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Abraham Shakespeare. November 15, 2006 - April 7, 2009. Plant City, Florida. A man discovered that his lottery ticket purchased in Frostproof, Florida on November 15, 2006 was the winning ticket for a $30 million jackpot. With a payout of about $14 million he had many who knew him wanting him to help them out. As his fortune dwindled due to his giving nature, a woman by the name of Dorice Moore offered not only to help him manage his money, but to write a book about him as well. Later, though, in April of 2009 he seemed to disappear and with Dorice giving different people different stories as to why Abraham wasn't around his family became concerned. Winning the lottery may have seemed like a dream come true, but for Abraham Shakespeare it was the beginning of the end... See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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a gathering of like minded folks that are all into true crime- and there is a ton of big names in the in the scene and beyond aids, ourselves, Ryan ferguson's, going to be there nancy grace people like that, our eye knights case is about a lottery winner at least here in the states. We have state and national lotteries where you buy a ticket and began when a lot of money, I know they have a mini europe and other places, but in the states Lee private. Consulting companies will lobby state governments to bring in lotteries to raise budget revenue. If you buy it, Except for the lottery, it's nearly impossible to win, and even if you do win, if a state is in a budget crisis, well they might have to give you an iou. I not really sure what what
problems are with lottery and with that, because I assume that lottery. Should be the silver bullet for budget problems. I mean, there's big draw two per day debate in the lottery, because hack Emmy, can't win. If you don't play the exactly how to play to win but you know we kill thousands of trees to print off these tickets that just get discarded and parking lots just like the loss dreams that they carried I can think of a lot of other trees. We could grow that would generate the same amount of revenue, bad. I digress the thoroughly low opinion about the lottery, but hey it makes some people's dreams come true, but stats very from forty five to seventy percent of lotta winners go broken less than five years, regular people struggle to understand tremendous pressures that a windfall of money can bring. Our egos and yearning to live like the other. Half is usually what draws, to it.
Having a lot of money can introduce a lot of problems. Now is not because I know personally, but I have read stories, and one of the stories I read in the past was well smith would get sack falls of letters and These letters were just asking for five hundred dollars or a thousand dollars or ten thousand dollars please, to help with medical bills, save our home. He can't possibly, Everybody, but many people know who he is. They know he has a lot of money, and so the please, out to him Just imagine if you, in a ton of money, whether it's a million or ten million dollars, you will have former friends, current friends, family members, ex family members, anybody you know everybody you know coming out of the woodwork asking for money, it screw up relationships, screws up friendships at best its attacks on the poor
and at worst it's a curse on the winner, so We have a man named Abraham Lee shakespeare by the way of his name. I abraham shakespeare that you just can't get any better than that. If you saw Abraham walking down the street, he is six foot. Five a hundred. Ninety pounds, usually wearing the best of clothes he was born April. Twenty third, nineteen sixty six. He was raised a very poor family. He would illiterate. He couldn't read or write, so opportunities of employment were very limited for him. He was doing different job. but one of his jobs was at a company called mgm corp. He was a who delivery driver, so him in another guy would drive around in a truck and deliver packaged foods november. Fifteen
two thousand and six abraham and his co worker, Michael ford, would stop by. A convenience store and buy a ticket or I too tickets, actually one of these tickets was a winner for a pot of thirty million dollars now Michael ford, we say that he bought both of the tickets Abraham paid him back for one of them, whereas Abraham says he for one of them and Michael bought the other. It's really clear how the mix up happened, but Michael is not happy that Abraham ended up with a thirty million dollar ticket and he ended up with a piece of paper. Go will end up suing abraham, for his winnings. He demand one million dollars of abrahams winnings, whereas Abraham was actually willing to pay him turn
two thousand or a quarter million dollars, but that wasn't enough for Michael, so they end up. the court where like all, will actually end up losing his case against Abraham and he'll get nothing so right off the bat Abraham. loses his best friend Michael forward over this lottery winning, so he didn't giving him anything now because he said was willing to give him a quarter million, but The goal was, to impatient and demanding of a million dollars. So he took him to orton abraham forum in court, so we don't think that he went back. after and said I'll take the two and fifty thousand you think he just said: you're a jerk, abrahams. This were done, you're, not my friend anymore, and I have already been burned, but that's thirty million dollars. How much we talking about here because there,
