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Special Episode: Tim Phillips [229]

2020-06-16 | 🔗

On this special edition of The Editors, Rich interviews the president of Americans for Prosperity, Tim Phillips.

The Editors is hosted by Rich Lowry and produced by Sarah Schutte.

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What does our thoughts go bid tell us about health care policy. What reforms doing going forward and how do we get the economy booming again, we'll discuss all this and more on the special sponsored edition of the errors with my good friend, TIM Philips, president of Americans, for prosperity are regularly scheduled, podcasting or turned soon. This, of course, is an act review pod gas. You both his party ass, an after view, dot com worldwide, have you, but it will be easier view and better ferocity made us party or feed at any of the string serves, is out there from modified Itunes. You like what you hear here. Please give us a glowing foster review on Itunes. If you dont like
you hear here. Please forget, I said anything Kim fillip to what do I owe the honor was greatly with. You has been a while, on the other hand, the upper out, but were not quite there yet well, it's real pleasure to have you select die then talk about. What's going on with an emphasis on healthcare widen and out of it to the economy, I'm sure we go along a little politics as well. So we ve been going through this enormous public health crisis which is come on the heels of the democratic primary rates were Bernie Sanders made Medicare made the healthcare for all a normal part of his plan
he plain doubt but obviously moved parties, her left on healthcare. So what's what's the biggest policy threat that we face now on healthcare? I think without doubt reach the big threat is the potential move towards socialize medicine, your toward a medic care for all approach, a brook dramatic expense, of Obamacare whatever they want to call it. The result will be mortal. Decisions being made from Washington DC, more decisions being made by bureaucrats and politicians, which means a lot less freedom, a lot less choice for individual Americans are immense. Is your fingers? We ve seen the end zone of one size fits all government run healthcare me we ve seen countries that struggle to have a dove. I see you beds
ventilators and in those were were countries debtor socialized medicine countries for all of the hysteria, and there was so much of it back in March and April. The weather is to block YO. Were governor, knew somebody California for all the hysteria there, and then media its crucial to note that not one American suffered or died because of a lack of a ventilator, a lack of intensive care unit bed. Basic good healthcare. That's a crucial oh Marge, true to our health system, where freedom and the guilty the Americans to choose, although imperfect, still exist and enrich. I think that, though, that the good that was that done over the last few months on the healthcare front. We were talking about this earlier, really came because politicians in both Parties- frankly Andrews
loosened up a lot of the government, rule regulations and that didn't have a good, healthier source talk a lot about the disco backs, point you're, making about single per country. So you thinking about countries and in Western Europe like ITALY yeah. Spain are the United Kingdom. They they struggled especially Spain and ITALY, with with not having enough icy, you better, not having enough ventilators and we ended up not having that issue, and I do think one reason, a big one.
