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Episode 231: Stand Up for Yourself, Please

2020-06-23 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Michael discuss the current monument-defacement frenzy and the ridiculous media circus around Trump’s Tulsa rally.

Editors’ picks: • Rich: A back and forth he had with Kyle Smith • Charlie: Rich’s piece on the statue of Thomas Jefferson • MBD: Daniel Tenreiro’s piece on the China–India border clash

Light items: • Rich: Questions you don’t ask Siri. • Charlie: Ford v Ferrari • MBD: The original Godzilla

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Whither, the Cultural Revolution and Trump rallies in Tulsa, Gus all this more on this week's agenda. And the letters Amber slurry, I'm doing is always by the right, audible, Charles see, W Cook and the tourist voodoo Michael Britain Dirty Jim Geraghty will return, soon you will say to an ash review, podcast or sponsors this week are quip revolutionary tooth brush and doors ass, the delivery service, more about them in due course, Felicity Podcast National, you D comically directly on the corner, I'm looking at you
It would be easier for you and better for us if you made us part of your feet at noon. The stream of services out therefore Spotify to Itunes and feel like what you hear here. Please consider giving us a glowing five star review on Itunes. If you don't like what you hear here, please forget, Sir Anything so I'm Biddy how's the cultural revolution treating it for now. Ok, I'm I'm doing fine, because I know I only know intellect your property from twenty. Years ago that come under fire. I I'm not a mayor who is in charge of it. Keeping in defending public monuments that memorialize the great virtue people of our society and connect generations born unborn and the dead
But everyone else's screwed I mean this is it's an astonishing moment? You know, I think This you, this is a kind of summer of sixty eight for the united. It's in which You know mostly middle class, upper middle class, privileged people, just going around in destroying it tearing down the society that raise them, and It's a sobering moment. It's very fearful moment too. I think there is a kind of relationship with the covert nineteen locked downs and the experience of pandemic In other lotta parallels with previous global plagues, where people become more sensitive
the social ills of their time and then more radical, So you think that was just just kind of pent up energy pent up anger I see what you mean. What what's the psychological mechanism think the mechanism is that people feel more vulnerable and they lash out more when they feel more vulnerable and so every one is more sensitive to. What's going on around them, then the norm, because to me this is a means. There is a kind of proportionate reaction of there is a horrible murderer in Minneapolis. There isn't exactly a logical connection between that and tearing down Teddy Roosevelt or Juniper Sarah. In California
or Voltaire in France A right I mean there's an yet it's happening. You notice, as if people are trying to exercise the demon, and you know we're conservatives, and we know that man is not perfect, able. So we're going to look on these birds, and just see the collateral damage that they inflict. I'm, but Emily got to be disorienting two people right, I mean enough. And person in your seeing. You know what, like privileged Germanic, looking white women in these viral videos shouting and screaming at Hispanic, an african american cops and here being told it's the white women who represent anti racism in the video I mean it. You must have to be in,
already familiar and indoctrinated in this This emergent semi religion to even grasp it to even grasped the imagery of it so think everyone in media in the media, business, maybe outside of national review, and you know that thus were are officially reprobate anyway I think almost everyone feels under siege right that they are, I mean it's just an axiom of face now that every single media company has failed in the mission of being diverse enough or collusive enough, it's it's it's almost, not even an argument of that kind of it maintenance of mine over at TAT, let magazine Jacob Siegel.
