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Episode 178: How Do You Like Your Turkey?

2019-11-26 | 🔗

Today on this Thanksgiving week episode of The Editors, Rich, Charlie, Michael, and Jim discuss more details in the impeachment saga, Michael Bloomberg’s presidential chances, and why all the editors want to be at MBD’s house for Thanksgiving dinner.

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  • Rich: Cheap food.
  • Charlie: My wife’s new bread baking habit.
  •  Michael: Carly Rae Jepsen’s cover of Wham’s “Last Christmas.”
  • Jim: The rhythm of Thanksgiving television.

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Is impeachment losing ground can't Bloomberg. Sweep to the democratic nomination beginning on March. Third, twenty twenty, and what are we grateful for discuss all this more on this week's edition of the editors umbrage, Larry joint is always by the right. Honourable Charles see W Cook Jim were added to the play off now. Geraghty and the notorious boom boom. Do right of Brandon Dorothy, you say to a national you podcast sponsors this week are ten books with their new title by our dear friend and colleague, Catherine, Jean Lopez, a year with the mistakes and also freedom, fest, twenty twenty about them in due course. If you're Leslie does Podcasting Nasser, you dont comrade lighter, have you but to be easier for you and better for us, if you made as part of your feed as I defy or Itunes or any of the others
my services out there. I feel like what you hear here. Please consider give us a glowing five star review on Itunes. If you don't like what you hear here, please forget, I said anything so Jim Garrison would start with you. We had the the two weeks of public hearings and our beginning to get some returned. They they landed. We had a paw yeah sturdy that showed a basically status quo. We had a morning console Paul this morning that showed support for removal up, maybe two or three, but not with a margin of error. Was Paul, but well, within the margin of error, and perhaps more significantly bread. The Lawrence, a statesman I have to say that I was not aware of the existence of the short Detroit area. Democrat african American Rep
earth of Congress set in a radio show over the weekend that she thinks this would best handled by the coming election and would be a mistake to try to answer. The president. In these circumstances, how do you, Jim Clarity, think impeach was put to it Big lot of Americans attitudes it all out, and to this a point to you, you much of the five hundred and thirty eight to do in an aggregation of the polls a couple days ago. Was down to one tenth of one percent, dividing be yes, who should be removed and dont know don't remove. Present drop, as This morning before we started taping, it was forty eight percent support. Forty four point, two that it opposed, think. What's with really kind of interesting as you look at the swing stay and you'll get independence numbers motor vehicles like me, they are, if he s a wise, not quite, why is pulling so close your average democratic
You know shown how to do it. I'll Republicans are called they ve been brainwashed in oil. All about Democrats are high, pitched old Ladys by the regular set But then the other was a well of course, yet were worded arab negative polarization posted in the question so it's gonna be a dependence and- and I want the oldest mornings job I just want to all of you- got all independence. Thirty five percent group support removal, survey USA in one of the higher one that forty eight Emerson college. Thirty four percent Morning- Council forty percent. Now these are not great number Then you, these are not trump oil, as though you tell me figure. Ok, Democrats. These are the folks you have to persuade so far over the last two weeks. I haven't done it at all. That's why I one hundred and thirty might be that these are folks or just like you know what this is the same old stuff I've been watching the last three years and I'm tired of it. I'm going to have my Say November, two thousand and twenty, so I'm putting this all out, it could be if they don't think it's that big a deal
I think it was an obvious answer that independence don't pay. A lot of attention to politics is gonna, be a really big deal and most of what we do I'd, buy trumpet his actions regarding Ukraine. They probably think this is part of it. Horse and normal in politics? I don't think it is, but I tell you, you democratic, have largely fumbled in their opportunity to explain it people who are not already engaged in the political process. Hey trumpeted something really bad here, and this is why it matters- and you know when you go out of Jeff wet ago. Yes, such I'm sure whether they ve fumbled. I just think the the material one is not that inherently interesting when you get down to, I think, are probably talked about this before or waste under guarding the Clinton impeachment was this incredibly tawdry affair that they had a lot of tat tabloid interests with Nixon. You had a break in, and the walls were literally closing in here. You have a four
policy matter that the more people test five about it, the more I glazing it is then, the autumn I just the enormity of the fence. I've always maintain is just just not of of the level to support removing a president, improper, really bad shouldn't have done. It clearly did do it, but you could, the other day gets muddy and doesn't announcing the noon announced an investigation, let alone carry one out, So I should start by saying once again that I think that the Democrats have no choice but to run through a protracted set of hearings and to conduct an investigation. It would be wrong to move straight to an impeachment vote. Republicans would complain If they move straight to an impeachment vote, Democrats are now doing the right thing. I said a month or so ago that I thought it
who put their money where their amounts have been, and they have credit to them. They do. That being said, have a problem, and that is that the bombshell came out. First, usually, what happens if we were writing a political, throw out any courtroom thriller? You would have the testimony first in the new cycle and then the evidence. Would start to say this thing happened. He did it. I heard him say it. I was under the impression that he wanted to do it. Everyone knew and then in episode, four or five we get the transcript. We got the transcript first, we all know Trump. Did it trump says a cool was perfect, it wasn't. He did it he's guilty of this, and now we are both stirring the transcript, which is the whole game.
