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Episode 216: The Halos Fall Off

2020-05-12 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Michael discuss the decline of NYC’s leaders, their thoughts on the Flynn case being dropped, and the horrific murder of Ahmaud Arbery.

Editors’ picks: • Rich: Joseph Epstein in the upcoming issue. • Charlie: Allen C. Guelzo’s piece on the 1619 Project. • MBD: Andy McCarthy’s piece “Flynn and the Anatomy of a Political Narrative.

Light items: • Rich: Being out in the country. • Charlie: Mario Kart. • MBD: People’s ability to adapt.

The Editors is hosted by Rich Lowry and produced by Sarah Schutte.

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Is Andrew, Cuomo, really a hero. The corona virus crisis has just has been done in the flesh case, and the killing of Ahmed Arbitrary will discuss all this more on this week's edition. The edges, Amr slurry them join, is always by the Right animal, Chelsea, Debbie Cook and the notorious tourist Michael Brendan Dorothy, Jim Geraghty or turn soon. Europe
They too national viewpoint. Gaster sponsors this week are toward ash donors, trust and covered in markets. Dot com issue listeners pod, cast on National Yoda Common Clean directly on the corner, were delighted to have you, but it would be easier for new and better for us if you made as part of your feet at any, the stream serves out there from Spotify to Itunes. If you like what you hear here, please give us a glowing five star review on Itunes. If you dont like what you hear here please forget, I said anything so envy DV, Halos Vienna come off Andrew Cuomo. I never quite understood the cold of Cuomo during this crisis. Yes, he's given good press conferences, but that is part of leadership, but that's not the entirety of leadership and if you just look at the results in New York City, one of them
hardest hit places literally in the world, an imagined, a conservative republican presiding over it there. No way this conservative Republican would have attained the same hood there? at least briefly bestowed on Andrew Coma yeah I mean there is. There is a great peace in commentary this week by our friend nor Rossman, about the cult of personality around Cuomo. When I there was a time even when I myself after. I was falling prey to it where you know, I think readers of NASH. Where he would know, I was disappointed in the press. In response to this, Colonel Myers crisis. I thought it was slow. I thought his Communication was poor and contradictory is basically remaining.
Way ever since and Cuomo started. Giving briefings early because New York was hard hit, and he was clear, you know even summoned some of it the more language and education he would have gone as a boys from. His catholic upbringing, such it was and he seemed somewhat troll and I think a ton of the media look to him as in know almost a shadow president or maybe even you know someone that could be president, some day after this, given how Well, he seemed to be responding to the crisis, but the more and more we look at the country as a whole and what's happened- and we see that other stuff have avoided New York's fate
In fact, nowhere in the United States has become as bad as New York has been when we see a quorum all you know. Asked for all these resources for the state basin, his on the estimates he had and then turned out not to have needed them that she she and build a body of the city seem to respond the two slowly to crisis as far as York City- was concerned waiting too long before shutting things down and effectively Has it that New York it's now conceded, it's that New York's you did the virus to much of the rest of the country. And in fact I know it's kind of a funny thing that Cuomo very Strangely, this week hit this off note of calling this the Euro him virus,
which continues the odd trend of should officials kowtowing towards China and saying things that are just, stress I think Floridians or Kansas. Might you know if this is the way we're going to arise things they might have to call covert nineteen the New York virus. Given New York's role, All nationwide- and I think the most troubling thing in that thing that has to be we have to dig into. Is that social distancing in Spain, I shall turn place. Orders were to save our high settles not just from over from the more all costs and danger that comes with overwhelm, which is that you start treating patients? in sacrificing the elderly, for the young,
help for treating the young in the healthy. What seems like New York under Cuomo me started doing there, as a political decision early with Cuomo What are the covert patients be returned, to their nursing homes in New York has had an awful stats of nursing home deaths. This crisis, so I think it's time to remove the halo and start in for journalists to start digging in on their love love affair with Cuomo. Getting over their love affair of coma digging in, on his actual record so Charlie, I think this case were throb. Trumps administration has performed better than just trumps performances,
The press, conferences and Qualmless Administration perform worse than Comus performances at the press conference press conferences, butter. I wrote a come about this today. How in New York is the at the centre of the epicenter spread the disease? To that the rest of country. The genetic analysis suggests that the strain of the West Coast came directly from China and the strain on the the EAST Coast came from Europe and from New York Mets, the predominant one around the country, but it's just think about what we would have had to do with stop New York from from and at the center every day would made a difference in early reaction from everyone's Trump Cuomo De Palacio would have made a difference
It really would have had to cut off all travel from Europe before probably trump even dead. His China restrictions, which are quite controversial when, when trumped, did his Europe restrictions in MID March. Some people criticise them on the basis that there too late, but others thought they were set of over kin and ill thought out, and that was much much too late. So just hard. Imagine that happening and then Cuomo into blogs. You would have had closed the schools and warn people off the subways and creator the city's economy when there are some cases, but most of them were undetected, and I just think for any elected office holder,
that. That would be really hard call to make people superstitious in politics. They believe that the economy and the stock market, the direct result of who was in the White House, no vote accordingly. They believe that events in their life are closely related to which parties in power they filter Through the central government and sometimes state governments, everyday life, and this is happening here. People are looking for patterns you add onto that flagrant media bias, which is in some cases, conscious in another cases, is not have a strange picture that doesnt really comport with reality. Somebody pointed out this morning on Twitter.
