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Episode 217: In a Word: The South?

2020-05-15 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Jim discuss how Dr. Fauci has been handling his coronavirus role, the media’s shameful treatment of red-state governors during this crisis, and do an exit-question-style round about the emerging unmasking scandal.

Editors’ picks: • Rich: John Miller’s cover story on John James for the new print issue. • Charlie: Kyle Smith against Jonathan Chait. • Jim: MBD on being charitable during this time.

Light items: • Rich: Making Dutch Babies. • Charlie: Doing an America puzzle with his kids. • Jim: The Hamilton movie starts streaming on the Fourth of July weekend.

The Editors is hosted by Rich Lowry and produced by Sarah Schutte.

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Anthony she speaks. The apocalypse doesn't come to Florida, Texas or Georgia, and the advent of Obama gate we'll discuss all this and more on this week's edition. The errors umbrage, Lowry and I'm joined is always by the right honourable Chelsea, W Cook and the siege of authenticity, woods, Jim Geraghty, Michael Brendan Dorothy, will. Turned soon your list. Two. If this by guest, I should say, on national view, dot com, including directly on the corner, delay, Have you better be easier if you'd better for us, if you made as part of your fee, that ain't, a stream of serves it out there from Spotify to Itunes. Feel like what you hear here. Please gives a glowing
five star review on Itunes. If you don't what you hear here. Please forget, I said anything I should also mention the response to this week is called it an markets more about them in due course, worse sodium Gary, we had a new normal Senate hearing with aunt. They found she and other trump jewels. The media was following every job title of what Anthony, thought she was saying as if they were official pronouncements of the Pope. They got what they wanted was, which was some statements. The departing from Trump or at least striking a different tone than Trump has on reopening What did you make this testimony? Yeah? I was kind of principle I like about you lock.
I think very highly of him. I think it's about everything he says during this outbreak is worth careful consideration he's like E F Hutton when he talks, people listen but are in it. The part of the hearing, the seeming at the most attention and discussion was his. Change with ran Paul. There are a lot of people who wanted to turn this into a battle of the doctors, You know ran Paul the other Kentucky Doctor who forty is felt dealt with. Corona virus you this, Republican is telling voucher that he doesn't know what he's talking about. It was really, over hype. You could come to see the two of them we're gonna, talking asked each other about you. Proud, you said I certainly did not like hearing. Certainly here come out and say I think your column. But these do not lead the savary wealth rich that he didn't say. We should not. Have schools come back in the fall? He said that there was a risk to doing so, which is pretty obvious. He did not say that you know. Reopening society
never ever happen or that we actually can't do it happened, but he acknowledged, if you reopen too early, there's going to be increased risk spreading Theo. You look at the experiences of them packing plants, the Amazon, fat, warehouses restore workers. Yeah economic activity brings people together. Even we're trying to wear masks, even if people trying to do their best Europe going to end up with a greater spread that just baked in the kick the question is that a manageable spread that will not ignore, hopefully not kill people? That's now this. This is the choice before us, and I felt it was a really deep frustration. There's this com, The desire to credit, create this narrative of here are the good, wise doctors who say we have to station. Down, apparently indefinitely, apparently throughout the summer, LOS Angeles, ruled it's gonna go on for three more months. Apparently, this is normal lesson This is not crazy for wanting people to wear masks, even when no one else is around the pair. I guess the City Health commissioner, is named Karen
and the girl. The idea we were just was settled state our homes for the foreseeable future. I feel like the health, administrators and doctors or coming up with these policies like they ve studied a computer simulation of human beings, but have no actually encountered human beings at the entire tastes and testing This programme ideas are built upon this idea that if a city healthy you'll tell someone you have the corona virus, you tested positive, you have to stay home for two weeks that are actually going to do it. Four hundred, sent idea that doesn't seem. They re realistic expectations, so people we tried to shoehorn factory in his testimony into the same. Fao versus the Republicans fight. That's been presence and suspend Democrat, With that kind of narrative than and desire to steal hammer those facts, that narrative problems it is more than an illuminates, Sir Charles.
