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Episode 202: In the Thick of It

2020-04-02 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Jim discuss the most recent press conference, consider whether U.S. leaders ignored warning signs or not, and give some well-deserved praise to those coming forward to help in this time of crisis.

Editors’ picks: • Rich: John McCormack “The Senator Who Saw the Coronavirus Coming.” • Charlie: Dan McLaughlin’s “‘Common-Good Constitutionalism’ Is No Alternative to Originalism.” • Jim: Maddy Kearns “Celebrities, Enough Already!

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Thou cheese warning trumps new tone and the numbers the dreadful numbers we'll discuss all this and more on this week's edition of the editors I'm I am doing is always by the Right honourable Chelsea Debbie Cook and the siege of authenticity, woods, Jim Garrulity, microbes the dirty will return soon. You listening to a national viewpoint. Podcast you feel the gas natural Yoda Comrade life. Have you will be easier for you and better for us. You made as part of your fee You did indeed the streaming services out there from Spotify to Itunes. If you like what you hear here, please gives a glowing five star view on Itunes. If you dont like what you hear here, please forget. I said
anything so Jim Geraghty there's this big wake up, call Trump breathing House taskforce breathing two days ago, recording on Thursday where a faulty and Burke's brought out there, the charts The theme, what their MA well says of the range of deaths, what it could be, even with supplant mitigation. And the rain was hundred thousand two two hundred and forty thousand deaths, DOM Trump stood up there and as as many people observed, Seymour Songbird than he had ever been in public at the OECD at day. In any event, in front of the press and from We endorse these possibilities. Sir said us why we need to keep the lock downs I in place
and we're gonna have a horrible next couple of weeks. Why did you make me ass? You know. The american president. They usually need to have a certain amount of emotional range in how they address the country. The tone of I'll Reagan's in Mr Gorbachev. Tear down this wall was very different than his address to the country after the challenger disaster. Parents need to be able to communicate bad news, and I think we just from one during Trump in people. Life robot years doesn't like to do that. He likes to give people good news and when the outlook is grim, he likes to kind of put the point: the silver linings worthy, the upside or or you know, some sort of tat. Lighten the below and when he has to confer. You know when there's a problem. He very much likes to confront it with they, nor angry top tramp tramp angry every very well from the very first speech of you know: they're not sending their best
here. The Mexicans are sending rapists. You know a lot of trouble. You know Trump Trump expressed anger very well. We can be angry over the corona virus. I suppose I am sure many people are we. Obviously you see a burgeoning anger at China for the lack of warning that there that there they didn't give didn't that they do not give the world. But I think, if you look, the sheer scale of what we are facing, but I don't know how many people are there feel overwhelmed. But do you know somber is- is understating it we are in for a really bad circumstance. A really bad situation that we probably dont have a really good historical parallel to you now Levin was terrible, but it was a regional thing. Hurricane Katrina was regional. That was a terrible thing. This is gonna hit all kinds of parts of the country, some worse and other. Some are further along this than others, but this is going to be reminded of the year
Giuliani statement when they asked they are not shortly after nine eleven when they said. What's the final death toll gonna be the only answer he could give more than we could bear up there. It is We had a thousand people died yesterday. I don't know the latest number for today is chances are we're. Gonna have a around a thousand people die today and the number may give rise He then I will go down a little, it we're not lucky. The number will go up and it could go up considerably because that's what happens when things go viral they. They know they spread out very rapidly, and I guess the idea that the millions a question in this whole situation is: how close are we to be reaching hospital capacity and on so hospitals in the art there? Detroit itself? really bad. Places in Arizona. It sounds like their close to capacity. You know that you really are having a problem, not just the people dying of your antivirus. It's the people were having hard accident heart attacks or car accidents or other things. It might kill them.
Where they could save you, if you can get to a hospital, but the hospitals are already full, again, we were dealing with something we can quite get. Our heads around I think that many people are having a hard time getting their heads around so yeah. Earlier this. It really was the first time where it really seem like the enormity envy the weight of it all had sunk in our trump and dumb, and deal with in a few moments. You know Ito eventually using a back to battling with the media and we get back to you know traditional tromp or something like that. But I think I think this is a trumpet That is needed and I think for a lot of people who were when Donald Trump, the guy, who can you know sell snow, sell. I screamed Eskimos. Whatever you know metaphor, you want to use their finds himself and telling America yeah. This is gonna, be a hell of a two weeks. You know, I think it was kind of a slap in the face to a lot of people have been clinging.
