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Why Are Liberals So Afraid of These Questions? (Ep 1219)

2020-04-02 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the explosive unemployment numbers and, despite liberals gloom and doom, some potential good news about the recovery from the virus. I also address the troubling report about government spying that was even worse than originally reported. 

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waiting to hear the truth about amerika upon a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee now as i said i'm not doing twenty four hour doom and gloom ladies and gentlemen the unemployment numbers today were devastating but i'm gonna give you some potential grew shoot and some possible optimism to look up i'm also talk about trade offs here and a little hidden jam that seemingly escape widespread media coverage in there michael horowitz report about fbi spying then everybody seems to ignore like going on today show sponsored by express and protect your online activity today from prying eyes go to express vps dot com slash bond gino welcome to the damned bungee no shall producer job how are you fine sir dude i'm staying
no unemployment numbers are enough to knock me of my chair mind boggling de nevers wait wait till i put them in context here when i put in context to visible last significant economic slow case the great recession to see how bad those numbers on but i got an email from a listener yesterday's she said this and i'm having a hard time but all is bad news the right minded apple and but i promise you i promise but to do that jail phyllis mahala and all the listeners out there so is your life you by our friends at bravo company manual accurate ladies gentlemen rock in there sure today love their shirts when our founding fathers crafted the cuts using the first thing he did was ensure the rights of the individual to share ideas without limitation by government in our strong they feel about the speech you are strong i also feel about individual liberty personal responsibility and the second amendment ladies and gentlemen now is the time if human the story later in the show about explode sales in firearms but folks if you're in
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bravo company manufacturing had gone over to bravo company m f g dad come that's bravo company m f g dotcom like mary george bravo company and f g dhaka need more convincing final or about bc em go look at a youtube channel to youtube dot slashed bravo company usa are produced joe let's go go broke the most about you here is flashing oh no one here no kidding gimme a verbal them here we go strange being there it is they died you gotta look into that for i wouldn't want to jump referring to show due bandage weird yeah while being checked iran sorry but let's get some bad news out of the websites babble young people love you joe eddie they get seemed like a slight i get a thousand even not making quoted here nobody folks seriously you haven't your care whether seven other what was a jacket back decades there now i could see myself
i want to get the bad news out of the way first the numbers today the weekly unemployment claims numbers were devastating this is on top of the three million last week numbers came out little while ago six point six million new unemployment can claim ladies and gentlemen the number staggering honestly a number like that is so large it's hard to put you arms around unless it's put in context of what this really means we know it's bad the question is on bad the question is how bad is it and the answer is really bad put this in context right one thousand nine hundred and eighty two yet a stock market crash the previous high and weekly unemployment claims before that member we had six point six million this week the previous weekly jobs claims high in modern american history with six hundred and ninety five thousand oh my gosh i know the great recession we just there two thousand eight the most
the amount of unemployment claims the largest number we hadn't weak six hundred and sixty five thousand put this in context now you had more unemployment and claims in a day this week in one day this week then you had during the worst week of the great recession now before we get to the good news and i promised they too there will be some good news and we do have some other stories that it for you as well i'm done i'm done play in the b s media games i'm done play in the liberal narrative here are that the the conspiracy theories holsters on the liberal left
the conspiracy theorist come over the collusion gators and the quid pro quo ukraine get remember those folks these are the same people who want to dictate the terms of the conversation you're getting a double barrel middle finger for me i'm going to start asking the questions you refuse to ask right now ladies and gentlemen buddy suggesting to you that if we do continue to shut down you have blood on your hands you can plan a big wet one on my ass i'm sorry believe me i'm the kind of like better thing around here lately too and we ve been there i'm not i'm not playing your games it's now clear that peat out there are terrified of this conversation they want you panic and in hysterics twenty four hours a day and the only way to do that to distract you
me catastrophic damage being done to our economy is to keep you panic and in historic twenty four hours a day and to keep the facts and data from you you understand what i'm saying please what are we doing in alas tell me you understand what's going on in the media right now yes yes yes they do not want any conversation about trade that occur in everyday life happening right now ladies and gentlemen every single day of your life you deal with pathogens danger that actual for road accidents the potential for an airline accident every in gold day construction gold workers go to work and you know can actions when a most dangerous feels out there you know that they have death rates on par with law enforcement you know that construction people dial thither why