It is because we do have a level of freedom and still economic opportunity in the health care round. Again, it's not perfect and we ve got improve our healthcare system, but we avoided the worst. That's for sure, yeah I've done it a couple of big stories about the respond to demonstration at too obeyed and huge element of it across the board with a key year, whether it's been testing or are all stop. It goes in the testing. You know,
byles transport media caught swab, they they partnered with the private sector on all of these things they resisted calls to nationalized industry which, from their prospective made no sense, could you have a robust industry with all of it, the know how to distribute stuff? Why would you suck it into the the federal government, but it is made a huge difference just having a robot
health care sector. Have these credible, Kirk Commercial Labs is incredible: a world leading dynamic diagnostic companies that have good enabled it to step up and stepped up by the way where the government failed. I mean that the worst aspect of the response was what the CDC in the FDA did at the beginning, with video CDC messing up the task and with the FDA inadvertently and before writing course: erecting regulatory obstacles to two people coming along the tests, no question and I think TAT Biggest decision that was made at the very beginning is probably the single best decision that anyone made from it governmental standpoint in this entire pandemic so far, and it was pressed. Troms early decision. Should not heavy should all response that came
a Washington for all fifty states that forced the federal guidelines and regulations in the decisions from what would have been Small group of folks cloistered in one said he D C. They didn't do that. Instead, the Tijuana heat for this, which is I For some of the media and someone the laughter to attack a guy, They normally, you know say, wants dramatic to cater for not becoming a dictator, but he did and that allowed a governor, the Santer as in Florida. Was closer and on the ground and working with local officials. In my ambient Jacksonville and our Lando and tell a happy we had the influence, he be crazy Some governments did this and other states. Crazy. To have a one size fits all even for flying it because you- and I both have seen up your parts of brown, endanger dramatically a world different than the panel
which is your five hours north, it's actually six or seven hours north DR time, or an Jacksonville Orlando, and so the administration avoided that temptation to just take over everything that was a sure, vital decision that has allowed stay. Similar localities to breed and to make their own decisions. In some cases they got it wrong. I think about governor Commerce. Decisions on forcing homes- and that was in and no one's attacking imports there, I'm not, but that was ill, looks like a really bad decision. Floored, I think, got it right on north and more Floridians are alive today because of that. But that was the first big decision and then the other big decision that will equal leaders in both parties, but more so Republicans, and in some of the states
we'll Georgia taxes for maybe but some democratic as well, then they wiped away a lot of regulations that were here for example, stopping telemedicine from being able to be expanded, which is a very important thing, especially for senior citizens who are homeless, the population is to be able to doktor opponents from home, wiping a lot of the wreck of the licensing requirements at the state level. That was a big step as well and then looking now at what the empty is doing to speed up drug trials after a slow start. Frankly, that's been a big decision as well to our point. Americans for prosperity is, let's make permanent these regulatory changes that were barriers to people being able to have access to better health care products and, frankly, healthcare selfless make those regulatory changes permanent, yet hell it won't dived into each other a little detail. But let me ask you
question from the last that they would say all right. You know we we avoided the worst on it on ventilators nice to you, that's great, but still we have this cockamamie system where people are dependent on their employers for the health care cuz. I know you have this pandemic and economic crisis on top of it, where people are thrown out of work and lose their healthcare, so that that just shows that's not that's not good for people we need to go on the burning direction, while, first and foremost in healthcare aged its don't do any harm right, don't don't those who already calling on you if you do what they want- and you add a hundred and sixty or a hundred and seventy million Americans dramatic here, it's gonna destroy I met a care for the millions or tens of millions of older Americans who count on it every day, like my mom, whose eighty four, so that would be a disaster with it, would destroy Medicare
for the most vulnerable Americans who are counting on it already. So it would be worse for them. Secondly, doing that would harm about a hundred and sixty two one hundred and seventy million Americans who have private insurance, usually through their employers and have freedom, they generally like those plans, and it would harm that would harm their choices, their freedom, health care that working for them and then, with expansion of access to health care. For folks who are struggling younger people. Folks, on the margins, Ultimately, that is a real problem, but your way you meet that challenge is to not, frankly, give them a kind of a useless, affordable care care. I plan where they have to wait minds to ever get to see a doctor, especially ass what they got now insurance in name only. They don't really have coverage in too many cases and that's what's happening by the way, with this expansion of medicate instead
actually loosen up the regulations that Harmon in and impair new Healthcare services from coming on wine, local clinics, etc loosen up the regulatory requirements that stop them rich from coming online. That will provide more. A good quality care. So that's a little bit along answer, but that's important question: you asking it's a big one that I think and coming months we're gonna hear because Bernie Sanders is not going away. Elsie is not going away. They're gonna continue, calling is guided as it is for this socialize medicine approach, the absence of diet and low, more details on the things you ve already mentioned so tell help. They know. I had a doctor's point that last week the nurse asked me all the same question that you would have both sitting in a chair and the doctors offers. The doktor asked me all the same questions you I couldn't can break out the tongue depressing,
Anything like that greatly in exactly the same way. Maybe thinking why did I ever bother? You know getting into a doctor in New York getting into a cab, you know and in taking a twenty minute right. And awaiting. You know for forty five minutes in the waiting room. When you could you do this over over the phone? What what had been the obstacles to doing this before and had been interests that have supported regulations that make it harder to this rich you're gonna be shocked to hear this, I hope you're sitting down, but I read I do by defining gas standing up came saw throughout the special interest, whether its heart they'll associations or other entrenched healthcare special interests that don't want competition. So they have worked with local legislatures or state legislatures
in a situation at the federal level, with the Congress threw open the door Wade's lobbyist, heavy political contributions from their super packs a near their trade associations because they don't want the competition is a disaster for them rich. If you can, if you don't force go, get a taxi driver. You know, however, far away to the Doktor S office in go see them it's a more all danger, they think to their business model, and so they do something. That's not right. It's legal, but not right. They they go to bed. Magicians and they get regulations and red tape, bureaucracy and place that stops compared like telemedicine, which in a lot of cases, is a no brainer now I'll give another example of restate or just about every state has certificate of need on the help. Your front, you and I have discussed this before, but let's say you want to open up. Mri practice where you have a small, clinical and understood.
