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Why is the Media Hiding This Bombshell? (Ep 1313)

2020-08-04 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the Democrats’ growing fears that Joe Biden is losing his grasp on the election, and reality. I also address the explosive evidence that the plot to take out the Trump team began as far back as 2007. 

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bungee now so they're really doubling down on trying to hide job. I M not just sticking em in the basement now. I think they want to stick em like a cave, underneath debasement behind a locked door with light bulbs are dead. To make sure you can't get out the but it is growing every day the media's in a panic here would you would think the disinterested media would be interested in getting more information visa, be debated right, that's what actual media people do. I got that got an interesting behind the scenes gonna take from so my police officer phrase about which really going on on this it's in New York and why there's been this explosion in shootings interesting? I think you can enjoy that one or not enjoy that one. If you know what I mean, the information truly terrible and What this is argument breaking out of a where the steel dossier came from, I think it's a mess.
I want to show you something interesting. I talked about a long time ago. The one viral and speech I made and is to be anything, don't go anywhere. The movie script, some of your- and I remember the movie script. I know Joe theirs, but we'll get that they should, but you may express Bbn go get yourself a vip. Today and protect your online data from prying eyes? Where do you get it go to express Vps, dotcom, slash, bungee, no doorway welcome then by GINO, show precision. How are you today well as well I'm doing very well inimitable a huge rainstorm met. Yet I don't know if we lose Joe during the show, is going through a monsoon up there in Maryland. We will have more just pretend these their mother, I do agree for drug running. I was gonna sell view regret that doesn't sound like Joe. It probably isn't this by really doing if they joker. Let's go right. You gotta loaded, show tracer mighty by Africans, cracking Free C b, they all bags cry of receiving less a living life debate is the worst believe me. I know why the feeling this conflict effect
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or the Clinton Epstein debacle, the resources I've been solid, their information has been vigorous, robust tested is proven time and time again to be legit. My source are telling me biogas losing it. I said that yesterday the shell performed exceptionally well. Because I titled it what you really need to know about Joe Biden folks, I can't tell you to vote for its adoption We're ballot in a free society. Thank the Lord that using his name in vain for that. Thank the Lord were free society, I'm just telling you if casting your vote for Joe Biden you're about to vote for a man who is losing. Is it commits a reality by the moment I'm not kidding. I say with no ill will I say that no celebratory tone. That would be second arranged. I say that because people sources are telling me he's not there, he there and it's getting worse on it.
Increasingly it's not recent reaching it as until it's getting worse fast, he's attached to reality. Here is much. About this story like it gets worse. Aid always gets worse. What worse about this story. Ladies and gentlemen, is the media- knows this and absolutely refused to report on it. Only a they refusing to report on his increasingly worsening cognitive decline and is lessening attachment to reality dear covering up fort and cut. This is the worst part about this whole store, they're not only covering it up, they don't want you to see it yeah, that's the worst part. And where would you see? Where would the most now the largest number of people where would they see first hand the rap?
Lee? Sadly, I mean I don't wish ill will want anybody. Politics is politics. My I lose my moral spine. Wait an election wish your will on anybody, but where would the most People, the largest group of people, see Joe Biden rapidly deteriorating situation. The answer is obvious. The verdict is in the debates, debate, which will be watched. By tens of millions. I said to you yesterday, Democrats or docking debates now and their media activists liberal allies inside the mainstream media, which is no longer. Ensuring the radicals now covering had Tipp the Reagan, because in accounted social media. Here's what they put out yet. Here's a montage media people trying to cover up for the fact that they don't want bide, none the debate. Now, because you are all going to see what I just told you New York Times. Let scrap the presidential debates. Sierra political analysts makes plea for by not debate trump. Here's another.
By Peter Lucas Biden: better, walk back any offers to debate Trump Newsweek supporters, Joe Biden not to debate trump applaud hosts for cancelling over covert nineteen return. Folks, again, the meat as it is a disgrace in this country, their disgrace? I'm all about the free press all about period full! Stop! No caveats, GEO, break the law and threat someone freak. You are free to write what you want. As I say, often with that freedom. I respect you are free to be stupid. You take us up in that opportunity every single time pitch it s. The p he hopes and all that others. Are you just a bunch of discredited losers like nobody really try? You understand that right, I showed you there actually Ios Harold Harris Ball less. We remember that would show the media during covered nineteen crisis. The corona virus crises in the media is only one of two entities that is lost, more trust in the corona virus Christ.
