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Why is the Media Ducking the Biden Trainwreck? (Ep 1197)


In this episode, I discuss President Trump’s eye-opening comments last night about Joe Biden and I address the explosive scandal he was referring to. I also address the inside story of the Coronavirus response that the media is largely ignoring. 

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ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee now germany and i want to this issue i have been holding offline some extensive corona virus reporting because i wanted them the facts show those facts we do data i dont like dishpan i don't like hyperbole especially in a matter as and serious it i've got a lot on that i've got on biden in their view president trump last night where he hinted at this not going away with joe biden not gonna let it go away and have also i want to put everybody at ease after the super tuesday results as one getting a lot of emails from people are concerned they show sponsored by express vps stop putting your online data at rest don't do it get protected today go to express vp end com slash bond gino the damned mancino shall producer joe show our unity fine sir hey man welcome packing greetings from the head in the box
by the guy but i know i missed you yesterday the audience it is well added road shows are always a little different dynamic without good you didn't i thank you and to show that one very well i'll be able and you may be at a later date what was going on been deceived by just i have to leave it at that for now i just say to you it is related to it's going on at this corona virus in everything like that's i've got that segment cooperation we get to the show today show but you buy he'll sleep i need he'll sleep last night it was a very very long day he'll sleep as a quiz they make the best mattresses is because they have this question takes two minutes to complete and it matches your body type to sleep preferences for you not some other another woman out there if you're a side sleeper you may need a different mattress you a hot sleeper you made it a different mattress you like a plush or firm bed with felix there's no more confusion they customize the mattress for you based on this too many
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trying to quicker way did airline that argument jehovah he missed yesterday show he's all towards you ready to arrive at all so i appreciate that very nice violate thanks to the guy who sent me this handy dandy new sound like a fish your laptop labour bank you very much sir i greet you get a lot about very nice you thank you very much so folks the corona virus a very serious topic good information for you i want to share some developments on this area can handle is very delicately for reasons you can all understands its aid literally deadly serious topic is a serious virus it's not to be taken lightly having said that i want to start with this because important wall street journal as nature piece of today by one of their better writers over there a home we usually does some actual work on the tec feel these written someone spy gate in a rush out but he has a piece up about gauging the thread of corona virus and the reason i bring this up weight in germany there are a lot of threats in the world right terrorist
viruses illnesses pandemic war we gauge those threats and we risk value those threats and that's how we handle so he has a piece but corona sanders panic ebbs the epidemic to a new virus collides with the economics of cable news the the story is s folks think we seriously need to take the temperature down on the coverage about this corona virus i am not suggesting i let me be absolutely one hundred percent crystal clear as clear as possible is a window just window next this is a serious threat the question that is a serious threat or not that is not the question that's already been answer people of die it is serious the question is obviously to say in rational actors out there not looking to wreck the economy get people panic and empty store shells the question
is how serious is the threat i have spoken to you a frequently in economic terms when i discuss the social about almost everything in life is discussed on the margin not in black or white men when we talk about it your house in the wider europe by heat or no he of course you gotta freeze to death you talk about what how much i sat black or white heat or no heed the question is how much they put their services seventy six or do you put it in the eight why because the question is the heat or no it's on the margin how much are you willing to pay to be comfortable if seventy three is comfortable for you but of course you five hundred dollars a month and a gas bill you may put the two seventy even though its less comfortable why joe because it's not worth it to you a few degrees more comfortable for five hundred dollars about that's right we price everything on the margin everything its uncomfortable folks have this
that you cannot put a price on human life ladies and gentlemen we do it you ourselves all the time all the time we fly on planes there's a day sure we get in cars and take long trips theirs bigger danger you could be it a car accident is actually more dangerous than air travel we put a price on our own lives every day because we live in a complicated world of tradeoffs you can't just say we cannot put a price on this this virus and and the responses we have it's a series of trade offs are we willing to trade off to take the risk of it myers and how deadly is having said that he makes a great point in this wall street journal peace about how cable news this hyping this thing to death some not all because it good for ratings but its scaring the hell out of people emptying store shells and causing a devastating effect a real people's jobs in the real economy a member from the home and jenkins peace right yeah
i mean reasons reason rules today from the peace in the wall street journal excellent take away here when he talks about the relationship between the arrogant he says quote so far twenty nine hundred people in china have died from the disease concentrated and move on in the average years from the wall street journal thirty thousand americans die of a very similar disease influenza the flu that a population related equivalent of a hundred and twenty seven thousand chinese that's a bigger country that's why folks lobbies now listen to the second part of this since genius how we put a price on our own lives every day care put a price on even if we do it all the time home unshaken set quote says in his peace yet despite the risk from the flu quote half of american don't even consider worth the trouble to get a flu shot even though their kids dying from the flu remain a large multiple of their chances of dying of the new corona virus