Community. We leave where you see an opportunity economically to to make a living, but also provide, An important bible health service to people you can't started up the way you would open up a convenience store or some other business, a dry cleaners, yet a girl of FAT estate Board and pass something called a certificate of need threshold where a board of abuse, rats decide whether or not you should be allowed to provide that medical service in here a. I know, you noticed that board is appointed by the legislature. In most cases are the governor and it's made up of the people who would be competitors and shockingly they normally decide that they don't need more competition. So there is not really a need for your service. That's crazy! we worked for years in order to do away with that and it didn't get alot of coverage. But couple years ago we re would were race, the mister any rules in Florence and now access to health
here is expanding and flawed as usual. That state is leading the way we think is a revolution coming on that run. It sounds kind of boring an esoteric. It's not at all. It's a big issue and its a way to open up access for undisturbed. Folks are really for everyone to more health care choice, more services at a lower cost with less weight times it's a no brainer, but because of the rules or regulations, I'm talkin about that are locked in because there are special interest groups out there who are frankly, profit from the current system is tough to break through
we're finally seeing progress breaking through somebody's barriers. So let us talk about that would. With regard to the the after I mentioned earlier, the testing peace this week and from Tommy what the ceo these diagnostics company said. I I can't believe what just happened, and after authors asian that would have taken a year It just happened in a week and minor standing offer. The FDA is allowed companies if they have good evidence, something's gonna work, they go out and start using it, and then the FDA will will work through the formal process of proving it later. So they appears not just holding up medical progress. So what would you guys, like you, see, made permanent and turned to how the FDA operates? Well, right now it takes at least a decade and anywhere from wander four billion dollars,
Here's to actually get a new drawing on the market to treat the anything cancer, heart disease or anything else, diabetes or anything else, ass, terrible. We can protect public safety while still speeding up and having some urgency to getting these drugs proved, and what's happened with this current pandemic is that there is a crisis. There is a new term urgency and thankfully and good for them, by the way, a lot of political leaders in the administration and sometimes in Congress, but especially in administration, are pressing their pushing to tear down these bureaucratic or regulatory barriers that that hold up fast action and our point on this riches. Why just do it?
now it I'll cancer and heart disease and diabetes and all the things I just mentioned There- a crisis to the people who were dealing with them in that moment right. It's a crisis if you have a wife threatened, The onus for you may not be a crisis for the whole country like this pandemic is right now, but it's Christ as for you and your loved ones. So, let's make permanent these regulatory changes that speeder, that that don't take away public safety, for we want that, but the speed up the process that do put a sense of urgency to something, because again, when you ve got a life threatening illness, it rises to read, write and celebrated another point so about letting people access to drugs and treatments on on an emergency basis.
