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Episode 297: End of the Status Cuomo

2021-01-29 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Jim discuss self-serving teachers’ unions, the absurd praise of Andrew Cuomo, and the hypocrisy of Matt Gaetz.

Editors’ picks: • Rich: Kyle Smith’s piece “A Knockout Film about the Soviet Nightmare” • Charlie: Daniel Tenrieo’s coverage of the GameStop saga • Jim: Jay’s piece “The State of the GOP

Light items: • Rich: The Dominion of War by Fred Anderson • Charlie: His kids playing with their Harry Potter wands • Jim: The glory of a potential snow day

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The teachers unions finally pushed it too far and Andrew Cuomo exposed plus Matt Gate versus Liz Cheney will discuss all this more on this edition of the editors on the lower and have joined is always by the right. Animal I'll see w cook in this age of authenticity, Woods, Jim Gary, B d: you will return soon. You listen to a national view, podcast responses. this week is Tommy John Underwear more about that in due course, foolishness. You listen, unnatural view. Dot com who indirectly on the corner were delighted to have you, but it will be easier for you and better for us if you made as part of your feed at industry, my services out there from Spotify to Itunes. If you like what you hear here, please consider giving us a glowing five star review on Itunes. If you dont like what you hear here, please forgive
I said anything so Jim Garrulity. What a few months ago was assumed to be a out of touch ignorance Perhaps homicidal red state extremists position, which is that we should reopen the schools, has really begun to break through into the mainstream and their signs that the politics of this issue are changed. What do you make of it? I mean it's moving far too slowly for my taste, but you are seeing things like the New York Times did a very detailed and in depth and good story about these skyrocketing rate of suicides, monks, teens in Nevada and pointing out these kids feel disconnected from everything they feel nothing. To look forward to a greater recognition of the cost to our kids.
It is also worth noting that we now have a considerable amount of data amongst places in the United States, not just overseas, where they kept the schools open where private schools remained open states that have kept them open in a lot of schools have done this, making appropriate precautions in some cases there school two days a week, alternating split the school population into to mask social distancing stick shielding. You know everybody takes the steps to prepare for this David Brooks as a furious Solemn vow. She's rhetoric is getting stronger on this, and you know fouche he's not going to pound the table much, but he's now out contradicting what wrong clean and bind administration are saying. The bite administration really wants to believe that this is a
funding issue that you know. Maybe we could do it. We just did they need more money and never mind the fact that there were about what thirteen billion or so in the first relief build. Whispers was supposed to be sent to schools angle that most recent one they passed in December had a five billion for schools, but look there are Parts of the country of downward Charlie is in Florida over. My friends are in Texas, and even up in places like like Connecticut public public schools are open to nothing while the poor, schools and you're, not seeing vans taken away bodies every day most these schools have figured out how to function with minimal risk to the students and is a ton of data. Saying the kids aren't that dangerous and if you know you, ve got a teacher who is immunity, compromised, optically, elderly look, reasonable adults would be able to work this out you may have seen that there was a loud in county dad little but south of me who, when,
school board, meeting wore his mask and ripped into the school board yelling at them that they should all be fired? I salute that man for his calm, demeanor that I dont think I would be able equal and for his even tempered calm tone, because this is never now approaching alike. I've been months of having schools closed, some kids, don't ok, but it now I mean just look at my son's. I can tell they miss interacting with gets. You can have your kids interact with their personal friends, there's a whole bunch of people in school who you interact with. the socialists asian aspect that they're just not getting under through online schooling, you're all the people. who's in between a stranger and a good friend there, just not seeing the kids you play kick ball with on the on the playground or all of that the young earlier, your Jim teachers, all your our teachers, all this we're doing online, just isn't translating and the school teacher
Unions demands just get more and more unreasonable here in Fairfax County. I believe in addition to wanting Now we all the steed at the teacher, the move to the front line worried Cooper has a terrific washed imposed up at in this report's out, like We're potent teachers to the front line so that they'll teach knots they can sit at home and continue doing online learning personnel. The demand of the Fairfax teachers unions that they want all the students We're not a single vaccine has been approved for kids, yet so. This is a ludicrous and then they want two weeks of zero community transmission at low, not closer law. They want zero, we're not Get to that. Will twenty twenty three? If we're lucky so that's where we are at least my neck of the woods. It's absolutely ridiculous. Is an absolute betrayal of these kids and the fascinating, is the teachers I talk to say they want to get back in the classrooms gonna sing.
