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Episode 251: A Failure of Authority

2020-09-02 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Jim, and Alexandra discuss the failure of politicians to properly address ongoing violence, where the presidential polls stand, and Nancy Pelosi’s hypocrisy.

Editors’ picks: • Rich: David Harsanyi’s piece “The Democrats Are Whitewashing Leftist Violence” • Jim: Dan McLaughlin’s piece “What Joe Biden Gets away with Not Saying, and Why” • Alexandra: Ramesh Ponnuru’s piece “Biden, Harris, and Abortions Late in Pregnancy

Light items: • Rich: Ron Chernow’s Grant biography • Jim: Rock climbing • Alexandra: Visiting Monticello

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Hey. This is Jack prowler. Please take a moment to listen to this message from our sponsor Fatima, the movie in theatres and ongoing and now the incredible true story is now a powerful uplifting motion picture of an atom in nineteen seventeen, the womb needed help when three children received a miracle. Why you come from happy that amount is now been endorsed by the shrine of Fatima During the original son Grassy a performed by Andrea Butcherly Fatima Ready, thirteen may be inappropriate for children under thirteen now demand
who is responsible for urban violent. What's the stay of re and many people get the blow out discuss all this more Anderson listen, the ETA remembered glory and I'm joined by page of authenticity- would give clarity Alexander than the thank this Charlie and envy will return junior listening to a national argue, Gasters, positive week is conceived in liberty. The video theories on Broadway Foundation more about that in due course, podcast menagerie, dot, com, coolly directly on coal
where do I love you, but to be either be better for us to be made as part of your feet at any the stream in service without their Spotify to Itunes. And if you like what you hear here, please give the glowing pop star review on Itunes. If you don't like what you hear here, please with care, said anything. I should mention by the way we go on Itunes and complain be auto quality. Others pay gap gonna be a little lower than are typical podcast, because through technological happenstance, we're having, Do this one over areas in which his nose it is our usual method so that Jim Gary we gotta roiling debate going. About violence and the country. Of course, the Democrats did not mention it see fit dimensional two weeks ago at their convention.
Predictably, and rightly republican flam, those them for this at their convention. Sometime during last week, the Democrats real high, said, met the mistake and began to recall and binding actually gave a speech this week at Pittsburgh on urban violence. Listen parts and blaming Donald Trump. In large part, what do you make of it in our rich? I think we're all used to a standard amount of gas lighting when it comes to. Our friends in the mainstream media, the sense of there's gonna, be spin. There's gonna be time where the media's gonna overemphasize stuff, that doesnt seem as important as we would think. It is, and they're gonna under playthings strike us as pretty important, but this one is really went beyond it, because if you read conservative media, if you read national review your
you're about Portland. You heard a lot about chop in Seattle. You heard about Michigan Avenue in Chicago getting looted and re sat for a second time in a year you heard about these studies. Like in gun, violence and homicides in most, but not all, but most of the countries, major cities- and if you are the right out of a speck of this- is a big deal, and this was not a big deal, as you mentioned, was really not mentioned very much by the democratic convention. This isn't the sort of thing the Joe Biden talks a lot about this isn't the sort thing that democratic members of the Senate or House talk about much their general, attitude was that a sea of noting that there has been violence, and so there's been this object since the George, Lloyd protests it safe to assume the right to say that not you know you're, not all George Floyd protesters, most George Loi Pro.
Customers are not the same folks as the one wearing mass smashing, store windows and setting fires and assaulting people the streets, but there's a chunk out there who, by the way, decent number from our white who are out doing these sorts of things because they have taken these Protests, as some sort of signal that time to let your free flag fly, the Navy rule Debbie out the purge movies are in effect. It is time to go out and Cree as much havoc as you like, and I dont think, by the way. These folks are all that motivated by politics, so. The traveller Biden campaign for not having much to say about it all did say something about ethical budding Biden said most of the right things, but in a check the box sort of way and he's got you. Argument is now it's down trumps fault. It's Donald Trump. America, Dear. You say this is Joe Bottoms America. Well luck! Donald Trump is not the mayor of Portland. I think it's safe to say
Donald Trump was the mayor of Portland. Portland police will be responding very differently than they have so far. The prosecutor in Portland responding very differently. And so when things happened in Canosa by the way, that's a shot out Dan, Frank, overt and our plus, who didn't like the way I pronounced this neighbour, the city, less progress there suddenly changed. What it came from a big city on the coast was Smith I set out loud things correctly now, as a favorite you're are you can no, I'm just a progressive genocide. I blame it on. X, men comics for the two listeners out there who will get that reference anyway, they're the ones it happened. Can we show there was the sun sets of await. This diskin happened just about anywhere. This doesn't happen. Have this doesn't have to this? What may not necessarily just be limited to big cities on the coast that have all kinds of pre existing tensions between African Americans in them?