ladies and gentlemen the verdict is in there's a brilliant point why the flu virus we don't have all the numbers yet so want to be i want to hold back on that specific announced but we know the flu virus is deadly tens of thousands of americans every year nineteen eighteen spanish flu why significant portion of our population and the global population he's a literally not figured really deadly virus and yet half of the country won't take a half an hour to go to the doctor or the pharmacy they get a flu shot that cost what twenty two there's most of us to ensure it's free but even so
get it so you knowing that average cost what most of us want even do it and yet the risk from dying from the flu could be because i again i want to be response could be almost double or triple what corona their death the death rate fatality re from verona viruses i am not suggesting q this isn't serious i'm suggesting you the question is how serious and what are we willing to trade off for this are you will to trade off wiping out our economy in the store shelves clean because someone on cable news somewhere because they don't like trump or some for some motivation rangers told you this thing is like the worst pandemic in when history ladies and gentlemen we put a value on our own life every day i get it it's acute talking point for peace
you don't understand how the world works and trade offs can't value human life ladies and gentlemen you do it to yourselves all the time i'm simply suggest thing to you that you should be very cautious the coverage of this the motivation where this hysterical coverage could be multiple they could be polite well they could be money ratings but if we gauge based on the reality of what's going on folks be very careful in europe you're going out to all my custom risk may we have got to alter our entire lives for corona are you sure about that now having said that i want to be responsible is covered i'm to give you the bad news again it is a serious problem that shit the under sole right for any reason i don't care what the political ramifications are i'm just tell you i've been privy to see what a good information i reassure you on that point this out their randomly i'll give you the bad news
worse than the good news you're the best there's this united i've told you about this or not figure this infection figure the rid the reproduction rate of the virus near its basically how contagious is to speak in simple terms it could be high its highly infectious it could be a multiple of the infection rate of flu which is pretty iron itself when you get to things like measles it's off the charts it's a measure of how many people in not immune non vaccinated population will get the virus from one contaminated victim corona virus is shown so far based on the numbers ladies and gentlemen to be pretty infectious highly infectious bad news very serious problem now we know it's infectious we know its highly contagious again bad news more bad news even though the fatality rate and weak we gotta be careful because the data were getting from china i don't think anybody trust even further
they re maybe one of flu may be less than a flu we don't that yet the bad news is its view very dangerous to our elderly population there's no out about that nobody should own now summit numbers it came out yesterday by vice presidents press conference i may mention very important media in age in italy numbers we can trust and advanced economy country italy in south korea we don't trust anyone coming out of china let me just be clear on that nobody does right now trust me on that trust me they don't trust them italy of course we can trust the immediate age of infection there is sixty meaning all their people getting the virus more often weakened immune systems other health problems is alot illogical reasons ladies germinal age takes its tall i'm only forty five an appeal in and out weakened immune systems that's obvious older people are getting more having said
that even though the median age of infection is sixty the median age of in italy is eighty one meaning even the older folks you we're getting it in their six these are largely recovering it is the older you get the more dangerous to get bad news the elderly americans and elderly while citizens are children oh god i'm not into this democrat approach give em a pale and let none on all we don't do that ok so the boy news is if you are an elderly american or where in the world and you happen to be older is very serious and should be taken seriously having said that the cases of vitality we're carogne as the only infection there's no how more issues howard problems long problems cancer eighty s words on the cases of people dying under the age of thirty
are extremely rare matter of fact there is a thought out there amongst the professionals through the present is dealing with that the infection in people thirty four fifty and under maybe so mild some people may not have even notice they had corona therefore the administration is being a concerted effort to get testing kids out there i'll get the more that the second what they're doing some of this if you're not hearing in the media believe me tromp has a full blown all out all government all private sector f stop this if you don't believe that you're an idiot you can criticise the present all you want but you're facts are wrong the vice president is the point made on this he is on this like white on rice i'll get to that the second the testing cause it's important but out one other bad news story before we get to the good news
