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Episode 274: A Result Nobody Likes

2020-11-06 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Jim discuss the Trump campaign’s vote fraud accusations, the GOP’s important wins from this election, and much more.

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black rifle coffee, dot, com, promo code and our twenty four twenty percent off. Please check it out. what tromp robbed and where does or Publican ready stand now we'll discuss all this and more on the second Post election edition of the editors on the joins, always by the right, while Chelsea W Cook and the sage of authenticity woods. Gary Michael Brenda, dirty or return soon you listen to a national you hard. Despite this week are act in line and DC today cause more about them in due course. If you listen this podcast on NASH, review, dot com or directly on the corner for delayed
Have you better be easier if you had better for us? If you made us part of fear, feed industry? Monsieur sets out there from Spotify to Itunes like what you hear here. Please give us a glowing five star review on Itunes. If you dont like what you hear here, please forget, I said you think so Jim, let's first focus on the really important thing which is not, as is gonna, be the the He, then the White House from next four years, not the future of the country, not really important policy, since, but how did our predictions fair? I think we did all pretty. Well all things considered correct me if I'm wrong, so you you had Trump as Arizona losing all the blue or states losing North Carolina, which didn't prove out, doesn't appears
that what did you haven't drop down you anything else. I don't think I am right. You are assuming winning. I didn't see him winning mains congressional districts, side of that one wrong and him winning Georgia and obviously that one come down to be that the wire so did. I I could not go back at me and I could go the other way I think, a deal with all these or I also had biting wing Nevada, that looks like it's gonna hold, but you know here so I dont here's the thing and what was your idea to? Ninety is re with their electoral. Yes, close your ear, the closest ally of the three US I was there they now he wasn't. On the other hand, while you drove us, you have four
every single state right, except possibly daughter. If it does go to button and and Nevada now I'd. in predicting one Nevada. I predicted it would be close see you had been didn't happen, but none of us have binding. Three hundred, I don't remember, answering a number, but they only states that no note I went by Salisbury squarely Turner, it's not it's not! I went through, I didn't calculate the number, but we did state by state and I said that he was going to win Florida joy, North Carolina, Iowa and then I said he. Falls short in, his owner. He would fall short vodka, he wouldn't when Wisconsin, Michigan or Pennsylvania, although he would do better in Michigan, then he didn't. Slovenia, then he would in Pennsylvania and the Nevada would be closed pretty good, but I think so
We are exactly the same on everything except the one thing happen based that you dodged, which was in France, and ask you, but the Omaha District, which I gave to Biden as Jim did as well. Are you saying on the metric of pure electoral votes? Jim is gonna, be the closest to what seems unlikely, bide numbers of three or six than than we were. I think there has been widespread votes of fraud, and in this we must resolve this ssl. Depending on how you tell you, it's a gym got two states wrong because he said Georgia goes to tramp and it looks like it but we don't know- That'S- that's a real. Some kind of a coin- fled an end by North Carolina too, didn't happen, I'm so by that metric Jim was the worst of other the Prague about nasty cares among us, but but he got here tat the overall.