If they have a dire health condition, the we supported very strongly the right to try legislation that we pushed it for several years seem like a no brainer reached us nowhere. You ve written about it and national views. About it, people who are facing terminal illness is having a right to try drugs or not has to be at to try to stabilize in these extreme circumstances, Congress to their credit, got together, got it past. The present is credit through the Rose garden one day and said we got to get this done in a day, for Congress on, so we got right to try and that has improved things, but this endemic, is showing us that, when its apply broadly, a national crisis like this pandemic, this viral pandemic- you you, can enormous progress rapidly and might I add, safely. So we want to expand right
try well beyond extreme cases, to two cases that are there are still dangerous, but not as extreme, but secondly, we wanna see the speed the alacrity with which the FDA moving right now made permanent that's something. That's gonna take a big push from the public, and I think I worry rich that that that what's happening is that people will not see the benefit because they may not have the other may not be noticing until they won't be. There won't be a public groundswell here, but there is enormous benefit individualise will not Americans. We can make this parliament. And let of a policy item, you guys want a Brac style Commission look at the different reforms. We do one waiter to shine in public life and they get really
down into the weeds on these reforms is to have a broader former commission, generate a lot of press coverage which is good and shine. The light on the issue, but also it'll, be a systematic way to dig deep, because the other thousands and thousands of pages of regulation, red tape at the federal state and local level, but it's hard to get a handle on it, and so we do think it. It cries out for a bigger effort that can be systematic, long term and that control and media attention caused. Very often I don't mean if you go back to these entrance special interest, but in most of these cases, that is what we are facing: an entrenched special interest to a great people, great organizations who do great work by the way, its human nature. Then, if you can use you know, government regulation, red tape, action to to inhibit competition, to give yourself an advantage.
That's your nature! No, I'm not trying to beat him up for it, but it's not an easy not to cracked. It took to break through that We ve seen that in state was at the floor. The example of getting rid of certificates need rigid took years to get that point, but it is making a big difference in that state for people and he s behind it. A pole with you Gov that delved into public attitudes on health care and health care policy. What what did you find? I'll get it found that Americans they want to see greater that their choices, their freedom, prison they're, not at all excited about the idea of government run healthcare,
that the date they they haven't and eight cents or how bad an idea that would be in by the way. That's not just young people who perhaps have insurance through through their employees, employers, that's also senior citizens who know the damage that government run. Health care would do to their Medicare programme when, when four hundred and sixty billion are seventy million additional folks onto a programmer already struggles to service those it already has. So that was number one number two. They think it's no brainer to do a lot of regulatory reforms that you and I in talking about making permanent allowed the changes that we ve seen recently that speed up new drugs that speed up new treatments that give broader access to health care at the local level, so you're not having a travel so far or frankly, more importantly, weight. So
Eight ten, twelve sixteen weeks to get to see a doctor, especially if it's a specialist like an oncologist or not the biologists. They want to see these reform changes. That will increase their access and lower the weight times. Wanna things it frustrate, Americans, the most on help. Your rich is the long wait that they have when they need to see a doctor. When you need need to see colleges about cancer issue, you don't wear away six or eight or nine weeks as important, your wife or socket here, and there a frustrating by those wait times and we can cut those. If we lower regulation and red tape from the government side allow more players into the field faster access to new drugs and new treatments, that's gonna give not just greater choices, but