The media and the airlines. Nobody trusts! You your! Why you have one job, one, just one get people the fact, so they can make informed decisions. You can't even do that right. These literally some of the dumbest people on the planet. You have one job if you gavel maker. This thing is really stood. The test of time is it. Did. We get a lot of things. People send this. This suckers bet around forever from gavel person who said this is absurd. It was the characters, but this they say. If you're one job is to make Gavel- and you the gavel, the gavel falls apart, you failed your devil, sucks, you're one. In the media is to tell people the facts, and you can't even do that right. Nobody believes you cannot believe you're a joke. That's. Why shows like us, have exploded in popularity exploded? popularity, because people know not being lied to, and if we get some wrong we. Should we corrected, unlike the collusion hucksters who have yet to apologize for line to America now
showing you again how this situation, ladies and gentlemen, is getting dramatically worse by the minute's speaking again about Joe Biden has cognitive decline. Again. This is not You get any enjoyment, I know you know, but to see that you are about to vote for a man is going to take hold of the nuclear codes, who has no good Bon reality role here is Joe Biden again clip number six thousand four hundred, eighty six losing his attachment whatsoever reality during an interview and what you to listen for the trickier here's! What Biden does frequently loses his attack. From into what is thinking about train of thought. He loses it and waiting forgets. What he's talking about did you notice is show he always calls it the thing he member that equipped before he said
the constitution and the bill of rights in these? I just think you know that, but the thing the things he forgets mid sent made me the sentence. It saddens mid sense. He forgets what he's talking about made sense. Any calls it the thing, watch him. Do it again. Listen for the thing check this out. You know, there's a during world war, two I, our Roosevelt, came up with a thing that you know was totally different, then a then this call. He called the war forgery at the World WAR Production Board. My guess if someone's either talk in his ear, or some kind of like signs by I'm not kidding to remain he clearly doesn't know what he's talking about the war. Productivity loses its midst. It's sense. He entered uses what he's gonna talk about Roosevelt did this thing, forgets the name of it mid sentence
I guess it's someone's either talk in his ear folks or somebody's, reminding him on a cue card or something what the name of it is, and he calls it the thing in They can come up with it. Again. This isn't just one thing: every candidate Trump included me when I was on a campaign. Everybody makes full pause. You say things you want to take back, you're tired campaign a really exhausting. They are even from your basement, if you, if you're doing twenty the interviews a day from your basement? What she's not but I'm not trying to make excuses for the man? I'm just trying to give you an honest assessment like the media, well of what actually going on people make mistakes? It's up, by makes mistakes that he makes them. There's that in modern interview, I've seen literally not figure that an interview I've seen what, by of any substance where he does say something so ridiculous or lose his grasp on reality were used. I'll, be wondering right now what the heck is going on. I want to highlight quick. As my elect
block here, because it is important to have an electrical up. You know red states got an article up to these. Poles are tightening up folks. I think people are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with Joe Biden as a presidential candidate. Right now I think there really starting to understand that some of, who don't let you have the approach from crowd, ravishing and of offer troubling may include. We get that my wife, Joe, what you everybody gets around. Then you have the people in the middle who, I think, are starting to realise Biden. Just not there. He sat there. Then you have the anti tribe crowded both provide no matter what, but I think that people in the middle of starting to realise- and you can see trumps approval ratings, going up that, even if they don't like trumps personnel, de the bravado, the persona, the machismo kind of thing you see, the Red Sea peace. His approval rate is going up anyway, because by nature, did you can't trust them? This piece is up in the show notes today by Nick, which is the same Adams approval soaring voter enthusiasm outstripping not abide support, as you see that now, and, interestingly enough trumps approval by rats
right now. Fifty fifty one percent, which is good Obama's at the same time, Joe, is forty four percent of Tell me, like our troubles, is the eighth. It's over, it's old folks, barred pass, not predicting anything at this point of staying out of the predictions came up simply telling you any of these apocalypse. Predictions Trump is doomed, has no chance of winning or just absurd. You can sideline all those. Let me move on. I've got a lot of material covered include. Stop from yesterday in debt to so. As you know, I maintain a pretty good network of sources and law enforcement, federal local state now swear and some people who I met as Byproduct of doing the shell they show up at books, findings whenever they may be. I may tell I met to seven nine. You know to seven nine I met through you know. Correspondence is, let's say, and having a show and having an audience people reach out to me. I get a lot of email We ve, you know, we ve got him of course, make sure that Korea from police officers and otherwise answer
My contacts, if I give me inside scoop about what's happening on the street immenseness on had at last night, why do do Sean Hannity? Show nine o clock by the way she added will be a guest on the show. We will have an interview show this week, be shot inanity, he teach them ass. I don't mess it within a lot Friday or Saturday thanks for listening to the Gutfeld interview. So we can talk about his new book showing live, free or die really good reading. It now got the kids you that song. But I mentioned last night, the real street situation, why you're shootings in homicides exploding and, paradoxically, why they exploding shootings in homicides. But why are other crime category even some violent crimes down down that doesn't make sense. Then we ve heard liberal cities are exploding in with crime. They are the worst crime of audio shootings in homicide can come back from now on your dad
the end of it, but other categories of crimes. Even violence has been going down. That doesnt seem doesn't seem to make artisans sense. Let's go through this one by one. First, what really going on, and wire shootings and homicides up and to be crystal clear because we do facts up dramatically in Brill run cities, and so where fighting our variables correctly, unlike mainstream media, lose who loved the lie to you when I A liberal cities. I'm discussing cities here Chicago, knew that our man, Ballistic, we run by liberals, their city councils Their city governance boards, there, sir, commission's their mayors are all liberals, Superman Yard. Cargo near you understood, Republicans, have almost no power almost none, they can filibuster things. They have no majorities. You gave it I'm saying so when we but the explosion in Tunisia, homicides in liberal run cities, that's on defining the very
viable precisely unlike media lunatics, who never give you precise definitions. I say exploding, I'm talking specifically about Chicago in New York. What's going on? Well he's my card that should tell him it's it's. What I call this attitude jeez, don't forget this its gangs, kids, you on the street, with grievances that have had these grievances for a long time. Now, when I say kids in adults on this. You were have grievances, I'm I'm! I'm talking about sociopath, Let's talk about like Joe and I have a grievance over a show where Joe made an added. Oh, my god shall what you had a bad at it at stakes. Joel our civil civilized folks who, when I can join Like the challenge you to Hamilton Bird Duel, New Jersey on a clever what you're, what I but to do that well grown adults who are going to talk about policy Madame last Friday. The day we working
because it's me Paul. I've set it on the Got Belgium became kind of along tat became. The idea of you show a totally off the rails of old boys. So where is but we're adult? That's not. What some of these criminal, these criminal, this criminal elements in the street when they have grievances, Joe allotted It turns deadly, they also get to the guy. Thing in a minute, but you may Well if they ve had these grievances for a long time? Why Shootings in homicides, spiking right now, sadly, that these grievances for awhile? Well, let's take a little deeper. This is my law enforcement Fred. These sociopath industry, drug lords, whenever they are hate each other who would have whacked each other sooner what doing so years ago, in cases number one because a lot of whom were already in jail deepen our Rachel credible I'm on vat being sarcastic here, because one when I just told you with true but
two. It doesn't require a deep analysis when Eddie Giuliani and even more, bloomberg- who continue with the mayor of New York City, both to major New York City and even Buber, who continued some of Rudy Giuliani, policing, broken windows policies, they aggress we police, the city again, I dont mean aggressive physically, but they were the hunting people down I mean aggressive in that they enforce the law. Viewers, deal around the corner and you got caught within when contain Roper container liquor, you're not allowed to drink in the streets in your I'm not debating whether that's a good or bad. I'm just telling you what it's! Ok, unlike the media, you would probably get a sea summons that if the cop was gonna write a summons, he would give you up a pat down around your ways to make sure you have a gun. You wouldn't shoot him while he was writing something. That's you're allowed to do tat. Well, When we started doing that New York City people got caught urinate, public, open, container, disorderly conduct and they
padded down a lot of those guns with these people who had grievances got taken off the because a guy who is gonna be arrested for an open container which now arrested for what US criminal possession of fire. The Juliana you're a double down by may give it. You know they were basically mandatory sentences for a lot of these people as well, so the work got out the street with these sociopath grievances and fights within beast with their other. You know drug dealers, other people and a neighborhood. The word got out. Carry a gun industry. These guys or toss you frisk you for you know been. Containers are disorderly conduct you gonna go to jail for a year. These gentlemen, Let us talk there not stupid, they have crimson, enterprises. They have them run, do they're, not dumb they're. Not they know what they're doing so What would actually be pretty good business people they get out of the criminal business word around the New York dog carry a gun?
