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Episode 171: Cracking Down on the Candidates

2019-10-17 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and David do a rundown of the Democratic presidential contenders’ standings after Tuesday’s debate.

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  • Rich: ALCS Game 2.
  • Charlie: Taking his son on his first rollercoaster ride.
  • David: The war over Nats fans.

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how does Joe Biden- God love em Actually, when the democratic now nation will discuss all this more in this week's edition of the editor ambrosch, Larry, I'm joint, is always or to be honest, for the latter time ever and the specific configuration by the right. Honourable Charles see Debbie Cook and pride of Tennessee David french shoe. If you have not heard said news or He is leaving an r, and this will be his final. For now, at least the editors here. Listening to a natural you pod, cast our sponsors this week. Are the borough sofa and put on the unconventional political convention. If you listen to podcast on natural, Yoda Konrad would have you, but it would be easier if you and for us. If you made as part of your feed at any of the streaming services out there from Google play to tune in to Spotify, and if you like what you hear
Please give us a glowing five star review on Itunes. If you dont like what you hear here. Please forget, I said Annie, and before we jump in be remiss if I didn't do some self interested salesmanship for my new book, that's out refer, the case for nationalism. How made us powerful, united and free of hasn't called? fascinating, erudite and much needed Tom Caught says is learned and brisk and Ben Piero says it's massively important. Please check it out pre order it at Amazon, Barnes, noble anywhere else, where you pre under your fine books. So we had a democratic debate, worth in the series earlier this in what we're gonna do is just run through each of the candidates and give our impressions and where we think that the state of the campaigns are so, let's start with the new consensus, fraught runner.
I think, probably more accurate description would be co front. Runner co, leading candidate, Alice, death warrant who took on a lot of fire certify you'd expect for front running candidate while Joe Biden was was relatively ignored and Charlie. I thought she held up. Ok from for her purposes, she's, always on message. There's. There is never any question of that. But the most memorable thing from the debate. Something else can continue to dagger and is really off brand for her response to be this truth. Telling pure
with the plan for everything which is she can't answer the question just won't as a better word answer, how she's gonna pay for America fraud? I keep being told that it's off brand, but I'm not convinced, is off brand, because I am not convinced that she has a coherent brand or a coherent purpose. She doesnt strike me ass, at least yet having article eighty. Why she wants to be president is one thing to say that you have a plan, for everything is another thing to convey why you have a plan for everything why that plan should be shared by the voters and why you should be given the chance to executed
the conventional wisdom is that this is a problem that plagues Joe Biden, especially and that's true, but are not convinced that Elizabeth WAR is necessarily the best replacement ass, a front runner for all of his flaws and, in many cases, Great Bernie Sanders has a coherent message, asked Donald Trump Bernie Sanders messages. The system is red which both trumpet weren't say well, I will build a coalition of people who will change that. I will turn the American him into one, that more closely approximates the british system or the scandinavian system. Bernie Sanders is prepared to acknowledge the consequences of that position in all
Their forms, Bernie Sanders, sat on Fox NEWS in front of a broadly to call audience and in response to questioning from right of centre moderators that taxes would go up that rich people would pay more? That wealth would be redistributed across the board, especially when it comes to his health care plan that Elizabeth Warren will not say that puts her in this odd twilight zone. In which she has simultaneously trying to be the tribunal of the people, she's simultaneously trying to be a an agent of, change, while reassuring or at least refusing to upset those who currently gain the most from the status quo. I've said
before that. One reason I think Alexandria causing Cortez is pointless as a politician is that she has failed to do what the people who put her in place and have championed her wanted to do, which is- to publicly break with in a meaningful way the Democratic Party orthodoxy. She will not say we need to raise middle class taxes. She won't say two hundred and fifty thousand dollars is not the right cut off point between rich and not rich. Is she talks of
raising taxes on people, making ten million dollars a year and so forth, but he doesn't Burmese open about what would need to happen. Elizabeth warrant is not, and I think that puts her in a peculiar position. It puts us in a position that is likely to Ghana a lot of distrust from social Democrats who think and one came to mind Zaire Giuliani. Who said she is not what we need, because if she's not prepared to engage in political fight to raise the requisite taxes, she's not going to get any of the Social Programme, she want and enough what she would be another kettle president. So I am not convinced there is a rationale for her presidency. That is sufficient at this moment either for power meaningfully into the leading the democratic nomination or into the White House. So but I'm not sure, agree with tax at a thicker thing is I'm pretty soon without the socialist label land with a slightly different theory.
