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Why Is This Republican Attacking Trump # 976 (Ep 976)

2019-05-09 | 🔗

In this episode I address the incredibly suspicious texts between FBI personnel who appear to be attempting to insert a spy into the Trump White House. I also address the unbelievable attack on Don Trump Jr. by a sell out Republican Senator. Finally, I address liberal myths about the midterm elections and voter ID. 

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Stunning new information shows that the government knew the Steele information was political.

Democrats continue to lie about “voter suppression” in an effort to divide America. The facts tell a different story.

Bob Mueller’s sorry excuse for airing his bogus “obstruction” charges in his report don’t hold water.

The Trump administration goes to war with national injunctions.

So-called “journalists” once mocked contempt of Congress charges when they were brought against Obama’s Attorney General

Fake news media folks are frauds when it comes to contempt of Congress charges. 

Victor Davis Hanson’s piece destroys the left’s hypocrisy on AG Barr

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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee now i live in the damage you know sharply show how are you today a man just like johnny winner deal alive and well what technical side which are limited stay roxy him in order for our maud ties of joe anyway checked out one check i listened yesterday show thank you enough for spread yesterday shower record listener ship viewers ship on our youtube channel where we nailed nail the bread in the cia the big scandal to the wall yesterday we build it and you are loved it thank you for the feedback on the show and i'm gonna doubled on a bed than the insurer
but today i shall before getting some other stories about the economy voters suppression miss and other stuff but i want to ask you this question who is charlie who charlie may say are not at all was surely what even talking about don't go anywhere everywhere you know i know about the something when this this means that surround me all figure something at the same time i have a really good source this morning email be exact play the same conversation my wife had me yesterday after the show was she said dan you miss something state our right to hide it joe was today show brought you by our bodies this is jos favoured company jan you sell hey ever i wish this double shit we're just go away from now until mothers there your wish is their command with genuine cells
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mother's day premium gift with all orders text young like the opposite of all text young to seven seven four five three where this agenda so that that's g you see a dot com yes sir i let's go nice area baby are iphone at the end of the show i address this outstanding question posed by our friend john solomon and a hill peace i have told you from the beginning john solomon deserves a pulitzer prize for the work he has done in this house by gay thing whenever solomon write something in his pieces at the hill which are fantastic he's not asking you a question what he's doing is he's doing in information drop and i think he's this name you for the information he's gonna drop later here's what i mean a friend of mine sent me this over this morning from the hill with a little red outline on it something i had discussed yesterday at the end of this year from a john solomon peace at its
and solomon any peace from last year s saying why is its very suspicious that this guy from the fbi with this surveillance capable was being sent to the white house during the transition as we use our guy to the new president elect donald trump from the south so i read this yesterday but my body was nice enough to circulate forest he says in the solid peace as the president like geared to take geared to take over the fbi i made another move that is captured investigators attention listen to this name did executive with expertise in the fbi most sensitive surveillance equipment to be there yea zante trump transition a spy guy on its face asylum continues it seems odd technical sir i once nerds aren't normally the first picks for plum political simons even the fbi counter intel team running the russian
tromp collusion probe seem to have an interest in the appointment why how now after the show yes today i kid you not i'm sitting there what was i come in at night and go to the germans comeback man caught him in my kitchen and my wife says to me dad how did you miss the connection to your story from a couple weeks ago about this letter sent from too republican senators up on a hill do attorney general bill bar senator ron johnson and senator shock gradually to republicans there's sent this letter to bar a couple weeks ago twelve twenty nineteen asking about these very suspicious fbi texts peter
stroke led hack investigative from the fbi hates donald trump investigating donald trump involved than this intrepid scheme at top right texas girlfriend lisa talking with bill talking about his boss there do we joe to go with even here instead of charlie a variety of reasons page room not sure would it be unusual to have blank out show up again maybe another agent from the team ladies and gentlemen whose charlie why does stroke page only a month after some of these communications right some of these communed patients about putting a surveillance guy is the liaison guided of an fbi surveillance export as the leader john guided the trump team why with these communication
