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Episode 210: Open the Beach, Close the Bleach

2020-04-27 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Jim discuss the need to figure out a reopening plan for the United States, developments surrounding Joe Biden’s accuser, and more.

Editors’ picks: • Rich: Piece in the upcoming print issue. • Charlie: Dan McLaughlin on the NLRB. • Jim: Robert VerBruggen’s recent posts and columns.

Light items: • Rich: The Mysterious Bookshop. • Charlie: The DeLorean in his neighborhood. • Jim: His Sunday afternoon.

The Editors is hosted by Rich Lowry and produced by Sarah Schutte.

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The great bleach debate of twenty twenty and states begin to open up will discuss all the more, weeks, edition of the editors omber, slurry and I'm joined is always by the right Walter Elsie W Cook and the siege of authenticity- words Jim Geraghty, Michael. Brenda Dorothy will return soon you're looking to an ash review, podcast or sponsor this week, is coded and markets dot com from the bonds and group covert and markets dot com more about, in due course, if you're listening to this podcast unnatural, dot com or directly on the corner, were delighted to have you buddy
would be easier for you and better for us. If you made us part of your feet at any, the stream serves is out there from Spotify Itunes, and if you like you hear here. Please give us a glowing fire start review ideas. If you don't like what you hear here. Please forget, I said anything, So speaking, Jim Garrulity, of forgetting someone said something too great for the present purposes. If people Forget the whole musing allowed about the body a lot of heat and light and injecting people with a disinfectant like agents. To cure them. Corrado virus, which was clearly a kind of a jumping jumping the shark moment at the Trump Corona Iris breathings. There is a potential. This could be it Let us stick year than most
designing us, it might be kind of a Jimmy Carter Killer, rabbit moment That's lasted awhile and and stood for the conservative case about Jimmy against him. Carter Democrats will be talking about this one for a long time. The media course went over the top in its interpretation of this. But what did you make of it. I was annoyed by it. I was annoyed by the president's statement. I was annoyed by the president's habit of thinking out loud and I got some kind of making. You can't see it, but I'm making airports, as I say that I think that say very polite euphemism for just blurting out the first thoughts, the pop into whatever that you know hamster wheel inside his head is a is generating at any given moment. There is a time and place. If he's what he's sitting riper swap that their claims, he doesn't spent much time going over material before the briefings and, if not that's a very bad sign. Look if you
if you have an idea took two books about it. Talks about you about a talk to any of the Ex and then listen to them. Now, as I laid out in a Friday jolt that apparently morning, jolted currently pissed off everybody knows what world the president was As usual down the street and around the corner from a valid point, there is new research from Columbia. University has generate a new form of ultra light they can kill off viruses, including they believe the corona virus without doing damage to eyes or skin by the way. If you're thinking about you know, if you're gonna use ultra violet light check to make sure don't you know, I don't get myself in a situation where I'm telling everybody go, don't start waving, you'll be lighter em. But this is going to kill stuff it's airborne and floating around. You could imagine this being put in subway stations, are airports or or train stations, or any place where you gonna have a lot of people Probably this is a useful tool in our tool box. It's not everybody. Tomorrow, it's not gonna happen overnight,
Heather is a there's, a story at gym. Sorry about the New York Times followed some EMT team and a town in New Jersey that was hard hit, and I must read this like a month ago now at the end of every ship, they take the ambulance and they they would hang and I'd uv light inside to to aid. The disinfecting broke that's the way, a useful tool to a box. No, you can't really blast ultra violet light into standing under ultra violet light with your mouth open. It's not gonna, get into your lungs to kill the growers. The com he talked about light and heat and organise their attacks like Doktor Gary will you do it right now I got a lot of going out. Do you ve been always comes to divide it into helps dowser bigotry whenever I say I venture to say the day and everybody seemed act like I was saying, just ignore it details will be cured. Nano vitamin d,
generally boost your immune system, and it gives you a better chance of funding or viruses in general, it is not a cure. It is not a treatment. It is now A viral bulletproof vast, but it's one of the things get help. India were print problem, took what this low, but later while the reasons you might want to get people outside of their homes and outside and soaking up the sun on the beaches and things like that before but it didn't, lay out any of those details. He just gonna mused out loud and of course, He created an issue, that's going to be in people are gonna, be it had a show up in sorry, live sketches and political cartoons and bite and adds and law This is not the time to wing it video. We talk about this in past episode the reason these briefings are getting huge grading really say the beginning of this process, because Americans want it information, they wanted to know what Do they want to know how to keep themselves and their loved ones safe? That's what were you ever?
sure- and it was soon very revealing that week by week, vouches Burke's play smaller and smaller roles. The president play larger, larger role, the president reverted to what he's his favorite activity the world fighting with journalists, which is fine? There are lots a lot of days sea and reporters. Nobody else are gonna deserve it needs. You love the gushing questions from oh, I am not going to stop, but for most people it stops being useful. It starts becoming. Entertainment for the president's base and even those folks gonna want you, no more solid information so I think the law of diminishing returns is very much at work here, and you know I did. This all reflects the fact that president doesnt seem to think that doesn't seem to realize. But even if you want to brainstorm new ideas, the right time, to do. It is not during the briefing with all the world's television cameras watching you live Charlie, just might informal, anecdotal survey of really hard
our trump supports the even there on this by the aid of woe, and we got that airport from acts years. There were according Monday afternoon here on a weathers came out yesterday. They are this morning that present to scale back trumps presence at the briefings and begin to four What about more on the economic aspect of this this crisis, rather than going through the public health stuff, but that this feels like the kind of story that we ve had throughout the trump presidencies, can stop doing something that is natural for him to do, but has a self destructive element any sounds up. Just keep on doing exit can help himself. This is one of the worst things about Trump and also about his fans. Visit british comedy Joe Mitchell and web have a sketch out one of the sketches.