so we know they are not tie very infectious we know if you're elderly it's very serious third daily mail story just a little disturbing this being the shone out they placed gemma please read the shown us today but you know that come go to punch you know that calm slash newsletter you can sign up or email you they shone out everyday daily mail my wife noted always has the longest headlines ever but we use it quote to show so the killer corona virus spreading around the world and seventy percent of the infected patients have caught the more aggressive and contagious type study claims so now there are two trains of carogne apparently from a mutation there's an l strain and anne s strain the el strain is more aggressive very days again to the elderly population dangers to everyone but a very dangerous for the elderly folks having said that there is not a guy side to this bad story but the strain is very aggressive so aggressive that if you get the infection as we can see
this daily mail story here you will likely up in the hospital so from the daily mail researchers from beijing and shanghai steady two hundred three samples of corona they found the tooth is ass alice the most aggressive become less common though since january way way way said it was most of the most aggressive here's why the daily mail he goes on a virus which is aggressive may burn itself out by landing patients in the hospital very important point ladies and gentlemen the owl strain is the aggressive stray but it's making people very sick people when you get treated are being quarantine the s strain which is less aggressive people are going to the hospital the good news is less aggressive the bad news is there not go into the hospital because they barely know they have corona so their spreading to other people story in itself is bad news is not really a positive to take many that you get the aggressive you're in trouble but you're wind up in the hospital quarantine the less aggressive shrink you're not into much trouble but you're probably highly can take
because you don't even know you have corona baroness let's get to the good news now again criticized the president or you want it's a free country ladies and gentlemen i am not here i'm not a liberal i don't do speech suppression that's fine you have the right to do that i'm telling you you're facts are wrong there is nothing nothing and leave me i dont parrot anybody's talking points if i believe what they're saying is true i will repeat it on the job i believe it's bs i'll call him out like anyone else and you know that there is no greater priority for the present or vice president i know anybody you telling you otherwise is strictly age and media gaslight no you can question how they respond but suggesting it's not a priority them is sheer utter lunacy now a couple of things are doing here that your party we're not gonna hear about anywhere mainstream media because they want to downplay president trumps response to this to make it so turkey's aloof and they can attack on politically many if not all
a better response they hadn't maybe we can imagine the administration is i don't want to make us political i'm serious i don't i've got this topic it's too serious their administration you can figure it out had regulations on state laboratories and state schools on testing kits and things like that red tape so they do it the trump administration just came in it said schools laboratories you want to test for corona draw those rights nations into garbage get it done you hear about that right now so now the testing just talk to you before about i was gonna tell you why does this matter because ladies and gentlemen there people getting a lot of heat their other you know maybe we shouldn't do as much testing the trap administration nano we're going to test even if it looks bad why wouldn't look bad joe could say you test whatever five hundred thousand people men a hundred thousand cast positive for corona that's that great media story trumpet ministries in doing it for the two heads
oh my gosh hundreds of them what's gonna happen simply suggesting they don't care about politics i'm telling you i i gotta leave it i'm telling you with certainty the trumpet ministries i care about economics or politics this they care about the results of meaning i would like talk about before i mean the economic stories that'll be written about it they care about solving this problem now they told the fda dump the rags let them test even if the results tat the truth and the truth isn't great we want the truth you didn't hear about that right not leave it up to you and that's what i'm trying to hide it from you i'm serious i love my eyes i just philly ladies and gentlemen don't even want to mention the administration you all know who it is because i dont want to make it a political attack this is too important of a story didn't hear about that
dear about what they're doing would travel by the way made here about that either they now know that if your travelling from a high risk country like guinea i know you didn't hear about a job because you're here environment you probably heard of right now i didn't i didn't bring preface any of this would show before the show italy south korea china infected countries you know you're being tested multiple eyes before you get on a plane here about that either right now now i will hear about that travel bans are racist member they told us that a few weeks ago meanwhile trumps travel ban and the vice president's efforts to institute this test and everything else before you on a plane all the citizen racist anymore oversight forgetting they said that meanwhile probably say that's from a more widespread pen make in the united states nobody mentions that jail the nursing homes thing gate and hear about that either did yamaha interesting they have teams affair the inspectors local inspectors elsewhere that go into nursing homes are look things abuse obviously for going on here a nursing home doing the right thing elder abuse is a big deal i'm actually heard of
when either if you missed prescott press conference you probably didn't trust meeting i'll tell you about this the trouble administration said listen that's not a serious but right now problem number one joe is correct a virus in communal settings especially nursing homes with elderly patients who are really at risk hundred percent of our inspection efforts are unfair control right now in here by many right now you may that right of course you may step going to hear that anywhere on the news unless you hear it from the vice president cell but god trumps doing nothing he's doing anything folk she's doing nothing he's he's a movie sleeping up in their up in the lincoln bedroom idiots so pathetic as i would make a political answer would make it personal visit is personal pleasure wiping out the american economy destroying people's livelihoods your jobs in their businesses you're make this political on president trump despite none of the facts comporting with those two narratives media pete
