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Episode 193: A Shocking Super Tuesday

2020-03-05 | 🔗

This week on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, Michael, and Jim dissect last night’s voting outcomes and consider Joe Biden’s new front-runner status.

Light Items:

  • Rich: Being a germaphobe.
  • Charlie: Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys.
  • Michael: Better Call Saul season 5. Wow!
  • Jim: My 12-year-old son’s a black belt now.

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And twenty ten Kevin Hancock, the ceo of one of America's oldest family businesses, was diagnosed with there voice, disorder that made speaking difficult. Then in twenty twelve he began. Travelling to their Mo Pine Ridge, indian reservation worry countered an entire community did not feel fully heard these two events made Kevin realise that there are lots of ways to lose your voice and historically we Yours have done more to restrict the voices of others to liberate them in his new bought this Evans power. One seals journey into the business of shared leadership. Kevin just as a new set of leadership principles designed to disperse and local. His power rather than collected the new goals. To create a socially transformative work culture for the twenty first century in which employ in judgments sores, because everyone feels authentically heard
seventh power, one ceos journey into the business of shared leadership by Kevin Hancock, is available now from Amazon, Barnes, noble or wherever fine books are sold are you kidding me? No seriously, are you kidding me we'll discuss? this and more on the special. Are you kidding me edition of the letters umbrage? Lowering of joint is always by the right. Honourable Charles see W by the sage of authenticity, Woods, Jim Clarity and the tourist boom do Michael Brendan Dorothy listening to a national view, podcast response to this is donor. Trust more about them in due course listens, but guess
I assure you, dotcom were delighted. Have you would be easier if you'd better for us, if you made as part of your feet at need a stream services out there from spot a fighter? tunes and if you like what you hear here, please give us a glowing fire DA review on items. We don't like what you hear here. Please forget, I said Anne thing, so Jim Geraghty, epic events since our last podcast in the democratic race that basically false I everything we said last week and have gradually you Jim you ve gone from being right Bloomberg and wrong about buying into being right about binding wrong about Bloomberg. And I just have to say that this is the most astonishing come back my adult lifetime fifteen years ago we had John Kerry coming back in two thousand for from the dead private anyone voting. He comes back and- wins Iowa John The cane also was dead before anyone voted into
two thousand and eight as a surprising third place Venetian, and I were which she he was kind of plainest touch and go game with, wasn't really competing in, and then winds New Hampshire. But to win the to finish forth, and I were to finish fifth New Hampshire, to have your strong is showing a really distant. Second in Nevada. And then the wind South Carolina not just to win it, but to win it by thirty points, going away and then sweep states all across the country in Super Tuesday is just is amazing and My theory, Jim, is, is that this seems really counter intuitive to say, and maybe to two sliding of what Biden managed to do here, but it was a little, but more to me. More seemed more, like african american voters deciding they're going to lift up Joe by rather than Biden winning over african
converters other, although he had some good moments prior to South Carolina. Especially in the CNN, a town hall. When he got the question from then the black pastor, his his wife had been killed in the church shooting and it was the party deciding To lift Biden Up- and this amazingly coordinated effort, worry booter, judge and club which our get out but I'll bet that all endorses him with with us to others. But what do you make of it? First of all, rich? I want to ask you and Sarah: can you go back a few weeks after Iowa New Hampshire, when I said the Biden campaign for being bullish on him all of two thousand nineteen there had been a failure: go back in a race that one because I wanna glowed about being on the bite and bandwagon, or at least thinking Biden, was much stronger than most people thought through most of twenty nineteen, I write you went out in detail, ably end for those
Who are not fans of Island New Hampshire. I think it is now an absence love a near certainty that Island New Hampshire will not be going first. The next time Democrats have a presidential contest I dont know if they ll stay near the front. I dont know which they will go first, but looking considering how how just we would have a central component. The african american vote is to the modern democratic Party. It is ass, a knight that didn't go to a majority vote with a significant african american population. It totally with the fourth contest island. New Hampshire are just not representative. They just are far too wide there far too old. It is far too Today, wine track candidate campaign than a beer track candidates to use a metaphor and That was what was really holding back Joe Biden in other than his national poles and always looked pretty good the slide after those YO terrible starts as
Much as I would like to say, you know I always knew the good old, fuller, Malarkey Joe was always gonna. Do great look he's this? guy? He was a week ago or two weeks ago, three weeks ago, What really happened over the last couple weeks is that the Democratic Party started to look seriously at the prospect of a Bernie Sanders nomination and look there's. No, you look. Tromp Trump is a incumbent president running with a good economy democratic. I started to ask that that they're not fooling themselves anymore. This is gonna, be easy. Yes, trop has all kinds of weaknesses and he has one crazy thing a day and nobody knows how the corona viruses gonna play, but all in all, knocking off in a company is hard and not only Bernie Sanders. Not win. Bernie Sanders could lose a lot and he could get. The party thrashed Pennsylvania with his racking bet. He could get the party stride in Florida, where, with his Castro continents, you no Democrat the state think they got a decent shot to pick up. Maybe you'll get a majority in the state legislature in Texas, they're going to get crushed by Lee. That's all
this morning's vote newsletter. There are eighty four state legislatures that are up on the ballot in two thousand and twenty to twenty twenty, There are now Sanders. You're gonna lose a lot of places. The Democrats don't want to lose so at this point, the democratic establishment, holy smokes. Who do we have who have the highest floor who's? The guy who if we lose to Trump, that's can be bad, but we do want to lose everything if we lose. Two trump who's got: those whose are safest, VIC and the consensus became the Joe Biden gaff prone rapidly. Aging seems kind of confused Joe Biden was the safest option. I think that actually, probably eight is great deal logic to that choice. Is now ride or die for the democratic establishment. I don't think he's a guaranteed pick, but your eye. This is a phenomenon The phenomenal come back and by the way when Bill Clinton called himself the combat kid. He really hadn't come back all that much this is a it's a really remarkable turn of events, but it says: hey, you know these first, you states really are that representative african Americans really are the
part of the party and can effectively pick the winner, and you know it. We ve had fun, making fun of people to judge and knife now he's out. I finally learn had pronounced his name Buddha judge. Closure of the old separately. They weren't that but your shit about five percent in a whole bunch of states and he had anywhere from eight to thirteen percent, you put those together. You put most those votes in the Biden, pile all beside. You have a big change. And so you know he consolidated the pieces of the Democratic Party establishment Voltaire on at just the right moment. So, Michael there is clear IE eight year theory, the races Bernie get gets out of the gate. Wrong and just now stop enemies is, could sweep was clearly was a eight tapping the brakes aspect to this, perhaps even of slamming the brakes aspect. Yeah. I mean I was, I was wrong, I mean I've I feel like, I've been the yeah the New York Times, needle that bounces back and forth an election night on some of these guys.