To some sort of hope or some sort of believe that maybe this won't be that bad, it's just the media override mean things will get through this okay. We will get through this, but I don't think you can say we're going to get through this. Okay. So Jim we'll get Chilean her saying that? Have you thought about that hundred thousand number, I have a little trouble getting my head around it and not just the terrible loss it would represent, but but how we get that I am less, were were way above. You analyse worth, were losing five thousand people a day, it's hard for me to see how we actually, how enough people die in the current trajectory and I understand exponential growth I was was having arguments with people who minimizing this scene, a back when there was only five thousand cases the? U S! Well, you need you double that every couple days and don't take take long to get you
a much higher number, but I have trouble seeing how we'd get two hundred two hundred thousand less unless it gets much much worse, not not on the current trajectory, maybe one of the things that you know there's a a aspect of the whole flattened the curve argument that probably isn't getting quite as much attention and caution that it deserves, which is that when you flattened the curve, you elongated you you'd instead of getting one really terrible outbreak all at once? You spread it out over a longer period of time and we're doing that, because we want to keep from hitting that your maximum capacity but all running out. I see you and stuff like that, but one of them by a quarantining and sheltering in place of minimizing our exposure to people. This prevents some people getting it March and prevent some people from getting in April, but this they will get it in May. This means they will get it into your possibly in June and beyond that, and
so the result, I guess the idea is not that you're going to see one day in which your seeing TAT thousand people die or thirty, four twenty thousand or some some mass the parable one, although obviously we are gonna get peek at some point in most of the calculation seaward were not hitting peak, probably for at least another two weeks, and some think the peak may come after that, so these numbers probably are going to go up for a considerable period of time and then the problem is that the new Casey had the pig then you're on the down slope watered down slope. You still have people die and I guess the question very you that in ITALY we ve had this. This kind of nagging sense of yeah how many moved the argument for folks? Who, of course, are you that this is being there over hyped or people overreacting or something as well? We don't know that denominator and attract we don't No, how many Americans are walking around with this than who are symptomatic or who had and it only manifested itself as a cold, but they didn't think was that bad in January or February, or something we are all hoping that
Really I it's one of those things where until we get testing for every single American, work, not Oreo, much larger numbers of american we're just not going to have a good sense. Of how that is because, right now the testing we're doing her, Germany of people who, already in hospital or who have symptoms and said to the doctors having got grown. A virus the doctors themselves have weeded out the hypochondriacs and said: ok yeah. I think you have colonel me, too, I'm putting on the unless to get tested. So we should be. We should be surprised, surprised little more than one percent of the people who are seeing are arguing getting tested are coming up, positive the problem, is of those people who are out there who have been tested yet have they been exposed to it have not been exposed to have they been exposed to it, were you ever they kind of people who have strong immune systems and their problem in a pull through this just fine or other. But who are not exposed to this? I would a level of exposure in the villages in Florida and all of the communities,
beloved retirees, whether its Arizona Florida alter at the south warmer, whether you know just wondering if they've, already gotten through it and most of the senior citizens, Throat was just a bad cold or something then the great, then then we are in better shape than we thought we were. My fear is that it hasn't gone through those communities and that's where you'd see rapid death rate, so we can so much closer than a hundred thousand beyond number to Charlie. What did you think of the the Newtown from the top on this this week was always dangerous to assume that there is a new turn because it often disappears the next time. The president is absent, like or even the next morning on Twitter, when he tweets in all caps about why the Mets uniforms, the ugliest things ever see, and they should be taught and further, but I do think that it is impossible to live through this, especially in the way that this president must be without it. Eventually,
Way on you and becoming apparent, how is dramatic these times are. The fact is that we have talked about almost nothing else on this spot in ituri meetings in our private lives without families on television. I assume that it is the same in Washington. I soon ass the same at the White House and after a while that is impossible to avoid I've always wondered what it must have been like to be a pearl harbor and see the planes come over. Most of the people must have done a double taken something incredible about seeing with your own eyes, something that you don't think
should be thou weren't expecting anybody thinks that this is a hoax must have been shocked the first time they went into the supermarket and saw some of the shelves bare, and they must be shocked by the numbers and they must be shocked by the close and shut the doors, and they must be shocked by the news such that after a while, it is impossible to ignore it's impossible. The recast and it affects one stone and, notwithstanding trumps, protean nature and he showed attention span. I wonder whether what we saw this week was it finally sinking in this is going to be, life and our lives for
longer than we thought no lot longer than he hoped and that I hoped and those whom everybody hoped would be the case, the numbers that we were given by FAO cheap at the high end were terrifying. We discussed that last time. I do think that that would weigh on president in a way might not on others, not just the knowledge that he may be blamed for it. But the knowledge that he has some role to play in mitigate I will come on later in the broadcast to the degree to which everyone can ever blame are central government or anyone for this sort of exogenous shock. But that too, even for someone is monument, Cyclists Donald Trump seems to have had an effect,
So now we are in the middle of the storm. And it seems there are very few people live who are unaware of it, including the president, yeah, so obviously Jim Charlie's right about trumps tone and could change at any moment. In fact, so he was sober Tuesday markedly Sober also brewery. Yesterday, all those little strange cuz, they start off the briefing with the fight against mexican drug gangs and then course was. It was right back this morning again recording Thursday, Tweeting about their crying shock, apparently Bay not a morning Joe appearance which trumped usually religiously, he made
eighty doesn't watch but, but obviously actually does, but I think what's most meaningful here. Is it there's? Definitely, you know they're, not any talk of lifting the thing mock downs and in a week two again whatever trumps tone at any given moment. We are clear. We now in a national policy that is completely seized with this matter and that the need you ride this out in defeat this virus, rather than having any hope snapping back to normal anytime. Soon, yeah. You know by earlier this week in each day, when you sit down to reiterate the morning jewel, there's just this there's this mountain information that right you got a sore through. All of it seems important, and so I went through Monday going through.
