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May 17, 2001. Phoenix, Arizona. 17 year old Alissa Turney was spending her last day as a Junior at Paradise High before summer break. Her sister, Sarah, expected their father, Michael, to pick her up from school but he didn't show. She went on to a friend's house where, later, her dad finally arrived. But he was concerned. Alissa was missing. Phone calls and visits to neighboring homes on their street revealed nothing but in Alissa's room they found her phone and a note. Join us as we discuss the disturbing case of Alissa Turney and the incredible push for justice led by her sister Sarah (Voices For Justice).

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From Wondery cajun tonight. Aaron Fine, just in how are you feeling, I'm ok, real, quick, I helped co produce the latest guy librarian podcast! It's on the spanish flu check it out also why feedback on our unsolved
the episode first thing I want to address. Most importantly, is watching an australian news. asked about two men that had robbed the store and their accents, were very thick and they referring to plug ins, and I had no idea I plug her was so I reached out to one of our australian fans and said what the hell is plug her and she said there. flops there thongs That's the only reason why I made that comment on the episode, because I thought that's. Why guys over there called them, but apparently a lot of them. Don't call them pluggers, they call them thong, so that works. That's it is here in America, if you about Georgia, Vs Washington, VS, Minnesota they'll have different. slang terms for things, and we understand that. But when we look at other countries, I think we tend to we'll find that too and think oh well,
It's a term that comes from Australia, all Austria and use that. But it's not necessarily the case, and I mean even in the south, they call soda coke and in the north they call it pop. It's just funny, because we got so many comments coming in about plugins and thongs, and it was funny because then people would catch thong and realize that to us thong would sound ridiculous. It's completely and then something you wear on your feet: lots of feedback about the case. A lot of people believe it's foul play ah for the Ray Rivera case. I get there suspicions. I understand I what I'm trying to shut down anybody's idea or arguments. I was just giving my own opinion just like everybody else, while the one thing I do wish we had said was we kind of wish they would treated as foul play so that this would be invested. It's a more because even the
you and I on most days, look at this and think looks like suicide. There are still questions. It just doesn't feel like it. properly investigated. I would be favor if they would open that case up and really take a look with no fees or minimums banking with capital? One is the easiest decision in history of decisions even easier. then deciding to listen to another episode of your favorite podcast with no overdraft fees is. It the decision that banking reimagined, what's in your wallet terms, apply see capital, one dot, com, Slash bank capital, one in a member after I see tat moment from our sponsor a great documentary, makes us question everything and shows us the worst and the best of what human beings are capable of each be oh docks club dies. deep into the true stories that captivate our imaginations on each Episode of HBO Docks club host NI loose of the nod in four colored nerds and run
The young junior of solvable and NPR as pop culture happy hour will take a closer look at a film or series. In the h b, O Documentary films Catalog, you can watch on H, B, o max they'll, get updates on the stories talk with the filmmakers behind each feature, documentary as well as experts who help us make sense of each film. You can listen to H B, O docks club now so be sure to listen to h, B, O docks club on H, b MAX or wherever you your podcast to stay up to date with what they're watching next. tonight's case. Aaron happened, may seventeenth of two thousand and one it takes place in Nix Arizona, it's a discipline, in this case, but on the face of it, you could easily written off as a teen runaway, but the where you dig all I got to say, is wow I'm surprised that long for it hasn't moo.