So like in I've. Just was looking up on January, twenty seventh, I said the coming Biden and burning show and said that the recent narrowed down of the two sides- these candidates and airlines and the debate would be really clarified. Laughter sent her ah, but I also noted a burning with surging at that time, and I was watching that surge and has watching Biden, weak and Lee Jim Leak in the national pools and drift down and to the point where I thought it's, it's over burnings gonna run through divided field, meaning, but last week you know. Even five days ago, Biden was pulling fourth and fifth in some of the states he one last night he was below fifteen percent threshold in half the states he one last name. If you looked at the pulling a week ago,
what I ve learned or what to provisionally. What I think I've learned is that I should not trust second choice: data writers. All this data saying Bernie, was the second choice of most of the supporters of candidates the favour. Billowy Bernie was the highest. I shouldn't have trusted that We should have taken more seriously. Burning is less pleasant performance in the last debate before South Carolina, I thought binding benefited tremendously by not having a debate between South CARE liner and Super Tuesday, but where he might be one on You are one and three have a lot more. Speaking time in my get exposed a bit more, am I still think that's a risk issue for him going forward. Yeah so I've never seen anything like this kind of come back by
I mean you know if you look at the demographic groups, that Democrats had within twenty. Sixteen there all the groups, the Biden, does best with in a democratic party, Non College, educated, whites, African Americans and suburban women who suburban women, and back out in twenty teen for Democrats, if you recapture knowledge college the whites and get every american turn out high enough. That's it that's a recipe for beating trump such I think. One aspect of this with regard to Biden is usually a front. Runner you would have thought this for about a year where is leading the national Paul's are sceptical. Michael was a sceptical, You could just looked at national balls and say: ok, Democrats think he's he's this this a really strong candidate and is better than this. We superficially appealing,
alternatives, all them. You know calmly Harrison Kory, Kory, Booker girls with one other rest, but now that there's there something to this where, whereas just like he's but he's just better, is not great, we don't love on, but he's better than an alternative that to a large part of the party swatted party at least this is unacceptable and Bernie Sanders. I was looking for through my predictions and my analysis over the last few months, and I felt like the bridge comedian, Eric more complain, Greeks, panic Concerto says I am playing all the right note it's not in the right order. The early impression- I had a fight. Was that he was formidable. And then he wasn't and I started to think it's never been formidable, one, a primary- and I said,
to Michael awhile back that if Bernie one the early states that would be a backlash. The endemic party there's no way they were going to. Let him run away with it. You are right, there would be freak out. Why was but then I wasn't Michael because I bore into the idea that he had the easiest path. Biden was finished that everyone I was going to. Stay and in such a way ass. His thirty forty percent would enough and that we would end up a contested convention with Bernie in charge of a plurality of the delegates and unable to be dislodged, and I would back where we started. Joe Biden is the front runner Joe Biden does best in national policies. Joe Biden seems to appeal to a greater cross section of the party.
Than anybody else notwithstanding. What ever shenanigans. The other candidates have engaged in It remains to be seen whether this is ultimately a good thing for the Democratic Party. It's probably a good thing for the Democratic Party that Bernie saw this is not going to be there nominee, it's not just tracking it. Hence a vain yeah, he seems uniquely toxic in the suburbs. He seems built in a laboratory to lose Florida, but Joe Biden is best when Joe Biden is invisible when he silent, Joe Biden hasn't done a great deal. He is the default pickets. Aims. The default pick before the primary started and the default pick. Now that Bernie Sanders looked ass. If he run away with it. It's almost impossible for him
aid to comprehend, what Biden Chump election would look like. I just. I can't do anything you can tell by your laptop. I can predict what will look like on the stump. I can't imagine. What it would look like in the debate Imagine how weak we're going to discuss it, but the job I've been making in the last few days is while Donald Trump. Now the youth candidate crises, seventy three bloomberg- seventy eight seventy seventy eight button. I think- Seventy eight is well within one year of them: Could Elizabeth Warren warrant my calculation, because she's always been piece of glass Joe Biden is no ingrate shape and I said
will learn how much that matters, how much one has to campaign? How much his not being great shape could be exploited by present jumper the every does become the nominee, but but thus far he has managed to stay in a commanding position, although we did now it for a while, without really doing anything yet that's gonna be good for him. In some ways the Trump Biden Race, which would be one we're both, would benefit from going way and occasionally giving speeches on teleprompter. But Neither nor do that committee directs. There was there was a tv show in England in the early two thousands got space cadets where they found these guys, who were suggestible off the sky, suggestible, they did the psychological testing and they told them that they were being sent into space, and they said
It's all up and they filmed it and put them in this fake space rocket had a fake launch, an anti gravity and they re believe day was actually kind of incredible, and I want, whether we ought to do the same thing with Joe Biden and Donald Trump, it just with the presidential campaign. We put them somewhere on an island, and we tell em they're running for president and then who we doubtless into anything they say we just get on with our lives it properly and fully both when, if we did that, Sir, that's your fancy I want to speak to it from the other side, which is I know a lot of my fellow conservatives were happy to see the Democrats reject socialism. Last night I was less worried. Socialism, mental think centres, very good, shot to win ass alike, can a populist since, unlike upsetting the establishment, but I am actually troubled by the fact that the democrats-
That's the party apparatus lifted Joe Biden up when he is clearly mentally. I think ink incapable or unfit to be present Now. Trump has moral issues that corrupt his thinking. I think in certain ways his ego issues. I crept his thinking in some ways I think Joe by me. Is looks clearly unwell and I am deeply troubled and alarmed that american institutions, like the Democratic Party, would just conclude: that's not a real issue to be worried. I'm I'm very worried about this. I like and I'm worried about the idea. I'm worried that people have looked at what the Trump Administration turned out to be that many have trumps. You Meeks mature deviations from the party turned out to be nuts various once he got into office maximum work on trade, maybe
but many of them work and a lot of tradition. Republican interests got sick very well. I'm worried the demo hats are doing the same thing of putting up a guy who can't put up a big fight in whose in many ways a figurehead for the rests at the top of the party that are incumbent and I've. Yeah just worry about what it says about our country. Frankly, I mean when we are faced really serious challenges and I was really uncomfortable and alarmed by by what I saw. Last night. I am alarmed that these Jim it looks like it's gonna, be a binding Trump race. They re just alarms me said Jim or we will move on to other candidates net. Another Biden question here. One reason certainly I think most of us figured that Bernie would get an instrument a bull lead,
with some lead and delegates have to produce day, is the experience of Republicans combating trump? You know: can it thirty forty percent, support of fairly early on in the primaries, but that they feel didn't care ere it didn't go here. There wasn't really serious, stop trump third and it seemed ass, though it was impossible for Democrats two to pull off such a coherent effort as as well didn't see very likely, anyone is getting out in time. Bloomberg was in and released complicate. The picture for Biden. So's is reasonable to assume that Bernie be the strongest on soup cheesy, but they pulled it off, and I think one reason is people of pointed out was that the immediate prior president of their own party is actually beloved, rather than
load the way a George W Bush was by law, the party and twenty sixteen The level of the just trust and hatred for the dabble on the democratic side. Obviously, a lot of that motivates Bernie Bros, but another is pervasive. On democratic, I'd as it was in their public inside and twenty sixteen and the alternative to Bernie was someone that no one hated Biden, everyone could feel comfortable. Adding on board in endorsing M, whereas the alternative is clear and twenty sixteen once we got there to trot, crews and no one like crews and Everyone had his deep rivalries with them. No one wanted to help them and as a major distorting element and the choice, sixteen process and that that just apply here, see you you got this kind of in the burning people are gonna call
a conspiracy was a kind of conspiracy. Was you know, coordinated effort behind the scenes to make this happen, and I pulled and it had a big effect where there's a pardon. They really want to see it in the faces of the burning and say this is not a conspiracy, this coalition building. This is politics. This, is how you win the game you look at. People who are lower than you know, I'm in the rear rankings. You say: okay, if you drive, I endorse me. I will give you exe be running made spot could be a cabinet position could be the party will. Member you took, you know you jump on that grenade for us and and helped us out will help you out. This is how you build coalitions in politics, and the decisions of closure and people to judge. Really make the decision. Of TED crews and Marker Rubio and John case
job Bush and the rest really look foolish. We look back. Donald Trump got something enabled like forty five percent and forty six percent of the popular vote cast in the republican primary a twenty sixteen meaning that there was a majority out there who wanted somebody better, but that budget that that fifty five percent or so could not coalesce behind one candidate John K secure to run for president of Ohio and higher making sure there was no. There was never gonna be a one on one match up, there was a rumour that the crews campaign wanted to put together some sort of crews, Rubio unity. Ticket Rubio did, they must look tops told us that there is no Rubio deleted. Third, and then nothing happened. That looks foolish our job Bush staying and as long as he did was foolish. The other thing there's a lot of people speculated this Obama behind the scenes calling up the Buddha judges, the world saying. Ok, you're not going anywhere it's time to get out. But you know you help out by now gonna, remember any not be willing to do you a favor some time down the road