I thought our reticence and my column today recording Friday morning that both ran paw and felt you are obviously right in that exchange. Of course, we should just turn our current entire apparatus of government over to an expert and deferred everything he says about her really important social and political questions, including ones that are directly in its ambit. Of course, that's right, but then fancies rejoinder was correct to which is like I'm just Nepi. In reality, the scientists and a doctor. I talk about disease. I have to talk about the economy, that's not my job, but there there's obviously- and we ve seen this again and again and again there there has has done this
on the left to elevate him to this impossible. Pedestal now think he's more deserving of it and then some of the other celebrity spokespeople that the left has elevated from David. Ugh to credit timbered, but they they want to make this appeal to authority. And say you cannot think or say anything that is not blessed by Anthony Faulty and ass ridiculous. You no one on double until into he's not actually saying keep everything shut down forever is just highlighting the risks, which is what you want an epidemiologist to do. After the two thousand sixty election and chums victory Lex and there was a cartoon. I think it was from the new Yorker that was pushed around the internet by people who were,
vocally opposed to populism, it features. A man looks midwestern the stars on an airplane and the captain. Is these smug? Pilots have lost touch with the regular passenger like us who thinks I should fly the plane, that's quite full but I remember thinking at the time that it doesn't apply to democracy or politics, because the whole point of democracy that you allow everyone to speak. And you allow everyone to vote, we choose. Our leaders, the idea that a president or a government or Congress, is equivalent to a pilot is false. Pilots have I'm expertise and they are controlling and inanimate objects, which they have MOSS
We over it would be absurd to substitute pilot for passenger in government. Now we all get to choose We get to choose whether we are intelligent or stupid, whether where reckless or com where there were several drunk. That's part and parcel of the deal, and I think too many people have forgotten that not just here but in general Anthony found. She is a good guy, I'm not anti Anthony found. She. I think some of the commentary about ants me, french, touching on the right, has been observed. I think the idea that Trump has been tricked led astray by despite Piper is ridiculous. Tell me about. She is answering questions essentially that's. Why he's that is there to provide experience and expertise so that people can make what ultimately will be value judge?
I am pleased that he's that I hope he doesn't go away. I've been irritated, The press is desire, seems to drive a wedge between Fouche in front, so that Trump fires, she said. I have something to write about but found she's. Not the president of the United States is not the? U S, Congress he's not a wizard he's, not an emperor. He is there to give input and that impact has to be filtered through the government that we elect, and that is constituted under our constitutional order, but it also has to be filtered through the feedback mechanism that we have within our democracy within Republic and that relies heavily on human nature. You cannot construct plans purely in laboratory. Far too much of the commentary on the current of our and what we should do about it seems that you can set old Woodrow. Stop progressive assumption that everything is in
spare me and that we should apply the scientific method to the country, but you can't because people are not which its they don't live in petri dish. Is they don't respond in the way that inanimate objects do? I thought that ran pulls questions were fine. I thought that fancies answers were fine. I think, and Actually fatty knows who he is. I think he knows his role again. I haven't thrilled by some of the talk. Radio theorizing that he's a spring golly he's. Not he knows what his job as he knows, influence he has. He knows what he's been asked to do and what has been asked to do is give expert advice. It is now To lead us out of this, it is not to set up and policy. It is not you set the authority of the President and of Congress or of the states, so the the problem yesterday was right. The way that it was cost
and some of the assumptions that under good coverage, rather than the hearing all the exchanges themselves, so Jim China execute pointed the way. The idea that tromp has been completely. Vulnerable to any sort of real guidance in in the White House. No one's been able to change him. No one's been able to domesticate him the idea that one What's come to, one must consequential decisions of his presidency, which is a shame that basically, the federal shutdown order that he was manipulated or bullied or otherwise can rolled by a seventy nine year. Old, nerdy, mild, mannered mannered epidemiologist is absurd, and the reason why Trump supporters are applying this happen.
