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Biden White House prepares another forever war

2024-01-24 | 🔗
Biden White House prepares another forever war
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These missiles hitting this U.S. airbase in Iraq. And we still have the situation with the Houthis, where we have gotten reports, I believe, from the New York Times as well as the Washington Post, claiming that the Biden White House, they are working on plans.
Yemen. So we're heading towards what could be a very wide, very long and catastrophic war in the Middle East. Absolutely. Absolutely. Can I just before we begin on the really serious issue, which is the attack on the American. In Yemen is illogical to the point of absurdity. Let's go through. And as I understand it, there are now fewer civilian ships passing through the Red Sea than there were when the Americans first started launching their missile strike.
If it was intended to facilitate trade through the Red Sea, it has done the diametric opposite. Then we get Joe Biden asked the question, you know, you know, is this going to stop the Houthis from doing what they're doing? These missile strikes? And he says, no, it's not. But then he goes on. And then Joe Biden, he who supposedly said that he was against forever wars and that he opposed forever wars, he's now come up. We're now getting.
Exactly what we're hearing, you know, New York Times, Washington Post, long-term plans for dealing with the problem of the Houthis. What is that? Would be an incredibly reckless thing to do. What would the American people think if something like that happens? So, you know, what is American policy in Yemen? Well, apparently unending, indefinite confrontation. In other words, as I said, another.
Then we got this exchange of missile and bomb strikes between iran and pakistan the iranians undoubtedly see pakistan as allied with the united states at least the present government in pakistan they perceive it in that way
In Erbil, near Erbil, in Iraqi Kurdistan. And now we've had this further big strike on this American base, this big American Air Force base in Iraq. Now, if it was carried out with ballistic missiles, and most reports suggest that it was, if it was carried out with ballistic missiles, it is all but inconceivable that Iran itself was not directly involved, even if those ballistic missiles were launched from within Iraqi territory. Remember, the Iraqi government does not have. Complete control of.
At American bases. So the Iranians must have played a role because who else would have done must have played a role in organizing this. Americans so it was still a measured attack it is another very
But to retaliate and to retaliate directly against your bases and we're showing that we showed that before when we attacked those bases in near Erbil but those weren't American bases they weren't protected by your air defense missiles your Patriot air defense missiles now we've
This is a provocation, and they will almost certainly, and they almost certainly are now demanding counteraction. Well, if we go by the stories, the media reports coming from the collective West, I mean, there obviously is some sort of planning for some sort of strike towards Iran. And as you said, some sort of planning for a forever war. What do you think could be the next moves from the from the Biden White House? I mean, will they be able to resist the neocon push, given that they're neocons as well? I mean, you know, they never have been able.
The is Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, its operatives in the Middle East. So we've seen attacks on bases belonging to the Islamic, the IRGC. Killed um of course the iranians are certain to take counteraction it's not going to deter the iranians this kind of thing never does and so
Again, most people who've been following this think it is unlikely that Israel will be able to gain any quick victory against Hezbollah, probably not any sort of victory. The Economist, you know, fervid neocon magazine.
All of these militias, the Houthis, the Hezbollah, the militias in Iraq as Iranian proxies, don't go after the tentacles of the octopus, go after the head, attack Iran itself. And this article in the Daily Telegraph used almost exactly those words, only instead of talking about an octopus, he talked about a snake. Don't go after the tail of the snake, go after the head, attack Iran. So you can see that the buildup, the rhetorical buildup.
Some sort of peace plan in order to de-escalate everything, because that is the key to de-escalation, right, is a ceasefire and stopping the war in Gaza. You do that and everything de-escalates overnight, immediately. How does all of that factor in? I mean, maybe there's less bombing going on and that kind of thing, but fighting in Gaza continues. There's been a report, I think it was in the Wall Street Journal, which says that, you know, Hamas has not been damaged as much as the Israelis have been.
There is no sign of it ending, and it's going to continue for, the Israelis say, at least a year. The Biden administration seems incapable of ending the fighting in Gaza. They're seeing the diplomatic position of the United States collapse in the Middle East. Position and the alarm over this Saudi peace plan and we discussed in that program how But given the risk that this peace plan is going to.
The crisis in Gaza is the origin point of everything else. It was the fuse. It was the lighting, the attack. Which we are now seeing gradually, step by step, taking us closer to the big explosion, which is the war, the uncontrolled war between the United States and its allies and Iran. I'm just trying to figure out how does this, if this does happen,
Yes, you're not in a situation anymore where Saudi Arabia is against Iran either. I mean, that's that's no also not. No, it's not. Bear something in mind, whatever the governments might feel in the Middle East, the Arab governments, Arab public opinion in the event of such a conflict will overwhelmingly support Iran.
Public pressure from the streets but the situation is very fragile and a government A government like Saudi Arabia might be worried about a crisis in Egypt, which might have further implications and which might spread across the entire Middle East. So given that that is so, it is a certainty that Arab governments will look with horror upon a spread of the war and spread of the crisis across the Middle East and will come out in strong opposition to any such move. So.
Attacks. There are armed militias right across the Middle East. There are armed men right across the Middle East. They're not obviously. Is so hostile to you can you really risk pressing on in this way well if you are the neocon if you're a neocon you think you think you can actually
Over-optimistic at the start, wildly over-optimistic at the start. They always act as if... What they always argue for is more escalation because they It is still in some way bluffing and you can somehow go on calling it's bluff
Rule of bluff. We can just go on escalating. They'll be saying the same about Iran before very long. Yeah, final question. I wonder if the Biden White House sees this as a way of helping him in the election, in the 2024 election. And I wonder if...
Thinking. And yes, Trump may be able to extract the United States out of the conflict in Ukraine. Maybe he can do that. But if we get this big conflict started in the Middle East, by the time November rolls around, not even a Trump presidency. I can see the neocons saying, God help us, but not even a Trump presidency if he were to be. ...in the Middle East would be a disaster for the United States, at least this is my own view, and would be...
Divide his base also, because one thing Republicans of the United States are, is that they are very hostile to Iran. If he somehow tries to de-escalate and tries to find a way back, that could split his base and that might be exactly what his adversaries are looking for. Sorry, when foreign policy is used
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