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Will the 2020 Election be Close? (Ep 1054)

2019-08-28 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the big reason that the Democrats running in 2020 are in real trouble. I also address the latest liberal lies about this ongoing crisis. Finally, I address some criticisms about my commentary on the opioid crisis.

News Picks:Another bizarre twist in the Jeffrey Epstein case as camera footage is deemed unusable.


Liberals are not telling the truth about the devastating fires in the Amazon.


Bernie Sanders is wrong, again.


Hollywood conservatives are being discriminated against


A left leaning journalist is questioning their coverage of President Trump.


Socialist Mayor Bill De Blasio’s war on common sense and decency continues.


Will the 2020 election be close? Not likely according to this article.


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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i lots of feedback lots of feedback on yesterday show my commentary on the opium crises so i want to get to that stack showed a coup takes a major league updates on a lot of different issues including election twenty twenty will it be close i've got really fastening stuff don't go anywhere welcome to the thereby gino chill producer joe producer joseph cost how are you today my it's wonderful wednesday and i am glad to be here what you really want one when green programming note i will be hosting the five on third in friday thursday being tomorrow and friday being the day after thursday so please tuna and check that out of sheer there be some space debates assume
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we a very serious topic yesterday about the opium crisis the law suit a victory by the state of oklahoma against johnson johnson producer of painkiller type opie oil based products eyes this latest job i'll take this lawsuit is the answer i dont think government regulation is the answer excessive government relation regulation i should say to be precise and did i get a lot of feedback so i'm not going to re addressed the entire topic yesterday but here's the top the national we yes there is a significant problem with abuse of opium painkillers oxy code on vat get in other opium oil based painkiller medication and the country period period better that's not in dispute the question is as that warrant the remedy and this lawsuit remedy i could bankrupt these companies from producing pain medications that the overwhelming number of people show users possibly as surgery and for other painful they control the pain my answer
it was not got a ton of feedback i can't address all but one email kind of summed up i'm an address the negative feedback can't i got on it because the positive feedback you already hard yesterday's if you agree just listen he s ratio the negative feedback i got one from a guy david z who email me a lot always good emails but he said in this off the mark on this the problem the opiate abuse and the abuse of opium based pain medications is that it's not appropriate for long term use format jeanne pain because it requires brain now on that day thank you for the feedback david i mean that sincerely it's good feedback and you are correct but i'm trying to think of a way to save us not sound like a pretentious jerk i know that my gosh i am hesitant here but i'm going to say i spent my graduate work in the city universe of new york basically studying psychology farmer cocoa annex i i get sensitive
a decent desensitization and how these things work i get it i didn't go into it because it's not a pharmacology course number one and number two a poor people to death who may not have that that level of understanding having said that i only bring your pc male because if i know that without the two years of graduate workin in psychology if i know that by the way jeanne twenty years ago when i went to graduate school fort how is it that you should know that too in other words david with all due respect your point you're making my point not yours you see my point here joe if if a doctor spends for years in medical school a couple years and residency a year a year an internship seven years of schooling isn't it the doctors responsibility prescribing these very serious and potent drugs that are effective nobody this is a drug joe that doesn't work if the drug did work nobody would abuse it you know
your people are you know abusing placebos event because eight idea you never observed you sugar pills of sugar pilgrim you don't see that my this whole thing is i already know that doctors prescribed these drugs it is theirs personal responsibility on the patient site do not abuse these drugs but secondly there's personal spot stability on the doktor side is what i understand what the drug does to understand it is not appropriate for long term use in some cases some cases it maybe and understand the farmers kinetic and how these things work if i understand that they should do you are expecting the government to come at a fix this we can't get it couldn't even open up a website for obamacare you want them to fix the opium crisis again and i want to spend a ton of time so covered it yesterday but greater email appreciate that you don't have to but that was the gist of a lot of the negative feedback if you see where i'm going with this near you know dan it's not a pro for long term use of people will abuse it ok i get it you know a lot