It is because they don't want to say tromp was wrong. If your aunt I shut down you, you have to oppose what trump dear. It's not an Anthony without you, you not even At the end I ate your head of a subdivision or apart and I he sought the press, the eyes states, but you have allowed these these populist critics of the shutdowns who just don't wanna, say tromp was wrong specially. That's it take thing as they used to say in Russia Rich, if only the tsar knew from the very beginning trump. This is gonna listeners of this public ass. You, like me to say nice things by President Drum President Trump is a very erratic individual on any given moment. He can change his mind. An almost topic ends. You know not give it a moment's thought of how it contradicts what he was saying the previous day or the day before. I think my favorite exam all of us, one that has been memory hold by the vast majority of the truck present supporters. Is it
one of the shootings you had that war while meeting in the oval office with a bunch of law makers of both parties- and he bade quickly endorsed almost the entire gun control agenda, and when Steve Scully said why, how can we stop? You know conceal, carry reciprocity, company gods ever happening now you could almost here. We Lapierre National Rifle Association in every other, Gunnar adjust clutching their hearts that all of a sudden, Yo Yo Diane Feinstein, was good. And then nodding enthusiastically. Legal Babo had doll throughout that meeting. In twenty four hours. The other generated reached out to trumpets at this is fly this out. I thought it was just disappear. Trump you know, come up is considered to be very tough on China, and sometimes he is. He also has tweeted about what a threat- wonderful job. China has done on transport. And see with this virus right. The president will just yokes. It just goes out of his mind. You talk to somebody different to change things differently. There is this constant belief that, because you, if you admit Trump, is wrong,
well. This is like that you know the foundation of your entire world view, so it can't be that he's wrong, can't be that he just you know listen to the Roma, it's gotta be he's being misled by someone that some sort of sinister influence that Iago is spurring in his ear and leading him astray? It's really juvenile and- and you know almost feel angry adolescent view of hero, worship to believe the Trump had to be in doing this, and the other thing tat you just come: fostering this? How much this up the dvd the degree to which. How much do we lockdown society? How much do we restrict society? How much was this needed luck? I'm sure they're, a bunch of states. It got stuff wrong. California, oil, ridiculous for arresting the surfer, whoever it was, but this was necessary, indisputable and some of this, and it is going to your long after the rules are suspended. There are people who can avoid crowds because a good reason to avoid crowd. So the idea that this is some sort of like Grand gum
conspiracy, that this is the launch of fascism lucky we got a bunch of petty, dig it. Oh I wanna be Dick, it is in our state, local governments, in some of our governance shore, Chris, no you want, but the idea that all if you If you really believe that what's happening as some sort of vast sweeping crush of american rights. How do you then excite, if only the present United States, could do something about this. So Charlie X, a question to you Ray Anthony, Fowler Cheese performance during this crisis from zero to no dang? It's an abysmal performance, two hundred and ten a perfect performance. I think it's been nine or ten he's been he's been off to do a job he's done it and the decisions that have flowed from or taken account of his advice were taken by others
compared it I'd, say eight or nine is worth noting the back in January, just as the Eu S was having its first cases about get some interviews and set things like is not a major threat to the people. The United States, not something the citizens. The United States now should be worried about the american people should not be worried. Are frightened by this locked, was early on, obviously, must change pretty quickly. I think he bases his estimates based on what he knows the earliest. If those statements from them are a good example of how even the brightest and most experienced people, the world, probably meal, were capable of making misjudgments, particularly on in this outbreak. Now that an eight he's fulfilled his role- and you know it's it's like the people who say he responsible for everything happened: well he's not there, the guy ultimately in charge, people who say you know soldiers, I advice wouldn't than appropriate, given other considerations. Well, it's not really
RO too, to take into account those considerations as job of other people. He's like the the account you now Is he really important, but you don't want the account necessarily making all additives? about your organization or about how to run a country's economy, so at these has done. His job is inherently a limited job, but he's done it well, so that with pause and hear more about covered and markets, dot com from the bonds and group are sponsor. This week, the core of our strategy has ravaged much of american life. Last two months. The impact of both the disease itself and the various policy responses has been profound.
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lights from the box in group. So Charlie, we began to see it. The mainstream media absorb a little bit. The fact that the disasters that were predicted for Florida and for Georgia, upon their reopening have not least not yet have not befallen those states what he makes It was about time, but it is being done in China less so serving way knows it and I saw yesterday between Mark Computer, who writes for political down here in Florida and Jackie Cosette, flax for the media are up in New York in which computers moderate claims in his newsletters redeemed, propria because of all the suffering and sadness and tragedy.