what did they do? I remember this, when I was a cop dates, groups, and you know they still wanted protection, so they keep the gun and they put it like that. Her bag and stored on a bench next to them. So learn this cops again to go in get the scene to now I would say at my gun, you couldn't arrest anyone for police. You got the gun off the street. If you saw you gave him say: what's yours ok gonna vouchers? We can imitate right right, you see what I'm saying a word: gotta criminals from hot stupid folks, their maintaining their enterprises to their illegal, but they're doing it. Nobody's doing out anymore they're, not tossing p well they're, not frisking people. It's a chapter, four frisking, Dana frisking people for this orderly conduct their not frisking p for drug possess, they're, not doing area that so guy why guy body carry our guns again and when the
I who had the grievance against the guy, I don't get too complicated for now these bodies carrying a gun. You don't want to get whack so carries, is gone to see each other and it's the Wild West Pool Bobo Bobo Bobo these matters, it's a wild west! It's not What are you what movie. Another here's, the other guy got shot, he's gotta get shot, I'm going to get my gun do. This is what folks None of this is complicated to understand. You have people with long. Standing Street grievances, drug fights, turf wars wherever they may be, combined. That would rival gangs who hated each other forever. Who now get word amongst the street grievance crowd that you carry a gun, you're, not gonna, get locked up in there shoot each other up, so we're gonna shoot up each other. To this is not hard to figure out criminals. Talk
So that's element number one wire shootings in homicides up, because people have no fear being did for carrying guns, anymore grievances savings pass an alternative gunfights, not grievances and gangs. Taking notes are nobody's gettin, pinched forgone possessing matters, while carriers, where the toughest gang down will show you. I want to be like the cowboy It's from tombstone or something now. Second part: this is a real paradox for people to figure out. Why is why are other categories of crime down? In some cases down dramatically burglaries, any case a street robberies but shootings in violent crimes? I have these. Liberal cities are becoming violent, wild west like TAT, which they are by the way why or other violent crimes. Then I said the sunshine of felicity probably get to sleep, pick a habit tat again folks, the economies in these largely liberal, run city, Chicago and New York to be fair. As a result, the corona Virus- and I thank you
simply the liberal piles of what to do with it, but a lot to do with the corona virus. Misinform dopey, lockdown two economies are so bad. Now he's coming into the city. So what's the problem, Joe there's no one tomorrow there's nobody on the streets. We gotta mug economic, the pigeon there's nobody there? Now? Why would burglaries be down? I asked Paul s time when in the bed she was almost trying to sleep whatever s. Why do you think figured out right away. She smart check if people are home all the time they're not going to work, so burglaries are down to don't kick. Why am I telling you any of this because I watched Marie Harf. I think it was on Fox as soon as I see a lot of these liberal comments.
Do the same thing: wages Joe my talk about it yesterday, relationship there, unemployment benefit and this study. That's a scam. You have to learn to pick a part. Liberal now his piece by piece, their new narrative about exploding crimes and largely liberal cities, shootings in homicides, which is a very real there, are dead bodies to prove it their new narrative is well other category. Crimes are down here. That's because the economies are so bad that there's nobody there to rob. That's not a marker of success. Please the verdict is Please stop saying that: that's really dumb there Nobody d mug, burglaries you down, because everybody's home is not what the Astor burglarize and what are the other arguments there making? Which of course an element of true Joe and brigades and weaves a fantastic narrative from it. That's not true. You have torn up
this through the rather narrative I've heard them say the liberal talking heads on television is well, violent crime and shootings in Tunisia The case is enormous. I drew up in some cities what republican mayors too. They are not wrong. There are cities with republican mayors out there that have seen a blip in shooting Tulsa Jacksonville with Lenny Curry, and that may have tosses republican too. But again folks, you have two parts and see what they're doing they try to distract. You. Though shootings are up and is something homicide sharp are, but they are are by maybe ten fifteen percent cities run by Democrats, they're up twenty five. Set or more in many cases and in New York in Chicago, in some cases triple digits when it comes to shooting. So again, your point is what
that, yes, there shootings in homicides spiten in republican cities put far more in democratic. That's your point to defend the Democrats, on shore, where you going with this? I am I mad. The missing your point here,. I miss message. You don't have what you have to learn a parse through their nonsense and, ladies gentlemen, it's always nonsense. I let me get to my second point. I want to get to the job under the movie script, its back yeah yeah, oh good movie script is back. What's the movie script. Why does it relate the spy gate but just eat? I get. There are second sponsor bit. Ladies gentlemen, the plot to take our trump started, two thousand and seven seven, that's on every possible died. I hear me out we'll get to our international support to my friends that we, the people, got one They want a different age. Show you the constitution also, but sometimes I like this one is the more simple. This is black, simpler, look, but still
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I want to do that, but these spying scandal on President Trump is the biggest political scandal of our time. There is not even a close second, it's very simple Obama, Hilary and a bunch of political operatives. They paid spied on the president and got the FBI, the basically open criminal cases against their political this is no more complicated than that, but I want to bring this up today because some of the high quality sources I rely on who were cited in my an export coming out, followed the money where I addressed by the way extensively. Some of the things you're going to see her. Actually the George Soros Connection, which I haven't even mentioned. Yet it's in my points of its like the whole first, two chapters of my book. One of the arguments breaking out is ok. If all this stuff was fake gate, the DAS, is Facon. They used to spy on Trump. Well, where did it come from? I M It argues that don't get me wrong about downplaying the terrific social media, researchers and really important