Sitting around and one of them said the other. I have a question, but basically can can people levitate and the other one says: what can people levitate TAT was what I thought of when, watching trumps it'll diatribe and then watching Doktor Burke's his face. But worse, and that is that there are people not know them personally, but there are people who immediately jumped to defend him if any You ve light is now used in any sense. In any context, Trump will have been run. This comes out to modern, and someone says all I really like the feel of that on my back well, president jumped said that even light could be. It discover that hospitals use bleach to disinfect the flaws. Well, that was Trump. They invented bleached, it's it's.
The gnawing it's an annoying part of culture, its embarrassed saying that he phase I got that here the went round the internet with a camera, slowly then on doktor. That's all it was missing was the curve your enthusiasm theme coming in at the end this is to the Trump is it doesnt worry me in the sense that I think, it's going to hinder efforts to fight corona viruses. It does tell us something about the way the Trump thinks his lack of a filter and how partisanship leads people to indulge him when he's clearly being ridiculous, but I you don't doktor works is going to run along and say right, that's it now. Everyone must be injected with bleach and
all of the stories that I've seen about increased cools to poison control, centers have been known since and have been debunked at the dates are, is old and the cools have nothing to do with Trump comments. He should stop doing these events. He should stop for three reasons: one if he's gonna talk like this and behave like this, then he's here in himself and his putting any message that here. Wishes to get out. Two we on our reaching the point, which is probably not necessary to have one every single day and Ray. He doesn't seem to understand what, therefore he talks endlessly about the ratings. I save his back on the apprentice and he's not he's the president of the United States.
If he wishes to keep the line of communication open, he should let us speak more than he does, but he's incapable of doing that because he stopped Trump so GM. Another aspect of this is just and a euro very ably about this. Then you have the press in doing this Syria segments Charlie alluded to the. Because it increases of caused poison. Troll centres, but the press during this very serious stories were suggesting the present like told people to drink bleach which it was the same thing with the fish tank cleaner. I'm gonna give you a good blanket rule obviously listeners to get it respond, cast our bread enough do not need any of this. Share this with the more shallow end of your family gene pool dont, like anything based on the president's instructions.
Found myself yelling at my kids. Don't like anything period, maybe maybe an ice cream car, maybe a popsicle beyond that dont. Let things get kicked off that you know. That's it. That's a general. All purpose will for life. It is like the by having tromp go out and do these sorts of things I see. I don't think this is conscious on his part, but the keenest the mines the side effect of this, which is that the new stale which had been holy smokes that look at the death rate. Look the infection rates. This is really scary. This is really bad. Those from that to these favorite story in the entire national media. Since he came down that escalator in twenty fifty Can you believe what Trop said today and But you that I'm get really sick of it, because a lot of days. The most important news story is not what President Trump said today. I think it's very clear now trump just goes up in front of the podium and whatever pops do that head of his he's just been
without Fridays. Job my late about all kinds of really troubling issues were having in the food supply chain that likes me is really important. That strikes me as a sort of thing. We should be paying more attention to the one sided if this is at whatever you right on this on anything related to Corona Vires, red listeners of his party desperately another a great deal about the labs in China. If I write about this, Leah, get some people say you're, just running that cause, you want to help get Trump off the hook. First of all was theirs, is pot, guess no, I'm not willing to lift a finger to help Trump get off the hook, but beyond that this idea that everything that comes along that is not demonization of trump must be. Demonized must be so. Rest. We shop that aside, because it might actually met people who think something beyond what's trumped did and isn't trumped the war the other side effect, of course of this they these spent. Malaysian about bleach and disinfected nonstop that was cooking for cocoa puffs, but just this past weekend, Nancy Policy is doing CNN morning show with Jake Tapir and she said,
discussing trumps. Travel restrictions are genuine. Thirty, first blocking for nationals from China come into the United States. The administration loves to point to this, because, as one of the few things they did in the month of January to address this outbreak going on in China do any was sufficient not, but it's something but policy imposed. If policy wanted to give a good argument, she could have said yeah, but yet a whole bunch of people coming from Europe, the strain on the east coast. In particular New York, nor the New Jersey is different from the strain on the West Coast. This partial answer at best, but that's a fair criticism, but that's not what policy set Blowsy said quote. Tens of thousands of people were still allowed in from China? It wasn't as it describe as this great moment there were Americans coming back or Green card It was coming back if you're gonna the door, because you and evaluation of an epidemic then shut the door. So if just this correctly policy saying that what we should have left those Americans in China there not the time