The case is surely right, right points out. Bernice all about is creating this movement. That's gonna make these magical things happen were warranted. It's more just regulation from the federal government. That's gonna change everything, but I think, it's it's she's a message candidate and that so far as what has gotten her, where she is, Why? I think she's she's a message candidate and cheese and energy candidate. I mean there's a reason why she often runs onto the stage she sits there and makes those pictures you know for hundreds of people, sometimes after rallies. I one thing that strikes me about her candidacy. As she is she's pray, Jacking is relentless amount of energy and enthusiasm. That is a huge contrast to the last democratic nominee, No, I mean you know, she's somebody who's projector This enormous amount of energy sort of enormous amount of vigour and relentless,
desire to take on Donald Trump to take on the nations problems, so I look in her sort of in the plan, for everything is just is one aspect is the aspect that appeals to the sort of You know that the media crowded so obviously adores her right now. So obviously is proving opened now in the phase where at what? What would which more recent comparison, we're sort of in the bed, oversees TED crews, phase of our media coverage where she's, really in some of the pieces that we read over the last three weeks or chosen ludicrous, I think of her as just as real energy, candid who has some she, I it and message candidate, however, who has some absolutely giant flaws and and Think some others were revealed when the way in which he responded to the tax cut question mainly
flat out was sitting there. Refusing to tell the truth, just refusing to tell the truth, and that's one of the you know that something that she's got a problem with. Let's just be honest, I mean, if you're going through looking at some of her reason statements. The mainstream media tried to cover for the free beacons hoarding on had tipped Elliot. Johnson's team by the way free begins reporting that actual records and and Lisbon warns prior statements. They contradict her car and that she was fired for being pregnant. Maybe she was. Maybe she wasn't, but let's just say actual records and per prior statements until recently conflicts with that story, which is raises questions. I mean this is person who, still too you know, was a co author of called powwow Chow listed herself
The native American plagiarized, her portion of the book POW Channel from a french chef claim to be the first nursing mother to take the New Jersey bar exam. You know, and I think hurt her claim to be sort of the Jackie Robinson lactating. Lawyers was under back at the bar, the New Jersey BAR, a women have been taking it since eighteen, ninety five and and wasn't aware that they tracked the nursing habits of their chests takers. I mean this is go on and on her her academic research that vaulted hurts stardom when she came to Harvard LAW School Wise- let's just put it this way and it did not hold up. Did the slightest bit of scrutiny each go down the line and recently. She accused of the officer who killed Michael Brown, in Ferguson of murder, which is in a four Pinocchio claim, and
something that we outlined in great detail in our was outlined in great detail and multiple Industry media outlets before she had the Bedouin Texas phase of her media coverage, and you know this is, and I just think that this is a person who has some of the most profound and obvious flaws of all the democratic candidates. Any two things: you can watch the media right now transform herders into something that she is not an end. I thought she did not have a good debate and one of the ways that I can tell she didn't have a good debate, as I saw a member people say that one was. The winner of the debate, because she was attacked so much which say If I'd her front runner status. What I mean she does have front runner status, but how'd she replied. The attacks years. She responded the tax by just coming across is wanting to do desperate to do anything except actually answered the question put to her and that's not a great look. So I mean it
I think she's enjoying this honeymoon period. I'm not clear long it will last. I do wonder a little bit. I mean this is October do you wonder a little bit if she's kind, of sending a bit too early. If that, if the better arc for her was. This is the end of December and she's, just taken she's just passed by men, I new Hampshire, by TAT, I thought some of her opponents, God in some pretty good, Mean Amy closure. Don't know that she's going anywhere, but I thought clothes outshine during the debate when they had the direct confrontation. So I did, fine! Warn! All that impressive see. I think David. You have just made a case on behalf of my argument. In there Elizabeth war is not yet a message. Candidate. Elizabeth worn for small number of progressive is a message candidate, true, but Elizabeth WAR.