we can't risk a single life rebuilding people do it every single day you're asking them construction workers and cops are police office our firemen our corrections officers i m tease impairments you're asking them to take a risk for you you're putting their light dont way way way joe i dont want not allowed to have a conversation about putting one life and riven that's going on procedure yeah we're not someone else no no doctors empties cut you need to go to work right now put your life at risk to keep us alive but when it comes to average americans being able to make that same decision in other words like we're going to keep this shut for how long ago despite the fact we just lost more jobs in a day that we lost the worst week of a great recession we don't want that conversation about traders you're not allowed to because if you are to have that conversation the media won't take the terms a battle on the terms of battle or this we will
this doubt continue to destroy our economy our future our kids jobs our prosperity livelihood no lifesaving we will continue to do because we said so and any precision about is this really commensurate with the threat level is virus that will be silenced immediately believe me when i tell you i'm in this environment it's happening everywhere trust me cash that check so let's do some numbers now how many people jobs lost to the corona virus we ve lost five thousand one hundred and thirty seven as it is right now numbers are in some dispute because in new york there was an interesting thread yesterday that some of the people pass tragically in new york died with corona virus that does not necessarily mean they died from corona virus matter fact there is a large
spare eighty in those numbers when you introduce that having said that let the tribute every loss in new york to corona virus just for the sake of doing some basic number time about risks and comments responses by the united states government so what's five thousand one hundred thirty seven people six point six in people lost their jobs week at the lower those are the people who file theirs but we hundreds of thousands if not millions more who haven't filed yet so what you say job for the sake of math let's go down to continue say at the high and ten percent of those people fall into drug use stress from losing their jobs and their life savings let's say ten percent of those people that would be six hundred and sixty thousand people who are going to supper extremely negative health outcomes i haven't even got the suicide yet drug use
alcoholism i was a question asked yesterday by increasing domestic violence now at the white house press conference people whose lives question we being put at risk from severe economic strain impairing their ability to take care of themselves you say there that sounds like a lot of ten percent fair i agree that does sound like a lot but say one percent of those people probably a little closer to reality one percent its be after me what say you only one percent of these six points million people unemployed this we fall into alcoholism drug use since it is domestic violence let's say again stress how is down there on their we know stress can kill you if you have heart condition blood pressure they get when i did it getting into suicide you we know those increase in times of economic malaysia
despite the mainstream media is persistent lies on that because we do facts here unlike the media which lies do that would be these six thousand people say dan i'm a media hack and i loved the light of people one per cent of people unemployed could suffer some negative health outcome from it potential death that sounds do i do let's go with zero point one percent do of those six point six million people that would be six thousand six hundred people suffering and potentially dying as they d
the result of the severe stress imposed upon them because their livelihoods have been blown away that's zero point one percent that six thousand six hundred people we ve lost five thousand one hundred and thirty seven let's not have that conversation because liberal amtrak corridor bubble dwelling losers and more at sit there in their mommy's basement with their small with their media friends whose jobs are secure because they write anti trump articles twenty four hours a day would sell i click bait to dopey liberals out there who said i'm like a hoover their jobs are fine they can
chair quarterback all day so they set up strongman arguments dutifully laptop dutifully laptop by the media strong arguments show that if you dare dare again i give you the double debate there me you get the double barrelled little finger and triple down on everything if you dare mention the fact daddy economic shot down me we nationwide this point based on the number of states that an economic shut down may cause how damage financial damage and economic damage far worse than if we to consider an alternate mechanism for controlling this potentially deadly virus then let few you dare mention it joe you want people to die for the stock market go blank fill in the place yourself
loser you are not the ones out there listen ladies and gentlemen will be ok the case you think this is some self serving i'm telling you we'll be fine it's not about me you have no idea not you in the audience because getting them to these liberal not eggs in their media bubbles in the wash didn t see new york amtrak till you up people die open up the economy europe with twenty stock market you have no idea the rage building in the real world none i don't even want to because i'm game for it i'm a semi public figure but the people i talked you are and i dont want to expose them to the rage mom i'm gonna keep their idea cities and the names of their business is obviously out of this i'm telling you at least ten to twelve maybe more communications a day from people who are
politically active who are friends associates of friends and people who know me who communicate me every day the rage building at the response to this getting to the red line folks you wiping people out wiping the mouth cause you're listening to teenage bloggers at media i and media matters who never real i'm not kidding who have never actual jobs some of them are in turns in their third year a college writing articles time someone measures is this trade off really a good idea wiping p
love for generations over a virus we're not even sure yet what the actual fatality rabies is this a good idea if you dare ask it teenage bloggers with their small in between porn sessions in the basement or writing articles they want people to die for the stock market and suckers or fallen for here you can plan a big one aware now let me give you some optimistic note i know that the dollar opening and forgive me but i had a set the table for what's going on behind the scenes folks the pressure to toe the line if you know what i mean and all read too much into then my where i won t king about in the overall media ecosystem the press you're to toe the line show down or you want people die i'm telling you is overwhelming