different ways to get paid out depending on the state, depending on the lottery near. You can take it as an annuity over several years or you can take a lump sum pay out. But when you do the lump sum they take bigger, Penalties almost half, so for thirty million dollars I've seen it reported abraham took home anywhere from fourteen seventeen million. Abraham was also working on and off at a barber shop sweeping up cut hair and doing miscellaneous jobs for a man named Gary smith, Gary was a small business. He's got his own financial problems and Gary was trying to get alone for sixty three thousand dollars from the bank. getting a run around so Abraham said, hey pay me back here. the sixty three thousand dollars and he writes a check. Gary he's gonna but this opportunity is like sure, I'll. Take it
This shows how generous abraham is he's willing to just lowness friend. Sixty a thousand dollars after. He wins he's hanging with one of his cousins at the bar and his cousin, introduces em to centurion butler and says: hey you, meet my cousin Abraham. He happy to be a millionaire and centaurea, is twenty five years old. Of course you know abrahams. Good. Looking guy he's a simple guy and He's a millionaire, so this dating and she will getting pregnant by Abraham. Abraham also has a child from a previous relationship. Again he's. There generous with his money. He will take. Miss butler, on a plane to new york. Just an overnight stay, so they can eat a nice dinner anywhere they want his family
course, is coming out of the woodwork his friends are coming out of her wanna, be friends, are coming out of the woodwork asking for cash. Even getting letters from prisoners behind bars, is in jails in prisons all around the world king him for money, because his name's public public record Everybody knows this guy's a millionaire and Anyone that knows anything about him knows that he is very vulnerable as of his back education. His lack of life experiences with finances, but it would really be prepared to handle thirty million dollar lottery, winning assist, that's crazy yeah. That's the problem here is: we all think that would be able to handle this. But if you look at nfl players that get their contract, you have these these cod kids that are signing millions contracts, and their life goes to crap
like I said up to, seventy percent of lotto winners are broken five years yeah. I just want to make that clear in case anybody tries to say, while this guy wasn't ready for, money. I mean Most anybody wouldn't be ready for that money and that's that's backed up by history, but he he's doing some good with the money always paying people's loans and mortgages. Especially family members. He has a sister mother. He has a brother so from the gecko. We have this very generous guy who never. Add much money. His family was poor. And now he s- thirty million dollars his mother, whose very religious thinks them. He's the devil. She does not want a lot of his money. She doesn't want his help financially because she thing that this is a curse and She has no idea how right she was shakespeare, and butler, have a child and about
at age, one is when they go through a break up Abraham moves on again. This is issues with money. People asking him for money and he does doesn't want to be around folks But where is the ad financially because he got this pay out of around fourteen seventeen million dollars he's spending a lot of it he's blue through it like no, his business at this point around five to eight million so we spend at least ten it's around this point, where a woman named doris D the more she goes daddy box into abrahams life gdp, seems to be an author, a public. And she wants to write a book about abrahams rags riches story, she's flash flashy she's. Third Five years old she's. There confident and
very financially literate, whereas Abraham has zero literacy financials or just anything really so he need somebody to help him. He needs a in adviser, alive, coach, financial adviser, so he's more than happy to take didi on as a friend dd says she needs an office to write this book. and Abraham will end up buying. a I it's seven hundred and somethin thousand dollar home that she will put in her business name, she will tell Abraham You know if you want to get people to stop asking for money, we need transfer your winnings into, my business there People will stop asking you for all this money. Because he won't have to give out any more exactly and then, if needs that she can give him money when they first met. It said that
he received almost eight phone, calls in a half hour. Time from people asking for money, people one two. borrow money or just get a handout so as far as we know, Abraham is compliant with this are complicit because he has this this woman helping him with things now. Abraham is spending is money. It's going out the window just as fast as it came in and he going on trips, he is visiting different places. He is paying people's loans, just because he so generous. He even says that he sent the one of the prisoners in jail. A hundred dollars- and just here you go man, I hope you have a better life, but didi is trying to control every aspect of Abraham life. She either video tapes him asking him what he thinks about the pressure of all the people asking for money in it. It breaks,
