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Who is the Puppet Master Behind This? (Ep 1341)

2020-09-09 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the coming coup being organized by the left and the grotesque effort by the media to blame the leftist street-chaos on conservatives. I also address breaking news about John Brennan and his role in the anti-Trump coup effort. 

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bungee know. What have I been telling you about? The elapsed plans coming coup, spirits seek to basically overthrow the results of the election of President Trumpetings. What I've been telling? Well, what's the first rule of the conspiracy? Don't talk about the conspiracy, the fight club, rural right? What's the second rule conspiracy, blame it on your opponent and make it look like they're doing it. I've got update on that I've also got a just killer up. There on John branded, the guys, the puppet master. We ve only been saying it for three years. Evidence Now- is overwhelming got some video abiden clearly not in touch with reality anymore today show, but you by friends that express VP in my Abby of viewers and listeners. They get a vip,
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Burma was nominated for the active respiration, inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide bomb is active. Very existing. Give us nominee for president drop with his peace deal between you, a Israel was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for actually doing something for shock are not met their turn it at all peace Prize thing Arap quickly. Let me get right. You do have a local show. Today, ratio by our friends out by patriot supply this. Are you ready for? What's next with the target about four days now, it's likely Sadly, food shortages, power outage grocery stores, closed and social unrest. Ask yourself a question: are you prepared you been short everything in your life that matters right. Most of you have health and its car insurance home ensured some form life insurance. How can you not sure you food supply This doesn't make sense, use the harsh reality. Most Americans haven't prepared for a food. Some potential food shortage ensure you food supply they avoid.
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It is an I'm proud of that and the council, for you, but I have to be honest with you: we're getting so much feedback on these shows about the left's post election chaos plans. Essentially, there coup I cover the Michael, Anton piece in the American think or at length called the coming coup, which, in my show notes from the last few days. I suggest you read it. It is a fantastic bs. We're coming out you by the way, maybe we'll get him on the show to talk about it and I'm getting feed it has given me some hesitancy because I think some of you are getting the wrong idea. Drivers on Hannity last night and I brought up again the transition. Tag, project, the left, this group and the defeat this info group or- waiting for election post election chaos in the event Biden doesn't wind and I'm sinner, my wife last night after the Hannity appear Joe Studios in the office. I walk right down, go right to bed after like everyone else and which And she says that was a really good appearance. She rarely you know, says unless it's good. She let me know
life, doesn't really enough. It's bad, for which I was born, was really good. You manage to fit in two minutes everything about the coming few, but the I said to her. Laughingly, percent of emails were positive, but twenty percent of roughly, where Dan, what are you? I d do scare us What are you suggesting? We better vote for binary, there's gonna, be street. Chaos really You're reading this all wrong folks know: that's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying to you is no matter what happens in this election and no matter who you vote for theirs chaos at Joe. If, on that, it- concerns because you're a good on Bosnia, please correct, because I'm what they ought to be Crystal clear, why I continue to cover the left's plants it's at the scare. What's your so you're prepared here your choices waste. One Biden, winds and the chaos doesn't stop at all. Portland, Chicago New York, Liberal, Joe Biden, liberal manner.
There's a NEO liberal cultural leaders have now been empowered and they have that White House again there will be no matter Ferguson all itself happen under Obama, so you have two choices. Binding and long term, street chaos and crime or Donald Trump, a left, this kind tantrum after the election. That's gonna be serious. I downplay, but it will be intense member, the Elect the street violence, but logs stability under Donald Trump, with a re, establish law and order regime. I think the choice is obvious. You know what will deal with it in the short term. We know it's coming. A police departments will be prepared of representatives, hopefully you'll be prepared, you'll be prepared, republican groups should be prepared for the legal fights you'll be prepared for some St chaos, by standing it's coming and knowing to do. Call you, who officials ask and make sure they are ready or long term chaos. I don't want you to be confused here. There is no third.
