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Episode 279: If It’s a Conspiracy, It’s Time to Prove It

2020-11-20 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Jim, Alexandra, and Maddy discuss the latest in the post-election fight, NYC’s school closures, and allegations against Raphael Warnock.

Editors’ picks: • Rich: Andy on the post-election litigation • Jim: Also Andy! • Maddy: Jim Geraghty’s writings • Alexandra: Jay Nordlinger’s piece on conservatism

Light items: • Rich: Getting a haircut • Jim: His son playing flag-football; his new novel is out • Maddy: Her soon-to-be-released Christmas single • Alexandra: Christmas and Advent

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you, dont black rifle coffee, dot com, promo code at our twenty four twenty percent off. Please check it out, what's up with Rudy, what's up with Sidney POW and how goes the present ever to subvert the election result plus? Should the New York City, public schools really be close, we will discuss all the more on this addition. The editors, Irish, Larry and Joint is always a really first time ever in this specific configuration by Alexander than the fact of matter, Mary Courage and the sage of authenticity.
Jim Garrulity, both Charlie and Michael, returned soon. You're, the thank you enough of your podcast excuse us at the your qualities, not quite enough, and this episode. We have to use different technology today for reasons I won't go into felicitous. You on NASA Review view that commentary putting directly on the corner of July to have you but it'd be easier for you and better for us. If you made it part of your feet, Atlanta, streaming services out there from Spotify to Itunes, like what you hear here. Please consider give us giving us a glowing five star review on Itunes. If you dont like what you hear here, please forget, I said anything so jam. We had a epic classic for all time. Press conference at the Aral Sea yesterday, around noon, Rudy, Giuliani and
it may pow where the star attractions is their setting out the path ahead. Further president, why still plausible he's gonna win the selection. They even had a map with the state, the marked in red. The trumps targeting in and will probably when, by their account and for approval. There came a Rudy with expanding the map. I think you talked about New Mexico and a mere surface is as well the radio out there, but Sidney powder clearly took the cake with her her allegation, communist designed election machines and software were used, a bath international Kirsty involving politicians of all strive to pay good money tat have this election software, election machine help them when as well. There is a vast conspiracy to steal what, with the Trump Landslide,
and make it into a narrow trump victory at rates question: why? If you could just better what the software and change result. Why you needed all the kind old fashioned Rigel about that Rudy talked about, but somehow I answer for this, which is that machinery and software was programme in advance using an algorithm, but the amazing from turn out broke ass. She sat Bro the algorithm, that's when had to stop the count in the dead of night and hall and offers a fraudulent ballot to get I know the top, what do you make of it? Well? rich outer about you, but I think I think we all learned a lot. I learned a lot hi among them the I should really let make sure that they, just four men, hair colouring before you begin there that they had the up before you had informed of television rights. Luggage is an embarrassment in December. the country was embarrassment, Giuliani, empower themselves. It was it
barristers trump campaign. It was a mere embarrassment to the president's visit embarrassment. Everyone who was involved and a private or why wisest going on? I obviously we know Europe is a sore leaves a sore loser and his ego won't. Let him acknowledged he's been defeated the longer they drag this out. This is gonna make a tougher for binds agenda because you know, if you're a republican lawmaker, it's very tough, to work with a illegitimate. Tragic president who was stolen the election from from tromp. This is you know, I've got. You have openly said that I believe this, but this is a de facto pay back for you Russia Gate allegations that hobbled trump throughout most of his presidency. and obviously guenaud debate Whether or not the New York Times is corrected. Rude Giuliani wants to be paid twenty thousand dollars a day. safe to assume regionally Ani is making a pretty penny from the Essen. He has every incentive to drag this out as long as possible. There is one other thing:
driving is why things went in there Increasingly bizarre action of this vast conspiracy involving not one but two voter machine companies, and one who verified them in check them out and said they were ok, which meant plenty of republican secretaries of state republican attorney, General's and governors and Allah. That's it look. We are conservatives and if you're republican, You are a precondition to believe that allegations of Democrats being up to no good of shenanigans, voter fraud, particularly in inner city precincts. We, Member of the stories of ballots being in the trunk of a car and Al Franklin's Senate race, in two thousand eight, we remember the two thousand for governors race with decent Rossi that keep in mind These are races, the came down to a couple hundred votes and that's what made the idea of the fraud flipping the electorate that result plausible that you Need to do. Tens of thousands are hundreds of thousands. You just need to fake a couple hundred
but I urge foundation, they have a pole, big documentation and if you were the most those cases, do find people who have been convicted for voter fraud or we're talking about a handful of votes here, take a bobbio, maybe dozen two dozen there you're not gonna, find thousand, which is the smallest margin. Biden had many these states and some of them again in Michigan the three percent of the total booked, so he wasn't enough to just say: oh in new certain precincts, they stuff the ballot box or they both harvested or things like that. We remember the ACORN convictions buck a whole bunch of years ago. Now they did have tens of thousands of votes that had to be fake. Thus they did this. You know the machines were hacked it's in the matrix, all kind of stuff. I view between being infuriated. This being exasperate? by this, and just being at a point where, like luck, none of this is going to change. What's going happen, binds still taking the oaks January twentieth end this is all just a you know:
harrassing show designed to our supper more donations out of people who been conned in an egregious fashion. Today, where, where I will now, you is, I thought of trouble lost. It be an ugly exit bill with graceful exit out before you of any incumbent, United States President ever in Cuba, Puber was mad, appear The crop would be at it totally different level. I he'd be saying the election was doin need. Never truly can see and say you glass, so surprised me, though, is awaited, makes back. Is that he'd do try to think about it and not your ear, the poor, the gates in which, most of which is ridiculous and privilege, and I feel that this is your points out now. If you think about fraud seriously,
heard decades. If there is broad I wanted to make those. I want the perpetrators to be prosecuted, if not a question but you're getting tens of thousands of proven. Ten thousand brought your thoughts, especially when the debate only election make that prompt strong in the rural areas from wiped out in urban areas. Luckily, better than twenty sixteen crop killed in the suburbs, which is really decisive, but I didn't think you go to this link and what are you talking about now at the flirting with now? I dont think it'll work, but it involves adopting states from certifying the election to get by electronic vote count down now. What a lot of misunderstanding about this you can't just if not just