and others are suggesting it's embarrassing you should be horrified that's the reason i was holding off on my coverage i was not obviously ignoring the story by and take a breather there let's take a quick break from my sponsor here and when i get back and we'll talk about biden and the sum of the paddock break it down the gnp oh my gosh show so much by water run against party he was so much easier to be be careful on that much the greatest analysis out there today show brought by bodies that rock auto jos personal favorite had i didn't know i know joe is ahead the guy when i told your rock oh ferrajo parts was coming although the camp was could be one of responses i'd that messing with you again i don't do that job as i love there to companies joe use before me harry's rangers at rock on tat is only a use of all the time so easy to shop so geostrategic
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if you saw joe biden on stage the other day super tuesday after a really stunning victory in ten of fourteen states on the ballot including texas which shocked the heck out of me and a couple of dairy protesters of all things store stage and simone sanders who is one of the biden staffers and another security person they had hired basically tackle them in and joe biden is well done joe wife folks i took personal offence this i'm sorry a lot of people are blaming the secret service the secret service let me be crystal clear does not have a detail joe biden the ass i used to they're my heart will always be there but when they screw up i'm always fair with them and you i'm not here too oh and neither are they when they mess things up they command say at this not a secret service group there not bear they weren't there i have a story
washed and examined in the shone out you can check it out yourself by my breasts top democrat asked baychester consider to consider secret service protection for twenty twenty candidates dated march for twenty twenty there was not the secret service please stop they did not screw up they weren't there that's not up to them chris determines in conjunction with the age s professionals when these details these can't these what we call a skull seen us details candidate nominee operation section details when they get protection they were not their support he's that promoting that coax it is not true they did not screw anything up they were hurried there looking back to the bide segments hearing a lot of this getting a lot of feedback always enjoy your feedback on our website if you want to email me apollo reading all the time but a lot of feedback getting is my gosh us with such a terrible day i think biden is a better care
the eighth and bernie sanders we wanted to run against peace from trump supporters obviously we wanted to run against bernie burn he's in trouble first point number one burning is not done ladies and gentlemen biden only has roughly five hundred delegates he needs four times as many to get the nomination and burning is only a what sixty days gets behind them depending on what the california state do so that's case that get a point case point number one do not right burn these political obituary yet he's not done is anybody posted on maybe looking at a brokered conventions about affect its highly likely and many of the state coming up there are some of the opera primary states coming up in the democrat primary are heavily spanish states were burning performed very well so point number he's not done on leave out biden is really strong candidate and we want
bernie more than biden point folks i'm not making any predictions for the general yet we don't over the nominees gotta be papyron is weak are we kidding biden we're afraid your folks listen i'm sorry if we can't be biden weren't a lot of trouble we're very brave art show you how you live right we're all enemies i fourteen poland watch braver probably five hundred times remember that they line up on the battlefield to fight their fight the bridge the anguish and and there's some of whom are running the scots because they see the army's huge vienna guys where please tribes reporters regarding joe biden way do flew down there's no other way right now there's a lot battlefield reader do died and there's nothing to fear with job i couldn't win yes
but he could win elections things happen we don't know what's going on between now and what should we have no election day we have no idea but were afraid of joe biden rather than bernie i'm sorry i'm not buying so now go into the why then do me any good did you study i don't don't flee job do fully binding that day why number one gets video in some stuff in a minute that's gonna nuclear bangles snatches bacon this it a tough thing to say but i will say it anyway i set it on lord ingram show less and i know the debate with precise i had ladies and gentlemen why is it not fair to question binds coherence and age my god that's ages it's not ages ladies amendment forty five i talk about my age all the time joseph slightly although the maker paul as the young ling other bunch she's the youngest one of this cruel maybe joe i don't even know how old is true i gotta do tell me when you produce in this new lesson that i have no
joe maybe you is easy older than us why is it not fared it where's that question you know i said i surrounding website limited my prior line of work whereas affair agent there's an age limit now grant there's a physicality that job and age does matter people younger are pot illogically springs use typically only the people who are all given the control of the control of other variables but having said that the secret service a very cerebral job do you have to design security plans and they understand that people who are younger generally you're probably more suited to doing that i dont stan why it's not appropriate so to protect the president you can only get on the job if you're under a certain age it's in your thirty's the item on the job and you have to retire by virtue of its fifty five or six the anymore they may have changed to protected but to be the president when you're seventy seven