The elder statesmen and the Republican Party in twenties were jab bushes, brother and job bushes. Father, There was no ability, there was nobody for them to simply that there may be a good now, here's the thing if they had come out and said you know, TAT proves as the prudent choice then all of a sudden by over Jab Bush, if like a fit, that would have been, I opening and might have actually united people to buy no, there is no reason for any What will say? Well, George, W and George W Bush think the job the best choice, so we should all line up behind behind them. There wasn't any respected what one of the year we held by the decline of the parties and how they're not as dominant force in our politics, anymore this also just not elder statement? There's just not a Henry Hide type was ran forever. Really. Ok, even though no matter who you are you respect this guy he's been in the trenches with yeah he's fought the good fight. Know ye have Hutton when he speaks people. Listen, and in the Democratic Party it appears that Obama
still be able to play that role and that you're, just as we were saying one slash, four posting look: democratic establishment. If you want to have this fight, have this fight come out and make your endorsements go out and make your either your negative attacks unite behind somebody and rich much to my shock that actually did it Democrats us over much warmer feelings towards Obama than I think Republicans head towards Bush at the same point in the cycle, like none of Obama's. Supreme Court nominees. Have the seemingly like looked like they ve sided with the other party on a major legislative thing. The wave John Roberts did during Obama years. Obviously, like George W Bush left with a mess ino left over for his successor, both the financial crisis- two wars that look like we're going nowhere fast, so
That is another reason why Republicans couldn't coalescence TWAIN's expedients Trump, and maybe why Democrats could, especially you know the lunch bucket democratic vote that still exists in and said, has pole both african american and white me now that was thing burning, doesnt Bernie coalition, is narrow and ideologically of one type. Where's trumps was diverse, Trump was notably winning in the North EAST and the south right two parts, the conservative and had been built in the MID West, and the southwest in its history has six ease in going back to the thirties through sixties. So Trump was doing some kind of different here. The thing is, I mean one trouble I think Bernie had I think it is a long term thing in the Democratic Party.
That I should have been more attentive to because UNAM, attended attentive to another contexts. Is that upwards, mobile whites have been coming in to the Democratic Party since the ninety four republican revolution they ve been republican party. In joining the Democrats. Those are the people that stopped, Burma from even touching five twenty nine college savings plans. Do we really think that they are gonna just line up behind a socialist? I don't, I don't think so, and their tremendously important constituency with Democratic Party? They do a lot of volunteering and we don't have a lot of money to cook acts class. Do you percentage odds that Joe Biden will win the democratic nomination
Ex questions a little less embarrassing for you than the rest of us, because we entered a version of this question last week. I is pretty high. Now sixty five. Seventy there still some states that could be good. The Saunders is always that possibility, they'll be another zigzag, but Robin together put around their mates, seventy, maybe seventy five, but I don't don't near the Bernie brows. Not done yet anybody. Little higher. Seventy five because they re still has a couple big southern states. Georgian Florida coming up where think Biden is gonna, do very well and look like he ll put a copper on it. The twenty five percent is because I just I think he is capable on a debate stage of having a Rick Perry like viral melt down. That makes everybody question in in what is obviously a fluid race,
are you should be the nominee some seventy percent on Bernie last week, which led to the show is lower than anyone else ballast. Still really high, so I want to reserve ten percent for something crazy happening, acts of God, something at the convent gene, that sort of sixty thirty Biden, but two One feels about much to me so maybe over fifty five Biden, thirty five sanders and go without number. I just do. I think we haven't seen Biden under pressure and in a long time I mean he's been after thought and this race for a very long time, including in the debates he's a terrible performer he's perfectly capable of blowing himself up and you a brisk start taking the wood to him and will see how Iraq Sudan, whether Bernie finds anything that get some traction he's he's up, apparently with
adds hitting Joe Biden on so security in Florida and an the warmest turn in this race couple times. So maybe there. No, they turn their, but obviously Biden is a favorite. Now has has a delegate lead and some some big states coming up where he's gonna rob you know which is probably had Bernie hadn't super Tuesday, with the exception of raiment, which was actually not is sweeping so tree, maybe, expected, his victories were narrow were as whereas by in his strong states just wiped the floor with Bernie and you'll, see that probably in Florida, certainly in Georgia, Mississippi so No Bernie could win Michigan, but he's not gonna get the Delicate hall out there. That term Biden is in these states, United, where it could win with six percent of the vote, so that lets pause and here from a sponsor this week,
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he had widened out. His port among Latinos can really work that and made it seem like good when taxes didn't but innocent, in what way one a California there's a lot of focus on demographics and in gender support but a huge element here. First, and he's inability wide now more was age. Old people are not gonna vote for Bernie Sanders, perhaps they remember what socialism was, and also just less enamoured with the idea of a revolution right and young people don't turn out. Same numbers that older voters do. This was always a can of his Mean Obama head. None is. In one of Obama, Iranians tiller, two doesn't ie. There was a similar age dynamic, but it was less pronounced with younger people, preferring but Obama was very
good ad get out the vote, operation very advanced for his time. Right I mean it was. Astonishing to watch into, does need. It was a big deal too go to rally and say text this number and then all of a sudden year on a list and you're being told when to get out, and there was a low contact that was not achievable before then, I don't know burning. Built that out and as well as Bernie did with the voters and have helped him in California. In the His baby food is always been this kind of pot of theorized pot of gold that is going to what someone over the top, whether it's a republican or Democrat, in every way yes and its valuable, but it's it's not as large as people. Think right I mean there's actual a huge lagging
huge lag in the latino population of residence in the United States and the letting population of voters and Bernie Didn. Two Wellman Blacks war, Non College, you'd whites of any age which actually she makes you wonder you know, is- is this what socialism usually is, which is a revolution. Of the guilty bourgeoisie right, where in fact, it's college educated a relatively high earning, but not the highest. Her income bull that turned to socialism as an ideological project, and as a substitute religion, rather than as a kind of felt need based on the Organization of Working class. In I mean there's where our burning working class voters and You know I saw I question whether he can win Michigan. Actually, after seeing these results,
thoughts and seeing how Joe Biden does among those voters Shi Ite. I also think the Cuba thing hurt him right. There was By that point, Maurice before an old to be before South Carolina, there was finally was kind of intense focused like ok, Bernie might really be the nominee. What's really look at him closely and he gives this answer on Cuba and his apologists for saying. Oh, it's no different than what Obama said well above was already president, so doesn't matter, but Bernie was weirdly defensive and he had a kind of flash. That you know nineteen thirty's through nineteen, seventy style left wing, Sectarian attitude of you know, you're crazy, and I'm start talking about american crimes. When a socialist crimes are brought up, that is just
pewing and repellent. So I I you know I think the Bernie people argument try to conceal themselves with this idea, like all this was a big conspiracy to take it from a swell you also have to We know, as Jim was saying, and you rich to debate now you're coalition you to reach out to other groups, other voters just going. Every college campuses is not going to be enough. Such only the it may turn out here. That's what really stopped us list from winning a major party nomination and getting on the cups cusp of the american presidency was african american voters Who were? disenchanted with this guy and were desperate to her someone who was more pragmatic and quantum quote: electable and relatively moderate
and I dont know why that should surprise us. The african american vote is heavily democratic, loyally, democratic. Not socialist african american virtues more religious than white vote, on the left anyhow and burn scientists. It, especially while does this Meanwhile, among people without religion, african american virtues a more moderate on a number of questions. They, oddly enough, tend to be less woke despite the origin of that term than white progressive at that They tend to be more moderate, uncertain economic questions. Then white, progressive. Many scientists, doesnt intersect, particularly well with African American voted it
interesting. I think to watch the disconnect between some of the pundits on the left and what is the base of the Democratic Party within the primary phase african american voters when it looked as if Bernie was to win the for Joe Biden Great come back. We saw people are not Bernie Sanders style. Think he's. All right is twist. In themselves into not to make it look as if it will be? Ok actually said poor crew Bernie he is Isabel. These he's not really a socialist he's he's something now seize whatever. I need him to be now so that I can keep railing against the Republican Party like a lunatic magic laziness
VOX while he died, will do anything bad because all these reasons, but that good things will be getting and african American I just went nope we're not going to do that. We're not going to reconcile ourselves to this we're not interested. This is not our guy and when not using the considerable for power that we have in the party. To put him, then again, I think Joe Biden, one by default and Joe Biden had two things going for one. He was there and has high name recognition at the other. Is he was back of armies vice president, and in a we may mock him a little bit for having very little to offer other than to point out that he was break a bomb as vice president and to say twelve seconds that Barack Obama's his best friend or the breakup Amis at this to him or that when they were working on this together break up.