I am sure you should a statement saying the Trump Americans expansion of its outrage. On american Travel Ban threatens our security are, values in the rule of law, so she paused at the time now she wants us to believe that it was not tough enough right, but with even more damage Jake now Jake Tapir nodding along like a bubble, had doll during this entire segment should have said to her. Madame Speaker. Are you saying that the policy of the Eu S government should have been to leave Americans in China during a deadly viral outbreak, and an agreement I'm the one who had explode if she'd been confronted that the accident do. I I find it terrifying police. You know she can get away with chump. What you have is Jamie Curtsied would have. Is a guy in a bar in queens. That's the problem here. The guy sitting at the bar saying. Well, you know! Well, if the Black Box survives water, they make the whole playing out of it, and everyone says yeah integrated it. And then we all look at him and thing caught with diplomacy
She went on that show and she knew tat. She could gaslight the press because an and the rest of us- because she knows They'Ll- be no push back her position. Has completely changed. She's also arguing for a policy that would be illegal and that she and her carcass scream bloody murder about keeping american citizens out of America keeping Green card called US hold us out of here. We don't need to posit how the democratic party- and indeed the press, would react to that. We know because, when Trump first president, he issued an immigration order. Extreme badly done and militia silly intended if you believe Steve Bannon in which Green cardholders holders was supposedly in send did, and we know what was said. We know who resigned we know who used which Analogies. We know who
wanted to the law. She's lying and ass. Jim just pointed out, Of course, people were now say with the enemy You're talking about this is to deflect from Trump, not at all. I have just outlined all things: trumpeted grow old things trap said wrong, but it just doesn't make it Ok, and so you end up with with what, with a completely dysfunctional political culture, can Gary exit question to you, the Trump disinfectant uv light moment. At last week's press briefing will be among the top five gaps of his presidency in terms of how it remember top ten or not remembered at all I'll put at the top, but I think if trumped doesnt win reelection, it's not gonna, be because it cannot statements like this. It's going to be because people
like the overall government responds to the corona virus, wasn't wasn't up to snuff, didn't do it in the internet, things were way worse than they could have been or should have been dealt with. The actions he takes, not the things that he says that will end up Germany, Spain, check up. I can get a pig really high up that as in the case of hydrochloric green, you can just talk that down to his being desperate for a cure, which I hope we all are in this case. Maybe he is desperate for a cure, maybe he's thinking out loud as to how we might find them. But a ten year old. Should, though, that you got inject bleach into your body to get rid of diseases. Fact that he said it out loud does tell us something about him. This one will be remembered, yeah yeah say TOP five, especially if he loses gems right. This won't be the reason he loses butts in Europe. The just the wildness of the briefings
and how he kind of kicked away. What could have been around the flag effect leads to some extent. He has never get that kind of a fact that other leaders have a broad given how radioactive he is, but that this will stand for part of the corona virus response, if he loses, if you win you know this goes down to you now top thirty or something that will be a lot more and that the four and a half years ahead, these reelected, so that lets pause in here from our sponsor this week covered and markets dot com from the box and group. The crowd of our strategy has ravaged much of american life was two months the impact of both the disease itself The various policy responses has been profound in nearly every category of society if you're looking for a daily,
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and markets dot com daily incised from the boss group Covenant markets, dot, com, I've been a consumer of this information is terrific. It's inside, for it gathers stuff. You might not see elsewhere, even if you're a big is consumer and David Boss, our friend and colleague, is just a brilliant guy, so I highly recommended cove id and markets dot com so Charlie. We ve talked about this last. Several episodes, ur upsets under Meda, going back a month, really question the wisdom of the lock downs and when we can start up how we can start opening up. This is really getting under way. Now you have a number of red states opening up the have George opening up she's been controversial, even Trump knocked him at last.