Just the sheer amount of of the difficult out look for the next five months: the you. Disney's, impossibility of the of the chinese numbers, but another third section of the job. I went through the president's tweets, but last seventy two hours or so He talked about how great the television ratings of his briefings were a couple times, Meda. New nickname for the governor Michigan retweeted a claim from way pounded. The Fox news had fired Trish Regan for telling the truth about president drop. This was over. Her wrote a virus and it's scam segment. You talk about
whole numbers in the washed imposed to how to posts must be understanding as public support, and I think just the cherry on top was his declaration that the? U S, government, would not pay for the security protection of Prince Harry and Megan Markel out. I'm trying to figure out who in America had been spending much time that proceeding weak wondering if we were to be paying for the security protection, the prince harry and Megan Markel at who ghetto. There has also been assured the agreed on his. You know where we might think about due to quarantine for New York teachers in Connecticut. Here is that you, gonna, do a quarantine, and you announced to the world that you're thinking about it that problem makes a lot of people want to get out of that quarantine zone and limits the effectiveness of any quarantine you do tries to to impose. He later said they thought travel recommendations would be sufficient. Ah, this is a bad time for a present with eighty day. This is a bad time for a president who cannot focus on what actually frickin frock matters right now and not,
television ratings and not about you, know, Trish Reagan document on Fox NEWS anymore or what pull numbers are or any other stuff and like we are dealing with a threat to on a scale. We have not dealt with it. Mr President, is it too much to ask that you focus, but apparently it is, and you know Rumsfeld said you go into? you go to war with the army, you have not the army you'd like to have we're going into this crisis with the present we have not the president and the attempt with it, not the presidential attention span. We would like to have had a moment like this so Charlie. Another supplied this week has been Florida with a lot of people, including Scott got leave. Obviously, is banner authority, throughout this crisis, saying it's a huge mistake for the scientists not to have instituted a lockdown, given the trajectory of early number
that of Florida, especially our Miami and generally given then demographics of the state and disasters late instituted this locked out what he may What's been gone on a Florida wife it interested by this, because I see a considerable disconnect between the way in which run the Santer is talked about nationally and the way in which run the scientists is talked about here in Florida. It may be the case that when the post mortem is done, run the sentences villain in the play, but if he is, this is not The perception of any Floridians I know or spoken to or have seen cut it in the local newspaper, is all on local television, Rhonda Santas is now the mega governor stereotype that he
is consistently accused of being. He ran that way, and this is the right one. Ass. Well, remember I didn't like that at all. I wanted him to win because I wanted Andrew get him to lose and then something incredible happened. Run dissent is one and became a completely different person in a completely different governor and an extraordinarily popular governor at that governor. Who is whinnying one point: a majority of Democrats support who was winning majority of african american and spanish support. Where I support, I mean people who said doing a good job and he's been a heterodox and sober sort of governor am from what I've seen. One of the reasons that there hasn't been a central lockdown until this week is that most of the counties already did it go
Jackson Jacksonville Lenny carry a month ago was extremely vocal in his fighting the corona virus. The restaurants around may have been closed for a long time. The rules have been set by the county by businesses by private developments. And as such, there hasn't been a great need. Now, I'm sure. As is always the case, the governor could have done more. I'm sure there is an argument that he should have stepped in and forced those areas in which people were not taking this seriously to change their ways.
But I haven't seen on the ground the same application of responsibility or free for all that I am told, as has happened in Florida, and I will say, haven't seen the set of careless chump, loving, mindless deed, deferential governor that I'm told his in office in the state. So I've been a little bit perplexed. I have to be honest by by the focus now things are going to get by here I think, especially in Miami. I will reiterate my question from last time: why are we still flying from New York to Miami? A flight from New York to Florida. One way is currently seventeen dollars. Maybe nineteen dollars, if you really get ripped off this. This seems to me a bizarre either
way it is going to be back here and, of course, the nightmare situation is that it starts to rip through areas in which a good number four times an older Americans live Jim mention the villages. That's somewhere, people are focused on, but I'm just thinking about the mayo, clinical retirement homes or, frankly, just many of the community's down here that cater to
older people, so I think the jury is out and of course, if Florida ends up as an outlier, then maybe the blame that has been pushed at the feet of this governor and all the counties which do have a lot of power Florida will be will be justified, but at the moment I think there is a chance that a lot of it is based upon a an assumption that run the sandy is not who he is is based upon a caricature that doesn't tally and is based upon a misunderstanding of what has actually happened in Florida, which is that, while the governor hasn't until this week ordered a locked down, the counties have done a lot of them. Legwork already said, Jim Gary exit question for you, Anthony Falchi. Here,
End of all this will be considered a profit or an alarmist profit troika. I'm than I do that noise thing and reject the premise. I I I I don't think you'll be there. I think he is a sober minded, statistically minded man who is perhaps the pre eminent experts, and his failed in the world, and he is following the data he thinks it's going. I don't think, there's anything alarmist about him and I don't think, there's anything prophetic about him. I think he's bluntly saying what he sees and hoping it doesn't come to fruition. I think a profit, even s which we all hope and pray we don't get two hundred thousand fatalities, its clear that the experts were more right about this with the general directory of the disease than the people,
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in February and when were everything so back normal and the country will be having those again as well so it's a great means yet access to all the content and to be part of sea and our communities, so please we have already checked out and sign up so Charlie. We ve this ongoing debate, it was grew a little louder. This week so what we knew and when we know it and whether Trump ignored all these warning signs strongest version this was put by out, thereby Scarborough, I guess Yesterday, were you saying we all knew an early? I genuinely that this is going to be a real problem and, of course, folks went back and looked at the content morning, Joe and
A friend friend of Scarborough, but fact is it was really not mentioned. I think it s the entirety of January and is twitter feed, I believe, had zero kroner virus references. It was, of course, all about in peace which was the national obsession at the time. Try what you make this debate, I stated how Sandy asked if Joe Scarborough new- I didn't, he tell everyone, has a television show he could have treated about it, the president religiously doesn't want to show every morning he said of at least provoke some sort of response from the White House. This is silly. This is the classic overstatement of the case. There is a case that the Trump administration didn't react early enough, there's a similar case that it did reactor with its restrictions on travel from China and then forgot about it.