He wrote about how then these Revolutionary social movements- they argue by commandment right today. They might assert some facts. They might ok, well, one out of five women acknowledges are sexually assaulted. That's the fact and when you question the fact right, it will in the fact comes with. Other arguments tat to it, such as ok, what we need- change our judicial procedures. If so many sexual assaulters are going unpublished but then, when you question the fact they say, oh your objecting to protecting women, maybe you are a danger. And similarly on crime and re If you say what doesn't seem like there's any logical connection between protecting black, lives and abolished
the police swell than you are in favour of murdering George Floyd since its a kind of short circuiting of debate, You know Without anyone standing, you know, every corporation, is behind these movements. Now they ve all pledged fealty or every every major corporation You know you ask: when does it when? Is it going to stop? You know I mean some mayors are being challenged or another mayor. Seattle went from saying she supported the autonomous zone and it was, it was an expression of activism. Well, now, there's been a couple of shootings in the autonomous zone. Her job to put an end to this. The world's most dangerous pillow fort. So she is she
as to do something just to stop it in her city, nor People have to do something to stop this. I mean you saw, I saw of a video of. I guess mostly italian american men in Philadelphia protecting a Christopher Columbus statue from plan destruction, it's gonna, take a lot more of that because so far, this cultural revolution, mostly just racking up successes, skinny people fired from positions of power is not your statues nobody's being arrested its launching Joe. Protests that are technically illegal, one against our social sensing regime nobody's being punished. You know when the basic order things is challenged, The only way to stop it that challenge
you, don't just let it it doesnt burn out its thrives on success is the only way to stop. It is to stop it. Yeah had says it's kind of were recording on Tuesday is heartening, Monday night to see the police stop the attempted toppling of Andrew Jackson and Lafayette Park and if it be grave that thou happening all round the country instead, very often these events are completely uncontested and no one gets charged with them, but surely it what the world people would say, the Woke radicals, my kind of class would say is well. There is so wise, Michael mystified. What the connection is between the George Floyd murder,
and all this it at all has to do with white supremacy and that's what unites what after Chauvelin did, George Floyd and what unites? What makes Thomas Jefferson a reprehensible figure who doesn't deserve any federal public depictions anymore deals with us enormously city. Isn't it I daresay they would say that, but those because they are enormously silly and what they have done is hijack a man staff hijack the writer outrage over that man, staff and subordinated it to pre existing elite prejudices that do not just mystify, Michael but actually mystify, most people, the phrase black lives matter is pretty uncontroversial. The general
statement? Of fact, I know some people prefer say all lives matter, all believe that black lives matter is divisive, but irrespective black lives matter is true. It's not obvious to me, however, how that gets transmuted into a bullet the police- it's not obvious how that gets, hence into pull down the statues. It's even less obvious to me how it yet the rewriting of the english language such that the word master in all contexts becomes unacceptable. It's not. Obvious to me how it leads to a perch so broad that it includes J K, rolling bill, Simmons episodes of thirty rock and faulty
Hours and little Britain a review, it seems of everything that has been said and laughed at in the last forty years. Do you think that the people who watch that video and were outraged concluded that that upset would be filters into this. Do you think the average person marching is in line with the absolute nonsense was saying in that opinion pages of the New York Times. I don't, I think, Michael's speaking for most people, and what we ve seen hairs. People who probably never been to the neighbourhood in which George Floyd was killed, but have been to college trying to put
into practice in the real world the silly They learned on campus one of the problems that we in our modern conversation? Is that too many people? part in it believe that everything is everything There is no new ones. Are we seeing some? these examples of that this week with Hannah Nicole Jones Pulitzer Prize Winner, suggesting that she would be indifferent if statues, if you like these S grant were toppled as if there is no meaningful difference between Ulysses, s grounds and Jefferson Davis but we see it in all of the discourse. We see it from plan parent which says things like reproductive rights, our racial justice rights. Now you see they're, not they have different words in front of them different meanings,
or Elizabeth warrants. Has black trans women are the backbone of our democracy? None of this means anything please, verbal wages of intersection hours. This is what people have been. For on the fringes in college and they are laundering them through the death of George Floyd, which an insult to him and to the rest of us But what I see having happened is something very serious happened, and something that reflected something real, something that can be addressed and quite good. Plea, for whatever reason we stop talking about the death of George Floyd, all black men and policing or how to improve inequalities in our society, and we structure, our conversation to a level of artists,
you pity such that we are now focusing on. Once again their preferences, a tiny sliver of people within the elite quarters of our culture, and we ve forgotten what it was prompted it in the first place. Surgery, I never know if you're pausing, just coming up for arrow, whether the pauses, the ed This is why a cable news is back to your Brian, so so my guy think, when the external aspects of this we're talking about the sort of it right for historical wording is. This is almost entirely a cultural phenomenon governor plays into it somewhat and in Seattle mirrors. Is letting that chop zone exist. You you don't
Action against gets the vandals targeting these these statues, but otherwise this is entirely the culture building on itself and that this reminds me. I meant to write a piece naturally actually in quarantine. I I've brought along a copy of a road serfdom. Carrasco rightly saying hi actually got it wrong there, We have seen the inexorable growth of government same time in an American generally were were three year. Then any other time in our history, I would argue in and all sorts of ways and that's not something he would have answered it, but we see here the opposite phenomenon at work. This is, as you know, is how does a governess becoming more extensive, the last three months? It's this, the culture that is chasing things out of the public square, restricting the ambit for
debate and sending various offending parcel history down the memory hole I mean It's some! It is private affair. I look even interesting quote share. Maybe you guys the author. The culture wars, that of Convulsed America, since the nineteen sixties are best understood as a form of class warfare in which an enlightened delete, It thinks of itself seeks not so to impose its values. On the majority, a majority saved his incorrigibly racist, sexist, provincial and xenophobic much. To persuade the majority by means of rational public debate as too a parallel or alternate institutions in which will no longer be necessary to confront the unenlightened at all That was written in nineteen nine, be forward by Christopher LATCH, an ego.