Have you social media to investigate that question, I'm simply suggesting in the end, for the bigger you know store. It doesn't really matter what matters is. The information was faint, the Obama administration knew it the f B. I knew it. Hillary Clinton knew it and they use that despite Trump anyway. But if we're going to get into that debate, about who exactly made up the PPP Cape stuff and where exactly did this russian collusion hoax originate I want to make sure I can go back to this, because this covered in my second book on this topic, exonerated. Am I an export, follow the money where it talks about the sorrows connection I'm want to get too in a minute. I want to go back to this too two thousand and seven two zero zero, seven article by gland. Simpson Glenn Simpsons Company fusion, GPS is the company that put its stamp on the dossier. They were paid to produce the dossier. They paid a british spy right. This dossier, current Simpson, as we
see here used to be a reporter. Really, yes, with his wife marriage, a for the Wall Street Journal. Here's this go from two thousand seven. I call the movie script: how lobbyists help Ex Soviet Washington back in two thousand? seven, the guy Hilary paid to grab the dossier, get it out. I was writing articles about how Russians are trying to woo people in Washington. Yes, yes, ladies and gentlemen, if you compare Christopher Steele dossier who worked with Simpson on it, the pee pee tape stuff the fake stuff. If you compare it to this article in two thousand and seven that Glenn Simpson, his wife wrote going to be like my gosh, it sounds like it's almost the same thing. That's why all this two thousand seven article from the what was journal by Simpson, the movie scrap the movie script. To take down trump. Ladies and gentleman was already written matter of fact. They tried the same tactic:
John Mccain when he read for present you to know that here that's in my book too. I remember the John Mccain rushing collusion scandal, yet nobody asked neither did happen. Nobody s remembers it because you Push was president when John Mccain was running against Obama at bushes,. Didn't allow it to go anywhere. You Obama team the FBI to be used, you get it, you dig where this whole dossier, peeping tape, russian collusion think start starts work back a few thousand seven. Let me look out for you bit by bit today, I want to show you how the same exact cast the characters appear in two thousand and seven by glens, upset member he's the one paid to produce the dossier, but so Sin has always said not Christopher Steel data. We paid him and he had this network of sources mother as all garbage. It's all garbage this risk. I'm sorry story from the start. Look let's go to screen shot one from the movie script. The baltic region, again, this is from two thousand seven they're talking about this.
There's this guy Leonid Raymond Remit federal investigation in the? U S over money laundering is locked in a high stakes battle with must our conglomerate alpha for control of a russian Telecommunications Empire alphabet. Why does this matter so? Two thousand seven Glenn Citizen same guy, running this whole dossier operation back in two thousand seven talking about this alpha financial Bank place half awaited. They appear again totally we're day appear Christopher steals Darcy. I alpha two thousand seven back in the be. Thus, here here is an article by national Review by Tobias, never pronounces less last, but that's ok does good. Stop these articles by the way will be in the show notes today, but you know that calm, Slash, newsletter, Rina, their older, but they're worth your time, but you know that jobs newsletter subscribed to the newsletter. That is too short here, Mr Tobias, still
claims Clinton lawyer provided a tip about Trump campaign contacts with the russian Bank, so Christopher Steel, whose working with Simpson The same guy, who wrote about Alpha Bank in two thousand seven got a tip about a ban. No way that bank will be. How far from the Democrats, The sea and the lawyers they hired, who were working, receives in no way well, let's go to, sure view peace? Yes, what's so you claim that a deposition that is infamous dossier that the founders of alpha bag- oh my gosh same offer from that two thousand, seven article had illicit ties, the pool. And acted as an undercover messaging channel between Quick Guard, the Kremlin and the Trump organization. He said. Questioning from the lawyer the bank owners to shoot him for defamation that he referred. Nah July, twenty nine twenty! Sixteen is Chris. We're still that he was told the story by Perkins Kui lawyer, these Democrat lawyers there and former deal
J official, Michael Saucepan, who we know is meeting with the F B. I don't get too lost in the detail or folks, because the deed stout matter they dont in this case What really matters is back in two thousand seven Christopher Glenn substance Use means written about alpha bag. Alpha bag magically peers in a dossier years later to target Trump ads says he heard the information from lawyers working with Simpson is gets even better. Looking, second screenshot from National Review where waste. Said, gives steel instructions. He gives a very specific instructions. It says I want you to absolutely linked to this serve Should the alpha bank servers are still valid this is in a court deposition that fusion GPS found their Glenn Simpson again, the guy who wrote the Wall Street Journal. These two thousand seven about alpha, asked it after the meeting the meeting about alpha with the Democrat lawyers to write up a member that was quote apps
only a definitely linked to the alpha. The server issue involving Alpha Larry's, ladies and gentlemen, since it had this movie script and the whole time they just a race. The names and put Trumpeter Alpha Bank work in Annexes two thousand, seven heretic we can connect to the trumpet many a server in the trunk power and alphabet. Is there any real connection? No, no! It's all made up, but still go talk to them. But I will tell you more about it and then right a memo absolutely linking them. The alpha again Simpson made this up. I thought was called the steel dossier. What's the Simpsons Theo help or dossier, all had a role at it. You don't think the store start in two thousand seven guy Dan Alpha bag Pearson Glens. Article coincidences article appears in the dossier stuff- that's gotta,
That is that we got our on others. More thought is more stand down stairs and easy. As I said, the Academy stand easy. Here's a movie, Scrip Wall Street Journal does this happen? Such screenshot number, two crazy Joe, who appears ear Paul Matter, back in two thousand seven, who thousands seven, no way, yes way, yeah way. Ski poor metaphor. Former adviser to Mr Dolls presidential campaign, is advised the ukrainian metals billion Eric, close political ally. Viktor Yanukovych who favour closer ties with the Putin administrations are just to be clear back in two thousand seven. Thirteen years ago, Glenn Simpson Effusion GPS. Hoop he's Christopher Steel is writing. An article is really concerned about. Poor man affords ties the Russia. This is two thousand and seven manifold, then magically appears in the trunk campaign. We're em. What have