That there are twenty one states in the United States that have republican governors and in which both houses in the legislature are under republic. Control and that not one of those states has a deaths per million rate over the national average. I don't think it would be reasonable for any to say. Ah, what this shows is. It republicans are better at dealing with corona virus. What you need, to make sure your state doesn't get hit hard. Is a republican, trifecta and state government he'll be ridiculous. Who is selling. I think it is an interesting to sit statistic, because if you listen to the press coverage review, witness the priorities-
coverage, the implications, the insinuations and sometimes the direct claim, you would assume the opposite were the case you would assume that this was a virus that had predominantly hit Florida in Texas, homer, and that was the result of mismanaged. By ideologues and that it, on score once again why we need to put into power those who rational those who believe in science. This just, Not the story here, the story here is incredibly complicated. The story, is one of popular.
In density, it's one of commercial focused points. It's one of travel hops, it's one of whether it's one of cultural Being sold a different narrative, I don't blame clamour for a great deal of what has happened in his state for a great deal of what has happened in his state. I do think that, if those whom the press, Has anointed ass? The villain of the piece did some of the things Kremlin has done. They would have been crucified if there were, for example, an underground stem in Florida and if dissent is had declined to order it to be cleaned. Until weak, six or seven of the saga. That's all we hear about, but quite got unlucky because
he is the governor of estate but contains New York City. A New York City is the centre of the world, and that is far more important. I think than anything else, but I would just I would just ask people to drop the superstition and chrome is not a super man he's not operating on different information, he's not battered assimilating. It he's not morally superior the day after His name does not give him any particular powers he's one of many people doing their best in widely different circumstances, and it is somewhat annoying that he is being held up ass, a hero while the Atlantic is running pieces, for example this one from April. Twenty ninth about Georgia Headlines, Georgia's experiment in human sacrifice, ice. The state is about to find out how many people need to lose their lives to shore up the economy with
for some reason, was not written about California and has not been written about Colorado but has been written about Georgia, Florida and Texas. This is an example. Poor of the conversation that we have in the press being completely at odds with the reality on the ground when they should be hand in hand so like other at. I think this is absolutely right about the unique susceptibility as New York. Now we have
Other cities in the country that are major international travel hubs, Unum Miami, for instance, but my army gets a disproportionate amount of its flights from places that have been hit by this, whereas new are clearly just people. Sick people were infected people coming in every single day from the airports and that there is nothing to stop them as long as those flights were coming. Our member when we, when we were pretty alarmed early on, where do we have this conversation? I think offline they're coming they airports now what's to stop them from coming in the airports, now, so it's seated from abroad. Then you have the subway, there's MIT professor, that had a controversial study about that. The subways role in in this in an I think, people pokes him. So
holes and his reasoning and methodology budget stands to reason that you have subway cars, packed with people touching common services, that has to be a major vector of spread that doesn't existence and someplace, like LOS Angeles, and then you have on top of it. The density and set some these really hard hit neighbourhoods and in the borough, sound and queens. You just have a lot of people packed into into apartments, and you put that, together with this undetected, spread going for some significant period of time, which has got got lived, pointed out. One item on a couple weeks ago was different, washed and state where there is one outbreak in a nursing home and they are aware of it early on and were able to concerted get a handle on the whole outbreak, whereas in New York, all these under detective cases were, were there and didn't present themselves about by the time you really aware of it. It was those completely out of control
You know, and it's it's nothing happening me New York's. New York City Health Department was led by a man who urge people to fight the stigma by going out to the Chinese New Europe. Celebrations right right at the very time that he should have been cancelling such activities and discouraging attendants. You know there is an argument to me that if you know as you said, if we moved a little bit faster in the United States, may have been able to be. These countries, that doesn't just then the curve but crushes it to the point where you You end up closer to the Singapore or south korean model. Where you were you cry. The diseases presence on your soil for the most part, and then you have the capacity to stamp out the yet