and all of a sudden, it became a much bigger deal but did not go to cash. I do not get. It was constant, continuing the democratic tradition of not going to Wisconsin and he went to Pittsburgh Western Pennsylvania and he gave up you're probably find twenty four minute speech are very quick to blame both sides and very quick to assume that, because Trump as the President, its transport, I think it's they want the fact that Democrats responded so quickly in a previous podcast. We talk about down lemon openly but how this will start in sharp impulsive focus groups. Look I'd like to think you denounce rioting and looting and arson and assault, because you're wrong, not because their hurting you in your phone numbers. That said it's good to see. By doing this,
What are my readers made? A really smart point reset. The message from Biden is: this is absolutely inexcusable. Also, it's all Donald Rumsfeld, we'll wait a second of its trumps falcon use. Now, isn't it? Yes, I give credit Biden purred denouncing violent and you done it before they get out of the back in May or June but obviously then at the convention they didn't. Do it because they one like we didn't think, is a very important issue going to gems point how they deliberately Christmas above a word now. This is really happening. Who does get covered very much and that is if they, if they did not know. Why bother, why bother to note it, because this can avoid some people near their own side, though, as has been pointed out, the problem which binds Pittsburgh speech is rightly denounces. Violence,
a man named and shamed virtual right wing groups here, right, wing militias, white, national as etc, but won't name air name black lives matter or even, and he thought and in that way of cowardly speech and the incredible gaslight and going on our were already. This is down transport at everything that happened in a lonely. Democratic cities is at an end, it often in the name of black lives matter is the Donald trumps for which is ridiculous on the face of it and I'll. Be one thing: if they're absolutely no events like this when Obama and Biden were in power, but there were other famously setting off. Likewise matter you have raised, in Ferguson Missouri and you had riots and Baltimore after the death of Friday, grey
That's right. I think what we are seeing right now for anyone who's been following this. I guess. Basically, since the death of George Voice, up until now. We have seen this incredibly cynical shift on the part of Democrats from you're in May or June, come here as before, being picked vice president was advertising. Like bail funds and encouraging her supporters to donate the bell funds so that rioters or violent protesters essentially could get out of jail if they were arrested for doing illegal things. In the name of well. You know these protests are because there's racial injustice, because there is I'm a grace and whatever that the point of what they're doing its job abide. Therefore, not always peaceful protests in great, but whatever anyone's doing is justified, and we saw some more thing when it came to counter the covert me
while you know you can't gather for a funeral even out the words or you can't gather for worship service, even outdoors, but hey riding actually or these massive protests outdoors are justified because racism is a public health issue, rightly disparity and when we receive from Democrats who were basically saying like what book y know what they're doing is right and so even that's violet, we don't have to say anything and people won't care without saying you were risking our supporters. In fact We condemn violence because the people being violet have the same perspective as us. On this issue I think now suddenly, after their convention, perhaps Democrats are realising Actually, maybe people don't like riding, don't like one. Small businesses are being distorted, dont like when a cops are being shot, even if they by large agree that ongoing racism or whatever they systemic oppression. These sorts of things in our country, violence, not okay with most people, perhaps I should say something about that.
And so now there pivoting and saying: oh, not always this out there, but it's all right wing militias, because there calm down to one or two examples where it's not left wing violence and are using those who try and make the seem like it's all trump supporters out their instigate this violence to help his re election campaign is absurd, because then you see things like in Portland. You're saying look at all this violence here in the city- and this is all down from sport, but were actually going to reject his of drums, own offer to help us with federal law enforcement right. So it's just this kind of abuse. Word parity. I don't know what you're gonna get away with that. I kind of think anyone who has been found, That's all long can see exactly how cynical there being fit to now come out and condemn it and claimants transport
Jim and, on the other hand, obviously tromp oysters thought he never accept her ways in front of a teleprompter, we'll try to elevate and unite, and he did tweets is support for these counter protesters and poor. When which they were. You know these guys we're going to add Almost all the lonely I weren't going to mix it up with the left wing extremists there is growing around the downtown, but you did have someone split off and then this terrible accident were minor changes after the cars left. This this guy is part of this right wing group and poor, and I get shot her. That's why we we shouldn't have demonstrated-
Counter demonstrators mixing it up in this environment. They shouldn't have the president. I state in any way encouraging it. But if you just followed the coverage loosely, you would have thought like the the right one guy shot support instead of getting murdered in cold blood a couple of minutes ago rich. I talked about the big normal range of gas lighting and I think it was a New York Times tweet the other day that basically said black lives matter. Protesters now fear rampant violence from true trump supporters and that felt like rats. The epic gas lighting that felt like really shifting the people around two per Fredo to fit the preferred narrative that the times wanted to say it is perfectly innocent people just walking through the streets and all they wanted was justice, and then these terrible,
from supporters came through. Shooting! No luck! I dont want to see a seventeen year old, kids with rifles walking down the street in a city with his rights that that is not that. That's like I, like the paperwork line about handing whiskey in car keys, the teenagers and hoping for the best that that is a formula for trouble in getting people killed we state is supposed to have the monopoly on legitimate violence. There is not supposed to be a circumstance in which I know we have this wonderful tradition of arms, citizen, Greece and the idea of arms citizens protecting themselves from crimes and the fact that whole much people came out there with long guns was basically a demonstration that people had lost faith in the no shit police department to keep the police- and I guess you others- know that another sufficient calls to police and surroundings sections the Wisconsin State Police or the National Guard
Those are the flows of the options and I kind of like in the case of a lot of these mayors. There has been this absolute that the elderly me and they are not comfortable with their own roles and positions of authority out of his because they are utterly Democrats and in most cases, pretty darn lefty dynamics That's pretty arm progressives who are used to being outside the system and used to standing up to the man. So the point there not comfortable playing the role of the man and not comfortable being in the role of the person who has to restore order, they used to being the one standing on a protest inside. So all of a sudden what Pierre buildings are burning and people are good Salted and store windows are getting smashed like when you're the mayor. It's your job, you don't have a choice. You have to be the one who restores or because what else is going to do it or alternately in this vacuum of legitimate forces for law and order. Other citizens will step into that role and they may step into that role well, but in some cases, even said step into that role very badly.