With people saying he did it, I know he did it. I was listing and on the phone call as well, which doesn't add a great deal. I think Democrats think it adds a great deal because they see this ass indicative of trumps general unfitness for office. In general behaviour and they hope that if they can bring enough people onto the floor of Congress to opine, but Donald Trump is unfit for office, that it will somehow bolster the overall case, yet that that, in fact, the drop saying perfect so that the right you don't make, what would it make the rub about with witnesses area was imperfect right, but I don't think that's going to work for a couple of reasons. The first is, I think they start in a hall because of the two years to preceded this
impeachment effort. They already had made the case that Trump was far far worse, in fact than than what he's is accused of having done, and indeed did do here, and it turned out not to be true. In fact, it turned out to be somewhat historical and the other is- and I think that it doesn't make any difference- is that it doesn't add to the crimes. Hi crimes and misdemeanours, data being alleged most people know who Donald Trump is at. I understand that frustrating to say trumps conduct his world view his inexperience is baked in, but it is true. It is baked in
really it. When you hear it, it looks like a waste of time. Now I dont think it is one. I think Democrats have to do this. I think all the angles have to be explored. I think we need to get as many people in as possible. I think that if they don't do that, then the republican attempts to distract will end up. Looking more virtuous on point than they are at, but I just don't see the needle moving here because of the of those those realities and its worth pointing out that even the pole today that people are saying is bad for Republicans shows very little movement at all So your best case scenario is that there has been very little movement tool and your work
a scenario in some of the other polls? Is that independence two starring? The Democrats are less interested in the trumps approval it's going to be protected when I was six or seven weeks ago. That Democrats may never actually hold an impeachment vote. I still think that's a possibility. I I know that most people think that this is a freight train, that a compy stop that you can't go back to the status quo ante once you started, you have to finish, or you end up, making trump look as if he's innocent, okay they'll, probably, but I still think there is a chance around the edges that this hasn't gone ass. They hope that the war has not been broken down and that they will end up passing a motion of censure.
Moving on so that we don't proceed to a Senate. Trot s used to me, Michael they're. Just doing here is on power. They run Contra hearings, psych bringing it to the facts were goddammit the headlines. Bigoted surfaces, embarrassing revelations immigrate that they be having they re having a fine time of this are the biggest it less attention less water, while coverage does involve impeachment, but they they beat succeeding or if they destroy suggest pivoted to censure. You know kept Mccarthy's lack of sport. Censure they'll be a big argument about the through the wording. I'm sure the explosives wording will be Jackson well, but they could get. Maybe you ten twelve Republicans the house is off the top mad and have a really good shot to getting over fifty votes in the Senate. It's it's trying to put impeachment removal. On top of of this flimsy narrow, foundational least of Ukraine, that sub that's the problem.
And now that now there actually in this bide where because impeachment in an removal such a big deal, they feel that they need to do it quickly. They can drag out cause support for that might fall which aids that the investigation that their short circuiting the investigation of it, which should really be the points they leave? All these first hand witness is on the table. Can it might take another two or three months to get up and they feel that that that time I don't work for impeachment and I think another thing it's just driving the independence and persuadable Americans from paying attention to this is just the resignation to the idea that, while we know up even if the house and peaches what will happen in the Senate, right images, its baked in and away wasn't in piece of Bill Clinton where there was at least for a considered
amount of time a real it seem like. There is a possibility that Democrats would have to turn against Clinton and make Gore the president and now maybe because that's not what happened and the two parties took their kind of partisan script from the Clinton impeachment about white failure. You know why couldn't triumphed. We now have this baked in where you know people just don't expect Republicans. Move, so they don't feel that they have to pay attention further. The subject of impeachment is another lino Russia, a gene, and topic which ran, I think, has worn out people's patience and interests it sort of baked in all Democrats are always
roaming about Russia in one way or another. So here I dont know I was playing actually expect the poles to keep reverting back to the pre Ukraine, in status on impeachment, which was when you you basically had. Ah you know a low forties load amid forties support from each man right. That was what existed before the revelations happen. And the poles are sliding back in that direction. As this goes on to say, I still think they're gonna impeach him, because I think the democratic base needs that. I think that there will be held to pay for a lot of vulnerable freshmen Democrats, if they dont impeach him so yeah, but there may be held to pay if they you in some of these swing districts mean that it is notable them? that you mention from Detroit where you know
Chicken is gonna, be one of the big battleground states and lino. We have asked. Women who is already hearing enough from her constituents, they don't want Trump impeached, so I don't know if it feels like its fizzling to me. So Jim, similarly get yourself child you haven't. Preferences for housing trial should play out that I saw an argument from a progressive columnist who basically said while this is going on. Impeachment is completely dominating the new cycle which true, even if it's not have a huge impact on air. It's not like you very much about infrastructure, weak its talks, a great deal. Most other, here's, how gradual, how would learn for infrastructure weeks. I didn't think I ever, but I do know the excitement. The efforts, the relentless focus saw the country's roads and bridges. So
and our their argument was. Policy wants to get to desert set because you want to get this done. Author played, keep it simple. Let's get it done. At this point. It is arguable not wish. We should extend this out there that Republicans don't really like being in a position of trying to choose between yes, the presentation and have done this and lets you know, sir. On the rest, let censure him. Let's move on and the trumps insistence that it's a perfect call and anybody who doesn't say that's a perfect call is somehow betraying him There is actually a pretty pretty compelling strategy there, but if you're the Democrats don't get, this done quickly stretches out. Now your name is cobbler, sir. It was before inner Bernie Sanders, Corey, Booker or Amy Closure ya. You might say no! No! I don't like that, and if your name is Joe Biden, you may not be eager to see a you Senate trial, which Hunter by gets call up as a witness or something like that, but the ones growth officers. Of your Democrat, you want us to go on for as long as possible. I disagree
for the sake of the country. We all know this thing's makin in sixty seven votes to me, rip off the bed. They get this thing over with get them move the country onto real topics and vigour in a real problems and leave from Spain to be decided at the ballot box in November twenty, but I could see Democrats said hey, you know. What's even if it's not a huge for us at the polls is probably frustrates the Republicans more than a frustrates all sorts lets. You know what, Essen, you don't you know, like our planet's people at it, ass, a wonder if there's collateral damage that can be done to John Roberts in a Senate trial that he be presiding over and progressive, might jump at the chance to of intimidate him black in his I made him look more like a political actor is easier, is very sensitive to that and I am just isn't worst nightmare. Will the idea.