just a little bit of time after that be so suspicious is charlie one of those ellen skies whose charlie why are they so concerned about these guys or women we don't know what you're talking about here going the white house and making what what boy looking unusual were they worried that it would look unusual that a surveillance expert being sent to the white house as their liaison guy keep in mind doubling down and yesterday show which is a must listen please check it out if you haven't heard an episode night seventy five in that team series of tax in that letter they start to talk about katie's husband it goes on stroke or he's see i guy say might make sense he can assess if there are any news or a different demeanor if katie's
husband is there he can see if there are people we can develop for pretend relationships katie's husband likely refers to the vice president's chief of staff josh pit cock kay he is a woman who works for peter stroke the investigator what kind of potential really ships are they talking about ladies and gentlemen in my second book which we are now rapid closing up on we're almost done all exonerated the failed take down of donald trump are the swamp again i deeply appreciate if you pick it up on amazon for priority we oh some of these questions whose charlie who these people you're sending over the white ass is this part of this scandal that new nets and others know about that's about to come out in
these declassified tex emails and other things way gentlemen this is serious stuff i leave you with this in question a move on and i want to reiterate yesterday show but i can't believe i missed the connection was the fbi on the guise of a transition liaison member in other words a political intermediaries between the fbi and the trump transition team where they sending people to spy instead folks i dont think senator gradually and senator johnson sent that letter because they just were taken up taken of wire grassless a smart guy so's johnson and although there have been some missteps along the way in this investigation i am reasonably com they know the answers to the questions they're asking whose charlie
why are they so concerned about charlie's presence at the white house potentially looking unusual folks were in dangerous territory here you know in the last chapter the book which shall be summed up last night i if we can all agree on a common sense set of principles i thought that's what the constitution it was to abide by them the republic as we know it is dead folks where the democrats where are the democrats speaking out against this kind of stuff you know interestingly enough when i ran for office for the united states senate marilyn i spoke out i spoke out vocally about what i we're failures in the patriot act how i thought the constitutionally it should act signed by a hundred men george w bush i know your memory jokes that's what i'm match up i think we must gaston on his radio station when so i met armor costs do it ahead these radio show the patriot act with
devastating blow to the constitutional republic in the bill of rights and i have no fear of the political a cautious because i knew i was on the right side of it but joy i ask you this where are the democrats now speaking out trying to get to the bottom of these big questions was the fbi using a liaison got a spy on the trump yet your door myself with a plan to get us exactly what sounds like all outwardly yeah that's what i hear too nothin but nineteen seventy two way i'm television air static remember television used to go on with the younger photos wasn't no idea where to remember job they use the pilot i saw them coming down with the elders atv ladies but for all your younger kids listening tv the ended at about two o clock in the morning it was nothing but a static got after that i'm not kidding now it's
but he for our cable at everything netflix kids like what do you mean tv i know it ended that is exactly what you hear it's really disgraceful now just to clear up something yesterday on yesterday's show i got a lot of emails me impala both rinaldi some of you are confused about what scrub the lists men but the point i was trying to get across yesterday just to be crystal clear is i think the fbi management involving this call me a cave these guys are sleaze they are total swine there's no question to me they look for a reason to target president trump i was not trying to give them an out and i can't explain it even i'm stuck i brought my facebook page this morning why are you going the fbi it oh my gosh did you listened to the show i am not giving the fbi out they screwed this case up they they they verify information that was false they use that informed
that was lying to them without vetting him the fbi mikhail call me are in a world of trouble some of em criminally or leaks through the media they are in a world of trouble i am giving me out i'm simply suggesting to the point of yesterday's show is i think brennan was the ringleader of this whole scheme and dupe them believe brennan and is intelligence cronies he was working with were given the fbi a referral in other words fbi please investigate this because the cia doesn't have law enforcement power here's the info they should we have donald trump may be colluding with the russians i believe there is a distinct possibility that brennan was unclear about where he was getting this information from and i believe a lot of that information about trump colluding airports with the russians was coming from christopher steel i believe that
because lisa pages on testimony the fbi lawyer under outpatient ninety five ninety six like we played yesterday she seems confused when being questioned by excellent congressmen mark meadows from north carolina about bread having the same information she does from steel she seems confused you mean he was our source it was the same information the fbi's getting hit from the state department getting hit from me tell community for brennan from harry read there all feeding the same set of information and these people the fbi these knuckle heads the upper let line of the fbi instead of doing our homework they do what show they dont vat the information they just assume with a poor make it not because they want to target trump digitally soon that the information is for five because it's coming from so many different places its the same information if i tell tee