Matter for all the sudden becomes a target of an FBI investigation based on a fake black you're of payments allegedly made the manifold. Do you not believe me check out this article by Solving many was over the hill before they went crazy, John Solomon, the hill FBI B, warned early and often that the metaphor file might be a fake User, anyway, so clear for everyone debate in this debate away. I read all your stuff, you guys are all great forever in debating the did. The information start would steal, then check. Go all got all these people all good questions. I'm gonna throw out to you that the large majority of the fake people dossier was a story Chris Simpson wrote two thousand seven. All of the players who reappear in the dossier
its trump and if they reappear, they are targeted based on fake information, like metaphor, where they produced magically a fake dossier. Called the black ledger that appeared out a Ukraine. Look, we got to investigate metaphor. We ve got this lead Europe. Its use mating pay taxes, it was all fake, it was all fake, is often just like the alpha bag. Trump tower connection, fake. But they needed fake information because they needed to go back to Christopher, simply Glenn subsidy she's means movie script to make it seem that it was real. Sarah Dan Alpha appears in two thousand seven. I can't you got anything else. I always do. Of course, this is a fascinating one. Back in two thousand seven good Simpson rights in the Wall Street Journal about all that Pasqua, who s close ties to the Kremlin and emerge from the aluminum wars of the nineties, with a virtual monopoly on the nations aluminum production
thereupon has long been dogged by allegations from rivals that he uses bribery, intimidation and violence to amass his fortune or lack thereof Pasqua. So we know back in two thousand seven Glenn Simpsons really interesting. The Bank Math Bank, appears in the dossier against Trump wow. Crazy interested in poor matter for it appears in the dossier would trump crazy using fake information authorities. Now we know Darrow Ask is that you doesn't seven article there's no way he reappeared in the scheme to take down trump inspired right. Of course, Syria Here's! Let's go to this Fox NEWS, article yeah, every single tat, Fox NEWS Democrats senator Mark Warner, who conveniently beside the intelligence community targeting Trump texted with a rush nor oligarch lobbyists in an effort to contact the dossier. Author, Christopher Steel, who is the russian oligarchy,
no way, ladies and gentlemen, yes way, it's all a narrow Pasqua, who appears back in the two thousand seven movie script. Article bike lanes, Simpson, paid by Hillary Clinton, degenerate fake information on Donald Trump. Now you may, Say gosh this can't get any worse! Ladies and gentlemen, as I say everyday, it always gets worse, always Everyone Glenn Simpson seems to be interested in this journalism career. If you want to call it that back in two thousand and seven seems the magically reappear in this fantastic peeping tape story, he writes again to target Donald Trump. He talked a movie script. Simpson, I attach fake information to real name's, Christopher Steel. Then check go and others and just had them rewrite a dossier. I told you he was instructed by simply to put this stuff in their citizen, wrote this here's the last one from
movies, is actually more and air, but in the interests of time I want to keep this short sweet this. Second, because it's a good my wanted. The punch So we also rights around about this guy Dmitri Offer Tash. He says, where's company. Hurrah call these control by Dimitrios vertex ukrainian businessman, who acknowledges the company's major shareholders once included, makes MR mobilise vetches, wife. So back in two thousand seven, a guy, Glenn Simpson has an unusual interests in this guy Dimitrios vertex. Here's where the case gets interesting with George Soros angle. Just x, you write the got so who Dmitri offer cash? What are you sure? for tat, is a business rival of the infamous George Soros? You know liberal Billy, Our mega donor who's got his tentacles all kinds of things, Races in the United States, political action committees. Liberal causes everywhere far left
Anti law and order district attorney's races, Soros is money is everywhere for cash is an enemy sorrows, and it's interesting that Glenn Simpson has a real interest in fur. Cash in China take furtive down source of aiming to do with that. You may soon it's an interesting angle. How does that relate to the dossier that appeared nor the eighty Trump conspiracy theories had appeared later on? Let's go to another article at the formerly excellent held now a pile of trash but John Sound and was still there. It was great, they'll? U S, embassy pressed Ukraine to drop probe of George Soros during the twenty sixteen election remember. This story is fascinating for Cash Simpson writes about new movie. Script is an enemy of George Soros, a business, a business rival
Sir, serves as a real interest. Infer TAT s not a good one from that he'll peace. This gets really interesting. So there's a memo that circulate including a charge of the Ukrainians. The Soros team wanted to have pursued in we are somewhat ties. The matter forward who magically appears in a movie script Il Signor LAW. Horsemen officials confirmed the solemn and that the early cryptography collaboration inside Ukraine. Listen to this lady highly visible: U S, actions against the oligarchy Dimitrios for cash, a major targeted Soros Group boy. So just to be clear, back in two thousand seven Glenn Simpson who is working on it RCA I want to show you in a second later on, is funded by a Soros related group Simpson years ago, at an interesting Soros business rival. Who is it?
by law enforcement contact, Solomon S Soros wanted prosecuted. Why did the same forecasts prosecuted, Simpson, furtive Soros Vertex for tat matter? For it, ladies and gentlemen, some movie script, the whole thing was written in two thousand seven. It was tried against Mccain. It didn't work. It was just recycle garbage use depressed Trump later. The origin of these stories is clear. How much this service have to do with this again. The first two chapters of my book by its common out Toby Computer, now follow the money my best one yet are about this Soros angle that no one wants to talk back their afraid of the alone. It takes it. Media matters we d be no care at all their manufacturing to bring it up. It only encourages me to talk about a more right, more books. Hear talk about source our talk about whenever I want so George Services, business opponent was a targeted, Glenn. Simpson too. As far back as two thousand and seven an appeal,
On some not do not prosecute miss, but a go and prosecute list go get this guy for cash cirrhosis group want that to take out a business rival have anything to do with one citizens interest in four attached. I'm just checking I'm just asking. The question is: that of is that? Ok, we will have to do that You'll have to find one more thing. Mr one more thing any such gotta, this Federalist article George Soros and is fascinating to bypass Paul from a while ago, again be up in the shortest Soros funding they are sharp constructing media echo chamber to push impeachment fascinating. Look at this little take away from the peace by George Soros seems to have the exact same enemies as Glenn Simpson, who wrote about the people so that democracy, integrity project is like Dan Jones, the democracy integrity, practically takes money from service by the way who for our Diane Feinstein. It employs.