tore the overall a troll, that's a little better than since our aid, but I think we all get may shockingly well. Forgive me for being stupid, but how can it be the case if Jim got North Carolina wrong? I got it right. I was asked about the Nebraska because, because he he had by when he, moreover, all states that say that. The fact that you guys a care much more than I do those observe that I oh underestimated. How well Trump was gonna. Do you know how to look up at the pollsters about we feel like that's gonna be Jude over but, like I thought, Tromp was on his way. It wouldn't be all close all right now, it's look alike at least We were unable to three points in the popular about your socks. but that's not the seven, eight nine ten eleven twelve margins using in some national poles and trump
I am sure this is gonna, be extraordinarily frustrating the trump supporters, but a who's running amidst a pandemic with age. Economic crash that cause, because the pandemic reply. When our way out of Trump has never been the most discipline message, a guy. He dare you struggle to cloud. The second term message: and he won a whole bunch of state. Need to win Florida, Ohio I'll probably North Carolina as if this were going up again, I'm pretty sure. That's it. That's the reds eyes, one North Carolina. you know any came within about two or three percent. Your evil than that in Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and Probably Pennsylvania. Michigan was three point: sandwich goes on with forty thousand votes, he came close in really tough circumstances. Now I know from supported want to hear that right now but, like you know, the elderly bonuses for covering the points bread, but that really up. This was not a bad performance. Bite, rob
and this will be agonizingly close and comfortable. Also like this, maybe go get bigger, say: white, like you: don't he carry, all of this campaign for the nose it we're like. While the Republica dwell the Senate wildly while the house a boy, the state legs. Just turned out. Ok, that's probably was helping, tromp pushing his art as he did towards yet there there there's this is to be rejected and simple, Charlie, but You got the kind of got the feeling two thousand and sixteen and feeling this time, although Trump underperform some some republican Senate candidates- and I think the republican House can is Over- butter that that he can just do it. Every once inhabit a crazy campaign for much enjoy. Sixteen have a total Isham symbolic administration, which largely did the last four years, and then you show up the last three weeks and do for events a day and an change that
actually the rates and really close it up at the end, and it didn't show up in any of the Poles accept further Trafalgar Paulson. He wasn't right about everything, but he hit his voters were there for him again in a big way. and a bigger way than twice a clean sir. Another way, perhaps of looking at this election is that Biden got the inside straw combines gonna end up, I think, with three hundred and six electoral college votes. if our a zone of Georgia and Pennsylvania stay where they currently are seems likely, they all well, that's how many trump got lost time. Three hundred and six The margin in Georgia is going to be to three thousand the most now at the margin will be in Arizona, but it won't be particularly bag. Thirty thousand forty,
thousand and in Pennsylvania will be a little bigger hi any changes and you have opposite outcome from a statistical perspective there are essentially the same election with time. he deviations in each of the states. That's to say that fighting didn't do well. But It was by no means the landslide that was projected an far more interesting than that the down ballot rigging. shocking Genuine shocking, I said on the last broadcasts when I was running through my brilliant, predictions that were much better than gems that I didn't think he would quite make it about that.
Absolutely see his path and that that path much more obvious. An easier for him to achieve chief. Then they conventional wisdom assumed. I did not think that about the down ballot races. I did not think that the Senate would end up fifty forty eight. I did not think that the house would end up being, as close as it looks as if it's going to be certainly did think that Republicans we're gonna pick up seats in the house. I didn't think republican This would improve their standing in Pennsylvania, the State House in Florida state legislature, in New Hampshire. I didn't think that taxes would for there. I think
Ninety six year in a row fail to return a single state, wife, Democrat retain a republican house. I didn't any of that that is a shock That is a real shock, and Oh, I accept as both down Maclaughlan cool Brendan Dirty have pointed out accurately that there are many republican parties most simply put there is a Paul Ryan Republican Party, Anna Donald Trump Republican Party, most people who call them. those Republicans are in both, but not everyone is, although I accept that yet that some work to be done in working out how to maximize that coalition. I nevertheless aware that the president, has a huge effect on the fate of Republicans slicker, two thousand eight to grasp that