Teacher in this world went into the profession to talk to a screen. They love these kids. They want to interact with these kids. They had a perfectly fine making adjustments, but the argument of the teachers unions. We can't even try Yes, we can't even experiment this look. If you reopen the school and there's a breakout, fine send the kids go back back on the dude do online for another two three weeks. I'd be fine with that right now, in my neck What's the hope is that early march for one grade mid march for another, except they ve been playing this game with us, since, since last spring parents are at the end of their wrote, the absolutely frustrated as I let you that we had a terrific editorial on this alleged added. One comment on the corner: every single one of us has had to figure out a way to live with a little bit a risk since this pandemic, but that you go to the store. You take a little bit of a rescue
Therefore, I am assuming that you're wearing your masks. You try to stay six feet away from people, but every little thing you do your hope that person who has that mass below their nose isn't shutting viruses. Sometimes it works, and perhaps it doesn't. We got the south african variant out here. We ve got the UK variant out here. All of us have had to accept a certain amount risk, because the work needs to be done, except the teachers unions, data wanna go anywhere near and in some cases it sounds like Baxter. Nation will not be enough for them to get them back into. The classrooms is absolute, the greatest outrage of this pandemic and I'm fear. It is ridiculous that the bind him in a straight with pretend for a millisecond that they are on the side of parents if they're not willing to confront the teachers unions over this, it's a register I think I heard some table thumping there. If I'm not mistaken, I will travel to dumping or overturning gridlock
on quail. It's right now. This is keeping me call because such early summer, friends had had been on this from the beginning, David Bondsman, of Roy, both arguing and made no sense to have schools closed down. If you, if you don't believe David or out of it, you should have the American Academy. P attrition had this very strong statement in June, saying that the emphasis should be on getting back to school, but it it's taken a long time for the the mainstream media to catch up. One and two just teacher teachers unions are going resistance with every ounce taken me stir and in this story it's the teachers, unions that have the most contempt for their own work and that the most unwillingness to to do it Jim earlier on that? In one sense, I am, of course not
within the same universe of anger on this as he is because it's not happening to my kids But in another sense I am more outrage stay. Imagine then some people in the more lockdown parts of the country, because I can see first hand that it is possible to open the schools MIKE. It's Miss three weeks, my friends, kiss kids miss maybe six weeks. Herbage older the school over the road is open. My kids school is open and they take precautions. I went asks the sitting on the Yellow school bus is limited, they don't
play sports in the same way, some activities are alter door postpone, but its working, ok, someone makes a mockery of the idea that this is a big ask. Jim lives in a different world than idea right now, but he doesn't live in a different country and he does belong to a different species, at least as far as we know the virus. Is transmitted in the same way in Jesse in New York and Virginia cities in Florida, and it does the same thing. human body in New Jersey in New York and the Genie ass. It does in Florida and in a sense,
It is a devastating argument against the teachers unions position. This is not a hypothetical, it's not an abstract. it is not a supposition. We know that you can open the schools. And I am pleased to see that parents are beginning to turn on the teachers unions as a result. What is an unfortunate habit and our politics of conflicting teachers, unions with teachers, and The teachers unions aims with the welfare of children. These ill advised conflation. I loathe teachers unions, I dont low, teaches most of the people in my family, our teachers.
The notion that the teachers unions, hair, acting in the best interest of children, seems self evidently ridiculous day in a sense undermining their own case, which is that they are indispensable. No one Is indispensable can afford to be out of commission for two years, which is really what's being proposed in some quarters And nobody who is indispensable should simultaneously be asking for special treatment on the basis of that indispensable. Eighty and dick I need to do what it is that supposedly makes them indispensable in the first place,.
So what we are saying once again is a political movement: it's not an education movement, it's not a movement that is set up for the advancement of children. It is a political matter and we are seeing a union defending its members against reality, demanding concessions. Nobody else in the country gets to demand, and now tying it to the extraction of tax money from everyone out its remarkable how quickly this line has been adopted, while of course we would go by but which we need the money. No, you don't I need the money you want the money, sir. I am bothered by this. Not personally because it isn't affecting my children or
any of the children that I know around here, but I am bothered because every day I get up and drive to and from supermarket and walk around, and I see that it is possible to open the schools, and then I talked to Jim and I not to Michael Brandon Daddy, and I talk to other writers at national Review and I hear them explaining how difficult this is for them, but also for that Odin am I know, but it doesn't have to be this way, as the gems is not a new point, but obviously, throughout this pandemic we ve had all sorts of people that have continued to do their jobs. I would say uncomplaining late, but some have complained about conditions in and say protocols, which is fine but grocery store workers have been their delivery, guys have been their meat packing workers have have been there, it's it's only teachers.
Who stand out because of their union as people who style themselves, the very the central workers who have basically that. This is a discretionary task in and one can get through without them doing it when all the research suggests. This has been a debacle for children, especially the most vulnerable children. Yeah. I mean in my neck of the woods Big a guess. Couple months ago, affair backs many public schools had done the study of how it wasn't a grades, we're getting through distance learning and the kids we're doing ok beforehand and getting gay suits word were doing. Ok, they haven't seen a significant drop of the ones. If you were see minus de student. There is a good chance and were flunking, and if you were on the verge of flunking, before you're, probably flunking more than to more than two sub
The online learning I dont begrudge the attempt to try distance learning and I think the best Georgia teachers are doing the best they can in circumstances they didn't want to pursue. This is something that came out of the blue. I don't expect. I did not expect school districts to have a perfect plan that will deal with the Tec running a hundred percent right off the bat when this problem drops in our laps around MID march of last year. Over now approaching eleven months later, and that of the verdict is in the data is in its fails. Far too many kids and other state, like even the kids who are you know, educated in terms of their grades are doing well, as I pointed out, are not doing well, because the socialist ancient kids need to be around each other. It is easier to constantly
when everybody around use concentrating doing the same thing. Kids aren't you up before the great irony is before the before this pandemic came in turn our lives upside down. I was yelling at my boys to get off the computer and to limit their screen time and now their education is effectively a zoom call. First, hours and hours each day, and you has now well, but I only wish of the Russia of using pulse socio if grown adults have a hard time concentrating when staring at a screen for hours. Now, it's all back. How do we expect our kids to do this, and I we spectre kids to do this for the better part of ten months. I'm doing distance learning for a short period of time, while their ramping up in putting in the plastic barriers are getting the mass, sir or rearing during the desk. What fine look, I understand everybody's kind of having to improvise, and indeed all the just as they go along, but were now at a point where the problems are compounding the outcome.