It seems to me that the position Jackie percentage was taking it The corona virus outbreak is not quite sad and tragic enough to prevent New York based journalists from mindlessly criticising Florida and making predict means that turn out to be wrong, but it is tragic and sad enough to make any counter arguments from Floridians outrageous beyond the pale in Nepal. Appeared in this time of grief and death. I expect we're going to see a lot more of this. I think it has become apparent that far too many people within our political press are uncomfortable, saying I dont know uncomfortable
in what is an extraordinarily complex problem and has been from the start and applying some humility to their analyses, This has led either to wild predictions in the New York Times, nor to post on the cable shows. You have people like run Fournier sang the blood, will drip from every building in Georgia and then, when called on it, so you wait and see it still coming. The blood is imminent, so you have the first them is. Is these predictions themselves and the second is a total unwillingness to update whatever assumptions led the predictor to make those predictions one of the worst offenders here is as recline. Indeed his entire project vocs.
As replied decided early on that govern, What time is in Florida and going to camp in Georgia and others with an r next to their name? All reckless, stupid trump eat, hope to science and that they were gonna, get a lot of people killed, and then they did and then rather than say well, maybe the governor didn't make mistakes. Maybe the approach maybe the governor knew what the situation was on the ground of his own state more than dilatory. Lists in New York and Washington D C. Klein scrambled to find a reason that didn't contradict his prize. And I think the press is still doing, including climb the still doing it they they can't ground, that the middle road, the course
road. The safe road, the thoughtful road is being taken in many places. Not just in Florida in Georgia and Texas for income. Roger in California, in some parts that that the governor and legislators and health officials in these states know that they are not suffering the trial. Do that has unfolded in New York. And that it is worth trying to find a balance. Is it false dichotomy out there that either we stay lockdown forever. All- we recklessly open up. But it's just not what's happening Antennae CUP for that, acting managing additive of an hour, as pointed just how far behind the facts on the ground, the press still is the
narrative, the discourse hasn't caught up yet with where we are. And where we are is- I think a sensible place in which different areas, indifferent people, have taken different approaches. Depending on what their seeing for whatever reason, whether its political prejudice, whether its myopia whether its inability to see outside of their immediate environs or whether its flat out political hackery, the people who write those narratives and engage in that discourse seem unable to accept where we are and our instead behaving a sieve everywhere has become akin to New York
and we are right in the midst of the worst of it and we're not we're somewhere in between so Jim just bizarre that you ve had Governor Como made and to oppress Shiro people swooning over. These show me clawing interviews with his brother on CNN, while he's provided, presided over a debacle in New York at earlier in the week and they upset with Michael, not entirely his his fallen, largely not his fault but of major mistakes he made at the same time that governs Santa's who, by every metric we have some part, could change puts so far has Vited, presided over success made into a villain, yeah,
Look at what we see here is the main stream. Media has basically forgotten what its job is, the jobs, inform the people watched and says this outbreak started, people been very kind to me and said very nice things about my reporting, writing and all them really doing is wait. I have a bomb under the same lockdown rules as everybody else. Instead Virginia But every morning I wake up, there's some version of ok. What I want to know today- and I start with, unlike so how- hydrochloric queen work. What does it actually due to a body? What does it take to make a corona virus test? What if you get vaccinated against a virus. How does that were? What does it do to your body? Just broken a basic science questions that I notice No, that's the I myself as a reasonably smart guy, but did know how this heading at heading to this pandemic, and I said many readers habit and I'm pretty darn sure that large swaths of the mainstream media, particularly those who cover politics, have not really take a look at so the end result is that most of the coverage of the
government responds to this virus has turned into this wildly oversimplified guph. Some gallant tail, because history, children's magazine beginner Guph us was always the bad kid doing. Bad and stupid things and gallant was the good kid who was always doing these goods smart things and the The ideas and all the blue state governors are being wise and cautious and following science, a beta what they're doing and those bad red state Winners are being reckless and stupid and dangerous and can understand this, and you can contrast. Phil Murphy, open ounces their opening up the Jersey shore from world a weekend force of the treaty. The beaches of larger or In contrast, Brian Camp in Georgia and the states they made versus the treatment of Jared, pull us in Colorado third pulses democratic governor, his Israel, but he wasn't all a different from Georgia's at better. Most listeners avert almost nothing about Jared Force, but problem the single biggest and most fascinating contrast is how much just sheer by