Within the democratic primary in the country at large is at the moment a some or personality candidate. All of the things that we are being told about Elizabeth Warren imply that she should be president because of something In about her she right, smart. She went to Harvard she's got a plan for everything, went necessarily deal with the consequences of those plans, but she's got one in the fact she has one demonstrates that she's capable She was one of the first women to do this and one of the first woman to do that, and I know a blow up in her face. But that was an argument that was echoed in her native american debacle message. Candy, are people who can withstand.
Flaws in their plans or even the absence of plans, because what they stand foreign represent is so strong that people get it on a visceral level. Donald Trump was a message. Candidate people would say Who doesn't have a plan for anything? I know he doesn't know what the federal government does. I know he doesn't know where Syria is, but he represents me. He stands up for Bernie Sanders has the same thing, doesn't really matter what They sound is actually wants to do or if it differs from Elizabeth Warren people are loyal to him because he has said for forty years. Here is the problem. This is what is wrong with America. Now, there's with warrant is not done that that's not necessarily a floor. People change their minds. But Elizabeth Warren, it seems to me, is at the moment the beneficiary of COLT building the arguing,
look at this woman. She, smart she's, a trailblazer. Not all of her plans are brilliant and unique and they're not unique, of course, no gun is the same as everyone else's. She has signed on in theory to Amerika for all planned, but she can't define what that means or what the consequences are. She doesn't differ from the rest of the people on the stage in any significant way on social issues, she's quite happy to acquiesce. To any. In sanity that is thrown at her as we saw the algae, BT, Q, town Hall, I dont think she's a message candidate. Yet she can become one perhaps, but I don't think she's one yet to execute met, she's a message candidate for box, New Yorker Halfpence, whilst those people tat I d, but he's not leading the pack
question you David French Letter grade on Elizabeth warrants, debate performance, Tuesday night see minus letter grade their French on her. Pain overall B. Plus I mean she's she's- serves to the top Mean B plus or minus checkup I'll. Give us for the other night in part, because anything she did well was overshadowed by her refusal to answer basic question. I give her campaign a much higher grade. She's come from the corners of the Democratic Party into the centre of the Democratic Party and irrespective of how she's got there, whether I'm right, David is right. She's doing while so I would give her campaign add a b plus. I'm gonna great higher I'd say be minus further. The debate I take Davis point that is being attacked
tells me. You had a great debate, but I think she's she's, ok, most of the rejoinder. It is just that the time thing is it a yawning hall? I can't believe that they have clearly thought about this a lot and that their best answer that she should have in no way have sir and continued to seem. Evasive, It is the worst thing for any candidate to to seem especially candidate of the left. The way she is and I give her campaign so far in a minus I mean she's she's run the best campaign of any one in the field. Section maybe of Buddha, judges who started from play nothing but Warren. I think it's actor say she has the highest eyes of of winning nomination. At the moment, I am not at all with the part of the commission was that's swaying! All the sudden and you're saying it's gonna be worn. I think the thing is is still quite flu or at least more fluid. Then it seems, but so far it's been quite successful campaign, so
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I'm slash editors, that's be U R, R O w Natcom slash editors for seventy two hours offer new server. Please check it out: burrowed dot com, slash editors, so David, the aforementioned PETE booted. Each entirely conventional honest. I think he had quite a good night. I don't think it's had a bad debate. Incredibly well spoken is worse. Moment was when he that there is a controversial police involved, shooting that created controversy back And he has asked about Sir, why and fired the police chief or why hadn't heard more black officer is basically and get it done, and then someone This will in Castro, had totally stump them some rejoinder on this, and he could see the blank look, I'm Buddha Judge Space, but fortunately someone else interrupted at that very moment, so it didn't didn't, become a thing
but he's clearly now he's seen a position that a little bit Canada nutritional message. When you're running and stir in combat, which can be the United, was pretty much Every presidential candidate says it a certain level and he's being more forthright. That's He'd descents from the war and Sanders position on a couple of these core issue use, including Medicare for all. But what did you think. Well, you know I mean he, he distinguished So the way always does just it. Just as you said, I mean he's, always well spoken Supper. For that one tell you know that one moment and then his attacking he was attacking these guys from the right. So is a conservative. I'm sitting there. It looking at him, attack from the right and in liking. What I'm saying. That's funny. I M reminded of that
Saturday Night live it's starting to portray these guys in agenda the guy, who portrays beat up the judge walks into the room and when they were parodying, the algae, VD, town Hall and he says, I dont know why I'm not winning I'm I'm something along the lines. I don't know why? I'm not winning. I make more sense than everybody agenda. It sort of you know, with with Buddha, judge these sort of got this air. That's like em, Why are you I'm just sitting here? Making sense come I'm just sitting here making sense with me, I'm the one who makes the most sense come with me any kind of exists it's that that vibe, but this part of the reason. Frankly, why has risen from nowhere. I just absolute nowhere unease a particular lane or trying to fill a particular lanes existed. Frequently in the Democratic Party, which is part of the young, the young politician the young hopeful, politician.