Further on this case. So with that, what are we Talkin about tonight? Iron tonight, talking about the disappearance of Alyssa attorney who, if she's still alive. Today would be there six years old Alyssa was three years old when mother Barbara Foreigner gotten Reed to a Michael Turney. He had three children of his own from a previous marriage and Barbara had two children of her own John and Alyssa. Now, Michael Stepdad, wind up, adopting Alyssa you making Alyssa his own daughter. and then Michael and Barbara, will have another child together named Sarah Sarah's, five years younger than Alyssa. Now in nineteen. Ninety three Our bureau wool die of lung cancer, Alice is only nine years old. Sarah
four the rest of the children were much older, so they had moved out. This is pretty devil waiting for the family, to have Barbara, pass away. I mean. Obviously Alyssa, is a step daughter and Sarah is the biological daughter of Michael in their treated fair. We differently. There brought up fairly differently Sarah is obviously Free Run of the house and everything, whereas Alyssa has very strict rules she has to adhere to which causes some conflict and issues in the family. Let's get to what he on this fateful day, Alyssa is seventeen at the time she in high school. It was The last day of her junior year at Paradise Valley, high school. It was a short day cuz, it's the last day of school
for some reason, her stepfather, Michael Picks, from school early so they can go. grab lunch together. It is said that they had an argument while they were eating, because Alyssa was asking for more freedoms, more leeway before she goes into her senior year. It's a that when they got home Alyssa stormed off to a room and Michael, not wanting to argue and fight with her any longer left, so she could blow off some steam. And he wanted to go, run some errands and pick up Sarah from school. So that's! car the last time, Michael will see Alyssa Michael Pick, Sarah up, but he I was her that he's worried about Alyssa because she isn't answering her phone so we asked Sarah to call her butt cheek, get a hold of her sister either. Then they got to the house and they
Found a phone in a room, it was Vibrating and there was a note that read dad and Sarah. When you drop me off at school today, I decided that I really am going to California. Sarah, you said you didn't want me around. Look you got it. I'm gone! That's. Why my money dad. took three hundred dollars from you Alyssa this note was written in Alyssa's handwriting. Just in case you wonder, could anyone else have written the note it wasn't it wasn't somebody else's handwriting it. It was a list, but people who have look this now do say that it looks like that. The notice in two parts that it was written at two different times. is she sank where she's going she left her I behind, and that's just so strange, not only that, but her room is kind of in disarray. Her backpack has been dumped out,
for the most part, it's not obvious that she is packed any clothing in a bag or anything like that from there Michael started. Knocking on neighbors doors, and he went to her usual hang out spots. He started calling our friends, but no one had information. So That's when he decided to go to the police station to report, his daughter missing at around eleven p dot m. She has tailed authorities about the note and about She had said that she was go to were ants in California, so they take it. Just and as a simple runaway case they Go to the house to look for evidence. They don't treat this as foul play at all in their minds. There is no crime scene, it's a a missing! teen. So that's where this case kind of begins but a weak ass duh Alyssa, disappeared, Michael,
receives a phone call at five, a dot m in the morning from California number to his landline and he I that it Alyssa it, but it didn't really sound like her and she curses Adam and says to leave her alone and then hangs up now, Michael, we need to give you a little bit of background about him, he's kind of a paranoid guy. He has a security devices all round the house, security cameras and a passive recording device on the phone, but this phone conversation that came in five. A m was not recorded and Michael games that he reviewed all the video footage from May contains the dish went missing and he didn't see anything that was suspicious. He he asks the phone company and the police for phone
to his home and it's aimed that you know they said no so he he soon the phone company and day have to hand over the records now this phone all came from Riverside California and it was twenty nine seconds long. My presents this to the police as proof Alyssa has indeed run away to California, but there's no evidence that it was a calling. It was just he has a log of a call that came in. Riverside California. That's it. This case goes cold for about I mean died. I dont know how else to say. There's no leads. There wasn't a case. Yeah, there's nothing. He went to the least to report his daughter, missing and in subsequent discussions with the police. He basically presenting the case that she had run away to California