We, I think we are starting to see like this. This it's like an onion. Getting at the deeper levels here I ve onion the path after I mean we do have to confront their. There are other things happening here too. You know I've wondered I've seen that we know today the Washington Post announced it was gonna, have twelve new position, those related to racial justice issues, including a diverse inclusion, editor and rapporteur, whose dedicated to reporting full time on the connection between law enforcement, the military and white supremacist groups etc. You know, you know you have to look at this and see ok, well, the diversity officer position that kind of grew up universities over the last fifteen years has reached.
Kind of terminus in that industry, because an industries is bound to shrink with us thinking college, each population an obvious shrinking value of a college degree and ink Is he expensive a college degree and so ok diversity. Officers are pioneering into new fields rights. They ve sees universities from the professors. Now Gonna sees newspapers from the journalists so that you know that's, that's part of the story as well. Of what I mean. I think it's time you know what is fuck me too, is it's time may be for some of us to get back to our it's even oh, it's a national review and look back at God and man and year,
our founders first Book, Weena, Buckley charged the universities for failing to for failing to act as custodians of are civilization right for failing to at their students to adhere to their own civilization to to know it Familiar with it and then obviously to enabling them to love it and defend it. Well, since the culture of critique kind of captured, the universities in the Sixtys and Seventys. Not Have they empowered is cultural radicalism, which is everywhere, including the corporate board? but even feeble. The people who would defend it right emanate. They normally teach people to be radical, but normal people who pass through
liberal education on their way to founding a business to working in a corporation people. Generally appreciate the kind of lived order. And freedom that we enjoy in America in the west whose people are left enfeebled in defending their institutions in defending their nations history in defending their national heroes, Against the onslaught, so I mean we re have to start again from the from the very and up in confronting this So it's it's not even a matter of policy, and the only thing I won Where did striking essays? Not just government in Germany is playing an explicit. Currently this revolution, but way, you a really,
Aggressive conservative party in government might, you know, start doing audits of them billions of dollars, and on higher education. The billions, subsidies that go to bogus. Social science that basically nothing other than political agitation. Billions of dollars that flow into these institutions and ten year, these radicals, maybe you're probably won't happen, but no government did player on this week. Pay for this On some level, like you censure kid into these institutions and didn't look after what these institutions were doing to the kids. Just so proud.
Your son, her daughter got into these great institutions that you didn't bother to notice that they want the same thing that they were fifty were eighty years ago. So surely what he make the role of corporate Amerika, because it is totally capitulated. The choice of the right words just its fully on board this, this programme in this, Under this disguise, Bethink Progress, Judd, Leggum reward of his name is calling around every time a Corp corporation, puts out of black lives matters, statement of its advertising, interpret truck and show it eight. How can you do that and invariably they all cancel their advertising heed did a case like this about match laughed the head of the issue. You are the other Verizon was employing slap that represent their interests and Washington get him stretched. You can vice and how to reach out on a tour publican, something like that and rising mediately dump match lap and there's just seems to be endless pie
Stability is to get corporate Amerika to do the bidding of these woke activists. Why I, in the long run it suicidal and they seem to be responding to internal and external pressure, the internal power. Sure is similar to the pressure we ve seen at the New York Times as similar to the pressure that I assume letter Kevin Williamson becoming so unemployable that he had to work for national review again, that being staff who say that the stated that was made age or the donation that was announced makes them physically unsafe and the external pressure.
