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Episode 284: This Ain’t It, Tex

2020-12-11 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Jim discuss Texas’s ridiculous lawsuit, the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden, and the Democratic outcry over General Austin.

Editors’ picks: • Rich: Ryan Mills’s piece “The Data Analysts Who Believe They’ve Uncovered Widespread Illegal Voting in Georgia” • Charlie: Jim Geraghty’s post “Is Biden Just Picking His Cabinet Nominees at Random?” • Jim: Andy McCarthy’s recent pieces and posts

Light items: • Rich: iPhone woes • Charlie: Little Einsteins • Jim: Christmas specials

Notes: Jim’s Hunter Biden timeline

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first month of the coffee club, again black rifle coffee, dot, com, promo code and are twenty Texas against the world, Release gets Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia. Hunter Biden under investigation add another former general proposed ahead? The Pentagon will discuss all this and more on this addition. The editors are much lower. I am doing, is always are least Muslim, by the right. Honourable Charles see W cook and the siege of authenticity, Woods Geraghty by competent authorities, or turn soon you listening to a national view. Podcast are sponsors as weak. Are black rifle coffee and the carcass room dot com more about them?
in due course foolishness, podcast Alnaschar view dot comically directly on the core, We were delighted to have you but you'll be easier for you and better for us if you made as part of your feet at any stringy services out there from Spotify to Itunes. It but you're here, please consider giving us a glowing five star review on Itunes. If you dont like what you hear here, please forget, I said Anything so Charlie, we got the big one before the Supreme Court, at least it's still for the report. As we record here On Friday afternoon about twelve twenty five eastern taxes has petitioned the court block the electors from four battleground states near they are somewhat narrowly one by Joe Biden, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia. What do you make of it acknowledging at the outset that it is before the super,
caught in the sense that they say asking the Supreme Court to hear their case. There is a great deal of conspiracy theorizing before and immediately after the election From progressives, who believed that these Supreme court intended steel, the election on Donald Trump Behalf- and that then eight stage edition of Amy, how many bar to the This is ranks, was proof of that This was always nonsense. It is nonsense. Now, if the court takes this case and if it engages with it,. on the merits it well rejected.
There is not enough here to overturn the election, and even if there were, the fairy underpinning it is insufficient to prompt the judicial branch to do something so dramatic. I hope as a long time standing hawk, but that the court rejects this all dismisses it or issues a limited opinion on the grounds that other states do not have the legal authority under our constitution to intervene on behalf. of other states. Why is Texas leading discharge, are we seeing a collection,
visit seventeen states. Eighteen states intervening in the hope that results elsewhere, we'll be overturn. This is not a case which a state is suing the federal government for food There are over reach for. the violation of the two The amendment fourteen fractions that touch upon the bill of rights or the core federalist structure of the country this is part is an. That's not how America works. We don't collect together. The states that are currently run by one party and use that legal and financial muscle to bully other states,
Or to convince the judiciary to intervene in other states and declare their election results void, the standing case here is extremely attenuated and we ve seen cases in recent years that have pushed the council of standing to the limits this one. this is preposterous and embarrassing. Not quite as embarrassing. Now ass. The aim. Which is to overturn the election has nothing but his spin presented within this case all within the huge numbers? Unfortunately, of I make us briefs that have been attached to it: the gets anywhere close to evidence that there was widespread Fraud, widespread illegality, widespread violation
The solution or norms and that we need to do over said what do you make of it? I think that it is a poor last ditch attempt. I think that the act itself is unclear have active and presents a violation of federalism, and I think that the supreme far from acting ass, a tool of this White House well treated as such prove their critics wrong. And continued to restore faith in the in depth. and of the judiciary. He had given it to stand in question and it seems like a narrow technical thing, but it's it's really important and just Texas has no case there. It's it's alleging some generalised harm, its attempt to argue that it itself is suffering some particular harm is ready
It says you know it has an interest in whose vice president, because a vice president, could cast a tie, breaking votes in the sand, and I read that where's. Your response, which I thought was really good and that they point out to MRS Biden did cast one type raking vote at the entire time. He is his vice president set. So this is some theoretical future harm does not in clear how it would particularly impact Texas and then there's the matter as us really slow passage from the Texas Replies. I think it puts it really where Wealth Texas tries to assert claims that are at least three steps or move from the arguably proper planets Texas seeks to assert its citizens rights to representation which seek to assert georgian citizens voting rights which really seek to assert the Georgia Legislatures rights to have its plenary authority over voting procedures followed. So what Texas is really doing is suing because it believes that the court
add the election board and the secular state have trampled on the Georgia Legislatures rights too. right to write the rules for the elections which so why would wise Texas Over that wise, the georgian state legislature, Rich upset about that and of Georgia, does want to take it up. Why doesn't it soon? The Georgia courts rather Take his frequent good. I just add something quickly, but before we go there to him, it is a narrow question in some sense, as she say, but the in that it matters, and this should be especially obvious to the state of Texas, which is obsessive Lee and often admirably suit the federal government to preserve the federal system. They should be important because the logic That underpins the vast majority of the jurisprudence that