in kids at home at the end of January, looks different than it did three months ago six months ago, nine months ago, and you know what I've also along by the Fairfax Annie Public School system was saying the parents please decide whether you want to do today. The week in person. Today's offer what we want to continue all at home learning sponge. My friends, you have kids in school system, were struggling on its decision. I said that want it didn't strike me as a struggle I want. I want my boys back in school as much as they could get to. The second thing, is you don't get a pull them out from under us at the last second, I've seen other school district handles notice you know the idea that they're gonna get a job back into a classroom. Were you know every lawyer had signed off when it was not legally likely. Lo and behold They decide over sticking with online learning for a couple weeks, while its now in January, and they still haven't gone back to it and there don't feel safer for March Its Lucy in the football over and over again is absolutely unacceptable.
and I really do wonder how places like their backs county that have Taddeo touted themselves on having a first class of the Mescal systems. The country. Are they get, isn't it education, gonna come through this intact because traditionally to be considered a good school system how to have kids in the classroom, Charlie and Jim mentioned a moment ago. Ron Klain, basically by the chief of staff, basically backing up teachers unions on this end and insisting that is a matter of money we ve talked a lot about buttons, unity appeal in his inaugural on how? Basically nothing is done substantively accords with the emphasis he put on unity. in and that address. But here is an issue where you had a genuine chance to be cross, partisan and too
to side with parents of every party in all parts of the country and they fell short. The democratic party is in hawk to the teachers unions. This is not a country virtual observation. One of the reasons that I, Sir Federal, but also state government. You should try to avoid the inexorable growth of teachers. Unions is that they destroy politics in your state. The democratic party cannot cross. Those unions. In one sense, the teachers unions play the role within the Democratic Party. That Democrats believe that the National Rifle Association plays within the Republican Party, but doesn't. It's a genuine corruption. At the January,
entanglement is a genuine conflict of interest. You only have to look at. The suggestion that Randy Weingarten be put within the federal government. To understand that states that do not have overbearing teachers, unions, frere and better run on average than those that do, and for the current iteration of that the credit party, it is simply impossible to do what you described even know. It would be the right move. There is education, industrial complex in place that tips widens hand. I'm sure he knows that he should do what you're asking him to do, but it's just ultimately not worth it.
And I'm, assuming that there are not claim, plays a wave getting around it, hoping he can buy them off and not pay a political price if the backing reopening, but I do think there is going to be a political price at some level, despite the attempts of this administration to to get around it just from some of the peace I've read about changing attitudes among parents, but also the facts on the ground that have been created by corona virus. This isn't going to be true for everyone but there are now more children in private and parochial schools than there were and there are more children who have been home schooled. Many of them will go back to public schools,
There are probably millions of parents who have a different attitude towards their children's education, who know more about it, who have explored the options who have not just absorbed as if by us most is the idea that, while you pay higher property taxes and a better area so that you can get your kid into a good school and often that's how change comes about is people are forced to to thinking in other ways and once they have done so, they can't get back, I think around the edges. There will be some shifts in up politics in the long run. As a result of this year's talking to a friend down in gems neck of the woods just the other day, he said, and I buried August last year, some time they started sending their kids to private school, then open the entire time and they're. Just now
going back there. Never looking back after this Jim Geraghty exit question to you rate, the political damage that will be done to the reputation of teachers, unions from this episode from zero to ten zero notch. Nada nuthin, ten thermonuclear rich, I'm not sure mathematics, can give me a number high enough to calculate up infinity. Something like that
I think you think it'll be high public, eight or nine I'd like it to be a ten, but I am struck by the number of my friends and neighbors warlike. I'm really surprised the teachers unions are doing this and upset nothing it man, they don't need a single thing. I write to the cook. I don't think it will be seismic, but I think maybe a three or four. There are certain moments that change the paradigm and disk
could be one that contributes to such a change. Yeah is about four as well. I think the suppressant on it will be just the massive institutional investment of the Democratic Party in teachers, unions and, even though we ve seen some cracks in the press coverage of this also, that once were pass this absurd. The press poison snapped back and not have learnt a lot of interest in writing critical stories about teachers, unions, but ordinary people have learned a lesson about what's most important to them and as Chris Christie memorably said years ago, it is now out, emphatically, not the interests of children. With that, let's hear from our sponsor this week, Tommy John met across Amerika Love, Tommy John Underwear, because it keeps everything
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for two ordering a couple of pears and reporting back Everyone in this very hard cast and there's no risk with Tommy Johns peril everywhere or its free guarantee. Tommy John today, if you not love them, they're free, good, Tommy, John dot com, slash editors and say fifteen percent on your first order, go right now say: fifteen percent right now at Tommy John Dotcom, Slash editors, that's Tommy, John DOT com, slash editors, say fifty percent on your first order see the site for details. Please check it out everyone, so Charlie. One of my rules and media coverage during this pandemic has been that everything people say about Florida ends up being true about New York, Sir. This is true up at the outset,
when everyone was saying Florida was, was stumbling out of the gate and didn't know how to handle. This could have terrible numbers, the worst numbers in the nation. It turned out to be true New York and another story line is that Florida? The only reason that floor the floors, numbers weren't as bad as New York's, is because their their distorted, that's terrible. Your cases and deaths were being left out, terrible things are being done and that we learn. That's true of New York. Listeners will have heard my frustration bafflement at the Rich Florida, but then also have had me pulling punches on Andrew Cuomo. I have been of the view that every politician in the country has had a tough Breaker that we didn't know a great deal about this virus that we
stumbling through it. Trying to do the best we could, and so I have emphatically defended governor dissent- is the best governor in the country and continue to do so. I didn't hit Cuomo, because I assume that, in spite of the absurd coverage- and suffocation. Even he has been subject to he was on the level I have to say it the little bit annoying to learn that the accusations that were without foundation. Levelled at the scent is our true of coma.