The midday I'll bet. If you grew up a nineteen eighty, as you probably know, were they Bernie gets the guy should not the subway because he was public use under under attack. That's not ideal! You dont want people playing Charles Manson, Enderley Harry you dont want people running under this They will do that if they feel threatened and they do not see any forces of law and order coming to help protect them I'd be. None of these Here's the city's wanted to bring up the National guard, but nobody really wants to bring up the national guard. That's never the first choice. We have reached that point. Things have gone pretty bad back and ninety ninety two in LOS Angeles, and they got caught up in the third or fourth day but by the third or fourth day, was very clear. The LAPD by itself was not gonna, bring back law and order to the two and protect the people of less Angeles. It was beyond their capacity. The damage was on a scale to big battle. We ve had a whole bunch of cities, some are long and all these mayors are basically saying what I do want to do. The national guard. I really don't want your trumpets calling for its have you seen as going along with him. I dont have a police,
myself, I there's not a police from surrounding jurisdictions. I just have to wait for it to give better guess what? If you wait, it's not going to get any better. If Minneapolis and clamp down on this on the second night we back in may we would we be in this situation right now, not so sure I think the fertile each day the each day and night, you don't take action more people get emboldened to say. Oh, I guess there are no rules. Now I can take that stuff from that store window. I can start smashing things, because I'm frustrated about losing my job dependent restrictions and God knows what other problems these people have their lives. At its been this sick, constant desire to avoid responsibility, trumps, tweet, crazy things- I don't like it- have denounced the whole budget times I've. Love for somebody Kelly and combat just take the foreign away, but he's not. This is just a factor in our lives since January, twenty to twenty seventeen, and actually well before that. So you just have to deal with the fact. The president's gonna say things
In the end, though, if you're the mayor, that's not excuse you can't say well, I wanted to get control my city, but Trump tweeted things, and thus I couldn't take any action. The acid there I think Jim, to write about these matters and brings it back to keep on fighting over and over again. The strike us evolving spoke on. It the two thousand and one the major failures or national life to somebody. People were in an institutional role, still conceiving of themselves, as Jim said as outside of the, even though their insiders present Tropic exemplifies failing all the time, but I think the likes of Mary TAT we were, they want to be on the side of the protesters, keep inside, they think of those very deep innovate. They make it priorities.
They think those protesters are right. They don't want to be the one care gassing them. When they're out of control, they don't want to be the ones arresting them. They don't want to be the ones charging them so that they might say oh gosh violences is that. Can we all get along and be nice but day they don't want to be. The corner quote a bad guys there to have an incredibly weak bugs and ultimately what you need to avoid what we saw and could also were seventeen year old, shows up with a gun she should have. You need total control of the street trump put real bombastic away during the during the first, the onset of writing the country, but you need to down. We really do need to dominate the streets and fascistic wait, there's no way to establish peace and order and want the extraordinary things about that Canosa about where the severe old and shooting three people
if he goes and tries to surrender to the police, are you carrying a gun on swung around them hands in the air. I try to get the police attention and the bleachers drive off, because there's so much chaos and so much going on that this isn't it play notable that so it's just a by definition of failing a public authority if the environment on the street is that chaotic No absolutely- and I think we know these people rightly kind of fear, the mobs and they feared debate. They clearly have the institute authority and then the power to do. They need to do to stop this even on the very first night, and they ought to do it. I think you're right there. Deep down, they probably agree with, but the motives, and perhaps even sometimes the methods of some of these rights. And so they don't want you perhaps on a personal level, and I think there also afraid, because so much of what the he has been doing over the last five months or so five six months is pretend
but the violence isn't going on your way, both things as mostly peaceful when there's images of fire. Raging behind them. When those clearly things going on weaving going on. This has not peaceful protests, just people kind of gathering in the streets. In with it masks, honour and showing their upset about the status quo is merely a lot more than that the dominant narrative, has been well. This is actually mostly peaceful. These people's concerns are justified. Therefore, what's essentially ignored violence. If you talk about the violence, we are saying Oh, actually, racism is your problem or we should be talking. Bout, unjust shootings of black people, that's narrative, but we get when we try out one people try to acknowledge that there are serious violence riding going on that needs to be stopped, and so then I think these people and authorities mares had realer. Never they think Walter the boy that the requisite authority, but I would mention used for shop, is down on the first night, the second night, I'm gonna, be called a fascist because
been calling Donald Trump of Fascist, saying that he moves the National Guard in places where the local authorities, doing what needs to be done. You can't call Donald Trump, a fascist and then turn around and essentially do what he is offering you do for your city to stop the violence and other stuck in a situation where- so then something no one notices or now the latest act against it for IRAN and somehow point I'm gonna drop so Jim. What effect trumps best cameraman is to do this. This argument was that this is happening in in your America. You say if I get elected there could be always riot, but their eyes are happening now,
and you don't truck trumps without some forcefully and trumps offered, that the National Guard, but they are ongoing and it would be a while transfer and it would be more natural during a four trumped to highlight all the stuff if he would challenge horizon the incumbent and are struck by the delicious such words by and by the Pittsburgh speech. He cited the increase in shooting like shooting. They ve got up twenty six percent in our city for four months and Donald Trump somewhere.
Don't talk as there are to do with that, the police being on the back heels and that the man is solely responsible for that. But if your calendar, that's what you do you d say everything bad in the country is the incumbent swap think the argument I would not recommend Trump make, but I think one that everyone should have and then maybe some trumps circuits can make the one time the federal government, headed up by Donald Trump HAT, was in a position to deal with a violent protests and the setting of fires was Lafayette. Square Trump did not act lightly in love yet square fact. Many people leave you try
reacted overreacted. He responded to violently with everything from the smoke cannisters to the low lying helicopters. U S part police mounted men with horses coming in and the Euro did there was. There was no light touch once the federal government was in response to this trumps, best argument that he should be making. As I keep trying. I keep offering help. I keep trying to help. I keep wanting to reinforce, they believe The police forces of these cities, and these mayors and governors will not let me and they are letting, personal animosity for me overrule what is best for the people who are in those cities who are at risk of arson and assault and watching their homes and their businesses burned out that that's the best arguments to save you America, you know I'm not in charge. Only really extraordinary circumstances can overrule a mayor and a governor and I've wanted to do this and my cabinet, including Mark Esper Secretary, that the has said we should not do this. We are not at that threshold. The trunk- and are you maybe we're reaching that threshold, but I dont think I think that could
It's so many thorny questions and problems that the President's sending in the national guard. Over the objections of mayors and Yours is that, I think, is a whole bunch of problems, including by the way like you'd, like to thank the National Guard would be coordinating with local police and state police on the ground, and if they're, not boy here, you can see abuse, breezes picture things going very wrong. Quickly, but trumps should be I'd. Look I've got a girl, the guys I've got enough people who have been trained to this. To do this sort of thing, waitin and ready to go, and the mayors and governors wont let me- and I guess it's because they think they can fool you into believing. This is what this is, because I'm not doing it. You know, instead of them right there on the ground and tragically sources. I think that argument works. I think most Americans can see it. I think, most Americans, Walkers Portland, does not run by crop up important trop, ordinary elected in Portland. So the idea that this is all transport is is pretty preposterous. On the face of it.