and clearly the president was not as toxic ass. People thought such him. That's definitely true the the cleansing a basin landside that such the bulwark and Others were right, four in many cases predicting didn't happen, but see the toxicity toxicity of the president, was there at the chose riotous. This level, but clearly a decisive factor here: Matt Continuity has a good column up. That will be. running on at a row at two hours, running Saturday, the second the free begin. Today pointing out how, in elections, are still stolen, all cut one in the middle class trump. Ten, twenty, sixteen one sober and one independence and lost moderates by a narrow margin and this time round losses
jobs lost independence and one lost the moderates by higher margin and in close, elect you can look at a lot of different things is as being decisive but clear. That was one of them down LEO people listen. This broadcast have heard me rant about Donald Trump here extraordinarily frustrating, individual and in addition, I will relocate always character, flaws, etc. But you know a bay times throughout this part, this presidency, this campaign, you wish you could mind, control him just for a little while and have him say, ah not spend that that first debate, you know shouting occurring in tackling and all that stuff. You wish to participate in the second debate, because I didn't, even if they ve been in separate rooms, trumpeted done himself. Some good, like you did what you're doing Why would they
from spent the last morning, election day morning on Fox and friends, complaining about how the network has been completely been loyal and up to a bright we'd. Just for, it's too late. What will you guys were discussing? I'd want to double check this? Yes, no. which presidential campaign, but the most votes in american history. your bided this year, Yoda the second most votes in american history drop down, this year, he just past Obama in two thousand it which was the land Nowadays it is some of that increase. population short is some of that this was intensely high levels of interest in this with a pandemic in the economic problems out. Yes, absolutely but hey! You know what But when all is said and done is a good chance, a doll trouble have won, but he's a sixty nine million eight hundred the three five or six. As of this recording he's, cracks. Seventy million votes are the better is just by its probably be about seventy, formerly alike
nothing to Caesar and when I think that says that one tromp had strength, and even people like me, you don't like em, promoting given I'm givin up credit for, but also the Democrats were weighed down now. by you know the problems of Joe Biden. Oh all, by the way, I think we're gonna ask about whether that decision to not campaign scale, whether that cost him about that, but also like Hagen what if he had not given any occasion of wanting to phase out the oil industry would be no one Pennsylvania be as close as it was worth. it has really in black Africa about brazen other oil industry that wasn't it do any good court packing. You know binding together the rest, the democratic, the Democratic Party made some glaring mistakes, a slap in the face huge Africans, nicaraguan american Colombian Americans was well american. They thought they had Charlie home state, if not there, they are really good shot, and you know I didn't even come close to home. The picture you not there's still it is by
joy in this exhausting week has been watching. The Democrats realize they open up their Christmas press, and find they got socks you're. Gonna get socks did not get anything, but in the end, this is not what you were expecting a giant disappointment form so Charlie Jim refer to how you all the time which we could control had held. Trump behaves in away says, and I'd, say this week this week is yet another example of that one of the worst things ever make, maybe the worst that others present beginning to thirty, a M East room statement. I one- and this is a being perpetrated on the american people. Then cut went dark unusually for him. We near their tweets, but you didn't see him until Thursday evening
when he came out and that there is some thought will way, we'll try to walk back a little bit. Of course not you know he didn't eat he double down and the thing is then stolen from ham is being stolen from him and if discount of illegal vote see one going away, it's all the illegal votes that are in this thing to Joe Biden- and you had a number of trumpets me figures and journalist going on the notion that the elections has been stolen without a lot of good evidenced except you know, and I think in fairness car. The objects of this serb disturbing for people and there'd be suspicions about it, even it even if Trump weren't fanning the flames the way he is, but you like people, go to go to bed late, Tuesday, night and trouble winning and all the blue. All states there's a pause or a slowdown overnight and account, and then yeah. You check that
in the morning and binds ahead with in their head in Michigan and gaining vast and Pennsylvania It took a while for a vide to tromp that he finally did today or maybe rounder was late morning here here Friday. But what do you make of trumps insistence there's been robbed. I accept that the backdrop there is in salubrious. the mail in votes have yielded a mirage. We will wonder this for what it's worth it didn't come as a surprise. election analyse for awhile have been telling us that the day of votes which Ski Republic and would come in, and then we would say all the mail in ballots being counted, so it might look as if Trump was in better than he was. We knew that it doesn't help it hasn't been helped by