Waste which is like all you know what but this one out, nothing will happen. You don't have a third there's, no option see, there's no option. Three there's one or two Joe Biden per You ok, us in the United States and liberal cities being taken over by criminals or to Donald Trump way. We deal with the short term chaos and we fix this country in the long run either way. I know it doesn't Did you get your fan yeah right either way, either we asked what do you want a little bit at the fat or Alot Abed area go but because I'm getting lot of emails about. This are people think I'm encouraging somehow by telling people about the a coup, their planning that all Gus tell em You know you're scaring people to vote for what I'm doing under by new This chaos there's gotta, be perpetual having sex The reason I keep addressing this is what are the two rules? According to my Lanthorns piece about the coup, their planning- in other words the Post election day, chaos. They want the streets if Donald Trump with
number one is don't talk about the conspiracy they don't want. They could speak, see expose, so they are taught by the conspiracy to fight club dressed ass. The other day no need to go over it again because nobody likes conspiracies folks. Its a negative overtones. Two thousand: that's! Why left this caught because parasite? There is because a negative over a conspiracy reeks of a cabal behind the scenes planning something nefarious doublet right. So the way to avoid being associated with a conspiracy to overthrow the United States government. Potentially, if Donald Trump wins reelection is, do not talk about it. So you are therefore not expose. What's rule number two I think, as piracy rule number on rule number to blame the conspiracy. Your here's what we're gonna head on briefly today that I don't know at the other day, this was coming. The left this and their media allies. That's what the media's become. Leftist allies are experts at gas lighting,
but guess lighting a lot. But do you know what gets lighting is gaslight has three components: Gaslight people are lying to them. Yes, lighting is when you tell a lie, number one and you repeated number two: you tell the lie. Comfort In other words, you dont waiver, you tell them I confidently. The sky is made of marshmallows, not it's, really made a marsh. Come on. You don't know what are you an eighty year old skies, Meda marshmallows sky when a deserted skies minimise you, like you, start to coerce yourself. You like I made a more tried. I noticed you start googling it. I made a mortal sky made a marshmallows, compose the gases that everything like that. That kind of thing grasses cloud- second atmospheres I can river nor marshmallow. What's the third rule aghast lighting, isolate people from the truth,
This number three is where the left, this media, as a problem, follow me here bring the two roles of the coup. We, Rule number one don't talk about the conspiracy in the coup coming after me. I should know to blame it on your opponent. How do you blame it on your part of its actual? Ladies and gentlemen, you watch the new right you have social media you're on Facebook. Your apart, You're on twitter you're, on whatever social media if one on. You see, left this group's anti farming climatic destroying cities, there's no outbreak of of of mass saw. You know why now was burning down New York City. That's These groups don't exist. That saying you know, people who are motive, aided by racism on on on any in any club. We get that. That's all crappy garbage stuff right. We get it. I'm simply just to give it your Balls are telling you the truth. Black lives matter,
and eighteen are burning down american city, so how we Roma The conspiracy is conspiracies deployment on your poet. How are they going to do that? You do it by gas lighting you. Just make it up. You just lie, and you lie conference- and you try to isolate people from the truth which is hard hit. You know swamp playing into this again. Look at this Cairo from CNN. This is that again how you blame this. The street violence in the coming chaos on Donald Trump, even though you're doing it Sierra IRA digest. White supremacist are the most persistent and lethal threat through twenty twenty one. Listen any racist group as a threat, but This is the most persistent and lethal threat. Ok, let's move do headline number two from the nation: this is a cover, an actual cover of their magazine. The nation is Trump wearing a coup data, maybe
rivers, including republicans, worry that he is. There are organizing now to stop him. We saw this So where is the left? These on pay The transition integrity project defeat this info. All of these left this good. Using counter insurgency tactics in the United States to engage in a post election coup of Donald Trump words and what they do, they guessed Why do they say not tribes? Doing its trump he's dead? It's the man people, organizing UK, what this his gaslight, why it's maggot doing it! Why confidently? we're on the front page of our magazine, Trump Coup data. You gotta, go trouble planning you could end here. That and an isolated people from the true that's their problem. There's one more. I saw this German there. In the daily yeast yesterday check this went out this this.
The actual story in the east by Stanza stamps tying the political letter. The left but this is so obviously gaslight. The left secretly four Magda violets after a lecture the job that Magda violence this job- seated everywhere, educational. I know where you are up the barrel of the item. I don't you want to say where your lives, because the left by coming burnished ass, they chose somewhere in Maryland and undisclosed. Bunker he's he's next haven live in that the same bunker planters, but they both they both living in urban secret, bugger, Bela, seven layers deeper into the earth Joe. Is it merits Joe? neighbor the mega Red had Maghreb. I know its constantly under threat. You you have to go to a gated community, restates the violent and read as back and crowd right forth. The is there anywhere that this is true. Now. Guess. Lighted no lie. I violets out of control like confidently. Jeff
We ought to control its right of peace in the Middle EAST. Third. This is where they have a problem. Gaslight isolate people from the truth, Now, ladies and gentlemen, years ago, when the in Sri media, consisted of ABC Nbc and CBS decades ago before far before social media or all the advent of bright barred and conserving view in my web. In others, there were no alternative sources of information if broker Sedative Cronkite. Additive, Brinkley set it up. If they didn't say, nobody heard about it because they only had their local news is an option. That was it that's not the case anymore the third component of gas lighting, which is necessary if the isolated, from the truth I toward the North Koreans. Do
they don't let people they don't let information it it's what the chair, is due by censuring the internet. It's how they get people to believe properly. That's not as easy in the United States. Although Facebook and others detector we're trying to get their dice. Lay people that you're believe me there try, but its very, very hard. I'm telling you these gentlemen, they are organizing this after the election. You have two choices, we can deal with it and we can squash it postal if any violence are criminality, breaks out and then we're on a glide path to long term prosperity and a second term president Trump or you can deal with Actual chaos under by those who are only choices I have said to you repeatedly You think this fight is not company. Your front door and you're just gonna sit this one out. You are sorely mistaken. This fight can a knock on your front door