The next question he'll be disorder and the street will Oh and the fall actions be a big issue, a medium sized issue, a foolish. I think it will be a big issue and in my main reason for saying that is, I think it's a big issue today and I dont see really com down between now and then, and I think you know remain kind of the way. It is right now jack, Medium too, big, depends you I'd like to think that, as we hadn't into fall, these things will calm down. You know meadow it'll, look over history right, ten to get worse in the summer, but you know little lives. The election gets closer intention. You know, partisan tensions get even higher, maybe get worse zoonotic. It could very well be a very big issue come November and its aid medium sized just because I think it doesn't directly affect most people's life. I think most people are appalling,
What they're saying on their tv screens, I think people are more appalled and more people are more involved than were picking up. Probably but but still the economy and covered are going to be. The overwhelming issues But I will say counter to that. There was a p pew research com two or three weeks ago that, to my surprise, had economy, everyone not surprising but had covered, the number for issue. I believe that people are concerned about, and law and order will close behind in fair, sir, but I still say medium size issue and unless you know at a major city
you'd parted at the ground. The way we saw my tonight to unaware of the way we saw no eight sixty so that lets pause and hear her a sponsor the sweet make heads of current events during the scrutiny. Time can be trying can t the liberty, the broadly speakers. There is the new video serious that offers meaningful perspective through gauging the ten minute interviews. Does it broadly Foundation Dodd work First Liberty to wash most written ass, though teaching better Davis Hansen epileptic scholar, writer speaker had accidentally analyze, social and political movement today in throughout history. Martin Neighbourly Anderson senior fellow at the who restitution and chair of the working group about her history interpret conflict and another two thousand, they probably prize winner and a member of the Broadly Foundation Board of directors, and also, of course, a long time now sure view columnist in this absurd have disk
is America's Cultural Revolution and the role that universities have played and exacerbating it. He also predict the outcome of November's election and warns the remaining silent and respond to the current social movement is dangerous that's broadly with an l E. Why, at the end and foundation, the previous it d, an dot, org flash liberty to watch a video new, absolute Dave, you weekly so return open and subscribe to the union channel to be note notified whenever a new episode is posted, Bradley Foundation, Abbreviated Foundation, proudly foundation, DOT Borg, Flash liberty than we are through. Both conventions will look like by God, really small.
The non existent about, may be made. Some progress in the internal from poll showed his farewell rating going up transponder. It were still getting calling now posed republican convention. The indication are there. There was some sort of bounce, also not transformative, but from the top line. Numbers are for it for the rest of got better for just this morning were reporting on a Wednesday those USA today, something that had a seven point raised by thicker last poor headed at twelve point raised. Some points isn't great, but are you say such a paw also point out that this is basically exactly where the trunk Clinton array
was an twice sixteen and that, if you include third party candidate by mislead, is only five, it's it's really five point. Rafe, it's kind of work crop would one at the moment, given circumstances accept further the ad Butscha five points going into the last Much of the may have thought campaign is the least within range for the present. What do you make of it? That is almost economy. Send me the more recent polls over the last couple weeks. I think, in a first of all, the democratic convention made a mistake we talk about this on a spot guest I was on. I think that was a mistake not to focus on policy, not that many, the democratic policies are pretty extreme, where the average American is. If we're trying to win over moderates, probably put thing, you know that the green There was not a great thing to do, but it focused somewhat on binding the man and not very much for your lot on the kind of anti trump
you met rather than policy and in the Republicans, on the other hand, for the one more more american after another. Saying here is why republican policies, yours white, triumph policies? What he wants to do good thing for America, which maybe it's gonna, be a huge game changer, but I think, makes sense The boys might be causing up a little bit because that I think you know, unfortunately, for the trunk campaign in fact Joe Biden is nowhere near as as personally unpopular is, will require gender so to say well from is where he was against Hilary and twenty sixteen shows the re certainly is an over. But if you're running against Biden, that's a little bit less comforting if you're Trump Lenny, running against Hilary. But I will say If you want that, for example, But no real, clear politics battleground, say average, like a month ago, Biden was up more than six points in that we'd have shrunk to about two and a half points tonight. So it's clearly,
raises not over there is this narrative even a month ago that there's no way trump can win with covered with the economy, its basically impossible. It's over. I really don't think that's the case. I think We are starting to grow out of it for Jimmy Carter, from people met with no I'm size battleground are getting tighter and, of course, you know you could lose three point four points, as some people say five points and to spread the needle on those those that around jobs for those bear with a close watch him yeah. I would love to see a whole big bang, of state polling with big samples that were not out in the field for a bunch of days, the morning consult poles are came out, I believe, was yesterday In Poland for about two weeks, one week was a democratic invention in one week as republican convention, so I would surprised if you know numbers will all better forbidden the days the democratic convention was on the tvs every night and
we're probably little butter for Trump and the following week, when the republican Convention was on every night like having pulls the one out there for two week window and too much too much potential for movement in that range, Both those though state poles from morning council did not look good for the Trump campaign to put by not pretty solid we could to earlier was because our August twenty six a b c change research did a bunch of poles only they had been out Biden up by modest decent, but surmounted bull leads in a bunch of these swing. States are the best one Probably was Michigan worries up by six North Carolina, by Juan slaughtered by three by Arizona by two. You know, I one note, I would add, to the appointed pull out this morning from Suffolk. Saying burden is a five that is including retaliating Green Party nominees, Zan, rich you to the smartest people. I know now