how slow some states have been. by the way that they have entered, the data will be it. They have done that. Obviously, from what I can say, And it doesn't help that further. For years progresses and critics of the President Havel Did you asleep destroy trust in american elections? It doesn't help but Harry Red suggested that the vote totals had been altered in twenty? Sixteen it doesn't help that I myself am BC and CNN have given hours and hours of our time to people who have said flatter me a few to install the election. None of that helps, but none of it comes com those two excusing the abhorrent way in which the power It has behaved right from the beginning. He is a national disgrace. This is
far and away the worst thing that he has ever done. He came down that escalator for the first time it is, the I think that he is said it's the way Think that he has all good and the worst own, that he has adopted in full, Yes, one can only compare it unfavourably too that take and by Joe Biden in those around him. I know that pain, some people listening to us, to hear, but job and has been careful every time ass. Have his law ass, was Nancy Pelosi this morning to say we will count every vote. We will find out who won we will proceed. Are you my argue at the margins. That Biden has been a little over confident that he kept saying it He shows one when all of us
The count it that he will prevail, but he's also been cleared This is an over and that he will wait for the process to unfold and that those watching should be patient and Donald Trump is done. The opposite. Donald Trump has from the beginning spoken as if it is a metaphysical or religious truth that he is one that has to be the case. But he has one. and that any indication or sign that he is not one- must be the product something nefarious. He has no point rendered a concrete allegation in talking but the court's he has in no case pointed. To an infraction. He is just assumed that he who- still have one because he's Donald Trump and from that presumption he has made positions, the simply
stand up if they did. Would be sitting here saying at the very least, let's make sure we observe the litigation for what is we should observe the litigation, even if the cases accepted have no merits as part of the system, but I'm not big There has been no case outlined cases I am trump I want to win. I must have one. If I didn't, there must have been an issue. You just get the impression that when he says legal votes he means votes for me. That's, not how it works, and I but he has done not only a disservice to the country with this behavior, but he does a disservice to his most loyal fans, who believe that he tells the truth,
and now have their heads full of ideas that don't stand up to scrutiny so Jim unfortunate that this was an inevitability. I think all of us would have strongly predicted that trouble ass. He wouldn't accept. Anyone can see never say: okay, lost, fair and square up. Take myself up. Does myself often me the next phase in my life. he's never done that in his entire life here. This is the guy whose entire life has been devoted to bending reality to his liking, to bulldozing critics. To imposing as well. through the sheer force personality. So If anyone on the shore, anyone did, although minors Is that the first draft of a statement here Wednesday morning to thirty am was much worse than than what they they got him down.
Which is still pretty bad, but he's never never admitted that he's legitimately lost anything, and this just goes to the presidency- is more than a collection of policies, its occupied by someone who disposed to be that the head of state of the United States of America and there there's certain expectations for behaviour that should come with that. Where you put your person feelings and disappointments aside and put on a brave face further the country and he just incapable literally people are getting out. I want to, Can I go ahead for Charlie Cook, because underlining read everything he said but their their cup? What the way we can tell that, the a majority of what Trump is saying is part of nonsense in an angry Karla tantrum.
I, before I go any further, but I dont, like Josh Shapiro, stated turn general Council being declared if all the votes are counted, Joe Biden is gonna win two or three days before the election, Eight attorney general you're not sure that the Democratic Party Pennsylvania, if you want that job run, for that one run for that job don't run to being. The guy was job of work, election law like everything but I've seen we saw, sisters in Philadelphia of who people both for right next to the door in violation of state law, but what Don't think anybody really like goes into appalling place in Philadelphia completely undecided presidential event. Besides, because there was a poster that was so closely, but it's against the rules, you suppose enforceable rights. I get all that, but we do. Mechanisms to deal with an election fraud and oh by the way right before the election. attorney general, your bar. What we're working with metal prosecutors, the public integrity, section district election after that most attorney's office,