and anyone who dares asked questions dares is immediately attacked by vultures which we incentivize is me to tripling quadruple down let's give you some good news there arson potential green shoots here again a guy last night who dared to on lord ingram he was on before me i'm not kidding i'm sitting right here i just move the microphone move it away when i do fox and change the background i was our lord ingram show less sign on fox and right before me was a doktor stephen psmith here's the optimistic note he said something less i'm not kidding how by your piece in i heard it and i took no right away i've gotta cover this tomorrow this is this isn't a teen blogger for media this is a real person with an actual job here
infectious disease export apparently weed deep credibility in the field a medical doctor who was on ingram last night and said something incredible about how we could be turning a corner right now in this thing and yet again if you do twenty four hour hysteria the news this store he was largely ignored and even worse the lip teenage bloggers on the left attack this guy for saying this check this out do you actually have it in true a cohort comparison saying that regimen works and i'll get we'll status announcement besides my son so look at that doctors math thank him for all the work you and i you and i and our medicine cabinet of folks and all your colleagues
at last we are i think is the beginning of the end of the band epic converters i have goose bomb that even kidding when i heard that last night i almost got show that this is a serious professional medical profession in the field of infectious diseases on a major cable channel talking about the use of hydroxyl coral quintus a game changer and says he believes from his experience that this may in fact be the beginning of the end now was only moments before the team age blogger losers at media doesn't matter media matters working for for two dollars an hour attacked him on twitter immediately because these are the scum of the earth they are award on the ass of humankind these people they attack not kidding i am not even going to tell you who they are
because i'm really afraid of how the nasty it's gonna get out there and i dont want to catch i'm not even get its value who these losers are this guy on the front lines is talking bout game changing results for the use of black and vacation regiment healing the sick from this deadly virus and he's attack because he appeared on fox news and spoke about a drug that president trot mentioned ladies and gentlemen we were dealing with i'm not kidding when i say this we are dealing with a media environment right now of socio ass i am not kidding i do not use that term lightly not all of them not even a majority but a small packet of absolute loony takes at medium matters media i'd elsewhere who are clear sociopath actively attacking people on the front line
trying to cure humanity this plague i'm not kidding back i gave me goose bumps we may be looking at the end of this you're not allowed to talk about that joe we need what for our hysteria and panic tune into my station click on my stupid way site misery misery all the time not here that's right brother you hear that let me give you some other goodness science sciencemag dot org article there's an old all vaccination has been getting some not designed specifically to target this back very behind virus but this all vexation for vaccination issued me for tuberculosis bc gee that's been written about pretty extensively of unless we re just put in twitter beseech you see these articles here's one from science magneto can a century old tuberculosis vaccine
steel the immune system against the new corona virus ladies and gentlemen there finding out this busy vaccine which is decades old may provide weeks protection against infection from the one virus folks this is i can't even go to the list of potential treatments we be turning a corner on this right now but you're not gonna hear that because the left needs twenty four hour hysteria i want to talk about this too from behind the scenes why they're doing this some people may not like this good man it's too bad yeah yeah yeah to me you did you know what i'm gonna at is so that's more good news joe multiple treatments out there is made turning the corner here's another thing their developing eighty body tests antibodies you know proteins human bodies produce in response to a specific path
that work like keys in a lock against their pathogenic lock onto the antigen basically produce these anti specifically to very specific infections and when you have these anti bodies when that pathogen invades invade your body again they wipe amount instantly your immune response so vaccines work lady jimmy enough to be an epidemiological varvara virologist to explain the basic you no farmer cocaine of how these things work despite its pretty simple if you have the eighty bodies you will my likely not get re infected there are test for the everybody's in other words joe there are probably apollo two people are but infected with the corona virus because we know of the top twenty five percent of them don't show symptoms who don't even though they were infected who are pro probably now immune to re infection now got it out o nursing front line up your immune
i want to know that eighty body tests are coming out are being developed right now some of morality out the market where people are gonna know we leave ie eight that stress from a lot of people who may have already been infected now let me give you some economic good news and a note of optimism late in german america this story in more depth tomorrow aids it's worth your time but just let me touch on a little bit today the inner five b a business serving they put out to some businesses in amerika survey right before this hit march when it comes to more detailed marxist important it is a gentleman the economy was exploding before this head i promise you all of that did not go away one key figure right before it fifty four percent of businesses surveyed were hiring fifty four percent a majority for liberals ladys german i didn't all disappear a lot of it did some of it did