show no evidence of being able to present clear mental these all that that we're not we're supposed to ignore it i dont understand that i'm sorry personal mark on by no present drop is seven these too late the reason the argument hasn't come up about president trumpet his age is because he doesn't present any evidence that taken the toll on him that it would that be may came unfit to be president biden has presented any of that he forgets for years forgets sentences he forgets people's names some of it are innocent lives again i don't wanna be hyperbolic but not all of them are it's a fair question maybe it's not that positive i'm not saying it's the only question maybe it's you're willing to forego that's fine you all vote i cannot vote for you but if you think we're not going asked the question you're out of your mind scare us away from that
a man has got to control the nuclear codes round here what's going on in his head it's out there there's gas either ladies and gentlemen the gas are the only problem by this gas is whole career these gases generally forgetting what state is it he can't finish sent in sometimes folks he's made gas career not tired in a mild defence joe biden years ago at times could at times limited i could be sharp i will never forget the twenty twelve election the presidential and vice initial debate everybody was so excited about paul ryan debating
joe biden brien's gonna kill him folks if you watch the debate like i did joe biden surprised everyone i'm not kidding i watch that debate i couldn't believe it mike where did this guy come from just go back and look at the news average afterwards you think i'm messing with somebody what i'm suggesting to you is ladies and gentlemen there are two thousand twelve joe biden zani anymore this is not that guy nobody should be afraid of asking basic questions can this guy handle the job you arrest those questions to protect a guy but why does not fair to ask the question was by the way breaking news why we're on the air elizabeth warren drops out of the presidential race as i said yesterday on twitter is going to happen from one of my sources will see now who she endorses all round the air now it's a two man race down to the deuce bernie smile
warren out we'll save me i don't know no shortage of funds i thought that but i'm not so sure you're at a couple everyone see em maybe abba while a money area second about joe by before we can get to the other stuff the newcomer bagel stuff there's no excitement about this guy at all man now again as i said our more ingram show last night on fox chris i was the baby him i'm still trying to work at it and if you show by the way i got your emails we'll get a thought just some technical step chris harm was defending biden against the against a lot of these charges we ve levity guess you're ready for the job is not he's hear this policy's are ridiculous but ladies and gentlemen chris did what every me the person when their defending biden does joe tell me if i'm wrong here yours
you're a student this is well they never ever actually defend by finally paul i told you remind me to say this that you draw the lessons i love this point sorry so praise thanks but i love is but they never defend biden they only tell you what biden isn't noticed that pa right whenever they do they never say how great biden is required that's right the friends your what was the first line out of his mouth we'll donald trump is bad drew in other words biden great because he's not trump and i had a ways minded eyes of people saying biden good bye he's not bernie sanders nobody ever how was your day like by because these biden ever ever i don't remember that would obama folks i visited secret service when obama was running i was out its detail oh my god
the agents i know that iran is candidate data when you're still a senator they were like people love this guy crazy about mothers obama member chris matthews i get a thrill up my leg he myself whatever he said it was so people love bobby he was like the golden carefully was the messiah and fold to be fair in our side go to trap rally s people but try nobody ever says well he's not george w bush nobody they love em trade deals speaks like us fighting for the normal guy tax because nobody ever says that about trump folks don't ever forget this point it is critical finds that showing any evidence he can handle the job number one number two nobody defends this guy they simply tell you who is it who is your job is our bernie why does that matter these gentlemen excitement matter even turn outs gonna matter in november and if you're not excite
but that person and it's a rainy election they can't find a babysitter for the kids three hundred thirty million people and people out show up because it just not that excited about doing it matters not civil engage matters you do your thing i'm simply suggesting to the obvious excitement matters when you excited about a candidate your excited about voting when you're not excited about a catholic you're not excited about vodafone should be simple but that is skip the most of the media as you rightly mentioned that whenever they defend biden they only defend by telling you what he's not never what he is because they don't like what he is our third point big gateway so we have you know he just not ready for the job second we have the fact that nobody defence and a third you know
we have a very we have a big schism in our countries has more like cavernous grand canyon light fault line between their two sides the democrats and republicans ivan saving like it my lifetime but there's one thing i think we both agree as rare democrats republic zone agree how much but ladies and gentlemen people voters generally speaking i would say if you took a pole upwards of eighty five to ninety percent hate one thing more than anything what is that they hate influence peddling they hate it easily hated republicans hated democratic took our carlson's made it a a focal point of his eight p m faction every night companies corporate interests influence peddling and hurting people had process democrats have made a point out of court attacking corporations republicans and democratic way
point about attacking politicians to influence pedal people hate influence peddling why well many vinos graduate students psychology of popular may educational background alive because it i hated people talk about their education typically are just trying to tell you how smart our wish is really dumb but i remember reading a study about even in animals monkeys how it's not the food they get sometimes it's the food they get in relationship to other monkeys it matters in other words even animals understand fairness and unfairness letter would you give a monkey to bananas he's happy you give him too is there any stuffed and you give the other monkey three bananas the monkey gets pissed off its basically they can i obviously i'm i'm dumbing this dams ok significantly for the sake of michel eat what even animals understand the concept of unfairness edit really drives them crazy folks it drives