far far shorter. Wait times to get in the sea, the doctors or to see the treatment I mean every American has had this experience. Yeah. You need to see a doctor about acts. Ok great! You call that specialists here we can see you in nine weeks ten weeks. That's that's terrible! It's right! We can figure that we can do better. So I say we ve been experiencing a double barrelled crisis. The public health aspect to this, but then a real, severe economic aspect to this would actually seen some encouraging numbers. Thank God recently, last week or so on, economy. Unemployment number is not quite as bad as expected. Retail sales rebounded win with just learned. So where do you think we are on the economy TIM and what is
policy mix that you guys like see, pursued the job numbers last ones were really encouraging. Thank goodness we saw a drawback of about several million of the jobs are lost due to the government shutdowns of the economy, but we ve gotta get moving. We can do but in a responsible way we ve seen some states that are doing that. We ve seen state. Frankly, I think about Governor Whitman in Michigan who just went overboard. I it's it's frankly. I want the worst eggs Was a government micromanaging picking winners and losers in the most weird random? It sometimes political way low carbon, dictatorial manner. We ve seen early and at random men who showed up better- and I am not protest march- the hope, by the way, that religious services in the first amendment is this kind important bridge I am used during it out. There
and we would hope by the way that religious services in the first amendment is an kind important bridge. I am used to get out there and we do think we ve seen some institutional abuse- or we know we ve seen constitutional abuses are doing the courses pandemic, but it is, I to get the economy moving again. I was in taxes a week and a half ago doing some work with me. And for prosperity in and their governor Aberdeen. The leadership in that state they ve, taken concrete steps that are getting that state moving. Yes, there there can always be, risk level is crucial, though, to note the very real risk and danger to complete shutdowns people. Don't want to talk about that for some reason rich. But when you look at rates of depression, suicide, the death of despair as want their call drug overdose. Is we ve seen those numbers and strong evidence from medical timidity showing
those numbers are moving up. There is an absolute price in lives in mental health to these shut down, and that needs to be taken into account as as we move forward and an income from those who were saying. Oh, no, we ve gotta, keep everything shut down between now and another six or eight mindset, and so there is a real price to pay in an economically and lost hopes and dreams. There's a devastating I reckon you ve, seen the studies, those on it origins, minority communities, others struggling there being disproportionately impacted by these economic shut down. Words are losing more jobs, more of a very small businesses are being wiped out. It's the big corporations actions, staying the shot down by one left, a grudging that good for them. That's a good thing, but its folks. Don't it's the little guy? It's it's a little shop that struggling and being hurt them
and that's why. Another reason why we gotta get beyond the shutdowns endured in a responsible way. I think most those states that are opening your doing that, but but it's time to get movement we ve gotta, see economic activity again. So what what to Congress be doing to isolate left several months, the best approach has been telling cash out the door they keep doing out. They stop doing ass. The other thing that should be doing that, first and foremost, not another spending bill. I oppose you, put forward three times dollar bill and as a Christmas tree wish list of liberal projects that have been hopes and dreams of theirs for twenty or thirty or forty years. So that's a disaster. Its worrisome, rich, that's some of the administration. I noticed this Navarro and others over the last few days they I we gotta get another two or three trillion box here that the troll,
it is a new billion. I guess you could say that's a disaster. We really hope and urged administration not to go that route. We also urge Republicans in the Senate. They have been very prince, boarded a good way about saying. No, the policy bill is dead. On arrival, however, rich, if you know There are some of those republican cylinders, senators who were opened in their being careful about the language, but their open to some other kind of big spending bill and were urging them to not do that. That's the wrong way to go for the country. It's the wrong way to go on dad
deficits, but is also not gonna work just more spending. So we would. We think that liability protections are important not as part of a compromise deal by the way for for more money, but that would be a big thing. We know a wave of lawsuits is coming from trawl lawyers and others that will not just hit big corporations or go after churches and synagogues in mosque. We'll go after small businesses, I dont laughter frankly the folks they think don't have the deep pockets to defend against these lawsuits. That's will be heard by these, so liability reform is very important.
