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Episode 286: ‘What’s Up, Doc?’

2020-12-18 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, the illustrious Rich Lowry is joined by the eminent Charles C. W. Cooke and the distinguished Jim Geraghty to discuss Jill Biden’s claim to the title of “Doctor,” arguments over the COVID vaccine, and much more.

Editors’ picks: • Rich: Kyle Smith’s piece “The Contradictions and Conceptual Errors of Jill Biden’s Garbage Dissertation” • Charlie: Kyle Smith’s piece “Jill Biden’s Garbage Dissertation, Explained” • Jim: Kyle Smith’s piece “Jill Biden’s Doctorate Is Garbage Because Her Dissertation Is Garbage

Light items: • Rich: First snow • Charlie: Tetris • Jim: School day

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Breach will discuss all this more on this edition of the errors, umbrage, Larry and Joint is always at least most of the time by the right. Annabelle Chelsea Debbie Cook and the siege of authenticity, words, Jim Clarity and be deal return soon. You listen to an ash review, podcast sponsors. This episode are a carcass room and quip more about them and of course, if you listen, Podcast NASH, review, dot, comical indirectly in the corner, We are delighted to have you, but it be easier for you and better for us if you made as part of your feet at Ninja streaming services out there from Spotify to Itunes. You like what you hear here. Please consider giving us a five star review on Itunes. If you dont like what you hear here, please forget, I said anything so Charlie without roiling controversy going in America since Joseph Epstein, the majestic essayist wrote a piece
and the Wall Street Journal saying you know a guy's, maybe Joe Biden shouldn't be referred to as Doktor Joe Biden, which is one of the foremost pieties of our life, is at Joe Biden, has to be called doktor she's she's, one of maybe two or three people non medical doctors and America, notably including Henry Kissinger whom must always be referred to as doctor. What do you make of it? Clearly, I am in agreement with Joseph Epstein in part because I believe I wrote the original Mean piece about this back in two thousand and thirteen when I noted. The feeling you feeling envious. Not a day gets, gets all the credit I got my fair share of hatred at the time, I am happy to share it with others, most notably with Kyle.
She joined twitter and twenty thirteen is Doctor Biden an eye. This was absolutely hilarious and I learned quickly that there are all sorts of people who are deeply deeply invested in ensuring that Joe Biden is old, doktor, em, all invent all sorts of to fantastic varies as to why people don't want it to call her it I should start by saying here now These really upset when Joe Biden is not called doctor Nobody really thinks that her credential is impressive, all useful or worth defending Nobody really thinks that this is a discussion changed by isms or any other coherent philosophy, Nobody is really under the impression that who gets cold doctor in the press is driven by.
anything other than partisan considerations, and nobody is really upset with Joseph Epstein or Carl Smith or me for that matter, for pushing back against this pretences. Bluntly, as we have, this is nonsense. But it's nonsense that was not started by me or by Kyle or by Joseph Epstein, its nonsense that was responded to buy us. I. Cannot respect people whose similar tiniest understand that progressive have bit by bit taken over.