crazy to influence peddling drives people mad and it is personal for us because many of us have exe how many of you listen at their didn't get a job didn't get promotion one day because now that guy's connected folks i'm sorry but when i was a cop in new york city it was one of them worse systems for promotion i've ever seen once the promotions got political which is basically the captain level above the captain level there's a terrible you new york city kobza you'd i know you know it all he had a hawk where she had a hawk what is a hawk thought our fish work it's a hawk a contact you you out you can get anywhere near my pity without a hawk or a contact we ve all been victims of it now that set up why is this so
damaging to joe biden because ladies and gentlemen there is no bigger influence peddler in the history of modern politics then the dreadful joe biden you doubt me let me play this video last night this is president trump on the shore added he shall win a phone interview talking about they're not gonna let go this cranium global china influence peddling scandal joe biden is at the core of for one second and even though the democrats may have given by new path president trump is it good for him check this out well this area crazy it is it's not abed issue for the democrats and i want to bring it up they were obviously told you can bring that up so either people that are against if you look at joe there again so did i want to bring that up that was off bounds
certain reporters say that this is totally unsubstantiated it were started even ask you a question manderson where did he ask the question what are the debates that was so mild and a ridiculous answer is given because there is no answer to it of course its corrupt and so you really that answer and i go into the next question nobody says anything the other the other people that are running trying to beat him don't bring it up that wouldn't happen republicans i can tell you i'm not saying good better indifferent by that certainly wouldn't happen whether republicans and hit out at sea that will be a major issue in the campaign i will bring that up all the time because don't see any way out i don't see any way out the for them i don't see how they can answer those questions that maybe they can i hope they can we prefer that they can but i don't believe it will be able to answer those questions that was purely corrupt you already there
you heard from the president j tease mouth right they either let me go which is odd ladies and gentlemen because what is president trump been accused of by his liberal media holsters undemocratic by their democratic allies what has he been accused of quid pro quo in other words something for something in other words peddling his presidential influence it for it to get favours that's not the scandal that's a hoax he knows the real hope is by i'm gonna get to the two big things he's talking about present drop with regard to bind in ukraine to take away in a minute and this falls under sub section three here why pay hate influence peddling and why joe biden said a lot of trouble don't lose the bigger theme it i just want to quickly getting my last sponsor the day because our great and i needed today all max later if you're not using this product the new living with pain i feel for you because it
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anyhow republican senator ron johnson i addressed this the other day he they put out a year a senate letter requesting information as we can see in the examiner pc a republican centre seek subpoena its hunter binds charisma associates by madison devil republican centre ron johnson want some records from this company called blue stars trail blue star strategies or you talk about them the other day i am told by them again but setting johnson want some very specific records from blue star strategies what does boost our strategy is that it with the biden family and influence peddling which people always ate what blue star strategies was a sort of lobbying firm that was hired by the company joe biden kid hunter was working on in ukraine but charisma for a very lucrative deal very lucrative deal was eighty thousand dollars a month to sit on the board of a company he had no experience in that company than higher despite blue star who is in documented emails email
in people in the united states in the united states government mentioning binds name and others and apparently try they get meetings as they lobby them to make to you vested geishas into hunter biden company he sits on the border bereavement disappear these allegations are very serious very serious but what s interesting about this piece in the wash them examiner let's check out this little screen cap from the peace ron johnson republican centre want some very specific gregory's remember the names remember the names quote the senator added a blue star strategy supplied some documentation but key records were i turned over for the firm interesting records from an andre tell us schenken oh tell us shako notified
so that the records requested cannot be supplied voluntarily because of non disclosure agreements signed by the work for the firm ron johnson played the committee we need the support of the documents to legally mandate blue star strategies and tell us anko complete the full requests for documentation now this is fascinated me give you a little background i mean really ray of this one i've i woke up this morning stoke to talk about this because his story as become a the war for the liberal media the liberal media are terrified of two people right now and the democratic they wanted this credit them at every single turn one of them is andrey tallish anko the guy you just read about that ron johnson once is records while he worked for this company blue star deficit being the u s government to up allegedly make this investigation in the tourism hunter binds company go away the media hates tallish anko the liberal media they have attacked him at every single turn