The officials at headquarters- I know the evil ones. Now we can trust and because the deep state in all- he'll offices, the FBI, all the US attorney's office- bear their phones. There, emails there there you have evidence about fraud. We have evidence of somebody destroying legitimate balance. If you have ever if somebody manufacturing illegitimate ballots there there you'll get the state the trunk campaign really believes the election is being stolen. Then what Do you have to go to a court room and you have to stay to a judge who is doing what? Where and when in? detail and if improving the judge in a thick hey. This stinks This does look like a violation of the law. start issuing injunctions- surprise. Surprise. The trunk campaigners by large coming up empty, all their efforts for these injunctions, I will control the details with Georgia, Michigan Pennsylvania, everything, the case they go in there and the judge like this is hearsay. You don't have any real evidence. You not showing me anything
Pennsylvania, they said, look they're, not allowing our observers to observe the process then, later, under the public hearing this a well unarmed zero number of our observers are come on. Man. it also if the world really living in the pine narrow. What were you saying come on man on our radically just picked it up? Not when I view they neared the soldier. Man but just gone through Let us not look if you ve got the proof, Mr President, put up her shut up put in the courtroom. I don't we know it until a whole bunch of other folks. I decided, I think, that's good for their skipper. Brand. They can get alot of followers, get a lot of attention, their put it down social media, they're, gonna, cable news and shouting: hey guess what It doesn't have the authority to decide who wins, even if they can't call Arizona way too early your people, social they're, not gonna, be other. You know who can alter the process of what's going out the vote counting of judges,
and they're not gonna, let avenue which to me says this is all about. You know: Kickin Uptown, Stan and making a big show in, and you know scream at the UN because you tell your down at dinner towards the end of the game, said what have you followed one of their notions? There is that you had a unusual high turn out what continent basically impossibly. I turn out in Wisconsin, therefore that's indirect evidence that someone is making up. This is vote totals What's rejoinder too, that taught me Everybody knows. Balance should be connected to a person. So if you can burn you say I will. In any case we got the one hundred and five percent turnout, ugly old number registered voters. Ok, that's it, but remember much. These states have same day registration. So your total number registered voters the day before the election may not. Extra subtle number registered voters body and by the kind was
there cases stories, I've heard that do emit an odour or somebody ran, wanted said that somebody was a hundred Eighteen years old. It cost absentee ballot forearm provided ok that events in order that the best- keep in mind at this meal. Most of these swing states it we're talking about right now we're talking about five figure mark, oh I'd like I buy, I hold no brief for our great Democrats are, of course I believe, are capable of trying to bend. The rules are getting about. The mischief. Shenanigans are breaking the law, but you know Do it on a scale of tens of thousands are hundreds of thousands of boats. and by the way you really want to help it I'll drop. It not spend past four years, insisting that we really want the popular vote and its economic he came in voting California. What arouses excuses were and they didn't it. Billy begin his presidency with my crowded migration is bigger than I. you waste all of your credibility on these penny he pissed little fight that you don't have any credibility for them. but when it actually mouse,
it is also worth pointing out that the the evidence in Wisconsin actually vindicates trumps appeal rather than claims the voter fraud may have they registration that accounts for most of the discussion, and see the idea that this was unusually high turnout is not really correct. Turnout was higher in two thousand for than it was in this election. but insofar as election turn out was unusually high in Wisconsin, It was in rural areas, it was in the counties that Trump did well in that trunk flipped, in some cases Average county that so record turn out in Wisconsin Trump one by twenty points
whereas in Milwaukee the turn out went up. Only four send. So this really know dance of anything other than that Trump is fairly appealing candidate to right of centre voters in Wisconsin, as was made clear by is now lost them and that he did fairly good job in the closing days of getting those people to come out in record numbers Jim you had this kind of dismaying tweet from dying junior the night, equally calling out Linsey Grandma Glinda. Where are you we ve done so much for you and analysed, retreating at a tweet from some Trump entity. what we're watching twenty twenty four candidates. You better get out, there were keeping score and Lindsey, Immediately was on Hannity sexy