the nineteenth and twentieth person you're gonna start check in every room gushes my house on fire my crazy or would you not person you're gonna start check in every room god is my house on fire my crazy what would you not that's what happened with the fbi instead of the neighbour just saying why are you guys all telling my house is on fire all the neighbour told us the lie the fbi do that so what a point that he'll article yesterday by another excellent piece john sounded from yesterday where they talk about scrubbing the list after the election donald trump the day after the election what i mean to say is the f b i think panics after election day and starts to realise that the list they have of informants against trump me be this same lis used by the c i a and john bread it you get it please tell me this makes sense they start to panic way way way guys
i thought these were different sources and therefore when we went to the five accordant said whatever multiple sources and people are telling us this and that it wasn't it was the same i feel strongly that wish means clean make sure it's not the same people ass the cia sorry i explained that a little some of you are a little bit confused by now i have a small piece of videos just a couple seconds long had tipp to my guy on this to you know you're i want you to listen carefully to six seconds just six seconds play it twice so short of bill bar the attorney general's answer to democrat senator jean she hain when questioned spying on the trump team because remember we were told that the fbi started their case
in july of twenty sixteen based on a tip about from afar counterpart about george papadopoulos this thing with alexander down we have never been told about information they got earlier from brennan from the cia about spying but none of that is in the fbi's official story folks they aren't you to believe it all started because of alexander down tipp tip the papadopoulos but if you since it is six seconds a bill bar you start to see why scrubbing the lists and the fact that still may have been feeding information of bread and before the fbi become such a big problem for the agency and not just i'm not talking about the fbi necessarily but intelligence agencies more broadly one more time and not just that about the fbi necessarily bug intelligence agencies more broadly to catch up
please yeah they law are all a plurality not clarity when bars asked by she hears about suspicious spying he's looking into an investigating he says i'm not talking about the fbi specifically i'm talking about in elegance he didn't see more broadly the sea i wasn't supposed to be spying on domestics without some evidence of of some serious far in tat activity and things like that was and then spying on the trump team long before that ladies and gentlemen that's the whole genesis of yesterday show branding is marshalling this entire effort to spy on barack obama's political opponents and he duped
fbi who willingly such it up because they hate trump into opening an investigation because he can't do it he's an intelligent sky not a law enforcement guy our is now looking into why the heck intelligence agencies is joseph plural worse spy on the trump team now does this makes sense gosh guys we better scrubbed the less the day after let make sure that our inform it wasn't a cia and format to we may be taken part in a massive spying operation for political reasons be a thick dobbs at least a page testimonies critical we played yesterday where she stun the cia may have the same source they have like us are moving on
so we covered who is charlie and what scrubbed let me say this is a is a very important story yesterday there was some breaking news about don junior fagin pop again senator richard birth north carolina who has lived score on conservative review of i think a forty somewhere about he's probably being beaten by some democrats so this guy's allegedly public and richard bar he runs the senate intelligence many just see this headline for my eye j r u s senate intelligence panel a penis trump son says sources u s senate intelligence panel you may say job oh republicans run the u s set it so how is it that a pad the u s senate tell intel committee run by europe public and chairman richard bar is supporting down trumped junior again about the rush out while number one burst
big be you are richer berries always been weak if you're in north carolina always encourage you to respectfully color me we're all adults you know the rules we don't act like liberal violent maniacs here we leave that to them right but a topic good idea to email or call his office and in poland we are as to why richard bar and alleged republican is still playing into the russia hopes and supporting don junior to come back to the entire committee again about a hoax but you worry ladies and gentlemen i've got that i knew scenes for you from some excellence our society is always good to have those kind of folks on the inside here is what is really going on behind the scenes first richer bars of fraud ok he's not a real republican he is most certainly not a conservative and he holy completely dominated on his committee by a democrat mark warner
who's the ranking on that committee the democrat but doesn't run the committee the republicans run the committee mark warner that committee's democrat burs week he's a big man warner runs the committee the democrat just take listen to me take that as fact from everybody i know one they help warner dominates bar bars a real chair he's have is a fake chairman he's not the real deal democrat mark warner runs that senate intel committee mark warning like tat you always tell us to remember the names mark what is it about mark warned brings about oh yeah mark warner's the one the democrats centre whose receive in tax from a lawyer about arranging a lawyer by the name of adam woman who works for a russian oligarchy connected to putin by the way and waters receiving text from this lawyer about setting up mating meetings would who christopher steel