some of its not coming back but all go away as i said to you in a prior show economic activities being suppressed right now because the government is largely shutting down businesses which i think at this point is a dreadful move i can't say that enough there are tailored responses that would be more appropriate when you go back to a restaurant after having his restaurant closed for three months you're not going to eat twice to make up for the restaurant sure if you didn't take economic activity is lost tragically but other economic activity isn't if your business let's stay afloat right now and you needed a new car because your cars broken down you're still gonna buy that new car you're just by later than you did now when the car dealer reopens ladies and gentlemen thousands people are thinking the same thing meaning when the economy does open up because either or a coin works we have this species
vaccine me have a combination we find a new vaccine for this when this happens and it's gonna happen soon we are going to fix this you are getting an explosion of economic activity that can't be delayed anymore you're running guess your guess that you got to fill up your gas tank you needed a new car before you going to have to get a new car now you may have to get a cheaper car but you're going to buy a car all gonna come in a flood of economic activity when this economy opens up again i'm not cherry picking anything i'm not telling you make liberals in the media who lie to you everyday oh my gosh it's going to be all terrible looking to die all the time i'm not telling you either everything's going to be great folks don't worry it's not going to be great but there are green two things that are going to happen that i think will change possibly for the better when this is over let me give you some i just talked about bottled up economic activity that going to happen movies you did see i'm not a big fan of hollywood obviously wants into bloom when we go to a movie now but there's more
they are being held up they're gonna about out may saddle care about hollywood people ladies and gentlemen i don't care about these liberal actors either but again not a liberal makin a large eu there are people who work in the industry i know i get their emails all the final year people who foley artists and voiceover i asked in entertainment joe is a musician job is not a liberal emma do what because we don't like red tape we got a screw over the lighting guy right i get a map killing for highly i'm just telling movies are going to come out later that more people are going to go see them you will have you can activity come back years another a note of optimism list the oil industries in trouble and there are big employer and i'm desperately hoping they recover gas is very cheap right now do you understand what kind of a de facto tax cuts that is americans when they go back to work ladies and gentlemen you talk about guess it was four dollars a gallon just by ten years ago that's now selling for place
like a dollar twenty five you talking about her words of billions of dollars of money not doff in your view six that are now back in your wallet that's real money finally my last note of economic optimism when this bottled up economic activity is unleashed you ve savings forced upon in some cases and on and other of fishy business owners you ve had to burn through savings but in other case where businesses some are staying alive there ve been people enforced to save money because there's no way to spend it those people are going to get actual to our economy and spend that money in a flurry of economic activity when this is over again not everyone sadly all too many americans a six point six million unemployed the business owners you appoint are burning through savings right now but there are other pockets of people who been forced to
save money at the otherwise would have spend that money we'll make its way into the economy both come out here for pollyanna bs i'm not here to spend your wheels and i'm not here to waste your time i'm just not doing twenty four hour doom and gloom all the time i'm not i refuse we're going to fix this that doctor who i trust over liberal amtrak quarter losers it say we're turning the corner i'll take your word for it i have warned you repeatedly here let me get to my second sponsorship and have warned you appeal repeatedly about nancy pelosi no face for please stop the talk of a face we're stimulus it is not a stimulus please stop we just when two trillion dollars please stop and let's figure there were about to show you in a second our policies already already one thing the seas where disastrous ideological expansion of big government at the expense she's me of your wallet and so called face form
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better link right now express vp end our complex bungee we give it out of the beginning of our shows you can get an extra three months of express ppm for free support the show watch what you want protect yourself online with express vps express the p in dakar slash bungee ok folks know face this phase four of the so called stimulus is a scam they are already loading it up with democratic garbage again don't take my word for it ladies and gentlemen i always beg you to fact check yourself please fact check everything i tell you listen nancy policy on cnn when anderson cooper who basically slept so long that georgie slips and says hey listen this phase for we ve got some ideas this is a short one but this is worth your time this is a reasonable amount of time to say we couldn't get everything we wanted and the other bill let's begin to go down this path
it is going to be a number of weeks because we're not here so you couldn't get your brow was about harvesting your green new deal compliant planes europe how many why do the habit of boredom and last bill so now she wants the packet into a new belly answer is no folks please i'm humbly and then with the greatest of respect begging you to call your congressmen and your senators police and shot this down we should be working on reopening our economy and an exit plan from phase three what's the exit plan what is the exit plan are we going to cut government spending in the future gonna be some accountability for this money spent how do we call back there five million we gave to the kennedy centre we can open the economy are we going to recommend face masks the communications having confusing on that are we recommend that continued quarantine for immunity