Thirdly, there is a case that Trump wanted this to be over, wanted it to be minimal so much that he didn't get a handle on it early enough, all as cases can be made, but of course we always have to Do it, and so now everyone knew it in January and chump did nothing, but they didn't. I'm sorry, just Garber didn't know it. If he did know he's a sociopath not having want anyone. Congress doesn't seem to have known much about it. Nazi policy certainly didn't make a big deal build a blog. I didn't make a big deal. Andrew Cuomo didn't make a big deal This isn't true and- and I think that what is irritating about the other than the needs always to overstate the case against Trump such that people who want to do
send him a given ammunition to do so is that it is reflective of a belief that if you just got right. People in power than everything would be perfect all the time, but just a conspiracy theory of sorts. There is no system, there is no person who can inoculate. Americans or any people against threats and ugly occurrences. We can do our best
and we can do a good job at it or a bad job at it. But to apply hindsight in this way is really quite silly. I've seen this done from the left this week and from the right this week and I find both distasteful from the left. We ve seen this argument that trumped should have known that ignore them. Well, if the White House freaked out over every single potentiality, we wouldn't be very free In fact, we would be criticising it for other reasons, and then from the right. I've seen the argument that if President Trump hadn't been distracted by impeachment, he would have been able to spend more. Time on this, which, I am afraid is a really silly cynical argument. If we
I'll, never allowed to impeach President's, because we might distract them from things that could happen, then we essentially have no ultimate check on them. It would, of course, be outrageous if Nancy Pelosi tried to impeach the president. Now in the midst of this, that would be an appropriate, but the case for impeachment rises and falls on its own merits. The fact that it overlapped little bed with this is neither hay all that. We cannot ask Congress to refrain from doing its job, because the president may be distracted from a crisis I see this very much in the same way as I saw the desire to a tribute blame of over nine eleven hurricanes. Other terrorist attacks must
you. There are many many things that happen that cannot be prevented, or that can only be reacted too when their scale is obvious, and I think this is one of them and the criticisms that should be levelled at the White House or, if you think, he's done a good job. The praise that should be accorded to the White House should start from the point at which it was obvious that there was a problem and that the White House start making decisions as to how it is going to deal with it must not go back to January and pretend we were all talking about something that we were not ass: a GM seeds, mate, It's hard to point to people who really got this right and I mean nations it really South Korea is one that they were scarred by an experience with the song
Mercer forget which, where they had a small outbreak of sphere outbreak in, and they were really love for Baron and ready to girl, plus their small society and their initial outbreak was largely centred on one big church, which made it easier to handle, and then you can point to the Germans, who also reap very early on major testing, their death rate and again the enough we did get these numbers all. So there such different testing regimes in various countries, as is hard to make comparisons, but but their death rate is sir you take now the face value, notably lower than than everyone else, so that early testing might be part of that also just the happenstance of apparently the early cases in Germany afflicted for whatever reason, younger people rather than older people and I've seen.
Snooze new story, saying that the initial krona virus cases were brought in by kids were coming back from vague patients, so that might be a reason for that is well otherwise. You look around the western world and hard hard to point to any other country that that acted soon enough to stop this in its tracks. It's possible and a reason for that is just there's an enormous cost to her to try to stop it in its tracks. From the outset, although if we all go back in time, we do that now. But the idea of the shuddering, your entire economy, When cases are really small, you know what we should be thinking at this point for the first in case there can be accounted for here in the. U S, I guess. Maybe there was in Washington that wasn't didn't involves someone who had come from our travel to woo on, but that that that's real hard to do in the real world when you're gonna be
shuddering your entire economy and second, the lives of so many people here. One of the country, I would add to your list their rich, though that's Taiwan, They have. I don't know what the top of my head. You know double digit number of. Cases so far and they have long stretches of days in which they dont have newer cases reported in a cunt of twenty seven million people now for obvious reasons. Taiwan is proper in addition to having their experiences with them. Sars and each one Edwin and Avian flu at all these other. You know viral outbreaks in the not too distant past things from the reasons Taiwan is go, look at any potential threat from China. What the certain about us, sort of wariness, David Alot of history there about without one of the things I as those, but here the things further: the joke. Yes, people may think are well in Taiwan. Of course they have no interaction with China. I shouldn't have quantity economic interaction with China in terms of flight sender, invest
and your people who go back and forth for business and things like that. Basically, everything we are I'm going to do now. They did very early. They stopped the export of masks very early in the process mobilise their military to help with production very early on stop flights, meaning at the airports. Not worth noting A correct that when you look at Taiwan, you look at South Korea if you want to throw in Hong Kong in that category is well we're talking about small asian countries, with much more limited populations and much much more common areas that it takes him while to get in to get the perspective in their by contract. Out at me, when I put this the other earlier this week, South Korea, the population of California, in Ohio, in a space the size of Kentucky you just it's just a much more compressed culture, and the second thing is it looked salary
testing top line. Clearly, if we had a capacity to do that before we wait, that's one of wings things, We wish we could have done earlier than should have done or less all over EAST Asia people wear masks normally in order to stop the spread of infections. Now the CDC has decided yes, masks do work in your population already used to wearing a mask as part of their protections during flew season is probably a natural advantage, but the other thing is every in these countries, which is doing tracking of people through their cell phones, in addition to credit card statements and close Circa girls, security, a level of new basic. You have given up your right to privacy in each one of these countries, as they are to adapting to manage these quarantines and stop the spread of the disease. Now Probably some Americans would say: ok, I'm fine with that. I think, are a bunch of Americans might not be ok with that that exists probably goes back to cultural issues in the south. Koreans will accept certain measures to stop the spread of the corona virus.