only a matter of when not a matter of if get ready. Now that's the purpose of this I'd. Let me get to my second sponsor I want to get too distant again, the hilarity by the media trying to isolate you from the truth, but it's impossible. You'll find it. There are alternative. Media are still show also gradually sponsor. You know by well you. What do you know really well by now, she's me express vps innocent. We're incognito cognitive mode while browsing wise internet privacy, important EU. Well, listen! It's important ask as we When people know what we're doing online, where we get our information where we get our sources who I communicate with, I dont need that stuff. I don't know. People look into my online activity. That's why we trust and trusted partner Show- and my company here has always been express vps- that's why we use them in the beginning of the show as well, and we mentioned him every day before we start because you're in service providers can see every site your visit, even if you use cognitive. More I just talked about. Even
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prying and your online activity praying into its express gps dot com. Slash mancino go tonight, aright so again showing you how the media is effortlessly, engaging in gas lighting and they just think you're, just gonna go along with it not seek out. The truth here is little piece of hilarity before we get onto more serious stuff, I like to think a little com. Relief in the middle of the show, so I don't have to overwhelm you with my calm down depressing media, where you gonna need some kind of like psychoactive, drug use, and so here's a we buy the Hellenic Sleep Company, the hill. Who knows what happened with them? You know you go. They try to pretend they were non partisan there now a full on left this rag all the time What is a tweet by the hill yesterday be watching the Youtube. Your catch Arthur. This quick audio, this there's that worry I'll make this one quick and easy for check this tweet up the hill from their social media can just then
Tribes superiors Karen Crowd, Trump supporters, gathered without masks. Enough Carolina, despite request, local GEO, P official and they use it below Donald Trump in front of a crowd policy show us photo and zoom in a little bit too fascinating. It also needs to be clear that you know that the the carriage at the hill tribes supporters gathered without mask and when we zoom in on that photo there. What do we see something Sure thing right now: what would our Nobody's gonna Basque gone in that photo work is reared data, what job journalists are gonna hate to keep go back. You have Johnny Brass GO have a place about maybe one or two that I can find ensure man in Ghana. Again, you ve got it one more time
What what are you gonna do you understand would I be. This is outdated, really think you're a Maura Data right there. You can see you're gonna be renewed, the zoom in politics. That is a courtesy. Girl, she's, you'd, better get even more everybody in the on China. Look Are you see anybody in this picture without a mask? I don't do you see anyone? Not yours, and I dont see there's a guy with where, whereas someone in lower right centre there looking at a phone to hold the phone up or something there's a guy or ago there were glass. Ok, yes, our job found. What are right so, where one book where one for Roger in a nice word a job well done tat data shows, I guess, lady again folks, don't expect the media to do actual journal They have one job to get you the facts in Austria Paul later in the show one job- that's
literally you're one job is to get you the facts. Now you would think if your job was to get people to facts and you are consistently Pauling is one of the least trusted entities in America is limited circles. We would call that a problem, but not with the media. They don't- and this is why, the embarrassing hill trumped support Go parenting. Everyone without me, asks showing a photo with everybody would masks, except for one person. I know when I got there. Folks, I've gotta loaded, show. Let me give you a little bit of a run down here. I've got this Brennan stuff coming up later, that's really serious, something Joe me: Paula drew a put. Either on the show for a long time telling you that John Brennan is the puppet master too easy stored, understand he is being burned
badly it. When I had two to seven nine or for some great points you know is one of my best sources here, but I've got some good stuff. Ah you here that the either dog they got there, You're all right at the little Lucy, totally or third day, and now we have to put her in the universe. Create training are so we have the keeper for a little while to purchase your right over there s she's, ok, she just wants it wants to be paid. This dog is so adorable the best together. She rarely barks around me love this cigarettes? I backed his show enough about Lucy. Well, well, keep you up. There are Lucy's progress announced that I see her name. That's get up there I want to show you this before we get the bread and justice. One quick video Why is a lot of trouble? Ladies and gentlemen, a lot as I've told you from my sources and we have top notch good sources. They are telling me that. People on the inside around Joe Biden, I'm not kidding, I'm not. This is not. Exaggerate
nor hyperbole? For a fact, the raving like that are really really concerned. Binds condition is cognitive condition is not just deteriorating but deteriorating at a much it's not. Is the rate of change its the rate of change. Of the rate of change that second Derivative, you get what I'm saying it's not just that going down? A rate of change its at the rate of change is going down dramatically. Not, but and they are worried every day about his capacity to get up and function in his position as the democratic Domini. I'm not kidding. I don't throw that out. Their flipping me or haphazard earlier or or or in any way to be. It's not funny, but cognitive, clients, a serious issue. But the man's running to be the president. United States must be crystal clear Here we go. Here's a piece of video from yesterday. Here is Biden at a cue
with union people it's over. Like assume type thing it's cool still clear one. The questions have been pre prepared. These are not extemporaneous off the cuff questions and, secondly, Bygones clearly reading the answer to the pre prepared question from a teleprompter listening we're getting these. I can you raise this thing up check this out and watch. Trouble. He has even answering pre prepared question check this out and I would like to know what will your administration due to help them given that chance? Thank you up here. Do you know who used to be a basic barging in this country. Worker shared in the wealth, their work help create come on. Man me as your by his by design right show come on man. Come on man, Joe Command? You weren't, you is that Abiden was that just by when did you do that without abide drop it yet?