compromise folks in the elderly will open up the economy to people who are young and healthy are we distribute eighty body tests to make sure people who are they think they had the virus are in fact in munich and go back to work without fear of re infection are we gonna get that virus facts out there by january where's the battle plan to escape face three before we spend another couple trillion dollars on facebook bankrupt entire generations ladies and gentlemen government are not net worth that's enough they fancy wave say when the government spends money it is not net worth to you it is not going to make you richer it is a bad day a bridge long they get us out of phase three that's if no phase for shot this down now see what happens with the two trillion we judge spanned now you're always
few weeks ahead of the new cycle on the show i warned you last week and i ll show this week as well that the democrats ladies and gentlemen there are already preparing their necks narrative i'm going to show you tweet from the democratic sage large tribe in a minute but the democrats are already preparing for their next attack on donald trump we ve seen countless attacks but so far the two big ones have been deep be collusion hoax number one and number two was the quid pro quo you rain hopes where donald trump was in peace for a crime with no victim was a quid pro quo with ukraine ass the euphrates and there was no quid pro quo fascinating how that works of crime joe no victim amazing how then always happy round three common don't listen to me though the fact check don't listen to me i encourage you to fact check round three is common led by no less adam shift and nancy pelosi themselves but i want to place video again
bring home the point active tom elliot on twitter always has the best super cuts the gravy and supervise yet to follow tom elliot twitter it there's a great job best superman however the narrative is gonna be true blind people die joe trump didn't react prom we didn't see the thread coming here is a you please save this super caught and blasted everywhere for your dopey ro friends who will still insist they were all over this thing in january the war on virus watch i was asleep at the wheel here is a super cut of democrats you want to watch it you bet complex budget over the audio fine of democrats down this whole thing joe don't worry it's like the flu changes out the risks two new yorkers for corona virus is low and our city preparedness is high
this should not stop you from going about your life should not stop me from going to china town and go about it i'm gonna do that today myself come to china town here we are again careful safe and come join us there is no concern at this time for grown a virus in our region that environmental sanitation is ready for lahti brought twenty twenty the facts are reassuring we want new yorkers to go about their daily he lives there is really no need to panic and to avoid activities there always do as new yorkers we are hardly people americans do not need to panic if what i would suggest however is it mackenzie take this as a wake up call for seasonal flu there is very little threat here this disease even if it were to get it basically acts like a common cold or flew to me telling new yorkers go about your lives the subway go out enjoy life and
certainly not to miss the parade next sunday if you have you would you closed down the borders we to be honest about the american people with the american people about the fact that we can't keep people coming from china and transmission is not that easy i think there's been a misperception a girl of irish haze in the air waiting the catch you know it tastes direct personal person contact we also know that if it were likely to be transmitted casually we would be seeing a long why he's right right as this is new york in your elevator everybody all the time we go don't listen to me ladies and gentlemen listen to the democrats himself that was wrong clean the new york city health commissioner the new york city mayor a bunch of profit liberal media figures pretending to be journalists saying don't you worry it's no big deal
these are some of the same lunatics especially run claim obama's former apologize wherein with no medical experience whatsoever the way these are some of the same lunatics now trying to foster abs narrative the trump miss the ball tromp wide people so what are we gonna get we're going to see this daily collar article come to fruition shortly in the real world daily collar adam ship adam shit is back pencil neck collusion hoaxing loser adam shift the created nine eleven style corona virus commissioned by william david story be my show knows mancino dot com a slash newsletter ladies and gentlemen nothing the democrats do is by mistake as i said to you yesterday not to repeat the show but the point is worth repeating
you were gonna hear nine eleven comparisons over and over and over again despite the fact they have nothing to do with one another why because obviously the democrats can use that to garner public support for an investigation into what happened despite the fact that even if they do that investigation what they find might not be so nice about the democrats weight to the republicans get there shall start replaying that super cut back look so good is it now if you want to just don't we you gonna follow this guy i made at the summit lecture anybody but saving nasty because a block you in your missed the ball lorries tribe if you ever want to find out and get weeks heads of weeks and weeks in advance heads up about bs liberal media narratives in other words the story there are going to tell you in the coming weeks its nonsense go to this guy here's law try this is where i get almost probably gonna black me if they just where i get all my good stuff this is made
policies but he's at tribe t r be ellie doubly get don't say we may ask as a block you and you don't want that here's him yesterday in april first tweeting this when you again there already preparing the narrative what i told you trump lied people died and he stopped democrat states from getting into the needs of the of the assistance they needed during the war on crisis quote large the limited extent the federal government is stepping up its clearly partisan politic shape which states get their share of the medical needs met here we go that's an outrageous abusive presidential power it must be expose it must stop lady in germany lawrence tribe is a lunatic he is making this up out of here cloth and he knows it even the liberal far left radical atrocious governor of california gavin newsome disguised terrible has said