the same source i told you that was here has was source for john bread and any fbi while likely not telling the fbi he was working with the cia orders knee deep in this our seas there's a new sheriff in town member warder runs the committee bar is weak he's a puppet of the democrats burka shut this down follow me burs weak warder knows he's not need deep water is neck deep in this entire spy gate scandal behind the scenes tex he's issuing these issuing back and forth in order to set up a meeting with christopher steal this is a year ago what does he want to do meeting with the source of trying to do about covers story as to what steel was really doing to hide did he was a resource for multiple people in the gut but while lying to them about fake information
borders on the tax so now for one warner needs a distraction the distraction is gonna be subpoena donald trump while the republic into stop the bars i repeat are fake republican warner dominates him they need a distraction right now from the fact that warner's gonna be roped up in all of this when the stuff is unclassified declassified when the information declassified and bar starts looking into it right why there will be wrote in last soda big time he needs distraction so they don junior back sex we descended intel committee is notorious for king like a sieve they need new sound bites for the media the compliant bootlegging sycophantic liberal media need sound
to attack don junior why go back to point one today struck the media right now from the absolutely exploding spy gave scandal how do you get who soundbites joe you testify i dont junior behind closed doors you get up you shoot me you get him to testify behind closed doors and in a dead descended democrats and the hack report it's probably bar to walk out to the media charities there are major i wrote this down wait i thought this was testament i close or not as the media nowhere we can tell him that their compliant they will give us up a need new sound bites they need distraction one other point you may civil why are they so issuing a subpoena for don junior at all what's the point there
faded reason that i use the again the dreaded air quotes because this is garbage this is bar getting steamrollered by his boss mark warner the democrat don junior testified about a trump tower project in moscow ladies and gentlemen this is the most on the interesting part of this into i run gate obama gate spy gate fiasco donald europe is a real estate developer the fact that there was a proposal but never went through for a true tower in moscow is an i dont even understand what interesting about this this is illegal he builds buildings that's what trump does not illegal to suggest two halves just to you or to look at building a building in moscow now the reason warner lackey richard bird needs
tropical stated reasons of well michael collins said they dont junior new more about the trump tower moscow project can you flooding on who cares who care one i don't believe i be he testified something like eight hours in front of their committee he asked them you have any more questions no i don't believe me was lying at all don judy's been completely odyssey release the emails about the trump tower thing he testified in front set a committee no problem if i were dont you knew i would flip the double barrel middle finger right now i'm so now i'm done with you guys you should china do joe they're trying to triple might lie lying to congress jack you said you knew a bit about the project you knew a little more than a little bit hairs amazing how perfectly legal project to develop rail
they must give it never happen is the subject of fake republic in richard burs inquiry on the senator tell me at a new subpoena about a hoax while a five hundred thousand dollar payment that actually went through to the clinton foundation for a bill clinton speech paid for a russian bag involve the heavily in the arrangement to purchase argue uranium by russian company are nuclear fuel worries about that folks let's not subpoena bill clinton again we had this trees so lost right now it's really pathetic chasms adam senseless rates are gonna why don't waste your time but we are so lost right this is such a godless group of punks up on capital this guy bird disgusts me he disgusts me he doesn't have this
fine to stand up and say are we serious right now we're still talking the president united state was spied upon was accused of treason and now to cover up their crimes their ill legitimately accusing the present united constructing a crime it didn't happen and you're subpoenaed don junior because you you know a little more than a little about a perfectly legal project had never happened first discreet north carolina i'm telling you you're better off with a democrat and this guy he does you no good at all is chairing one of the most sensitive committees on the u s senate their leaking like skip to the media and he's the one supporting the president's kid how about a nothingburger on steroids what a waste of everybody's time these guys are gutless to words for don jr
bite me doctor exactly what did she tell you aren't rice and warner why isn't warner being subpoena warders one neck deepening why have we got an answer is about its text with a lawyer working for russian oligarchy whose also representing a spy who is providing information in the u s government used to target trump worry about that nothing to worry about their folks scam lapdog your laptop you'll use i take why what's the cat from austin powers mr because put a pitcher him up on the screen it or learn is chosen pointing to mark water is all is what does the doktor evil and that's your bar mr bristles worth the cat he's a cat pathetic pathetic we need the the joke you don't let us leave it with this here's the problem