question of getting by below seventy delivery, just not having stayed certify you're, reducing the overall number of appointed electors you just need a majority of those there's nothing magic about to seven thousand two hundred, and seventy just assumes that all the possible actors are pointed, but you can have a bunch of states five six days not certified and have Biden still ahead and electors, two hundred and thirty three to twenty two thousand three hundred and two it's so you need actually just legislators to go in an appoint doctors', even though by won the state and that's why I, as we speak about exactly sure when that's going to happen, but it supposed to happen sometime today, Trump is is What is the leader of the state Senate and the state House? Michigan yeah, it's pretty honestly. I agree with you. I don't think it's it's unbelievable. The links that
everyone around Trump is going to to kind of prop up and facilitate his refusal to concede. I I did sort of have the sense. It was never really seemed. Exhibit gracefulness and I think the main problem with him doesn't time those during the campaign that point sixteen campaign and then throughout his entire time in office. Is that he's just constantly saying the wrong thing, but most of the time, obviously not without exception. But I would say that the overwhelming majority of his time in office- it really has just come down to saying things at, and it certainly is damaging it's not a while. You know you can trust I can say whatever we want, so it doesn't matter, but a lot of the time. We ve seen the people around him kind of come in and make sure that the things you don't actually turn into really negative actions. Following thrown whenever he might be saying or ensuring. He gets what he wants or when he sang something false that somehow everything is kind of reconstructed around his version of crews are his effort to get what he wants by saying. Whatever he wants to, and I guess
I sort of thought that would hold true with the election, even if he was as acts, did I saw a loser even if it took him a while to concede, even if he didn't do so gracefully, I never really about changes. I suppose I was a failure of my own imagination or re ability to learn from from what I've seen of politics but really anticipate that there be such a large scale, effort to justify and and prop up what our assent baseless claims I am glad that both of you but german particular kind of laid out the fact that there has, of course, been voter fraud and I'm not I ve, never say There hasn't been voter fraud. If there has been any of these allegations are true or anything short of a smaller version of them idle to know that the american people deserve to know that the President deserve to know that, but the people who making those allegations ought to be the ones showing us. The evidence- and I haven't been doing that- and I am more than to believe that the Democrats would stoop to a lot of levels, but if you're gonna make these immense allegations about entire voting systems having been tampered with or dressed,
the atrocious allegations in and then present, essentially nothing. meanwhile filing these lawsuits for very small scale claims that might not even be true. Unbelievable and enforce good people who, in a probable, I've, seen things and amount to fish you behaviour or voter fraud, or things that make them just trust the system and then to have huge parts of the republican part. And the president telling them actually Was this massive systemic fraud? be really outrage people are gonna, buy that and I've seen people dying. People who are people of goodwill. People who are trying to find out what's going on their media sources are lined them in and buying into what the President saying and it just a recipe the absolute disaster. Your this, city power has been promising a crack and for a while now I think that the first time she promised to crack a more aware of was last Friday,
on new jobs and the speeches and promising this explosive evidence ever since they ratchet up with this urgency press conference and she still given it the Euro evidence, I saw, I believe, an interview today where she promised set there still the evident gatherings days and promised that to have some evidence of late next week, which I mean why these states are getting a certified by the answer that really that's really delayed, cracking release. You know that that's none of your time to release the cracking and tat a person who prides himself on the show Europe distrusting every piece of conventional wisdom being willing to believe and conspiracy theories. Could he thinks he believed TAT looked down on them and use that is the way to shut shut people up in US authorities had?
both segments and last night, but no you ve asked me pal, said: politely Sidney. I can see a little this evidently a heavy on. I have you the whole shop. I had the honour of the whole week: let's just go through all of it and cheap to provide anything yet I actually think that, maybe I'm just very cynical. I actually think there is a there's, a method to this. I think we know exactly what they are doing. They know there, they don't have the evidence, which is why there is the south of ITALY, but actually it's a technique used in debating sometimes known as gash galloping. It's when you basically say so many things that your opponents don't really have an opportunity to debunk some all actually the most affected. Thank you for your opponent to do, which is war. monsieur media or an aging is just to ignore. I not engaged, but if you think about this,
They ve said. There's multiple voting machine self rightly said its poor workers. Instead, they said it state attorney rose governor is even republican. Am I governors its judges who vote against? It is dead. People is everything, and I think this is like somebody going out and starting multiple fires, it's obviously easier to start ten fires and as Putin fires. But even if you say that you're not been engaged, as this is Sally. This has known since the fires are still Barney I mean half of Republicans believe this stuff. That's no insignificant. I think this is actually a strategy to do with longevity. I think this is probably more about twenty two for then it s about tweets trade think they know exactly what you're doing It is actually quite point to see people as strict as such,
coevals in Sydney pose obviously a smart person, and she obviously knows that that she doesnt have this evidence and, of course, unless you're gonna pull out something phenomenal. The last minute which case to discard everything, I'm saying- but I am I Very, very sceptical that, showing you say twenty twenty forty mean brain. You come back in twenty twenty four, as the martyred victim of this despair aim is, if not bring some time comes, bring Trump peasant back in some form, whether that stone, Junior or whether that say some some disciple of from two uses. This then and the political capital it will have accumulated. In the meantime, we saw this with the Democrats for years of that was Russia, Russia rationally, that that belief didn't just. go away in it, and it certainly that the feeling that tromp was an illegitimate president contributed to this urgency that we need to get rid of this guy, and I think that the somewhere thing
clear beyond twenty twenty four, so I as much as I completely agree. It's embarrassing and its nonsense. I think it say it's very couch. Heated, embarrassing nonsense. so further gems what you're saying rulers and then saying I'd be happy to believe that the whole action were keeping on a couple hundred boats and thought up here, I'll, say, ok and then in a bind will head by three hundred voters. I don't believe it. He thought you got to do a lot to convince me that that was the the fair, fair, our common and all those votes are totally legitimate but were at a political level, could we have an Pennsylvania was eighty three thousand vote. Now and again, it's a hundred, fifty thousand in Georgia in a much closer twelve thousand something now they did. They pick up some votes and the hand a recount, but let's talk about some of the many thousands of so many different