The Green party nominee for twenty twenty stopped us how he hawkins whose sounds like the name of an early Nike environment live cast member but know how we Hawkins lies. The Green party, like aviator Asia, indicate I like, Already being obliteration, how big, libertarian party nominee but little more coverage of her, that's a hint, no idea, Joe Jorgensen, I think, strong possibility, a Minnesota just for that very scandinavian sounding name the funny thing would you have just Biden Trump as options in the Suffolk University Paul was a thousand registered voters, Is it September? I wouldn't mind of likely voters, sir filters, but fine Suffolk has by not by seven with just the two of them you put in in setting Hawkins and obviously a lot of people say Han Jorgensen gets
walking one percent Hawkins right comes in at a whopping zero, but somehow by leaders down to five there, a bunch of other pole, look much less couple days nationally. Ipsos has by not by seven universes southern California has by not by nine ah, Seltzer has Biden up by eight years is not a huge range in here. So you I did. The convention's probably shave the couple points off of jobs, and led it? Probably consolidating public and some, but this still not a great spot for the Trump campaign to be in any kind of had this feeling that dumb, according Yogi bear. It gets laid early out there. There's, U voting starts in MID September in My home state of Virginia in a bunch of other states voting starts you probably more people than about by mail or vote early than any other campaign before it this year,
that the election season we are in the peak of it. I know it's hard to tell your binds not doing any events on what is doing all day, but you know the right now. This is it. This is crunch time for a bunch of these campaigns. Maybe things will change after the debate. Maybe it'll, be this huge event. In which you now trumped goes out there and and clean spiders clock and biting comes across as senile yet a little change things, but a bunch of people have been cast out by then. So, if you're, the trunk campaign, you dont have a lot of time. Not to turn these numbers around and I don't think this is a good spot to be, and I think this is it would have a really much more helpful to try to get a more significant pop in these
national numbers will see if there's a bigger change in these state numbers, but so far I'm not I'm not saying anything that makes me go while I should add that they probably presence is his job proliferating, still down twenty two or three or so and weaken our perform your job tolerating made by point or two, but not about by five point, and this appears appears that you really bud from their publican convention after the Publican convention an Ethic one day, failure connection. I talked about the fact that last week the they didn't the argument over covered seriously. That day, they, even though this is a major point of criticism- the democratic convention. Even about the appalling omnipresence covered response is a bit more
They didn't seem to really take it as a serious thing that they had to grapple with that they had to take some time to think through how they're gonna respond to it. You know get get a couple: people's more credibility, even just the president and my pants. You talk about it and to explain what the plan is going forward so that they didn't depend very and much detail what they done to this point, and then the attitude was, I think, were cut both can unfairly attacked on this could eat. You didn't actually failed. The pandemic was passed, but there was a general that there were through the worst of it and maybe maybe we'll be it I'll, be the
no sunbelt are way way way down. Now, thank God. You have some other places better that are coming up, but it seems, as though were wasted. This latest chapter that were on the on the downside of curve, but you think pop up back in the form that the huge problem, not just in terms of that in terms of politics and and people, are worried about it. So I just it was a huge missed opportunity now to address it more seriously. Yeah. I think you're right about that any unfortunately part of the package with tromp, if you're a republic, anybody sponsor public office is he's all going to have a very low level running just because he he doesn't stop talking, doesn't stop, say the wrong thing, and in that matters a people he's not gonna, really and above a certain number, I think, given that have a in knot getting what you're getting with this type of guy, but of accept there is room for him to get any approval.
Act between now and the election, I think you're exactly right, that it would be, would have recouping his image or his administrations. Image Africa, where obviously been a very complicated situation. I don't think it's fair and anyway, to blame Donald Trump. For everything that happened, but there is very strong near it coming from the latin and trickling into mainstream. Mythology, mainstream thought that everything that happened was somehow because trumped interest, quickly not, but we do need we couldn't increase testing rapidly enough and that all the buck stops with Donald Trump through bad, and so I think, if you were to refute, what about the Damas dumbest types of arguments in that vein Might couple all about here and there about people just kind of in general, because you know I keep sight of them numbers are kind of going down in terms of cases, and hopefully I think we beyond the better side of this report
But what happened- and I remember being stuck in our homes for six months and they are still a lot of them- a brain to go out about a mask on it all sorts of things in his local regulations. State regulations. Are, given the issue very much alive for people, and so I think people have memory about something like that and their sort of general sense as well, maybe drunken totally we're not, but he could have done a lot better or you're here a couple things that he and his administration did wrong. That's the kind of thing that does drag the approval. Writing, perhaps even lower than it otherwise would be show Jim wanting conducted by the desperate stage he seemed rather boy. Frail is obviously forgot them in vinegar. There there that the internet right the speech where there some jobs, support, standing parent lay on the roof of a truck heckling. A girl, I finally, where the basement and by those bringing peace to the vote.