So I think that you know this is a guy that that even the fact that we're talking about him second in this part cast, is it you too, what he's been able to accomplish? The thing that I just have doubts about is how high can he go so far its It doesn't seem that he even registers of black voters at all which you gotta, do that gotta be able to do that in a democratic primary to have hope. But I still think he's got some upside. He heap outperform his national polling pretty substantially in iowa- I think he's got some room to move and if war worn falters or foreign keeps sort of faltering. Or or having unsatisfactory answers in response to some of these debate. Questions, and since from her rivals, which are often not coming from the media. I think he's got some upside back. In again, I'm I'm looking the guy who spent the and
entire or most of the debate attacking his rivals from the right, and so that I like to see that I thought he poked some holes in their possession. There were some pretty obvious glaring holes again from my perspective, not sure Democratic primary voters saw that, but I have to think. I still think that think he's got some upside, but I've got. I would like to see him have all some appealed to black voters and see that in some polling somewhere before you're gonna, say that he's a real contender to try, seized me now just taken that the tax that he should taking all along, which is a competitor in the so called Biden, Lane more moderate what landed party, but his campaign has
and obsessed with vacuuming up coastal money, which you dont get by by being or a relative moderate, and some of these ideas are crazy, packing courts and and what not, but it seems like he he's one of the people who realises that binds gonna think that he could benefit. There are three reasons of people seek power or office One, this is gonna, be gray, I know, can be a great answer. Just seems, like an amazing non secretary, The first is that they have a burning desire to change things and they are full of policies and change. Ideas.
The second is that they consider themselves to be highly competent and believe they can serve their country and someone- that's not always a technocratic instinct. You look at british parliamentary history, William PET, for example. That can work well and then there are people who are psychotic, who just want Parma Celine. It was a good example of it. The latter two groups, don't always know quite what they want to do. They just think that they could do it. Well, I think people to judge is in the middle category. I think he looked at this failed in consider. It was take lily impressive. I think he thinks he's a person of intelligence and talent which he is. I think he sees himself as representing a different generation. He's a young man
he's gay married a he's running against a lot of people in the seventies he's from a different part of the country. His profile is different and I think some of the details of his run have been left to be worked out in the future, and the future has now arrived, and what he's looking at is a candidate in this particular primary is Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren splitting one part of the vote, Joe Biden and a bunch of also IRAN's, and he is realised. I will try and move into the Joe Biden Layin, as you say, partly because it's possible that Biden will flow out, and at that point someone is gonna, have to have a hold on that portion of the electorate partly because he is instinctively it seems
the more moderate and from a place South Bend Indiana. That is, different or at least surrounded by places that a different than say, Nancy Policies, district or Elizabeth Warrant State. And he's clearly signalling himself to be the moderate. Now it's not a matter of hinting. He has criticized better wrought strongly on guns. He criticised better rock strongly on religious liberty, people that Europe does not have religious liberty views with which I would agree, but he said clearly
though we don't want to get into punishing churches and he has become a more vocal critic of the. So called medic have all consensus that has emerged. There is a degree to which this behaviour is cynical, there's also a degree to which this is how politics works. You want people within the political realm who represent the different views that are held by the general public companies incinerated accident essay recently pointing out that so many of the opinion columns in the New York Times treat politicians who dissent from the Democratic Party Centre of
poverty is being somehow illegitimate that those people are representing off the country. George, we made a similar Quiv about Fox NEWS, came up with a innovative business idea of appealing to half the country beat booty judges, somebody who has throughout his life it seemed to be read his comes when he was in college, not being a firebrand progressive than a generally left have sent a figure who is. Vince, not without reason of his own competence, and he speaks nine languages. This makes sense for him, he's now looking at the field and is moving into the open space and he's arctic. Waiting. Some concerns that democratic voters have not just about the field as it stands, but about some of the ideas that their espousing that could lead to the re election of dawn.