little brush fires that pop up from one city to the neck straight. Your testing can be focused enough to do that. You know The difference between us and them really is New York City So yeah the has to be. That has to be looked at again It's also a you know. The one thing you could mention too: there is a way of life right in New York, and particularly during the late winter months and early spring. Where people are just indoors so much more. Then they are in Miami or even in a place like tonight. I mean your ear. You pass, It's not just the subways bite you. Elevator, the elevator in your apartment building, will be a vector of transfer, so.
And your was this bad, even as a substantial portion of wealthy people were abandoning it now, so that the per capita numbers are even a little bit more favourable because New York's population was in effect declining in real time from people just escaping to there, here and there in laws or if their very blessed some kind of beach house were vacation spot in the hamptons or me nor Florida. Chief execution, you, Andrew Commas, leadership during this crisis will be remembered, tat S a failure, something in between something in between. I think he will be sympathized with for having had by far and away the hardest job. Probably in the country
During this crisis, I think over time the mistakes that he made will come to the fore mistakes. I don't think he should necessarily be blamed. For this is new to everyone. No one has been perfect and the two a balance out over the is empty I agree mixed first, the reasons Charlie says. I agree. I think it's in between maybe tilting toward failure. Despite what I said earlier about how hard this was. Just you know a week earlier would have made a difference, winds of squelched the the spread but would have made sense. Substantial difference and Como and the blogger were were were were late here, but a strong points out here, both of them are dealing with the city that that may have been hardest to protective of any and in the world
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hush up in the app store and enter the code. Editors, don't forget folks, that's the code added ers for five dollars off your first order with doored ash, go download the app enter the code editors and get that important discount right off the bad so Charlie, we had a big kerfuffle. Last week the Justice Department filed to drop the charges against Michael Flan, obviously, but a controversial case last three and a half years or so here
I don't think microphone ever should have been selected as trumps national Security advisor to begin with. I think he is exhibited poor judgment and all sorts of ways is work with Turkey, foremost among them, and how we handle this matter, a shared poor judgment as well, but that this was just a classic attenuated special prosecutor. Special that never would have happened in any other circumstances. If there had been cut us whipped up frenzy about Russia There was no legitimate reason to investigate Michael Flynn, the idea he had violated the Logan ACT was afraid, easy. The idea that he was can be blackmailed by the Russians over this episode and missed, missed leading her lying to my pants and by sir about it, was absurd and the idea that he was a russian spy.
Why? Because you as the incoming national security adviser serving a president who who wanted it warm up relations with Russia and called the russian ambassador after Obama slapped last minute, sanctions on Russia and said Hale was not escalate. No work were coming into office soon that that that would somehow you put him on the rate. Our screening of the FBI is also crazy, and then you get to the fact that the FBI agents weren't sure that he was deceptive. In this interview, the sample interview where they went around. All the guard rails, normal protocols and there are ten months later, you have them nailed to the war by Robert Mauler, I'm for one glad that the Justice Department lifted this again as dropping the whole matter. Your I've said prefer is broadcast that one of the things in his worried me the most stirring the Trump presidency. Is that
and those around him have provoked many self descried liberals into forgetting their liberalism. I've heard it said over over on MSNBC and other places that people don't plead guilty unless they are on the twenty one who played the fifth is admitting guilt. These are not true, and it is the case in America cells. When that some process patients should never have been started and should never have been. Completed is also the case that guilty men batman unseemly men. Can be railroaded and also that even
if somebody is undoubtedly guilty that the process employed by the authorities, can be corrupted or of his Alice. Those insights, those risks. Justice. Real now is there where four years ago and they were eight years ago- and that is the lens through which this Michael Flynn question, I think- should viewed now, it doesn't matter either way. I am not a fan of Michael Flynn. I think that he is a good example of trumps in a happy to surround himself with sober men, whatever benefits Michael Flynn, brought to the table within the military did not translate well into the civilian Rome, but I think
one has to evaluate this on its merits, and President Obama said a few days ago that dropping a case such as friends was unprecedented. I'm worried him. He began to wonder whether there was in fact legislation of the criminal justice process. A bottle was wrong. He was wrong. This is not a precedent Obama said this was a perjury case. It was not the crew and I put crime in inverted Commas- was a process crime. The victim was the FBI, specifically the agents to which Flynn line. If you want to characterize it in that way,.