asked federalist dislike is the logic that taxes playing here she point out. If you go back to New deal. you see a shift in what counts. Ass a national question. The most famous example of that is wicked. We fill burn where a file Growing grain on his own farm for his own consumption is set to effect interest commerce, because it affects the aggregate supply and demand and therefore the price of grain. Up until that point that theory, who would have seemed peculiar to Americans and if we move to a point at which the result, of every election or the nature of every law. is deemed to have an indirect effect on every state because VI,
the federal system it is long did into, problem for them. Then you going to have a federal system left you're, not to have federalized elections, you're not going to have a state, hours ass. We have- traditionally understood them and to see tat, of of all states making. This argument is not only silly, but is really really dangerous because they have been one of Ankara's that is kept federalism alive. over the last couple of decades, against mostly Adam tragic party that that has pushed hard against it. Jim Well, I want to thank you guys for basically saying everything I wanted to say before we started in my desperate search to find something you didn't say. I will just remind listeners that were talking about that. What is at stake here is, like twenty million votes were cast
before election day and on election day in this year, enforced dates I can understand this theoretical argument that ok wait a second in response to the pandemic state election. Officials made some changes and they didn't go back to the state legislature. To say: hey are these changes, ok and argument of a wait, a second, the only p who can change the laws and the op regarding an election should be the state displeasure, and you can't have the executive board should the state government going off Willy nilly and making the rules themselves but there's a pandemic going on. They had to figure out some way to conduct the election safely without the pandemic. and no one has managed to prove that this. These changes that they made. One easy motive noted that the state legislatures objective, those changes or that. There is any funny business going on that is involved. Altering the boat results that this ended up: counting fraudulent boat, sir or things like that
but even here really thought that, like not any change to the election process must come from the state legislature. Fine you could have had that argument before the election. It is of a time after the election to come along the way to second, we just noticed the fact that the executive branch- The government change the election rules, We cannot have that happen because, both by the way lots of states make just their election regulations and rules, because the pandemic in court Some of the states that are filing with taxes spread the states. Can you get it if you just got and say that fine but Yours are only focusing on these four states why if on these four states, because these four states are the ones that flipped Abiden ended: Tromp would win, he be getting another. So the remedy they're looking for a thing, but I think that the twenty million people you as a listener- maybe one of those twenty million people. voted in one of these four states. You work under the All the rules you were given. You wanted to hear. you're about and twenty twenty and now Texas,
pretty general and oh by the way noticed, not the solicitor general, because Mccarthy observed solicitor. Generals, state solicitor generals have to go back before the spring for some time later in other cases, They want to be associated with some carlucci tunes effort like this, but the text- turn a general. I said: no, no. If you live in Georgia, when these other states, your vote should be, stop, it can't be trusted. The whole point that was two shaky to shady to anyone. Two questions. No, no, it must be tossed. And the decision must be taken away from you. The voter. Put at the hands of the state legislature now, if somebody states state legislatures have said. No, we don't want this decision worth. I'm with the election results, or at least we look at the election result in me either. don't see significant fraud. Are we don't see a sufficient amount of row of effort of evidence of enough votes? It would have could be forbidden to flip the, where oh by the way, these hundred and six Republican a bunch of em are from. these four states, so there effectively saying the recent
election that just reelected make is not trustworthy and shooting be trusted and quite possibly could be fraudulent. It a non remedy that clearly you did that reeks of the idea of ok. How can we get these states? from states to drum states and that they work backwards from there. I think Supreme Court the decline to look at this, although I think there's some other some very soon legal analysed on the right to say, look anytime, you States are in a dispute like this. The Supreme Court has to win through. has to be the one who says now. This is how we sort it out, if they do consider it- I'm marvelling at the number of people, who either believe or We claim to believe that five Supreme Court justice is look at this argument from the Texas attorney general and say: oh yeah, that makes sense let's throughout he's twenty million votes, state Republican, controlled state legislatures. These four states. You guys pick the electors who you guys like
edit. This is gonna all result in Donald Trump getting another term. I'm I think that a lot of people who don't really believe this but they're afraid of contradicting the president, therefore of being seen as not sufficiently loyal to the president and this is where we are well with its now well past the point of all this stuff. It if you leave you make these arguments, if you, if you say the Hayworth, that eel is can come and any day now, you'd have to get up replies of GM. Let the process played out while the process, as played out, campaign and its official and unofficial partner state Republican Party is odd. Stuff In Arizona in Georgia, in Michigan in Nevada in Georgia, mentioned your input, Slovenia Wisconsin. They have lost in circuit once they have lost in state courts? They have lost an appeals courts, they have lost and states bring courts