From the french letter grades on debate, performance and campaign. So far for mere p debate performance, a minus campaign. So far I mean you, ve gotta give em a similar grade when you come from mayor of South Ban to be in the conversation to contend in Iowa and perhaps beyond so we give them a name minus on his campaign, checkup yeah I'm giving him in a minus on his debate, for months and an aid on his campaign. Of course, that doesn't mean he's going to be the nominee. Maybe who had a ceiling? doesn't seem to make inroads among Africa. American voters, which is, of course, Joe Biden's anchor. It's my first year up to me one that the ones through the been on the podcast about here
hey, hey, SIRI. What do you think of people to dash? Am I not now my funds go on about ass? Rich says this is a guy who came from nothing and that by us to count for something. Sorry It's me, I should have done it. We should get someone on Google adsense derisory forget for yet I said I I'm with you guys. I say a minus on a debate be plus sunning campaign, but ITALY can bomb that up to a minus and it's been might Mary for a while that someone, besides top three years, is gonna break out breakthrough. You have, to this juncture, say Buddha judges, the most likely is. Fourteen percent lays pole, in New Hampshire, which isn't spitting distance of the top candidates, her her, basically and in fact in it a three way tie for
first, when shock me if he wins Iowa, I think profiles as like a John Edwards type in two thousand and four Gary heart type. The first time he ran someone who surprises way on the upside, who probably doesn't have the juice to get the nomination, but it could be a vice presidential pick could be a very serious certain candidate next time around of Trump wins this time. I think that, obviously the african american thing is a challenge. I dont some kind of opposed straight line. Projections on that cause, winning could could change how African Americans view again. Frances Elizabeth WAR now is showing a little life among asking. Organs. When there is zero, I think just booted edge has more of a problem there. Anyone else in this regard is kind of this bright young. Guys like a shiny penny and he's gay married. So I think he's gonna have a lot. A lot of problems say with african american vote
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Jordan Petersen, Sir, how to be Sanders, data, Brazil Rights, previous Tommy, Laren April Ryan and many more program highlights, are unfinished business. Michael Knolls versus Chris Hon. During conversation with David from Charlie Kirk versus Kyle. Kalinowski in evening without Frank and Point a point shot Henry James Carville the Carville Interview with syrup could be Sanders. A leadership talk, James call me a keynote by Jordan. Listen, Tommy, learn in conversation with Anna Casper and hosted by clay again and ahead head debate with Donna Brazil rights previous for tickets and more information go to political dot com, that's political! On dot com! Please check it out all right. Joe Biden sign of how far Joe Biden following that he's in the third slot.