That Americans just wouldn't they dont yeah? Ok, ok! U S! Government! You know I'll of on my cell phone, you're gonna know if I go too far from my house a bracelet as I think it was in Hong Kong to let you know where I can get the people aren't gonna go along with that sort of thing. This sort of thing we ll, except for the USA, to do in secret Americans with proud tradition of it that way, as for the general sense of you, know Joe Scarborough, and whether the United States government was sufficiently prepared rich. I just wish somebody put together a timeline of all the the motion that came out of China, maybe somebody could go back and jacket that and if they did, they would see that on January. Third, that's when the chinese CDC contacted our counterparts so We're third is when the first inkling of any this information, yes to the? U S, government. I believe the other first briefing to tromp was on twelve now, if you. Say, Alex Aser and other people should have. You know, get down the door, the oval office and said. Mr President, we absolutely pause
We have to have this conversation that as Syrian up, ok, bye me. You can make that argument that bit I talked about earlier about the president's attention span answer, but that having and said I dont think its efforts will leave. Everything has been said about your Scarborough. Not doing this, Maybe you dumb United States public was not attuned to the cell. Although small countries in EAST Asia there are very close to China, I think they play learn to take news out of China very very seriously. We a shallow. Ah it is a good site went on future jobs are, Did you s? National media does a very bad job of of international news, and I think that's one of many reasons we are insufficiently prepared for this. Jim fourth or Charlie. On this one give us your current thinking on where this disease originated from the way we ve heard a lot about the the wet market
and will harm where markets are horrifying. They shouldn t exists they civilised society, Durban Summit, directions from the beginning, where that story really added up people who of questions that have been denounced them the harshest terms as conspiracy, theorists in an wackos aware, on this currently yeah. Dear listeners, what you don't realize is that ripe for restarted taping, I told rich when I was working on This is setting the stage for me so This is why you listen to the editor. Sometimes you get to hear about national review articles before they have even submitted to the editors and not the pop gas. The actual people are to be published, but this is think of this as a coming attraction. A trailer, if you will
neither will on Institute of our Ology in China, posted a job opening on November eighteen, two thousand nineteen asking for scientists to come in and research, the relationship between the corona virus, and that's that we're going the corona virus is a group of, MRS Kauppi drinking is one of them. The Google translation about job hosting is taking bats as the research object. I will answer the molecular mechanism that can coexist with Ebola and Sars Associated Corona virus. A long time without disease and its relationship with flight and longevity. One thing: a fascinating piece of information that has gotten almost no attention here: the United States, the second really fascinating bit of information under some twenty fourth, two thousand nineteen Christmas Eve on its to devour algae, hosted a second job posting. This translation of this posting includes the statement, long term research on the pathogenic biology of bats carrying import. Viruses has confirmed the origin of bats of major new human and livestock infectious diseases.