most of the institutions in the United States and expect the consequences of that take over to be taken seriously. I have time for people who think that we should respect educational doctorates, and I have time for people I understand the progressives have taken over the institutions, so they can give each other reward, but I don't respect both and the vast majority of the people who are making a big fuss about this are insisting upon both. At the same time, I think Kyle has been persuasive in pointing out that the the claim in the
first instance, that Biden should be called doktor is silly and that its reflective of something sinister in our culture, that its inconsistent in the Obituary of Tom CO burn the New York Times declines to call him doktor when he was one and yet it make sure to cool Joe Biden. One Ben Carson, a famous doktor, perhaps the most famous neurosurgeon alive is not called doktor. Joe Biden is, but he also made a case that the credentials that she received is the product of unimpressive work. Surely I should matter it's full of spelling errors in Spain,
a little more than a questionnaire and a few pieties self contradictory vapid. It's not good work. and while I understand people asking why we're talking about this, Why does anyone care? I happen to think that especially given the amount of attention and resources that we accord to the education area. I happen to think this sort of thing does I think I think the value of our credentials is important, not least because we have come I written about this a great deal. Far too close was to establishing a two tier system in the United States, in which people who have credentials are deemed to be useful worthwhile to have succeeded to achieve
You have to have been done well by the american Dream and those who do not are deemed to be Use less or less informed or to have been failed and I think we cannot say enough that in far far too many cases for who insist upon honorific and wave the pieces of paper around have done nothing value, whereas people who didn't necessarily finish high school have done a great deal of value plumb, our carpenter or a tree surgeon or what well, and insofar as this is a flare up, of that ongoing debate, a debate that is going to come more to the force, a democratic party increasingly becomes credential obsess middle class, piracy, it is worth are engaging with
then harshly, if necessary, Jim, so I'll. Take you guys back June, two thousand nine theirs. A Senate hearing going on was the environment and public works committee. and a brigadier general has testified before Senator Barbara Boxer, Democratic California, and he called her MA. Am people remember this controversy, Jeannie's you'd, rather than do me a favor. Could you play some good call, could you say senator instead of man, it's just a thing. I worked so hard to get that title so I'd appreciate it. Yes, thank you. It's not that different. What we seeing and hearing here it is still just Epstein wrote that the Wall Street Journal has a weekend. Addition doesn't have separations and Saturday and Sunday Ah the weekend addition goes on line on Friday rights of level week ago. This is when this,
bad was first seen on the internet. the next day the print addition landed on the drive ways of subscribers across the country that would have been December, eleven things tat, we ve been unlighted December. Tenth, December, a and a decent of the chattering class is still talking about how dare Epstein, not you know, Campbell at or near or ridicule Jill by, in insisting being called Doktor Jill Biden on as many. Joe Biden and Joe Biden appeared on Stephen Colbert this week, sit down interview with Joe Biden since his on Hunter was until we found out, is under investigation by the FBI, The conversation was primarily about how does Joe Biden live with the pain of knowing Joseph Epstein think she should not be called a week.
yeah. Maybe up. Maybe the sub text is becoming tax. Dear listeners, because Rep for restart recording we're talk about what we should be talking on a sector which we should not talk about, your Biden insisting to be called doctor. And yet here we are the pandemic is still going on Jim that suddenly ever we decide the entire and ass light for the day. We just ask you to write about the opposite. The other thing is not important. That's what we're gonna do Endemic still going on. Schools are still closed. We should have this massive hack of secure. U S, government system, Lotta stops gonna lot important. But again this it is worth making the observation, that the political discussion in this country is shaped by p o to people who have postgraduate graduate and doktor and who feel they are not given sufficient respect because their postgraduate degrees end and doctorates. Now here's the thing is it: it is. These are people who are generally
comfortably. These are people who are making Good salary is real people who are greeted by their co workers back when they still went into workplaces. You know in a war. friendly way, and yet We are being assured these are the true victims, because the people we need Worry about this is the injustice in the United States of America commands our attention at the end of the year when twenty, which has been a quiet and and and unassuming year with no other large problems facing the country. Look out Our political conversation is heavily shaped by people who walk around ships on their shoulder believing they haven't gotten the respect. They deserve It may be big an argument that culture is indeed pretty and lacking respect their businesses. Coarser nastier culture, social media exposes us to you now and Many with an account could call you any name in the book. We live in a world in which the Dep Incoming Deputy chief of staff use the F bomb. To do
Dr republican leaders. Look if you're a tortoise operate in public life. You're gonna get less respect than you think. You deserve if you participate in life, you're probably gonna get less respect than you deserve and yet We decided that what steam, set about Joe Biden the pre, eminent issue and oranges. Me we as national review in this particular progress. I mean this particular the chattering class. Everyone who put pen to paper execute them here. Stephanie watch everybody who chose to type anybody who decided. This was important The same way, the washed imposed decided earlier this week that feed Buddha Judge was right and at airports are indeed romantic and that any who disagrees with him, it is making fun of it like. It is really interesting to see how watch? Our entire media industrial complex, has turned you, the defence attorneys for any uttering that comes out of any prominent democratic official, and I just It up I'm not the least bit surprised. People think the media is out of touch with people's lives. People think that