arc. As you see Abraham talking in these, like you, don't people just they want stop. They won't take no for an answer. She, where do you wanna go? Where do you wanna visit word? Wanna disappear to to get away from all this and she start saying: cosmo indifferent locations around the world and of course, Abraham is a green, and going along with whatever her planners, Even though Abraham has won the lottery one millions of dollars, he still was hanging out at the barbershop. He still, was hanging out at the super store down the street. So even though, is accruing jewelry any as a home. That's value more than a million and a half dollars still the same guy, oh yeah, I mean he bottom open. A million dollar home. He bought daddy three quarters of a million dollar home. He bottom alpha role acts in a a car or a mark is on an even though he owned one before this, and here
gift indeedy some money, but after while his friends stop seeing him around. He stopped showing up at the barbershop he's showing up at the super food store, he's not really in and content with anybody, family will call him multiple times, checking on him, but The problem here is a lot of these people, oh him, money a lot of these people, in debt to him. So if you Getting back he's not around. That's not as quite a big he'll do them cause they're like I don't have to pay now. I don't have to be making payments to Abraham because, while he's not answering his phone and he's nowhere to be found and since didi more has been representing him. Maybe she knows where he's at well yeah. She tells people that he's sick. being asked for money and that he's keeping alone
profile he's travelling around, which makes sense sometimes people will get tat, messages back from Abraham saying I'm ok, don't worry about me, I'm having a good time. I mean cosmo, but they're always text messages. It's never a phone call and his cousin will be texting back and forth a little bit and she'll think This is kind of weird because he's using these really big words and as we know,. He couldn't reader right or, if you It was at a very low level, so text it seems a little suspicious. duty will go on tell people that Abraham, actually went to haiti and She hasn't heard from him after the big earthquake that happened he'll tell others that he action. The contracted aids,
any seeking treatment for this shall say, since he won the lottery. Any has all this money he's taken a pretty nasty drug habit. and drinking habit any seek. treatment for that or he's hanging out with really bad people, and she just doesn't really want anything to do with him right now. People are definitely starting to wonder where he is didi will end up paying his cousin Cedric Edam, five thousand dollars to deliver a letter to Abraham's mother with a hundred dollar check in there and across knights message, saying: hey mom, I'm ok Gdp is actually hanging out with abrahams mother and praying with her and saying I know abrahams. Ok, I know he'll return soon. If we his prey. Everything will ok, she takes abrahams mother out to dinner at a cracker barrel, one night and lonely.
hold. She gets a call on her phone from abraham and she hands it over his mother and says hey Abraham, just called me. You want to talk to him here. He is. His mother will get on the phone abraham say: hey MA am, I'm ok, I'm just stay away from the world right now, and this is how Goes for about seven months That's good news right if he's contacting deity and he's contacting his mother, then maybe does just need to get away. I don't blame him. If that's, what he's doing he's is dropped off the face of the earth? Take a moment the word from our new sponsor price line. Do you have a group chat? Were you continuously talk about summer get but never they go anywhere well,
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and she's taken. Control of Abraham shakespeare's million dollar home, but That's so that no one can ask him for the money right I mean he can lie low, no account for money because he doesn't have control of it any more. in school right. Exactly that's her statements to the world! Well, abrahams cousin and his mother. There worried about him. And his cousin will end up filing a missing persons report they're, telling investigators, hey, we got a letter from him. We at texas, just problem, but the guy can't read or write were not able to talk to him on the phone in the one time his mother did talk to him on the phone she's didn't sound like his voice. She said it did sound like a male african americans voice, but it sound like her Abraham. She knows her sons voice and that wasn't it. After this on call it crackle barrel. The police had traced the
and they knew where the call it come from and it was Gary smith. Remember the barber that had borrowed sixty three thousand dollars well, It was his voice on the on the line. Indeed, had told him. If you call all over mother and say doing know, don't worry about me. I will. forgive the sixty three thousand dollar debt that you have with abraham and remit. Her duties in charge of his finances, so the debt to her now, not abraham. Does he know that anything weird is going on with this? Or is he just looking at as well? My boy is cool he's somewhere else by. This is a good way for me to get me debtor raised that that's it thinking more about himself and getting the debtor raised, he's not really questioning. What's going on. You know if, if you need to do is make a phone call and say: hey ma, I'm ok and that's worth sixty. Ray grand, you might do it his.