out there. Let's take a little bit personated dominion, because my standing and you look at all the stuff Mercosur is. I have to Dominion voting machines work. If you go on you, you make up a mark on this machinery. You indicate your choices and then the prince out a paper record of your choice. So if you were provided that comes out trumpeted notice, it were for dropped, came out by you, look at it, you notice, and then you take it to a scanner and you get it and there it is count and the advantage of this is you actually have to paper record. My understanding is the prior voting machine Are you adopting dominion the time around endured? It didn't happen paper record, though this allows you to go back and actually have the paper record and the mind to scrap and
with the exception of a couple localities that messed up, I think largely caused by human error. The count totally lined up so that the dominion conspiracy theory, which was totally impossible to begin with, should be destroyed by that the Georgian and count. But of course there is always a conspiracy theory that always some explanation. Rudy Africa yet is out. There counting the count again that the fraudulent bout yeah, but that's the way, did dances around there is that If you're saying, on the one hand, these are illegal ballots by people who aren't registered or who are voting for other people or made up identities, and they somehow got in these people to become registered. Voters like other stuff, and they all you do is recounting the ok. That's a separate allegation from this idea that machines are changing Trump votes into Biden Boats, unless, of course, they happen hands for the hand recount in Georgia,
If we it did, the Georgia recount is a really should like blood the water completely. Never it's worth recount had Biden ahead by about twelve thousand two hundred boats. trump made up about fourteen hundred votes during that recount. I'm probably count if we had enough time and money I'd be fine with recounting all fifty states and if you know- and obviously, if you don't want to do that, Then you should do it for any time. At its close, some states have automatic recount laws of them allow about candidates to request them. Reno. Look, I think it's not. It is a significant issue. Rather, to avoid the double negative, a not insignificant issue. But because of human errors, the other couple Republican, leaning counties that didn't count about fifty two hundred boats that one Did them that's where tromp picked up about fourteen hundred bucks? That's it that's a real issue, that's not something! We should just hand wave it away, but it is also really I a printout, spreadsheets and went through this morning before writing the job. There are hundreds
can I counties in Georgia. Fifty two upside fifty four counties had the same, totals after the recount me like Canada, totally correctly, twenty seven work This you know when they recounted realize they missed countered by one vote twenty six more counties did fibre fewer votes that be, above that fifty motorboat change about forty seven, her votes came from Floyd Fulton and when at counties, three counties made human errors, their bill, not something you should sneeze at, but large, almost the counties where either right on the money or right, very close, neither no evidence of tons of trump votes. That events over two Biden, boats or anything like that. Then dominion me for solar, twenty eight states, so there's you know include states Trump one. So there's, not any systemic thing of all. They were switching drop votes to Tibet. Joe Biden all over the place and people act like these counties and states just say
who wants to build as of avoiding machine? You know you, that's the guy, with the gives most down the street. You know like state localities ends and and colleagues check, the machine state affordable. Elections. Does all this right, MR instead regional state vision actions is run by the Florida Secretary of State Laurel. Lee was a former. distant. U S attorney former judges. She was appointed by Rhonda Santas, Rich, Oh hi, does this conspiracy go if right the scientists in on it right. You know, all of this is checked by the age S department, here is Chad will put as the answer to Donald Trump Rich. Rob? Is it on the conspiracy against rob? That's what we reached her I really like. First of all, those make the accusations have the duty to present the evidence to prove the accusation but the not burdens not on us to disprove accusations but cursory glance. I've noticed up by googling people.
Let rich know, but I'm not that greater reporter right see all this stuff. So, if I can do this, you can do this really no reason for anybody, believe it any this unless they want to believe TAT s what it is that, ultimately, the reassured by the idea that the cigarette smoking man is with their with a conspiracy theory, because then it means trumped in really lose back losing candidate. Nothing is ever their fault. It's all there, Look at the conspiracy unanimous fed up with it. the only think of the sea. You know how far they they push this electoral strategy, but it start out with talk, radio show hosting or to promoting at DAWN Junior. retweeting waiting at well. Tell me earlier this week now. That is a fact around trumpets. Pushing this were actually is one of our questions, and the absurd earlier in the week was whether trumpet pushed this an immediate. Like other professions,
like a hundred percent- and I naively again off again, maybe be perfect, but it you could you ve clearly there after this meeting is without the today there is, I believe, in democracy, I doubt that they're, their amended Pennsylvania suit, asked for this to be the remedy for, for a state legislature to select the electors. What is your view of this tactic? You have have a lot of people at announcing it as who do you think? That's that's an appropriate word. What do you make of it? I think it's honestly really shameful tactic, considering that has been paired hand in hand with and is actually being used as a kind of an antidote for the fact that the legal challenges. Don't have enough meat on the bones to actually constitute anymore, for change that we haven't seen. Evidence like I said, but with all mentioned
We haven't seen any evidence of the kind of large scale fraud that would constitute it would have been necessary to hand or steel the hand election, Joe Biden or steel, the election from open handed to Joe Biden and so in lieu of providing that evidence and actually making the case that there is this enormous systemic effort to shift the election from trumped, providing an either actually massive turnout for Trump that we're not seeing because of fraud in lieu of backing up that really outrageous and outlandish claim which, if true, we ought to have proof for it. We have to fix it. instead of doing that, they have decided that they're going to shift to a second strategy of forcing or requesting or pressuring legislator. into pretending, as if Donald Trump one in these states- and I think that's just- I dont- think it over but I think it's a ridiculous thing to do, and it shows that trumpet and anyone who is supporting him in this has
the wrong idea about what are our system exists to do in it? Of course, I dont want Joe Biden to be president, but I dont not wanted president so badly that I think it's worth a pervert the system to keep Donald in there and to the extent that it's getting traction which it is, you're right it does, I think, that's for two reasons. One is that a lot of people rightly thank and perhaps are afraid that Donald Trump and people who have really supported him in and pushed him in his most loyal. I guess polish, Friends- let's put it there- are people in the movement in the Republican Party down Trump going anywhere in those types of people. Probably have some power going forward will have some influence and so make people on the right are afraid that they will be about disloyal on and will be a kind of pushed out later honour target being sufficiently supportive of the Anti fraud effort I think. Secondly, you have a lot of people kind of on the ground. Grassroots try supporters even just sort of generic Republicans who get their media