Wasn't perjury perjury is something different. Perjury is lying in a court. The consequences of perjury off far more severe than the consequences of falling into a trap set by the FBI, which all the time and violating one zero zero one. These cases our dropped its hard to establish. Who exactly is the victim here. In fact, the one victim Mr Maclaughlan pointed out where the people who played games in the first place, the FBI agents themselves there not only
is it not true that this was unprecedented? Barack Obama is an unfortunate messenger here, given that he declined to prosecute James Clapper, when James Clapper did lie under oath is different than what Michael flooded and Barack Obama followed up as a democratic president, a democratic president who it perjury must not impede for it. I think much of the commentary around this has been really quite silly. I think it is an off the shock of the Russia conspiracy theory and I think the people
who have their hair on fire, ought to remember what it is that they believe about justice, about process crimes about presumption of innocence, and liberalism. Unfortunately, when you make that case, people see that it is in some way a defensive trump. It is being made per se. Defence of Michael Flynn,. Or even that one is saying that Flint, nothing at all wrong, which I don't believe it all. This a fairly standard victimless crime, the prosecution of which was dropped after problems were uncovered, with the way that it was investigated, and it became apparent that actually there wasn't a great deal.
The victims, if not as though the the FBI was deceived in any important matter that it didn't already know the answer to those asking Dems. It's not as though the the FBI was deceived in any important matter, that it did not know the answer to those asking about a conversation that it already knew word for word what was said in the conversation and two as our colleague any Mccarthy's pointed out. This just seemed the prosecution that was undertaken for purposes of the narrative, largely
more than the team had talked themselves into Russia was travellers guiltless guilty of some sort of conspiracy with the Russians and or was guilty of some active destruction of justice of fled would flip on, but that the main utility of plan was that every time CNN talked about the the more investigation the rested in May free media talked about the the more investigation and was pointed out what has an established any Russia collusion and or charge anywhere. That was it, but he did nail Paul metaphor and trumps national Security adviser Michael Flynn, and they waved around that that bloody flag fer a couple of years to help make the political Kay for one mauler was doing your arm. You, I think you know, foremost, become more sympathetic to flame the more detail. I've read.
In that case I mean really, you know if you want administration officials who were in contact with the FBI during this period before inauguration of terms ministration. They knew that there had been no quit pro quo discussed on the phone call between Flynn and Kisyak the Russian, some of those they knew. There was no misconduct, they still treated it as evidence. Of some conspiracy you know what's otter still, of course, is I've tried putting up previously every president, since arguably Ronald Reagan has come into office, seeking better relations with Russia, every single one.