not one and fifty years is updated, whether it needs to be adjusted, something that one or two wins. If Ur Rio observing the vote counting process and how far away they could be held by large, but the process played out, nonsense from the start. There's nothing there. No, no! It was not. Hacking by Venezuelans. Now he was where we have some have arc, are the courts of our country clogged with these claims, of delusional and crazy people for far too long is time Supreme Court to shut the book on this on the presidential. and let us all, along with our lives, Sir says or is that the court is high, some chips Willie. Analysed, say you may have a dispute between states, but this is really that that's for the point choice get that standing. This isn't dispute between two states, as someone's taking. access is sovereign authority,
another state is polluting its rivers worth carving out a piece of its territory that totally legitimate from the Supreme Court. To take up that. This is a made up dispute between two states. and the that the tax, a suit hammers on a lot about the electors clause and how these four states violated lectures clause. The constitution would set a stateless, measures have the authority to set said that the manner of choosing the electors and that this is a legitimate thing to be concerned about, and I think some states did violated Pennsylvania did the police in court and that's a decision. We talked about a lot before the election and some the aftermath, two of allowing later arriving absentee ballots to count and and violation of that the election Code and Pennsylvania, that's really bad, and if their there are enough votes there to overcome the margin Pennsylvania that there would be a real that bit. Some
but that we should really be arguing about. It would end up all the way this report and a momentous indecisive decision, but they're just serious not and again made him overly influenced by the the EU. Georgia reply brief, but it's pretty convincing that that happened in Georgia that there's a lot of focus on this consent decree where the procedure four matching signatures were changed and in laws has he can. One person makes a determination, and it's sent to Korea says that that one person should check with Collie and see whether they agree that the signature is matched and Georgia makes the case. Well, it still one first making decision. So so that's ok and then also points to know portion of the Georgia statue election statute. I'm sure this is true answered its across the country that just gives the election board a lotta leeway to, as it says, propagate rules regulation so as to obtain you
normani and practices and proceeding. Supertone registrars Excetera Excetera, it should formally adopted probably get such rules regulations Excetera, Excetera Excetera. So a lot of this is probably fully within the ambit of of law and, if you don't like the particular policies and finally Charlie, I think George is really convincing and saying you know what would really violet violate the Electra knowledge and violate the ability of the georgian legislature to determine how these our electors are selected in Georgia. Having the Supreme Court come down and invalidate the entire process that was set up by the Georgia legislature. And that would be very clear: Head Sue, federalists and conservative were being proposed. The other way around there's nothing wrong with Texas filing a brief in support of a state that is fighting
a concern that Texas believes would, if the shoe or another for a fact it back in Early nineties, the federal government tried to enforce firearms laws. By drowning state employees into the prosecution of federal law?. And the state said now, and they won the case. Good, Prince the United States, fifth states could join that answer So do not you want. federal laws, you Folsom Protection, is leading this case. I, I think that this is your brain
partisanship. I think that's what's happened here and partly driven Via voting base, that is demanding action than the partly driven fight seems a form of mania. Too many Republicans, not all of them, but to many Republicans have thrown out of the window what it is that they hope to achieve in the procedure of this narrow question. The precedents that would be set here would be appalling. What what exactly do we imagine were the and the other states to prevail? What exactly we imagine that. They would sound like in a year
The time when likely to me. They are on strict incorrect federalist grounds, suing the federal government what what do we expect. They were sound like next time. They complain correctly about Judy, show overreach about unelected judges. It's a mess. It's a mistake. its unfortunate unnatural outgrowth of a post election pose that has grown up there by the day, so Jim, just hello that markets we ve gone down, the slippery slope from our troops could have all truck trouble processing the fact that he he lost Gibson schemes. Time does need to say. I concede right now,
he shuddered should be able to make his his case looking for fraud, thus getting fraud and asking for recounts and having his day in court, and you see how that goes to now over a hundred House Republic signing on to wear it. in fact in reality, is an attempt directly and explicitly to overturn the election and this this trump used to be a little shamefaced about this himself, but early, wicked. He treated, I believe in all caps the hashtag overturn and used to have some significant. How can the of the elected party right there with them Yeah they're a bunch of names on there that I was a little support with budgets. I was not surprised if the President says jump. These lawmakers gonna say how high, but there were cut But I was disappointed to see who I thought would see the absurdity of this case. And I thought by now. We would see more Republicans, who are now
retiring like tat to me or who are you know, people well, who still hoped out a future republican party. Politics say no, MR near the chip realise that there is another example of somebody who's whose retiring. The courage to say no, Mr President, I am sorry, but you lost that. No there's, not any evidence of fraud that would alter the result No, Mr President, there is no cracking Sidney power does not know what he's talking about The Giuliani does not know, and journalists are not good lawyers who really know how to persuade people Linwood. Is apparent obscenely campaigning for Democrats in Georgia at this point. There would tell blunt true, to the president that he doesn't want to hear and if, if he wants to rage about it, he can, but that doesn't change but the truth is an hundred of whom have basically flunked that test.