He then took Alyssa with them to California. A few times too pass out flyers and ask people. They had seen Alyssa things like that, but this is being presented as she's a runaway. That's it well there, not as though the police are making calls. It's not like they're, coming out to interview anyone or to look at the room or anything. So it's Can I go called a just was never picked up. True Sarah talks about how distraught her father was during this time. She said that he would stay in bed for days on end, wouldn't get up. When do anything- and I would say that that sounds like natural reaction of a father who is lost his daughter there depressed and unmotivated. But it's not Oh two thousand and six that a man named Thomas Wertheimer, whose a convicted killer. He has
spin sitting in prison. He was arrested for killing a woman named Sandra Goodman. He said I her in a hotel room and he was kind of her murder and die could make some sense because far as anyone could tell Alyssa had never shown up at her aunt's house. She had, never applied for a job and the that she had in her bank account which totaled about eighteen hundred dollars was never withdrawn. So this is appear as though some terrible, had happened to her. So this Guy Thomas he's talking about how he's killed twenty one, women, mostly teenagers, and he's shown pictures of missing girls and he starts picking photos and one of them is of Alyssa and he tells authorities that he, found her in and like a van and then
got her to come with him on this joy ride of keep kind of, kidnapped her and took her with him, and then they ended up going to a motel together, because at this point Alyssa's his girlfriend She was all strung out on heroin and drugs and that's or he will end up, strangling her in a week kinky sex act well when the investigators look into this there's. No, evidence that a lesser was addicted to drugs. so she was seventeen in high school. She might have smoked, pie, and drink, so the ass, a gaiters verlag. This doesn't really add up and it's not like a less has been missing for awhile and her life is gone down, the tubes, this Thomas, hi. My guy is saying I picked her up the day she went missing. So is there a thinking confession is total bs. Now this
does kick start. The investigation start looking into what might have happened. In that day and there is a lot of family members and friends during this time that have been talking about Michael Michael has a bit of a background in if gators find that three months before Alice's disappearance Michael had bought, A large amount of lie. Now for those of you that don't know why can be used for a lot of everyday home projects, but for the part you'll hear about it being used to cover up the smell of decay now Michael will claim that he was doing a project and at the time that he bought the lie, he also purchased a bunch of concrete. I had to will this because I didn't know, You can also use lie to get rid of. Carcasses
so it's possible I guess that some people, could surmise that the lie The concrete was used somehow to get rid of a body friends and family talk about how Alyssa had told them that Michael was inappropriate with her and that she woke up and found Michael on top of her things like that. So thus to gaiters start shifting their attention to step stepfather now, at the time Alice's boyfriend was John and he the authorities about a story that Alyssa had told him it involved. Michael her dad take her out of school early and then driving her down into the desert, where he tried fooling around with her and all of these, of come forward to say how Her stepfather had been Interpol. Fit with their many many times? So? Where do you start right?
or asking Michael what happened that day. Ortiz start calling him asking him questions but his statements about the day of Alyssa's disappearance. Is they for the most part sync up, but there's tiny differences that he'll come up with for one a very forthcoming about picking her up from school early. that day and they when it's obvious if he did. He claim that Alyssa was planning on breaking up with her boyfriend and that's why he had to go pick her up early from school, but Alice's boyfriend job is saying no I we were doing fine, authorities are going through their text messages start trying to that John. They can't find anything that points to John detectives would speak to Michael over the but he never agreed to come in and
formally interrogated or I ever agreed to take a polygraph. He not give them any dna samples. He will talk about the surveillance tapes the day of her disappearance. First thing he says, is I reviewed them? There was nothing there Then he claims that the cameras were not turned on or they must have. malfunctioned I don't know. I think that you would know Your daughter goes missing that day and it's the most detrimental time if your life is the most depressing time of your life, I would just assume that you would know why Cameras were not working, there's some issues with the cameras, because one is Penn wait is. He is those cameras. Probably were never down they were of his moment. It was like a moment in time because he would have. had them running, constantly I guess as a way of saying. Yes, I do have footage, he provided authority, it's with tapes from the event camera the white camera.