Sometimes those believe that those attempts sour right reset or in o, looking into Putin's eyes, longingly and is George W Bush did once you know the overlap that blows up in in the face of an administration when dealing with Russia, that is the patter right, there's a very obvious reason. Why incoming administrations want this? Because Russia is a major thermonuclear armed power some of its enemies are enemies of us, some of its friends or some of its. You know Erstwhile allies are our people. We mine, we don't in the world and we would like to see them lose their. Nuclear armed friend. So decisions
It's going to be a pattern in as for as long as Russia remains intransigent but important and to try to criminalize it. I mean, I think, what really underscores us is that the environment is administered officials felt like Flynn personally was not loyal to a kind of overarching vision in a foreign policy that belongs The establishment of both parties and ineffective are able to take him out right three weeks after he had started the job. I think it sets an awful precedent, an awful it. You know. In effect, it turns out
in awful dirty trick, and I think it's very dangerous because it threatens what we call every forty years, the peaceful transition of power. Random in this was an attempt to it. Some way almost criminalize or through the two knowingly and falsely throw a kind of criminal cloud over the incoming administrations. Foreign policy- and I worry- that the Trump administration could try now could have learned from that. This is what they were victims. By they could try to victimize someone else The way out were Democrats could try this again in the future, and this is as dangerous as it gets. I think, for executive abuse of power and
it is a very serious warning. Do I think Obama should be investigated in other abandon administration officials should be put in the dock. No, I dont think that be healthy for the republic just at it, I didn't really impeachment would be, but it should be expelled most by the media should be shamed, and this kind of weapon against incoming administrations needs to be destroyed. I just say. One thing down on the question of Obama: has a lot of absolute nonsense being spoken on the rise. If you go to any right wing website with the words Patriot or eagle in the title, you will find comments in which it is predicted, with great care evidence that President Obama is going to be arrested for treason that's ridiculous status is, of course, absurd and extrapolate
in here has been over the top. In my view, I remain sceptical, but it try it gone so far. As I can say, I can imagine our democratic listeners when Michael used the word victimized scoffing, but it, but I think the victimization here are part of that. Is you you're? A high level of government officials another high level. Government official, the FBI says Hey MIKE, we can combine, talked you yeah sure you don't even know about this call or what you want to know. Instead of saying you, Sir, under investigation anything you say could be used to destroy your life and your your career and take away your freedom. Naturally takes what you say that
What is in its country like it says you tell now, has a well, I'm not gonna talk to you I'll get a lawyer, and then they will instead the there under the auspices. It's like you like. If you ask me, you know two months from now what is set on this podcast I'll, try to reconstruct it, for you the best, my memory. But if you say, let us try to reconstruct what you said: podcast rich and if you're wrong, you're going to jail, was almost entirely different prices. I never thought I'd always you have talked about and, as I said at the beginning, that that its basic liberalism, in my estimation and the fact that Michael Flynn is the person being targeted, shouldn't change, we should be a poor old by this? In a neutral sense, we should be worried about the process being abused, irrespective of whether the subject sympathetic, our unsympathetic and, I must say, as I said, to laws time around, we should be bothered by that sort of behalf.
It allows you guilty. That's not how acts and that's not how it should work. What I was going to say is that All of that law and order nonsense, why? Why do you need a lawyer? You guilty gets no, how acts and that's not how it should work. What I was going to say is that. The extrapolation that I'm saying in some quarters of the right. I think it's silly, but it he's a little jarring you- see some of the same people who blew Every single quarter, truth unsubstantiated, led envy Russia Gate Investigation into a grand conspiracy that would dwarf Watergate and the war closing in just put it a finger in there is here and saying la la la la. I can't hear, as if the abominate ministration, it never have done anything wrong. That's if that could have been no
victimization to use Michael's word as if it could have been no oh politicization, I think we are entitled to it. The more consistency, then that if, if Donald Trump those around him was supposedly go through the greatest crime in american history because of a few nuggets, the New York Times published and then retracted and a dossier that was Quite obviously Sally from the beginning, perhaps we ought to treat the evidence here, a little more so Billina? I mean There is, though, there is a kind of, I there's something boiling up immediately treating seriously the FBI sniffing its own farts, as if that were evidence against an american citizen
who's going to serve the incoming elected administration, honour on a foreign policy brief that the administration that that incoming administration argued for publicly and signalled publicly during the election that the they went after Flint son took up the pressure on flayed when they knew he had committed a crime or did it when they they had no evidence that he had committed a crime. This is. I don't think we should be so light of it. If someone is, I don't think we should. I don't think we should just say well, Flint flings gods, I'm kind of stink all over him. You know. This was serious misconduct and, of course, Peter Straw, was at the centre of it again. You know it, When you wanted to do something bad, you got Peter struck involved in it.