Pr, no one wants to be accused of racism. I am continually baffled by corporations making statements at all, because I've never assume that they have anything to explain or apologize for, and I don't know, It is incumbent upon the northern Wisconsin Widget company to announce its position on a protest in New Mexico. But, as you say, the press is powerful and Is quite happy to make stories so that it can report on them. I'm not talking about the likes of jet lag. I'm here he's a straight up activist But the New York Times has been doing this all week count tomorrow,
many times you read a sentence that runs along these lines: the protests of The nation in the summer of twenty twenty have re new questions about an episode of Sport Centre from ninety ninety one Why have they raise new questions? Did any normal human being going about his life? Stop. Mid stride in the street and say my goodness me, the protests for reminded me of something that was said after the packets game. In December nineteen. Seventy eight, of course they didn't know unready things like that, but people who work in newsroom stir, and so they raise the question. And then they answer the question as well and that's absolute nightmare. If you're cooperation, I think where they are being short sighted, they are
that put it seeing the crocodile and hope it eats and loss is. It people who are the most invested in this hate corporations- they hate for eyes the Hague, DOW chemicals. They hate hedge funds people won't survive if they get their own way. If they take over. The american economy, Run in the way the New York Times is run if John Lennon. Comes president of the United States. He won't be going off.
For advertising on technical snow began after them for existing. In the first place, there will come a point at which they have to evaluate their customer base and decide with whom they stand. Now, of course, there's nothing wrong with innocuous statements in favour of elementary rights. The favor of respect for everyone, but this is gone beyond that and it is being weapon ized beyond that deliberately as safe. As you have noted, So I think, is short sighted. I think it is sad and I think, once again, it represents a hijacking of what happened in.
Minneapolis that does a disservice to those. Who would genuinely outrage in a genuinely seeking to effect change so, Michael, what The EU had a suggestion there and then I go pollutants than the restoration. You know all this money has been lavished on its institutions of higher education. I ve been taken, a is radicals in and then those uses beachhead into the broader culture. But what else can we do? It is it's it's hot two no besides standing up for the tourist speaking the truth, Doin Wes on all this non France is very specifically Republicans in the service of office. Holders can be doing to pushed back against this Y know one thing for sure that is ineffective, is.
Just pointing out hypocrisy or inconsistency is right. I mean like yet, Yale Yale shields like that stuff is such a waste of time rights are wanted, one of the things we ve done it it's fun in its way to blow off steam is to say hey. You know you don't like this person because they are in a you know like grant because he owned a slave for two years and even though he is kinda heat slavery in The major reasons why slavery was extirpated on this country. Ok, well, everyone who has Yale in their bio in a white supremacist? You know your benefiting from us. An institution named after a slave owner, so we should get rid of yield. Unlike ok, it's fun, that's kind of funny, but he misses the point. Rikers appoint isn't It's not like this cultural revolution is looking to impose some kind of
consistency. It's looking. To achieve power dream? so it's going after people that are weak, isolating them, using whatever Couldn't core principles at hand whacking over the head. Enjoying and laughing at them, while the got spell out of their bodies- and you know, then that's all it is. It is not about like imposing a rational doctrine across all Society in its institutions evenly, you know what I mean you will notice Hanno Black lives matter. If, if it were consistent, you know it would seek the opinions of black people about things like the nuclear family turns up blacks, don't support the destruction of the nuclear family, which is of black lives matters organism,
national platform, but that's it. We're dwelling on the inconsistency is, I think, I'm unproductive I think what would be more productive is pointing out that most of the people leading these movements are completely empty, soulless ugly, repulsive disgusting people that you wouldn't want he'll live anywhere near you will you, on educating your kids. You know you have to speak directly to the emotions in the way they speak directly to the emotions, and you I mean it's, I'm in culture, wars, war right any! It's not one on principles.
One in struggles of power and adherence. So there has to be a kind of rallying cry for normal people it won't come would have been glad Trump. What you think of their choice here, I think that's exactly The needs to be a broader rallying cry for normal people, because you can impose this upon a large screw. You have to isolate you watch nature, documentaries. You'll see, The hyena is always isolate the weakest. The most heinous other worst terrible. And the high, and is doing that here. We ve seen some people's and I can say now: I'm not going to be cancelled and surgical. This unfortunate as people.