Eggs breathings. You have the democratic governor of Cot, Colorado very eager to open up what he make it. Why think? We're entering different phase? I've been reluctantly defence. Above the lockdown, thus far, because I think that day necessary, and I think that they were a measure we had to take. I don't think we were going to bear the risk and I think the consequences of not doing who could have been a horrific, I think we need to be careful not to carry over that mindset now automatically gainsay any attempts to open up our economy and take limited steps to go outside again, which would be nice. The first, change that we should make, is literally to go up side again:
seems clear that current of ours is not being transmitted side in anything like the way it is inside Scott, got leave pointed this out the other day he was of the view that even some restaurants could reopen outside, along with certain social distancing measures it does seem to have been of limited. Is to shut beaches in the way that we have to shut parks in the way that we have. We still need to be careful about this, but In some ways forcing people inside could even be counterproductive, and so the first thing to change should be. And that will mean not taking pictures of beaches and shaming the people for foregoing to them Current kind robbed you Charlie just point out this beach shots and even
Where are the right or wrong? Something I'm really annoyed by. It seems like a lot of the shots. They'll be taken from a pretty low perspective right in here a long shot down a stretch. A beach is gonna, look like its massively overcrowded and everyone's right on top of each other. They get these aerial shots and you see You know that there are a lot of people on this beach, but it's enormous stretch of sand with people maintain respectable different distances between one another. Right and that's why the local news down here has taken to flying drones over the beach and then publishing the videos and photographs from the truck, because that's the best perspective. That's the best way to work out who on the beach and how far away they are from each other's at school one for drains rich, but I think terms of opening the rest of the country is a couple of challenges here. The first
to get out of the habit of saying that anyone who wants to open anything in a limited sense is going to kill people This is a new line that I'm hearing. I have not been somebody who has been opposed to the lockdown, I'm not somebody who thinks this is a conspiracy, I'm not somebody who thinks this is some dream concocted by the media of the Democratic Party. I think the six Mimi serious. I think most of the decisions that have been taken are correct. You cannot continue like this forever, however. The first challenge is to get rid of that reflexive mindset. The second is to make it clear in so far as the lockdown scan Can you which, in many areas and in many ways they will have to why it is that their continuing, because very Sadly, bit by bit, the rationale seems to have changed the beginning. The argument that, we needed to flattened the curve we needed to prevent hospitals from being
overwhelmed. We need to do that in order to protect health care workers, but also to protect ourselves, not just those of us with corona virus, but those of us they don't have grown of ours, but are still human and are still likely to need hospital at some point that argument- strong. It was heated. And I am glad that it was but then It seems to be on the back burner now and its use to have been replaced by a desire to completely get rid of her own of ours to take the case number down to zero, which is of course desire I share, but he seems impractical. I forget which governor was this week. About one governor in the northeast said that the state
be partially reopened because we were likely to see a resurgence of current a virus after the summer and that this would make that worse, while is. Is that the argument now? Are we Are we heading toward zero and are we to stay? Looks down until we get there? I think that needs to be debated. I think that needs to be communicated. A public that is getting restless and that does not have a zero tolerance if it saves one life policy as a rule that attitude. When it comes to flew. It's not our. Two chewed when it comes to our roads. It's not our attitude when it comes to commercial air travel, for that matter if we are now having flattened the curve in many places.
If we are now saying that we serious. Stringent, lockdown measures until such time, We have all that eradicated corona virus than we are in a new a new political phase and will need to act accordingly. I think that would be. A mistake, I think we're lost, other than that. I think we have more information than that, and I think we can now start in a respectful way to reopen ass. The sun comes along, so jammed up things about you. One choice right, the initial justification was keeping hospitals from being overwhelmed and a major discussion point in that regard was ventilators at a potential shortage of that later, she didn't want people showing up to the hospital, meaning help breathing and not being able to to get it. Having dealt in this area a little bit and peace. I did last week I'm pretty
confidence and a number of people on the travelers duration are coffin. Baker handled a much bigger load it as long as the crisis, wasn t graph It should be to cross the United States. You have had resources from other places. You could surge into the the hot spots. Still you wouldn't want to have had a forty thousand people died and five weeks and in New York, rather than twenty, just the humanitarian cost of that many fatal. These would have on the system in all sorts of other ways. So I think you have lockdown made sense to try to squash this and keep it from getting out of control, but the point of the lock down was just stop the hospitals from being overwhelmed and by Sometimes, I suppose one overwhelmed and we bought some time and then a famous essay. I described the strategy, call it that
However, in the dance- and I use the hammer said, flattened the curve and then he got a dance with the virus which isn't going way and continue to play for time, but I think we're wherein that entering that dance face now. But there's some people who think the only tool we can ever wheeled while this virus is still with us, is the hammer You know, rich as we are having this conversation, we have now begun weak seven of the EC. Guaranteeing lockdown self quarantine. Frictions whatever term you prefer. This really became up. You in the eyes of many Americans in that second week in March, and we ve been there. It's almost may during this time. The thing that is just the giant screaming lashing the assigned to me during that time,