But his hand on his shoulders at thanks, George, like a diet, coke, but I think that does that does matter. Why Not just or even mostly because Barack Obama was black but because Barack Obama was very appealing in his position and in his attitude to Africa. Can vote, is an Joe Biden has managed to essentially copy that mode and that men and that that platform, so I don't think we should be surprised by this. The one thing I have to say I am surprised by is the way many of burning, most ardent supporters talk about Democrats as Eu Africa convergence, just don't exist in the party. The word they use in some Circles is eraser, it's really extra re listening to
An American Williamson did it last night, and Williamson said that that this was a coup that the Joe Biden was at the head or had orchestrated a coup against any scientist. I dont know what she means by that. If the arrival of a huge vote en bloc within the party represents a coup, then what what price democracy so Jim Chile touched on the importance of religious faith, and this sum hasn't gotten discussed much but is is very market one. Just a valid socialist, who is basically an atheist, doesn't come himself that but obviously functioning an atheist. This is someone twenty years ago
zero zero chance to try to get a heavy traction in democratic primary budgets. The sign of the cultural shift that to burn has been able to make a real go of it, but This is for older african american voters that this is another reason that Bernie just doesn't scan for them and in no no intimated of a big deal or really any deal of of Bernice faith or lack thereof, but a part of binds connection with african American voters is that Biden understands redemption and grace and his sees put it now and it's an element of this stump speech in getting knocked down and standing back. And that's just has has real residence with that the story of of
the energy, and especially the african american experience of Christianity in this country. You know rich, I don't know you guys are having the same kind of experiences, but when you are a conservative political correspondent for a conservative magazine- and you write things like hey, But it might become underestimated and Hank Joe Biden actually in a stronger shaped in a lot of other people. Think. At another, you guys, but I'm getting some strange new respect from african Americans who are very Joe Biden who feel like their guy has been covered on they dismissed in and color in a cupboard neo covered well. So all last night, I'm getting all kinds of dm from you know. Generally african american Democrats who sport bide, nor, like C c, we told you right and my favorite one was a combat. The desert black people don't got time for Bernie in Israel In spite of everything, it literally I'm not attempting to do an african american accent traffic, but the just being that if your african American, you may know maybe you're successful life, but we are not successful in life. The idea
Bernie Sanders, bringing about this grand socialist revolution and how everything's gonna be differ, that that sounds very pie, the sky. That sounds very you know, magical thinking and its stated We should not be the least bit surprising that if all the primary rivals- Marion Williamson, whose jumping on the Bernie Sanders Bandwagon and not Corey Booker or the camel Harris people were seeing with Bernie Sanders since he's had these you these first three terrific winds in the first three contest was The same Bernie Sanders has been in the Senate for decades and gotten really nothing done. Bernie Sanders deal for office. Your perfect you, his humanitarian, but it isn't single like people much here Billy you know he does build coalitions. He doesn't really work well with others. He had zero impact to about twenty sixteen and you don't he has this downright hostility towards membership, on party. He only formally filed any paperwork to be a democratic to run for President twenty. Sixteen
so. Unsurprisingly, I think you know what would you guys are as equal? Your wing politics is bout coalition. Building politics is not about bringing the purifying fires to burn out, be done, the unworthy. Those who deviate from orthodoxy from your party, it's about bringing p. Berlin and saying hey, you know what we do agree on everything, but we're together the more Bernie, one that third contest and he started getting asked about things like Castro's Cuba. He needed Suddenly you now, I know, said a lot of things. The pass a problem. I wanted my Bert, my Bernie voice, even I could I know I've said things of the past, have been controversial. It's time to put that stuff behind us, its water and the bridge is time to talk about what kind of country will, right. He could have even said. You know. I've said all the great things about you know the cuban literacy right. It is. Noting the Castro killed a lot of people to its worthy like he could start emphasising? That's too, but Bernie Sanders to starboard right. Have you
been an argument with someone where you don't even disagree with him that much they're so addicted to the self righteousness demonstrating how corrected they were and how wrong everybody else was that they do it in an extraordinarily self destructive way. That's what we're seeing Bernie Sanders and now we're seeing is continuing this morning as his supporters are blaming ever conceivable reason other democratic conspiracy or They know that the elder. Instead, I think you know what our guy just didn't appeal enough to the people he needed to win over and Do you know, guess you'll be out? They probably doesn't help. Please mountain remarks. Vermont. If you have Americans had very few minorities of any kind, but in the end, Bernie Sanders like honest, don't like a win, I would a win without compromising one iota, because the revolution is here, guess what the revolution not here and the entire crux of his campaign in his argument, democratic cycle has been I can bring in the youth vote.
In bringing in all these for people who have lost faith in the system. All of these non voters, they're going to come out in droves And just U way to see the burning tsunami, the he soon Army is a ripple in a puddle. It's not shown up. You know where those records the South Carolina in Virginia places there one by Biden his entire theory of how the campaign works is. It is falling apart for our does this mean is toast, but all of a sudden it means his entire reasoning, offer the campaign. His entire strategy for the campaign has been proved wrong and he has to hope, but he's got enough, cannot mean a momentum from those first. Three and enough people who are angry and enough people who fall, Love the idea of socialism to carry him Milwaukee with enough delegates to force himself onto the ticket. I wonder if he regrets not, two right on immigration or other issues where historically Bernie been pretty tough on those issues.