And be billion as don't have a great deal to lose jacket rolling. Does it admirably? Elon musk seems capable of doing it as well, but the truth is that you cannot do it to everyone and you contact people if they refuse you, and I think that conservatives have a role to play here in saying that don't go along with it. Don't acquiesce don't accept This these people are ultimately weak and their ultimately on the fringes of I've done some. Clever, work and getting themselves into positions of influence, but they certainly not in any sort of mature. Eighty- and there is no need to be cowed by
I'm always struck by this. When I, watch someone stand up and say: no, I won't apologize. No, I'm not what you call me. No, I didn't intend to be cancelled today. Thank you very much know my companies, not doing that. I'm always stood but there's no second play. It It seems to me that the architects of this little cultural revolution are so used to getting their way at the first hurdle that they don't have a backup plan, and there isn't one once you say no, they say. Oh, what did but yes to do it. Say no, and then they say please, and you say no and then they go away. All you ignore them completely does not always possible, of course, but it is certainly possible in of the arena in which they liked to operate social media being one of them
I mean we have to realise that these aren't ideas either right there there. There are they're kind of disorder eyes: religious impulses. I saw it, you know one thing conservatives could do is study communist agitation from before, and revolutionary agitation in history and one of the things that you don't you point out that all these revolutions clean to stand up for classes of people, victim classes of people, but of course they don't sign up for all of them right so a non feminist woman is no longer a woman. A non radical black is not politically black according to Nicole a Jones, I they lose their race. You know have to realise that this is about finding a demon right, loading all of the the reactionary meaning onto this demonized class of people.
In order to license violence and expropriation, and expulsion of the demon. Right I mean is, it it and that's why revolutions have this moral panic quality about them right, like this, idea that a statue of sessile roads. Just standing there mute in Oxford. Is somehow driving present social evils. That's not rational. It is It is disorganized religion, there also get it filtering, who is and who is not allowed to speak in the way Michael described as a two step process. Now the first step is to say, if you are not of ex group than you don't have standing to comment on. Why and if you don't believe the right things about. Why, then you're not of Ex group, at which point we have expelled everyone from polite society, except the people
I agree with you, and this is a trend that has gathered speed in the last few years and has been relatively successful in academia, but that I think, would still fail if implemented outside of it, because most people, Please don't think like that, so squash, new baby, one aspect of this has been assault on Thomas Jefferson. Statue just was toppled in Portland. And you have city council members in New York City agitating to have Jefferson removed from city, council chambers, so the question is: will there still be a Jeff sin memorial and wash DC and twenty thirty or not
in twenty thirty yeah, I'm missing no check up now. Absolutely yes there! Well, this is not an impulse that will survive if put to a vote. I think people be shocked by the backlash that any proposal to remove the Jefferson Memorial would generate, and I think that such a proposal would do an awful lot of damage to whatever project it is that those advocates engaged eight sexually. I'm with Michael, I say: no, I think they're going to get Jefferson think they should should get Jefferson. I don't think they're getting him this time necessarily, but I think over time
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tromp held a rally dispersed in months until Sir Oklahoma, the campaign touted a million or us be peace when actually there were not a million people. There may be more like six six to twelve thousand, depending on you, you, Do you believe the arena firstly, it not mostly empty, but TAT had had are empty seats and the outside overfill area, where trumpet tents were both gonna, which both tents and trot we're gonna address was mostly have data part of that. To be cancelled and stage dismantled. What did you make of it?.
This is a lovely little example of why hate everyone, the press leading up to it, was intensely annoying decided that this, with some secret plot to win over white supremacist in Curdlin holding it on June Thirteenth Intel, Sir, I doubt Donald Trump, those who was president in nineteen sixty. I think the prospect of his plotting a massive. Dog whistle for what purpose I don't know, slim and then the media flipped daily between lording massive protests, in New York and elsewhere, and crying about the prospect of people being in close proximity to Donald Trump Rally.