Think this is something we have been talk about, but I think you know that that the chief justice plays this special role in the Senate impeachment trial, and I can't I've got to think the John Roberts is just too Redding the day that this falls upon him as a group, we have thought about that. So try cook exit question to you. Every touch on this. There are two hundred thirty three house Democrat Two hundred thirty one of them voted for the impeachment inquiry How many of those two
Thirty one will Democrats lose in a vote for articles of impeachment. None they'll pull back even render Lawrence. He sounds like she'd be a further no five to ten more than ten articles don't pass or art offered in the first place. I think there's a chance articles on offered in the first place, because that math is done behind the scenes. If the impeachment vote is howled, the president will be impeached its therefore quite difficult to answer the question at this stage, because the the peeling off will happen over the next few weeks, and I don't know how this is going to be received over the next few weeks
at the moment, I think that, because one can't go back to this date is currently having started, we're, probably looking at only two or three Democrats voting no when impeachment is brought up, but I know I'm hedging, I'm just not convince we're going to get to that stage, because my instinct is that people will turn out they'll become.
I have this thanks, giving my provider and unfortunate by weak. If you will for impeachment proceedings that makes people feel as if they want to move on, especially as we had into the Christmas season, so I'm still sceptical that that is going to happen, even though I, except to the wisdom of the arguments about freight trains, Emily five or less, I think you might have Jackson and gathered beaten like two of those five in gabert play for unity and maybe in appearance,
pop in the polls for the next debate stage yeah. I think I think they will vote to impeach it, but it's just going to feel extremely anti climactic cuz. Then, of course, they're going to dread. Handing control of the process over to Mitch, Mcconnell community, no more than a handful, maybe three or four probably the two who divert against opening the inquiry. Gabert makes sense, and maybe this Michigan Democratic, although it was so out of the blue category, that the incredulity of the the interviewer. Ah, I actually be surprised if you didn't see in it as much push for. Much unit a near unanimous vote amongst Democrat. I think it could get his highest five. I think that would be a lot if he gets there. I think, would open the past
ability of dismissal immediately in the Senate? Could I think if you lose five, and I find that a big number, but it had been indication, that this is really a eroded in it. It is sagging and in people gonna cut over it. I know troops as you want to trial. I think Mcconnell wants a trial for institutional reasons, but if this If this is you know, and even people's underwater and they ve lost five of their members, I think it opens a possibility for the Senate Sanguine. Why are we gonna go through with the charade, so with that monsieur Fred from our first answer this week, it's the new title from ten books by none other than the great Catherine, Jean Low pay a year with the mystics there's so much noise. Everything could seem like a distraction. Distraction in fact seems like our oxygen. When was the last time you saw,
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finding ribbon marker gold, edge and design interior pages, get your copy of a Europe domestics now at ten books, dot com, that's w, W, w DOT, ten books, dot com and this thanksgiving a week in a special offer with for forty percent off Katharine's book. So it really is a beautiful production off it, obviously something that Catherine through her entire heart into, and we heartily recommend that everyone pick it up a year at the mystics by Catherine. She lived as from ten bucks, so Charlie, Michael Murmur actually has thrown his hat in the ring of little skeptical of this. First of all, when people are talking about new candidates get again couple weeks, girls I got. I would never happen and then, when regret. Should I guess it was Alabama,
Tell the rig, as I can say, is not actually get to do it now. Is actually done it. I still find the theory. This campaign utterly preposterous, that he's gonna skip. Not just Our new Hampshire, which is usually a major sign of weakness of a candidate, has Schiphol one of those contest he can give our New Hampshire Nevada. Ed South Carolina and suppose the blood in his way into the competition through the sheer financial force, I'd super Tuesday in March. Not having one of those not having competed anywhere am with the raised. Suitably having significantly gel. Perhaps it's still, though, maybe have four different winners, and thus for states, and things are up for grabs, have still not sure why that scenario, democratic voters would
third there lowly eyes to Michael Bluebird. What what do you think we're, even if we see for different winners in four different contests and therefore the fairy under which he's operating proves to have some? some have to it. I think he's the wrong guy. I should say I don't think, but we are going to see for different when it's, because I think that the races feed off each other, but suppose we Do you then have a guy running for president who is annoying to everyone, he's an two conservatives he's. A nanny is known for restricting size of soft drinks. He is,
pre eminent funder of gun control initiatives in the United States? He is annoying to. Press, if he's a white male billionaire, he has apologised forward, is nevertheless known for stop in France getting that apology will ring hollow too many. He openly dismissal the more radical aims of the Contemporary Democratic Party, that anybody in America, whose Seize him as the safe, moderate Raw other than ass an irritation. I am not convinced that there is His appeal in New York was distinct. New York is a city perfectly.
Set up for a man who focuses primarily on crime, whose friendly toward business but more socially liberal who can now his policies. Ass being necessary as being the obvious choice for the most populous city in the United States, that doesnt scale well within a ram bumptious vast federal nation. Now. I think that what he needed to do to win in New York is precisely why. He will not break out at the fair allow how much money he spends. However, clever his campaign strategy and, however fractious the democratic primary remains. He he's not.