a lot of republicans up on a hair like richard borough really democrats but no i'm a crack up on a hill none are really republic it that's the problem and that's why we lose because we have got less wonders up there then the wonder years fred savage these the only wonder years we're living in now storing richard burton mark warner with this proves the wonder years goofball where's mr big us where media said that we want to side by side of mister bells work and richard bird said saint do with me
countries lost joe i'm telling you the last chapter my book i i'm keeping super short less than a thousand words just summing up where the hacker the democrats on this i would never ever ever countenance any of this stuff if this happened to a democrat present a republican did tromp or anyone else and the democrats have fully embraced the police state it is disgusting moving on today show about eurobonds it brick ass nutrition you know i'm a big supporter of brick house they have some of the finest products out there the nutrition product a top notch in one of my original sponsors when the product of an attack by you can see on the screen and youtube right now helmets i feel the scenarios feel the greens feel the greens you know this let me genesis how this product starts kind of funny i love fruits and vegetables ever since i started eating a healthy diet in my twenties i ate like a slob before that is starting to feel great i mean a lot
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other who runs their crews and ate the led international cosmic embarrassment almost ass bad ass shift and swore well so they issued contempt of carbon what is it about why does it matter to you a wire the media hypocrites well here's what it's about what it's about nothing but i'll give you democrats storyline so i condemn argument democrats are saying attorney general bill bar is with holding portions of bob mothers report vieira actions in other words blacked out portions of it they want to see it billboard on that agree to testify about it up on the hill so there for we are going to hold them in contempt ladies and gentlemen so we are absolutely crystal clear on this that is garbage the portions of the mulder report which are rejected our radar did by law my gosh i can't believe we have to decide this on my show federal rule six p
grand jury material with out aid jeez order it is a crime to release that let me explain in the mall report ladies and gentlemen people were brought into the grand jury a federal grand jury to provide testimony he too that grand jury for mothers investigation right right in order to keep those witnesses one candid so they can feel free to tell the truth but secondly identity secret especially if they are not co conspirators adjust witnesses it is a crime to release grand jury information this is not an open court gets a grander it's not a jury in a trial it's the grand jury any other department of justice entity which the special council was if they have said testimony a crime to release that information the mulder report like any other
port issued by any other department of justice entity which the special council was if they have said the money in their job it must be rejected you know i know you the audience unpleasant but this is so simple i'm afraid three by explaining it i may be complicated did you get it i am to release this makes sense a dark cave always broncos you know sometimes on the shelf renew listeners joe resorts to his old caveman crow magnon joe neanderthal joe because joseph lord guy i'm afraid by talking to current homo sapiens sapient joe that he so smart that want to have explain to him stupid things i will dumbing down so i ask him to revert back to ease the regal caveman joe which is a minimum of sixty iq points dumber because i want to see it
caveman joe understands what i'm talking about cable enjoy simple grunt what's out there because i know you can't speak very welcome measure one for yes to grow it's for no here do you i understand that releasing grand jury material is a crime one grand for yes to grants for now joe gad said this crime thankyou kay returns thank you if bad joe mother when she even if the ass where it is to appear at this both its like sibyl you know one result of regos we're having a conversation is stupid jerry however the chair of the committee no is he knows our would be committing a crime fever release is that so are you following me
sorry you're old dumber for having to hear this what bilbil our was under no obligation whatsoever the attorney general joe to release the mulder report at all men are very right right he releases the report online for anyone to read even liberals who have a tough time with this stuff there are white reading directions ninety percent of the report is available and it rejected because it's a crime to put that out there and that was just because you won't give it to us we're going to issue with contempt make matters even how are you it's folk seriously how are you a democrat seriously this same listers out there i'm really sorry i don't mean to impunity integrity of moderate democrats who are like retiring of this nonsense to but how do you wait up in the morning and look yourselves in the mirror and know that this is your part i'm serious i'm not suggest thing to you at republicans
your answers i just got done for what your fifteen minutes flying this fraud but richard boroughs irreparable i am not suggesting republicans have all the answers not another not even remotely some of these ears are worse than democrats i'm not even suggesting you have devolve republic what did you do whatever you want i'm just asking you how do you how do you listen to these fools its architecture for what may not committing a crime yeah kinder pulling down on stupid which matters really good at democratic the committee issuing the contempt charge against bar bar has already offer joe six top democrats opportunity they come to a skiff a sensitive compartmentalized formation facility they can review the classified information report that classified reason he's