because they are in fact out of touch with the real issues in people's lives, and they spend their time worrying about is Joe Biden getting sufficient respect when people don't call her. Doktor is clearly that try that the subject here- it's it's not so much about your by this, its people, killing stung by the notion that people Phd shouldn't get this this Honour its history, people and in academia, you're professors, pretty that that's a word with a title with some prestige, but its people who aren't in academia who's, gonna gotten Phd, who really like the idea that there can be honest, hair, doktor. Look, I'm gonna go even further here and make the case that I made in my two thousand thirteen peace, which is the entire notion of a doctor in academia out
I did. The medical profession is an alien one to the anglo american tradition and is largely useless. The importation of Phd prices, from Prussia, of course, has infected areas that it does not apply to even on its own terms. There is a case for the Phd approach in say, physics or engineer much less of one in English, literature or the subjects. I did a university in him and no way against history. Politics. Education is supposed given what Joe Biden looked at more broadly than that, I think this plays in to another of my pet peeves, which is on our ethics and titles in general. I think it makes sense for people to use their title
when they have a meaningful connection to what they do. and when it is important for other people to know that what one of the jokes that, if you ve seen around this, is someone chances are doctor in the house, and Joe Biden says me and then the guy of a heart attack, but it it's it's potent to know if someone has medical skills, there's a reason that we do that not really many other, sir? sciences, him in which that is true. Its use, to know. If somebody is a senator, I loathe the tradition. Of calling them senator or governor or president after they have left that office. That's actually conferred using it makes matters worse and it flat with permanent titles letting- and there is no reason whatsoever for us to call Joe Biden- has a doctorate in education
doctor. This just does no reason for it. Maybe it's that does no more reason for it than there is first somebody to walk around with Ba or am I after their name. It's true an achievement it. If you want to tell me you have one, that's fine really serve any things up. Leaving aside the absolutely prepared serious idea that the United States would be in some way worse off. If we declined to remind everyone all the time that Joe Biden is technically, occupied and, leaving aside the by accounts, fighting Joe Biden, and was she seems to have done this so that she could be called one and get letters in the mail that began with doktor so that she didn't feel insignificant next senator that was before Aspen's name I ever abroad objection To the whole area, which I think is used enforce class distinctions educate
Distinctions another distinctions between people that help no one. And that in some subtle sense, is actually undermine the supposedly classless nature of american society. so, Jim Gary Ex question to you, this controversy will make the immediate elite less committed to calling Doktor Joe Biden Doctor or much much more committed, much much more committed because you know that if it's you they they dare not offend her further by calling her missus trusts,
imagine it will be in the AP style book by the end of the week. If it'll be like a bill have attained a won't be now it won't be. The AP calls anyone with a doctorate in education it will say if referring to chill by them. Had a daughter at the beginning is absolutely much more with ATLAS pause in here from whatever sponsors this week, caucus room dot com. If you try to shared political opinions, on social media. Lately, you know, can be a frustrating experience between the anger, the virtual shouting, even fake accounts. seems like civil conversation is a thing of the past. Luckily, now there's caucus room, dot com, a social media network exclusively for conservatives, caucus room
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who s r, o o, am dot com, cocksure, dot com. Please check it out, so Jim Gary, we get vaccines out there. We have people getting vaccinated, thank God as we speak, but we have some vaccine scepticism and its is centred dare to go on. This matter I believe in Tennessee who got shot an fainted which, which some some people have attributed to the vaccine, apparently a normal reaction that some people have to such pin bricks of of pain. What do you make of it so It's been very odd. Since we ve Since we got the first positive report saying hey. It looks like the Pfizer vaccine. looks like it works and it was, they were spread our well that they just got approval the Madonna vaccine. Our release, it, the FDA, outside groups, approved at the FDA itself, is expected to approve it soon, not
far behind it is the Oxford vaccine, which clearly the most distinguished because it has a doctorate, and finally, the Johnson Johnson want less and less like an outrage that ain't Charlie exactly. average vaccine. These second best, absolutely I went on It is entirely it's the same way that unrefined plutonium uranium aren't as dangerous as refine versions, because the refined versions, knowing which salad forties anyway so we ve got vaccines in the pipeline coming along. The first ones are being back, come are being put its peoples arms. Now my pants just got on national television earlier this morning. for about five exercise. I feel, like I've, seen two simultaneous stories coming from the media, depending on which page of the newspaper you look it up. First one will say some variation up, There is not enough the vaccine to go around for quite a while we're going to have to prioritize and who will get it first and who will have to wait in line.