drugs are inappropriate for long term use right and doctors understand that dont proscribed them long term that's not the governments problem and a lawsuits not going to fix that that was my only point so thank you for the email david i hope you understand if again if i knew that sense adaptation diesel sensation homologous heterozygous sensitive operational and the inverse then i'm sure a doktor gets too with far more education than i do or should not they should be an empty prescribing those products just a simple point are moving to election twenty twenty we haven't done a lot of we really need to get some more this i'm not in the budget predictions gay men more because they just completely go awry i mean we're going to talk so i think we have but i'm not gonna make i'm trying not to make predictions because you just can't tell stuff can change in a thought also i do you know what this whole thing for this
not really because changes by the minute you just now especially with a twenty four hour new cycle so i saw this interesting article up a national review i wanted just briefly dare mclaughlin or being shown to say it's the title is a squeaker into mclaughlin will be in the show not to say it's the title is squeaker in twenty twenty not likely in other words is the wait twenty election gotta be close and mcloughlin goes into some data on press national real acts and he says is presidents have run for real in thirty one elections ok now jeanne of those have been complete blow out fifteen we're easy wins for the incumbent for were big fat loss where was a blow up in other words of those nineteen fifteen winds for lost no none more those why close twelve more were worth not really in question they were alive who inconsiderate blow out and he goes into
or racist that we're close including the georgian of george w bush you carry reelect effort with george w bush one but certainly not any kind of a landslide as being sample other rare case weren't accompanied races course now i i put the like a lot because it's a good articles worth your time then there's a good analysis but i think he's premises off i think this election will be close and i'm i'm cautioning people i think trumped says a good chance reelection but i'm cautioning people to not by into this land slide argument again and world due respect it's a good article putting it up you can read it i like to give a point counterpoint my point is i don't think it's gonna be a landslide i don't think we should treat it that way that sets voter apathy and place of voter apathy gets in place people don't show up and what people don't show up you have hillary clinton on election icon war what just happened we're supposed to win by twenty yes and because people thought
we're gonna win by twenty a lot of people set out my vote doesn't count ladies and gentlemen treat the trump real likely he's gonna win by a half a point and you will show up treated he's gonna win by five points and you won't show up so but i hope and i'll give you the counter argument to mclaughlin peace that this could be a blow out based on historical evidence you can check that out but that's just the opening to say i wanted it just cover my analysis of what's going on right now with the election briefly and the twenty twenty candidates and why i think because i don't want you think i'm dead down or i'm not i think trumps chances relax you're very good i want to be clear on that especially if the economy stay strong i'm not being an essay or here i'd like to see it contained of a conservative agenda going forward at a trump twenty twenty reelection handling happy gray but i'm not going treated tat way until he winds i'm not making that mistake ok my opponent john the lady when i ran and against the minute congressional race rubber them so she thought he was gonna win by twenty two
we want on election that might he one on the absentee recount four days later we crept up on any new it don't treat it like a landslide having said that i love your feedback on this segment i wanted which is why i think the democrats or trouble and i want to call it the own your lane theory ok on yours like a bowling laid right there are both wing lanes in politics when you and for a national office like this and maybe this theory may not applied a local races but i think it applies to but a tory and press she'll races at a really high profile and generate a lot of media coverage there are three lanes now i brought up the lane theory but but this is gonna be the own your bawling lane theory so happy revolvers and there in this way you know ball in the other guys lane your ball in your line right there are three essential pathways these twenty twenty candidates to get to the finish line and become the democrat nominees i've got
st lanes labelled as the establishment tick in other words the safe one the safe guy the radical pick the ideological pick and the outside or pick now keep up the supply to both parties but the democrats are the only ones with a serious primary no one's taken show walls remarks and for serious here in the republic inside in those lines you have three front runners the safe packer the establishment pick i now joe obviously is by you may say ok and your own the lane theory the theory is you have a lane you need to own your lame why are you saying there in trouble ok because in the bowling lane that says above it on the boeing they save pick pick this guy he's safe bet you have to own the safe label joe do you really think joe biden with this eyes gaff one day the mud
our cities you remember what stadium in as i debated winner although less or alone i got a little space u s line unhappy hurrah and seemed to think you know biden trouble ukraine was real we option now this corruption allegations but do you really think biden is to pick now when i keep forgetting what ladys in you nice the verdict is in alma cost very good very good poor kids are just as smart as the white kids of course you gotta history a guess what this guy bomb is clear just as smart as the white kids of course you gotta history a guess what this guy obama's clean he takes a shower i mean these are all did biden is not to say no no so when you're the front runner in this sick forgets ladys enemies when you're boeing in that way and you are allegedly the establishment save guy and you're not safe he's got this