And also frankly, a payroll taxes would be. I would put the presents right about that. That's the way I look at, but that's a causing they already doing. Most important is to not do another big spending bill, so white wine, another big spending bill people veil, yet yet economy, the still hurting- and this is stimulative. Even if you don't like along The facts in the short term, it it can be lights. The idea- but I remember being told by Joe Biden and brought about what that shovel ready projects were coming. There were gonna save our economy in two thousand. I they did that stimulus bill was an enormous waste, and it did no short term economic good at all. They finally even admitted that ruefully so we know the lesson of that. Secondly,
ready, there are hundreds of billions of federal dollar still in the pipeline that have not been spent yet by the states and localities from the Zack, though the one the big programme, and by the way you did not oppose the Cares act. It was a desperate time for our country and many ways. We did not oppose that, but there are hundreds of billions of dollars still in the pipeline still inspire. When you hear their deplores your governor, Pritzker or some other politician stand up and look into that I would say if I don't get that money, the new money from Washington tomorrow, we're gonna start laying off firefighters and we're gonna start laying off other first responders, DNS, folks, etc. That is a false faults: choice, they already have money, they need to prioritize it toward these first responders toward the our group said it was initially intended for anyway. So it isn't going to stand
we know the record of that- and there is already trillions of dollars and have been put into the account when you add up both the Federal Reserve actions and the money directly appropriated by Congress and signed in the law by the president, and I think about the level of debt and deficits that are happening. It's something we ve never seen, for an that's, going to have an impact on us, I think about when it will happen. If we were talking to a cinder mightily yesterday I was- and he said, people always think that daddy's something down the road, but at some point it Can it be down, the road is gonna, be clear and present, and he thinks it already is, and I completely agree with him. So that the payroll taxes. Why would that be a good deal of a good idea that the permanent.
Cut it could permanently if it could also be a temporary thing, but at a minimum we would at least reward small way it would reward. Employment this is coming back and in trying to make it given that the uphill battle that their facing right the conditions out there or our belief in many respects, so that is a way to actually stimulate into to support the hiring and rehiring an actual economic activity, and it lets people keep more of the money that the directly earning out there and that's that's a good thing. So TIM just got a couple minutes left. Let me ask you put on your Pandit hat and give this year since the political landscape present
job pro rating has been sagging. You had a pause, and you know more than I do about the quality of these various powers in various places, but in general, and not great picture for public and Senate candidates either Where do you think we're I've been in battleground states over the last couple of weeks Montana, albeit North Carolina this week, taxes etc, and here is where I think we are the two basis for that that the two sides are viewing this pandemic. The second The crisis that the social unrest through avialogic or philosophical lens. It's philosophical lends its not impact him, then other than to further far them up to boat and they're, going to vote in historic numbers, but in the middle about one is x or so swing. Voters more than people realised by the way. I in fact has gotten
How large are doing this? The last few months of this crisis? They feel profoundly and personally impacted by this they're shaking their not yet sure who the reward they don't yet know who to blame that have a decide. We underperforming on this pandemic on the economy itself. They haven't decided yet, but rich they're, paying it. No level. They have paid attention probably in our lifetimes and they they were gone. Decide who to credit and suitable it's gonna be some time probably late summer early fall, so I think it's the most unpredict. One election in modern american history, and I believe that that swing audience when they finally do began making these decisions on it It can move dramatically, you're one way
Other and I'll say something else they haven't. The Poli shows Scallop pulling the Pew Foundation pulling. They show that the trust level these swing voters have introduce National institutions is at the lowest level we ve seen Watergate. Only the military has a higher level than we ve seen since the seventies are well over seven years. But every other institution, whether it's the media, what There is organised religion, Wall Street Congress, the two poles go parties by the way, their favourably rabies, or at LOS, we haven't seen him in decades This wing audience has last trust in traditional sources of information, so they're looking for credible sources and are looking for people that can actually just delivers some that that can be realised.