And I'm losing my reticence now off and recovers Ass Jolly cook when you lose joy, cook undercover, it has been grotesque, from the beginning to watch him being lionize. He wanna Hemi, there's press conferences. We retain the appeared on a television show that is hosted by his brother. He wrote a book portraying himself ass, a hero, and, once again I didn't have any particular substantive problem with Cuomo, because I thought this was tough.
But if this report was highlighted in the New York Times this week, put together not by a Republican all by Donald Trump, all the coke. others, but reality should James who is closed. own attorney, general and a member of his own party and a thoroughly unpleasant figure in her own right. If this is true, then we should throw a little opprobrium clamours way because he's been misleading people. His book will be misleading his television appearances with his brother, Be misleading and his Emmy winning press conferences will be misleading as well. I think probably the most depressed part of this, for me, is not learning that clever hasn't been on the level, but watching ass.
The reaction to this news, which is serious if its substantiated, is that the only difference green Governor Cuomo and say, governor dissenters or Governor Abbot is the has got caught. Even now Even now we have evidence that glamour is not all that he said he was a New York's response is not what it has been to be with still seeing the press And those outside of Florida say well, it must be true. There is well, I dont know what it will take, people, to abandon their prize and evaluate the evidence here on its own terms, there is no clear part is an outcome. guarantee here. It is just not the case that every blue state
is done well, and every red state has done badly justice. It is not the case at every blue state has done badly in every red state has done well. This is a complex issue, but it is probably time to start pulling punches on coma and say he's a fraud gin Tom Elliot who has reacted on twitter and run a business pulling various video clips from cable news and what not had great thread yesterday kind of going through the door. Explanations. We ve heard from Cuomo on a nursing home policy over the last year, so not October, he said, wasn't his fault, it was the fault of the nursing homes. Then he blame Trump administration.
and the federal guidelines, then he said you know, he's just being blamed by the cruel and irresponsible reprehensible tribe they said was dropped the OJ somehow cooking this up and just on ah and on whether reasons has been lying Ized in the press is because his suppose a straight shooter yeah. If I should point out, he was not the only governor who had policies like this. Generally, you saw them variations of this policy designed to open up beds in hospitals by returning those who were recovering from corporate, but still contagious back into nursing home. This is living facilities in other places like that, where you had lots of people who were more boldly,
more and more likely to succumb to the virus. Spreading Whittemore had something similar in Michigan. California was offering a slight bonus to nursing. Homes were taken them in New Jersey and fill Murphy, Edison policy, but the ones most notorious largest scale example. The state that add by far the most despotically early on in the spending was New York state that I have a theory that one of the reasons the media decided addressing issues of the many its part The media decided that indoor guano was the hero of the pandemic in the roll bottle for leadership do you know there are gonna like drama that stand out from has said all kinds of stuff is completely deserving of criticism. You know it's gonna go away some days, but if you look back- and I wrote a pretty links, the detailed timeline about this problem would fall in New York City or build the plaza had his own share of dont worry. This is completely not contagious. We ve got a completely under control. The subways
let me say this thing probably get me spread from person to person all kinds of stuff like that, and if you feel good shut of our national media is focused up into. Is the lives and works in New York City. They all gonna know bill. The plaza was not a good where they belong I know that he is not a good example of Saint Progressive is liberalism democrats know what they're doing and they know how to manage things of things turn out well, so they could celebrate the plaza they needed a democratic Europe. Somebody had to be the good guy was because it couldn't be. The Republicans are certainly couldn't admit that the you know, Scientists in the world might know what they were doing, so they decided. Mama was the Euro the leader of the other, the leader this country needs and all that kind of jazz at they just panic. celebrated him more and more in the frustrating thing about this, like it's bad for informing the public good back back that point the second, but it also display
things that lawmaker when they do a really bad job and the media keeps can't comparing into Batman and telling them how heroic they are and how terrific they are either global was pretty clearly a narcissist before this started, but your months and months of gushing media brings doesn't do any good, for his ego doesn't do any good for his ability to assess whether he is doing a good job to them. I recognise I wonder how connected he is to reality or whether he just coming this knee jerk psychological me to insist that he's right and cannot admit something like look. We're really afraid the hospitals we're gonna get over run, so this was the best way. We can think of to make sure that this report was a terrible decision, but you can at least understand the logic behind it, but the quabo can insist it. I get a little bit accredited exotics give considerable had its own Latisha James Susan, wrong on a whole bunch of other stuff, but who was not afraid,