And then Donald Trump did all the things that Donald Trump does he exaggerated his crowd size obsessed over those numbers? He showed that laser focused on the important questions before America questions. I did he want. Weirdly down and airline a ramp and can he drink water with two hands with one hand, while both actually most to do both so now now air disabused of that notion. And had and that that the press took their a crowd size as some sort of crime, we meaningful statistic that augurs l
November, when, in fact, it's really not especially important and praised without knowing whether its true or not, those who said that they had used Tik Tok too, viable. The tickets, which had happened to break Obama, would have been an outrageous use of big tack and possibly foreign interference in elections. So when I think of it, I thought that it was an unfold in reminder of the symbiotic relationship that don't jump has with the press reminded me of all of the things I hate about coverage of the president and all the things that I hate about the President and it
Therefore, a lovely over chair to the next six months of my life is tat. All you get used to it, so I believe that the Italian wretched the long ref about walking down the ramp at West Point and drinking water, which was looking Molly funny. You know he is a great showman remind me something in our story, told by a nineteenth century humorist or something. But clearly the citizen is not something higher president for and when it came to addressing the corona virus. I wrote this six thousand word peace in no one read it could cause, it was. Six thousand were words are met, you know, or maybe to people the crowd of virus or both, but they ve done an incredible exertions. They all these people working under Tromp twenty four hours a day. Thinking. How can we solve this testing problem? Haven't we get more testing how to work? With
companies to get more testing what what kind of swabs doing need? You know we have this bottleneck in the supply chain. Can we get? U S? Cotton to make a different kind of swab. You know that has that's shorter than that works with the US cotton machines. But it's not in the standard width of using to this point can the FDA test that bless that and clear away the regulatory obstacles and prove it and on on and on, and he gets up there and jokes. You know was a joke that you know the problem testing. Is you turn up new cases? The more you tests. I told my people slow down the testing at a course seen on Twitter Ali journalists, rail, my gosh, you ordered a slowdown in a tacit, there's, no way order to slow down it s thing, but that this is an instance where he had something legitimately to brag about and to explain and just a just couldn't do it. I can't do it and I,
Now these three pieces on the kind of Irish, your thoughts, things they ve gotten right or, if ever improved, I've been relatively good, neglected by the mainstream press and one reason that no one really knows about them is the present can't or won't explain what they did is just its he's he's a very talented communicator power, powerful communicator in many ways, but this part of this web repertoire this farther up, thorgest missing. In trumps, not very well connected to what's happening is administration. At times right I mean in this isn't new who either right- I mean he when he he shows our marketable ability to be indifferent to the outcome, while he obsesses about the perception I can only be brought down the whole point of the chronic thing. Conversely, we do more, testing. We get another a case and its a number- countered against me right,
You know it's, it's happened before I mean announces withdrawal from Syria. In a few weeks later, the White House announces that withdrawing from syrian factor having troops to Syria you know, and so with testing says I dont, like testing, is administration, is doing everything to clear every possible hurdle and facilitate testing. You know I mean I deftly of confidence that a country led by Trump, is going to preserve its historic statues and monuments. I mean it's definitely where names of professionals here he's an unserious guy means no. Like is everything- is all areas I mean. My
thing is like you know, if you, if you venture out like Twitter, among you, know some like, if you got into black twitter and see opponents. The president during these rallies there, like cached, I hate how funny this guy is he's legitimately funny, but that's not gonna be enough. I mean we were actually living in serious times. You know: He was able to get away with being who he is for three years, because his appeal, Hence me themselves into believing that Russia, was broadcasting directly from an antenna in Putin's head into the heads, Donald Trump and his advisers, and
as the economy was going gangbusters since then, you ve had a global pandemic. We have tremendously high unemployment money, is running out for millions of Americans on relief. Money to pay for their mortgages were keeps out staff employed and What does he have all the his rivalry with the media? that's what he emphasizes that his rallies and for a lot of Republicans. That will be enough right. I mean a lot of republican looking out on the country right now, we are seeing the statues torn down, are seeing what you know in their minds. The other side. This but the other side is undergoing a vote for Trump there's enough of them. However, to carry him to election
I hope Trump has fun on this last nationwide, work. Is it's always gotta get from such you make it that point. That, Michael just made that you look at Your religion were in the country that we spent first parts podcast disgusting, and you know may not like tromp, you may think- he's ill sit and also with waste the office. But given that backdrop it makes supporting him in voting for him more important than ever. Because imagine how bad it would be if you have culture, cultural revolution, ongoing and people who sympathize with it, potentially controlling all the elected levels, levers of power in Washington I absolutely understand people who make that case for voting not sure what supporting him means, though, even if one concluded that.
To vote for him. That doesn't me one has to like him does it does mean ass, to express fail, tee, o to believe that he's doing a good job, even the argument that one should vote against his opponent, his fair beyond that I tend to see it as bullying in the fact is, irrespective of whether we should vote for trial. Or for Joe Biden or for neither, irrespective of whether one should want Republicans all Democrats to run Congress or the state legislatures era, in the case that Donald Trump is ineffective. He has been ineffective in almost every aspect of his presidency. He, along with
Mcconnell, has done a great job on judges. That's a bright spot, but he is not. An effective warrior in the culture wool. Its Donald Trump saying right now doing right now, leading right now how you want him to is here voice for conservatism? Is he a defender of the republican Party? Is he an advocate for american history? Does he draw useful distinctions? Does he thought for is the eloquent? Is he focused? No That's a separate question, of course, from whether he is necessary as a bulwark for religious liberty or.