Key opposition, research figures behind the salacious and unverified dossier, fusion jeep as Co. Further Glenn Simpson, an Ex british intelligence officer, Christopher Steel. Its financial backers include accurately rob Reiner billionaire activists, George Soros. So Simpson rights it back in two thousand and seven and lead Simpson about Dmitri of Fur Tash Soros doesn't like four Tash. Allegations surface that Soros once Vertex prosecuted in Ukraine, conveniently to hide Ukraine and impeachment hoax develops against tromp was looking into what happened in Ukraine. We then five out that Soros his one of his groups is fine sing. A Democrats, therefore, whose then paying Simpson and steel and others, to continue to look in the dossier, the say people I need the George Services business opponent and taking up down a while back,
for for my voucher for furthest? Just saying you don't find that a little unusual that George Soros, whose he is clearly filtering down into the dossier project funded by hill Clinton, the sorrow steam and others that this enemies. Some Soros are the enemies of the sky, Glenn Simpson, who put together the whole dossier which the unified, that little bit unusual, crazy, crazy, how their message only the biggest story of our time is a movie script. Folks, there's always a movie script. The old names were scratched out highly barber Bob Those were the names and the two thousand seven article Republicans by the way, and they were replaced, wait Donald Trump and John Mccain. It's really no more complicated than that. Outside a metaphor, none of these people had any attachment to the Trump campaign at all. It was all made up alpha bank, the man afore Black
I guess it's all garbage. Let me get onto my last sponsor- and I want to talk about this video here in this article, about the teaches you this is getting we're in an email. I gotta get a mention the teachers, nay, but an email. I got this very important, so don't go anywhere. It's gonna be an important signal. I finally today show by two by friends at cars, for kids. This and if you have a cards taken up space sitting in your driving, you not use it you're, paying insurance on a serious question. Why? Why are you doing that? Give it a bit donated to cars? For kids? That's k, a are ass. The number for kids cars for kids, many of you ve, heard the Jingo one, as such. It is that everybody in Europe. You know that you ve heard hunt is its policy like laughing. Could she knows? I can't you go very well and I'm a terrible single, but I enjoy it. It is the greatest jingle. Ever you get a tax reduction in a vacation voucher. Here's how worse cars for kids
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That's k a are ass. The number for kids K, ideas, dot, Org, Slash bond GINO that's cars. K are ass. The number for kids that or cars for kids, dot, org, slash, bungee, no cars, the number for kids dot, Org, Slash Pontio. They give you the donation experience you deserve a deserve again: cars for kids that or slash bungee no go today. Good cause, you ok man, you don't like my jingles data and it is a good thing It is it's a data bank in the racial. I love despite its staffing and only comes up once in a while, is a good opportunity by Serbia, this article, the wash you journalists and, ladies and gentlemen, this again, I can't say that's enough: I don't want to keep repeating content, but I'm just as a friendly reminder
Through the teachers unions out there, you are making a catastrophically awful decision trying to extort parents into making bad decisions by keeping their kids out of school terrible, worse decision ever. Here's the journal, article, nine, About school, opening extortion, teachers unions are using carbon nineteen as a political weapon. Again, I can't think of a more disgusting thing to do now before I get it through the segment. I wanna be Crystal clear. The teachers unions are totally disgracing themselves. Totally. It's it's! It's! It's beyond inmates, disgusting, so gross right. Now that whoever's TAT you. This is a long term strategy to get parents on your side by extorting them and threatening their not teach. Their kids is so bad that you should have the political courage alt and who told you to do this arrested for medical malpractice seriously. I don't know who you are would you these able blue diploma Ray County in my former home state of Maryland, where'd liberal
words are losing their marbles over. What's going on right now, having said that, I can't be clear. I can't be any clear. This is not about the teachers I get value. If from teachers from she one she asked remain nameless. I've Mobbish innocuous area been sent me a very nice emo. You know you are saying Dan, eighty percent of the teachers I talk, I'm just citing or email. Eighty percent are dying to go back to school. They know how terrible this is. Some of them are afraid of losing their jobs and they are disgusted by what the teachers You're doing I say that because I still get an email once while thinking this is an attack on teachers. It is not its like job perfectly but for you right joins in radio business for a long time. There is a broad, Asters Union into something half the joint idle.