And the letters round up of the democratic debate. What did you make him too? To naturally Biden just doesn't convince me I've been punish, as you know, and on his chances in part, because I thought this was a week field. He treads water, he looks old. He has less of a rationale. I think for his candidacy than does Elizabeth Warren. Does people to judge still hasn't receive Barack Obama's endorsement? This is not going to matter a huge amount, but it does look a little pathetic. The imbalance here, Obama is happy to endorse just in Trudeau publicly, but weren't endorsed the man
talks endlessly about him from the debate stage and bind seems out of touch to that. Not necessarily an unusual thing for a politics before democratic party that has moved further and further to the left and has been forced to embrace every social innovation that comes along. It is eventually going to trip him up. He's the default candidate, he's a candidate for people who don't like Donald Trump and think Trump is unfit for office, but I'm not off the view that America is completely corrupt on South
the ball, built upon rotten foundations that sometimes is sufficient to get a candidate denomination. It's looking less and less likely that that will be the case for Biden. I remember: Luke Thompson's typically acerbic line. That Biden has not running for president so much as he's decomposing in part. That was too harsh, but then it is not a great deal of energy about the Biden campaign he's almost taken: Jonah, Goebbels advice to run a front porch campaign, while holding events off his front porch and the combination of those two things makes him. In my view, a lacklustre though he still has hope, both in the debates and in the polling and the public imagination that he's the default option and that There is just not enough juice in the other candidates to pull this away from him, but by the debate
by the day by the new cycle that looks less and less likely He looks more and more things like a follow up. He was the last major Democrat to cool for impeachment. He is almost thee nervous, all guy who wishing to stay relevant says: yes, whatever you want, whatever you want, I will agree to and that's not inspiring people want to be inspired, look? I swear it a little unfair, but it's just an inevitable every verbal slip up and we all have them at times, magnified when its Biden, On that state seems out, you can ever really cleanly land any given answer on anything. I think it is stop Iraq and Syria at at one point again. The Hunter Biden answer wasn't great. You know hunter setting, exercise poor judgement by
like I'm so proud of his judgment. I thought held ok in in the very tense exchange towards the end with with Warren and Sanders, but though he blurted out this in a kind of Biden, ISM just felt like a little. Appropriate Armenia sexist way, but just a little we're like like it just a line. It comes out when it. What he's talking about with war and in the consumer protection finest per day, the bureau's, like you, did a hollow job in your job. This thanks. So what do you think you know I rarely I camera be the last time where I felt like a candidate if they were just up for it. Had a nomination in the palm of your hand mean you know this desk. Nation of Democrats to win the regard that large chunks of the democratic constituency have, not of course woke twitter but further
Stu Democratic Party have for binding. He was it's been right. Therefore, image she's been right there if he could reach out and grab at, and that has been the problems its day. Wine. I care. Memories said this assault on twitter, but is it Joe Biden begins with we're good sentences and then It follows that, with about fourteen sentences of of word, salad that might have been measured met. Continuity, tweet think something like that. Yeah in it's it's just you see that time and again he he will start where he He knows, he's got his point and it's almost as if heavy They only had twenty seconds to answer these questions. Then he might do better, but he just is doesn't seem up to it, and it's only the last bit David, yes teen rather than the four that makes him look old and bizarre. The first four agenda,
ok, but then he rambles into I remember when the locomotive was invented, and you think that, Zactly right and so you're just sit we're going in, and I think that's one of the reasons why Warren Anne and talked earlier about how she's been running this high energy campaign were she's, just She's running to the stage she's she's doing all of these things. It indicate that it's it's almost like she's, just bursting with writer in energy and in an he, by kind is there such a sharp contrast. I think that's quite intentional. She's doing there. So it's it's The point was just hard to watch and in it full of his sort of underlying strength that he has not faded more than he has
So I say I rarely seen a a candidate have a nomination sort of in the palm of your hand. If they could just reach out and take it, they can't seem to do it, but a great joy could well, I think, his debate. Performances are see. Minus ass, David says he really is really not grasping the mantle his campaign has been poor had already. Vantages, it's a sea because he's not sinking yet, but he's not rising either French I'm a Charlie Cnc, I'm almost with you. Cause. I'm a sea under debate, see minus on the campaign. In his his sag, but he hasn't collapsed in in the polls, but just easy to see him steady downward trajectory that if you protect out three or four months