The right guy. This isn't the right moment. The reason he's running is the last chance for him, but that's not a compelling reason for voters. Am I gotta go probably get minded here that money and in politics is as important, but you can't just with money, create something out of nothing and for all other reasons, a Charlie, ably outline Bloomberg. Caesar were fit for this, this democratic electorate and doesn't matter where he spends a dollar on it or three billion dollars on it. Does nothing to change right in. It was funny when you meant he doesn't seem like the right guys trying to think well. Who would be the right guy who you know who would break out in this Connor? Who would have a chance in Hell? I'm happy struggling to come up with a name right machine? Oh Mamma, Michelle Obama, I think, is the obvious you know is the obvious play for
stands for the good Obama years. Among Democrats she's, maybe even justice compelling a speaker as her husband is. She was well love, scratching Romania, many Al Gore in some weird come back if he hadn't been accused by three different, massage therapists of some kind of impropriety. The other might be other than that. Well, there might be like an elder says. You know what you look for an elder statesmen, Nino Type, who had a history. I got John Kerry. God no John Kerry would not work, but maybe in Al Gore me. God only knows Jerry Brown, whose homesick about it we're late. Several is make. It makes the point on twitter that actually look at the polling and democratic voter seem quite content with field while part to the establishment and donor baser freaked out
what's happening right problem is there are too many people the various parts of the democratic primary lecture like and the vote is therefore be split, especially if they move around the different geographical areas of the country. It's not that they need a saviour, and even if they did Michael Bloomer would not be that person yeah, I mean issues. Also. It's just and its magnified by the way the media- and I guilty as anyone remember, the media and I dont take Joe Biden cannon- see very seriously, but so far national pulling does take it seriously, and this is Take a lot of people made in twenty sixteen with Trump as or Mesh Pierrot. Our colleague keeps pointing out
I dont know what Bloomberg Bloomberg strategies utterly crazy. You know he. I think he actually could have made a difference in this primary feud entered right at the beginning and staked make a play New Hampshire yeah, exactly. I think I think he could have you know demand I now more curious about how much shall wreck Bloomberg NEWS business in the meantime, he's recruited to the top executives of his media business into his campaign and John MC wait whose basically centre right type of a writer and thinker who, at its Bloomberg as a news-
This has basically said well the rule. We're gonna come up with this, we're just not gonna write about any of the democratic him. Half we're slogan, investigate tread of perfect rule for all time. I'm sure, he's uncomfortable with that. So it it's an odd. It is an odd thing and I actually think it's A warning sign, though, that if the Legion It's about this in Romania, a reason to be worried about twenty twenty four Democrats. Maybe they know if economies stone going good and Trump still has screen approval. Reading, among Republicans in Rome, We can survive the continuing defection of of upwardly mobile women in the suburbs, so Jim area? Another weird thing about this phenomenon- or I should say phenomenon, put that this campaign is I obviously looking at Biden in thinking
Members are real there and they'll be kind of a collapse, and Bloomberg will inherit the the earth or at least of the Biden, voters, but the the Biden coalition. Obviously, as not just you know, describe a of moderate voters. Your moderate white voters, its african Americans, and dear seems highly unlikely that they're they're going to feel any connection or see any appeal and Michael Limburg, so at bluebirds really doing is he's kind of an the booted edge lane demographically. Were you thinking appeal, is gonna, be in a college, educated whites, so his support would not really overlap with the guy he's hoping he he would collapse and replace yeah this is one of the few times on. The editor is where I have listened to you guys and said all of you are wrong, or at the very least possibility as of this year, all sleeping on Michael Bloomberg way too much energy
The first reason comes in the form of a number thirty one million dollars that as the amount of money that Michael Burger spending on one week of tv, add starting this week on Africa, get them up better Charlie's case down there where do we get up here in Northern Virginia the ads? Basically letting us know that might Bloomberg can heal the sick, but he could stop the ocean from rising. Because he's done all this before and everyone loves him it is very much the Obama messaging set this little guy was a millionaire oh by the way, this thirty one million dollars that spending he's running ads and Fargo North Dakota he's running at Biloxi, Mississippi right. This is an error offensive. But we have never see on a scale we ve never seen in american politics and Thank you. No bigger won t be at times tyre is up on a debate stage. The heck at everybody, because he spent a lot of tv, a lot of money or Tb Aids in Ireland,
I'm sure, Nevada and South Carolina, and that was good enough to get him the threshold to get onto those efforts to get out of it. It debate stage in the last poles in New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina all put Tom's tire at five percent, the top star as a walking vortex from which no personality can possibly Tom's Dyer makes my Glauber look like a whirling dervish of rock, and you know that kind of money. So my guess is that what we are about two weeks might bluebirds gonna have named recognition, is gonna put a minimal middle, that We could look like your six seven percent. I could be wrong. I can be told it'll be flops than fine. Ok explains in this. Banning gun grabbing diminutive Napoleonic, Lo and behold in a of authoritarian instincts, is not the right guy to put up had to head against a whole dropped from New York
if he does it, I think we should, but I guess it's not just the thirty one billion he spent this week, so he could spend thirty one billion next week and if he wants to do a sixty second, I just showing jawbone job out its worst moments. From the debates and justice Louis montage of him, stuttering, stammering and just not looking like we'd like you, wanna Grandpa into the home, vital blubber could do it I, if want to spend thirty one million on ads making little boy look like a giant forty on the native Americans, tougher on sending your kids to private school. He can do that to sober Every other candidate in this race should be quaking in their boots over the fact that it Michael Bluebird wakes up and sets out a ruined this guy's day. He can do it, you steal it was no other candidates can repel So by that stated, I don't know like Bloomberg became, but I think he can be kingmaker by whom he decides to take out of it. Process. I dont think it'll be enough to get him to be here that I put Yes, I think this is enough to put make him a player
to cause of illicit did. The question was: will breed always Benghazi, willing to spend enough of his fortune, and I think this opening weeks as yeah you're will spend whatever it takes. Is anyone hoping to see him take on Buddha Judge interest Raw south Ben Verses, New York City, yet they are of a real said, he's your kowtow when you're cute little College, the gold helmets that all that said, you may you make it, its especially this dire comparison show I hadn't thought about, but so I do think, though, that the path dependency, the usually involve dinner, winning a presidential nomination and going going over four and then and then and start up from there. I think he runs a ton of ads see this phenomenon, but if he starts in oak ending up in the air in the international poles here there, then the big question to be ok: does he decides to spend? Does he declined to spend in Iowa? Does he had fifty percent let's get on board it I'll. Then
suddenly, gotta Hampshire can Kenny run, and I like it is it is. It is registration, personal, Ah, I oh I'd have I bought my head. I join in the barrel with your mind, Psychoanalysis of Jim here is that Jim is filling in Michael Bloomberg for the jets the star and gems, told me that he has a sneaking, sneaking feeling that maybe the jets can run it and make it into the play off. After all, I think what gemstones you look at microbe, Lamborghini thinking. This is how the futures gonna go. You start over four, and then you just crush you get in the play off than somehow emerge. Everyone knows that early is. Why is it the jets had a twenty point lead with five minutes left the Superbowl. I would still be taught me how to that's why you're writing and Micro Bloomberg secrecy, less impatiently invested. It's in your private jets.