Reza camera hidden in event and in One of the scenes Alyssa had a fight with her my friend and in another one. She was making out with someone so blatantly. just pause on that real quick Eric's dad had a hidden camera, an event in his daughters room, Sir veiling. Her all the time got it as one of paint that clearly he had control over the situation from the beginning, because when he went and told the police that his Step, daughter was missing. He was to tell them that she probably ran away to California, and then he provided additional so called evidence that backed up that theory or that and so now they're trying to play catch up. Yours later, and they're asking about surveillance, tapes and I have to get a warrant Justin. This is in December of two thousand and eight because they, obviously aren't going to get anything from him. So there
going to have to take it now at this point they have moved to our. We'll cross the street, they were renting, they old House and Michael bought a house. Literally on the same block investigators, actually get warrants for both addresses they're not going to find at the rented house, because he moves everything out of that house. They do check, though, before the raid detective I asked Sarah to come into the station I tell her that they think that her father is involved in her sister's disappearance and that they believe, Michael has. Molesting Alyssa now Sarah doesn't want to believe any of this, and she has been advocating for her father and Ben in his corner this entire time. But what they find once they re the property earn. obviously what they find backs up. This idea,
that the surveillance cameras were running because found many recordings, but Urban Lee there were recordings from the day, Alyssa actually disappeared or from the day, that Michael got that phone call to go off the buy here a little bit they had in dude other family members who had talked to Michael about that phone call, but he had told while different stories one of them said he Damn that he heard her saying dad dad. and another one said yeah. He didn't answer that call so just different stories, but back to this warrant, when they were searching the house. They also recovered a bond style sex tape of Michael and Diane Boardman. That's an expert friend. He was in a relationship with her at one time, but then- and this is what was said that they had and a snuff film
film had in it's a woman being kidnapped, bound and killed. and it was actually edited so that the scene of her I killed played sir. Ole times back to back. They all found notarized behavioral contracts that might what had made Alyssa sign. One stated that he had never, sexually abused her was actually signed a year before she disappeared There is also a letter written by Alyssa, where he claimed that she had been molested by her stepfather Another contract said that list it was not to engage in sexual activities. Yet another contract was one for the parents of one of her friends which outlines the conditions by which Alyssa could sleep over at their house. the next thing the ex pity fines is now teen semi automatic rifles.
Van full of gasoline tanks, silencers or suppressors. Twenty six homemade pipe bombs and eight ninety. Eight page manifesto called die Ray of a madman martyr. This is grilled: domestic terror, d to me. Aaron. It has Well, he does and they found multiple. copies of that, so called manifesto. It was actually written by Michael Tourney and it had a to do with his beef with the International brotherhood of electrical workers who he had previous. He worked with and had accused of unsafe working conditions, and accused them of killing Alison journey and in the manuscript even talks about how he took revenge, these men and killed them. But what else does a manuscript say because it deaf references the bombs Justin so it says that he was going to blow up. The van
with the bombs and gasoline at their building. The I b e w building yeah this union building and then shoot any survivors before killing himself. He as weird stories about these men. He calls them assassin sometimes, and they're the ones that killed a lesser and then he killed them now oddly enough later a story, a hiker, will up in does wooded area- I guess of the California Desert and you'll find, remains these two men and the or will say that they had died of natural causes and that they had I'd be for illicit disappearance, so that's kind of odd that he would this up. I don't really know what to make of this error, and besides this guy was planning an attack. He would
it's going to blow this van up so the Gators they will arrest. I call that day as he's gone, out to his mailbox when they you get him. He has guns and a knife on him. He will a pleading guilty to heal whoa possession of unregistered pipe bombs. I didn't know you could register a pipe bomb but and he'll be sentence to ten years in federal prison now I just gotta stop here era the guy has numerous weapons illegal explosive devices film and he is sentenced to ten years in federal prison. I happen to have a cousin who was selling method feta and when she was arrested, she is given five years hard for each firearm. She had on her. She served fifteen years and this guy
got ten just puts things in perspective. But at this time Sarah and her brother John, they really believe that your father wasn't as bad as the authorities were making him out to be, and so, it came time for that sentencing hearing they date had to stick up for him because they never known him to be violent, the problem was Michael hired a forensic psychologist. He testified That Michael was very low play to exhibit future violent behavior that Dangerous, you think, but I like about this, though, is this: this expert was giving his opinion. It wasn't bought. It wasn't paid for do you I mean was hired, but he did his job. So the judge, he said putting a lot of innocent people in danger. The only way we can protect society and deter as for doing what you are doing is to impose a harsh sentence, and I guess the time