everything that was not a lifesaving medical procedure elective they say what makes you think. It's plastic surgery, it's not chip replacements. It's me replacements, its cancer treatments and someday I not least to people who are either on a greatly lessened cancer trick beam or who have been told. We don't think you're situations that bad we're gonna wait until we have better further notice from this. That's good news about the state of their cancer, but overall hey. If I've got cancer me I'd, really like to get it out: we as quickly as possible. I think seven weeks of not going through any of these mother medical procedures has been built on the american people been exceptionally patient with us having the american people have been exception willing to make sacrifices not just economically, but in the case of some of these cases, chronic pain. And your taxes, Oklahoma Alaska, lest I checked, have said to the hospitals. Ok, You guys are sure that you ve got enough personal protective equipment once you get
We are sure that you keep your colonel virus patient separate from your or non quota virus. Patients go right ahead, star, this up again, all by the A whirl hospitals are getting actually slammed by this, because these elective and again you can see me making airports. As I say this, these non essential, non life threatening procedures are how these hospitals make their money. So for seven weeks we base said the hospitals. You can't make money on stuff. What what did we think was going to happen? this this is of course this is unsustainable this, but you get into the economic consequences and we talk about the traditional deaths of despair and things like that, I was very revealing that early on certain states and governors were saying these were shelter in place. Warders now, when we ve heard that term shelter in play, in the past has generally been response to tornadoes or active shooters Nato's inactive shooters do not go on for seven weeks, but this is this. Is she for in place is the sort of thing you can do that isn't you could do in a short term emergency
never re real lasting more than a couple hours. This is not something we can support. And it's one of those things where you can see. People started the chief under this. I don't like the protesters. The way their going about it, but I do think that this look we tell you earlier when this process there than before the various states and essentially the countryside. Look we have this as completely understand how it works. We know it's really bad for elderly people, it's really bad for him. You know compromise people, nor by the way, be very bad for people who are not so elderly or not so you know compromised yet diabetes you got obesity, high blood pressure, you got her conditions you recovering from cancer. You got any aiming anything that could put produce higher risk of this and most America said: okay, we will we will take this. There will be we're gonna. Take this as Europe Some are businesses at a real habitual to lose jobs. How much we will lose their businesses How much will be the Loser life's savings, but do this to save lives, and now I presume
weeks. Americans are saying: ok, we gotta take some steps. Take these first tentative steps to to live with the virus are big Roy and his colleagues have done this fantastic report. This other continued updated. I think what their laying out makes a heck of a lot of sense and it's gonna be things like, rather, where mass everywhere we go in both time and public, it's gonna stick I wear gloves for all kinds of restaurants Are you really tough time factories in we ve seen what has happening at Smithfield under the girls restore as an Amazon warehouses. You know we're gonna have to have workers working for the report, but you know I was. I saw your report to the corner there, the day, which was very reassured to find the governor Woodman Gretchen. Moreover, in Michigan has figured out the seeds dont cause the corona virus. And what's more, it turns out there First moves every bit as much at night as it does a daytime, so you really need to have those curfews and stuff like that. Most of these rule look I get he's mayors and these governors we're trying to have to improvise they had to make up these rules the fly based on what they are getting
permission they're getting from health experts, and now we know more about the virus. We know no. No, I'm gonna paraphrase a macbook outside the cabin Mikhail Larry Burner, walking through that door that vaccines not walk through the door, the mirror gold treatment is not walking through that door, for, as we know, sir, we're gonna forget away to live with. It is probably too mean masks. Coming gloves, gonna mean social distancing is gonna, stink, pot, We can't do this any longer. We held our breath for as long as we can and I'd really likes people like this conversation about how we are rate we are we open our businesses, how we open our society, how we open our economy, it be a lot Your if the grown ups could have this conversation and the kids. Screaming by going doors you're, killing people Karen. If if the people who are hard ninnies, who are panicking, who freak out over every little thing, could you citizen Thus, if the kitty table, while the rest of us grownups, think about that, we keep our economy trying to. Function on some level to get us through this, so that we can last long
to the point where we can get a vaccine going. And hopefully not how you know not do permanent the economic damage to us that takes decades came out from from under your couple the poster for before I move on one I've read the the short, since version of a green paper in the Wall Street Journal and it seems pretty persuasive to me. One reason with us asked question a couple times: lately I've been around optimist on the crown of Irish, as I believed in a miracle cure, but the combination technical No, how undressed our ability to throw massive resources at a problem would would open up all sorts of options, but does seem with Gonna hit a war on terror. Maybe that war improve, but the vision that some reopening plans have of three million five million tests a week seems unattainable
in the medium term here and it it might be that we don't have a treatment and in the fall so of experience, we better but figure out ways think about this- that don't rely on any those kind of things haven't. I came as exactly right I don't understand the sides of it, but I do comprehend that it is unlikely that will have a vaccine in it, at least for a while, and it does seem that You stay in this locks down stay. We do would crush our entire economy and they would have deleterious consequences for people for their health as well would see suicides rise.
Depression, alcohol in substance, abuse and thus, before you get to the consequences to people's health having an entirely destroyed economy and, of course, after seven point people went where it so it become counter productive. So I don't think as much of a choice here and I think that we ought to be sure enough to evaluate how we move forward. With that in mind, one of the things that sceptics of the lockdown had to process who was that there is no opening everything up without consequences. This is something that I learned from Scott got, leaving their pockets that you did. I wasn't a sceptic necessarily, but I didn't quite see this in the terms Scott Godly put it, those being that.