isn't that delivered the letter for five grand. While he just thinks that of this ladys gonna pay me five grand to deliver this letter, she's telling them you know abrahams out and about he's getting aids treatment, he's traveling the world families worried about him, but I want them to know that he's. Ok, so just help me out has She also told other people, including centurion butler Abraham has run off with another woman. There is different story for every person she talks too, so he's telling his ex girlfriend he doesn't want to talk. You anymore, he's found a new, a new woman she's telling his friends here You burned a bridge with them. He doesn't want to talk to you any. He just doesn't want to talk to anybody and eventually she'll tell people oh yeah. He died of aids, which has just remarkable that She would know this but and be able to relay that information. Well this phone call Gary's
earth is driving away and the car pull over and say hey we're We know that you made this phone call to Abraham's mother We're taking you into the station for questioning editor point gary's, like oh wow, What did I do his exact words, were oh geez, what did I give myself into and he is no idea the depth of this. According to him, he was making a phone call. Now. I know a lot of our listeners. The red flags are going off and we're like, how would you not know how it any these people not know Why would you do that? Why would you call somebody's mom and say that you're, her son and that you're ok and I'm right there with you? I think that greed in this idea of well abrahams. Ok, is just because some some of us can comprehend horrible things happening to the ones we love gary is now employ
custody? The plea her telling him. We suspect that duty is involved with the murder of abraham and you accomplice, you just the phone call for, and they question him and they find out that he did this to forgive dead, so wow gary's and deep Gary will agree to work with the police and where a wire around didi he's not trouble with this, but well hey it's better than being charged as an accessory to murder right right, I mean do we really know how well he knew this woman, I mean, have you say he knew Abraham, so it might. just be the possible prison sentence that he could be looking at. It might also be hey. Wait a minute, maybe something's, going on with my friend that I don't know about exactly his first meet with didi. He drives
She gets in his car as truck and she's being really flirty with them. She's gonna grabbing ahold of em. Touching his shirt. He says, get out I truck get out of here because she had actually grabbed the holder that wire and where's. The investigators are not happy that he a boarded the mission, but all their hearing as the audio they're, not seeing what's happening in he's telling on like she was, second me for a wire like that was in her mind that this was a set up. So we're gonna have to do this a different way. The cops there just where the wire and will make this work, but Gary says that he's from the streets, and he knows what to do, and he has an idea. He drinks rebel every day and at this episode, is not brought you by red ball, but will take them as a sponsor if they want so takes a rebel can and he shaves off the top of the the can
but keeps it intact. He puts a piece of food. the bottom of the can he puts the micro inside the can in any way little thing on top of the microphone and puts the top of the can back on. So he's bugged, the car rather than himself Not only has he put this microphone in the can, but then, when you meets with duty here cigarettes and ashes into the can- or at least on top of it so didi would not want to take a swim were inspect the can, because it looks like an ashtray is using smokers do that they use cans or whatever to ash to instead of their ashtray in their car, because it makes the cars So if you do it into a ten, can then you throw that up there. You go will record conversations with duty for or several weeks many many hours of interviews with duty but this is this is normal because we
you're trying to get someone to give you information that there are not so readily going to give out. Sometimes it takes time you have to build up some trust and, like us, before we don't know how well Gary indeedy knew each other right. they didn't know each other very well at all, he friends with Abraham. Not for Your daddy deities only been in the picture for a few months, but do He does need help because people in town are harassing her. say what did you do with Abraham? Why did you kill Abraham and so now she's got gary to be on her side and hopefully help her deal with This damage, control in telling people, hey, abrahams, okay and so she's what of recruiting gary to help her. Little does she know Gary. He's recruited by the police trying to get her to give up information in the first half, Full of meetings they have she's, not
talking about Abraham his whereabouts, she's talking about The problem she's having with family members and people around town, should not give anything up, but Gary keeps directing the conversation back to Abraham and what they need to do about it. Where the money is. eventually didi well say: hey I need help moving hams body, which wow that's big them. That's not a slip up, that's everything she has this property out by plant city and She takes gary their theirs concrete pad backyard on her property, and she says, he's buried underneath that and Gary says who I don't want to get out of the car, be seen with you, but there's? No, it's a freshly laid concrete pad, and there is
