That's fifth from the bottom. By the way Governor Cuomo despite Florida, having a older population a greater at risk population of people ten times less fatalities. Four hundred thousand in you do don't expect their questions I get Y understand will be attacked and demonetized for this, that I get it because the left The truth we will not. We will not back down.
You need to understand. There are hard reality is very serious fatal for people. Lily people? People become people who are beast people with that. Breathing conditions, no doubt, but there have been two distinct separate responses pony and locked down like Andrew Cuomo did where you stick people in aye but other infected people and they die at a rate ten times higher than they do in Florida with an older population where we didn't have draconian lockdown had opened up rather quickly. Please governor the scientists, do not take any advice from this moron facts matter for facts matter. I read do that whole list before we got the Florida at the bottom of the second page, because my phone, how did we tend to take two screenshot? That's how far down Florida was. I get a lot more and this the worst republican
how story ever and if you know what that means, I guess what to say. I want to Missus Republic, have Taos my favorite storyline ever for liberal medium or, as I today show finally better by friends at stamps that come pay for all our sakes me to avoid crowds in any way we can. But what, if get to the post office. What have you any post? This sends out letters. Impact is like a day what we do. We use stamps that come stamps, that com can print postage on the man. That's We do we skip the lines and crowds at the Post office, Paula Little Secret of abortion hates Border post office. His past Hampstead COM is a favorite sponsor bless. You can save money with discount. You can't even get at the post office stamps that come also offers you Pierre, services with discounts up the sixty two percent and no you Ps Residential surcharges- that's great stamps! Icon brings all the services the Post office right dear computer, in safety and comfort, and it's for your home you're on this anywhere else. Your hungering now write em use mobile. You sending the invoices. Are you in? I sell a shipping, our products. Will you just one from home and Unita Mastiff stamps that company
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the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in Dan Dan that stamps dot com enter Dan by clicking the microphone at the top of the homepage. Stay safe, stamps, dot, com, save time, save money I thank you stamps that come here. One more quick programming note we are interviewing today, Michael Knolls, we'll be broadcast net interview tomorrow, Saturday you'll, be on our Youtube Channel Youtube, Accomplish Mancino, available and apple, pod, guess and elsewhere. If you have not heard Michael Knolls from the daily wire you're, making a big mistake. My wife, who throw compliments around like manhole covers, said to me. Yesterday, she's, like I really like that guy might only tomb She likes Michael knows, he's terrific. If you ve ever watched him debate, liberals on a college campuses, it's really something to behold, so well be getting into everything. Whether so don't miss that interview thanks to producer Joe and producer, drew they will have that offer you tomorrow, which will be Saturday on Youtube Channel and of Apple pie.
Yes, please check it out. Ok are moving on, as I said, the worst republican powder story in the history of Republicans pass. First for those who are new listeners, what our republican pound stories there, this when they Democrats are engaged in Epic failure so catastrophically bad that the media can cover it up. What the media will do to distract you walk shiny red ball, is they will cover the Democrats. Failure to do something they'll cover the report, kids reaction to it and they'll say republic. Its piles or some derivative of that it said infamous tactic wheels. These stories, because their hilarious, because there's watching learn to see them. You can answer them it's. Like you see that thing you already like. Oh, my gosh, I cannot see that you know
watch a surgery on tv, and you, like you, don't like blood gets, is that you cannot say you cannot see. Republic is policy that, when you know to look for here is the worst one I have ever seen in the history of republican pound stories from disastrous, fake news, specialist news. We check this one are concerned a very good time is all areas by an old and new We conservatives weapon eyes, cancel culture to tame anti trust, celebrities, what This story about about even impose screenshots from it, because it's so stupid, I don't want you to have so an old, then dry, pruning and neurons collapse over. You will lose ten iq points. If I read from the article here's the gist of it, the Democrats love, identity, politics and are now in the process of cancelling every single tv show, add company business that does
comply with their identity. Politics agenda there busy, calling everyone a racist to get everyone who opposes em off the air. Everyone they're having a problem that it's hard to call everybody else, a racist by a certain standard when liberal Hollywood and a liberal governor of Virginia, notably Ralph, north them from Virginia Democrat Governor have appeared neither a coup, Klux Clan robe or black face. I dont know which one Ralph North Brow It's not admit it. If he's the clan member of the black face guy, he roused still as them Joe you're in that region. You're amount has robbed and made it views the clan member yet or the like face guy the acid. Just check if we don't know rouse either, the clan robe or he's in it, but because ravening, There is a Democrat cancel culture has an effective round. We yet to resign clan. Black, where we don't know yet Ralph is still the governor of Virginia? Nobody
this so black face wearing black face is unquestionably one of the rules for cancellation. If you ve painted your face black to resemble a black American or someone who happens to be black, you are cancel. That's the real folks, that's it that's the rule. That's the way it is, but now we ve had our Jimmy Kimmel, far left radical, posing as a talk show house that Jimmy camels done black face before he painted himself black Kennedy was calm, allowed the old basketball player for the Utah jazz. We now find out. Tina Faye and other leftist actors appeared in black face two in one of these episodes of what thirty rock. Whenever show that was all of a sudden. The left. This are like. Oh my gosh, we got captain clan robber. Black face in Virginia We got a bunch of our left. The celebrity heroes of appeared black face. Do what do we do? We just told all these conservatives that you gotta cancelled, but we can't