Living with corona virus will be deeply unpleasant. So if war However, we are doing now is unpleasant, so would it be unpleasant we said find whatever open up air travel. And up to new world. That's go on as if nothing has happened here that would bring with it all sorts of downsizing problems, and I think the opposite is true- I think that those who are screaming no, no, no, no, no, no, no, ought to realise that there are downsides, and there is unpleasantness in keeping everything locked down and therefore going to have to something that I rarely ass. An extremist or recommend them Let's take the middle way Jimmy, ex question to you, the law downs will be remembered as a mistake? Yes or no
It all depends on what people remember they if the ether defined by the most extreme examples like which Governor Governor Gretchen Whittemore, I can ever do her name, was a good all all once governor Quick Gretchen Whitney. Ah banning seeds and and stuff. Like that, the ridiculous case, the guy in the surfboard, got arrested the arms being rather than that data be remembered as mistake, I think generally, you look at the numbers have gone down the spruce spreading rates. You look at the consequences in New York City now. This would have much much worse if we had done the sort of stuff, and so the good idea, but it may be remembered as a colossal active cause. I fascist, silliness, checkup now. I think it will be remembered as a success, but I think that that is contingent upon the exit strategy being executed while If people feel that this is being continued, had
was the m or that it is being applied. Those two irrationally than they may turn on the whole thing? But I don't think that's going to happen. I think we're going to move out of this fairly well fairly, efficiently, fairly sensibly. I think there will be a few stupid. Unlock down measures in the way that there have been some stupid measures, but I think overall we will do in an orderly way and it will be remembered as a necessary evil. Think they'll be remember. As mistake, there will be a large segment right, though, that will go on forever thinking there was hysteria in a panic over action. I do think in the fullness of time and were really countering this now that You will realise that there are aspects of this that were really stupid and counter productive. I I do think radical measures
try to sluggish rather virus where necessary, but retrospect, nursing homes. Obviously like a key factor. I think there should be an almost as much focus on nursing homes, as there was on hospitals, making sure that they are getting overwhelm making sure they had the very best protective equipment and the very best procedures and training, on the other side. The ledger, I think Jim alluded. Just a little earlier suspending elective, so called elective surgery hit slack in huge parts of the country in places that barely had covered cases wasn't saying and is still insane because one of the points not overwhelming hospitals is, he didn't want to crowd out all all the other stuff, like Gibbs friends with cancer treatments,
crowded out all that other stuff in places where there is no need to crowded out, wasn't gonna be crowded out, and that is that it makes no sense and I think their knees before more focus on that and have written about this. A little bit of a peace is gonna, go up to set this afternoon about it as well as just do we talk about the pot gas before every county in America is different societies. That states are different is just areas within states are different, so the idea that all of Michigan has to live by rules as if its Detroit or the surrounding suburbs of Detroit was also crazy, an overreaction and- and hopefully that's that's changing here, but overall I think it's necessary. Most people would think it was necessary. Yet as well as we go on, but we will not will realise that there were their failures in the implementation and how he did it exactly So with that lets pause very briefly. Second, give people a plug for an hour
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Gets you easy access to all of our continent and comment on articles blog post. If you want to be part of our private facebook group, if you want, you can jump on these exclusive calls, have with conservative news makers and be part of lie. That's when we have. Events again and pick up a beer with favor NASH, review writers and editors, so please check it out and are plus so Charlie cook some developments on the terror red front. This is the Biden accuser, who alleges that he sexually assaulted her and a Senate hallway twenty ago, or so really an astonishing development, if you think it How did she- I guess where this came from? She told our port at the intercept that She believed her mother had called into Larry King and note no that her daughter was was expressing some distress and having trouble bringing up and
allegation against powerful person, and lo and behold, this video shows up terror. Red says it. Sir mothers voice your mother is, has passed away, but compared to the Blasey Ford allegation against Bread Cavanaugh. This is extraordinary, circumstantial evidence, but still trouble breaking through in the mid mainstream media, writing their two different questions, the first one is whether this is extraordinary evidence or not, and the second is the immediate treatment of it. There is more evidence here I was in the cabinet case that has not been reflected in the media. Worse still Joe Biden, is on record as saying that women should be reflexively. Believe Joe Biden was in charge of Rio bucking the way, sexual assault cases gone college campuses. He said
Two thousand. Seventeen that his message his view, the star by which he took that job on was, I believe you. I know he doesn't think Joe Biden. Hypocrisy is a story. I think the media is hypocrisy as a story. I am of the view that if you build a poet career around. I believe you did your public station is. I believe you that, if your statement when someone else is being accused of something they deny, is that you should reflexive I believe the woman, and then you are yourself accused that you should be how to that standard. Or at least you should hold yourself to that standard. That said, I have my own principles. And I believe in due process, I believe in
presumption of innocence, and I believe in these things, because I think that falsely accused. People in destroying their reputation is a great evil There's only one side to this ledger. It is, of course, appalling if somebody So I was sexual assault. It's also appalling. Every punish the wrong person for every punish somebody who is innocent this matter during the cabin our hearings and it It is now brought cabin. I was a man who is now some symbol. He was not some token to throw away- Abiden is a man is a human being. The person is an individual is not some token. So are there is more evidence here than there was in the case of cabinet. There isn't a great deal, There is no way this would make it into a quorum. It's been too long. The evidence is,
and although it is interesting that our its mother called Larry King and I read today that a form a neighbour of tar reads ass. She was told about this incident, though I don't Joe Biden, was name then is. Nevertheless, all the product of the same fountain of evidence and that is tar red herself Atari set. This happened, that she told her mother that it happened, but she potentially told her, but that it happened is interesting, but it doesn't in anyway prove that it happened what it proved since that time, red has for a while in saying that this happened, and I Fraid, I demand more evidence than that we know they met. That's it! That's all we know it is. He said she said case
How is that cosmetically unfair? Does that in a very often some bad men will get away with bad behaviour. Yes, it does but I see, no alternative other the habitual crucifying of anyone who is accused and also the introduction into our political culture of a veto point if the mere fact of being cases to get rid of somebody, then we will see a lot more accusations So I am sceptical. I think this. Lights once again, the need for presumption of innocence and for due process. I think that this should treated us any other accusations should be, but I think that job is a sniveling little hypocrite, who, I hope, has his mind completely on this question, and I think that the media, which ran free, single peace against Cavanaugh, which
pieces. They didn't have anything to do with Cavanaugh. Of insinuating that he was guilty which printed without comment: ridiculous charges Such is the cabin I was involved in a gang rape ring. Hope it is ashamed of itself more than being ashamed of yourself. I hope it is aware that their, reason it is treated. This differently is because Joe Biden as a Democrat, and because he is the best chance, perhaps the only chance to how the Democrats see this of beating Donald Trump Jerry. You know this democratic presence primary is really unlike any other. In that you had this giant crowd of candidates. You had the first three contests emergence of a unexpected front, runner in Bernie Sanders, and then you add in the anywhere from two thirds to three quarters for the rest of the party effect.