places that are lying to them or are telling half truths. Jar distorting the facts, or or else and those people dont. Like Joe Biden, those people are familiar with actual factual cases of voter frowned happened in the past, their prime to disbelieve, the left and the during the mainstream media essentially pretend that it can declare a winner of the Electoral College, which is not the case, and so those people are sitting here taking what hey, maybe there's something to this, maybe it would just as you know, the actors actually voted for Trump in places where he really did win and we're just not being told the truth. Yes, vote Mary. How do you diagnosed ask us, I think part of what's going on is a natural reaction of a party moving across close election. And then there is a rule of law. I believe this week it had set our public as that. Trusting the outcome. Someone pointed out, I didn't check this out myself
and a tweet or an email should. Therefore, while I was exactly the same proportion of democratic, you didn't consider twenty sixteen legitimate the summit. It is bake in the cake, these kind of suspense, their their natural people. We know and love harbour these this suspicion. And the five out of understanding for that. But it's been taken to a different level by Trump and and by his his team, and I think that the reason why a lot of really good people a lot of really rational people give this credence is cut a breakdown where,
the credibility of the mainstream media, as we discussed over and over and over on his podcast has just been shattered for people rightly so, understandably, so we live at a time where trust in institutions is really well and we live in a time where there's been a small, the democratization of the media and sources vibration, a broad trend that I think is healthy, but obviously have downsized. Could you can go and marinate in your own reality and their side that this is exactly what's been happening, that the traffic for news max and gateway pundit have been skyrocketing. The election and the data shows a lot of that traffic boost come from stories about fraud, so this is people actively seeking out a bad information and believing it. Yeah. I think I think that that is the diagnosis I mean just to go by
something's on said, which is about to problem with media scrutiny. I have to say that when trumps first, making these accusations of voter fraud. I was really alarmed at the total la of journalistic curiosity. I mean granted its Trump granted he's very unique case in taking a sitting. President of the United States, just alleged booter fraud not one to ITALY, started investigate these claims, rather than then censoring Esau each other on Twitter, with that he was doing nothing where he takes it like two in the worrying all caps and they were so there is no stations coming up, seeing a official officials the dispute there something or our official sources dispute. This claim we think is Here- also an official source. In some sense, this is, is it very a strange, I think anything is two things are can simultaneously there's the breakdown and trust of mainstream media understatement.
Campaigns. Ah exploitation of that. Actually saw this in the press conference when Giuliani said, I think it will, but he said if that's not at this, isn't a headline tomorrow, the Euro no, what headliners and then these regions are disengaged cause. As far as we are concerned, this is all done and dusted and did not feed send to that suspicion. These people think we'll wait a minute here. Why? Why aren't we getting the facts? Why aren't We came to an end and I respect that Tucker Crossing made the effort to single. Ok, wait a minute you're clean voter fraud that's quite serious charge that we want to hear banks it what's your evidence. So yes is a big data on both sides. I think he asked, I think that's were from books. Have a really good point is one that the media, the didn't put back against the efforts, the legitimate the toys directive,
After they participated them in them actively for years and, of course, Albert you're, different circumstances really close in a five hundred thirty seven votes or whatever it was important to thousands of workers election that could swing, depending on what counting standards and where you went to the count boats they gave I got a lot of running around the challenge that that election and in two thousand is just the fact is that at every indication- and happily will change my mind based on the evidence, but every indication is at the trumpets, doesn't have the goods here in a gymnast on the select your scenario, I don't know how much you look into this. In my understanding of talking to to elect
college guy yesterday, whose added at the publication that a high publishes called after the people vote, because I heard a different other sang and minor standing is, if there's a rival flight of all actors, the EU to the fate of workers. Often they go to Congress, which sets jointly to consider the actors and then, when there is an objection, they go off separately, the House and the Senate Separate and they vote separately. on whether to accept the objection, so you could easily have a scenario I should say easily, but there there's a plausible away, get arrivals, inflatable actors, there's an objection to the trumpet weight at their bid, objections thereby played as well presumably and the house
I go up and that the House rejects the trumps weight and the Senate and official happen. Could I dare not republican food objected go down this route, but a dairy fund it could the except the Trump plate at that happens. According to my letter, a college guy, then the deadlock is like mechanism for going on with the rest of the vote of the Electoral college, should no one would get majority, no one would get it to seventy and you get stuck and. that that would be the scenario nap diplomacy I become president of the United States, then there's the scenario that black people loosely talk of my mentioned earlier. If you get blow majority that granted a house in the house, votes by state delegations and Republicans have more say, delegation, so Trump wines, but there is a misunderstanding of the. As I said earlier, it is not.
getting it blows. Two hundred and seventy you need to have neither of them have a majority. So the two hundred and sixty nine two hundred and sixty nine Mario goes to the house, but if, if anyone's that, had the electoral college electors I haven't thought that long and hard about those particular scenarios rich in part, because I maybe I'm not easily believing that there are still enough republican state legislators in state like Michigan, who no matter how much tromp said this is a test of loyalty right. This is, if you dont vote the way I want you will be my enemies list forever, who would still Ok, I'm going throw out the election results and throw out. All of those are my invalidate all. That's too often, ineffectually disenfranchise everybody who cast a ballot in my state in the year, twenty twenty that road. But I do note Wretch that this is the year
we twenty and of the The slogan has artificial slogan has been anything that can go wrong will go wrong sigh suppose we can't will it out. That's now, if I do something you didn't, into, but I do think we could be a factor and we, Look out a bit in that there is a thirty six electoral though there between or or the other Biden has, this kind of cushion between ten faithless electors in twenty sixteen election people may remember that you know because the risks People were freaking out about the possibility of triumphant email action there. All kinds of people like you, ve gotta, get Publican electors to vote for Hillary Clinton noted your good as states in your hands. Save us YO, Adam, a bunch of that The credit party electors actually went Roque. What your three presidential boats for Colin Powell D, faiths, spotted Us Eagle.