reinforcement like rebar around the pad, and he says just go out. There pick up of rebar, which is a big metal rod and place it on that path, where his body is because its exits twenty or thirty foot long concrete pad debts. made for like boats or are these to be parked on any I don't want to get out and be seen with you, but you just place that rod wherever body is, and then I'll come out. You know early in the morning and dig him up and get a move for. You so she's just admitted that Abraham is dead and that he's buried in her backyard under a freshly poured concrete slab she has be connected than right. You would think, and she was the one in control of his finances yep, so gary is telling her well people are in form. We need
a plan to get me, off your back she's, he told the lie of Abraham was hanging out with drug dealers because he had a terrible habit. Gary says well: what's come up with, a drug dealer that killed em, name, Ronald and she's a great, and then Gary says well, I no, a guy, that's going to prison for like a licence. you pay him fit thousand dollars he'll say that he killed abraham and take the rap for he's going to prison it anyways and will that money to this and family to take care of them. While he goes off to prison, of course, deed he likes this idea, because now that he is off her dd says that she can't come up with fifty thousand dollars. So she's gonna need some time which dont know why she can't come up with fifty thousand dollars because she has abrahams millions and our bank account,
the time that Abraham disappeared. He only about fourteen grand left in the bank right yeah. There there's this difference reporting, but yeah in his own money. Fourteen grant is what what we got Obviously there are assets. There are homes that are worth a lot of money. So it's not as though there is no access to money but let's just say that maybe she's not willing to sell off an asset to get the money at least not right away. So she offers him ten thousand dollars as a down payment. So Gary goes to the cops they have all recordings. They ve been listening this entire time and I need an undercover too those as my friend that's going to jail, bring him in and he taught daddy, they agree, on the ten thousand dollar payment up front and that he will take the rap but in order for him to prove that he actually murdered Abraham. He says I'm gonna need,
something connecting me to the crime. Do you the murder weapon, okay and it up to this point did he hasn't said anything about how? Abraham died? What his demise was, but she agrees and she hands over asia a thirty eight snow Those revolver says this the gun so take that and they'll, be able to tie that backed abraham. I mean this is just stupid. This point right like stupid, or desperate now this under cover agent has, a murder weapon or what is alleged to be the murder weapon of Abraham shakespeare, anger smith has provided hours and hours of recordings from didi concocting. This plan to cover up a murder of poor man that one millions of dollars and let's quickly, say again: he bought the ticket in france,
proof florida and november fifteen, two thousand six, and then he was likely killed around april seventh of two thousand nine, so we're talking less than three years, yeah two and a half years, these police officers these investigators, they have all of evidence against didi, but They don't have a body. As we know, it's not easy to find somebody multi without a body, so they exit search warrant against her property in plant city. And they go dig up that great pad and your backyard its. I think us sure bat, because she had already given away a lot of information, and then she handed over the supposed murder weapon to try and ensure that she wouldn't go down for the crime so that I would say a good amount of evidence to move on her property with they find
abrahams body, buried about five feet down underneath the concrete pad exactly where she left that metal bar So she had knowledge of where he was buried, so they move against her now that they have found his body. He has been. twice in the chest with what here's to be a thirty eight cow. we're pistol. So does take much to connect the dots here they bring. duty in for questioning they ask her what and we just want to know what happened to to Abraham Has every answer in the book for them: she's crying she saying oh well this, I named Ronald he's a drug dealer, kill them but if you remember ronald, doesn't exist Gary smith was ronald. Here was his. idea. Tat his whole game to facility This cover
of abraham with duty, but it was all orchestrated by the police and Gary smith. She as to give the description of the under cover agent. Well, that guy here working with the cops so there's no wrong. then this picture. She then go on to say that her, for ten year old, son actually Abraham in altered, sean over money, which, okay. They're not believing that either but hey there there are like ok, we can. We can rest your fourteen year old son and bring him into this choice just two Gary smith was the one that orchestrated all this against me and he is the one that killed Abraham and he's framed me for this crime of course the investigators are like well. Actually we were working with him. We were speaking to him ten times a day. Getting daily reports on what