Just Sars and sad and here's apart weren't you, just underline this in red a large. Number of new bat and wrote it new viruses have been discovered and identified. This isn't in around Christmas Christmas Eve, twenty nineteen sometime in December in December, it had a virus energy made. It amazing discovery regarding the corona virus and bats, but early according the chinese government that has nothing to do with the current outbreak. That's their. You sneak preview carelessness Shall I cook s question to you who deserves most blame for the grant of irish epidemic in the United States, the federal bureaucrats who fumbled the testing. And fumbled ventilator product. Then there is the article in the New York Times about her, just that the ventilator
the asker stretches on for a decade or more across a person's administrations of both parties. Donald Trump, China, now the above all the above most black most to blame is China, after that all of the people in positions to do something about this Donald Trump is one of those prominent one. So is the mayor of New York's governor of New China's at the top of the list, The ideal, first and foremost in chinese government's up once again read that time line, but I haven't been said, you know defect in the CDC tests. You know first batch of tests, weren't working as a major colossal problem. The president made plenteous statements throughout January February, insisting this was not to be that big deal. You know that. That's that's on him. There there's no two ways about that
if I may one smidgen of sympathy, I have for almost everyone involved in the United States. Government is perhaps a field was a failure of imagination, but eight a difficulty grasping the sheer scale of what we're dealing with the idea that this is something on par with nineteen eighteen influenza epidemic. Does here this this is. This is in short of an alien invasion. It's hard to imagine a bigger threat to the Euro, our country into the world and I can understand, of certain people are just either in denial or simply couldn't get their ads around it. Better but said this is their job. To begin to be able to be able to get their heads around something as menacing Anne and serious. As something says, yeah. I agree with you guys. Obviously the the answer is China, but testing was
major fiasco and people should have been fired, for it should be fired for neither isn't it do it, you know, units for crisis, sit on it, disturbed the workings of this aid. CS, but it really put us behind a ball and trump. There's some responsibility forward. He was directly responsible for the CDC. If, following up there the tests are these long standing FDA, Regulations are obstacles to other parties coming and filling the gap, but it should be more focused on it. Certainly afterwards, he should have taken ownership of it, and it admitted that the failing not not his sir. Now his Styles, obviously so, blame to go around but foremost blame, obviously red China, So, let's try talk about some. Some folks who has really
Buying way than running to the sound of the guns on this crisis are obviously have the the healthcare workers we ve all seen read the incredible stories of of how frightened They are how one of them don't have the necessary protective gear. Their neighbour gone go and in doing their job some anyway and any have, groups and civil society and companies helping various ways he had the my pillow guy at White House. The thing week this week saying his companies guns start manufacturing masks widely ridiculed this, as soon as he stood up. He had allowed blue checkmark son on twitter market, this and what wondering why we had here from the sky, and then you have a Franklin Gram founded Christian,
charity building a makeshift hospital? Incredibly enough in central park in the matter of forty eight hours, and that too has created objections in New York City, some more woke precincts of the city are outraged that that Christian group is is, is lending a hand in industry, this moment of need what to make of this debate. I was astonished by the other, some things, some development, some means that are completely incomprehensible, that the first time and completely incomprehensible the last time I still defy anyone to explain to me what on earth was wrong. Mitt, Romney binders full of women line. They can't do it when you awesomeness a bit, because if the binders and the women, what what
but there was the women and their binders. Why should he was? He was championing an affirmative action programme that you wanted to see what was workers in their women in the binders, its two thousand and twenty a counter couldn't do twenty two of the counter. It now and I felt same way about the my pillow guy, reaction was hers, my pillow guy from tv, but was it that that was it you're, the guy went up the unease at I'm. Turning over my factory to the production of face mosques and in a month's time I should be able to produce fifty thousand a day and they came in the middle of a week in which everyone was worried about the production of face must- and all I saw was you just can't make it up that my pillow guys that I dont stand its another bind us. Women moment he makes pillows pillows in a factory the people by
over the internet, so he has a factory but he's gonna use to make face mosques. This is really. Commonsensical to me and more than that is extremely welcome, because we're all worried about the production of face mosques. Now I heard from a few people around the edges that they were irritated because he had stood up at the end and torture by his faith and said that Donald Trump was chosen by God, which is certainly not my position, not least because I don't believe in God. But that was not the meme. The name was, could you believe it, but my pillow guy? I could believe it, and I was four and ass. My wife said to me when she saw the reaction. Frankly, if he's gonna make fifty thousand face masks a day, I don't care the guy's, a Satanist. Who cares? Who cares? Why does it matter?
we're in a crisis. I don't care who made the munitions in nineteen forty four, I dont care who manufactures chemotherapy drugs and I don't care who is stepping up to the point at this moment and I dont care whether he believes in God, and I dont care whether he thinks Jesus Personal Saviour, and I don't care if he thinks Donald Trump was personally handpicked from on high. So I don't understand why it's funny that he's the my pillow guy I dont understand why people looking down and before we get onto the Franklin Grand question. I will just say this: I have long pushed back against the idea that the reason that Donald Trump is so heavily criticized is that he's uncouth is long. Baffled me why people say to me you just don't I can because he has a queens access, as if people who grew up in England
somehow covered in the prejudice against queens accents such that they can recover from it. But the way that Lindau his name is that my pillow guy was treated does make me think that, although all of the criticisms, Donald Trump, how correct There is a snobbery at work here that works in concert simultaneously side by side in parallel that guy It's just funny. Looking, I think, to a lot of people who spend all their time in New York. He has the midwestern mustache. He talks about Jesus out loud and it was to me deeply ungrateful and it was deeply ugly given that he was stepping up to help it his country without having been asked to, but I've been forced to that. I can't put the area
Should I feel about the Franklin Graham Story, any better than Michael Brenda Dirty did when he said that Christian such as Michael often asked. Why is it that people who talk all the time about their religion? Don't just go out there and start helping people? Why, at that they behave like the good Samaritan. Why didn't they give their money away? Why don't they gonna build hospitals? Why don't they hand food out to the sick and the needy can privately believe, whatever they want about sexuality, good, privately, believe whatever they want to buy. Salvation or metaphysics, but in I've Jesus was so great. Why did they go build a failed hospital and then they do. Then we do belt unveiled hospital in the middle the crisis, and apparently this is a problem. Because of the private beliefs that we are told that really matter. If you put them aside and actually do some good work come on in you, wanted any sort of
ammunition for people who don't think this is a crisis. The same people that have and I ve been railed against two weeks- have for having been brainwashed by Fox, having had the conception of the danger downplayed by the President mine's. If you want to give them. Some ammunition start worrying about the private religious beliefs of people, building hospitals in the middle of a crisis, because it will make it look like this doesn't matter and it's not a real crisis so, as I said, a non believer. I am baffled and annoyed that our illiberal culture war has infected even the good deeds of people who are responding to what has already claimed more lives. The nine eleven, as has been pointed out, may well,
that climate more lives in Vietnam, yeah, Jim, so Samaritans, purses, Franklin, Graham Organization, does this hospital in a lot of you good stories about it, as there should have been done very good people got onto waiter at this is a christian group with clinical antigay policies. This is this: read to the city, but the plaza was supposed to appear at the makeshift hospitable. Pulled out the criticism started. What do you make of it? I'll get to that. A second rich. I just have one thought, unlike Lyndal, the my pillow guy, I'm, you're University Virginia Guy Right, ass believers, MIKE might lyndal and Larry Saboteur in the same place same time.