Constitutional original is a more limited government whatever I Think of so many people, not all of them. Conservatives who would be doing a better job right now, as a spokesman against Anarchy Essay champion of America, its creed, its history, And the elements within it that have made it exceptional stomach wouldn't be anywhere near my list, and I think that that's shame and I think that that is made a lot of people who will nevertheless vote for him angry and disappointed. I think he has missed a chance. We talk before about his missed opportunities on immigration
on the sort of agenda that Michael would prefer. The republican Party pursue not mine, is a classic liberal, a libertarian Lena Amiss, missed opportunities on bringing new people into the party on trying to do battle with African Americans. On winning his Panic men, for example, on retaining blue collar white voters who flit between the parties every four or eight years, And I think he sharing exactly the same lack of discipline, lack of understanding, lack of quality here asked their that might be, who is necessary. Politically Ogilvy arguments, we hear you need to feet
that same stands between you and Sonya sought at my all. But is he really a good spokesmen for America? No he's his terrible and when he does shoppy bundles it. Some Go what do you make of it? The conventional way Is dumb coming out either the rally that Trump really doesn't any good material against Biden, all the paraphernalia sold outside the event was Anti Obama or Anti Hilary. There was really Anti Biden stuff to between, because people down there not really vested. And their animosities toward Joe Biden industry. Not none of his aunt, I buy stuff cups,
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump into thousands. Sixteen were both their respective parties. Most unpopular presidential nominee ever in in the history of pulling. Donald Trump was an incredibly unpopular republican nominee, who had the fortune of running against the most unpopular democratic Domini ever Joe by. Is not incredibly unpopular he's just not Joe Biden is. Has shown in the democratic primary in some to my surprise, an ability to win the Obama Trump voter,
Obama from voted was tempted towards Sanders, sometimes Yeah it's there isn't a huge amount of cut through the you know the clips that I think some of us watch of jobs that you know go viral among conservatives. Aware Joe Biden seems to be you know your bad for Joe Biden because job I noticed to be president- and you see this and you realize he's not here to enjoy being his party's nominee only We are seeing those clips because the internet is sending them to US innocence like we ve selected for them. Most people have pretty positive view of Joe Biden and the poor, members ring a really reflect that in a trump would A kind of epic debate melt down from buying
or you know he needs more clips of Biden. Hotel in the world that he's gonna, give you know the brief four gun control too it'll work? Do you know he needs lots more than to drive, widens negatives up they'll, go up a little bit, As we get closer to the bone in the election, but I mean it it's dangerous, any use is running out a material. You know we ve also. Tromp was a contrast to a government that has been divided. You know, with a small two thousand and eight to two thousand interruption since two thousand six and a government that wasn't doing a lot a kind of policy. We'll culture that was staid and boring. Where there is a big, this consensus that had absconded
lots of issues from democratic input like immigration, from interrupted that in chaos and unpredictability to the twenty sixteen race. Well, now we ve had three years of chaos, impeachment now global pandemic, and I don't know a guy, smoking as he drinks a glass of water. He not be who you want as president anymore traffic excrescence you trump? As about four months to write the ship of this campaign, you consider that plenty of time, just enough time or not nearly enough time, I think Joe Biden is the favoured, and I think that that will probably remain the case on election day. But I think that there is enough time for
to write the shit, not least because the voters he seems to be losing winnable. Whether he has the focus and the discipline And the will to do that- I don't know, but there is enough time there is no question about that. Anybody. I'm there's enough time because time We are living in an obvious time warp I mean impeach, Was this year I mean the above. My ears and the tea party are announced distant. They feel like something I experienced second hand by watching the wonder years. So you others there is. There is time right I mean you know. Joe Biden could pick up vice presidential nominee,
scares, people embarrasses him or tie him closer to the kind of cold. RO chaos We are seeing. You know All sorts of things can happen now, who knows we may be present Z, will shut down Tik, Tok and other millennials or forget when the vote. I have no idea so did that, if their more time, but there there's query enough Times well where they hold take advantage of it- are not obviously remains to be see. Let's hear from our second sponsor now this week, door dash You ve, Canada, restaurants. Now there are counting on you and while the dining room- be closed or restricted. There still open for delivery with door dash dash the app Brings you food, your craving right now, right to your door. Ordering is easy.