some are heroes, so what The news we story become about not about how left this can't beat their own standards for cancelling black face cancellation. That's the equation. Black face equals cancellation. So what are they make? The story? about the rule, because it was the rule, the story would read what you Jimmy camels to be cancelled, wore black things right. That's the road network now rules, but that's not the story. The stories Republic, its pounds a month ago, conservatives pounce other. The stories about not them celebrities failing to live up to their own standards, but the republican, reactionary conservatives, weapon eyes, kids or culture TAT day may be trumps lobbies. So the story about how conservatives of weapon eyes did to shut it extra. Conservatives, eighty chumps celebrities, that's the story! about how their own rule they can't live up to it because they can't take it right the story honestly if the story
was red modestly, they would say. Principled. Liberals cancel liberal Jimmy Kimmel, Tina, Faye and some clan robes north them because they done, racist things in the past. That would be the story, but they can't write that story because then they be forced to live up to their operate. So they write these stories about Republicans pouncing on it too weapon eyes. These things. Ladies and gentlemen, once you see republican pound stories, you can never ever on. You will see him everywhere now. Sometimes, if you, Google, Republicans power You will literally see that in the title literally, you know I tat were it'll, save Republicans pounds now Because the liberal media, like Newsweek and Emma Nolan, and this total clown shows because they nowhere onto them. Now they ve changed the title concern. There's weapon eyes, conservator
Leap, an opportunity as you'll see it now, every single time, it's a joke. It's a media tactic. Laugh. It off I reiterate the articles all the time and I put in big caps, Republicans parts harrassing buffoonery two pager lock on this is a quick story. You know I sent you a while ago that Antigua and some of these groups have a real purpose. The Democrats, I should say, liberal fascists throughout history, is most fascist were liberals. They ve always needed shock troops on the front line I made of you at the next issue zone or China. If you want to obey it's only a few we saw. If you want to listen to it, it's amazing was one of our most listen to shows ever its evergreen too. Don't you worry about like it still relevant right now, even show loved the jealous. I bear- and I would say even John, like you're, but all this is also about Joe. You know. Jos, busy working is always give me feedback and every single minute of every child was. I tat was a damn good interview.
This is amazing. The Susa talks about this and to review how the liberal fascists have always had shock troops on the front line. Why their shock troops on the front line there Ain t, furs and others are there to frighten people. Well. Why would the Democrats want to frighten people because they like the culture and chaos, because they may come in and say? Look this chaos gonna be the ones to protect these marginalized groups from the masses will protect you from the costs that are hunting. You doubt you get. It Create chaos, create fear and ember tend your cap that America coming into rescue people too simple strategy, but the shock troops do with it. Having said that, the I'm always hide who the shock troops really are because they don't want you to know about their ties to them. They want the shock troops, the antivirus and such to create the chaos. And when they create the chaos they want to comment as if they didn't do it to save you in
save the day and bring back backwater, bring back, bring back fairness. We save you from the police to hunting you down. This is their think. This is what they do You don't believe me that they want to use the shock troops but disconnect from them. David. Could this is Jerry, nether, ridiculously short, listen, quick, but on the house floor yesterday, pretending they pay for. Doesn't even exists check this out. Dealing with it generic things like Antigua way. Why. So I just did this morning. I did just the kind of thing I wanted to up the search engine on my phone and through it even now. To make sure I wasn't, a man area gave rise, even gotta go Wikipedia, but you know: scam a pdf typical of cooperative. Who worry diva a man
generic group, as said by Jerry. No, no, that's not what it says. It actually says what they divide is drunk at its left. This is just the first three. They came up on my for this. The first through it where eighty imaginary group, as stated by representative Jerry. Never no! That's not what it says: It involves a known at the free speech, terrorist organization, that's where they are and they do exist which, by the way, there's no chance were monetize. Euro ripe, we will be totally. This is why I need you, by the way, the seriously to subscribe, you may say, why do that, because if you should scribe you'll get the notification that the shows available. I need you to do that. You took the cops Lifespan GINO because it was no chance. We're gonna be monetize. Today, does ok never been about them
But he had Jerry now there Ain t it doesn't exist. Don't you worry about that? Speaking of their shock troops on the front line, there was escaped the lot of scrutiny here. Black lives matter. Why? Because people are afraid, oh, my gosh, we can talk about black lives matter. Why? Why? Why? Why can't we do that? Why is it illegal we're not allowed to question this group, the group. What do we want dead cops? When do we want em? Now your same group, but I'd like to question all though you you're not, question whatever I want, if you wanna be cowed by that's fine, oh you don't know my audience but to the liberals and the media matters type so that what you think you could I fright NASA how my customers are scared media matters in the snow He wearing you know Seymour's roasters in their mommy's basements yeah. No thanks will pass on your ass, your censoring our content, fantastic article, please