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dot, Slash G, w or text Gwp to five hundred five hundred in fired by the story that shocked the nation. The girl from play It is a new Hulu original series exploring complex personal relationships weaved through the power of technology, the show looks into the relationship between Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy, the third, the events leading up to his death and the n precedent, trial examining their countless text messages, starring, Elle, fanning the girl from Plainville is now streaming only on Hulu. So now that he's in custody, the detectives have opera unity, perhaps to talk to Michael some more about a less disappearance, but he's not there cooperative. He will not talk to investigators, but he does make appearance on ABC when twenty, where he's interviewed, he talks about how he worried for Alyssa a little bit
he mostly speaks about Alice's personality and her character in a very disparaging way. I didn't and him to be sympathetic towards her at all myself but anyone can interpret his interview differently. He that she had a learning disability because of that he had to. I guess. be a little tougher on her keep tabs on her more than he would his other children some would say this is an excuse and Maybe what it is he just she was very impulsive. She was naive and she needed constant supervision so that she didn't put herself in harm's way, which is almost ironic because she disappeared now you and I talked about this interview which people can watch. On Ebay, cease, twenty twenty, which, on Kenya, Onus Youth,
like you is kind of softball. With his questions, I thought he actually brought more tough questions to the forefront than I expected, but he did. Seem to go after Michael, a little bit challenging him about what he may have said or done with Alyssa and I could tell at least that Michael was uncomfortable. He absolutely was, but I just didn't feel like he had much sympathy didn't come off very caring about his missing daughter the time has passed and he just as over it. I don't know, there's a disaster in point, and I dont know if anyone else has taken it this way. But there's a disturbing point where Michael address the issue of Alyssa, telling her teacher Diane was her name that Michael had seen she had told teacher that she had had sex with her father now Michael said: that's because she not kissing a boy meant sex, but
What if he was kissing a lesser what, if he's explain what actually happened. Yeah, that's weird thing for like a nine year old to tell their teacher I'm having sex. If my father, there are family, video tapes galore that are really creepy. There's one where she's swimming in a slow. Pool at a motel six a teenager and time she's playing, I think, she's swimming with her. You know her friend or a sister and she starts asking Michael her stepdad to stop filming her, it's making her very uncomfortable, but he just keeps telling her. He doesn't care about her, there's a another video where Sarah's. Actually, video on a camping trip
are kind of on this dirt road. This trail and me I telling Sarah to stop recording but Sarah's trying to get over the attention and Michael she's in a bad mood. Don't disturb her right now and illicit, turns around to the camera and says dad's, a pervert now initially God doesn't even respond to this weird, accusation that dad's a pervert you know I would just assume that any father would be like. Don't you that word, don't say that you don't even know what that means something to that effect, but instead he grabs the camera. Out of sir, hand in sang and Alyssa is a stupid moron. That's response and It's a weird thing for Alyssa to say
so I mean this is really looking bad. All of his actions and videos are just not coming not very well earned. Also in the interview he did on a b c. He talked about The government was after him and that his military record does not even reflect that. He in Vietnam. Michael had you're skeletons in his closet. His brother had shot his wife in the back multiple times was a nineteen seventy four Michael happened to be at a police deputy and it's real. where that he went in tampered with evidence by removing bullets from the crime scene to try his brother out why he ended up resigning from the police force you know you add up all this stuff, the pipe bombs, the fact that he was making his children sign contracts because he called it a parenting technique. He had a snuff film
in his possession. There's a lot more here. Trust me, but I'm saying at this point in time. When you look at all the stuff, that's already transpired and the fact that it's very clear that he, trying to steer the police from before they even had wind of what was going on that this was this. but runaway case that is where the target lies if you're searching for a lesser, you start with Michael Turney and so on, I like they gave up right, I mean, with all of the information that they have. They really want to get him to talk, but he's been so difficult to deal with and he's even tried to take that manifesto and turn it into something. It's not. He tried to say. Oh, that's just a work of fiction, but I think people know better. In twenty fifteen, Michael was sent a letter by the Phoenix chief of police, he wanted, Michael to speak, the police because they believed he had. Information that can help them analysed.