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Code editors that five dollars off your first order in zero deliver fees for a month when you download the door that, after the app store and enter the code, editors, don't forget: that's the code editors for five dollars off your first were with door dash. Please check it out. So, let's hit on a few other little things before we go and Bd. What's on your mind last week, self Oh, I watched, I mentioned from a corner over the weekend Each feel max kind of came on for streaming and they original Godzilla. He is on it, along with all of the UN, credibly bizarre sequels and spin off. That Godzilla had but the original nineteen, fifty four film in Japan, which was different from the fifty six american version it's just an incredible piece of
Cinema genome tat. We'll special effects of the time, but it's this profound movie. That really is one of the First Mass cultural products in Japan that dealt with? the horror of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the fire bombing of Japan. Lee in some ways. Incredibly, moving film and I highly recommend every phone buff who think that Mozilla is just this kind of hokey joke to check it out, while they can Charlie. I, after a bit of a delay, watched and maybe the car Psmith recommended to me Ford, we Ferrari get one. It is a good one, it was, it was a father's day treat. I got to sit down and watch this, maybe it's quite long summer. Three, as without any interruption,
and I would highly recommended It'S- it's- an old fashion- foe was set in the sixtys, but it's an old fashioned filming, in many ways. It's almost unsolved conscious, but the performance is terrific and the costumes are great and of course you got to see a bunch of beautiful, beautiful vintage cars, Sir tenor. Ten So I put some of those things I wish I didn't know, but it turns out, if you ask SIRI who Bambi is you learn about some transgender performer from France at this stage- name Bambi. So let me pause here and do applied for an hour plus description service at national view, dot com drawn by leaps and bounds it.
Way to avoid increasingly extensive meter pay war on our a view which I know is very annoying. I know their ways to try to dance around it, but it's just be a lot easier. If you gave me and and signed up for our place and pay the five dollars, month, whatever it is on the various introductory sales we we have going at work, this time the seed have to deal with me meter pay wall. If you actually log in this very important for current and our plus. Make sure your login n when you're on the website. You can see ninety percent fewer ads and I think ads are one of the main sources of annoyance. Besides the meter pay off to our readers so do away with both of them at will. Spider signing up to an hour plus an log again get ability to comment on Blog post and articles when your and our plus member there's no Creasy. Finally, vigour and numerous commenting community,
on the website you get invited to be part of cause with conservative. There's news makers and invited to that's with our murders and our writers sets a great value. I think we're a fern award once again, not having must engaged digital subscription community, so please check it out and our plus just give in just sign up so now. It's that time, the podcast fur are editors picks every day, your pick. My pick is a peace by Daniel ten rarer. Whenever young fellows is a piece spinning the deadly sino indian border clash from late last week the story. I just didn't have my bearings on and I think a lot of people
I understand that you know when to countries representing forty percent of the planets human population are suddenly shooting at each other on a disputed border. It's a big story Dingle covers a lot of economic stuff and China for us and dumb he's great checking out Charlie with your big, my pig is your peace as Europe Thomas Jefferson must stand fairly self explanatory. You point out that people who believe this feel the same way about America, flawed, but ultimately inspiring and should stay with us for as long as possible. They Charlie. My pick is actually response to. When I comes last week by Carl Smith, I wrote a column about how I dont think concern
There should be vested in setting defending confederate money. It's obviously doesn't mean they should be torn down or that's a letter, what sadly, the very often do, should feel pressured by the mobs. I oppose all that, but I just don't think on the merits. These things should have been erected in the first place, or should be maintained over time, Kyle Road, just a fantastically a well done. Rejoinder within back and forth on this one before its time. The shortfall protest for five years ago, but really compelling peace I wrote a reply in turn, so's. One things we pride ourselves on national view, as is being open to debate and clashes of opinion, speaking which, by the way and be de, I still owe you or apply on your vicious and unfair attack on the Universal DE age, which is
he's gonna make a baseball. Finally, the platonic idea of what the sport always showed. The further disasters wrong turn at the beginning of length, tat your set so that for us even listening to a national you pod guest, any report broadcast retransmission Eric this game without the express written permission of national amazing strictly pro gibbeted. This part gasoline produced by the incomparable sir, sherry, who makes a sound better than we deserve thanks Charlie? Thank you, Michael thanks to quit and adored ashen. Thanks specially to all of you for listening, we're the editors and we'll see you.
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