when asked on cnn i play the company could go on with this all day hey you know is to present trump and responsive to your needs news was a guy you know be line if i said otherwise there is no evidence whatsoever to support anything orange try puts an end to it but this is its policies the issue whispers in the ear he whispers inner ear although like sits on her shoulder this is their next narrative trump lied about the threat despite you just heard the democrats downplaying it applied about the threat and then when it came to responding to the states he helped republic in states over democrats states this is gonna be there next hoax it's right there just follow trot you can follow my just follow this guy every day you will be months ahead of what nancy policies thinking because part tribe is nancy policies brain
our brain exists outside of a button in the large tried to intervene on this market just market what's today april second market just market have we ever been wrong on this stuff no not yet by moving us this is a must watch if there ever was a must watch tucker carson i was gonna get this yesterday but i wanted to be sure i did this story right tucker karlsson did a segment on his show not last night but the night before that has been going no pun intended viral everywhere and it asked some pretty damning questions let me just get right to it did the one virus originate in a chinese laboratory
joe you cared ass tat either oh don't answer all the liberal media folks s races to say that of course of course had of course when they a perimeter around fence around what they say i'm allowed to say i've with the double barrelled middle finger jump over the fence and quadruple down by being so tucker did they say and he asked some really compelling questions and a kind of may explain why a lot of these media hacks in hock to china for some reason are desperate to make whew hon virus be called anything other than the one virus watch this do not turn out matter fact watch it twice check this out here's the paper says first a scientist confirm what scientists around the world have they believe the virus most likely came from an animal known as the intermediate horseshoe bat here's the striking thing there are no known colonies of this bat within nine hundred kilometers of
hon nor is there any evidence that they were sold in the war on wet market despite many claims in the american media to the car including on this show by the way last night we did a segment on wet markets the one and will haunt included and suggested that this ban was solved there but let's be clear the only actual analysis of that question that were aware of is in this paper these scientist interviewed almost six people fifty nine of them who frequented the wolf on wet market they confirmed there were no horseshoe bats foresail their period so that raises the question where did the virus carrying bats come from the paper says this
quoth we screened the area around the market an agenda to laboratories conducting research on back krona virus within a few hundred yards of the wet market was something called the womb hans centre for disease control and prevention according to public reports the century used intermediate horseshoe bats for research than about seven miles away was another facility this one it was called the womb on institute of our virology thereby religions to also conducted research on intermediate horseshoe bats there was that we're not sold at the wet market south china university scientist concluded that the krona virus pandemic the one that people are dying from here likely came from one of these two government labs in will harm they notice that a scientist at the
hans centre for disease control and prevention had been exposed to the blood and urine of horseshoe bats they also suggested that infected tissue samples from research animals may have wound up in the war on wet market and the end of the paper this way quote the killer krona virus probably originated from a laboratory in will haunt safety levels may need to be reinforced in high risk bio hazardous laboratories regulations maybe taken to relocate these laboratories far away from city centres and other densely populated places end quote now talker was clear at the beginning the segment in the interests of time i couldn't let the whole thing wholesalers over eight minutes long that he can't verify the report and fox can't they they haven't been able to verify that report from china by the way he's clever neither can i i don't know people from that institute but don't you think that's it why shouldn't worth asking i'm just gonna put that out
i thought we were doing journalism me in they gave way so there's a paper out there you suggesting may we may not be real we don't know maybe information if there's a paper their suggesting that a china lab that these virus may have escaped from a chinese nope you can ask that that racist you can count said not interested in your comment there but thanks have a nice day and by the way the more you tell us not to talk about the more we will talk about what we always do on the show member how well that worth you spike let's talk about that you're a conspiracy theories yeah await you bet selling books later and probably six hundred episodes are you see how well that free speech suppression they work for your lips good job now well continued
questions have an interesting article n t j media about this segment do today in the show notes i strongly encourage you to check out it's definitely worth your time did cover nineteen originate chinese lab why is a crazy to asked by jim creature check it out about that signal it'll be interesting here if we had a timeline put together a quickie timeline of exactly what happened with the one virus national reviewed the rescue jim geraghty the comprehensive timeline is covered nineteen lies now i'm not going to go through the tire time might i pick three screenshots from it but gentlemen when you take it to the effect that there is some suspicion that this virus have originated with this horse you bad it exists in these labs apparently only and it's not native that area vous on we ve got want to know the timeline maybe why media people operating chinese propaganda that don't you dare call this the chinese will on virus that came from behind in china