happening, and we have the audio that he's recording you with. So what's next answer, but just keeps going and going in going well. Obviously, her lies are not going well with the esther gaiters over the prosecutor for that matter and file charges against her and she will see her day and court? The trial began on november twenty knife, two thousand twelve in Tampa florida now The prosecutor starts to trial By laying out that didi more stole one three million dollars from Abraham shakespeare and, murdered him honor about. I think it was April six, their april seventh of two thousand nine and that she had his body buried. behind her house under a slab of concrete. So right away their laying out this woman's guilty This is what she did find org.
the mean: that's that's how they begin the trial. They have a lot of evidence against her and she has the alleged murder weapon that she produced and gave to handed over. To the police. I know. Sometimes we tend to talk fifteen minutes about a trial, but Quite honestly, when you have this much evidence against somebody, sometimes people there are so obvious guilty, not just in perception, but I mean evidence why's that its, like this is just a foregone conclusion, but again She does have a defence and heard lawyer too. You say that you can't connect my client to shakespeare is murder. You can't connect her to the murder weapon. She was trying to do right by him. She was protecting his assets from all these people who wanted to rob him blind. this trial go for her just and because there are many people that are witnesses that speak out against her during this trial will her whole. I
story or defence. Is that a man named ronald. killed abraham and threatened her threatened her life. You find that she had her ex husband bringing echo to her yard and dig a hole under pretence that it was a trash pit. Then, instead of a trash pit, It was supposed to be a whole. for her and abraham to bury their money in the ground, so no one can access it and in the car ray was too brain and water from getting to the money, but then Somehow these tariffs, drug dealers and ronald ronald doesn't exist, killed abraham and stock him in the hall. offences there's no fingerprint evidence. There's no dna evidence. There's no. witnesses tying her to the murder, so it's all circumstantial circumstantial you, yet
nothing honor me yeah, she's, this the murder weapon. She knew where, where he was buried and these drug dealers that she says killed, em don't exist, because they were all fabricated by Gary smith and she in control of his assets. and she took out money for herself and was buying. Corvette this homer they vacation. So they bring the witnesses on. Daddy is actually having crazy outbursts during trial screaming liars you're lying. That's not true, and five out of the nine days at the trial, the it has to start proceedings. And tell her to shut up pretty much in weight her too. You know compose herself, she chooses not to take the stand in her own defence. He will claim that her lawyer told her that it would be a bad idea, Meanwhile, her lawyer says no
She decided not to take the stand, and I can't make my client do it she's that there was dna evidence found that does not belong to her. So that proves that there is somebody else at the scene that killed him. But again There are so many lies, so many wasted tales that it's hard to keep em all straight the prosecution, the investigators were able to tie the gun back to her because she went and had purchased it purchase that weapon from a gun store, just pray. Here too. The murder she even went through a gun, shooting training class provided by gun store that undercover agent that was saying: hey, I need stuffed bring me to this crime. Not only did she give him the gun, but they said one by gloves some duct tape plastic. Shooting and give me all that. So I have something to wrap the body up with So she goes and buys all these things again. This is just one more piece
of evidence that shows that she was not only perpetrators of this crime, but she was fully willing to cover it up. We Gary smith, and this other agent for the police and there were no drug dealers. There was nobody involved here, except her also, if you're not disgusted by her enough. At this point she right to tv producers and publicists trying. who sell her story as a victim of the justice system to pay for her defence to just get more money. You, fine letters out there that were submitted in court as evidence where she's approaching different tv producers. It's unbelievable
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And he also said that she was probably the most manipulative person this court as ever seen Now that was, after that he came back with deliberations and they were only gone a couple hours with guilt, of first degree murder, as there was no real question for them and, like I said They have a mountain of evidence against her and all of these witnesses that place her with him, but again she's she's going through in, shooting all this down, saying that she was threatened by imaginary drug dealers and what not She maintains her innocence to this day, You can find interviews with her on twenty twenty and what not, where she says, everyone that thinks I'm guilty is stupid. Your ignorant and you'd know what you're talking about. I was free. Aimed for this. I was the victim here.