And earlier today was interesting. I heard somebody who made the argument of love. This is zero. What what the dynamic esprit filed by ah pelicans in the house, it's kind of being misconstrue their nicely saying that they need to overturn the election. They just want the Hosty O the supreme. or two way in that the irregularities run contrary to the laws are passed by the state legislatures and Spring court Just way and to decide what these irregular irregularities run, contrary to the law on the constitution,. as someone said, it's me earlier today, there's nothing cuckoo pants about what there but their sang to use a very complicated legal terms, and, as I block you, don't file and advocates Curie Brief out of mere curiosity or the theory the exercise right. There's. No, I'm just asking questions option in the law, as a rule, one where the other right this out we ve got a lot over the last forty five years of its a binary choice. Well, in this case, it is a binary Joyce, the counting and in sums
its remember, like Georgia in parts of the cop to the counter twice the counting of certification, the votes in the states are constitutionally legally valid or they art there's no between either the electors should be determined by the vote? Results says that's supposed to be going forward like this in these four states, or the state legislature should be. We ourselves have decided there's too much about fraud. We ve it might affect the court's, haven't seen it, but we ourselves have decided. We don't trust the election results and so working overruled s and we're gonna picketed deal electors who elect College for our guy and not your guy. Despite what the boat results were, it's got be one of the other union. Can't do it does no between you can't say: well, maybe the sight of origin do Jitterbugs here and in our luck. This report, looking who basically I got one two possibilities here either Republicans generally believe the election results are not valid and the job and has cheated his way into the oval office and that the presidency,
stolen right this. Those are dollar big change, big charges, big charges require big evidence. We have not seen those big cabinet. The altar and explanation. Is Europe because you don't really believe this but feel political your professionally obligated, to tell the world that this is what they think out of fear of the poor, enter wanting to stay in office or believing it's good politics, sir. It's good for donations, Sir for whatever other reason, but I fear the worst of both worlds. in this case would mean republican members. The house are undermining faith in american elections when they themselves still have faith in. It american elections. It the opposite of Nixon in nineteen, sixty that the argument was that you have the level of said that Nixon thought that the Kennedy had cheated Fraud determine the winter that year, but he concluded he could drag the country through the fight and destroy all faith in american elections, while in this case. These are all the evidence. The right man won the election that had to be
Joe Biden really did win enough votes enough states to get more than two hundred said the electoral, those he's actually theater and sex we'll see on Monday, if he has any rogue electors ah everything turned out. Fine, but Republicans are pretending that it didn't. And in the process undermining public faith in the freest, the freedom and the fairness of our elections to just two thanks to a matter whether I misunderstood you, but just to be clear chip, Roy one Reelections will continue to be our dockyard, whom I think, another friendly attacks, Texas and chip chicks are chip, is a rock ribbed republican He runs with the right wingers. He is a right winger. He's he's he's one of us through and through for him to to Nacho in that suit took and it to go and explain at four on twitter took considerable courage that has offered to him and also had to me it see he has retiring, but I believe that it would matter he he would still be saying these things is spoken has his mind throughout the drop
the seas he's not one to be bombastic in and say things just to get on cable tv, but I believe he is in a then been honest and principal throughout this. This whole period, including this really distrusting interludes Charlie exit question to you when there are objections, two electors from these. Various states, as are inevitably will be an early January the two houses, the house in the Senate, that they meet separately, then vote on whether to uphold those electors are not in the house will most well. Some Republicans vote to uphold these objections most what more than fifty percent or nearly all a fourth
category which is a lot of some slightly under fifty percent. A lot of some said that you now not action, so we got some a lot of some most or almost all Charlie says a lot of some. rich itself believable lawsuits book or you think I locked his men were entering or leaving I'm sorry, I'm having flashbacks algebra trying to calculate the sums in the larger about a whole bunch, a whole bunch a whole bunch. She, I say most I'm gonna say most probably not maybe under sixty percent, but over fifty percent. But what is that? What what's the doctors use language for that formulation? Flower ensure food for what sir? For it for more than fifty percent? But under sixty percent
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check it out black rifle coffee, dot com? So Jim Clarity, we had some Hunter Biden, news this week has under investigation some of us if we are reading that the right new sources learned of this before the election and seemed relevant before the election, but our friend James arose over Sinclair are afforded that he is. He was under, invest nation this course was was buried by all the mainstream media there is it not the Tories, tweet from NPR, saying that there are very many saying what what why are we not reporting on how to bind strike as we don't report distractions that are not worth anyone's attend, Can they be the other day had to buy the way report? This
information new information about the investigation of Hunter Biden. Why do you make of it so rich back in ethical up September? Twenty ninety. I wrote was a real back by believed at the time was the most comprehensive timeline of everything involving Hunter Biden and his connections that you'd find any and I went back all the way to you, his first jobs at a college going to work for the Delaware ambient air, which, oh by the way, was a major. employer in the state of Delaware. Am I close ties with Joe Biden fired fresh law school than two years. He was senior vice president. What would you like to be a senior vice president for your thirty, his Hunter Biden founding a lobbying firm from do that's one or two thousand eight. and you just deodorants, there's a lot there a lot of shady connections, alot of circumstances of working with his uncle trying to kid turn the family name. I want rehash at all, but us unobserved like hearing
Joe Biden is about to take office with his son, under investigation by the FBI for presumably something involving his taxes and also on the allegedly foreign time. Eyes and money laundering, we'll see. Others investigation shakes out it's possible the investigations as up not there's no case there, we're not gonna press charges or it could be that at some point early and binds residency, his son gets indicted. It's possible. The during vice presidents At some point hundred abundance up in jail, this is not shocking to anyone who paid any attention to the career of Hunter Biden for the past two years in beyond. Time line. The new Yorker. Did this huge profile of him, which was really I opening touched on? The drugs touch on turning over the video you, commissioner,. the diamond from some chinese business ago, every shady it. Oh everybody we you'd like any review of anywhere with all its army lip. While this guy is a crook wants to cash in on my family name,
an hundred dinars like where do I sign up, and this happened over and over, Here again, this career, so this This is not surprising, I think. What's the corner about this yesterday, the media, did not totally ignore Hunter Biden up until now, but it generally handled him with kid gloves. You would get legged over Tis disk type coverage of your own. The son of a senator is lobbying Congress fur for seven years now, we'll will you isn't this a conflict of interest in bed? Ethics? No, because Hunter Bind says, he's never lobbied his father over any earmarks or anything like that because it means job was to say how does this your Biden, your colleague, Jos son, I would like to talk to But at your mark for my client, you think democratic senators turned about ethical. Have democratic senators didn't feel like? Oh, if I turn down here but the job. I'm not gonna help me with this bill. I want to press for a second. only corrupt situation.