Fourthly, a panic, but, let's just say, a highly charged emotional response of governor to blow this thing. Quick. Let's pick To go about it and you could write as long as I'm looking over this calendar, you could write a really fascinating book about what happened: the United States of America in just a two week period from March first to March, Fourteenth march? First Buddha judge drops out the race next day, club, richer March, thirty super Tuesday. I would argue that Joe Biden effectively one the nomination on Super Tuesday following day Bloomberg dropped out. They after that lives. Warren drops out everybody. Start lining up behind Joe Biden and more twelve was less day, my kids were in school. That was the night that term Had his oval office address the NBA at the national, Basque or association and ass. They were spending the season and thanks announced that he had grown apart and with that not only was the primary effectively over american interests,
in the primary and the damn presidential contest stopped, because we are dealing with this other big problem that we, still dealing with today in a late April. I think, if and when this Senses at this virus is more under control, and it is you know, I'm buttock, metaphorically safe, to think about politics again, then maybe this will get more attention, the interesting as your promising war coverage of terror read from the oh Bernie, left wing media. Then you are from a lot of over the media. A lot of conservative media are, for on the growth of our us right now and arguing about me. I was which, as we discussed earlier, is trumpet discovers doing the right decisions or, or that this is, I believe, all women figures with Never any movement than there are on the right There are areas. This is a lower to your story, but will not be a lower to your story forever. I suspect that to a certain extent they they want
Your people who had ordinarily be jumping all over this might be holding their fight. In part, because it's just not a big story of the public. If you could definitively prove one where the other Inter read the big story. Would be Corona virus and it should be until we figure out what to do and how we can handle this crisis once it becomes. Time to America. Ok, you ve. The Trump administration is handled krona virus. Do you, like the alternative, aerospace Jupiter? binds having really good pulling numbers. I suspect, in part, because he's not in the public eye. Anybody who watched his power Appearances from his basement, Delaware, is probably coming away underwhelmed. I thought the rest was gonna. Do him good? It he's not he's really not great shape? his comments are as meandering as ever he's been mixed in his words up its India, we will talk about the reaction of the Doktor Sancho Gupta as as Nobody was particularly had great difficulty getting his word. Shall we say during it
Some see it as a few weeks ago at some point, this presidential campaign will resume its normal wriggly schedule. Not? With rallies necessarily in a sort of thing, but the American up the attention of the american public others, time in early summer, maybe late summer. Maybe the fall it'll turn down not just what you think a trop it'll be. What do you think of these two men then part of argument will be. What do you think of it? Biden and this accusation against your bite it now. We know the media but our good friend, J nor Layer, the media, is not really biased. The media's partisan, Right biases, when you have you have answered, we see the world against the out of it. What we know is the media is not like consistently pro women and pro accusation how they too. That woman. That accusation depends almost entirely on whether the accused is a democrat or Republican. My favorite headliner the Babylon being the last couple weeks has been Democrats achieve her immunity from sexual assault of her ass.
This would also comes down to the New York Times, wrote a peace in which what the elites in the original draft it said other than the clay, of unwanted touching women had no other complaint. Criticisms of providing saying or doing it appropriate things we, all seen by didn't do this in front of us in public events, where it's just a little touchy and smelling of their hair and and I gotta stop. Does this mean the assaulted? I know, but we just do know listed somewhere that ended by means of the mind? Is that give it a building to detect. The ownership is worth saying that if the course does not mean a soldier turn, he may be entirely innocent of that, but according to the principles that Joe might and laid out in his title, nine reform, the behaviour that we have seen non cameras, disqualify yeah. What's more a portion of the people living in the north and the general public and in the so called for back mainstream news media operate on one simple principle, if the
used to someone they like they do not find the accusations plausible If the accused is someone they do le those issues where they do like it's not plausible. If someone they dont, like the guy's guilty, assume that this the terrible way to go on debating these exists is a terrible way. That's when you see you know, accusations against Biden, occasionally seminal right. These essays, I now echo. Is it Ellis mulatto who had the? I can't believe we would rush to judgment. I've learned now achieved Rio. She will learn it up until the next time Republicans accused of something like this, because that's all these people operate on the but who are on my side, are the good people in life, the p, on the other side of the bad people in life, and they can't think beyond that and, as you know, two continuum beating my drum of irritation but against the whole wide world. You know the grown ups, Have this conversation, the kids can go over simply get a table childhood.