Emily even on guns had once been. No one of these socialist Algiers, which you do get struggling Harpers magazine. You might find some of these guys out there His Biden was getting drawn in by those hand, raising questions and those first debates to the woke side, but so is Bernie, and I think you know guys Mitt Romney of proven in the past that you can win nation by being to the left of some in its on some issues into their right on others. Right that you don't have to be all one way or the other. Well that the point you must making about Bernie didn't give it all. You know went when he seemed to be. There the front runner there or maybe a little bit of Pappy. Can it was nice sixty one New Hampshire, yet you know you're pat history, your hand and the next day there's a picture of him out in Arizona wasting a rifle over
His head wearing a black cowboy had also totally playing to type and at, but I just don't Bernie he's. Bernie, you know Charlie's play to type for fifty years, cause that's just two years. So oh some noted that speech last night he didn't mention a row revolution which maybe maybe it's a deliberate adjustment, but it s really hard when yours, doctrinaire is burning in that and that's why you're in the game in the first place? That's it that's him. Adulator, that's true Bernie is burning, is one reason. People like him he is an unreconstructed socialist, maybe more. He has that reflexive defence. As was pointed out earlier of radical regime's that you hear from, socialists and from communist, but seems to me that he combined
that, which is an accurate description of the vast majority of his output, will if a propensity to change to suit the Democratic Party. Only on the questions that hurt him, and so he felt- free to come out and say. Well, you know Peter Austria was all right. Fine. But he also change to pick up a less heterodox and more unpopular gun control position. He changed too pick up and open borders position that he had previously denounced, and I think he's indulged much of the the Woke side of the Democratic Party that is just entirely insane and not just insane, but that sound It's very odd to people. Even if people agree with it, they think
I u on this, what on earth is this endless hyper attention that is paid they'll, be Jp Q? Five, seven, eight nine speak, you are Issues at the expense of everything else- and I said this a couple of weeks ago- I think Bernie is is less appealing this time around, because he's not the guy who says right. I have believed in what I believe for fifty years, I haven't changed my mind. I have a real call. These a guy who has indulged some food and has moved and so he's just less interesting. And less reliable and he's offering is less attractive I wonder like Michael what he would have looked like if he had taken the trump starve you on trade, if its it now, I don't believe that
could have stricter gun control in the way Hillary Clinton dead. If he'd said, yeah open what is our Coke brothers conspiracy? Whatever was the language that he is and look I don't want to talk about. People of color all the time, because I'm a marxist the thief that ill distinctions in american life. A class based they didn't am an end that I do think as has had him. So we had one of thing I mean: if Biden is the alternative to burning that hurts Bernie, because when he was running of Hillary Clinton and came close, I mean she was. He could hammer her on these six figure speeches for Goldman Sachs or seven figure speeches. It was right in his wheel house chosen quite like that Joe actually appeals to some of the voters that burning might have been able to purely from Clinton. He can't peel those voters.
Away from Joe Biden. So Jim Gary exit question to you, right now, the Bernie a natural phenomenon presidential campaign, most capriciously defined, including twenty sixteen to right now, has been a success or failure It has been a success because it has moved the overturn window of what is conceivable and what is plausible and american politics significantly to the left. There are quite a few Democrats cross. Country who are in a wearing the socialist label. Proudly. I think the last last week has demonstrated how it had a hard ceiling. The story is unwritten and you know we week, as we in discussing earlier Joe Biden for a front runner and entry, still is still the same guy who was month ago, he's gonna go out there and he's gonna mess up. Legible allegiance. He's. Gonna forget you know, God
could I forget, you know he's gonna make a lot of gifts and all of a sudden, you might see democratic, I'm not so sure about this thing. Right now, Biden is seen I'll. Probably, as I said last year, seventy percent chance of being The nominated Sanders could beatin sanders all but centres needed It was just a wit enough delegates to get into Milwaukee and he'll be a very strong negotiating position to say: hey, look, you guys cannot this race without me, and my supporters and be fast, They can see how the democratic establishment and deals with that. So it's so far a philosophical success. If not a let you know ballot box success, checkup find made the argument for a while so philosophical success, because the rest of the party felt the need to copy him in some important ways. I do wonder now whether that's correct, if Joe Biden does enter into a glide path to the convention and does when the nomination. The appeal social is Amanda. Looking
somewhat smaller than was previously received. Elizabeth Warren took a lot of journeys, idea and she's been an absolute joke. Sheep came third current state last night, one begin to us. Where is this appeal? If it's not among the core voting constituency and democratic primaries Eve not within the republican Party. Where is it is this limited to. I were in New Hampshire mountain the university system there Counter argument to that, of course- and it is one that we could plausibly says, Joe Biden loses sit on trumped than You will see what always happens in political parties, and this happened a great deal in the Republican Party on the other side, which is the rise of the voices that say our problem here. We want Pierre enough. We went once again with the compromise candidate, but I beginning to wonder whether it was foolish for Commander Harris to China.
Some of these ideas was foolish for Elizabeth, worn to try and pick up some of burnt his ideas and the Joe Biden who's. The one guy is just right from the beginning, with the only person right from the beginning moves at nope. No none of that is reaping the benefits and a country that is still hostile in the vast majority of its own place too, and that is the best thing about buying campaign that that incite from the beginning party wasn't when it seemed like, and what that the early can. It's thought it was but empty empty anybody Santer, successfully failure. Socialism is falling in esteem now where a few weeks ago, and in the past couple years it was rising. I think I think Democrat suddenly gotten into them they were in after two thousand for where they thought. Ok, maybe we ve gone too far
certain issues. Maybe we were to hew Bristol. Maybe this is the centre right nation, and we have to act like it- and dumb you're having people will point out right that None of the progressive backed house candidates, one in twenty eight, even with the exceptions of of the squad, ah, who usually one in fluke YE races or fluke, districts and now burnings, fizzling and, and he may end up with less at the end of it, I then he hadn't twenty. Sixteen everything Democrats are in the mood to win. I'm just saying ass. He created at a movement. He's shit The Overton Window, as said Jim point out lot lot party, has moved his way. He against incredible odds, was really competitive against Hillary Clinton.
Time around and now you know this has been bitter irony for him. It of course, about four days. He adds up right back in twenty. Sixteen us competitive, but a step behind and establishment front runner that it's unlikely he's gonna be able to catch is my point out. Maybe he'll hill end up performing more poorly then and twenty sixteen, but all this is, I counters upside of from from Bernie, certainly in the day he got in and twenty fifteen whenever it was. If you thought this would be the course of his candidacy across two presidential elections, I think you would ve been really surprised so Let's pause, Gimme chance to pitch
Ashura View regional seminars switcher ongoing as we speak. We did one, as I mentioned last week, and palm Beach a week or so ago allow great content what a great fun great seem and our readers and and rice porters down there Florida Andy's half day a conferences are now running in cities across the country. They'll be stops Newport Beach S march. Twenty. Fourth, in San Francisco March, twenty fifth Dallas April fourteen Houston, April. Fifteenth New York may eleventh in Philadelphia, may twelfth and ease of edge feature Justine now Colleagues of mine, including children, can Williamson use Kyle Psmith generally are Mattie Kerns discussing the perennial
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is a really gratifying result, as I believe we discussed some point on us podcast her earliest. I and in one of my colleague accounts. I don't care about people. Spending money on politics is a good thing, actually I wouldn't want to current Michael Bloomberg ability to do what he did things are really. Seem we waited to campaign. This wizard of OZ, these would it avoids tv adds magnifying in court. This image of this this great giant. Would immediately was falsified and is first debate, which was a key pivot of his campaign when Elizabeth Warm eviscerated him. So it's it's a good thing that this failed as Canada even better. I think He won american Samoa than that.