corruption issue with this kid that their debt that people keep looking into in ukraine and china and elsewhere he's got these this history of they are in a lot of trouble when you can't own the lane it's the same problem romney had army was the so called safe pick two till he wasn't until he started that you know with the i'm not saying what he said by the wave is unjust that limit that we get the victim line and the democrats use it against them to make him the unsafe guy so and the owner laid theory lane want safe establishment guy on the lane and be safe they are not there are not safe biden is not to save pick right now laying too you have the radical ideological pick radical reading these you're gonna be the far left wingers trying to get up the base theo see prototypes right who do you have a gnat column arrest the front runner yeah basically elizabeth worn and bernie sanders run out why
that borrowing lane again above the boeing rain you have read a call ideological will give up the base and get em all excited all the communists and socialist or vote and the radical liberals what what's the problem there well oh the laying the problem maize when you are radical ideological pick you better be who you think what to quote any grin they are who we thought they were you better be that person and the press with warren and sanders is their frauds folks one thing think about it think through it think it through to the perspective of your own ideological lens to make it easier to understand if you are tea party voter back in twenty twelve and you found the guy you were supporting running as a tea party candidate had voted to increase the government budget bye bye bye bye the three times it was a big crony capitalist you pay like waiting
but my guy he doesn't liver vote the lifestyle he's professing to adhere to burn sanderson elizabeth warner going have the same problem when they get to the general and trump for lays them they are frauds if you're going right is the ideological pick you damn well better live that lifestyle and they don't and is a here millionaire who goes out give speeches about millionaires billionaires being evil and awful he is one he decries this man a wage of seven thousand we need fifteen dollars an hour minimum wage bernie do you play your employees fifteen thousand i want to give it no we don't we don't pay they also cause i'm learning said that these are fake elizabeth war on the other you get what i'm saying when you're running as the ideological guy you damn well better be sit near in like yoga gear at berkeley stocks and running as an anti capitalist they can't their frauds elizabeth warren
one big radical level try at a ball in the liberal lay the radical liberally she's work twelve million good god first oh i capitalist congrats i'm not faulting you're well i'm just saying you're a fraud you don't like million there's a billionaires either you are one donate money lived if go make a six million dollar donation show the left how much you care about redistribution also another i'm she's gonna have she was a raw aligned with the republican party in the past she was a republican i'm gonna bode well in the radical left lame also you ever we're claiming indian heritage which is just utterly this poison you come running joke so waiting to you have idea frauds late why do you have a safe pickers not say finally that they decide this
i would though like to arouse a wide and i've been waiting on the chauffeur hampers important start here just laid you just came up with a great neighbour worn running joke were sits yeah running joke do you heard their wits oh how do we are attached we'll have to use that again i put you out as you have heard the file cabin running your she just it's it's it's not gonna work but that europe is there even we laughed language it sometimes happens that i see the good the third lane yet the same weighing the erratic alain you have the outside laid down the lane and twenty sixty in which i'm sure you didn't miss the election was occupied by who donald trump he was the outsider let us look at those idiots i'm not with them that was this thing that's donald trump at one
after the nomination it was basically i'm not with these morons branded shirts are you how this outside only you see it all the time and recycle steve orbs running on the flat tax you have at outsiders ross perot who ran they try to claim the mantle outside online ok job if you're following in the outside or lane and it says i'm the site or over your lane whoop then you should play hopefully be an hour cider just gonna throw that you think that's a good idea yesterday you are not actually be it outside our politics yet i beg you you're welcome problem get the headline only the lane is the out writers running this election are not outsiders at all matter of fact there it siders people to judge a failed mayor of south bending the disguise not some like political newbie business skype me outside this guy is a room
grew up in a re very prestigious family and read a recent based he's running self ended the added to the ground is not a political act farmers in insider he was given a shot up thank you blew it on you outsider laid who do you have radio robert francis plato forward this an outsider this guy memory to a multi millionaire he's been in congress of a for a couple of comes out even already terms is that any just ran for senator taxes this guy's not outsider again that's not necessarily your problem joe if you're running as the safe pick bright but remember the all your lame theory that's not delay in and buddha judge a running in their running it the outsider way lay whether they acknowledge it or not and they are not outsiders ladies and gentlemen that's a big problem now i leave this segment bikes