It's a shameful episode and I just hope we never repeat it again to Charlie Cook, it's good segue that asks a question to you. After this episode, both sides will learn their lesson and be more cautious going forward and calling for ensuring on special prosecutor investigations. Yes or no. Well, I'm I'm heartened by the knowledge that, when just Scully eroded descent in Morrison against these sorts of investigations. He he was
voted eight to one and regarded as something of appears in a crank and ten years later, in the wake of the Clinton impeachment, the entirety of Congress agree quietly to drop the statute. I think there is room for learning and fortunately I think that, because this was applied to President Trump and because President Trump is deemed to be agreed, just And unique, it may take a little turn about which I'm not recommending that doesn't make anything right before that realisation is once again arrived at anybody, yes or no. I mean I expect expect next Democrat to become president well at least face talk of one. These special investigations? For for whatever misstep I mean
I think the instinct to do onto others, what they ve done to, you is just to human into strong, ending, of course enough. All the Patriot, Eagle blogs, that Charlie just mentioned will be calling for blood, so tell me some read me: to satisfy the future If the answer is an emphatic no and this how the world goes around it and wash in Saint people, so outraged by the monarch probe will be calling for some other probe of a democratic administration when time come so that lets pass in here for motorcycles Reiser this week. Don't trust the tax friendly way to preserve your charitable, giving as a national emergencies, from those giving spirit and desire to build up civil society try to find ways to be helpful, and that's why
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Our vice fund can preserve your ability to give charitably that donors trust dot, org, slash errors, donors, trust dot, org, slash errors, please check it out, so anybody another national controversy has in this way shooting Ahmed Avebury, two men, their father and assign alleged. They thought he was a burglar. I ran down in the street and an altercation shoot him and kill him with a shotgun. What make of it. Well I mean it, you know the video all of this shooting went viral. I think when shown king posted it. Twitter over the weekend, the the the
had originally been ruled treated by local Georgia dossier as a justifiable homicide. One of the two men who some down and shot him Craig Mc Michael, had worked as a cop the district attorney's office before retiring a year ago. So it's a former cop and his son who I found this policy explain that You know that I guess they explained originally that they suspected our aim in a string, burglaries in their neighborhood concluded. Looked like, he belonged end one after him and that in self defense, they they stood Ground and shot him the video seems to show
Aubrey was by and holding around the vehicle was unarmed, had put up a very feeble defence with his own hands, trying to push a shot gun out of His own face before it fired do his admin. Or shoulder, and then he perhaps is he was shot in the chest and once in the hand, internet sleuths, I you know, have decide, This is another one You know, media narrative about generated from, a piece of violence into an hour, a narrative of white, malignant see the country over and they are looking for holes in the story so far they ve
we found a previous criminal charge of arbour e from when he was a teenager. And a little bit of video of Arbour, that, day. He was shot, walk to reconstruction construction site. The video shows in doing this and not taking anything from it. So he didn't steal anything. Its since been shown that there was no string of burglaries in this neighborhood, and I know I dont think has to choose between the truth of of what this video of the murder what looks like murder to me seems to show and some larger merit of about the country I mean not. Every crime is a reflection on every human, being in the United States or on all of history. This looks like
from your video that we ve seen two people who took the law into their own hands, rushed after a young black men brain a weapon in his face, and when that black man Black men gave a feeble defence of himself he was shot to me. It looks like criminal brandishing ending in murder, and we that the since this videos come out, the two men have been arrested and joy Just attorney general is looking into the handling of the case previously, but in its an ugly van and there's there no you're not being disloyal too the country or two conservatives or two gun owners, when you ignore,
that some people commit his crimes. Some people commit racist crimes in this country. Still and video like this. It is we'll get people have said, and I think even now, as will work, during this there are protests in the neighborhood and armed Black men and women are marching through that neighbourhood to demonstrate their anger over this over this killing Three, I think that's where it stands. Now we await the George the attorney general and we await a full criminal investigation. Chuck to me like felony matter, and they should be charged monopolies offices. They were obliged to enter into the situation in the first instance, whatever justification they had
mainly thin. If I am wrong about that, I've seen some caution of alluring Georgia that allows century a citizen's arrests and that law should be clarified were changed the student exists in America until eight in thirty's prior to that, the roll fell predominantly upon the citizenry, often led by those who have been elected or appointed, but that's not the system we have now. I spend a great deal of my time pointing out that, just because we have introduced a professional class into law enforcement.