Sanders got one with war and as a vice presidential, one than one in ten excess. Whatever John K, sick and Ellen voted for on Paul Nelson since Spring Court is upheld. The rules that include punishments for rogue electors, but I kind of feeling this our culture of narcissism and just like p being naughty, makes being a faithful, electoral, more appealing I'm gonna. Yes, I swore an open. I would support the republican nominee or the democratic nominated I've decided. This is my moment to tell America what I think, because everyone cares, and I think that is possible- have a bunch of those Dont be glad enough to swing the election, but more where we're really lucked out the media have other Bush verses Gore and it comes down to seventy tutor to sixty eight or something like that, because I think you'll get more than a handful, despite the fines, despite the very steel effort states have made today
courage this and at some point the steel they're. All of a sudden. What seemed like a cupful by led might not be so comfortable if you get another ten people going going, Rogan gets away. His act question first to use then we'll the Trump team succeed in getting any state either not certify the election at all or to appoint trump electors. Yet for now. I think no and that's just because I think getting either of those results be contingent on producing evidence of a really serious part set of bombshell allegations that they have yet to to give any evidence for, and I can't imagine why they would be waiting so long unless they just don't have it that it and ass he knew you'd Gary.
Extraordinarily unlikely? But if they do, it will be followed by violence. Violence on the streets. I say yes, I think, by any reasonable analysis. The answer is no, because that this would involve state legislatures. define their own election codes, defying the will of their own state and expressed in his presidential about that now, would you don't? Every state has been variegated and the company was certainly had ample opportunity to pursue to produce evidence. The widespread ball haven't Brcko say asked that this hasn't tell me that their everything gets worse and look. The possible outcomes are what what we usually get further flying, and I said so much
colleagues and say no and on that happy no procedure about happiness, but here from our first part, through this week, like some bread for several years left several decades planets and put up a fine dissidents speculating about the evangelical vote. Yet identifying a distinctly evangelical approach to politics is notoriously hearts define when one begins to explore. The actual diversity of opinions from even job was on politics and policy. The data on does ample characterizations two persons. Even job was an american politics but in the best of Christianity today serious from Maxim press, explores the nature of your java political thinking today by compiling editorials and articles from the back pages of Christianity today, the evangelical movers flagship publication rewrote.
I would see even jockers partisan reactions, the major political events such as the assassination J K and Martin Luther King Jr, Watergate WAR and more from the past years. In addition, other chapters afore the evangelical taking on religious, clever communism, nationalism and much much more groundwater. The foremost historian, a program called those citizens this day. reference for understanding the inner capture? A while ago, largest and most influential christian traditions of modern times learn more in order visit, but some press dot com net, l e ex ate a breath, tat complex, impress, dot com, please check it out so merry this week we had the nursery schools go to remote learning. This was a classic
Andrew Cuomo build a blood you operation, where are you had Andrew Cuomo is held up as a hero and called the covered law. Thirdly, because the how pretty good press conferences at a press conference, brow, beating and insulting reporters or ask him a governor, he asked Let open tomorrow, you sure they're to do tomorrow, the standard is three percent inveterate in the city and its really close to that. What are you idiot? What you're about, and they went on wrong like this, and I believe that the president is certainly going to tomorrow closed for The dinner roiling debate about not just near city. What goes around the country so central to the question of whether schools open or not Will you make it? Yes, so skills shut in March? I think we ve been shot membership for most of the year and to be reopened, which was a big step. I think this is a business
and I think the people, making this decision even seem to realize it's a mistake: the three percent threshold doesnt, really make sense to be honest, and it doesn't make sense because we know that children and young people are at very low risk from covert nineteen, and I do understand that there are concerns about transmission than all the wasted, but those concerns exist. Regardless of whether their whom or whether there at school and the one thing we can be really sure of is extremely bad for chosen to have their education disrupted. In this way, we have what we know of cancer, I do actually interviews. I chose psychologist for I for your line. What we know is that they need that's just as the see need that routine, and this becomes more True, the more so economically can the children are- and this, of course that's decision in Europe more most adversely affects I
nickel, to public schools, because private goes consults, the open catholic source can still, and other elites goes, can still do their own thing. I saw that is just as just really a very very bad decision has Long term consequences is well aim that were experimenting basic. ex. We don't. We don't know the long term effects, but we can we can have. It gas and we know that the aren't good. So I think this is just very depressing and hopefully of labour a not last very long, but who knows what these guys here Jim there, this disconnect between the city, wine faction rate and then section rate in given what we know about, which is much much much lower. Yeah. First of all, the? U S, centres for Disease Control Prevention said the camel, guidelines for schools and Intel schools exactly what to do this it look. This is how we see it. One of the things I said is rising below five percent represents the low
Level of risk of significant transmissions, schools, but ass, I said anything blocked one. He you're still considered equal lower risk of significant transmissions in schools. When setting the statewide limit was at nine percent, so you have some sense of what medical experts think. is an acceptable range New York City, police selected, three percent, which is the lowest rate in the entire country. Now begin with a generous little caviar here. This is the yo. These are top decision, see you you re you're running the largest public school system and the country you dont want anybody to get to the girl fires. Kids are generally at lower risk, but not zero rescue or something I had that. Does that serious outbreak of other immune systems and yet computers who are probably immunity, compromise, terminating, a high blood pressure, diabetes or some other factor that makes them at risk for the so I look it's understandable, Bilbil and herbs about this, but everybody can indeed