waning how my own your lane theories actually benefiting one particular candidate paul you i'm talking about you do you really ok she says thus there is one candidate is creeping lately the own your lane theory which i believe is correct is correct that explains why that candidate is andrew yang one gonna say andrew yang is why you you you would think it i you never lies to be good i'll tell you why like yeah is yet yang is running i was going to say lane anger is running in the site or lane yeah is it legitimate outsider i don't agree demands but you gotta preposterous you know the universal basic income yang is running in the outsider laying he's a likeable guy he's a bit
the sky he has no significant political background i mean outside maybe i don't know he made some donations or whatever but that does nothing unusual about that and in the latest poles folks look at them who's that making the biggest moves andrew yang he is only one in the be your lane theory who is actually cut being because in that lane he's actually only watch that guy watch i again it does no good to get the scale of qualified for this third debate watch that guy precedes the only one who is in his life in owning the land and the people who owned the wayne like trump didn't twenty sixteen are the most dangerous ones out their election twenty twenty only our today also brought about bodies that brick house nutrition the finest folks i'm our message today ok i guess people sponsor the show i only do first
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you go laying the radical left lane you'd better be wherein burke and stocks in a you know a robber yoga retire to run because these far left this socialist you know they don't know what you're talking i'll put their believers the problem is so these people you have now in that she was way not just running for president putting congresses wealth are fraud smoked there there either frauds or their total ignoramus is and they don't know anything and false you may say wow that's awfully personal you say don't mean it that way a way to mean that not be personal but fought there is an actual knowledge deficit a monk a lot of these frauds running in that ideological late i'm evidence it is always a yossi alexandria case your cortez i get it i always get feedback lotta people love the abc segments i try to me no make em rare some of don't like it may think you give up her and we give our unnecessary attention folks i don't
she has a massive twitter following amongst people who bore even the thing she says despite what you saying being so historically inaccurate of fact really devoid of other of any data that it requires just highlight because this is how people with these dopey ideas at her people get in power and leverage at power so here's a short clip of eo see i'm she's doing one of these a periscope type things like a live video where she answers questions which is good for our i don't think that's a bad idea good way to reach your audience of constituents out or have any problem with her evan access them but whenever she as them she inevitably says something absolutely ridiculous i want you to pay attention to two things in this cut first if you watching on the youtube i want you to pay attention to the question at the bottom and how the questioner typesetting i'll get to it for the area with the worst actually repeats the question but i want you to pay tend to our answer about
why young people are so much smarter than older people and older people are just really really really bad and listen to our dumb explanation check this out new generation to delegate now i dont think there to dallas i think that their tat ass i think people are more informed and dynamic them then their predecessors i think that they are more sensitive in a positive way in that they actually care about other people's experiences and wise the bottom that was cut off the guy types in nagoya though i don't know there's a guy or woman that matter the guy types in the question the question was our young people are the next generations too delicate to tee o
you should have been of our young people to averse to using the english language there are fears that always area that partnership is sterical because that just isn't that a pair of eyes is every problem i have with not with younger listen i love our younger this is the best emails i mitchell it only whether people email but you guys are great ladys out there the problem i have is with younger people i don't care that we older people who think they're smarter than everyone else it's another reason i hate as i opened up there no touting my educational bona fide
which is running a successful plumbing business for thirty years why you sell it spread hot dogs and on forty six three new york ok gimme a break ok life experience matters to my problem again is with these younger people like a yo see who's younger than me who really believe they're smarter than everyone else now a couple of points to take experience matters to my problem again is with these younger people like a yo see who's younger than me who really bully there are smarter than everyone else now a couple of points to take away with this because there is a sin we must take away and it's a problem that has reached epidemic proportions that problem number one job is the left does this all the time they ve been hold up the younger generation we're nothing wrong with that you want to tell younger people are stupid that's not my goal here i've i've kids too but they do it attics at the expense