These are earth shattering allegations, which I guess it's true Allegations are really bad, but the earth has it shattered. The earth is in fact the there's, no evidence for them and then pledging to descend Five hundred thousand dollars to trumps legal defence You had tapped, crews, saying Philadelphia or maybe Pennsylvania, which meant that Spain is a whole Philadelphia particular Philadelphia is. You have had observed that reputation that elsewhere, the counsellors crooked as a snake. So I thank you, trump is gonna, bring his voters along on this notion that the election was stolen and think it can be very awkward for ambitious republican politicians. Thinking run, for president there they can have to go along with some very now this and by the way, what could even be more awkward hit the sack crazy to think that trumpets thinking about running again, so
if you're, in a bath, ambitious Republican, hoping to inherit the mantle of Trump ISM You might have to get around don't drop. This is your first order of business and twenty twenty four believe. We have plenty of time see how that develops, but I thought midway carnal statement, which was very telling earlier today, because Mcconnell, I think, he's been the most sure footed report. and certainly for his own purposes when it comes to tromp is never tramper is not always proper. He just wants to make the best they can of this the situation without anything blowing up over the last four years, and with this to denounce drum, they didn't worth anything that he said he just said you know, valid vote should count and endowed vote shouldn't, and but we should let the process run out and what what Take. My Mcconnell and a lot of all other elected problems will end up doing with this
craziness, that's not gonna go way. Am issues is not yet it could see. It keeps saying this for the duration of will first to say you know what, because said day today and then, if there actually lawsuits against interaction, disabled but the core. deciding to let a play out in the courts and then, finally, to say well, you know what we understand. Trump has real concerns about this and that doesn't accept it. But it's time to move on, by my bread. Pascal, he made a similar complained to DAWN Donald Trump juniors brow Pascal, he wouldn't be looking for escape about red around now when he know, other breaches of what they expect the yet you pick anybody Benjamin's grandma, Nicky, Hayley Tonker we're supposed to do it's going to change the vote counting process in the swing sites. this, was a similar, angry tweets Vista. You know, go onto a Fox news and down the table. A lot
that's gonna change. Anything right. When I wrote my jolted, I was like Stephen Toby as we hope this philosophy begin, with the end in mind what is it you actually want to do here? if it is what we believe the voting process is full of fraud and many, acting of illegitimate boats and maybe the destruction of legitimate boats, or something like that. Ok If you want to stop that, you have to go to a court room to prove it come on republican presidential candidates to come and save you count. If you're thing is what we just want to generate a lot of noise, we want to generate enough infusion enough cardio conflict. Of a sense of doubt in enough people's minds that maybe they think we could have won and lock these are for really close finishes probably gonna nags it made about you, I'm completely dismissal possibility, a border fraud, I was among those who didn't like the young over ballots, be found with our trump. Frank raced back in the Senate,
couple years earlier, washed and state as we're talking about margins where its Florida two thousand style margins, very useful. When Skywalker said earlier this week, we turn would look with which we want you to recounts in Wisconsin, and it changed a couple. Hundred boats that's probably would you can effect shrugged weeks for many. The state white regards over from getting lost your recount in Wisconsin, for example, when I lost my twenty thousand votes, they can do that. I don't think you should expect all Cars- twenty one thousand books for tromp that we know we forgot to count over here or something like that, but you're not gonna. Have that any of you, God, you, no smoking gun evidence of fraud, but then to a quarter of don't I'll go to by MRS Smet. Yoke suspicion is the Trump wants this narrative of he was stolen, Al Gore, after not widow after that, the two thousand count
when are you got what you know our Nobel Peace Prize and Grammy and Emmy in Genoa, every conceivable award for good groundwork onto our ally appear? One sure I hope is a happy life remedy ended up with this. You know the martyr I'll bet that I was this good- a noble person in those evil Republican stole from your trunk, maybe looking towards us or maybe look into Grover Cleveland Missing, and you know that he's gonna come back in four years. That country will admit that they were wrong and If, as everybody suspects, either Biden doesn't run for reelection- or God forbid, help me out of here- but you know something happens divided between now and twenty twenty four Europe against Kamel Iris and that's a very different kind of race than this one. Probably us poor, in here for one we're sponsors as weak act in line actualized, a flagship podcast the act, an the study, of religion and liberty dedicated to the promotion of a free and virtuous society characterised.