YO has been vomited upon the red state. Governors like camp and just maybe somebody common towards great abbot down in Texas things like that compared to the blue state governors and how they handled their nursing homes, because New York anew Jersey made nursing homes take people who would wander the hospital been treated for her own, a virus were recovering, but who still contagious and them into nursing homes and end the sister care living living facilities, and you look at the death rate in the EU you look at the death rate in New Jersey, and this is an all of them, but this is a pretty darn big shock and a good shot, Those des probably could have been prevented if they had not followed this policy respect Actually New Jersey, undercover feel Murphy, wouldn't Allow nursing to say you have to have a negative test before we. Let you back in here. They are all these things, all across society and then a policy that is deliberately putting people who are still contagious the same roof addressed of
a tax system that is circulating the air from room to room into a nursing home full of people who are most vulnerable to this virus is spectacularly asinine Paul California did this for ten days, then they made an optional, but the state is still reimbursing you. If you decide to take innovation, that the reason for This is they wanted to have open a beds for hospitals. Now that earlier this week, most places that really need that New York Gap Detroit Couple hospitals, prisoners only Maryland little bit here in their most of them, manage to get through it by moving patients from one hospital to honour. This is absent, unnecessary moving to killed a bunch of people. Pennsylvania under Tom Wolf had a well laid out plan for how to handle outbreaks in nursing homes, and then they ignored it. Gretchen Whittemore allowed them to put people in Michigan back into this. This is be single most holy smokes. What the hell are they thinking decision this entire process? And my guess is that if you have an earth, this from national view are the conservative media. You probably haven't hurt
and then it turns into this vague state officials. Did this not the governor early Gunnar had nothing to do the governess it just in charge of the state government, how could they possibly be consider responsible for the policies their state was inactive. Such idly, relax question exit MIKE dropped him shall, I could accept question to you is assuming things stand, the directory there. They are now. The red state governors will eventually get their due from the mainstream media. Yes or no cause. They weren't is an election year. Georgia looks as if it could be imply. A Florida is a swing. State Texas is apparently about to go blue at any moment. Maybe this way Two thousand seventeen. No, this is a game can get it
the extremely unlikely, maybe here and there it could. The computer note in political was actually pretty satisfying to read is very revealing that the jackals enjoy, like you know, have about pleasant interactions with her. But the fact that this affair and did her so and she ruled it out of bounds so vehemently, I think, was pretty revealing. Look they they ve got there, if they're gonna stick to it and are not, it doesn't matter how many little tiny arc they decided. The Cuomo asked me the year of the story and dissent, as has to be developed, the answer is no, of course, not so run a little bit of a compressed schedule today I'm just gonna. Do the last topic exit questions style, Charlie? What is your level of alarm at the revelations we ve had about various aspects of the Russia Investigation, the latest being this this on masking involving
general plan r? U dismissive of these revelations. Are you chill about them? War? Is your hair on fire, I'm curious about them. Think that I'm dismissive of those who are dismissive of them. I want to learn more. This is obviously complicated in the same way as the Ukraine question was at least in the early stages, because everything that is being scribe these under the power of the executive branch but ass with Ukraine. The fact that the president is technically permitted to do something doesn't mean that it can't be morally wrong, doesn't mean it can't be pre textual doesn't mean. Can't even be unimpeachable, and I think that is a great deal here that we need to know. I think Jonathan,
early is right in saying that the reflexive reaction within the press has been. Obama can't possibly have done anything wrong. Therefore, on the country he could have done a great deal wrong. We need to to find out whether he did Jerry Dismissive Chill hair on site. Rising concern spoke out, characterize it for a long time. The people who are in charge of things like the FBI and Central intelligence Agency and the Department of Justice, were well with a political folks, Bill Clinton, tangled with his FBI director, pretty loudly and prettier vehemence but by and large these folks were seen as above partisan politics that they didn't have strong political viewpoints. They didn't the job of their agencies and institutions to help one side or the other. Now, during this, the Trump administration we ve seen all kinds of arguments that bar is the most frightening other mouth partisan guy has ever been ever lived and you can't