Furthermore, the report that named and shamed and basically laid out the mistakes of the size of the state and pointed out that the General Jim and it must have been real hot for her. She plans have run for Governor now you can do the right thing for the wrong reasons. Relating to this. There is no doubt that not just the only democratic really benefits from this logistics right, mostly are democrats like to avert their eyes, because there there is invested in this narrative. The Cuomo knows what he's doing as much as anybody else and an equally in politics. Doing the right thing for the wrong reasons. That's statesmanship that that's as good as its gonna get you of your ignore, hold your breath waiting for something do the right thing for the writers of early regulation, which not your problem, less red tape and arms, probably the most notorious scandal in in journalism, history or near the top- would have to be JANET books. Early falsified story about Jimmy this little african american boy was addicted to heroin speck,
Early eighties, the wash the boats had a return appeal at CERN Asta. Now that I'm not gonna, u know lift a finger to defend that. We must make our vacation that, like what is more damaging a reporter making up a story about a child drug addict. That is a false, but look. We know that there are going drug addicts in this world Or CNN, at every other major media institution insisting to their audiences that inequality, was doing a good job. What exactly was not completely misleading them about who's, the performance of their leaders, darting global pandemic. So surely they really shouldn't be this opposition between New York and Florida. It it's a little business symptom of our unhealthy politics here. Both both sides pointing fingers with the other way. By look, we have a federal system, and indeed you have states taking different approaches.
data on how how Florida has been doing lately. I would just say before I do that, but I am not anti oh yeah. I know I know you. I know you know that many, maybe I'll listen, stone, I lived in New York. I love me or I think it's a wonderful city. I am sad to say that it seems to be going through a tough time, And I have no dog in this fight, which makes me different than many in the press. The problem here from the beginning has been the same problem that Donald Trump exhibited off to the election was over. That being, he started with his conclusion. Donald Trump believe that he must have one that, for all the facts must fit. Even if you have to insinuate or openly allege fraud, they must fit. Donald Trump must have one And that's what happened here was just immediately assumed immediately assumed cover
it's down there for them. We run dissenters. He must be an idiot where's. Andrew com is the heir to a tasty. We speak so nicely. You must be doing a good job and the facts. Made to fit. How are we doing here? Schools, urban, Disneyworld, open restaurants, are open. Our death rates low the New York's by having a much larger. Population of older and at risk. People. The government has been responsive, we ve had locked dance. The health department ordered by shut for a while, until that was deemed to be no longer ascending. Get this cutting off here, you're my dream of anecdotes, exactly
I think that far has done a good job hasn't been perfect. Of course it hasn't, but I think that it has navigated at a tough time, Well, I have an attic I can say this job to rub this in, but I have a completely different day to day life at the moment, Then jam we were talking about this before the ship. My kids go to school. If I want to go for dinner, we go out, we went to Disney were two weeks ago. We go to the zoo, go walk around and it is. It is a different approach and it's an approach that has been guided by a combination of science. There is no doubt that run the scientists is engaged with the data in the science, any any pretence, otherwise is hackers.
These also been engaged with the trade offs. And there are real trade offset the economy to people's health. We seeing it in the depression and suicide numbers. I think by and large flaw It has done a good job. I think they're somewhere in the middle of the pact. German, your correct me. If you're better on this in vaccinations, they are in fact here rather I should I radically New York's around the middle, the pack expedition to see the ones that are the top are West Virginia these. As of this, as of this conversation, looking at the Bloomberg measuring by what percentage of who supply have they used West Virginia North Dakota, New Mexico, South Dakota any began at the top five among states.
from the sky states and not of territories started. The bottom Alabama is worse, Kansas, second, worst, Massachusetts, third, worst district of Columbia. Fourth worst, which is interesting, they rested in pretty good job of early and Pennsylvania best from the bottom and everybody. Somewhere else. So look. I would just say once again that I Stan how difficult this is. I understand this is a question of trial and error. One of the advantages to having a federal system is that different people, different policies, can try different things. This is unprecedented in the modern era, and I don't want to- fell today through some sort of ideological or partisan fight, but. I will defend the state that I gave him against nonsense and if, as is the case, you can say which you can the Florida is largely open.