The justice system has murdered me How does somebody like didi get to this point errand, because I m just at this and thinking well wish you overcome with greed and had this opportunity to take a man named Abraham shakespeare and take advantage of them or what a star We can tell yes, what's her background, Daddy's mother has spoken at length about duty as a young child didi didn't come across the way she does later in life as a young girl, she attended church she joined the mission assets and the girl scouts. The missionaries are young girls who are mentored by women's group too, closer to Jesus Christ. Sir
the time around the time that she started attending plant city high school. She started to really feel that her family was poor in relation to the other kids, and so she was ashamed by this and so any time that she needed to go anywhere and her parents needed to take her, she would have. They drop her off a fair distance where her destination was so that no one would see her families vehicles, so she's ashamed of their status their level in society. She knows that they- look like their poor and the key There's not very nice. Her clothes are very nice, so she went zero attachment to this. Her mother was a certified nursing assistant and that what didi aimed for she became a certified nursing assistant later and ninety ninety one, a certified nursing assistant, their concern, helpful liaison between the hour ends the registered nurses
patients. So they do a lot of patient prep work and they gather information so that by the time the registered nurse comes in to work with the patient. They already know what they're dealing with, and so it just makes treatment and care. That much more efficient. This is interesting, because if you know any nurses, nurses or some of the best people in our society to know but Didi has done already and to hear that she was a nursing assistant previous too, that is Just it's really. I opening I think She also had a very good reputation as a cnn and would by people things she would have people out every chance she got so again. Reputation early on and ninety ninety two, she married her boyfriend James more they had a child. together a son- their marriage lasted sixteen years, it's not as though didi went from this guy
person to murdering Abraham shakespeare. There is actually some other stuff going on in our past. That tells us that she was on her way down the street happen overnight I would say going through her past the most signal, The thing that I could find was, I do twentieth, two thousand one. She told detectives that she was carjacked at the time she had a lincoln navigator. She said these men who were outside of a post office and eastern hillsboro bound her with electrical tape and raped her and threw her into a ditch and took off with her car. She described the men who took her. She said clean cut faces and blue green tattoos. That's the direct quote If the detectives wanted more details about how she was raped and dd was very uncomfortable with this, they need more information if they can get it out of her and they're taking this crime seriously, and so she did add
though, any ways they had sex with me and it hurt. She even goes to the hospital and has a rib kit done yeah. They asked her do consent to a rape exam, but the problem with this is that it sectors look into this incident and as far as they can tell. They never happened while they find out there was nothing on her that show that she was raped and that lincoln navigator they find it her garage, they all discovered that it was in the process of being repossessed. So she about to lose this vehicle already laid out that she has a real problem with being poor. She want, to be higher status and if you want some status, a lincoln navigator doesn't hurt right, she's. Getting this. This suv reap owed. She hides in the garage and she can. Access entire plan. This story, that she was carjacked and raped by
I think I read that she said they were hispanics that did this and then find out that the entire story is a lie. Had some dad's, although I dont think these deaths, sir, that great, but she had sixty five hundred dollars in credit card debt and unpaid car payments. She was ninety eight hundred dollars short on her house lease at the time. She was also selling prepaid, nextel cell phones, but she was under investigation for fraud in relation to that, so this ruse didn't work and Dee, Dee moore was sentenced to one year of probation and community service. She was also ordered to pay restitution in court costs. So not only did her ruse not work she's, in debt, and now she has always added restitution and court costs added on bad decision right, yad in this way,