city and the entire country, the entire world, caught in the same boat, a figuring out how to do the job they were supposed to do. While this pandemic is going on, and as far as they don't be laid out by multiple sources, including my colleagues looked at this is your kids are not thriving by staring at assume screening for five or six hours at a deck grown. have a hard time doing this online schooling is a really sub par substitute, maybe we can live with it as an in case of emergency brake last sort of thing for short stretches, the most of these kids. Now schools closed like MID March last year, Didn't we open for the entire school? You? Ah, only one hundred some thousand students in New York City had to go to remediate adequate a summer school. For a reasons because, surprise, surprise, kids, don't learn is Well, when there staring at a screen all day and then not interacting with their peers, are not interacting with there teachers? Nobody knows. You probably know that point out that as much as I'm always up for knocking around the teachers, unions like up and yadda therapy
two teachers who don't like this there about you, teachers who miss being in the classroom and who realize they do their jobs better, They are interacting with students face to face in person. Stools have enacted all kinds of preparation they have. The kids were in mass, they put it, they ve, mostly nursery schools, are doing no more three days a week there, alternating their herb, has been told him. Their hands there they're doing all the proper steps from the New York Times. It's earlier this week that they once a month- and nobody comes in they test for anywhere from ten to twenty percent of this war, students and teachers and read testing since October has produced a positively rate, a point, one seven that is not saying seventeen percent, that is, Saying seventeen one hundreds of one percent we're not seeing a huge outbreak in the schools. Are we seeing higher rates across the country? Yet do we need to worry about that? Yes, we need car, how
this on our radar screen, but look not having the kitten schools will damage to them and you could definitely emu. We did. The three percent threshold is almost comically love. You can raise it by a couple: perceptual, it's not gonna, it's not gonna hurt anybody and the other As we know, forty percent of these folks are gonna be asymptomatic. You know vast majority of to recover just fine Could we end up having put a brake on a particular school? Maybe it makes sense to two cloves that particular school You're making clearly a decision. That is that I can't tell whether it's done to placate teachers, unions or whether its They fear of lawsuits, but whatever it is. You're not put the kids interests first, and that is problem DE the one that was widespread and avoidable, really bad consequences of this pandemic. There was once a year
the union's kick the teachers unions around like a yadda as as Jim I referred to earlier, it does seem to be a huge factor in these debates. Where I saw something the other day that there were the teachers. Unions are strongest, as are worth school systems are likely. A school districts are like this not to be have incurred. an instruction add, is have been very, very instructive they ve already knew, but for the teachers and schools are about adults, not about kids Yeah. Absolutely and that's something I've been thinking about from the beginning of this pandemic when when no, there are questions about whether schools ever gonna start again in person after they were first getting down in and most of the complaints were coming from, teachers, unions and most of the sort of government level moves to keep schools closed, we're coming from, like and places where teachers unions, where the most powerful or are from politicians who are clearly
much more entangled with teachers, unions, mostly Democrats, better. I think it's just kind of comparable to me that people would insist on our teachers would insist on continuing to teach reassume when this is evidently not the right way. It's too be learning when there is such a low risk and there are people out there, there have been countless of thousands of Americans on the front lines of fighting this pandemic, doing all sorts of things that are a lot more dangerous than standing in front of a classroom in a room full of with masks on wearing a mask yourself in teaching them, So many of these teachers unions are insisting that teachers must be able to stay home and teach the zoom, because it's just far too dangerous and that's that simply not the case. I think we're we're witnessing this situation where cause so much of responding to the pandemic and keeping it under control is in fact out. control and very much out of the control is even our our leaders and our government. We ve seen so many he will respond, and particularly democratic leaders respond by attempting
control, absolutely everything, including all these little details that really are do much so like we had in. Cuomo. I guess over the summer a couple months ago, insisting that you can't order food you can order a drink at an outdoor restaurant unless you're sitting down and if you're going to order a drink. You have to also order food and chicken wings, don't count as food, so you have to order a burger, that's unbelievable! That's not affecting the transmission rate of you order, chicken wings, or there is a real meal. That's not actually doing anything to contribute to the spread of disease and wearing now sets out you don't we shouldn't have to wear, masks and our high we have experts telling us now. They're, gonna, try and force us to wear masks in our home. Controlling these details, including this school, closer is actually not the biggest contributor to affecting whether or not this disease continues to spread, and I think people are just very resistant to looking at the flip side cost of these types of cover directions, enclosures, which includes, being there
very bad for children, men, especially that the least well off children, for the sake of, I think, pretty much looking like you're doing something and then avoiding possibly the lawsuits that you think you might say, spoke schools have not been the biggest. This disease. We have contingency they're, not that the primary cause of date. This car rising again, and so the idea that shutting down is going to be a real solution of some kind, I think, is ludicrous. according to you, close schools will be the norm as the fall and winter progress across country. I think I'll play out state by state soothing, democratic states, her brow based on the hate you ve been so far, will be more likely to do that, but I do think we haven't. You ever seen the last of them So, yes, I think this is going to be a frequent policy thing, similarity
Unfortunately, yes, but my perspective may be shaped by the fact that authenticity would schools are treating the pandemic like it's a potential snowstorm, then will closures be the norm yesterday? I think they the especially in the places with the rising case counts, but I am hopeful with no first way. the vaccine in the next couple months, fingers crossed and kind of continuing to see that private schools have stayed open, haven't, had huge profits might color tat down on the strategy a little bit Cyprus. answer. Clearly, yes, it will be the norm with that, but here from our second sponsor today that easy today. Dot com, if you're an event for love for a daily summary. The market and tv news headlines affecting your money sign up with a deeply today. Darker brought you Bob and group, and our friend David Byrne. Deasey today is simple.