Totally shut out last night because, with all due respect to small ones and our smokin listeners it just makes the whole thing seemed even more ridiculous. I could just never see it. As you know, I've never. Been able to imagine him appealing to anyone, because he is so annoying it is annoying in general the way he said it is annoying the way he smokes is annoying. But he's also annoying in a way that affects everyone is disliked on the right for his endless attempt to bankroll gun control and to impose new taxes in places that he doesn't live in and doesn't like seems really interested in rising to is in Colorado aid. He doesn't think color others have roads and then on the left
He has a poor reputation because of stop and frisk and the way he treats criminal justice reform and drug legalization and so on, turns out there really isn't a Michael Bloomberg Search, there isn't a Michael Bloomberg constituency. And that he is not what people want. I suppose his trajectory may have looked different if Joe Biden had dropped out after you have maybe he would have been the default candidate to which voters returned in order to stop Saunders, not sure about that. Ford is worth there were other options, but there
and anything that the wizard of OZ is a perfect perfect way of putting it. There was nothing there and this has been an embarrassing episode for him and will be unfortunately, for him one of the things he is now remembered for, rather than for being an objectively successful mare of new, so Jim one thing that that turned out to be true that I've had a spected all long was that these guys dire in Bloomberg their buying pole numbers But they weren't really buying support and when the race came around to it and put came shove and voters really making serious choice that these guys, it pumped up their numbers with you, not tv advertising when no one else has really been another. Canada's were spending wouldn't really tell
That much we saw it sire and South Carolina, and we saw with Bloomberg on a much larger scale. Last night, look you look at the entirety of the Michael Bloomberg, campaign and the rise in the pole numbers and the domination of the airwaves and and everything he was able to do. There is really just one problem that was Michael Bloomberg. Other than other than the candidate. It was a great campaign, You know I had early on steel p. Both in the New York area, who had lived under him, who had been in New York area generally had vague, positive is about his twelve years as mayor. These are the kind of people who don't get up in arms about no lately Charlie. I about the fact that he doesn't We think the second amendment exists or doesn't care that it exists. They they think this so the soda bans, but he just wants what's best for people. You know there are plenty of people who are
disturbingly uncomfortable with a they re, not so big, big brother looking over. Shoulder and trying to save you from your own bat instincts that. Having been said, you know he went out of that debate. Stage ends Ben. I believe, with the number you now seeing thrown around us from the neighborhood of six hundred million dollars more than half a billion, and he didn't spend time preparing for the debate it appeared and In addition to just getting a gutted like a fish by Elisabeth Warren, he didn't seem, that he's always had the same problems he's always been able to cover up with money. It is mayoral races, Michael, The work is not a warm human being he's not gushing with empathy. He is not bill, Clinton feeling your pain and he can't fake it and he doesn't even bother to fake it he's a billionaire. I'm sure we will hear the expression about a a room comment having a rude comment, kind of money, you know, Michael Bloomberg, has
really rarely had to ingratiate himself to anybody else for decades, and it shows add he data both he somebody said he didn't build consensus in New York City politics. He bought consensus in New York City politics. Well that doesnt work in presidential politics. It is worth noting- why we're having our conversation he dropped out, though the late? The message last night was it he had to reassess what his campaign. I look at his finished lesson, what's to assess His is American Somalia, the building block for the big back, the he just got thrash everywhere, and I think the idea was it can think you're searching and Guam on the basis, very good outcome and any doubt to something like seven million per delegate, whereas you can't even they can. I just said this is a great moment to entertain the possibility that we Should ass Americans gave American Cinema and Guam to Michael Bloomberg. Ass, an
spare, look, they clearly like him, so this wouldn't be some sort of imperialist imposition and he can run those places with an iron fist get, the guns he can get rid of the soda big anything he thinks it goes. Can mark anyone who descent and we will leave him to them and if decide in a couple of years that they want to stay the revolution. While he won't be able to do much about it. We will be better off so Michael it. This is. This is one way the the race got messed up from burnished purposes and in one reason that sir others were both Bernie. Is it seemed for fur while there that it would be a Bernie Bloomberg? Grace and Bernie would have one that race, because as Elizabeth warrants, In the second debate were bloomer was was part of it. He was unacceptable to the party and look to the fave on faith numbers that thing: Bernie had a better standing in the party, then Michael Bloomberg, but problem was
Warren this in another way, worn in other Bernie brows, might be upset with warrant they will think about. It is, this rate of Hamburg and the first debate, and also Bernie Feud, intruder and unhealthy, could help himself was Bloomberg, is like ve got kind of guy he hates every fibre is being. He wouldn't have attacked Bloomberg at all. You know he would let Bloomberg he'd want puberty to rise. Your guidance to continue to fall but seem so bought, bind it already fallen. So Bloomberg was, was the adversary yeah, we'll a couple of eggs, one or one of National Charlie Bloomberg. One Aspen Lena If you get down over the briefing districts even aspen, he won riches count district in Texas around Corpus Christie, there's there's. If there is a constant and see their somewhere for Bloomberg, although the amendments were as well, the american smoothing wouldn't really work because premium. Red. Last night, american small imports more fast food than any other island and
that's why it needs might Bloomberg when you go where you go where you needed. I agree I for poor would would I thought his giant Your work campaign would have more of an effect on bindings the scene, I thought it would keep the fuel broken and thus also by was confident Bernie would surge, but Bernie Bring also didn't get the momentum that you need to get out of your wins. Sir, However, I do wonder if Bloomberg did one thing in this race and actually did have an effect which is there even though he was unacceptable to the party. I do think maybe some of the People- maybe there were making the calls for the past few days to organise Club Buddha Judge,
better and others to endorse Biden. I wonder if they were looking at the fact that Bert is unacceptable to them. Bloomberg is unacceptable to them. But Bloomberg is going to give lots of soft money to any democratic, not named Bernie Sanders. Raise, and Joe Biden has no fundraising. So you know I want They have a mind and now that Bloomberg has dropped out and endorse Biden now Biden, potentially as resources that Biden didn't have before me, Biden binding no fund raising to speak of Bernie has now basically alone on the airwaves with ads going at Biden. So I wonder: faced kill two birds with one stone this weekend, where they. They both got a non bernie potential moments. And they found the financial backing. Because Bloomberg said he's gonna, give
to whoever is the nominee unless it's Bernie Sanders said Jim Garrulity Exe to you. In your estimation, Michael Bloomberg, money would have better been spent, buying private island buying a baseball or football, team or buying, say. I have worked out the math here, another twenty five spectacular homes all over the world so, are the jets that option of a binding sports teams is yes, We could have stopped at better off anywhere anything better that what's the five hundred million dollars, on ads. They clearly had almost no impact anywhere China Cook. If I had sort of money. You never here for me and the last thing that I would do last thing that I would do is try and tell the people how to live. I would just pay to get away from the ones I didn't like. I don't have any. Just in reforming their character, instructing them. You would never have
Maybe he should have bought another hundred houses wherever you want them, set them up as his personal fiefdoms and disappeared. Emily should have bought out all the tickets and remaining seats on flights coming in from South Korea, Japan, China, Joanne in ITALY could have done the countryman. A bit of service, a bit of service that Trump and cities have been unwilling to do. I mean it is astonishing and it's kind of gross the amount of money He spent on this vanity project, tempt me towards the Bernie Sanders position found, you gonna, take all that money. We I mean this is not a good use of, and serve at being reached should be, did a tv stations and political consign it Eddie I mean seriously. It is a case of
It is a serious case of like ok against the capitalist. You know. Distribution of resources yeah mean think of every loser that he hired to be part of his campaign. Those people got aid for having no talent yeah, you wanted to pay them. You don't get to decide that a cat, it will take us up later. I would say if you normal american interests, that kind of money by sports team, a quasi by sports team Youtube. I the jets, Jem and make make em Finally, nonetheless, by autumn competently, would be that much worse than what could you so a band aid solutions before briefly hit Elizabeth Warren. Let me urge people to sign up for an hour plus did