That its unemployment rate is lower than the average that its vaccination rate is around the average that its death rate is lower than other states of its size, which is all the more impressive given the demographics. If you can say that you should, be pleased about that, and at the very least you should say will they did something else and it seems to have been ok and Still day in day out, I see this back oz criticism that I just do not think is is founded Jim Gary Ex Question Andrew Commerce reputation as a covert hero will survive over the long term, yes or no- really good question only in the die hard democratic circles that they will cling to mythology, just as they will stand by the way. I have asked you about enough five hundred extra questions
take. This is the first time he set out. That's a good question. Maybe it was the first good exit grace rip you no kind of like a kind of like like woebegone rich. All of your questions are about Lucky it'll become an article of faith amongst certain Democrats, just as they will continue to insist that wrong descent with the numbers in Florida have to be much worse because Rhonda Santas is evil and an idiot stuff. But I Think at least it was what even Chrysalis CNN notices- hey, maybe Edric almost
record is it is spectacular, as we thought I think it's safer saving a b b reality is starting to see them. I don't think it will survive this now, because the report was offered by a member of his own party. It was published in the New York Times and he probably wasn't especially popular outside of New York anyway. So I'm not quite sure where, Hill, where help retain his fan base and also to say no, and I think it he may lose his reputation sooner rather than later in this kind of feel a big atlantic peace are Bloomberg, peace kind of it as central level centre left or again. The cutter helps said conventional wisdom,
coming out the peace, and you know what this was all wrong from the beginning: a kind of changing the climate around us and it can happen soon enough. Let me pause. Do quick and our plus plug and replaces a digital subscription serves a course Our national review, dot com. If you're reader of national view, you know we have a meter pay war. You ve probably noticed the meter pay all is more expensive as or more extensive and more difficult to get around than ever four there's one easy way to do away with this annoyance, tier you're, reading life at NASH, Review, which is just to sign up for an hour plus and our plus will also do away with another annoyance, which is the ads that you see on the website. We do need so. Advertising is an important stream of revenue, but it gets in. The way of Europe
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we're doing solid journalism and we need people who appreciate that to hopefully pay for so those are all reasons sign of her and our plus and suffer expensive. We have great first time, deals running at any given time, so please check it out so jam. We had this ongoing battle for the soul of the gnp which be going on for years here. But one of the most important fronts at the moment is the fight overly Cheney. She course voted for impeachment in the house as one of ten Republicans to do so and was prickly notable because she's Cheney, because she's number three and leadership, and because she put out an an ax, absolute bomb statement that made her vote, imposition impossible to ignore and allow the debate on the floor over
he's not far as I could tell went up to. Then it consisted of democratic reading this this Janni statement and saying that she's supported impeachment. So obviously this put political target on her back. There has been a lot of discontent, there's an effort to dump her from a leadership there to primary challenges is said: they're gonna run, and we had yesterday a believer according Friday had mad gates, despite minority leader Kim Mccarthy, saying not to do this and to stop the circle circular firing squad. Yet mate
gate, go out there and drawing a pretty big crowd as seen reports about eight hundred people. For this, the rally on the state House steps entirely devoted to excoriated was Janni, making a case that she has to go when you make of it well. The first thought is that if you are the House minority leader with hopes to be house majority leader starting in twenty twenty three. You and you save your carcass. Don't do this then, the very stay somebody goes out and does exactly what you told them not to do. A great deal depends on what the consequences- and at this point it doesnt there's no word of what Mccarthy's going to do. If nothing happens, demand gates were going out and violated us. Then no one's gonna be of ever be afraid of Heaven, Mccarthy and not be afraid of ignoring his edicts and his instructions and his urges. And this will be your he'll get more of it, so
There is a real moment of decision for giving the partly coming up here. I think this is a great moment for Republicans to ask themselves what is it that you really want, because the term presidency is over minimally, at least for now, until at least January twentieth, twenty twenty five feel very far off right now yeah a whole bunch of real big problems right, we had a democratic administration trying to everything's your executive order. We are Democrats who have a Slim majority in the house, a de facto budget already in the Senate. I one boat with PAMELA Harris Breakin dies. You know there are big fights covered up here. The more energy you're spending yell knocking around loose Jane, as energy you're spending knocking around the by demonstration. I think there are certain Republicans were very, very comfortable fighting other Republicans. They love it. This is what did you better? Get? Some
what bobbin gets an excited: zero, but fight the by demonstration. That's hard, it's much more fun to go on the centre to renew our our insignia subtler. How angrier and gold old around, like a eight hundred people and maybe by standards of Bio, Mccarthy's populated states, even more impressive, but nobody's making decision about those training, whether she should return and so what spring twenty twenty two. A lot of time through now, then guys, but my suspicion. It says that be met. Dates of the world and in the end I dont know what met what he wants to do with his life. I suspect that being a congressmen is only incidental to that I don't see the mandates of the world spending a lot of time introducing legislation. I dont. Then a lotta zeal once you have spent a lot of time getting into the finer details, policy of how the federal government works, having worked better, how to stop it and doing
I see a lot of time on tv. I see a lot of time of them Europe, he loves the crowd. He loves the campaigning part governing part. Not yet that's work, that's hard to do that I feel that the summit you end up, like somebody like Ohio sender, important announced this week that run furniture, You end up becoming a workforce instead of a shovels and I'm gonna die a rich. I think the Republican Party it's a hell of a lot more work horses and ensure horses. If you want shone out these job go, we'll try to be shown, and these job don't take up a space in the House of Representatives. Try to get him a media gig on boxer. Use MAX her away and wherever else let the Pandit. Could you please don't be applauded goby upon it, but if you want to be a congressmen Do the job your actually said to be there? Nobody Florida set Matt Gates to go, so we can intervene in a while being private. That's not his job right. That's always was to be there and if he wants to become a full time activist worthy
Four trump is a fine go logger go. Do that don't waste I'm as member Andras debating in somebody else's, primarily because using listen. The decision on the house, one they should vote- were impeachment. That's done guys it fast. It's already over the said, if you What's that you love Donald Trump listeners. This part guess no right out You really want Donald Trump together the only issue. Whether these Senate will conviction and effectively bar him from running from office in the future. Right now, just like that's gonna help. Let's I'm going to talk about it. Fifty five, that's the only considerable by anything else. at any time you spin, you mean enraging them Rabble rousing, get everybody fired up. Butlers Jane is about what happened, hence not about what's gonna happen in the future and my sneaking suspicion riches. Is there a whole bunch of people in politics, particularly republicans?