Does not mean that we should give up, for example, the second amendment or the responsibilities and rights that it protects, but this is something different. The purpose of the second amendment is to protect the means by which somebody might defend himself. Doesn't change, could have a police force? Defence is Different word, then, whatever it is, that should describe what happened here. This was pro active at best and vigilante. Ism at worst- and I think it should be discards if it is not a crime and I think it is, I think, it's felony murder. I think, essentially, they were trying to kidnap him and he resisted, but if it is ass, a crime, then the statute or to be rethought. I would just reiterate what Michael said. I hope this doesn't get extrapolated out into some broader,
vision about the United States for three hundred and thirty million people in this country. These two seem to have acted terribly and a young man is dead, but thankfully, happily mercifully, this doesn't happen all the time, and in fact that is why this is so egregious is punished as a result. So, let's pause and hear from Arthur sponsor this week, which is common market that come from the bonds and group, the kind of our strategy has ravaged much american lights last two months: the impact about the disease itself for the various policy responses has been found in nearly every category of society
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clay to get anywhere else, even if you obsessive about, following the new so for a girl, let's hit a few other things. Charlie cook, you ve, been playing. Maria cart, have played my account for an awfully long time I used to be extremely good at it. I'm sure people went believe me buys to be pretty great America and Died and pay for ten years, and my brother in law has say, Nintendo Switch, I think it's cold and it has a version of Maria caught on it. So I gave it a guy. It's just as much as ever- and I am pleased to report because I know you're a word about this- I was actually still quite good. Ambiguity then take about adaptability, Yeah, just I'm admiring the way that everyone is adapt, in this crisis and when one example now this past week.
And a cousin of mine came up and picked up. The camera gear that I've talked about in this segment of the show before from driveway any took it to photograph tourists friends getting married a small party in us. Park somewhere, probably just barely violating laws about get togethers by diner, something romantic about a vaguely outlaw wedding outdoors and dumb something celebrate so I had left New York a while ago, and one thing about New York is at night. It's just basically, it's never dark, really not dark. Compare to some This is not a major urban area, so has just been striking to go out and be able to see stars
kind of an unusual experience and Venus as just this time. A year is an amazing thing. It's so bright. You can see it for a truly dark and the during a sky still takes me. It's takes. We get. You do how dark it is in my mine on New York town, but it does have its its benefits. Since Venus. Every morning, every evening a circular is war. Them before. We move on really quickly might do it at our plus. Plug might have noticed the meter pay wore an ash review, dot com is becoming ever more extensive, If there is an easy way to avoid sign up for an hour, plus its cost effective, doesn't cost you very much want have worry about tail off. Ever again. See natives and fewer to get the ability to combat its a great deal. It's way to become deeper part of the answer.
Community. So tens of thousands of fellow and our readers who have signed up for an hour plus can't be wrong. I urge you to Do the same, so every at that time, the podcast for address picks. What's your pick, my pick is Andy Mccarthy's Flint The anatomy of a political narrative, Andy it's gonna, lose it all out the new developments and evidence that we have and there either he's been on top of the story from the beginning, so it's good track and his work once again. Shall I cook? What's your pic speaking of Anna plus my pick is.
By our sea wells our story in excellent historian, who takes on the sixteen nineteen project. It is to the fore, citing national reviews. Coverage of this has been an excellent from start to finish, and this is the chair on top, so I feel obligated every time just Epstein right for us to make his essay my tech he has is third I say for us use his written on life during the krona virus crisis and forthcoming issue. This one is about solitude and, as usual, it is brimming with insights and cutting distinctions and, in this case between us altitude and learn winners, says I've seen says we choose solitude, lonely ass is something that were afflicted by, but is typically eloquent and D.
Piece of work. It's I urge everyone to check it out when the issue available online, just a couple days from now on, recording Tuesday afternoon available Thursday. So that's it for us even less international you park, ass. They re broadcast. Retransmission are cow. This game, without the express written permission of naturally amazing, a strictly prohibited this podcast and produce buddy incomparable sir, should he who makes a sound better than we deserve thanks cheerily? Thank you, Michael thanks to door dash and don't distrust and a covert and markets dot com, and thanks especially to all of you for listening.
Where the editors and we'll see you.
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