Let me hear that again, I didn't you, you didn't tell me you had any raw manned by that again. One more thing? That's pretty good out of me, the patriot over there, but the trucks with these bits, but I wonder how we are talking about. I do not plan is you know I try to maintain I did not play a very good, very good, very body. You got me on our eye folks here the man can answer a question. These clearly reading a pre prepared answer from a pre prepared question from a prompter and he doesn't even know that he's alive, the same area, maybe maybe that kid you know something parliament needs a bind? The camera I have little like ants like some nice, we'll, have liked the wrong bought up and I'll be right or do some kind like sign or something so my jujitsu bite is just, I guess he's lying here. I can you re stepping up. You know, you know the prompter
her hearing from. And then even when he's really restocking answer the question folks disguising real trouble, let me just get the sum alike stuff here, quick as Import Miami Harold, which is a left wing paper by the Miami, heralds even start. No sound the alarm right now, I'm buying he's in a lot of trouble force read this article. This is an important one Biden struggling to win Miami Latinos New Paul fines will cost in Florida, David Smiley, Miami, Harold. To show you how poorly he's performing amongst minority groups compared to even Hillary Clinton, who didn't thing for the minority community at all hispanic vote black voters, asian voters, none of them It is from the Miami Harold again. This is not some right wing paper now you may say where seven in point deficit for tromp amongst South Florida respect. That doesn't sound great folks
I gonna win south Florida living far. He doesn't have to he just ass. They caught his losses so he's down seventeen and its well outside the pulse. Four point: four at which point margin of error quote but trumped up need to win Miami day that South Florida he just needs Do better in the democratic leaning counties to offset possible losses and other parts of Florida it twice Sixteen he lost Miami Army Data, Hillary Clinton by thirty points. Two hundred ninety thousand votes, but one state by point two percent of the total vote think about folks. This is important. Meat on the bone and give you some twenty twenty election chops radio if Trump one Florida by one point, two Which, by the way in Florida, is a landslide seriously in flight. Everybody wins or loses by zero zero zero zero one percent of the vote. Every type happens all the time to win by one point: two percent is the UK of a landslide strong points, Florida by one point, two percent.
While losing their Hillary Clinton in South Florida. Where there's a head, cuban and hispanic community losing by thirty points yet now he's only down seventeen affected, We cutting that an error. Biden said a lot of trouble folks a lot of trouble if he doesn't when Florida Doesn't wind Pennsylvania, the pathway? Provide no win, the election is almost completely locked off. We'll see what happens. Trying to stay out of the predictions game are. This story is super important. I have been warning you for a long time about John Brennan and John Brennan's role as a puppet master in this entire scheme. The train takedown down again, I know it's complicated. The whole spy gave russian collusion hosting it doesn't have to be. The details can be complicate. The
Hurrah story is not Morocco Mama Joe Biden and his intelligence. People spied on Donald Trump, when he was a presidential candidate. They give information of the Hilary campaign to the media to destroy that is the entire scandal period, the He tells us how they did it. I gotta get confusing sometimes, and that's why I'm I'm I'm trying to when I cover spy gave from this point on cover it from the big global picture, because I dont want people to get lost in the Dietz this stories and Why am I talking about this today? Pulse bury who's been all over this spy gate scanned from the beginning he's got a lot of stuff, is now some other stuff. I disagree with, but he's been on this from the beginning. He put out this social media post yesterday and its important he says developing
investigators have learned that Obama, CIA, director John Bread and ran a secret task force out of Langley, with its own separate budget, to investigate The Trump campaign and alleged ties the Russia. The task force was set up beef. Or the FBI officially launched its own probe on seven thirty one. Sixteen July, thirty, first, twenty sixteen. What have I been telling you from the start, you now sing your time here, I've been telling you for three years, Brennan has been marshalling this entire operation from day. One and Obama knew about it. It has been doing his bread and is in a panic. Story is always been to push it off all. We got this information and we just gave it to the FBI. We had nothing to do. We don't spy. An american citizen. That's been a cover story from day one
he's cover stories, but I didn't know anything about the dossier until after the election video that come at a minute? You get his cover story, people some and tell people gave us some stop, but because it was an american citizen, we gave it to the FBI, that's their job. That's your thier member Chris Farming, It was at Tommy Boy, that's your theories that Japan is is not It's from day. One everybody dig. That story is bogus he's trying to paint himself some innocent victims. I got some foreign and tell it to the FBI. What did you want me to do with it? You were dead whole thing with the foreign. It was your idea, scary is rife. Running had this thing going this task force from the start, with the sole goal to ensue. Convention of? U S by laws, spy on Donald Trump. How did he do it here?
foreign governments: let's produce the evidence, I'd say receipts, but Paula hates it. So, let's go back to this Washington Post up at the other, that we put on the shelf how bread and now knows these caught he's been caught by or a moose investigate him been caught, doing what being the Master organizing a spy operation against EU citizens that simple, so Brennan rights. Up to now. It'll make sense why strolling Obama, the bus washed imposed John Brennan Tropical Suffolk, the intelligence community get realise that this was just August. Thirty, first twenty twenty just a week ago and in washed imposed out, but there is a critical day. Remember the dates Member the names remember the time from the washed impose, stop Brennan right, just sort of more than four years ago. The? U S, face a similar challenge and met it in a different way: above already knew the Russians were hacking into the networks of U S, presidential campaigns, but on the after
of July. Twenty eight twenty. Sixteen I informed him and hurriedly scheduled meeting their Putin at all. Rises intelligence services to carry out activities to hurt Hillary Clinton and boost Donald Trump, interesting that he so specific on the date that peace again had two to seven nine on this but do out the rest of the peace. He leaves the dates in the fall in the spring of and the beginning of the month, but he's very specific Joe about One day in July, twenty eight, I briefed Obama Lightweight, ladies and gentlemen. This may be the first time by the way, through seven. I have a little disagreement here on this one. Its clear right now Brennan's taking Obama downward, and that is why he mentioned. All of this doesn't make sense. You gotta stop she issues like when spike itself gets confusing. Why is he mentioning this specific date July? Twenty is not the end of July Joe. He doesn't say towards the end of July: he doesn't say towards the end of the summer, bread into the rest of the peace.