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The charter is digging a little bit more something you're alluded to earlier. This was quite a republican night. All things considered, even with a disappointment, at the top and let's revisit first of Senate actions. So, even though you are robbed even though you're the mantle of the prognosticate. It wasn't all in violation of their lessons can added up. I trust them at the top of his pipe gasped. I will give you cry: the Senate you're the only one, I believe, unless I'm doing injustice Jim now, who who thought Susan, how when in May I thank you. You have tell us losing in North Carolina. That's right, I think, are all the stood ready to Jim. Did you have that Jim to aggravate everything troubles winning stated in the ghostly when either and it did. We of Senate Republicans losing control
I said forty dying do you want. I think, because I believed that now, let's see, I said that Collins would win, gardener would lose. Stood win Sally was helpless, would lose Mc Sally would lose so hard That's right! I it at fifty fifty. so be it out another loss right because he had pickup DOW Jones. Yes, sir, did you ever Falcons holdings. I can't remember now Republicans losing where were you? Jim I was at fifty fifty I said men were, the Collins will be closely to loosen rank
smoking ever got to that. So they lose Colorado, got that right, so they lose North Carolina at this point, looks at you got that wrong with a completely wrong, so they lose Arizona that one looks right: keeps a seat in Iowa, corrects Montana, correct, North Carolina of South Carolina Correct, and I beginning both Georgia since that could not be. Fifty fifty Republicans lose both of those, but at this point, likely you end up with the thirty to forty, eight and I'd, say: My projection was a parasitic breaking laptop ass. I say I had them holding men by definition, and we also had yet that the Jurassic going to run off the Gratulation Charlie. You got this, sir. Wound with I'm without any recount necessarily I'd scramble for too, but this it's still, we don't know for certain Rang Mass Georgia, state now I guess, but it just seems as though what once trumped is is not on and you have to report
in Georgia run against the things bide would be able to do if he had a Senate majority. Its is, can be caught how can you say they losers Ray So you end up, and I think we talk a little bit about this last time, Charlie, you you end up with job items, pressing United States not to us this man, at this stage and his life with no ability to pass this agenda and, as so in their collective wisdom, the american people decided aright Democrats, in a way that we accept, we think you're straw, the Zaragoza doll from should be present, so we'll do that. For you side, we don't trust you at all with the power necessary to pass any of your more. Ambitious goals, Sir Public, has all the sire and Joe Biden will have to get by for two to four years. Work with a numbers? Seven year old, guy making,
really unsatisfactory of his reign. The Senate and make these really unsatisfactory legislative compromises enjoy in strange rich in ninety ninety nine and the European CUP final, much United verses by in Munich Manchester United won the game in the last minute was probably the most dramatic game of soccer played in the world, Fifty is certainly the most dramatic I've ever seen and the guy who went in to engraved coffee did so just before the game had finished. We came out onto the pitch the game? He said, I dont understand the winners are crying and the losers are dancing around and punching their course in the short period of time that he'd gone into engrave, the trophy majesty it's got to call the game and ended, and it was over. I was reminded of that free time I read in New York magazine or vocs or the New York Times, opinion pages or
logged on to any social media site. In the last couple of days, Joe Biden has won, the selection seems but I feel like it does it when progress this devastated the line that I'm hearing repeatedly is progressive is amiss done for a decade. We're not going to be able to pass anything. substance. We won't get a green new deal. We won't get the abolition of the filibuster, we're not going to be packing. The court we're not getting out Major Gun Control deal and that probably right to feel like that There are many downside. two Republicans losing the White House. but it seems from where I'm sitting that d- least the media dwelling Democrats
more vexed by what has happened in the last two or three days, then Republicans so jumped ship? Should they feel that next yeah I and the other is a good twitter, losing Michael Sharer of time, magazine washed and was now just look at the ramifications and said that, while you know you ve got Republicans keep Senate, which means, is you know, gotta keep filibuster, there's not would be a court packing, there's nothing to be in a green new deal, not gonna, be adding DC and port of Regos states and all these other grand ideas progressive that are happening. The boat right now in the house. I think the Republicans confirmed under ninety three seats for the really interesting thing: is it right now, the whole budget votes out there that have not been called. If you give em, if you give them every seat with their currently leading but tunic fourteen seats, for short, but you need to control the chamber
probably get all them, but you know you're you if you're never like what in ten seeds has been Fox NEWS told us in the Republic of Democrats will pick up five seats, Europe Obama Why did he really wild state legislatures Democrats, control, viewer, redistricting, processing, fewer states that they did? in two thousand ten, I mean real. short of winning the White House on a lotta levels. This is winning the jackpot. Republicans it oh by the way, we ve got six record justices depending on what Blue John Roberts in any given day. So look here. We affectively blocked everything they want to do and had tonnages laid out. All the ramifications of this is how much They did not always this not what they expected. Twenty? Twenty till you get the usual pendulum effect. The presence party using usually loses seats. There's a good chance. I lose the house. But the way wondering about the map for twenty twenty. Two
what's wrong with. You were barely double twenty to twenty twenty, but yeah. There's not a great forget spots in the Senate, Republicans grabbed defend? Tschumi seat, where he's retiring, maybe RON Johnson, was concerned. That is an open seed North Carolina that isn't that great. not yet to see barge in there, Oh you're, control, redistricting in autumn stomach, the opportunity for for the democratic slip to their fingers. I just that Michael share, tweet, laying all that out. Yo yo twitter. You can say you liked a tweet I love this tweet. I want to take it off a romantic weekend. That's how much I love is enough Democrats being done pointed end, Charlie David chatting us again, good observation. You'd have to be that old, a conservative to remember things being much much worse. Two thousand eight was much much worse. If your concern to box, Arguably ninety two was worse rise again like.