And so I think all the television advertising all the digital advertising, the Red Europe will be a wash it if we already apply break graduates again, but it's less effective than it has been a recent cycle decide that they want to have a better ground game that actually have credible people from the community at the doors on the phone tapping, their social media platforms, reach and touch their of their friends and followers. I think that side will do. The best I can share at America was very that's exactly what we're about him. What we're doing. So why do people underestimate the number swing voters who are out there and who are these swindlers its recently found out in our lives as possible? To be what I see him all the time I was imposed by Montana a week and a half ago I knocked on about a thousand dollars over the course of two and a half days. There is a lot of a lot of college educated
white collar folks, one thousand eight hundred and thirty four two hundred and fifty four, not just women, but also a lot of men if you go under. Before you're, all with college educated or some college educated young people, but who have not being able to break into their chosen careers. That's a problem. Swing audience. Let's see, no voters who been right Jordan, and this is- and I don't know the answer- this industry is real latino voting Sadly, Bray. Our early by group works, withdrew to Americans prosperity, they fight, that those swing voters who been registered a vote for the eight years, so they ve been through an election site, or to their not brand new, but you're, not firmly esteem published in this. There are big swing border you I'll give you another one, rich military, Veterans veterans from two thousand then once had now a big
the group of Americans. They are really struggling with their choices politically. There, there there acclamation back into it three years and lives has not been easy for them. And there another bag swing grew. So those are for I dare I could go on, but there are many are- is our generalization about who these people voted for in TWAIN. Sixteen now they're they're all over the mad, a lot of them a lot of didn't boat. You, no, sixteen turnout, wasn't really Aachen. Sixteen and eighteen explode. The historic levels from off your elections, I think he's gonna we're gonna break more records for the modern era. A post war were too and when he twenty as well, but the swing voters, their trust level is down, and they don't really. Why is fascinating? Rich, they don't necessarily have a personal, like or trust level it really
He political figures right now mean maybe some That's all that! That's clearly they at the ranch. I try what they're not they're, not thrilled about him and that's true There are also not withdrawn by the other political figure out there that they- not in a place where they have a lot of trust in institutions, including politicians, including the political well yeah, including again mentioned media earlier- that the media right now is that their trust levels are down to levels we haven't seen. I think you're, going back to the seventies when Pew and galloped first began doing these broader institutional surveys A public attitudes. I dont think the media has been at this lower point in fact mentioned Watergate earlier. During the Watergate Ere, they actually had a really high approval and trust level. No longer they felt that in badly badly lowered it. So I think this sooner is counter until it a rich most people think its a bit.
Selection, where you're simply trying to get out every last one of your boats. What I'm saying is the to base are coming in their coming at a historic levels that they're gonna show up. Seeing what's happening through the radiological Angela. That's not a criticism, adjusted analysis in the Middle EAST, where people are paying attention like they have paid attention in decades, and right now, they're, not then only like water seeing from traditional institutions so there, unpredictable place, also because we're dealing with that the pandemic that we, our nation, hasn't seen since nineteen seventeen, eighteen nineteen, an economic crisis since would like we have seen since the great depression and now social unrest in in protest stemming from the events in Minneapolis another places across his country. Those were three enormous feel crises, big ones,
that that these were about to dealing with right now, the time we gotta get you out of here the screen and one last question you can get sixty seconds. The tell the protein United states your best advice on how to reach these Flynn, voters. What is it no way? I'm not diving at the president has not got numabo presidential race with two thousand. Well, I didn't it up so well, we're not going out. Forget it Jimmy! You stymied make this. This is just a forty minutes wind up for this last question, not now outside it is our sister organization. America was very action, is involved and said in the house raises. I do believe that that these the folks running for office right now they did
to get beyond the base rhetoric. If they want to win the swing borders was grace. Rhetoric turns off it irritates. Actually, these swing both by the way the left or the right there done with. That is what the reason they don't like, entrust politicians right now in the parties right now get away from that base. Rhetoric and actually in normal taught, not their political speak, try to provide solutions that, while the three big issues we just talk about health care and this pandemic The economic crisis we are facing in the social unrest in the protest of what should come from that. So if I had a piece of advice for anybody running, especially those folks, I would tell him that dropped the base rhetoric and try to explain
the people who are actually going to side this election. What the heck you're gonna do about these big problems we face now: ok! Well, that's it for us even listening to a special sponsored edition of the errors, and this is an after a view. Podcasting, you re broke every transmit. Your account is game without express written permission of after you magazine is strictly prohibited, despite gases are produced by the incomparable their city, who makes a sound better than we deserve. Thank you. Thought you take specially to all of you for listening. We are the editors and we'll see you.
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