But you never saw any deodorant. Nobody ever body slammed the buttons over there, certainly on the mainstream media and become This was your each step of of this journey of Hunter Biden into one bigger matter, another there is never significant consequence. There is never significant pushed back. the EU also, I think we can safely say at no point. Did Joe Biden never go sit at sundown and say you can do this. You're gonna destroy my career, and this is where we Are they don't now is under invested, and hunter by Joe Biden who had spent the last debate, as our colleague John Mccain, Abe recalled he, never made any money in China while we're about to learn areaway we're about to see about all these things, the entire time Joe Biden GO You move, and all this has been some variation of. How dare you my family. Well, even the sons of senators and vice presidents have to obey the law. and I you, whenever you did this, he kept finding people who kept insisting you're, attacking
the vice president's child under Bud entered fifty this year is not a child he's a grown man is Responsible for his actions and he's made all key it's a bad judgments, frequently veering often too violate the law and whole time everybody's gonna, pretended of their eyes downplayed it. Given the mild, a replica of other condemnations- and this is what and when the media tries to cease its role as being a bodyguard of a particular welcome. It Washington Elite family instead of calling, as it is and saying Hake this gives in Milton. this kid. I do it myself, president. The vice president's on is involved in some very bad shady characters and involves Bad shady things, but there whole bunch of folks. The right you could say see, we told you so you know a deer listeners. We did tell him, so I should
acknowledge at the outset that I do have a certain degree of sympathy for Joe Biden and the burden that has been placed upon him by his son. I know some people who have children who have addiction issues, and it's extremely difficult and this list, That one can do. and ended engines, usually fruitless, that doesn't excuse. The combination off sank to many and degradation that job I and has used to combat legitimate questions about his sons, behaviour. And it certainly doesn't excuse the indulgence of that sank to me and it
information that we have seen from the press at a certain point, one expects a politician and especially a politician running for president and father to try to defend any? incursions into his family life. But Uncertainty doesn't express, expect the press to help him and he did it did, I maintain my view of this question. The press believes that it is partly responsible. four Donald Trump having one in twenty sixteen, because it reported repeatedly and honestly about Hillary Clinton, Z, it came
I believe that it would have been better if it had not done that got guessing hair. This was said over and over again anyone red political commentary from Indian leaders on the left, anyone who watched twitter or attended a conference over the last four years has been made fully of this regret and was determined not to do it again. The press, saw this story and it thought it's happening again. Perhaps Trump well squeak through again, and perhaps this will be the reason why, and so with help from Silicon Valley, it squashed it. Nobody should believe that, Dorothy at Twitter actually had. Reconsideration.
and realized that his behaviour was wrong. Those who got exactly what he wanted. He squashed it before the election and now that the election is over He can say all while I regret that. And the price is now free to comment. It is doing so. People have been pointing out that reference in the way the headlines are written, the difference in the scale of the coverage, the difference in town, I don't think screenshots can do it. Justice, remember not Joe himself. He was careful to avoid any video of him during this, but Joe Biden, spy Some people, including his chief spokesperson, said over and over and over again when this story first broke. But it was obvious. Russian disinformation.