The question to you. The terror red allegation will sink Joe Biden candidacy, yes or no. No, it won't because it works. Right. The sort of national for all saw around Cavanaugh, partly because of media bias, partly because corona virus and it's an area in which Donald Trump is just us, if not more vulnerable yogurt. Now Joe Biden campaign fails, elude because of Joe Biden. Yes answer is no, of course not and with that, but before before move on and make pitch for email, newsletters, first and foremost Jim Gary. This morning job, which is absolutely, must reading chock full of answer. But before about every morning. If you're not getting, it should go to national review dot com and sign up and also Kevin Williamson as anew
newsletter has been doing. For I know, what's two months or so now called Tuesday comes out on, Tuesdays free, one at off. All you do is sign up and get it. So Jim, I understand he had a pretty good Sunday so you know, there's not a heck of a lot. You're still allowed to do if you're in Idiot, section where you know the governor will not come running down the street. Telling you to get back in your house, the few options that are opened, at least in my neck of the woods and probably in listeners, is national parks, state parks and regional parks, and so we ve been scanning. What's The green spot in the map were still have to go to answer. Went to one in our neck of the woods, it was not crowded there was a yet apart very far away and go down a long. Road probably help discourage people, and when we got to No problem social distancing lose barely anybody there, this beautiful lake, ah birds, having down to get fish was all overcast, whether wasn't great, which probably help keep people away and
we finally outing that, on the way back, we decided to order pizza when my pay repeats places is still functioning get by on. Take up delivery. Goodbye, and then I watch some of the young espionage, dance and it was almost a day. We cannot forget that all this, this terrible viral outbreak has gone. It was almost a regular Sunday Zeno. Small pleasures because a time like this, and surely you headed Delorean move into the neighbours. Someone in this neighborhood has bought a delors and it keeps going past my house, the first time I saw it. I did a double take big back to the future fan than I thought I might transmuting a normal car into its glory, but now it is an original Delorean, obviously with Mr Fusion or the fox, the pastor, and it really, is a cool. Looking Kai love, seeing at every time it comes by
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for this kind of fiction whatsoever, dont go to Barnes, noble dot com, dunk, Amazon, dot com help a great institution. The mysterious bookshop, just Google, it find it. Online and get your mystery and crime books there So now, Jim Geraghty, it's that time of the POD Casper editors picks. What's your pic, so I could go with just about anything. Robert were broken it's at any time, but I think he's really good. Lately. I particular like the way he's been looking at the projections of corn, a virus cases and deaths. You can gave very level headed You probably have heard me on this podcast starter, how the table and and get fired up and stuff, but it did it when it comes to
when evaluating the stuff. I feel like there. The other noise to signal ratio is very often out of out of work. We get the heated debates to generate more light, more heat and light. I guess D, the old saying goes: robber is wise, he is careful he doesn't get out over his skis. He doesn't make sweeping conclusions and when not sure what the data means that any seems like this conflict, the information he comes out and says so, and I kind of like a good portion of our problems in our country stem from people, whether its doktor OZ for Doktor drew or Doktor Doktor Phil instead, instead of saying I dont know they they feel the need to bluster ahead say that they do now. If everybody in journalism had the careful, even tone of Robert broken. We would be a much better informed, countryside, Widow Robert. I was very impressed by the he's running these air Chillicothe lets you may have, of even turn and lack of hyperbole dynamically
to send the National Labour relations sport. The salt mine, this is a joke. Of course, mostly the national labour ocean sport has proven itself humorless and has started bringing cases against people on Twitter one. There has been dominated by the federalists, who said anyway, they join the union will be sent to the salt mines. The other was the president of bar stool sport as a lot wrong. This. Firstly, I don't understand why the first amendment doesn't apply here. Where It does in almost every other case, folks, I usually protected. In fact, far worse than jokes, I usually protected
I also understand why Congress wrote this law to allow random members of the public or political antagonists to bring cases. Usually you have to have standing here, to demonstrate a harm. We have great debate so over this in our court system as to who standing to sue and who does not when it comes to relations board. Apparently anyone can complain even if they don't work for the company of their arrival of the company, even if their politically motivated anyhow Dan takes a national Labour Relations Board to task for being literal and humorless and an American my take. Is peace in a forthcoming issue by Marian to be who makes the case, the two words were taken earlier about how it can have a technological miracle scenes anytime soon in dealing with this virus, but still the
enormous benefits of technology out how quickly we knew at this pathogenic is how quickly companies began working on vaccines and treatments and just the ways, prosperity in innovation have made us better suited to handle such a plague than humankind has ever been for its worth reading. Please check it out and that's it for us. Listening to announce your view. Podcasting, you re broadcast retransmission or account of this game without the express written permission of national unity, in a strictly prohibited. This podcast has been produced by the anchor Honourable Sarah Jerry, who makes a sound better than we deserve, take Charlie. Thank you. Damn Jim. Thank you too covert and markets dot com they specially to us.
For listening. We are the editors stay safe. Everyone.
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