this one up in the show notes you ve ever read an article. Read this one daily signal: Fred Lucas get my donors by going to buy GINO that calm, Slash newsletter, you can subscribe right there. We won't spam, your inbox, Cindy's articles, everyday daily, nor for things illiberal media won't tell you about black lives matter. Let's go through these quickly because air just fascinating number one. I love how they ask in terms of a question the best political advice regard by the way for a very brilliant man. He said, though it ever make an assertion. Ask a question: you can avoid a question you can avoid an assertion. The human mind can avoid a question, no matter what asking for requesting is worse, but if that's what you this article are be eleven leaders, train marxists, really, no way well I regard the black lives matter. Movement began after the toy thirteen shooting death of trade on Martin in Florida. The group's cofounders are trees, con colors, open to marry
we should garza all of them. Black women quote the first thing I thought is that we actually do have an ideological frame. Concolor said in a twenty fifteen interview, mice, but Alisha in particular, are trained organizers. We are train, Marxists, that's fascinating marxist, so we have a group. Their claim, you may believe in black lives, advocating for a strategy to suppress minorities throughout the history of civilised human beings. You know the minorities, like the workers in the chinese concentration camps, now soviets who put any minorities they didn't like into their own concentration camps ever read, sought needs and that the horrors of the Soviets and Marxism you think black lives matter to communism. Artist
Are you insane? Do you have any grasp of history at all like lives matter, the least to marxist and socialist second, whose backing this group Four take ways other backed by the left, leaning grant, maker thousand currents of five or one c three. They became the find it sponsor the black lives matter. Global network foundation, who were they will get that thousand currents. As a result, the foundation doesn't have its own tax exempt status and is instead a project of a thousand currents. It doesn't get off the file. What are called nine. Ninety forms with the IRS ok hold that thought so Alas, the founders, your train marxist, you know, marxist wear black lives, don't matter at all and our devalued their sponsored by thousand currents to some degree That's interesting! That's gotta number! Three. What do we actually want framed in the form of a code
nice job? Bread reminds me of the wheel: Psmith Movie, with a movie with zombies, come from come on fraud, talkative the member restocking telematic it don't you Fred rubber. I love that what does the organisation one a black lives Matter Network foundation doesn't hide it's more out of the mainstream views, although many of them are stated in broad terms, the citizens Joe. What do they want? Quoting to disrupt the western proscribed nuclear family structure requirement by. Supporting each other as extended families and villages. Always an especial say it all that whole thing: wife, kids, family, that's not really there thing, but black lives matter black families thou matter. They wanted to strengthen this zero, a quote from Jean read it yourself in the article five take my word, for it just read their words again. I know well be demonetized for telling you the truth, but please
Tell me how I'm telling you something that's a lie when it's their quote from their site. I've just interested why could be line when I'm quoting them all right? Let's wrap this up for the day. Let's go to number forced to horses thousand current supporting them black lives matter again. G this Fred. What is thousand currents nice job, bread? You can avoid an assertion, never questioned thousand currents which underwrites the Bee Elam Foundation describes itself as an organisation that quote, envisions a world where humanity thrives creative force at reciprocal and into the pit. With nature, creates loving, equitable and just society sounds like a communist manifesto right. There noted the vice chairwoman. This is interesting, Joe of the Board of directors, four thousand currencies, Susan Rosenberg, where have I heard that name before she's a convicted, fell who participated embalming buildings in the northeast unwashed that these, my guys is at what these questions are its vigorously
you in an email, Wednesday, the Daily Signal s thousand Kurds, about rosenbergs position on the board of directors, Joe by chance. Of course, Morning the organizations web page about the board we included a short Bio Rosenberg, Crazy Joe total coins by late afternoon that page no longer is available and set up stairs, doesn't exist, Joe yeah daunting, as the coincidence stuff. I know where you might go in the albanian belly, had paid, come on Vallon bombings and stuff like tat, but oh, if you ask any these questions, definitely racist. So you have a good I now claiming to care about black lies that wants to destroy black families alive Several marxist ideology that can't stay any minority group, including a people or black and also a group tab
being sponsor by another group that had on its board a convicted Phelan involved and bombings dad? I think that be interesting to know now again, please liberal fact check lunatics. Please fact check that entire peace and tell me where we went wrong. I'm open a hearing at the answer, as you can You're not watching the show, your missing out of the story folks, thanks again, has been a great weak, I really appreciate it. We had an explosion in listener ship this week. It means a time please subscribed to the show Youtube com, Slash, Bonn, GINO subscriptions Matter. I really appreciate, helps us get out the message and please share the show whether it's on pod sound cloud review. Listen to appreciate it! Every pressure on you know that come. Thank you watch and don't miss my weekend interview with Michael Knowles? I promise it'll be an eye opener I'll hit some of these very topics. You thanks again folks, see you all. On Monday good day, Sir James Bond GINO.
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