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so then about the a week or so ago had our republican operative one of clear, both Georgia. operators who are going to run off to tell me. Well, I thought the at the scene, the the a file on Warnock? And you know it's not spectacular, but let me tell you: it is pretty good there there's some good stuff. There have now learned that, indeed, was true. What do you make about? What we ve learned to up worn ox wretched last week or so one of the interesting things about covering elections for a few years now, watching campaigns. Is you kind of get you to getting these emails with the o shock area. Horrible democratic thing than you kind of skim, the content of what was said in its like you know, not great I disagree with, but generally pretty at It comes to Warnock pretty much every piece of information I've seen since this race became part of the mainstream new cycle, has actually been
He agreed Jesse said a lot of really crazy things, and it's unbelievable to me that I was unaware of any thus during the regular. earlier this at first round of this election before it went to run off. I haven't really the foreign occupies kind of political, nonentity. Or a pastor and patent run for As before it to my knowledge, but suddenly burst onto the scene, and he has a lot of baggage, including having been very friendly, with passer germ by right, having made a lot of anti israeli Anti. I would argue kind of anti semitic comments, just really frightening things and his background that have not come to light at all in our kind of filtering out Gets interesting because for speaking for myself and I think, a lot of concern I have expressed a similar sentiment. Kelly, lawful not be you're sort of first choice to be going into a run off race right now, especially with the fate of this hanging in the balance. There are a lot of republican politicians. I like more than her, but can be. To what we're talking about. I fell or not. I think it's a pretty obvious
choice and inches pretty come from norm run of the mill politician compared to his background said Jim? How do you think this Warnock material impacts worries I think, if you're, a Republican, you're feeling better about that and by the way I gotta give credit to I assume state republican Party, and maybe I do not know whether the lawful campaign and Collins as well access to this, but holding their fire and not using it before that. First round of voting in it looks very wise, looks very Because one, if you'd have done at a couple months ago, would have had time to get used to people hearing these sermons or something and now with the presidential baby. President Uribe dying diversely Georgia still, but I have a lot of attention and would help if the new State Republican Party was not in a civil war targeting all the fire, their own secretary of state will be helpful, but that, having been said,
You keep in mind the pretty us off re stay. They were both getting almost the neighbourhood of two point. Five million votes write us often produce got two point. Four six million be beat us off by eighty. Eight thousand, almost twofold percentage points That means got this locked up put him and he went out just short of that. Fifty percent per cent I'll threat, old and he's these Phil him pretty got that more challenging. One is that we know that open seed, rape where it seemed like everybody in their brother was running but there is obviously a very competitive race between Collins and laughter, could recognise Warnock Stu bunch of you know no name, Irving Schmid, lap Democrats had one point: six million, it's actually a good eight hundred thousand fewer people than. They were voting in that other right. So you look at that all the things being equal, the Republicans would have an advantage have a great history in Georgia run offs going back up. Two years ago, with the senator state, you're gonna get the entire world focusing their political
tension on the site. It, oh God help you. If you live in a job to television station broadcasts area, because you're going to get see nothing but attack adds to now in early January. But all in all you, if you don't pay if you're a and now you ve got some stuff that you can use, to define Warnock has not just this. You know. Always you just got a Democrat. No he's kind, a weirdo, no easy Scott unsaid, stop its controversial all the time you do that guy in the Senate, I'm not so sure. So I think this is good stuff. I think it'll be effective, nagging doubts about what the state of the dinner of the Republican Party, as was level of the Republican. Enthusiasm? you don't we had a nice simple, keep the Senate republican message going and I think that each day spent on the election stolen. The machines are controlled by Skynet are gonna stuff. Now that helps with republican enthusiasm. For that genuine rough. some, how locally damning do things the Warnock staff should be
I hate to disagree on, but I, but I actually think that, precisely because of the region, Jim gave, which is that their gnp have a good hope in Georgia enemy and have had got on. Historically, I think the overplaying their hands that I come across coming across visible, to a greater, I have to say I was fairly underwhelmed by the stuffing and I understand that there were safely things I would fain become problematic, for they would. I dug Dana, let wounded, I looked in the context of it. It wasn't actually quite what he was. He meets two he did. These were same date. So, for example, he said one point: nobody can serve God and the military, but then he also said you can't see. I've got money, The court Gordon Mountain its into so as if by serving worshipped, then I think that most questions which put faint that clearly and problematic Elsie said stuff asteroids. Making it clear
ass, we meant always lay the anti Semitism stuff is, is complicated, but we have seen that weapon Ized against people and ways been slightly overdone in backfired, but the biggest concern for me as he obviously as it is a black politician and report back like spike automatic. We appreciate the furthest from the DMZ a bit, but I do I do not want to do it. What is one of the most interesting things that I had not thought of? I told before the election was the religious waved because we tend to think of the religious right. We you These are people who are serious about their their faith in these people who care about police ashes, and so for that is true, but what was, interesting. Is that Trump got the catholic food by affecting point margin, whereas again I guess biting, whereas he hunted by thirty three points, harry, so we we ve seen this shift and its Christian.
They tend to see their religion eyes, Part of broader issues to do with social justice, nor is it I think that an It can be a mistake to two sources: ITALY deny or ignore that record just because in its this news, phenomenon of people who- and I mean people- we let go to church and considered themselves actually active in there. And Dame. I do. I think the fact that work has made fate central to his politics. is a better the shield and that a being being strategic debate it. If I was going to attack him, I would maybe do less bluntly. Andy, but did you know who knows maybe maybe I'm being very tragic, listen I'm betting. Reading too much democratic hundred back then asked questions. You Republicans will win both georgia-
races in January, one of the Georgia Centre. This is an January or none of it is that Iraq is in general. I think the windows yogurt. Often about Peru unless conflict about laughter, and it may just be that she's not that great a candidate. What you're asking what, though, in one now. Mary Clarence. I would say that do though, when one, but I wouldn't be surprised if the one too. I guess Then I went to, but I am really worried about peace, races, there's one the shine trendy analysis either he's a real power politics. I perceive it
on the corner. Just say that these are pure topped up and we can- and I tend to do this, but he had totally discount bide, went by one Georgia and their that not necessarily just a product of the aristocracy of drop it, sir. It's a symptom of the Georgia has been trending and just this contention over the legitimacy of the boat is they really harmful, candid think it worth less than by by early January, but it's a real concern that I say both but would not a lot of help, and so before we go let's hit a few other things so Jim Gary you had a epic flag, football way off game down and authenticity. Woods
indeed rich and if I can get through this without actually using my son's first name I'll be triumph are at so. My younger son, he has talent his ten, the planks like football, not to end patch, not to ensure And he's pretty he's got some talent, but he doesn't like doing things that he doesn't like doing so to speak, we just got a lot of effort into what has been a very up and down season last weekend was the play. fourteen may the playoffs. His team is one of them and stayed, they're playing in the first round, had clobbered them the last year because its kids, I think it was like sixty two nothing buskins was actually Somehow some way, my son managed not catch your first to get one touched out in the first half and they heading into overtime, tied, twelve twelve, because no one can make an extra point. and somehow some way in overtime. He catches it there's a whole bunch of defenders around a nobody manages to get his flags. He jukes. He shifts