case now. Michael didn't just send a yes or no answer back. He sent a six page reply and said only agree to be. Her viewed about this case? If it's on CNN, live and he be allowed to question every member of his family. The gene who presided over his pipe case two detectors from the speedy. and John walls and you know some other requests and and all of those people to be subjected to polygraph tests. Obviously no one would ever agree to all that. So it wasn't gonna happen if the words he should have just said. No, I'm not going to talk to you. Narcissism, fantasy, or can we not tell the difference? Sometimes They can tell the difference, but it seems that Sarah She still has faith in her father,
The new stations are asking her to come on and talk and she's pleading with her down she's like you need to come on and start advocating for your daughter, essentially you need to start doing some damage control for your reputation here, because your not coming off well and Michael. says yeah, that's not going to happen in hangs up the phone on Sarah she's saying have interviews set up. Let's get you on and you can come off. More sympathetically when you talk about your daughter, but he just hangs up on her. Is this what changes her opinion, or at least, Her to look at him in a new light, because maybe she's so close. She can't see it yeah. I would say that definitely one of the turning it's for her and Sarah now is,
talking to family members and go through these family videotapes, she finds out that Michael had sexually assaulted his first, wife's sister, He was only sixteen years old and on top of that, Barbara while she was dying of cancer, he went in assaulted, her sister. when Sarah talk to some of illicit friends they are. Told her that Alyssa didn't want to move out after school because she didn't want to leave Sarah alone with Michael, it's kind of a dark thing to hear when you're investigating the disappearance of your sister. She finds out that there's another claim of a videotape from a cousin, the city, tips never been found.
His cousin was an alcoholic needed some help. He went and stayed at the house, this says that he popped in a way Yo Tape, labeled, doctor Dolittle. And what actually showed up on. The screen was what he thought was Alyssa and friend laying on the couch only wearing shorts, no tops and newspapers. Over their faces and they don't appear. be conscious and but he's videoing them in the cousin. Didn't stick around long enough to figure out what was going to happen next, it's alleged that this cousin goes and talks to other family members, a grandmother and an aunt tells them about it. They are like yeah that that sounds like equal Sarah's, talking to her cousin, her her grandmother and her aunt. All alleging
this. Video was real and that they are. I thought that Michael was a creepy dude. I am thinking if this videotape didn't illicit call to authorities what's going on with this family I'm sure Sarah has her own opinions about the we drama and how well people dead or didn't get along with each other. But well. If this video really does exist and that's kind of proof of some sort of sexual. he's going on but also how it's possible that perhaps some family members suspected, but go might have been up to but didn't do anything. You know, I I know that we look back in you can see how there have been some beef. Views phrases that are used over time, that people got com both using that when we look back now, we say no, that's wrong,
take steps further and say: yeah he's kind of weird he's if creepy, but if you're filming your daughter or stepdaughter topless or without her consent. Things like that. That's something that should be stopped. Someone should have done something, but then again, these are all stories that have trickled down time still I. I would hope that especially today be more mindful of these things and would step up when we knew something is wrong and do something about it. Michael get released from prison a little early on March in March, twenty seventeen now at this point Sarah's thinking, what's going on, I haven't authorities moved on him, she's talking to authorities and saying I have these YO tapes. I have other family telling me these really disturbing stories and Authorities are giving
a kind of the run around saying you know we don't have enough. You know we there's not enough evidence here to go after him, but then that changes. two detectives. Let her know that they were planning to charge. Michael turning analysed this case, and so You can imagine how she felt about that. What they said was were waiting till he's a prison and then will charge him because don't want the sentences combined. They want fresh char. is fresh sense, but just days before, or Michael Turney was released. The department had a change of mindset. I guess and those two sectors that talked Sarah they were taken that case and so Sarah wanted to know what now, and they said well, you have two options: if you want your dad be prosecuted for the disappearance of your sister behalf too, know where her body is or
We have to have a lot of media attention on this. There needs to be more pressure put on this Well, obviously, you know Sarah doesn't know where her sister is or where her remains are, but maybe she can. get media attention. So that's what she did well went to the media and a lot of them didn't want to talk to her, they just they felt like story was too old and whatever Deuces they had so Sarah went out, started stuff on her own and apparently she made a tik Tok video that got like the million views so she's becoming a viral sensation. I hate to use that term on her own by advocating for her sister herself and That's when the network's start asking her for interviews but Michael end up getting out of prison a little bit early in March of twenty seventeen and