of the older generation in their accumulated knowledge and experience ladies and gentlemen that's being done for a reason you got it at eighty really pisses me off if you don't mind me saying before i get to that does she says that the younger people are called more sensitive and they actually care about other people really so i just two examples that what the generation of northern troops in the civil war hundreds of thousands of casualties they die to wipe the stain of slavery from our society what about those people today actually care what do you think they were doing what about the civil rights generation rob look it's democrats civil libertarians marching south with fire hoses in their face and dogs barking at them get beaten by marie
guinea nights takes what about them they are seated they care for or did knowledge just insensitivity just come along when you were elected to congress civil rights leaders human rights leaders what about they are the women's rights generation that fought for what the woman's women's right to vote what about them where they stupid to was generation just not of your intellectual insensitivity caliber now ladies and gentlemen the left does this all the time and it is an attack on conservatism the essence of conservatism in contrast to what the lunatic left wants you to believe is to conserve the idea is not bad ones remember it was largely republicans who led the civil rights revolution against southern democrats historical fact typically left out our always not to conserve crappy ideas human beings
been plagued by crappy ideas since our first step of since we became sentient beings can corporatism being conservative is about conserving good ideas show human liberty economic liberty god given rights limited government big individual small government good ideas that have led to wealth and prosperity throughout human history educational choice health care choice based acumen liberties this is what we are about serving good ideas now go back to a yo see aol is not about conserving good ideas air sea and our ignorance of history is about employment they are constantly changing new ideas by the benighted political class which evaporate away good ideas like individual liberty because individual liberty can't possibly exist when the governments constantly encroaching on it so when concern
if say listen beings that made mistakes the united states is make mistakes we ve had historical human errors here slavery women not voting is these we're all unquestionable errors we fix them eradicated racism but we ve come a very very long way servitors want to propose the if those that lead people to fight against institutional racism in slavery when that institutionally those we have is that all human beings are born free a cold people who had been put into the stain of slavery there were our ideas a seat as it like the idea that these basic bed rocks of big individual god given rights she doesn't like that her socialism ideas can't possibly exist the two spheres of big government
individual rights can exist at the same time so liberals you'll see this all the time young p don't listen to your parents are so stupid don't listen to your grandfather grew up in this racist time they're all awful people you know what my grandfather busted his by working in a fish or in harlem his whole life god rest the man saw he was the greatest man i ever met for the battle bulge world war two never talked about it one day you should wake up in the region extorted liners graduate from the secret service academy wouldn't have a lot of money we're in the double green alexandria so my grandparents came down what my father and my mother we all had to stay in the same hotel room we did have a lot of money in the middle of the night my grandfather woke up and it was like a scream and i think i may have told the story for nobody responded but me i was like what's wrong when i woke up the next day and i asked my father is somewhat what happened there he's a guy you know happens your grandfather once in a while ever since he came back you know from the war the war
ladies and gentlemen using world war two i graduated from this it serves academy nineteen nineteen i am like us ever talk about it now to my father said never you haven't got a bad ass tough guy smart intelligent hardworking generation these these pompous young twits could learn from matter young people have talked about the pompous young twits you know exactly who i'm talking about maybe for a minute of this generation of kids being taught that that your parents and grandparents are racist idiots and this generation that works for has to say it's really patently offensive that we have this generation of kids being taught that that your parents and grant there is a racist idiots and you are the enlightened once now you think i'm wrong you think i'm making this
conveniently as i was listening i'm not kidding and one other serendipitous i believe the heavenly fired moments i'm listening to this opie video bay or see goes on forever by the way you know twenty nine year old former bartender enlightening us all on how stupid our parents and grandparents were now they weren't sensitive and this is the first generation of sensitive people why this year let me show you this article i saw that creep up from npr exactly my twitter feed as i was looking at this thing this is august twenty five twenty nineteen after science rethinks all to white do walls of honour this peace i will put it in the show no time and have to dig it up again and i think i put in the but i well i want you to look at the picture in this npr piece in the show us and what the stories about apparently at some of these accidents