The bottom. What we're going to hit me with none about better days at the Clinton decline, it was sixty sunsets now now I'm so sorry happy. I met citys here so try. So how do you explain, as part of that is Trump did better than than people thought? The big element seems to have been just a reaction against the democratic parties. Again, and some things I talked about this year. And this is certainly how some moderate Democrats are it which- which we know from the Red out of this house, Democrat Conference, call yesterday or the earth dates or when matters for saying you you're killing us what why we talking about keep finding the please please stop. I think that's a lot of it
I think. Clearly, the mood is not ass, anti republican ass, Democrats believe a part of that is A flaw in the way progresses think about politics in history. that in some ways is akin to the waiter Tromp is approaching this election when he has to have one because he's Donald Trump. they believe that they will. We should win and that away. Didn't this time they will in the future and that, if they don't it's because someone was mean to them like James Madison by writing a constitution, I think that We are not in the sort of mood that lead to Clinton when a ninety two or to the Obama, when in two thousand and eight having said that, Donald Trump is not as toxic
as I had assumed. I should point out That is also not ass, good ass, many people think Rostova had a tweet watching these results come in. He just said what, if trumpet, tried what if he tried what, if, he had demanded of himself the rigour and discipline that he demands of others. We mentioned. those around him, calling on other Republicans to support him. I've note that you haven't tweeted about this senator careers. All remember that noticed that you haven't supported my. I founded accusation, Senator Graham all remember that you know
We ve seen a lot of this in the last few years. If somebody rights, a column about the President, that is, insufficiently supportive. There is we count in the programmes. Circles ass. If this going to skew the election And it's always accompanied by a recitation of the stakes and of the problems with the Democratic Party and the alternative, all of which I agree with yet the president has right from the beginning from the moment he One, the nomination, perhaps from the moment he sought denomination, been com, the unwilling to apply that same expectation and rigour. to himself Everyone else has to be perfect in their defence and promotion of Donald Trump, except for Donald Trump. What this election showed me is that the idea
that there is some inevitable relation of the ascendant that well by definition, The passage of time come to support Democrat, is wrong Florida Look at Texas Look elsewhere. It showed me that there are many many people out there who are bored and doorstep and put off by the creeping liberalism off the progressive l not just in politics but in academia. In Hollywood and elsewhere. It tells me that the republican platform is not an outlier It's not something that can only be implemented with reference to minority rule or by the frenetic appeal two are dwindling number of resentful white people, but it tells me that
Donald Trump much ass, he had insights that probably will benefit, the Republican Party in the future. Just wasn't good enough all prepared enough to take advantage of that and that's why, having got this many votes, he ended losing for every voter that he inspired. Who before was sour and Republicans or indifferent. He seems to have turned out a voter who really really hated him and in a loss those cases he didn't have to suffer go, let me get to our next sponsor today. The DC today today dot com, if you're investor, looking for daily summary the markets and keenly headlines affect your money sign up for the D see today that car brought you, but about a group,
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