we offered six top democrats the opportune to read that job they said we don't want to see it i dont yeah i got it they re said listen i lie burma regulatory audio show but i go home and watch the youtube too because your facial expressions of prices an animated italian cad from queens my wife and i both well my wife's colombia but we're we're both kind of automated me here and that is what should be but we can both be hand talkers and stuff just come back from this is i am genuinely stunned that stupid we irish rear contempt charge democrats where issues tim charge because you're not letting us either report hey come on over the leader abolishing the arena we don't want to view it you just said you want
no don't we just want to issue a contempt charge for not viewing it too how do we owe this day day after decades should i dont know brother i do i dont know i said and i will read me what the transition was light from law enforcement you know about a manual labor for awhile used to paint houses worked in a supermarket what's it like to be in a talking commentator and doing this are a radio talk show essentially i said i mean i say this this is the hardest job i ever joe i've had this conversation with you my wife and i am not making this up this is the most tat job i've ever had eight is i usually come on from painting houses eight hours a day how are you when you're done you're done you can call me relax you put the yankees game on it was this job never end the stupid is not stop to the point now my wife and i at about nine hundred and thirty i have to shut everything off
where do i heard that i said yeah yeah because i have had this conversation with it because this stupid is so thick tat i we an obligation to get into your car you're living room you're amazon elected device whenever it is to tell you how does the stupid is everyday but this stupid has an expert so we geometrically greater effect on me because i'm bathed in this stupid all day because i have to read about this stuff to give it to you come over and read the reductions we don't want to you just said you wanted to read of not we just want to issue a contempt charge for not reading them all your balls likening you're laughing inside this is real this actually happen now show you why amelia double then the politicians because the politicians are
times better at hiding their intentions and their malicious garbage matters not very good matlock shift and swallow are just really not bright but does oh you weren't hacks and why you should never take any cs msnbc takes yossi remember the dan bomb gino rule take write it down folks right you're napo double triple and quadruple share anything you see on cnn msnbc the new york times are the washington post about the trump about anything because these are activists journalism is dead it's over forget it better it is up to you to be your own journalists now what am i talking about fear and msnbc and the liberal hack crew out there they were horrified joe about contempt when it contained
charge was legitimately issued against obama's attorney general i recall the four outright refusing to turn over fast and furious documents remember bar is already giving them the mulder report and offered to show them the unrestricted version he's you didn't want every colder obama's agee unfair and furious at eight pounds say i'm not sure when you squat they waited wandering fifty five days the republicans to issue a contempt charge the democrats are offered the report ten days later issued george despite being offered to see here the media right now here's a much bigger media research centre news busters a great account the follow on twitter go to the website media research out of their great this is one minute montage of the media oh so upset about a contempt charge against i recalled her while their simultaneous see celebrating the fact right now that there's a contempt charge against trumps attorney general billboard
given that we know about the republican party and the way the house of representatives conduct itself when run by republicans and with a democrat in the white house really count as news when a house committee finds the democratic attorney general in contempt of congo every single republican voted to hold the attorney general in contempt over this crazy conspiracy theory tell the reprogram turns to stop those words now she's right why go ahead with contempt about but there are certain internal documents that are not congress business why just looks like more of our broken politics and she's fights now out in the open a party in the congress to does just about nothing they create jobs or to help people without jobs decided the best way to do their job is to shower the obama administration was subpoenas t if you are personally watches fox news on that it is possible that you have been met remaining in this conspiracy theory for long enough now that this seems feasible
with this sort of stopping frisk at the highest level at the attorney general government and these pockets and looks like stop fritz does it let me finish with my personal views of stopping first thing and i dont want to use this term too much but it's almost like a stop in france for a lot of people this is republican versus democratic nathan is it just banner and amounts to nothing it is a distraction is politics writ large in in washington according to most people this is really much more to be filed in the category of politics than law this is contempt kabogi this is a classic case washing of where you stand as a matter where you sit when the republicans up the white house they love executive privilege why bunch of colossal rods and they're not even embarrassed they're not even remit the massive scale call for those you listen sebastian matter scalpel commedia probably ruining the guy's career by sit by telling i you know god forbid you associated conservative at all the case