he'll be in a very, very bad place. Is just been kind of the worst sort of establishment front runner campaign imaginable, I have totally messed up time, I'm here, so we are desperately short of Times Charlie, and I need it gets. Who really soon. So, let's just do straight. Let her go it now for money, not sure we get all them, but for somebody other candidates, Bernie David French Debate and campaign grades, Bernie Bernie he's all the same, be on debate. Canada, see he's treading water, see plus jacket event. Is it being debates and there's nothing wrong with his candidacy Other than that, he already one last time and therefore changed the party and made himself less relevance I'll give him a bee last time he was in it I say Bernie, this is being
wait, you sentimental her argument and the debate, because it was a typical Bernie performance, but in the context of his heart attack, It was a great see him up there and so lively and the same as ever campaign is a sea it sir, it stuck around fifteen percent hard to see how he gets above that I. One has been eating his lunch and the likely scenario is that she continues to do so I don't discount, as we discussed and our podcast or two ago, I dont zero out and turn his chances of winning a nomination, but there there quite low Charlie orphan Baddow Orourke he's an idiot, and I the guy's an area Why don't we set phrases like this? This is, it is becoming clear and it is being commented on more frequently the he's just not very bright he's. Not. Be hurting. His own candidacy he's hurting the Democratic Party in general. The democratic party knows this he's been called out by Chris Coon's and called out by the other candidates,
his campaign is laughable I have a mild so before him in the press used him turned him into a hero and they wanted him to beat tat crew. And now having realize they prefer, others has relegated him to an also run, but the guy doesn't have it he wasn't born to be in it. He should go back and do whatever you did before the French. You stole my thunder Charlie. How can I is worse than F and worse than F? You know I'm old enough to remember when the knock on better was that he was not progressive enough and it is their room for that is more moderate, progressive ism in this field, and then he just in his flailing flailing death throes of his campaign, has just lost it. It's it's one of the more spectacular implosion that I've seen in it in
far from the heights of his in his battle with and crews when he was a media darling to where he has now has been pretty stunning to say so, ass, an f yeah, I'm pretty much There is well it's just a is a punching bag Canada is relished exchanges with them from healing Castro. The mayor PETE this week. They know they're gonna, win them and his gun proposal this totally indefensible has now. Idea how it he would implement it cause I can't be implemented, and if there is in it, f. Minus just that his first campaign in general is not just that is not getting him anywhere and it has totally immolated any political ambitions he might have in the future. He's hurt the cause of progressive ism, he's, hurt the cause of gun control Pizza is hurt the cause of the unity of the left on on religious liberty and gay rights stuck by going way too far. Just now printing, something on a t, shirt and getting a small boats and fundraiser.
To keep his flailing campaign. Calling for another cup a week, So whatever Yang David, French. Well, you know talk about a guy coming from nowhere. And also being one of the people on the stage you see stiff had actually a positive cultural effect. Now look here there's a lot about his his platform that I dont like. I particularly like a stance on abortion, Do you like about the guy? Is he seemed to like Americans like he chest, seems to be a person with a a compassionate heart who likes people and I mean, that's a welcome voice, so you know his debate. Performances are always kind of the same issues kind of this letter that guy, but he look at what is done to get under the nation stage. I give us debate performance as a b, but you give his campaign
very solid, a to have put himself into the national conversation like this type of debate. I go anais I go on the debate because he there is a lot segment least relatively long for one of these occasions About his pet idea, which rose That's success and to Canada is not Your candidates endorsed it or express. And feelings towards it. When that wouldn't have happened through three months ago, or before he got into the three. So that makes the debate is success. That makes us campaign ex success on its own terms. So we got time one more chai calmly Harris Criterion deservedly says. The best development of the air sector Harris has failed to break through and any momentum she had has been halted
she Isn t ass? The debater comes across. I said condescending on likeable figure had campaign. I would rate maybe. See she's squandered opportunity. She had a number of advantages: she's fell to his fell to capitalize on them. French yeah here tonight. I give her campaign and an f I mean this is somebody you she announced to. Twenty thousand people and allay ass. She looked like the potential candidate of the few during she's just got the reverse arc of somebody like people to judge or Andrew Yang when she came in with advantages squandered them and I grew Charlie. I keep hearing from people that she has other ways of expressing yourself other than