Which is an old, admittedly, a real concern, I got up and turn the page it'll be met. our concern sceptical of the vaccine, so they don't want to get it. none other you guys, but I think these two problems might solve each other for hate that if there are always very good you don't want to get. The vaccine will good. That makes it easier for the people who do want to get vaccine to get up front if closer in line. I also feel like the vaccine, scepticism that I am encountering, on social media and decay, emailing in the common sections and stuff, like that, It often seems to come from the same people who were insisting since, like March that this is just the flu are comparable to the flu and it's not dangerous and ninety nine cent of people who get this going to survive and be just fine. So what does everybody worried about so they're, really not all that worried about the virus itself with their very, very worried about the vaccine, which strikes me as completely backwards, but I guess said: We are, in a contrary, an age where
if everybody says the guy's blue, someone has to say What what is it doing? Night ha so look as far as we know As far as I can tell what my layman non doktor expertise although we do not have a doktor at the only way of rigour called doktor was because my ability dunk a basketball, and that's not that great either folks I would say. However, the doctors, Julius Irving, did tell Philadelphia and two to two socially distanced, wear masks. So there's a I trust him over say doctor fill it frustrating that I think it is of a cloth of this same mentality of there's a vast conspiracy that trying to downplay the dangers the vaccines the same way it a vast conspiracy to steal the election from present trump. Ah, Steve asking. I did this whole idea that there is some sort of sinister power behind the scenes that is trying to pull the strings and whatever they are telling you to do it because Bay
to control you and they are up to no good and in its deeply frustrating. I do like to think that over time as People like like we were gonna watch, my pants really carefully. Migrants doesn't grow third eyeball out of his forehead or have any serious reacted. Ok, if it's ok for my pants, it's probably gonna be ok for you if Ian Mckellen, the actor over the UK starts looking like his character from cats, then we're going to have something to worry about all right. Then it's going to be a problem. I mean we have come to a point. we ve always had this biggest the internet kind of allows people to connect each other and reinforce each other's thinking like this. This certainly choose your own adventure when it comes to the truth, If you don't, the idea of getting vaccinated. You can look on line and find somebody who's. Gonna tell you owe this vaccine is terrible. It's got. You know, cooties better or God knows what else, if you want to believe it,
lots of evidence, and most of these people are in official positions of authority. One of the lessons we gotta detail. I came across earlier today, which strikes me as really good news and at a variable Rita year, so they're sending up the violence of the Pfizer, backs, and they said they're supposed to be five doses and each vile. Well, most people They make medicines, will over fill it in case of spillage or something like that, and apparently the overfill in these vials is fairly considerable, so doctors as they do in the shots are realising yeah, they say it's fine, but we might be able to get six or seven out of these well, each that has five that is shipped out actually has six or seven will then all been vaccinated, a whole bunch more folks. Now, Charlie Rich, doesn't it How can I, like the story of Hanukkah, that applies both list, we got six or seven out of each one. That is a miracle, and it wasn't we can use in twenty twenty eight. If you want your term, I think the pit at the top that their adding any tracking code the bill Gates is built.