institutions of higher learning they of walls of honor for nobel prize winners and people who have done great things in their past they ve taken the fort job that this is not a joke this this for it is going to make you scratch your head light like you haven't screwed a long long time they ve taken these nobel prize winners in these great men and women down because allow them we're why what the hell does that have to do with anything we ve got to do with anything and a lot of them were men so they call of dude jude walls again and right an effort by morons his history of verse imbeciles with i accuse less than fifty who want a whitewash the pair eliminate the past altogether because they think they're smarter
then the accumulated body of human knowledge based on experience effort knowledge skills and abilities and these people you want leading your kids in the future the it'd i'm telling you it's a disk grace what's going on right now they do this now i ve got more today shows we very political i'm gonna debunks as in four hundred and sixty seven time lying to us about what's actually going on in the amazon because all they care about its politics not making the amazon i got that and then lying about trumps use of money if we get damaging fires in the amazon and liberals of course for the watch over one thousand one hundred and sixty seven time lying to us about what's actually going on in the amazon because all they care about its politics not least in the amazon i got that and then lying about trumps use of money to build a wall less sponsor a day a great one now he'll sleep we sleep on he'll sleep mattresses and my house we love em you are not going to find a better match for the price do not go to these
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since you hearing about fires in the amazon now these are bad there catastrophic there very bad the problem is what the liberals reasons are for these fires are not you're so the pieces tile fires in the amazon app increased by nearly half since their peak so mad wants the debunked two points not that this is an issue of course it is number one liberals of course instead of trying to solve the problem in finding out why the amazon rain reinforced participants are on fire liberals go right to its guns climate change job it's gotta be climate show clearly if you have a truck or you have enough you ve you are burning down the rain forest it's all climate change will not address is that in the body of the peace he says far for the most part are for the most part the amazon isn't burning farmland is he says surprisingly this is this is a big shocker here the fake news new york
times actually provided a much needed reality check on the issue of the new york times is calling you out joe you know you're making this up is the natural fires in the amazon a rare and the majority of these fires were set by farmers preparing amazon an adjacent farmland for next year's crops and pasture they clarified much the land that is burning was not old growth rain forest but land had been already cleared of trees and set for agricultural use the times so acknowledges add quote these fires were not caused by climate change they were by and large set by humans of course they have darwin caviar however climate change can make fires where some of course they have to throw that because god forbid they actually sticking in fact folks again i'm not here to tell you that fires in the amazon should this isn't an issue that should be addressed i'm here tell you what i tell you every show that liberals why do you there i cannot think of
a single issue of substance i've had it with on the show in the last few months know her erroneous did with the greek fires or not being caused caused by climate change they are largely not in the room in forest portion around farmland and there being set by people not they do you know that is an erroneous did with the agreed god climate change debate made that up there is locally greek god of climate change of course but erroneous did not set these fires course from our famous vince herodias death that's not what's happening that is not what's happening we're not going do gas lighting narratives on the show your liberal free you will tell you all about climate change in terms of their being set by people every day we got it through
the misinformation coming from the left is that when the new york times is calling you out maybe you should rethink your nerve i take away number to these irish are not some unprecedented frequency ladies and gentlemen is matt rights in the peace here is there's a chart i sent it that has it in the peace we want to look at it more detail this is h art fires in the amazon from the national institute for space research the chart covers ninety ninety nine from twenty nineteen to twenty nineteen in other words good solid you know to a couple decades here of fires as you can see from the chart and i'll explain to you for those that are audio listeners it is not the case it's a simple bar graph we're twenty nineteen is relatively the average for fires they ve had in there in the total forest fires spots detected by satellite another one that unprecedented its