party politics who would rather rule and held in certain happen. In other words, if you're a big majority, you gotta take half a loaf. Some time got a compromise. Your party allies guy gets done, you're, the minority goods very easily. Be funds, be the king of the Might art I left. The mandates of the world are perfectly content be the kings, the minority, because it a lot easier than actually working for living being a member farmers. So sure I would say to James Point. I just don't think. There's anyway, Kevin Mccarthy can punish Matt Gates. I think that would be exactly what MAC Gates once he could use it to to his purposes, which is Jim Point out hasn't course. There's purpose have nothing to do with legislating, it's all about getting on cable tv and getting attention and in that regard,
It would help I think, Mccarthy's in it. A tough, tough spot and Jim puts his fingers. I wrote a column on The air binds executive governance and went back in red and every time come up. We talk about Europe, we have all of em but went back and and read some of your. We have all in vain stuff on why Congress as an institution so pathetic and lack such self respect and evolve discussed some. These points said Jim raise just where, where people now they run for Congress, not all them, but a lot to have a platform not necessarily to do anything not to get subsumed within institutions not to be formed by the institution, but to use the institution for their own purposes as a platform and mad gate is like exhibit a of this,
nominal and what's dismaying, is on his own terms and probably in the minds of a lot of republican voters. He succeeded, he's famous he's more famous than it would be if he was the last guy on some committee drafting a bill it it's all about getting attention and he's getting it. There's a certain irony, I think in the transmutation of populist politics in recent years. one of the arguments that populists, or at least rabble arouses, have often may not just in our area, but in many others was that given politician would be elected in, say the first district to Florida. That's the Panhandle smack gates his district formerly help by just copper.
And then they would go to Washington and forget all about what people in the panhandler flirted cared about. They would live in Washington DC, that their centre of gravity would be Washington DC and national politics that they would spend all of their time in front of the television cameras, not in Tallahassee or Pensacola, but in Washington, and yet that is exactly What the Mat Gates's, if the world now do in essence, markets could be from anywhere jokes about.
Florida. Man aside, any safe republican district in the country could have produced MAC Gates. It doesnt matter he's not tuned in two key issues. His kind, insurance are facing, he is aligned enough with their elementary political preferences to be re elected, but he's not a Floridians Rep sensitive, and we saw that once again this week. Markets is. spending, is time two: why aiming to try to knock off a representative from a state that is thousands of miles? miles from the one he calls home does
real hypocrisy that back in twenty eight, I was amused than if I'm honest, devilishly delighted to learn that large amounts of cash were being sent. Florida to better a rock in Texas. Florida, of course, had to highly competitive elections that yet for governor and the scientists again Sandra, kill him and for Senate Rick Scott, who was the governor the time against spill Nelson had been there for decades. One of the things that you would hair on Florida talk radio among conservative Lena's in Florida with this just shows you how many Democrats were a response, The ball and national in that thinking, but instead of focusing in on
Florida sending their money to Kellerman Nelson, I would send it out better rock in a different state. What's the difference? What does a difference here, a market? likes to make that sort of argument, and yet here is getting off to Wyoming. It's a false populism. It's a false, localism it! It's!
false criticism of a nationalized political culture that is unfortunately becoming all too common, but strangely enough is perhaps the most acute now in the very people who decry the loudest ex a question to you, Jim And- and I admit that this question might not be as good as the last exit question. Okay, so don't get your hopes up will list Janey continue to be in the Republicans leadership and a couple weeks? Yes or no questions, ok, Ridge, yes below the glass. I cook here are not shutters
an obvious answer to your deeply mediocre exit question that that's your answer. I that's that's like one of the most mediocre answers have ever heard. What does not Nancy it exactly on sea levels so that a pause was just pause? the eye, was a throne glaring and then it was an excellent third clearing. If you don't mind me saying so, I'm sure Jim will agree I think less Cheney, unfortunately, is toast. I think that she's going to be a cause she's prominent because of what she said was correct and because the likes of MAC Gates of chosen to make her a target, I think she's going to be a sacrificial lamb and twenty twenty.