I feel that a key he could be this. You know widely quoted political science. Professor. A moment ago I can mention the idea of the failure of imagination and people having a difficult time getting their heads around what what the corona virus is, the threat, the scale of the threat etc, and I guess I kind of see this people getting upset about air everything I just said about. You know president trumpets trying to get your head the game to put aside your thoughts about. What's on Fox NEWS, grabbing and how high rating young and focus on this stuff. Other people dont quite have that same responsibility, thankfully,
but I guess the idea of you, no doubt my goodness and gay group could be Euro setting up medical facilities in central park it. It feels like beer, clinging and clutching to traditional culture. Political fights, the way Linus clutches his blanket you're dealing with something that, if you are you don't, even if you first and foremost if you're elderly or you have high blood pressure diabetes or you have you ever having from cancer. There is a chance that this virus that is out there and is invisible to the naked eye is going to kill you but doesn't kill you. You probably know somebody else who was at that risk right and if we do is not just a big city problem. I wrote earlier in the week there was a two old women in this county in Montana, that has five thousand people passed away because of the girl This is now in every country I think, as of yesterday, the state that has the least amount of cases. South Dakota and there are like a hundred makes this is ever.
This, and so the idea is like well. This is really frightening stuff. This is a bit like one. The mayoral candidates who went up again stir, might Bloomberg about await my. What am I a stray people? They have not been used. Jolly enough. Lately, socratically, I wonder if the Mai gloom brigades were keeping away the grant of ours that two thousand one primary to your September, to that. One was supposed to be the primary day for the Mayor race up in New York City, one of them, like rats said think, along the lines of yes, we have to focus on Manhattan, but, let's not forget the other outer boroughs, because his whole campaign has been focused on the outer borders. This was someone who could not change. Who could not I think, you're saying the same thing right now in Birdie who wants there to be a debate next month- or I guess now enable this month. The primary to go on guys. We got bigger stuff too
worry about right now than all of these petty political fight that you'll like it, took us at this scale of this. He is enormous and makes all our previous stuff look like stupid. Eddie immaterial moot we're trying to keep the death toll below a hundred thousand like it. That does focus your might want to be was born. I kick at my head around this ed and this is all around not just from Europe. Typical snotty. You know liberal publications that another all around here, Oh really want to stick to. Can you believe This law makers. That or do you believe this bird, like I it's so irrelevant into what really matters right now I am we can understand as a defence mechanism, and I I people shake out of that, because denial is not gonna, get us anywhere here so Charlie Cook, how would you rate The response,
European Society overall, all ass civil society, government, press elected office nurse to the corona virus epidemic to this point zero to ten zero bismuth? Ten! Superb! What's heads probably about seven because its weighed down by the first couple of weeks and the last couple of weeks have been much better, the presses! for that. I don't really think that matter so much. The last few weeks have been more impressive, follows the usual Patten. Historically in America, and relative
to the willingness of Americans to destroy their own economy to limit their own freedom? I think this is. This has been an a real improvement over where we were am sites. I seven, but that's, that's on average over the last month, Jimmy you ready Bilbil for all my gloom and doom and be a little more optimistic inquiry on this one. I give it an eight. I take away one point for thee: it gotta kids, down Florida fur for south for celebrating spring break living down to the stereotype of Bring breakers and I'll. Take one point: offer everyone resorting toilet paper, but beyond I believe this is bringing out some of the best of Amerika and I just you know I've. I've had some interesting conversations with people, I think this is people generally want to help, I think was actually
With weighing on us during the scorn, keener or time, we're stuck here as we want to go out and do something now done on that? seven, the line to donate blood was around the block. I gotta people want to do something and, of course, are being told the keeper distance for everyone, But in those times when I'm going out, you know, don't do it making my allotted run to the Superman. Get interaction with neighbours walking around their everybody's generally do I'm doing ok wants to do more. We ve seen the enormous contributions of charitable groups and and business is trying to turn. For their production lines to create medical equipment by law Americans are rising to the rising to the challenge. I think for as much as we get frustrated with this political figure that political figure, or things like that. I think it's easy to overlook If the american government has stumbled in its response to this, I don't think the american people have other than like. I said the spring break. Maybe the people who were still out carousing I'll, take that Saint Patrick say,
I wrote down seven, maybe Jim talk me into and eight aye aye aye subtract for the slowness of the testing subtract. What is evident now was the tardiness of the lock downs subtract from person some of the political idiocy and especially the media, but overall overall it's been an incredible and an aspiring effort and, let's hope it. It saves, sir lots lives. So before we go, let's hit a few others thanks Jim Geraghty, you ve had readers enquiring about your welfare. Yes, what What I'm doing fine, both physically your boys, get world stir crazy and all that, but that on the home front, I realise that dumb. Usually what I right in the morning jolt other places on national review is usually funny is usually
you know here is the upside. Why I like making people laugh? I like making people smile. I prefer to give them the Van Gregg Crumble of the three men Can you luncheon? I have this. You know some official slogan of you know we laugh because otherwise we would cry aloud Is the news isn't good, so we can give it here with her, while one liner or some sort of sarcastic remark, you know that smooth or sugar helps the medicine Yoda? I'm sorry. The news is so bad these days it really bad really really bad at. I wish I you know, could entertained me With wacky funny stuff fur and tell people that this is gonna turn out, just fine This is all that darn liberal media is over hyping things that, unfortunately there not. This really is really big, really bad. What about your readers reached out that Jimmy doing? Ok, Personally, I am doing ok, everybody I doubtlessly can wasn't it that's gonna, be not. None would Pritchett all around. You know.