He's always he obfuscate today by saying the fall spray me end of the month. He never gives a specific date. Why is doing it now. Because he knows he's caught and he's bringing Obama, down with him and he's lying to scare people, like Obama, Let them know hey, read the op. I'm telling everybody! You know you knew too, so you better not throw me into the bus. How do I know he's doing that. Well, it's right around early July, where Brennan gets this idea to spy on Trump probably had the idea for a while, but he starts to formalize it into a black up. The scenes operation, member, there's, no formal entelechy developed on this Brennan's run in a rogue operation to spy on President Trump
July twenty eight. I believe he figured out how to do it. How. Brennan figures out what we can't spy on Donald Trump using legitimate intelligence means because be spying on an american citizen, Donald Trump, for no reason. So he uses foreign counterparts to do it because they are not subjected to. U S spying was they pass information to him, but the information can't be passed through official channels, because its operational be exposed there. Spying on a? U S, citizen everybody dig. So we have to keep that far and Intel hence isolated, but he has to get it to the FBI I follow me through non official channels, as if he passes through official channels. He leaves a ford, daddy spying on an american citizen, so they come up. With this plan
to use these two guys Steffani, helper and Christopher Steel, and we can have them put together a dossier that'll magically magically Joe Fine, swayed the FBI and when it does I'll say I don't know anything about it, but I've heard some similar stuff somewhere. So you got Maybe the sum you happy. I gotta keep going with it. I have to stop Paula, but make sense are far. Brandon wants a spy on Trump. He can't do it uses Foreign governments can't leave any for, when it is used in foreign governments to do it. So we to cut out. So we has the floor. And governments, launder thee, nation. Do a dossier, and these two guys steel and Alber, but now he's gotta, connect, steel and helper to the FBI. Where does that happen. What
crazy. If that happened on July, twenty eighth, the day, Brennan, wigs nods about does washed imposed, we say, hey, I told Obama on July, twenty eight he's very specific. Your brain is telling, mama. Don't you dare rat me out? I'm telling everybody you knew too. That's He's doing it this operate, make no mistake, he does not mention any others Several take me up at other than that. One. Well, How do we know that Bretons Blacker makes its way to the FBI to the dossier in July. Twenty eight, because I have already told us: let's go to LISA Page lead, be lawyer, one of em on the case, here's our test them need a tray, gouty undergrowth gouty. Asking when they opened up the case on July thirty first and she says in about Peter Stroke when he went into open it up. She says page, and I quote. And so he went in Peter because we were like holy cow. This is a big deal and we're
very stressed out about this. This is the information there getting, and so I think we learned about the case on Friday or Thursday Friday. I can't remember now, I can do the math, but I'm a lawyer, Gouty says the twentieth, embed LISA paid says thanks. Gouty says, You learned about it on the twenty eighth LISA page quote ripe. Thank you bastard. By the way again that he put by new book as a whole chapter on this little scammer risky. We didn't have the wash them stop aiming to book him out, but this follow the money. Is the new book coming out just a few weeks.
We do not? We do need the watch too, but we put this together. You ve been telling you Bretons been marshalling this thing doll time he's a puppet master has always been the puppet bastard, so weird how the FBI, The rose, LISA Pages work in the case, whose avenant affair with them. Investigator, Peter Stroke, admit: Sunda, wrote got the information on July. Twenty eight, the same day, Brennan runs into Bob and I quote, horror Lee organised meeting to tell Obama about the same thing. Isn't weird Is it a weird to how one July twenty eight weeks page and her boyfriend Peter stroke you're both investigating trump. They learn and on July twenty. There also fascinated by this: Nicole and a blog about Russian in
What's the electoral look at their tax because we have those? Now we can actually read those here's age why twenty Eightth text there, each other ha for Why does this article made me smile? Well, what's the First line of the article. What does the? U S? Government? No, about russian that Dnc, it's a law, fair blog article. Talking about Russian trying to influence the election on behalf a Trump their text, on July twenty eight, Saint Day, Brennan runs into Obama who says he doesn't know anything about the dossier or steel or helper. Yet steel? Helper information comes into the FBI on July, twenty eight when Brennan goes to the White House to tell Obama. But rather doesn't know anything about the dossier. Folks he's told us that many times until December. July, twenty eight December December.
After July, twenty so bread and has to be lying right. Now you may say well and how do we know you make the bald assertion, your I know, I'm right. How do we know that Brennan's, the puppet master and keeping the FBI and the dark, because he's trying cover the fact that he spying visa foreign It is on an american citizen, I'm gonna get to that in a sense. How I know Brennan's running a black operation, a dark operation. Nobody like it's, my third son your job creators network. Ladies and gentlemen, we have an election coming up. It is super important, do not wait get on with job creators network, and I keep America America. Dot com keep America America back up. What is it? What do they do wise important? Why does it matter here? We got so most important lecture, my lifetime Eric is on the ballot itself
Police around the bell of freedoms on the ballot radicals are pushing to defend our police department, Liberty, freedom, you're, right, Speak our mind, all of it safe these on the ballot security Regard God, given rights, our way of life, I've today open the shell with this. This is super critical. That's why I'm urging you I'm! I take that back scratch, urging I'm begging you the joint effort sponsored by job creators network They are working with the biggest conservative hosts in America, our Hannity Elder Prager, Gorka Gallagher, Hewett, Bonn GINO. That's me, Shapiro Sarah Carter, onboard GINO. These elections about one thing turn out: the left has their turn out: Jeanne we need hours, that's what they're doing that's what this spot is about. Did the single most important thing in new right now in our countries go out and vote go how you can now This is what I need you to go to keep America amount.