What we thought about So everything up. But one thing I want to point out because we mentioned that the Bloomberg stuff I may be the only person the world or loss of lumber news is doing in saying this is as good as option is that Africa is one side of this calibre was markets over the wash your post. He said well, Limburg knew she just investigate MIKE Bloomberg Lackeys every other can now he's not gonna. Do that he's not gonna pay for people to investigate himself Sorry, if he does that they continued investigating democratic candidates than any other democratic candidates, could argue with good reason. The Bloomberg news had just become a giant Opposition research for, on behalf of what had it and if you said well, ok, then they shouldn't cup innovation cover anybody. This includes president tromp will then you're basically asking them do not cover Washington for Photography of my nose all the options are bad. I think by the Gothenburg use is gonna muddling through the best they can Thank you, your Bloomberg, your because he is willing to spend money on a scale. Few campaigns ever have
That is a much bigger impact on Estonia because they always gotta do is get on the borders of these big states and I get to that all start building some very execution. You Charlie Cook, it takes one thousand eight hundred and eighty five delegates to win the democratic nomination, give us a ballpark figure for the number of delegates that will be won by Michael Bloomberg, zero to one thousand eight hundred and eighty five. Quit caveat that I haven't looked at how every state is allocating delegates- and I know the Democrats who changed sit around but to give you an impression of how I think his chances look. Fifty delegates, immediate, I was gonna, say less than a hundred causing lot most states a firm recall correctly. You dont get delegates unless you scored fifteen percent, so he's got a clear, a high hurdle to even begin to marry him,
clear. Fifteen percent in a bunch of states pretty easily and get two hundred throughout her laugh rights with anybody in in Charlie. I think it a fifty hundred in there somewhere in the ratio of spending too delegates will be off the charts and way we ve never seen before. With that the terror, sponsor this week. Freedom fast, the most dangerous polarizing figure since Gandhi, will be the keynote speaker at free, manifest twenty twenty he's been called the most influential public. Intellectual in the western world. Today, by none then the New York Times. You know who he is. Yes, doctor, Jordan Petersen, bestselling, author Twelve rules for life will dress whether we are headed for New cultural revolution. Like we ve seen in China, could it happen right here in Amerika, millions of watchdog, Peterson's life, changing videos online Here's your chest to see him live and in person freedom, fest, twenty twenty will be held on Monday July, thirteenth,
through Thursday July, sixteenth and twenty twenty, why is an exact same time as the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee was concentrated? Fesse will facilitate the opportunity for attendees and speakers to provide a direct line- We respond to counter that of the statist socialist anti liberal messages coming out of the Dnc during freedom fast. Where would you rather, sitting alone on a couch shouting at the screen and discussed in dismay watching the election, craziness Milwaukee, hiding in your basement, queer being in denial or fear of the future, or will you be doing thousands, other passionate vendors and believers and liberty at freedom best. We guarantee will be having a lot more fun and making a difference in LAS Vegas the dining and entered tame it capital of either estates than the poor folks in Milwaukee was cut
Our theme this year is catch. The vision come the freedom Festa make a difference together in the fight for liberty, Red choices now open and early birth rates are lowest in years, are available, come for all four days, for three ninety nine and bring a gas for only two. Ninety nine. If you sign up now visit W W w dot freed of vast dot com, today, two or more and lock in your seat, to hear doctored Jordan Petersen again W W w dot freedom, fest dot com, a benefit, best myself last two years, wonderfully wonderful event, very slick in well produced great content, and you see a lot of great folks in friends out there. So I urge everyone to check it. So another big roiling controversy in our national. Takes envy dealers who do this exit questions die
wise trumps war crime pardons followed up by his it. Prevention in this area Gallagher, seal pin Matter where the seals are going to convene a panel. The way they do to see whether Gallagher, whose acquitted of war crimes but found guilty of policy with a debt by each of us to do. I should have a sealed up, retainer, feel pity or not seal, pin hugely important in this sir community. This incredibly potent symbol, symbolic heart of the seal community and drugs, I got there are taken away. There are rumours of the Navy sanctuary after signing over this. The end up being fired over at sand cockamamie scheme, this kind of hard to follow where he made a private offered and trumpet to pretend not to intervene.