That's right, I can think of things. It is that little ludicrously those who talk about already Joe Biden has got enough respect on the spot cast his reading collar doctor. I so fed up with these sexes. Conspiracy, theory, you don't realize Melinda Gates is the power behind the throne she's the real masterminded debates just takes all of it. I will geologists sees me this problem that takes care of itself. We we have people who are gonna, be prioritized first responders, elderly and and nursing homes and whatsoever, and what not and that their by large not could be rejecting this backs ain't right. I mean they really wanted. They really need there really motivated and then then you start attributed to the general population. Presumably loosely based on and in a year over your eighty really gonna want it probably over seventy.
Going to want it, and then you might have some people beginning to reject it, but there's still a lot of whole lot of people who are going to want it and you're going to end up that. You know that this spring with everyone who wanted it, haven't gotten it and that likely thing enough to knock down this virus and finally end the pandemic, and then then you'll have a leftover husk of of people who never took. And we'll be publicly consequential. Yes, I have enormous sympathy for the nurse in the viral video who fainted when, given this. injection, because I have a fairly pronounced phobia hypodermic needles. My grandfather did too: He once told me quite seriously that he was more nervous when in nineteen, for
one too: he was given the injections that, where necessary, before he was sent to North Africa, and then ITALY than he was fighting in money, see now now this is a genetic genetic thing. need. I have no idea. I have an idea, and people often ask me when they learn about this. What what? What he's scared of and the answers? I don't know it's not rational. If I'm not scared of the pain doesn't ring I'm not scared. It's gonna turn me into a mouse its. They rational affair, not scientific, and I think, on watching that video needs to remember that that that the nurse did not faint, because there something wrong with the vaccine. By and large people faint because they have a fear of the process, so I think we can discount per as evidence of any sort, not least because she didn't die if the needle
been fellow stricken, and I think we have heard about him and that women in Arizona would have been stockpiling it for a second husband. Some scepticism is, of course, good We don't know the long term effects of the vaccine From what I understand it didn't take too long to come up with the vaccine itself. There, the time and the air. It- is spent in sharing that. As far as we know, it is safe in dealing with the consequences, we don't know what the long term consequences will be. It is science to understand that and to try to find out, but by definition one. and only find out long term consequences over the long term so that the year there is it.
There's a notable peace, New York magazine by the way that point that that they, basically we have vaccine in January right with them, they figured out what you'd need and then, but then you gotta go in and make sure it's it safe and it works the way you think and all the rest of it, equally. So the question before us is given the extraordinary scientific expertise that has worked on this: What do we consider is the best approach and the best set of tradeoffs. Now that will very person to person. I am very sorry did about this vaccine, because I think it's going to liberate us from the horror that has been there the last year and will continue until at least the summer most likely, but that that trade off will be different for different as you point out, rich one of the advantages of prioritizing, not only the,
hopefully, but people who were high risk here is that, even if other people make a different decision. The agro consequences of that decision, not diminished, keep saying right, Anthony Fatty on television and others, echoing him saying don't wear them SK, the yourself where it for others that there is some extent to which that is true with the vaccine. If you want to slowly reduce its effect, but We reached a point at which all of the elderly people for long term consequences are lesson and all of those are extremely high risk of the symptoms of current of ours. Ah now inoculated, We need fewer people who are thinking about others, and so, if there are some hauled out, that's that's gonna be fine. Sir
I don't have an objection to some scepticism. I think that's healthy, but I do think we ought to put this into context. The people who have worked on this vaccine both, but, that human beings, and also because their professional reputations and often that companies rely on it, are not likely to be slapdash, in their work. There is no conspiracy that has in design by Bill Gates saw the Illuminati or the Democratic Party to fell this with mind, control drugs, drugs or tracking cuts. And by and large, should be saying: this is an absolutely extraordinary triumph of government. Big business, modern technology and
human now, how did the american way is to innovate our way out of problems, and we seem to have have done that. Yet a celebrated. The ex question to you give clarity. The krona virus vaccine will be remembered as one of the greatest triumphs of medical techno g and all of human history? Yes or no? Yes, yes, emphatically! No doubt! Yes with that, let's go to our second sponsor this week, quip. You know quit the electric toothbrush you hear about all time, but it's their sleek reusable force pick you'll want to use Naxa durable, handles easy to guide restrains with a click and cover the compact mirror dispensing case for on the girl.