i believe that we can return to undertake its the best you're mad cow crisis the hurried you in paris he does it with this body the italian they together our renewable they're not barest they don't care that fact that they have taken to completely contradictory positions on the exact same issue contempt citation when their guy was in charge and we're trapped as it just doesn't bother the bit of all you will we're getting apology or maybe a rachel models the funniest one of all i believe this conspiracy theory fast if you'd know people actually died festive theories happened yet they conspiracy are you promoted about russian collusion never happen but she embarrassed not at all she moves right on i got a lot more to get you i got a job i got to follow up on this victor david as it has a great piece daily signal put the shown us i get to that in a second i wanna get this voter suppression garbage too and hopefully like i got so much stuff photo diana pack it in to an hour i want to make sure i make your computer i listen we got a new pod sir viewed
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what channels and more nets we dot com slash bond check it out ok i'm finally just a wrap up this whole contempt nonsense against bar victor amos hansen as a really terrific peace i strongly strongly recommend that my show no please read them every day saw my website bungee no doubt com if you click menu go to the pod cast out these articles role attached to each individual episode and show it's called the injustice of the left fury against bar enhance and rights in the piece you know it's incredible all these things happen under era calder obama's turning general and nobody seem to care at all he talks about on his comments as this is actually a forty one has bar dub himself the president's quote wing man remember i recall there that's an actual line from eric older he supposed to be the nations journey general body say about obama he said i'm his wing man you support the americas wing bets or ass he called
erica bar a nation of cowardice former agee recalled her did this is from davis hansen's peace bars the oj monitored reporters communications are ordered surveillance of a television journalist has everybody forgotten that by the ap phone records scandal under obama's team has bar use the government jet take his family the belmont stakes the horse races called her did has barnett secretly an airport tarmac with the spouse of a person is justice department was investigating as former agee loretta let you had such a meeting with bill clinton no doubt oh that's happened but again that's the fred let's go after billboard and give loretta ledge and hiv holder a complete pass what a joke read the peace by victor davis hansen and shown on its excellent it's worth your time ok i want to get this yesterday we were stacked
so what's your journal had a great piece out about another left the far left myth i wanted to bunk quickly that require a lot of work because again it's so dumb requires the suspension of disbelief for you to accept that is true a lot i'm in democrats democratically going around the country the title the wall street journal peace by the way is data this proves the vote suppression myth by the way this title by jason riley whose terrific but the right of the wall street journal you could change its title joe put it take out but are suppression and put anything data display who's the the origin of the rich they'll pay their fair share myth you know data disapprove school choice as a true school choice doesn't work myth are you say this about anything so rarely does a good job frequently debunking far left miss i'm so they see abrams and others have been running around the country prominent democrats claiming that voters suppression over turn the results of the georgian florida governors race are basically that people were
that from voting and its stacy abrams the democratic andrew gave him the democrat would have been the governors of georgia in florida respectively if it weren't for voters suppression jody case should be easy enough to prove right look at the data of black in his spanish voters if the percentage of voters is down because the republicans or engage in some voter suppression scandal you would think there would be suppressed vote so by hispanic and black the joe is any of this hard to understand we thank you you came here joe returns even he get it's so the premises we're operate on science here the democrats theory is stacy abrams and give them the democrats would have run these races if it wasn't for those nasty republicans suppressing black vote that should therefore led to a logical premise ear or a theory that blackened hispanic vote counts should have been down
let's go to the date on the wall street journal report to see what the data actually said again liberals this is data and numbers i know this is hard for you you may want to put the show on pause and get some water first have some electrolytes or some i think this is going to be difficult for this is the numbers portion of the show where we do actual facts ok from the jail reilly piece it just what happens if two weeks ago the census beer or the census bureau joe that evil conservative allocate working with the government the little love reckon it just can we go the senses bureau release the report on voter turnout twenty eighty all right here we go i'm expecting numbers here that black and expand voted was way down the census bureau each voter turnout climbed eleven percentage points from the last mid term at twenty forty ok so voter turn outs up and surpass fifty percent for the first time since nine teen eighty to a voter turnout up right goes on moral