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cows and our editors and are right or so please check it out- has been growing by leaps and bounds if you're not part of it already. You should be that and our plus, please Get out so Jim Gary Elizabeth, warm third place finish in Massachusetts, there, there is no right, Now too, candidacy. There hasn't been any rationale, till his candidacy for quite some time, yet she persist I thought that you know, but Marker Rubia, who generally like really had won. The more embarrassing finishes to a presidential campaign. Last cycle we lost his home state to Donald Trump. Wasn't that close, but you know Rubio could at least point to the fact that he won Minnesota. He won the Washington DC. He won Puerto Rico, came closer Virginia. Yes, it was a review now disappointing, but respectable. What ass Elizabeth John Third Place a new
I'm sure you wanna, Yonah Mental or a monument you know third place in your home state is ridiculous and I think a common argument both on this podcast lots of other places, is that we complain about the media. Yes, of course it yes, the media's liberal, but the media is also very particular kind of liberal, and it is this highly educated well paid living in a major city or the suburbs. You know technocratic ago. She was perfectly calibrated to appeal to to the left of stir Yoke quasi establishment, But you know maybe flirting with with deep rooted sweeping you know, lefty changes to America type, one, not quite so now I Bernie Socialists, but the folks will like one step short of that, and that's not America that that you know that we'll border the New York Times and all these other groups? That's not you. Not only is it not the America, that's not even the democratic party. You know that
folksy. The democratic party is measured older African Americans, South Carolina, it is patina work, member of the corner, a union out in Nevada. It is gone owners It is believing Christian. Yet none of these folks, wherever you to be able to be all in Thrall but Elizabeth Warrant, a whole bunch of this bunch of us have been saying this from the beginning and be will be looked at as we have two heads like were crazy here, the evidence. Elizabeth warrant is a terrible candidate them when she started bragging that she beat Scott Brown in Massachusetts. She should happen to me Those hurled at her that's ridiculous argument, but NATO miracles to all this stuff adds up. She's, always been a bad candidate and there is this startlingly vivid. He reviewed evidence of this. As we are recording, she is reassessing the state of her campaign. Much as the word was for problem last night. I repeat what I said for Buber: what's left to assess, what's her? What's yours being stone from here is a magically get you know thirty somewhere
that in Michigan she got you. Her alleged other home state Oklahoma. She let throttled there too. There was just there's nothing for her and does over. Those of us who have been sceptics last night was deeply delicious like a little more humility from all those other folks or so convinced that they know what the american people are really clamouring for essential him the problems with their candidacies. She's, posing this candidate of purity but you didn't know who she was yeah. I saw it The issue most starkly on Medicare for all and any kind of latest phase of the campaign clearly been trying to straddle somehow unity, the establishment Lane and the Bernie Lane in the hopes of of Savior, mention when the Hope we cannot supposed to be Bernie uniting with Bernie, as she said whether early debates on Medicare for all. It's funny. Use the word Savior, I said the same run over again, but she's, not
has never been a message candidate. She was supposed to be a personality candidate on this. What campaign designed director, whatever that is just said this morning, I keep thinking about corona virus and fictional universe, in which it turns us all into zombies and the small but here I try to go back in time to elect worn because she, the only one with a plan you could now satirizes, you just can't satirizes. This is what we have been told from the beginning that Elizabeth Warren the only person who can save us, its various of trumps. I alone can fix that she's, the only person with a plan that small competent than everyone else. This is it, fence that you are now saying from her. More unhinged. How does it at less hinged fans Jill FLIP of it saying that is just so frustrating once again
and that we can all see that this this one and is the only competent person in the room, the only one among the candidates. It was good it anything and yet she is being ignored in favour of man. I can't see that voters apparently can't see that this cult of personality only works when what you're selling bears some resemblance to reality. She's just never been what she's been promised to be. She could never live up to it and so what rational there was has always been destined to fail. I can't I mean.
I can't believe that she's continued, I'm after the embarrassment of releasing her dna tests, because Donald Trump called her name right. Sheep sent her bodily her precious bodily fluids to use around me, George Rami term, to some private company got back the result achieved new, it's like less native American, then Winston Churchill. And then brag that she was made of American but she's just proven it. And the media bought into it for ten minutes until they realize what a humiliation that was, and that moment to me symbolizes the whole is like it was like the beginning of upstage play. Where the end of the plays revealed. That was exactly the willows with Goin campaign of
going to do this? I have proven that I'm the best person for job I've proven something to the public and the media pretended to believe it and it it? It raises serious questions about the the India's role in the Democratic Party right. I mean Last night she was saying like we ve got to build on our latin ex support in this party and its like. She didn't win. Any latino support. You She won, I mean if you do poles of GINO Community, less than two percent and if I win migrant, we mix we should read, we should read that tweet just soapy. When are you talking about ass? She is coming third in her home state, maybe the most embarrassing performance candidate ever she tweets. Yes, these are hard times. Yes, people are afraid and the danger is real- are very democracy, hangs in the balance, but let's annex and chick.
History. Teaches us the power of fighting back They want why lag, Linux and not sure comics right the same. I want to say that I share got so a charge, extra questions, you and a possible exit question, one that I fear we clipped, distorted and and used to make also to deep, vague ideas but if you are forced Gundhar had to choose between Elizabeth being present and Bernie Sanders being present, which would you choose if you're forced to make that choice? I would choose, but. I broadly agree with loot, Thompson's assessment of how they would try to govern and I think Bernie would yield a fight back in the legislature. Would essentially new to him, whereas Elizabeth Warm would have no compunction whatsoever about easing executive power to get what she wants, irrespective of their
else in the mid term, so the make up of both chambers turbary monsieur. I understand the question Rich it is gun to my head centres are warrant, correct polish rigour. Somehow anybody I mean to calculations, one I'd prefer by Bernie I think I think you'd be more effective and less annoying, but further their fortunes of the of conservatism in Amerika. I prefer to polarize against a figure like Warren. I would agree with Charles answer. I think Bernie for all sympathy with the communist dictators and authoritarianism in the way his programme would effect
We have this red, the: U S, constitution, he the constitutional order, what it was meant to be. He has more small de democratic theory of change, which is that you create this revolution, which, as is actually a movement of people, demanding change and pushing for change in Washington, whereas war and would be perfectly happy and has been incredibly was it about this just governing unilaterally Ernie wants to key parts of the filibuster beneath the traditionalist in the race yeah another with war and explicitly design the consumer Finance Protection Bureau to sit outside of the constitutional structure. They are different, so last the corona virus with run, Longs we're just gonna. Do this exit question style, but feet feel free to elaborate a little. More than usual ex questions you Jim Garrulity, is Corona virus threat in the United States being over hype, yes or no
It depends on where you look I'll just say. I right now feel really good that I work from home most days. I can minimized social other people. I think, if you're an older american anything if you have an existing health issues, and I think, if you're, in a place where it's already been reported like Washington, but by as a New York. I thinking I could and to be nervous and exercise extreme caution. Most Americans is probably to be finite. I thought that slate article you linked to in the corner is very interesting, suggesting that it may have been around in Washington for like six weeks. Maybe a bunch of us have already gotten it, and our body is water. We're doing ok, but I did look if there are certain people who should be very nervous, and I think we should not be I by much rather having our government over reacting to this. The doubly under reacted to this choice. Of I don't know I don't know is that? What I do know is that I wish that we would stop talking about it in a way,
that is clearly designed to hurt or to help the president, and I wish that the president would start talking about it in a way that suggested he grasped the potential here and even if he doesn't crossed the potential that understand that some people have died, people have lost their family members and that that in and of itself shit changes tone and I'm on the under. I think we're under estimating the potential for calamity here, I think, come diskettes and a few more cities. I think we were close to Seattle. You didn't see how people demanding a shut down of the city and big public events, if that happens, to half a dozen cities United States. I think. The after effects are gonna, be crazy. Things can be hard to shut down american city. They did it in Boston,
her day during the after the Patriots Day massacre, which I felt the total overreaction at the time, and it may be overreaction here to do it, but I don't think Americans are put up with it for several days, let alone several weeks of these as they have done in China. I think there's the potential is China tries to put factories back on line that there's a new vectors of spread throughout the global travel system? I am very concerned by the world, however, Innovation is up to the mortality rate in its estimation, and I think the city sees performance compared to peer countries like Hong Kong appear areas like Hong Kong. As far as getting out information getting tests to the right people has been actually pretty abysmal. So I'm I'm worried