Because of the place you gonna tell you who paid for that pizza nearby looker, don't jump, don't jump, but but it does seem just incredibly rail unuttered that itself make different people, but it's really notable yeah erode this weird. Having this conversation on a Wednesday biting did his speech on Monday, he was a twenty four minute speech This amount is comparable to his convention speech today, questions Danone, back and forth with anybody. You know no, no sit down interviews, he certainly not doing Chris Wallace. It's not gonna die and swan, but that's for ass, a fine case we gotta goes to Pittsburgh comes back. Does no other events, Tuesday rules around, he does no public events. As I said, this is where work with it it. This is crunch time or passive conventions cannot be. Let's go. This is you know when it's supposed to be the adrenaline pomp time? Is this a prime campaigning time bide, ineffectual,
data laden online fundraiser, he appeared by video with some doors. Today's doing some of them schools. He will be available to the press. I don't want to take any questions. We have one event on his calendar: it's in Delaware, insert all anecdotes about the front porch campaign. Here I look at this not seem like a guy who's brimming with energy and who can handle this. Like he's, not campaigning he's doing one event today at a time when you think he'd be doing a ton. I can't help it remind one thing in the last month. I think trumpeted something like thirty thirty somewhere rallies in the final amount that Hillary Clinton it,
probably made a difference. I know how to make a big difference. This time I dont know it's different. When you're the incumbent, you ve a record to run and cetera, but I think in the lot of cases where one cannot just goes out and out hustles the other Mark Sandford and has come back there for the: U S, House back in South Carolina was doing ten events a day. There's a grocery store. He would shake hands in the parking lot. The democratic candidate, the sister of Stephen Colbert, was doing one event today highly scripted. No questions loan, behold There are the way I did Kobe lost by a sizeable margin. I also by the way, regarding their insistence. That Biden is fine. Look the Hillary Clinton campaign insist, did. She was fine that the car was nothing, but there was nothing wrong and then, of course, she had her. She collapsed the ceremony for nine September, eleventh anniversary and then
Oh she's bad walk pneumonia for a few weeks. All really so you lied all those times. You insisted. Europe was fine. I can't help but peace you. I can't help but wonder working to find out at some point. Oh yeah Joe Biden had some serious problems with the safety measures that are called locked. The corona virus goin on his semi, set his turn. Seventy eight after the election I can understand why is campaign, is worried about exposing into lots of people, but the end result is your democratic nominee who can't campaign in the final weeks and months of a campaigner could eventually catch up to him. So we'll see how things go butter I get why Bob out. I now want to see a number of things. I look forward to a very important tool. Newsletter reduce check the email from the Biden campaigns.
What's on schedule is a lot of data which is not much their interest. Above all, candidates of president all leaders lie about their health and- and we had a controversy, but the thing up last couple days about this job Walter we read visit were of course, The dark interpretation is being put on it with without a lot of evidence that the other side, but that this is the area where it got a right to be paranoid. Pop song is wait for the nth time. Nepal song is ninety. Ninety two President Borrell, you gave nomination that'll, give Trump authority of neurons money for a while they are totally wide about his his help. Oh and hurry lied about it last time around if you're buying when the issues we're we're
I can hear about them in it. It's gonna have to be dragged out, they're gonna be weak speculations and regulate. It would be a great. Then I want to give you a chance. We might have thought about this all about when you're on during the convention, a republican convention, but chiefly same here before move on there's really notable the pro life rhetoric at the convention. It seems we have some of the horizon. The republican Party were used to be that we are satisfied, a presidential nominees said, Werner protect a culture of life. Our own value realise life wow. That's that's! meaning that we needed a check to provide back at you, and I think everything that final debate, I think, was the final debate with the pillory were promptly graphically described, lay term abortion and just
threw it out there and in a way that no one, no one had really talked about it and the international stage ever before you ve got it change things and they had a really powerful Abbe Johnson speech. I got TAT Jack a lot. I don't know what do you make of what she said exactly and other sister, whose incredible lady, obviously you shoot, and the military also just do really strong pro life rhetoric or what? What is it about the republican Party? What different now that we leave here for forthright pro life talking in contrast to several years ago now, I think in say about that. That final debate is a big, a big deal, a big part of it, because Trump, but of one
into the republican primary as an unknown quantity on this issue and, in fact, in the past, had called himself for choice and then various things that troubled pro I first but by the time he was the nominee, you could actually manage the Cubans, partly with the Supreme Court list. Pretty much all prominent for workers who really want the best for whom and went out to my voters and said what this guy has MIKE unfounded tickets? We trust him here. Are the explicit promises he's making for the pro I've movement got a book from this guy. Look how bout the Democrats will be, and that was a huge part of how drunk one enemies who really were a sizeable part of his campaign effort and up his voters, eighty percent of even Jellicoe, many of whom are singled out RO, I voters want the doll job, and I think he knows that doesn't mean their destinies. Early been a ton of progress, as these things are hard to push through, especially in Congress Yogi Funding, fine paranoid, for example, but to the extent that these things can be done, for the executive branch, a lot more, as happened with your typical republican president. I think Crow. I voters know that
I think I've been regardless of what's going on and in Donald Trump heart on the issue Republicans are looking and she wore a bit differently and over the course of the last year we have seen, on the other side, Democrats become more on board and to defend unlimited abortion on demand and found a moment of birth and not something both binding and Harris S. We can on support for their platform, supports its policy that democratic states have been pushing vigorously in claiming that Roby wait to be overturned and we have to safeguard on an abortion in our states and that's why you're, saying you know in Abidjan gives a speech like our talks about the explicit being tells him Fortunately, there some questions about her own personal conversion story, whether it's true but aside from that she describes accurately what happens in an abortion procedure and not sought something anyone ever talks about. I mean the Democrats didn't mention the word: abortion a single time, their convention, as they are pushing through the most pro abortion thicket in history, and I think that matters is not necessarily something every american
Think about all the time, but most Americans. Both Democrats do not agree with a democratic party platform and, I think Republicans, smartly eyes that doesn't something where we can actually capitalize on the issue and get something done. Should your dirty ex question to you at this point the doll truck wines, number. You will be or feel shot a prize on surprised, vindicated surprised them out of this impasse. I'm gonna make a unanimous surprise that I get it. I think down the lower end of surprise, not letting go very surprised, but someone a little surprised to pause, and we do a quick and our plus, you can sign up runner, plus, you sure the tenor of the triple service at NASH, review