flunkey had for the trump team you can't trust anything he says they hate teller go and they hate john solomon of now just the news that calm used to be at the helm before the hill shamefully turned on their best reporter they hate these two why because these to have all the goods on binds influence peddling in ukraine tell us shankar worked at the car but paid to peddle influence blue star that was trying to influence u s lawmakers to make the charisma investigation allegedly go away showing you how terrify they are tallish anko he worked there johnson like we need to see those record tell us sharing girl has become a targeted the liberal media so i there were so many articles attacking teller shako candidly i didn't know which one to put up but here's an
article by yahoo news attacking keller shako who apparently has all the goods on this influence peddling he's ukrainian notice yahoo news even in their shameless attack on tell us genco never disputes the facts of the case what are they action why is tell us shako such a threat you just told the stands because he was involved with this influence peddling company on behalf of biden and brazil it's not just that remember follow the money ladies and gentlemen everybody no each other here everybody's get paid everybody has something to lose yahoo news headlines rudy julie eyes met in ukraine and the origins of the biden conspiracy theory who are they talking about tell a shake up noticed a headline it's a conspiracy theory already although they dont dispute any the actual facts and the case there's something for you medical about what happened so they're trying yahoo because i was a hack site it's not a real journalism sides fake it's a fake new site the equipment of babylon be its assent i cite debt masquerading as journalism so why are they attacking
the shank o giuliani and the ukraine conspiracy theory despite not disputing any the fact obviously episode tell us anchor was involved with the company using hundred by his name to make an investigation into the company go away but it's not just that tell the shank o showed up in another anti trump scandal is well let's go to the yahoo news peace and see where tell us shako crept into the radar screen too member alexandra loop of the former dnc operative who left the dnc to go work on the poor man afford ukraine project number name should be a key spy gay player a central figure in both my box on this spy gate and exonerate if you want to read the details so called from yahoo news working for the dnc each a loop purportedly told tell us go now during a meeting at a cafe and george tat quote helluva
i have this story i'm working on a trumpet man afford i want to look ready information if you can find any dirt on his campaign office that you can give to me to take off the elections show lupus said according to tell us shankar wow that's just insane tell us shakos aspire gay player to which a loop whom i've information damaging it goes on to loop denied this account archie benighted jostled should all go away she said good nap jupiter this again as they do others you spoke on condition of anonymity not more not of resources because they were not authorized to speak to the media or feared retaliation hilarious their short quote here's chum loop herself who tells yonder's noticed she doesn't deny she does can i meet again she said quote hellish shakos somewhat i've never heard of until he was briefly introduced to me as a point of contact for
creating an american a bet i was working on she does it even then i debated and yet yahoo news says tell us shakos involved than a conspiracy theory despite the fact that the democrats operative trooper involve indeed take down of trump through poor metaphor the fake black ledger they got from ukraine on the record none of this is disputed the genesis of the whole spy gate operation the ukraine and back channel christopher steel the two main source of information no we did eyes anything and yet who news has to discredit tell genco by call anymore these man and it's a conspiracy theory despite the fact joe that they deny none of the facts of the case so tell us shako may have information about this lobby firm peddling
influence on behalf of hunter biden in his dad to make an investigation into their beryllium accompany go away while dad was the point man in ukraine where tourism is located ouch please tell us shake ourselves that he's got some info for us of course he has to be distracted by the liberal media he's just a conspiracy theories he said he met which a loop notes lupus saying that there's the core yahoo loose that's our polish tell us because they get a tulip was confirming a jeweled key spiky figure key central police were massive information laundering operation from ukraine back in the united states to spy on the twenty four if you're not watching the show and reading solomon stuff and others you missing the whole story the whole story you ve missed everything the media will not touch the biggest scandal of our time and yet the guy got information about spy gate and blue
our strategies and influence peddling nobody wants to talk to him but this republic a centre maybe it's not even mildly could know they are concerned other only concern about discrediting not hearing what he has to say i said to you the media's going after two people not just tell us go there going after john solemn and was become a daily thing now it's really disgraceful but nobody this is through the media anymore so does even matter eradicating pc that newspaper endorsements out i'll try to cover that's marcia from the wash examine newspaper endorsement nothing anymore she's nobody trusts the media so the media's done this to themselves which is good for us because now they trust real new sources like this show and john silence john solomon had a piece of december twenty nineteen talking about the other components sub section b of this section three of biden section why biden so we candidate people hate influence peddling blue dark elisha goes by gay but they got a bigger problem the buds