but it was a smear Joe. Biden himself said it was a smear. He said it was made up. He cried. Size. The CBS reporter cisely. The sort of way that President chum does the same, blazing eyes same turn, the same disdain Now it's fair game. Why? It's not because we have confirmation, when absolutely no confirmation. In fact, we had the opposite that this was this information because the election is over and I don't think the way, needs to be a fan of president trumps. I dont think one I too believe that there were any shenanigans in the voting tallies to understand that the press is deeply broken, that it is corrupt, that it is full of people who do not
know what their job is, who make up rationalizations on the fly who Openly lie who believe that they should exercise. Is the power that they have to advance their preferred outcomes rather than to do what has traditionally been expected of them? Ass generous? This is a great example of it. Joe Biden son may well go to prison, they may well. The case that not only was this a distraction and not a distraction. Tony, was this not this information, Tony. Was this not Bob place thereby Trump and his friends, but that this was the real story, but this was a story about tax evasion and money laundering Hunter Biden, his innocence,
until proven guilty and should be. But if the allegations are true, this will be a serious federal crime and it will be serious federal crime, that does say something about the way those who are connected to powerful people, use that influence. And that we are only now able to talk about it without being met, I rose and tinfoil emerges says something too, and I think that the meat you should be ashamed of its double standard him can. Question to you. They had turbine investigation rate, the political impact it will have and they bother Ministration army about administration from zero to ten zero. Nothing burger can thermonuclear, ok, riches
clear. I know bill sack is back at the Department of Agriculture and moaning might be back at the Energy Department, but is it still the Obama administration How do I save on his version? You called the Obama administration twice ties that bind administration Please forgive me, but I'm sure they're, a bunch of democratic think is a figure had to a really wish me using the term manoeuvres but the voting about I've noirtier it's possible that the Department of Justice, an FBI, look at this see some stuff that smells funny, but dont think they can make a third literally make a federal case out of it and they don't charge him in this fades away or Maybe they do bring charges and at that point, it'll be a really huge deal and it'll be egg Yes, where everybody who, ill turn into a huge one. I won't leave turbines resignation or anything like that. Butter it'll make
Beer and Roger Clinton was like pretty minors in a political presidential, family scandals cuss. I think, if The accusations are true. And the hunter is profit. you did, it will be an enormous store. I've heard some people saying that they wonder if it will have legs it well. one reason it will have legs beyond that is Biden well be Oddly enough put in a similar situation, ass was president Trump, albeit he won't be charged with investigating himself in some of the apparatus. That will be used for this investigation and, if necessary, prosecution will be under his control and that's going to require a good deal of oversight from Congress and, ah ha from the press.
Some say obsolete passwords backs are, if there is a tradition, charges in its sphere of for the beer of a pretty pretty big thing, not dominate thing if Joe Biden has shown to have had any real. Obviously, then, then we're a horse or in a whole different beast enough. Seven or eight or higher in that Kay so, let's paused you from our second sponsor this. We caucus room, DOT, TK If you try to share your political opinion, such social media lately, you know, can be a frustrating as between the anger, the virtual shouting and even fake it counts. It seems like, we'll conversation is a thing of the past. Luckily, now there's caucus room God. Car was social media network exclusively for conservatives, carcass on this and Community Friedman Service to gather incur and engage locally, only real people who are very five could service could become caucus, remembers the Caucasus.
He'll never share information with anyone ever the sign up process insurers, your committee with real concern is no bottom trawls Cox room allows you to engage with your neighbors, No idea how many conservative, hiding in your neighborhood it's a great way to get gauge on issues where he can make the biggest difference locally caucus room. You can participate and lie virtual meetings that are so secure. The platform played hosts to over a dozen virtual Publican party conventions this year. You can also shared news, jokes and find ways get valve causes near you all without fear of Silicon Valley. overlord, stopping you carcass room is made by Could for consumers to get organised and make a difference. Joint caucus from dot com you'll find it. Google play and soon in the app store joint carcass room died. Com that see a you see you ass are oh, oh, am that can capture that com, please
it out so Jerry. Another fine cabinet controversy this. Why coming largely from Democrats who don't like the idea of another former general heading, the Pentagon, spurious with matters, and there is some doubt whether they will passed to allow him to do it. What do you make of it. Yet this is one of the otter controversies of the infant Biden, ministration so far have read about Russia this a few times this week. I found myself in what I characterized as half hearted disagreement with cabin Williamson, and I don't I don't. He wrote Kevin very often the cabin rota basically saying no to jump former retired General Lloyd, Austin, Security ACT of nineteen. Forty seven says the sexual defence must be someone who is usually said had to be out of the uniform services for ten years now,
in two thousand eight. They reduced it to seven years, but come We can always grant a waiver, and we had a case both for General Marshall, back in the native back, a nineteen fifty and also for general madness in early on in the Trump administration. Now, your folks, who would argue, look if you know too exception Turkey, some years is no big deal to exceptions in four years, does start to be a big deal, but it's not like. Austin was in the military. Yesterday, he's been out of it by a early This week I visited like four months, and for for years and and eight months and a couple of days so he's been out for a while I guess the idea is you want the person out of the uniform services that he's not equally overseeing its former colleagues and people who were serving under him and things like that It strikes me as a strange criteria to accept or reject a secretary of its I'd feel much better. If the