earthy increase churn out was largely driven by the same minority voters democrats claim are being distant franchise way way way time now to your laundry onto feel ready do the hard for review you i thought you just told us that blacks and spanish were being prevented from voting now we find out voter turnout is up largely two black turn which grew grew grew gee r e w liberals grew twenty seven percent while they definitely must suppressed hispanic turner this barrack turn our increased about fifty percent out increased tat my joe is astonished right now a crook a synonym of grew like spying is a synonym of surveillance syn
remember synonym increased grow for doping websites there in other words went up to do my cache we do a visual three bigamist i'm sorry if you're if listening but further youtube here's i'm doing a hand visual here even voter turnout down voice turned out up lives this is hard if the guy can do that again even down up it is hard are you nuts schools are your schools this thick i mean what gov dwindle gamma rays like bruce bad or any credible hope to panic you're skulls poor turnout was down actually was up twenty seven percent then you're a racist
turnout was evidently down actually was up fifty percent you definitely don't like immigrant women are you talking about are you people insane is everything you ever say true we are not allowed to read the report its online we want the rejected portions come overall it you read it you're a racist contempt you are a party of idiots how do you all of these idiots again time out i don't care if you every vote republic in your life you do your own thing you do you i'll do me better the answers to all your problems either but i'm telling you that over your problems are liars and right now the gold standard for liars cosmic leave are this hapless group of healthy horrible people up on the hill who why do you about everything to stoke
we shall animists and division in this country these are awful awful people and by the way to our black and sporadic listeners my wife one of them outside you our adored here and welcome here and i mean every single word that because i don't give a crap about that color of your skin or where you were born or any of it i care about liberty and freedom and a set of principles and it is entirely a relative relevant to me the melanin component of your skin we live you here you are a child of god and god does not discriminate on skin color national origin or anything else and either we this nonsense they are feeding you that you are being suppressed from voting is nonsense i'm not gonna we know cousin on the shoe we had enough of that yesterday this is
garbage they are why you understand you're being lie too because they want who to hate other people look at those republic in suppressing your vote please vote through our black hispanic listeners coheres our but our suppression effort please go out and vote play i'm serious i'm using voters machine would air quality obviously please begging you to have your voice be heard you you you are smart intelligent americans you can figure it out of your own but do not leave this colossal b s death republicans are out to suppress your voice we welcome you voice i love you here you're a racist frank you're yeah that's nice you re not revolve
a poppies at the next time you got that right what's the next year it so pathetic these are all myths you're being lied to at least three tell you the truth voter ideas presses buffer suppresses blackfoot dies there's no it's about it what do you say you know how since that is to say that what are you suggesting black well i don't know how to get a driver's license my i'm dead what are you implying by that blackened sporadic voters are suppressed by voter idea how leave joe remember that caught we play gosh i wish i had an anti memory i don't know six months ago running show for the job i think i don't offer was army horwitz campus reform whenever they didn't the street interview with white liberals you're saying why voter idee suppresses the vote which it doesn't and you should a hard to widen
well you know black people can't figure out of life we what did you just say you remember that cut we voyages no one here why did you just say that here there enough that they set of joy at the actually believeth are you sure black and sporadic americans are fully capable of figure out how to get a driver's license you liberal racists you're the racists we are door are blackened hispanic listeners ear and always have maybe i'm stupid sound by you to listen to the show dumb asses kyrgyz too for drivers i do have my gut pathetic i economic but i want to get to innocent please tune in to morrow tomorrow shy storage really cool whose from the watchword
but it's gonna take me about ten minutes certainly but it's a really cool story i dont economic sometimes can be boring i promise you this is a really good one theirs is bad conundrum out there now as to why the federal government's printing it so much money and running up all this debt why our interest rates are still low over the years was ten million dollars and that no one's gonna led the money a two percent who like a hundred percent interest is they don't trust is gonna pay it back why are they still these but there's a great story and i'll tired and yesterday i do quickly economics thing it relates to airbus and be goober and other thinks it's a really cool story i get there tomorrow please do not get some other stuff we i'm workin on some more job spy gates and please pick up my book on amazon exonerated to fail take down donald trump now that i'm i'm done with it i am extremely proud of its available for pre order now we'll get ready iraq and
please check it out on amazon barnes noble bookstores everywhere coming soon but available for periodic out thanks a lot experts you you just heard tan bonn genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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