Get that calm and become a volunteer in the biggest get out the vote. Effort in conservative history just go to the website, just check it out. That's all I'm asking I'm begging you to do this. I love these guys, you'll be given task. They can make a difference in November into a little. You can do a lot. You can just check it out, but please do your part two Get out the vote get out the vote. How do we do it go to keep America America dot com today, write it down? Memorize, it keep America, America, dot com, be apart in the biggest get out the vote operation in american history for conservative keep America America don't come right. So now we ve establish pretty clearly that Brennan obviously knows about the opera action to spy on trump cause. He's doing it, twenty eight. We know we tells Obama, we know it.
It's in the wash the imposed about today, told Obama to scare Obama, because you want to bomb at random out. Brennan knows he's going down folks, art. We also know the FBI on July. Twenty eight learns the same information weird so you stable, been fair question is: how do you know don't just didn't! Tell the FBI cab! Jim call me over relaunch right, chauffeur, Quartier, Jim! I got this dossier, from overseas about Trump colluding with the Russians. I need you spy on Trump Ets. Because Breton and call me they don't really trust each other, thereby sleazy I'm, not absolving the FBI of their sleazy role, and this was awful is grotesque, but there was one puppet master here and it was John Brennan, so prejudiced hide is footprint because he doesn't want to tell call spying on an american citizen friendly that stupid, they tell guys, but indeed tells how, like he has to hide his foreign intelligence.
Sources any spying on an american citizen, so he doesn't the FBI he uses steel and help her and sends them over to the FBI and says: hey guys, look I got this dossier right, but how do we know dad? game. We always have the evidence, folks, always. Here's war of LISA Pages, testimony to Congress Undergrowth where she says, This very question. If she's aware of the fact that the CIA got the same information, they got in July from steel, she says well Sir, because we all do honesty, if Director Brennan so we got information from our source right. I'm reading this direct, the F B, I got this formation from our source, which of course is steel. Folks, If the sea, I had another source of that information, I am neither aware that, nor did the CIA provided to us if they did because First time we in Mark meadows interrupts her we do know there are multiple sources she says. Yes, I do know that I do know.
The information, found its way to a lot of different places, no kidding, certainly in October of twenty sixteen listen. This is the key line. I'm telling you she's not lying. I don't trust LISA page as far as I could prove, but she is not lying here. She says but if the CIA, as early as August, in fact, had those same reports show me, I'm not where that north I believe they provided them to us, and that would be unusual. You think it's just the big clinking the bread and ran to the White House in July twenty Eightth when he gets the dossier information from steel, opera is british counterparts and others the brief Obama on it? You think it's just For once, it is at the F b I get the same day and an under oath. The FBI lawyer looking into this, is not of one that the CIA, getting it on the same day, you think cheap. Ladies and gentlemen, trust me she's not lying. She is not why she's
about a lot she's, not lying about that. Bread had the highest tracked because he was never going to admit to the FBI. A law enforcement that he's using his position to spy on an american citizen. He's hiding that he has the same information. You don't believe me, you still not convinced Despite overwhelming evidence, what I'm telling you it's true friends, the puppet master and he played the F I do here's bread and, despite acted. He's now admitting this washed imposed up it daddy. Had the dossier information dove forget what he calls it. The Russia, though it's all the only place any this information exists, because it's all fake and made up is in the dossier? That's all the only this doesn't exist anywhere else. That's what he's talking about In policies admitting it he's drunk Obama under the bus casino is know he. You know these caught.