saying it's not at issue one simply telling you if we're talking in fact and data which liberals are allergic to this is not an unprecedented event where i use are out of control like we haven't seen in decades it's just not true it's not true it's a problem to be dealt with it's a problem to be dealt with we understand what the problem is what the precedent is and why there being started if you're listening to liberals we'll get the wrong answer on all of those accounts really please read the story on the shoulder its again if you subscribe to my email less thou email you these articles everyday we really appreciate you i'll do in that by the way i also email the link to the sheriff use when i click the play button on the email second by having the bunk liberal nonsense so there's a stir out there this breaking it's gonna get a lot attraction traction the next few days i want to prepare you because you're going to hear it again trump diverge
an emergency money from hurricanes into building a wall what an awful horrible guy donald trump is here's a short clip from fox explaining the problem of a unit here griff jenkins and some of the fox folks it's about a minute wants you to pay attention to the end because there's a take awake is again liberals or lying to you about this diversion of funds check this clip out the timing is certainly feeling harsh criticism from democratic sneaker pelosi taking issue with the news that the agency is actually moving some turn seventy one million from agencies like fema in the coastguard issuing this statement she says stealing from appropriated funds is always an acceptable but to pick the pockets of disaster relief funding in order to fund an appalling inhumane faintly incarceration plan is staggering into do so on the eve of hurricane season is stunningly rex
stay it just says the move is intended to increase detention beds and support the remain in mexico asylum policy is also not uncommon for on assign funds within a single department to be transferred between agencies as the fiscal year ends thank you griff clearing that up a christian news he's on the opinion side ladies and gentlemen the fiscal year roy it's not the calendar year the governor spends money in a fiscal year that fiscal year ends are basically the end of september it runs from october two september we approaching the end of the fiscal year when de h has money in certain subjects of the age s that aren't spent i was at the aid es my last line of work it's not on commented those unallocated funds and move them around two other areas within the ages
since all the time now of course the democrats who lie constantly are suggesting somehow that because fema and other places didn't spend this money and de hs is going to use it for border construction other things the on the allocated funds funds at aren't spend that this is somehow trump tat money from the hurricane zone people so awful ladies and gentlemen again there just making it up people lie to you constantly are you even interested in the truth vote ever you want to vote for your a democrat you align with the dams all the time you never cross ballot fine whatever man do you think just understand this what your voting for why you're not being told the truth on just two any issue of substance of substance whatsoever that is not true that this is some effort to give
the porter rican economy out of hurricane relief when the largest hurricane relief package in modern american history was just allocated to border rico after the devastation of the last hurricane they're just making this up because it is all about power and lies them it's disgusting trap lies oh no you guys lie like all the time promise the show you're probably believe that no gosh you took money away money out of the mouths of starving babies importer we gotta give them to the border but that is not the way any of this work she just made all of that up now this is a nice aggrawatin even planet this way but folks shockingly some in the media who cover this garbage nonsense some and i by some i mean very few are starting to wake up to the fact that the constant lit me of law
against donald trump and republicans is not really working out the way they plant why are they doing that again it's at their good will it's not that media people are engaged this moment of sincere self reflection the upon the media's having right now is that nobody believes him anymore because they lie so often and effortlessly about donald trump colluded with the russians is a racist donald trump sir brought a recession tomorrow morning this stuff is just discredited nonsense that they may up in the media newsrooms as we saw the dean backing from the new york times leak little com prince he had there we acknowledge that they screwed up on the russia thing now they're moving to make up racism charges instead they have a real issue it's been a really bad week for the new your country that bread stevens debacle with the bedbugs story attic attacks professor for call him a bedbug just you know i have a thin skinned too but really dude
when you see the guy's boys stupid but summoned the media are still they have brief moments of self reflection i think based on the fact that their own credibility is going down the tubes i'm here sure thing article from emerson by aaron blake i'm arab blake rights for the washed imposed and the arctic i have this in the short term to how trump under the media's thin skin now please sites another i think its aim is jack schaefer writer political and it did if you so the yesterday show you'll understand the background but briefly can urban issues are now starting to target the social media histories of media people who lie about china we ve seen the conservatives is exposed some anti semitic tweets from new york times right is a media ladies and gentlemen i covered yesterday and shows up in arms what do you mean we're only allowed to expose you guys when you expose us that's not fair to an attack on the press that attack on the press after tat