And then they wouldn't take the seal pit away and day what parliament, behind defence secretary esters backed. Do this esper fired him and dead and Trump made a formal order, not just on Twitter that that Gallagher keeps Bent so long story short execution to you rate zero. Hence the advisability of Donald Trump intervening in the seal pit. Matter from zero. There's nothing wrong with it, get over it to ten a complete outrage I mean the anger people manner. How answer this? I think you're, both five That is, the chickens raise five I've been advised. I think,
three if, if EU reform in a code of military, just you know if the justice system in the military was extremely well functioning entrusted by The grunts I would say this is a much bigger deal, a much bigger offence, but my impression from friends on the inside, is there's a lot of cynicism about these things and damn it's not that offensive for chapter intervene. Fellows at those are three three km Gary Zero is low. Ten is high. We gotta get to. The mass is big numbers fourteen August are leaving on paper. This is just an extension of the president's existing pardon power The president has built up a great deal of lack of faith in him completely, knowing what
talking about trusting the official briefings, trusting official, in charge and getting information from the cry on a Fox news. Apparently, Bunch of his seal colleagues testified against him. This did not strike me as it is a hard choice at all and I just a suspicion that the from there is a right people get to drop and say this guy's gonna raw deal. Then the suspicion is the trouble just you know, take without the. And start tweeting in and make a decision like this a kind of Willy nilly of terrible precedent here I think I dont did a surly. Does nobody comes across looking good but beats second defence? Getting out of this cheap nibble operations looks bad. Really really deeply disappointing. I think the president, but we have an entire system for the sort of thing the presidency power is not supposed to be no popping stop. Alec has dispenser.
This was this was a bad bad use of this power troika is a disgraceful decision on the merits and it is the product of military worship, and I say that Somebody's fathers in a military uncle was in America's grandfather was in the military. I am by no means anti military, but there is a point at which respect for the military become sick, a fancy and the presumption that those who have served in the the tree cannot ever do anything wrong, and that is of course, false we're all human beings and the military is full of human beings. As well as the one thing I would add. Is that I have seen creeping into the coverage of this. A worrying idea. The same idea we ve seen in coverage of the Department of Justice that is at the mill
trees somehow separate did exist outside of. Constitutional order that it is a branch government unto itself and that the very fact of a presidential interference is wrong. That's nonsense! The military! Is and must remain subordinate to the civil power, that's one of the backbone presumptions of american life but on the merits of this intervention was appalling and shameful and president, can be judged for that politically and should be a number please. A ten. Merits, I say at eight, I think I agree if really bad. I just I think the seals should should be able to decide this on their own. Yes, present has the right
as a command or chief to intervene in this way, but it was deeply on unwise to intervene in in this this this way and it Gallagher my understanding. He is kind of the senior guy posing with this dead by and a bad example of four for other guys there and probably didn't deserve the Trump intervening in the first place to reverses demotion, but certainly that the question is the scene then, should be left to the seals. So before we move on we'll be remiss if we cannot discuss thanksgiving this wonderful american festival. I spent some time discussing it in my book it? Sir? This extraordinary holiday stretches back absolute before the formal founding
the country. One thing I didn't realize until I got into a little bit is just just how deeply embedded football is with this holiday, such ass. The Detroit lines that this goes back to a a Princeton Yale Game back and eighteen. Seventy three started the the tradition of playing football and thanks Giving- and you have colleges and high school since in playing the game on Thanksgiving Day and now have these these three and a foul games to keep us entertained while were eaten eating and drinking, and thanks giving so Michael's discuss of a few. Things should also echo questions dial about Thanksgiving first question: how do you like your turkey prepared? I I liked parent myself After the way my mother prepared it, which was based on ripping off a recipe that was in southern living in nineteen eighty seven, I think it Sab basically roasted Turkey stuff the bird
With aromatic slake, rosemary lemons and onions coat, the bird third in salt, pepper and paprika and then use a cheese cloth dip in a mixture of white wine and orange juice and butter preference Kara gold. And keep putting out over the bird and in a refreshing it throughout the roasting, and you get a super flamer fall a bird in the end that cars a beautifully super moisten, get real reviews every year for I'm coming up to yours, Thanksgiving I might add that I'll do miles is from that road. Stop Jim Gary, I like you, took a bird I am the luckiest. A guy on the planet other law handles all the turkey preparation. Surely
almost half of all those mother lot doesn't let anyone else. So I have two boys were eager to help this year's, as we can see they get aside. Any tasks are just not going up Was it drumstick man? Now, I'm the that you know the White repress gonna guy, we always a ton of it needs terrific, but a business in the subway you're looking for maybe it isn't, which did you try? deep fry one in an early start, your house on fire or something other than expunged. Spinvox knowledge from the official record, it sounded excited some back around our house. We Africa Hanukkah the festival, lights and firehouse. If we do that and the advent candles, often in that same Sunday in our house- and you get just you know, organism there's always possibility of one of again fallen over said something on fire. So just add boiling oil to the whole thing, man as a one time for everybody, gloom, the firefighters, Charlie Cook, This is a relatively new holiday for me, being an emigrant
then it's also a holiday which only one family has a claim, because the English Dense Celebrate Thanksgiving inside any really had thanksgiving with my wife's family. So I will say I like have they do it. I don't know any other way. I am intrigued by one thing there and that's that a friend of mine, down here in Jacksonville has a big green egg and he essentially barbecues there. The turkey and I get pictures of this every year with I've never been to their house for Thanksgiving a one point. I would like to try that, but I'm I'm content with. This new holiday to me is done ass. It is I ve noticed petroleum. They dont have obviously things giving Europe, but I ve noticed they increasingly have black Friday, like I've noticed Dublin in London. Rita there's will advertise black Friday. Even then, I didn't know that it is. This kind of sad,
actually is sad its anyway, so heavy fancy respite I just might my Turkey favour turkey discuss goes back to my childhood were probably Very good butter member is being really good. Just like a basic butter ball, stuck in the oven with feed the plastic third thermometer in there that pops up and supposedly die and was always question whether has actually done an eye and just like basted with butter costly in getting getting at nice nice, a golden crispy skin that is, is one of the best part. Of the turkey. In my view, envy de converse question you: what is the best side of ashes tough? I must say I like a really wild unglazed carrot.