immensely condescending self regard, but wow That's her mode is immensely condescending self regard in it. Just as not translates, I give her campaign acid because she had one moment hitting Biden. The herd debate, performances a demon as to raise that. That's the only thing that raises it from ass. I can de minus four of the debate this week, any that the wheel on Elizabeth Warren and squeeze a moment out of recalls for Trump to be kicked off a twitter of us like those pathetic as just that and she says synthetic that moment where I think she is talking about gun policy and talked about having to comfort victims, which is a terrible thing, but then her I I'm done you know that this is too much for me in that now we gotta do something, as this has been such an emotional burden. To me, it's just its absurd, The campaign has been solid de. She had it
a decent moment against Biden where she bumped up in a couple of days ago. The announcement was good, but why this campaign does not know what it exists for, and it shows so and actually, when I was right, down all the candidates to go through here, we're not gonna get to all them. I forgot about her had to look at a picture of the fates aged see. Hu as missing. So, let's hit a few other things before we go David I ve been following the debate over Gnats Vance. We This is a debate, at least in the political side, was kind of kicked off by our own Alexandria, dissenters, who basically said Come from somewhere else, and I want to hear from you being a gnats fan which his fair, like you know, if you If you come from somewhere else into DC to stick with your home team, the team you grew up with me come on. This is like phantom one hundred and one, but it's really funny to see the combination of the city of DC.
Not for the nets and also the knowledge that about half the people may be in that stadium. Just sort of figured out that their team is good and theirs is great interview. Beaumont were there the guy, literally dancing in the streets and the beer says: how long have you been a gnats fan and the guy Dancing says Syn. Today that went viral online. I just think it's hilarious towards Charlie largest your son to roller coasters that it just picked up a couple of weeks ago I had on a trip to Disney World and on that trip I took my three year old on the Goofy's barnstormer roller coaster list Well now I am a roller coaster. Not, and so this was a big moment was also scare moment. What did he hates it and for most of the ride, I thought he hates it he's gonna be scarred for life will never go another one screaming is looking at me making strange noises. The train stopped. The lot bar came up and he said that was amazing.
Can we go again and then he worked when told his mom just has the best thing that ever happened. How how he liked to do it next time we go to Disney. So I had a moment of panic while I held him in the sea, but afterwards it a daughter. So I'd want these sports experiences. Viewing experiences with the Yankees were game to against the piastres. This epoch extra game when eleven innings and add a late start to begin with sauce went to. Like one in the morning I had to get up at four twenty and in them running to catch us exam flight to Kentucky, which I mentioned earlier in my wife, kept on saying, beginning like eleven o clock just got a bad. You can check the score in them Now now you to understand- and I had this crushing loss- you know I'm thinking when I'm tossing and turning what I'm trying to get a couple hours later than dragging through the hotel at the airport. Why did I listen to me? Listen to, but you can't you got it. You gotta watch you get it. You gotta see it luck
before we go? Let's hit our editors picks, Charlie KIT Cook. What's your pic? I like Michael Brendan Dirty on Facebook, that been many suggestions, and right recently that facebooks be more controls? government and also that it should turn itself into some sort of arbiter. Of truth should not be allowed to host lies, Michael, whose more sympathetic, to regulation than I am says. This would be a bad idea. We don't want Facebook to become the Ministry of Truth, dared French. What your pic I might take is well just three three. Three things Kevin Williamson on better work and airports. It wants any more than that, because you have to read it: it's fantastic, so my pig is the aforementioned Alexandria scientists who has peace up on that the homepage and just how pathetic the abortion questions are and democratic debates which offer ample opportunity for just nailing. These candidates on the radicals,
and asked a very basic questions that they won't be able to answer. But somehow all these exceptional journalist miss out on that opportunity. Every single time. So that's it for us. You been listening to a national view. Pod Cassie we broadcast retransmission cow this game without the express written permission sure you magazine strictly prohibited the spot, guess it and produced by the ink operable, say, or should he makes a sound better than we deserve? Thank you, Charlie. Thank you David French, for everything Godspeed thanks to borough, sofa thanks to put a con. Please got in pre order. My book, the case for nationalism and thanks special
to all of you for listening. We are the editors in time.
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