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over five million MAO's brushing with quip starting at twenty five dollars. This holiday season check out clips exclusive deals and if you gotta, get grip, dot com, slash editors right now, you'll get your first refill free that your first refill free at Get Quip Dac Flash editors spell GI. Eighty q, you Ip Dac flesh Eaters Quip, better oral house, made simple this last week. Most Senator Reserve is allowed. are republic on their republican side has said. Joe Biden is gonna, be president of the United States, most notably Mitch Mcconnell, whose
also been lobbying his members not to have any one. I stand up with more brooks an object to Biden. Electors Mcconnell thinks this is a terrible vote for censure. Republicans Gazelle either have to go with the base and Trump voters and objective to electors or not, upset those bait voters and so far there hasn't been anyone raising a hand and the Senate. yeah. I'm gonna join my books, but now atomic I Tommy Tuberville new Senator from Alabama is suggesting he's gonna be the one to do it. What do you make of it. You know, rich. You look back to January, sixth, twenty. Seventy. There were a bunch of house Democrats who were very, very upset about the election. president drop, you also may recall how much people saying Russia hacked the election and believing that it couldn't possibly be true,
leave. It was exhibition in terms of its content that recounted the votes at the expense of Jill Stein and found out. The trumps vote led actually expanded, but a go to Congress. Presiding over this joint session. house and Senate What's the Joe Biden and are going through the process, no less than eleven Times House Democrats stood an objection and interrupted and said that they want. to challenge the certification of the results and eleven times they were rejected by job item, because not a single Senate Democrat was willing to stand with them. If Republicans want to go through a basically do a re run of that process. We saw from twenty seventeen fine, I didn't get was good, then I don't think it's good now, if you want to say what's good for the goose is good for the gander: fine, but putting your adding a summit in the Senate to say. Yes, I believe these election results are wrong. I believe that this Lee, of more than ten thousand votes for Joe Biden. Visa key states are all based on fraudulent
I believe the election is being stolen. Then as well, it's got to the machine in all events, that this makes Republicans look stupid. It has been a stupid objections, You want to sit for your dishwater fraud exist. Sure we ve had this hour. Every week on this podcast. For since the election day, there is not tens of thousands of fraudulent votes in these in these are cast in these. Swing states and its rather weak, make that somebody Republicans are pretending this it's rather ridiculous. The president keeps insisting that the election was stolen. It is mine, blowing Lee egregious that people like Michael Flynn, are running around and say no, no, we should have the military take over and real. Run a second election and the present should be. are limited, martial law, I guess limb martial law is a little like being alluded. Pregnant that did it is the proper solution to all this. Instead of recognising now present Trump lost the election
a more votes than the incumbent president battened about two dollars and cup of coffee at Starbucks you in the end, Joe Biden got any civilian De Villiers million votes. You run for office there Chance you're gonna lose the press. has had more than enough time to get over the psychological, pain of defeat. as I mentioned, the beginning of this pod gas are real problems gone out of this country right now, right, that is well and hacking a butter. Software is not one of those problems. We would be better off if we could move on addressed us. Real problems but instead we ve got to claim that you know her that the election count is wrong and bind stole the election and all of you, the grand conspiracy seal, the election totally forgot about the Democrats down ticket and there are just a terribly incompetent conspiracy. Apparently And you know this is an about while we're at it. You know this is this. This is the single greatest outrageous in history, the country next time
by not getting cold doktor. Such rights are not mistaken. You're the editor of an arrest. You know better than I do, but I may add, because you're not mistaken, fears that a huge damned Mclaughlin Peace Cookin cooking on on the procedures around this. But if you, if you just want to reject Biden electors, you need both houses to do, it said entirely futile gesture and even if you get into competing slates of electors and that the Trump Slates in the states that Biden, why not lack all legitimacy, because their basically self appointed, but that if you had a split over those those letters, then the the ones appointed during safer.