Now I really yeah I mean like listen. I always the biggest hit areas like I don't want to come to thanks, given is usually the biggest. It is usually lake marriage, potatoes, stuffing and there are many ways do those great, but I like that just that little there's so much time, there's so much salt and rather like a little sweetness on the edge of the plate somewhere a cat, sophisticated answer, unexpected, That's him. Geraghty only go with the way the Yams sweet, potatoes prickly forget that gonna brown sugar crust on top, that's enough, a little sneak. We review of Desert, yes, sneak, pray,
it is our common right on the Saudi or played jacket. My wife makes this cornbread stuffing with sausage, and it is one of the best things. I've ever eaten sausage. Cornbread celery, onions, breadcrumbs, chicken, broth, poultry, seasonings age. It is divine. I wish I could eat it more than once a year, but I I never get to yes, I'm close is clearly stuffing I'd actually be happy without Turkey, just with the stuffing provided there is Copious amounts. Gravy grave is really important debt to everything, but then stuffing also its the best left over my view, served ass, a doktor stuffing sandwiches or just a just just great I've gotta bring Turkey two year after mixed hack master at that our embassies, something you're grateful for Willis, I mean there's some. Obviously answers this year. My third child was born. My second son, Thomas
every year. I don't know why. I feel very grateful this very personally answer, but I am grateful for gods mercy to read. Good centres every year and then the third, the notable thing that may be of interest to natural view. People is ours, be grateful for Indra Sullivan's kind notice of my book. I don't know, ensure very well. I met him very briefly once and he wrote I thought the most incite full review and he understood everything I was trying to achieve with the book. And if your understood that way, even by one reader, you remember it for the rest of your life, I next to carry it out You guys get this. You read about politics and you're on its people, who don't spend their days being obsessed with politics and say something like enough be sure you must be driven crazy over there and stuff and look where were often writing about bad things.
Scandals and angry politics and mass shootings. In order to stop. I really you know, I don't feel all that down That's because I am blessed in about a million different ways: great family, my wife, kids. Sticking around me appeared in bucks county this coming week, my laws, my brother, my sister in law and life is good who were in our knocking on would were all healthy were or were you know we were? There is really nothing big. We gotta complain about my sagoths people's world. You don't have that, so you don't have any. Bad news gets. If your life has gone fine, you now can never get you down. So that's enough. I personally have even even we know what they seem like their fallen down are under your life is never that bad up like a plenary to be thankful. Great, took some other than garden image, I agree with Jim were told constantly that things are awful slipping.
TED tyranny. Worlds never been. This angry is just nonsense. Things are not awful were living in one of them not the best times ever to be alive in the greatest country, not only that has ever existed, but the greatest country. Right now we have untold wealth. We have antibiotics hundred years ago in exist here to thank you can do something about it is it's a great time and and and on top of that I am personally thankful for my family. My two children MIKE extended family, my parents is still with us. My sister has three healthy kids.
It's a it's a great time to be alive. Yes, I am grateful family, obviously, but I don't know whether it's because of the passive event horizon of H50 so clearly live more than half of my life by any reasonable expectation. So I just really grateful for every single. Day, and you know you get caught up the hurly burly in various stresses and and disappointments just stir. At every moment has has no motive of grace to it and a few were. You should try to be as a tool to that as possible, and I try to be and with that anybody. What does gratitude mean to you?
This thing about this question is he warned us it ask us, and I think, gratitude to me at least the way I think of it now at this point in my life is it is recognition of reality and the gratuitous business of happiness. That's given to us some very David French in almost calvinistic, but just you know, gratitude is the recognition that you are blessed beyond what you deserved, that you didn't merit almost any of the good things in your life. They came to you as a free gift and yeah soldiers
that should fill you with gratitude. Generic. Ah, gratitude is probably perspective and a good rule of thought in life that if you are cleaning about. Somebody else done wrong. You're, probably doing the right thing if you're complaining somebody else do you wrong. You're, probably feeling sorry for yourself, and should we wanta figuring out something you can do instead of just winning about it? So not whining. That's gratitude. Take Jim in my own city of telling nice you today, I think it's perspective too, I think, is an understanding of history. We have a great family friend, american. I call him my american grandma she's, not actually grandma, though ass a kid cheap, fulfilled that role, because all my grandparents died very young. She grew up in California during the depression and she told me a story once
but driving around to public showers that had been erected scraping the soap off the walls so that once a month they could boil up the little bits and have a bath I went to Walgreens yesterday and I bore milk that turned out to be off and I was in fact it's and then I thought It s really really not worth getting annoyed about perspective will give you that and I'm just. Ordinarily grateful that through no great virtue of my own, I got to live in this time with these people. With this job, with my children in this house in this world and in this country
We endorse all the sentiments around the table, but must accord with envy D just in we. We think we than a meritocracy and we get ahead through work really hard and there certainly element to that, but the sort of things the most important and in our lives or totally on earned, and that we need to be cognizant of that at all times and that that dictates a posture of radical. Gratitude every single day. So before we move on, let's hit a few other non thanksgiving items, Michael even listening to Carly Rage, absence cover of lambs last Christmas yeah, so I rode column late last week about We seem to be letting Christmas sneaking early this year and that our household eventually got me huge response privately over that come from other.