so be it show noticed from december twenty nineteen but is worth your time but you know that consolation newsletter by december seventeen twenty making headway john solomon reports latvian government says it flag suspicious hunter by payments and twenty sixteen so now we know that there is definitely an influence peddling operation going on this guy tell us anko information its credit amber john solomon expose this stuff in december of twenty nine all of a sudden he becomes a big target what did he expose well let's go to this take away from the johnny solemn and peace is oh it's a good one solomon found a memo from the latvian government that they gave him that adds to the mounting evidence there was an investigation going on surrounding hunter binds companies charisma holdings an hundred by compensation as it board member in the weeks just before by and by the way on video forced the firing of the press overseeing the investigation gas that sound really bad the latvian lord
and the memo identified a series of loan payments totalling about sixteen point six million dollars that were rooted from he's a belief in the united kingdom to bereavement through ukraine's provide bank between twenty twelve and twenty fifteen you mean the private bank that multiple press reports of this as this under investigation for suspicious activity that bank yet i step strange because on the flag funds were partially transport the hundred by a board member for reasons since may of twenty fourteen and three other officials working for the ukrainian natural gas company the latvian memo set folks why is this important can i just dumb this down so everybody gets it in the interests of time please do it sir john solomon has a official latvian government law enforcement memo saying we weren't
ass the gating potential money laundering suspicious payments rooted to a bank under investigation provide bank in roundup up in the pocket of hundred by not all of it but a lot of it we were investigating that february twenty sixteen why doesn't matter what else and right after that memo came out hey we're looking into these payments to your son honour by all over that's when the biden on tape by the way that's when he admits to pushing out the prosecutor in the february march twenty sixteen i might so what you're telling me is hunter biden was under investigation by the latvian government first a legend role in a potential money laundering scheme to provide bank which was under investigation accordant multiple reports themselves
the same time he's under investigation biden is on tape admitting that net timeframe he demanded that the prosecutor looking into it be fired wait wait there can't be joe the media's already told us that binding demanded the firing of this prosecutor shokhin but there was no active investigation go onto his katy only wanted and fire because he was corrupt or whatever story they made up if there was investigation go onto his kid then how john solemn and get a hold of the latvian government memo that says not only was there investigation going on here is the memo saying it was going on right as you demanded joe biden that the prosecutor be fire where's the media on this ladies and gentlemen nobody disputes the authenticity of the member and the media doesn't care because they know the pub
hates influence peddling and they know joe biden is the monarch of all influence peddlers anywhere in politics and this story is devastating is one more about this just to show you the time i marries up from john solomons peace case you think i'm just on the side of my caboose here so shocking it was a prosecutor overseeing a wide ranging ukrainian investigation of charisma and he said he was making plans to interview hunter biden when he was i buy ukraine's present parliament in march of twenty sixteen under pressure from joe biden by is defenders of if seti the firing shokhin because ukraine prosecutors ineffective corruption fighter shokhin alleges he dismissed because he wouldn't end the bereavement probably german everybody knows that's the reason everybody every media hacks liberal lunatics they all know the truth
biden son was under investigation it was active it was ongoing it was in multiple countries it's over millions of dollars and suspicious transfers in money massive influence peddling and the media is desperate to make this go away their total joke ladies and gentlemen a total joke that john salmon report story will be in the show notes today as well it is definitely worth you time another good one and i have to wrap it up on this the tremendous work of chalk ross surface this again daily collar again one of the few legitimate media outlets out there peter saw another great investigator border and shock ros exclusive yesterday story of being shown shoulder up upon gino report that come to keep in one of our top story when people here folks influence peddling look at this one p decided us exclusive hunter biden counted he's connections last year
pitching you see i lay law on letting you teach a drug policy course gosh sets there are a number of odd reasons yes the yeah ok for out of respect for our friends i believe it i just are the influence peddling only the hunter by is touting is connections to biden and be as as dad and its ability to get all these fancy guess in an effort to get a job teaching drug policy again we talking about criminality here now probably not people do it all the time they hated it's gonna cause people influence peddling people are victims of growth of their people hated but this is more evidence again that but you creates of israel is their criminality will see its devastating the information but get this story by hassan and chuck ross is just more evidence that hunter biden was completely totally unqualified for anything
positions he wanted and we simply using his family name the right that wave and people hate these stories because they reflect poorly and joe biden craftspeople people hate influence peddling i hope some site and get everything today but are covered tomorrow have got some stuff on humor and but not just reach humor had this stupid quota by the supreme court but i got more showing illiberal hypocrisy there i'm going to new york times story about carter page it's a good one a real good one and has been some developments in your times desperate to get out ahead of this and then interesting piece by molly hemingway which will get into our please don't miss tomorrow show subscribed to a youtube shall youtube dot com slashed by jean over almost four hundred thousand subscribers and i really appreciate your support sorry but the roadshow yesterday but i think you all right we can figure out you just heard bonn gino she followed then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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