Dot com, it gets you out of are increasingly extensive, metered pay war that a black sea from reading more than three months of our and our push pieces figures smash with the pay war. If sign up her Arab was an you actually law again, which, if your hammer plus member you may be sure you do you bet we see now add the amazing its transformative experience you focus on your reading it I have to click, farewell tiny, active many boxes get anything annoying to disappear, that those I just don't show up for you so you don't hear it added pay off you're out of the add here. In two common if you want to be with the privilege of our plus members to combat honour articles and our boy, but also to other benefit,
really engaged community. We have one or been nominated for awards for our engagement with our digital subscribers. We'd love them. They are part of our community. We want to get to know them and provide As great experience as we can see you get invited to exclusive avenge, were a writer and errors and also can be part of exclusive, a cough with conservative news makers and shoulders and thinkers. So Airbus, their offers a person deals running at any given moment, go check it out, and you have already believe so Jim Gary. It's the blow out her around the world. Nancy policy goes into a shut down, a hair salon sat down and keeping worth governess and fairly restrictive regulation still out. There
In California there was a style of too. I guess I'm not. I don't have great awareness of how her phones work, but I guess the styles can arrange a chair for from a salon style through the chair at the summit. And had their policy and for a blow out and unmasked blow out and the kind of thing that drives people crazy. When you the people who are our most stringently and was sufficiently in favour of these kind of restrictions skirting them when there it inconvenient to them rich as one of the rather vocal members of the this virus, is a big deal. It is serious and you don't want to mess around with a club. I've been trying to beat the drum all summer long year. Democratic lawmakers are giant hypocrites on how
air. Ah, restricting other gatherings, but they look the other way for George Floyd protests and black lives matter gatherings and any yes, they are giant giant hypocrites where your mask every anyway stay away from crowds. Anyway, the fact there hypocrites doesn't change anything about the virus which I'm starting to feel like Sisyphus, because this keeps happening over and over again It's not exclusively Democrats. Matures act, tends to be a lot of big high profile democrats lotta governors in their whom we owe into your tongue the how important it is to follow these rules and then they don't follow them. And, oh by the way, The excuse was, she don't think she did anything wrong by getting her hair done indoors. On Monday, we ve all heard ignorance of the law is no excuse for good, May. The speaker of the house required Mass, our chamber requires mass, the hallways of the: U S, capital, building a mouse office buildings you're telling me
You know that you should be wearing a mask during heard during her appointment, really really just totally cheap. Did she forgot you realize that got the virus got away now. Look I dont know if that particular visible not necessarily a dangerous it's possible California. Rules right now are overly strict. And no longer needed on the way they were before case loads? our down in California as they are in most parts, the country, we are slowly steadily seeing fewer cases and things are going generally better. Although our deaths per day new desperate, they are still stubbornly around. One thousand predict, but look I've been to the salon twice. They have the flexi glass up, everybody where's their mass the whole time when they have to cut the say your hair word. You know your strap. We usually be you're, holding your masking the place so far so good. We have I've ever heard about any huge outbreaks in salons, but it's not just Pelosi. The other Chicago mayor, lorry Lightfoot had assembled
situation, which had a style is coming enduring quarantine adjusted. Why have to look good? She also said earlier speech. Getting your roots done is not essential. You had robbed Bertha mingling with crowds without a mass get Phil Murphy, breaking his own executive order and large gatherings J J B Pritzker setting his family to Florida. Johnson, while his state had stayed home orders in effect and not as bans on non essential travel. You'd Gretchen Women's has went back, Gretchen Wittmus Husband in Michigan asking the reader. Honor for special treatment to get his boat out early, Gunnar domestic cohesion, Grisha Mass historic jewelry, store employee to reopen, so she could get something will the Plaza visit visitors Jim while the rest of the city was shutting down. I'd miss this one be mayor, Boma, Texas, visited nelse along that was supposed to be closed during the quarantine and one of my favorites, the mayor, Often Illinois ordered a crackdown on open bars and then the police informed him they had arrested his watch. I am sure that there are other examples
but it doesn't seem like every few weeks, if not more frequently, we get some official, not exclusively Democrats, but all budget Democrats who get caught breaking their own rules in it. Always this book see, I don't know I didn't realize it apply to that situation purposes and is one of those things were you. I cannot. I want people to obey the rules for their own health and for their own wellbeing. But I kept begrudge them for. Looking at all these examples are saying this is nonsense. This is the equivalent of transportation, security, administration, security, theatre This is all there to make people feel better. None of the stuff matters, because if it really did matter, these people would be doing this each and every single time and they would not believe that the buyer they were immune to the virus because they have a high ranking position. This is we even getting intercourse. Cuomo Britain quarantine. This isn't even getting into George step a novelist Britain for the rich and famous people. Think they're immune.
And LO and its voting about how many celebrities get it. You can't these peoples, they all seem to think what those laws don't we. We apply to me because I'm special. I cannot begrudge people for being outraged about this. I think we ve want to say all Americans are really not. Donors have flung the test of the corona virus. You see people wearing mask you see people wearing a blow. Their nose can believe. Fine fine give them the grief, but you know who else deserves agree every lawmaker who decided the laws don't apply to them. I do not begrudge people wanting to lock respond the boy- and I do not begrudge women, especially during how they're there her looks and how their roots work. That's that's a natural thing
this rule, one in California, is completely absurd. Wiser the threat to have you no hairstyles with the mask and a customer with with the mask he prevented. Prohibiting avenging the hypocrisy really hard to take and the czech German, true cattle catalogue very democratic special, but we ve just seen it Sir calculated debates over outdoor a bad. You know I didn't like seeing or other people, but the chairs particles together at the White House, what most people not math, but that was a major theme at his desk in that a major theme of the coverage of trumped up his speech and then a couple days later gathered enormous market thousands of people,
a b c and that that wasn't such a big deal that wasn't a public health rescue and another one of these doctors earn after me out, so nobody was seen, as you just said: oh yeah, the company terrible Cooper Spreader event protest. What you gotta do that that that racism is a public health issue yeah? There's clearly some can break down or disparity out on a political decision, between what people are going to say is allowed, and what is that, when it comes to something like a salon, I'm not gonna drive me crazy. Certain point. I think you have to have freedom of association. Not some massive outbreak going on it in some of these places, where there are rules like this, if someone is can do someone else. I got in the present one get Aragon is willing to expose themselves to some degree of risk outside their home together. Here got twelve people wearing us. What big deal, I mean what people gotta be free, at least within a certain spirit. The things I need to do. When the rescuers, getting lower, and I think it's just