evaluation of Austin was based on who he is on his record ed. What is viewpoints are I can find some stop the objective there. He was on the board of Directors Fur Raytheon for a long time. If you want to say I dont trust Austin to fairly assess the contracts, Raytheon, because he's been paid a lot of money by that company. Ok, that strikes me as a fair objectionable. rejected, because what I think it's a legitimate point of concern that said that what retire generals do they go into the court sector. They go to work for defence contractors. They get paid a lot of money and he also Boston, also work for Pine Island, which is consulting firm. They call I'm fine islands, because they grown swamps, basic. That is, the message is basically will help you get those contracts in your marks that you're looking for luck It might be the best guy to be sector. Defence might not be the best Skype Secretary defence. I'd feel more comfortable of Congress was
gonna confirm him or reject and based on who he is what is viewpoints are his record in the service if you want to say, is connections and leaving the service fight. That strikes me as completely fair game, but if you look at that you still think you'd make a good sector defence than confirm and don't worry, The seven year restriction. If you look at all that, you don't get bigger sector if they dont confirm it and don't hide behind issue of the seven year, a requirement by law, as so I it's a we're. I almost forgot about people who preferred mission for now or J Johnson or some other figure and kind of looking for a way to torpedo this nomination They don't want to make it about he'll Austin himself, I also love the way they probably going to be seen as per feeding the first african American nominated a secretary defence just well. I
no particular objection to General Austin. Although I am open to the idea that I should I am not an expert in foreign policy or defence, and I am often obliged it. To a good number of people who are before expressing an opinion, and I heard nobody say, the skies bad news that is bad to work with it particularly extreme. So if I were a republican senator, I would in normal circumstances, be attempted to confirm him, I think, as a rule, unless somebody is obviously on call five dog threat to the constitution. It is incumbent upon Congress to give the president latitude in in picking them for his cabinet. I dont think that for what it's worth when it comes to Supreme Court,
we need a separate topic, but I think Kevin Williamson. It is making an excellent point him if we are going to have laws, designed to enforce constitutional norms or cabin thee. actions of the executive branch a long, narrow lines drawn by Congress. Then we should respect those laws if those laws have become outdated too restrictive. Or unrepresentative of the will of Congress, they should be repealed across the board. It seems We issue waivers or we utilise the loopholes Congress Has over the last hundred years passed so many rules that either contain
exceptions all that our chock full of Secretary shall, in certain circumstances, provisions ass to render itself and its control limited the exact opposite of the way it supposed to work in system. So my view would be this if it is the case that general Austin is such a wonderful man as such consumer professional he is really the best person for this job he's the only person to match the moment If we are going to for the second time in a row off to general matters at the outset of the Trump Administration, wave, a provision that was passed in order to create some separation between the military and civil power that governs it. Then, let's peel the law. At the same time,. Because it is useless if we have a stable. that successive president's.
Have nailed the right guy for job of honed in on the only person we don't need a law that restricts their capacity and if we have not, if it is This is the case now that Congress doesn't air about this law and is willing to defer to the judgment of the incoming president. Then why have it I understand that prior to general matters. The only way that had ever been granted was Marshall. That's a pretty big name! That's! somebody who, in a peculiar era, in an air of war and famine. and rebuilding a unique perspective, had played a role to which we still refer today. that's not true of general matters. Much as I like him, it's not true of general ass Dennis.
admirable ass. He may be so. Let's just accept that progress is no longer interested in. Containing a chronologic The separation between the military and the government and get rid of the law all let's vote the guy down, make it clear that it's not because he's black. it's not cause, he's a man not because he was on the board. Raytheon Not because he has any views that are unacceptable, but because there is no point in having rules unless we enforce them. Jerry Exquisite, you will ask to be confirmed yes or no. yes, but I ll be done mostly with Republican rose check. Now I think the Democrats will kill his nomination ivory.
That also get to say. No, I dont objective. I don't get this principle, action is written in the lot. It former generals or neediness separation in time I don't they, generals are very good act as it as a general matter. No pun intended It's kind of a political flash policy jobs, but I just I don't see what the principal threat as such have even in these rules. is supposed to be. So let me pause. Do quick at our plus plug edifices general subscriptions set national of dot com. Lets you avoid are increasingly intrusive an increasingly hard to maneuver around pay all eleven aids. all the ads. You now see, if you're, not at our plus member, his logged in on the website
trying to read articles lets. You bet on articles via post and allows you to be part of our private faced group group, if you like and part of exclusive events in discussions. I did why, these before the election, just thirty random and our plus members Edible session for an hour and a half talking about what might happen in the election, so so great way to plug further into the energy community, doesn't cost you very much as also really great way to support our work and our plus. So much of the great first time deals running at any given moment. So please go check. Out and let's hit a few other things before we go. Jim Geraghty, you then dear always take This time a year with old Christmas, specials yeah and it's interesting how this is a tradition that
certainly has changed its not quite the same as it used to be the trolley browned Christmas special first, my girl to any was only an apple tv and I think they are, after a bit of complaints, saved assent. Put it on PBS thing, ass something of the author Red Nose reindeer- that's really weird with Herbie the else who wants to be a dentist in you can't Cornelius and King Moon RE, Sir, and you know they vaguely you Genesis Santa who doesn't want anybody was not perfect in exile them to the island of misfit toys. I have strong feelings about this, as you can tell, but I You think I like most children's program, you, your growing up. You have Saturday morning cartoons and around this time a year. Your input I'm time, usually, eight eight thirty you'd get one of these, and this is happening to the whole family would gather I've been watching you enjoy. I guess they probably spike still do frosty and Rudolf once or twice and CBS these days, but