we'll call you a racist and immediate figures in the united states probably media figures pylon let's look at this time let's go to screen shot one from this peace again in the show notes and worth your time december sixth is the symptom onset date of the first patient identified patients zero five days after illness onset these patients why for fifty three or a woman who have no known history of exposure to the wet market also presented with pneumonia and was hospice eyes and the isolation word in other words as early the second week of december we on doctors we'll find in cases that indicated the virus was spreading from one human to another key point last week in december december twenty first move on doc we need to notice quote a cluster of pneumonia cases with an unknown cause december twenty fifth christmas
chinese medical staff into hospitals and move on are suspected of contracting viral pneumonia and our quarantine this is digital strong evidence of human to human transmission it goes on the timeline can new transnational view peace worth your time time in late december one hospitals noticed an exponential increase in the number of cases that cannot be linked back to the hunan see food wholesale market accord the new england journal a medicine december thirty of a hero doktor li wen liang sent a message group of other doctors warning them he has since died and been disappeared warning them about a possible outbreak of an illness that remembered sars resembled sars urging them to take protective measures against infection december thirty first listen to this
the war on municipal health commission declares the investigation so far is not found any obvious human to human transmission and no medical staff infection a lie from china this the opposite of the belief of the doctors working on patients in bonn and two doctors were already suspected of contracting the virus january first believe it here also day after several batches of genome sequence results have been returned to hospitals and submitted to health authorities employee of one of the genomics companies sequencing this virus received a phone call from an official at who bay provincial health commission ordered the company to stop testing samples from war on related to the new disease and destroy all existing samples ladys germany's sounds like a horror movie cake that this is the last
according to a new york times study of cell phone data from china now we know january first we know the chinese communist party suppressing human to human transmission we know doctors are infected and we know this is a mass outbreak new york reports as january first according to cell phone data all this is raging and move on see policy is getting ready to sign a impeachment articles one hundred and seventy five thousand people leave rule on that day holy global travel data research away g twenty on countries have direct flights to walk in the first quarter of what're you nineteen for comparison thirteen thousand two hundred and sixty seven air passengers travelled from on china to destinations
in the united states or about four i was in four hundred and twenty two per month the government would not bar foreign nationals who had travelled to china from entering the country for another month while the democrats were calling it racist now you see our global pandemic starts lies the sea sheep garden political and fighting in the united states using identity politics communist party thought suppression and speed suppression doctors disappearing labs being suspected a novel corona virus we haven't seen before
no heard immunity no vaccine few at a series of potential bad data points to all put together in one basket at the same time to create a global crisis this was it that time line is horrifying a hundred and seventy five thousand people left the hot zone while the chair these government the communist party was lying about human to human transmission you ve any idea how many lives or put at risk now you may be wondering why we're getting false formation for a media everyday problem not if you watch my show you know they're a bunch a lion hacks by them he has been all too eager to crap all over america like they always do and say america leading the world infections which is a nonsense by the way when you do it per capita like they do everything else we are not leading the world in infectious and there
so eager joe to say well there and we ve had more infection here what did we virus that china about so much less sugar we go insurrection peace again on the shoulder where your seriously in the media relying on the chinese communist parties intelligence after what i just told you and laid out not timeline very chest legal insurrection shocker u s intelligence says china reported cases and debt relief two we want corrode of ours but don't worry media people keep parroting there talking point that the united states is so dreadful an awful and president trump and we are in fact leading the world infectious despite the fact that we know the chinese have lied from day one you keep it up we know whose team iran and it is an hour's we all get that that's are you reproval rating for the media is zero zero it's like subterranean
because we know your liars i'm gonna have to save forces in this for you know it can be this jumped to the letter the wall street journal parsons i want to tomorrow tomorrow shows going to be in port i want to set up you had kept the audience archives judy by the way who sent me over some stuff i did and some new york times i want to go over to mars going to require a little bit of set up how the media softens you up for a narrative and produce to you the exhibits it they're gonna be damning though mr marcia but there's a wall street eternal peace peace and there are some hidden nuggets in the horror which report that came out yesterday to be clear that the inspector general porter was looking in the gulf its use of spying through the fire courts the terrorism courts nor an intelligent surveillance court and i reported to you yesterday that need
it'd subset of cases the inspector general looked at they found out that the fbi's use of spies accords to spy on people the entire process is broken cases there were no evidence there was no evidence file but there was some other nuggets in here ladies and gentlemen shockingly that are even worse she europe editorial board this morning the ro bureau vernaculars inaccuracy the justice gee finds even more abuses of wiretap applications yes it gets worse so yesterday i followed you that horror he looking into the fbi spying process using these course looked at twenty five cases of pfizer court warrants for spying applications four of them had no woods spoil it meaning no file documenting that's what the woods follows the file documenting the revenue