China has ball, and private ghetto above your even If a re who appeal you barely here from, but I dont think as a particularly partisan individual is being accused of this sort of thing locked, the drop administration. If it if these people live down their reputations and again, I think that's far from proven, but even if they did. This is not a phenomenon that started with the Trump administration. I think there's a lot of grief that has gone to the John Brennan's of the world and to the James copies of the world and those types for starting to see their jobs as political actors. I think you know everything we learned about the FBI leaderships, hard to believe that those folks didn't have strong political viewpoints that affected how they perceived the potential of wrong. Doing or illegal activity around dollar from, and so you know This is one of the reasons you don't want to go down this route. Is it possible or something worth investigating around General Flynn sure
I do know thrilled to hear his talks with the various turkish groups about goo landless. Does let us Melbury Good bought want any investigation of him to be fair minded and based upon the facts and based, the evidence and not hey. If we get this guy, it's gonna, be really bad for the incoming president. Let's get him! We no for certain. But a definite feels like there was an extraordinary level of interest in by the Obama looks into investigating the Trump folks, and that's that's a sort of thing were our entire system is built to try to avoid and once you do that, then our government can function then in the same partisanship that has made Congress dysfunctional and every other public debate star. Getting into questions of like is Russia. A threat is, as you know, is, did this person commit a crime and things like that and we can't. Let me what these institutions do just to darn important to let us turn into the usual partisan food right, sir, my ears,
on fire on the underlying conduct and completely on fire about deep, the media, hypocrisy and how they treated this. This whole thing. So, before we and let's hit a few other things, jolly even doing puzzles. I have, America puzzle I, which my kids enjoy, have to put in every state in the right place. They got very good at including the tear up the coop, Is there was asked me, do you know anyone who lives hair and in many states, of course, I don't know too many people. So I say I and I looked Thompsons from Kansas and now my fault on every time he puts down the Kansas peace. He gets up. Look Thompson lives in Kansas World historical figure, Jim We should be in summer movie season by now, usually maize. When you get, you know, Marvel superheroes, beating, blowing stuff up and excitement and because of the ongoing epidemic. We don't get that, but I am really happy to hear that the on screen version of the original cast production of Hamilton will be coming to dinner,
plus for the fourth of July weekend I saw the shown Chicago loved it, and finally, we get something really big an exciting to afford. To the summer on our screens So last weekend I made a dutch baby I know we're onto the baking and cooking has nothing going on in our lives. At the moment. I urge people they have little time of the week is a real, simple recipe attack? It's it's kind of a spectacular production, a dutch babies, kind of a pancake, they put the oven and it rises like a big puff paste It's delicious. It's easy. You will impress your entire families, so it's that time, a part Casper editors picks Jim Garret. What's your pick, your lot lotta really good options here, but I went with my head the all my alternating podcast partner, Michael majority his plea to be charitable on the web page today, court one could
section we're all muddling through trying to live the best we can. While this threat is out there, we are tempted to take out the frustration, anxiety and anger these months of generated on each other. Most of us need right Now- is the mercy of basic kindness, amen, Michael Brenda, dirty. Try me back well review you irritated by the press coverage of what trumpets, cooling, Obama, gate, you'll enjoy Carl Smith. Respond to Jonathan Shade Concentrate Then she waved his hand to subject all now Babo it ever do that Kyle takes him to task in his customary way, so my pig, is John Miller's cover story about John James, they Senate, candidate and Michigan. John. Has history of highlighting up and coming conservative Senate candidates and James is really impressive. Guy has a shot. You know it's not a favorite in emissions are a battle, but he
He has shot and people who are unaware of John James. He should be on your radar screen and if you can help them in any way You sure, so that's it for us. You been listening to a national, you podcasting, you re, broadcast, retransmission cow, this game without the express written permission of national magazine strictly prohibited. Spock ass with Greece by the incomparable surgery makes a sound better then we deserve. Thank you, Charlie. Thank you, Jim thanks to covered and markets dot com. They especially to all of you for listening where the editors we'll see next time.
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