recent attack on your credibility when i get this straight concern is found a bunch of tweets about an anti semite working at the new york times while the new york times was writing about trump being an anti semite and europe thereby sorry this is too bad so sad now as the sky rights in peace covered by arab blake and i put blake's peace not the political because it covers both sides this is the political right j for he writes as much as i would like to see that is what my fellow journalists it doesnt strike me as unreasonable to ask them to repudiate vile or impolitic things they may have stated in the past three a fig nor remotely unfair for the president's supporters to demand that journalists who are forever denounced him as racist and he writes because he is my figure these idiots to be held accountable for their bigoted speech on twitter or anywhere else journalists don't
serve a get out of bigotry jail free car just because their journalists if their past tweets how we're ancient under cut their courage journalistic work or make them sound hypocritical they can't play their diminished prestige on trumps allies it's like blaming for writing you a ticket for speeding in schools or a mature about that analogy of course the guys and if a jerk because i as a right as it is no use making that up to but again this moment of suffering is that these guys being white knights and coming in here to save the day for journalists it's that they understand that nobody believes them anymore there's only domini narratives you can fabricated create their lies before the general public justice know what you guys are just full of crap but you're not off limits why you would think you were off limits is offensive to people like us who what where i'm a conservative pundit i do opinion commentary jerk and liberals have gone to every single thing i've done my life so that's fair
for the media matters lunatics but when we turn return the favour on them and find that media matters is run a guy who's made eighty symmetric blog posts that that's not fair hard pass new us folks we win you lose you want to apply standards to us we're going to apply may you too but again don't at this moment of self reflection first second make you believe that all these guys are being really good about non that's just because our credibility is down the tubes to see only reason ok i'm less story but a good one you know i love debunking them talking point abbey really good pga media pieces i like the kind of spread the wealth around promoting stuff between the various conservative alice pj's some good stuff pga media as a great piece about capitalism and how again silly left this fucking points by a yo bernie sanders and elizabeth warrant are just entirely completely reject story of being the shown us by tyler romeo august twenty six twenty nine team p jamie
sorry bernie america's poorest are picture than sixty percent of developed countries act just fine again against liberal gas lighting nonsense narrative kept their narrative is this very clear capping as a discriminatory capitalism takes vantage your people socialism is more equal therefore we should be socialist that's the umbrella bernie sanders eo scenario what's really comically stupid about this is again a fax and data matter i know liberals you can do now now i know that's of doesn't matter to you it does matter to me and joe paul at my audience however an analysis they re they did of always see countries keep in mind this is that these are the wealthier countries in the world right the oecd countries as incredible show that when you base your figures consumption which is the way to do incomes heart have measure because it does necessarily take into account government transferred so when you base it on
consumption in other words what poor people in countries actually consume food cars cell phones computers that's them it's better measure of their well being then income because income doesn't always take into account government transfers medicate benefits medicare it doesn't it's not a full scope maybe some kind of inheritance money you don't always get the full scope of what can options a better way to do it because it you are better sense of how people are living when you pay those figures on consumption the poor in america the bottom twenty percent statistically consume more than the average in sixty four percent of always see the country's here's a clip from from the peace you can see the youtube com slash bond gina think about what i'm telling you the just countries in the world when you measure
when you measure well being based on consumption that our poorest people are better often the average income people in sixty four percent of the world's wealthier countries tell me again how capitalism in the united states is taking advantage of the poorest growing people over it failed system no it's not my fault i poorest folks do better than average class people in the majority of the world's wealthiest countries again another day point you should grill into your head to argue what you're left his friends when they tell you how wonderful socialism is elsewhere there just making it up again because that's what they do best my thanks are recruited in a really appreciated we subscribe to a youtube channel and i know what you did to our video yesterday but it really we d crush there that can have we in our best ever on monday and all of a sudden people can finally
if you subscribe youtube com slash punch you know it's free you'll get those videos they put on the alerts i really appreciate that also subscribe to your audio podcast also free on apple podcast google podcast sound cloud i elsewhere we really appreciate thanks for tuna and folks say or do you just heard tan bond genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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