We are rightly upset, especially when they see this double standard and that that statement from whatever it was medical Association are all these health care provision. Well saying. While you know you can't pray outside these gatherings because of racial and justice are our fine, because it's a public health crisis. I mean he, wouldn't you can get the virus standing. Sure you can get the virus and a large group protest right. The by doesnt discriminate based on whether or not medical professionals think your cause. It's just what summit They rank on me when you forgot. These disparities is that I know people personal. You haven't being able to have fewer Osborne. Loved ones could even have a small gathering graves. For a memorial. Meanwhile, of indoor funeral for drawn moors where no one's wearing a mask, not just that bothers people. Rightly and so it would be wrong to say. Well, most people don't The father knows I dont have you had barely this disease? Is a problem and made some sort of rules to keep people safe, but I
When people for thinking, while these people who are breaking their rules, are telling me, this is a serious crisis, maybe actually the crisis isn't as serious as their say. And as if they are not willing to follow the rules, I think that's a perfectly spots Tiberius question: do you people over these sort of covered restrictions, yes or no yeah and I think it's I think I said things are improving I'd still like a little more caution out there. I'd like a nice, gradual. You know Stephen steps and I think it will go look at this: throw up their hands just live the life normally having absolutely ass. I say again in the know, you're on on this one, I am surprised at the level of for restrictions and the the lock downs. I think if it continues to weighing you made, made
the difference there and trump maybe making. It is like a huge gambles discussing earlier. It has a fortune they may be right if the virus weighing them. We get over further into this. Biden made in a bind comment about how he, behind a lock everything down again, maybe an albatross around his neck, but I beg you There is, then there's one more I'll put it this way more, more tolerance for restricts, more restrictions, longer than I would have expected as a couple months ago. So, let's hit a few other things before we go Jim Geraghty, even cloning yeah now I don't want a couple weeks ago. You may remember the lighter item section of this pod cast talk about my son's going to a rock climbing camp. For this past week end we went to court Iraq, which is on the Maryland side of bitumen river. My kids appeared.
Monkeys, able to find anything is a dad dad of two hundred from our pounds. Let's go do this to with my wife myself in such believer. Not this actually fun. I somehow managed to scramble up ache incline outside the let's say about sixty degrees. Seventy two I'm probably about let's say three hundred and thirty some feet when you have momentum and when you're just you know, that's really not trying to fall down and crack your skull or spine it's. U provides all the more because it suggests you're, just you did climbing up the rock. This wasn't like women priority areas where Europe is by sons. Have well done this with ropes at their camp and Oates. I saw that the road, the walls they climb and suddenly realised just what I had done when I signed the waivers. But yes is citizens was gonna work, puddings here and there it was- No I'm going to do that and some I manage to do that. I live to tell the tale it's fun and dumb. Hopefully it ever
about some you know future terrible trip going to love had Teddy resolute. To do that, you didn't write right, keep on weekends too, when you present Technical climbed, I'm rocks so then show their present it. You are planning, as is its March Allison,. I am yell at the last time I went on a school field trip there and I was in high school here in Virginia's. I've been in quite a while, and I think you know being what they are right now, who knows a lot about the will be obeyed, or hopefully it will come to that. But I do the dollar and see, and it's a good time to look for a kind of mostly outdoor, buy back, devotees, whippings, down inspiring to reopen. Now it's one of my last since I'm looking forward to doing that is coming to get so there are now two people unless there's managed to finish I guess you're reading round journals rap Biographia.
Everything I have a letter, sour, I'm solar working were patriotic. I think drive up wonder fifty! Maybe ok! I gotta ways to go there I really want to go home page sixty six as last night. That is shifted incredibly good, that there is a yes, that's a great I for four detail and the lively quotes and such sure footed judgments about every incident at every person. I keep heat surprise, but this is gonna, be here a much more project, but every indication is that it's gonna be worth it with bad, it's time for our adders pigs than what you bet my big international peace. That's up today on and our confide in Paris and abortions might in pregnancy. Russia a really good service here. By going through some about the false claims
The media are making that violent hair supporters are making trying to excuse the ticket support for abortion, a painful birth when he interest in his class style is able to debunk every last January, which your pic late last night and Mclaughlin put up a corner post entitled what Joe Biden gets away with, not saying, and why- and it is a very student- houses of what bide and said ah and how he's getting an awful lot of credit for what really amounts to a very generic denunciation of violence from anyone. Instead of specifically calling out anybody who is an ally and most people comparing this to the insist, a soldier speech of Bill Clinton, beckoned. Ninety ninety two it points out with a second. What made that man is the specifics and, as I wrote a bit in today's morning, jolt such a soldier was basically calling for lacks to have a week where they all killed. Whites
you really shouldn't get too much credit for having the courage to denounce this as bad as not more, really, okay and yet somehow built but managed to turn this into this move of political genius more bizarrely. Since then it's been considered us almost a cynical, calculated move or something better, very astute analysis by Dan detailing what bite and said what he didn't say and how much people in the media are crediting Joe Biden for saying it was set, assessments and statements that they themselves are not really. To say I pick his David, her sunny them. Crusher whitewashing left us by onto peace on the homepage Anderson. This incredible gas lighting that were discussing earlier in this is just the astonishing to meet how quickly the these official lines move, because the official line at the beginning of the protests in
in. Writing was wild, has an uprising that that this is a moving so inspiring here. Yeah yeah people from this going a little far about profit to structure property is not there, meaning father. I heard anyone to rebuild it and this this is really a prior to write of anger, but now it all down shortfall. Is a terrible, though, is happening in the towel: transport and air Danny it's just so I'm gonna blow the whistle on this kind of thing. So please check this out if haven't already that it for us, even listening to and after you podcast any rebroadcast re broadcast retransmission how this game, without expressing promotion of national view, baggily strictly prohibited this power gases? The blues by the incomparable Sarah? Should he makes a sounder than we deserve? Has our work specially set out for her this week? Thank you and thank you. Jim thanks take conceived
and liberty, and especially of you for listening, we're letters and we'll see you.
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