People, who had the joint who hate me at a part of that union. I'm just gave told me that I don't know anything about him about it. I'm not bad weather. I've just say our member. This conversation on tyre detainees do that, like these people, there are two different things: the broadcaster, the union, the two separate things here. The tea there's Jonas, its actual dogma, the tailors and it each This is not about the dangers not the union's are a disgrace from the journal peace. This is a great line like, however told them. This was a good idea. The union's we're going to teach her kids and you're gonna pay as more good strategy. There, folks quote, whilst richer the teachers unions have a cynical interest enforcing their competitors to shut down to. What are humiliation? It would be a charter and private schools reopened and demonstrate that in person, education can be done with the right. Miss mitigation or Its unsatisfied with the public schools responds to the corona virus, decided private school would be better for their child. Can you can get any worse can
imagine the worst scenario where the teachers now teachers. Unions, dont want their teachers, educating young kids in public schools, but they dont want their competitors in union charter, schools open either because it wanna be humiliated when the teachers- up and do it safely at right, John Heavy I've, joy, Can you imagine a worse strategy, numbing, I'm trying to think like analogies here to make says: thou Buzz are. They believe in Jos, all business. Listen, we don't like a radio audience. So what we're gonna do is we're going to keep the show the air. For a month until advertised star pay and a higher rate. You realize what is right we're not broadcasting anything until you come up with lawyers. Cp ebbs for, as you be looking who told you, this was a good idea who you then this is. When I teach you kids, until you pay us more by the way. If you
try to send your kid. Do a competitor we're going to shut They are due where'd, you get even worse when we're done your radio, shell till the avatars. We could be nothing, but why boys I'm here and by the way, we're boycott. Our competitors going to shut them. Now, three Katy we listen to them. Do we're gonna make sure they are of the air who told you this was good strategy. Where did you get this on what planet, we take. This is gonna work. I'm doing this fighting for the teacher, I'm not kidding. I love teachers, I always a mature Tino. I don't even know me. Your Tito still alive, I love Miss Sciortino Tito, say pancreas. My fourth grade tissue is grey shoes. To give me bauxite, I pretend to read It was terrific, more Lady war of the worlds. She gave me a four bullets. What's the call of the wild with balkan area Then she gonna tell her. I read them. I don't think she knew. As you probably know, I did read them, but I just like the free books, swiss family Robinson,
they were round that eventually I pick them up and looked at him. I think actually, cholera puppy seven years later, but I loved monsieur tino. She was grave misgives further. I know she's pass God rest, his soul. She used to say and I suppose the cherries stop fallen, the pits it was genius, maybe not Plato like me cereal, but it was genius when you're, whatever five years, old? Who the hell knows how to forget, would you know that was fifth grade, so I was older. They were teachers sister Alan it's the wrong with a little mean in third grade. She wouldn't hesitate to give you the older on a hippopotamus, and I learned a lot. I love teachers, I'm doing this new path, because I'm not kidding you other great. I ve read your union. Are failing you, they are destroying your brand. You have a brain. Everybody has, and I don't mean that an a mercenary capitalism sense
I mean you need parents and you to be on the same team. And to be on the same team. Your brand is selling the parents on the idea that you're producing value for their kids. Is it not that's what it is right? We have a brand on this show. Joe I just set up, ironically of all, the marketing people ever paid, I swear on my life. We paid a lot of dull for marketing Joe said it best to be with him. He's dead, show us everything you need to know what our that was it. I love that I've never had its job. That was Joel. Maybe I did make that showed it are you got no It is for that reason the upshot of this year. We are speaking about it, said that care, but that was a good. That's our brain facts and the stuff you In an hour little over an hour for your ride home. That's always been our brain teachers. Have a brain. Send your kids to us we're going to teach him the skills they need to succeed in life.
Your brain is, don't doubt, send your kids to us as we start you for more money. Is not your brand, whose telling you that that's not your brand, it's not good Paul is laughing that this matter be after my jingle there was a great jag off now she's back on t budget. This is great. Showing you how this is based on nothing by the way, this we're going to keep your kids out What are you paying more here's, this we see directorate is different from the one I played the same guy differently. This is Doctor Robert Redfield, testifying in front of a committee saying listen. I actually have a person in my family. High risk and I want them back in school to there. No science to back up your assertions that you should be extorting parents for more money, keeping their kids at school.
For the CDC director himself check this out. I just want to re emphasise what I think I can emphasise it enough as director of the Centre for Disease Control, the leading public health agents in the world. It is in the public health interests, these Kate, who twelve students to get these schools back open for face to face learning mental health service. Seven point: one million kids get it in school nutrition. We talked about reporting, child abuse sexual abuse mandatory in schools, the isolation that these the adolescents are feeling that now is associated with increased, as you mentioned, increased drug overdose deaths and now over increase suicides. I think it is really important as a grandfather, eleven grandkids. I want these kids back in school. I have one grandchild of cystic fibrosis. I want it done smartly all right, but I think we have to be honest at the public just of the students in this nation right now to get a quality education and face to face learning and we need to get on with folksy just heard and right there. It's really time
for the liberal hack media. You know the ppp tape officers, who I know they're all about gas lighting and hiding Joe Biden, and I regret that, but you really your sacrificing an entire generation kids on the altar of liberal activism. It's time for you to start reporting on this and a disgrace that has become the teachers students at the total disgrace. It's time for you to tell the american people the scam, that's really go! This is an extortion rack! Right now, based on no science whatsoever, I teach us yes, I want to get this. These tax articles important again about ten minutes left in the show, is a critical, important piece folks ever election coming up. Obviously Joe Biden, it's a binary choice at this point binds the disaster. We know that we know he doesn't know what it is. It is no use running for president, but I wanted to focus on it for this election. Twenty twenty kind of part part dear section, B block. How is he actually going to affect your while a position
and here's where the story originates. I up. My mother in law comes over a lobby lover to death and she's, really a big trump supporter maggot to the core. You know and when I was explaining to her the things by and his democrat allies have promised to do with these elected. She was Jenny, when we start to the point we have to talk or out of my mouth emptying her retirement catch, you I mean I'm not trying to. Paul was like mademoiselle you're freaking out my bomb she's gotta I know my where I wasn't trying to worry your mom, I'm just trying to give you the facts. So you understand what decision you're making how critical this is, if you're still up and yes, my motherless, going to offer trumpets and even a mystery. But there are some people out who really believe that binding is somehow going to be good for their wallets, and my question is why why do you believe that what we She told you just gotta, be good for you. You want your business when we go to the Wall Street Journal article and they lay out and she taxes called Regional binds lips new taxes the great show? You didn't three trillion she's my new levies on incomes, perils and what you are going to pay more
you're cool with that and you pay more a lot more votes Why not your guy Mammy about messing with you and about trying to scam you it's not a trick. If you like higher taxes. And that's what you want for you and everyone else vote for job. I hear they by the way. I'm just gonna go to of war. Five screenshots here, there's like and of a man that article I'm just going through the there's others in taxes out there. In other words, you what's I thought I might even including in the issues that go to number one. I told you talk about this yesterday- support individual income taxes he's already promised to repeal the Trump taxes the Trump tax cuts. So if you're, a middle class person, hearing compacts you're gonna go up from twenty four to twenty eight percent or, if you're, in the lower middle class, going too far from twenty two to twenty five and the top margin rates. Gonna go to thirty nine point: six from thirty seven. There are also going to repeat: Ten thousand dollars solved deduction. So a lot of rich folks, you're gonna, get a nice little benefit. I did.