But you don't believe me that he's denied this from the start and now he's finally start to realize he's in a lot of trouble Brennan in this infamous appearance with pod from a while ago. Worrisome The dossier information is our meeting. He got July twenty eight years in you're saying I never saw any it until after the election in December. In his own words check it out. When did you first learn of these so called feel dossier and what Christopher Steel was doing. Well, it was a nun. Oh very well kept secret along press circles for several months. Four came out- and it was its summer of twenty sixteen. When there were some individuals from the various. U S, news outlets who me about my family already with it, and I had heard just it's about it. I didn't No. What was in there? I did not see it until later. In that year the guns of December
I was unaware of the provenance of it as well as what was in it, and it did not play any role whatsoever in the Aegean. Clearly, assessments that was done. That was present To then present Obama and then present electron there it is, I don't we heard snippets of it sure I didn't see it till after the election. In December shore, John Shore body. There. It is in its own words by the way. Again, I have an interview show this week at the special, despite a special with Devon noon. Ass. The great devenant S from Congress or from California has been all over this and Carter page as well about its new book in his role in this She began well, I put it out on Saturday on her feet and I don't want to miss. There will be recording some of it on tomorrow, but I'll be ask him about this,
Then I he said it only seen the dossier information in December, I'm telling you he was marshalling this whole thing there is one we know always marshalling the whole thing, but is one other scenario that's been bandied about: People familiar with the case, I'm I'm not sure how much of it it would be interesting. But one of them is at risk. And found out about this dossier. Now because he was marshalling it, but because he was in fact spying on steel and others as well, it's a possibility. It is still the puppet. Asked her, but you know what I'm saying Joe, instead of in a direct involvement with foreign and tell people who are helping get the dossier information, the every eye that brain he's getting the information himself, because he knows steals workin for Hilary in these other people and he
spying on them too. That's out there either way. Brennan is clearly the puppet master and is now throwing Obama under the boss. There is no doubt I let me get to my last sponsor. I want to get to a couple more stories. I have I just really. Running video abiden and a story about just corporate hypocrisy with Disney. That's candidly, just embarrassing people are a joke. I kid that role principally on principle, the comments by Frazier Bite. You, our friends, Evan Share, you know is one of my favorite spices. Wear it today they have a huge scale. Shared by the ways be ironed see are all these are the best, just ass. You see me where it on the show Paulus Gawain, Jos, Goblin, we'd, love these watches. They have well watches for women. They are the best. What is at issue here is the out the two blue face brown and yet you blew face black band. I love. I have a whole bunch of I love these watches. I get compliments on
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One of the things that really infuriated me about the left is take over of our cultural institutions and our culture in general. Is the cowardly, grotesque, weakness of large swathes? Of course, America, who really believe that the liberal blue Checkmark Twitter Brigade is indicative, how the majority of America feels they don't the nfl made that mistake, the NBA may them are there. Let me crap on the american flag and Neil for the national anthem. Sports fans are love it good luck with that. Roads is your audience continues to evaporate by corporate Amerika, Does this too? They cater. Liberal Blue check Mark America, which is probably about less than five percent of Amerika, and they think that It's gonna be a long term business blemishes wash them he's amateur story being shown oats tonight, it's worth you time, but you know that consolation newsletter for the shone out so Disney which are you no pretense? We were all about an american family principle. American company, are you really someone tell me
don't talk about Disney dad. You live in Florida. If you have one of us don't care at all. Thank you. Worse things. Amateur move on remain. Give special thanks to China. Is communist bureaus near the site of a reported detention camp by it. Only already so just to be clear, these these giving shouts in their movie MILAN, this movie come out the live actual to a the public's Security Bureau of the Chinese Communist Party, Inter pan the sight of weaker Cunt duration camps. This is the same Disney by the way shall Joe shouts through that Communist party. You know that so all that stuff bags values for miss fell. Mere your death camps is Disney o remember this story. From a couple years ago we were in the old studio. I remember talking about this one the same this he thought it was a good idea. As you can see in this article to boycott the state.
Georgia, overtime, save infant lives with their hearty bill, but your last time I checked them. Georgia does any death camps, thankfully, no, let's keep that way? Folks, vermes, we don't have any death camps anywhere, but is Edward Georgia needed to do to get this. These bit establish death camps. I mean what are we message here so death camps in China You get a shoutout saving fit lives, do a heartbeat bill which they passage. This is like we're. Definitely boycotting Georgia. We don't! Do with Georgia Heartbeat Bill abortion That's our big doughnuts! Where are you now? We got a boycott that state, but China weaker, deaf,
no problem even get a shout out. New film says where we are false, where we are a country right now. It's really said it is. It said to watch here's my advice to corporate Amerika, no, you don't care about before those we have people on board. We get emails lot from blue shippers than he it's a damn. You right, at which my company felt that way. Just stay out of politics. We're not asking you to support conservative causes or to go against them, not ask you to support them. Carrying causes or to go against them. When I ask you to Liberal causes were to go against him. You're asking you to do.
Serve your shareholders and the american public and provide products. They need an effective price and shut your piles Disney somewhat. Tell me that once and I get it tat, you may want to run from the very first Is this matter if I was told the same thing in Maryland, dad you can't run for Congress would be pro life in Maryland. We what we did when on election day, so we're good thanks will pass on your advice. There. Really monks have been held the suffrage couple days. I wanna get this do so. This is just an example of again why the media is just a total joke. So, member yesterday we D Us Donald Trump were listened. It wasn't the greatest commoner where, where he joked in July, twenty seventh of twenty. Sixteen during the campaign Hilary you know it A failure is emails out there in the Russians get him the media would love it. You probably should you said that you shouldn't, I mean it's don't say stuff like that its assessment, but we talked about
the media still runs with the story that that's the reason, the F I was so concerned about russian Interference is Donald Trump said it totally True, the f B. I got the Tipp the day before that speed showed enough. Nothing you do so. There's still lying watch yesterday. Show that more sense but amazing how, when Joe Biden does the same thing but worse because unlike russian collusion, which was fake, so trap was clearly joking. There's nothing behind that by Got a real China problem his son Hunter, has some let's, them shady business deals in China hundreds of millions of dollars, that's actually, each true but which reared when Biden talks about China, helping him out on this. Oh by the way. What do we get? area the answers we get nothing we get cricket check this out. This is by not you ve hobby. An artist
but before because in spite of this was Trump it be. A national scandal bothered be involved, check this out remaining time transition on both sides, China has a new president and leaders. I've had the great pleasure and honour spending a fair amount of time with with president. She, when president, who and and President Obama thought the two vice presidents could I should get to know one another in relative up spending about ten days together, five in each of our countries travelling around and you get to know someone fairly well, when I congratulate him on his elevation idea, I ask if he could probably possibly help me, but he made no commitment was
whoever block it inside. We welcome and look forward to the the transition is taking place on both sides is a joke, probably. Was Donald Trump. Joking about the Russians inhalers almost emails hundred percent, so Why was Donald Trumps, obvious joke about the Russians in Hilary Gmos? obvious joke to anyone with a functioning brain and an I q in the triple digits Why was that then used as an impetus which, of course is alive? You just show, but even there's still sticking by their story? Why was that is the impetus to start an investigation to Donald Trump, yet when now soon to be well now the Democrat Domini, but at the time he was but they're about the soon to be brought broad chinese leaders, GM, paying and he's talking about asking for how Biden the Democrats
many for present, wiser, no investigation them, despite the fact that his son actually had business dealings over there. The shady because Doesn't care, and neither does the swamp they're, both members of the protected class, Hunter and Joe are members of the Democratic Party. That's why the media, We can see in these latest Paul's people. Don't trust the media for anything run a virus information, nothing! The media's garbage. Look at this CBS News Battleground tracker. You would think the media, Joe in. Any sane environment which would sound the alarm gush, we're literally here, to give people the facts at people, trust us less than they trust trump. This might us. Sugar here there's a pole of so we registered voters trust for information about the virus. It just your governor fifty five percent, the CDC fifty four percent drop, forty percent, the media, thirty five percent.