Sarah, who is now one hundred percent gone done one, eighty on how she feels, but her father, one to confront him- and she tells him that she wants to meet him at a in a neutral environment. Like a Starbucks, of course, Michael thing is that, oh my, my daughter is here to welcome me back. You know to freedom and reconnect with me, but he gets kind of a rude awakening when they go to Starbucks, because she immediately starts confronting him about what he done to Alyssa and he's saying like YO, where you getting these crazy ideas and he's just like laughing at her and being condescending to her naughty. taking the conversation seriously but at one point he says, be there at the death bed
and I'll give you all the honest answers you want to hear and then Sarah comes This is why don't you just tell me now and he goes well. You have already have your answers and then the car Station keeps going and then he says, all agreed I confess, if the state agrees to give me lethal injection with In ten days of his confession, yeah I mean that that's a weird one error, because it's not actually a confession, but it is it's a very strong indication that he knows a lot more than he's. Let on, if you think He said you already have your answers, so he know by the questions, she's been asking him that she knows he's involved just like he always has in this case he wants leverage he wants out of this, and
this case it sounds like now. He wants death. He wants the government to put him to death. You know some some of you at home might be thinking how do we really know? This is how I happen to know. Sarah recorded this in higher conversation, sober I have to worry about, who said what this is actually on record yeah the whole, was recorded She has her own podcast where you can go. Listen to this whole conversation, let me just say that there, No good evidence that Michael has done this, but after listening to this conversation, he has with Sarah what's the saying Aaron and I'm not saying it's aliens, but it's aliens not saying Michael. Did it, but Michael did it question where here There is also something about Sarah saying,
that she had found a map and Michael stuff, and it was, Ark, coordinates depicting a location in the California desert. Now she couldn't get them to move on this location, and I find that at your saying, because what we know in this case is that Michael, while there's no evidence showing that he definitely did this there is a lot of evidence that he has recorded things written down, things taped things he's made. It's all along the way, so if he may, if Mark coordinates where he put Alyssa. That would not surprise me, I'm surprised they weren't. Able to find things in that raid. They did like said there was. if not hundreds of family video that Sarah went through and started posting. I don't know if they were really thorough with what they were looking for, this plan, Castest supported by
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more pressure on law enforcement to do something. Now, twenty nineteen, the Phoenix Police Department did submit Alice's case to the prosecutor's office and This was on NBC Dateline sergeant, he said that on twenty second of twenty nineteen, the case formally submitted to county attorney questing homicide charges against Michael Roy Knee, but we're still waiting for something to happen, because, as of that date, nothing is forward from there. But, as you said, Their attorney has raised a lot of awareness has done an amazing job of taking this case from obscure and not in. The gated two was going to hear about it. I've been following this case for while I've spoke, into a lot of other podcasters that have covered it and something that is really impressed. to me, though, is when I listen to Sarah. Do interviews or talk
The case she's very level headed? She is very passionate. But she doesn't let her closeness to the case get away from her anymore. She doesn't think that there is a huge conspiracy theory or cover up by police. She This knows now how system works she does understands that you know. Sometimes you gotta do it yourself and that's what she's been doing for several Yours now ended takes a lot of dedication and diligence to do what she's doing and keep a level head and not lose you're cool, as the research involved. In this case, Sarah was asked some questions and are the questions was in your blog and this is at just as for Alyssa dot com in your blog
sprain, brainwashed by believe my Father part two. What do you mean By- hey imaginary time in the military I remember her father had said that he had the time the military he had seen war. He had seen action. and Sarah's answer was: he lied for many years about being in the Vietnam WAR and seen combat when that was not the case here. did he lied at his bomb trial. So you know I said earlier that maybe she's too close, but the the thing to remember here is that people who Our predators who are who are committing crimes they aren't like that, all the time necessarily they have on sides to them and if he not preying on Sarah. He We presents differently to Sarah, then he does to Alyssa. So I guess
the point is in this case. It makes sense that she was trying to stand up for her father early on but as soon as she understood what actually had been happening she has. And everything in her power to find just as for her sister Alyssa, and so she, does have her website justice for Alyssa dot com, and then she also has the voices for justice podcast and, like you said If you listen to the podcast, you can hear the audio and it's finally, something that people need to pay attention to, because while we cover cases once in awhile, where kind of saying someone might be involved and they have not been arrested. for that crime? Well, this is why I raising awareness is so important because there's enough here that were saying that we believe that the Phoenix. Police department did the right thing by submitting a less his case to the prosecutor's office and were
damn sure, hoping that that prosecutor's office can do something with it
the from wondering, Nikki Boyer host of the new podcast call me curious. Look
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