Two for some of the remnants of the anger way. Seeing now that you're saying she's gonna lose in a primary. I am that the mediocre question was well. She still be in a republican leadership while not she loses primary side. Did you know that I for the others, an effort now did Astor from leadership that might come to a head next week. I don't think they will ask her, because I think, but Mccarthy will recognise that he will need. To show some leadership. If I'm wrong on this, I will be worried about the house in a way that I haven't been sir Also gonna say: she's gonna remain in leadership and with Jim. I think this is gonna, be really close,
my understanding of the rules and- and forget me this is a little loose. I'm not dead certain on this, but my understanding, if you really like kicker out a leadership, you need a two thirds vote to kick her out of the conference and there I can get two thirds and kicking around a conference of parties to sleep not play well, but you could have a resolution. I think you only need one slash. Five of the conference to sign a petition for a resolution to be voted on and that that's clearly going to happen. There they're way above that and gathering as many signatures as I can before, presenting this thing and then then it's just,
of a moral thing you Know- can t really continue to serve if hath conference as you shouldn't, even if the dozen force you to to step down, I think that scenario should be likely to step down. I still think Kevin Mccarthy is, is gonna one stop this from happening, and I think the fence sitting members will realise this kind of just turmoil. The objects of this won't be good and and hope that the the kind of near death experience to her leadership leadership position will send the message that I want to send to list chain but it could be wrong, but I'm gonna say yes should continue to be in leadership. Really. Let me really briefly make another pause here. Just to note for people
we have a new pod cast in the long list of national of you offerings, and this is from a friend, David bonds in as called capital record, its associated with the capital matters initiative on Ashura view which fight socialism, which is fighting the Biden economic agenda doing so every day with without a top rate, content and David is, can be doing a pod cast focusing on on economics and finance, and his first edition was with Kevin, has at the former tromp economist, his big voice on capital matter. So please check it out. If you have it all ready so Jim, before we get out of here, let's hit on a few other things you because you live
nor their Virginia are, I'm sure, quaking at the prospect running to local grocery store to stock up, because there is no in the forecast for this coming Sunday, less quaking, rich than actually like some excited about it, because I think I would argue this is one of the worst times of ear you enjoy the holidays. Enjoy your Christmas trees down Christmas lights are down you, you even have a weak and common up between before the Superbowl Irina Football, the weekends and in this neck of the woods we get a lot of like cold Weather Army, a bag ragged here the new Englanders in Minnesota in Wisconsin scoffing at me, you now around thirty some degree, sometimes lower some handle higher, but just it's not you know, there's no win, there's no! There's no snow. It's not pretty somebody s now and if nothing else, you know my boys get tat, go flooding and thrust snowballs
gonna stop! You know, I got a snow day. Whole world slows down and embraces yea, and I think I could get evacuate. Stout everybody's totally understand its fifteen degree nothing inside the ground is they I can get to that. It's really cold. No one gives you an excuse, our doorsteps itself, Gimme. A choice between you know a pretty little dusting of snow and just when a miserable frigid,
You know dry weather I'll, take the snow any day. The weak snow is the only good thing about winter, but I will say and monitor, monitor this incredibly closely. We were picking up that two minutes of additional sunset at the sunlight. The end of every day sunset and the EAST Coast now is after five o clock and the sun is demonstrably stronger in warmer, even if the temperatures haven't caught up so that there is hope honour on the horizon. Chai what you been up to my parents for Christmas, poor, the kids at these Harry Potter ones, with little light. At the end, you press it, and I made the mistake
the first time that a pointed one at me and pretended to say magic of playing along and setting all sorts of informal rules as to what I would do when they did this, including freezing and turning into an assortment of animals, elephants, giraffes lions and so on. and now I can't bear to see and was now can't bear to see that disappointed. Look on their face, if I say magic, doesnt work now that he's working so I have to play along. I've essentially bestowed upon them and almost infinite power. To make me look silly. So I have picked up this book called the diminish. Of war by Fred Anderson and Andrew Katyn, which is about the history of warfare. In North America. We tend to kind of focus on the the wars of liberty and our history in American Revolution: the Civil WAR World WAR, two of
worse and neglect, just as all the other conflicts which have been really endemic. So the first time a Europeans set foot and in North America and in these conflicts are often ugly, often things it that you're not really quickly proud of in retrospect, but were absolutely crucial to setting the course of the american nation, and we did become a continental nation by accident, and this book is just tells the story of how that happened incredible incredibly compellingly, and with that it's time for our editors text, Jim Gary, what's your pic? Will you probably picked up that? I'm not quite pleased with the current direction of leadership of the Republican Party in recent weeks. Our colleague J nor Linger has summarised a great deal of the worst trends and statements and in
haters in his recent peace, the state of GNP. It has something of a tribute to rob. Hartman be kind of workhorse, not a show horse legislator that the Republican Party needs more of an rakes people over the calls for their notion of what a governing job. What the role of a man of a political leader is so kudos J he's never held, never held back anything. What he thinks eloquent clear and everybody should read it to cook your back. I have enjoyed Daniel terrors accident, explain us as to what is going on in the stock market. With these games stop and other games. I suppose I saw someone on. twitter linked to the peace and say national review is standing. I thought history yelling game. Stop. Chatter was fairly with you, but
annual has done a great job of making it obvious why the various actors have acted the way they did and. explaining what it all means- and I should say before he says what about so has our own Jim. To so my is, is Kyle Smith move your view collar knockout about the soviet nightmare, Kyle's very enthusiastic about this new film, dear comrades, about the Soviet Union, and when I went Kyle is: is this positive about a a movie? It is a very, very good sign, so check out
review and then check out the movie so that set for us even listening to a NASH, review, podcasting re broadcast retransmission or a cow this game, without the express written permission of national amazing strictly prohibited. This podcast has been produced by the incomparable sir, should he makes a sound better than we deserve. Thank Jerry. Thank you. Jim thanks to Tommy, John Underwear and thanks especially to felicity where the editors and we'll see you.
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