The once appointed by the governor prevail, so there's just there's no way that this is possibly going anywhere. The snow is going anywhere. I think that misses the point. And that is that there is a contingent within their republican voting base and also certain right wing outlets that believes that it is important for Republicans to code on code fight and
some politicians are going to respond to that. Personally, I think this is one of those times where politicians should prefer to lose. Then too indulgent, but that's likely unrealistic, and there are times when we have policy debates in the United States and conservative say yes, it's fine fed government to be vigorous, but only within it. Scribe role. If the government is not allowed to act in a particular area, it must not do so. Irrespective of how strongly people might feel that it should. while this is one of those times the the
conservative movement should indeed fight for what it believes to be true. The republican party should be responsive do that. But we are not talking here about changing a law setting a foreign policy or appointing a judge or posing a bad intervention. We're talking about overturning the election results, there is absolutely no virtue in being a fighter in that cause. I don't know a great deal about Tommy to prevail.
Other than that, he was predestined to win that election, but it would be a disgrace if that is his first act. It is absolutely acceptable for Senator to be to prevail in his constituents to be devastated about the election results. It is absolutely unacceptable for them to hope that having sent him to Washington, he will. Work hard on their behalf, but there's no there's no benefit in his fighting. A lost cause too indulge the worst sort of sore loser ism and yet is what he and a lot of other people are being encouraged to do is fight fight fight, irrespective of the details personally January twentieth
come soon enough. I will not enjoy watching Joe Biden being inaugurated. But I will enjoy entreaties to fight being checked, into much more productive endeavours. S you, Jim Geraghty Republic, in fact do candidates and twenty twenty four. Assuming that there are some sites, don't drop, we'll have to insist that twenty twenty election was stolen, yes or no Now cast off budget, not they want a lot of concerns about how the election that in no other the ballots, the came in up. You know without a postmark and stuff like that, there's enough things legitimate points to object about. There were not sufficient to make up the margin for Joe Biden The bill focused on that and hope the people interpret that as a broad based
rejection of the results when they're not really saying that check up now Lee because they will be candidates who are not of. school or that wing, and that twenty twenty four primaries are going to be a fight between those those people. but partly because it's just too easy rhetorically, especially after intervening mid term elections to say had some concerns over the way the twenty twenty election was conducted. but what we really need to ensure that in twenty twenty four Joe Biden is taken out of the White House and by then people look forward politics move so so fast in the United States. it's really remarkable to remember that the gap between Watergate and the
Teen. Eighty landslide Ronald Reagan achieved with sixty his and. The gap between the two thousand and eight meltdown financial meltdown and down in the president's approval ratings and the tea party wave was two years. I am nervous, of course, that Donald Trump will remain popular and be the front honor and twenty twenty four, and maybe even when the primary. But I am also aware that things move quickly: hair memories, ashore and people eventually look to the future. He agrees with all what that's it. That's sad, I think most of them will have to insist that this was a was a righteous fight for election integrity that they won't per Jan insists. That was actually frankly stolen.
fuck it. So, let's get a few other things before we go Jim Gary, you had a rare school day during a small snuff fall. there an authenticity words, a rare event yes, so people who have listened to his podcast for a long time and perhaps other ones- no but as much as I love my neighborhood in my community here somewhere in the wilds of Fairfax County. I think when I first moved here there is like one day which it was snowing. Wasn't that bad, but they decided he to schools open now, a fairly hilly area and got two kids dropped off his back before their take the boss. I was driving them off. And I spent the ride back. Helping people put their cars are ditches for whatever reason they kept us that, with this report, the school open that day, the roads or icy, and any data like two hundred car accidents, imperfect scant letter. So Since then we talk about in the conservative movement, people becoming snowflakes and how people are afraid to offend snowflakes.