happened. It's almost like going to the casino and you're already down so much what you think. Oh maybe I can win and then end up ahead, but then you just lose more. This is happened at eighty. I dont want to. This is deities completely helpless, She does end creating a business which is about and medical professionals and its nursing staffing agency in two thousand for the business was said to be doing quite well by it. And, as we said early on the start, she ends at meeting Abraham shakespeare in two thousand seven you, me justin was this: just a crime of opportunity look you can take a short cut. You just take a short cut and how not all of us are willing to commit crimes to get that orkut by daddy more was. She was they can tired of having to scrape by and she would be on top, and that's how I see this is she saw them opportunity. There very man
came into a lot of money and he was very generous with it she's suckered him into having her help him. You know she portray yourself as I'm a very competent person. I will protect you help you get through this took advantage of him. We do know, though his family has said that he figured this out at some point. He figured out that she would taking him for his money and that he was going to do something about it, and that was right about the time that he disappeared possible that he confronted her and she took that moment two gun him down and then deal with her dispose of Abraham shakespeare, so experience, family and a state it upsets indeedy for all of these lost assets and really they were under deities company. so they were suing her company, the american Medical professionals were your sheep. Whatever shall come is, she came up with to take over
abrahams assets. She also had Abraham Shakespeare LLC for family are suing her to get them me back and then recovering. I think it's somewhere between one point: five million in cash and one point: five million in assets, she had tried to hold onto the home dad Shakespeare bought himself, which was worth about one point: seven million dollars. She said it was a gift, but no one believes that now after the did a thorough audit of her bank account records, it's pretty obvious that she was taking and not giving. You started this episode off by laying out the traps and pitfalls of lottery winners, so I guess This is a good time to bring this back up and bring it. Currently there is a woman in new Hampshire who one d, five hundred, and sixty million dollar lottery. She is actually suing
lottery, commission and the state to remove in anonymous now, when she or take it. She her name on the back, because well, as you could tell with Abraham and his friend, Michael you probably do that you need to claim your ticket as yours, otherwise other people can claim it as theirs and sue you in court and waste a lot of time and money. As you know, most state lotteries announced the winners, its public record, Well, you write your name on there, so we have every right to put that out there. She's currently tied up in court charlie Mcintyre who's, the executive director of the state lottery and new Hampshire says. His hands are tied state statute. and lottery rules clearly dictate protocols He goes on to say that five hundred and sixty million dollars on a power ball- will change of wonders life, but that procedures at issue were put in place.
for the security and integrity of the lottery, and our players and our games. Now As you can see. If you win the lottery, your name is put out there and everybody in their mother's going to ask you for money. Prisoners can write to you because it's all public record So if you ever, when the lottery, I once as well thing you need to do is call a lawyer anna financial planner- I would add that should talk to somebody. That's in a private. active or somebody that know something about concealing your identity. Somebody that scrub. Your social media profiles scrub you off the internet remove you from the public record, because this happened Abraham. I mean one a three lotto winners, good broke bore, has destroyed their lives. Abraham shakespeare, told his brother, Robert brown, that he wish you'd. Never one I've been better off broke. This is a year after he won
and that's undoubtedly because the money changes your life, it may not who you are changes how everyone deals with you, and, as you said, it ruins relationships. It makes very difficult because you're no longer just a guy that burgess, saying hey too now they something from you all the time and not necessarily everyone. We did say his mother felt that the money was evil, Think his mother was right. Winning that much money is shocking, I mean what are- was: do maybe you're supposed to go out and get a financial adviser. How may You're supposed to do that, but most people will What they think is right and I think we could they that Abraham try to do the right thing with his money. He helped lotta people out in the end, people remember him for all the good that he did infer that I personally was and he wasn't about the money. Unfortunately, this money led to his death.
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