its into the zone and I am going bonkers on the sidelines. I am what we're about I've zooming through my phone, so that my parents and my brother can watch the game, everybody is thrilled, the my younger son has managed to take bring his team to an unexpected shock victory in the player at last that you have you have thirty three thirteen with everything else for one involving not to touch her at the touch I'll get a call back, but the now build out with great they are clobbered again have to kick like, would yet kilos no, they can do a they put the ball and, like other colleagues, will only five yard line for one extra point or the ten yard line fora for two at its prey Did anyone neither what is possible? Ok, guy So then you really let loose the fear and allowed yourself to start Crispin Christmas Abbot early,
I have a knife, usually didn't you know, I love Christmas time and I'm really tempted to break out the curse of music before thanksgiving most years, but I forced myself to hold out typically As for us all, as Catholics we saw focus on Advent S kind of a season of preparation, so it shouldn't be kind of this. Full out can increase time attitude before it's actually Christmas day, but on top of that, something just kind of special about the season nephew. Let it bleed forward into even kind of the day after Halloween. It seemed like I take something special out of it, but this year I've decided we all need a little bit of special. We need the Christmas trees, we need three we need this applies. We just need all Christmas music, which just been a tough here for all of us and obviously in India. And smaller ways of putting on circumstances, but I am fully okay with allowing Christmas cheer to start early son heading to target later today. Upon some decorations and trust get going if you so the question I've been waiting,
since the last time your onto assets, have you finished RON turnout, Grant biography I have not have you. Now I dont have caught you, but I made some private, like I'm in the five seventies mad young about seven hundred, but it's slow going as I'm I'm a multiple books at once readers. So here I know you said I know how you do it. I'm a little adventure did that. even though I know that the presidency them that the civil war pay them a little anxious outside had begun getting a little bit more about the president section sets. I had hoped that Pinochet, as in the not too distant future but upkeep you updated dramatic manner. I will actually it's funny designs lay. I am being that she can't wait to get stuck into Christmas because I, the written Christmas so which came about as a result Christopher. Yes, this is this
the bedchamber self promotion. But if you will indulge me I will, I will tell you how to care about. So last do you not think it is safe, no, no, don't! Ok! I can do that. You haven't supervision to play on the editors when its released vital, but in any case last day, last Christmas or in the run up to Christmas, I was invited to sing scottish concert happens every year and you Can the Americans want this kisses got the factors from brave heart come come on, Jason readings in goblet broadwing sessions every? I had written a concession for this which whisper arms, and then I intended to me into a music video finesse Christmas, like I found some it when I was back in Scotland and then called it happened Andy- and so we had to me in the producer, had to kind of goodbye recording their snow, the instrumental parts remotely which way which was a challenge but aim, but we,
well, come together on day and its well I'll see watch this This centre will commit to natural day of release. Is there still a few things to sort out, but there will be a music video it'll be available on Itunes, sports find stuff so and so exact there. You go this my Christmas gift to you ass, an early merrily. You got her figure stable, stopped motion that reminds me that GM is really fallen down in this this area, because he has a novel out and on it, maybe maybe mentioned at once. I know that you must know what's Jim, but to give you I should take ninety seconds and tell us about hunting for horsemen. That's that's, oh, you are hunting for horsemen both for small. Thank you, wretched yeah. I've been out I've despotic ass. I tried to be no keep it in check. hunting for horsemen is a sequel to between two scorpions other thriller that I wrote a few years back: hunting
horsemen is set in the immediate post, your antivirus pandemic world, where the Danes click a small team of CIA operatives who like to ignore the rules and occasionally kill people outside of the recommended parameters, hears about someone who is offering them. Stability to genetically engineer- a virus to target one set of genes. A technology that is a very real. I assure you thrills chow lots of certain comments and an ending that will love and ending as for every die hard fan of these books great, was Then then that you're not attack. We haven't songs that written any new novels would pathetically trying to read someone else's We cannot and do not support the. So I got a complaint but what I need is a first world problem innovation complaint about, but when I saw him and had an old go to get a haircut at this, this gap in his place, doubt the recommended me internet be really good and Jappy folks here.
the really answer service that they want to give you this besides have, after that, a haircut Why did I heard that is what they heard that you want to get in and out as quickly as possible? I want to sit there and the chair read a book or regret. I thought you were never get out, but every time They know I dont without you, they'd be offended and they want they gave in and I had. well massage. But anyway I went to a different places. My second her cut down my wife and replaced by their knew nothing about it and they ve been cutting my Are they going to do to go in this year before I knew it? I was in the myth that is like really elaborate had massage like. I don't want that you now we ve got they put the like menthol they like do on your add it out the major ports hurt but I had this dilemma- is actually in a rush. Legitimate right. Have you to produce a bigger, but is it seems, a rude like people I believe this is the third railway package,
and if I get that the major attracted displayed like there's a guy stand, awaiting him lie out, died in a totally different I had always met amazing no sword by her anyway. So at that time, in the part cast for our errors- pigs, Jim Gary, would you pick well? I gotta pricks almost around a lot for my colleague the really good work these days, but I may go with any Mccarthy who is and really a reliable voice. When evaluating the legal arguments we ve seen in these post election days, his peace in our work, but upsetting still day ago, checkmate in pencil venue for the front campaign. Look any Mccarthy wrote be Trump. Yes, at a total, I trust any Mccarthy backwards and forwards, and it's not just the jets Van. He knows this stuff, he is fair minded, he is clear minded, can a blow sunshine. Anyplace sunshine should not be blown
add what he writes. The you know, realistically speaking, a legal battle over twenty twenty election is over. You can't put an plainer and then in car. Stop. You know going to give you a knee jerk reaction, he's not going to spend yeah he's not going to he's going to call him. If you see something- and it's clear, it's fair minded, it is accurate. insightful and its everything we come to expect from Andy. So a really for peace, I'd recommend everyone. Then your pick, it is pick is Jane nor layers. Peace from the latest issue of the now show print magazine. It's our posts election addition. An J has a piece about what it means to be a conservative, the meaning of the word conservative and and is typical style, as gets kind about a clever way of looking at what the post Trump Republican Party, what posts, Trump conservatism, might look like medical just gents general election coverage, which I find incredibly helpful
explaining the nuts and bolts and also the thing I really upset about. Jens reporting is that he's a man of great and- and I think that shines through- and so I was, I was trust his opinion. Whenever my parents asked me, what do you think that Why is it I was sent them with gems article inciting yet definitely an election. and follow from that. I think in doing a great gray job well done, Jim Jim Jim took my eyes is Annie Stuff, on the election class again D. He knows more about this stuff than almost any other commentator out there completely prolific. I figured Couple days years been violate your three pieces and completely of calling on the way you see them, even though the latter people very upset with him over what he is saying, but it is invaluable. and courageous work, so appear that brought even listen to
Sure you podcast anyway, broadcast retransmission account of game without the express written permission. of national you magazine strictly prohibited part gas has been produced by the incomparable surgery the sound better than we deserve back in January. you then. Thank you marry thanks to let some press and defeat today, dot com and thank the specially to all of you for listening where the editors and see You.
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