Yeah again in some limited circles of people with a functioning neuron in their brain. We would call that a clue now, but the media They are more than happy to go down in flames in order to take trumped up. Nobody trusts them either. Be interested in that Biden Court. There. Someone asked you about it, spend a lot of time with paying the. Currently or China. A lot of time of them. What are you going to talk about you joke about asking for help. They involve your son? Anyone can anyone get asked a question. Anybody course you will ask it on our. Shall we do actual reporting here? Don't insult me call me a journalist ever either final block here again, showing you Biden this leaving, Kind of disturbing but humorous note. Confuse this guy? Is he can't even get out of his own way doesn't even know what he stands for at its acts. Ios headline about buying member this would bind and the mask mandate.
By and we need a national mass mandate. Three months Biden calls for We might national mass better, be a patriot, yeah, ok, to bite you, again, here's your member, we did the Biden, VIII Biden Debates buying on the show last week, debate himself stood because he takes the opposite stance at each position. All the time so just to be clear you read: deadline, yes, finds position right raw really right. We all need a national man's masked men they for three months folks, you already acts ecosystem wing outlet they try to try to bring they're playing down the middle they really do, but whatever by want a national mass mandate. So let's go back Biden debating himself hears Biden debating himself on the national Mask mandate Joe. How do you feel About your own national mass man, they lets you gotta, say sounds like you might want to stronger federal. You no response to this. In. Do you trust the governors to handle what's best for their states.
What I hope we can trust the governors, but here's the deal, government there's, a costume which were the federal government issue such mandate. I the constitution, they could survive is your mandate, but I pleaded, I carried my mask with me everywhere I go. I set an example and make sure that then I understand what's happening, you see what's happening in your state did not was going down. We could do We may have to add another Biden VIII by debate. Why what he called for a national mass mandate is s by an interview or bodies. His national mass mandate will replace view at he's. Talking how we can do the national mass media. Folks again for all of your beasts, some of you would present trunk presentation style. What does he changed on. What ve told going to build a wall built all those years, you was cards useless, originally federal judges, that's exactly what he did told you you can we get deregulation? That's exactly what you got.
Told you you were gonna, get a tax got, that's what you got. What is it? What does told you he's gonna move on school Joyce you did told you get rid of this critical race theory stuff, you did it. I mean list goes on and you have to like them again style, I'm used to it, but he doesn't the breed himself, it be very What did we would drop by drop debate when we are to do a bind versus bigamy debates himself face present by You want a national mandate absolutely for three months. Vice President Biden, how about the national, mainly unconstitutional. I do not What a national mass many You went by which, by their pride or this brought out a tablet, which was more convincing. Let me now, I probably should say data that this paper, While a quarter pardoned, replied you both to see you how to draw an element said now. You bob you get. It scared.
Shows getting away from my control here. That's all those Paul is doing. The big job is, in his own renegade programme, bacterium we're getting pause, runner renegade productions. They drew sent me text after the show me. I need you Dennis Michelle, we gotta go this. Let me say that this is funny time, and this is true. He like sending me acts so yesterday. He was fascinated by this clip on the show. Yesterday may turn the volume up about the deep sea disk flip, a risky was confused because I used to talk about the gypsy. Do flipper risky, but he inshore, about what the flip a risky seduce me what he says I need to retract his there's. No such So here is true. He said this is him. Texting may look my own videos six. This is like the gipsy too risky. This gives a ski drew
may be able to read that he said two days of killer caught that but doesn't a flipper Ruski Dipsy Doo Ski begin, a Dipsy Doo ski flipper risky. This may be scientifically disingenuous. I said yes, that's a new one for me. I may have to retract. He says just keep to show honest everybody's rotten renegade programmes here, so you got my show it's out of control and I gotta run. I'm sorry, though, that you said that we have a bit of fun. I drew the show so much. You know, Except, as even gets away from me, I am right in my own renegade programme, the budget overseas budget ocean. Thank you for doing it in a really appreciated. Please check the show. I subscribe at Youtube. Dotcom slashed by GINO, also an apple podcast. Reverie get your part guess those subscriptions are absolutely free, but they really really help us move up the charts alot help. Other people find this. You been great helping us out. There me sincerely appreciate, I see you just heard it in Bonn? Gino.
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