Appreciate everyone who wants look out for me and so far I'm doing fine. So thank you listeners. Thank your readers. I hope hopefully become weeks. We will have better news to give you and it all. You know your blacker being wacky funny our usual self but until now we have to give it to you straight and or forewarned is forearmed section. Could you like everyone else on Netflix or what? tiger. Can I am I'm an episode force it please don't email me and give me any plot points- and I say that because the way that it structured is guaranteed at the end of every episode to make you the way, what it's so satisfying, What's this because everyone in it is terrible, and it makes you feel so good about yourself so because you don't and really rooting for anyone use, hope everyone gets eaten by tigers
ready for the tigers. In other words, why will always always big cats and magnificent, and they were so clearly superior to all of the people in the shop? But now it is good, it is really. I was decided, hesitant because everyone likes it so much For good reason, so I now have a gardener men moustache, and I think it's no coincidence, That couple days ago, I shaved my beard to just leave a garden garden. Gardener menchu moustached, our particular- impressive, I have to say, gardener Menchu, mustache, quite scraggly but it is a man shoe and immediately the job our trade neck falls and have made Charlie Cook governments, you they're starting quarterback, You realize if you only have to be a good luck. The jackals you're gonna have to keep it for the whole season had in fact
season is in any way postponed. You're gonna have to keep it until the end of his council. You're gonna have to keep it till next year's factor right so cipher editors takes Jim Gehrig. What's your pick up so it is always a delight to go to national review dot com and see the smiling face of actress Delgado staring out thus Gadot, best known as being wonder woman in the movie series They are, but it's not a particle praising her by Madeline currents, titled celebrities, enough already and as. Because I love gotta go. I have to say that one is right: gotta go without the sum series of getting its various celebrities together to sing on Lenin's. Imagine
edibles bad. It was bad and it was treacly and it was besides I I know that would have been an excellent chance to just by bringing this up Charlie's going to rent for about thirty minutes about how this is the worst song, John Lennon ever wrote. But it's just. We got into this pattern, perhaps after nine eleven every time there is some sort of terrible event Third, we would have this semi sphere generally well, meaning but accurate, nor or just insufferable display of celebrities, candlelit ceremonies and stuff. And I don't care, I know all this You mean well, I know they want to help another feeling, how powerless just like the rest of us, but it isn't equal to the moment any kind that comes across as a way of saying, hey, look at me at a time when people got, I don't really like We may want to distract yourselves with celebrities, but we don't really need to pay much attention.
I'm so battle is right on this one. I'm sorry girl spoke afford. Wonder woman. I ve never gets to come out, but yeah the whole idea of imagine not suffered it just didn't work. This give it the access. It assumes that death came out. I attacks it. Surely, and a great I've not now under reveal to think about the deaths in the same way ever again. Cheque book was your pic. I just said the one exception to celebrity song. After The terrible events was when poor Simon sang the boxer on Saturday night life surrounded by firemen, and some of them still had the ash from the World Trade Center on their shoulders. It was so soon that was you should look better than I was incredibly move
I thought the generator my editors pic is done. Maclaughlan response to Adrian, Va Mule, who took to the pages of the Atlantic this week to argue that we should junk the constitution is any sort of positive law. We should get rid of regional list trend and instead we should not hold a barrister, and so that we can live in a catholic theocracy, run by Adrian Famille dances now I'll, say require constitutional amendment. No, because that would really apply if article five meant something, but you see once Agent your gets his own way. It won't be positive law. It'll just be just the sort of advice to the ruler might take, is John Mccormick's piece on Tom Cotton
and how prescient he was about the crown of in the midst of YE impeachment melodrama. He was leaving the trial to not open About witness as one way other too, but to talk about this, a virus. He has been urging a trumpet administration publicly and behind the scenes and beginning to take this seriously and to take the most serious most measures, Parson or so he really deserves a lot of credit. I'm glad the John, I wrote peace, it's been circulated so widely. So that's it for us even listening to a national view, podcasting every broadcast, retransmission our accounts game. Now the express written permission of natural you magazine strictly pro but at this part, gas has been produced by the incomparable. Sarah we who makes a sound better than we deserve. Thank you Charlie. Thank you. Damn, thanks specially to all of you for it
snake. We are the editors stay safe. Everyone.
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