Both who are doing the same even at the usual avenue snobs like myself, and I find it every year, my Spotify Christmas mixed, changes and there's an all star song and this year is Carly Rage, absens, since heavy eighties lush pop version of lambs last Christmas is very sugary, very sweet, acquired taste, but it's doing it for me, sad legacy. Cholera, Jefferson's, is as good as the Beatles, but should probably is good, as some of the best solo word power of harm Carnegie, so Charlie Your wife has a new bread. Baking habit, sea became
for a while with their great british baking, show and must have watched every episode that saw Netflix and then she thought well I'd like to start doing that and she didn't and it turns out she's extremely good at it had in fact, she's about fifteen for fifteen on the loaves she's made first made also so different sorts of bread, and not only is it great because we have this homemade bread to eat and so much better than what do you get in the stores, but the smell of it in the house. All day just makes you feel so woman. I think it tallies nicely with Michael's observation about early Christmas. We ve been doing early Christmas is, while Christmas, music, Christmas lights and their small. Of Home made bread really puts that star on the top of the tree and
Samuel you'll have a very enjoyable rhythm of watching tv. This coming Thursday yeah but I was probably know holiday. That is more. You mention how associated with football, how much Thanksgiving has become a television to focus today, Julia, what a great things about having kids as you get to enjoy things you had as a kid all over again, and we start our day with amazing thanks giving day parade, they love the bill so you can't stand mostly Broadway acts. We can tell their lips thinking. We make one of them for lip thinking I and the other grown ups like to sit around and try to guess which NBC disfigure figure will reside in disgrace in the coming year, We then sit around your watch. The balloons balloons are always the best part which always hope for I went to see somebody get carried away. For the love of a break. You ease into the pre game, show for the Detroit Lions playing some team that isn't the Detroit Lions Thus, the EAST coast- this is often the only time we see the Detroit lights the entire year. As far as we know, this might be. The only gave the clay every year did it do
and usually lose regulation to see that isn't the lions that we move out of the Dallas Cowboys game, playing the weighing something that isn't the Dallas cowboys, usually some token Ahab sitting. By that point mid afternoon. We, where we know that we start eating in Alaska, big, usually check on that, and that is a game in the evenings eyes just a long day up. You know the trip defend Ex Yon Buckle, the bell you collapse out front about couch, and it's just, but as good as it gets solid no gift, giving no miss enough. No, no fancy decorations! You just eat a lot watch football that national holiday. I ever said with someone, so we ve been talking a lot about eating. And I was recently in Hampton Virginia at a hotel on eight lane highway. Without Far so really the only place to eat within sight and walking distance was a waffle house. Mcdonald Hooters Chile's Outback Stay house at a golden corrals
it. I had dinner at only not places. What's the only Is that so? dinner at a lawful house, which I think really should be the Hash browns task that I think that the the pillar of of proceed at the White House, is a hash brown more than a waffle despite the advertising, but it really good deal like breakfast at one thousand and thirty p, DOT M and then Mcdonald's pancakes for breakfast, which I think are really under appreciate aspect of the Madonna menu, and then I want to Chile's fruit for more traditional lunch and then that is that a snack before us can give my talk again Mcdonald's. So I will we'll have to say: is this not the case? fair, but it's extremely cheap. I mean just the coming here from me: could be held by me off like three hours spent suspicious, like I wanted a tip like eighteen hours at the upper house till because everything in New York, even a cheap me or cost twenty dollars,
so I totally understand why didn't go to hooters on your own? I wouldn't have either, but I have failed to convince my wife that the wings hutus are actually good and they are Every time we go near the who decide. What can I say? Can we go and then have the wings and she says now and then we sit down with other men, and I say here already go to the heated and I may say- and they all say you know it's quite good. There is the wings I missed out on the clarity, are not allowed to go and have the wings anybody, Sir typewriters pick takes. What's your pick, my pick a column written by Matthew Continuity. That's on the website tell why candidates matter most and continuity is just a very sharp and shrewd political analysed and one of the best. I think
Voices are on the right. That's emerged in the Trump era to dissect thee, political state of the nation, and it's just another one of his superlative columns recommended everyone can get. What's your pic Alexander DE scientists wrote for the Washington Post about abortion, paper, ran two letters to the editor in response. One could declaring that this Such thing is lay term abortion and Alexander dissenters, dismay told that argument within a much more polite manner than I would have Charlie. What's your pic, so you get certain pitches. Listen editor that surprise you none has surprised me more than our own Sarah City, the producer of this podcast asking me whether she kid right blowing review of the radio show now defunct. Car talk
partly sir is obsessed with cultural. Can she's written fabulous essay explaining why it is not the cause. It's the banter, the feeling of familiarity, memories from childhood, I think, is going up on Friday of this week's I'd recommend highly looking at, So speaking of unusual assignments, my pig is Charlie's peace and last print addition on golf carts. I think assignment, try that that the germ of it might have been discussion of golf cart son on this very much right podcast, but I feel confident in saying. If you check it out, it would be the best piece you have ever read
on coffee arts, so that's it for us. You been listening to a national view. Podcasting we brought cast retransmission account, and this gay, without the express written permission of natural you magazine, is strictly prohibited. This part gas has been produced by the incomparable Sarah should he who makes a sound better than we deserve thanks Charlie. Thank you, Jim. Thank you, Michael thank the ten books in their new publication, Catherine, Jean Lopez's, a year with the mistakes, and thank you to freedom fast and thanks, especially to all of you. Philip listening where the editors and have a happy thanksgiving.
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