Well, the authenticity would school board is afraid of literal snowflakes and stability of snowflakes and the rumour that a snowflake has been cited somewhere within fifty mile radius. They were close the schools around here for a falling due point and has many listeners now to distance learning for it since March twelve. My guys, Milo guys, are doing ok with it so far, but I'd like to get them back in school. But this time we had a decent snow foreign you're, nothing she which, from one or two inches nor the roads, were pretty icy. Outside the window, the worldly glaze donor and- they actually decided to keep schools open and you know, but ordinarily, like oh, you know, the kids should get to a joyous no day. This. kind of the slushy snow. This was not very pretty. This was not got mixed, no man could letting types now so they kept schools. But it was a pleasant surprise. I bureau that's a one up side of distance learning. Is it actually labour the whites of coming from the skies local school.
didn't need to run under the bed and hide and and scream and panic. It's ok I'll get schools open. It's not like the kids can't get to their computers. Charlie touches the classic. Again, as listeners may now, I am attack guy. I obsess over resolutions on screens and bandwidth and so on. My little poem that but on a nintendo switch you can get the original texts game without dated music. It's the same music accept this. Now what you might hear another spanish disco setback beat, but it is just so much fun. I see me both know what I'm talking about that the game with the blocks that comes, And you turn on and then create lies here that game
Is I think, thirty five years old, thirty six years old and it is just as fun ass ever. So I hate winter, but we had the first major snow fall in the northeast, yesterday and it's the only redeeming feature of winter lost my child like wonder over snow. I just I love it upsets obsess over the forecasts, take every Vantage of it that a canvas only like a twelve hour reprieve from the bleakness of winter, because very quickly it off ploughed up, stops knowing, and then you just have these pile of snow, all place that turns gray and black and makes the winter even more depressed. so with that it's time for ETA respects Jim Gary. What's your pic.
easy choice. This week it is Kyle Smith's December sixteenth article entitled Joe Biden. Doctorate is garbage because your dissertation is garbage, This is what set off the the grand controversy. I guess you a great. the National review portion of this If we're gonna talk about Joe Biden, you're gonna call her doktor than fine. Let's, look at her work. Let's look at her doctorate, let's look what it says and you'll get it mission to being. I think a very much imported of a very much important point in it. There is a phrase that, like you, Carl Smith, is a talented funny writer. I know you do movie reviews for the for the near posting. in a bunch of eggs report, Hard news, Rapporteur for Lahti and Joy there's one segment that YO yo there's a way of using periods EL the reader to stop and you begin other sentence and he's gonna build upon so there's one section of you now, as for
I spent a lot of time teaching remedial English to slow learners and community college, which is like being Rock musician, whose in a bar band that plays covers at mixers, Held in assisted living facilities that little bump bump it up that each job build upon it well done Kyle check up. What's your bet, I liked Kyle Smith's pace on Jill Biden, part too in the trailer gi. Unlike with God, other all three, ah equally accident and like the godfather all three fairly brutal, but but like the books, the godfather, Easy to read. Cow is amazing. It is a stone to me that people, a hearth upset by the
as they are the astonishing to me that I believe it turned it on Twitter was at the top twisted the chop. Trending topics. Silly that legal, that is, but he did a good job of it, and I think it is the role of outlay, such as national review, to burst bubbles and poked fun at people who are to serious, and he did just that- So I disagree with with you guys. I say that the third instalment it's under appreciated, but the third element is the best
it has gone, is vital as the the first and the second that doesn't mean. That is not incredibly good. It's called the contradictions and conceptual errors of Joe Bides garbage dissertation. Add it it posted this morning and I urge everyone to check it out. So that's it for us. You been listening to a NASH, review podcast. They re broadcast retransmission or account this game the express written permission, national magazine is strictly prohibited. This part gases from produced by the incomparable surgery, who makes a sound better than we deserve. Thank you, doctor cook. Thank you, Doctor Geraghty. Thank you too quick and cautious room, and thanks specially to all of you for listening, we are the editors,
see you.
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