as a joke. Yesterday, bleaching alot of service surfaces and washing hands, because, as a conservative, I suffer from low openness to experience and I dont Experience- Corona virus sir. I'm a little more on that the over hyped of power, the spectrum. Now I found that slate article, a pretty convincing that if there's been a silent spread it goes to how very often its asymptomatic or or people don't get that sick, which means that here, perhaps sir differently than than China, that the fertility rate may be even less were, but all that said, I think the the social and economic effects of and around this would be a quite serious and that's it there's a real potential that we talked about briefly last week. You know that the New York City Sub
can see wicked, empty outer or shut down. You know few if you have a case or tooth of people who are unaffected and shown to be on the subway. Days. I take that very seriously and just also, I think it's a novel novel virus and We also my can't know so M says you want the government to err on the side of of taking it seriously and that I think the Trump response so far size what he said. The government's response has been an appropriate, except for this, sir, what envied de refer to this initial stumble
on that testing, which is, is really bad, see. You want people writing heard on the bureaucracy, removing as many obstacles as is possible and and make sure you were pumping out testing and preparing for for the worst, even if it doesn't com- and I a kind of thinking it too must now this. This won't be story, certainly a big story, certainly, I hope so so with that, let's hit a few other things before we go Charlie. You been listening to the beach boys, album pet sounds. I have I've, never quite understood the hype around pet sands Until now, I've driven an enormous amount to turn the last week, and I I played pet sounds because I listen to both episodes of the beach boys episodes of political beats, which you should subscribe to
And so I played this and for some reason it just clicked it just clicked. For me I don't know Why this album racing? Nineteen sixty six before sergeant pepper, is a work of staggering genius I always, of course loved the sun. God only knows maybe the greatest song ever written think we talked about this on their Christmas forecast But the rest of the army, the the songwriting, the production, the the harmonies it it is It's really phenomenal and I'm sort of surprise to somebody who spends a lot of time, listen to music that that it took me this long, but it final. I now know why people hold this in such a steam. Jim Gary. You are the father of a black belt. Now, I am
It is an absolute joy to watch your child. Do something that you gotta know deepen your gut. You'd never be where do we start him fairly early the eight years ago. This is good for him. Teaches mental discipline actually listen to us and say if he doesn't listen to us and he's been doing it for years and he's twelve now he'd, he wasn't a tournament at is his karate club, but a year ago, and I'm sure you know all of you will accept. In some version of this in many of our listeners of experience, it themselves this man, went where this little kid who used to fall asleep on your chest. He put on us during the year- and son. He just look like a little man and guys went out there in the tournament, Nicht and other kids blot, and it was all of my inner controlled nuts. I figured it out like a mortal combat is playing with my matters other kings, okay, it everything turned out. All right poor thing is learning this great scale, not but unjust, proudest Helen. They either he's just you know it. You do
Do this. Unless you have a lot of mental disk, and and bowing to stick to. Somebody gets hard and the blackmail test here to go for ten rounds of two it sparring with other kids got the winner in his first minute Yet our tears are start to shout. He doesn't want to do it and he's a good guy come on, don't you do it, I'm turning Bela Curly, you can do it carry you can do it. I cannot do it, but you can do it and it was just went I'm so proud of a right. So recently else was sir skills. You have a black belt had to break wooden boards. He does it. He can do the backups Africa francs. I only halfway pay attention when I get together. Early to pick him up or or that stuff I couldn't. I wouldn't do any this stuff, but you know, God forbid somewhat ever comes at me. I'm sorry, my somewhat milder senator. Right there? My under assemble just like no bite his ankles or something so you ve been watching this fifth season of better call saw Kepler was fifty snorri, yeah travels up
overnight, all night be the night. So I caught up with better. Saul, which is a kind of pre cool. To the breaking bad series featuring though the lawyer Jimmy Mc Ill, who become saw Goodman over the course of the show and Peter Jackson got stuck in middle earth in his career as a director and end in film, and I think he was worse the wherefore it, whereas the the show Creetur of breaking bad and now better call solvents Gilligan has been stuck in Albuquerque and it's just sublime television and Bob Odin Kirk this you no kind of second tier comedic actor, for most of his career has emerged as one of the great dramatic performers of our era. I think, shows actual stew.
Being, and it has this in seeing level of dread built into it, because there's this lovely second led a character Kim Lex or has been throughout the show and because you see breaking bad years ago. You, She no longer features in this man's life and just the dread of knowing that this woman, who kind of represents his conscience. Has to go at some point and it's coming soon as more and more of the old characters are being reintroduced, it's quite an aged, an artistic achievement. So what one thing had been notable to me last week or two is a major german hope. It really kicked in it. Couple of years ago and the winter I I have not just take a look tiny bottle of parallel, but like an industrial sized
bottle of. In my winter jacket I try. It touches. Few surfaces as possible, use a paper tower or the Elisa the sleeve of my winter, Kosovo truck Trump level german firm and why anyone air was not like. A certain level of its trump appropriately pointed out when context is bad for the Chinaman. My secret of irish but flow, like a really big deal. It's a really big deal. You don't want to get it and you dont want anyone around you to get it. Everyone should be practising this sort of stuff all the time, in my view, Michael, I had this conversation offline a week or two ago. Why is that? fort constantly having announced, must be sure to wash your hands. You know, don't touch her face, but now you see the signs everywhere and I think it's it. It said it's a good thing. At least it works for for me and and Donald Trump, whatever it's worth so with that, let's go to our editors, picks Jim Garrity
your pic, so perhaps gonna in continuing the theme of our the generational change thy disgustin in my inner moment, damage Laughlin had a great piece about it. Changing of the generational guard and how generation exe and were now turning into the old bogies we're seeing the millennials come up with a variety of political changes that were once unthinkable when the bunch were young men are a kind of, on the scene and adjustments. It was it wasn't your usual nuts and bolts political analysis. It was kind of almost deeply philosophical, but this is inevitable and the millennials who feel like there the vanguard of the progress of the revolution and all that stuff some generation is gonna, come along. Perhaps the inner black belt karate, but kicking consideration that I'm raising will come on
in shock them and it just kind of the natural order of things and how society of me no move. Zenda, we'll just have a very. Why is this? It is it's a piece just dripping with no perspective and wisdom image that was great one, China monsieur Pick, Kevin Williamson Antipathy Plan fashion, just set up Bernie Sanders hates America. I know- and you say that so, no one- and I just want to change it. Already there are some people who say America has not lived up to its ideals, and then there are some If you just want to change the agenda, Goldberg said: there's imagine saints, the wife and fundamental transform everything about you. But I love you, you, don't you don't you want to completely alter from the ground up if there here's your Bernie Sanders doesn't hate. Every mountain in America. Doesn't love the soil fine, but he does
to radically alter what it is that makes America America. It is right to want to do that. This is right to argue that he should be able to do that, but that's not good to upset when others notice and say you don't like the place. You like all the places that are not only very different but dislike America, you aren't America, Hater Kevin said it and he is right and media which your pic ducts, Maria's apiece for the as I took this morning, was behind and our plus pay all about after Briggs it Britain news on I've been Briggs it news junkie for years now, dad douglas- is always a very capable and witty writer and dumb. I just like his perspective on her
life gets back to normal after all the Stroman Drain, so my pig is Cosmus piece on Bloomberg. And a new issue called, is barely got under the wire and got an anti Bloomberg peace in while he was still in the campaign. But this this piece is still if we get a red one. Last thing about Michael Bloomberg before you forget about em, read this peace. It is laugh out loud funny caused on this rate excoriated series on the democratic president can and by my lights this is the best one so check it, so that's it for us, even less international, you podcast any real broadcast retransmission on account of this without Express written permission of national magazine strictly prohibited. This podcast has been produced by the incomparable.
Sarah, surely, who makes a sound better than we deserve thanks joy. Thank you, Jim. Thank you, Michael thanks to donors, trust in thanks specially All of you for listening where the editors and I'll see you.
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