You want to pay more in taxes and a middle class vote for binding. Your rate will go up. You pay! Twenty four percent you'll now pay twenty eight three percent! More of your income. Do you pay twenty two you'll pay? Twenty five! That's three! Three percent! More one hundred and twenty three, who is Joe Biden, one slash two, you watch Youtube you'll get counting Torres next. Why pay more vote for by you got it? He stories, I've gotta, repeal the they're gonna have a majority. If they went they'll, do it Lickety split number, two payroll taxes in our social security, the other stuff he wants to apply twelve point four percent social security facts to all in over four hundred thousand we'd know cap the current period, Tax comes all comes off after a hundred thirty seven thousand, having come back me to support people, understand that social security, taxes and
Indeed, after a certain amount of income, a hundred thirty seven thousand dollars. There's a reason for that. There's an old adage in Washington DC: you should memorize, you may not like it. It may not be cute when everyone in DC knows what it is. Not that is a programme for the poor is our poor pro. I remember that when the air member- and I know I know you- I was gonna gotta- say like your because I've set for this- for many be. Why is a oh grand design for the poor, a poor programme in Washington DC parlance, because Yet mass consensus on an issue such as Security Medicare, whatever you need to pass a programme, people want to feel like. Yes, it's helping people who are poor, but you have to earn it.
You may not like tat. You may be a liberal and you may feel like nobody chef their native. I dont care, I'm telling you to get the United States and mass tobacco programmes also security when they want to feel like people have to earn the idea which social security is. After a hundred thirty seven, dollars, the rest is just redistributed money in your just paying for other people's retirement income. So when order make social security feel like an earn benefit, because you're not gonna, get that much for me, you're the earnings, you could be taxed on we're cap because anything tat. About that you weren't getting back and it would be redistributed redistributed, you get it. No one wants to pay for Climate fund for somebody else. That's why they kept there blowin cap out, which will make it a. Or programme because there will be a programme for the poor. Believe me what's rich liberals catch on that Did their pay unified its other people's retirements? I don't care what they tell you about compassion. It for the little guy dreaded airport. That's
go away tomorrow. A programme for the poor is a poor program. You want to destroy social security. Take out the cap tomorrow, watch all the Ritz liberals, panic. Tax number three, which is about to go up, so you social Security to through the roof. Your income taxes are gonna, get high dramatically, capital gains, earning more than a million they're going to tax capital gains dividends as regular income at a new top rate of thirty nine point: six percent, that's double the current rate, capital gaze haven't been taxes bad since the nineteen seventeen you may say again at this matter me I'm in class. I don't care rich people get tax on their stock earnings at double the race there. Now you don't. That's really dumb, because you clearly haven't thought any of us through. You have a pension reform when k why other stocks were something there with their worth, because other people are willing to buy him for their amount right. You can't tell me you have a basis card with a million dollars. When you only
and buyers willing to pay can write a baseball cards worth what. Only buyers willing to pay for my houses, words hundred thousand dollars. You have no offers Seven years, the only offer As two hundred thousand you know, your house is worth to watch tat. Now you ve got a bunch of rich folks who are now paying double the tax on their stocks they paid but war meeting their earnings on those stocks. We're gonna go down, meaning no stocks to them are worth less. So when your pension traced, cash. Those stocks out all those rich people who are going to buy em up are only going to buy that many fewer stocks because they don't have as much money, meaning you don't either its actual affect me, that's the rich idiots. Good luck with that one. You clearly haven't taken any can class those airports Richie. It
are the ones buying the starch from you keeping the valuation sigh yeah and before this one's doozy, I told you about this the other day So run widen the ragged Democrats suggesting taxing unrealized gains before the end Esther yourselves, using a marked a mark escape folks. I talked about this. This free, my mother, in law, run whiteness. Prominent Democrat, the Senate, that is actually talking if they get in charge and take power by taxing stocks you haven't even sold by the way refunds, if you lose money on the stocks you haven't even saw them. You understand what I'm saying right. You bought a start with. Years ago, when IBM, it's up a hundred you bought it whenever it fifty it's worth a hundred. You have been sold it. You can have pay. Taxes on the gauge you don't even have you ever saw the stock realize gaze. It's right there in the Wall Street Journal. That's all
I do coming down the pipeline good job job well done anyway, get by on a record about that. You start taxing on really want a quest to stock market tomorrow. One last one of rock and roll for the day here you oughta business there, you got your corporate taxes, go back up again. Your business gonna be taxed at the new, eight of twenty eight percent from twenty one percent, the z this compares globally at America's state taxes on corporate income? Eight point: eight percent, California,. I point five in Illinois last year, The European Union average start to operate for businesses. Twenty one point: eight percent, don't be surprised. If you ask but he's all return to the pre pattern of moving their headquarters overseas. You like that, so your income taxes are going up. Your payroll taxes are going up your staff, your time since on your stock gains, are going to go up your taxes on your stock age. You don't even have are going to go up and if you want a business
it's about to go overseas, where the tax rates are gonna, become dramatically more competitive as your business taxes go up to sounds like a real winner. Can't wait to vote twenty twenty. If you love the sound of that Joe we be is definitely your guy one hundred, you can only hope he will forget these tax plans when he gets into office and not remembered that you're only hope right Then he won't remember actually discussing the stuff. I just told you about that. You're only hope to save your while. I'm very sorry, folks actually voted in a really appreciate. If we subscribe to the show on Apple pod cats and at Youtube COM, Slash, Bonn GINO would like to get to a million as a ball go Ref five hundred thousand subscribers anew to get to a meal Youtube com slashed by Jean, I really appreciate, would put a lot of work into the video. Shall we appreciate your support thanks again to Europe? you just heard it in Bonn, GINO.
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