they could even find the file and forecasts three they said it probably even exist at all and any other twenty five they found those inaccuracies about the evidence the f b i was using the spire people kind of a big deal you it would be a big media story no no no no would actually than even make it into a lot of mainstream media channels which are shocking you may say how does it get any worse they pick twenty five buying cases and all of them had problems oh it does get worse look at this from the journal tonight i saw this in her report yes i was gonna put but i m rather that it does so much go and i quote these break the general the fbi's oversight mechanism to ensure the woods file accuracy were also lacking so with all the suffering so that not only they fight problems with the files they looked agile then they followed the ace
if you have an oversight process were checking into why you're spying people they sit here yet we ve got this oversight process so then they look into the oversight bright and that we must stop to listen to this effort policy requires lawyers and fbi field offices and the yo jays national security division joe to perform an annual accuracy review of a certain number of applications ok so the bureau pics despite words to say these accurate that several jet not so much the idea discovered that all of these reviews the field office are given advance notification of which who cares that will be requested allowing them the spruce up those files for inspection why only moved up soda job i ve worked with me the contractor brazil can you imagine if like had worked for me my keys
a like full time guides in our studio here would enron and i say to him we're gonna conduct ray reviews of jos work product right people do that all the time it's quality check jos adobe audition files right do you joe is more likely if i give him a week heads up that i'm gonna look it up say eleven ninety eight and check the audio quality do you think it's possible that jovi gets a week's adds up goes back and spruce that order your father make it sound really good so when i check it i don't find that he was a difficult year i'm just gonna throw that each time you didn't i got a nice tried out here we do this then i will do this i think is joe fireworks region joseph i'm thinking about put near show on five thousand terrestrial radio stations around the world you know gonna do a random check using we're going to look it up a sort of an idea i got an actual lemonade early next year material are all so just to be clear on the inspector general pigs twenty five
cases there all screwed up three of them we even have woods files documenting the revenues the other two five the evidence screwed up then they say hey idea presently seven oversight procedure we got that too but we give the fbi office a heads up about which files so if they are messed up there you go back is complete gruesome up before you look at what the going on here we may say surely shore we this can't get any worse what by the way where are the civil libertarians again where are you yeah liberal family whereas civil liberties yo you were here where are you where are you now the issue you have spoken out about some through their credit some day should be on this every day with spying on but with no corresponding evidence files that are actually accurate
how are we moses yes it gets worse another part of the peace look at this even then even then when the bureau is given a heads up hey we're gonna look these files for the average using aspire people spruce him up even then a botched jobs by the governments admission caused this is staggering the age looked at thirty four of these accuracy review report in other words they were given a heads up first which covered forty two applications reports how late is only three of the applications delivered a clean bill of health holy moses but quota ports covering the remaining thirty nine applications they were given me answers to the test already identified total of three
hundred and ninety issues coating on verified inaccurate or inadequately supported facts as well as typographical errors and when the is also these reviews go into reports the eyes found fbi headquarters doesn't use the findings in any comprehensive strategic fashion to assess the performance of individuals involved the accountable for five applicashens man this is incredible this is incredible this is only one of the biggest stories that decades we ve been using a secret court to spy on people with a document that procedure that's been largely ignored by the fbi and even given the cheetah had a time to spruce up the files they're gonna look at
still found three hundred and ninety errors at of thirty nine reports mrs incredible but don't worry me types keep up with your narrative out there that this is a pattern and there for they weren't specifically targeting donald trump to totally stories that the deceptive price the gas lighting media that charlie savages that governments are the world the new york times to totally stepper story they ve generously tied together in a mosaic story to lead you to believe that because the f b i screwed up another five applications that don't you worry that story means they weren't targeting donald trump i'm gonna mauro show you charlie savage that govern exactly what they did how they tie together this story to the true story and made it seem like it's the same thing same problem not the same narrative and how
did it now they were prepping you as early as february don't mr marcia related my thanks again for tuna and i will get to that gun story tomorrow to paul bernard washed in samara gun sales firearms is through the roof through the roof don't worry take liberals advice you don't need to protect yourself don't you are clearly everybody given them the double barrel middle finger to its aim to my own thanks you guys really aren't good for preparedness advice discharge where you channel youtube youtube com slashed by gino and subscribe to a radio show an apple pod guess it's all free but it really helps us move the charge we ve been top ten on apple nick for two weeks now thank you very much good apple pie subscribed to the earlier shows all free helps us move up the charts really appreciate the item you just ten bonn gino she followed then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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