It's your now: children's programming has migrated to its own channel and, of course, migrated to stream. So there is no age Brown is on tonight, so we watch it always in our house he's got a nice and kind of special to watch my kids watching something that I watched in that my herds did necessarily watch, but the other that Charlie Brown Christmas, specially came along and sixty five route was nineteen sixty something in there? So we know these things we have now gone on for, like two generations got a nice and it's not the least bit surprised that dumb. Not seen a subsequent. You know transformers beast wars, Christmas special to replace it or something like that. I think certain things are just the right and the tradition itself. That makes them all the more enjoyable trial you ve been watching Little Einstein's. Why was saying I think, on our recent additives podcast that I like they show, because it teaches children,
pieces of classical music and I was proud of my children because, having watched that line stones, I would catch them. Humming, Beethoven's nine, William tell overture- and I was I was pleased with this- has it kid show that I can play, them in front of when I'm busy and no is educating them and who wouldn't be impressed by the two year old singing Beethoven's ninth to himself on the tea and yet I have realised that I have actually managed to reverse the flow that I was hoping for. What I had hoped was that they would watch deadline, students, learn the music and then say our that's, Beethoven's ninth or that's Rhonda, while attack by Mozart. But what actually happened is that every single famous piece of cloth,
for music now, in their mind, is the theme from the lines, and so they come into my office and I'm playing a piece of music. I will say to them: this is Beethoven, a basic none on it's, not that's, that from this last. I've I've I've compressed there in time, musical education into one little blob marked let lines done so. Let us be clear: what will you say plague you mean like put playing recording your action, Performing your own dear I'm not performing Beethoven's fit, but I do play some of the pieces and on the piano, and they also think that said that lines dines rendition very nice So I am mentioning this honour now for five months ago, but I have had this Iphone problem where my my wife, who watches charges, like a hawk, objected to charge with credit card. Company, rather with apple directly and that that causes or horse all sorts of problems,
I'm getting my my account locked in my permanently lie. That there is no way to unlock it and I have been able to back up the Icloud for months and months months since I think March, seventeenth of virtually all this date, all these pictures on my phone and been engaged as long running process to try to get them off by phone. Sir. I can reset my phone safely without losing data and then start all over again, and I have a very kind friend is of me up with a attack. Guru has been working with me on this for hours last night for hours, from a clock almost to midnight, including at least an hour or more on the phone with apple, and we still haven't cracked this in Trier. Whether this makes no sense to you, but I have contacts I have like eighty six hundred context. My phone, a lot of them are are duplicate, but but there are there and it turns out there now they're, not really directly on my phone there Qaeda on Icloud
but not really. On Icloud Cuz, I have a run out of room to backup on Icloud but they're in this kind of nether world kind of space. So when we backed up my whole phone onto a laptop, the contacts didn't come over and then we need to open enough Icloud space that they do have my phone to try to back the. on the phone there to make sure they're, not gonna, be lost in this process, and it just gets. Is justice hugely complicated it's like in APOLLO, eleven or something so much more complicated in the polar, loving lack of action. So our buying a massive hard drive, so I'm sure listeners are are really an edge seat about how this is turn out that are but I'll update everyone and probably couple lots sewed, Jim, it's that time Casper editors picks. What's your pic, we so I know I take any Mccarthy in the past probably fairly recently, and I could make I could pick em every week. But
This is one of those weeks when I'm really glad any Mccarthy is with us, a national review and almost everything your rights, like you, gotta click on it any just ghosts Frankly, I could give you three nominations could be his the Texas Frivolous it seeks to overturn election and for the states that was pretty important located Joe Biden which we talked about earlier on combined investigation, overt and prime for a special council that was pretty good and then is a court in the corner earlier today election deadline our firm deadlines, which I love not just because he links to it agrees with me on it. Just takes you through everything, you need to know, with clarity and directness and with expertise in its really glad and he's around, so Bravo Andy. I hope we live in times of day. We, your expertise, isn't quite as important and isn't quite as well as like death and serious as it seems to have been lately checkbook. Let your pic I'm going to pick Jim guarantees corner, puts a spite and just picking his cabinet
nominees at random. I think the answer here is no fruit from US I've heard he's, come under a lot of criticism because his cabinet was to white and to mail, but it sure does look a little bit like that, almost ass, it would be in, and where the cabinet has to be picked from parliament and therefore this, probably almost no one in parliament who is truly an expert in the area that their controlling, and so it all comes down to politicking, and will tolerate being put were so might take is peace by Ryan Mills on the data Alice, who think this figure out o how widespread voting was in Georgia. About this latest Georgia trumps.
Which is actually a much more serious than the prior ones, and I might not be seem like saying much prior once the cracking Linwood Cindy path suits were completely. ridiculous, but right is really good reporter. He joined a couple months ago from a newspaper down and Florida. I he and One of our colleagues are generally on that the media, the check back, checking out dubious metre for being an kicking the tires on a media narrative, but they also branch out to some other stuff as well. This is a really interesting piece. It doesnt doesn't endorse the theories of these guys, but it is good to know what their thank you and right also has a really potentially important piece. Come up this. He can truly might have already read it not sure on some some more aspects of of wrath, yell worn ox career? Is it as a preacher in and the radicalism of his worlds?
so look out for that. In the meantime, that's it for us even listening to a national pod ghastly re broadcast retransmission our account this game without express written permission. of natural magazine, is strictly prohibited. This progress has been reduced by the Couple, sir, should he who makes us out better than we deserve? Thank you, Charlie, thank Jan Thanks, a black rifle coffee company and carcass room dot com. They specially to argue for listening where the editors and we'll see you.
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